The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 33

*** Friday, August 7th

Not much has happened since I last wrote chapter in David's book. It's early morning around the house, nobody's up yet... I wonder why dad's not up getting ready for work...?

Dad, Horace, Alice, then us guys went ahead and decided to do summer school since we had no trips or other things planned or scheduled... might as well be productive was the driving force behind our thoughts and ultimate decisions.

(Side note: Since David and I have since worked out a little issue we had, I'll go ahead and write about it with David's permission... perhaps he'll interject his own thoughts...)

During the time when I was healing from surgery David and I kinda sorta lost focus on our relationship... nothing fatal or anything though we each were thinking what we thought the other was thinking... if this makes any sense... it does to me and David.

David, correct me if I'm wrong, but 80% of the time you've instigated our lovemaking sessions by getting me all hot and bothered, and quite ready for physical expressions of our internal love. ("Habits are hard to break sweet heart... but we're getting better, MUCH BETTER! I love you!" David.)

At first, I thought it was my problem. You know, I've not had much of a family life with the ex-mother, her dickhead brother, the idiots who got me into 'modeling', and all that stuff... the thing is though, and I'm eternally grateful for their love, my family here has seemed to pull me under their wing in my worst time ever. It just happened... nobody's fault. As I've grown into learning how to love and be loved (I still have my moments though where my learning needs 'lessons') we've simply taken our roles.

Richard, our attorney, has been talking to me a lot about assertiveness. My family and he have been teaching me about independence, and that sometimes one has to be assertive in order to be a part of the human race. As I've grown, I've changed. Yet in the intimate arena, I've been exceptionally passive - in the overall scheme of things. Basically, it amounts to me putting out and not asking or taking the initiative... this is kind of confusing for me.

Dad was talking to me a week or so ago... he thinks maybe the 'problems' could be related to David and I's relationship 'maturing', we're settling in with each other, we're growing to know each other much better - and differently.

Hmmm... okay. I'll be back to writing at a later time... David looks so damn cute lying sound asleep on our bed... but first the bathroom...


David had rolled over onto his stomach. A corner of the sheet covered his lower back and was draped over a small area on his right cheek else his lithe, deeply tanned body was entirely exposed. He reached up and scratched his nose then dropped his arm across the pillow above his head. He nuzzled his face down in the pillow then became quiet, his breathing returned to a deep and rhythmical pace, and then twitched his butt cheeks, and then he was still, asleep, and dead to the world (figuratively speaking only!)

Very quietly, as in stealth mode, I slowly backed up until reaching the door then slowly closed and locked it making hardly a sound. Finished with that task, I stealthily walked back to the bed, knelt down then sat quietly on my heels and watched David sleep. With David's right leg drawn up and resting on my pillow I readily noticed his balls hanging down and resting on the bed. His pucker, the gateway to his inner sanctum was wide open to view. On that little ridge that splits one side of our bodies from the other down there he had a very fine, downy soft row of black hairs that ran from the base of his testicles to his pucker which also had a light smattering of bristly dark brown hair around his ring. The rest of his butt and upper thighs were absolutely devoid of pubescent evidence. I don't know why I was intrigued by the sight in front of me - I guess it could very well possibly be that I am a 'butt guy'... that is I like to look at guys' butts, especially that which belongs to my beloved.

Daringly, knowing that we had showered the night before, I reached my face over his succulent globes where I inhaled deeply, smelling his vital essences. While the smell was deeply 'David' the aroma was not pungent, repulsive, or ugly. Instead, the aromatic attack on my olfactory glands was profoundly aphrodisiac. My dick was uncomfortably wedged between my belly and the bed. Nevertheless, putting that out of my mind, at least temporarily, I leaned in and kissed the outer most portion of his butt cheek.

I wondered what he'd taste like. He certainly smelled nice that was for sure, no doubt. As if unconsciously aware of my desires, David pouted his butt out toward me, as if he were giving an invitation. His breathing rhythm changed not, he was sound asleep, out to the world as in gone from conscious reality.

I was at a point where I'd have to do something. I caught myself grinding into the bed with my turgid tool, quickly reaching the point of no return. Do I splooge the bed and leave David alone, or do I proceed forward with doing whatever nature dictated.

The decision was made for me ... innately, naturally, instinctually. My next actions, getting up on the bed and lying between David's legs, reaching my nose into his crack and then moving on up, and then flicking my tongue out and touching his anal orifice with my tongue were natural and beyond my control to stop... besides who wanted to stop - not I says the blind man.

Very gently, I used my thumbs to gently part his cheeks more than they already were, and then snaked my tongue like a roto-rooter past the little smattering of hair and into his recess. David moaned. He also pouted his butt toward that which I'd hoped was definitely pleasuring him. Since he was totally relaxed, I took his guttural instinctual actions as approvals therefore snaked my tongue as far as I could into that cavern of love previously left to my penis, on occasion, and other such things that exit.

Moaning deeply, David pushed my head aside... but not for long. All he did was to put two pillows under his front side so that his butt was fully in the air while still being comfortable. That's all it took - I attacked his hole with determined interests, sneaking and snaking and tongue fucking my lover - until his pucker was fully wide 'awake'.

From out of the blue, I heard the words I hadn't even really thought of... David said urgently, softly, "Fuck me! Fuck me now."

I almost had to 'think about it' in that it took a moment for the words to register in my lust crazed mind - it sounds crazy... yet those words were exactly what I needed to hear.

Wasting no further precious time, I crawled over David's back, aligned the head of my dick with his still wide open orifice and then pushed lightly. I was as hard as I could ever remember being. Only one thing mattered: grant David's wish. All else was put to the side burner so I reached into the bedside table and retrieved the bottle of body lotion, squeezed out just a little bit on my fingers then reached down and lubed up my prong and the top of David's butthole not even bothering to insert my fingers into it.

Before I even raised my hand to wipe it on the towel, my dick made the journey down deep into David's not-so-virgin boy joy hole then drove it home and held it there - and I don't know how I stopped because my body was screaming for release in the worst possible way, but I wanted it to last... forever hopefully but I knew forever was entirely out of the picture.

Fuck the towel. I dropped the lube bottle on the floor then put my arms around David and found his dick. It was soft. Nevertheless, I left my hand wrapped around his prong, and then withdrew my dick until its head was at the door then plunged in to the hilt. David moaned as he pushed out while I pushed in. I withdrew again... but instead of plunging right back in, I moved back just a bit, arranged my dick so that it roughly rubbed against the front side of his anus. David moaned severely - and his dick pudged its approvals... so I did that several more times. David's dick sprang to full full force and effect.

Then it happened.

David began arching his butt up against my pubes. Within two strokes, no more, he was splashing my hand with his offering ... which because his anal muscles were in violent spasm, it all sent me over the edge into cataclysmic sensory overload. While I felt the initial blast of white sticky fluid exit my penis all else got lost in the experience. I couldn't tell you how many blasts of hot molten protein shakes left my body, other than they did.

When we returned to Earth, we were bathed in beads of perspiration and panting to get our breath back to somewhere near normal.

"Damn, I like waking up like this. Any time my love, any time." David said sighing deeply.

Reluctantly, we separated our sticky bodies then took off for the bathroom where we showered, brushed our teeth, and combed our hair.

"I want to get my hair cut off. This is a pain in the ass." I said to David as we left the bathroom. I headed toward the stairs but then David whispered in my ear, "Come on let's put on a shirt."

I didn't think anything about his statement... sometimes we wear one sometimes we don't.

When we arrived in our room, David went to the dresser where we kept our things together. He picked out two pair of bikini underwear, one baby blue and one bright red. He tossed me the blue pair while he kept the red pair.

"I'm gonna wear my leg, scooch over."

"Why in earth are you going to wear that? We're at home." I whined.

"Don't ask questions." David replied with a mischievous, ornery look in his eyes.

Without another word, I put on the underwear then put on a black pair of silk running shorts while David put his leg together.

We got up then he grasped my hand, took us into the bathroom where he grabbed a towel from the linen cabinet, put it around my head and over my eyes despite my protestations... then led me to the stairway. I had no idea what he was doing... I thought he'd lost his marbles, or something.

When we got to the bottom landing, a bunch of people screamed: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I about pissed my pants. What the fuck?

I yanked that friggin towel off my head... there stood maybe 25 people all around the foyer to the kitchen and dining room.

"For me?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah dufus, happy birthday, I love you."

I'd never ever had a birthday party before. The sound of people clapping, the smiles on their faces, the dancing in their eyes... was too much. Overcome with emotion, I sat down on the last stair step and began crying with my face in my hands.

I felt David sit down next to me then I felt a stronger pair of arms go around my shoulders. I looked up to see dad looking me intently in the eyes with serious concern. Choked up, I said, "Nobody's ever done this for me, ever."

"It's okay child. You just haven't been around long enough to celebrate birthdays with us yet. We have a lot of birthdays coming up in September and October. Come on son, have a good time. You know just about everybody here." Dad snickered but said sincerely.

David said, "Come on. You're going to have fun, I promise."

"How did you do this?"

Dad snickered, "It wasn't easy. If it weren't for David..."

"What? You knew about this and didn't tell me?" I said incredulously to David.

"Spoil sport. I couldn't tell you about this surprise. That would have spoiled everything." David snickered.

After mingling with the crowd for a while, Dad got everyone's attention then announced, "Happy birthday Peter from all of us. My my you're getting old. What are you, 27? Oh wait, you're 15!" Dad snickered.

The guys then surrounded me. I thought we were going to do a group hug but no... they in mass dragged me to the floor and onto dad's lap face down. I had no idea what they were about to do so I wiggled and tried to break free of their clutches - but to no avail, in fact David began slapping my ass in rapid succession... I counted 15 then it stopped.

I then got violent and broke free. I screamed, "What the fuck are you doing? Stop hitting me! What the fuck is going on here DADDDDDDDDD?"

The room got deathly quiet. David looked at me... tears were freely flowing down his cheeks. The hurt on his face was palpable. Jeremy, before dad could say anything, said, "I'm sorry, Peter. You don't know about the traditional 'birthday spanking'?"

I shook my head violently no. "You told me I wouldn't be spanked or hit in your house. David, how could you? Why didn't you tell me?"

I stood up when he didn't immediately answer. Dad put his arms around me and would not take no for an answer when I tried to wiggle free.

"Please excuse us." Dad said then put his arm around my shoulders and led me to the pool area outside.

When we got outside, I broke away, stood in front of dad and looked him directly in his eyes, "Dad, I won't let anybody ever hit me again. I am going to learn how to defend myself. Nobody has permission to hit me, ever."

"Peter, wait. I'm sorry... the tradition is not to hurt anyone. It is done to wish and push a youngster on their way into a new year of life. I don't even know where it came from or when it started. There is no anger involved, none whatsoever. I promised to never hit you for anything you did, do or will do. That goes for all my family too. No harm was intended, son. Let me tell you a story."

Dad went on to say that normally, he gives 'birthday spankings' to his sons' bare ass naked butts but because of the company we had he insisted that it not be done to me... at least when the guests were at our house.

"That's just dumb, dad. If you don't mind then I'll pass on it. Even if you mind, I'll pass on it. No thanks." I said assuredly but with respect.

"Fair enough, though I can't promise that the other boys will go along with your request. What I mean to say is that you will not be a part of it."

"One for every year of life?"

"That's the way the tradition goes."

"Dad that would be what, 45 swats on my butt, no wait that's 60, no, no way."

Dad's eyes gleamed, "No son the total count would be 75 plus 3. I get extra ones because I'm the dad around here - one to grow on, one because I love you, and one for the heck of it."

"No way, not in this lifetime. Nuh uh, no way."

"Okay, no way. But <dad turned serious> if I were the hitting and slapping kind of man then you'd receive several swats for the way you used your mouth in front of your guests. You were angry. You used the F-bomb. You owe your guests, your brothers, and me an apology. Let's turn this around, Peter. We're all here to celebrate your birthday. I'm sorry you've not had a party like this before. I can't do anything about your previous years, but I sure can and will do something from this day forward. God, your mother doesn't know what a good person she threw away... but her loss is our blessing. I love you son."

"I'm sorry dad. I got scared, and yeah I was pissed. Will this ever end?"

"It's okay to get scared, and it's okay to get pissed... it's how we deal with those emotions that give us the most trouble, most times. Learn from this experience. Nobody here's going to intentionally hurt you."

Just then David came walking through the door. He shut it behind him. He stood there and regarded dad and I for a moment or two before walking over to me. Tears were in his eyes, and they were flowing down his cheeks, "I'm sorry. I guess I screwed up, eh?"

Pulling David into my arms and hugging him, I said, "I didn't know. I got scared, and because I got scared I got pissed. I'm so sorry that I cursed you."

"I didn't know either. I'd never hurt you, ever." David responded. I took my hands then gently wiped his tears away. We hugged deeply then kissed even deeper... until dad cleared his throat.

"Sorry dad. We were celebrating Peter's birthday in a more pleasant way." David said coyly.

"Mmmm hmmm, I'm not blind you know." Dad said chuckling then added, "Shall we?"

"We shall." I replied.

When we entered the house, everybody got real quiet again. Everybody was looking at me... waiting for... waiting for something. I said, "I'm sorry. My reaction was not right, I apologize. I think I understand now. If it's okay then I'll be skipping the other 60 swats... thank you all for being here. I don't know what else to say... other than thank you. LET'S PARTY!"

David stayed close as we mingled with the crowd. He introduced me to the few people I didn't know.

Just as David and I were headed out to the pool dad caught our attention then said very loudly to the crowd of people, "May I have your attention please?"

When the room got quiet, dad added, "Thank you. Peter, we hope this is the best ever birthday for you... a celebration of your life is long overdue, for various reasons that I won't get into now. I think your brothers, and definitely me, and perhaps others have something special to give you on this special day. We love you. Allen?"

"Happy birthday bro, I love ya. I hope you like it."

Angel piped up, "It's from me too. I love you too." He then pulled me into a deep, deep hug, kissed me on my cheek, stepped back and waited, in anticipation for me to open it.

I quickly ripped the paper off the package then opened it.

Inside was a beautiful choker necklace that had a small pure white angel dangling from the most dependent place on the chain.

Tears immediately sprang from my eyes, my stomach got tight, my breathing became labored as I began to choke up at experiencing its beauty.

All I could do was to pull both of those lugs into me and hug them fiercely. They put their arms around my shoulders until I regained my composure.

When I regained my composure they stepped away then Jeremy stepped up. He handed me a slightly larger box, but not much bigger. I opened it. The box contained a small chain that had yet another angel on it, and a matching set of small ear studs. I looked at them - they too had angels. When I kept looking at the small chain, Jeremy leaned in and said that it was an ankle bracelet.

Angel and Allen then stepped up and affixed the necklace on my neck while Jeremy got down on his hands and knees then put on the ankle bracelet.

Jeremy said, "We're going into town soon. We'll stop at a jewelers shop to get your ears pierced so that you can wear the studs studly."

All I could do was nod. Once again I was overcome with emotion. David went to the bar where he retrieved Kleenex so that I could wipe my eyes out then blow my nose.

Jeremy said, "Come on, you've gotta look in the mirror. They look really nice on you; you've got to see them."

So Allen, Angel, David, Jeremy and I walked to the bathroom, entered then closed the door so that I could see their gifts on me in the full length mirror hanging on the door.

While we were in private, I kissed each of my brothers on the lips, and thanked them profusely - until dad knocked on the door.

Dad led us back into the dining room where everybody was waiting for us.

Dad reached onto the dining room table, retrieved a much larger box wrapped in all black paper with yellow ribbon and a bow in the middle. He handed to me, saying, "I hope you like it."

Somebody handed me a pair of scissors. I quickly cut the ribbon, and then neatly removed the paper so as to not tear it - I was partially successful. I then removed the cover and then opened the tissue paper to find a beautiful snow white Kimono. I was totally flabbergasted, surprised, and shocked. I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my whole entire life.

I looked at dad with another fresh set of tears that freely flowed out of my eyes and down over my cheeks. I said, "It's beautiful. I've never seen anything so beautiful ever. Thanks."

"Well, take it out of the box. Let's see it. And, oh yeah, be sure and check the pockets... you might find something in there."

I took it out of the box. It unfolded neatly. David held it up while I went rifling through the pockets. In the very last one, I pulled out a card in an envelope.

It read: "To My Wonderful Son. May your travels be light, may your light be bright, may bright light your way along this journey of life. Love dad."

A large white envelope was in the bottom of the box, underneath the tissue paper. Quickly, I opened it up. Inside was a certificate; it was a gift of one years' worth of martial arts training of my choice.

Fiercely, I dropped the box into David's arms then grabbed dad in a stranglehold hug and wouldn't let go. He put his arms around my shoulders and he too wouldn't let go.

He said into my ear, "Son that's an official Kimono. It was made especially for you a Japanese friend. She's only made 5 of them in her life... four for each of her sons, and one for you."

I replied quietly, "But why dad?"

"We'll talk about it later. For now I'll say that the training will help you greatly build confidence in yourself. The training's good because it will help you to defend yourself should the need ever arise."

I nodded.

David said, "Let's go to the bathroom. I need to see this on my handsome duder."

That said, we went to the bathroom where I chucked my t-shirt and shorts. David helped me put it on and tie the sash then we went back to the dining room and showed everybody. It fit perfectly.

Dad said, "Go change back into your shorts and t-shirt. This party isn't over yet, not by a long shot."

When we returned, David hugged then kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. He said, "Peter, everybody, I love this guy. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Jason."

A guy who I had only briefly met stepped up. He handed David a small jewelers box then handed me an identical one. He then stepped back and waited expectantly but not before saying, "Good luck you guys."

David looked at me and said, "I love you Peter. Like I said, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and you only. Open it please."

Immediately, I opened the box. It contained a beautiful white gold ring. At the same time, he opened his. It contained a ring that was identical to mine.

I'd never really seen anything like them. David took my ring out of the box then showed me an inscription on the inside. It read, "To Peter, my love forever."

While tears freely flowed from my eyes, I took the box from his hand then opened it up and examined it carefully. There was no inscription on the inside of the band like there had been in mine.

David said, after taking my hand in his, "Will you please marry me?" His eyes were filled with unshed tears.

"In a New York second." I replied. We then embraced and held each other tightly, and were in no hurry to part. I kissed him firmly on his lips. He returned the gesture of our love. The we kissed together.

I whispered, "Will you marry me?"

"In a New Jersey millisecond."

We kissed again... passionately. I involuntarily opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. Dad coughed, Jeremy said, "Go get a room willya?"

We parted then stood looking at everybody. Judge Matheson then stepped up, looked at us carefully then said, "David Allen Blake and Peter Scott Jamison, while I cannot yet officially perform a civil union for you, I do have a token certificate that says you two are in fact united under God. It's something that the courts cannot take away or set aside. It's yours and yours forever. God bless each of you boys."

Judge Matheson stood aside. Ella took his place and looked at me intently. A smile then took over her face as she handed me a manila envelope. "Open it up, Peter. I think you'll like it."

I opened up the large manila envelope. It was an official certificate of adoption, and was signed by the governor, the director of family services, dad, and Judge Matheson.

I totally lost my composure by sobbing, almost hysterically, as dad took me in his arms and said, "Welcome home, son."

Our entire family then firmly embraced into a group hug that seemed to last forever - I hoped it lasted forever. I had no reason to doubt it would in fact last forever.

When we parted, David stayed. He said, "Well say something... we need to hear an acceptance speech... just so there's no doubt <giggling>!"

I was tongue tied. Nothing would come out of my mouth. I was starting to become uncomfortable... I could not put together an entire sentence... no words could explain how I was feeling at that moment in time.

A lady walked up to me then put her hands in mine. "Come on, we need to do something before the house catches fire."

Quickly she led me into the kitchen where on the kitchen counter was a huge sheet cake with 15 lit candles lighting it and its surrounding area up. She said, "Think of a wish. Don't say anything then blow out all the candles all at one time."

"Okay." I said excitedly knowing what my wish was.

Deeply I inhaled then exhaled blowing out all the candles in one fell swoop.

Everybody began clapping, hooting and hollering their approvals ... and love.

The woman then said, "Before we cut cake there's enough bar-b-q out on the patio to feed a large army. Have at it boys, Peter's first."

David walked to me as we were being led, en masse, to the pool. On the far end, a crew of caterers standing guard over a huge table of various kinds of meet, salads, desserts, drinks, and so many other things I can't remember.

They dished us up. David and I headed to our seats under the canopy tables where we liked to sit before and after swimming then chowed down.

David, between bites, asked, "So what was your wish oh loved one?"

After swallowing a bite of food, I said, "I wished that Chad can have a family and friends like this, and that he finds someone he can spend the rest of his life with, that he's loved and can love... that's all... oh but, I hope he finds a cure."

"Sweet." David replied. He then reached over, kissed me deeply then we resumed our eating the feast.

When I finished my plate, I sat it down then headed in the house after telling David I needed to take care of something personal, and that I'd be back soon.

"I'll be waiting right here." David replied then got up and tossed our plates into a trash receptacle sitting by the pools' motor room.

I went inside the house where the adults were congregated talking, laughing and carrying on. They all looked up when I entered. I walked over to the lady, leaned down and said in her ear, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Do you want to talk privately, Peter?"

"Uhm, yeah, but for just a minute... I don't want to interrupt you but I have to say something, if it's okay?"

We walked into the TV room. I shut the door then stood in front of her. I said, "Thank you. Thank you so much. But... I'm sorry I don't know your name."

"Oh sweetie. Come to thinking about it, we weren't formally introduced were we?"

I shook my head 'no'.

"Honey, my name's Alice Klinger. Jason and William are my sons. Horace is my husband. We're here from Missouri. Your dad, Jeremy and David - we were neighbors on adjacent farms. We spent quite a bit of time with each other. Their mother was my best friend. We grew up together, and we got married to our husbands on the same day at the same service and ceremony."

"Kewl, okay, I won't keep you any longer. Can I hug you? Otherwise I don't know how to thank you properly."

That said, Alice quickly, firmly and lovingly embraced me. My arms went around her. We stood there for several moments before we at the very same time parted.

She chuckled while saying, "I wish my boys were trained to hug like you. Could you give them some lessons?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. I'll get started right away." I said grinning from ear to ear.

After another brief hug, we parted ways. She returned to the living area where the adults were, and I returned to the pool area where all the guys were located. David came up to me and said, "We were just thinking about going swimming, do you want to?"

"Yeah, that sounds fun. But why are you asking me?" I said.

"It's your birthday dude. We do what you want to do."

"Hell yeah. Let's go."

I took my shirt off then reached for the bands of my shorts and underwear and began lowering them.

David caught my hand. He said, "Uhm, we can't go naked this time. Let's go upstairs and get our swimming suits on. Jason and William aren't used to skinny dipping. They're already wearing their swimsuits under their clothes.

Jason walked over. He said, "You guys swim however you're used to... we'll be okay, no problem."

"Nah, that's okay, we'll get something on. Come on Peter, can't keep the party held up."

That said, we headed upstairs, changed into our boardies then returned to the pool where everybody was already in the water and goofing off.

A couple hours later, we all got out of the water then congregated in chairs and on the concrete patio where we sat and talked for another hour or so. Because the trade winds were blowing we'd dried mostly off then headed into the house where most of the adults were getting ready to leave.

Jason, then William went to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later dressed in their jeans and t-shirts.

Ella and dad walked over after we said our good byes to our guests and they left.

I thought she was leaving so I walked over and stood in front of her. "Thank you Ella for everything. My dreams have all come true because of you. Can I hug you?"

We hugged deeply then she stepped away, looked at me intently, then said, "I have one little piece of business to finish up the evening with."

"Oh, okay. Sure."

"Your paternity test results have been received. I don't know what they revealed. Do you want to do it now, or do you want to wait until next week sometime when you can come into the office?"


"Test results?"

"Yes, the paternity test results are ready for you to see."

"Ohhhh." I replied nervously.

Just then David walked up behind me and put his arm around my waist then said "Sup Peter my main man?"

"Ella has my paternity test results. Do we do it now or wait until sometime later in the week?" I asked not quite sure what to think. Do I want to know the results today, or do I want to put them off. Do I want to know the results at all? How would this affect our lives today? How will they affect our lives tomorrow?

"It's up to you babe. Let me get dad and the rest of the gang. We'll do a group hug so the energy flows." David said then went off to gather the family together.

"Let's do it tonight." I said to Ella. She nodded then reached into her briefcase and pulled out an unopened envelope then handed it to me.

"Do you know what the results are, Ella?"

"No, I don't Peter. Judge Matheson handed me the envelope just today. He said that you were the only one that is supposed to actually open it.

A few minutes later the gang came into the dining room and gathered around me. Ella stepped aside into the background. Dad came up and held me in his arms. David stood on one side. Jeremy came up and stood by my other side. Allen and Angel sat down in chairs to either side of me then put their arms around my waist.

[Well, open it up dufus. We don't have all day.]

I shuddered and nervously tore the end of the envelope open then stood there for a minute to get my bearings, then smiled for a moment as I felt a warm blanket fall over my shoulders and wrap around my body. I felt safe and secure. I felt the energy of my family touching me. The thing about it was that I felt another pair of hands holding my face securely but not harshly. Then as if I had been off into a dream, I found that David was kissing my cheek softly which brought me back to here and now.

"Okay, here it goes. I love you guys."

Quickly, I pulled out the piece of paper that would forever change our lives, no matter what the results may be, or are.

I took a deep breath in when the results popped up into my eyes and they held me there transfixed.

"Ohhh ..."

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