Mason in the Center, Part 3

by Joe L

Chapter 1

September, 2010

"Optimus Prime would kill Woody!" Parker declares confidently as we play with his toys. The hour-long play session with Parker is a lot easier to deal with after Tyler makes love to me. Actually, he fucked me today…. Yeah, he really FUCKED me.

This is our first week back to school… my first week of high school. It went pretty well, but all I could think about… all we could think about was getting home so we could get to each other. We now ride the same bus, and we have a full hour after school before Parker gets home. ONE HOUR… SIXTY FUCKING MINUTES! I don't know how we survived with only forty minutes together last school year.

I've been so ready to get in a fucking BED with him again. Our time at the pool shower was amazing, but Tyler can make love to me best when we're in a bed together… not that we actually made love this week. Each night, we were both so eager that we haven't been sleeping, and once we would finally make it to his bed after school… it was more of a fuck-frenzy than love-making. So far each day, Tyler plowed me and came in just a few seconds, and then he just kept on kissing me and fucking me until he came a second time. Then, he fell asleep, inside of me, and I ended up dozing off, too. The fucking got a little longer each time, but it was nothing like we're capable of. We have to get our sleeping back on track, and then we'll be able to make love for the full hour. However, what we have now isn't too bad. I love it when Tyler is absolutely crazy for me when he's fucking me… and his dick is feeling that intense pleasure when he's drilling me over and over… and then I kinda like falling asleep in Tyler's arms… his cummy dick inside of me, and my cum sprayed all over our bodies. Since this is Thursday night, we only have one more chance before the big dry spell that is… the weekend.

"I dunno, check this out." Tyler takes the Woody action figure and punches Optimus Prime with its little fists. He's so good with Parker. Maybe he'll be a good father someday. Nah, we'll never adopt any kids… we need all of our free time for making love. Mmmm… I want him again right now.

Tyler smiles at me because he must now exactly what I'm thinking about. I'm looking forward to an hour straight of the really tender and romantic stuff. Mmmm… he's sooo good at it. Maybe I can insist on it tomorrow. I'll make him go slow. Tomorrow… tomorrow will be perfect. I love that slow and careful thrust when he's really into the kiss. I think I need a kiss right now. I need one really bad.

"Just sec, Park. I need to talk to Ty in the bathroom really quick." I say, standing up.

"What's up?" Tyler asks, following me and playing along.

"Are you guys gonna go kiss again?" Parker asks innocently, and we both freeze in our tracks.

"What did you say?" Tyler asks in a low, terrified voice.

"You guys are always kissing," Parker says in a completely mundane manner. He continues to swoosh his Optimus Prime action figure around in the air. I look at Tyler for some idea of what to do, but he bolts over to Parker and grabs him by the shirt.

"You've been SPYING on us, you little SHIT!" Tyler makes a fist with a handful of Parker's shirt, and I hear the fabric tear. Parker begins to whine as he knows he's in for a pounding, but I manage to close the bedroom door and separate them before anything serious happens.

"Parker, look at me," I say, quietly. He is still focused on Tyler, panting and afraid of being punched. After a few seconds, he calms down and finally turns his attention to me. "Have you told anyone… I mean ANYONE, that you saw us kissing?"

"Ummm…." Parker pauses and scrunches up his face as if he's really thinking. I hold my breath during the longest seconds of my life. "Nope!"

I let out a deep sigh of relief and watch Tyler do the same.

"Waaaaait," Parker continues. "So you don't want me to tell anyone?" he asks, realizing the power he suddenly has.

"What do you want?" I ask with resignation. This might be bad.

"Ummm… whenever there's an extra piece of bacon at breakfast, it's mine! And… and umm… and you guys have to play with me every night for TWO hours instead of one… and, and–"

"Hold on there," Tyler sits down next to Parker and puts his arm around him. "Let me tell you how things are gonna be." Parker looks at me nervously.

"You'd better listen to him," I say sternly.

"First of all, do you remember mean Tyler?" Tyler asks in a threatening tone.

"Yeah," Parker mutters.

"Did you like mean Tyler?"


"Did you ever wonder what happened to mean Tyler?"

"I guess."

"Mean Tyler went away when I started kissing Mace."

"Really?" Parker asks, turning to me.

"Yep," I say proudly.

"If you tell anyone that we've been kissing, then mean Tyler will be back… and you'll also have to deal with mean Mace." Parker looks back at me, and I nod menacingly.

"I won't tell anyone," he says sheepishly.

"Here's what you're going to do," Tyler says calmly. "First of all, you can have your bacon and we'll still play with you every night… for ONE hour after dinner."

"Okay!" Parker perks up with the promise of extra bacon.

"Now, this is very important," Tyler continues. "When you get home from school every day, Mace and I will be in here… with the door closed. After school time is going to be Mace and Ty's kissing time."

A big smile comes over my face. Tyler's serious expression cracks into a smile of his own, but he quickly composes himself.

"It's going to be our kissing time until Mom gets home," I add.

"You guys are gonna kiss that long EVERY DAY?" Parker asks incredulously.

"Yeah!" I say, and we both get a case of the giggles.

"Why?" he asks with a grossed-out, scrunched-up face.

"Cuz… we fell in love." Tyler says sweetly, and I almost lose control, "and kissing feels REALLY good when you're in love."

"When did you guys fall in love?" he asks with confusion. "Was it when Carson made us play spin-the-bottle?" Tyler and I smile at each other, reliving the moment.

"Yeah, that was the start of it," Tyler sighs.

"You guys had to kiss me…. Why didn't anyone fall in love with me?" he asks with complete seriousness. Tyler and I bust into hysterics. I drop to the floor, flat on my back, gasping for breath.

"Cuz you're EIGHT! And you're a little RUNT! And you're ANNOYING!" Tyler continues to laugh.

"I'm NINE!" Parker pouts for a minute while we continue to laugh at him. "I'm glad no one fell in love with me. Kissing is GROSS!"

"You'll understand when you're a little older."

"No, I won't!"

"You'll meet a boy… or a girl someday," I make my own grossed-out face, "that you'll want to kiss just as much as Tyler and I."

"Oh wait!" A lightbulb goes off in Parker's head. "Aren't boys supposed to kiss girls?"

"Well, yeah," I grumble, "but sometimes boys like to kiss other boys… and sometimes–"

"And sometimes boys FUCKING LOVE to kiss other boys!" Tyler interrupts and falls back onto Parker's bed, laughing again.

"It's true," I say, matter-of-factly, "and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just the way some guys… and some girls are."

"Weird!" Parker shakes his head. I can't believe Parker doesn't know anything about gay people. I guess when you spend all of your time watching cartoons, you miss out on some stuff.

"One more thing!" Tyler suddenly composes himself and sits back up. "Two nights a week… you're gonna fake a bad dream and go screaming down the hall to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed!"

"I'm too old for that!" Parker protests.

"No, you're not!" I take over. "You did it just a few months ago, and they let you sleep in there!"

"You guys HAVE to kiss THAT MUCH?" he groans. Tyler stares at me with a big, sexy smile. I can't believe everything that has just happened. It started off like the world was ending… but suddenly, everything just got much, MUCH better.

"Yeah… umm…," I stutter. "If we kissed as much as we wanted to, we'd never do anything else. Plus, nighttime kissing is even better than daytime kissing." I almost choke on my words.

"Yeah, it is," Tyler adjusts his dick in his shorts.

"Fine," Parker sighs with disgust. "When do you want me to have my fake nightmare?"

"TONIGHT!" Tyler and I shout in unison.

"BIG surprise!" Parker picks up his toy and begins to play with it again as if nothing important happened. My heart is racing, and I can't stop staring at Tyler. After a minute of locking eyes, I nonchalantly walk over to Tyler's bed and sit down. He follows me and sits down right next to me so that our thighs are touching. My heart races even faster, and he grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers.

"Feel my heartbeat," he whispers. I carefully slide my other hand under his t-shirt and place my palm over his chest. I feel his heart pumping frantically.

"Feel mine," I whisper back. He slides his hand under my tank top, and we giggle at each other's excitement and anticipation. I slide my hand back out and squeeze his other hand. I want to kiss him so badly.

"You are a genius!" I whisper.

"What?" He looks adorably confused.

"The way you handled that!" I whisper more softly so Parker cannot hear us. "You were perfect… you turned it around on him totally! I thought he had us."

"Yeah… I guess I'm pretty smart when it comes to being with you." He strokes my foot with his, and my dick pulses.

"So… ummm…," I scooch a little closer to him. "What do you want to do tonight?"

"Well…." Tyler glances at Parker, who seems to be ignoring us. "The SECOND he leaves this room, my dick is going to be SO FAR up inside of you, and it's not coming out until we have to get up in the morning!"

"I was hoping you would say that," I giggle, staring into his eyes.

"It's going to be perfect," he whispers, looking me over with hunger.

"Close your eyes for a sec," I smile.


"Just do it," I whisper, and he obeys. "Okay. We have TWO-AND-A-HALF HOURS together every school day, and TWO NIGHTS together EVERY WEEK!"

"I hope you won't get sick of me." He opens his eyes a crack with a silly smile.

"I don't think that will be a problem." I squeeze my dick through my shorts. "Close your eyes!"

"Okay, okay," he whispers.

"Think about all of the extra kisses you're gonna get," I whisper into his ear.

"Mmmm." He licks his lips.

"And think about all of the extra thrusts of your dick inside of me," I whisper even closer and softer.

"Ahh, fuck YEAH!" he pumps his hips slightly up into the air.

"And think about all of the extra GALLONS of cum that are gonna squirt out of our dicks!" I kiss his ear with hot breath, and he instantly grabs my face and plunges his tongue inside of my mouth.

"Eww… GROSS!" I hear Parker take notice from across the room. "You guys aren't allowed to kiss when I'm in here!"

"Hey, if you didn't want to see us kiss, you shouldn't have spied on us!" Tyler says smugly and then turns back to me. "Where were we?"

"Right about… here," I say, leaning back in to continue the kiss. We go at it more passionately this time, and I hear Parker groan and get up to leave. He slams the door behind him and Tyler and I get another case of the giggles.

"We should probably go, too," I say before diving back in for another kiss.

"Yeah, we should," he says with a big sigh. "Blowjobs?"

"Yep!" I chirp, pulling down the waistband of his shorts.

"What time should we send him in?" Tyler asks. He's been pretty good about not interrupting me. I had to get some reading done before school tomorrow, and he's been trying to do some homework, too. It's not like I can concentrate anyway.

"Well, we have to give him enough time to have fallen asleep and have a nightmare." I try to use my brain, which isn't working very well right now. "I think he usually falls asleep between ten and eleven." I glance at Parker, who is in the middle of telling all of his stuffed animals and toys good-night. The process usually takes about fifteen minutes. Maybe we could start giving him Nyquil… or just bashing him over the head until he passes out…. No, we can't do that. He has to give a believable performance each time we send him into Mom and Dad's room. "Maybe… 11:30?"

"11:15," Tyler says with the most loving look in his eyes. Now, I really can't concentrate.

"Okay, 11:15," I say, walking over to sneak a kiss. "I'm gonna go get cleaned out again."

"We still have over two hours until 11:15!" he groans.

"I know, but I gotta do somethin'!" I sigh, heading to the bathroom.

"I can't do homework anymore," he says, throwing a binder on the floor. "I'll do some on the bus in the morning."

"You could check your email," I call out from the bathroom.

"I don't have anything," he mutters. "I checked it after dinner."

"You have something," I chuckle, and I hear him scramble to the computer. I send him a lot of emails telling him how much I love him. I always try to outdo my last email so that I can make him cry. After a minute, I peek back into the bedroom and I see him wiping a tear from his cheek as he gives me a big smile. I love that.

There's nothing more I can do in the bathroom. Clean water is all that's coming out of me. Still, I'll have to try again before 11:15. I head back to the sink to brush my teeth and fix my hair again.

We eventually make a pact not to talk to each other or look at each other until 11:15. Each minute seems to take an eternity and our sexy talking and leering aren't speeding things up. I pick up my history textbook and amazingly am able to get some reading done.

My alarm clock shocks me out of a daze, and the time is finally here. I set it for 11:10 so I would have a chance for one more clean-out. On my way to the bathroom, I notice Parker hasn't stirred at all. That will have to be Tyler's job. After a few more bottles of water up the love hole, I'm satisfied, and I head back to the bedroom.

"Ready?" Tyler asks with a big smile.

"Yep, wake him up." Tyler begins to jostle Parker, which has no effect. This is going to be more difficult than I thought. Parker is a dead weight when he's asleep. Tyler picks him up by the shoulders and hoists him out of his bed, but Parker's head is still slumping to the side like he's in a coma. Finally, Tyler slaps him across the cheeks a few times and a soft whine begins to emerge from Parker.

"Nooooo," he mutters. "Let me sleep." His head flops to the side again. Tyler grabs his nipple through his t-shirt and gives it a hard squeeze. Parker immediately starts to squeal, but Tyler quickly puts his hand over his mouth.

"If you don't go now, the next one will be twice as hard," Tyler says in a low serious tone.

"I'm going, I'm going," Parker yawns and then takes a deep breath. He lets out a loud, piercing squeal and runs from the room. It's completely perfect. It's so perfect that I'm sure he's been faking his nightmares all these years. I look over at Tyler, who rolls his eyes and heads to the doorway to watch the results.

"That little faker!" Tyler shakes his head, smiling.

"I'm just glad he's good at it," I say, my heart pounding in my ears. I stare at Tyler, his perfect body leaning up against the doorframe. In just seconds, that body will be on top of me… loving me.

"I hope you're up for some nighttime kissing," Tyler says, still looking down the hall.

"Yeah, I could go for some of that," I say, my body beginning to quake.

"Okay, the coast is clear," Tyler says, closing the bedroom door and locking it. I begin to get out of my covers. "Wait! Stay in your bed for a sec," Tyler holds out his hands to stop me.

"Why?" I pause momentarily. Tyler quickly crosses the room and gets down on one knee beside my bed, reaching a hand out to me. My heart climbs to the top of my throat.

"Mason James… will you do me the amazing honor… of joining me in my bed tonight?" he asks with a straight face. I laugh, and he gives me a big smile.

"Umm… that would make me the happiest guy in the world!" I respond.

"All right," Tyler stands up and puts his arms underneath me, picking me up with ease. I put one arm over his shoulder, and he dips his head to give me a deep, passionate kiss as he carries me to his bed. This is the perfect beginning to the perfect night.

He gently lays me on his bed and quickly climbs in. We start to undress, but stops me from taking off my sleep clothes. I watch his sexy body be revealed as he takes each piece off. His dick pops out of his shorts with a spring. I can't take my eyes off of it. I can't wait until it's inside of me. He carefully pulls down my sleep pants and then helps me out of my t-shirt. I lie in his bed, naked in front of him.

"You're so beautiful," he whispers, and then leans over to give me a soft kiss. He picks his head back up to look at me again.

"Jeez, can't you TRY to be a little fucking ROMANTIC?" I ask, erupting in giggles. He tickles me, trying to suppress his own laughter, and then quickly climbs on top of me. He pulls his sheet over his shoulders, and I get in position, wrapping my arms over his neck and my legs up over his back. He looks so amazing in the glow of the nightlight, his love for me showing all over his face. I recognize his movements as he lubes up his dick. He's getting good at doing that under the covers without getting it on anything. Without warning, he slides it inside of me and we lie together motionless for a few seconds, staring into each other's eyes.

"Are you comfortable?" Tyler asks, holding his body perfectly still.

"Umm… if you consider being IN HEAVEN comfortable, then yeah… I'm comfortable," I whisper.

"Mmmm… you are about to get KISSED!" Tyler smiles. I know that bit about being in heaven really got to him.

"Bout time," I whisper, trying to bring his head down to mine.

"Wait," he stops again.


"I wanna try somethin'," he smiles guiltily.


"You remember the first day we made love?" he asks with stars in his eyes.

"Uhh… yeah, I think I remember that."

"Remember what you said… the first time I came inside of you… that you felt like there would always be some of my cum left up there?"

"Yeah," I say with confusion. I wonder what he's getting at.

"I wanna cum inside of you… I wanna cum so hard… that it shoots really, REALLY far up inside of you… so far that it really will stay up there forever," he says, completely seriously.

"Okay," I say slowly, not knowing what he wants me to do.

"What makes me cum the HARDEST…," he smiles, imagining it his head before saying the words out loud, "is when I kiss you REALLY DEEP and REALLY SLOW… and I don't thrust my dick at all. I just let it build up and up and up until it just fuckin' SHOOTS! I know you want me to REALLY make love to you… and I WILL… I just have to do this first."

"You're just lucky I love you so much," I say, agreeing to his plan. I know it won't take long… I saw the way his dick looked before he stuck it inside of me. I don't think it can take much building up.

"Okay, promise… you'll just kiss me. Don't move anything else," he whispers, licking his lips.

"I promise."



"I love you more than you could ever imagine," he whispers, finally moving his lips towards mine.

"I love you, too," I say as his mouth finally connects to mine. The feeling of his kiss quickly overwhelms me, and my body naturally wants me to thrust my dick up into his abs. I make sure to concentrate on remaining perfectly still while giving him the ideal kiss for building up a huge cumshot. He really is serious about this… his kiss is so slow and forceful and deliberate. His tongue tastes so sweet and I lap at it with mine to match his pace. After a few minutes, I know he's nearing the big release. His hug becomes slightly tighter, and I begin to hear a faint moan deep into my mouth. I continue to give him what he needs as his grip slowly tightens and his moans begin to get louder and higher-pitched. I am making this guy feel REALLY good.

Finally, I feel him pass the point of no return. His body tenses up, and I can literally feel him deny his body's insistent urge to thrust. His kiss becomes halted and I try to make up the difference, lifting up my head and pressing my mouth into his as hard as I can. I hug him tightly, as I know the cum is starting to flow deep up inside of me. As his orgasm heightens, his body finally takes over, and he gives me a few very slight thrusts. However, his dick was as far up inside as it would go, so all that managed to do was to slightly lift my body off of the mattress.

After the thrusts subside, Tyler's moan finally escapes into the air as he rolls off of me. His dick slips out, and I have to clinch to keep his juices inside of me.

"Shit… FUCK!" he pants. He looks like he's about to pass out. "FUCK, that was a… mistake…" he mutters.

"Why?" I ask, stroking his hair.

"That took everything… that took EVERYTHING out of me… I have to sleep," he mutters, unable to keep his eyes from closing.

"WAIT!" I yelp a little too loudly. "Lemme get a cold, wet cloth." I jump up quickly and scurry to the bathroom. I release some liquid into the toilet and then snatch a couple of washcloths. I drench them with cold water and run back to the bedroom, seeing Tyler already deep asleep. There's no way I'm allowing this to end. I climb back in bed with him and stroke his cheeks and forehead with the cloth. He opens his eyes and smiles at me lovingly.

"Feel good?" I ask, switching to the other cloth.

"Yeah… did I do it?" he asks.

"Yeah… you shot that cum so far up inside of me that I tasted it." I continue to wipe him down as we chuckle and he tries to take some deep breaths.

"So… from now on, my cum is always inside of you, okay?" he says, his breathing finally getting a little softer.

"Yeah… it is," I agree, giving him a kiss. I pull back and continue to wipe him down. He closes his eyes again, enjoying the sensation. "Uhh… Tyler?" I ask.

"Yeah?" he replies, not opening his eyes.

"Ummm… take a look at your dick," I say. He opens his eyes slowly and peers down his body. His dick is fully hard and swollen again. It looks like it's trying to hint at something.

"Hmmm…," he smiles, making it throb for me.

"I think I know the perfect place for that dick!" I twitch my eyebrows.

"Suddenly, I feel a lot better!" he smiles. I quickly lie back and get in position while he searches for the tube of lube under the sheet. In seconds, his dick is slick and shiny and ready to go. He presses it back inside of me and we both let out a long moan.

"Uhhh… Tyyyyyyler…." I instantly feel like I'm about to spray cum all over us.

"Is this what you were wanting?" Tyler gives me a couple of deep, slow thrusts, and I moan louder.

"Tyler… Tyler… promise me! Promise me!" I squirm, almost unable to speak.

"Anything!" he whispers, continuing to thrust.

"Promise me you'll make love to me ALL NIGHT! I need it SO BAD! Alllll niiiiight…. PLEASE! If I fall asleep, just keep going… I'll wake back up!"

"If I fall asleep, just roll me over, sit on my dick and keep sliding… I'll wake up, I promise!" he says, lowering himself to pick up the kiss where we left off.

"I love you SO MUCH!" I grab his head and kiss him just as my orgasm pulsates through my body.

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