Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 16

Here I am, sitting in church with a boner. I guess I'm going to have to get used to this. I thought church was uncomfortable enough before Luke and I were officially together. Now I'm going to have an all new challenge on Sunday mornings.

Ahh, it's finally over. Everyone stands up to shake hands with people around them and give Christian greetings. I always love this part because everyone's talking at once and no one can hear anything that anyone else is saying. I turn to an old woman next to me and shake her hand with a big smile.

"Did you see I had a huge boner through the whole service?" I ask with Christian friendliness. She smiles and nods. "I was thinking about sucking my boyfriend's cock." She just turns and greets some other old lady next to her.

I ride home with my parents and go through more of the what-to-do-about-David conversation. David doesn't go to church with us anymore. He got kicked out of his Sunday School class about year ago. He must've said something really nasty because the teacher never would repeat it. He started going to regular services with us, but he kept writing dirty words in the hymnals. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Now he gets to sleep in every Sunday.

We arrive home and I see Luke parked out front of our house. What is he doing here? I told him I'd call him after we got home from lunch. He jumps out of the car and walks over to us.

"Hi Mr. Connor, Mrs. Connor... and what was your name again?"

"Churchy McChurcherson," I say.

"Oh that's right," he smiles. "I'm here to kidnap Dave. I've got an idea. I'm going to take him to the gym and try to shake the cobwebs out. Then I'll take him out to eat."

"Oh Luke, that is so nice of you!" Mom gives him a big hug.

"I sure hope it works," my dad echoes. "Let's go get him."

"Let me try it alone," Luke says, heading for the front door. I let him in and look at him with confusion. "Trust me," he whispers.

We start to head up to his room, but we hear the downstairs TV on. Luke motions for me to go upstairs so David doesn't know I'm here. I perch myself at the bottom of the stairs, but I can't hear what they're saying. In a couple of minutes, I hear footsteps, so I run upstairs. Then, I hear the front door close. In a few seconds my parents come floating in the house.

"I can't believe it!" Mom is trying not to cry. "David looked happy and excited!"

"That Luke is one fantastic young man. You should invite him to church with us, Garrett!" Dad pats me on the back.

"I think religion makes him a little uncomfortable," I say. I can't believe we're having this conversation again.

"There's nothing–" Dad starts.

"I know, there's nothing more comfortable than accepting Jesus Christ into your heart." Dad looks shocked and angry, as if he's finally starting to see through my facade. I need to try to sound a little more sincere. "I'll ask him again later, but don't get your hopes up."

"I wish you would."

"You two go ahead and go out to brunch. I'll just make myself a couple of turkey wraps. I don't need all that fat and all those calories. I've got a big workout planned for later."

"I guess we have a little celebrating to do, darling," Mom grabs onto him like a fifties housewife.

Big whoop, David left the house. It's not like he caught a screaming line drive to preserve a perfect game or brought home a great report card.... Okay, I need to get over myself. Still, it's just David. What a waste of energy for Luke and all of us.

My parents leave for the buffet and I rip off my church clothes. I make myself some food and wonder how I'm going to kill the time. I'm all finished with my homework. I play some video games, but they're not fun without Luke. Soon, I find myself yawning and I climb into bed and soon fall dead asleep.

I awake with a strange feeling and open my eyes. I quickly realize that Luke has his tongue in my ear. I then realize where I am and jolt out of bed and look around wildly. Whew, he closed the door.

"Damn dude, I take your brother out one time and you become the depressed teenager that sleeps all day?"

"Woe is me. Life has no meaning, and so forth."

"Well, I've got some more bad news," he says.

"Oh no! What happened?" I put my hands on my cheek and do my best impression of my mom.

"David and I have fallen in love. We're running away together."

"Dammit! I knew you were a sucker for the poser look, and I still let you guys go on a date anyway," we chuckle for a few seconds then just stare at each other. "Let's get the FUCK out of here!"

I change into my workout clothes and we head for the bedroom door. Before he can open it, I grab him from behind and spin him around.

"C'mere. I haven't had a kiss today," I whisper as I grab the back of his head and plant one on him. As I pull away he grabs me and pushes my mouth back to his. In just a couple of seconds, our lips and tongues are deeply intertwined and we're grinding our crotches together. He grabs my butt and lifts me up as I put my arms over his shoulders and around his neck. I also wrap my legs around his waist so I can grind a little closer to the target while he carries me back to my bed. As he lays me down, our lips part for a second.

"Fuck, dude," I whine. He's gotten me throbbing again.

"They're busy with Dave. We have a couple of minutes," he says as he climbs on top of me.

I should be putting a stop to this, but I can't. I'm doing all of my thinking with the swollen purple head of my cock. His mouth tastes so amazing, and the feeling of his body on top of me makes me like nothing bad could ever happen. He's really thrusting his hips on top of me now. I start to imagine us in this same position, except that he's thrusting inside of me instead of on top of me. I almost just want to tell him to stick it in. I'm sure he's imagining the same thing. I open my eyes so I can look at his, which are squinted closed as tight as possible. A drop of sweat drips down from his forehead into my left eye, so I close my eyes tightly again.

With a muffled groan, his head flops to the side and his mouth rests on my shoulder. Suddenly he opens his mouth and bites into me. It hurts, but in a really hot way. I start to feel a warm fluid soak into my exercise shorts from his. His hips grind to a halt just when I'm almost at my climax, and he lets out a huge sigh.

"Luke, keep humping me. I'm about to cum," I whisper. With renewed energy, his hips pick up where he left off and he lifts his head up to dive his tongue back into my mouth. I wrap my legs back around his waist and hump his abs with all my might. My own gushing soon adds to the stickiness between us. I keep thrusting for a minute after my orgasm ends.

"Holy fuck! Is that what it's going to be like?" I whisper.

"It's going to be better!" He kisses my cheek.

"I'm scared to look down and see the damage," I say. We both nervously chuckle. Luke rolls off of me and stands up. We've creamed our outfits totally. Our tanks and shorts are totally spunked. A big puddle of sweaty cum has seeped onto my comforter and leaked down onto my sheets and into my mattress. "Oh shit, it's worse than I thought."

"Okay, give me a change of clothes. Just put our cummy stuff in my bag," he says. We start taking off our clothes and wiping ourselves down with the dry areas of our tank tops. I throw him a clean shirt. He stretches it on and it's skin tight on him... so sexy. .

"Can you put something on top of that wet spot, maybe your backpack?" He looks around the room. I place it there as if I had thrown it on my bed.

"Good enough. Our cleaning lady changes my sheets, not my mom. If she notices, she'll just think I jerked off on them. Now, this time, let's really get the fuck out of here."

We bound down the stairs and out the door before anyone can see or smell us.

"Later, skinny," Luke calls to my brother.

"See ya," he yells from the other room. We get out on the front lawn without any scrutiny.

"See ya? SEE YA? No fuck off, fuckwad?"

"I'm awesome. He loves me," Luke shrugs his shoulders.

"Now I am jealous."

"Follow me back to my apartment. We can grab a shower before we go to the gym."

"Ok, sounds good." We get in our cars and eventually make it back to our love nest.

"Hi Denise!" We bombard into the apartment and charge to the bathroom.

"Hi boys. You're on your own for dinner tonight. I have to finish looking over these depositions. Pick me up something, wherever you go."

We start stripping in the bathroom and Luke turns on the water.

"Dude, we can't do that in my room again. It's just too risky," I say once I'm completely naked.

"I know, I know. It's just that when you kiss me, I can't think with my brain anymore."

"I know exactly what you mean. There's no way I could stop once we got started. We just have to not even touch each other."

"Easier said than done."

"So tell, me. Why are you so interested in David?"

"I'm just thinking about the big picture. I want to be a part of your family someday like you're a part of mine." Wow, he really does love me.

"You don't know what you're saying." I shake my head. "How did you get him to go with you?"

"I knew what was going on with him, and it was nothing that his family could ever fix. He's at that age where everything his parents say is the dorkiest or stupidest thing he's ever heard."

"Yeah, I'm still at that age."

"He doesn't really want to stay in bed all day. He just wants a little attention. I just promised him that exercise would make him feel better... and that we could talk some shit about you."

"Oh great. I don't even think I want to know what he said." Luke takes my hand and helps me into the shower and we start to wash each other.

"It's just immature bullshit. I think he loves you like a brother deep inside."

"I hope you're right. He's threatened to 'take me down', and if he stalks me and spies on me, he'll have plenty of ammo."

"If he does that, I'll like, totally beat him up for you."

"My protector," I give him a little kiss as I massage shampoo through his hair. "I'm glad that you got through to him, but still... helping David feels like helping.... well, I don't want to say Hitler."

"He's not evil," Luke laughs. "He's a normal teenage dude."

"Normal, no. Harmless, possibly. Potentially dangerous? I think so."

"Maybe we can get him off of our trail. I'm going to get him on his school's track team. Coach will remember me. They'll take everyone in junior high anyway. David's actually a pretty good runner, and he could do a lot more weight training than he thought he could."

"Cool. I had no idea had any athletic talent," I say.

"I knew he would. He's a blood relative of this really hot stud on my baseball team." He moves in for a kiss.

"Oh yeah?" I smile as we embrace and start making out under the steamy water. Luke starts massaging my butt cheeks with his hands and then runs his middle finger slowly down my crack. My heart begins to race. He navigates the rest of the way to my hole and then starts to gently press right on my bull's-eye. "What are you doing?" I say as I break away.

"C'mon dude, haven't you fingered yourself a little already?"

"Yeah, a little," I look away. "It kinda hurt."

"Well, maybe we should try to open things up a little in there. I don't want your butthole to strangle my dick," he says with his goofy smile.

"Ok, but go really slow and don't hurt me!" I stuff a washcloth into my mouth to stifle my upcoming screams.

"I won't, man," he smiles and squeezes some conditioner off into his hand. He lubes up his middle finger.

"Is that stuff safe to go up there?"

"Yeah, it's mostly water.... and if it's not, I'll just have to rinse it out with cum tomorrow afternoon."

I smile as I take a deep breath. He slowly starts to inch his fingertip inside of me.

"You okay?"


He slides it in further and starts to wiggle it around a little.

"That hurt?"

"No, that's about as far as I got," I say. I should've used something to lube it up a little. This conditioner works much better than water.

"All right. Hold on tight, I'm going in." He slides in further and I bite into my washcloth. I start to feel my eyes watering.

"Still okay?"

I nod, as I shut my eyes as tight as I can and continue biting.

"I won't go in any further. Let me just see if I can massage it open a little more." He moves his finger around very slightly and I moan. I take the washcloth out of my mouth and look down at him.

"Go all the way."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, your dick is longer than your finger, isn't it?"

He smiles and looks back down at my hole. He bites his lip as he applies more pressure and his finger starts to slide up a little further.

"You know I love you right?" he asks, seeing me grimace. I nod. "Guess what?"

"What?" I gasp.

"You did it."

"Dude it's so tight."

"Want me to wiggle it a little?"

"Uh huh," I look down and give him a little smile for the first time. He smiles back up at me and gives me an air kiss. He starts moving his finger around a little, feeling my nooks and crannies. "All right dude, only one more thing to do," I look down at him and he smiles up at me. He very slowly begins to slide his finger in and out of me. My head jerks back and I stuff the washcloth back in my mouth. I moan as he starts to increase his speed.

"You're doing so great, baby! We're going to have such an amazing time tomorrow."

"Mmhmm!" I grunt. He continues to finger me.

"Oh YEAH!" he shouts. I look down at him and he's squirting cum all over my leg. I didn't even know he was jacking off. He kisses me on the side of my butt cheek as his finger slides out of me. He stands up and shows me his finger. "Look, it's not dirty at all." He's right; it just has a little bit of conditioner on it. He lets it run under the water to wash it off. "Dude, did you see how hard you got from that?" I didn't even notice, but I look down to see that my dick is as hard as ever.

"I dunno man… that could've been just from watching you enjoy yourself."

"Dude, you were hard the whole time." He wraps his arms around my shoulders and starts giving me little kisses between his words. "We are going to be so awesome tomorrow. You are going to love it, I promise. I can't fucking wait. We're just going to fuck and suck all night long..."

I finally can't take it anymore and force my mouth onto his and start to tongue wrestle with him. After a minute, he breaks away and starts kissing my neck. A few seconds more, he's kissing a line down my pecs, down my abs and into my pubes. He takes me into his mouth and my dick totally disappears, as he buries his nose into my pubes again. He sucks me all the way in and all the way out with great eagerness. Wow, he sure is cock-hungry for someone who just came.

"Ohhhh Luke," I quickly go past my pleasure threshold and I grab onto his head so I can face-fuck him through my orgasm. He knows what's coming and goes back to the sucking action that gives the most pleasure to a squirting dick. I pump my hips into his mouth as he expertly tongues me while enjoying my load. After savoring it for a while, he looks up with me with a little bit of cum on his lips. He quickly licks it off. "That was intense." I say as I try to catch my breath.

"Yeah, you wanna go for two fingers?" We collapse in hysterics and lay in the bottom of the tub, laughing and kissing. After a couple of minutes, the hot water has run out and the cool water jump-starts us out of our fatigue. We shamble to our feet and finish the washing up that was interrupted by Luke's middle finger. Eventually, we exit the tub and dry off.

"Are you sure you're up to a full workout tonight?" Luke asks.

"Yeah, I'm just getting started," I grab his dick through his towel.

"You're just a little cum fountain, aren't you?"

"You should talk," I give him a quick kiss and throw on my second exercise outfit of the day.

With renewed energy, we head out to the gym. We pull in to our parking spot and we both look over at our secret lovin' area across the street.

"Hmmm," Luke says and we both start laughing.

"Dude, we gotta get in a good workout today. I didn't get anything done last night when I saw you here."

We head into the gym and find that the weekend crowds are really out. We're not going to be able to do much sexy chatter, so we both just turn on our IPods.

We have to wait at most of our machines, as lots of people are using them. While we wait, Luke motions for me to take out my earphones.

"I fucking love you," he whispers.

I resist the urge to kiss him and we go back to our music. We switch stations and take turns, and Luke takes every opportunity to try to edge by me or climb over me so that he can rub his crotch somewhere on my person.

"Excuse me, pardon ME," he says as he makes sure I feel his boner. There's no point in pretending that I don't like it.

"This is going to become a regular thing, isn't it?" I whisper.

"Oh fuck, yes," he smiles.

I wait for his next inappropriate crotch grope with a well-timed pinch. It takes him totally by surprise and he jumps a little.

"Really?" he asks when he realizes that no one saw.

"Uh huh," I smile with self-satisfaction.

We finally finish our circuit and get on the treadmill for our cool-down. I'm starting to get pretty eager myself. I remember that we have to go pick up food. I used to get so ravenously hungry from our workouts, but since the sex has started, I can almost forget to eat. I guess Luke's cum is sustaining me.

We pile ourselves into the car, completely sweaty.

"Where do you want to go to eat?" I ask. I interrupt him before he can say anything. "You've got a little something on your...," I trail off and reach over to push up his arm. I quickly swoop in and take a big lap at his armpit. "There, I got it." We giggle for a minute.

"All I want is a big burger," he says. "But I can't let myself have it after that workout. You pick."

"Well, I had turkey wraps for lunch, so I don't wanna do Subway. How 'bout Flamebroiler? Does your mom like Teriyaki?"

"Yeah, she'll eat anything if it's served to her." We head over to Flamebroiler. As we wait, Luke's sweaty smell fills up the waiting area of the restaurant. I wonder if other people are getting pissed off about it, but I'm enjoying every breath. We get our food and head out.

Luke devours both of his rice bowls in the car before we can reach his apartment. This gives me an idea.

We run up the stairs and bust through the front door. Denise is already sitting at the dining table, still reading over her giant packets.

"Ahh, perfect timing. Gimme, gimme, gimme!" she says. We sit down at the table and Denise and I dive into our food. Luke joins us and drinks a bottle of G2 as we eat.

"So, tell me about the case that you're working on," I ask Denise. Luke shoots me a frustrated look.

"Well, I'm not supposed to talk about it. But it's a woman who's suing for unlawful termination. She's blah blah blah…," I tune out Denise and look over at Luke with a big smile. He folds his arms with impatience.

"Uh huh... yeah," I continue to pretend like I'm listening. I take a big bite of my meat and rice and start licking the fork up and down.

"Fuck YOU!" Luke mouths at me as Denise is totally oblivious. I take one grain of rice on my fork and show it to Luke. He shakes his head. "You better not!" he mouths. I slice the grain in half with my front tooth and eat only the half I bite off. I run my tongue around inside my mouth to savor it and rub my tummy. Luke finally can't take it anymore, and he jumps up.

"Sorry mom," he interrupts. "I think Garrett is having a little trouble eating. I'm going to have to help him out a little." He scoops up some of my rice bowl with his hand and shoves it into my mouth.

"LUKE!" Denise looks horrified, but instantly recovers as she realizes how hard I'm laughing.

"Okay, boys. I guess you really need some alone time," she says, gathering up her food and papers. "I'll finish up my work in my bedroom. Have a good night," she calls out sarcastically.

"Good night, mom," Luke looks at me. "Finish... your... FOOD!" he whispers. I giggle as I quickly start shoveling it in my mouth.

"I'm going to check some baseball scores while you finish. I have a feeling we might be a little occupied for the rest of the evening."

"Okay, I gotta call my folks and tell them I'm sleeping over." I wasn't going to stay tonight at Luke's, since I was going to stay tomorrow night, which will forever be known as Fuck Night. I'm all geared up right now, though. I'll just make up something tomorrow. I call her up and end the conversation as quickly as possible. "Luke, mom says thanks again."

"My pleasure," he says. "Now, speaking of my pleasure... get the fuck in my bed!"

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