Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Lindsay & Tony Bloody Southon - Pt 4

"Oh, Fuck!" Lindsay dropped down to his knees and his dick deflated as all the blood rushed to his face. Busted. Burston had known that he was there all along. He'd never been so embarrassed in all his life.

He gave them a couple of minutes to get back in the water, they wouldn't hang around with their cum all over them, and then he went back, recovered his clothes and took off for home. Alvin could find his own way home. He was busy with his mates anyway.

Back in his room, Lindsay flung himself across the bed and hid his face. That was SO embarrassing. But, why? He wasn't the one thrashing around naked, screwing with another boy, though he wished that he had been. But he was the one standing in the bushes and peeping at them, and who'd been caught doing it. Fuckit. How could he ever face them again?

But, that was so hot. Hot and sexy, (He was getting hard again already). Rodney Burston had known that he was watching them. Was he putting on a show for him? What sort of sex maniac was he anyway? Had Ollie known? He would know now for sure. They'd both be laughing at him. Bastards! Hot, sexy, boy-fucking bastards. At least they couldn't tell anyone else about it. Could they? No, of course they wouldn't. But they knew. Bastards.

He wished that that had been him. He wished that that was him there, naked, in the bushes and screwing with Tony Southon, he'd . . .Whoah! Where did that come from? Not Tony Southon. Never with Tony Bloody Southon. Fuck him. And he would, if he could, he would. No! He would not. Never!

He was never going to leave this room again anyway. "Stop the world, I want to get off."

He didn't stay in his room forever. Of course he didn't. Peter wouldn't let him, and he was soon getting bored anyway. When Peter came around and dragged him out, they didn't leave the house, they just sat around in the family room, battling on the video games.

Neither of them wanted to talk about their day. Lindsay was still far too embarrassed and Peter wasn't saying anything. Maybe something really had happened then? He'd never know.

He sat back watching Peter as he jerked and jumped as he worked his way through the game. He did love Peter, sort of. Why couldn't he have been even a little bit gay? Life would have been so much simpler.

Yes! That was what he needed to take his mind off Tony Southon. He needed someone to have sex with - a fuck buddy. But who? Peter wasn't interested, unfortunately. So? Ollie Young maybe?

Maybe. Burston would be going home soon leaving him alone too. Ollie didn't really interest him, but he did have a hot body, he'd seen that today. And he was into that sort of stuff, he'd seen that too. Hoo Boy! Had he seen that! But, he'd been caught hadn't he! Caught watching - embarrassing! Not Ollie then, but who? He'd keep looking.

Or, maybe he could work something out with Ollie? No, he didn't think so. Life was so much easier when he was just a kid.

"Come on, Reilly, wake up. It's your turn." Lindsay came back to reality as Peter waved the controller under his nose.

Alvin was late home from the river, really late. Lindsay had been back for hours when he came in and went straight into the bathroom for a shower. What had he been up to that he needed to wash himself after swimming all day in the clean river water? No. Lindsay didn't want to know. If his little brother was having sex and he wasn't, that'd be just sad really.

Peter didn't stay late. He ate with them, but then he went home to clean up as he was going to the movies with Lindie. Oh, well. He watched TV with the family for a while, then he went to bed early. At least today had given him lots of new material for his fantasies.

Lindsay stuck close to home for the next few days. He certainly didn't go anywhere near the river again. It was all a waste of time, being scared to face them. When he finally did come face to face with Ollie and Rodney at the end of the week, nobody said anything about what he'd seen. Of course they didn't - they were just as embarrassed about it all as he was.

Ollie did keep flashing a knowing smile at him, but he didn't say anything. So that was all right.

They went back to school and life went on. He tried to ignore Southon as much as he could, and he hung with his own friends. He still wasn't going to let him beat him in the classroom though, and he worked hard to keep his marks up and maintain his rightful place as number one in every academic subject. It wasn't easy, Southon was not the only one who was close behind him.

The sports and woodwork and stuff were still a complete waste of time, so he just stopped trying and he didn't even go, except as a spectator, sometimes. The teachers must have known what was going on, maybe they just didn't care. Nobody forced him anyway. He didn't make a big fuss about it, he just quietly went off to the library and studied when there was some activity on that he chose not to go to. Screw them anyway, what could they do? Sack their number-one student?

Rodney Burston had gone back to his new town and Ollie never bothered him. He got himself a girlfriend actually; Mavis Ryan of all people. They seemed happy together.

There was one thing that did bother him, a bit. As the weeks, and then the months, went by, he and Peter seemed to be drifting further and further apart. By the third term, Peter and Lindie were ancient history and he had a new girlfriend, an older girl - a senior. He was still in year nine, the first year of High School, and Pauline Banks was in year twelve, but that didn't seem to worry them. They didn't have much in common, only one thing actually and they were bonking their brains out. Peter was the man now.

Lindsay didn't care; good for him anyway. There was still only one person that he was attracted to like that, and that was never going to happen. "Life's a bitch, and then you die."

Interestingly, Tony Southon never got another girlfriend either. He seemed to be happy with his gang of cronies from Isherwood, his sports, and trying to beat Lindsay in the classroom - he couldn't though. And, Peter was still better than him at sports. Hah!

At the end of the year, after Christmas, Lindsay and Alvin went off to Nelson for the holidays, picking apples on their uncle's orchard. It was hard work, but the pay was good.

Peter could have gone with them, but he wasn't interested. Somehow, he and Pauline had conned their parents into letting them go off on a camping/tramping holiday together. All of their parents thought that there was a group of other kids with them, but there wasn't and what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

There were a lot of young, itinerant workers on the orchards - backpackers, tourists and suchlike - and they worked and partied hard. Lindsay and Alvin both were, kind of, interested and attracted to the social scene, but they had no luck there. They were staying in their uncle's house and, on strict instructions from his big sister, he kept a very close watch on them. The guy had eyes in the back of his head, and he had spies everywhere. He was the boss after all.

"When you're older, Boys, you can party all you like, but not until you're at least sixteen."

Missing out on all the booze and drugs going down didn't worry them all that much. It would be, kind of, good to try it, but they were both glad that they weren't among the hung-overed wrecks suffering in the hot sun in the orchards each day.

There was a lot of fucking going on too, both straight and gay couplings. Lindsay would have liked to get in on some of that action, but he was a bit shy and these guys were all years older than him. He and Alvin were the youngest two workers there at almost thirteen and almost fourteen.

He'd be having his birthday a couple of days after they went home and Alvin's was in a month's time. Most of the other workers were in their early twenties. Some a bit older, some a bit, but not much, younger.

Their Uncle Bruce was gay. He made no secret of it, why should he? He wasn't "girly" or effeminate or anything, he was a man, a hard-working and successful businessman and a nice guy. He certainly had never tried anything on with his young nephews, he wasn't like that, but he was gay, no doubt about it.

He wasn't in a relationship at the moment. He used to be, he was with their "Uncle Phil", for twelve years before they split last year. For now he was single and not in any hurry to get involved with anyone again. "One day, maybe, but not yet."

Lindsay desperately wanted to have a serious talk with their uncle, but it wasn't easy. Alvin was always around and he did NOT want Alvin involved in this discussion. They'd been staying there and working hard for two weeks before he got the opportunity.

They'd gone to bed early, Alvin was asleep and snoring, but Lindsay was wide awake when he heard their uncle arriving home. He'd been into town for supplies. From the noises that he could hear from their wide-open bedroom doors and windows, he knew that Bruce was following his usual routine and having a cold beer on the porch outside. So he quietly slipped out of bed and, dressed only in an old white T-shirt and red boxers, padded out to join him.

"Hey, Uncle Bruce. Home at last."

"Obviously, yes. Hello Lindsay, what's up? Is everything all right?"

"Yeah, of course. Everything's sweet. Alvin's sound asleep - snoring his head off. Umm, can we talk, Uncle Bruce?"

"Yes, of course we can. Pull up a seat. Do you want a beer? Well you can't have one. Go and get yourself a coke, and then we'll talk."

He went inside and got a cold coke, then came back and sat beside his uncle on the old overstuffed and leaking sofa out side the backdoor.

"Right then. What's your problem? Is someone giving you a hard time?"

"No, nothing like that. Everyone's been great really."

"And so they should be. What then? Don't ask for a raise because you're not getting one. You get paid award rates the same as everyone else."

"No, the money's good. No problems there."

"What is it then, Lindsay? Spit it out, I hate guessing games."

"Uncle Bruce . . I, umm . . well, I'm gay."

"You're what? Gay? Are you sure, Lindsay?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Pretty sure. I think."

"You think. I've always wondered what this conversation with one of my nephews or nieces was going to be like. I never thought it was going to be with you though."

"You didn't? Why not me?"

"I don't know. You've just never struck me as the type. What makes you think that you might be gay? Lots of kids your age are attracted to and experiment with, same-sex partners. That doesn't necessarily mean they're gay though."

"No. I've never done anything like that with anybody."

"Never? What then? When you think about sex, do you think about boys?"

"Yes I do, all the time."

"And do you - umm - get "hard," down there, I mean?"

"Yes, I get boners."

"Boners? Okay, good word. What about girls? Do girls give you boners?"

"No, never. Not even a little bit. I did try, I had a girlfriend, but there was just nothing there."

"Nothing? Maybe you are then. But it still could be a phase you're going through.

"It's not a phase. There's this boy that I'm attracted to, very attracted to. I think about him all the time. Even when I'm asleep, I'm dreaming about him, and it has been going on for the best part of a year now."

"A year? That is a long time at your age. It must be serious. Have you ever, umm, done anything with this boy?"

"Eww. No I haven't and I'm not going to either."

"You sound pretty adamant there. Why not then? If you're attracted to him, why are you so sure that you'll never do anything about it?"

"Because he's a creep. He's a real jerk-off and I hate him."

"You hate him, Really? What does he think about you, do you know?"

"He feels exactly the same. He hates me and I hate him."

"And yet, you're attracted to him and have been for a year now."

"Yeah. Ain't that a bitch."

"Lindsay, Lindsay," Bruce laughed and shook his head. "Don't swear at me, Lad. I'm not one of your schoolmates. Tell me about this boy. What's his name, and where did you meet him?"

They had a long, long talk until late in the night and several more in the following days. Bruce had no easy answers for him, no answers at all actually, but he did listen and he encouraged him to talk and Lindsay found that helpful. It was just great to have someone to share his feelings with, especially someone who'd been there and done that. Bruce knew what it was like to be young and gay and all alone in the world.

Lindsay hadn't told his parents, of course he hadn't. Bruce said that he was sure that his sister, Lindsay's mum, would be fine when he told her. His father might have more of a problem with it, but he'd get there. He offered to come down and support him, any time he wanted, when he told his parents, if he wanted him too.

Lindsay had never felt closer to his uncle, he was great. At least he'd always have somewhere to go if his parents kicked him out. He didn't think that would happen, but you never know, some parents do. (Bastards.)

At the end of the holidays, feeling rich, the boys went home with more money in their pockets than they'd ever had in their lives.

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