Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 32

Jack, Joseph, Kevin and I arrived back at the apartment before Mom, Dad, Pablo and Juan in The big DeSoto.

"Seeing the three brothers together was rather emotional," Joseph said.

"Yes it was," Jack agreed. "Pablo and Juan were ecstatic at finding Tony. They really had no idea where he was. Now we need to locate Carlos. He shouldn't be hard to find if the right person has an inside track with Children's Services. There is a list of kids in foster care somewhere."

"What about Tony?" I wondered. "How long will he have to stay at the Tulsa Boys Home?"

"Initially he was sent there because he got in trouble and didn't have a decent home to go to," Jack reminded him. "I think his father is either in prison somewhere or deported. Either way it is good riddance. We wouldn't want to see the kid back in that situation. If he had not gotten arrested he would probably be in foster care like Carlos."

"But how long will he be there?"

"The question is where would he go. If he keeps his nose clean he might get into a foster home like his brother. If not, I think they can keep them until he is 18 then let him try to make it on his own. Worst case if he really screws up is to deport him."

What about Pablo and Juan? Could they look after him?" Joseph asked. "Pablo seems very responsible."

"He is," Jack agreed. "But remember, none of these guys are legal. They are all illegal aliens and subject to deportation."

"That is a tough situation," Kevin observed. "I really feel bad for those guys. None of them asked to be in that situation. Well, Tony screwed up but that really wasn't his fault either."

Joseph suggested. "We have a family attorney who is very sharp. I think I will call and see if he will talk to me about this. I hope he will take me seriously."

"Why wouldn't he take you seriously?" Kevin asked.

"I am a fifteen year old boy."

"Right, but you talk like a college professor," I said.

Joseph laughed. "Thank you, but that might not be sufficient."

"Do you suppose he would talk to me?" Jack wondered.

"That might not be a bad idea," Joseph agreed. "Perhaps if I make an appointment we might go together."

Joseph looked thoughtful. "Actually there are three problems. First is locating Carlos. Second is working something out for Tony. Third is the immigration status of all four brothers."

"That's right," Jack replied. "And I think you stated those in order of difficulty. Locating Carlos shouldn't be too hard with the help of an attorney, although I don't know where else he could go with no relatives. Tony will have to behave himself to have somewhere better to go. Carlos really has no better alternative than foster care either. The problem with the immigration status is a tough one. The law is pretty unforgiving."

"This doesn't sound like an easy project," I lamented. "But it seems like we should try to do something. These are our friends."

"The easy thing to do is look the other way," Jack said. "If there is something we can do, we should do it. If there is not, we won't know that until we try. I am up for seeing what we can do. What do you think, Joseph?"

"I would not feel right about looking the other way. I will contact our attorney in the morning. It is too late to call him today."

I have to go," Jack said. I will talk to you guys later."

Jack left just as my parents walked in. "Hello," Jack said. "I was just about to leave. Did you enjoy driving Pablo's DeSoto?"

"Oh yes! That is quite the space ship. If he will hang on to that it will be worth something eventually," Dad said. "They aren't making DeSotos any more and nobody else made one like that."

"Where did you go? You left before us." Kevin asked.

"Your father had to take a little detour so he could drive that old car. Juan and Pablo are on their way back to their place," Mom answered. "Aren't you boys hungry? You can stay Jack. We can feed you something."

"Thank you very much but I have to run. Pablo and I have plans for tonight."

I winked at Joseph. "Have fun," I said to Jack.

Kevin clicked on the TV while Joseph and I went to the bedroom to talk. We closed the door and stretched out on my bed.

"So how are you doing? Are you missing Alice's cooking?" I asked.

"No, not at all. Not that Alice isn't a good cook. But I have enjoyed being here very much," Joseph assured me. "What I miss is my piano."

"Sure. I guess you are used to playing every day," I guessed.

"I am. I think the last time I went a week without a piano was when I was about four years old."

"Did you really start that young?"

"When I was four we stayed with my aunt for a week. She had an upright piano that I started playing with. It seems that I picked out some things by ear using both hands and attracted some attention. Mother decided I should take lessons and the rest is history, as they say."

"You didn't have a piano at your house?"

"No but mother bought a little spinet for me to learn on, and when I was nine my teacher encouraged her to buy a better one. Actually I was invited to play with the Tulsa Philharmonic and that convinced her that I had a future in music. That was when they bought the big piano. It is a Steinway you know."

"I don't know much about pianos," I admitted.

"A Steinway is a good one," Joseph assured me. "Anyway, I miss it. I am in no hurry to leave your gracious hospitality, but I really should play or I will get rusty."

"Does it make that much difference?"

"Actually, it does. After a few days I can tell the difference. After a few more my teacher can notice the difference. After a week or more you could tell the difference."

"I doubt that. I am not that musical." I admitted.

"Don't sell yourself short. You have been exposed to a lot of good music singing in the church choir, and have a better ear than you may realize."

"Maybe," I admitted. "I have learned a lot about music from the choir, mostly from your tutoring. You have almost taught me how to read music."

Joseph suggested. "I have a key to the house of course. I think I would like to run home tomorrow to play for awhile. If the weather is decent we might ride over and if not I think I will ask Alice to come and get me. Would you care to join me?"

"Sure. I like to hear you play," I assured him. "I guess except for Alice we will have the house to ourselves, right?"

"Right," He said with a broad smile. "I think I like the way you are thinking."

"We might want to take a nap after you practice," I suggested.

Joseph chuckled. "I definitely like the way you are thinking."

Unfortunately the skies were overcast and snow was predicted for later in the day. It was not ideal weather for a bicycle ride.

"Joseph wants to go to his house to practice on his piano," I told my parents. "I would like to go with him to hear him play."

"The weather looks bad," Mom answered.

"Alice will come to fetch me and it would be nice to have Nicky for company," Joseph told her.

"Don't you boys ever get tired of each other?" she asked.

"Not yet," I assured her. "Besides he needs some clean clothes. I won't be in the way."

Mom just laughed. "I suppose."

We fixed ourselves some cereal and toast for breakfast and Alice came by about 10:00 in the big Lincoln to give us a ride to Joseph's house.

"It is nice to see you boys," Alice said. "I was afraid you were gone for good."

"Actually, I missed you, Alice," Joseph reassured her.

"I missed you too," she said sincerely. "It has been very quiet in the house with you and your mother both away."

We pulled into the garage just as the first snowflakes began to fall. Joseph went straight to the music room and sat down at his nice piano. It was a Steinway grand, long and black. He opened the keyboard cover and ran his fingers over the keys.

"I have missed you my dear," he said quietly. Seeming to forget I was nearby, he began to play a series of scales, up and down the long keyboard. Moving up a half step he played another then another, remembering the feel of the keys under his fingers.

"Listen closely, Nicky. This is one of your favorites and you are familiar with it. See how it sounds to you."

He began to play Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, racing over the keys and sending out a gush of sound. I listened and thought it was beautiful.

He finished and turned to me. "Could you hear the difference?"

"It sounded great," I assured him.

"But there were places where there was a hesitation. It didn't quite flow as it should," he explained.

I shrugged. "I thought it was super. I really do like that piece."

He smiled. "I am not sure you would admit that you heard any mistakes even if they were really awful. You are my most loyal fan."

I shrugged again. "Maybe you are asking the wrong person. I thought it was fine."

"Thank you Nicky," he seemed unconvinced that I was being honest. "I could tell it was off."

I settled back in the wing back chair behind him and listened as he played through several pieces, some I had heard before and some I didn't recognize. After warming up on some things he knew from memory, he pulled out a folder of music and began to work on something newer. He played ferociously, then stopped and repeated a passage slowly before playing it again at speed. He seemed to be building something complicated and beautiful. How was I ever to judge the quality of his genius?

"Would you like some lunch?" he asked, waking me from sleep.

"I'm sorry. I guess I dozed off," I apologized.

"No apology necessary," he smiled. "Alice has something for us."

We went into the kitchen and sat down to a happy Alice. There was a fragrant soup and grilled sandwiches made with a smoky melted cheese.

"Man, that smells good. I have missed your cooking," I told her.

"And I have missed feeding you. No one appreciates cooking like a hungry boy," she laughed.

After we ate, Joseph asked. "Would you like to stretch out for a bit?"

"That sounds good," I replied. We climbed up the stairs to his spacious room.

It had been some time since we had been together in his bedroom. "I forget how big this place is. You must have missed this place."

"It is a nice room," Joseph admitted. "But I like yours better."

"Why is that?" I asked with surprise.

"Because you are in it," Joseph took my hand. "I do feel bad for Kevin, however."

"You shouldn't. Kevin really likes you, admires you really."

"Oh? How so?"

Kevin is kind of a brain and he appreciates your intelligence I think. Maybe he wishes he had your talent, and maybe your opportunity." I suggested. "He could make good use of a better education than he will probably be able to afford."

Joseph considered that without much comment. "Kevin is very bright."

"Anyway, he likes to be around you."

I went to the glass doors that looked out on Joseph's balcony. He came to stand behind me and put his long arms around my waist.

"It is nice to have a little privacy," he breathed into my ear. I felt a sudden shortness of breath and leaned back against him.

"We used to do this all the time," I said.

"I have missed that, if not the room itself," Joseph admitted.

I turned to face him and we kissed long and lovingly. "I wish this week would never end."

"We should make the best of it," he said and gently pulled me over to his bed.

With unspoken consent we quickly removed all our clothing and slipped beneath his covers, enjoying the feel of bare skin between us. "Do you suppose we will ever tire of this?" he asked.

"Not me," I replied, feeling his erection against my hip.

We began the timeless horizontal dance that lovers do and squirmed against each other, probing and feeling the parts that were most dear to us. He licked my nipples and began to suck them gently, first one then the other, his long fingers stroking the underside of my testicles and rolling them around in their loose bag. The heel of his hand rubbing across my hard cock which stood clamped against my belly as it did when I was excited.

His lips wandered down from my nipples to my stomach, tickling my navel and screwing itself into that little depression. My hands were on his face, my fingers stroking his ears, pulling him closer. His tongue crept down to my penis and began to lick at the shaft, running up and down the length of it. He pulled my foreskin down tight and sucked me into his warm mouth, lapping at my cock with his tongue.

I sighed and pushed my hips against his face, feeling his hot breath blow across my pubic hair. "Oh yes," I sighed. After a few minutes of this I made him stop. "I'm getting too close and we are in no hurry," I told him.

I sat up and pushed him down on his back. I straddled him and sat on his dick, by butt cheeks pinning it flat against his stomach. I looked down at my intended victim.

"You have a little circle or dark hairs around your nipples," I noticed for the first time, "and the trail of hair running down from your belly button is getting darker."

Joseph smiled. "Alas, Nicky. I am growing old before my time."

"No, just sexier. I think you are very sexy. You are actually very muscular. You are tall and lean, but you wear loose clothes and it makes you look skinny. You dress to minimize your body. If you wore tight clothes you would look hot and attract attention."

"Exactly, that's why I avoid that sort of thing."

"That's good," I agreed. "I don't want any competition.

Joseph looked down at my orange pubes. "Your fur is a bit thicker, and you are still hard. I think it is interesting that when you are erect, your penis stands up flat against your stomach while mine seldom rises above the horizontal."

"I don't know," I shrugged. "I'm a Ford and you're a Chevy, I guess," I bounced on his dick a little. "Let's play some more."

"Yes, of course. I was just admiring you Nicky," Joseph smiled. "I am yours for the taking. Do with me what you will."

I leaned over and used my tongue to trace the circle of hairs around each nipple. It was so fine I could scarcely feel it, but his nipples got hard and made nice little bumps for my tongue to play with.

I sat back up and ran the palms of my hands over his chest and torso, admiring the lean muscle just under his skin. Joseph was naturally a little darker that me. While I doubt he ever spent much time in the sun, he still had kind of a light olive tan sort of a color to him. Not that he was dark, but it was noticeable up next to me.

My skin was milky white to contrast with my curly red-orange hair. There was a modest bush of the same color above and around my uncut cock, and similar wisps of hair in each armpit. That was about all the body hair on me, while Joseph had a thick dark bush, and his legs were getting hairy.

I was sitting on his very hard cock, wiggling gently from side to side, trying to disturb him. He had a lovely circumcised penis, at least an inch longer than me, his maybe 7 inches and mine about 6. I began to tweak his nipples as I straddled him, causing him to draw air in through his teeth.

"What can I do for you?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh Nicky, You know what I like."

"That works for me. You ready?" I scooted off of him and positioned myself between his legs. I pulled a pillow over and he raised his hips and slid the pillow underneath. I leaned over and began to lick his hole, eliciting a low moan.

"You know how I love that," Joseph murmured.

I did know and I loved to make him purr. I ran my tongue over his crack from the perineum to his tailbone, making sure I pressed the tip of my tongue into his hole as I passed. I knew he had showered that morning before we left and was not concerned about hygiene. I licked and he squirmed.

I had never eaten anyone's ass before Joseph and if I had thought of it at all would probably expected it to be disgusting. But it was not. In the first place, this was Joseph, and I loved him. I would have done a lot of things to make him purr. And to my surprise it was not at all disgusting. His butt was clean and pink, and except for a few dark hairs on each side of his hole, was very smooth. The hairs felt interesting as they passed under my tongue. I positioned my mouth over the hole and suctioned a loud smack that made him jump and giggle.

"Oh, that's wonderful," he sighed, and moved his hips in pleasure. As I persisted in tonguing his ass his backside became very slick and I became very hard. This was turning me on as much as it did Joseph.

"I'm ready Nicky. Please fuck me now," he croaked. The little jar of Vaseline appeared as if by magic. I was so wet with precum that I scarcely needed it but applied it anyway. The slicker I was the easier for Joseph. I pulled back my foreskin and with his help pressed the head against his anus and began to push. I slid in with almost no resistance.

He sighed loudly as I plunged in as deep as my modest dimensions would allow. "Oh yes, that is wonderful," he moaned, and began to buck against me in response to my thrusting.

His ass was on the pillow and his knees were bent so his feet on each side of my hips. I was able to lie down on his chest so that our lips were pressed together in an open mouthed kiss. Our arms were wrapped around each other and we were as close as we could manage. I could not imagine anything better. I wanted as much of our bodies pressed together as possible.

I pulled out as far as I could without withdrawing then pushed back in deep, repeating this movement faster and faster until a slapping sound filled the room.

"Joseph! I'm getting close," I warned him.

"No, I want this to last," he told me, and pushed me away, turning over on his stomach with his hips still on the pillow. I reinserted myself again and stretched out over his back, passing my arms under his shoulders and holding him close. Now we were pressed fully against each other, my front to his back.

I resumed my thrusting, feeling the lovely curve of his ass against me while I pounded him faster and faster. When I felt close to cumming I slowed down and lay still for a moment just as the moment of orgasm came too close. We were able to continue this for some time, coming just to the edge of climax then holding on a little longer. It was very good.

Joseph finally panted. "I am ready now I think," he turned over again and pulled his knees up high so that they rested across my shoulders. I leaned back and took his cock in my hand and masturbated him rapidly as I continued to pound his ass. In another minute he groaned and began to spurt copious streams of white semen over his chest, hitting himself in the face, dropping cum into his open mouth.

"Yes, yes, I want your cum," Joseph gasped. I pulled out and positioned my cock over his open mouth and blasted my load into his mouth. To my surprise he took me into his mouth and sucked the cum from my pulsing cock, swallowing as much of it as he could until I was spent.

I fell to one side with my cock still in his mouth and he suckled me greedily. "Oh my God, Joseph!" I cried in ecstasy, and finally lay still, feeling his lips around my dick. I could say nothing but tried to catch my breath.

After a minute he let me fall away and said. "My. That was exceptional!"

I had to laugh. "We sort of got into that, didn't we?" I panted.

"I think I was carried away by the moment," he admitted. "We have not had the opportunity to really let go for some time, have we."

I rolled off and lay beside him, giving our bodies some air. "That was a first," I exclaimed.

"I could never have imagined that I would have wanted to do that, but it seemed so right," he said with a laugh. "Oh, we are evil aren't we?"

"Whoohee. That was awesome," I exhaled loudly.

"It didn't feel evil to me, it was great," I said. "Passionate, you might say."

Joseph sighed. "I have really missed my piano. We need to do this more often," then we both erupted in a peal of giggles.

He took my hand and we lay side by side while our breathing returned to normal. After some time I realized that we had both fallen asleep.

What time is it?" I asked.

Joseph was quiet for a moment then slipped out of bed and opened the drawer to his nightstand and withdrew a small gift wrapped package. "Here, you tell me."

"What's this?" I asked.

"Open it," he instructed.

I did, and discovered a nice looking wrist watch. "What is this?"

"It is a Christmas present that got left behind," he said. "Do you like it?"

"It's neat. What kind is it?"

"It is a Timex Electronic watch. Very new. It just came out. It runs on a little battery and never needs to be wound," he informed me. "Now you don't have to ask for the time of day."

"Wow, too cool. Thank you Joseph. I love you more than you know," I was thrilled with his gift.

"It is a gift of love, Nicky. You know that I adore you," he said quietly.

I responded with a long gentle kiss, then actually looked at the watch.

"It has a little window with a number in it," I noticed.

"That's the date. It is December 28. Now what time is it Nicky?"

"Now you can ask me for the time," I laughed. "It is 4:05."

I admired my new treasure while Joseph went to the bathroom and brought back a damp washcloth. "Here. We are messy."

I wiped us off then we rose and went to look out the glass over his balcony, unconcerned that we were both naked.

"Wow. Look, it's snowing," I said.

Sure enough, great white snowflakes were falling down, covering the ground with a blanket of soft white snow.

"I believe this is the first real snow of the season," Joseph observed.

"Maybe we will have a white New Years Day, if not a white Christmas," I replied.

Joseph wrapped his arms around me from behind. "How nice to be here in this warm room, naked as the day we were born, watching the snow fall. It is rather romantic, don't you think?"

"It makes me glad we didn't decide to ride our bikes over here," I said.

"You are always the practical one," Joseph chuckled.

"I wonder how much snow we will get? Four inches is a big snow here."

Joseph rested his chin on my head. "I don't know what the record is in Tulsa. I know in March of 1968 it snowed ten inches. I was nine and I remember that."

Joseph felt warm against my back and his arms were around my shoulders warming my chest. "You make a good heater," I said, passing my hands over his long arms.

"I still feel a bit messy. I think I would like a shower, would you care to join me?" Joseph asked.

"Sure. Your shower is a lot bigger than ours. That sounds great."

We went in his nice bathroom and Joseph turned on the twin shower heads that hung over the over-sized footed bathtub. We stepped in and pulled the shower curtains closed. The water was warm and the enclosure filled with a steamy cloud. We took turns washing each other's hair, using the suds that ran down to soap our bodies, taking special care to clean our genital areas and butt cracks.

We were satiated from our romp on the bed but it was still very pleasant. Once we were clean we adjusted the shower heads so that we could both lie down in the big tub, our heads at opposite ends and our legs spread out alongside each other and luxuriated in the steamy water splashing over ourselves. I almost fell asleep.

"Do you ever run out of hot water?" I asked.

"Not so far. I suppose the tank is quite large."

"This is nice," I sighed. "and no little brother waiting to use the bathroom."

Joseph chuckled. "Poor Kevin. He has been such a good sport about losing his bed."

"Yes, he has. I guess as little brothers go I am pretty lucky."

We soaked up the warm water until we began to turn into prunes. "I'm ready to get out," I said.

Joseph stood and turned the water off and we stepped out of the tub. Reaching over to a shelf he took out two large white bath towels and handed one to me. We rubbed the soft toweling over ourselves then took turns drying off each other's backs. We wrapped the big towels around ourselves, and walked out of the bath, returning to look out the windows.

"Look, the snow has covered the street and is getting pretty deep," I said. "It is still coming down hard."

"Maybe we will get snowed in," Joseph suggested hopefully.

"Yeah, and I might have to stay here for the night. That would be interesting."

"It probably will not get that deep, but it might make a good excuse," Joseph replied. "We should go see what plans Alice has for dinner."

"As we dressed I asked. "What about your father? Would he care if I stayed?"

"I doubt he would care. He doesn't always come home in the evening. Sometimes he stays at the hospital for a surgery."

"Have you heard anything more from your mother?"

"No. I think I told you that Father saw her last Sunday. I don't know if he will visit her again this weekend or not."

We went downstairs to the kitchen where Alice was baking cookies. "Hey Alice, it smells good in here," I said.

"I have boys to feed," she announced pleasantly. She asked Joseph, "Have you looked outside? We have snow!"

"We saw that. Do you think the Lincoln will make it to Nick's apartment?"

"I don't know. I am not so good driving in snow," she said with some apprehension.

"Do you suppose we should see if Nick can stay over for the night?" Joseph asked.

"If he can it might be good. It is still snowing, you know."

"Would you like to check with your parents?" he asked me.

"Well OK, I could do that," I suppressed a smile.

Picking up the telephone I called home. "Hello, Mom? Alice is worried about driving me home. Yes, a lot of snow and still falling. No, she says it is no trouble. OK, I will. Thanks, bye."

Turning to Joseph I said. "That was easy. I guess I am yours for the night."

"Splendid. Can you feed us something Alice?"

"Yes, of course. Would you like some enchiladas? All I have to do is heat them up."

"That would be great!" I assured her.

"Well then, that is settled. If you don't mind Nicky, I think I will visit my piano again. She has been neglected this week."

We went in to his piano and I sat in the wing back chair and napped while he played to his loyal audience of one.

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