Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 17

Since we plopped down on Luke's mattress, we've both squirted twice. We are both totally insatiable tonight. It is about 11:15pm and Luke is cuddling me while we talk about tomorrow's activities. I can sense we're about to go another round.

"It's just that I want to feel like a man in our relationship… like an equal. If I start to feel like your bitch, it will make me very unhappy."

"Do I make you feel like my bitch?" Luke asks.

"No, you're doing a great job." I give him a little peck. "I'm just afraid it could be something I could slip into once you start... throwing me your backdoor slider." He wiggles his eyebrows up and down. "That's the worst gay-sex-baseball joke I've ever heard."

"What's the best one?"

"Same. Anyway, I don't want our relationship to turn into me getting fucked, then fetching you a beer and making you dinner."

"I don't even like beer. By the way, could you fetch me a Gatorade?" I turn around and pinch his nipple and he takes hold of mine. "Okay, TRUCE!"

"You're askin' for it!"

"So what can I do to make you feel manlier?" he hugs me tight. I realize that Luke spooning me is a bit of a contradiction.

"How 'bout if I hold you for a while?"

"Ooh, I'd love that. My guy is gonna hold me!"

I sit up in his bed, put a couple of pillows against the wall and lean up against them. I bend my knees and Luke scoots in between my legs. He leans back against my chest as I wrap my arms around him. His hair is right under my nose. It smells pretty sweaty by this time. I kiss him on the top of the head as he starts lightly rubbing my arms.

"You like that?" he asks.

"Yeah, it's really nice." I can feel my dick start to inch up his back.

"Yeah, I can tell you like it.... So I guess I'm not going to be doing much doggy style and ass slapping, right?"

"Uhh, no. I want eye contact. I want it to be sex for both of us, not you fucking an orifice of my body."

"Trust me, it will be real sex." He wiggles his lower back against my erection.

I move my head around his so that my lips are next to his ear. Time for me to do a little sexy whispering in his ear, for a change. I run my tongue around his earlobe and exhale a deep, hot breath into it.

"So you're gonna make luuuvvv to me?" I whisper.

"Oh fuck, dude!" he squirms and leans into me as far as he can.

"You wanna slide your hard, throbbing dick up my hole? You gonna make me feel every inch? You gonna tongue-fuck my mouth while you slide your cock in and out of me?" He's totally writhing and moaning now.

"Yeah, G. I want to soooooo bad," he whispers.

"You wanna pump those hips and really give it to me? You wanna go reaaaalll slow as the pleasure builds? You wanna fuckin' cummm alllll up in there?"

"Oh fuck, YEAH!"

I take his dick in my hand and start giving it a firm stroke.

"I'm gonna try to see if I can improve on your cum-in-the-eye trick. See if you can get a couple of spurts up in my mouth."

"Fuckin' do it, G." I start slowly, but forcefully pumping him with one hand while the other rubs his pecs and abs.

"Cum for me, baby. Gimme some cum," I whisper into his ear. I open my mouth wide as I know he's about to shoot. I squint my eyes a little, just in case. As he lets out a big moan, a few small squirts come out of his dick and barely make it to his belly-button.

"What the fuck was that?" I laugh as I start to wipe it up with my fingers and then lick the small load off of them.

"Dude, that's my seventh cumshot of the day! Were you expecting... that thing...."

"Old Faithful?"

"Yeah, that." We both laugh and I give him little kisses on the cheek. He releases himself from my grasp and flops over on his stomach.

"See, what you have to do is... wrap your mouth around the whole thing. That way, you don't have to worry about missing any." He slowly sucks the entire length of my dick and then releases it as it snaps back against my belly. "How 'bout a little finger action with your blowjob tonight, sir?"

"Okay, just don't get carried away. I'm going to get fucked tomorrow!"

He smiles as he goes back down to suck me off. He sticks his middle finger back up my twitching hole and presses down against my sphincter. I can really feel it now, and I instantly realize why I got such a boner from him doing this in the shower. He's taking quick breaks from my dick as he comes up to ask me if I'm into it.

"You like that, G?"

"Don't stop," I moan.

"You are sooo gonna love getting fucked," he says as he dives back onto my dick. He starts timing his finger pressing with his tongue over my g-spot, and I'm quickly releasing another load into his mouth. He finishes savoring it and comes up for a cummy kiss. "I don't know what you're worried about. If it's great, great. If it's not, there's so many other ways... very satisfying ways, that we can get each other off."

"I know…. I just don't want to disappoint you."

He yells with exasperation and starts tickling me again. I'm finally able to squirm out of his grasp and stand up.

"Let's go brush our teeth and get to sleep. Surely, you can sleep after cumming seven times!"

We both do our nightly routines and I stay behind, as I was the second to piss. I return to his room to find him already sprawled and passed out in his bed, lying on his stomach. I head back to the bathroom to wash my face. I practice making getting-fucked faces in the mirror to see what I will look like. Finally, satisfied and slightly disgusted, I retire to my bed and fall fast asleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night to feel Luke climbing into my bed. He wraps his arms around me and rolls me over on my side. Suddenly, he starts pressing his boner against my butt over and over.

"Dude, he wants in," he whispers.

"Luke! Go to sleep!"

"Oh, all right." He embraces me tightly and very slightly starts to hump me as if I wouldn't notice.

"In your bed!"

"Mean! Mean, boyfriend!" he yells in a whisper and returns to his own bed. I try to fall back asleep, but I hear him start to jerk off. With a fake annoyed sigh, I crawl across the room in the dark and take hold of his dick with my hand.

"No clean up this way, and then we can get some sleep!"

"Fucking... totally awesome... boyfriend," he haltingly whispers as I work him over one more time with my mouth. I pretend not to enjoy it, but it's impossible. It doesn't take him long to nut again, as I'm sure he's been awake for a while, imagining tomorrow, no doubt. I suck it up with my usual thirst.

"Dude, it will be nice just to get this whole thing over with so we can get back to our lives," I say as I climb back in his bed and into his embrace.

"No shit! I've never been so horny," he yawns.

He's back asleep in seconds, but it takes me a little while before I can calm myself down and nod off again.

I awake to see the sun shining and hear the shower running. I manage to plod my way into the kitchen and start working on coffee and breakfast. I make a couple of Egg McMuffin-like sandwiches with no cheese and some of the whole wheat English muffin scraped out to cut down on the extra carbs. The coffee jolts me awake as Luke emerges from the bathroom.

"Mornin', hot pants," he has a huge smile as he dries his hair with a towel.

"What are you so happy abou– oh... I know," I can't help but smile, too.

"No, it's not that. I just love that feeling in the morning when I first wake up, and then remember that we're finally together. It's like winning the lottery over and over." That stops me in my tracks and I think for a minute, but I walk over to him and give him a big kiss.

"That's how I felt for a while, but I guess all of my butt-sex anxiety has made me forget all that good stuff."

"Soon, all of that will be washed away... by my hot jizz," he laughs as I throw an empty water bottle at him.

I get in the shower and pay extra special attention to the old backdoor. I guess I can clean it again before... ugh, before I flush it out. I'm not looking forward to that one. We finish getting ready for school and then give each other a premature good-bye kiss, as we know we won't be able to in the car. Luke groans all the way to school.

"THIS is going to be the longest day ever... even longer than Friday."

"It's a good way to liven up a Monday, though."

"Fucking right!"

I let him off at the curb, as he has a longer walk than I do. I watch him walk away and revel in the feeling that he reintroduced me to earlier this morning. It does feel like I won the lottery.

However, the anxiety soon returns. His finger did feel good, but it also hurt. I want to overcome the pain, but what if it's just too much? With all of this going on in my mind all day, the time seems to fly by. It seems like it's just minutes later that I see Luke leaning up against my car, as giddy as I've ever seen him. As I walk to my car, I slap my forehead, pretending that I forgot something and turn around. I take two steps in the opposite direction, then twirl back to face him. He's banging his head against my car. I run over and we both jump in.

"Holy fuck, dude. I can't believe it's finally here!" We pull out of the parking lot. We are both looking around, but there are too many people walking along the side of the road. "G, I wanna kiss you so bad."

"Just wait until we get back to your place, then we'll have a hot one," I say, rubbing him on the thigh.

"I'm gonna give you a hot one, too."

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