The Apple Orchard

by Jobe

Chapter 10

Dinner at my grandparents is always good. My grandmother is a great cook. Her food may be simple but it's very good. I would rather have good simple food than what some people call gourmet. I guess I'm just a simple boy at heart. I'm very glad that Tony agrees with me.

"Tony, I heard you got a lot of money from the sale of your grandparent's home. What are you going to do with that money?"

"I'm going to deposit it in the bank on Monday. I was thinking about maybe completing my degree. I'm not in a hurry to spend it."

"That's a good plan Tony."

After dinner Jim went to start the wash. "Grandfather, I'd like to buy the shack and the apple orchard for Jim, will you sell it to me?"

Grandfather started to laugh, "No I can't sell it to you because I don't own it." Tony must have a puzzled look on his face. "Tony, the reason I don't own the land is because Jim already owns it. In fact Jim owns the whole farm. He's the only grandson we have. In order to prevent his mother from being a problem after grandmother and I pass on, I put all of my property in his name. That is how I met the lawyer friend that helped you. Please don't tell Jim, if he knew he'd protest or wish to pay me for the farm."

"Ok I'll keep it a secret, but how about providing electricity?"

"There's electricity there already. During picking season, we used lights to be able to pick late at night. Tomorrow I'll take a walk back there and check the condition of the electrical systems."

"What are you guys talking about?"

"I was asking grandfather about picking apples. He's going to show me how to prune the trees."

"That's a good idea. Then we can have apple pies. I bet we can sell them to Anna for the café."

Laughing, "First you need to learn how to make them."

"That isn't the problem. Grandmother will teach me, right Grandmother?"

Grandmother just smiled and nodded yes,

After the clothes were dried and folded, thanking grandmother for dinner, we headed to the shack.

While making the bed, I looked at Jim; he had a big smile on his face. I knew what he was thinking when he put the tube of lubricant on the night stand. I wondered what it would feel like. I remembered last night I never felt so close to Jim. I hope he feels the same tonight.

"Grandfather was telling me about the orchard and the men he hired to pick the apples. He said the men worked late at night. We should look around. If they picked at night they'd need lights."

"There were lights. You can see the light poles in the orchard. I think grandfather disconnected all of the electrical systems for safety sake."

"We should ask grandfather about the status. If we're going to pick apples we might need the lights."

"I'll ask him tomorrow while you're at work."

"Kay. Now I'm going to take a shower, want to join me?"

While they were showering together, Jim decided to have some fun. While he was washing Tony's back he soap up his finger, "I'm going to make sure you are really clean." Saying that, he stuck a soapy finger in Tony's ass. Tony jumped.

"Hey, stop that."

Jim leaned over Tony, "I got something else I could use."

Tony turned around, looking at Jim, "What makes you think you'll get lucky tonight."

"Cause you love me."

Laughing they finished showering, they race to the bed. This time it didn't matter who won. Tony was a little apprehensive. "Jim, I need to tell you something. I'm not a virgin. When I was 16 I thought I was in love with this 20 year old man who took care of my grandparent's yard. He was very handsome and I thought he loved me. I gave myself to him, it was my first time. He wasn't gentle, he pushed in very quickly and it hurt a lot. It wasn't a good experience for me and I cried. He told me to be a man and to take it, stop crying. After that time, I left him alone. Whenever he was around, I'd go someplace else. I finally convinced my grandparents that I could take care of the yard. They let him go. So please take it slow."

"Oh Tony, I'll never hurt you. We don't have to do this. Last night was fantastic; I'd be satisfied with you being the top. I'll always be a bottom for you."

"No. I want to experience you inside me. Wash my bitter experience away with your love. Just take it slow."

Jim felt the desire in Tony's words and also the fear. He was determined to make this as fantastic for Tony as Tony made it for him.

Pulling Tony into his arms, "I love you Tony more than anything. You really have made my life complete." Looking into Tony's eyes he could see his love being reciprocated. Jim kissed Tony's head as he pulled him into a tight embraced. Tony looked up at Jim and got a kiss on the end of his nose that ended on his lips. What Jim thought would be a light kiss turned out to be something else. Tony nibbled on Jim's lower lip, what started as a simple kiss began to turn into a deep, possessive kiss. Tongue's battling for supremacy only caused emotions to soar. The kiss became deeper as hands roamed over their bodies. Jim's hand slipped down Tony's back heading for a bubble ass. Tony's hands inched down Jim's front looking for the pleasure pole. As the kiss deepens, Tony began to stroke Jim's hard joy stick.

Jim couldn't take much more of Tony's manipulating his rampant hard on, "Tony, please stop or I'll cum." Tony just deepened the kiss. Jim broke the kiss and started to kiss down Tony's body. He remembered the feelings when Tony licked his nipples; he was determined to give Tony the same feeling. As Jim moved down Tony's body, Tony began to moan and shiver. He grabbed Jim's head pushing his head into his breast trying to get more of his nipples into Jim's mouth. Tony couldn't believe what he was feeling; he didn't want it to stop. But Jim did, he had more for Tony to enjoy. His goal was to wipe Tony's previous experience totally from his mind.

Jim started to kiss down Tony's body encouraged by Tony's moan and the twisting of his body. Tony placed his hands on the back of Jim's head, pushing him further south. But Jim was not in a hurry, he wanted Tony to squirm and moan. When he reached the symbol of Tony's masculinity, he lightly touched it, Tony jumped. Jim teased him by blowing on the head while squeezing the shaft. Tony's body left the bed, only his head and feet were on the bed. "Jim please."

When Jim heard this he knew it was time. Jim squirted some lubricant on his finger and as he sucked on the head of Tony's cock, he slipped a finger into Tony. He felt Tony tense when he did that. He continued to suck while just leaving the finger, unmoving, in Tony. "Please Jim, no more teasing."

Jim lubricated another finger and while continuing to suck. Entering two fingers into Tony, he noticed Tony didn't tighten up. He was ready for Jim. Continuing to suck, he lubes his cock in preparation to enter Tony. By the sounds Tony was making, Jim knew that in his mind, Tony was somewhere else. Slowly, Jim brought his cock to Tony's love hole. Tony was relaxed until Jim's cock touched him. Tony's eyes shot open and his anal muscles clinched tight. "It's alright Tony, just relax. I'll take it easy, you're in control. I love you more than anything, I'll not hurt you." Jim continued to speak softly to Tony as he felt him beginning to relax his anal muscles. Slowly Jim pushed into Tony. Only his crown was partially in when Tony froze up again. Tony looked into Jim's eyes and saw the love, he relaxed and Jim stopped after he got the head in. Tony hadn't realized the restraint Jim was using, looking into Jim's eyes he shook his head as if to say it is ok. Jim slowly pushed into Tony watching his eyes to detect any pain. Slowly taking his cues from Tony he bottomed out. His balls where resting on Tony. With a slight nod from Tony, Jim began to withdraw then slowly enter again. This time Jim began to feel the emotion of making love. Tony looked into Jim's eyes, "I love you."

That was all Jim needed to hear as he began the motion of making love to Tony. Jim couldn't believe the emotions he was feeling and remembering the feeling when Tony was in him. He wanted Tony to feel these same emotions and the love that went with them. Tony had left earth as Jim continued to make love to him. He seemed to be covered with emotions of love and desire at the same time, "Faster Jim please. I want to feel you in me." Tony kept saying over and over again, "I love you, I love you."

Jim increased his speed, he couldn't get enough, he wanted to go deeper, he wanted to crawl into Tony, to become one. Tony started yelling, "I'm going to shoot." Jim made the mistake of looking at Tony's cock as he exploded. The first shot hit him in the face the rest landing on his chest and Tony's stomach

Jim felt Tony's muscles clamp down on his cock, two movements and he shot his load into Tony. His body trembled when he climaxed, he totally relaxed and fell on Tony. After a cooling down, he looked into Tony's eyes. What he saw truly amazed him. There were tears and a look of love and admiration. Jim knew at that moment, Tony would be his partner for life. They laid like that for what seemed like an eternity but in actuality was only 10 minutes. Jim kissed Tony with as much love and commitment he could convey in a kiss. "I think we should take a shower. I'm sticky and your cum is getting cold." Tony agreed but when he stood up, his knees were a little shaky. Jim helped into the shower. Freshly showered, the boys returned to their bed.

Lying on his side facing Jim, "That was incredible. Now I know the difference between love and lust. My first time was lust on the part of the gardener, and my second time was love. I truly love you. I couldn't believe such an act of love would result in these feelings. I'll love you till death and then some."

Jim took Tony into his arms," I love you for all eternity. I was truly blessed when you walked into my life." Holding each other in a cuddle they fell asleep.

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