Mason in the Center, Part 1

by Joe L

Chapter 8

The alarm blares suddenly, and it seems as if we haven't been asleep for two minutes. I groan and yawn while Tyler slowly loosens his hold on me.

"How was it?" he whispers, sleepily.

"How was what?" I ask with confusion as I sit up.

"Waking up in my arms?" he smiles, adorably.

"So amazing!" I jump in his lap and initiate a sweet kiss. Just then I hear my mom and Jackson bust through the front door.

"MASON! In the car… Two minutes!" she bellows. I must be in trouble… or one of us is. Getting us alone in the car is her usual tactic of interrogation. She gets some information from me… then some from Tyler… then some from Parker… and eventually, she uncovers a discrepancy in our stories or one of them cracks, trying to avoid the severe punishment. She's good.

"One more." I plant one last lingering kiss on Tyler's lips, and he flutters his tongue around my mouth. "Ooh, I like that!" I say, heading over to my bed. I slip under the covers and Tyler gets under his just as mom bursts into our room. We pull off the act of being irritatingly woken up from our naps perfectly.

"Mason, in the car! NOW!" She disappears down the hall before she even finishes her command. Tyler and I exchange satisfied smiles as I get dressed. I grab a soda and head out to be questioned. She pulls out of our driveway and heads down the street to a small park. It's her favorite routine. She pulls into the same parking spot, dramatically turns towards me and begins her grilling.

"What did I do now?" I ask innocently.

"That remains to be seen!" She folds her arms and stares me down. "I got several phone calls at work today from several teachers. First, I got a call from Mr. Brown, your history teacher. He said that you are his best student. He said that he called on you three times today. You just shrugged and said `dunno' all three times!"


"That's not like you! You love to be the know-it-all in class."

"So I didn't do my reading. I had an Algebra test to study for, which I aced, by the way. I'll get caught up by Monday."

"After that, I got THREE more calls… all from Tyler's teachers."

"What did he do now?"

"They all said that he was just sitting there, all through class, staring at them… with a grin on his face. One of the teachers said it was a goofy grin, and one of the others said it was creepy. What's going on with you boys?"

"I dunno. Nothing."

"Are you boys ON DRUGS?!?" she shrieks.

"What? No!" I give a half-hearted protest. "We're not on drugs. We can't afford any drugs on our five-dollar-a-week allowance… and Tyler's not even getting an allowance anymore."

"You can get drugs without money," she says, sticking to her guns.

"Yeah, mom. There are always these thugs and gang members and guys in trench coats hanging around schools, just wanting to give kids free drugs."

"Okay then… what IS going on?" She's not giving up.

"Nothing! Last night, Parker had another nightmare, and neither one of us could go back to sleep. Tyler would toss and turn and wake me up… then I would toss and turn when he would nod off. Then he got mad at me for waking him up, and he threw a shoe at me. Then I was wide awake again. It was just one of those nights." I'm pretty good making up stuff on the fly, but mom is watching my every move very intently.

"You're… lying," she says suspiciously, and puts the car into gear to drive back home. "Let's see what Tyler has to say."

"Okay, okay. Just stop." I don't want her to talk to Tyler. He never does well under pressure, especially under mom's interrogation. A brilliant plan develops quickly in my mind. "I'll just tell you this. None of us are doing drugs. You'll just have to trust me on the rest."

"No WAY, mister!"

"Mom, TRUST me. There are just some things that need to be private. There are some things that a mother doesn't need to know." I squirm in my seat, enjoying my own performance.

"Not when you boys are involved. SPILL IT!"

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell Tyler I told you. He would kill me. I mean it… he would actually MURDER me in my sleep."

"Just TELL me!" She's totally buying my act, desperate to hear what she thinks is the real story.

"Carson… kinda taught Tyler… you know… how to… jerk off."


"Masturbate." Normally, saying these words in front of my mom would make me want to rip all of my skin off, but there's so much more at stake now. I want to make sure my mom drops this line of questioning and doesn't have the stomach to bring it up ever again. I'm going to pull out all the stops.

"How do you KNOW this?" she wails.

"Well, Carson was so amazed that Tyler didn't know how. When Carson found me later, he assumed I didn't know either, but I told him I already knew how. That's how I found out about Tyler." Damn, that was a good one.

"You already KNOW?"

"Yeah. I sorta figured it out on my own," I say, actually blushing for the first time.

"Well!" She wrings the steering wheel as her knuckles turn white. "I am going to have a talk with Carson!"

"You CAN'T!" I shout. "You promised me that you wouldn't tell Tyler. If you confront Carson, then he'll shit all over Tyler, and Tyler will know I told you!"

"Well, I can't just IGNORE this!" I think this is the first time that she hasn't admonished me for saying `shit'.

"Why not?"

"Because it's wrong! It's a sin!" Mom is the only one in the family that clings to religion. She grew up a Catholic and dragged us all to Mass when we were growing up. Needless to say, we got ourselves banned from Sunday school and eventually, the entire church. Now, mom drives all the way across town every week for Mass without us. I don't know how she could live with our family and still believe in God. I just think she wants to get away from us for a few hours a week.

"Mom, I think it's time to face facts. It's 2010. The Catholic Church is evil, majorly corrupt, wrong about EVERYTHING. Whatever they say, you should seriously consider doing the opposite."

"And who are you to go against centuries of tradition?" she scoffs at me.

"Even Dr. Oz said that masturbation is healthy and good for you."

"He never said THAT!"

"You can look it up… if we actually had internet. Look, when a guy our age doesn't… do that… he turns into… what Tyler was. He gets all angry and doesn't know why. He's short with everyone. He would be a bully. He would think about sex constantly, and all he would feel is frustration. Finally, when his body couldn't take it anymore, it would take care of the release itself… during sleep."

"Don't say any more!" she squirms. I have her right where I want her.

"If you want Tyler to be more of the son that you've always wanted, you'd better leave this alone. He even was quiet and paid attention at school for once!" The thought of Tyler behaving and doing well in school begins to stir things up inside of me again. Tyler being a good student is kinda sexy. I'll have to ask him to tell me about it.

"I never should have let you boys stop going to church."

"Actually, that's probably your best parenting decision ever." Oops. I shouldn't have said that.

"I'll pretend you didn't say that." I let my guard down with a sigh of relief, and she playfully smacks me on the back of the head.

"You're helping with dinner," she says with a sigh of resignation as we drive back to the house.

I manage to calm Tyler's fears with a simple look before dinner. While we eat, Tyler flicks peas at me and Parker with a devilish smile. I pretend that I don't like it, but I want him to keep doing it. That's perfect: a little normalcy to gloss over the different behavior.

Tyler and I casually return to our bedroom and get out a textbook to pretend we're doing schoolwork. It'll be hard to explain why we're doing schoolwork on a Friday evening if anyone comes in, but we need some type of cover. Tyler grabs my hand and holds it under the desk, and we stare into each other's eyes for a few agonizing seconds. I want to kiss him so bad, but we can't risk it.

"So, how was school?" I whisper, breaking the intensity.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm a nerd now."

"Cool. We can be nerds together!" I chuckle. "Why do you think you're a nerd?"

"I just sit there and don't fuck off anymore. I actually pay attention now. There's no way in fucking hell I'm getting in trouble and having to stay after school for detention."

"Your school still does detention?"

"Yeah. Stupid, huh?"

"Yeah. So… did you… ya know, get sad again today? You don't still think I'm going to break up with you, do you?"

"Nah. I think you did a good job of convincing me that you want to be with me." He squeezes my hand.

"Yeah. I was thinkin' about you a lot today. I was worried that you might get sad again, so I typed this for you during lunch in the computer lab." I take out a folded piece of paper from my pocket.

"You wrote me a LOVE LETTER?" Tyler's eyes open wide as he snatches the paper from me.

"Well, kinda."

"It really IS a love letter?"

"It's more of a… reminder… of how I feel about you. It's something that you can keep with you and read whenever you feel sad or if you get those stupid thoughts that I might break up with you."

"Can I read it now?"

"Yeah. It's kinda personal… but at the same time, not personal at all. I mean, I didn't put either of our names in it, and I tried to make it so that if someone read it, they wouldn't know it's from me… or even that it's from a guy." Tyler unfolds the paper and begins to read. I read it again to make sure I got everything across that I wanted to. I had to be careful of my language. Tyler always used to hit me when I would use a word that he didn't know. He thought I did it on purpose to make him feel stupid.

First of all, you are the hottest guy I know, and I never thought I'd ever have a hot boyfriend. On top of that, everything we do together is way better than I could've ever imagined. I can't stop thinking about you. I can't wait to be with you. I love being together. I even love being together when we're around other people. I love you, but there's just so much more. I feel like I'm really getting to know you for the first time. I feel like I finally know the real you, and I love everything about you. You are sweet and kind when you want to be, but I also love the funny and wild side. Also, I really think you're smart, and don't let anyone tell you that you're not. Most of all, I love the vulnerable, emotional guy who just wants to be loved. Believe me, I'll take care of that from now on. I love the way you look at me, especially before and after we kiss. The best of all was after our first kiss... (our first real kiss.) I just can't get it out of my mind. The way I made you smile… I'll never forget it. I wish I could make you smile like that all the time. I consider that smile to be the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. I love you.

I look up at Tyler as he finishes the note. I watch his eyes dart from word to word, and I'm sure that the point got across perfectly. He has a large smile on his face and tears are rolling down his cheek.

"Damn, dude!" he whispers and takes a deep breath. "You made me cry and gave me a boner at the same time!" We laugh while I try to dry Tyler's tears. Suddenly he starts wiping my cheeks with his thumb, too. I didn't even realize I was crying, too.

We hear Parker coming down the hall, so we straighten up and finish drying our faces with our t-shirts.

"What are you guys doing?" Parker asks, obliviously.

"Nothing, dickhole." Tyler grabs his tennis ball and begins bouncing it on the ceiling. He leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the desk. Parker is ignoring us, so I use the opportunity to stare at Tyler. Every inch of his body is so hot. He's wearing his black track jersey, silver basketball shorts with a black stripe down the side, and black crew socks with white heels and toes. His toes wiggle a little bit with every bounce of his ball. His tan legs and tan arms sport tiny blond, sun-bleached hairs. His loose clothes do little to hide his tight muscles and perfect physique. I think about last night and all of his body parts that I touched and all of his body parts that touched me.

I look back up at his smiling face, enjoying my eyes roaming all over his body. I lick my lips and we chuckle.

"What?" Parker whines, thinking we're making fun of him.

"Nothing!" Tyler and I shout in unison. Parker turns his attention back to a comic book, and we turn ours back to each other's bodies. Tyler pulls his shorts tight against his crotch so I can see the outline of his dick, and I lick my lips again. I stare at him as my self-control continues to dwindle. I feel like I might jump on him in front of Parker or anyone else in the room. He's so irresistible.

"Shed?" he mouths the word so that Parker can't hear. I nod and begin to plan on how to hide my boner before I stand up.

"Friday family movie night! Five minutes!" Mom screeches outside of our door, and Tyler and I almost jump out of our skin. Family movie night just means that everyone has to be in the same room so we can all be supervised. "What's with you boys?" Mom looks at us suspiciously. She knows she interrupted something because of the obvious startle.

"Nothing! Shit!" Tyler says as he walks by her. She smacks him in the back of the head.

"Five minutes," she says, looking at me before leaving the room.

We head out to the TV room, and plop on the couch next to each other. There's no chance we'll be able to sneak off to the backyard, and I don't want to lose our rendezvous spot. Tyler and I both grab a blanket to drape over our laps to hide the hard-ons we both worked up in the bedroom. We're watching Iron Man, which I've wanted to see, but it's going to be hard to concentrate sitting right next to Tyler.

"Okay, Jackson's down for the night," Mom says with an exhausted sigh as she takes her spot in the recliner. "Go ahead and start it."

"Betcha mom goes first," Tyler whispers to me as the opening credits start.

"Duh. The real question is who goes second… Dad or Parker?" I whisper back leaning into Tyler. Damn, he smells good.

"I'll take Parker. Dad has his scotch, and he won't fall asleep until he finishes the glass."

"I dunno. Parker looks pretty hyper and dad's already in his sweatpants. I'll take dad," I say.

"Okay… what's the bet?"

"What else?" I smile. "You win, we make out on Monday after school. I win, we 69."

"I like that bet!" Tyler smiles.

"What are you whispering about over there?" Mom asks with one raised eyebrow.

"We're arguing over which one of us loves you more," I say, smugly.

"Your father and I have that same argument about you boys all the time," she fires back with a yawn.

We all sit in silence for a while. I see Tyler glancing over at me with a smile every minute or so. Suddenly, I feel his fingers creep onto my hand under the blanket. We interlock our fingers and warmly squeeze each other's hands. Without thinking, I let my head droop over and rest on his shoulder. Just as quickly, I jerk it back up and look around to see if anyone was looking. That was a close one.

Tyler giggles at me as he begins to lightly stroke my thumb with his.

"Mom's down," I whisper. Her head has flopped to the side and she's out like a light. "Dad's lookin' drowsy. He's already finished his scotch… I have a feeling we're gonna be suckin' some dick on Monday!" I whisper a little too loudly.

"Hey… Parker can fall asleep anytime, anywhere! My tongue is gonna be so far inside your mouth on Monday!" We both chuckle and try not to call attention to ourselves. Neither Dad nor Parker looks up at us. They seem to be engrossed in the movie.

"I got an idea," I whisper. "Gimme your arm." I pull his hand over to my lap under my blanket. I let my hand out of his grasp, and begin to lightly stroke his arm and the palm of his hand with my fingertips. Tyler lets out a long sigh of pleasure and slowly closes his eyes. I continue to lightly slide my fingers around, enjoying the feeling of his goosebumps that I've caused. By now, I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the movie. I'm completely focused on Tyler.

"Lemme do you for a while," Tyler whispers, pulling my hand over onto his lap. Chills immediately run all through my body, and I have to hold my breath to keep from moaning. This feels unbelievably amazing. I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations as I drift into a new level of bliss. I'm so incredibly boned up, and I know Tyler is, too. I can feel the heat that is emanating from his dick, and I can smell his sexy, sweaty intoxicating aroma stronger than ever.

I open my eyes to do a quick check of the others in the room and notice that Dad and Parker are both fast asleep. I point the situation out to Tyler.

"So who won?" I whisper.

"Dunno." Tyler shrugs his shoulders and continues stroking my arm.

"Can I check something?"

"Okay." He lets go of my arm and bites his lip through a sexy smile. I slowly move my hand under his shirt and down his abs. His smile widens as my hand creeps inside the waistband of his shorts and down to his hot dick. I run my index finger down the crevice of his cockhead and scrape up a nice glob of precum. I carefully pull my finger out of the maze of fabric, preserving my gooey prize. I take a quick whiff of it before I deftly lick the fluid off, and then suck my finger forcefully. It tastes so much better than I imagined, and only makes my craving for his cum that much stronger. "Mmmm…," I moan quietly without realizing it.

"My turn," Tyler whispers as his hand dives back down under my blanket. I hold my breath, genuinely afraid that the sensation of Tyler's hand against my dick might make me cum. He wraps his fingers completely around my shaft and squeezes the skin up against the head. I bite my lip hard and gasp, arching my back as he scrapes up his reward. He brings his hand out from under the blanket and shows me the bead of fluid. I watch him savor it, loving every second. "Soooo sweeeet…," he whispers before sucking on his finger again.

My heart is beating extremely quickly as I try to catch my breath. I stare longingly into Tyler's eyes, as he does the same. I'm completely powerless over my desire for him at this moment. I just have to pray that no one wakes up.

"C'mere," Tyler whispers as his head slowly moves towards mine. I feel my head move towards his in response. I quickly look around the room, and see that no one has moved an inch since the last time I checked. I look back into Tyler's eyes just as our lips meet, and suddenly, my eyes close and my mouth opens into a warm, wet, slow, perfect, long-overdue kiss. Tyler's lips slowly maneuver around mine, and his tongue penetrates my mouth with the most sensual technique. My body begins to quake and I feel the weight of the pleasure building quickly inside of me. I feel like I'm about to explode. Just then, a loud noise jolts me out of my ecstasy. It's Carson busting through the front door.

Instinctually, I jerk my head away and lean against the back of the couch away from Tyler. I bunch up the blanket in my lap to hide the truth and hold my breath, pretending to be asleep. I hope Tyler can come up with an equally convincing act.

I hear nothing from the room, afraid to move a muscle. Eventually, I hear Carson noisily clanging around inside the fridge, probably looking for a soda. I finally hear stirring coming from the parental direction, and I slowly pretend to emerge from my slumber. I yawn and Tyler groans as Carson turns on the lights in the living room, completely jarring everyone except Parker.

"I'm going to bed," Mom mumbles, squinting at the clock.

"Right behind you," Dad says, scrambling to his feet.

"Bed time, Parker!" Mom shakes him until he finally groans.

"Big brother meeting in the basement in five minutes," Carson whispers over the couch between Tyler and me. We look at each other with confusion and intrigue. Maybe he'll make us kiss some more.

Tyler heads down to the basement, and I nonchalantly hang around the kitchen until the coast is clear. Mom has left Parker to get ready for bed all by himself, which means he'll just climb into bed in his clothes. The parent's bedroom door is closed for the night, so I quietly head down to the basement to find Carson and Tyler waiting for me. I try not to stare at Tyler, as my craving for him hasn't subsided. However, I notice my hard-on has miraculously disappeared, probably from the sound of mom's voice.

"What is it? I'm pretty tired." I say, faking a yawn.

"Okay guys. I'll get to the point," Carson says with his standard evil smile. "I know you guys have been making out and sucking each other's dicks." I freeze in my tracks. I feel like I've been shot.

"How did you know?" Tyler blurts out, and I feel like a second bullet has entered my chest.

"Cuz you just told me."

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