by Jobe

Chapter 14

School began and I do miss Nohr, everything I see reminds me of him. I lose myself in my studies during the day and send him mental love letters at night. I write about every three days and he always write back. He'll be home for the holidays which will give us about 2 weeks together. We are looking forward to that. One of the men in the village has been teaching me to whittle, so for Christmas, I have been working on a wooden bear for Nohr. So far it doesn't look like one but my teacher said it's coming along fine.

Chores continue to occupy my time, we now fill two milk cans per week and we keep a third on hand. Aunty said my singing is horrible, can't carry a tune, but my girls like it. Also the little sugar I put into the hay while I'm milking them helps. I missed a nest at the chicken coop so now we have peeps running around. Aunty is laughing she said I brought her good luck.

The Christmas holidays arrive and I can't wait to see Nohr. But there was another surprise, John arrived. He spent the holidays with us and so I had to give up my room, the guest room wasn't ready. Poor me I was force to stay with Nohr.

Nohr was anxious to complete our relationship. I told him not till school was out for the summer, however I insisted that he make love to me each night he was home. He didn't agree at first but by the third night, he eagerly went along with my idea.

Christmas, we all had dinner at aunty's. I gave Nohr his Christmas gift and he gave me a kiss and a sweater from his school. I think I wore that sweater the whole time he was home. It smelled like him and I loved that smell.

I think something is developing between John and aunty. They seem to smile a lot at each other and are taking a lot of walks together. I caught them kissing when I finished milking earlier one morning. I looked in the cottage before opening the door and when I saw them kissing, I went and got the eggs. I made sure I stomped my feet on the porch before opening the door. They were sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea as if nothing happened. I looked at aunty and winked at her, she blushed. Then when John turned his head so he couldn't see me, I gave her the thumbs up. She started to laugh, John turned to look at me, I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't understand what caused her to laugh.

John and Nohr left together. I think John drove Nohr to school. I wonder what they talked about, so I was anxious to get Nohr's letter. About a week after school started the first of Nohr's letters arrived. He talked about enjoying the Christmas break and was looking forward to the Easter break. He wrote that John really like my aunt and he would be back more often since he's being re-assigned to Denmark. I wasn't sure my aunty knew that so at dinner that night I mentioned I got a letter from Nohr. She asked how he was and did John take him to school.

"Yes, John took him to school. I guess you were the topic of parts of their conversation. It appears that you have a suitor."

"Who? Certainly not John although I did enjoy him staying here. The US is too far to commute."

"Oh you didn't know he is transferring back to Denmark?"

She looked at me, "How do you know that?"

"Nohr told me in my letter. I don't know where he'll be stationed but he is coming back home."

Aunty had a smile on her face. I guess she did like John staying here.

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