Mason in the Center, Part 3

by Joe L

Chapter 2

"Dude, I can totally see your dick through your shorts. Try to hide it a little better," I whisper to Tyler. We're watching TV on the couch with the parents, who have finally turned their attention away from us. Mom has been on our case all day. She keeps saying that we're up to something. We certainly are. I'm not worried, though. She does this all the time, and she has no fucking idea what we're really up to.

"Do you like what you see?" he smiles back at me.

"Maybe a little…. You're smiling again. Does that mean that you're not mad at yourself anymore for falling asleep last night?"

"Nah… you're right. We were both tired when we started. We'll plan it out better. We'll make sure we send Parker out of the room on the nights that we really know we're up for it. Then, we'll be able to last longer."

"Yeah. You can't beat yourself up considering how FUCKING AWESOME things are," I whisper, almost too loudly.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about something… something that was making me smile." He licks his lips.


"I was just thinkin'… on the nights that Parker sleeps in his own bed… it's not like we can't screw around some after he falls asleep."

"What do you have in mind?" My pulse quickens, thinking of the possibilities.

"Well, mainly… I will be able to give you a good-night kiss every night… I mean a REAL good-night kiss." My dick fully hardens.

"Okay, but I just have to make sure that you know that your good-night kiss to me and my good-night kiss to you are two completely different things… and my good-night kiss to you is gonna take a while."

"My good-night kiss to you is going to end with cum squirting out of your dickhole!" Tyler giggles.

"WHAT did you say?" Mom snaps. There's no way she could've heard what we were talking about.

"Mom, he just called me a DICKHOLE!" I say dramatically. "Punish him!"

"Don't be disgusting!" She rolls her eyes and turns back to the TV.

"You ARE one," Tyler shoves me, seamlessly covering our story. We're getting good at this.

"GO TO SLEEP!" Tyler groans, throwing a sock at Parker.

"You just want me to fall asleep so you guys can kiss! You guys can't kiss while I'm in here! That's the rules!" Parker yawns.

"I don't remember agreeing to that rule," Tyler smiles at me.

"Me neither. I guess when you're in here… there will be… less kissing. But there has to be SOME kissing!" I run over to Tyler's bed and plant a sloppy kiss on his lips.

"GROSS!" Parker turns away from us in a huff and plops his head back on his pillow.

Parker begins to hum to let us know that he's still awake. He's such a little shit. He knows how much he's annoying us. He's really pressing his luck. There's no point in railing on him… it will just keep him awake longer. We just have to wait him out. Once he falls asleep, he'll be out for the rest of the night.

The waiting seems like forever, and the humming eventually makes me sleepy. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my chest. I awaken with a start, seeing Tyler at my bedside and notice the humming has stopped.

"Is he?" I whisper.

"Mmhmm," Tyler nods.

"Damn… sorry. I just got really sleepy all of a sudden."

"That's okay," Tyler smiles at me. We lock eyes for a few seconds, and then Tyler moves in for a kiss. I feel my body surge back to consciousness again. We continue for a few minutes slowly kissing in complete silence. He's right… it's going to be amazing to do this every night and not have to worry about Parker waking up. Tyler pulls back and rubs his hand over my chest.

"Just so ya know," he whispers with a widening smile, "that wasn't your good-night kiss. That was just an 'I love you' kiss."

"Good… now go get in your bed!" Tyler scampers over to his bed and quickly gets under his sheets. I yawn and stretch, taking my time going over to his bed. His eyes follow my every movement until I finally sit down on the floor next to his bed. I lean over him.

"Good-night, Tyler," I whisper with as much love as I can muster, and plant my lips on his. Once the kiss reaches its maximum depth, I slowly slide my hand under his covers and down his sleep pants. I eventually wrap my hand around his warm shaft.

"Nnnnn," he moans into my mouth as I gently jerk his dick with my fingers. This is just way too hot. I can't help but putting my other hand to work on my own dick. I try to keep things as slow as I can, working on both dicks, but I'm quickly overwhelmed. I feel my cum coating my hand, and almost instantly feel Tyler's cum squirting a hot puddle inside of his boxer briefs. I continue the kiss another minute or so, knowing Tyler does not want it to end. I finally pull back, scooping as much cum up as I can with each hand.

"You came, too?" Tyler smiles, looking at my hands.

"Duh… how could I not with the way you're kissing me?" I smile, feeding him a little glob of cum before taking a taste for myself. We continue to clean ourselves up in the best way possible, resulting in two more hard dicks.

"My turn!" I run back to my bed and pull the sheets tightly over my body. I hold my breath in anticipation as to what Tyler will do to one-up my good-night kiss. He lifts himself out of his bed and adjusts his bulge so that I can see the outline. He slowly walks around the room, and my anticipation turns into giggles. I can't control them, hoping somehow that they won't wake Parker. He must really be the deep sleeper that we thought. He never moves.

Tyler continues to saunter around the room, pretending to ignore me, quietly whistling and staring at the ceiling. After three trips around the room, he finally approaches my bed, slowly gets down on one knee just like last night, and extends an arm towards me.

"What? No!" I whisper, my heart jumping up in my throat. "We can't do that again!"

"Listen… we don't have to… make love. We just have to be together. I've been thinking about it all day… and after all that's happened… I just can't let you sleep in that bed anymore. I just love you way too much to let that happen. I need you with me… in my bed… in my arms."

"We can't! We have our time together… and now we have our good-night kisses every night. We can't get greedy or we'll screw up. Just give me my good-night kiss and we'll both be able to go to sleep."

"Lemme ask you a question." His smile hasn't faded. He really has been thinking about this all day, and he has a plan for my refusal. "When was the last time that Mom or Dad or anyone else came in this room after bedtime?"

"Umm… I guess it was in January when we all had the flu."

"Right, and when was the time before that?"

"Uhhh…." I stop to think. "I actually can't remember."

"It was the time before that when we all had the flu!" he states proudly.

"I guess you're right," I say and his smile grows. He knows he's wearing me down. "Look… still, it's just too risky. What if Mom or Dad gets up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen to get something to eat and they hear us?"

"Since when do they do that?" he asks. I'm running out of resistance.

"We… can't…." I bite my lip to keep a smile from overtaking my face, but Tyler knows he has me.

"We can. You can," he whispers, inching closer to my bed.

"So… am I walking, or are you carrying me again?" I giggle.

"Carrying!" He quickly hoists me into his arms and suddenly, we are deep into a kiss as we make our way to OUR bed… It's not his bed anymore. We're both going to sleep together in OUR bed every single night. He carefully lays me down and we burrow under his sheets, trying not to giggle too loudly.

He begins to rub my chest as we stare into each other's eyes, and the giggles finally subside.

"Every night?" I ask, loving every second of being in his bed with him.

"EVERY… SINGLE… NIGHT," he says slowly, rubbing me more sensually.

"Man…. Life just keeps getting better and better." I lean up and give him a peck on the lips.

"Yep." He continues to stare at me for a few more minutes. I just want him to kiss me again so I can cum and release the tension in my body, but he seems to have something else in mind. I just continue to stare in his eyes, letting him enjoy the moment. "Mace?" he asks, finally breaking the silence.


"I uhh… saw the way you looked at me last night and tonight… when I knelt down in front of you."


"Yeah… so… will you… marry me?" he asks.

"Marry you?" I ask.

"Yup," he nods with complete seriousness.

"Well… I don't think we can actually… walk down the aisle or get legally married… but if you're asking me to be with you forever… YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" I kiss him all over his face as his tears flow.

"Really?" he sniffles.

"Of course! We're always gonna be together!"

"I'll always be there for you. I'll always make you happy," Tyler takes over, kissing me all over my face. "You make me SO happy." Things continue to get more intense. Both of our breathing becomes heavier as we try to stop the tears. My heart is thumping against his hand as he continues to rub my chest while he showers me with quick but powerful kisses.

"Tyler?" I ask, seizing an opportunity, and he pauses, staring back into my eyes.

"I don't think… I've ever loved you as much as I do right this second."

"Really?" he asks with a big smile, getting back to kissing my face.

"Yeah… I think I need to come up with a new word that's more powerful than 'lamp'," I chuckle.

"How 'bout this," Tyler pauses. "Let's say that 'I love you' now is a BILLION times stronger than 'I lamp you'."

"In that case… I love you, Tyler."

"I LOVE you, too!" The tears begin to flow again as we both manage some sloppy kisses between quiet sobs. We eventually regain our composure, realizing how much our dicks need to cum.

"I love you," I repeat, staring into his eyes.

"What can I do?"

"What do you mean?"

"What can I do to make you love me more?" he asks, adorably.

"Hmmm… okay, I know. Let's see if we can break our record for longest kiss," I suggest, stroking his hair.

"Really? You up for that?" he smiles, letting the scene run through his head.

"Yep… I figure we'd better go for three hours minimum… just to make sure. And it doesn't count if you break it to lick up some cum. We just have to keep going."

"If we're gonna do that… we'd better get out of our sleep clothes. Things are gonna get gooey." He twitches his eyebrows as he starts to wiggle down his waistband. I do the same, and in seconds, we are both naked except for our socks, locked in each other's arms.

"You ready?" I ask, our lips less than an inch apart.

"Get ready to love me more."

I awaken to a strange noise, but instantly feel Tyler's arms around my chest and his breath against the back of my neck. I smile, taking in the sensation before attempting to open my eyes. I hear the noise again, and a second of panic bolts through my body. My eyes shoot open to see Parker standing by our bed, arms folded and an angry scowl on his face. He exasperatedly sighs, confirming the sound that woke me up a few seconds ago.

Tyler is unfazed and continues to sleep deeply, still embracing me. I roll over on my back and pull Tyler's arms around me more tightly, hoping it will cause him to stir. I hear him moan, as he eventually pushes through the layers of consciousness and finally opens his eyes a crack. He looks at me, looks up at Parker, and then looks back at me, trying to survey the situation. Finally, he gives up, closes his eyes with a satisfied smile and hugs me tightly. Man, this is a great way to wake up.

"It smells like KISSING in here!" Parker fumes, as he doesn't appear to be taken seriously. His statement jolts us awake, and Tyler and I continue to hold each other, laughing hysterically.

"It DOES!" Parker repeats, and we laugh harder. I finally compose myself enough to get a sentence out.

"I wasn't doing any kissing last night," I say innocently. "Tyler, you weren't kissing anyone last night, were you?"

"Nope," Tyler smiles, stroking my arm under the covers. Fuck, that feels good.

"You weren't?" I ask, astounded.

"Not even ONE?"

"Not one," he sticks with his story.

"I bet you need one, then," I turn towards him so that the tips of our noses are touching.

"I need one… BAD!" he smiles, and we indulge in a deep good-morning kiss.

"GROSS!" Parker storms from the room, and Tyler and I continue to kiss through giggles. Damn, this feels so good. I notice that Parker didn't close our bedroom door, so I pry myself out of bed and run over to quietly close it. Tyler yawns, closes his eyes and wraps his sheet up around his shoulders.

"You can go back to sleep. You look like you need it," I say glancing at the clock. It's 7:05am… not a time that I usually see on the clock on a Saturday morning.

"Get back in this bed," he demands, followed by another yawn. I happily obey.

"I'll hold you this time. Just try to go back to sleep," I say, wrapping my arms around his sides and kiss the back of his neck. It's not the perfect fit when he holds me, but he seems to like it.

"Thanks," he sighs, and I hold him in silence for a few minutes, thinking he's back asleep. "Mace?" he whispers, startling me out of my bliss.

"Yeah," I hug him, happy that he's still awake.

"Did we… break our record?"

"Yep," I say, kissing him repeatedly on the back of the neck and down to his shoulder.

"Do you love me more than ever?"

"Mmhmm," I continue, hoping I might get some early morning lovin'.

"Good," he sighs and acts like he's going back to sleep. I hug him tightly and play along, hoping this is just an act.

"Mace?" he asks after a few more minutes.


"Dud we uhh… get married last night?"

"Yep," I giggle.

"So… we're… married then?" He turns over to face me.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're married," I bite my lip, hoping for another kiss.

"Okay, good." He flips back over with a yawn and acts like he's going back to sleep. I return to kissing the back of his neck, making sure that he won't fall back asleep, just in case.

"Mace?" he asks. I can hear the smile in his voice.


"So, you're going to be here… in my arms… every morning when I wake up, right?"


"Umm… do you mind… if I kiss you sometimes when you're asleep?"

"Of course not!" I say, grabbing his face and kissing him.

"Good… cuz last night, I woke up a couple of times and really wanted to kiss you, but I didn't want to wake you up."

"Always kiss me whenever you want," I say, gazing into his eyes.

"Okay." He gives me a sweet kiss and then closes his eyes as he hugs me tight. "Mmmmm… just thinking about us being in the same bed EVERY night… and you being in my arms every night… and all the KISSING…. It's totally making me pre."

"Lemme check." I quickly dive my hand down to his dick. I run my index finger over his slick dickhole and manage to bring up a drop that I quickly lick up. "Yep. You're pre-ing all right."

"What about you?" he asks with a sleepily raised eyebrow.

"I know that you and me… in this bed together every night…. Well, there's gonna be A LOT of pre and A LOT of cum."

"Yep," he giggles.

"But even if we didn't ever do that… just being in your arms would be enough. I mean… when your arms are around me, I feel so safe and warm and loved and perfect. It just feels so right. It feels like this is the way things are supposed to be. Okay, I'm totally leaking pre all over the place," I laugh.

"Mmhmm." He chuckles, taking a sample of his own. "Umm, Mace?"


"What's that word again… when you make a marriage official?"

"Consummate?" My dick throbs.

"Yeah… consummate. Don't we need to… consummate our marriage before it's official?"

"Yeah, I guess we do. Mom and Dad don't get up until after nine on weekends."

"Damn… we can consummate three or four times before they get up!"

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