Berrington Hall

by Rafael Henry

Chapter 6

Since the 'phone call from his home, David and I had agreed that there would be no more 'visits' to the Hut. We both agreed that Tim is now the priority and the one we both see as being the problem.

I was worried that David was about to be left high and dry emotionally, but my concerns were partly allayed by him assuring me that he would be seeing Tim regularly in the summer holiday, apart from the first week that is, and that any 'visits' would be by Tim on his own which would give me the chance to get his head into the right place for next year. Tim has another very important year to go, as this one has been for David.

David is not a high flyer academically, but with his sporting ability he had pulled off his place at Exeter School comfortably. Tim's parents had ambitions of Winchester which was a different matter entirely. Tim is a very bright boy, but he's not going to make Winchester without a huge amount of hard work.

Tim came to the hut twice more before it all became impossible due to all the end of year events. Each visit was for an hour or so, and it was just the two of us. It did involve, at Tim's insistence, some playfulness between us, but it was so much more than that. We would lie in bed together with just a sheet over us talking about this and that, after he had satisfied his curiosity once again.

'Do you expect it to be any different then?'

'No……..not really. I just want to see it again, feel it, that's all.'

He looked at me sideways with that slightly impish grin of his.

'Is this the last time do you think Simon? Can I come again tomorrow….just once more………please?'

'Maybe, but it's the party isn't it? What are you doing in games tomorrow? I'm at the pool until five. How about after that? There should be time before tea.'

I have let Tim satisfy his curiosity , as he put it, which is of course a euphemism for witnessing my ejaculation. With a few hints on technique, I could leave matters entirely in his hands…literally. He has learnt to give me the most exquisite orgasm, making me last until I can barely tolerate his delaying tactics any longer, and then I'm allowed to let it all go. I get to hold him and touch him in places of my choosing as he goes about the task, which enriches the whole experience for both of us. His pleasure will come after mine, which is his choice.

There were about twenty boys at the pool that afternoon and it was my last chance to savour those occasions. The boys were excited at the imminent prospect of going home for the summer and they were in the mood for fun and games. All nude as usual for Social Swimming, their shiny bodies twisting this way and that as they played their games of ducking and chasing, and being 'caught'. It bothered them not that I was watching their antics with interest and some amusement.

Charlie saw me looking.

'Come in Simon! Go on please…….just once…….please?'

'What, with you lot? No way!'

Charlie looked at the boys around him and they instantly hatched their plan.

I managed to get my tee shirt off before I was pulled into the water. I'm not sure at exactly what point I lost my shorts, and what I was wearing underneath them soon went too. The boys don't see me as a teacher……far from it thank goodness. I was rather pleased that they consider me to be much more 'one of them', so to speak.

As Charlie pointed out, it was hardly fair that I should see them naked all that time and they didn't ever see me in that state. That's not fair is it? No, I suppose it isn't. Anyway, they've seen me now so the whole lot of them know what I looks like stark naked. I hope they're not disappointed.

Charlie and his mate Liam were giving me the limpet treatment bigtime. I had Liam with his hands around my neck and his legs clamped around my middle. I could feel his rather handsome penis impressing itself interestingly in the small of my back…….just that little point of contact….that intimate and very discernable pressure where you wouldn't expect it. The other one amused himself by ducking between my legs and reappearing with a toothy grin when he needed air……..and had satisfied his own curiosity with a couple of playful grabs en-passant. I wouldn't have denied him that, bless his little cotton knickers. There were moments when I thought an erection was a distinct possibility, but thankfully the swelling was relatively minor.

I was in the right mood after that to receive Tim again at the Hut, but when I saw his figure approach the front door I could see immediately that he didn't look his usual self.

I put a hand on his shoulder and led him into the bedroom and sat him on the edge of the bed, and I sat beside him with my arm around him.

'I thought you had games today? Didn't you go?'

'No, I didn't feel like it and Mr Foster said I didn't have to if I didn't feel well.'

'So, don't you feel well?'

'I feel ok…….now.'

He stood up and faced me, his head down and his hands flat against his thighs. This was always his signal to me that he wants me to undress him. He knew I love doing that.

'Are you sure Tim……..we could just talk for a bit?'

He didn't move, so I began as I had twice before. I adore him and I want to do this in a loving way. I know he loves me in the way a young boy can love an older boy. It's no doubt a transitory thing, but right now it's possibly the most important thing in his life.

This is the last but one day that Tim will be wearing his extraordinarily alluring grey shorts. Next term he'll be in longs, but I love him in these things. He is a truly beautiful boy and I pull him towards me because I have to feel him close to me now. He responds by putting his arms around me and touching my face with his.

It doesn't last for long because he needs me in other ways and he doesn't want to wait.

I will keep him waiting though, because I want to do what I love doing to him and David. It's just one of those things with me……..the gradual process of revelation, for that's what it is. It's the most erotic thing in the world for me, and done slowly and sensitively in the full and certain knowledge of what it will end with. With his chest bare I examine him in detail….I feel his ribs and nipples which are now those hard little points of pink. Now, my hands feel the boy's back…..tracing the line of his vertebrae from his neck with the diminishing line of downy hair which points my way downwards. I can't resist pushing my fingertips a little way inside the back of his shorts just to make sure. What I can feel pleases and excites me. It always does.

'Turn round and take off your socks please Tim.'

He knows why I ask him to do that, and while he obeys me, what I can see pleases and excites me even more.

I think of the boy in the playground…….the boy I was never with, like I am now with Tim. The boy I never pleased like I will Tim in a few minutes from now………the boy who never knew me………the boy I wanted to know so badly and never did.

Tim turns and the two grey woolly objects fall to the floor. He smiles…….

'Why do you like that?'

'Don't you know why?'

'Umm…..I think I do.'

'Well then. It's just part of what makes you such a beautiful boy…….your outward beauty. Your inner beauty is another wonderful thing, but that's different.'

Tim suddenly looks thoughtful.

'I love you Simon. Do you really have to go?'

'I'll write to you……..and yes I love you too. That won't change, not ever……even when you're not there……. especially when you're not there.'

'Do you want to see now?'

'Yes please. Do you look nice today?'

'I think so.'

He was already in an interesting condition, in fact he had been for a little while, as indeed I was.

He let me reveal him, a sight just as erotic, almost more so than total nudity.

'Will you feel me please…..just for a bit. I like that.'

I do, and he feels so soft in the soft places…….so warm in the warm places………but now he wants me.

'Will you see to Tim now……..he needs you.'

'He's a naughty boy, that Tim. What would he like me to do?'

He told me. It seemed a very appropriate way to please him for the last time. We were lying together when our time came….when our last time came……..a last coming together? No, not quite.

There's a small gap between us as we lie facing each other. We both have smiles and rolling tears as I smooth the warm skin of Tim's back.

'Tell me again please.'

Of course I did…..several times.

'Once more please…..with both hands…….like the first time?'

I remember that first time so well.

I did write to him and received replies to the first two letters. I must have written several more in the following six months to ask him how he was and how things were going for me at Loughborough but I heard no more from him. He and David remained friends, and still are, so I had reasonably regular updates from David. Tim had moved on socially as I hoped he would and forged new relationships. The good news was that he had done well in his entrance examination, or well enough, and had been awarded a place at Winchester.

The telephone call.

Oh yes……. that phone call. As you might imagine, sitting by the 'phone in A's study, I was bag of nerves waiting for the call from David's father. I remember the exact time when the 'phone rang….it was six twenty one. I know that because I was looking at the clock on the wall when it rang. I jumped like a gun had just gone off behind me. I got the 'hello' out of my very dry mouth with some difficulty.

'Is that Simon? Are you there?'


'Oh good……I thought I was talking to thin air for a moment there.'

A bad start I thought. However, I needn't have worried. He continued…….

'I just wanted to thank you Simon for your encouragement to David. His cricket has come on in leaps and bounds this year and he says it's all down to you, so…….I just wanted to thank you for that, and to make you an offer of something that might interest you. Let me explain……'

I can't pretend that I haven't been worried half to death over that 'phone call. You are looking at one very relieved seventeen year old boy, believe me.

I barely took in what he was saying, so I had to ask him to repeat the first bit more or less as soon as he had said it.

'I've got David on the cricket course in Sidmouth for the first week of the holidays. Do you know it? Right, I thought you would. Look…….they always need extra coaches there and I took the liberty of asking them on your behalf. Are you free that week? Do you think you'd like to help out? You would? Excellent! Look, this is what I'd like to do. I'm not going to be there myself because I'm in London all that week, but I can book you both into the Royal Clarence Hotel. It'll be quite fun for you both there because it's right on the seafront and I will try to get one of the rooms facing the sea. They have little balconies and big windows that open up onto them. You'll love it there. The course is from the Monday to the Friday, with the option of staying until the following Monday so you can both get weekend games if you want. What do you think? Oh, one other thing……..I thought a double room would be best for the two of you….twin beds and all that. Is that ok? Probably better that way…….don't want the boy wandering off on his own at night do we.'

No we don't! Indeed not.

'If you can come to us on the Sunday, we'll taxi you both down to Sidmouth that night so you'll be all fresh and ready to go on the Monday. Perfect!'

And so it was. Loaded down somewhat with my kit, I caught a bus which went close to David's house in Southernhay West in Exeter, quite close to the Cathedral. It was after three and the bells were ringing for some reason. It's mostly offices in that area with a few private houses. I found number twenty three and rang the bell. David opened the door.


'Hi David.'

'Come in. Mum's upstairs in the kitchen. Leave your stuff there behind the door.'

Is it my imagination or has he grown a bit in the last three days? No, of course he hasn't.

I followed David up the stairs. He looked good in some familiar white sport shorts and ankle socks and singlet. His mother is one of those no nonsense types but really nice with it. She packed us off to David's room to sort out what he needed for the week in addition to his cricket gear.

'Will you choose please Simon?'

Some things I knew he looked particularly good in, so I chose them. He stood next to me as I made my selection.

'Why those ones?' he says innocently.

I smiled………

'You know why……..because a certain part of your anatomy looks very nice in them, that's why. Anyway, you know it does.'

David gives me that smile……

'Is that my best bit then?'

' One of your best bits…….or to be more precise, two of your best bits.'

'What about the funny bit in between those bits….is that nice?'

'Hmm…….that's a little mystery that might have to remain a mystery don't you think?'

'A little mystery? That's not fair. Anyway it's big enough I reckon……………from what I've seen.'

'Cheeky so and so……you'll get that smacked in a minute.'

'Go on then.'

David turned his back on me and put his hands on his knees provocatively, inviting the first blow to land. He knew how much I loved that view of him.

'You should be so lucky……..anyway, mummy might hear, and she would wonder what on earth is going on up there.'

We both laughed.

'But, having said that, it is very tempting.'

'Something else then…..just gently.'

'Turn round then……'

He did as I asked, and it was better with him facing me……..more intimate like this. With my hands behind him, I went inside his shorts, and deep down, but outside the white cotton that covered his soft skin. At the same time, he held me harder and harder, but we knew we had to wait. Five minutes later we were in the kitchen.

'Are you sure you've got enough of everything David? Did you get Simon to check? Make sure you take the things we bought yesterday……I noticed your underwear looks a little tired.'

'Mum! You're so embarrassing sometimes, you really are.'

David looked at me.

' Sorry darling but that's what mothers do……….don't they Simon?'

'Yes, I'm afraid that's right David. Best just to give in I think……no arguing.'

Before the taxi arrived David's mother gave me an envelope. She told me that it contained some money for 'incidentals' and that it had to be spent.

We both sat in the back of the taxi. The driver couldn't see us so I let David lean into me. I put my arm around him and he made enough room so that I could gently stroke his back. He was wearing just a tee shirt with the words 'Devon Youth Cricket' printed on the back in blue capital letters. He had the same shorts on as he had earlier, because…….to use his words……..'I know you like them'. I do like them, because they show him off so well. There's not a huge amount to see at the front, but there certainly is at the back. I want my little boy to look good wherever he is and whatever he's doing, because I love him. I feel a weird sort of sick feeling when I think about him, and I know perfectly well why. We talked in whispers………

'Are you ok with this? I mean sharing a room and all that?'

'Yeah of course I am. Aren't you?'

Well, I'm more than ok with it actually. Who would object to going to sleep and waking up with David in the next bed? He just seems to get a little lovelier each day.

The hotel, rather grandly named The Royal Clarence and Faulkner, is quite nice, although old fashioned…..tired almost. It's an old building stretching along the eastern end of Sidmouth sea front painted blue and white. I got out the envelope to pay our driver but he waved the back of his hand at me……….

'Paid for mate.'

He drove off.

We lugged our kit through the front door, introduced ourselves at the desk and a very presentable young girl showed us our room. It's on the first floor and looks out over the road, then the promenade, and then the pebbly beach. The tide is up so all the people are sitting up near the sea wall. There's all kinds of noises……children laughing and splashing in the water, cars going by and what looks like a coach party of older people, some with ice creams. We both stand in the window watching the scene below us. I feel David's hand on my back. I turn towards him….

'What do you want David?'

'It's nice isn't…….all the people and everything. Look at them down there……next to the red towel.'

We watched the group who were obviously packing up for the day. A boy who looked about eleven or so was standing stark naked and being difficult as his mother was trying to persuade him to get dressed. His blue swimming trunks lay near his feet and he had his hands together covering his modesty. Mum was holding a pale blue tee shirt with something printed on the front and then she forced the article over the boy's head. In the end, after a few words, the boy relented and put his arms through the appropriate holes, thus exposing his middle which hitherto he had kept carefully covered up with the crossed palms of his hands. The boy, his modesty exposed to public gaze, pulled his shirt rapidly downwards and stretching it in the process to recover himself while mum held out a nice pair of plain white briefs, held open for him to step into. Hands on mum's shoulders now, he does as he is told. Either the boy was very well endowed, or he was semi-erect……probably the latter. His penis made a pleasing impression as it was held at the vertical, it's extremity almost reaching the waistband. I looked at David who was smiling……

'That was funny wasn't it?'

David's smile had broadened.

'Umm. I remember mum doing that to me.'

'Shall we explore then? It's ages before dinner.'

'Can we stay here for a bit please?'

'Why? I thought you'd like a walk along the prom. I'll buy you an ice cream…… about that?'

'Ok. In a few minutes?'

Watching the boy on the beach had had its effect on David, and on me to some extent. David wanted a cuddle which I knew was designed to lead to more. I wanted to walk, and besides, some things are best left for later. The cuddle….both of us standing……lasted for five minutes or so. With David so obviously in need, it was a close run thing. Five minutes later, we were on the beach.

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