The Apple Orchard

by Jobe

Chapter 9

It was Wednesday of the following week that our letters arrived from the Health Clinic. We decided to wait till Saturday to open them. If they were negative, and they should be based on my sexual experience, we'd have all day Sunday to sleep because we'd be up till early Sunday morning. I liked the way the boy was thinking and so did the little guy downstairs.

I took Tony to work Thursday morning giving him a kiss; I left to do some special shopping at the pharmacy. I thought it'd be a shame if the results were negative and we had to wait till Saturday. Entering the pharmacy, I looked around for a lubricant. I found them next to the condoms. I thought maybe I should get some condoms just as an insurance policy. So with a package of condoms and some Super-glide lubricant, I went to the checkout counter. There was a woman there who I thought I saw in the store, she smiled at me, ""Better safe than sorry."

I quickly rode home, showered and got dressed for work. I met Tony at the Café for lunch listen to Anna rave about Tony on Monday night, ate lunch and headed to the store to start work. I was a little early but since I was off on Monday, I thought I'd make up for it today. Mr. Thomas turned the register over to me saying he appreciated me coming in early as he had to make out his order for next week.

We started off slow but it picked up really fast after 5. From 5 to closing at 9, Tony had to help packing. He just looked at me with that Cheshire cat smile of his. "Did you peek at your letter?" He shook his head no. I wondered why he was smiling so much. He must know something; I couldn't wait till Saturday. Then I remember I bought condoms, I wouldn't have to wait. So I gave Tony a wicked smile back.

"I bought some steaks for Saturday's dinner. I think we'll need the extra protein." I just laughed.

"I think we should buy a window fan. It was bad enough when we brought your things back."

Arriving at the shack, I flopped down on the bed. "I'm too tired to eat. I think I'll take a shower and go to bed, 6 will come very early in the morning."

Tony agreed and that's what we did, after a snuggle and a lover's kiss, we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

The alarm woke us up, I felt like throwing it out the window. Reluctantly, I got up, put the coffee on and got ready for my shower. I had no sooner entered the shower when the curtain was pulled back and my favorite person to shower with was behind me. We both showered quickly, helping and hindering each other we finished in 30 minutes. Quickly getting dressed, we grabbed a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. It was a good thing I had bought traveling cups for the coffee; otherwise it would've been all over us. I decided the next time I took the cycle in for maintenance, I'd see if they had cup holders that could clamp on the bars.

Arriving at work on time, we got ready for the Friday crowd. Tony busied himself, pulling merchandize from the stock room in order to load up the shelves. I got the register counted, replaced the roll of tape with a new roll. I always saved the old roll for use on Monday through Thursday. Cleaned the tray with some wood cleaner and stocked the paper bags; at 8 we opened.

At 12 Mr. Thomas took over the register and told us to take a quick lunch and be back as soon as possible. I called Anna on my cell phone and order the usual for lunch. I kept looking out the window waiting for the high sign from her to indicate lunch was ready. I told Mr. Thomas that we're leaving and would be back as soon as possible.

Lunch was waiting for us at our usual booth. While we ate, Anna was telling us that a lot of people were asking if that young man was going to play again this coming Monday. Evidently, Tony is getting a fan club and I think Anna is the president.

Finishing lunch we hurried back to the store. Business picked up at 5 and Tony had to help me bag. About 7, business really picked up, Mr. Thomas opened another register. Then Tony had to work two registers till I closed out my registered at 9:20. Even though the store closed at 9, if a customer was still shopping we waited. While I waited for the last customers, Tony began to sweep the floor.

At last we were finished and ready to head home. Normally we get home about 15 minutes after the store closes, because we stayed open so long, instead of arriving at 9:15 we arrived at 10 pm. We were really tired. "Tony let's just go to bed. I'll wash the sheets Sunday, but I'm too tired now to take a shower and I knew you are too."

Quickly undressing, a good night kiss and we were sound asleep. When the alarm went off I didn't want to get up. Leaving Tony to sleep a little longer, I went and started the coffee. Heading for the shower, I let the cold water wake me up. If you're sleepy, believe me a cold shower gets rid of the sleep real quick.

A grab a cup of coffee; return to the bathroom to shave and brush my teeth. Finished I went to wake Tony and to get dressed for the day. "You're already to go, you should've woken me."

"You looked too peaceful. I thought I'd let you sleep a little longer. Now hurry up and I'll fix you a coffee and something to eat."

Tony got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. After a few minutes, I heard the shower. I fixed Tony's coffee and got two breakfast bars. I handed Tony his coffee as he headed for the bedroom to get dressed. When he came out, I handed him his breakfast bar and jacket.

We arrived at the store 5 minutes early. Mr. Thomas let us in leaving the door unlocked. I set up my register; Tony put on his apron and began to check the floor stock. Saturday started off where Friday left off. We were not open a full half hour, when I called Tony to help bag groceries. We got a little slack at 10:30, so Tony went back to stocking shelves. That respite lasted almost an hour, when the next wave of customers came through. Tony had to come and help again bagging groceries. At 12, Mr. Thomas opened another register and told Tony to get some lunch. I just nodded my head at Tony and whispered, "Hurry back."

With Mr. Thomas opening the other register we were able to keep up with checking and bagging. "Jim, as soon as Tony comes back take your lunch break. But please hurry back." When Tony returned, he had a cheeseburger and fries for me. Tony went to bag for Mr. Thomas, I went into the stock room and ate my lunch. Twenty minutes later, I was back on the register.

The total day, Tony would move between me, Mr. Thomas and the floor. This alone kept him hopping, but he always had time to help someone to their car. I was glad I let him have a few extra minutes to sleep.

Saturday was another day that we didn't get home till 10 pm. We were tired and hungry. As we walked into the shack, something good hit our nose which reminded us how hungry we were. On the stove was a pot of vegetable soup and some biscuits wrapped in aluminum foil. They were still warm so grandfather must have been here just a little while ago. "Are you hungry? I am. These last two days were really rough. Now that the weather is getting better, the boss should think about hiring someone to help you. I just might mention that to him on Monday."

I placed the biscuits on the table and by the time I turned around with the bowls, Tony had the biscuits opened and one half gone. "Wow, you really are hungry."

He just shook his head as his mouth was full of biscuit. I placed a bowl of vegetable soup in front of him and he dug right in. I sat with my bowl across from him watching him eat. The poor guy ate like he was starving and I was just as bad. We each had two bowls of soup and all of the biscuits. I rinsed the dishes and left them for tomorrow. The soup I put in the refrigerator and headed to bed.

We began to drop off to sleep when Tony popped up in bed, "we forgot to open our letters from the Clinic." Tony got out of bed and brought the letters back with him. We opened them together, I looked at Tony and he looked at me. Together we yelled, negative. We hugged and decided we should shower first.

After the shower, I yelled last one in bed is the bottom. We made a mad dash, but Tony dived for bed and beat me. As I looked into Tony's eyes it was a mix of love and lust. I reached up and pulled him down so we could kiss. As we kissed, we lost ourselves in each other. Tony started to kiss my neck and shoulders, I shuddered at the feeling as he moved down my chest and when he began to gently suck on my nipples, I swear I felt electric shocks. I started to pant; my cock felt like it would burst it was so hard. When Tony licked the head, I came so hard I could feel the cum hitting my face. The odd thing was we had done this before but I never felt this way. Tony took his finger and dipped it in the puddle of cum on my stomach. Then making eye contact, he slowly pushed his finger into me. I relaxed my muscles to make his entry easy, then it was two fingers, I wanted Tony in me not his fingers. "Tony, please do it now. I need you in me." Tony took more of my cum, coated his hard shaft, placed it at my hole and gently and slowly entered me. I could feel every inch of his cock as it entered. When he bottomed out, he paused and then started to withdraw only to enter again. He kept this up till I was screaming faster, harder. I couldn't get enough of Tony. I have never felt like this before. I wrapped my legs around Tony trying to pull more of him into me. My dick was hard again; Tony leaned over to kiss me and in the process raised my ass which resulted in him going in deeper.

"Tony, I'm going to cum." Tony just grunted and sped up really pounding my ass. I let out a yell, "I'm coming" and coated Tony's stomach and mine. Just as I was climaxing Tony went crazy for a few seconds, then yelled, "I'm coming." After that we collapsed, Tony on top of me. I couldn't speak, Tony was panting, looking at each other, mini-seconds before Tony's lips crushed mine. After what seemed a life time, Tony relaxed his head on my shoulder. Slowly our breath and our hearts return to normal.

"I've never felt anything like that before. It was like I wanted to be inside you, like I wanted to possess you. I love you Jim, like I've never loved another human being."

"You were magnificent, Tony. I've never experienced anything like it before. I couldn't get enough of you. Tony, I never plan on letting you go. You are part of my soul and I don't want you ever to be far from me. You complete me, I love you so much."

Cuddling and with a final kiss goodnight, we fell asleep.

Sunday morning, Jim woke up at 11 in the morning with a feeling of being loved. His thoughts turned to his mother and he became sad, there were tears in his eyes. As Tony woke up, he saw Jim sitting there with his head down. "Jim, are you ok? You look sad."

"No, I'm ok. I've never felt so loved and then I thought of my mother."

"Jim, don't think about her, it's not her fault. She has been brained washed by people who don't understand. I know she can't be a happy person, and I know it's hard to let her go, but focus on the people who love you as you are. You're very lucky, you got me." With that said, Tony pushed Jim out of bed.

Jim got back in bed and started to wrestle with Tony that ended in some heavy making out. Jim grabbed Tony's hard on and led him to the showers. After showering, shaving and brushing their teeth, Jim started to make breakfast while Tony gathered up the dirty clothes for washing. "Jim don't stand too close to the stove, you wouldn't want to burn my special friend." Jim looked down and decided he needs to get dressed. Tony brought him his boxers and jeans. Tony got a hug and kiss for that.

"Good morning Grandfather,"

"More like good afternoon. You both have been getting in late the last few nights."

"The store has been really busy. Mr. Thomas won't close the store until all the customers leave. So we have been really tired. Thank grandmother for the soup and biscuits that was just the ticket last night when we got home."

"You can thank her yourself when you come down for dinner. I almost forgot why I came up here. Tony this letter came for you registered mail. I was going to bring it to you last night but since you came home so late, I thought I'd wait till this morning."

"Thank you, Grandfather."

Tony took the letter and noticed it was from his uncle. "It's from my uncle. Why would he send me a registered letter?"

"Well, open it and find out."

When Tony opened the letter, he was speechless for a few minutes. Jim made a noise as if was clearing his throat. That snapped Tony back to the present. "This is a letter saying 'that as we agreed, the enclosed check represents your half of the house'. There's a certified check here for 110,000 dollars."

Jim looked at his grandfather who looked at him and then Tony. "Monday, Tony you must go to the bank and deposit the check. You certainly don't want to lose it."

Grandfather left and Jim finished getting the dirty clothes ready to take down to the grandparent's house to do laundry. Tony just sat at the table staring at the check. Jim smelled something burning. "Tony didn't you smell the toast burning?'

Looking embarrassed, "I'm sorry I just can't get over having all of this money. What would you do if you got a check like this?"

Jim thought for a moment. "I certainly put it in the bank to start with."

"Ok then what would you spend it on?"

"Well I like living here on the farm. I would ask grandfather to sell me the land that contains what was once the apple orchard. Then I would build a nice size bedroom on the shack; replace some of the kitchen appliances. With the new bedroom, I'd add a new bathroom; then removed the bathroom next to the kitchen which would allow me to enlarge the kitchen a little. I'd move this wood cooking stove outside on the porch so when summer comes and it's too hot in here to cook, I can cook outside. Maybe run an electrical line out here so we can put in air condition. These are all dreams right now."

"I think we should head down and get the wash started." Tony took one clothes bag and I took the basket.

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