by Jobe

Chapter 13

Now that school was out, I thought maybe we could share our bed more often. I wanted to share my body with Nohr before he left for school. There wasn't much information and I didn't have internet but I do remember that a lubricant was used. I heard the boys at school in the States talking about a girl being so dry they needed to use a lubricant to get started. The question now was what kind of lubricant should I use. I looked through the bathroom for any type of product that could be used as a lubricant, I found nothing. Then I thought about cooking oil or butter. Cooking oil would be easier but butter would taste better. Why would I need something that taste better, cooking oil would do?

The week before school started and the last night Nohr and I were to spend together, I took a little cooking oil, putting it into a small jar I saved after cleaning it, I took the jar to my room. Tonight I would give my self to Nohr which will seal my commitment to him.

Saying good night to aunty, "Nohr, this will be our last night together. I have something special for you but first we need to shower."

We had showered together before so this wasn't anything new. I liked to wash his hair and he would kneel down when I did that. Of course that put his mouth close to something that he would play with as I washed his hair. This game resulted in someones throat being washed with a special cream.

We finished showering, dried ourselves and headed for my bedroom. Tonight everything seem to be special, my mothers duvet had a special meaning for me as well as her picture looking at me from my dresser. Crawling in bed, "Nohr, tonight I have a special gift for you. It's a gift that can only be given once, tonight I want you to make love to me and be my first and only partner."

I'm not sure if he knew what I was talking about. I took the oil and began to oil my private door. I use my fingers to push the oil into my butt. I took some oil and put its on his cock bring it to a hardness I experienced before. "Lay on your back and look into my eyes." When he did that, I sat on him, one leg on each side. I slowly lined him up and watched his eyes grow big as he realized what I was going to do, before he could say stop, the first inch was in. It hurt and I figured it might, I help my position and relaxed, as the pain eased I began to slide down, stopping to adjust and soon I was sitting on his pubes. He was all in and I was ready to bounce.

I looked into his face as I moved up and down, he wanted to control the action, I wasn't ready yet, I still felt a little pain. I knew as soon as the pain went away, I would give him control. I leaned over to give him a kiss, while rolling on to my side and then on my back. He was now in charge, he smiled at me saying I love you.

Ride me. he did, slowly like he enjoyed the smooth and slow in and out, but as he came closer and closer to the end he sped up. He twisted a little and whether he knew or not, he hit the golden button and I shoot into the air. My squeezing as a result tightened on him and he began to speed up reaching his end. I felt him shake and then relax as he fell on top of me.

"I love you Stephan. I can't believe what we did but I know I want you to feel the same thing I did."

"Nohr, tonight was for you. I gave you my virginity and you will be the only one who can make love to me as you did tonight. No one else will ever have that privilege and when you come home from school, I'll be waiting for you to take me again and again and again."

We cuddled as we thought about our last night together for a time. I'm not sure what his schedule will be like until he goes to school. He'll live on campus so the only time I'll see him is when he comes home. That's going to be rough and I'll worry about him. I know he'll not cheat on me, he's that kind of guy and I also know he loves me.

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