The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 32

*** David's POV

After Dr. Miller told us that Peter's operation went well and that he was on his way to the recovery room, dad and I were escorted to be with Peter while he woke up. We didn't waste any time. I was pulling dad along, trying to hurry him up.

We arrived just as Peter was being wheeled in. Immediately, not before, not after, I headed over to his bed but a nurse stopped me, "Young man, you have to stand aside. We will be taking his vital signs, checking his bandage, and getting him settled in and comfortable. Please sit over in those chairs, I'll be sure to let you know when you can see the patient."

The nurse looked at me after I said, "He's my brother, not just any patient."

She nodded then went on about her duties taking care of my Peter.

After sitting down with dad, he pulled me into his side and squeezed firmly. He didn't say anything - he didn't need to.

They transferred him from the gurney to the regular hospital bed. I started snickering...

"Ahhh fuck, shit that hurts, damn it." And so went a litany of similar expletives coming from the mouth of my boyfriend as his nurses were doing nothing else but trying to help.

Dad was rolling his eyes when I looked at him. He had a halfway smirk on his face. I released myself from dad's arms then got up and walked over to Peter's bed.

"Dude, you need to clean up your mouth. Dad's listening to everything you say... he's sitting right over there." I said pointing to dad.

"DAD!" Peter exclaimed then in a lower voice added, "Fuck, it hurts David."

Dad walked over, took Peter's hand in his, "Peter, these people are here to help you. Clean up your mouth, son."

"Sorry dad... shit. Permission to speak freely?"

"No son, you've said enough." Dad replied, snickering.

Just then a nurse walked over to Peter's bed. She had a syringe in her hand. Quickly, she put the needle in Peter's IV then pushed in medicine. Peter's eyes fluttered a couple of times then he began snoring. I'd never known Peter to snore - but he was definitely snoring.

Several minutes later, Dr. Miller arrived. He was wearing green scrubs and a multicolored hat that nearly covered his ears.

After exchanging pleasantries, he turned his attentions to Peter. He pulled back the cover then motioned for us to look at his handiwork. Peter had a set of two balls, one just a little bit bigger than the other. Then Dr. Miller began palpating Peter's belly in several places - this woke Peter up with a startle... "Would you fucking stop that... it hurts!" Peter squealed.

"Peter, clean up your language right this minute." Dad said parentally.

Peter looked at dad with a goofy smile on his face, "Sorry dad. I'm screwed up."

"Ya think?" I chuckled.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Peter raised his hand up then very clearly and calmly flipped me off.

I laughed, looked Peter in his eyes then said sincerely, "Not here babe. Later."

Dr. Miller interrupted... he had a grin on his face, he said, "Good comeback, David. Okay Peter, as soon as you pee you can go home. I'm going to want to see you in the office in a few days. I'll leave word with my office to get you an appointment. If you have any problems, let me know. I'll talk to you later."

Dr. Miller then made his exit after Peter looked at him with a lopsided grin pasted all over his face.

Peter then nodded back off to sleep. The lopsided grin remained. He was a sight. I love him so much.

About an hour later, Peter woke up then exclaimed, "I gotta pee." He then got red in the face, as if he were grimacing to pee.

Dad called for a nurse to bring a urinal, and to make it quick.

A nurse came scurrying over then plunked the neck of the urinal underneath Peter's penis then told him to go ahead and relieve himself.

Peter squirmed trying to get his stream started. He said, "Can I sit up?"

The nurse raised the head of Peter's bed. Peter looked at me intently, like he was trying really, really hard to pee. He shook his head.

The nurse said, "I'm going to walk away. Would you join me Mr. Blake... he might need his privacy... sometimes that's all it takes."

Peter said, "David stay here. Don't go."

I looked the nurse - she nodded her approval then she and dad went to the desk where they engaged in a conversation. I leaned over the rail, kissed Peter on his lips, "Need some help there buddy?" I started to reach my hand down to Peter's love and joy but a male nurse walking toward us kept me in check.

His name tag read "Larry, RN", he said, "Having any luck Peter?"

"No. It's so close though." Peter grumpily replied.

"Let's stand you up." Larry said professionally.

"You and who's Army?" Peter replied testily.

Larry looked at Peter then stepped back, "Fine; do it yourself ... or do you want me to get a big ole catheter - I call it the 'Gorilla'. It's quick." Larry said smiling wickedly.

Peter stared at Larry for a moment then he looked at me for support. I replied, "I'd stand up if I were you."

"OKAY FINE THEN. I'll get up." Peter snarled.

Larry then lowered the bed so that Peter, with some minor assistance swinging his legs over the edge, could more easily stand up by the bed. Haughtily, Peter said "Well, give a guy some privacy will ya?"

Larry professionally closed the drapes around the cubicle. I stood at Peter's side to help steady him since I was so woozy.

"I feel like I'm pregnant." Peter quipped.

I snickered. Peter playfully smacked me up the back of my head.

We stood there for maybe 5 minutes, maybe more, Larry said from outside the curtain, "Any luck?"

"No, not yet. It's stuck. I feel it. It's right there."

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." Larry snickered.

"I hope he doesn't quit his day job. His humor sucks!" Peter groused.

"I heard that!" Larry said chuckling.

Soon he was back, stepped inside holding a washcloth. Without asking permission, Larry wrapped the washcloth very carefully around Peter's penis... positive results were immediate. Peter closed his eyes... he was as close to an orgasm as he'd ever be... I didn't think he'd ever finish...

"Can I go home now?" Peter asked.

"Let me page Dr. Miller. He wanted to see you before you went home."

Larry left. Soon, Dr. Miller's name was paged over the intercom system. About half an hour later Dr. Miller arrived. Discharge orders were written, instructions were given then Peter was wheeled to the circle drive out front of the hospital by hospital staff.

*** Back to Peter's POV

I didn't realize that Escalades sat up so high. That was too much to take so dad lifted me up and into the vehicle. Since it was about lunch time we stopped to purchase carry out pizza which we took home to eat.

Everybody was excited to see me. Who am I kidding? I was glad to see everyone also.

The guys helped me to sit in one of the chaise lounges by the pool after I peed again, this time with no troubles, and we ate until we felt sufficiently full.

The guys went swimming, swam some laps then goofed off while I sat in the chair watching. I laughed a couple of times at their antics which sent me into spasms of pain, but smiled anyway and enjoyed their playing around with me. I dozed several times.

When it came time for bed, David washed me up using warm clean sink water. After getting me to bed, David went and took a shower then came back where he nuzzled in and went to sleep.

*** Tuesday

I awoke before David did. I needed two things. First I needed to pee like a race horse, and secondly I needed a pain pill but bad.

I made it off of the bed by myself and without waking David then walked in the bathroom where I peed like a racehorse but got freaked out at seeing that my dick had turned black and blue, as had my nuts.

Dad was walking by our bathroom, "Dad look. Something's very, very wrong with my male parts."

Dad walked over, took a peek at my junk then assuredly said, "Dr. Miller said that might happen. It's just some bleeding under the skin. It's nothing to be alarmed about. It looks worse than it really is. The swelling will go down too... it's okay."

"It's just way weird; can I have a pain pill?"

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, sleeping off and on.

When it came for bedtime, we went upstairs slowly since they were my worst enemy, or so it seemed, but, yeah, we made it okay.

David snuck in the shower while I peed and went to bed to lie down. He returned a few minutes later. He had quite the woody leading his way.

Before lying down, I had propped my head up on two pillows because that took the pressure off my very sore puberty area. I had a different idea though, something I thought that David just might enjoy.

When he put his crutches against the wall after sitting down, I motioned him to my lips. We kissed thoroughly which didn't help his situation, not one bit. I chuckled.

"Why do you have two pillows?" David asked casually.

"Never mind that, help my lie on my side then you lie next to me, and I'll show you."

David wasted no time. On his way down his prong slapped me in the face, and yes it was hard... of course it caused me no pain. I said, "Watch it buster. Turn around... I've got plans for your big little problem there."

No complaints though he said, "Don't hurt yourself - ahhhhhhhhhh" as I took his dick fully into my waiting and wanting oral orifice then took it down to the root.

David immediately began gently thrusting his tool in and out as I ran my hand over his smooth, taut but firm ass cheeks. Unable to stop myself, not that I wanted to stop mind you, my middle finger found his hole then began diddling in the epicenter of the cleft sending him into orbit. He started panting and wailing as he stroked that much harder, trying to get off but unable to do so. I moved my hand from his butt to the root of his cock, began stroking it the best I could under the circumstances.

David pulled out of my mouth, grabbed his dick and began stroking it for all it was worth (a million gazillion bucks!) Just as he hit his first spasm, I quickly pushed his hand aside then put my mouth back over his spurting pole and drank in every drop of his sweet nectar. Totally spent, David lay down where he was until his piston settled down.

*** Wednesday

I woke up from a deep sleep lying on my side. I realized that penis was squeezed between my body and my hand... he was happy. I looked down and saw it peeping up and out from the swimmer's jock strap I had been given to wear so that my jangles didn't jingle too much.

David was lying beside me sound asleep, snoring those faint little puffs of air that I have come to know and love. The morning was cool but not cold; the house was quiet other than the occasional creak and groan that wood homes experience from time to time during their life cycles; the sun was indirectly shining through our floor to roof windows, and the breeze was blowing lightly making this 'everything' seem just so surreal and peaceful. The discomfort level from the surgical incision in my groin was manageable, not too bad, it just let me know that its inner peace had been disturbed by a surgeons' knife.

Figuring that my not really hard but awake erection was simply caused by a need to pee, I decided that the bathroom was the first order of business so I got up and carried out the plan. The little erection went down even after jacking it a couple of times just to see if it were real. While it felt good, I just wasn't yet horny, not in the least.

When I went back to our room David was still sound asleep so I pulled the sheet over him then went downstairs. Dad was just on his way out the door to go to work so I went into the TV room and turned on cartoons.

A little while later, Allen came in and sat down beside me then held my hand because I had a spasm of pain, a muscle cramp - those were the worst. When it passed, as they always had, he said "Do you want some orange juice or something to drink? Can I get you anything?"

"Yeah, that sounds really good. Thanks."

"Hey, look here Allen."

"Whow, that's wicked man. Does it hurt?" Allen exclaimed after I grasped hold of the jock strap waist band and pulled it down to show him my black and blue dick and nuts.

"Nope, it doesn't hurt but yeah definitely it is wicked looking. Dad says it should go away in a few weeks.

"Hey Peter, being pubeless looks pretty good on you. We've thought about doing it but haven't. We kind of like our pubes the way they are."

"Yeah, we thought mine looked pretty hot too. But I want them back."

"Hey Peter, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Anytime Allen, I've got nothing to hide from you ... other than intimate details of what David and I do in our bedroom." I snickered but not too much because doing so hurt quite a bit still.

"What do you want for your birthday? It's coming up soon and well we want to make it special for you."

"I've already got what means the most, Allen. I have a family who loves me. I have a family that I love completely. What more can a guy ask for?" I said sincerely since nothing had ever been done in my old family for any such occasion. I was also afraid of asking for anything special. My family is so good about providing everything that I actually need so I just hate to ask for anything.

Just then Allen's phone rang which he took. He got a pained expression on his face then sat deeply back in the sofa that we were both sitting in. With that I said silently when he turned to look at me "Are you okay?"

He shrugged his shoulders then nodded. I reached over and kissed him lightly on the cheek then got up and went into the kitchen to refill my juice so that he could take his call in private. I poured Allen another glass of OJ and took it in to him then left and went out to the pool where I sat down and just watched the water glitter and glisten with the sunshine illuminating it.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Allen was sitting down on my lounger chair. He had tears in his eyes so I put my hand on his shoulder and said "You okay?"

He shook his head no then turned to me and it was then that I saw tear stained cheeks so I reached out for him as best as I could and pulled his face so that it rested against mine. Allen tensed up then started crying softly so I got his phone and punched in Angel's number. He answered it on the third ring and I said "Come on down to the pool. Allen needs to talk with us about something very sad that happened in a phone call just a few minutes ago."

"Be right there." Angel said then clicked the connection closed.

About five minutes or so later, Angel appeared and said to anybody who was listening "Sorry, I had to pee first. Allen, what's wrong baby?" He then pulled Allen into a hug and held him tightly as Allen cried softly into his chest.

"Allen, talk to us because it helps to talk it out."

"That was my oldest brother calling to say thanks a lot for putting our parents in jail because he needed some money from them but instead found that their accounts had been frozen. He said that he'd never forgive me for breaking the family up like I did. I told him I didn't even know that they were doing the shit that they were doing until I did find out. I then told him it was the absolute worst thing that a parent can do to their children. He then asked me how I thought that we could live a good life with no money worries. He then told me that I should have been grateful but now because of what I did, everything's all fucked up. He then hung up after calling me a fucking faggot."

Angel said, "So, are you saying this is all fucked up?"

"Kind of, I mean, no, not really, but you know what I mean don't ya?"

"I kind of know what you are going through on the inside a little bit but my situation and circumstances are different. I know what it's like when parents don't love their kids. I never lived like this <I raised my arm and swung it all around me> without someone trying to use me ... so yeah, I do understand actually." I said deep in thought.

"I understand Allen. Yeah it's a bitch. I lived a good life with my 'rents and brothers and sisters ... I never ever thought I would be tossed out like a dirty piece of trash just because I'm gay. Allen, we're still the same people we always were. We're going to be okay just you wait and see. We have a really good chance here because we're with people who love us unconditionally. That and we're able to be together full time and not have to hide anything or figure out a way to be together without being caught. This was our dream, and it's come true."

"You're both are right. I need to count my blessings more often because they far outweigh the bad stuff when I just stop and think about it." Allen said.

"Hey, Peter, show Angel what you showed me." Allen said grinning now.

Without hesitation, I lowered the waistband on my jock strap then showed Angel my dick and nuts.

"Oh my God, doesn't that hurt? Are you able to pee? Has it got a hard on yet? Geezus that would have to hurt ..."

"No Angel <I giggled>, my dick doesn't hurt, not in the least. See." I replied then took hold of my dick and squeezed causing some blood to rush into it making it rise about halfway to a full erection. I then jacked it a couple times but it jiggled my nuts so I quit. "I stopped because it hurts to jiggle my nuts, and we don't do sexual things together." I chuckled which caused a twinge of pain to radiate from my groin.

"I love ya, Allen. Trust me when I say that I believe things are going to work out. I'm going to get my justice in court though, just you wait and see. All I have to do is to tell the truth and not sugar coat shit. You guys need to be there so we can share our energies and stuff. Come here you big lug." I said and when Allen reached in I kissed him lightly on the lips then did the same thing with Angel.

"Brothers forever." Allen said smiling.

"Damn straight. Brothers forever. We'll, we're lovers... and yeah you have me forever!" Angel said emphatically.

"Abso-fuckin-lutely." I added in.

"Hey, whatcha guys doing?" David asked sleepily from the doorway to the pool area.

"Just talking. Come here babe."

"Let me get a glass of orange juice first. Do you want one?" David said.

"Please." I replied.

"I'll help him. Thanks for being here for me." Allen said sincerely.

"Wouldn't have it any other way, bro." I replied with absolute certainty.

"Thanks Peter. You're the rock." Angel said then he kissed me again on the lips and went in to help with refilling our drinks.

I sat there thinking how fucking lucky I really am, and it is right where it really counts. While it's sad that I do not remember feeling a part of any family before, I am okay now. These guys and dad really do love me, there are no axes to grind, and that there are no dues to pay for just being ourselves.

Returning shortly, David sat down, put his crutches in their normal spot then reached for me so that we could kiss and cuddle warmly. Little Peter liked it, and while he didn't get all hard he did get pudgy. David winked when he saw it then kissed me again.

Angel and Allen dove back in the pool, swam their laps then hung out on the wall at the far end of the pool. They'd kiss every now and again... the love they were showing each other was sweet, real sweet.

David missed nothing. With his help, I cuddled back into David's strong arms and went to sleep.

Sometime later, David woke me with little petal kisses along my neck and ear and cheek. I was feeling very loved and content, and safe. Being held in my lovers' arms... well, there's nothing like it.

David whispered in my ear, "Little Peter's awake. I want to make him happy later on, okay?"

I nodded my affirmations into his cheek then kissed him on his lips warmly. Just as I was readying my tongue to invade his oral sanctum dad walked through the door and came over and sat down on our chair.

We talked about dinner plans then decided on petite steaks, baked potatoes and a salad.

Allen and Angel, seeing us talking with dad made their way over in the pool, got out then joined us.

Allen filled dad in on the phone conversation he'd had with his older brother. As expected, dad reassured Allen that, in time, everything would work its way out. They hugged deeply then dad got Allen and Angel busy with dinner preparations to help take their minds off the recent turn of events.

When they left, David squirmed around so we could see eye to eye. He had something serious on his mind, questions that needed to be asked.

"What's up babe? Spill it." I said then firmly kissed David on his lips. David moved around so that he was sitting at a 90 degree angle. He looked me in my eyes and said, "Who's Matt? You were talking to him when you were coming out of anesthesia."

Not knowing what to say, simply because I could recall no Matt in my life, I replied, "I don't know a Matt, not that I know of anyway. It could have been a john, I suppose, I wouldn't remember though."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep, I'm sure. The first thing I remember now is that I needed to pee just like I do right now. All this orange juice is getting to me. Help me up." I chuckled.

David helped me up then I quickly took off for the bathroom where I sat down and peed... ahhh what a relief that was.

Just as I was getting up, I felt firm pressure pushing down from my backside. I tried but couldn't push that object out... my tummy hurt just too bad for exertion that I normally had taken for granted. Taking a different tact, I relaxed hoping it would find its own way out. Finally, the urge became just too great, so I just pushed down while holding my side with my hand. It worked. Once the first one dropped the rest followed its footsteps, so to speak. Once the urges were gone, I felt a tremendous pressure leave my groin area leaving it feeling actually halfway decent. Just as I was getting ready to wipe up, another small one snuck out of the cavern.

After wiping the nether region and washing my hands, I made my way out of the bathroom. David was walking my way. He smiled with his warm radiant glow.

We went back to the pool where we just sat there and talked about many different things ... nothing worth writing about though. Angel told us dinner was ready so we went inside - the steaks were cooked to perfection - there's a whole lot of good stuff to be said about real home cooked meals.

Dad and the guys shooed us out of the house while they cleaned up the dinner table and kitchen.

When we arrived at the pool, I took my shirt off, flung it onto a chair, and then made my way to the stairs leading into the pool. The water was perfect... I so wished I could go swimming but reality said 'no'. Second best was sitting on the edge with my legs dangling in the water. David joined me and put his arms around my waist then, absent mindedly, began tweaking my cock with the tips of his fingers - his motions weren't sexual at all... although Little Peter started feeling otherwise... the little guy stood up proud and tall... I actually felt a stirring of horniness go through my belly, through my spine and then up into my head. David noticed too. How could he not notice <I'm chuckling as I write this!>

Like I've said many, many times, David's a smart cookie. His hand wrapped around my stalk. My feelings of horniness continued to grow moment by moment. I looked all around... nobody had come out of the house. The kitchen was dark... probably meaning that when the kitchen cleanup was accomplished they'd gone into the TV room to watch some boob tube.

David saw it too. He wasted no time getting into the water then while hanging on the side of the pool he took my black and blue cock deeply in his warm, moist oral cavern, and began stroking, looking up at me every once in a while to make sure he was not causing any pain or discomfort. On one of his down strokes, I gently took his head in my hands and then held his mouth on my cock to the root. I tensed my anal sphincter up then released it then tightened it up again. Orgasm was imminent. David sensed it was about to happen. He put his arms around around my sides then ground his tongue and roof of his mouth and began sucking seriously and furiously.

Then it happened. Stars and stripes forever!

*** Friday

I just need to mention that by Thursday night, David and I performed our ministrations without difficulty... I'm just not used to going as many days without him in my receptacle as we went. Actually, David started it. I was lying on my side going to sleep with his arms around my chest, his breathing on my upper back, his hips nestled in mine (we'd just jacked off) like a good boy with nothing but pure motives to get a good night's rest... right. Right as I was falling off into that twilight sleep state, his cock and my butthole had other things in mind.

Okay... so you now know the rest of the story. Needless to say we didn't go right to sleep so when 6:00am came along we were both still very sleepy - you know that post orgasmic restful sleep, right? Okay, well, that's where we were.

After grumbling at the shrill noise shattered quiet, I reached over, banged on the damned thing into a 'snooze' state, and fell back to sleep for another 8 minutes. And so on and so forth until 6:30 when dad knocked on the door, opened it then mentioned in a parental tone of voice that it was time to get up, get showered, dressed and all of that crap at such an ungodly hour of the morning.


When the damned alarm clock went off again, dad was just entering our room... he gave no slack. Off went our covers leaving two dudes lying there fully pronged up and ready to rock and roll.

Dad would have nothing of it. With David and dad play fighting for the covers back, dad made sure David was wide awake by pulling him to the floor. He reached for me but I feigned injury and covered my genitals mockingly as if he were going to hit me there... playfully of course.

"Now that you boys are awake, how about helping with breakfast... there are people around here who have to work and go to school... so make yourselves useful!" Dad said seriously, but with gleam in his eyes - dead giveaway he was goofing around.


By 9:00am we were in Dr. Miller's office for my post operative visit. All went well until he said that we could resume sexual relations whenever I felt comfortable. <David looked at me like the cat was out of the bag. I snickered briefly.>

Dr. Miller asked after taking off the bandage from the 3 inch incision located in the fold of skin between my thigh and scrotum, "Have you had any discomfort with erections? It's quite normal if you are."

"No sir, no problems with that." I said looking at dad for some sort of reaction... I was somewhat uncomfortable with talking to dad about these things.

Dad said half snickering, "They're normal, Peter. You know that."

"How about with ejaculation, are you having any problem with them?"

"Uhm no sir, everything's okay just so long as I don't jiggle my nuts..., I mean testicles, too much."

"How about your bowels, are they moving okay?" Dr. Miller asked as he donned a pair of rubber gloves and pulled out a tube of k-y jelly.

"Uhm, yeah, they're okay. It hurts my belly when I push down. I just relax."

That said, he dabbed some jelly on his finger then slowly and carefully inserted it deep into my rear, wiggled it around a couple times, and then pulled it out. He handed me Kleenex to wipe up with.

"Okay Peter, everything checks out okay. Your stool is a bit hard... other than that everything is as expected. The stitches will dissolve on their own. I don't really need to see you again unless something comes up. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Nope, thanks doc. Thanks for everything. Uhm, oh, how long do you think my equipment will look beaten and battered?" I said snickering.

"For all discoloration to be gone... I'd say about 6 to 8 weeks. The blood under the skin will just take some time to dissipate. Nothing's wrong though. If you get a lump, or if it gets painful then make an appointment so I can check it for you. Anything else?"

"Nope, thanks."

Dr. Miller turned to the computer terminal in the exam room, logged on, made some notes then pulled up David's records and said, "David, it's time for your checkup. Make your appointment at the front desk... I'd like to see you soon."

That said and done, after David's appointment was made for a month out we took off and had a wonderful seafood lunch after goofing off for a couple hours in the promenade.

At 1:00, we had an appointment with Mr. Wright, our attorney, to start the process of getting a case together.

After getting the preliminaries over with, Mr. Wright asked Dad and David to leave for a couple of hours while he and I got acquainted. We didn't talk about anything hot and heavy but did get to know one another a little better. He said we should meet once a week, that the trial date would be sometime in December and that it was very possible the feds would be taking over the case since their charges were more far reaching and severe than the state's case was. In any event, he was going to be with me all of the way no matter which courts took it, or if both of them took it.

When Dad and David returned some time later, we went to the federal prosecutor's office where we met for a few minutes just to review the details. He asked some questions to 'fill in the blanks' as he called it. We too would be meeting once a week and he too thought the trial would begin in December.

Dad recalled the incident at the restaurant the night before we left on vacation to DC and Disneyland. The prosecuting attorney, Bill Smith, was remarkably impressed that we were guests of the president, and although he did not watch TV that night, he said that he would retrieve it from the station so that he could.

He asked a whole bunch of questions regarding Don. I did not know his last name but told him the general vicinity where he lived and what he did for a living.

His brow furrowed deeply as we continued to talk, but he really didn't say much at all about him to us.

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