Galthanan's Legacy

by Zustara Orur


The two ate well, each having two large servings of creamed macaroni with meatballs and Heinz ketchup along with a nice salad on the side. They were offered some ice cream, but there wasn't any more room left right then in the kids' tummies, which made Katarina cackle with laughter. She'd never heard of a pair of boys who had no room for ice cream before, she remarked with more laughter, and that made the boys giggle too. They hugged her and gave their thanks for the meal, then helped with clearing the table and getting the disher into the dishwasher which earned them thanks in return. Then she decided they should have a shower. Both of them smelled after their bike ride and football-playing, it was only just that Katarina had allowed them to eat dinner without cleaning themselves up.

When Emil came into the room all fresh and neat with his neat hair still moist to the point of almost dripping, he saw Tiggy - who had showered before him - lounging back on the bed. The towel had opened up when the newly-showered boy had pulled up his left leg to rest the knee against the wall so that there was a continuous view of smooth, brown skin all the way from the boy's toes, up his legs, the left side of his hip, and then all the way up his slim stomach and torso as well. That weird kind of twinge gripped Emil again on the inside when he saw his friend, and for some reason he couldn't explain he let the muscles in his right hand relax so that the towel he held loosely wrapped around himself fell to the floor. Immediately upon revealing his naked form to his friend for the first time in two years he felt his penis start to grow, but he was too shy to show it, so he turned to the computer at Tiggy's desk instead to only show his backside to the boy on the bed. Tiggy on the other hand had had to strangle a gasp when he saw the towel drop. He knew Emil had grown and developed just by having seen him standing in the doorway of his new home, but how MUCH he'd grown, that he hadn't been able to see clearly before, or even feel. Even in a soft state, the pale boy sure had a nice appendage. And then... Hadn't it started to firm up too? Tiggy wasn't sure, but just the thought made his own penis go hard in seconds, and then even more. It throbbed! Another sound had to be strangled, a moaning one, as he grabbed his erection through the towel and gave it a good squeeze upon seeing Emil stop in front of the desk and lean forwards to put his knuckles down on the top surface for support.

Emil had a very nice butt too, Tiggy realized all of a sudden. A little skinny, but still rounded, and very firm-looking. The boy's position made the cleft open up just a little, offering a vague hint of what was hidden inside, that place that is the most secret of them all.

"You've got a very nice PC", Emil said in a sort of hollow voice.

"Uh... Y-yeah, my mum bought it through her job", Tiggy replied back, his mouth suddenly all dry for some reason. This was all so new to him, so weird. Looking at his best friend's butt, his way grown-up and hot and sexy and NAKED best friend, it made him hornier than he'd ever been before in his life! His own fantasies, which weren't much in the way of that, were like nothing in comparison. "Check it out if you want...", he struggled to say without his voice faltering or going squeaky on him.

Emil reached out with his right hand and grabbed the wireless mouse. The system was a high-end Dell Dimension with twin multi-core 64-bit processors, several gigs of memory with a RAID5 drive array as standard, along with many bells and whistles attached including a scanner/printer and widescreen flatscreen monitor. It would have cost WAY too much money to simply buy straight up for a single mother even though she was a doctor, but the tax rules allowed 'job-financed computers' to be paid over three years by deducting a set amount from the salary every month. This even had the effect of lowering the income tax, so it wasn't as much of a burden after all.

Tiggy knew there were some 'suspicious' bookmarks in his web browser, he'd found the sites while doing google searches for quite different and innocent things and clicked on them out of sheer curiosity. He'd saved no links pointing to explicit porn, because he wasn't interested in boys in that way he'd thought to himself. Rather, what he'd saved for the most part was sites with ordinary pictures of really cute boys, many of them promo or candid photos of young actors. Others were simply scanned snapshots of cuties that weren't celebrities or models, boys practicing sports, or boys dancing or even boys that were circus acrobats. Many of them actually wearing skintight leotards. Sometimes it was boys in speedos on the beach. One site had even had pics of fully dressed and very pretty boys around his own age holding or hugging each other, or sometimes even kissing...

He couldn't quite say why he'd saved those bookmarks, except watching the cuties hugging and kissing and looking into each others' eyes had made him think of how it had used to be, when he'd had his best friend Emil near him every day. He usually cried silent tears while clicking around on that site. The other sites, the ones that were just plain pictures of attractive, even sexy boys that weren't romantic at all, tended to give him boners instead. Particulary any picture of a hot-looking boy showing some skin of his equally hot butt. Tiggy's penis jumped as the boy realized 'hot' in connection with 'boy' was exactly the word he'd been thinking without actually thinking it, and that made his eyes focus on Emil's behind again.

Tiggy couldn't quite see what Emil was doing, his friend's torso obscured most of the monitor apart from the outermost part of the lower right corner. It didn't matter much though, he trusted Emil, and only felt a little nervous about him possibly stumbling over any of the 'naughty' links. His friend was mostly looking at all the silly/weird pointless stuff Tiggy had found anyway, so it didn't matter.

Emil giggled, having found the weblink and heard the latest "football badgers" song boom from the high-powered surround speaker system, but it was a sort of hollow giggle too because all he could really think of was Tiggy's eyes on his own butt. He still stood in front of the computer leaning forwards slightly with one hand on the desk, one hand on the mouse, but then he moved his free hand to his hip instead. Having had enough of badgers, goals and England, he closed the browser tab and selected a different bookmark on random. Or actually, it wasn't really random at all. He'd seen the word 'boys' in the URL, and again he felt that weird twinge again that seemed to center itself near his dick and around his heart at the same time. He clicked the mouse button, and the screen was thanks to the broadband connection immediately filled with an image of a taller boy, maybe around fifteen, sixteen sitting in a sofa, with a smaller boy that seemed slightly younger, a year or two, clinging on to his back with his smiling head squeezed in between the taller boy's shoulder and cheek. They were both really cute, Emil noticed, especially the smaller boy with his nearly buzzcut-length golden blonde hair. The twinge squeezed his heart. They looked so content together! Fully dressed, yet so close, so near.

Next picture was of two boys sitting really close, one with his arm around the other's shoulder, the boy being held sat with a hand on the first boy's leg. They were looking at each other, but not directly at each other, their heads turned halfway and looking down a little, as if they both were peeking at the other out of shyness. The stirring sensation squeezed his dick, and he knew he was getting a super erection just by looking at where that hand was. On the other boy's leg... He'd never seen anything hotter in his life. Having your hand on another boy's leg?! That was so sexy! Crazy thought of course, it couldn't be explained, but it couldn't be denied either. He cast a quick glance back at Tiggy on the bed, as if to gague wether he was blocking the monitor or not. Emil wasn't quite certain he wanted his best friend to know he was looking at hot pics of boys even though Tiggy must have put that shortcut there himself. Their eyes met, and the glance convinced Emil the view was sufficiently blocked by his own back and his eyes returned to the monitor screen. He also got confirmation Tiggy was still staring at him; it would have been a bit disappointing if his best friend's eyes had been wandering around the room!

Looking at that picture, Emil felt his own hand slide from his hip down across his smooth skin onto his butt. Tiggy would have seen him do that. He knew Tiggy would also see when he started rubbing his own butt a little, caressing his own skin in a motion that might be scratching an itch, but most probably wasn't since it was done with the whole hand, the palm pressed lightly against the curving shape of that buttock. His head turned back to the bed quickly a second time, and for an instant their eyes met again. Something seemed to transfer between the two, as if Emil had asked, 'look at my butt!', and Tiggy's eyes bounced down to the two globes of muscle before returning up again. Then their eye contact broke as Emil turned his head back to the monitor. His posture changed slightly, his back arced down slightly, pushing his little behind out a bit more. Now Emil was convinced Tiggy was looking at his posterior, and it made tingles rush around in under his skin and into his stiff penis...

The pale boy clicked the mouse again, and it was a close-up picture of two short-haired and extremely pretty young boys in checkered button-down shirts and knitted vests facing each other, their heads tilted a little and mouths open and wanting... The pointy tips of their moist, slick tongues were peeking out just a little and their eyes were closed as they were just about to kiss. Emil's now sticky dickhead touched his own stomach, and realizing he had a full-blown erection just made it get even harder. So hard a shiver ran through all of him, the soft, downy peach-fuzz on his arms and legs rose up in goosebumps and he wanted to touch... Be touched. He imagined the hand on his butt wasn't his own, but someone else's. Someone that was stroking his skin gently, comfortingly, erotically. A warm, firm hand that was curiously exploring that sensitive and highly private part of his body, the deep cleft, and the hidden place inside...

The motions of his hand made his buttocks part a little more, giving another tantalising hint of his hidden spot, and suddenly Tiggy felt as if on fire. He knew which pics Emil was looking at from the small exposed corner of the screen, and somehow he sensed his friend's need for closeness. Perhaps it was the goosebumps; perhaps he thought Emil was feeling chilly. It could have been the strange looks they'd exchanged. Or else it was something deeper than that. Without making any sound at all, the dark-skinned boy rose up out of his bed and patted over across the floor until he stood directly behind his friend. Emil felt the warmth of Tiggy's body and made a small moaning, squeaking sound of need, and of want. Maybe it was because he'd just flipped to the next picture, one of two boys busy making out, their hands touching each other's faces as they kissed. Both still fully closed, yet involved in such intimate and tender kissing it made Emil feel as his skin had turned into fizzly softdrink bubbles from the tingles that coursed through him. Knowing his best friend was there right behind him and seeing the picture of the boys, yet seemingly not repulsed by it and probably even attracted instead, it made his heart start racing like crazy.

Tiggy took one last small step, so that his groin with its super hard penis touched Emil's bum as it poked out invitingly. A gasp of both pleasure and contentment came from Emil and he withdrew his hand to not have it trapped between the two of them, acting as a divider. Tiggy took a light hold of Emil's slender hips and pushed his friend into his groin, so that his steel-hard erection settled against each buttock. A longer moan came from Emil, he had to brace himself with both hands and pushed back as well, wiggling his tight bum against the hot, hard rod that was throbbing in the tight cleft inbetween his two firm buns. The pale boy let the muscles in his neck relax, exposing it as his head fell forwards, and Tiggy followed, leaning forwards as well. He let his hands run up Emil's stomach - one of them feeling the full length of the boy's painfully hard erection - and then placed a very light yet moist kiss just below the hairline. Emil's father wanted his son to wear his hair short in the neck, so Tiggy had no problem placing several smooches there as Emil quivered and breathed in strongly, and then when a wet tongue touched right behind the boy's ear he almost quaked of pleasure and both gasped and moaned loudly!

"Touch me please", Emil pleaded. "I love you!" There was pain in the voice, the kind of pain a boy feels while in love but having no love around him, only fear. There was want too, and need, and it made Tiggy's feelings bloom.

"Ssshhh, Emil...", Tiggy whispered. "Easy... I love you too." A soft kiss followed, again behind the ear, where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive.

Something broke in Emil and he started weeping. Weeping of happiness. He felt himself quickly get turned around, hugged, cuddled... They were in Tiggy's narrow bed, curled in so tight next to one another it wouldn't have been possible to push in even a piece of paper between them. They kissed in every way they could think of in the darkness of the room, but the ones they liked the most were the slow ones, the loving ones. Either the smooches where only their lips touched and moulded themselves after each other, or the ones where one of them used his tongue on the other and delve deeply into the other's mouth, particulary when Emil was kissed like that. It made him simply melt and become all soft and pliable. It was in a moment like that when Tiggy gently pushed his erection into his friend's secret entrance and they both were filled with cascades of pleasure that were simply too much for common words to describe. They wept in each other's arms because it felt so good, and they had suffered so much in the past two years without one another.

Their lovemaking lasted almost until midnight when they had another shower, together, but just a quick one even though their erections were fencing one another as they washed each other's hair one more time.

"Time for bed, boys", Katarina's voice came from the livingroom where she sat watching a late-night movie. She'd called Mikaela some hours earlier and said Emil would probably stay over, and that everything was just fine. They had discovered themselves and each other, finally after all these years. Mikaela had become a little emotional, she was so happy her boy was finally at peace with himself and she said she'd be over in the morning so they could all have breakfast together. Katarina had smiled and said that would be great, after all, the two hadn't seen each other in two years.

Now the woman didn't know if she would be able to sleep all night, her heart was pounding so bad. There were many things she needed to tell, and it scared her a little... Somehow, she felt like an adolescent again, that confusing time in her life she hadn't come to grips with until in her twenties, and then it had been too late. Perhaps now she had a new chance, one to set things right. Yes, maybe... If she had the courage. Katarina sat with her knees drawn up in under her chin, hugging herself in the dark room, only flickering TV light illuminating it and watched the movie until it ended. By that time not even she could stay up any longer; she'd fallen asleep.

"It's really late", Emil had said after their shower. "Maybe I should get going."

"Don't be silly, you can't bike home now, and not with wet hair either. It's almost freezing out there, you'll get pneumonia like your mum said!"

Emil smiled gently. "Wet hair can't give you pneumonia", he scolded lightly, flattered Tiggy showed him such genuine concern.

"Whatever, it can't be good for you Emil...", Tiggy replied tenderly and moved in to kiss his love. "You'll sleep here with me tonight."

Suddenly Emil felt really nervous and uncomfortable. "I... I-I can't...", he whispered, and Tiggy saw with some panic Emil was on the verge of breaking out in tears! "Wh-what if...?"

"Emil! Sweetheart! What are you scared of? Nothing can hurt you, I'm here now. Don't be afraid..." He hugged his boyfriend comfortingly and suddenly it hit him, seeing Emil's panicked and uncomfortable expression as he looked at the bed, then back to Tiggy again. "Are you afraid you'll wet yourself?", the dark-skinned boy asked softly in a quiet voice.

Emil couldn't bring him to answer, he felt so embarrassed, so ashamed, so humiliated. "Mm-hmm", he whispered and nodded his head.

"You still do it, huh?", Tiggy asked, still in that same low, comforting voice, tenderly stroking his love all the way down his body.

"When dad... When he's been...hitting mum, o-or s-screaming at me, it, uh, it happens sometimes yeah..." He started weeping pitifully, which Tiggy responded to with soft kisses.

"You won't tonight. I promise."

"But, uh, I'll ruin your mattress!", the boy countered with real panic in his voice. "I have a plastic sheet in my bed underneath so it won't soak in..."

"Don't worry."

"But we're not kids anymore, it'll smell...!"

"Hush baby. Trust me", came the firm reply. Emil felt surprised, but he actually felt the surge of panic start to ebb away. With that, Tiggy led Emil to the washbasin in the bathroom. He made his friend heave up on toes and stroked Emil's dick over it gently so it became long, yet not fully hard, then made warm, almost hot water flow over its whole length and down over the attached balls too (and particulary on the head and insides of the skin). Emil didn't have to pee, but when Tiggy did this to him he felt his bladder contract and empty itself fully for some weird reason. It felt really weird, and the pleasure was intense. Tiggy washed him clean again and then towelled his penis dry which made it bone up fully. They then sneaked back to the bed and dove in under the covers, snuggled in next to each other, kissed just a few times to say goodnight and then fell asleep almost at once.

Tiggy had spoken the truth. Emil didn't wet himself that night.

In the early morning, while the sky was still a little gloomy and the sun hadn't made its way over the surrounding houses, Tiggy's mum sat in her kitchen dressed in a soft terrycloth bathrobe and nursed a cup of hot, strong coffee, her hair still a bit wet and mussy from her shower earlier. When she heard the muted growling rumble of a well-engineered car pull up on her driveway in front of the house's small garage she almost spilled her cup, she was so eager. And not just any car either, but a not even year-old seven-series BMW actually! By the time she'd made her way to the front door, having stopped by the hallway mirror to run her fingers through her long curly dark-brown hair, Mikaela was already standing on the front porch. The doorbell sounded, and not more than a second later, Katarina had the door open. The two looked at each other in a manner that was not much different from the way their sons had the day before when they first met, and then they hugged each other tight. Mikaela wore a long, dark winter coat of wool and a scarf around her neck, and Katarina's bathrobe was rather thick too so it was a somewhat awkward hug, but it didn't matter. They were best friends.

Mikaela also had a big puffy purple sweater underneath, and a pair of black slacks as well, clothes with a quality suitable for a woman of her position, but they couldn't hide the traces of abuse she'd been put through by her husband. She'd dared to not wear the sunglasses that morning because the rings under her eyes had gone down to a sort of yellowish color, and also because she simply couldn't treat her friend like that; hiding from her, lying even. She was glad Katarina hadn't immediately commented on her bruises, though the woman hadn't been able to hide the concern she felt. Now she too had been provided a steaming mug of black coffee, and was slowly finishing it off as they spoke in soft voices to not wake the boys who still slept together all tangled-up in each other.

"I think I took him mostly because I knew he'd be a very good provider", Mikaela said slowly. "And he was really handsome too, as you know yourself. He still is, by the way."

"But was he ever...tender? Loving?"

"No... Never." Mikaela sighed heavily. "He didn't start hitting me right away. He was considerate enough to wait until after we were married. He even punched me in the stomach a couple times while I was still carrying Emil. Once I had to go to the emergency room, I thought I'd have a miscarriage, he'd beaten me so badly. He was the one who drove me by the way, his eyes all black with anger, his face like impenetrable stone. He said if I told them anything he'd kill me and I believed him, so I didn't. I lied to the doctors and said I'd slipped and fallen in the bathtub. I don't think any of them believed a word I was saying, but none of them pushed me on the subject, and my baby was fine, so I didn't say anything else either. I just wanted to get away from that place, go back home..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry...", Katarina whispered. "I knew he was hard on you, but I never thought... If I'd only said something about it!"

Emil's mum shook her head sadly. "There wasn't anything you could have done. I was blind then, blinded by loyalty to him, I guess. He wasn't like many other abusive husbands who blame their wives for his own misfortunes or shortcomings, he was just...violent. Like he liked to cause me pain and suffering. He had a good career, he was respected, successful. Well liked too by those who only knew the surface of him. But, his mind was nothing but a hole. A deep, dark hole where nothing lived."

Tiggy's mum reached across the table and took hold of one of Mikaela's hands as it laid there all alone and held it tight. "Poor girl. I... I don't know what to say."

"Almost makes me wish you'd been a bit more persistent that night at the party...", she said with half a laugh and half a sob. "You know, that one in university where you had too much plonk and..."

Katarina blushed, not really because of the memory of the one time in her life she'd gotten so drunk she barely knew what she'd been saying, but because of WHAT she'd said that night. "It was red wine, not booze", she mumbled, feeling a bit rediculous with her cheeks blossoming like she was a schoolgirl again. "And, I meant every word of it."

Mikaela blushed too all of a sudden, even as she fought to keep the tears back. "I know", came the quiet, husky reply. "I guess I always knew, but I wasn't ready then to accept it. Or maybe I was, and I was just a coward, leaving with HIM instead because it was...safer... I-I could have lived without all... All THIS!" She gestured at her bruises as tears started to fall. "God, I'm such a failure!"

The woman's crying sounded hollow and empty because she wouldn't accept herself and her own choices. Katarina squeezed her friend's hand hard. "Remember, he is Emil's father. Not all things he did were bad, and you raised him well too. He's a fine boy, Mikaela, a FINE boy."

Deep wracking sobs were the only response, and soon the two women were standing up together, one holding on to the other for dear life to the other. Feeling warmth and comfort pouring into and through her for the first time in fifteen years, her crying tapered off and stopped.

Mikaela looked into her friend's eyes, and it was as if time stopped, then rushed backwards in reverse. Back to that fateful night so long ago at that party in university. Katarina had been drunk, but her eyes had been clear when they'd looked into each other that night just like that very morning, her gaze sharp when she admitted her one deepest secret. The secret she'd never been able to keep anyway, the one Mikaela had known almost forever, but ignored. In the wine, Katarina had found the courage to finally voice that which Mikaela had been too afraid to hear. And it was still there, after all those years. If anything, it had only grown tighter, fonder, deeper.

"Why do you think I refused to take myself a man, even today? I love you, Mikaela. I always have. I love YOU."

They smiled at each other.

"From the first day we met?"

"If not the very first, so at least pretty damn close."

Their lips touched briefly, and then again, only to hold on this time when they both realized how good it felt, and how right.

"I made you wait a long time, didn't I?", Mikaela admitted with a girlish giggle.

Katarina sighed happily. "It was worth it."

"Yeah. I agree", the other breathed, her breath coming a little quicker than normal. She had Emil, the one good thing from her marriage, and now she had love too. That meant that for the first time she also had a proper family.

They kissed again, even more intimately than before, old feelings filling them to the point they thought they'd burst.

"Mum! What- Are you OK?!"

The two women stopped what they'd been doing, Katarina even had to pull her bathrobe together again real quick because somehow it'd been on the verge of falling off her body. They both blushed again, once more feeling like schoolgirls rather than grown-ups, but this time mostly of embarrassment.

"Yes, of course I'm alright, Emil dear", Mikaela said and tried to sound firm and in-control in her voice. "What do you want?" She tried to ignore the fact her son was stark naked and holding his hands to cover his undoubtedly skywards-pointing morning erection.

"I was going to the bathroom... Wh-what are you doing?", the boy asked in an incredulous voice, looking at her with big, round eyes, then over at Katarina and back again.

"The same thing you and Tig were doing last night dear", his mother replied and watched her son go beet red. She smiled, and he did too. His mums stretched out their arms for him and then they all hugged tightly, and both of his mums kissed him and he kissed them too, but then he had to rush off because he REALLY needed to pee. That made both mums chuckle, and then they poured themselves new cups of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table together, really close together and continued to talk and hold hands.

Slipping back into bed with Tiggy again Emil woke up his boyfriend with his quiet giggles.

"What is it now?", Tiggy slurred sleepily.

"I'll tell you later, promise", Emil replied and smooched his love right on his pretty coffee-colored lips. Then they went back to sleep both of them for another hour or so until it was time for breakfast.

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