Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

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Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

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Chapter Twenty-one - A Daddy to the Rescue:

Afterwards, I seemed to only be able to remember fragments of the experience. An image of his face in a pleasure and pain-filled grimace as he was deflowered, the sound of his rapid gasping breaths as he got used to the sensations of being filled by another boy. Our first kiss once I was fully inside of him, burying my stiffness inside his warm, moist body. A kiss that was long and passionate, yet tender. I knew it was difficult for him in a way, what I was doing to him was really what I was meant to have done to me. However, we both wanted this moment to feel good for me as well as for him, and we showed the love we carried for each other as kindly, as deeply and as intimately as possible. This was almost without a doubt only going to happen once in our lives I thought, so I wanted it to be as fantastic for him as it could possibly be. There was the image of me pushing him up hard against a wall from behind as he writhed and moaned, me penetrating him as deeply as I could, burning in my mind. We kissed as I had him like that and he bit my lip, lost in ecstasy. Bit hard enough to draw a bit of blood actually, though neither of us really noticed it at the time.

I emptied my seed deep inside his almost oven-hot body, sending shockwaves of sheer voluptuousness through us both as we climaxed together, our voices crying out loudly as if one...

Afterwards, all that remained was a lingering sense of enjoyment and bliss. We sat close in front of each other with water sprinkling down on us in a light rain, kissing over and over, touching the other's faces, necks and hair with curious, almost trembling fingers. Our love was stronger and more powerful than ever, our trust, deeper. We would smile and have the smile stolen by the other's kiss, and then take it back again with a kiss of our own, our minds filled with as much wonder as passion. Wonder over the fact we sat there with another boy that was so fundamentally different compared to ourselves, yet still able to give such feelings of intense enjoyment to the other despite our differences.

"Can you believe it, that I love you?", one of us said.

"Barely! It feels as if I'm dreaming... Is it really true?", the other replied with a huge happy smile. "If it is, kiss me again, my love!"

We probably used enough water to draw about four tubs full to the brim in that immensely long shower. We were on the verge of dissolving it felt like, the skin on our fingers and toes all wrinkly which made us titter girlishly for some weird reason. Brazil felt a little silly having to turn up his sweet bum to me so I could examine him and make sure he hadn't been hurt, but fortunately that wasn't the case. He was tender, sure, but not torn, and I joked if he wanted a pillow to sit on for the rest of the day!

I kissed his blushing face on either cheek and patted his nice rounded butt before telling him, "I love you", for probably the umpteenth time that day.

Brazil grinned back. "No, *I* love you", he went with a cheeky grin.

"No, I love YOU."

"No, I LOVE you."

"Okay, you win", I quipped, then pecked his mouth really quick and he licked my lips in response! That was our cue to start being at least slightly serious again, and we made the effort even though it was difficult. Walking back to my room, we got dressed, then put Brazil's dirty clothes - those that were mine and those that were his that I'd worn - in the washing machine and then I called dad so he wouldn't have to worry over me or Brazil anymore. He asked if I'd started feeling any better and I responded with a giggly "what do you think?" He chuckled quietly, and then asked how we wanted things handled. I put Brazil on the phone too, we shared as best we could, and he sighed and said it was probably best if we went to the police to get everything straightened out. They'd probably want to put him in a foster home, if not some kind of youth delinquent facility due to his rather frequent shoplifting. Dad said he'd have none of it, he asked where Brazil had stolen those clothes the other day and PROMISED to straighten things out. We should just sit tight and not get up to anything, especially not any trouble. We were to eat some lunch and enjoy our day off from school, tomorrow the vacation ended he said and we'd better believe it too! He would not let us try to worm our way out of it.

Slightly shamefacedly we both backed down. Dad was so persuasive we didn't even doubt he'd fix everything for us, we just agreed outright to go back to school! We said thanks, bye and I-love-yous to him and then hung up, and then did as he said; hung tight and had a bite to eat. I found a bag of dried fruit that I really think was meant to be used as turkey stuffing or something, but it made a nice snack after we had us a nice big omelet with ground beef which Brazil cooked up. I helped a little, but he's much better in the kitchen than I am!

Brazil's butt was a bit tender, and our chairs are just a surface of hard wood to sit on. I made him blush by actually getting him a pillow from my bed to place his sweet buns on! I don't think he really needed it, but he sat on it anyway and smiled so cutely from the affection I showed him, half-hiding behind the long wavy hair that hung down across his forehead and eyes.

"Honey... What happened, really, back when you were a kid?", I asked him as we were eating. "When you lost your friends, I mean. Shouldn't they have like...stuck up for you when you had it rough after the accident? Shouldn't they have been there for you?"

He sighed. "Nate... They TRIED. I mean it, they really tried. It wasn't easy for them either, when I got out of the hospital and was back at school again, they'd be all enthusiastic and go like, 'do you remember when-', and then they'd realize that I didn't, and then we both went 'no...', only for them to go, 'but you have to remember THAT, we did it ALL the time, surely you gotta...? At least a little?', or something like that, and again I had no idea what they were talking about." He sighed again. "We didn't have anything in common anymore, none of the things they said I used to like seemed fun anymore. We'd try playing some game or something and they had to explain the rules all over again because I didn't know them and that made them annoyed and upset, and when I wasn't any good anyway despite their explanations they got even more annoyed because we'd played so much in the past and I used to be really good at games and sports and such. Well, good for my age anyway... They thought they knew me, but they only knew the person I had BEEN, in the past, and he wasn't there anymore. We were all so small then, none of us could adapt very well to the new situation, so I just stopped trying. They stopped trying as well, and then we stopped hanging out, and none of us really cared enough to try and bring us back together again. Mostly it was a relief I think, because we all suffered... They remembered what we'd had once, and it just wasn't there anymore, and I was still trying to make sense of things, of having a life I didn't know anything about anymore. It was simply too painful to try and pretend we still knew each other. After a while, none of us cared much that we drifted apart. Certainly not my DAD, I don't think he ever noticed I even had friends when I had them, or that I didn't when they were gone."

'None of us cared', he'd said. I could see on him that despite what he'd just told me, HE cared. They'd been his friends after all, and losing your friends, ALL of them, oh boy that sure must have hurt a lot, amnesia or not. I knew that, I hadn't had that many to begin with, and most of the ones I had I lost when me and Ali got together. We didn't consciously announce to the world we were boyfriends, but people picked up on it anyway somehow and many gave us hell for it. None of my friends actually said anything outright, they just distanced themselves from me to not draw any suspicion to themselves from being associated with a known homo boy. None of them were gay I'm sure (at least none of them asked for any blowjobs or such when we were alone together), but they had no wish to be teased despite that; none of my friends had been part of the popular crowd so teasing was a definite risk for them. Guess I can't blame them, nobody likes to be teased... The few buddies that remained even after that were withdrawn and would only spend any real time with me when we were alone and away from any prying eyes, and since my move they broke off all contact, probably with a sigh of relief.

We smooched and cried a little, talked softly and hugged, remembering lost friends, and then we heard the front door open.

"Boys! I'm home!", dad announced. "You guys here?"

"Yeah, we're in the kitchen!", I shouted back.

We heard the stomp of several pairs of feet and some low voices, too low to make out what they were saying. "Good, Son. Put on a pot of coffee will ya? We're gonna need it."

The guys that turned up in our kitchen were the lady social worker Brazil had dodged a few days previous, a middle-aged and kinda 'cuddly-looking' (as dad like to call it) female county prosecutor and a police officer in full garb. The officer was really handsome I thought, rather tall, easily over six feet, broad-shouldered and with the dark skin and wide nose characteristic of an African American. His jet-black curly hair was shaved down almost to his scalp we saw since he held his cap in his hand. He shook our hands, presenting himself only as Murphy, the prosecutor's name was Jenna Smith, and the social worker went by the name of Christina Alexia. I don't know why, but she seemed like a cold bitch to me. I was probably being unfair to her, but if she even thought for a second she could take away my Brazil from me, she was in for a rude awakening! I had an escape plan hatched already where I'd throw my orange juice at the invaders, grab Brazil and leg it for the kitchen rear exit, jump over the neighbor's fence and run... Well, off, somewhere. Not much of a plan I admit, but hey, at least I'm trying! Give me some credit here will ya!

There was both good and bad news being delivered. Dad had pleaded with the owner of the clothes store, explaining the circumstances that surrounded the theft. The owner had been very reluctant at first, forcing dad to reveal more than he really wanted to. Turned out the owner knew Brazil's aunt, in fact was a fairly good friend of hers and was quite upset to learn not only he'd been ripped off by a relative of hers, but also of her arrest. That she wasn't a very nice person didn't really matter, he just thought Brazil was some punk kid who needed to learn some manners, preferably by being dealt a severe sentence. Well, somehow dad had convinced the angry man to let the matter drop, dad paid for the stolen clothes (plus some undisclosed 'compensation' for the change of heart I guess), and the police officer told us the theft would therefore not go to court. There were other instances though, but in return for information against Brazil's aunt, they would at most lead to probation he thought. That was the prosecutor's topic by the way. Seems that after beating up Brazil, she'd packed some bags and taken off towards the Canadian border accompanied by a male companion and a set of plane tickets bound for Hong Kong. They'd both been detained and were back in jail again.

The prosecutor and the social worker asked to be allowed to gather photographic evidence of the physical abuse she'd subjected my boyfriend to, Brazil was reluctant, but finally agreed. His bruises had faded somewhat, but enough remained to make some pretty startling images. Afterwards, they asked some questions about it, what she'd done to him and such. They expected him to want to be alone in private during the questioning, but Brazil didn't want to, he held my hand or my leg the entire time, alternating back and forth. His lip quivered lots and he frequently had to look down into his lap to not start crying (even though I sat close and held an arm over his shoulders), it made even me hurt hearing how his aunt had abused him. I let my lips touch his shoulder even though it was on top of the T-shirt he wore. At least he could feel something!

I was glad dad took the time to be there with us. He kept a constant look-out for us, being our advocate in the dealings with the agencies of the law and all that. If he sensed it was getting too much for Brazil, he made everyone back off. They tried to ask my boyfriend about the call girl stuff, but he didn't know anything. Sometimes his aunt entertained people, beautiful women that worked for her modeling agency he assumed, as well as important men - sometimes with wives and often without. It was men in business, media and high society, wealthy and successful people. He was never present at those dinners, she always made sure he stayed put in his room and didn't show his face at all, so there was very little he could tell.

Finally the grown-ups were done with us. They wanted to talk more to dad, but they said Brazil - or 'Dorian', as they called him - would probably not have to go to court. Not to testify against his aunt (since he didn't really have much to say about what she'd been up to), nor to answer for his own crimes either. Maybe he would have to testify regarding the beatings he'd received, but the prosecutor promised they'd do what they could to avoid that. She had taped the interview she'd done with him and she had the photos of course, and I hoped that would be enough. I held out my arm at Brazil and he clasped his fingers around it to feel my skin. When we got to my room, I started undressing as we sat on the bed, letting him touch my body any way he wanted to. He was pretty distracted from all the difficult stuff he'd talked about, but his instincts were there anyway, he held his hands on me, even rubbed and caressed me some. Not really in any kind of sexual way; mostly just the way he'd always touched me, with total disregard of what's considered proper between two guys. His hands touched me because it really WAS proper, the right thing to do. With me, it was okay.

Soon I was completely naked while Brazil still had all his clothes on. My dick poked up, big and hard, but he did not touch it. Actually, now that I think about it I'm not really sure he even saw it, but it made those old feelings of mine return, those 'old' feelings from the far and distant past a couple weeks back when I'd show my stiffie to him (sometimes hidden by my underwear and sometimes not), and his eyes would just sort of slip off it. Made me feel really hot and bothered, my dick grew until it was as hard and big as it could possibly be, a stream of slime running down my shaft and into my own thin bush of wiry pubic hair. It felt amazing to just sit there, exposed, showing myself off to him. My teen hormones raged in me, I was horny beyond belief, but it wasn't a sex-crazed kind of horniness, it was just intense feelings of satisfaction coming from being allowed to show my hard bone to him like that. Me, being a gay boy, sitting there unashamed with a super-erection in front of my straight boyfriend, it was like the biggest turn-on ever! I don't think I'd ever felt gayer before in my life actually, and it felt so awesome!

Brazil didn't touch my butt either by the way. He just needed to FEEL me and make sure I was his, that was all. He touched me with his hands and sometimes rubbed a cheek of his against my skin. No kissing, just skin against skin. When dad came and knocked on my door, my boyfriend thoughtfully covered me up with the duvet and sat behind me with his arms wrapped up protectively around my body before telling dad to enter. I blushed, because I knew dad could see the pile of clothes on the floor, but he said nothing. He just wanted to check we were okay, and seeing that we were he let himself be satisfied with that.

When dad had retreated again, I felt Brazil's lips brush my cheek shyly. He did it hesitantly, as if not sure it was okay, probably because in his absent state he thought guys aren't supposed to kiss each other, and because somehow he wanted to re-experience the earliest stages of our relationship. I merely sighed deeply at feeling his warm and slightly moist touch, and his soft lips continued to graze me, grazed me a little more firmly now actually. Soon, he gathered courage enough to place a shy peck on my skin. The peck was soon followed by another, and then yet another, by which time I felt his hot and wet tongue against my skin as well. After that experiment he kissed my cheek properly, and when his lips pulled back I let my head turn to meet his mouth with my own when it came back at me once more. He moaned, kissing me many times in quick succession. Not loud smacking kisses, but quiet small smooches instead which made me really excited.

Brazil wasn't horny, he just wanted to hold me and feel me and love me, that's what's so cool about my boyfriend; sometimes he sees me as the boy I am, as far as my body is concerned I mean, and then he just loves me, he doesn't get all horny and worked up and stuff since he is a guy too; he loves me like I am a girl, except I am a boy, so no hard-on. It felt great... Right then he was behaving just like that, and he didn't really notice what I was doing when I started undressing him too, he was too busy loving me. I pulled up his T-shirt out of his shorts while holding his lips firmly with my own. I released him and quickly pulled the shirt up over his head (making his now unbraided, small-wavy hair get all tousled and sexy-looking in the process), then gripped him with my mouth again for another long good snog while I worked on getting his arms free as well. He didn't really help me because he wanted to touch me so bad, it was exciting. I almost made a mistake when I put one of his hands on my titanium-strength shaft. He didn't quite understand what he was holding, his hand was a baby's hand and it gripped me, squeezing firmly, nearly bringing me over the edge much too soon!

I had to pull his hand off my dick and put on my stomach instead. His fingers immediately spread out and instinctively started giving me a tummy-rub. We kissed more, deeper, him moaning quietly to himself whenever our lips were not in full contact. His shorts came off, and he had no underwear on. I knew that of course, he didn't like my boxers for some reason. Guess he was used to the way his tight briefs felt, the way they cupped and held his privates firmly and didn't like it when they jiggled around in some kind of looser garment. The shorts he wore had an inner liner that while not as tight as his briefs, still hugged his dangly bits securely in almost exactly the same way.

They were dangly bits at that moment in time. We both helped to get the shorts off him, me knowing exactly what I was doing and him just going along with the motions, still too busy kissing and touching and loving me. Brazil's wonderful, cute dickie was soft and very inviting as it laid up against one of his thighs. I ran the tips of my fingers over its warm, silky surface and he shuddered.

Again I leaned down, kissing his tummy lower and lower until I could take him into my mouth. Immediately he moaned loudly, grabbing my hair, pushing me hard in towards himself. I gobbled him up eagerly, touching his tummy, tickling and caressing its skin. Oh, he tasted so good! Oh, sure, it was just skin really, but it was HIS skin, and a tiny hint of saltiness which I quickly washed away...

Brazil hugged my head close to his body as he was suckled, unable to keep quiet. I was curiously unafraid as to whether our guests were still there and if so if they could hear us or not. Not that Brazil was screaming, but he sure was louder than normal speech!

"Oh yeah, Nate... Suck me! Please, oh... Oh ggoddd, that feels so good! Aaah...!" Suddenly I became aware the thing I held in my mouth seemed larger than before. Thicker. Longer. Soon I felt him pushing at the back of my throat, tickling my gag-reflex. For some reason I swallowed as he continued to get bigger, and then the discomfort disappeared. He slipped down my throat as I pushed my lips down to kiss the base of his now totally hard dickie. I just held him there, feeling his stiffness pulse in me, feeling his hands caress and play with my hair reverently as I breathed through my nose, listening to his whispers. "Nate... I love you", he whispered, and then he gasped when I became active, starting to stimulate his now awesomely hard rod.

He had again realized I really was a boy, and that he loved me despite that. The thought turned him on, he became aware of the naughtiness of loving a boy, what it felt like to touch my naked skin and how much he liked that. How much he liked touching my stiff penis just because he wasn't supposed to do it. It turned him on, and he boned up until he was harder than ever, his heart beating so fast in his chest...

My tongue tickled him as I let him slide out of me, playing across the head, tasting the awesomely slick and slimy goo he was making, feeling its strong saltiness. Brazil seemed saltier overall than Ali had been, and I thought that in a way, it was appropriate. Gobbling him up again over and over made all of Brazil shiver deeply. He wrapped his thighs around me, and I put my hands in under his bum as he played with my hair and ears, pushing me in towards himself. Hearing my boyfriend tensing up, moaning louder, made me grab a pillow and give to him. He bit into it, muffling the noise he made as his fresh, thick cream started gushing down my throat. I quickly pulled out so I could taste him, but Brazil pushed my head back down again, deep, hard, almost choking me! He groaned harshly feeling pleasure like never before it seemed and emptied several more strong bursts inside me, then whimpered as his body protested at being driven so far. One final weak trickle landed right on my tongue as I finally managed to pull back far enough, and then he was all done.

My boyfriend laid on his back on my bed and panted like a dog, completely weak and helpless, his dickie poking up waveringly from side to side like a kid that had been riding a carousel for too long as it slowly deflated. It looked delicious, all wet and slick and slimy. I gobbled him up again and he hissed loudly, jerking at the sudden and harsh sensations. I just held him in my mouth with my hands cupped under his buttocks, tensing my lips around the shaft until I felt him starting to come back to life again.

"Jesus h. Christ", Brazil sighed. "I can't believe you did that!"

I released his dickie and it bounced up and smacked against his tummy with a wet sound. "Felt good, huh?"

"If EVER!", he sighed again, a huge grin on his face. "Never shot that hard before in my life!" We both purred to each other as I let my body sink down on top of his. His hands were on my skin, touching me in a shameless manner just like they were so fond of doing. He kissed me absentmindedly, in the sense that he again didn't really think of me as a boy, just someone to love. And yet, he DID think of me as a boy, and it turned him on! He was so hard it was almost unbelievable. I tried to bend his cute dickie so it would point straight up and it wouldn't go along with it!

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