A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 23

Frank followed up with more information on girls and ended by saying, "If nothing else, if you find yourself in conversations with braggers and guys who love to talk about sex, you'll probably be more well-informed than they are. Personally, I think anyone who brags about taking a girl's virginity is an asshole, but that's my opinion. I was brought up to respect girls and I do, even though some have put me through hell. If a guy is gay, then he should respect a gay guy the same as a girl. All human being deserve respect."

He went on to tell me where all the parts of a girl are located. That was embarrassing, but I really didn't know. Guys are simple compared to girls. Maybe that's why I like them.

"I'm expecting a lot of questions of course. But if you don't have many, then that's fine too. I just thought it's a good idea to know this stuff when you're hanging with the guys who love talking about sex and sports. My advice is to just sit, listen, smile now and then, and share information or ask questions only when it seems appropriate. The guy who called you the school fag probably doesn't know shit about sex."

He wrote back a short while later.

I completely understand. I bet you are tired. I'm glad to see that even young guys get tried too. The big difference is young people bounce back faster.

Better too much TMI than not enough.

Have a good night with Max.

God bless. Love You. Woof Woof


I was hoping he'd call, but he was still unsure. He worries too much. Hell, there's nothing going on here. Frank's just a mentor. I kept begging him with please and one long PLEEEZZEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Finally he agreed to call me using *67 on his phone so I couldn't see his number. All his damn worrying started to bother me, but I kept at him. Finally he called.

You gotta understand, the damn church people were going to meet and they didn't want me there. My heart is about to jump out of my chest or out my throat and I needed to talk to Frank. I don't think he had any frigging idea how upset I was. Well, maybe he did because he finally called me and we had a nice talk. He has a nice voice.

I wrote him the following email after we talked.

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