Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 31

The day after Christmas was a Wednesday in 1973 and school was out until the next Wednesday, January 2nd, 1974. Joseph had stayed over another night and he, Kevin and I were in the bedroom discussing what to do with ourselves for the rest of the holiday.

"If the weather is decent I want to ride my new bike," Kevin declared.

"So what's the forecast? You always keep up on that," I asked him.

Kevin reported. "It is supposed to be cold but no rain or snow until later in the week."

Joseph smiled. "You really should be a meteorologist," Joseph told him.

"I just watch TV," Kevin explained.

"Do you want to ride a long way or just goof around?" I asked.

"With the better bicycles we might go for a longer ride. I am enjoying the exercise and good company," Joseph suggested.

"There are lots of bike trails. Most of the bike shops have maps," I said.

"Actually, I took the liberty of picking some up when we bought the bikes," Joseph informed us. "Would you like to look at them?"

"Yes, let's see them!"

We laid them out on the floor and were surprised at how many trails there were.

"We have done some of these," I told Joseph. We went down the river to 101st Street, and out to Sand Springs on the old railway."

"You did, I haven't," Kevin objected.

"No doubt you will soon," I said.

"Look, Peoria is just a few blocks from my house, but if we get on Peoria and go straight north about 10 miles, we end up in Sperry. Another 8 miles and we are in Skiatook. I have never been up there," Joseph poured over the map.

"Remember that 10 miles up means 10 miles back," Kevin reminded us. "And 18 up and back is 36 miles. That might be too ambitious for me. I just graduated from a dirt bike."

"It might be too ambitious for me too," Joseph agreed. "Nicky is the only one used to riding a lot."

"I ride to school and back but that is in small pieces. I think we could do twenty miles though," I ventured. "What do you think?"

"I bet we could get Mom to pack us a lunch," Kevin guessed. "I'm up for it."

Joseph agreed. "I think it is doable. Nick and I rode farther than that the day we went over to Sand Springs, then down to 101st and back. Of course that nearly killed me, but I think I could do Sperry and back."

"It would be a new experience, right?" I challenged him.

Joseph laughed. "Nicky, your new experiences may be the death of me."

"Now we need to get Mom to let us go. Is this Peoria all the way?" I wondered.

Joseph and Kevin studied the map closely. "No, there is a trail, I think it is the old railroad right of way, that goes east from the Rivertrail to somewhere north of Tulsa before it connects with Peoria. That's out in the country and I bet there isn't much traffic up there," Kevin estimated. "I think we can argue that it's safe."

"Actually, I am not interested in getting run over myself," Joseph cautioned.

"Time is wasting," I said. "Let's run this by the boss. Hey Mom!"

We went to the kitchen. "Hey Mom, we have this cool bike ride planned. Could you pack us a lunch?"

"Where are you going, Honey?" She asked.

"Just north of here a little," I told her.

"How far north?"

"Uh, Sperry. It's just 10 miles."

"Sperry? How do you get there?"

Kevin assured her. "It's perfectly safe, there is a trail from the river to north of town, then Peoria is kind of a country road up to Sperry."

"Are you sure?" Mom was not convinced.

"There is not likely to be much traffic the day after Christmas," Joseph offered.

"Please?" I resorted to begging.

"I don't know. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you boys," she wavered.

"We promise we will be careful, and we all have helmets," I could see she was weakening. "Could you fix us some sandwiches for lunch?"

"Oh Nicky, honestly," she had caved. "I do have some leftover turkey, and some apples and bananas, that's sandwiches and fruit, and I have some cans of soda. Will that be enough?"

We agreed it would be perfect. We put on jackets, gloves and stocking caps. After locating 3 scarves to keep the wind off of our necks, we were good to go. The lunch we split between a pair of little rucksacks that Kevin and I would carry. Joseph was company and didn't have to carry anything. Besides, he had money for snacks. We were off.

"We can catch the railroad right of way just northeast of downtown without going back down to the Rivertrail," Kevin suggested. By the time we were on the trail we had warmed up and the cool air felt good.

We made good time and were on North Peoria before we knew it. Just as we thought we had it made Kevin shouted. "Crap! I have a flat."

We all stopped and sympathized with Kevin. "Now what? I don't have a patch kit, I didn't even think about it."

Joseph gave us his knowing smile. "I believe I have one in my little seat bag, although I have never used it."

"I know how to fix a tire" I said. "Hand it over."

"We pulled off the shoulder and sat in the grass while I popped the wheel off. "Quick release axles, cool." There was a small tack in Kevin's front tire. I pried off the tire, pulled out the tube, applied the patch and stuffed it back in. Of course Joseph had a frame pump so it was aired up and back on the bike in no time.

"No problem, let's go!" We were back on the road.

The road to Sperry was fairly straight and flat so we put the bikes in high gear and sailed north in good time. We rode single file and encountered very little traffic. We were in Sperry in just less than an hour. Peoria curved around to the west and went straight into the center of the little town. There was a neat gazebo there so we stopped and ate our lunch.

"That wasn't bad at all," Kevin said. "I expected to be tired but this bike is so smooth it makes it an easy ride. I was used to that BMX bike and this thing just sails."

"The nice gearing really makes a difference. This 15 speed is a lot faster than the 10 speed. Not that I didn't appreciate it," I agreed. "Besides these are Specialized Expeditions, they are made for the road. Very cool bikes. Thanks again Joseph."

"Since it meant I could go riding with you, it was a bit self serving actually," he replied.

We found that the sandwiches and fruit did not quite fill us up. There was a little cafe at the town center and we walked our bikes over, locked them to a utility pole and went inside. It was the only restaurant in town and the booths were populated by older gentlemen in bib overalls who looked like they were used to gathering there. They looked at us as we came in carrying our bike helmets and smiled.

"Did you ride up from Tulsa?" one of the gentlemen asked us.

"I bet you rode your new Christmas bikes," said another.

"Yes to both questions," I answered. "How did you know?"

He laughed. "Lots of folks from Tulsa like to ride up here, and it is the day after Christmas. Wasn't tough to guess."

"How is the pie?" Joseph asked.

"Oh, its all good. I like the apple, but if you like cream pie their coconut is locally famous," the first gentleman suggested.

"Course it's the only pie in town so that ain't sayin' a lot," said the other, and they all laughed.

That was good enough for us so we ordered three pieces of coconut cream pie and coffee with milk and sugar. It was not just good, it was very good.

"Gee, what a nice little place," Kevin said.

"Small towns are usually friendly," Joseph explained. "Everybody knows everybody and they are accustomed to being pleasant."

We ate our pie, accepted refills on the coffee and agreed that we would be doing this sort of thing often. We stayed and chatted a little while after our pie.

"How long can you stay with us? Until school starts again?" I asked Joseph.

"I'm not sure. When I talked with Father on Christmas Eve he seemed to feel that I might be overstaying my welcome but didn't specify when I was to be back home."

"He sort of leaves you on your own doesn't he?"

"It is not that he is uncaring, but he is quite distracted by his work. That, and I suppose he trusts me to make reasonable decisions," Joseph explained.

"I hope you can stay," Kevin told him.

"That is very generous of you since I am sleeping in your bed," Joseph acknowledged.

"I don't care. The sofa is fine. I sort of camp out there most of the time anyway," Kevin admitted. "Besides, it is kind of nice having you around."

Joseph replied with a smile of gratitude. "Thank you. I seem to have been adopted by a nice family."

"Well, you can sleep in my bed," I said under my breath.

Kevin rolled his eyes. "I'm fine on the sofa."

"We should probably start back," Joseph suggested.

Joseph paid for our pie and we picked up our helmets and started out.

"Y'all come back and see us boys," the old gentleman called to us.

"Thank you sir, and thanks for the advice on the pie, the coconut was wonderful," Joseph called in reply. We waved at the waitress and went out to unlock our bikes.

We rolled out and started back the way we came. "Your patch seems to be holding," Kevin informed me.

"Well of course. It was done by a pro," I replied.

We made good time going back to Tulsa although it took a little longer than the trip up. We realized that the slight tail wind that had smoothed our ride up to Sperry was a slight head wind going back. We snugged the scarves around our necks and we were fine. A little over an hour later we were pulling up to the shed behind the apartment.

"How are you doing Kevin?" I asked.

"Pretty good considering that was the longest ride I ever did. I could never have made it on a BMX bike," he admitted. "My legs might be a little sore tomorrow, but I'm fine. That was really fun. Good pie too."

We took off our clothes and queued up for the shower. We had stayed warm due to the exercise but we were sweaty under our jackets. Kevin stripped off, wrapped a towel around himself and went first while Joseph and I stretched out on the beds.

"Kevin is looking good," Joseph observed after he left the room.

"He is," I agreed. No wonder Angie molested him."

"They say incest is acceptable as long as it is kept in the family," Joseph chuckled.

"Don't tempt me," I laughed. "I have enough with you to take care of."

"I'm just joking," he said.

"I know, but I can't help but notice that he is growing up. He is going to be better hung that I am."

"But he doesn't have orange hair. That is what does it for me."

"Is that all I have going for me?" I asked.

"That is only one of your many assets," Joseph assured me.

"Hmm, too bad we don't have a nice two person shower like you do."

"We might both fit in there. Where are your parents? I didn't see them when we came in," he mused.

"You think? What about Kevin?" I wondered.

"I doubt we have any secrets from him," Joseph observed.

Kevin came back from the shower and looked longingly at his bed. Joseph got up and we replaced him in the bathroom.

"You may be right about the shower," I said. "We could save water and shower together."

"We could try," he stepped into the shower and I followed him in. "Cozy, but I think we might both fit in here."

We took turns getting wet and picked up a bar of soap and a sponge. I washed him and he washed me, take special care to get the sweaty pubic areas nice and sudsy.

"Soap makes a nice lube," I observed.

"True, but we need to rinse properly," he cautioned as he slid a long finger up my butt.

"Spit makes a good lube too," I suggested, and knelt to take him in my mouth.

"Oh Nicky. You are a wicked boy," he put his hands on my head and began to fuck my face. "I have been stimulating my pubic area on a bike saddle all day. I am ready for this."

I got his penis nicely covered with slobber then turned around and bent over.

"Go for it," I encouraged him.

"I thought I was the bottom in our relationship," he chuckled.

"You don't get all the fun," I said as I wiggled my ass.

"If you insist dear Nicky," he gently entered me and began to pump in and out. "Ooo, Nicky. Define fun. This is nice from either end."

I braced myself on the sides of the tub and let him ride. He gripped my hips and did a very credible job of fucking my ass.

He looked down at me and whispered. "You are so beautiful, dear Nicky. I am so pleased to make you happy."

"The feeling is mutual," I thrust back to meet him as he pushed in, a little concerned that Kevin would hear the slapping noise we made as we met.

After a few minutes of this he croaked. "I am going to shoot inside you."

"Go ahead, you know I don't care," I rotated my ass to make him move inside me. He shuddered and emptied himself inside my bowels.

"Oh my God, Nicky. You are the sexiest person alive," he groaned.

I continued to move as he held my hips and laid himself across my back.

"Oh, hold still, I can't stand any more stimulation," he gasped.

We held still until he sighed and withdrew, falling from me and stepping back to lean against the wall of the shower. I pulled away and squatted to let his semen drip from my ass. Then I turned around and sat down in front of him, washing him clean with the sponge.

I looked up and asked. "How are you, Joseph?"

He laughed and panted. "Devastated, but very happy."

"Good for you. Do you feel like playing another inning?"

He chuckled. "Yes, but this time you pitch and I will catch."

Joseph knelt down on the floor of the tub and raised his butt in the air. I stepped over him and bent over, inserting my finger in his ass to loosen him up a little. There was enough precum in me to milk it out and slick him up with it so I could slide in him. The advantage of my modest size was that I didn't have to worry that I would hurt him.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yes, I am in heaven," he sighed. "As nice as it is to pitch, I think I like catching even better."

"Both are nice," I sighed. "Oh Joseph, you have a wonderful ass."

I stroked in and out at a leisurely pace, enjoying the sensation and in no great hurry to cum. We always enjoyed each other, intent on insuring that we both had pleasure.

"Oh Joseph," I murmured. "How could I love anyone more?"

I continued for another minute or so then began to feel the water getting colder, and increased my pace to cum inside him. I didn't think to warn him. We always took each other completely, whether oral or anal. It seemed rude to waste our gifts.

I pulled out and turned quickly to rinse myself. "The water is getting cold," I explained, turned the hot on full and the cold tap off. The temperature warmed a little.

"I hope no one else wants to shower too soon," he laughed, and rinsed himself in the cool water.

We turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, toweling each other dry.

"I thought that went well," he said. "Your shower proved adequate to the task."

I wondered if Kevin was suspicious that we had spent so much time in the shower, but when we crept into the bedroom we found him sound asleep under his damp towel. We pulled on some dry clothes and stretched out on my bed, head to foot for a little more shoulder room, and fell asleep ourselves.

We were awakened by the sound of the front door slamming.

I elbowed Joseph and we got up and went into the living room to greet Mom and Dad. "Hi, where have you guys been off to?"

"After Christmas sales," Mom laughed. Dad followed her in, carrying an armload of packages. "I thought I was through with this," he complained good naturedly.

"How was the bike ride?" Mom asked.

"It was fun. It took about an hour up there, and a little over an hour back." I told her. "The picnic lunch was nice. Thanks."

"And we had pie," Joseph added.

"Pie? Where did you get pie?" Dad asked.

"There was a nice little cafe there," Joseph said. "The best in town."

"I think it was the only place in town," I laughed. "But it was good pie."

"It came highly recommended by a local gentleman." Joseph added.

"What kind of pie?" Dad asked with interest.

"Coconut cream."

"OH!" Dad rolled his eyes towards heaven."

Joseph laughed. "It's worth a trip to Sperry. It was excellent pie."

We told them about eating our lunch in the little gazebo then going into the cafe. How the old guys joked with us and suggested the coconut pie.

"They were very friendly," I said.

Mom smiled. "Small town people often are," then she looked a little concerned. "What did you do with Kevin?"

We laughed. "He is resting," Joseph explained.

"That is the farthest he has ever ridden all at one time," I said.

"So you are enjoying the new bicycles?" Dad asked.

"Yes! We are already planning our next ride," I enthused.

"It's excellent exercise," Joseph added.

"Be careful you don't wear out your brother," Mom cautioned.

Kevin walked in from the bedroom looking a little bedraggled. "Hullo. I thought I heard you guys."

"I understand you found some good pie" Dad said.

"Oh yeah, that was very good."

"Are you tired after all that riding?" Mom asked Kevin.

"Oh no" he replied. "Well, maybe a little. But it was really fun. We are going to start doing a lot more riding."

"Since I have taken the rest of the week as vacation days, I have a suggestion for tomorrow," Dad announced.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"Your mother has been wanting to see an exhibit out at Gilcrease Museum and I thought we might all run out there to have a look," he suggested.

Joseph looked very interested. "Oh, that is a wonderful museum, full of Western and American Indian art and sculpture, as well as historical artifacts. It has been several years since I was there."

"That is a neat place. My sixth grade class went out there last year and there is a lot to see," Kevin added.

Any reservations I might have had were outvoted in advance. "That sounds good to me," I agreed.

"Great!" Dad said. "Let's go out after lunch and take our time."

"I bet Jack would like to go if he isn't working. Can we invite him?" Kevin suggested.

"Of course," Dad responded. "He is practically part of the family and the admission is free. Go ahead."

The three of us exchanged looks and started for Jack's apartment. This time we walked up the stairs, taking care not to make as much noise as the last time.

We knocked politely and waited for a response. After a minute the door opened and Jack looked surprised. "It's you guys! I couldn't imagine who was knocking at my door. You guys usually announce yourselves when you come banging up the stairs."

We all laughed. "There is no pleasing you Jack. You complain when we stomp and you complain when we try to be quiet," I joked.

"Oh, come on in. I'm just giving you a hard time. What brings you to my door?" he asked.

"Dad wants to take us all out to Gilcrease Museum tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to go with us?" I invited.

"Yes, I might like to do that," Jack responded. "I understand that is a world class museum and I have never been there. I need to check with Pablo first. We had talked about doing something tomorrow, but he might like to come along. Would that be OK?"

"I'm sure it would," I answered. "Dad said the admission was free so the more the merrier."

"Great. We hadn't planned anything specific. I bet he has never been there either. I will see him tonight and let you know in the morning."

"Get him to drive that cool DeSoto and we will ride with you," Kevin suggested. "That is such an awesome ride."

"Are you out of school and at liberty this week?" Joseph wondered.

"No classes, but I have some term papers to write and a little work to finish at the college," Jack said. "But I am free tomorrow afternoon."

"Oh, it will be nice for us to be together again. If Pablo comes maybe Juan will join us as well," Joseph predicted.

"We need to keep Nicky out of the beer," Jack teased.

"Hey, that was a one time deal. I had enough of that stuff to last me a long time," I protested.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I will get back to you tomorrow," Jack promised. "What are you guys doing with your time off from school?"

"This morning we all rode our new bikes up to Sperry and back," Kevin reported.

Jack looked impressed. "That's a pretty good ride. How did it go?"

"We found some coconut pie," Kevin told him.

We told him about the ride, the picnic lunch in the pagoda and the old guys who recommended the pie in the little cafe.

"Joseph got a map of all the bike trails and we are going to check them out as long as the weather will permit," I told him. "You are welcome to join us if you think you can keep up," I grinned.

"I just might do that. Let me know when you are planning your ride. I will join you if I can," Jack said.

"Great. We will tell Dad and expect to hear from you in the morning. We plan to leave after lunch," I told him.

"OK, let me get some things done and I will talk to you later," Jack shooed us toward the door.

We went downstairs and told Dad that Jack, Pablo and maybe Juan might come along. That was fine. We were a little fatigued from the morning ride and lounged around chatting and watching some TV until supper. After supper we did more lounging and ended up going to bed fairly early after talking about another morning bicycle ride.

In the morning we rode over to the west side of the river and explored the trail that ran down that side. It pooped out when we got down to the refineries and we had to turn around and come back. It was a pretty good ride and satisfied our curiosity. We weren't really up to another twenty miler anyway.

By the time we got back Mom had laid out a tray of turkey sandwiches. and after we cleaned ourselves up we were ready to go. While we were gone Jack had come down to tell Mom and Dad that Pablo, Juan and he were all interested in going and would be around at 1:00.

When they got to the apartment in the DeSoto we were ready. Kevin asked. "Can we ride with Pablo?"

Dad checked out the big red rocket ship and said. "If I didn't have to drive the Buick I would go with you myself. I haven't seen one of those for a long time. It's a beauty."

"If you are serious, I can drive your Buick and let you ride with the boys." Jack offered.

"Do you know the way to the museum?" Dad asked.

"Actually, no," Jack admitted. "But you might swap with me on the way back."

Dad didn't commit himself but nodded and looked interested. "Maybe," he said.

Joseph volunteered. "I know the way and will be pleased to guide Jack to Gilcrease if that will help."

"Well, that might work," Dad agreed. "I would like to ride in that thing."

So Jack drove Dad's Buick with Joseph in the front and Mom being chauffeured in the back seat. Pablo and Dad sat in the front of the DeSoto and Juan, Kevin and I rode in the back. We were off with Jack in the lead, and Pablo following.

It was just a short drive to the museum where we parked and admired the big old ranch house which had belonged to Mr. Gilcrease.

"All the furnishings are still there and they give tours on special days," Kevin informed us.

"That would be worth a trip in itself," Dad said. "We may have to come back for that at another time."

We entered and found that sure enough, the admission was free but there was a large glass bowl with paper money inside. A donation was suggested.

"Well worth it," Dad observed and dropped in a pair of twenty dollar bills to cover all eight of us.

It was a big museum filled with paintings and western bronze statuary by masters like Russell, Remington, and Caitlin. We were most impressed by the enormous scenic views of the western region by Bierstadt. There were too many cool things to take in iat one time, but we plodded along going from gallery to gallery with each holding surprising treasures. We agreed that this was well worth an afternoon.

For this to be a week day I was surprised by the number of people walking through. There were a lot of kids there, mostly boys around our age or a little older. Not too surprising I guessed, since school was out for the week. As one group walked by us, Kevin froze and took my elbow.

"Look Nick. There is Tony."

"Who?" I said, and then saw who he was pointing to. "Oh, that Tony."

Just then I heard someone call out. "Tony! Oh wow, it's Tony," Pablo and Juan had spotted their little brother who was looking back at them in amazement.

When the three brothers encountered each other Jack had gone to join them and Joseph suggested that we continue to look around the museum.

"This is not our conversation Nicky," Joseph reminded me.

"No, I guess not, but it is so amazing for them to find their brother here," Nick said.

"You have met Tony and the other brother before," Joseph stated.

"Yes, uh, at the YMCA last summer. Uh...."

"I don't need to know more than that, Nicky," Joseph told me, laying a hand on my arm. "It must be an emotional moment for all of them."

"No kidding. Tony was so excited I don't think he even recognized me. Now they need to figure out where Carlos is living."

Joseph was thoughtful. "From what Jack told me, the younger boys are wards of the court. The danger is that if things don't go well for them they might be deported, because they are not here legally. Neither is Pablo who might otherwise be appointed their guardian."

"That has to be scary."

"No doubt. There must be something that can be done for them," Joseph considered. "We should talk with Jack about this. He might be able to think of something. Or I might know of someone else."

"Like who?"

"Despite being somewhat dysfunctional, my family is rather well connected. I think I know an attorney whose advice would be helpful. He might be willing to talk with me pro bono."

"What's that?" I asked.

"For free," Joseph smiled.

"That's a good price."

"Yes, well we will see what happens. We need to catch up to your parents. They will be wondering what has happened to us. Or Kevin might have told them we met a friend."

We started back in the direction where we had last seen Kevin and my parents. When we found them Joseph and I slipped up to Kevin quietly.

"What happened?" Kevin asked.

"They had an emotional reunion. They are in the snack bar talking and Jack is with them. It was pretty awesome."

Kevin shook his head. "This is like a soap opera."

"Don't be cynical," I scolded him. "They are really excited about finding each other. Remember, they have been through a lot."

Joseph was taking in our conversation without comment until I looked at him. "I wouldn't describe it as a soap opera. They were moved to tears at being reunited. I doubt they have any other family other than themselves."

Kevin Looked apologetic. "I didn't mean that the way is sounded. It is just kind of dramatic. I don't have much experience with that kind of thing I guess."

"Neither do I, thankfully," I said.

"Where did you boys disappear to?" Mom asked.

"We ran onto Pablo and Juan's younger brother. They and Jack are visiting in the snack bar," I told her honestly.

"Oh, that's nice," she seemed satisfied.

Jack rejoined us after a bit and we continued to walk through the museum for some time. Just before 5:00 we decided that we had absorbed about as much culture as we could handle for one day and headed for the snack bar. Pablo and Juan met us when we were about half way there.

"Ah, here you are," Dad greeted them. "Did you run onto your brother?"

"Yes, it was a surprise, but he had to leave," Pablo answered,

"How is he?" Dad inquired.

"He is doing very well, thank you," Pablo replied vaguely.

We might as well start home," Dad suggested. "I think we might have a cake at home if you gentleman would like to join us for a snack."

"You bet," Juan replied, then looked at Pablo for confirmation.

"That would be very nice, thank you," Pablo agreed.

We walked out to the parking lot and started to ride back in the same arrangement as when we came. Dad walked around the big red DeSoto with admiration.

"Why don't you drive it back?" Pablo suggested.

"Are you sure?" Dad replied, looking delighted. Pablo tossed him the keys. Dad got behind the steering wheel, looking like a kid with a new toy. "Where is the shift lever?"

Pablo pointed to a row of buttons on the dash. "It is push button shift," he said proudly.

"Well I'll be darned," Dad remarked. He fired up the engine and we roared off with Mom in the front seat and Pablo and Juan in the back. Jack followed in Dad's Buick with Joseph, Kevin and me.

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