Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Lindsay & Tony Bloody Southon - Pt 3

Tony Southon? Tony Bloody Southon was cutting in and taking Lindsay's girlfriend away from him. Mavis was going to go out with him, and date him and dance with him and she would kiss those full, red, lips and feel that smooth, warm skin and . . . 'Shut up, Reilly! You can't think like that.'

Tony Bloody Southon. Fuck him. (And she might do that too.) Damn. It was just not fair.

"Mavis, you're right. It isn't working out for us, but I hope we can be friends too. I can't tell you who to date or not, but Tony Southon! He's a creep, he really is. Please be careful Mavis. Be very careful and don't let him hurt you."

"Tony's not going to hurt me. He's a great guy. Why would you think that? He likes me, I know he does."

"I hope you're right. I hope that it's as simple as that, but I suspect that there's more to it than that. Maybe he does like you, but he hates me, that much I know. He hates me and he's always trying to beat me. He's way better at sports and everything, but in the classroom at maths and stuff, he can't beat me and that pisses him off. Maybe taking my girl away is just another way to trying to show that he's better than me."

"You think? He is very competitive isn't he? Okay, thanks Lindsay. I will be careful. I'll tell you what; I won't go out with him yet. We'll just let everyone know that we've broken up. Then, next week, or sometime, we'll see if he still likes me. What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me. But is that long enough? A week's not a long time."

"Long enough for me. I do want to go out with him. He's hot."

('Yeah. He is Dammit.')

Mavis did wait for a week, well, six days - almost a week - then she started dating Tony Southon. It didn't last long though. She did like him and he was quite a catch, but she soon decided that this wasn't working out either.

In many ways it was like a re-run of her short-lived relationship with Lindsay Reilly. Was there something wrong with her? She had now dated the two top students in their class. They were both really cute and nice guys and both really hot too, but, when they got down to it, there was just nothing there.

So, she broke up with Tony Southon as well. She was getting good at that part of it anyway. He didn't take it as well as Lindsay had though. When she gave him her carefully rehearsed, "I hope we can still be friends," speech, he just shrugged, said, "Whatever," and walked away.

'Creep. Lindsay was right all along. There's only one person that you love, Tony Southon, and that's yourself.'

The first term of the school year ended and Lindsay was relieved. Maybe he'd see more of Peter now that they were free from their separated classes. Also, he wouldn't be seeing Tony Bloody Southon around for the next couple of weeks, and that had to be a good thing.

He had to get over this obsession with Southon, they were never going to be anything but rivals and he didn't want to waste his life yearning for what he couldn't have. But. On the other hand, not seeing him for two weeks was a bad thing because - well, he wouldn't be seeing him.

Monday dawned clear and sunny. Although it was the tail-end of the long hot summer, the continuing clear skies and warm temperatures made it seem like summer would go on forever. Lindsay thought a swim in the river sounded good on a day like that, there wouldn't be many more chances before Winter started to bite.

He rang Peter, but he wasn't interested. "Sorry Mate. Not today, I can't. I'm spending the day with Lindie. We're going to bike out around the Cape and she's bringing a picnic. Who knows? Next time you see me, I might be a man, if you know what I mean."

Lindsay laughed. "Randy Bugger. Okay Peter, some other time then, and good luck with the being a man thing."

"Thanks Mate. I'll see you when I see you, and I'll tell you all about it. All the gruesome details."

"Eww. Shut up, Straight Boy. I don't want to know. 'Bye Peter."

"Later, Lindsay."

He sighed as he hung up. Alone again. He had other friends, they both did, but he never seemed to get any time alone with his best mate these days. "Oh, well. It's too nice a day to sit inside. I'm going swimming anyway."

"That's the first sign of madness you know."

"What is?" he looked over at his brother grinning at him from the doorway.

"Talking to yourself. That's the first sign, everyone knows that." Alvin came into the room and perched on the end of Lindsay's couch.

"No it's not. The real first sign of madness is when you start growing hairs on the palm of your right hand."

"For real?" Alvin held up his hand to inspect it. "Who told you that?"

"Oh, no, sorry," Lindsay laughed. "Growing hairs is the second sign. The first sign is looking for them."

"Shut up, Smart Ass," Alvin threw a half-hearted punch which Lindsay easily dodged. "So you want to go swimming do you? I'll come with you."

"You will? Great. We never seem to spend much time together these days."

"That's because you're always busy with your big-time High School mates while I'm still stuck at St. Candy's."

"It won't be for long. Three more terms and you're out of there."

"The sooner the better too. Are we going swimming?"

"Sure we are. I'll get my shorts on and I'll meet you outside."

He hurried into his room to change into his swimming gear. Spending time with Alvin sounded like a good idea. They'd always been close for brothers, they were only one year apart in age, and he really hadn't seen much of his little brother lately. He was not so little either, at the rate Alvin was growing lately, Lindsay would be getting his cast off clothes if he wasn't careful.

Alvin was turning into quite a "hottie" too. He was a nice-looking boy, with his straight, black hair, piercing green eyes and small but well-shaped pale and clear face. (If he'd looked in the mirror he would have seen that they looked so much alike, they could easily be taken for twins.)

He grabbed a towel on the way out, said goodbye to his mum, and met Alvin out by the back gate.

"Took your time didn't you?" Alvin grinned.

"Not. Aren't you getting changed?"

"Changed? What for? I'm sweet."

"Yeah, you are, but you still should change your clothes. You can't swim in those baggy jeans."

"I know that. I'm not stupid. I'll swim in the nuddie."

"Alvin Reilly, you will not. On a day like this there'll be heaps of people down at the river and you're not a little kid anymore. Big boys need to keep their privates private."

"I know that too. I'm not flashing my butt. I've already got my speedos on under my baggies."

"Oh. That's all right then. Were you already planning on going swimming?"

"No," he grinned. "I was just wearing them. I've run out of clean undies."

"Man! You're such a slob, Alvin. When are you going to clean out that room of yours?"

"Don't know. Probably the same day that you clean yours out."

"Okay. Stop talking now."

They walked the couple of short blocks down to the Domain, along the dark, tree-lined paths through there and out into the sunshine on the long grass and scrubby growth along the riverbank.

There was quite a crowd there. Twenty people, at least. Mostly kids and teenagers, but there was a couple of adults amongst them. The crowd was overwhelmingly male - there was only about half a dozen girls there at the most. Lindsay smiled when he saw Mavis, sunning herself in her home-made lemon yellow bikini. She looked good. A real golden girl.

Thankfully, she was alone, apart from a couple of girlfriends. At least Tony Bloody Southon wasn't hanging around her anymore, which was good.

There was only one person actually in the water when they arrived, everyone else was out on the bank, sitting around and watching him. It was disgusting really.

Mr.Eggleston, Jolene's father, was a grubby old coal miner. He was currently standing waist deep in the water, washing himself with a bar of soap. He was surrounded by a wide and spreading ring of scummy soap bubbles which was slowly dissipating in the gentle current of the river.

He did this everyday when he came home from work. He got off the miners' bus and straight into the river. Why couldn't he use the miner's bathhouse like everyone else? The soap soon cleared away in the river, but it was still bloody disgusting.

Jolene sat with her back to him, as usual. Her face was bright red and she was trying to pretend that nothing was happening. It was SO embarrassing. Why couldn't she have been an orphan or something? Grubby old man.

Lindsay, feeling sorry for her, sat down to talk with his friend. Alvin wasn't waiting however, he'd come here to swim. He quickly stripped off his outer clothes and plunged in, carefully upstream of the pollution source. He was soon joined by a couple of his mates and they splashed and played in the river.

Lindsay sat talking to Jolene, but his attention was really elsewhere - on the frolicking boys and flashes of bare skin out in the water. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately - looking at boys. Alvin really was developing nicely, he was looking hot.

('Phaww! Shut up, Reilly. You're sick. Perving on your brother now.')

But, he did look good and those speedos didn't leave much to the imagination.

Then he saw something which drove all wicked thoughts about his brother out of his head. One of his classmates, Ollie Young, stood up out of the long grass and stretched. He was looking good too. All boys looked good, dammit. Especially when they were all-but naked as Ollie was now, apart from his baggy board-shorts.

Was he sporting a boner? No, surely not. It must have been a shadow on the folds of his loose shorts, they were far too big for him.

But what got Lindsay's undivided attention was not Ollie but his companion who stood up next to him. Rodney Burston was back in town. He and his family had moved away about a year ago, now he was back. On holiday? And staying with Ollie?

Anyway, Burston definitely did have a boner, no doubt about it. A big one too. His tight, red, blue and purple striped swimming togs were bulging out obscenely in front of him. And what a body he had on him too! He was looking incredible, sex on legs. Where did that come from?

He never used to be that much of a stud did he? No. Lindsay was sure that he would have noticed that hot body before. It was the stuff of fantasies, sexual fantasies. Wow. Thoughts of Alvin and his friends melted away instantly, they were just kids. Rodney Burston had a man's body. A young and sexy man's body. He was magnificent in his maleness. He even had tits - man tits. His pecs were large and firm and well defined and those nipples were as large as a girl's.

Even while he sat there admiring this new and improved version of Rodney Burston, the two boys were moving away from him. They climbed through the wire fence and disappeared into the trees at the back of the Domain. What were they up to? Well he wasn't going to find out while he was sitting there was he?

Mr.Eggleston had finished his ablutions now. He walked up out of the water, the soap drifted away and people started getting back in the river.

"I, umm.. . I think I'll swim now." Lindsay pulled his shirt off, slipped out of his sneakers and stood up. However, before he moved, there was a major distraction.

Mavis had plunged into the water and then discovered that, when wet, her unlined bikini was transparent. Everyone there was howling with laughter as she stood, back-on to the shore , with her arms crossed over her chest, and yelling for Jolene to bring her towel out to her.

Jolene tried, even though she was laughing too, but every time she got anywhere near the water, boys were throwing stones, splashing her and scaring her off.

Lindsay felt that he should help, but, whatever - they'd sort it out. He had more important things on his mind. He quietly moved to the back of the laughing crowd, through the wire fence and into the trees where he'd seen Ollie and Rodney Burston going.

It was dark in there and a bit chilly too, out of the sun. Lindsay had nothing on now apart from his brief swimming shorts, but those two weren't wearing any more than he was, so they'd be feeling it too. So where they and what were were they doing?

He stood looking around but could see nothing apart from trees. There were no tracks here, just tangled undergrowth and fallen debris. They couldn't have gone far, not in this jungle. There seemed to be a patch of sunshine to his right. That looked promising, so he started moving that way, keeping the noise down as much as he could. He was spying here after all, or trying to.

He heard them. It must have been them - there was no-one else in here was there? He hoped not. It was them all right, Ollie Young and Rodney Burston, of course it was, and the sight before him as he peered out through the undergrowth, caused his eyes to widen in surprise and shock.

Well, it wasn't exactly a shock. What he could see was exactly what he'd been hoping he'd see, but it was still a surprise. This was the most amazing, and hottest, thing he'd ever seen. Like Wow!

They were lying on the ground, close together, side by side and their feet towards him. They were both completely naked now and he was looking up their bare legs at their balls and their naked dicks which were both proudly erect, and they were both wanking furiously.

Two tight little butts were sometimes exposed as they moved and thrashed around while they were jerking off. Lindsay's own cock sprang to attention and he had an instant, and hard, erection as he watched these two hot young studs lying together and masturbating. Whoa!

He'd heard about boys jerking off together, but he'd never seen anything like this before and he had certainly never done anything like it himself. This was so hot! It was like a porno movie but they were right there in front of him, in the flesh. Hot flesh.

Lindsay stood quietly, hardly daring to breath. He felt like his eyes were sticking out on stalks, like they wanted to get closer to the action.

"Stop, stop, stop," Rodney gasped. "Wait Ollie, don't shoot yet."

"No, fuckit. I'm gonna c-u-u-u-m," Ollie gasped in reply as he continued to pound his meat.

"No. Don't. Wait." Rodney reached over and stopped Ollie's pistoning hand. Then he pushed it away and lay there with his fingers wrapped around his friend's rigid dick, gently squeezing and relaxing.

"You've got to make it last. Take it easy, Ollie. Just wait a minute. It's better, much better, if you don't cum too quick. You like this? Yeah, you do don't you? You like this."

"Oh Fuck, Rodney. Finish me off. Wank me, Rodney, jerk it off! Wank me." He lay thrusting his hips, fucking Rodney's hand. His own hands were flung back over his head giving him total freedom to do whatever he wanted with his body.

"O-kay. I'll do you and then you can do me, okay? But, nicely, Ollie, real nice and slow. Like this. You're so hot Ollie, such a hot, hot, boy. Whoa, you're a stud, Ollie. A stud with a big hot dick. Cum for me, Big Boy."

Both his hands roamed around Ollie's body, stroking and squeezing everywhere but his dick, until he lost patience and he couldn't wait anymore.

"Fuck you, Burston. I'm a gonna fuck you hard," he growled as he rolled over on top of him. His hips began thrusting like a steam engine.

Rodney wasn't objecting, he just hugged him close and pushed his legs wide open as he met his mate's body with wild, bucking, thrusts of his own. In a very short time, Ollie was grunting. "Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh fuck, Yes!" and he flopped as he spent his load.

They lay still for a minute as Rodney gave him time to recover, then, still holding on, he rolled them both over, settled on top of him and proceeded to fuck him back.

'Wow. Oh, Wow, wow, wow.' Lindsay was transfixed. He couldn't move a muscle as he stood and stared at the hot action before him. There were occasional glimpses of two hard, red, dicks as they slid, and thrust and bucked together. Much more of this and he was going to cum without even touching his own pulsing dick. When Rodney came, he couldn't see it, but he could see every muscle in his body clearly defined as they clenched tight and he growled, "Fuuuck!"

He flopped but continued to buck around as Ollie thrust beneath him and came a second time.

"Oh, yes." Rodney rolled over on to his back and they both lay there, breathing deeply, as they slowly recovered. "And, that's how it's done."

"Great, Rodney. That was just great. We've got to do that again. Over and over, we've got to do that again."

"Yeah, we will. But not yet. We've got the whole week ahead of us. Come on, get your pants on and we'll have a swim and wash all this cum off us."

"Yeah. Maybe it'll swim around and get some girls pregnant," Ollie giggled.

They stood, brushed off the leaves and stuff, and pulled their swimming togs on again. Lindsay stood still unmoving, but as they turned to go, Burston looked back and grinned as he looked straight at Lindsay's spot in the bushes.

"Like that did you, Reilly?" he smirked. "Hot enough for you?" and they left.

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