by Andrew Foote

Chapter 11

The week that followed settled into my usual routine of an early morning swim, schooling in the mornings, walking the dogs and generally messing about come the afternoons.

Jus adapted well, thoroughly enjoying the study regime to the point where he admitted to my Dad that he was always disappointed when the mornings ended.

For his part both my folks commented on his rapid and steep learning curve telling him he was almost up to speed with all the core subjects and those which were definitely his forte such as modern languages, he was far in advance for his age.

For me, the only fly in the ointment was he didn't spend every night on 'Spook'.

This was at my Mum's suggestion, pointing out that perhaps two or three nights a week he should spend up at the house with his Grandparents, sort of quality time with them. I could see the logic behind it but that didn't mean I had to like it!

That week from the Tuesday afternoon on, the entire Reading side of the riverbank came alive.

The practice sessions for the regatta had begun and so all the side shows, fairgrounds and attractions were open for business so most afternoons Jus and I, complete with dogs would head off over Caversham Bridge and wander around absorbing all the sights and sounds that were a part of one of the town's main events.

On Thursday afternoon once lunch was cleared away, we made our way up to the house to collect the dogs when we met Sir George walking down the garden towards us.

"Hello you two! I was rather hoping I'd see you before you disappeared. Are you thinking of going over to yonder bank this afternoon?"

Jus was the first to speak up.

"Yes we were Granddad. Is there a problem?"

"Good Lord no my boy! I just wondered if I might join you, that's all. I fancy a bit of exercise and anyhow, that smell of popcorn has wetted my appetite. Takes me back to when I was a young'un. Yes I was one once!"

I had developed a massive soft spot for Sir George so I was eager for him to come along and the look on Justin's face told the same story.

"Granddad that would be really cool!

Come on. Let's get the dogs in harness Alex!"

No sooner had we cleared Caversham Bridge and set foot on the riverbank, I set the dogs loose, much to the raised eyebrows of Sir George.

"Was that a wise thing to do Alex?

All these people, other dogs and the smell of food everywhere, you might have your work cut out just rounding them up."

"Please Sir? Please watch this?"

I gave a whistle and all four dogs came to a stand-still, a second whistle and they raced back to my side and sat down, their tails wagging like they were going to fly off. Very 'Springer Spaniel'!

"They like discipline Sir. They need to know who's the boss. They like me and so they're happy to obey me. I've never so much as lifted a finger to them. I think they see it as part of a big game they like to play! They're nuts, all four of them!"

I wondered if maybe I'd pushed my point too far.

Sir George fell silent for a couple of seconds then looked at me, his eyes definitely misted over.

We were saved by a portly lady with a couple of lapdogs held tightly to her bosom.

"Really George! You of all people should know you oughtn't to let those dogs off they're leash! What's become of you? My little lambs here are in mortal danger!"

Sir George smiled.

"Elspeth, my dearest Elspeth.

Fear not my hounds, for they are in the very capable hands of young Alexis here, master of all things canine. He and he alone will ensure your babies come to no harm dear lady."

She looked me over briefly before making a connection.

"That's the gypsy boy off that boat!

George, what can you be thinking of?

They're vermin, the scourge of decent society, definitely not 'our sort' of people for heavens sake!"

Sir George put his arm over my shoulder and gave me a squeeze.

"And who exactly are our sort of people Elspeth? Enlighten me if you will?

Am I to believe that they're the wealthy socialites, the gin swilling garden party set who, for the most part have never done an honest day's work in their life? If that is the case, I have to say that given the choice, I would much prefer to spend my time in the company of Alexis and his parents. Oh and there's one other thing. They are not gypsies. Hippies' maybe? Slightly alternative I agree but that doesn't detract from the fact that the kindness and thoughtfulness they've shown towards Eleanor and I has been enormous and also Alexis here has become the finest friend my Grandson has and could ever have."

Jus came to my side and put his arm around my waist, joining Sir George in a mutual show of affection.

Elspeth looked rather taken aback.

"Really George! I will be talking to Eleanor regarding this conversation. I cannot believe what I'm hearing!" and with that she strutted off, dogs bosomed close.

Once she was out of earshot I spoke up.

"I'm really sorry Sir. I never meant to come between your friends……."

"Nonsense my boy! People like her need to be taken back a peg or two and I'll be interested in hearing what she says to the memsahib because if my guess is correct, that is her next port of call.

Come on boys. Let us find some popcorn and sit down. I have some news for you."

Jus and I would've been happy just sitting on the grass but fortunately we managed to find a picnic bench which a family were vacating so popcorn in hand, we sat down and munched away, the dogs curled up under the table out of harm's way.

Sir George demolished a tidy amount of his bag of buttered corn before he spoke.

"Okay boys.

We received a telegram this morning from your Mother and Father Justin. They are flying in to London Airport tomorrow lunchtime and I have asked Tim to take the Bentley and collect them.

Now we will have to confront the problems directly and I'm not going to tell you it's going to be easy.

I want you both to understand that you must, at all times, be on your best behaviour. No monkeying around or outward displays of affection. Am I making myself clear? We have to do everything by the book and that means, hard as it maybe, I want you Justin to sleep up at the house for the duration of their visit.

This doesn't mean that your studying stops, far from it, it must, has to continue but if you boys feel the need to be together then you will have to find a way and a place to escape to other than 'Spook'. I'm sorry but that is the way we must act. Only by this route might it be possible to achieve an acceptable outcome."

This was not the sort of news either Jus or I needed to hear and it stunned both of us into silence. Sir George, sensing our obvious discomfort, continued.

"Look boys. It isn't going to be so bad. Your father Justin, has made it perfectly clear that he cannot visit for more than one week, his duties abroad dictate that so it isn't as if I'm asking that much of you now am I?"

"I suppose not Granddad but I still don't understand why Alex and I can't spend some private time together?"

Sir George ruffled Jus's hair and smiled at the both of us.

"Actually it's very simple.

Because your parents have to spend considerable periods of time out of the country, your Grandmother and I were asked to be your legal guardians, to act in loco parentis. You, young Alexis, being a keen scholar of Latin will know what that means I'm sure."

Sir George looked at me, obviously expecting an answer.

"Yes Sir. In loco parentis, in place of the parents."

"Quite so my boy. Well done.

So you see Justin, whilst your parents are out of the country, we have a legal right to make decisions on their behalf concerning you but not so when they're back in England. It would be a simple matter for them to rescind this legal responsibility in favour of somebody else and so it is very important that we don't go upsetting the apple cart more than is absolutely necessary and by that I mean this.

We are going to be making strong representations about your future, quite possibly ones they won't take too kindly to and that in itself will be a delicate enough situation to manage without giving them more ammunition against our proposals because of your activities. We must all of us act in a manner that is appropriate. We are certainly not going to suggest that you ignore each other by the way, far from it. It is very important that they recognise your friendship towards each other but this must be done openly and we must not add fuel to the fire by you two sneaking off to the boat alone as that would undoubtedly be misconstrued. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Jus and I looked at each other and nodded our agreement, Jus answering for both of us.

"Yes Granddad, we do understand. They don't need to know about our true relationship or even suspect anything."

"Correct my boy! We are all of us going to be under the spotlight so just remember that and act accordingly."

We wandered around for a while longer but in truth our interest had gone into steep decline so it wasn't too much of a surprise that when Sir George noticed friends of his in the drinks marquee and decided to join them, Jus and I walked back to the house.

We let the dogs loose in the garden and we were just making our way down to the boats when we were met by my Dad.

"Hey boys. I suppose you've heard the news?"

"If you mean about Jus's parents then yes we have Dad."

"And you Jus. How do you feel about it?"

"Tim I'm frightened. I can't deny it, I'm petrified of what might happen."

"That's very understandable but I know your Granddad has had a chat to you and also you realise that we're all in the loop as to what we all have to do.

Obviously Kaz and I can't be seen to be interfering but we will engineer situations that will show you off in the best possible light. We have various plans in place, avenues we can go down depending on how things work out, all of these discussed and agreed with your Grandparents so please try to stay positive if you possibly can.

We have suggested and it's been agreed that the two of you spend this evening and tonight together on 'Spook' and that Alexis, means you have to cook supper for the pair of you!

Mum has been to the shops and everything you need is on your boat together with all the instructions to make yourselves a really nice meal.

Much to my surprise, Sir George had chipped in with a bottle of wine, which I have to say, is far too good for you! Just be sensible and don't go drinking just for the sake of it. What you don't finish, leave on 'Casio' as undoubtedly your parents Jus will want to look us over and alcohol on 'Spook' wouldn't do any of us any favours!

Alexis? Make sure your boat is spotlessly clean!!

We will do the same with 'Casio' so to allow for plenty of preparation time, I would suggest that lessons tomorrow are suspended and we make up for any time lost another day, maybe one whilst your parents are here Jus. Okay with you guys?"

Jus smiled for the first time in hours.

"What is it about your family that makes me feel good inside?

Right up until now since Granddad talked to us, I felt completely empty, total drained but now I feel fine!"

Dad grinned!

"Ah well you see, it's like this. Think positive thoughts and those vibes have an effect on all those around you. Think negative thoughts and you'll drag everyone down!

Stay positive if at all possible but that doesn't mean you can't have natural emotions or indeed, show them but the underlying spirit has to be one of hope, love and peace.

Do that and you're nine parts of the way to a happy life and with the added bonus, you'll enrich other people's lives in the process!"

Once we were back on 'Spook', Jus threw his arms around me and kissed me.

"Oh my God! Your Dad is something else! I mean how does he seem to read my mind?"

"I dunno! He sees straight through me as well. No way could I get away with lying to him, he'd spot it in an instant and anyway, to him that's the cardinal sin, telling lies. No matter how bad, it's always best to be truthful even if you do end up in the shit as a result!"

I pulled away, Justin looked somewhat disappointed. I went on the positive.

"I think I should look at this recipe. I recon it's a part of a wider plan somehow, something they've dreamed up between them to impress your folks.

Come on! We've got all night remember?"

"Well it smells pretty good Alex! If it tastes half as good we should be fine."

"Yeah it does! I still don't get why we're having to cook for ourselves though. I mean both Mum and Dad know just how useless I am at this sort of thing."

"Maybe you're reading too much into it. It could be that it's giving us the opportunity to have the entire evening together rather than messing about going between boats or up and down to the house. We're not going to get much quality time together once my parents get here are we."

"Not unless my lack of culinary skills put both of us in hospital!

Do you want to lay the table and I'll serve us our last supper."

Actually the meal was rather good even if I do say so myself! We waited until we'd finished eating before pouring ourselves a glass of wine electing to leave the washing up 'till the morning along with the rest of the tidying up we'd been told to do.

We spent what remained of the evening cuddled up on the couch but then at 9.30 Jus announced that tonight he was going to give me a shower. I was to do nothing except to enjoy while he did all the work.

The sensations that coursed through my body were indescribable as he soaped me up spending rather a lot of time on my dick, balls and bum sending me almost into a trance.

"Oh God Jus, that feels too good! Is it supposed to feel like that? The way you play with my hole feels weird but really nice weird if you know what I mean?"

"If it feels good to you then I guess it's supposed to. I've heard some of the older boys at school talking about fucking, you know, putting their dicks up there. They said it hurts to begin with but once you get used to it, it feels really good."

"I wouldn't……………"

"I won't do that to you if you don't want Alex."

"No I was going to say I wouldn't mind trying that if you promise to be gentle with me?"

"I could never hurt you and yes, we can try it if you're really sure."

"Not now, not tonight but maybe after your folks have left? I want to experience all of you because I trust you and love you and I know you'd never do anything to hurt me.

Please take me to bed? I'm so very close!"

"Not just yet. There's something I must do first." and with that Jus dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth causing my whole body to shudder with pleasure but Jus hadn't even started!

His mouth was working my dick, his left hand gently massaging my immature nuts while his right hand was busy probing my hole.

The intensity was almost agonising and I didn't know which sensation to concentrate on but suddenly the muscles of my bum relaxed involuntarily and I felt his finger pop inside me.


A fullness I'd never thought could feel so unbelievably good ravaged my body causing me to shake all over.

Jus pulled off my cock.

"You want me to stop Alex?"

"God no! Don't you dare!"

Jus resumed his ministrations but rather than pushing his finger deeper inside me he made a sort of 'come hither' motion which touched something inside me that sent shockwaves of shear ecstasy roaring through my young frame.

"Oh sweet Jesus…………..oh fuck! What………….what's…………….oh shit Jussie I'm cumming!! I'm sorry I can't hold off!!"

With that I just went into spasm as the biggest orgasm of my life ripped through me.

It seemed to last a lifetime. I was in a totally different place but as I came back down to earth I became aware of Jus holding me in an embrace preventing me from collapsing onto the floor, his finger still trapped up inside me.

"Wow Alex! Are you okay? I mean that was a cum and a half!"

"Oh Jus, nothing has ever felt so good! I don't know what you hit inside me but I'm really sorry, I couldn't stop myself, I HAD to cum!"

"Hey. Nothing to apologise for! I got off just watching you getting off!

I don't know what I touched except I heard that there's something inside us that can trigger amazing orgasms. Perhaps we should go down to the library sometime and check it out."

"Maybe. Just don't ever forget how you did it! Now I know I want you inside of me and soon.

I'm sorry but I'm wiped out and I need to sleep."

"That's okay. I told you before that I had to stand up to stop you from falling over. I was cuddling you but you were shaking so much against me, I came as well which reminds me. We're both plastered with my gloop so let's get cleaned up and head for bed."

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