Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

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Chapter Twenty-two - Ali's Story:

We watched Jay Leno doing his Tonight Show routine together that evening. We sat in the couch next to each other wearing tank-tops and underwear and NOTHING else, not even socks. Brazil had placed himself in between my spread-out thighs, and I held a hand cupped over the tightly packed bulge that was his privates, feeling the warmth of him through the cloth. He didn't get hard, but he liked it a lot as I rubbed and squeezed my hand gently. First came the monolog, Jay was having a bad day with the crowd, nobody would laugh at his jokes and then Kevin would quip something about how bad the jokes were and everybody would roar. Oh I love Kevin too, he's really REALLY funny sometimes and the perfect counterpart for Jay. They go along so well together, and boy is he handsome or what with his dark skin and smooth-shaven head! He's rather gorgeous actually, and he's got a great body too with muscles and everything...! I can't understand why he's still a single, there has to be at least a million people who'd throw themselves at him in a heartbeat! A million girls AND a million guys! We laughed tons though, you'd think it would get boring after the one million-and-first joke centering on George Dubya being an idiot and Bill Clinton being a horny bastard, but we laughed 'til tears ran down our faces.

"'Ask the fruitcake lady!' Yaaay!" Brazil's eyes were huge of excitement, and I kissed him of course, making him blush. Mondays were traditionally the 'Headlines' day, but there was a change in the schedule for some reason, me and Brazil were fooling around too much and we missed the explanation.

"Fruitcake!", I said with a giggle and jabbed him playfully in his ribs. "Fruit...!"

He laughed happily, then leaned over and kissed me loudly smack dab on my mouth. "No Nate, you're the fruity man, we both know that!"

"Yeah, I am", I said with a fierce blush. "Wouldn't want it any other way cutie!" He kissed me again when I said that, and actually, calling it a kiss was barely giving it justice. He tried to stick his tongue down my throat, it felt really good...

The 92-year-old Fruitcake Lady doled out her usual plethora of no-nonsense advice on topics such as workplace ethics, personal hygiene, housekeeping, pets, cooking, dating and sex. It's so funny when she gives sex advice, she's not embarrassed the slightest and like with everything else she really means every word she says. Sure, we laugh me and Brazil, but really, we respect her just as much for standing up for her opinions.

Then the weirdest and the nicest thing ever happened. Me and Brazil were just snuggling together when he turned to me and said, "Nate... If you ever stop loving me, would you please tell me first before you go off with someone else, someone that is, uh, more gay than I am?" He hesitated. "I... I know that maybe I'm not enough for you, but perhaps you would still care enough for me then to do me that small favor?"

One might think it was a joke, but he was so serious, deadly serious in fact. "Brazil...", I whispered tenderly, caressing his cheek and letting my hand slide in under his chin, lifting it up. He looked at me frightfully, his eyes slowly tearing up. I could see how much he loved me, how much even just the thought of losing me hurt him. Not just losing me in fact, but being abandoned, discarded. Tossed aside like an empty candy-wrapper... It hurt so much it made his lower lip quiver, his face scrunch up, so I quickly put his head in to my chest and held him close, one hand across his back, the other in the hair of the back of his head and started to soothe him, put his worries to rest. "Darling, apart from my dad, I have only ever truly loved two people in my life", I whispered to him. "One of them left me, he isn't here anymore, yet he still exists with me in my heart. The other is here with me right now... I love you both with all my being, and I promise, PROMISE, I will never leave either of you. Just as I promise to never love anyone else like I love both of you." I kissed the top of his head tenderly. His hair had a faint scent of flowers still from his last shower.

"Will you tell me about him?", Brazil asked me in a whisper. "The one that died and only lives in your heart?"

I held him firmly as he kept his head turned away from me. Maybe because he was afraid of intruding into a place where I thought he had no right to be, no business going. I hoped my firm grip on him would tell him otherwise. "Sweet Brazil. You want to know about Ali?", I whispered back at him and kissed the top of his head again. When I lifted my lips from him he nodded just slightly.

"Yes Nate... Please tell me."

I sighed quietly. "Then you shall know", I said, and started reciting the story only two people had ever known in full. I talked of Ali's parents, their strict devotion to their religion that didn't leave much room for love in their household, and the room that wasn't filled with religion was more or less filled with work. His parents had barely escaped imprisonment and torture, apparently the priesthood had started seeing them as a threat. Ali hadn't been very clear on the specifics, he'd been too young, and his parents never talked much to him. Not that he cared really, America was his home these days and he remembered so little of how life had been back then. Ali's siblings had been a lot more autonomous, they didn't need a loving mother and father, they were career oriented just like their parents. They set a goal for themselves and strived for it with an ease that had to be seen to be understood, accomplishing anything with little effort. They'd all been so intelligent, Ali too, but unlike the rest of them, Ali had been sensitive in addition to his intelligence. He was like a plant belonging to a tempered climate suddenly finding itself planted in an arid landscape. The ground was too dry; the air too hot, he needed constant watering to even survive from day to day. First day we met, first day in school ever, we ended up hugging and kissing each other. He hadn't spoken English very well, some other kids had been mean to him and pushed him, then teased him for his dark skin, for his heavy accent.

I was the one that helped him back on his feet, and when he looked up to thank me our eyes caught. I understood he was something precious, something too precious for words to describe, even when I was just six years old I understood. He took me home after school, when we got through the door his energy ran out and I had to hold him up by wrapping him in my arms. I held him for what was probably at least five minutes, just feeling his small body tremble as he struggled not to cry. I had a hard-on, it felt strange, yet so good to hold his little boy body... It was the first time I held someone and I had no idea it would feel so good once I tried it, I had no idea holding someone else you like gives you a hard-on! Being held by mom or dad was nice I thought, but this was an entirely different level of nice. My tiny little boy-dick grew so hard as I felt Ali's short, slim body next to mine, felt his heat, his soft skin and his arms around me in return.

I held him, then my hands moved up to touch his head. He looked so cute I remember, he had a real doll-face, utterly adorable I thought, and so fragile. His head seemed disproportionaly big compared to his body just like with all kids that small, and it was SO pretty. I held his stunningly pretty head with my hands and we kissed.

I'm sure Ali didn't even know then what kissing someone else meant, not knew for real anyway. Especially not when a boy kissed another boy... He had seen it on TV I suppose and guessed it was something people that like each other do or something like that, the deeper levels of the gesture were unknown to him, but he soon discovered he enjoyed it. I don't think his parents had EVER kissed him, but it was he that kissed me first despite that. He kissed me, and cried because he'd never kissed anyone before and never been kissed. He cried because I was the first to accept him, the first to kiss him, and we knew we loved each other from the first instance we met. Later, his parents came home. They screamed at him because he'd torn his new pants when he fell down after the bullies pushed him, they didn't understand it wasn't his fault, and I had to go home.

We didn't kiss again for years, but I would remember that first kiss throughout all those years, remember it and all the ones that followed, and my dick would get hard instantly no matter where I was, or what I was doing...

I knew Ali loved me with all his heart, but despite that it took another six years before we kissed again. Another six whole pain-filled years before Ali kissed someone else, before someone else kissed him.

We were going through puberty together. I knew I was horny as a dog, I wanted my Ali, I was tormented every day and every night as I saw him grow ever bigger, ever prettier. His voice refused to break, it was high and sweet, his face a delicate thing of beauty, and he was SO sensitive. Anything, everything got to him, and boy did people like to torment him. He was shattered to pieces week after week, and I could barely hold my own tears back when I thought about how this sweet boy suffered. It would have been nice to be able to say the thing that made Ali hold up was his parents and siblings, but it isn't true. None of them seemed to love him, none of them seemed to care. They fed him and clothed him and screamed at him if he didn't do his homework. He always scored A-grades in everything except anything physical. He bruised almost just by looking at a sports-implement, and of course people called him names because of that. Oh boy did they call him names...

Only reason I let him be was that trying to help him by showing my love to him would only serve to destroy him. He was so strictly reined in by his parents, admitting to himself he was gay would have torn him apart. Therefore I bided my time, I was simply a shoulder for him to lean on whenever he needed it, a hand that pulled him back on his feet when he stumbled or was pushed. Finally however, Ali's hormones were getting the better of him. He kept looking at me with longing in his eyes and every time he did I smiled even without telling my body to do it. I smiled, so he'd know I was thinking the same thing, wanting exactly what he wanted. Wanted it, needed it. Six years, we waited. Six long years...! He had a countdown in his pretty, intelligent head, a ticker that deducted one day at a time until exactly that amount had passed. Only one difference, apart from being older, bigger and more mature; we were at my place instead. We couldn't ever be at his, for obvious reasons...

It was so painful for him to admit what he wanted to say. He stood there stuttering and shaking in my hallway and when tears started to roll down his cheeks I held his face with my hands and kissed him once more. He cried SO MUCH after that, he was so afraid. I told him I'm gay and he immediately asked if I was, if I really-really was and I said yes, and we kissed more, we sat on the floor right there and kissed again and again as he cried.

He couldn't actually bring himself to say it, so I said it for him. Many times... 'I'm gay and I love you' I said, and then I kissed him. Soon we were out of our clothes, and I let Ali do anything he wanted to me. It wasn't anything really advanced, he mostly hugged me and touched me, our bodies rubbing against each other, him wanting to make sure that which he already knew. Knew, that I love him and that I would be his forever... I was the one that did stuff. He let me suck on his nipples and caress his butt, and hold his small penis in my hand, but he liked to kiss me. He was the one that kissed after we went to bed together, he kissed me lots, again and again!

We spoke very little. He relied on me telling him it was okay, that I loved what he was doing to me. He stayed with me that night, slept in my bed as we faced each other, our limbs entangled and faces right next to each other, and then dad knew we were getting serious for real. Ali sort of started dating me then, he didn't really take me as his lover. We weren't TRULY boyfriends. All that came later, and then only with difficulty. It was tough leaving him to come here with my dad, tougher than anything I ever did before or since, but no matter how much I pleaded with him he refused to leave his parents. He said it was his duty to be there with them, and he refused to let himself be persuaded.

Well... He's with me all the time now, and in a way, that's rather comforting to know.

Brazil sniffled as I murmured nonsense to him to calm him, and then he decided. "Nate, can I... Can I taste you, please?", he whispered. He saw I got a bit startled, so he hurried to move on. "No, no. Don't say anything! I just want you to know, what I do to you, you should do to me. And, what you do to me, I want to do to you. So now I want to taste you... I love you. I always will love you, and I promise to be true." He hugged me as tight as he could, it didn't hurt because right then he was so weak. He was crying softly, loving me so much, and then when I started kissing his face he gasped deeply. I felt him stiffen and pop out of his underwear from his rapid expansion only seconds before it happened. His dickie snuck in under my shirt as he started pushing his hard-on into me, and then - almost immediately afterwards - he literally exploded. My kisses set him off, making him shoot his seed in under my T-shirt, right onto my stomach as I continued kissing his twitching, trembling body, touching the bare skin of his butt with my hands. His strength failed him even as his dickie was still spasming, firing several more bursts (if weak ones); he simply collapsed against me, feeling so heavy he almost caused both of us to slide down on the floor! All he could do was lean against me, his chest heaving with deep breaths. My mouth kissed and licked his face all over, making him writhe and moan softly.

"Yeah darling... Doesn't seem to be much point in me tasting you now that you've already spent it all!", I said in a teasing, yet also very horny voice. He giggled, feeling such relief I was okay with it. Him, and his reckless ejaculation all over me.

"I'm sure there's more where that came from", he said shyly, blushing furiously and hiding behind his curtain of hair that hung down over his eyes. Then he surprised me by pulling up my T-shirt and putting his hands on my stomach and start to rub himself into my skin, smiling slightly to himself as he did it. I shivered of lust, it was so sexy to witness... He seemed as if in a trance, not really understanding he was rubbing his semen all over the tummy of another boy! Then, when he'd finished, he pushed me back so I laid down flat on the coach, my bone sticking up straight after he'd liberated it from my underwear. He was still unaccustomed to touching another boy's penis, and a part of me hoped he'd always stay that way. It made his fingers curious, he seemed deeply fascinated by the feeling of holding my twitching erection in his hand and it made him explore and discover every detail and facet of it in this childishly naive way that just turned me on so much every single time he touched me there.

The feelings that welled in over me as he put the tip of my stiff dick to his lips in a kiss cannot possibly be described as anything less than blissful ecstasy. He did it gingerly at first, not knowing what to expect. In that way he was much like Ali had been that one time he'd sucked me. It had been my birthday, we had just officially declared ourselves boyfriends and a couple, and it was his present to me. I'd been afraid to touch Ali then because I knew how risky it was to have him do something like this for me. He felt he wanted to give something to me, but I had to make sure he didn't feel it was an obligation because that could have wrecked everything for us. I just let him do whatever he wanted, as much or as little, at the pace he chose while keeping my hands to myself. I warned Ali when I was about to come and he pulled off in time, then put his hand on my dick and stroked a couple times to bring forth my small fountain of sperm. Brazil however needed to feel my hands on him to make him comfortable, that was the way he worked; a total opposite of my first boyfriend. If I hadn't touched him, he would have become overwhelmed and freaky, but with me and my hands there the entire time he was very relaxed and put all his mind to pleasing me. He kissed the tip once, then stuck out his tongue and touched me with it. All of me jerked when I felt him, it made him giggle. He touched my dick again, bathing it with his tongue, thus making me breathe quite heavily! It felt wonderful, he did it just right for me somehow...

Suddenly Brazil dove onto my dagger so eagerly I thought he'd choke himself, I don't know how he did it but he took all of me without a hitch, making my hips buck up at him. My mind was almost delirious from the feelings he evoked in me, I held his head firmly by the hair and he willed me into showing him how to suck me properly. Once shown however, he took over entirely and proceeded to please me in a way that completely blew my mind. I could once more feel precisely what he was feeling for me, feel all his love in the way he wanted to please me in return for being his friend and loved one...

I tried to pull Brazil off me as I felt the moment approach, but he wanted me. He almost fought with me and the fighting was highly erotic, knowing that my gorgeous, hot sexy straight boyfriend wanted to taste me, it sent me flying over the edge. 'You got your wish, taste me', I managed to think to myself as ecstasy enveloped me. My boyfriend was caught unprepared by my orgasmic flow, he had no chance. His throat closed up as a reflex, he tried to contain it in his mouth, but there wasn't room enough with my dick there as well. When it was all over I just laid there and panted. Suddenly I heard a loud kinda gulping, swallowing sound, and then he smacked his lips. "Yum!", he exclaimed. "That wasn't bad at all, though not even near what I expected." I only managed a giggle in return, and barely that in fact. Then he made ME moan and writhe as he licked all over and around my dick, lapping up that which had escaped him initially. His oral administrations made me bone up all over again and he took my stiffie in his mouth once again, bobbing on it which made me squeal quietly of pleasure and cleaning it until it was totally fresh and pure. I had to restrain myself or else I would have yelled out quite loudly... Brazil would not let go of my dick. He kept just the tip in his mouth and sucked it like it was a lollypop!

"Oh Christ, Brazil! That was freakin' amazing!", I said as I scratched behind his ears kinda absently, lifting up my head and looking down at him.

He had to release me to respond, though he still held the fingers of his right hand curled around my unbelievably hard shaft! "Do you think so? Was I good?" A white-ish trickle had escaped from the left corner of his mouth down onto his cute pointy chin, unnoticed by him... Seeing it made my stiffie twitch almost violently.

I sighed loudly as my head fell back down onto the bed. "Yes! You were good, you were great, you were awesome darling. Come here..." He crawled up my chest to kiss me. It was this awesome, really rather chaste kiss actually. It wasn't very long, but still with a tremendous amount of pent-up feelings in it. When we let go of each other I quickly seized the opportunity and licked off the last trace of me from his face (which made him smile), and when I moved my hands from his back down onto his butt, that acted as a trigger and he kissed me hungrily, hanging on and on to my lips. Suddenly we became aware we were not alone anymore. I quickly placed my hands to cover Brazil's butt as best I could so my dad wouldn't see it. Oh, dad can be so mean sometimes!

"I'm going to bed now", he said. "I assume there's no point in making up the spare bed tonight either?"

"No, don't bother", I said, trying to act calm as Brazil tried to hide his blushing face in next to my neck. Even then he couldn't stop kissing me though. His totally stiff dickie stuck down in between my thighs and my hands on his butt made his buns tense up and actually push it in deeper! I kinda glared at dad, giving him a signal.

"Oh! You want me to LEAVE?", he said in a surprised voice. "Why didn't you say so?"


He chuckled merrily. "Okay, okay. I get it, I'll go. Just take care you two, okay? I don't want either of you to get hurt alright?"

"Yeah dad, we promise." I could feel Brazil's dickie throb in between my thighs. Somehow he thought it was kinda hot to get discovered naked like that, just a pair of hands covering (most of) his bare butt, and I can't blame him! My dick throbbed too as it laid there squeezed in between us.

"I really mean it. Neither of you will treat this as some kind of joke or game, promise me that. Relationships are serious business. I know you're smart and all, but you're young and not very experienced so you need to be really careful here okay? If you'd been a bit older I wouldn't have stressed this quite as much, but you're barely teens, and-"

"Yes dad, we promise", both of us responded simultaneously!

He chuckled again and then Brazil mmf-ed into my neck and wormed his body against mine a little as I suddenly started caressing his deliciously tanned bum with my hands. "Alright guys, go brush your teeth now, okay?"

"Yes, we will", I replied.

"Goodnight dad", Brazil said quietly, still snuggling up to me, his face hidden by his neck. He peeked off in dad's direction though, so I think he saw my father's slight blush and gentle smile.

"Goodnight you two", he said sincerely and gave me an amused yet pleased smile before he removed himself. I think dad will start dating soon. It seems he's getting inspired, seeing the two of us together! Maybe he thinks he's been sleeping alone long enough now, maybe he should get together with Karen? She's already got a crush on him I know it, and she's nice! She'd be a great mom for both of us...

It was really hard brushing my teeth while hugging a very horny Brazil. Yes, he WAS horny! REALLY horny! He was all super-hard and kept prodding me with his poker wherever he could reach and running his hands all over my naked body. He kept realizing I was a boy and not a girl, and that just made him want to re-discover me all over again just to feel what it's like touching a guy! All of his touches made me giggle (and it's hard to giggle with a toothbrush in your mouth without frothy foam flying everywhere), but he was really serious in a way. He kept tracing the outlines of my pecs with his fingers and rubbing my nipples, holding his hands over them like they were breasts. Maybe he was thinking they were breasts, I wasn't sure.

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