What The Hell?

by Andrew Foote

Chapter 2

Tuseday November 10th 2009. 18.55hrs.

Sorry computer. I really shouldn't have thrown you about last night but I'm so pleased you still work for me. You are a bastard though, one minute you work, the next you freeze on me. Sometimes I reckon it would be better if you packed up completely cos then I'd have something to go to the old people about and maybe get a newer version……..no sorry! I didn't mean it!

Oh why is my normal bad attitude fading? I'm getting soft in my old age!

I had a good day today actually. Yeah. Fucking great! I had all my homework in on time so I never had to go through all those ball-ache lectures and stuff like I normally have to.

Yey! All was seriously okay, that is until Mr Easton's class. Don't get me wrong here, I like Mr Easton, he's well sorted for a teacher……..cool almost but he was there though so I made sure I sat well back from him cos I don't want to get too near him.

Who the fuck am I kidding here? Shitshitshit! I wanna be SO near him it hurts!

I'm scared, God.

Why is it every time I look at him he's looking back at me? Is he kind of perving me or something?

More scary.

Am I perving him?

I didn't pay much attention to the level of rainfall in Guatemala, I was just trying to get my pulse rate down.

I went for a shit break before class finished so I didn't have to get too close to him before we knocked it on the head for the afternoon.

I don't know why I did this cos……..oh God……..I want to be near him-but-I-don't-but-I-do!!

I'm so fucked up here. I wonder if I'm a bender.


Oh God

Wednesday November 11th 2009. 19.10hrs.

Another good-ish day. Some kid told me how nice I was for helping him when he slipped on the gravel and cut his ankle and I helped him to the matron.

Give me a fucking break here? I mean anyone would've done the same, no big deal right?

Funny though.

I did but they didn't.

Told you computer? I'm going soft……….oh and by the way. Thank you for a trouble-free boot-up?

I saw him again this afternoon. He looked at me and smiled!! Oh fucking hell I nearly popped a hard-on right there and then!

Actually I did……..pop one so exit stage left to take care of matters.

I wanked myself stupid but……..I'm only thinking of him while I'm doing it.

Nice cum though!

Took my mind off him for at least……..thirty seconds.

We had PE this afternoon. I like PE! Hey, I'm fit and strong……..strongish but I'm looking at my mates in the shower now. Days were, a back was a back, a bum was a bum, a dick was a……..dick……..

Jesus H. Christ! I'm looking at my mates' bits like deliberately now!

Good job he's a year below me in everything 'cept Geography or I'd be in Shit Street.

Sorry computer but I have to tell you this.

He's just so fucking perfect! I've never seen anything so beautiful in all my life! I mean even Janette's tits……..I mean they were like well special! Well worth the smack in the gob she gave me for copping a feel!

He's different though……..I can't explain……..I reckon I'd get bored with Janette's tits after a while but I'm not so sure I'd get bored with……..

I am aren't I?

I'm a fucking pervert!

Hope he is too!!

Nite computer and have a happy shut-down.

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