by Rafael Henry

Chapter 6

Troublesome dreams

Those fleeting moments reminded me of Gerald…….those early encounters when I wasn't sure if he really liked me in that way. With Gerald, I knew he did, but I wasn't, until this afternoon, absolutely sure that Bryn really does. There was no doubting it this afternoon when he leant against me. I don't think he knew where my hands were. So near, yet so far! Anyway, now I know. He feels beautiful there!

He said he'd phone once a week to check on me. I told him to do it between four thirty and five fifteen as that's a good time to get somewhere where you can talk freely without someone listening in…..certainly not after lights out, although that would be an interesting time in other respects. I left him at the entrance to the House, on my way up to Meredith's study to meet Arlo's people…..and Arlo. I had promised to text Bryn how we got on. I think it must be the boy's name which has caught Bryn's imagination.

Well, the meeting went very nicely. Arlo's parents were very pleasant, and thrilled that the kid would have someone to watch out for him for a few weeks, or really for as long as he needed it. Quite naturally, Arlo was the first face I looked at. I knocked on the heavy white painted door which was slightly ajar. Arlo was standing between his parents, immaculate in his brand new kit……his shorts nicely above the knee. Some kids have them lower than that. What with their socks up to their knees, there's very little flesh to see these days sadly. I quickly looked away towards his parents who were smiling broadly at me. I think I said all the right things, and after five minutes or so, I took Arlo off to his and my dormitory. He probably didn't realise it, but that would be the last time he saw his parents for some while…..weeks at least. It best this way…..a clean break with no messy goodbyes. Anyway, he has me now, and it's my job to see he's ok. I really don't mind doing it.

Bryn phoned me about half six. I was sitting on the loo at the time. We really must arrange the right moment in future! Anyway, it's the single one, not in a row of the things, and it's very private so we could talk.

'How'd it go then…..the meeting?'

'Fine thanks. Did you get to your friend's place ok?'

'Yes. I'm lying on my bed at Andrew's house, thinking about you.'

'Oh, that's nice, thanks. I'm missing you already.'

'Me too. So tell me then……..what's he like, this Arlo boy?'

'He's ok actually……..nice in fact……a bit of a virgin though.'

'A virgin? You'd better explain that!'

'A boarding virgin! He's never been away from mummy and daddy before.'

'Oh. So have you put him straight then?'

'Sort of, but we had the usual.'

'What's the 'usual' then?'

'A little bit of the wet stuff.'

'Oh dear, poor boy. Is he ok now?'

'Yes, he got it all out of his system reasonably quickly……..for now at least.'

'So, what's he like then, I mean looks wise?'

'Nice. He's got long almost shoulder length hair that sort of falls down each side of his face, vaguely parted a bit to one side, sort of blondie brown, bluey greeny eyes, quite thin but not skinny, about my height…and he's quite smily, that's when he's not blubbing.'

'Oh poor boy. I hope you were kind to him?'

'Of course I was. We sat in the dorm for ages sorting out all his stuff.'

'So he's got all the right stuff then?'

'Oh yes, definitely, and lots of it.'

'….and to your taste, or not?'

'Yes, pretty much.'


'Yes, I approve. He asked me if he'd got all that right and I said he had. I told him that I had the same, so that cheered him up. I'm not sure about the pyjamas though. They're the tight fitting variety……..might be a bit awkward.'

'Hmm……but interesting eh?'

'Well, we'll have to see won't we.'

'So when will you see then?'

'I already have.'

Of course Bryn had to have an explanation.

That came about because Arlo asked me if any boys slept naked because he always did at home. I said they didn't, although it was entirely possible that some of us might accidentally on purpose lose our pyjama bottoms in the night for reasons of gaining unhindered access to certain parts of our bodies. There was a silence at that remark, so I decided I'd be a bit up front about things. I asked him if he masturbated regularly. He said he never had. I didn't ask why not. I naturally assumed that he'd never experienced an orgasm. He had his head down.

'So, do you know about orgasms at all then…you know…what they are?'

'Yes, I know what they are.'

'How? Did you read about them in a book or something?'

'Yes, after it happened…….when I'm asleep. I get them all the time.'

'So what happens then?'

'It makes the bed wet. Mum changes the sheets for me. That's why I stopped wearing pyjamas because the doctor said they would rub against me and that might be causing it.'

'Oh. But our sheets are changed once a week here. If the boys find out, they'll think you wet the bed……you know…….you pee in your sleep……that kind of thing.'

'I know.'

'So is it a lot then?'

'I don't know, but it makes a small wet patch. I usually wake up then. It feels all cold and horrible. Do you think I should wear my pants under my pyjamas?'

'No, you can't do that. The others would want to know why you do that.'

'Why? How would they see?'

'They're going to see everything, especially to start with until they've got used to you. They'll keep their eyes on you until they've seen. Boys are curious about things like that. They have to know.'

'What things?'

'You penis, silly. They'll be itching to see what you've got.'

Another silence.

'Just act normal. That's all you've got to do. Don't try to hide anything, especially that. It's ok isn't it?'

'I don't know. It's a bit different I think.'

'How is it different?'

'I had an operation on it…..a couple of years ago.'

'What operation?'

'I was circumcised. It looks weird.'

'How weird?'

'Fairly weird.'

'Well, we are all going to see it soon enough, so…….is it that bad then?'

'I don't know. Do you want to see it?'

Under the circumstances I thought I should.

He was right, it is a bit weird, but nowhere near as weird as I was expecting. Basically his circumcision is a bit messy by the look of it. I'm no expert, but I have seen various others in my travels and they all looked a bit neater than poor old Arlo's, including mine, although that's not perfect either. I think by definition, a circumcision is never perfect. His scar is much larger than mine although the head bit appears perfect…..extremely perfect actually.

'It is weird isn't it?'

'No it's not Arlo. Mine looks more or less like that as a matter of fact. They'll all vary a bit, and anyway it'll work just the same. Your willy is fine Arlo, so try and stop worrying about it. My advice is just carry on with normal life and don't waste time stressing over it, ok?'

I thought that was sound advice, after all, there's nothing he can do about it, and a few hours from now he's going to be showing it to all and sundry in the showers. I admit it wasn't the greatest result I've ever seen, but it's ok….quite nice actually, with a super duper end bit. Then he surprised me somewhat…….

'Can I see yours then?'

Oh dear, that old cliché……'if you show me yours, I'll show you mine' etcetera etcetera. But it makes sense doesn't it? Nothing sexual……he was just interested, so I did. I undid everything, reached into my pants and took hold of it and showed Arlo.

'There……just like yours, mostly.'

'What do you mean…mostly?'

'Well, yours is bigger isn't it…….quite a bit bigger actually, and yours has a tiny bit of hair too……and your balls are way bigger. If I had all that, I would be marching around the dorm stark naked laughing at the other kids with their pencil thick ones. I'll ask my friend about the other thing.'

I was referring his other problem. The wet patches on the sheet.

I phoned Bryn to ask him about Arlo's issue, and he said he'd phone back in a few minutes.

'He's obviously not masturbating, that's why he's having nocturnals.'


'Wet dreams Jon. My ex-boyfriend used to have them quite often until he met me. Then they pretty much stopped for obvious reasons. The kid's producing testosterone like mad and he needs to ejaculate regularly and then they probably won't happen, at least not so often. He's full of the stuff and although his body will absorb some of the excess, there's too much for it to deal with, so out it comes involuntarily. Ask him if there's a reason why he doesn't do it. Maybe he doesn't know how, but that's very unlikely. Possibly he's been told that it's sinful to do it, or something like that. Find out if you can, but be careful what you say. If it's a religious or custom thing, he could get very upset if you suggest he starts wanking. That's what he needs to do…get rid of the stuff.'

'I haven't had one of those….nocturnals……ever?'

'Well you won't have. You haven't got to that stage sweetheart…..not quite.'

'Sweetheart! Do you mean that?'

'Yes of course I do. I'm missing you, you daft bat!'

'Me too.'

'Well, you'd better concentrate on Arlo for a bit…..take you mind of me, ha ha.'


'Of course, really . I know you. You'll want to do your best for him, so get on and do it. My advice, for what it's worth, is to suggest to him that there are ways to get over his problem which, as it happens, is a very common one and not his fault. So deal with the guilt thing that he's no doubt feeling, and find out who and why he feels that he can't pleasure himself quietly on his own. It's going to be far worse if he has high viz wet patches in his bed two or three times a week isn't it? You owe it to him. Imagine the authorities trying to sort that one out. 'Have you tried wanking Arlo? Haven't you got a friend who could sort you out?'

We had a laugh at that. I said….

'Ok. I'll make some enquiries.'

'Good, and get on with it. Oh, and by the way, do you find him interesting?'

'What do you mean by 'interesting' Bryn?'

'You know.'

'Well, sort of.'

'Well then……..problem solved then if he wants it.'

Arlo is a Catholic, and it appeared that during Confirmation classes, the priest had more than a few words to say about certain temptations to do with boys' bodies that should be resisted at all costs. I'm not sure about what the Catholic Church has to say about masturbation as I'm not one myself, but in this case surely poor Arlo could be forgiven this particular 'sin'? What about Confession then? There's a Catholic church not far away in the city. He could go up there every month or so and confess couldn't he, and then everything would be ok? I think I'll suggest it as a solution to the problem. Anyway, something has to be done.

I told Arlo why it happens. I didn't know until Bryn explained it to me, and just to confirm what he'd said, I looked it up on one of those teen forum sites when they post questions about what's bothering them, which by the sound of it is quite a few things to do with their willies and other bits of their anatomy. After a little thought, Arlo asked……..

'I thought it all came out of our balls?'

'No it doesn't. Some does, but it gets stored up in your abdomen, plus what's in your prostate gland which is a little way up your bottom, and then when you have a feeling, it all mixes together and gets expelled through your penis. Your body is making the stuff night and day regardless. Some make more than others by the way. Maybe you make tons, you lucky so and so. I hope I do one day.'


'Yes, really .'

'Have you seen some then?'

'Yes of course I have. It's not unheard of in this place.'

I didn't explain about Gerald, and he didn't ask, but Arlo was curious about what happened after lights out, or in some cases before lights out.

'So do they all do it then?'

'Most of them. You'll hear them tonight no doubt, especially the ones who have the squeaky bed springs. Give them five minutes after the prefect turns out the lights and they'll be at it like demons, believe me.'

'So, do you then?'


I could hear his little brain turning all this information over.

'So it's not wrong then?'

'No, not in our book it's not, and I don't really understand why it is in your Catholic book. I personally think there are bigger things to worry about that's going on in this world right now, and don't most Catholics tend to ignore a whole lot of rules about things they're not supposed to do? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock you off your religious track here. You have to do what you have to do. If you make a mess in your bed, then we'll explain why it happened to the others. They teach tolerance here….you know….all the anti-bullying stuff and the rest of it that the bullies ignore. What would Jesus say if he was here right now? Would he want you hurt by nasty remarks? You've only just got here for heaven's sake. Anyway, you have to make your own mind up about it. It's your conscience you'll have to live with, not ours or mine. Sorry. Anyway, when did it last happen?'

'Two nights, or rather mornings ago.'

'Well, you know I'll help you if you need me to. Just say if you do. As you are a Catholic, are you opting out of our services then?'

'No, I'm joining in for them.'

'Good. The Chaplain's a nice bloke. Why don't you go and see him? Talk to him about it. I'll come with you if you want. He's really easy to talk to.'

'No please Jon!'

'Why not? I'm looking after you now so I have a duty towards you. Sorry, that's the way it is here.'

Well that told him……and I happen to mean it.

The Chaplain often has tea with the boarders as he lives alone in a small house in the Close and takes an interest [a healthy one] in us. He organises regular discussion groups to talk about young peoples' issues, politics and so on including more personal problems which he deals with on a one to one basis. I saw him a couple of times after I had the news of my father and he was very kind and understanding. He passed me in the dining hall carrying my plate of beans on toast [nothing but the best in this place].

'Hello Jon. Good holiday?'

'Yes thanks sir. Could I see you after tea please…..with Arlo? He's the new boy.'

I didn't beat about the bush, and I just came out with it. It's a perfectly normal thing to discuss with him. He was very good with Arlo as I knew he would be. His take on it was that it was more of a medical and social issue rather than a moral one in this very specific case, but still a matter for Arlo's conscience at the end of the day. He was brilliant with him.

Nothing happened the first night, or more specifically, the first morning. I think Arlo had woken early due to his general anxiety, so that would have helped. I arranged to meet him after school up in the dorm at four thirty. There wouldn't be any other kids around up there at that time. We sat on the side of his bed, and it was clear that he wanted to say something.

'I've thought about it Jon and…..'

'And what Arlo?'

'And, I was going to ask you if we could sort my problem out together?'

He wanted to talk about how boys get release. No problem Arlo. The room is at the end of a corridor and there's plenty of warning of any intrusion, and anyway the sleeping areas are out of bounds at this time of day.

'Do you want me to show you how Arlo?'

'Yes, but on me please. Do you want me to do anything?'

'No, I'll do it first, and then you try.'

There's nothing like revealing a boy's private parts when he's fully dressed, and for the first time. We lay side by side on his bed. I told him to lie still while I prepared him.

'Go on your back now………lift your bottom up…….that's it. Now just lie still for a bit. Would you like to touch mine Arlo?'

He nodded enthusiastically which surprised me somewhat, so I undid my trousers so he could reach my fully grown penis still inside my pants. I fiddled with his balls for a minute or so, and he seemed to like that. He stiffened quite quickly which is another good sign. It's a beauty….scar or no scar.

'I don't think you've got a problem here Arlo…..I really don't. Shall I start now?'

He nodded, and I decided on a gentle grip and started to stimulate his shaft just short of the bulbous head that looked to me like it would explode any moment.

'Ok, that's more or less how. Now you have a go.'

He took over the task and copied my movements while I played with his balls through his quite loose fitting pants……the same brief style as mine, but with more room to grow into shall we say. He was gripping mine hard in quite delicious squeezing movements.

'You better tell me when you feel it coming ..…and don't go too fast ok…….go a bit slower Arlo.'

I left off tickling and fondling his balls to lift his shirt and jumper as far up his chest as I could get it to keep his new kit out of harm's way……but not far enough as it turned out. He gave me no warning whatsoever. I had placed one fingertip over his anus, applying very gentle pressure through the cotton material. Just seconds later he came in a series of spurts of wonderfully warm ejaculate in a neat line starting at the bottom of his jumper and in little pools all the way down his tummy and ending as a drip on his thumb. I felt at least six hard spasms via my finger pressing against his bottom. I watched spellbound as each one delivering a goodly dose of his sperm. No wet dream for you tomorrow morning. Crikey Moses!

I'd brought with me what I thought was a sufficiency of toilet tissue for the both of us, anticipating a teaspoonful at the most, but this was more………an impressive result and no mistake. It took me another half minute to finish myself off as Arlo watched, delivering a mere starter compared to his main dish.

It took a while to sort us both out with the tissue. I did myself first, and by the time I had sorted out Arlo I was left in charge of an exquisitely perfumed and saturated mass of disintegrating tissue. I kept it in enclosed in my hand.

'Get it all out Arlo. You need to do that two or three times………see… this?'

With several upward squeezes of his shaft, I extracted three more good drops of the milky viscous solution. He didn't see, but I wasn't about to waste it.

I looked up the Catholic Church's attitude to what they term as 'self-abuse'. They argued that it was a solitary and self-centred activity and not associated with a relationship, therefore sinful.

They made, in my view, a good case for making it a mutual activity.

It seemed to me to be pretty decent and pragmatic solution to Arlo's problem. Later that day I put it to him, and he gladly accepted my argument. I didn't tell the Chaplain!

Fortunately Arlo didn't have an episode on the first morning. I was awake before the getting up bell and rolled over to have a look at him in the next bed. He was curled up with covers mostly over his face, and asleep, as were all the other boys by the look of them. The first morning of term is always a slow starter as none of us are used to the relatively early morning getting up regime. Even the dormitory prefect appeared to be reluctant to get his feet on the floor. I was first out of bed and half hard in my pyjamas. When I extricated Arlo, he had a full-on and consequently very obvious erection. Two or three of the others were in the same state as we all quickly whipped off the pj's and walked naked to the hooks on which our dressing gowns hang. I had a quick glance around the boys to see what was what. Young Simon Spencer, naked as nature intended and very nicely erect, was having a good look at Arlo, as was Freddie Orland.

It's two boys to each of the six individual shower stalls. Arlo and I took the end one nearest the window. If you happen to have a public problem in the stiffy department, the trick is to hold your dressing gown together at the front which serves to hold your hard penis against your tummy as you make your way down to the showers. My morning 'wood' tends to stay very wooden for some time especially if you've got your hands over it. Things don't get less exciting as we shower together but there's not enough time for anything other than applying soap to various parts of our bodies. Still hard in all probability, and very sexed up by soapy hands and the warm water, it's on with the dressing gown and back up to the dorm to make beds and dress for the day.

Opportunities for mutual relief don't come every day. We've been back now for two weeks and this morning Arlo came in his sleep. The boy in the bed the other side of Arlo's called Robert, noticed the wet patch on Arlo's pyjama bottoms as he got out of bed.



'You're all wet at the front. Have you wee'd yourself?'

'No. It's my sperm. I've just had a wet dream if you must know.'

Well that gave young Robert something to think about.

News travels fast amongst boys, especially any sort of 'interesting' tittle tattle associated with any kind of perceived 'naughtiness'. You can imagine.

I knew the kids that evening would want to know all about Arlo's nocturnal experience, and I wasn't wrong. I told Arlo to expect questions, and that he should answer them frankly and honestly. The boys would appreciate his honesty. In the event, they were absolutely fascinated by this entirely new phenomena.

That evening after lights out Arlo answered all the questions that were eagerly put to him by his spellbound dorm mates, none of whom had reached far enough into puberty to produce anything tangible in the spunk stakes. They all knew what a wet dream was, but had never experienced one for themselves and consequently were desperate to hear a first-hand account of what one was like. It was very funny listening to them. Robert asks……

'So, do you know it's coming then?'

'Of course I don't…there's a clue in the word 'dream' isn't there? It happens while you're asleep.'

'Does it feel the same as when you do it in the mornings?'

'Yes, more or less, but better.'

'How much sperm comes out?'

'Loads…….makes everything wet and sticky. It goes on for ages. Bloody nuisance really.'

'Will we all have them? When can we see it?'

'Maybe, in about ten years in your case……and no you can't see it.'

'Why not? Will you make some now….for us please?'

'Bugger off Robert, I'm tired.'

'Can I do it for you then? I'm not tired.'

Arlo looked at me……I smiled…..

'Why not, meany……….if you don't mind.'

'Shall I let him then?'

Robert wasn't slow in taking up Arlo's offer. Robert came round my side of Arlo's bed as he's left handed, like me. Arlo lay uncovered to mid-thigh with his hands behind his head, penis erect and inviting Robert's attention. Robert is a cute fair haired boy and I am sorely tempted to put my hand inside his pyjama bottoms which I can easily reach, but I resist, content to watch proceedings. Robert wraps his fist around Arlo's ample shaft and starts off at a good pace.

'Is this right Arlo?' says Robert in that sweet little voice of his. I'm starting to see Robert in a different light.

Arlo didn't disappoint his audience. They all wanted to touch the milky liquid that lay in puddles on Arlo's tummy, rising and falling as his excitement subsided. He'd come quite suddenly in three arching spurts to Robert's huge delight.

'Will there be any more Arlo?'

'How much do you want then? That's enough isn't it Robert?'

'I suppose so.'

Some people are very hard to please.

I'd resisted getting hold of Robert's bits, despite the fact that they were just a few centimetres from my hand. I thought that might well complicate matters unnecessarily, besides I had no idea where I personally stood with Robert. I knew him of course, but not well enough to take a risk like that. Suffice it to say that when he stood up, young Robert was as hard as a nail. Oh well. With Arlo recovering on his side facing away from me, I couldn't see what Robert was up to in his bed, but I could imagine. All the other boys were very quiet and mostly invisible under their bedclothes, no doubt absorbing what they had just witnessed.

I didn't talk to Arlo properly until the following lunch break.

'How was Robert then Arlo? I think they were all suitably impressed.'


Ah…..he's not saying much. I think his unwillingness to comment is probably significant. That probability was increased by the appearance of Robert himself. He looks very nice, this boy, in fact I've forgotten how nice…….all blond with small features, well covered legs and nice calves, and a satisfyingly full bottom, and with hands in pockets, shown up to maximum effect in his shorter than average grey shorts.

'Hi Arlo.' He says with a nice smile looking up somewhat into the face of the taller boy.

'Hi Robert. You ok?'

'Yeah, you?'

Umm……we seem to be friends now. That's nice.

It's February the first today, two thousand and fifteen. January has been cold and horrible. I've just come in from the cross country run which was a truly freezing experience. I've opted out of hockey and gone for the activity that takes up the least time. As a result I'm here in the House changing room on my own and a good hour before the hockey bods get back. I told Bryn that three thirty was a good time to phone, so I'm sitting here in my white shorts, tee shirt and trainers waiting. My phone goes and I instantly check my watch……..three thirty one. Good man.

'Hi Jon, how's it going?'

'Fine thanks……..Arlo's on the straight and narrow, and guess what……..he's given me the elbow the little shit……after all I've done for him.'

'The little sod. Why? What happened?'

'Robert happened.'

'Oh, him.'

'Yes, him.'

'Oh well, never mind. You should be pleased that your protégé is nicely absorbed into your weird community. So are they?'

'Yes, they are.'

'Oh, how very annoying for you.'

'Well, it is a bit. Anyway, it's nice for Arlo to have a little friend like Robert to play with. Arlo adores him, and I have to admit that Robert is a very sexy little milk maid.'

'Milk maid?'

'Yes. I heard Arlo call him that. That appears to be Robert's main function.'

'Hmm. Lucky Arlo. So is it just a one way thing then?'

'No……'s most nights. I have to listen to it……and see it if I can bear it. I'm thinking of becoming a monk. I need a cuddle badly, like when we were in the car?'

'Poor darling. I wish I could, I really do.'

'Me too.'

'So haven't you then?'

'No, not for a week. More probably.'

'Oh dear. Where are you now?'

'Sitting on my own in the changing room in my running stuff, with my ears being tickled by kids clothes hanging on hooks above the bench.'

'Sitting doing what?'

'Talking to you.'

'What else?'

'Never mind.'

I had my hand inside my shorts. As soon as I hear Bryn's voice I get turned on. I change hands so that I'm holding the phone in my right hand which leaves my left for other things. I've got my hand between my shorts and my pants and it's feeling good. I'm not hard yet, but it's getting there rapidly as I listen to Bryn's calm and reassuring voice. I have no idea what he's 'like' if you know what I mean, because he won't let me see or feel him there, apart from when I pressed the palm of my hand against him on the school field that is. I understand why, and I can't blame him for that, but that doesn't make me want him any the less. I'm as hard as rock now. I keep squeezing it and there's virtually no give in it at all. I've done it in here before, although not on my own. A quiet corner of the changing room is always a good place in my book. It must be all those pairs of knickers hanging there on the hooks. Seeing them always turns me on. It's the thought of what will soon be occupying them.

'So where are you then Bryn?'

'Lying on my bed in Hall.'


'And……nothing. You?'

'Le meme chose.'

'Ah, you have a Gallic turn of phrase then?'

'Might have…….un peu.'

'A little? Are you little?'

'No……..not exactly…….what you might call 'semi-dur' in fact. I will if you will?'

'Naughty boy. What if someone comes in?'

'I'm right in the far corner. I'll get enough warning, unless I'm so close I can't stop.'

'How close are you now?'

'About half way. You?'

'Catching you up. Tell me when your bus is arriving please.'

I'm really seriously excited by this unexpected situation. I think that's it…….the very fact that it is so unexpected. Actually talking to Bryn as we're both doing it is so unbelievably erotic. I'm getting breathless…..

'I can see the bus……be here in a moment or two…..'

'Oh bloody hell, so is mine!'

'Oh Bryn……..'

'I love you too Jon…………..I'm coming!'

We had a few more words which I can't remember….it was all a bit of a rush and rather breathless right at the end, but I had the most fantastic feeling. I looked down at my nice clean-on tee shirt and I'd managed a big blob of you-know-what half way up it. It's never gone that far before. I told Bryn and he laughed. He said I was a messy pup. It was the sexiest thing ever, that's for sure. About a minute later I heard voices.

'I've got to go Bryn! Phone later please.'

I managed to get my slightly deflated doings back into my pants….just about……the thing sticking right out alarmingly still. I had got my shorts off and I was turned towards my clothes that I'd hung on the peg. There were two voices, quite high pitched, so they must be first or second year boys. If they are, I shan't bother hiding anything.

They were two of the most junior boys…..nice kids. They were just back from hockey, and they had used the two pegs about two away from mine. I stood there pretending to fiddle with the laces of my trainers. The two boys started to strip off, shirts first and then shorts with nothing underneath. Boys that age play games sans underwear, apart from cricket. I had a good look at them…..nice little things, uncircumcised, four decent balls between them, one who looked quite close to puberty, the other miles away. They had both noticed my condition, and the more mature lad had gone a nice shade of pink and was clearly embarrassed. The other one seemed quite unfazed…….

'Are you showering David?' asked his friend….

'Yes, I think so. Are you?'

'No. See you in the common room.'

That left me with the very pretty but underdeveloped David. I had the distinct impression that he was interested, or at the very least curious. If it had been the other way around, I know for a fact that I would have been. What….alone in the changing room with an older boy and about to get in the shower? That's manna from heaven isn't it?

I gave David a few looks, and I'm pretty sure he knows what I'm thinking.

'Crikey, you're amazingly muddy.'

'I know. I fell over a few times. It's everywhere, and it's really hard to get off.'

Cakes of mud are indeed hard to get off. Cross country running avoids the problem, usually. Rugby's the worst of course.

'Oh dear. It looks like you've been sitting in a mud bath David.'

He took off his long games socks whilst standing with his back to me. Boys normally do that sitting on the bench. By commenting on his muddy state, I had told him I had noticed and he'd responded with a hint of an invitation. There's a possibility that he's interested.

I've just had a glorious cum whilst on the phone to Bryn, and now I'm fortuitously presented with another opportunity with this David fellow and his very muddy bottom. My erection has subsided, but not completely, and my cum was so intense that it somehow didn't all get done and dusted. I know I could easily go again.

We all know each other to some extent, even the much younger boys, but I wouldn't say I know David anything like well, but he has a decent reputation so……well, let's see how we go with him. I may well have got this wrong, but I suspect not. He keeps looking where he shouldn't, and making no attempt to hide the fact.

'Do you think we should save water David?'

He smiled. He knows exactly what I mean……the euphemism for sharing a space together.

By the time we had the water running warm, David had cottoned on nicely and his penis was showing the way forwards, as was mine and about twice the size of his. I could hardly see his balls, all neat and tucked up underneath. His foreskin had retracted partly over the head which was nicely pink and shiny. I'm going to enjoy this.

He let me soap him off everywhere, and clearly enjoyed my sensitive ministrations. All that done, I had my hands on his shoulders with my almost vertical rod pressing into him just above his buttocks. I whispered in his ear….

'Can I do anything for you David?'

'Yes please Jon.'

'Show me then David.'

'Here…….and here too please.'

Umm. David likes to be played with at the front, and at the back it would appear. Just my cup of tea. Good lad.

It was slightly awkward as he's not as tall as me, but it all worked a treat. I leaned into the corner of the shower cubicle with David leaning against my front. His ultra-tight anus wasn't keen to be penetrated at first by one soapy middle finger, but after a minute or so, it gave way gracefully to my intrusion. Within a minute of my getting in him as far as the length of my finger would allow, he came, beautifully it must be said. I well remember the intensity of my first mutual orgasms at that age, a couple of years before puberty, not that this was his first. No, I doubt that very much. I never ceased to be thrilled by the shere intensity of a young boy cumming. I suspect that David gets around his dorm, and elsewhere probably. He strikes me as a very randy little lad. Mental note made.

I could have come myself with David's assistance, but it didn't seem appropriate somehow, so I didn't. Some boys can be quite selfish in that way, once they've got what they want, but I'm sure David would have been perfectly willing. As it was, we were both dressed and in an orderly condition, and quite undiscovered. We sat on the wooden bench with no space between us. Boys can feel a bit down and left over after that experience so I put my hand gently on his back and felt the soft texture of his jumper. He responds, head lowered, with just the hint of a smile and I know he's ok. I'm not going to leave him until I'm sure he is.

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