by Andrew Foote

Chapter 10

That night we ate up at the house courtesy of Sir George and Lady Eleanor.

This was, apart from seeing her at a distance, the first ever time I'd actually met her and at first glance she looked rather intimidating, being as she was, immaculately attired and with her hair neatly styled above her head making her appear some six inches taller than she actually was. Me being four foot fuck-all in my socks, I was pretty much in awe of her grace and style but she was no fool and sensed my unease immediately.

Holding out her hand, she smiled at me and beckoned to me to sit beside her.

"So now we finally meet Alexis! The apple of my Grandson's eye! Oh wait. Should that be 'Alex'? Which do you prefer?"

Now I was not used to being in the company of people of their standing. Yes, I come to know Sir George but this was a completely different situation. I was on my own with Lady Eleanor, everyone else including Jus were together talking on the other side of the room.

I answered as best I could.

"My name is Alexis Ma'am. Jus, sorry, Justin calls me Alex so I really don't mind which ever."

Lady Eleanor smiled at me,

"Then when we talk I will call you Alex but to everyone else, I'll call you Alexis! Is that alright?

"Thank you ma'am, that would be super!"

"You really are a lovely looking boy, y'know? I can understand why Justin's so fond of you. Oh we must do something about this Ma'am thing as well. Far and away too formal don't y'think?"

I blushed furiously at that first remark!

"You and Sir George have titles which you must have deserved and I think it's nice to use them and anyway, I was brought up to be polite and show respect for my peers."

"That is very obvious Alex.

I have come to know your mother very well of late, likewise Sir George and your father have a wonderful understanding and we are both of the opinion that you are indeed a lovely family and one we are pleased to call friends so no more of this 'ma'am' business Alex. Just call me Lady Eleanor. After all I'm not the Queen!

I understand you collected your new boat this afternoon? Do you like it?"

I think the ear to ear grin spoke volumes.

"She's beautiful Lady Eleanor! Dad designed and fitted out the interior and she's just fabulous so now all we need to do is decide on her livery, have her repainted and she's finished, - well that is apart from the engine and Dad's not sure when we will get that back."

"You say 'we need to decide' on her livery, surely if it's your boat, you should be the one to make that decision."

"Dad said as much as well but I just thought it would be nice if Jus and I decided between us."

"That's a very sweet gesture Alex and one I feel sure he'll appreciate."

"Well I hope he will spend as much time on her as he can like if it were 'our' boat, that is until…..he has to……you know, return to school……to Down House."

"Oh yes. That accursed place!"

The way she almost spat out the word 'place' was a very clear indicator of her opinion.

"That matter is being attended to, mark my words! I wrote a letter to my daughter this afternoon leaving her in absolutely no doubt as to my feelings. What good will come of it, I cannot say but something must be done.

I'm sorry Alex. You probably didn't want to hear that."

"Actually it's nice to know that something's being done at least. It's very upsetting to see how much he hurts inside and I wish there was something……….something I could do."

Lady Eleanor looked quizzically at me.

"Don't you mean something more you could do Alex?

Since the beginning of this whole sorry episode, you have, single handed, done far more than everyone else put together.

I don't recall seeing Justin so very happy in years. He has drive and focus, gone is that sour attitude and all as a direct result of being around you and the way you feel towards each other. All I ask is that you're good to each other and leave the rest to us. Sir George and I can be very persuasive when necessary!"

Dinner was wonderful! I had no idea what it was we were eating but I went back for seconds when I was offered!

The adults never seemed to run out of things to talk about whereas Jus and I who were seated opposite each other, hardly exchanged a word but rather we just exchanged smiles, too busy with the serious matter of eating to talk.

Once the maid had cleared the desert dishes, we adjourned to the drawing room so the grownups could enjoy brandy and cigarettes.

Jus and I sat there fidgeting which caught the eye of my Dad.

He gave a sideways nod towards the patio doors and mouthed. "You want to head back to the boat?"

I nodded in the affirmative and Dad spoke up, not really addressing us but rather the whole room.

"Well you boys, if Sir George and Lady Eleanor have no objections, might I suggest you head back to the boats?"

Sir George looked up from lighting his cigar.

"Yes, yes of course! You lads don't want to hear us waffling on. Off y'go!"

As we stood up to leave, I thanked our host and hostess for the invitation and a super dinner.

Lady Eleanor beamed at me,

"Thank you Alexis! You are very welcome and I'll be sure to pass on your comments to Mrs Morris. Now go and enjoy yourselves."

Justin piped up next.

"Yes thank you Grandmother, Grandfather for………everything?"

Lady Eleanor stood up and gave Jus a motherly hug.

"You know what they say? 'It's not over until the fat lady sings' and this slightly overweight lady is getting herself ready for a gala performance!

Good night boys."

Back on 'Spook' we kicked off our shoes not wanting to make a mess of the new carpet, grabbed a bottle of Coke each and went up front to the saloon.

Parking ourselves on the settee, Jus took a swig from his bottle and burped causing me to giggle.

"I can't do that! If I try, I'm sick!"

"It's kind of a rite of passage at school. Everyone does it!

They're a pretty formidable pair my Gran and Gramps, don't you think?"

"I think they're lovely! I had a really long chat with your Grandmother before dinner."

Jus hesitated before continuing.

"What did you talk about? I mean it isn't any of my business but you know?"

"All sorts of things. 'Spook', me, you, you and me, school. Just chit-chat."

"What did she say about school Alex?"

"I just got the impression she hates the place almost as much as you, that's all really."

"But there's nothing much they can do is there."

"Jus? She did tell me one thing? She wrote a letter to your Mum this afternoon."

"What about?"

"You and school I think. She didn't give me chapter and verse but it was pretty obvious she put her cards well and truly on the table."

"Oh shit!!

That will definitely not go down well at all!

Both my Mother and Father can be pretty pig-headed when they want to be!"

I reached out for Jus's hand.

"You said yourself just now what a formidable couple your Grandparents are. I just got the feeling they're spoiling for a fight and that comment she made to you before we left? You know, the fat lady singing and how she was gearing up for a gala performance? Something pretty massive is going down."

Jus leaned into me for a cuddle

"Oh God. Oh God! Please don't let me be around when it all blows up?"

I gave Jus a kiss on the cheek.

"Look at it this way.

Something's brewing at least and yes it could go a number of ways.

Nothing changes and you return to Down House or you change schools, or you stay here but there's one other thing.

We weren't about to get kicked out of the house tonight but I could tell Dad was anxious for us not to be there and the look of relief on your Granddad's face when Dad suggested we leave was a picture in itself! You can bet your sweet life you and I, principally you, are the main focus of their conversation so it's four against two. Not bad odds!!"

"How is it you always manage to lift my spirits?"

"Simple. I hate to see you beating yourself up. I love you Jus? I want you to be happy and I want you to be happy with me."

"Alex? Please will you take me to bed?"

I did rather more than just take Jus to bed.

I had him stand up and starting with his socks, I undressed him and as each bit of his body became naked, I softly caressed it sending shivers down his spine. From his feet and ankles I released the clasp and removed his trousers, lifting his feet clear of them before resuming my tender touching.

I deliberately left his underpants on just to tease him especially as he was tenting out and I also knew that had I removed them, I would not have been able to resist the temptation to take him to climax right there and then. No, I had other plans.

Lastly I removed his shirt and ran my fingers up his chest then back down to his stomach giving his nipples some attention along the way.

I ran my hands around to his back and slowly headed north to his shoulders, then his neck before putting both my hands either side of his face, drawing him close and kissing him with all the passion I could muster.

Jus was trembling, almost sobbing as he leaned into me, trying to rub our dicks together.

I pulled away and whispered,

"Not yet. Later I promise but not yet."

I took his hand and led him towards the shower and in a sort of dream-like voice he asked,

"Where are you taking me Alex?"

"I'm going to wash you under the shower. Don't worry, there's plenty of warm water."

I ran the water and adjusted the temperature, removed his undies and told him to get under the spray.

First I washed his hair them worked my way down to his waist then down his back including his lovely bum and crack which made him squeal!

"Alex, I'll do my willy. If you do it I'll cum, I know I will!"

Having finished his legs and feet, I rinsed him off, wrapped him in a large bath towel and towed him back to the saloon.

I collapsed the settee down and made up our bed telling him to dry off while I showered and I'd see him in bed shortly.

Ten minutes later I returned to find him laying on top of the bed waiting for me.

He had left just the one small light on and it made everything look so…….romantic!

I lay down beside him, turned away from him as if to go to sleep!

"Nite-nite Jus."

"No you can't! You promised!!"

"Hardly able to supress my giggles, I turned back towards him.

"Just kidding! Honest?"

Jus wrapped himself around me, his left hand searching out for my dick.

"Oh no you don't!

Tonight my wonderful, beautiful Justin, is not about me, not even about both of us. This is all about you! I want to show you just how much I love you and how desperately I want you, all of you." and with that I kissed him, our tongues meshing together like they were choreographed.

I began to touch him all over again but this time, where my fingers went, my mouth followed.

I studiously avoided his 'bits' and carried on down his legs to his feet, one by one giving his toes a tongue-bath.

Back up the inside of his legs until I reached my goal.

I momentarily looked at his ball sac, totally hairless and tight into his pelvis before licking at it making my poor lover whine like a puppy for its mother.

"Oh Alex……..you're not going to………to……….you are going to………."

With that and without any idea as to what it would be like, I took hold of his dick and rolled his foreskin down to reveal his swollen glans before taking them into my mouth.

"Fuck Alex!! Jesus Christ! Oh fuck YES!!"

I managed to get most of him in my mouth before I started on him in earnest, using my tongue in a way I thought would feel nice. It must have worked because he only lasted about twenty seconds before Jus yelled fit to wake the dead!


Four, five, six very powerful jerks of his dick and he was total done for, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to regain equilibrium.

Eventually he came back down from his high and rolled over and took me in his arms.

"Alex, I can't believe you did that! Did I taste nasty or anything?"

"No! Why do you think I showered you!"

"But where did you get that idea from. I mean it was so wonderful!"

"That's easy. I told you Mum and Dad tell me everything about sex. Okay not like between boys but they told me about oral sex between a girl and boy and as I've never caught up on anyone dying as a result…….I just thought…….."

"It was beautiful Alex and I can't find words that could possibly do it justice.

Do you want me to…….."

"No. I told you, tonight was for you."

"Not like that, like this."

With that he let his hand roam down to my groin and took me in his hand.

"You really need this Alex. Please?"

I didn't fight him off, it just felt too good.

We were laying facing each other. He took my left leg placing it over his right which meant he now had access to every part of my nether regions which he took full advantage of.

Toying first with my little balls then moving his hand underneath to my perineum, driving me nearer to my own climax but he hadn't done with me, not by a long chalk!

My bum was his next target as he fingered my crack, the teasing driving me wild then suddenly I felt a finger on my hole.

It felt………good. VERY good in fact!

I pushed towards the intruder hoping for something even better but, novice that I was or rather as both of us were, I was too dry and way too tight but he kept fingering me there as he brought his free hand down to my little cock and very sensuously, brought me off.

We both basked in the afterglow wondering if it could possibly get any better but the next thing I knew it was daybreak and as we were still in each other's embrace, I opted not to ruin the moment by going for a swim for fear of waking my angel.

Jus shifted position, his back to my chest, spooning into me, my dick now pressed firmly into his arse crack.

The thought of 'Oh my God! Is this what it's all about?' flashed through my head as my dick inflated.

"We haven't got time Alex. Otherwise………."

"Oh shit Jus? I didn't realise you were awake?"

"Just woken. What's the time?"

"Just gone 6am. Anyhow, time for what?"

More discoveries.

I'm still dreaming about last night and what you did to me."

"Didn't………. umm………. What was his name, Paul do that to you or you to him?"


I knew, like you, the mechanics of it but we never went further than a quick wank. He didn't want to and neither did I really."

"Nice I was the first. I really mean that Jus?"

"And the last.

Want to go for a swim? With me?"

"YOU?? You don't like river swimming!"

"Well……..you've still got ten fingers and ten toes, a willy and body to die for so I'm willing to take your word that it's safe enough!"

"Oh very funny!"

"Come on then? Let's do it!!"

Having taken up his offer, Jus seemed to find reasons why it wasn't actually a very good idea!

"It's going to be cold, isn't it?" and "I'm no way going in naked." And so on.

Eventually I got him on the stern of the boat, both of us in our 'Speedo's' but still he hesitated.

"Alex? I'm scared!"

"Why? What of? There's nothing in there to be worried about, honestly."

"Yes there is!

Grandfather has fish he caught, all in glass cases like Pike and Zander, huge Carp, Tench and Barble with big teeth!"

"Jus, they're more scared of you leaping in to the water than you are of them! They'll be ten miles upstream the moment you hit the water! Trust me!!"

"Oh God, why did I open my big mouth?? I don't want to do this Alex??"

"You said you trusted me, right? You said you loved me so go with me with this." And with that I turned to face him, one arm around his waist, the other around his neck and fell backwards into the water bringing him with me.

I think I heard something like 'You bastard' before we hit the water but I can't be sure but as we surfaced, Jus had a smile on his face.

"It's warm! Nothing's eating my feet! Hey this is okay!!"

"I told you stupid! The only thing that will nibble on your toes is me. Just relax and enjoy!

Come on, let's swim to the opposite bank and back and get out so we can get some breakfast."

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