by Rafael Henry

Chapter 11

I was back at the House in time for tea at five thirty…..scrambled eggs on toast……wonderful…….not. There were six of us there, none of who I'm particularly friendly with. Tomorrow I'm going over to Broad View. At least I'll get some decent food there………Mrs Cutforth will see to that. The downside is that I'll be on my own with no excuse not to revise. David's gone off with his family to Majorca so he'll come back all tanned no doubt. He said to me that he didn't want to go and I told him he was daft not to. Anyway, he went, so here I am.

Nothing more happened at the Doc's place. We had a cup of tea and chatted for a few minutes, and then I walked back through the market and down London Street to the House. Bryn asked me if I wanted him to walk with me but I said I was fine. I wasn't fine really. It was a stupid thing to do when I think back about it and I don't know how I'm going to look the Doc in the face after that little performance. I hope he was impressed. I thought I was rather good actually, but I still regret doing it. Taking one's clothes of is one thing, but getting an involuntary erection, and then, worse still, giving two men a wanking demo? Hmm. Oh well. These things happen I suppose.


This Lower School kid gave me the eye at tea. He appears to be on his own too. He gave me a cute smile and came and sat opposite me at one of those long refectory tables schools have in their dining halls. I dropped my spoon at one point, as you do in those situations, which meant I had to grovel under the table for a few seconds. I agree, that is sneaky. The youngster in question treated me to a fine view up his short shorts, inadvertently I'm sure. His knees were wide apart so it was impossible not to see. He didn't appear to wearing anything underneath, the rude boy. I once saw a kid sitting on some steps on the South Bank in London when we went to the Tate Modern on a school trip last year. He was part of a large group sitting having their lunch. I saw right up his shorts with his cute little uncircumcised cock and balls resting there, practically in the open air. Nice. This kid afforded me something very similar which was kind of him. As I said, at that age they are quite unaware……probably in his case……..or maybe not?

We chatted about City's match for a few minutes. He'd listened to it on the radio……the school doesn't provide us with Sky TV sadly! I offered to walk him back to his House halfway down the Close which he accepted. I'd take him to Broad View if I could, but that's not going to happen.

I've come to the conclusion that younger boys want to know me for some reason. Seriously, it's true, they do.

Bryn phoned tonight. He seemed in a jolly mood too. I'm surprised he had the energy to pick up his mobile.

'Do you want to come on the Doc's boat on Wednesday? He wants to know……'

'For how long?'

'Just for the day……or longer if you want. He says we could call in at Brooms boatyard and pick you up there?'

'What….so I can be the resident nudist…….you might take loads of photos of me and put them on the internet.'

'Umm, that's an idea. I'll bring my camera.'

'Anyway, I've been on his boat before.'

'I know…….he talked about it.'

'I bet he did.'

'Actually, he's ok……very nice in fact.'

'Very nice?'

'Umm…..very nice. He likes you .'

'You don't say?'

'Oh come on Jon…….will you come?'

'You dumped me, remember? Or maybe you've forgotten that detail?'

'We both agreed Jon…….we couldn't…….not now I've got a job in the place. Anyway, you've got David…….he's lovely.'

'Yes, but he's…….well, he's not ideal is he?'

'From what point of view? I would have thought he was ideal for you.'

'In some ways he is.'

'Well then.'

David is ideal in lots of ways and I love him dearly….he's a totally sweet boy……loving and totally loyal but……..there are times when I want it properly……strong and hard. There are times when I want to be filled up with what a big boy can provide me with until it overflows. I want to be kissed until I'm sore with it……I want to be opened up as far as it will go and as deep inside me as it will go……further in fact. David doesn't check that box. Maybe I should go on Doc's bloody boat and hopefully get filled to overflowing? Ok it's a fantasy thus far, but……..

I got close with David at Broad View. I managed to come by rubbing myself between the cheeks of his bottom. I was so close to getting in to him it wasn't true.

I did it as you know, this afternoon, but I'm feeling ridiculously randy right now. It's six thirty and quite warm and sunny, and I'm bored to be honest. I keep thinking about the kid at tea…..sweet little 'no knickers'. He appears to be on his own down there with just that hag of a matron for company. That's not fair is it? He told me his name……..Cosmo……….after he'd asked me what mine was with the familiar question…

'What's your name?'

Sweet boy. I've decided to go down there. I'll knock on the door……Matron will come to the door and look daggers at me…….and I'll say………….

'Hi……..Cosmo said at tea that he was on his own, and I felt a bit sorry for him. I thought he might want someone to chat with for a while. I'm on my own too.'

In the event it went pretty much like that. She knows me from when I was resident down there three years ago and we got on reasonably well, meaning that I didn't particularly annoy her.

'He's upstairs watching TV.'

No he wasn't. I got all the way up to the second floor and I found him sitting on his bed in his pyjamas reading a Dick King-Smith book. He looked up as I walked through the door and I have to say his face lit up.

'Hello Jon.'

'Why are you in your pyjamas, Cosmo?'

'I don't know.' That is so typical. Any question that doesn't have an obvious answer gets the 'I don't know' treatment.

'It's only six o'clock. Would you like to go for a walk……around the Field or something?'

I got my second good look at his unremarkable 'bits' as he stepped out of his PJ's and into the ever so slightly grubby grey shorts he wore at tea.

'Don't you wear pants then?'


'Well then.'

He took that statement as an order to find some. He went over to the chest of drawers in the corner, opened the second drawer down, and extracted a pair of very acceptable white briefs, and put his feet into them and pulled them up his slim thighs, finally adjusting them nicely around his bottom and front, the tightish fitting garment holding his small but perfectly formed penis at the vertical…..his balls making practically no impression at all.

He was good company, telling me all about his family, pets and so on….where they all lived and what they did on their holiday. I listened while he prattled on, just immersing myself in his boyhood. Every so often he would pause to look at me, and he would see me looking right back into his face. The temptation to draw him close to me was strong, but that was out of the question of course. We must have been amongst the grass on the river bank for an hour at least.

We walked up from Pull's Ferry the short distance to his House. I opened the front door and escorted Cosmo back up to his room. Matron didn't appear. I asked Cosmo what he would do for the rest of the evening……….

'I don't know' [there you are again]……read for a bit in bed I think.'

It was a reasonable attempt at folding his clothes……and my third chance to admire his boyish anatomy….ten years old I would say, and rather perfectly dinky.

'Will I see you tomorrow Jon?' he says.

'Not after breakfast. I'm going somewhere for a few days, sorry. Otherwise I would.'

'Would you have done……really?'

'Of course…….for a while at least.'

He lay back with his head turned sideways on his pillow. Oh dear.

'Come on, look at me……'

'No…….I can't.'

'Yes you can, come on. Are you upset Cosmo?'

No answer was the firm reply.

We seemed to have forged some sort of relationship in that hour and a half. Cosmo did turn his head eventually to look at me. Boys hate showing their feelings, especially those that have the misfortune to board at school because it's considered a weakness of character to do so, and we have all been there. I've heard of kids being sent away at five which I think is tantamount to cruelty. Cosmo didn't want me to see him having a bit of a weep, but in the end he let me, and I'm glad he did. I sat on the edge of his bed until he felt better, my hand around his bony shoulder all the time.

On the walk across the Close back to the House, I thought about Bryn's offer of a day on Doc's boat…….and I thought about Cosmo. At times, boys can feel abandoned. I made the decision not to abandon Cosmo.

Bryn phoned again……..

'Well……have you decided?'

'Yes, but I can't come.'

'Why not? Bloody hell Jon, what difference is one day going to make? They're not public exams are they…..just internal things. Look, we're not expecting another performance or anything. Come on!'

'Not expecting anything? Oh, how boring. I thought you might at least tie me to a bed and do interesting things to me. It's hardly worth it otherwise.'

'Ha ha. Oh come on Jon….that's not even vaguely amusing. Why won't you come?'

'I've got to look after Cosmo. He's all on his own this week and I feel sorry for him if you must know. He's not a happy camper right now.'

'What's he like, this…what was his name?'

'Cosmo….as in the archbishop.'

'As in the archbishop?'

'Oh never mind.'

'Ah right, I'm with you now. So what's he like, this Cosmo? You're not….are you?'

'No of course I'm not! He's ten you daft bat. He's just a bit lonely right now and all on his own for the week. It's not very kind to just leave him there to his fate is it? Anyway, I like him.'

'Well bring him too. There's room so the Doc says.'

I heard a muffled conversation in the background…..

'Yes, there's room. You two could sleep in the…….the front bit…the pointy end.'

'The fo'c's'le…….'

'The what?'

'The forecastle……us nautical types pronounce that as the 'folks….all'……..don't you know that?'

'Ok, whatever it is, you two could go in there. How's that?'

'There would be a bit of admin involved. I can't just whisk some kid off to sea can I? There are channels to go through.'

'What… the English Channel? Ha ha.'

'I'll ask, ok?'


Meredith said it was ok for me to go and take Cosmo too, provided his people agreed. He tried phoning them there and then, but the call was diverted to his granny who was basically in charge of him, and she ok'd it no problem. He also called the Doc to square him away. Cosmo could come to Broad View with me for the Tuesday night, and then we'd meet the others at Brooms the following morning. I just had to let Mrs Cutforth know. Perfect.

Cosmo is beside himself with joy as I put the idea to him. Essentially, he was going on holida y, albeit a short one.

I wish you could see his face right now…….his lovely smile, unkempt mid brown hair, hazel eyes, and just a hint of freckles either side of his nose. You wouldn't call him pretty…..just ok looking, and all boy if you know what I mean….the sort of very open kid who will try anything within reason, and my guess is that he's reasonably bright, not that that matters a jot, and above all, sensitive….the sort of boy whose first reaction is to be kind to others.

It's Tuesday now, and we're getting the train this afternoon. Cosmo was worried about what he should wear and take with him, so I helped him with all that. The simple answer is…….not much. The only item of clothing we are allowed at this place that's not uniform is a coloured jumper believe it or not, so Cosmo's navy blue vee-necked one would do nicely, plus one spare pair of white shorts, short white socks and trainers, and a couple of tee shirts. Walking down to the station was going to be slightly awkward as we would look like we had gone 'awol' from our PE lesson, but that can't be helped. Cosmo asked me about the sleeping arrangements on the boat, and did he need to take pyjamas.

'No, you don't need that stuff. Sleep in your pants if you want to…..and a tee shirt. With two of us in there it can get warm. It's quite a small space.'

'What will you wear in bed Jon?'

'Me? Dunno……nothing probably.'

I looked Cosmo square in the face and he stared back at me blankly. I'm not sure what he was thinking.

'Are you ok with that Cosmo? You could always sleep in the saloon if you wanted?'

'No, I want to be with you.'

……….is the right answer. That's my boy.

We slept in the same bed as David and I had enjoyed on my last visit to Broad View……nice pale blue sheets this time as opposed to white the last time. I've always enjoyed physical contact with people and Cosmo is no different. It's a great comfort to feel arms around you and feel that you are loved and cared for. Imagine all those children around the world at this moment who are experiencing just the opposite, tragically.

We had been lying in bed for a few minutes with about a foot of mattress between us, eyes wide open and looking at each other. Cosmo spoke first…….

'Can I cuddle into you please?'

I had to tell him.

'Yes Cosmo, but I need to tell you one or two things.'

'I know what you're going to say Jon. I don't mind.'

'Mind what Cosmo?'

'You know…….what happens to boys' thingies…..when they're in bed. I get it too.'

'What Cosmo….exactly?'

'A stiff willy. I've got one now. Do you want to see?'

He didn't wait for the 'no I don't thanks', but pulled the sheet down to below the article in question and there it was……erect and sublime.

'That's very nice Cosmo…… cuddle into my back and try to go to sleep.'

Sleep? Hardly. My little friend had clamped himself onto my back like a limpet with his stiffy poking into me like an iron rod, and showing absolutely no sign of subsiding.

'Cosmo…….can you not do that please?'


'You know what.'

'I can't help it Jon. It's just happens.'

'Yes, but you don't have to do what you're doing right now do you.'

He was gently rubbing his mini poker against my back……up and down……up and down, and I could feel his warm breath on my neck and the rather hot and clammy palms of his hands on my shoulder blades. I had a couple of choices. I could turn around and give him what he fairly obviously was angling for, or tell him to let go and turn over the other way, with some distance between us, and leave me alone. I quickly weighed up any possible consequences and decided on the latter course of action.

'Look Cosmo, this isn't going to work. I don't think we're going to get to sleep like this are we. Why don't you play with your willy yourself if you need to? It's perfectly ok to do that with me here.'

'That's not fair.'

'It is fair Cosmo. Now move over a bit so you're not touching me.'

'Will you watch me then?'

That seemed a reasonable compromise. Cosmo had another question….

'Will you hold my hand please while I do it?'

That also seemed reasonable, so I reached for his left hand and took it in mine, while he set to with his right. I got the impression that this was by no means the first time he had attempted this particular exercise. He succeeded in getting where he wanted to get in double quick time with a good deal of hip raising, toe twitching, lovely little gasps and whimpers and a general parting of the legs. I could see moisture building up on his forehead as his feeling approached. Being left handed myself, I had access to my own very hard dick which I was moving this way and that, or to be more accurate, up and down its full length. Cosmo was oblivious to what I was doing. I felt his grip on my hand tighten suddenly and I knew he had crossed that threshold of no return. Seconds later he had come. There was no way I could beat him to the line, in fact I needed another minute or two, but nevertheless I was well on the way. Seconds after his orgasm had faded and he was aware again, he turned towards me and clung to my chest with a leg gripping mine, As I tried to prise him off me, I was vulnerable to attack from an unseen hand. I'm sorry, but it was just too much.

I relaxed my grip on his back as he turned sideways and onto one elbow. I felt his neck and hair……his lovely ears and then his shoulders…..firm and angular. On my back now, I gave in. Cosmo had definitely won this little battle.

Afterwards, I was still on my back, now with my hands behind my head.

'What are you doing Cosmo?'

'I like it. Can I?'

'If you really want to.'

'It's nice isn't it?'

'Yes, I suppose…..if you like that sort of thing. I'm not sure it's for you though Cosmo.'

'Why not? Do you like it?'

'Yes I do as matter of fact.'

'So do I then.'

'Cosmo…….is this the first time you've seen it happen?'


Interesting. I didn't enquire further. I just let my little friend get on with it.

You can always rely on Mrs Cutforth to provide a good breakfast. I had got up and washed while Cosmo was still asleep. I watched him for a while, his mouth slightly open, breathing quiet and steady…..a picture of innocence. You just never know with these kids…….how much they know and how much they have experienced sexually……or how little.

I'm thinking of David again, and I must not get in deep with Cosmo. Basically, he's far too young for me. We've already gone further than I ever would have intended, and it must not happen again. That's going to be difficult jammed together all night in the pointy front bit of a Broads sailing cruiser. That's not to say I didn't enjoy our night together…..I did…….and that's not to say it should have happened the way it did… shouldn't have. He's probably got another three years before he can produce what he extracted from my loins and found so engaging. Do I believe him when he said he had seen it before? Yes I do, because his response was immediate, and suggested to me that it was definitely not the first time he'd come across it. I know he's a chorister which involves a very close relationship with older boys and of course men. Surely not?

I had put all our kit into one bag. A couple of tooth brushes and a few other bits that don't take up much space. We don't take washing that seriously on boat trips I'm afraid, nor do we worry too much about clean clothes. There's a risk that at any moment we might go overboard quanting or something. Sometimes the quant pole gets stuck in the mud and the quant pusher forgets to let go when he can't get it out of the mud and ends up suspended over the water while the boat just carries on without him. All you can do is to let go and drop into the river and swim back to the boat and worry about the 16 foot pole later.

The consequences of that are a couple of hours at least of public nudity while your rinsed out clothing dries in the June sunshine. It's happened to me and the nudity bit never bothered me……or the Doc for that matter. I have warned Cosmo about that aspect of boating on the Broads and he just laughed. What a lovely chap he is….but he's not for me.

I really like the Doc, but it's crystal clear what he's up to. The bit at the back where you sit to steer the boat is low down….the perfect vantage point for observing the movements of your crew who are busy, occasionally, doing things with ropes or other essential tasks, their feet at your eye level. It was light airs on the Wednesday all day, but gloriously sunny with it. Bryn had made sure we were properly protected from sunburn and we all had sunhats….the wide brimmed cricket variety. Our skins were already slightly tanned from normal games activities, but only lightly. There are strict rules these days about sun protection. Bryn had 'done' me, apart from my legs which I did, but left Cosmo in my care. Bryn and the Doc watched, amused at Cosmo's giggles as I applied the cream to his face, chest and back, arms and legs……and when I say legs, I mean almost the whole length of them, and beyond the point where you would think the shorts would protect the skin. Neither of us risked underpants under our white sports shorts as the risk of a wetting was very great, therefore less to get dried later. Cosmo was as keen to tackle all the on-deck jobs as I was just as keen not to.

I joined Bryn and the Doc down in the well as we watched Cosmo lark about on deck, several times narrowly avoiding falling in. From our vantage point there wasn't much of Cosmo's body we didn't see, if anything. The ample cut of his stiff cotton gym shorts didn't help……or rather did help. I think Cosmo was enjoying being the centre of attention, which he certainly was. I caught Bryn's eye a couple of times. He gave me one of those 'knowing' looks.

Yesterday at breakfast at Broad View, I glanced through the 'Times' which Mrs Cutforth had left on the large dining table. Flicking through, I came across an article on J M W Turner…'The real Wessex boy'. It mentioned one of his patrons, a certain William Beckford who at eighteen had had an affair with a ten year old boy, William Courtenay, later to become the 9 th Earl of Devon and who lived at Powderham Castle near Exeter. I thought that was interesting. Beckford had fallen madly in love with this young boy who was reputed to be 'the most beautiful boy in all England', and at a time when young boys were much in demand from both married and unmarried men. Beckford, according to the article, had full penetrative sex with the very willing boy, not just once, but many times. I bet William Beckford would have enjoyed the sight of Cosmo prancing around our deck.

About three, the wind fell away to leave us almost becalmed near Reedham. If we were to get anywhere we would have to quant. Needless to say, that job fell to myself and Cosmo. I'd done it before but Cosmo hadn't. Between us we managed the sixteen foot wooden pole quite well, making a couple of miles an hour in the process. I knew the river bed was clingy and needed both of us to work the thing out of the mud after each push. Distracted, I left Cosmo in charge for a few seconds too long.

'It won't come out!'

'Hang on to it Cosmo!'

The boy had walked the length of the deck, fore to aft, desperately trying to extract the quant from the cloying river bed. When he got to the back of the boat, he didn't let go, stepped off the transom still attached the pole, and found himself slowly descending water-wards.

'Keep holding onto the pole Cosmo! Don't let it go!'

I jumped in with an ostentatious splash into the slightly murky Bure river water to help him back to the boat which had slowed to a stop as the cord we leave attached to the quant loosened it from the grip of the river bed. All was well, apart from the two of us drenched.

I've no objections to anyone seeing me naked, as I keep saying, in fact in that particular company I was actually going to enjoy it. Off came our shorts which we left on the roof of the saloon to dry, after rinsing them out in the bucket of clean water and with, speaking for myself, no intention of putting them back on when they had dried. We were two boys enjoying showing ourselves off to two people we liked, and who liked us…….pas problemo! I told Cosmo to find a tee shirt……I didn't want him burnt. I looked at the Doc and Bryn as Cosmo bent low to make his way through the narrow companionway into the saloon. Neither of them were looking at the scenery as we glided noiselessly through the water, save for the distant lapping of the river on our bow. Then a thought struck me……..

'Bring out some sun cream please Cosmo.'

He responded to the command.

'Good thinking Biggles.'

Of course Cosmo and I were exposing areas of white skin to the sun which had up to then been covered by our shorts. When Cosmo emerged with the tube of sun protection, he had a question……..

'Front and back?'

I answered him…….

'Yes, front and back….and in between as well.'

We all had a giggle at that one. Cosmo held out the plastic tube of factor thirty in my direction.

'I think you had better do that Cosmo.'

'No, I want you to do it.'

He had that smily and somewhat mischievous look on his face.

I applied the sun cream as I sat on the wooden thwart opposite Bryn and the Doc whilst Cosmo stood up facing them. I took my time in order to make a thoroughly good job of his bottom region before turning him around to do his front. I started with his perineum, Cosmo helping by placing his feet rather ostentatiously wide apart, gently working forwards to the textured skin of his scrotum. The warm sun had encouraged his balls to drop a little and fill the more relaxed skin of his scrotum nicely. I could feel the boy's mini testes in my fingers as I worked the cream into the warm skin. I left his penis until last, after seeing to his upper thighs, inner and outer. He was visibly hardening, as indeed I was. Leaving the best until last, I held him in the palm of my hand and he was completely hard……going on not a great deal of lovely firm penis.

Bryn and the Doc couldn't see the intimate detail of the operation, but it wasn't difficult for them to imagine. Afterwards, Cosmo wanted to sit on my legs facing me, obviously slightly embarrassed about his condition. I had my legs together as he sat astride them. I had my hands on his back, and in another situation I would have dropped my hands somewhat to fill the void between Cosmo's buttocks which I knew to be there given Cosmo's position. I looked at Bryn and the Doc and shrugged my shoulders with a look of resignation on my face. It didn't wash with them.

'I think you two should go for a lie down for a while, don't you?'

I smiled but said nothing in response to Bryn's suggestion. Cosmo just relaxed into my chest, his hands in his lap and his sweet head resting against my chest. He's a tired boy, what with all the physical activity and worrying that he'll do something disastrously wrong and cause our ship to sink. I'm sure he's that sort of a boy. Hopefully he'll go straight to sleep tonight and I'll avoid any difficult decisions?

At dinner, Bryn asked Cosmo what it was like being a cathedral chorister. He'd had several glasses of wine by that time and I wasn't sure about the tone of his questions. They had an air of innuendo which I thought was rather disrespectful.

The Doc had got a good salad together with some lovely new potatoes with butter and a sprinkle of salt on them. I love them like that. Bryn opened a couple of tins of tuna to go with it, and another bottle of white wine, and a little later, another.

I don't think Cosmo was really aware of the edge to Bryn's interrogation, at least I hope not. I gave Bryn a couple of dirty looks hoping he would stop that line of questioning and he seemed to get the message. As for me, Cosmo's apparent awareness of what bigger boys produced that smaller boys didn't, had got even me wondering. It's an old and tiresome cliché in these days of child protection, and there are notices in more than one place in the cathedral asking youngsters, and others, to report anything untoward to the named person, and quite rightly so. It's one thing to have certain predilections, but quite another to foist yourself on someone who doesn't welcome that kind of attention and who lacks the experience or resolve to resist it. In Cosmo's case, it's a lot more him than me. In David's case, it's both of us who need the other. Sex comes with our friendship, and it's what we both want and need. Friendship comes first, but sex is very much part of our relationship. I'm not sure about Cosmo.

Bryn asked him if he had a 'special' friend in the choir in that offensive tone where the word special is emphasized. Bastard. Needless to say Cosmo politely answered. He has a lovely speaking voice that I suppose one might expect from a boy who is, albeit ten years old, a professional singer. It was one of the first things I noticed about him.

'Err, yes…..I have actually.'

'Is he nice?'

'Yes he is……..he's really nice, thanks.'

'Ok….what's his name?'

Cosmo waited to swallow the latest mouthful of salad……good manners again……..


'That's nice. Is he your age……….or older than you?'

'He's a bit older……he's an alto now.'

'Oh. What's an alto when it's at home?'

'A boy still, but when his voice is breaking. There are two of them in our choir. They work with us….you know, help with the probationers. He's fourteen.'

'Is he now. I suppose his voice has broken by now?'

'Yes, I think so.'

'Do you know what that means Cosmo…….what happens to boys about his age?'


Poor old Cosmo. He stuck his fork into another potato, head down, and very embarrassed, his face having gone bright red. I'd had enough. I told him.

'That's enough Bryn….please.'

Cosmo looked at me and smiled, more in relief than anything else I'm sure, that I'd put a stop to Bryn's questions…….at least that sort of question.

'Sorry Cosmo.' Says Bryn, realising his mistake, but Cosmo wasn't done yet……

'I stay with him sometimes… know, where he lives.

It was as if he wanted to talk about James, which surprised me.

'He lives quite near me. I've often stayed with him. He's got a great bedroom. His mum and dad used to have it but since he's had a friend to stay, they gave it to him.'

Bryn's interest is now rekindled……..

'Oh. Did they leave their big bed in there for you two?' He asked jokingly…….

…and here comes Cosmo's answer…..

'Yes. It's fantastic.'

Everything went very quiet. There's not much more to know is there?

I know of Cosmo's friend, but only vaguely. He's in the year above me. That's unusual……..for a fourteen year old to have a close relationship with a ten year old……close enough to have him to stay and all that, but both of them united in their musical commitment would I guess explain that. Bryn wasn't done yet.

'So, when you stay with James, do you get a nice room too?'

Ooh……..that's a leading question if ever I heard one……..

'No, I stay in James's room. His bed's massive so there's loads of room for both of us.'

Well, Cosmo wasn't slow in coming on to me at Broad View. My guess is that the fortunate James has had ample opportunity to introduce Cosmo to the pleasures of boy flesh, but that's Cosmo's business and not ours……especially not Bryn's or the Doc's, not that the Doc appeared interested anyway. I suppose in his position he couldn't appear interested even if he was.

He was, however, clearly interested in Bryn. I don't know if it was my imagination, but Bryn seemed to be getting ever closer physically speaking to the Doc who now had his arm along the back of the seat behind him. It would be a short step to lowering it slightly onto Bryn's shoulder. I thought it was all down to the subtle effect of alcohol.

We had finished the meal and I had the distinct impression that Cosmo and I were not wanted. I offered to clear the plates but the Doc said that they would do it later, and did we want to go for a stroll for a while? I looked at Cosmo who seemed quite interested in that idea and nodded. And so it was. The evening in the last knockings of May was light and warm. I had asked them how long we should be. The Doc looked at Bryn and then said…..

'Hmm…….half an hour…….yes, at least half an hour. Is that ok?'

We walked up the pathway that goes alongside the river. Five minutes later I stopped and turned to Cosmo, who had been quiet since we had set out, both of us protected against any evening chill that might set in by grey jumpers over our tee shirts. There were midges about, hovering in little clouds, moving from side to side. I thought about what they might do to our bare legs. As we strolled along the dried earth pathway, I wanted to guage Cosmo's mood. I was worried that Bryn's questions might have upset him. I felt a protective wave come over me, and I put a hand on his shoulder and I asked him….

'Are you ok Cosmo?'

'Yes thanks……I'm fine.'

His answer wasn't entirely convincing. Then he stopped and looked up at me.

'They're friends aren't they? Why do they want to be alone Jon?'

'Do they?'

'Yes. They wanted us to go out for a walk so they could be alone.'

'Oh…….maybe they just want to say stuff to each other that's private. There's nothing wrong in that is there?'


We walked on until the pathway disappeared in a dense growth of nettle and long grass. We turned back as we could get no further, and as we neared the boat, Cosmo asked………

'Shall I go and see? I can look through the window…….that little one there.'

The boat is moored right up against the bank, so it's a simple task to keep low and have a peer through the window. When we left them, both Bryn and the Doc were sitting the same side which is next to the river bank. I told Cosmo to stay where he was on the path, and I would take a look. I had the same feeling as Cosmo, and I didn't want him seeing anything untoward. If in fact they were doing anything together, they were taking a huge risk, but when it comes to it my guess is that people don't think about that.

I was taking a risk too, because what I was doing was somewhat underhand, but I needed to know. I don't think the Doc, or Bryn for that matter, would appreciate being spied on, but as I said, I needed to know, not that I had much doubt about it.

What I could see still left me in some doubt. I could make out the back of the Doc's head, but I couldn't really see Bryn. It looked like he might be kneeling down somehow, sort of in front of the Doc. He kept looking down, and then back up again. Then I saw Bryn's head moving. This weird chill shot through my body just like they say….when your blood runs cold. I looked away quickly, shaken to the core. I was almost certain about what they were doing.

I couldn't resist it……I looked back again. He must have seen a shadow or something……something out of the corner of his eye. Bryn looked straight at me, expressionless. I looked down at the grip he had on the Doc's penis. It looked massive to me…all shiny and wet looking. Seconds later his head went down again and started bobbing up and down. I was completely transfixed by what I was seeing. About half a minute later he stopped the bobbing movement and his head was quite still….just his lips and tongue moving around in circles. Then he let go and started squeezing. There was white stuff oozing out of it. I quickly turned away. I could hardly breathe.

'What's happening Jon?'

'Oh, nothing. They're just talking, that's all. Come on, let's walk this way.'

It took me several minutes to get my head around what I'd just seen, with Cosmo asking me stuff about it. I'm sure he thought I hadn't told him what I'd actually seen. I didn't tell him. In the end he wasn't bothered and started chattering on about whether there were any fish in the river or not.

He's caught the sun slightly, just a little, on his arms mainly despite the sun cream. His face is a lovely pale brown. He looks quite beautiful in the evening light.

I can see a windmill in the distance….and a church tower. They say that you can always see a church tower wherever you are in Norfolk. I don't think that can be true.

I can't help looking at Cosmo and he's noticed. He's looking at me now and smiling. It's one of those smiles that's asking a question, like he suspects I want to ask him something and he wants to know if it's the same thing that he wants to ask me? I think we're both thinking about the same thing. I know what I'm thinking when I look at him. It's called romance.

I had to look up the word the other day for an essay. 'A pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction to another person……..'……and not necessarily sexual. I can remember the exact words. That's what I'm getting now, and I know that's what he's getting too.

How do I know that? He keeps squeezing his penis through his shorts, the bad boy, to the extent that the thing has grown. Neither of us are wearing knickers so any movement in that area is a bit obvious. He keeps looking down at my shorts. They're not tight fitting on me, in fact they're quite loose. I know he wants to play, but he can't quite bring himself to ask me, poor boy. He's ten years old and getting the idea big time I reckon, but also not very 'knowing', so I'll have to be firm with him. He's too nice to be predated on by the older boys which they will do if he ever gives them any sort of encouragement. No, I think young Cosmo needs an effective lesson on the birds and the bees.

The path is quite narrow here and Cosmo's walking in front of me, and I'm admiring his beautiful bottom. What was his friend's name? James…….that was it. I wonder how far James has got with regard to Cosmo's bottom? Not that far I suspect, but I'll find out, in fact I'll find out tonight. My big decision is what to do with him in bed, or to be more accurate, what to allow him to do to me. It's hard to imagine either of us going to sleep without cums tonight. The other two have had theirs by now, and probably will have more if Bryn has taken a serious fancy to the Doc and vice versa. And there's another problem. You can't do it properly without everyone else knowing what you're up to. It's like a caravan. You're just aware of a slight rhythmic movement. It's unmistakeable…… just know that someone's doing it.

When we got back to the boat, the Doc suggested that we got ready to get into our bunk in the forepeak. The Doc got us a soft drink… squash it was. Our bunk is a triangular hard space on a slight upwards slope. I'd been in it before and I knew it wasn't exactly spacious for two bodies, even relatively small ones like us. I'm about five feet tall, and I would think Cosmo is fifteen centimetres less than me. We both needed a decent wash which as Bryn pointed out would make us sleep better. Cosmo went first with instructions to wash thoroughly everywhere…..especially there, which I took to mean his front and back bottom. Quite right too. I have a policy of not touching anything that hasn't seen soap very recently, if indeed I was to touch anything at all. He was in the tiny loo for ages while the three of us made small talk…..rather obvious small talk. Eventually Cosmo emerged grinning and holding his shorts in front of him, hiding his bits. Bryn spoke first……..

'Oh, there you are. We thought you'd gone down the plug hole Cosmo. You had better get settled first. Jon will join you in a minute.'

Cosmo grinned, turned and crouched down to open the pair of mahogany doors that gave access to the little cabin in the forepeak. Once in, he turned to us……

'Shall I close the doors?'

The Doc answered…..

'No, it's pretty warm in there. Just get yourself settled, head towards to pointy bit. You don't have to bother with the sheet if you're too warm.'

He didn't bother with the sheet. He lay on his left side facing the vacant space, right leg drawn up rather like a posed model in an art class. I'm sure it was quite accidental, but it was a very nice pose. I sat and looked at Cosmo who had turned more onto his tummy now, and admired his little peach of a bottom, and that slither of a shadow between his buttocks. David knows I love that view of him so he provides it for me, and then looks back at me with that smile on his face to make sure I've noticed. I've noticed alright! I love that look he gives me, like……..'ok then, come and get it if you want it' sort of look. I'm fascinated as to why the line of the inside of the buttocks alters slightly either side of the anus, as if to emphasize its function. It's really beautiful if of course one appreciates such a subtle detail of the human anatomy. I know I do. I've drawn the human figure many times already, and the process of 'looking' trains the eye to notice such things…and record them.

[Caravaggio - Nude Boy]

I took ten minutes in the loo. Bryn bade me goodnight as I stood nude before them. I'd been thinking about Cosmo as I'd washed. The thought of spending another night with such a lovely boy had had its effect, but I wasn't in anyway aroused, at least not physically. I stood there for a few seconds….long enough to show them what they were missing that night. They just sat there in silence holding their glasses of wine.

'Shall I leave the doors open?' I said in a soft voice.

'Err, yes if you want. It'll keep it cooler.'

When I had eased my way into the cabin, I lay facing Cosmo. He was asleep already, exhausted by his day's work, poor boy. I tried covering ourselves with the sheet but it was far too warm with that over us. There was no conversation coming from the cabin. They could see us perfectly well through the open doors, hooked back to leave a gap a metre wide with us boys, naked as nature intended, and lying facing each other, one oblivious to the other……the other very aware of the other's beauty.

I wanted to show some kind of love to Cosmo, and I wanted Bryn to see me do it, rather perversely. The problem was what to do and how to do it. I just had to touch Cosmo's beautiful flesh.

I remember Gerald telling me how he had 'interfered' with me very early one morning whilst I was still in bed asleep. Afterwards, I was vaguely aware that something had 'happened', and Gerald did admit to me what he had done soon after. It was nothing unpleasant…Gerald would never take advantage like that……just gentle stimulation under the bedclothes that over the course of five minutes or so, had made me come in his fingers.

He said it was the most exquisite sensation for him as he felt me contract several times during my orgasm. He said that I must have been aware although I never actually woke up.

I've often imagined him, and one or two others, doing that to me as I masturbate. It's one of those fantasies I find rather engaging. Gerald told me he did that several times and every time I became erect in no time.

He'd describe sexy things to me and watch me grow in my shorts as his story unfolded which amused him mightily. He asked me if I minded him doing things to me as I slept and had no choice in the matter. I told him that I didn't, and actually thanked him for saving me the bother when I did wake up! I asked him if I always came up trumps. He answered with a smile…..


The naughty man. Anyway, I'm glad I provided him with some early morning amusement, but I would have preferred to have been awake. One of the things I loved about Gerald was seeing his cock in his pants. He had one of those quite short but thick ones that always stuck out so it always made that exciting impression through his trousers. I was fascinated by it.

I did touch Cosmo's flesh…….lightly and as sensitively as I could without tickling him. He was on his left side as I was on my right. I kept clear of his genital area deliberately, but that didn't stop him getting an erection in fairly short order. I watched it grow from the quite tiny but bulbous object, into a lovely hard thing with the foreskin stretched over the glans……just the meatus visible plus a little pink around it……..not ten centimetres I wouldn't think….more like eight, or three and a half inches in old money. I apologize for making reference to length, but I think it rather nice in this case. Normally it's a crass thing to and to be avoided in my opinion.

Cosmo seemed unconsciously aware of the sensation because suddenly he rolled over onto his back, turning his head away from me. Very gently I took his little penis between two fingers and thumb, and started the familiar up and down motion……very lightly, slowly and not at the fullest travel, and just under the glans where I knew he would be most sensitive. I didn't look to see if the others were watching or what they were doing.

If I were Cosmo, that would have been the perfect end to a perfect day. All the familiar signs of an impending orgasm were there in Cosmo's perfect body…...little twitches of fingers and toes….a slight raising of the hips…..and then the feeling itself overwhelming him. Afterwards, he lay quite still, his penis still hard for a couple of minutes before he rolled over onto his right side fast asleep. I lay there observing the back of his head and neck…..and the beautiful lines of his arm and back all the way down to his peachy little bottom.

I don't remember going to sleep, but it was some time before I did. I was awake early…soon after six the next morning…..and feeling rather hot as the mahogany doors which gave into the saloon area had been closed at some point last night, presumably to give the Doc and Bryn some privacy. The long seats either side of the saloon table converted to beds, but I had no idea what arrangements they had come to with regard to sleeping. Cosmo had moved quite close to me with his hands up under his chin and his knees poking my thighs. I moved my head forwards slightly and smelled the top of his head……it smelled of warm boy as opposed to the more wholesome fresh shampoo. It was twenty minutes or so before he woke up, his eyes gradually getting used to a new day and the reality of starting it in my company. As reality dawned, he didn't seem disappointed, giving me one of his generous smiles, saying….


'Hello little boy. What are you doing in my bed then?'

Another big smile. I looked at him for a few seconds, then….

'So…..did you sleep ok?'


'After what?'

Another big smile, half hidden by his hands, but no words.

'Go on then….after what ?'



'Yes, again, like last night.'

The cute smile had gone, to be replaced by an appealing little face, mouth half open and just the tip of the tongue visible.

If Gerald had made that gesture to me in one of our intimate times together, I would have known exactly what he meant, and of course I would do my best to provide it for him, but I couldn't believe that Cosmo was inviting me to pleasure him in this way. So he was awake all the time last night was he? Clever little bugger.

If I had any doubts, they were soon dispatched into the far distance. Cosmo wiggled his way sideways on to me with one leg behind my head, and the other over my chest making himself completely accessible. I barely had to move.

If you want to know something perfectly, the form and texture of it, the softness or hardness of it, like food, the mouth and tongue are the best tools to use, far more than fingers, and also the most sensitive for the person on the receiving end as anyone reading this might be lucky enough to know already.

I'll never forget the first time Gerald did it for me, as opposed to, to me. I was eleven years old at the time, and I found the whole process almost unbearably sensitive. I imagine that the younger you are, the worse, or should I say, the better it is. I remember crying out in the later stages, almost fearful of the strength of my feeling that was almost upon me. When it came just seconds later, I thought I would pass out completely. I didn't of course. Also, friends tell me that the feeling is stronger before puberty and I can believe that. I'm sure that's true?

I don't know where Bryn and the Doc were during those ten minutes or so. If they were in the saloon they would have heard us, or rather heard Cosmo. There was no way I could stop him making his little noises of pleasure as the feelings became more and more intense, finally culminating in a series of short gasps of anticipation as the deepest possible sexual sensation overtook his lovely twitching body, and then the muffled but audible orgasmic song of exhalation as he came between my lips and against my tongue, the ultimate feeling augmented by my intrusion………so sensitive to the series of involuntary contractions within him, the muscle desperately but vainly attempting to eject the boy's sometime to be, semen. Surely they must have heard us. I hope so.


Our internal school exams take place after all the external public exams have finished, using the same facility…..the gymnasium. I hate walking into that room full of desks in ranks and serious looking teachers with eagle eyes watching for any possible wrong doing. Oh well, I guess it has to happen……and it did. I've had the results back for almost all of the subjects, and they're ok really. Overall, I'm about fifth in the class which is down slightly on last year as my form master has already pointed out. He said that I looked 'distracted' at times during the year and was 'everything alright'?

Some things have been more than 'alright' actually. Anyway, I told him that I was fine and put my reduced academic performance down to spending too much time on the cricket field and the swimming pool, and I have learnt my lesson. I don't think he was that bothered anyway…'s just another of those hoops teachers have to go through these day. It's all a bit robotic I think…..all this excessive 'monitoring' business. I think they should spend more time being themselves, and spend all that wasted time in talking to their pupils about life. That's what I think anyway, for what it's worth.

The Doc talks to me when I see him. I'm going to miss him when he's not here next year. I saw him down on the field yesterday and we discussed the play the sixth formers are putting on in the Cathedral cloisters tomorrow night……the third longest night of the year……June the twenty fourth. It's Shakespear's 'Tempest'. I often wake up early and that morning I heard a piece on World Service about that play. It was a schools production about three in the morning. I just woke up, put my ear plugs in and there it was. It was a brilliant piece all done with music. Before breakfast I googled two of the characters names……Prospero and Ariel, the spirit boy who gets rescued from a tree. Guess what I came up with? Eric Gill. The wonders of the internet eh?

I forgot about the play in favour of investigating Gill's work. I'm sure I'm going to be an artist, so I immediately related to his sculptures and reliefs, not to mention his lifestyle, although I have no designs [please forgive the pun] on our pet dog you will be relieved to know. I had this really weird thought as I browsed away…….isn't David my very own Ariel?

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