Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 26

Gay Versus Straight

We took our time working our way through some of the trails with both Carter and Ricky making sure we took things a bit easy since they were still concerned for me. After riding for a couple of hours taking a few breaks in-between we made our way down the now well known track stopping at the turn where Carter and I met after I took that nasty spill over my handlebars. We all had a good laugh at my expense; especially, when the thirteen year old boy told them about my take on mountain bikes.

"No way dude, you didn't say that to Carter?" Mason giggled shaking his head along with the others.

"No it's true." Carter insisted. "After he rung his bell and I told him he doesn't look too good, he literally said 'I guess I'm not used to riding a Metal horse anymore.' Of course I didn't know what the hell he was talking about and thought landing on his head had scrambled his brains." The thirteen year old boy chuckled. "Anyway, he must have seen my confused look because he added, 'Um…it's just been a long time since I've ridden a bike,' which I thought what the heck."

"You're joking right?" Ricky interjected chuckling.

"I know, I mean what kid doesn't ride bikes and I was wondering the same thing and even said so and of course he simply answered in good ole Pim fashion with his big Texan drawl, 'Yeah, well where I'm from a guy tends to get around on a real horse, not these metal ones,' which I thought was like way cool. I mean, riding real horses."

"Geeze, well riding a bike and horse can't be all that different." Mason interjected with an impish smirk. "After all, the goal is the same." He giggled while I rolled my eyes and couldn't believe these guys were all like on the same wavelength.

"Riiiiight?" Carter intoned his voice inflecting in typical teen fashion. "I mean that is exactly what I said, and he didn't even get it because he asked what goal was that. I mean, how funny and I couldn't help laughing when I told him the goal was to not fall off goofball…everyone knows that." Carter began to laugh his ass off while everyone followed suite at my expense with the thirteen year old boy waving his hands to get everyone's attention as he tried to finish in-between giggles. "The kicker though is he didn't even bat an eye and flashed me the biggest smile ever and simply came back with 'Yeah, well maybe you can teach me how to tame this metal beast.' I mean it was hilarious because for real…taming a bike versus a real horse." Carter was laughing so hard he was crying.

Even I was chuckling as Carter held out his hand shaking his head. "Anyway, all I could say to that was…first we've got to tame the wild boy riding the damn thing. I mean when I saw him he was riding down this hill like a maniac." The dark haired teen chuckled. "Also, up until then I hadn't met his mom, but oh man did he get this next part right and to a tee because he said, 'Good luck with that. My mom's been trying to tame my ass for years. She keeps saying just because we live in cowboy country is no excuse not to be…oh how did she put it now…oh yes…no excuse not to be a bit more gentrified. Whatever the hell that means,' which now that I know his mom is just too damn hilarious to say the least."

"Oh my god, no way, he actually said that and man, you sure said it because that is spot on where Mrs. Merckx is concerned." Ricky chuckled shaking his head. "I mean, she made me promise to make sure he took it easy a few days back after he was feeling better and wanted to go for a ride. Of course he wasn't having any of it and nearly made me crap my shorts when he almost bit the dust a couple of times before I laid into both him and Colton for being so stupid. I was more afraid of what his mom would do to me for him getting all wild and crazy out here." The teen added shaking his head.

After that things went downhill with our discussion as we all began to rag on one another in good fun while we walked our bikes over to our little river beach get-away. It was just good ole fashioned fun between friends with Mason's sister getting several good jabs in against her brother. I mean how is it that girls always seem to know just how to get at a guy; especially, when it is a brother or theirs. It never ceased to amaze me how girls always seemed to have the lo-down on their brothers. When it came to their sisters they always had dirt on them too, but knew well enough not to go after each other or face the consequences of each ratting the other out. It boggled the mind just how sneaky girls were at times, not to mention downright ruthless when need be. At least Mason's sister wasn't vindictive against her twin brother keeping it civil while also entertaining and embarrassing for the thirteen year old boy, which we actually found too priceless because she kept laying into him at the most opportune times forcing the boy to blush with his cheeks burning bright red for most of our walk over to the river.

By the time we wove our way through the trees I was starting to feel the taxation of today's excitement. Overall, I was already doing much better, my body recuperating from the nasty snake bit incident over a week ago, but I still found myself getting easily fatigued. Even my arm would begin to ache at times when I exerted it too much. The doctors indicated they felt I would recover all my strength back in my arms and hands, but it might take a little while and that it was essential for me to work it. So even though it would ache at times, I continued to work on getting my strength back as we now stepped into the small beach clearing with smiles on our faces.

It was another warm day and the water was inviting as we all took off our shoes and socks for a bit of wading to cool off. We chatted amiably and I was glad to see Carter and Ricky hitting it off really well. The two boys seemed to make a point of hanging out close together as they chatted and got to know one another better. It's strange how they lived only a couple of blocks away in a quiet neighborhood, but never really hung out. Sure, there was the whole issue of Carter being ostracized, but still both boys had lived around the corner from each other all their lives, yet really didn't know each other.

My eyes shifted over to Carter and I couldn't help but smile at his sexy body. He had tossed off his shirt before wading into the water making me smile inwardly because only a few months ago he was rather shy about that sort of thing, but now had changed into a more confident teenager who seemed comfortable in his own skin. My eyes soaked in his sultry physique and despite a few bruises typical on most active boys' bodies it was smooth and firm.

Riding his bike competitively this summer had transformed his body shape and build. I've only known him for a couple of months, but even I could see how much his body had changed becoming more fit these days as I glanced away because I was starting to get turned on. I was hoping we'd get some alone time because I had been getting horny for him, but I suppose that just might have to wait as I now began to study Ricky.

It's odd, but I never really looked at him before and I really did like what I saw. It wasn't like he was a looker or anything per se, kind of more average looking I suppose, but still there was something about him that was appealing. Even though I was slightly older than him he was a little taller, but we both pretty much had the same kind of thin build. In some ways we kind of looked similar too with a thin build, blue eyes, and light complexion. Again, he seemed pretty average overall, but I could see myself falling for a guy like him and I was sure he wouldn't have any problems finding a girlfriend. It's strange, but I pictured him more so with a girl since he didn't come off as being gay, but then again I hadn't seen him chasing after any girls either. Still, that didn't mean much considering we just now sort of became friends so I wouldn't know anything yet about that sort of thing regarding him.

It was kind of funny though because I had noticed Mason's sister trying to flirt with him a little, not to mention she was showing just as much interest in Julian as well. She seemed kind of torn because on the one hand Ricky was older than her and on the other hand Julian was a year younger, but such a damn hottie. So much so she was starting to divert more of her attention to the younger boy since Ricky seemed a bit distracted with Carter. It was too bad the older teen couldn't spend the night so we could get to know one another even better. Sleepovers had a way of exposing things in a non-stressful way. I suppose getting to know him would have to wait until we got back from Texas.

My eyes once again shifted towards Carter as I sat down on a boulder leaving my feet dangling in the cool flowing waters of the small river. "You're really quiet." I heard Mason sit down next to me and grin while I shrugged and smiled back. "You feeling alright?" He asked a bit concerned knowing I was still recuperating.

"Yeah, just a little tired, but nothing a bit of a rest won't cure. This is a nice little break and I'll be just fine in a few." I responded lightly when our discussion was interrupted.

"Hey, you know, I think there's an old fort close by around here some older guys had built a few years ago." He noted, having paused and was looking around now glancing one way and then the other along the shoreline of the small river.

"Really?" Colton asked his curiosity peaked now.

"Yeah, I heard guys talking about it before, but I can't be certain. It's just what I've heard and from their description of the location I think it might just be a little ways down the river here along the bank. Do you know if there are any trails leading down to the river from the main biking trail on the other side?" He asked Carter who pursed his lips trying to get his bearings as he mapped out the trails in his mind nodding his head."

"Well, just at the top of my head I think there might be some just down the river like you said. I've noticed them, but never rode on them because I knew they dead ended at the river so never thought to use them." He admitted with a small grin splitting his features. "Yeah, it can't be that far down the river from here." He began to get excited at the prospect of maybe finding the fort Ricky was talking about.

"Way cool, what are we waiting for?" Colton, the ever bundle of energy squeaked as he quickly waded out of the water and sat down on the bank quickly putting his socks and shoes on with everyone else rushing after him.

Sighing, I got up and waded towards the bank with Mason walking alongside. "What's wrong?" Ricky asked when he saw me standing by the water's edge, but in no hurry to put on my socks and shoes.

"Er…nothing. It's just I figured one of us should stick with the bikes because there's no sense trudging along the edge of the river and lugging them with us. If you guys find the fort then we can take our bikes down the trail next time." I added seeing the concern in Carter's eyes as he stood up.

"Are you sure you are alright, you look tired?" He asked anxiously.

"I'll be fine. To be honest I just need to rest for a bit before we go riding some more." I replied frankly since it was obvious Carter wasn't being fooled.

"Don't worry guys I'll hang out with Pim while the rest of you go hunting for the fort." Mason offered. "I'm feeling a bit achy myself after being jammed into those hay bails yesterday. Despite them claiming it is a cushiony barrier, it still hurt like hell when that jerk forced me into them. Maybe if they weren't bundled up tightly it would make for a nice spill, but those damn things don't budge much when they are stacked up three deep and three high." Mason chuckled getting eyed by his sister who now looked a bit concerned. "Don't look at me like that sis, dad checked me over and so did the event doctors. I'm fine, but I am a bit beat up and bruised is all." He assured her.

"Alright, how about we head downstream for about fifteen minutes?" Carter decided to speak up coming to a decision. "Then, if we don't find anything we will come back. If we do find anything we can look around for a bit and then head back. This way we are probably talking thirty or forty minutes. I don't want it to get too late before we start to head back. We've been out for several hours already and I don't want our folks to start worrying and giving us a call on our phones." He suggested with the others seemingly thinking it was a good plan. "You two will be alright then?" He asked again while I chuckled.

"Yes, mother dear." I teased seeing both Ricky and Carter rolling their eyes.

"Listen here you big knucklehead." Ricky wagged his finger at me. "Don't 'mother dear' us because I definitely do not want to be on your mom's bad side. I've got enough worries lately." He huffed a bit testily, but also keeping things on a light note, but I still winced because I understood where he was coming from.

Sighing I held up my hand in surrender. "Don't worry guys I'll be just fine and I get it already. It's why I wanted to stay back in the first place. If it takes you guys thirty minutes I'll be up to snuff by then. Mason and I will just hang out and relax for a bit." I assured them getting a hard gaze from both Carter and Ricky making me chuckle and shake my head. "You know, I'm not sure getting you two together as friends was a smart thing on my part. Not if you guys are going to constantly gang up on me. Now just go. Mason will make sure I don't do anything stupid as my mom is always pointing out." I chuckled waving off their concerns.

"Geeze, they are kind of pushy aren't they?" Mason chuckled as we watched the small group disappearing around the bend of the river.

Glancing over at the other boy I shrugged my shoulders while I bent over picking up my shoes and socks walking further onto the dry spit of beachy land. "Yeah, well I can't really blame them. From what Carter and you told me what happened to him that day I died I can't hold him being worried over me against him. As for Ricky he has his own…er…well let's just say issues he's dealing with, not to mention my mom can be a bit…well…scary at times. Don't get me wrong she's the sweetest mom ever, but she can also be a bit feisty and when that happens it is downright scary if you are on the receiving end. I'm sure Carter told you about the plane incident." I sighed pausing and looking at the other boy.

"That was for real?" He asked a bit shocked.

"Oh yeah, and believe me I really think she would have tossed the officer on his ear and flown the plane herself." I chuckled shaking my head and pausing as I looked around.

A sudden chill went flying down my spine when I realized where I was. I hadn't really paid it any mind when we walked over, but with the log just a few feet in front of me I began to panic, my eyes and head shifting around in alarm.

"Pim, is everything alright?" I heard Mason's voice bringing me out of my anxious state as I shook off the dread that had abruptly settled over me like a cloak.

The other boy was also looking around in alarm, his gaze shifting over at me before once again looking around where we were. "Oh my god, this is the place isn't it. This is where it happened, the copperhead." He stated more than asked. "Oh crap, are you alright?" He wondered now getting worried. "Maybe we should take a seat somewhere else?" He offered up while I glanced over at him and smiled the feeling of anxiety dissipating as quickly as it had arrived.

This was the first time I've been down here since the incident and it had just taken me by surprise for a second or two. I was wondering how I would react if I came down here, but with the others distracting me I hadn't really thought about it until just now. For a second I had panicked, but oddly enough as I looked around it didn't seem to affect me any, which was a relief actually. It was odd though because it didn't appear to have affected Colton either, but then again the boy tended to be very resilient seemingly able to shrug away any issues to the side and simply trudging onwards.

"Nah, it's cool. I just didn't realize until a split second ago and it caught me by surprise is all." I assured the younger boy who was looking around making sure there weren't any snakes around.

"You sure?" he wondered skeptically.

"Yeah, and don't worry. If the copperhead was still around he would have bitten us by now." I chuckled getting a glare from the other boy who didn't think it was funny at all as I took a seat.

Mason hesitated a moment before taking a seat next to me as well. "Man, you're just amazing. If I got bit by a copperhead here and almost died because of it this place would freak me out." He admitted shaking his head as he watched me curiously while I tried to ignore his scrutiny.

Closing my eyes I enjoyed the breeze blowing gently through the clearing as I inhaled deeply, the smell of water and forest filling my lungs. "Pim?" I heard Mason interrupting my thoughts.

"Hmmm?" I replied softly, turning my head and opening my eyes looking at the younger boy who smiled a bit anxiously at me.

"Would it…er…could I ask you something?" He began, pausing for a second before continuing. "I mean, personal like?" He pushed while I frowned because it sounded kind of serious, but I liked Mason and we were friends so wasn't really worried.

"Yeah sure…I guess so, but it doesn't mean I'll answer…that is if it is 'too' personal." I chuckled teasingly, the other boy smiling, but still looking a bit anxious.

"Well…er…I was just kind of wondering. I mean…uh…you know about me and Carter and why we are…um…you know…but I was just sort of wondering." He paused again glancing over at me to gauge my reaction. "Well…I've noticed how you two sort of look at each other and was wondering…er…you know…if the two of you…um…," He paused again while I scrunched up my face and sighed.

"You want to know if Carter and I are doing sex stuff together." I tossed the heavy elephant in the room out there trying to make it easier for him since he was obviously a bit anxious about asking.

"What…no…I mean yes…er…well sort of. Crap, this isn't coming out right. What I mean is…it's just…well…are you two sort of…you know…like together…er…as in together-together?" He wondered as he stared at me for a second and then blushed turning away not really wanting the answer anymore. "I…uh…never mind. It's none of my business and you guys have been good friends to me…and I…er…it doesn't matter anyway." He sighed and I could tell he felt bad about bringing it up now.

"The answer is yes." I responded my words simply slipping out and oddly enough not even bothering me making me wonder if it was because I trusted Mason with it getting quiet for several seconds.

"Oh," Mason murmured. "I…uh…see…er…actually is that yes to having sex or yes to like…um…the whole being together thing?" He wondered not exactly sure what I meant now while I smirked and sniggered at how our conversation had shifted to my association with Carter.

"Well actually both. Carter and I are together as in boyfriends and we also…well…you know sort of…um…are intimate." I replied glancing at the other boy for his reaction who I thought seemed to be handling the revelation well.

"So…you two are…um…gay?" He wanted to know while I nodded my head.

"Yeah, does that bother you?" I wondered curiously.

Mason scrunched his eyebrows together thinking for a second or two while shaking his head. "No, not really. I mean, Carter's been a really good friend and I know I'm not gay, but the stuff we've been…er…you know…doing together." He paused for a second and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, now that I know he's gay it is kind of weird, but it also doesn't feel wrong…well…at least I don't think so since it is with him…I-I'm not sure now." He screwed up his face in thought as if trying to figure things out with the notion of what he's been doing with a boy he now knows is gay.

Finding out something like this could be a bit disturbing; especially, considering the situation between him and Carter, so I let him work it through in his mind as he sighed shaking his head. "No…I guess you guys being gay and all really doesn't bother me. It's weird though since I know for a fact I'm not gay and am definitely into girls. I guess maybe it's because I trust Carter and also I kind of sense that for him it is just about having a bit of fun and all and not serious. He does care about you, I can see that. So it doesn't bother you that he's been…er…that is…the two of us…you know…messing around together." He became a bit anxious again while I shook my head.

"No…I know why he is doing it and I know I'm the one he really cares about in that special kind of way. You're our friend so I don't mind if he helps you out so long as you aren't freaked out about it. I mean guys mess around that way sometimes just to…well you know, but I can understand how some guys would freak out if they know their friend is gay and not doing it for the same reasons like them." I told him seriously noticing Mason relax a bit making me now wonder if his original concern had more to do with getting between the relationship Carter and I had with one another.

"Carter's right…you really are the coolest and I can see why he likes you that way. Heck, if I wasn't straight I'd want you as my boyfriend too." He chuckled while leaning into me with his shoulder giving me a friendly shove as things got quiet again.

It was strange how it seemed kind of easy to let my friends now about the type of relationship I had with Carter. I wasn't an idiot though and knew Carter and I were kind of lucky so far because in most cases friends simply wouldn't understand it. I mean, hell the younger teen had been constantly teased at school for being puny between his legs with a lot of insinuations that he was a girly-boy or that he was gay, so I was fairly certain if it did get out there would be some push back against our relationship. As I thought about it though, I really could care less because it appeared as if all the important people in our lives seemed alright with it.

"So…," Mason broke the silence again. "About Colton and Julian…are they like…gay too? I mean the way they behave around each other…," He pressed making me chuckle because I wasn't sure why he was wondering who all was gay now in our group.

Still, I didn't see any harm in being open with Mason because he seemed alright with things and he came across as being more curious than offended by someone being gay. "Well, Julian is totally into girls. I know that for a fact because we've talked about it. As for Colton…well…he's sort of still at that stage where he's figuring out girls actually don't have cooties, but still not quiet sure about the whole boy-girl thing." I chuckled.

"Really…you don't think Colton is gay like his older brother. I mean, it just seems like he is all…I don't know…just…well…kind of cuddly and all." He pointed out and blushed while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Mason, don't confuse showing affection to the ones closest in your life to actual love in the sense of being gay or what-not. Yeah, Colt is a bit clingy and affectionate, but he's very independent too and about as macho as they get for a boy his age. Is he gay…," I paused shrugging my shoulders. "Well, truthfully, I can't be absolutely certain because like I said he's still sort of in limbo on that front, but if you want my opinion I would have to say no. The way he behaves and some of the things he might do may seem like he's gay, but at his age I think he is just trying to figure things out…you know how it is. I'm sure it will only get more confusing once puberty knocks him on his ass." I chuckled hearing Mason snort as well.

"Yeah, tell me about it and yeah, thinking back a couple of years ago I wasn't really paying that much attention to the whole relationship thing either and all I wanted to do was hang out with my buddies. So yeah, I get it, but Julian is straight for sure?" He wondered making me chuckle.

"Well, why don't you ask your sister about that? I mean, I'm sure if she had a chance to be alone with him her tongue would be down his throat and vice versa, not that I think Julian would object." I snorted, noticing Mason's shocked expression. "Oh hell, come-on, you can't tell me you haven't noticed her hitting on both Ricky and Julian, and believe me Julian's been loving the attention. Hell, he's been like a walking hard-on because every time your sister brushes up against him, or touches him lightly on the arm or shoulder he pops a boner. I think she's smitten with him because she's also brushed her fingers through his long hair a couple of times. If we aren't careful she's likely to steal his virginity away." I began to laugh seeing Mason blush and cough at my blunt statement.

"Holy shit, my sister's turning into a real slut. Damn, first Carter and now Julian." He giggled while it was my turn to blush and when he saw my face turn red he began to bust up laughing. "Oh shit, I'm sorry I thought you knew." He tried to stop laughing now because he wasn't sure if I'd be mad about it.

"What…no…I mean…yeah I knew, but how'd you find out?" I wondered because I didn't think Carter would have told Mason since it was his sister he had fucked.

"Oh…well…you know we are twins and well…I guess she needed to talk to someone about it since that was her first time too. It's kind of funny though because man, if she only knew her first time was with a guy who is totally gay. I'm sure it was Carter's first time too, but hell, first my sister loses her virginity to a boy who is gay and now she's chasing after a boy who is younger than her." He snorted shaking his head. "Man, she's really gotta be hard up and I thought I was in bad shape." He sniggered making me smile and shake my head because he didn't seem upset about any of it.

"Yeah, well Julian may be a year younger than her, but believe me he has nothing to be embarrassed about, if you know what I mean, and he is way ahead in years when it comes to sex I think. I mean, sure he's still a virgin, but some guys are just more ready for certain things and if something does happen between Julian and your sister she won't be disappointed." I added noticing Mason looking at me critically for a moment as he digested this new bit of information.

"Damn, he does look hot though…er…that is for a guy." Mason blushed while I understood what he meant.

"Yeah, believe me I'm sure he will be having all the girls swooning in school this year. I've noticed girls have already started to check him out more and more these days. It's not just that he's kind of sexy hot, but he's a really nice guy too with a great personality. Girls just seem to be drawn to him." I explained.

"Oh…alright." He nodded his head seemingly satisfied by the explanation of the twelve year old boy so shifted his attention elsewhere. "And Ricky…what's the deal with him…you know about the whole…er…issues thing I heard dropped a couple of times today." He wondered making me get a little uncomfortable about discussing the teen since I wasn't really sure what should be said about what's happened.

"What exactly are you referring too?" I asked cautiously wondering if he was still talking about someone being gay or straight, or if he was thinking something else.

"Well…er…he doesn't come across to me as being gay or anything, not that it really matters considering everything you said about the others, but it just seems as if there's something else kind of going on." He pressed while I nodded my head trying to sort out what I should say.

"What exactly has Carter told you about the way things have been for him the last several years?" I decided to ask since it was obvious the two thirteen year old boys had become kind of tight as friends.

"You mean about the way he's been teased and not having any friends until you came along?" He wondered and when he saw my expression he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I'm sure he's held some things back, but he's told me enough to know about the bullying and teasing. I think you really are amazing Pim because look at him now. I would have never guessed he had gone through all of that and you simply accepted him as a friend even though you knew it might be bad for you. I don't know if I would have been that brave and I feel ashamed to admit it." He added looking away and wiping the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

"And Ricky?" I asked.

"What about him." He replied, which pretty much told me Carter hadn't said anything about Ricky's role in the recent months.

"Well, Ricky lives here in this town you know, but to be honest it's not my place to say anything regarding him since he's our friend. If you want to know then it needs to come from him. Some of the so called 'issues' with him are kind of personal so if and when he's willing to talk to you then it should come from him. All I'm willing to say is he's going through a tough time right now and as a friend we are trying to help him through it." I sighed thoughtfully.

Mason was about to ask me something and I could almost guess what it was so held up my hand forestalling him. "No, it has nothing to do with him being gay or straight. I don't know one way or the other since I just moved here and wouldn't know if he's dated, had girlfriends, or what, but like you, I get the sense he is straight. Please though…if you do get to the point where you want to talk to him about it just be careful, alright. He's kind of in a weird place right now." I exhaled softly scrutinizing the younger boy who looked back at me and smiled.

"Don't worry…I won't push things, but I can tell he seems to be doing alright; especially, since you guys are his friends. Just saying the way it looks is all, for whatever it is worth. So just keep doing what you guys are doing and I'm sure he will get through whatever problems he's facing." He smiled at me, which made me feel good because he seemed to get it and most kids his age wouldn't.

"So…what about you?" I smiled a bit impishly.

"What about me? I already told you I'm not gay." He asserted curiously.

"No, not that goofball; Carter and I already knew you weren't gay from the very beginning, ever since he found you zonked out in the hotel room naked after the girl sort of…er…left you hanging." I chuckled at the play of words seeing him blush when he recalled the embarrassing incident of the girl fondling him and how he had prematurely ejaculated and then fallen asleep right afterwards.

"I…er…well what about me then?" he wondered still a bit confused.

"Well…," I smiled mischievously, "I was just wondering how you like having sex with my boyfriend." I teased, my hand snaking outwards and slithering between his legs giving his balls a proper groping.

Mason immediately yelped in surprise and jolted trying to shove my hand away, but not in time for me to feel his little worm immediately stiffen up and even twitch around as my grip tightened up even more. "What the fuck." He croaked before pouncing on me forcing loose my hold on his plump ball sack and little boy boner.

We were both laughing our asses off as we rolled around wrestling with each other on the ground. "Geeze you really are gay." Mason retorted as he giggled seemingly not upset about having been fondled before yelping again because this time I shoved my hand down the front of his shorts getting a good feel of him and actually enjoying the way his rigid penis suddenly jolted from my overt grope.

"Yup, you got that straight." I snorted giving his balls a firm squeeze feeling him bucking in my arms since I had him all wrapped up from behind.

It was like Carter had said with Mason not really having all that much in the pecker department, but it did feel like he had big balls not to mention a thick patch of pubes. "Oh-oh shit," I heard the younger boy squeak reminding me of how sensitive he was about being touched down there.

I immediately removed my hand from beneath his shorts holding on to him while his body shivered and twitched before the boy sighed in relief when he seemed to finally settle down. "Shit, that was close," he moaned making me wince because I was only goofing around and didn't want to embarrass him about a sensitive issue like this, not just in the physical sense but rather how it could be humiliating mentally.

"Er…sorry about that Mason. I just forgot how…uh…touchy you are down there about that sort of thing. You alright?" I asked sitting up while Mason did the same thing and actually scooted between my legs to lean up against me.

While I inclined up against the log he snuggled his back into my chest and stomach allowing me to drape my arms around the front of his body. I was relieved because it meant he wasn't mad at me for actually going all gay on him and molesting him even if it was in good fun. After all, knowing a friend of yours is gay makes these sorts of playful moments a little different and also a bit awkward, but he seemed alright with what happened.

"Nah, it's cool, but that was close." He sighed while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, at least you didn't scatter your ammo all over the place." I chuckled trying to lighten the mood. "According to Carter you tend to make a big mess of things." I giggled with the image of him spewing his boy juice all over my hand suddenly popping into my mind while I heard him snort as well.

"Yeah, well that's one thing puberty didn't skimp on, just too bad it left me a bit…er…well let's just say lacking in other ways." He exhaled a bit disappointedly and I knew he was referring to the size of his pecker or rather the lack there of, which I thought wasn't really that small.

"Oh come on, from what I can tell it's not so little like you are thinking. Besides, Carter seems to think you've got a sexy hot body and loves seeing you naked." I chuckled trying to lighten up the mood again. "Not to mention he really enjoys…well…playing with a certain toy of yours." I sniggered unable to pass up the opportunity.

"Well duh, he's gay so of course he would say that about any naked guy and their…er…toys." He retorted and sniggered while I barked and shook my head.

"Geeze, you're such a moron." I continued to chortle. "I mean dude for real, do you think all girls are sexy hot? I mean sure, we are all horny as fuck all the time, and yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of girls you wouldn't mind messing around with, but there are some guys who definitely do not turn me on and I'm sure it's the same with you regarding some of the girls you know." I snorted wistfully.

"Yeah…I know you're right, it just sucks is all. I mean hell, its bad enough I can't control…you know…every time someone touches me." He mumbled a bit sadly.

"So…er…the stuff you two have been doing together hasn't helped at all?" I asked while I felt him shrugging.

"No…I mean…yeah…er…I think so…well…that is at least with Carter. Well, that is to say I don't automatically…er…explode when he touches me now, but it still doesn't take all that much to get me off. I don't know what it will be like when someone else touches me though." He added since it seems like he's managed to control himself when having a bit of sex fun with Carter.

"Oh…well…um…we can find out…that is…if you want and aren't freaked out by it…you know…with me…uh…touching you down there." I offered, but bit my lip a little nervously because that might just be going over the line as a friend.

Besides, now that he knew I was gay it could seem a little creepy. Of course on a personal level I was curious about it as well since I thought he was kind of sexy and wouldn't mind fooling around with him some. I had always kind of wondered what he really looked like naked and had to admit he turned me on. So, even though my intentions were to help him out it was also for selfish reasons.

Even now, with his warm body pressed up against mine I was starting to get horny. I could feel my heart racing with excitement since I really did want to fool around a little bit even if it was in a more casual and supposedly none sexual way. I could see the conflicted features on his face including a bit of panic so I eased off because it wasn't fair to do that to Mason. After all I was gay and he wasn't. Sure, he was letting Carter mess around with him to help him out, but somehow that now seemed different since he only found out after the fact about the other thirteen year old boy being gay and already knew he could trust his other friend.

"Er…never mind." I started to back peddle. "That wasn't fair for me to make things awkward between us. It's kind of a hard thing to trust with someone else and I know it is different for you and Carter. I didn't mean to creep you out about it since you now know I'm gay and all." I posited letting him off the hook.

"What…no…uh…what I mean is…um…I-I trust you, just like I trust Carter. I mean, you've been so cool about this…you know…not teasing me and stuff…and-and…well just being cool about it all and trying to help out and all. It's just…um…I-I…shit. This is like so embarrassing…you know." He blushed shaking his head. "I-I'm just worried it will be a disaster like the way it happened with the girl that first time…and, well, Carter too. I mean…things didn't work out so well the first few times Carter tried to…er…you know, and I'm afraid I might…er…make a mess of things. Shit…this totally sucks." He began to sniffle because it really was bothering him.

I could tell how afraid he was of having things go horribly wrong when trying to do sexual stuff with someone as I held him trying to comfort the younger boy while he sniffled but continued. "I mean…I really do like the way it feels now when Carter and I do stuff because…er…well…it just feels good now, but what if things go horribly wrong with others; especially, when it comes time to…you know…with girls." He sniffled while I held him and gently ran my hand up and down his shirt covered chest and stomach.

Damn, he was so sexy, but very vulnerable now as I tried to curb my lustful desires. It would be so easy to take advantage of him in this state, but he was my friend and I would never do anything like that to him no matter how horny he made me feel. This whole puberty and hormones thing was such a bitch at times. For the longest of times I seemed to be able to control my urges, but ever since I let the sex genie out of the bottle it's become more difficult to control my lustful desires for boys I liked.

"Puberty totally sucks and I'm such a f-freak…a-a total loser. I can't even really have sex and on top of that I'm puny down there. This totally bites." He sniffled starting to get really upset making me wish I had never put him in this situation now.

"You're not a loser and stop saying you are puny down there. There's nothing wrong with your size. Geeze, why do guys always think we are too small or something is wrong with the way we look down there? Yeah, puberty sucks sometimes, but it won't always be like that for you. Everyone's different and believe me when it comes to sex everyone is a freak. I mean…just look at me and Carter. There are a lot of people out there who think people that are gay are freaks. This is just a phase for you and nothing more…it'll get better I promise. Besides, it's already a lot better for you than it was before…right?" I pointed out soothingly while clasping my hands together over his chest and hugging him tighter before leaning in giving the young teen a tender kiss on the cheek.

It sort of caught him by surprise because boys just didn't do those sorts of things. I could tell that even though he did sexual stuff with Carter the two of them probably never really did any kissing or such things. Even an innocent kiss on the cheek was awkward for guys to do. When it came to displaying any kind of love or affection it always seemed awkward for guys as he now chuckled and shook his head.

"Gawd, you really are gay." He snorted wiping away the tears from his eyes as he exhaled softly leaning his weight into me and placing his hands on top of mine. "Thanks Pim for being such a great friend. I'm such a mess and a dork sometimes." He added leaning his head back and relaxing more in my arms.

"You aren't a dork Mason…you aren't a freak…and you aren't puny down there, trust me." I chuckled. "If anything, you're nothing except a typical horny teenager. We all have issues of some sort with our bodies and sex because of this whole puberty thing. It's different for everyone, but the one thing I'm sure of is you aren't the only one going through what you are experiencing. Sex is…well…kind of awkward and messy sometimes, but it is also wonderful and a lot of fun." I smiled because I heard him giggling at my comment.

"Yeah, well you have no idea just how messy." He snorted.

"Probably not," I agreed. "I do know if you worry too much about the messy or awkwardness of sex…well…then you won't be able to enjoy what is so good about it. My suggestion is to not worry about what if and simply enjoy the moment of the here and now. If you blow a gasket so what…I mean…from what Carter says you don't disappoint one way or the other. You've gotten better at not blowing your cork so fast now and even when you do…well…Carter says you no longer fall asleep afterwards and are still…er…you know…able to have sex and it is a lot of fun. Hell, after I blow my cork I'm totally wiped out and can't get it up so quickly and have to rest for at least a few minutes before I'm able to bone up again. So who's the stud-muffin now? A guy who can have back to back orgasms, or a guy who might be able to hold off longer but then is done?" I chuckled shaking my head.

"Really, you can't…er…get it up again afterwards?" He wondered knitting his eyebrows together in thought.

"Well…uh…I can, but…er…well not like right away. Sometimes it takes a little while and it sort of depends on the situation too. Most times after I have an orgasm I'm pretty much done and too sensitive to even want to continue…you know…being touched down there and stuff. So yeah…I suppose I could get it up, but…well…most times I'm really not ready for more. If I rest some then it's different I guess."

"Oh…alright. I guess I'm like that too, but also I seem to enjoy…well…for me it just seems better the second time right after I sort of lose control the first time." He nodded working out in his mind how he felt after having sex. "You know, I really hadn't thought about it before, but Carter is kind of the same way like you, huh?" He asked while I suddenly barked out laughing because this was such a weird conversation, but nodded my head in agreement. "Gawd, puberty really does suck, huh?" He giggled making me smile because he seemed to feel a lot better about things now. "Damn, if I wasn't straight Pim I'd kiss you right on the lips and make you squirm until you cum." He barked out laughing.

"Hey!" I protested. "I thought I'm the one who was supposed to be helping you out not the other way around." I teased noticing his cheeky look while he blushed.

"Well…er…actually…I was sort of thinking…you know…maybe you could…um…well that maybe we can sort of try…if you go slow. I mean…if you still want. I-I…well…I don't really like want to have sex or anything with you…but just was sort of wondering if you could…er…you know…maybe kind of do stuff to see how I react." He proposed, craning his neck and looking at me with his request catching me by surprise.

"I-I…er…you sure about this Mason? I mean…I don't want this to wig you out or anything and we are friends and all so don't want to mess that up…you know…because of…well…doing stuff with you when I'm gay and you are straight." I pointed out feeling his hand on top of mine guiding it downwards towards his crotch stopping slightly shy of the ultimate prize.

"P-please Pim…I-I…well…I'm kind of horny and I trust you like I do Carter…and well, I-I just want to see if I really am getting better with this whole sex stuff." He pressed making me sigh hesitantly before leaning in and giving him an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

The kiss wasn't a sexual gesture, but rather one of affectionate support as a friend and he seemed to understand. "Thanks Pim. I mean it when I say you are a real friend. Both you and Carter are the best and I-I…well love you guys. Well…not like as in love-love, you know what I mean. I know it's corny and all, but it's just…you make it not so bad…you know…this whole puberty and-and…er…the issues I'm having. So…er…yeah thanks for being such a great friend and not making fun of me." He smiled nervously while I looked into his lively brown eyes allowing my hand to slide between his legs and over his silky sports shorts as I gently rubbed his boner.

Mason's eyes flew wide and his body jolted with his hips and butt lifting slightly up off the ground. Reversing direction I quickly released his boner running my hand beneath his shirt focusing on providing him with sensuous feeling along his stomach and chest. I wanted him to enjoy this and wasn't interested in getting him off so decided to take things slower as I nuzzled his cheek and began to nibble on his earlobe before suckling along his neck. I wanted him to feel different sensations than simply going straight for his penis perhaps creating a premature climax. I wanted him to know there was more to sex than simply what was between his legs as I allowed my hands to roam over other parts of his body. He responded and I heard him moaning with excitement.

"Oh-oh gawd, that feels…it feels so nice." He exhaled softly relaxing in my arms as I ran my hands lightly over his stomach and chest allowing him to get used to feeling my hands on him.

Every once in a while my fingers would travel downwards running across the top of his legs before flowing inwards along the insides of his thighs, but always stopping short of his crotch. Glancing down I could see the little tenting in his shorts from his erection as it twitched around making me giggle sometimes because it was kind of cute how his little worm squirmed around expectantly. I continued this for a few moments before I once again dipped my hand between his crotch hearing Mason moaning, but this time not reacting so intensely even though I could feel his boner twitching and jerking around. Even his nut sack seemed to contract, but at least he didn't climax as I continued to massage his bat and ball bag for a few seconds before releasing his twitching wood and reversing directions since I could tell he was getting close.

Grabbing the hem of his shirt I pulled it over his head tossing it off to the side looking down at his very sexy body. He was very trim and fit, with the beginnings of a six pack on his abs. They weren't solidly formed since he was still a kid. Most guys our age still didn't have like a real six pack, but there was a hint of it there just beneath the surface of his tight stomach. My hands once again began to focus on his scorching hot torso and I could feel him melting in my arms like melted cheese in an omelet. He was moaning softly, enjoying every single moment making me smile because I was enjoying it as well with my own boner pressing into the boy's lower back. I was tempted to rock my hips into him, but this wasn't about me so curbed the urge to take this to the next level of personal sexual gratification.

Focusing on Mason, and his pleasures, I slid my hand beneath his shorts running my fingers over his thick patch of pubes for a few seconds before wrapping them around the tip of his boner feeling his hard penis twitch from the contact. He had a small bullet shaped nub, but it seemed to match dimensionally with the rest of his erection. Everyone was different with some guys having a sleek knob almost like a bullet, some shaped like a mushroom, others like a helmet, or any number of various other shapes. It's what made things exciting and different. Yes, he felt a bit on the small side of things, but I wouldn't say he was puny or anything as I slid my fingers over the rest of his erection feeling it vibrate excitedly.

In a way, I thought it felt almost like boys in the early stages of puberty where their penis was about the size of their ring finger and about as thick around like a roll of nickels maybe more. It wasn't big, but it wasn't really small per se either. I didn't think he really had anything to be ashamed about as I began to grope and fondle his large ball sack. It sort of made me realize that his penis may appear a lot smaller than what it really was since he had such a large sized scrotum sack. It was tightly balled up and felt puffy, but didn't seem as big as mine, maybe slightly smaller with chestnut sized testicles. Between his thick scrub of pubes and large puffy nut sack I began to realize this is probably why his penis may seem puny when he was naked.

His erection definitely was on the small side feeling only about two and a half inches long, which was about the same size as Colton I suppose now that the eleven year old boy had a small growth spurt down there. Actually, I suppose Mason's was slightly larger than the younger boy's penis and thinking on it I knew there were plenty of other boys his age who were pretty much the same down there.

"Pull down your shorts." I whispered encouragingly watching as he lifted up his hips sliding the silky material down his thighs without any hesitation before he kicked them off his legs and spread his knees outwards exposing himself in all his unclothed glory.

My eyes widened with the air catching in my chest making a rasping sound at my first real glimpse of his nakedness; the boy misunderstanding my inadvertent gasp. "I-I know, kind of puny, isn't it?" I heard Mason respond a bit disappointedly to my reaction.

"Huh…what?" I asked shaking my head to clear it from the trance my mind had floated into since I was fixating on his nudity realizing he had mistaken my gasp. "N-no that's not why I…er…shit Mason you are…well shit…Carter was right. You are really beautiful. I mean it and no, you aren't puny down there. I just don't think puberty has caught up to you completely is all. Most guy's pecker and balls sort of get bigger at the same time, but it just seems like your pubes and balls sort of got bigger first is all. Hell, you've got a bigger bush than I do right now, with bigger balls than I had at your age, but honestly, I think your stiffie is perfectly fine. Yeah, it's still kind of small as of yet, but not what I would say puny and I'm sure it will get a lot bigger before too much longer. I wouldn't say it was going to get like huge or anything, but it won't be small either. Just, maybe average, or slightly on the small end of average, but not much. There's plenty of guys your age with the same size penis so I wouldn't worry so much about it." I told him seriously as I continued to gawk at his erection enjoying the way it looked on him.

It was rock solid twitching and pulsing around on its own. "So you really don't think it's too small?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well…I can't lie and so, yeah, it is small, but not what I would say puny or anything. It just looks that way because you've got a pretty big nut sack. I wouldn't worry about it though because there are still a lot of years ahead where things will change for you and I'm sure by the time all is said and done everything will fall into place perspective wise. All I can say Mason is I think you are really beautiful." I whispered tenderly into his ear as I reached down with my right hand and using my middle and pointing finger along with my thumb began to slowly stroke his erection while my left hand began to massage his balled up nut sack.

It was sexy, it was hot, and I loved the way he felt in my hands as I began to stroke him feeling the boy begin to tense up in my arms. "You are doing fantastic, just hold on." I told him stopping my stroking for a couple of seconds feeling him relax again.

In many ways it felt a lot like when I was fondling Colton, but with a boner that was straight as an arrow. Also, the eleven year old boy had a bell end that was slightly thicker than his curved shaft; whereas, Mason's ridge seemed narrower than his shank. Focusing only on his cut penis I realized everything about it seemed to fit proportionally. Mason's bulb was about a quarter of the size of his shaft and that brown wrinkled area from his circumcision scar began just beneath the ridge of his glans to about the halfway mark. Even the difference between the thickness and length of his penis was perfect perspective wise.

Furling my eyebrows I now focused on the rest of what was exposed between the thirteen year old boy's splayed legs. Like me, Mason tended to have a tightly balled up purse and oddly enough it just seemed too big for a boy his age and build. He also had a nice full patch of soft dark brown pubes, which managed to conceal about half of his erection. Now that I could actually see him in all his glory it all began to make sense. Between his thick scrub of bush concealing half of his erection and the boy's large puffy ball sack, it was no wonder that there was this illusion of him having a puny penis. Yes, it was still small, but not in the way people perceived it.

Despite it all everything about him looked sexy as I once again began to masturbate him smiling because I actually thought he was doing really well since he hadn't busted his nut yet. He was beginning to leak though with the clear like slimy substance beginning to bubble up from his pee slit making me smile sadly because I knew it was finally time to stop. Leaning over I kissed him on the cheek and removed my hand from his balls and sleek erection. It was difficult for me to do because I really wanted to have sex with him right now, my own lustful urges threatening to overwhelm me, but it wouldn't be fair to Mason and I definitely didn't want to embarrass him by stimulating him to the point of an orgasm.

"How do you feel?" I asked the younger teen wrapping him up in a tender embrace.

"H-huh…I…w-what…oh…oh shit…horny as all fuck. Y-you aren't …er…you know…like going to finish me off?" He asked a bit surprised and sounding disappointed.

"No...," I chuckled shaking my head. "That wasn't the point now was it? Besides, we didn't want to create a mess…remember?" I pointed out while he frowned.

"That's not fair and totally sucks. Shit…now my balls are aching because you stopped. This isn't fair." He complained making me roll my eyes.

"Geeze, for a guy who is straight you are just so gay." I laughed while the boy shifted slightly and turning towards me jabbed his elbow into my ribs. "Ooomph," I grunted. "Hey," I grumbled and pouted before busting up. "Just saying you know." I chuckled.

Mason furled his eyebrows at me before shaking his head and smiling as he leaned back into my arms and exhaled noisily. "Yeah…totally gay." He giggled. "I'm so fucked up aren't I?" He mused while I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, about as fucked up like the rest of us horny teenagers, but for real…I think you should be proud of yourself. No blowing your cork and no mess as soon as someone touched you." I chuckled.

"I suppose, still, no offense but you are a guy and it's totally different for me with girls. Don't get me wrong, what you did felt really nice…well…er…actually…it felt totally awesome, but I'm still afraid what might happen the first time I get with a girl. The last time didn't go well at all." He pointed out and I felt for him, but still even when Carter messed with him the first time he had the same reaction like he had with that girl in his hotel room, so in my opinion he's come a long way and he should focus on that instead of the negative.

"Oh come on dude…you've gotta admit that was sexy hot just now and being able to enjoy it makes it worth while. It'll be the same with a girl when the right one comes along for you. Don't worry about it so much. You were worried just now and look how well things worked out and the same will happen when you finally get with a girl. That's a good thing you know." I tried to boost his confidence some.

Sure being with a girl would make things more intense for him, but I didn't think he should worry about that for now. We all go through that anyway. For me it is more intense with guys, for guys like him who are straight it will be with girls. We all go through the same things with it being more intense with people we prefer.

"Listen Mason, I won't lie to you. Of course it will be different when you get together with a girl, but it is intense that way for all of us. When I'm with Carter it is really intense, but oh my god it is also so wonderful and beautiful. I can't really explain it to you, but yes, it is more intense, yet in a good way. I'm just saying…it seems like you are doing fine now. You didn't have a premature ejaculation or anything and didn't respond any differently from anyone else in a similar situation." I pointed out.

"I suppose…just…," He paused looking down at himself. "I-I just hope when it happens that girls won't think I'm puny down there or anything. It's so damn embarrassing." He admitted sadly.

"Geeze, I wish you'd stop worrying about that already. I've already told you there's nothing wrong with your size, besides you are sexy. I mean, you've managed to get me all boned up and I'm in love with Carter." I gave him a teasing squeeze while I chuckled. "Damn, it's just too bad you aren't coming to Texas with us. I mean, I've got the perfect girl for you." I added with the thought simply popping into my mind out of the blue making me wonder why I even mentioned it.

Of course, I had in mind a girl for Julian too, but it was strange how suddenly I just sort of had another girl in mind now for Mason. "What!" The thirteen year old boy croaked a bit dumbfounded clearing his throat while craning his neck and giving me a serious look. "You know a girl that you think would actually…uh…want to do stuff with me. I mean, she's not like some…well…er…slut or anything…you know." He wondered making me speculate why he'd think such a thing. "It-it's just…I don't know, kind of weird how you'd think a girl might want to do stuff with me is all." He added.

"Oh…uh…well…actually, she just sort of popped into mind and no she's not like some slut or something. It's just…well…her mom is a licensed massage therapist that does therapy for medical patients. You know…like for people who need help after an accident, surgery, or heart-attacks so they can improve their mobility and stuff. I was actually going to see her when I went back home to see if she can help out with my arm and hand. Well, her daughter, who is really pretty I might add, knows all about that stuff too and well…er…let's just say I have it on good authority through friends at school and all that she's…um…like really good with her hands and knows how to make a guy squirm…if you know what I mean?" I chuckled, seeing Mason's eyes bugging out.

"You mean…like as in…sex stuff?" He squeaked nervously making me bust up and laugh.

"Yeah, I suppose in a way you can say that. I mean, she's had boyfriend before and dated some, but it isn't like she has sex with guys and stuff. Actually, we are pretty good friends in school and have known each other ever since we were little and we've talked some about stuff before I moved here. She didn't outright say it out loud, but she did sort of hint at still being a virgin and all. I think she sort of had a crush on me." I clarified.

"Wait…exactly how old is she?" He wondered.

"She's my age." I began holding up my hand because he was about to say something. "Listen, if truth be told I don't think she'd even care about the age difference between the two of you and before you ask I don't think she'd be bothered by the size of your pecker. I mean like I said she's messed around some with a couple of boys I know, and one of them isn't much bigger than you down there and she really liked him and enjoyed being with him thinking he was really sexy and all. For some reason though, she ended up going out with this other guy who I didn't really like all that much. Anyway, what I'm saying is don't even think she wouldn't like you because of your size down there. She's not like that at all." I explained.

"Yeah, but what makes you think she'd want to go out with me?" He wondered. "I mean, come-on, I'm still only thirteen." He added while I sighed.

"She'd do it because I'd ask her to give you a chance. Besides, she's been sort of in a bad funk even since before I moved away, not wanting to date any guys because her last boyfriend, the guy I didn't like to begin with, was a real jerk. I think having a short fling with someone might just be the ticket for her, and it might also help you out too." I tried to explain.

"Geeze, I don't know Pim. It just sort of sounds weird and you are making it out that this is only about sex and all. I'm not sure if I really want to do that to a girl." He admitted making me smile and shrug.

"Yeah, well that's all it was in the hotel room with that other girl." I pointed out not to be mean or anything.

"That's kind of different. Don't you think? I mean, this girl in Texas, she's like your friend and all. I definitely don't want this to be something all messed up for anyone." He tried to explain, which I thought was kind of cool for him to think on how it could come across for a friend of mine.

"Well, I kind of agree with you regarding doing this sort of thing simply as a means to bust a nut, but believe me she really needs someone like you to sort of get her out of that funk and to just let loose for a bit of fun together. She's not stupid and would know what this was all about. Believe me, she's no pushover and there's no way she would do anything sexual unless she was up for it. If there's sex involved then good, if not, well, she's still really nice and easy on the eyes not to mention fun to hang around with." I explained which seemed to make sense to him.

"So, you really don't think she'd have an issue with sort of having a bit of fun with a guy who is only going to be around for a couple of weeks and who is younger by two years?" He asked making me wonder if he was actually thinking of coming with us to Texas.

"Like I said I think it would be good for her to get out and have some fun and doing it with a guy who will sort of only be around for a little while is perfect. You know, it won't make things awkward later because of the whole commitment type of thing. Of course I'd tell her you were only thirteen and that you've never really been with a girl…er…in that sort of way, but I won't tell her about your other issues. That will be up to you, but believe me if you tell her she'd be more than willing to help you out. She knows exactly what she's doing and she's just like that is all…always wanting to really do something special for someone who deserves it, and I've got a good feeling she'd really like to hang out with you some…er…that is if you come with us. It would only be like a short fling and all, but I think it could be fun and kind of special for both of you." I began to change my tone as if he were actually going to come to Texas with us.

"So…er…if I…um…if my sister and I decided to come with you guys to Texas…it would be cool?" He asked making sure to toss his sister into the mix, which kind of caught me off guard.

It took me a second or two to respond, but it suddenly occurred to me it might not be a bad thing if she came along as well. I liked Mason's sister and she was pretty cool to hang around with. She would definitely get plenty enough attention from a couple of my buddies back home; especially, the way she seemed very interested in boys these days. I wasn't exactly sure how this might work if she hooked up with Julian, but I got the impression with the twelve year old boy it was more of her just being playful with the younger boy. It was just too bad Ricky couldn't come with us as well. I mean between all my friends here, and connecting with my close friends back in Texas along with a few girls I knew from school, it was sounding like this was shaping up to be one hell of a trip.

"Er…yeah…very cool and I know a few guys for your sister too." I smiled impishly with him suddenly turning slightly around in my arms giving me a very stern look.

"Oh fuck no." He squeaked. "Hell, she can barely keep her hands to herself as it is these days and you are going to set her up with guys to…er…to…um…shit…never mind…I don't think I really want to know." He chuckled shaking his head.

"Well hell, it's not like you aren't getting set up for a bit of…er…fun either." I reminded him as he stood with his finger clamped around his pecker.

"Shit, my balls are aching and I've gotta piss." He squeaked as he walked carefully a few feet away since he was barefoot and with his back turned to me let loose with a big sigh making me chuckle.

"Damn, you've got a sexy ass. Everything about you is hot-hot-hot; especially, when you are completely naked." I teased while Mason craned his neck sticking his tongue at me.

"You are so gay." He chuckled as he finished up and without being embarrassed about his naked state turned towards me with his now flaccid two inch pecker sticking slightly outwards from his body just above his puffy ball sack.

"Man, you really do look nice naked Mason, and there is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about." I told him seriously scrutinizing him closely while he slipped back into his shorts getting himself sorted out.

"Yeah, well thanks to you I've got blue balls now." He sighed and to my surprise sat down on my lap facing me and placing his hands on my shoulders with his legs draping along the sides of my thighs.

"Hmmm, well maybe if you behave Carter and I can work on taking care of that for you later on tonight." I stuck my tongue out at him his eyes widening for a second or two in shock.

"Y-you would…I-I…shit…hell no. I mean, it's not like we are going to be alone later on tonight." He retorted my eyes squirreling up curiously because he didn't seem bothered about the actual sexual reference, but rather doing that sort of thing with others around.

"Man…," I chuckled. "So, it's not actually me and Carter having sex with you that you are worried about, but rather us not being alone. I mean, how gay is that?" I giggled before being stifled when he leaned in and planted a kiss right on my lips.

"H-holy cow!" I managed to squeak once he pulled his mouth off my lips.

It was weird kissing him, but not in a bad way. It was just an odd experience because he wore braces. Oddly enough, I thought his kiss was really nice as I leaned forward giving him a kiss of my own, one that was a tad more passionate. He resisted a little at first, but then sort of relaxed returning the kiss. I could tell he didn't have a lot of experience with kissing someone, but he seemed to learn fast and by the time we broke it off I was feeling a bit dizzy.

"Wow…," I gasped for air his face swimming in front of my eyes.

"Yeah…wow…," he wheezed as well sliding off my lap to lean up against the log next to me. "That was like…so gay." He giggled while I glanced at him sideways. "But like…really nice." He sighed

"Yeah, for a guy who's so straight you sure as hell know how to kiss another guy. Man, that was like…it was like…way cool." I admitted. "Shit, you are one hell of a kisser Mason, you sure you haven't been practicing?" I chuckled seeing him smile.

"No, and it's kind of strange, but Carter and I have never really like…you know kissed-kissed…not really I don't think. I'm not sure, but we might have kissed some that first time, when things were bad, but when we decided to do things together official like…well…kissing really wasn't a part of it. I know, kind of weird, but maybe it was just too awkward for him since he knew he was gay and I wasn't." He admitted.

"Maybe, but for real…if you kiss like that when we get to Texas you are in for a lot of fun." I teased, which reminded me of the conversation we were having and had sort of left off. "So, are you saying your folks would let you come with us? I know my grandparents wouldn't mind in the least. We've got plenty of room and it will be a lot of fun, but we leave in like two days so you will kind of have to decide and find out pretty quick so we can get the air flights squared away and all." I added.

"No…my folks would probably think it would be a good thing. Sis and I have been bouncing around what to do before school starts up again. With this last biking competition out of the way my folks told us we had the last few weeks for ourselves to decide what we wanted to do. I've been thinking about going to this summer camp thing with some of my friends like I did last year. It was cool enough and all, but I'd rather go to Texas. My sister's plans with some of her supposed other girlfriends from school haven't come together yet, so I'm sure she's up for it as well. So, yeah, I'll get it squared away with my folks." He smiled nodding his head while I sat back shaking my head.

"Man, your folks sound so laid back with a lot of things. That's gotta be so cool." I told him seriously.

"Yeah, they are pretty cool actually. During school they are pretty strict and tough, but during all the vacations and especially during the summer they leave it up to us what we want to do. Of course Mountain Biking takes up a lot of our free time, but like they did with the end of this summer they make sure we have some time away from the biking, which forces us to do other stuff." He explained while I nodded understanding that a lot of their free time was spent on their mountain biking competitions and training.

It was obvious though that it was Mason and his sister's choice, and that his parents had to force them to do other things as it got quiet for a few moments until Mason spoke up again. "Pim?"

"Hmmmm…," I sighed just enjoying the warmth of the sun as a gentle breeze blew over the gurgling water cooling it off before it wafted over our bodies.

"Thanks again…you know for being a good friend." The boy spoke softly also enjoying the stillness with the sounds of nature all around us.

"You're a cool friend too Mason; especially, to Carter. I'm glad he found you as a friend when he did because he needed someone like you to be in his corner. You, your sister, Julian, and even Ricky have made all the difference for him. He's never really had any close buddies, and I'm glad he found you guys." I told him truthfully.

"Yeah, I'm glad he found you too. The two of you are good together and make for the perfect couple. I'm happy you guys found something special." He replied reaching over with his left hand and taking my right one in his before giving it an affectionate squeeze. "You guys are just the best and a guy can't ask for a better friend. I can't believe you are going to set me up with a girl for real." He chuckled while I glanced over and couldn't help but laugh because his face was all lit up and he just looked so cute all worked up like that with his boner pitching a pup tent in his shorts.

"Shit dude…doesn't that thing ever go away." I teased.

"Not when you are telling me I'm being set up with an older hot chic. One who just might pop my cherry." He sniggered making me cough.

"Shit…I didn't promise you'd get laid." I retorted seeing his face collapse before adding. "But, I wouldn't want to bet against it. Besides, your sister's already lost her virginity so why shouldn't you?" I added naughtily seeing his face light up once more at the prospect of finally getting laid by a girl making me laugh.

We both continued to giggle and to my surprise he was still holding my hand as I heard the faint shouts from our group off in the distance. I could tell they were on their way back as my mind began to wander while a small smile spread over my lips. Tonight might make for an interesting evening. Mason had definitely not ruled out perhaps having a bit of fun tonight with him. I was missing Carter something awful, but the idea of maybe doing a three way kind of intrigued me. I don't think Mason was thinking along those lines, but I sure was since he hadn't appeared opposed to doing stuff. Knowing how Carter seemed more open these days about trying different things, I didn't think he'd object to doing something a bit kinky and naughty like this so long as it was just me and Mason. He was doing stuff with the thirteen year old boy anyway, and making it a three way event would definitely peak his curiosity.

The thought of me and Carter having a bit of fun tonight with Mason made me blush as my mind now wandered over this past summer. So many wonderful things have happened and it was by far the best summer I've ever had despite some of the bumpy moments along the way. Even being away from home, family, and longtime childhood friends didn't deter the special nature of this summer for me. It was a first of many things for me this year, and moments I would cherish throughout my life.

I've managed to make a fresh start here in North Carolina with new friends and above all finally finding someone to truly loved in an intimate kind of way. I couldn't believe that I had someone I really connected to in that special kind of way who also felt the same about me. Being a gay teenager there were times I felt it would never happen to a kid like me, but sure enough I was the luckiest guy alive. Carter entering my life along with his family was the best thing ever, and I would always cherish this chance at finding real happiness. I wasn't an idiot and knew it wouldn't always be peaches and roses so to speak, but having real love would get me through anything life could possibly throw at me.

Summer vacation was rapidly coming to a close with a major part of this year's adventures put to rest. There was still one last hurrah to go yet though before we had to return back to the crack of the school whip and officially bring summer to a close. We were all going to Texas, and over there we do things big, so I could feel it in my bones; there were big things still yet to come before we could call summer vacation a done deal.

At the moment though, I felt content with my life. For me, right here, right now there was a sense of closure in my life. I had already said my goodbye's to friends in Texas so for me this was just a visit because North Carolina was now my home for real. I was happy here with my new friends and my boyfriend. There was a sense of feeling complete and whole in my life. Visiting Texas to me was simply a stopover before the beginning of the school year.

As I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply there was a sense of fulfillment with the peaceful sounds of the forest and gurgling river tugging at my senses along with the fragrance of the surrounding wildness in my nose. Even when I felt the tender presence of Colton settling on my lap and snuggling up, I could only wonder at what still lay ahead for our small group. We were wild boys at heart along with one wild and crazy girl, and although I had missed riding my horse this summer, my metal beast made up for it on some small level. Soon I would once again become that wild boy in Texas, even if for a few weeks, mounted upon my rowdy horse.

Thus we come to a conclusion of sorts in this story. Most of my fables always end with closure yet many possibilities for our characters to grow even more. I do this intentionally to allow my readers to imagine the possibilities. This story though I left deliberately in an open manner with the clear objective of possibly revisiting it in the near future for a part two. I already have the ground work set to continue into a sequel, but for now I will let it sit and rest allowing the imaginations of my readers to run wild in Texas. Even I can picture our wild boys riding their spirited horses like the wind blowing across the plateaus of the feral arid landscape.

From city life to that of rugged ranch life…from a city slicker to cowboy…every boy's dream at one point or another. Wild boys indeed on their valiant steeds, the stuff dreams are made of in a boy's life.

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