by Rafael Henry

Chapter 10

Getting over it.

The summer term…….the last bit of April, then May and June and a little bit of July and then that's it…….and then in September there will be Bryn who might quite possibly be teaching me . That is so weird. Easter, and Bryn, seems ages ago now. I knew I have to grow up a bit, much against my will. I loved being his little boy, and cuddle into him and feel his strong hands on me, holding me tight into him and listening to his gorgeous voice. I'm sure the boys here are going to like him.

I'm over it all now, I think……..all my emotional trauma. Anyway I have to be because there is no way it can be any other way. I realise that and Bryn has done what he had to do. I'm grateful that we did what we did, but it doesn't make me not want it again. I adore sex and I want it as much as I can get it, but I want it in a nice way.

One afternoon at Easter I was in a particularly horny state, and went down to the sea front and hung around near the King Alfred Leisure Centre one morning hoping to meet someone. That evening I couldn't believe what I was thinking about. No one took any notice of me anyway. Just as well I suppose.

But I still have David, thank goodness. We are both aware that some comments are being made about us these days which is not good news. Almost everyone has a couple of friends but there are friends….and friends if you know what I mean. We talked about it on one of our walks around the city after school and we decided on a policy of discretion. That means that we don't exactly avoid each other during the day, but neither do we hang out together all the time. He's a year younger than me which is awkward to start with. There's usually a reason why an older boy takes an interest in a younger one. At least he's in long trousers now. He's had a bit of a growth spurt and has been given special dispensation to go into longs a term early, in fact most of the fourth formers are in longs by the summer term. I'll miss seeing that bit of him that was exposed, albeit minimally. Every now and then there's a boy in cute shorts that you notice. Their bodies seem to fit into them perfectly, with the bonus of a little of their upper legs visible above a knobbly knee.

I told you a while back that Uncle took to David. I had a letter from him today inviting both David and I to stay at Broad View any weekend we wanted to. I think Uncle has guessed something because……well you read what he said…………..

Dear Jon,

It was lovely to see you both last month at Broad View, and I do hope you enjoyed your stay. I certainly enjoyed the company of both you and that of your very charming and accomplished friend David. Busy boarding houses are not in my experience convenient places to develop a friendship properly which is why I'm inviting you to stay even though I may not be there myself. Go for long walks. How does the idea strike you? Of course Mrs Cutforth will see to all the domestic arrangements and make sure that two growing boys do not go hungry! If you let him know in advance, say the day before, Pointer can drive you both between A and B. If you do come, might I suggest that you both share the large bedroom to save Mrs Cutforth washing more sheets than is necessary?

Well, there's food for thought. Does his letter imply anything? I think it does. What's more, I'm going to take Uncle up on his offer.

I posted a letter to him this afternoon, saying 'yes please!' and asking him to write to Mr Meredith, our Housemaster, about it. They haven't picked the cricket teams yet but I think there's a good chance I'll be in the under thirteens this term, but we could go after that. I don't want to bother Pointer, as we can go on the train to the Halt, and walk up from there. It'll be great!

I showed David Uncle's letter this evening. I thought he was going to cry. He tried so hard to please Uncle on our weekend there. David is so kind to me and understanding, and never asks me stuff about Bryn. He knows how upset I am over it all and is just there if you know what I mean. We have to be very careful about meeting now, so doing stuff if practically impossible. There's nowhere really. Even the school field has activities going on every evening so we can't even go there. I love his eyes when he looks at me in the way he does….all dark and glazy looking. I just want to hug him, and be with him. I can't tell you how that makes me feel.

There was no cricket for us today. By the way I'm in! The first match is next Saturday at New Hall School. It's a prep school on the edge of the City……quite posh unlike most of us lot. I'm nervous already, or maybe it's the thought of staying at Broad View with David. Uncle will still be in London so it's just us. I can't wait. I want to take David on a long walk and tell him properly how much I value his friendship. There's a beautiful walk from the village to Braydeston Church where some of our family are buried, and I want to take David there. I could draw for a while and he could read. Perfect! It'll be so good to have the time just for ourselves without all the other stuff. I'm not going to think about what I'll say to him. I'm just going to come out with it….whatever it is.

I love the summer term for lots of reasons, but there is one big drawback ….exams.

We won our cricket match on Saturday at New Hall. I didn't do that much, but it was fun all the same. It's a nice little ground we played on, and the opposition were friendly too. We fielded first and I spent most of my time at square leg rather tempted to look at boys' bottoms as they crouched over their bats waiting for the next delivery, rather than wondering if the ball was coming my way. That's not in the coaching manual by the way. It's quite a nice place to field from that particular perspective, and there were several very pleasing examples. I sat next to one of them at tea, and I felt like telling him what a fine sight he made from my position on the field but under the circumstances I thought that was just 'not cricket', so I kept my evil thoughts to myself. Ho ho! There's no harm in looking is there? Anyway, I had something to look forward to after the match.

The train only takes a quarter of an hour, and then it's just a five minute walk from the Halt up to Broad View with a short cut through Uncle's garden. It's one of those quite ugly turn of the twentieth century country house style places set in a large garden with the remains of a croquet lawn near the house. Uncle said we could play if we wanted. The Jacques set of mallets, hoops and balls are kept near the front door for some reason. I think they look quite nice there. Mrs Cutforth took us up to our room, smiled, and shut the door having told us that our supper would be ready at seven thirty. We'd come with a few essentials but nothing more than that. I looked at David…..

'Which side do you want David?'

'I don't mind…..whichever side you are.'

I smiled at him. He looked as nervous as I was feeling. I want him badly…..and now.

'I'd hoped you'd say that.'

He gave me a beautiful smile back, his brown eyes glazed and gleaming. We walked over to the window which looked out over the garden and down to the river. David stood close to me, almost leaning on me. I responded by leaning slightly his way so that we were both aware of the other's desire for the physical contact we had not had for three weeks at least. I asked him…..

'Do you think the bed's comfy? It looks a bit soft to me.'

'Shall we try it? Where do we put our blazers Jon?'

We lay side by side on the wide double bed, slightly sinking in the middle. When I told him that he might spoil his new trousers lying the way he was, he gave me that innocent little smile of his. Like me, David is anxiously waiting.

'Shall I take them off then?'

I smiled, and nodded….

'Umm, good idea.'

I watched him undo the top and lower the zip fastener. He was standing sideways to me. He stood and carefully folded them, and laid them on the large upholstered bedside chair. I could see his profile of his now beautifully shaped bare legs against the light of the window.

'Shall I take off my shirt too Jon?'

I nodded. David undressed in front of me knowing that he would please me in doing so. It's a simple operation, but he did it in a way I found overwhelmingly erotic, whilst not taking his eyes off me for a single moment. I'm not sure if it was a conscious thing on his part, probably not, but it had its effect on me. He stood before me in just his pants and waiting for the answer to my unspoken question.

'David……may I see all of you please?'

He answered my question by standing naked before me, holding his knickers in his left hand. He's more than half way erect, and I'm certain he's grown in that regard. He's beautiful in every way I can think of and I know he's mine.

I'm naked now because David has undressed me as I lay on the bed, the covers cast to one side. As he does so, I can examine him properly and intimately and make him laugh too.

'You shouldn't look there, you bad boy.'

'Why not……it's still you isn't it? I want to look inside your ear too actually…….and your mouth. Can you see why I want to?'

'Yes I think so.'

'Well then. By the way, you've grown a bit. Did you know you had?'

'I thought I might have done.'

'Well you have…definitely. Is there anything else you can do now that you couldn't do before?'

He came up the bed and lay close to me, but not touching, his arms held in front of his chest and his fully enlarged penis very obvious, foreskin not quite covering the glans. I found it irresistible as I fondled his cute little balls with my fingers. He had read my mind. He turned onto his back, his legs wide apart. I knelt between them and examined my Mediterranean beauty. We had half an hour…not long enough for what I need and what I knew he would willingly give me.

His foreskin is looser now and gave way easily to my tongue and lips allowing me to sensitize David as never before. After all, we had the time, space, and privacy to enjoy each other in any way we desired.

I love the sounds he makes that he can't control because the pleasure and feelings that I provide him with are just too intense. He's in one of 'those' moods and I know that he's going to come quickly. As he approaches his orgasm, the little noises become louder and I can barely stand it myself. When nature takes its course I taste something new about David. I have not imagined it……it's a new sensation and I know exactly what it is. Afterwards, holding him, David asks…..

'Did you notice anything Jon……anything different?'

'Umm……I told you…….you are a bigger boy now……..that's what bigger boys do.'

'Do they?' he said smiling in that way of his…..

'Oh yes, they do.'

'Do you like me more now then?'

'No, I loved you just as much before as I do now. You're still you aren't you?'

'Umm. Will you always love me Jon?'

'Would you like the one word answer?'

'If it's the right word, yes.'

'It is the right word. Yes…..yes I will.'

'Will you show me later then… much you do?'

'Yes of course, but it'll have to be later because it's dinner in ten minutes….we mustn't be late.'

Mrs Cutforth had made a salad, quite a bit of it from the kitchen garden, augmented by some sliced cold meats, and she'd cooked new potatoes with mint on them. They really tasted of earth . Do you know what I mean……that earthy taste that new potatoes straight from the garden have? Uncle always has a large bottle of cider on the sideboard so we had a large glass each of that…..a lovely taste of Herefordshire. I once went there to see an elderly relative on my mother's side, and we looked at the Mappa Mundi in the cathedral. I think I was more interested in the cathedral and what was going on, than the Mappa Mundi. In the background I could hear but not see young voices singing. They sounded like boys' voices. Later I was told they were practicing for a service called Evensong. They kept stopping and singing the same bit again. I thought it must have been very annoying for the organist.

About nine, we bathed in Uncle's massive bath. It must have put in years ago and it has huge brass fittings and a great tubular arrangement for draining the water. We both got in it easily, facing each other, and playing 'poke the bottom' with our big toes. That's a sexy game if you've ever played it. The water covered our tummies but I could see his lovely hard cock under the water….well mostly under the water. The shiny tip of it made several appearances. Mine was the same. I got David to turn round and sit between my legs. Fun!

I'd given David an extra special 'clean' because I wanted to try something I hadn't done before. In bed we were bare, and he used his mouth, lips and tongue on me whilst astride my chest facing away from me with his bottom right up against my face. David absolutely adored that particular feeling, and as the provider, so did I as it happened. How could anyone suggest that boys should not have sex together? After I'd come, he turned around and did himself while I played with his balls and bottom. I wanted to see what came out of him. It wasn't much but it was beautiful just the same. I watched as the clear thin liquid dropped onto my tummy, no more than a couple of drops. He put what he could collect with the end of his finger onto my lips. It tasted lightly perfumed, and rather a dry taste.

We spent the next few minutes playing with each other's mouths and tongues, and other things of course. I don't remember much after that. I think he'd already gone to sleep. I love David with all my heart, and he's beautiful in every way I can think of.

I woke up about seven the next morning with my arms around him, his hand over mine. I could smell the shampoo in his hair. I wanted to see him asleep, and uncovered now, I looked at his soft penis as it lay flat between the two oval shapes loosely contained within the textured skin thinking what a lovely little thing it is, with the skinny bit hanging just off the end. It wasn't fair to wake him up. I looked at his nose and ears and thought how odd our features are. His mouth was slightly open and I could see the lowest parts of his front teeth with tiny gaps between them, and the glistening saliva on his tongue. I can see his closed eyes and long dark eye lashes, and the gentle sound of his breathing. It's all such a miracle. My eyes are filling with water as I look at David. I wonder what will become of us…….how long will this last……how long before he becomes just a memory? I desperately want him now. I desperately want to make proper and real love to him.

It's warm in the room and the light of the new day filters through the heavy weave of the curtains. I lean over David being careful not to put any weight on his body, and gently touch his lips with mine. I lean back on my side and watch him as he stirs a little, and in a few seconds his eyes open slightly and then close again. I keep watching him. A minute or so passes before his eyes open again. He looks at me and I see a faint smile. David's hand rests between his chest and mine, and I take it in mine and squeeze it gently. He responds by pulling my hand against his mouth. He bites a finger gently and then immediately applies pressure on it with his lips. I feel his tongue press hard into the space between two fingers. I look down to see his foreskin is stretching from the swelling. He turns onto his tummy, head turned away. I know that signal.

As I'm lying alongside David, I can admire his back, and my eyes follow the central line down to his buttocks, paler than the rest of his skin. I know he's waiting for me to touch him, so my fingers trace that line again and again until I can see he needs more as he slowly moves his body forwards against the white sheet under him, and back again, repeating the self-stimulating movements. He wants what I want. It's a wonderful five minutes as I gently intrude on David, ever deeper, his body accepting my presence. It was not without a degree of discomfort at first of course, but neither he nor me are in any mood to fail, and we don't fail. We lie facing each other afterwards as we hold each other closely and intimately.

'Sorry David.'


'I was rough with you and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be. I made you cry didn't I.'

'That wasn't crying…..not really. I felt it Jon, like before?'


'Umm, definitely.'

When I'd finished with him, I turned him over to find him urgently in need. Within two minutes I had satisfied him. I do feel guilty now because I was rough with David. I just wanted it and him so badly. I wondered what it would have been like the other way round, that's to say if it was an older boy doing me like that……really hard between the cheeks of his bottom. My penis had gone soft and that's when I check if there's any more to see to by squeezing it from the base right up to the tip. There's usually more then. I thought about being done roughly by an older boy…..even a man…..and it became hard again. That's unusual……and interesting.

'Are you sure you're ok David?'

'Umm, I'm fine Jon. I liked it……you know, the way you did it. It felt good…..even better like that.'

'Ok then, but I feel a bit bad about treating you like that.'

'You're silly then. I nearly had a feeling, in fact I did in a way, like it was almost there but not if you see what I mean. It was a bit weird. I can't describe it really. It was a very nice feeling.'

He was about to say 'when you did me with your mouth'. I can believe that. It was two wonderful bites at the cherry…..the way I satisfied myself and the way I satisfied David. I'm glad he gets a tiny bit of cum now actually, because it adds a new dimension for both of us. Not to say that non-cummers aren't lovely to see to, they are, and so randy with it. I remember that trime myself just before you start getting it. I just wanted it all the time, and rather awkwardly, especially in lessons!

I don't feel in constant need these days. Just as well because it's not available! No, what I want is the real thing when it's the right time and place, like right here at Uncle's place, with someone like dear sweet David. I know he loves me and he knows and I know that I love him. It's as simple and as beautiful as that.

City are in the play-offs to get back into the Premier League. They missed out on automatic promotion by a couple of stupid losses at home to Wigan and Middlesborough, so it's their own fault. Now we've got to go through the agony of the play-offs made worse by meeting Ipswich Town in the two legged semi-final. Oh no! The Middlesborough game was on a Friday evening and we could hear the crowd from the House. We knew it wasn't good news. Still, we've beaten Ipswich twice this season. That doesn't mean we'll beat them again. Third time lucky for the Tractor Boys? Better not be.

Two things this week…..exams start for us, and I have heard from Bryn. The first thing I don't particularly want to talk about and you very probably don't want to hear about, but for me, I have to have a passing concern for. I want to go on the Arts side as opposed to the Sciences, and depending on how things go in the next couple of weeks, I will know pretty much what I'll be studying next year for the GCSE'S that are optional. No one here gets less than five of those things and most of them get between ten and twelve. That's me hopefully, if I'm still here. Still here? Umm.

My relationship with David seems to be common knowledge, but thus far, we haven't been hauled up before Mr Meredith to explain ourselves. I'm particularly vulnerable as I'm the older boy of the two and therefore should know better. That's entirely true of course. David and I are breaking the rules. The other kids couldn't care less really, but the authorities do care because the reputation of the School is at stake if some boy gets hurt in some way, emotionally I mean, and the parents are in involved. Then there's trouble. There could have been huge trouble over Gerald, and if David turns Queen's evidence, that'll be curtains for me. David won't of course. Last night there was an incident…….something really odd and unexpected as far as I was concerned, and I'll tell you about that later. It involved me and three other boys. I don't know why they did it, but they did and it was all rather shocking. But in the meantime I had this long email from Bryn. I won't write it all down here, but here's the important bit.

'…………and after we had tea in the staff room he said that if I ever wanted a tour of the city any time just to get to know the place a bit, I was to email him. He said I could always stay at his place to save on a b and b. He said we could go for a drive around the county, maybe take his boat out on the Broads for a day or something. He seems really nice and so I said yes. I emailed him a couple of days ago and he replied straight away asking me for some possible dates. I finish down here on May the 22 nd . I just have to go back in June to get my certificate. That's your half term. I'd like to see you if you want to see me after everything. Are you staying up in Norfolk for the half term? If you are, maybe we could meet? I know you probably won't want to after everything, but I'd like to stay friends if you think that's possible? It's just that I HAVE to act professionally. Anyway, you know all that……..'

I could have done without that just before exams frankly. Anyway, I emailed back and said I'd be in touch soon, but I had exams starting and needed to concentrate a tad. I got an instant reply.

'Sorry. XBryn'

I reread his message and remembered just how much I care about Bryn, and how much I had enjoyed the physical side of our friendship. Images and sensations began to flood into my head which was rather pleasant and consequently had an interesting physiological effect on my body, as usual! I replied to his short message letting him know that despite everything he couldn't stop me reacting to him remotely like that. His reply made it worse.

'Me too!'

I went looking for David, and as ever, he was happy to accommodate me. As I've said, we have to be ultra-careful these days but sometimes needs must. I hate using the lavatories but they are the safest places, albeit furtive and a bit grubby in my book. In the end we both had fast and urgent cums, standing, mouths and tongues in playful mood. David did me first and then I did him. Afterwards, we slipped out unnoticed, thankfully.

Despite the necessary furtiveness, those spontaneous events are always very exciting.

After I'd located David, he instantly recognized the message I must have been giving him through my eyes. Even before I'd quietly spoken the four words…..'do you want to?'…….he knew what was in store. There were no games that afternoon so the changing area would be empty. If a boy needed the loo, he wouldn't go down there. There are plenty of others more conveniently situated for his needs. I adore David's mouth and I've come to know it well by now. He can be very expressive with it and it's an instant turn on for me as you can imagine. We enjoyed each other in that way for a minute or so before the urgency of the situation took control. Standing on the loo bowl brought me to a 'doable' height. I held my penis towards David's mouth and began to masturbate fast with fingers and thumb as he fondled my balls still inside my pants. David knew exactly when he should take over….his timing immaculate as ever. What bliss that moment was when it came, and so slow to diminish. It's that feeling you want to last forever isn't it, but you know it can't.

David wanted it the same way from me from the start which meant he would take a little longer than I did, but I have to say it was time well spent. For me, although a different pleasure, it's as good. Near the end now, I keep him hanging nicely until I decide it's his time. As his fingers dig into the flesh of my shoulders, he scents my mouth and tongue in his special way that only he can do. There's nothing really to swallow, just his lingering perfume. I hang on to him for as long as he can stand it. I hate letting him go.

We listen now, but there are no sounds to threaten us……..a last embrace of affirmation and then the familiar world once more.

Two other boys

About Michael Thompson and Paul Snelling. I don't really mind either of them that much, in fact I almost quite like them. They're both two years ahead of me in the school and physically bigger of course. They're both quite gamesy, and I imagine have been friends ever since joining the school. Both boys are quite nice looking, especially Michael. I've seen them in the showers after games….and they've seen me. On more than one occasion I've been on the receiving end of 'the look'. It's unmistakeable, and as you know I am familiar with what it's telling me. I'm sure they know about me and David, in fact they are the ones who more than likely put the rumour about in the first place. Bastards. Paul Snelling in my view is one of those sneaky types who says upsetting things 'en passant' and by the time you've thought of some sort of repost, he's gone, and you're left there feeling hurt and annoyed. Michael is definitely more likeable. I'm pretty sure they indulge in sex with one another. I've no hard evidence for that, but I think I'm right. Often, the accusers are indulgers themselves.

Paul, according to one or two of David's friends, has sounded out several of the younger boys, and on one occasion myself. I was coming out of my study one afternoon and he stopped me by standing in my way. As I looked him in the face, I felt his hand touch the front of my trousers….just lightly…..but enough to register with me. I remember looking down and seeing his hand moving away, and the word 'sex' breathed in my ear. Nothing ever happened which I think probably annoyed him somewhat as I got several dirty looks thereafter. Then last Wednesday after games I went up to the Common Room to read the EDP to catch up on the football news. They had drawn 1-1 against Ipswich in the away leg of the play-offs and the return match is on Saturday at home. I'd got about five minutes into the sports section when I became aware that Matthew Riley was standing next to me. I like Matthew. He's in the year above me, but we've often had chats about this and that. The only problem I have with him is that he's friendly with Michael and Paul. I don't know what sort of friendship that is, but I do know that they treat him as some sort of……..I don't know……like some sort of servant. No, servant is the wrong word, but Matt's always trying to make himself useful to them…… that sort of thing. There's something else about Matthew……he's a very attractive boy both physically and in his general demeanour. You're just drawn towards that sort of person. There's never been any suggestion of sex between us, but if there had ever been the invitation……well, the answer would have been a 'yes please' in all probability. I looked up at Matthew. He had an odd look on his face and was obviously about to speak….

'Thompson and Snelling want to see you…….in their dorm……now.'


'They just do, that's all. They told me to find you and tell you. They're waiting.'

It wasn't until I'd got up to the top floor and half way down the corridor that leads to one of the small dormitories up there that the possibility dawned on me.

All the revising for exams is making me randy. I've no idea why it has that effect…..probably the knowledge that sex is off limits for a while due to the pressure of work, which makes you feel like it all the more. I've tried to strictly limit my bedtime, or rather in bed time activity so that when I get a chance to do something with David, it's all the more enjoyable…..just stronger and more powerful a feeling we have with each other. Of course our relationship isn't just about sex, although it's a big part of it if I'm honest.

As I walk down the corridor with the familiar red vinyl flooring, I look at Matthew walking in front of me. He looks back to make sure I'm following him and haven't sneaked off. He's got both hands in his pockets which to me means he's hiding something in all probability. I stop and he stops and turns towards me. Yes, he is hiding something. I have a very good idea what's about to happen when I get to the room, and Matthew knows perfectly well. This kind of thing happens occasionally and never gets reported because the 'victim' is carefully chosen…….someone who has a vested interest in not reporting it. It happened to me once before when I hadn't been here more than a month probably. It's all over in five minutes and you think nothing much of it, and it never occurred to me to say anything to anybody about it……….the reason being that I enjoyed the experience, as did the other boys who experienced similar initiation no doubt.

I was just inside the door of the small room when Paul spoke first……….

'How's your boyfriend then Jon?'

'What do you mean……what boyfriend?'

'You know perfectly well who I'm referring to.'

Matthew was standing by the door just in case of unwanted intrusion. The other two were sitting at either end of one of the two beds…….the head of which was under the window. I was now standing between them. Michael asked in a quiet voice…….

'Sit down Jon…..we want to hear all about it.'

I sat down on the bed between the two boys.

'Go on then, tell us all about it…….or do we have to ask him ourselves?'

'Leave him alone. Please leave him alone.'

'Why? You don't so why should we? Does he give you a nice time then Jon? Tell us what you do together. Does he let you then Jon? What does he do for you Jon? I bet you enjoy that Jon, don't you.'

'I'm telling you, leave him alone…..please.'

'Oh…… please is it? That's very nice of you to be so protective towards your nice little friend……..very noble. We're curious Jon……that's the thing…… we're going to find out. You don't mind do you…….if we find out?'

The lack of an answer on my part was taken to be a 'no'.

They weren't rough….not really. Paul got my arms and pulled me down onto the bed and held me there, my head up on the pillow under the window. I more or less let him do it. Michael sat half way down the bed.

'You don't mind if we take a look do you…….see what all the fuss is about?'

There was nothing I could do to stop them, even if I thought there was any point in trying. I put up a bit of a fight in deference to David really. He'd be very upset if he knew what was happening.

Just then the cathedral clock struck the half hour adding its sharp notes of irony.

They left my pants on to start with, both boys playing with me through the material. I had swollen somewhat at the beginning but my faithful friend had since lost a degree of interest as I thought about David. I visualized his face knowing that the fingers I could feel turning my balls over and over were not his.

Undone now, I am exposed, but what was now on view was unresponsive to the attentions of the older boy, Michael. Paul was still busy making sure there was no way I could resist. In this state there was no way the curiosity of the two singularly unattractive boys was going to be satisfied. My fear was the possibility of Matthew getting physically involved. Two minutes later, and having made absolutely no progress, Paul had a suggestion………

'Matthew…….come over here.'


'I think he wants you Matt…….come on.'

I turned my head away as I heard Matthew cross the floor, and then felt his weight settle on the bed. Matthew wasn't hard when Paul forced my hand into his trousers. I felt his hand direct mine around all those nice places boys love to be felt. It worked for both of us.

'Ah, that's better then. Lucky old Matt. Go on Matt, do him now.'

I felt the hand release mine as it gripped my erection. The gentle squeezing became a whole fisted rapid motion. I tried to think of something else, but the thought of Matthew was too dominant, and the thought of the other two watching. It took a while but the result of course was inevitable.

It was all rather strange. There was complete silence afterwards. I had just had a different kind of orgasm which was forced on me……there was no doubt about that, helped considerably by the unexpected bonus of feeling Matthew's cock for the very first time. As I've said, he's an 'interesting' boy, and a really nice character with it. I think it was the realization of what they had just done to a younger boy. At moments like that, even boys like Paul Snelling and Michael Thompson stop to think about what has just happened and the possible consequences of their actions. By this time I was coming down from my experience and the practicalities were dawning on me. I didn't look but I didn't have to…….I knew. They hadn't pulled up my jumper or anything. You can imagine. They'd let me go by this time, and I was a bit cross about it……not with Matthew……with the other two. I sat up and assessed the damage………

'You bastards.'


'Well do something then.'

Matthew responded immediately and did his best, and later I managed to more or less restore the situation. It was interesting to watch Matthew. I don't think he was far from tears. I think he'll want to talk to me at some stage about what's just happened, and I'm just going to wait until he does…..just act perfectly normally in the meantime. Oh dear….is this me exercising power now?

I suppose that kind of sexual behaviour is a form of power demonstration, and in Paul and Michael's case, an expression of their annoyance that I wouldn't play. They would get away with it because they know that I don't want my own friendship with David made public. Ok, I can deal with it, no problem, but it left me thinking about Matthew. Knowing him reasonably well socially, I think he'll be worried about his part in the incident. I have to tell you that it wasn't the first time I've been held down and brought off without my say so. I happened within weeks of getting to this place, and it was boys my own age on that occasion, and I have to admit that I've taken part in similar events. Eleven year old boys take a particular delight in coercive sex, as do most of the 'victims'. It's just a game essentially. The vast majority of the boys enjoy being 'done' as it happens. I certainly did. But there was a rule to the game. If the the boy on the receiving end didn't get an erection fairly promptly, assuming he didn't already have one, then he would be relieved of his 'duty' forthwith. After all, what would be the point of continuing? I have to say that whenever it happened to me, I didn't disappoint. Shocking, isn't it?

It's Friday today….the last day of this half term before the Whitsun break, and then it's exams proper for the Upper fifth boys and all the sixth formers. The week long holiday starting tomorrow is bound to be crap weather followed by blazing sunshine for a month while the exams are on. Oh well. I'm not going home. I'm staying here and maybe going to Uncle's for a couple of days. Anyway, Bryn might be coming this way and I wanted to be available, so to speak. I'm far enough away from 'that' situation to be able to see Bryn socially without it being a huge problem now…….I think…..I hope.

Matthew found me in the playground at lunch today, and he was a bit agitated. I thought what happened would be worrying him and it's pretty clear it is.

'Look, I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday Jon.'

'I don't know why you hang out with them Matthew. They're a couple of complete arseholes. If I was you, I would distance myself from them if you can…..unless of course you're in too deep. You're not are you?'


We stood silently for a minute before I spoke…….

'I'm not going to say anything about it to Meredith or anything, so you don't need to worry on that score. I could tie you down and toss you off if you want? That would make us even wouldn't it?'

I laughed, and after a few seconds, Matthew managed a smile.

'Come on Matt, don't beat yourself up over it. You saved me the bother last night. I should be grateful. It's ok…..really.'

More silence. Then Matthew asks…..

'What are you doing for half term Jon?'


'I just thought if you weren't going home…..'

'I'm staying here to revise…… theory, but it's just a theory, no more than that.'

'Ah…….all week?'

'Some of it. My uncle usually invites me over for two or three days…..and a friend might be coming up and he'll take me out for a day or two.'

'Well if you want somewhere to go, you could come and stay with us if you want?'

As soon as he'd said it, I thought of David. David is special and I know he would be very hurt if I started something with Matthew. He's not daft. Matthew knows that I responded to him rather positively yesterday, just as he did to me. There's chemistry between us without a doubt and we both know it, and being realistic, David isn't the only boy I could……..well, you know. Anyway, I've already decided to tell David what happened.

On another matter, City play on Monday at Wembley. They took care of the Tractor Boys last Saturday so they're in the Play-Off Final and if they win, they're back in the Premier League. Middlesborough beat them twice in the League this season so they'll be confident of doing it again, but my theory is that it will be third time lucky for City. Stephen Fry is a Director. He's gay I think and I've read his book 'Moab is my Washpot'. That title is a line from one of the psalms. I can really relate to that guy. In the book, which I can recommend to you if you haven't read it, he describes a situation just like the one yesterday with Snelling and Thompson.

One morning early, two boys use his bottom for sex, not necessarily against his will, and he describes how later on how it all dribbles out and down his leg for ages afterwards….all through lessons! I thought about that for ages afterwards. That is just so sexy! I suppose with two of them doing him there would have been quite a lot of the stuff, so no wonder.


Guess what……….Bryn's in town! I got a text this morning saying he's staying at the Doc's place. He got there on Saturday night and it's Monday today…..the big day for City. It's the Play Off Final at Wembley. Apparently the Doc's got Sky and I can go and watch the game at his. How weird…….going to watch telly at your English Master's house. Bryn will be there of course so he can protect me from the randy old sod. The Doc likes boys, especially when they have little or nothing on. I told you about the sailing weekend didn't I? He must have enjoyed that…..three of us in just in our sports kit…….little white shorts and no tops plus a bit of skinny dipping! He must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Of course we all knew about his 'preferences' and basically gave him what he wanted……just lots of nice views up the legs of our PE shorts which barely covered our arses at it was. He's a nice man and there was never a question of him touching any of us. It was all really good fun on his boat and we really played up to him which was very naughty of us. I'm amazed that Meredith let us go at all because it's fairly common knowledge that the Doc likes the boys….mind you, Meredith told us to 'behave'! Don't worry….we did…..more or less.

I've replied to Bryn's message saying I'm coming, but Meredith said I've got to be back by six, damn him. Bryn texted the address……..31 King Street, and to be there by two. I think I might surprise Bryn and be there earlier. Perhaps I shouldn't do that?

I had a bit of a thought this morning……the sound of a penny dropping could be heard?

I got there at one o'clock on the dot. There was no answer so I wandered up King Street for a bit and then I got another text from Bryn.

'I said two o'clock! Come back in ten minutes'


Everything was normal when I got there, or should I say 'back to normal'. I just got the impression that I had disturbed them earlier, and I also got the impression that they thought I'd come to that conclusion myself. Bryn had been there since Saturday night and I'd not heard from him. The Doc's not poor by any means and he no doubt took Bryn out for the evening and they probably got on well and……when they got back to the house they had a nightcap and sat together on the sofa with a bit of his favourite music playing quietly. Bryn is so handsome and they would have had loads to talk about.

Sorry about this little fantasy, but I can't help speculating. While I was walking up King Street wondering what to do when no one answered the door, my mind wandered into the conversation that might have taken place on the sofa late that first night…….

'You ok Bryn?'

'Umm, fine thanks……and thanks for the evening……it was lovely.'

'That's ok, and thank you for coming to see me. Is it over then Bryn?'

'Is what over?'

'Our evening?'

A pause before Bryn plucks up the courage to say what he's feeling……

'Is it?I hope not.'

'I hope not too. Are you feeling tired?'

'No, not too tired.'

'That's good then.'

At that point the Doc knows that Bryn 'knows', if you know what I mean. His hand touches Bryn's leg and Bryn makes no attempt to move. The Doc's fingers spread wide and now the contact is overt, and still Bryn doesn't move. A few seconds later Bryn does move. He leans further back in the sofa and the gap between his legs widens a little. The Doc's hand moves up and now it's on top of Bryn's thigh. Gradually the hand moves higher up Bryn's thigh and his legs move still wider apart. Bryn's breathing is now quite audible, and both men give up any pretence they may have had. Bryn reaches down and undoes the top of his trousers, slides the zip fastener down as far as it will go and reveals his erect penis which is making such an inviting impression inside his pants……………

I can imagine what happened next……..and probably most of today. How naughty of me to time my arrival so inconveniently.

They both made me very welcome, providing me with a nice chicken sandwich and a can of the best ginger beer…….Old Jamaica……lovely strong stuff! We watched the cricket from Lords until about two thirty, switched over to the football and got well psyched up for the match……..and yes, we won! City are back in the Premier League, so we have another year of angst to come I'm afraid, before the inevitable happens……descent back to the Championship. This is how it works for City supporters I'm afraid.

Just before the game started Bryn asked me in jest presumably, what I was going to do if we won the match…….

'If we win? I'll do anything!'

'Oh, right…….like walk around naked for an hour afterwards!'

'Yes, if you want.'

'Right, we'll hold you to that then.'

We watched all the players' celebrations at the end, plus a bit of Delia Smith doing her 'let's be 'aving you' stuff which was quite amusing. Then Bryn says…..

'Well, come on then. What about your promise? You can't go back on it now.'

Bryn and the Doc were sitting together on the sofa and I had squatted on the floor in front of them. I looked up at their smiling faces…….

'Do I have to?'

'Of course you do! You said it, not us.' Bryn insists.

I stood up not more than six feet in front of them and began to undress. I did it quite normally as if I was alone in my bedroom, and facing them. I knew perfectly well it was a sexual thing for both of them, and for me too. I began to get an erection even before I had started to undress myself, and by the time I was down to my knickers, I was as hard as an iron bar….standing up as proud as punch. I thought I would keep them waiting for my final flourish…….I put my two thumbs just inside the waistband, poised……

'Shall I?

'The Doc just smiled, but Bryn said encouragingly……

'Yes please.'

I duly obliged. I wanted to show Bryn what he was missing, the bastard. I didn't care that the Doc was watching. Well actually, I had this weird thought that I was thanking him for being a bloody good and inspirational English teacher. A strange way to thank someone I suppose, but in his case, rather an apt way.

I turned around so that I had my back to the two men, bent right down rather provocatively, and extracted my feet out of my pants. I made absolutely sure they got a perfect view of my rear end, giving them the full benefit of the perfect view of an ultra-clean anal passage, or at leas t the beginning of it. I stood up and turned sideways, put my hands on my hips and stuck my middle out, topped off with a gently upwards curving rod of iron. I was revelling in a sudden fit of exhibitionism, and I felt inordinately horny.

'Is that it then? Or are you going to show us what you do with that thing?'

'Shall I? I will if you want me to.'

'Umm, yes please. Why don't you come and sit between us.'

Neither of them made any attempt to touch me. There was no space between us as I leant right back with my head up a little so I could watch my ejaculation when it came. It was a nice one when it did…….a couple of whitish blobs shot out and landed on my tummy, the rest of what I could produce leaving a semi-transparent and glistening residue around the pinky tip of my penis, and all around my thumb. I had done my best, and surely I can't be accused of not trying to please?

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