Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 33

"How 'bout behind that building?" Luke points to a low-rent office building. We drive behind it and look around.

"Nah, there are cars parked here, and who knows when someone will come out of one of those doors."

"Let's just keep going," he says.

We're looking for a place to fuck. Actually, we're looking for a place for me to fuck Luke. Since my birthday, he's decided he wants to celebrate a good performance in a baseball game by getting fucked. He really does love it. I've fucked him three times now, and I'm two-out-of-three on being able to fuck the cum out of him. The other time, it was too soon after he'd just squirted, so I can't blame him for that.

I'm so ready to fuck him. He's still in most of his baseball uniform and he still has that great sexy, sweaty smell, which is driving me crazy. Also, he keeps grabbing at my dick while I'm driving around, insuring my boner doesn't soften at all.

We're out driving now because a nosey, bitchy neighbor of his complained to Denise. The bitch said that Luke was having sex with his girlfriend while Denise was at work. What she actually heard (over the soundproofing of the apartment, the music we had playing and the drones of several air conditioners) was Luke squealing while I fucked him. We had a good laugh about that one. Luke wanted to find a private place where we could really go for it... somewhere he could scream and moan as much as he wanted. We can still use his bedroom for our other sexy fun time, but we need a special Luke-gets-fucked place. The perfect site dawns on me as it comes into sight down the road.

"I can't believe I didn't think of the parking garage at the hospital! That's perfect!" There's a huge parking garage that services the hospital and all of the medical buildings and offices in the surrounding blocks. I parked there a lot when my mom had a ruptured appendix last year, and the upper floors never have any cars in them. I drive in without anyone noticing us, and as we go up one floor, the cars immediately become sparse. We get up to the fifth floor and notice no cars at all. "What do you think?" I ask, trying not to smile too big.

"I think it's time to get fucked," he says as he quickly gets out of the front seat and enters the back. I scramble back there myself, and we both try to get out of our pants, giggling with anticipation. I tenderly lube up my dick. I don't want to get too excited right now. The slightest thing could send me over the edge.

Luke sticks his legs into the air and I get in position. This isn't going to be the most comfortable situation for either of us. Maybe we can bring a couple of pillows for him to lean up against the car door next time. However, it's so sexy and raunchy. This is real hardcore fucking, just as when Luke fucks me, it's real love-making. I press my dick up against his hole and slide it in.

"AHHHH... fuck yeah!" he gasps.

The first pump feels amazing, and I know I have to put my not-cumming-too-fast plan into action. Just watching him go crazy underneath me, combined with the smell of his feet, which are up over my shoulders could make me cum very quickly if I let it. My new routine is to close my eyes and imagine my first period class. I think about the seating chart, and name each girl in the class, seat by seat in my head. I skip the boys, just in case. Then I move onto second period and keep going as long as I can. Occasionally, when I'm totally under control, I can even open my eyes and my nose, and enjoy my senses... but not for long. The first time I fucked him, my nerves and lack of confidence allowed me to delay my orgasm. However, that's no longer a problem, and I need to try to last a while so I can give Luke what he wants.

He's really squealing now, and I can see that his dick is slinging precum around as it bounces off his abs. I think our stats will be three-for-four in just a minute. I continue to fuck, drilling him with extra force every time I come to a girl in my count that annoys me.

"Dude, you're gonna make me cum! I'm gonna cum so hard!" he wails. That's my cue to go for broke. I brace the bottom of my feet against the other door to the backseat and wrap my hands as tight as I can around his biceps. My body is totally in the air now, and I pump my dick down into his ass as hard and quickly as I can. He squeals with each pump, and I soon smell the hot, salty scent of cum in the stifling hot air inside of the car. I look down just in time to see the last few jets coat his abs and chest. That sends me over the edge and I start to feel my own cum release into his ass. Just as I hit the very upper wave of my climax, I notice a shadow moving out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh fuck, someone's coming!" I quickly pull out, and my dick continues to leak a little cum as I pull up my shorts. I see a guy walking towards the car. He looks like a giant. He's got a shaved head and a bunch of neck tattoos. He looks like the kind of guy who could pick up Luke and me, one neck in each hand, and bang our heads together until we're both knocked out, like in a cartoon. I decide that I have exactly enough time to jump out of the backseat, get in the front seat, lock the door and start the car. Trying to climb into the front seat will take too long. I leap out of the car.

"Wait!" The man yells out as he gets closer.

"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't think anyone would be up here." I stammer as I manage to get in the front seat and close the door.

"Just wait a minute! It's okay! It's okay!" He's waving his hands around, so I finally look at him more closely and notice he's wearing a security guard's uniform. "Sorry, we're leaving and we won't come back. I'm so sorry." I finally start to breathe again.

"Guys!" He starts to laugh as he tries to catch his own breath. "First of all, sorry about the timing. But, if you're gonna do that, you shouldn't park right under a security camera!" He points up to the ceiling. I smack my forehead. I didn't even think to check.

"How many people saw?" I ask.

"Just me. I promise I didn't watch... much." He looks back at Luke. "Check out mister shy back there. He wasn't too shy a few minutes ago. Hey, Zac Efron, I saw your face on camera. You don't have to hide from me." Luke finally pulls his face out of his t-shirt, but immediately buries it back in his hands.

"It's okay... err... uhh... Jimmy." I turn back to Luke.

"Anyway, if you guys wanna fuck up here, make sure you park over there." He points to the other end of the garage. "The car will still be on camera, but it won't pick up any... detail. I work Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 7:30pm. If you're here during that time, I'll make sure no one bothers you."

"Okay, we'll remember that," I chuckle. I feel my face flaming with embarrassment.

"Oh yeah," he starts as he walks away. "If you guys ever make a porn, let me know. I'll totally buy it. Holy shit!"

We start to drive home in awkward silence. I reach back into the backseat to give Luke's leg a comforting stroke. He didn't respond, but he politely stayed still and didn't brush me away.

"You okay?" I ask at some point.

"Yeah," he mumbles.

"Can I take a quick shower before I go home?" I ask, with a little too much hope in my voice.

"You don't have to go."

"You're not mad at me?"

"No, I'm not mad. I'm just..." He trails off, and I don't push him. We drive the rest of the way back to his place in silence.

Denise isn't home yet, so I'm able to start a load of cummy laundry before I get in the shower. I take my time cleaning up, partly to give Luke some time to cool down, and partly to think of what I'm going to say. I return to his bedroom to find him lying on his bed on his stomach, listening to his IPod. Wow, he looks great. I want to comfort him, but I'd rather just plow that ass again. I push out of my mind any non-nurturing thoughts and go sit next to him on the bed. I caress his back and he takes out his earpieces.

"Can I give you a backrub?" I ask.

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

I get an instant boner as I climb on his back to straddle him. What else is new? I get him nice and relaxed, as both of us moan and sigh as I massage his back and shoulders. When I can tell he's finally back to a happy, horny teenager in love, I start talking.

"I called my mom. She said it's okay if I sleep over tonight. Is that all right with you?"

"Of course, G," he whispers between moans.

"You know, everything's cool with that guy. He's not going to tell anyone, and if he does, he might lose his job if they find out he's letting us come up there."

"I know." he says. I pause for a minute. I didn't expect him to agree.

"Then there's no problem?" I ask, hopeful again.

"It's just... first my mom, then that school counselor, then this dude. It's like we're not going to be able to keep this a secret no matter what we do. More and more people are finding out, and soon we'll be outed to everyone."

"We'll be more careful, I promise. We'll start thinking with our brains, not our dicks, and we'll be better about everything.... and we can still fuck in that parking garage." I grind my crotch against his butt and we both chuckle.

"We sure have some hot fuckin' sex, G." Just then, we hear his mom bust open the front door.

"Boys, I have pizza! Come and get it while it's hot!" she calls out.

"We'll be out in a minute, mom!" Luke calls out, flips me over and climbs on top of me. We both start giggling as we make out. I swear, all of our problems seem to go away when we kiss. I can sense that he feels the same way. We grind our dicks together for a couple of minutes, then Luke finally sits up.

"I think we need to go get some pizza while it's hot." I bite my lip, hoping we can do a quick 69.

"There's no way I'm going out there with this boner," he whispers in my ear, then goes back to kissing me.

"Me neither," I manage to say.

"I know what that means!" he manages to spin around and get my dick in his mouth in about one second. His sweaty crotch is suddenly in my face, and I fumble with his shorts as he quickly brings me to orgasm. I savor his precum and try to somehow catch up, as I know I won't be able to last much longer. As I start to pump my hips up into his mouth, I'm surprised to taste hot squirts of cum in my mouth as I release my orgasm into his. Wow, that massage really must have turned him on. He caught all the way up with me. I savor every last bit, as he does the same. We eventually stand up and straighten our clothes out.

"That was a nice, salty, buttery appetizer, G," Luke says. "Do I have any on my face?"

"No, you're clean," I chuckle. "How 'bout me?"

"Nope, you're fine. Let's go." He gives me a quick kiss and grabs my hand and leads me out to the pizza.

"You boys need to wash your hands eleven times each!" Denise mumbles as she chews up a mouthful of pizza. We both run to the kitchen sink to wash our hands. Luke starts rubbing my hands sensually with his as we lather up, so I tickle him away. It started to feel too good. I thought I had already taken care of my boner, and I don't want another one.

We sit down and pig out, using this as our once-a-week cheating meal. Technically, it's been less than a week since our nachos at the hotel, but it's close enough. Luke seems back to normal, laughing and teasing his mom, and also me. Denise finally opens up about her new boyfriend whom she met on, and confesses that she got lucky with him here at the apartment the night of my birthday while Luke and I were away at the hotel. Luke gets all embarrassed and grossed out, and Denise revels in it and really tries to make him squirm. I'm really happy for her, and for us, as we don't have to feel guilty about spending so much alone time when we're at his place. She has her own life.

We retire to the couch, but keep our distance from each other as we watch some TV. Finally, Denise decides to get ready for bed. Luke scoots as close to me on the couch as he can, puts his arm around my shoulder and puts one leg over mine.

"Hey, what's up, G?" he asks. I can smell his pits. He smells like an over-sexed, sweaty teenager because he never took a shower after our car fuck. I love it, and he knows it.

"I bet you could guess what's up," I say. He starts to kiss my neck, and I run my hand from his knee up his thigh. Suddenly, I jump up and bolt for the bathroom. We play this same game every night that I sleep over. I want to get all pretty and nice-smelling for bed, while Luke wants to molest me before I have the chance. This time, I end up crawling on the floor to the bathroom as Luke holds on to my feet as I drag us both to the bathroom door. Finally, I get in there and start my ritual, getting ready for a good fucking. Luke seems to be in a really good mood now, which means he will probably up for some serious love-making, and I'm totally ready for it.

I pass Luke in the hall and manage to evade his grasp again. I get the bedroom ready while Luke is in the bathroom. I dim the lights, put down some extra towels on the bed, put on some music and finally lay on his bed, totally naked, waiting for him. Luke finally comes into the room, and he smiles as he sees that everything is ready.

"G, you are the BEST!" he says as he jumps on top of me, and I instantly wrap my legs around his back, inviting him in. "Just sec, lemme get some lube."

"I already got some extra lube inside. Go ahead." I tighten my legs around him so he can't get up.

"You don't have to tell me twice," he says as he presses his dick inside of me. "Ahhh… that feels so good," he moans as his eyes roll back in his head.

We kiss for a little while, and I let my hands roam all over his muscled ass, back, shoulders and arms. He breaks the kiss so we can whisper for a bit while he very softly continues to fuck me.

"So, Luke, how many more days of school do we have?" I ask.

"Ummm... four?" He says after another kiss.

"And how many days of finals do we have after that?"

"Three?" he smiles.

"And what comes after that?"

"Ummm... our summer of love?" We both chuckle as we really start to make out again.

"Tell me more about this summer of love," I manage to say after a few minutes of really hot kissing.

"Well... we're probably going to be doing this all day... lots of dick in ass and mouth on mouth. Does that sound good to you?"

"Yeah, I think that would be fine with me," I laugh.

"Good... and when we need a break, we can just suck some dick." We both giggle again.

"Again, sounds good to me." I moan as he starts making his cockhead swell up inside of me again.

"And if there's any time left over, we can eat and sleep."

"Nah, forget that shit."

"You're right. No eating or sleeping," he starts really fucking me again as I grab him really tight. I don't know how he's not cumming right now. He's such a pro... and damn, I feel so loved. When Luke is at his best like this, he's so amazing. Suddenly, he comes to a grinding halt after a minute or so and we just lay there, kissing slowly for a while. This part is really why Luke fucking me is my favorite activity. Our bodies are pressed against each other so tightly, there's no possible way we could be closer, and Luke is kissing me so that I can feel his love pulse into my body from our mouths, as opposed to when it pulses inside of my body at a slightly lower area.

He breaks the kiss and pulls his head back slightly. He starts just staring at my face, and we're both totally motionless. I look at him for a minute, and then finally feel like I have to speak.

"Did I ever tell you that I love you?" I whisper. His staring is making me feel vulnerable and self-conscious.

"I love you, too G." He gives me a sweet kiss, and then goes back to staring at me. He's not smiling, just staring as if he's studying me.

"WHAT?!?" I finally burst into laughter as the awkwardness overwhelms me.

"Sorry, G. I just want to memorize this moment... everything about it."


"Sometimes... when things aren't going so great... I just want to remember moments like these very clearly. I want to remember how much love I feel for you, and how much love you have in your eyes right now."

"Yeah, I'm sure I have some of that going on at the moment."

"When we're together like this, everything is... better than perfect. I just want to take a piece of it with me for later."

"You can have a piece whenever you want," I chuckle, but he stays totally serious. He continues to stare at me for a while, and I let him, just staring back in his eyes. I don't feel awkward anymore now that I know what he's thinking about. Finally, his mouth makes a wry smile and he starts pumping his hips again, very slowly.

"Thanks babe. That was nice, but I can't help it anymore. I gotta fuck," he whispers.

"You'd better be kissing me when you cum, mister." I whisper, and he quickly locks his mouth onto mine. That's all it takes to send me over the edge, and I squirt out a nice load on our bellies. Luke soon follows up by squirting a warm load of love inside of me, and then collapses in exhaustion and bliss.

"Wow," I whisper while I try to clean up a little. It's not fun to wake up in a cold puddle in the morning. I realize he's already fallen fast asleep during my clean-up, and after I finish, I wrap my arms around him tightly so I can fall asleep. I drift off feeling his hot breath on my face.

However, I wake up with a very unpleasant jolt in the night.

"Get OFFA' me, man!" Luke grunts with disgust and clocks me on the jaw with his elbow. At first, I'm totally in shock as we both regain consciousness. I sit up on the edge of the bed when I realize how much it hurts, and rub it. My jaw is throbbing, and that, coupled with my growing embarrassment causes my eyes to well up with tears. I quickly jump up and head over for my bed, across the room. "G, I'm SO sorry! I don't know what happened." Luke tries to comfort me. This makes me angry, and I'm unable to suppress my tears.

"That really hurt," I whimper as I continue to rub my jaw. I push him away and get under the covers in my bed, trying to get myself under control.

"G, PLEASE! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." He keeps trying to hug me, but I continue to push him away.

"Go to bed. I really can't just let you kiss it and make it better and pretend everything is fine right now. Just go to sleep, and you can try to apologize again in the morning."

"FUCK!" He screams way too loud and goes back to his own bed. I'm sure either his mom or that bitch neighbor woke up with that one.

I lay in the other bed in the fetal position, trying to figure out what happened. He's never had a problem sleeping with me before. Maybe I was wrapped around him a little too tight, but that reaction? What the fuck is going on? As the pain in my jaw continues to throb, his words echo in my head with every pang: "Get offa' me, man!"... "Get offa' me, man!"... "Get offa' me, man!"

I'm finally able to drift off to sleep after a while, and I wake up with another jolt; this time it's the alarm clock. It's a fucking school day. I quickly look over to Luke's bed to see what's going on with him. He's already dressed, sitting on the edge of his bed starting at me.

"I'm SO sorry. I don't know what to say– Oh shit! I really must've smacked you. It's all red and puffy!" He scrambles over to my bed and grabs my cheeks so he can get a closer look. I shake my head out of his grasp.

"What the FUCK is going on?" I spit on him a little with the angry "f" in "fuck".

"I never went back to sleep last night. I've been worrying about it all morning. I have to come clean with you about something... something that's really been bothering me for a while. I didn't want to talk about it because it's embarrassing, and I really didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Just say it!" I demand, my nerves growing with each second.

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