Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 32

I spring out of bed and realize how stupid I'm being. I'm sure he's just in the bathroom. I run in there, wearing only Luke's socks and my new bolt-shaped necklace... no Luke. Maybe he went to go get some food or coffee. I head back to the bedroom to get dressed and I catch sight of him. He's in the living room section of the suite, asleep on the couch. What the hell is he doing? He knows how much I love sleeping with him and waking up in his arms. I head back to the bathroom, realizing I really need to pee.

I start my usual morning ritual and let him sleep. I take a shower, shampoo, shave, clean out my butt for a near-future fucking, and brush my teeth. I wonder what the deal is. I just need to calm down a little. I don't want to be needy and clingy, but sometimes I do need him... like when I wake up in the morning after the most incredible night of my life. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

I try to be quiet as I head back into the main area of the suite, but I see that Luke is beginning to stir. I walk over and sit down on the couch near his feet. I don't want to sound angry because he went to such effort to make my birthday so amazing.

"So, did I drive you out with my gas or something?" I ask, pulling on his big toe.

"No, no." He stretches and sits up on the couch. "It was me."

"You gassed yourself out of the bed?"

"Those nachos just tore me up. I was up half the night."

"You could've stayed in bed. It's not like you've never farted in front of me before."

"Ya, but not since I started lovin' on you. Trust me. You wouldn't have wanted me around last night."

"You feelin' better now?"

"Yeah, I think so.... but I'm not feelin' very sexy."

"That's strange… cuz you're lookin' really sexy." I put my hand on his knee and slowly slide it up his thigh.

"Never mind. I am feelin' sexy after all." We both laugh. "Shit, G… you can really do a lot to me just by touching."

"That's cuz you're a total horn-dog." I grab his hands with mine. "Come on, you owe me a good wake-up."


"Just come on." I lead him back to the bed and push him in. I lie down next to him and wrap my arms and legs around him. I plop my head back on the pillow and close my eyes, pretending that I'm waking up for the first time. He finally gets it and hugs me tight. I slowly open my eyes and smile at him sleepily. "Mornin, Luke." I say as raspy as I can.

"Mornin' sleepyhead." He kisses me on the forehead.

"How long have you been awake?" I ask, trying not to giggle.

"Oh, a couple of hours maybe. I've just been watching you breathe, running my fingers through your hair, thinkin' about how in love I am–"

I really start tickling his ribs. Damn, he's such a good liar! If I hadn't just brought him back into bed, I'd have believed every word.

After a little wrestling, Luke ends up on top of me, pinning my arms down so I can't keep poking him in the ribs. "G, you are SO cute right now."

"You mean cute as in needy and pathetic?"

"I mean, cute as in 'That boy is so cute, I just wanna suck his dick!'" Luke starts kissing a line down my body, and my dick throbs in anticipation. He doesn't linger much, and quickly has my dick in his mouth. He's really going for it, right off the bat. He's sucking me like he's trying to win one of our 69 races, and it feels unbelievable. I arch my back and hold my breath, trying somehow to make the feeling last a few seconds longer. The sight of a dick sliding across his lips is way too much for me to handle; I can't look down and watch. I close my eyes tightly, attempting to conjure up something in my mind that will keep me from cumming. I hear Luke start to moan, and I realize a little too late that I'm already squirting a load in his mouth. I pump my hips a little as he finishes savoring it. He climbs back up for a cummy kiss.

"THAT'S why I like to wake up in your arms," I say, and we giggle and kiss for a few minutes. Through it, Luke keeps poking me with his dick to remind me that he wants a little servicing. I pretend to ignore him for a while, but I get an idea and break the kiss. "Come with me."

I lead him back into the living room of the suite and point at the big armchair.

"You wanna do it there? How many gross people have already done it there?" He wrinkles up his mouth.

"OK, you go get the terry cloth robe and drape it over the chair. I'm gonna get some lube." That seems to spark his interest, and he runs to get the robe. I enter the room with the lube to see him sitting in the chair, hard dick in hand.

"Do I look a year older?" I ask, pressing some lube inside.

"You look a year sexier." He makes his dick bounce up and down. I slowly rub some lube down his shaft. "Ahhhhhh, this is going to ROCK!"

I climb up in his lap and face him. I guide his dick to my hole and slide it in. I slowly take it all the way up inside as I grab the back of his neck with both hands. He starts to thrust his hips up, but it does nothing because I won't budge.

"Nah-ah. I get to do all the work," I say. I barely start rubbing my hips over his crotch and he gasps, closes his eyes and arches his back. "You like that?"

"Holy fuck, YES!" he says as he starts rubbing my sides, urging me to continue. I oblige him and really start working myself up and down his lap, and I feel his dick sliding inside of me. "Ahhhh G, I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that," he whispers as he continues to rub my sides, chest and shoulders.

"That's the point," I say as I pick up speed. I love seeing him like this. We lock eyes, and he gives me the most incredible smile. It's so full of love and lust as he builds up to a big eruption. I really believe now what he said to me last night. I don't think anyone else could make him smile like this, and I don't think anyone could turn him on like I am right now. I'd hate to see the goofy grin I have on my face right now. I can't help it; I'm so into him right now. He starts to moan as his dick makes its first squirt, and I remember what he said about filling me up with his love. I can't help but lunge forward and shove my tongue in his mouth. I hungrily kiss him during the rest of his orgasm as I continue to slide up and down in the same rhythm. Fuck, this feels so perfect. I continue to slowly lick the inside of his mouth, long after his dick is exhausted and softening. It's still sliding in and out of me, as if it's still trying to do its job. I'm sure he wants to get up; he must be thirsty or hungry or he has to pee, but I can't stop. He's such a great kisser and he knows exactly what I want. He lightly rubs my sides, then my back then up to my shoulders and the back of my neck. I realize that I'm trembling, and that I'm about to cum again. My dick is rubbing up against his abs and giving me the perfect sensation. I wrap my hand around his neck and plunge my tongue into his mouth as hard as I can as I feel my dick start to pump cum between us. Luke starts to giggle, and I can't help but start laughing, too. I finally break the kiss and lean back.

"Oops," I say as I look down at the sticky mess coating our abs.

"SO fuckin' hot, G," Luke says as he gets a glob of cum on his finger and licks it clean.

"Mmmm, yeah," I wiggle around on his lap and his dick finally slips out of me.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah. I didn't realize it until now."

"Okay, I got a plan. Let's get some room service. I want some fuckin' bacon and eggs!" Luke lips his lips.

"I haven't had bacon in over a year!" My mouth starts to water.

"Me neither. We'll tank up and get some coffee. Then, what do you say we get back in the tub till it's time to go?"

"That sounds perfect! I'll call up and get us a late checkout, too." I say, bounding off of him and I run towards the phone. Luke heads for the bathroom.

"Well?" he says as he finally returns.

"Food is on the way. We have the room until 1pm!"

"One? Wow, that gives us about three more hours."

The food arrives shortly, and we both chow down. We're so starved that there's no time for the playful feeding of bacon to each other. Plus, it tastes so fucking good. We both finish every bite without even looking up.

"I'll go run the water," he says. "Get your hot ass in there."

"Okay, let me ice down the rest of the G2's. I'm still thirsty." I bring the cooler in the bathroom and see Luke waiting for me. He's already hard again, and I take off the robe and slip out of his socks.

"Uhoh, G." He walks over to me. "It looks like that bacon has already started to show up around your abs." He pinches a finger of skin, and I jolt as it really tickles.

"I'll have to work that off somehow. Oooh, yours has started to show up around your ribcage." I go in to poke his ribs and he tackles me down to the bathroom floor where we writhe and wiggle, trying to get the upper-hand in the tickle war. Luke finally pins me down, as he always does. He's a little stronger than I am, but I love to yield to him. My naked body pressed against the cold bathroom floor finally makes me start sneezing, and I try not to spray him.

"Let's get in that tub and get you warmed up, G," he says as he lets me up and climbs in the tub. He gets in his same spot from last night and reaches out his arms to invite me to lean up against him again. The couple of seconds that it takes me to reach him seem like an eternity, and I get the simultaneous warmth of the water with the chills of pleasure as he wraps his arms around me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as he gives me light kisses on the side of my neck, down to my shoulder, and back up to my ear.

"I'm going to jack off so many times, thinking about this weekend." Luke whispers after a few minutes.

"Mmmmm, me too. It seems like it's going to have to be our best sex ever, but somehow, we keep topping it," I say. He turns my head to the side by pushing my chin with his finger and we share a sweet kiss.

"We really reached a new level yesterday, and I just can't believe that you have to go live with your family and I have to stay at my place. We're so close and we love each other so much, but we can't live together and we have to sneak around to be with each other, and that sucks."

"I don't think anything about our situation sucks. I know being apart is tough, but that time away just makes our time together so much more electric. The anticipation can be just as good as the act."

"The anticipation is fucking miserable," he says as he grinds his dick up against my back.

"Yeah, you're right." I flip over without the water sloshing water out of the tub and shove my tongue in his mouth. I've really got to enjoy the moment while we're still here: the warm water, his hands rubbing up and down my back, the slight taste of coffee in his mouth, our dicks pulsating against each other. I'm really enjoying every sensation, but all I want him to do is fuck me again. I finally break the kiss. "Luke..." I reach down and grab his dick, and he gasps a little. "Do you think you could fuck me, right here, in this tub?" A huge smile comes across his face.

"G, when it comes to fucking you, I think I could do it anywhere, under any conditions." He flips me over so I'm lying against the back of the tub, where he's been sitting. I obediently wrap my legs around the small of his back and get in position. He guides his dick to my hole and slides it in.

"Ohhhh yeah. I think this is going to be a great idea." I moan.

"G, I think this is what this tub was made for," he says as he leans over and starts to pump his hips. The first couple of thrusts causes more water to slosh out of the tub. "Oops, I think I'm going to have to shorten my stride." We chuckle as he gives me some tiny thrusts, but they feel great, just the same.

In a couple of minutes, our smiles disappear, and we're left with total focus and passion on our faces. He begins by giving me a quick, but really hot kiss on the lips. He repeats the kiss, but keeps pulling back so he can look at me in the eye. Occasionally he leans in for another quick kiss, but never lingers, and he doesn't give me a chance to really get my tongue in his mouth. After a few minutes, he starts to notice my frustration, and gives me a big smile.

"Sorry, G. I just want to look at you a little and take some mental photographs," he whispers. "I want to remember this forever." I give him a satisfied smile. I take a deep breath and try to take some mental photographs of my own. I look at his totally sex-driven face, but notice the deep love in his eyes. Again, it makes me feel so great to know how much pleasure I can give to him. I look down at his body as I rub my hands over his arms and down his sides. He's doing an amazing job of keeping himself on the edge. I can feel his dick throbbing inside of me, begging to slide freely in and out of my fuckhole. I finally just lock my eyes on his, and I can't help but whisper:

"I love you."

"Ohhhh, G," he says, and finally gives me this kiss that I've been wanting. I can tell that he's just gone over the edge as his pace quickens. All I can do is hold him tight and enjoy the feeling of his love slowly pulsing into my body. We both moan through his orgasm, lips locked and totally in perfect sync. He pumps every last bit into me, and finally collapses to the side, but keeps up his passionate kissing, as I grow closer to orgasm. He grabs my dick with his hand, but I shoo it away. I know I'm close to another hands-free squirt, so I just keep lapping at his mouth with tongue. Soon enough, my cum starts jetting out of my dick underwater, and quickly heats up the temperature of the cooling bath.... or at least I'd like to believe it did. My head eventually collapses against the back of the tub with exhaustion as I try to refill my lungs with oxygen. Luke kisses me down my neck and onto my shoulder.

"This was so hot, baby," I say as I finally catch my breath.

"We may regret this," he says as he continues to give small kisses up and down my neck. "From now on, we're going to be trying to sneak into any Jacuzzi tub we see." We share a chuckle, and I jolt with the realization that I have totally lost track of time. We may have stayed long past our 1pm checkout time.

"Just sec, lemme check the clock." I bolt out of the tub and run to the bedroom to see that we have plenty of time. I head back to the bathroom to see Luke running some more hot water in the tub. "We have exactly one hour and forty-seven more minutes before we have to be out of here."

"Awesome… get your cute butt back in here. My bet is that if we do some sloppy kissin', we might both work up another boner or two."

"You may be right," I say as I settle down back against his body and tilt my head back so that we can put his plan into action. Despite all the cumming I've done so far this morning, my boner pops back up almost immediately. "You sure know how to get me growin'" I say as I look down at his. He looks embarrassed that he's not raging along with me.

"Sorry, G, he's gotta work back up to it."

"Here, I'll help." I push him up so that he's sitting on the edge of the tub and start sucking him off. I love the feeling of his dick slowly begin to harden in my mouth, and soon it's as hard as mine. I don't let up on my dick-pleasuring techniques. I've suddenly grown hungry for his cum, and I want it as soon as possible. He begins to moan and rub the back of my head, helping to push on it as I go down. He finally arches his back, and what I get isn't much in quantity, but has the great, warm, creamy taste that I've been craving. I savor it until the head of his dick becomes too sensitive, and he slides back into the tub.

"I bet you're just about ready to pop again, too," he says as he hoists me up to the edge of the tub. He's right, and the feeling of his mouth around my dick immediately puts me past the point of no return. I moan and grab his head to let him know what's coming, and he sucks it down like someone trying to drink a milkshake through a straw.

My eyes almost close, but I remember our time constraints.

"Just sec, lemme get my cell phone so I can set the alarm, just in case one of us falls asleep." I start to stand up, but a wave of exhaustion washes over me and I collapse back in the tub.

"Let me," he giggles and climbs out of the tub. He returns in a second, pressing buttons on his phone. "OK, it's set for 12:50. That'll give us a few minutes to get packed up." He climbs back in the tub and I scoot over so he can get behind me. That way he can hold me again. "Just lean back against me. I'll rub your shoulders for a while, and if you want to go to sleep, that's totally fine." I give him a thankful kiss and do as he says. The shoulder rub feels so amazing, and I close my eyes, hoping I can stay awake to enjoy it. The next thing I know, I hear his cell phone alarm go off and look back at him with sleepy disappointment.

"Is it really time to go? I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep."

"Yep, you had a nice nap there."

"You are so sweet to let me sleep on you like that. You must be so bored."

"Nah, I love my guy too much. Maybe you can do that for me on my birthday."

"Deal," I say as I reluctantly lift myself out of the tub.

We sadly get our stuff together, try to cover up any evidence of hot teenage boysex, and leave a tip for the housekeepers. We stroll through the lobby as coolly as we can and get in the car. As I turn the key, we look at each other and start laughing and shaking our heads.

"Thank you for such an amazing birthday. It really was the best birthday a boy has ever had."

"Thank YOU, G." he says, and we sneak a quick kiss as no one is near us in the parking lot.

We head for Luke's place, reminiscing about the last two days.

"As if we didn't have enough sexual activities on our plate, now we've got my dick up your ass to add to the list," I say.

"Once my system is back to normal, I'm gonna want a lot more of that," he says. "In fact, if you'd fuck me once a day, I'll rub your feet, fetch you beers, make your dinner, and you can even call ME a bitch!" I laugh so hard, I almost drive off the road. Sometimes my words sound so dumb when they're thrown back at me.

"Guys like you can never be bitches... you're just called a power-bottom when you like to get fucked."

"Call me whatever you like, just give it to me." He thrusts his hips into the air. "But seriously, anything you want to do is totally fine with me. I love everything and anything we do. It's all magic."

"You're right. We'll just have to go with what we're in the mood for. If we want some real horny pounding, I'll fuck you. If we really want to make love, you'll fuck me.... and I'm always up for sucking that hot dick." I reach over and give his crotch a little squeeze.

"So, G, you don't have to go right home, do you?" he smiles.

"Hmmm, I just barely have enough time to get some lunch, drop you off at your place, thank your mom for the amazing birthday present, lay down on your bed, lube up your dick, get fucked for a couple of hours, and race home for dinner." We smile all the way back to Luke's apartment.

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