Galthanan's Legacy

by Zustara Orur


Waking up again that morning, together with his best friend, was the most lustfilled moment of Emil's life. Their blood-filled appendages were fully extended, and this time Emil was spooning Tiggy. It felt awesome, though different than how it had been when Tiggy had done the same to him. Then the dark-skinned boy had shielded him from all evil in the world, and holding him didn't reverse the feeling. Tiggy didn't need protecting. Instead, holding him made Emil feel as if Tiggy was a big soft toy, warm and safe and comforting to hold, and dead sexy too...! He could absorb the confidence his friend radiated, use it to calm his mind, and maybe even keep a little for himself too. Tiggy gladly shared of his surplus, smiling and making little squeals as he felt Emil slowly rub his stiff boy-penis up and down the length of the valley of his butt. Emil kept making little guttural noises deep down in his throat and dug his fingernails into Tiggy's skin.

"How you like that huh, jungle-boy?!", he growled into Tiggy's ear.

The other boy shivered of pleasure, but he couldn't let such a challenge go unanswered! "Your bacon's cooked now, city-boy, I'm not from the jungle, I was found in Siberia!" He slithered out of Emil's grasp and started tickling the bejesus out of his friend, but before he had time to do too much damage Emil started yelling.

"Peace! Peace!", he screamed. "I give up, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...!"

"You give up huh? Really?"

"Yes! Yes, really..." He relaxed and let Tiggy sink down on top of him. "Mmm. That's nice...", he moaned as Tiggy slithered around a bit on top of him to find the comfiest position to lie in.

They kissed a little, ignoring morning-breaths and all, then got out of bed. Their appendages were still naughty however, and so were they. Emil once again took a tight hold of Tiggy from behind and cupped his friend's ballsac with both hands. Tiggy didn't do anything, it felt so good to have Emil hug him like that, and as he was being held on to, they started stumbling their way towards the bathroom.

As fate would have it, just as they had reached the door to Tiggy's room, that was the instant their mums had decided to come rouse them out of bed and get them to the breakfast table. The door swung open, and though Emil's hands hid his beloved's balls, the brown-bodied cutie's attached appendage was still as naughty as ever and poking straight up and away from his body. When the women saw this they whooped loudly as if with one voice and giggled even more loudly and quickly shut the door again. The two thoroughly embarrassed boys could hear their mums' cackles through the door as the two women made it back to the kitchen, having successfully carried out their mission - though in a way rather different than the one intended!

Rather than going to the bathroom first to take care of morning business, the two got so out of stride they hurried to put on clothes instead (Emil borrowing from Tiggy's warderobe and got aroused again just by slipping on his boyfriend's tight briefs), and had just two quick kisses before getting their butts to the kitchen to eat.

Both boys blushed as they slowly and gingerly approached the familiar kitchen table. Emil recognized the place perfectly from two years previous; the make-over Tig's room had received had not covered the rest of the house, and with the exception of minor details such as curtains and tablecloth - things that no boy their age really pay attention to - nothing had changed there. Now the two women, their mums, were sitting there looking at them with solemn expressions on their faces.

"Come, sit down", Mikaela said softly. "It's okay, nobody's angry with you or anything."

Emil dry-swallowed with a gulping sound. "Y-you sure?"

His mum nodded. "It's okay. You've done nothing wrong." Katarina smiled warmly to help and encourage both boys to approach and take a seat, which they did, slowly.

"Sorry mum", Tig mumbled and looked down into his lap, his black hair hanging down across his nearly black eyes.

"Hey... Don't say that", Mikaela, his other mum, replied softly. "We've both known about the closeness between you, me and Katarina, for more years than you probably realize. Some days it was the only thing that kept me going, knowing that my boy had you as his closest friend. We're both very happy you two are as close as you are. The only thing we ask is you'll be safe and responsible, and that you take it easy with one another. Show respect, and love."

Emil suddenly blushed. "We do, mum", be said with a shy smile, not quite looking at her, but almost. He gestured quickly and unconsciously to sweep away some strands of his light-brown wavy fringe from his forehead.

"Good", Mikaela said. "Like I said. We're both so happy for you, and if you two ever have any problems, PLEASE, promise me you'll come to either of us to talk about it first, okay? Promise."

"Yes mum", they both mumbled shyly yet genuinely with one voice. Then they looked at each other, grinning, and then at their mums to see them grinning too, and they reached out for each other's hands. And then they had breakfast!

It was a chilly and windy day that day, and to warm up they had yet another shower after eating and brushing their teeth. Emil couldn't believe his good fortunes lately, being attended to so closely by his best friend and lover.

"You're gorgeous, Emil...", Tiggy whispered as he placed kiss upon kiss all over his friend's face, holding and caressing Emil's head with his hands, warm water raining down on them in a slow drizzle.

"No I'm not", Emil protested demurely. "You are. I was like, stunned when I first saw you yesterday..."

Tiggy giggled. "Yeah, I noticed you seemed a bit tongue-tied! Was that the reason?" He felt very flattered, and even honored he was thought of in that way.

Emil nodded. "Mmm-hmm. You're way cute. I was SO scared you had a girlfriend..."

"I'm not nearly as cute, and pretty as YOU, Emil... I thought I was gonna die when I saw you yesterday... You looked so hot. Sad, lonely, but hot too. I.. I guess I fell in love with you even more than I already was. I could never get myself a girlfriend, not when you are my best, closest friend that I have always loved like my own brother and more." Emil became quite emotional and realized he was weeping even as he smiled, hearing his friend's sincere words. He'd been so scared Tiggy had a girlfriend, and hearing he didn't was a huge relief. Tiggy cuddled him and smooched his neck tenderly, leaving behind a few bright-red hickies even though he didn't really mean it. Then he really started squirming, because though it was nice to stand there with Emil, he'd been holding himself the whole time and his bladder was filled to the limit.

"Don't leave", Emil whispered. "It's just us here, it's OK." He hugged Tiggy close, even putting a hand on his boyfriend's tight buns too.

"But, I have to go-"

"Then go... Everybody does in the shower."

"You sure?", Tiggy asked, a little worried.

"I won't tell if you don't tell..."

They both hugged each other tight, and Emil didn't tell on his friend either, just like Tiggy had held up his bargain those years in the past. It was their secret that they kept forever after they'd finished showering.

As they were wiping each other dry, they started talking again. "Tig, do you think we're like...two fags...? Gay, I mean? I mean... I don't know!"

"Mmm, sweetheart, I think we are. I mean, my mum's a lesbian, I dunno bout your mum. I always knew that, she told me when I was really little. I didn't know for sure about me though until yesterday evening when I saw you naked. I knew then I wanted you so... SO bad!"

Emil giggled, and the sound was really beautiful. Just like his happy face. "I don't think I knew even then! I just felt, uh, terribly horny being naked in front of you! I wanted to be sexy, for you... I wanted to make you horny too, and I wanted you to come touch me and... You know, do all the things you did with me." Emil was looking right into Tiggy's eyes and he was smiling a very beautiful shy smile, all of him radiating calmness and love.

"Sweetheart, you were incredibly sexy! I didn't know how to live even if I couldn't have you yesterday... You are sexy now too... Feel that?"

"Mmm... It's hard!"

"Yours is too. Very hard."

"I like it that yours is all like, bald!" They giggled very boyishly together.

"You know the doctors had to take my skin when I was little because it was too tight."

Emil smiled wickedly. "Yeah, but last I saw it, yours was when you still had a tiny boy-wiener, I wasn't interested in it then. Now it's all big and sexy and like, hard... And big. And it feels good when it's... You know!"

"You wanna do it again, huh?!" Tiggy's smile was just as wicked as Emil's! "You want to have it in... In you...?"

The pale boy's eyes closed and his face took on a dreamy expression. "Mmmm...", he responded, biting his lip as his teen-dick twitched at the memory of their lovemaking the previous evening. They kissed, with tongues and everything, and Emil even kissed the bald head of Tiggy's penis, suckling on the tip like it was a warm and soft lollypop while caressing both of his dark bumcheeks, sensations which nearly made Tiggy's knees buckle; he had to rest his lower back against the edge of the sink to steady himself. Then they had to stop, because their mums were banging on the door, demanding to be let in so they too could get ready for the coming day. The small house only had one proper bathroom so they all had to share, the guest toilet was just that: toilet and a sink and nothing more.

Both boys tittered as they realized their mums would probably shower together as well!

Some time passed, autumn was coming towards an end, days growing even shorter and getting colder too. Emil was happier than ever, his and Tiggy's birthday party had been awesome. They'd had it in his new large house with tons of kids invited, friends from back before he moved. For once, he felt as if he belonged on the center stage and wasn't there just because the others insisted in order to be nice to him. He and Tiggy had been eating well and growing stronger and growing back lost muscle (and more besides), and they were biking as much as they could and back to playing football also of course, which made their physique develop really quickly.

"Chakandar Nilsson?", the lovely and voluptuous young teacher called out, reading the list of names as she sat behind her desk, taking attendance for the first class of the day. Even though her pupils were only thirteen or fourteen years old, more than one of them (both boys and girls) had undressed her in their imagination, or had her undress them.

"Present!", Tiggy responded quickly, and then she continued ticking off the kids in her class, reaching the boy sitting next to him almost immediately.

"Emil Andersson?"

"Present!" Their fingers curled around each other for a moment and they gave each other a look and a smile as they sat there next to each other. Then they concentrated on school. It was English class on the schedule, so the teacher let them watch a recorded news show from CNN, talking about the recent U.S. elections where Jeb Bush had just won an unprescedented second term in the White House, continuing an almost unbroken family legacy of his father and brother, apart from those two terms with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, a time which neither boy really remembered anything of because they'd barely been born then.

Whenever there was a difficult word one of the kids didn't understand, the teacher paused the recording and explained, but most of them were quite skilled anyway, having grown up with the internet accessible from early years and English-studies in school from first grade. There was even some speculation if George 'Dubya' Bush's daughter Barbara Bush-Schwarzenegger would seek the republican party nomination for the 2016 elections, but most seemed to take that as a joke. However, Barbara had become a shrewd politician, and being newly married to the older son of the "Governator" of California, she seemed to have a lot of things going for her. Including a strong support by conservative American women, though some speculated the christian right would be wary of voting for a female presidential candidate. That seemed to be the biggest stumblingblock at the moment.

On the home front, things were going well also. Suddenly living with two mothers wasn't such an adjustment after all as the two boys had first thought. Their home, which was either of the two houses on alternate days depending on what they all felt like, was a loving place to come home to. Tiggy had always lived like that, close to his mum, but Emil was unused to such a thing. It wasn't something he needed help with to enjoy however, the boy blossomed in such rich and nourishing soil, becoming happy and content at least as long as his best friend was around. On his own he was still a bit quiet and timid, but managing. The two spent most of their time together anyway. Katarina was particulary pleased by this, because Tiggy hadn't always taken his schoolwork very seriously while Emil, through talent of his own and the pressures of his demanding father, had always been a star student. The two now helped each other, and found they did much better together, Emil in particular found it was much easier without the ragings of his dad hounding him to do well. His grades didn't really change, but it was less of a struggle to maintain them. Everything was simply more fun.

Thursdays they always stayed at home almost no matter what, that day they had earmarked for watching TV. Emil wanted to see 'Star Trek: Inner Frontiers', where the intrepid crew of the Battleship Athena struggled to both explore and escape the clutches of the strange and mysterious Inverse Zone. Tiggy hadn't been much of a fan before, particulary of any of the older series, but together with his best friend, the show had a certain appeal to him. 'Inner Frontiers' was the best series of them all in Tiggy's opinion - at least judging from what of the older stuff he'd seen - he'd watched literally hundreds of Trek episodes with his best friend in the past just to be good company. Perhaps it had started to rub off on him...

"I like Deza the most. I think he and Aden are boyfriends", Emil speculated during a commercial as they watched the first regular episode after the two-part pilot. "Just like us!" The pale boy smiled warmly at his best friend and rubbed his dark-skinned hand as they snuggled in next to each other.

"I like Deza too, Trill look nice with those spots... It's a bit like 'Voyager' though isn't it?", Tiggy complained. "Couldn't they have thought of something new after so many years?"

"It's not! Just you wait and see, I've read some about what's going to happen and it won't be like Voyager at all, trust me."

"You've READ...?! Don't you go spoil anything now!"

Emil blushed prettily. "Sorry", he said and made ultra-cute puppy-eyes. "I couldn't help myself... I just got so excited after the pilot. They're so much further ahead of us in America, it's unfair! More than half a season."

"Don't worry, I'm not mad at you." They smooched and made out for a little while, then got ready to continue watching as the commercial break was nearly over. "I know you love Trek", Tiggy added at the last moment.

"Not as much as I love you..." This made Tiggy smile, because he heard in his friend's voice how true it was.

After they finished watching the episode they were sent off to bed. It was almost eleven in the evening, and it was a school night too which meant they needed all the shut-eye they could get. They went to Emil's room in the big house up on the lookout shelf after getting ready by brushing their teeth and all that. Their mums came in to say goodnight, and give them goodnight hugs and kisses too of course.

"...Tiggy?", came Emil's quiet voice through the darkness of the room.

"Yes?", mumbled the half-asleep boy in response.

"Um, do you ever like, think of your first mum?"

There was a little pause. "Sometimes... I can't remember what she looked like, but it happens that I see her in my dreams", he replied softly. "Why?"

"Dunno. Just... I guess, if she... Well, if she hadn't died, I don't think we would have met. That's all." Emil was feeling a bit emotional, Tiggy could hear it easily on his voice.

"You think your life would have like, sucked and been the same forever if I hadn't met you...?"

"Yeah...", Emil said with a tremble in his voice. "I just love you so much! I wanna be with you, ALWAYS."

Tiggy giggled. "I wanna be with you always too", he said sincerely.

"Thanks..." Emil was so unassuming, and so thankful. He was so easy to hurt, because he really put himself into Tiggy's hands, but he could rest safely there because he was loved and cared for. Tiggy had his strength, because he knew though his biological parents weren't there anymore, he was still not alone. He felt watched over, safe. Hence, it was easy to make Emil feel safe too.

They snuggled in to each other anew, and then they went to sleep together.

That night, a fire broke out in the house. It spread rapidly from room to room, flaming up at an almost explosive rate. Grey smoke started pouring into the boys' room at the top of the door, and the smoke detector went off with a high-pitched tweet, making both boys wake up with a start! Emil became terrified, he yelped out a high-pitched scream, seeing the dull red glow of flames around the doorframe whilst feeling the acrid smell of the smoke in his nostrils. Tiggy hugged him tightly for a second or two to kill off the panic and quiet him; they weren't in mortal danger just yet. The closed door would keep the fire at bay for a little longer. Their thoughts immediately went to their mums and fear gripped their hearts. Mikaela and Katarina slept in the other end of the house, and they had a smoke detector too which would warn them they realized. Hopefully they had gotten themselves to safety already.

A strange, flickering light outside their window made them turn their heads, and suddenly flames were shooting up there as well! Tiggy quickly scuttled over there and put his face to the glass. He felt the heat from the fire touch his skin weakly and noticed immediately that someone had stacked up a tall pile of twigs and branches and such right under the window and set fire to it. Someone had set fire to the entire house! What could they do now? Both their escape routes were blocked!

Emil looked at Tiggy with tears in his eyes. He was so scared! Tiggy wanted to say it was okay, that he shouldn't be frightened. The boy's voice failed him however. He didn't know what to say that wouldn't be a lie. Except...

"Emil... I love you", he whispered. "I'll always love you, no matter what..."

The pale boy's lip twitched and he started crying as the sound of the fire intensified. The air was getting thick with smoke, it was hard to breathe without coughing. The two embraced tightly, tears dripped down onto their shoulders. They hoped the end wouldn't hurt too much, and that they could be together still, afterwards...

'Little cub!', a mighty voice roared. 'Get away from the window!'

Tiggy reacted on instinct, pushing Emil aside and ducking himself just a fraction of a second before the air was filled with shards of glass and wooden debris. With a thunderous growl and a thump that shook the burning building to its foundations, the Prince of Tigers landed on the floor and turned his large head towards the two boys.

'Maruch! Help us, please!', Tiggy pleaded.

'Climb on, little ones. And hold on tight. Hurry!'

In the morning, little remained of the 50s nordic-style villa built in a functionalistic design except cinders and burnt bits of wood and pieces of blackened, twisted metal and such. Katarina stood there holding a sobbing Mikaela, both of them wearing long coats lent to them by a friendly neighbor lady to protect them from the cold, her own eyes stinging though she held her tears back. She was listening to the fireman chief and a police officer explaining to her what they had done, what had happened from the moment they'd arrived onto the scene.

"It was definitely arson", the tall fireman said, speaking slowly to help her understand the words through the layers of shock still surrounding her. "The spread... It was much too rapid, the whole building was an inferno in minutes."

"Do you have any idea who might have done this?", the police woman then asked.

"I have my suspicions...", she replied with a frown. "I don't want to say anything for sure yet anyway. What about the boys?" She wanted to yell and scream at them in anguish, pound the fireman's broad chest with her fists. "Why haven't you found our boys? They... They can't have, uh, burnt up, could they...?" Mikaela shuddered at hearing the words.

The man shrugged. "That's curious. You see... The window in their room, it blew out INWARDS. I don't quite understand it myself, it shouldn't-" He stopped himself. "Anyway... We combed through the building, we had a man with a smoke helmet in there almost immediately after we jumped off the truck, and we've been sifting the wreckage as well... Still no clue as to what became of them."

"They're DEAD!", Mikaela wailed.

"Somehow I don't think so...", Katarina replied, hugging her love. "They'll be back, once they've had their fun. We should give them some time..."

'Run, Maruch! Run!'

'All right, little cubs. Don't fall off!'

The grassy plain was zooming along under the huge tiger's feet as he ran as fast as the wind. A herd of wild horses had tried to stay ahead of them, but the Prince had overtaken them easily, making the herd split in two and then scatter as he charged right through them. The two boys were leaning down against the warm wind that blew in their faces, Emil positioned in front and holding on to the thick fur, feeling the tiger's strong muscles working underneath him, and with his boyfriend holding on to his waist. The air was balmy against their naked skin, the sky was blue, and the sun shone brightly. Soon, they would have to go back, to keep their mums from worrying too much, but for now...

For now, they just wanted to run with the wind for a little longer.


Author's notes:

The people populating this story are all complete work of fiction, though there are other aspects that may have been inspired by reality. What really started this story off however was a cloudy overcast autumn day, an evening walk in the suburbs; that, and also reading about tigers online. Wikipedia is a great resource when you want to learn about most any topic...

Like I mentioned at the top in the dedication, this story was originally posted somewhere else. It's been slightly reworked, expanded and edited since then to fix some aspects that I wasn't quite satisfied with, but to 98% or so it remains the same as the first time around. I also acted on a suggestion made by my great personal friend E, and made a small addition to flesh things out a bit. You should read his story too by the way, it's called "Into the lion's den" (not related to this one!), right here at IOMFATS' idiosyncratic and excellent website...!

I hope you enjoyed this little yarn of mine, and if you did, it would be nice hearing from you. If you want to drop me a line, the address is right at the top!


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