Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 25

Homecoming Worthy Of Champions

It was around eight in the morning as I began to stir awake. I was lying on my stomach with my back exposed and the blanket around my waist when I exhaled softly into my soft pillow. I was missing Carter and couldn't wait for him to get home as I pressed my hips into the mattress and trembled from the tingly sensations I was getting along my boner. I suppose even my pecker was missing the thirteen year old boy making me grin and shake my head before I sighed a bit jealous since I knew Julian had spent the night with Colton. The envious notion only lasted a second because I was happy for the two younger boys because at least someone was getting a bit of action in our group. I couldn't begrudge the two younger boys for having a bit of fun with each other while I continued to snooze for a little longer before getting up letting my mind shift to our time together yesterday after Carter's race.

Once Ricky had gone home Julian, Colton, and I had hung out in the backyard for a bit kicking around a soccer ball. Of course mom had stuck her head out a few times keeping an eye on me to make sure I wasn't overdoing things too much. I was feeling a lot better even though at times I found myself tiring easily, but her constantly checking up on me was getting a tad frustrating. I'm sure my dad noticed because after about the third time he steered her back inside telling her to lay off a bit and that I had enough sense to rest if I started getting too tired. She started to protest, but he gently admonished her saying she needed to lay off already and give me my space.

It was nice the way my dad had my back. I knew he was concerned too, but I had the feeling he understood how I was feeling smothered. Over the years I've gotten used to having plenty of freedom and being independent so mom hovering over me was just too frustrating. I knew she was trying not to be too overbearing, so with my dad's help she eased up some.

After hanging outside for a bit the three of us went back to my room and relaxed turning back on the sports channel. I couldn't help but smile proudly as the network played some clips of the earlier race throughout their broadcast talking about what happened. The Chasson's cell phones had been constantly ringing with people like the mayor, the so called elite respectable citizens, and just plain everyday class of townsfolk calling up to congratulate them and their son's victory. Even though this event wasn't like the National Championship of Mountain Biking in the Junior Division, it was still touted as one of 'the' venues this summer for some of the biggest and best riders in the country to come together and compete against each other. It also set the stage for some of the riders to compete in the National Championships, one of which would be held in mid-October at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. Carter and his teammates had proven themselves at this recent venue and it reflected in their ranking now on the National circuit.

The motocross race was also fun to watch and the television would shift every once in a while to Carter and some of his other teammates as they wore their headsets listening in on the pit crew's and Nash Sr.'s., interactions. I could tell it was an exciting and special moment for the guys. After the race my dad set up the BBQ and we all had a nice dinner and a good time just being together. It had been a wonderful day, but I had to chuckle because the Chassons' cell phones kept ringing non-stop. It got so annoying that they simply turned it off while we ate. Even after talking to people, some, like the mayor, would call them up again a short while later. For some odd reason the Mayor and even Carter's principal, Mr. Moore, from his school wanted to know if they had any ideas when their son would be back home.

From what I gathered they wanted to come over and congratulate Carter themselves for such an accomplishment. Of course nothing was set for sure, but all the Chassons could say was he should arrive sometime late Sunday morning. It was only about a three hour drive at the most, but it would depend on when the team left in the morning. Then there was the typical stop or two in-between for potty breaks, and also they weren't sure if there would be stops to drop off the other two team members at their house first before the Baylin's dropped off Carter. The Baylins lived about an hour's drive west of Greensboro, so had another two plus hour drive before getting home themselves after dropping off Carter.

It did baffle me some how all of a sudden everyone wanted to be around Carter after the town had sort of turned their back on him for years. Even though many weren't directly responsible for the bullying against the thirteen year old boy, they surely knew on some level what had been happening. I'm sure some had intervened at times trying to help out and keep an eye on things, but still to have let it go on for years was a bit disturbing, more so now that they all seemed to be fawning over the other boy because of the national media attention Carter's been getting for his accomplishment. I could tell the Chassons knew what I was thinking, but they reminded me this was all in the past and even before what happened at the race many had come around and shown their support for Carter once it was discovered just how deep the bullying had been.

Of course I knew they were right and I wasn't one to hold grudges. After all even Ricky was turning out to be alright and it looked like he was going to end up being a good friend when all was said and done. I just hoped we would be able to bring the teen's parents' around so they'd ease up a bit on him.

It was early evening when Carter finally managed to have a bit of time giving everyone a call from the hotel room. It had been a hectic day, not to mention the entire two week competition tour, and they were all getting their things together for an early start home in the morning. After talking with his parents and brother, Carter had rung me up as well so we could chat some. I even got to talk to Mason for a few minutes. While the other boy was on the phone with me I could tell something was going on because his voice would crack every once in a while with his breathing getting a bit raspy.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know Carter was probably doing some naughty things with the other boy. I didn't mind and sort of thought it was funny considering just how sensitive and explosive Mason was in the basement department. It didn't sound like he blew his cork or anything, but it sure sounded like he came close a time or two and I had to really work hard at not cracking up and giving it away that I knew what was going on. If nothing else it seemed as if Carter's suggestion that Mason practice was working out since he seemed to be able to stave off any orgasmic explosions while on the phone. I'm sure Carter would be updating me on our friend's progress, which made me chuckle silently to myself.

After hanging up with Carter and Mason I had been so worked up that I hopped in the shower and took care of my own horny needs. Now that I was over the hump and feeling much better health wise, I was back into the swing of things taking care to pay proper attention to my balls and pecker. My fantasies were all over the place making me smile because it was kind of nice being able to shift my thoughts around to some of my most recent sexual experiences. It sure made for some very explosive moments of fisted hand pumping and ball bouncing around action. Of course it couldn't compare to the actual deed of being with someone else, but as always it sure managed to do the trick with self gratification and satiation for a little while until I got horny again needing to repeat the process. If nothing else it was a natural sedative and allowed me to get some sleep when I finally crawled into bed last night.

Smiling to myself at the fond memories of all my recent activities I moaned softly and rolled on to my back. I could feel my thick erection bobbing around and pressing up against the soft fabric of my lightweight blanket. Looking down I could see my small patch of pubes along with the obvious tenting of the blanket covering up my boner. Reaching down I tossed the blanket across my thighs eyeing myself critically. It's been a while since I've actually taken a close look at myself like this and I was rather pleased by my nakedness. I was a fit fifteen year old boy with a nice sized pecker and balls as I ran my hand down my sleek body before cupping my nice plump teenaged sexiness.

It was nice to notice how lately my baseball sized nut sack seemed to hang a bit looser between my thighs allowing me to fondle my nice plump ping pong sized truffles. Other than my satchel being a bit softer and baggier, along with my foreskin now completely retracting, not much else has changed in the basement department for me. I still had a small scrub of soft light almond brown colored pubic hairs with a nice plump sized penis. Length wise my penis was fairly typical for a fifteen year old boy both when it was soft and hard. In it's flaccid state it was about three and a half inches, elongating to a full five inches when I boned up like now. It was the thickness though which was different than most kids my age. When soft it was about as thick around like a roll of fifty cent pieces while getting as big around like silver dollars when it plumped up into a full blown erection.

Most guys I knew were circumcised, which also made me a bit different than many of my other friends. I had a rather tight foreskin and as I gazed at my erection a small little smirk crossed my features because I could see the plump outline of my bell end stretching out the thin membrane of my outer sleeve. There was a soft piece of skin extending past the tip end of my glans, which currently was slightly open. That's another thing that has been a little different lately. In the past even when I got an erection the tip end of my foreskin always remained tightly closed. Until recently my foreskin still didn't retract, but now that it did when I got an erection my penis would elongate forcing the tip end of my hoodie to open up slightly.

The ability of my foreskin to retract had changed my sexual activities as well, opening up different avenues of pleasure. It was much more gratifying now, the sensations having become much more intense and robust. Not that sex, or rather masturbation, was bad or anything before, just that now sex in general was way better.

Unable to resist the urge, I fisted my thick roll of silver dollars slowly peeling my five inch length like a banana watching the skin roll downwards exposing the bright crimson coloration of my pulsating shaft. The tip end of my nozzle sort of reminded me of a bullet, but it was completely purple looking like a ripe plum. Wasting no time I began to throttle my stick rocking my fist up and down feeling the tingling sensations already coursing through my conduit. At the same time I could feel the roiling sensation of buttermilk churning inside my oval shaped milk tanks as my truffles rolled upwards inside the soft slack suede like casing of my avocado shaped pouch.

Closing my eyes I simply enjoyed the sensation of masturbation and how it felt. I was a good looking teenager who was coming into my own and feeling quite happy with myself lately since I was now truly comfortable in my own skin. I no longer worried about being gay or finding someone who I could love and who returned those same feelings. There was no need to worry about what my parents thought, or Carter's, since all of that had been worked out. Even our closest friends knew about us now. The only big worry was other people finding out about us, but even that no longer had a big affect on me since everyone who really mattered already knew and had accepted us.

Everything was right in the world as I felt the pressure building inside of me and I gasped when my bloated penis pulsed within the grip of my fisted hand. There was the familiar wet splattering sensation on my chest and stomach followed by several more spurts of cum forcing my hips to buck upwards with a nice orgasm ripping through my insides. I grunted several more times before sighing in complete contentment releasing my still pulsating erection allowing more of my boy sauce to ooze out along the length and girth of my thick thumper.

Glancing down I could see my slicked up boner still jolting with a couple of contractions noticing my truffles rolling upwards as well. Nothing more squirted out the tip end of my nozzle though since my milk tanks had now been emptied during the initial rapturic orgasmic detonations. Still, it didn't stop some of the last residuals of the opaque milky like substance from flowing out of my pee slit. I watched as my rigid shank pulsed and bobbed forcing some of my semen to ooze out the plum colored tip end of my skinned throbber. It slid down the length of my reddened shaft and pooled into my already damp and soggy light sandy brown colored pubes. The soft downy scrub like filaments soaked it up just like it had the rest of it while I was masturbating, with my fisted hand forcing a lot of the slick substance downwards into my pubes. It always happened when I jacked off creating a bit of a mess for me to clean off as I sighed and rolled out of my bed looking for something to wipe myself off with before I took a shower.

It's strange how I had just taken a shower before going to bed last night, yet here I was again getting ready to rinse off once more. I suppose it was fairly typical once we reached our teenaged years to at times take a couple of showers in one day. I imagine if I hadn't sprayed my body with tacky adolescent boy juice then I would have skipped it, but now that I was feeling all sticky it only made sense to rinse off. Besides, I wanted to look and smell good for when Carter came home.

After my shower I sat down with my mom and dad for a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast. It's been a while since we've actually been able to sit down together for a hearty breakfast and we were all in a good mood when we finished and took the couple block stroll over to the Chasson's house so we could wait for our local hero to show up. As we rounded the corner heading towards their house we were surprised to see a small group of people already mingling around on their front yard. As we got closer to the house a couple of local kids waved in greeting wondering if I had heard anything from Carter yet and all I could do was shake my head no letting them know I hadn't even texted him this morning. Some of them I've gotten to know over the last month or so ever since the whole dust-up at school and with what happened to Colton. It was kind of a nice feeling to know I was making more friends around the neighborhood.

Turning up the driveway I smiled because Ricky was there waiting outside with his parents. "Hey Ricky," I greeted holding out my fist giving the boy a knuckle bump by way of greeting. "What are you doing out here?" I wondered seeing the boy eyeing his folks bashfully. "Oh…er…sorry…um…I don't think you've met my parents yet." I added smiling at Ricky's folks while quickly introducing them to my parents.

I've only met them briefly when I went over to talk them into letting him go with me on the bike ride the other day while my mom had talked to them briefly over the phone. "So, why are you waiting out here, let's go inside." I insisted and smiled once our folks had greeted one another.

"Oh no we couldn't possibly…that is to say it really wouldn't be right to impose on the Chasson's like this; especially in light of…well…recent events." Ricky's mom's face turned a bit guilty as she glanced towards her son with a sad knowing look. "It would be…inappropriate." Ricky's mom added softly yet again, shaking her head somberly. "Besides, they aren't answering the door anymore because people have been pestering them and we just wanted to show our support, but wouldn't think of intruding"

"Are you kidding? Once Colt discovers Ricky is out here he'll come looking for him. He's kind of taken a shine to you and I'm getting a bit jealous." I assured Ricky's mom while also teasing the other teen who was now blushing from my comment. "Besides, Carter asked me last night to make sure Ricky was around when he got back home." I added to the teen's folks who looked kind of stunned by the revelation.

"Really?" Ricky's father looked at me and then his son a little dubiously. "Carter actually asked for my son, but why?" He wondered while I nodded my head.

"Of course he did. I mean Carter appreciates the way Ricky apologized right away to Colton and he also knows how helpful he's been while I've been sick. They've talked a few times since the incident and they've chatted on the phone a couple of times too. I thought you knew this?" I asked a bit curiously.

"Well…er…Ricky mentioned how you all were friends now, but we just thought…well, we just thought some of it was blown out of proportion. Let's face it his behavior as of late hasn't been so stellar." Ricky's mom interjected softly not wanting to sound as if she was being critical or anything.

"You're joking right. I mean yeah, things weren't 'stellar' back then, but lately he's been more than stellar, he's been downright fantastic and he's right, we are friends now and I wish you wouldn't be so hard on him anymore." I held up my hand seeing Ricky's mom start to respond and knew she felt I might be getting out of bounds so I quickly added to my statement. "I know it isn't any of my business and won't say any more since it isn't right, but I just wanted to throw that out there because Carter wanted all of us to go out for a bit of a bike ride when he got back home. It's why he was hoping Ricky would be here as well." I finished up seeing the stunned look on the teen's parents' faces.

"Really…Carter wanted Ricky to go riding with you guys later on. I would've thought he'd want to relax a bit after the race." Ricky's dad added looking a bit astonished.

"Well yeah, for Carter that is relaxing." I chuckled shaking my head. "He doesn't want to go out and race or anything, he just wants to get out some and have fun with friends instead of competing." I explained shaking my head.

"And Colton…he really isn't mad anymore for what our son did to him?" Ricky's mom sounded a bit surprised as well by the revelations making me wonder why we hadn't discussed any of this until now.

My parents had remained quiet, but now my mom decided to speak up. "Pim's right, it isn't that way with the boys anymore. They've moved on like most kids do in these situations and to be perfectly honest I appreciated how your son has come over keeping Pim company when he was so sick. It was very sweet of him." My mom assured them. "Anyway, let's go see what we can do to help because if they aren't answering the door anymore they surely are overwhelmed by the extra attention."

Motioning to Ricky's parents we walked up to the front door and knocked. "Don't open the door Colton." We heard a muffled woman's voice instructing the boy just somewhere inside the house and I noticed the window curtains moving before another higher pitched voice responded.

"It's Pim and his parents." Colton responded excitedly and I could hear his footsteps making their way to the front door with the locks being unlatched before he opened up.

"Pim!" The younger boy's voice squeaked excitedly as he ran over giving me the biggest hug ever making me chuckle.

"Good to see you too," I smiled returning his tender embrace before he stepped back and noticed Ricky standing close by.

"Ricky…you're here too. I'm glad because Carter was hoping you'd show up." The younger boy squeaked again giving the other teen a big hug now as well while I glanced over at his mom and shrugged my shoulders.

"Guess that answers your earlier question." I continued to chuckle noticing the woman smiling softly at the younger boy's exuberance before getting a sober look when Colton stepped back from Ricky and scowled challengingly because his mom had made it clear they didn't want to be bothered by others at the moment.

"Who are you?" He asked a bit testily, stepping back over to me looking a tad anxious, which made me wonder just how bad things have been this morning for the Chasson's.

"Whoa, take it easy there." I sniggered because he was a bit forceful yet also not so sure as he ducked slightly behind me for a bit of cover. "They're Ricky's mom and dad." I added seeing the other boy lighting up and immediately bouncing over to Ricky's mom giving her a big hug which caught the woman by surprise.

"Hello Ricky's mom," The boy sniggered thinking it was funny since that's how I introduced them before he stepped back and then gave Ricky's dad a hug.

"Hello Ricky's dad." He continued to titter making me roll my eyes while wondering why he wouldn't know them.

As I thought on it though I suppose he wouldn't know the teen's parents since the other boy wasn't his age, and the two of them never hung around together. Not to mention Carter didn't either because of all the issues over the years.

"You are going to let Ricky come riding with us later, right?" Colton asked as he stepped back and then squeaked when he saw a group of people heading towards us. "Quick, inside before we get mobbed again." He added hurrying everyone inside and quickly shutting the door behind us before leaning against the door looking relieved. "Whew, that was a close one. It's getting downright scary with everyone constantly banging on our door." He added when I saw Julian making his way over and giving my dad a big hug.

"Hey Mr. Merckx." He greeted my dad who hugged the boy in return. "Thanks again for letting me hang out over at your place yesterday and for the BBQ."

"No worries, always glad to have you boys over." My dad smiled ruffling the twelve year old boy's long locks before glancing up and noticing that Julian's parents were here as well.

"Oh, good morning Colonel…," my dad started to greet the man who snapped at attention giving a crisp salute.

It forced my dad to return one as well before he shook his head. "Please Colonel, I've told you before there's no need for you to do that. Besides, we aren't in uniform." My dad chuckled already knowing the response because this has sort of now become the norm when our families met.

"Nonsense, besides, Julian here would have words with me afterwards if I didn't show you the courtesy." The man chuckled reaching out and shaking my dad's hand and introducing his wife to my mom since they've never formally met while I heard a soft murmured comment from Ricky's dad who leaned over and whispered in his son's ear.

"I thought you said Pim's father was just a Sergeant. Why is a Colonel saluting him?" He wondered.

"Because Command Sergeant Major Merckx was awarded the Medal of Honor." Colton promptly announced grabbing everyone's attention while he puffed up his chest proudly thinking it explained it plainly enough to Ricky's father.

Julian's father reached out and now introduced himself and his wife to Ricky's parents while explaining a little further. "It's a courtesy, a sign of respect, and more about the code of honor." He began, getting a confused look from Ricky's parents because they didn't know all that much about the military, which wasn't unusual in the civilian community.

"Er…I'll explain it to you later dad." Ricky stepped in not wanting his parents to look bad even though none of us felt that way, but it seemed to satisfy his folks so the matter was dropped.

Of course Ricky would know about the Medal of Honor as most of the kids in town did ever since the incident at school and the Fourth of July festivities. I was happy to notice how Ricky's parents started to relax a little once they began to chat with my folks and Julian's who seemed to go out of their way to make them feel welcome before being interrupted when Colton's mom walked into the living room.

"Oh…please excuse us for not greeting you right away, but it's been somewhat hectic around here this morning and our cell phones and land line have been ringing off the hook." Mrs. Chasson exhaled noisily looking a bit frazzled. "Anyway, we've simply turned off our phones now that we've heard from Carter. They are about thirty or forty minutes away." She explained motioning for everyone to find a seat before pausing as if realizing something.

"Oh Ricky…I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking." She smiled at the boy and walked over giving him a quick hug. "Carter was hoping you'd show up. I think he's looking forward to getting away with just a few of his friends because of all the attention over the last couple of days." She sighed, releasing the boy before turning her attention to the boy's parents just as Mr. Chasson entered the living room looking just as fried.

"Thank you for bringing your son over." She continued while her husband came over and started to shake everyone's hand. "Until now with everything going on I had almost forgotten I was supposed to give you a call about Ricky. I hope he will be able to join the others for a quick get-away later." She chuckled shaking her head.

"Carter's been looking forward to spending some real time with Ricky and really get to know him. With Car being so busy lately the two of them really haven't gotten a chance to do that. He's very appreciative how Ricky's been looking after Colton and Pim recently since he's been gone. I know the boys have been talking over the phone some and Carter says he has really enjoyed those chats and the time or two they've been able to get together in person briefly. I suppose he is trying to put some of the bad times and hurt feelings behind and ever since Ricky came over to make an honest effort he's been so excited and truly happy for the first time in a long while."

"Oh…er…I see." Ricky's mom looked over at her son appearing a bit surprised over the praise the teen's been getting from everyone; especially, the very people he had wronged. "Well…he's still on restriction for his behavior." She smiled somberly at Ricky running her fingers lovingly through his hair.

Even though I may think Ricky's parents were a bit overly strict it was still obvious they loved their son. The way the teen looked at his parents I could tell he loved them as well and he didn't appear to mind the extra restrictions he's had to endure. From some of our conversations I gathered his parents had taken a lot of time and effort to sit down with their son and explain to him their disappointment in his bullying behavior and why he was being punished. It wasn't simply them doling out a punishment for their son, but actually them following through and having a real conversation with him so everyone was on the same page. They wanted to make certain he understood that while they were disappointed by his behavior and actions, they still loved him.

"Oh, I thought we had made it clear to the judge we all felt Ricky sort of got roped into the situation and how he had come over to apologize before even the police were involved. Didn't the judge go a little easier on him?" Mrs. Chasson asked sounding a bit confused now about the entire incident.

"Yes, the judge was aware of it and did give a punishment we felt our son deserved, but we wanted to make sure Ricky understood there were consequences for his action from us as well. We sat down as a family and really got to the bottom of a lot of things we as parents have been neglecting. We felt that on top of the community service and the assessment by a child psychologist he needed to earn the right for more freedom typical for teenagers his age. We've always felt he deserved a certain amount of privacy and freedom from home because he's getting older, but with it comes responsibility and good judgment. His actions proved he wasn't ready yet for some of those privileges." Ricky's mom added sadly, but smiled at her son adoringly, wrapping her arm over his shoulder a bit sympathetically making it clear the decision wasn't done lightly.

"Oh…yes…I see." Mrs. Chasson nodded her head understandingly, yet still looked a bit disappointed since Carter was looking forward to having Ricky join them later.

Mr. Chasson wrapped his arm over his wife's shoulder sympathetically knowing what she was thinking, but also understood where Ricky's parents were coming from. What happened was very dangerous and could have had some dire consequences affecting many lives for years to come; especially, in light of the whole video thing. In the end things worked out, but still I'm sure it had scared Ricky's parents to no end.

"But, we also know how hard Ricky's been working at making things right." Ricky's dad piped up wrapping his arm around his wife lovingly and kissing her on the cheek. "The report from the psychologist saying Ricky isn't a risk and is a typical teenager was sent out to the judge who seems to agree. At least now once his community service is finished his record will be expunged and he won't have to report back to the judge." Ricky's dad explained to us, which I thought was good news and everyone else seemed to agree.

"Yes, and your father and I have also noticed the changes you've made and the effort you've put into making things right so we've been talking about easing up some as well on your restrictions for the end of summer. We will start by allowing you to go with the rest of the boys today on their outing." Ricky's mom smiled at her son getting a nod from her husband indicating he was good with it as well.

"Yippee, that's so cool." Colton chirped giving the older teen a hug making everyone chuckle at his exuberance while Ricky blushed because it was kind of awkward to be getting a hug from a boy who was already eleven years old going on twelve. "Does that mean he can spend the night with us too?" Colton asked sheepishly getting a sad smile from Ricky's mom.

"No sweetie, I'm afraid not. At least not yet, because while you boys will be out and having a bit of fun today, Ricky's father and I will be sorting out the new rules for him. So he will need to be home tonight so we can have a sit down discussion." She informed Colton who looked a bit bummed out about it. "I'm sure though that in the future he will be able to spend the night over at a friend's house or have friends over to spend the night with us. It's just we still need to get a few things worked out sweetie…you understand that…right?" She smiled at the younger boy and seemed to sigh when he perked right up.

"Oh…yeah…that would be cool." Colton chirped and smiled as he grabbed Ricky's hand tugging on the boy's arm and starting to drag him away motioning for us to follow him downstairs into the basement to get away from all the adults. "And you better keep behaving you big boob or you'll be stuck in your room forever." The younger boy admonished while I chuckled shaking my head at how Colton was scolding our newest friend while the teen nodded his head meekly. "I'm serious; you can't ever go back to being such a dirt-bag. Besides, I like this new Ricky. He's a lot nicer and well…you're a decent kind of guy so don't ever get me mad at you again." Colton continued to lay into the boy while I rolled my eyes.

It was obvious the younger boy was really starting to take a shine to the teen and I couldn't blame him because as I got to know Ricky better he really was a decent kind of guy. He was the type I'd want as a friend now that things have been sorted out and he's gotten his head squared away. I could tell Colton wanted things to work out between his older brother and Ricky too because he also actually liked the older boy as a friend.

"Awwwe, no fair. I kind of like it when you get all feisty and mad." Ricky teased back and then flinched. "Ouch…hey…that hurt." He grumbled rubbing his arm where the younger boy punched him and none too softly.

"Oh my goodness, he's just so adorably cute." I heard Ricky's mom comment and chuckle as we began making our way down the stairs into the basement. "Is he always so…well bubbly and full of energy? I don't know how you two keep up?" She wondered letting out a laugh when she saw Colton giving her son a smack in the arm for emphasis while everyone else noticed as well and laughed along.

"Oh my…you don't know the half of it." Mrs. Chasson replied.

"Yes, that boy keeps us on our toes that's for sure, but Carter is a big help and now with Pim, it sure has given us some breathing room." Mr. Chasson added before I shut the door behind us as we trudged down into the basement.

It was quiet in the basement, not to mention nice and cool as I plopped down on the couch with Julian and Ricky grabbing a seat on the reclining chairs. Colton scrambled on to the sofa and cuddled up making me wince yet again when his knee found its target once more. I heard Julian snigger and shake his head while I sighed.

"Sorry," Colton apologized, but couldn't contain his giggles as he nuzzled up to me while Julian began to surf through the channels since there was nothing else to do until Carter got home.

It was cozy with the younger boy cuddled up in my arms and as always I could feel his little boy boner poking into my body forcing me to stifle my own giggles. Anymore the little guy was a walking little boy boner as I ran my hand up and down his back affectionately. As always, it was something I treasured and enjoyed, having the little guy nestled up in my embrace as I glanced over at Ricky who was watching us before glancing away. I studied him and noticed a few tears beginning to well up making me furl my eyes. Things had to be hard on him despite the teen trying to show a strong front.

Leaning in I whispered into Colton's ear. "Maybe you should go give Ricky a bit of a cuddle. I think he could use a hug." I smiled softly at the younger boy who glanced over at our new friend before climbing down off my lap.

It took everything I had not to bust up because Colton's little boner was creating a pup tent in his shorts as he reached down and gave his hard pecker a tug getting it all sorted out before making his way over to Ricky. The older teen shifted his gaze over to Colton furling his eyes a bit puzzled as he tried to wipe away his tears. To his surprise the younger boy crawled up into his lap giving him a hug.

"I'm sorry Ricky." Colton apologized. "It'll be alright and I didn't mean anything by what I said earlier."

"Huh?" The teen responded.

"You're crying and I didn't mean to upset you." Colton emphasized while Ricky shook his head.

"No you don't understand…I'm not…er…," he paused wiping away the last of his tears from his eyes still shaking his head.

"It's alright to cry Ricky." Colton added. "We know all guys cry even though we try not to show it, but we're your friends and don't mind. Don't worry we won't tell anyone."

"I…er…thanks…but that's not it. I mean…I guess I'm a little worked up, but I'm not sad or anything…it's just…," Ricky features pinched in thought as he tried to get out what he was feeling, but finding it more difficult to explain.

"So if you aren't upset or sad, what's wrong?" Colton pressed.

"Well…er…actually nothing. I mean, I'm happy. It's hard to explain, but I'm…yeah, happy." He nodded his head. "I mean…I was just sitting here thinking how lucky I am to have you guys for friends; especially, considering how awful I've been." He managed to explain somewhat clearly.

"Oh, so those are happy tears." Colton smiled at the boy who shrugged.

"Yeah…I know…kind of corny and all." Ricky added sheepishly and blushed.

"No way…just cool." The eleven year old boy beamed giving the teen a hug.

Ricky stiffened up slightly because he wasn't used to being cuddled like this; especially, by another boy who was old enough to make things a little awkward.

"What's wrong now?" Colton asked squirreling up his face because he was able to feel the other boy tensing up.

"Nothing…it's just…er…you know. Aren't you a little worried about what others may say if they see you cuddling up with guys like me and Pim?" He wondered curiously.

"Why…does it bother you?" Colton asked a little anxiously while Ricky furled his eyebrows in thought for a moment or two before shaking his head.

"You know…actually it doesn't. I kind of like it when you cuddle up with me. It sort of makes me feel special and to be honest I'd rather have that than worry about what others may think." Ricky smiled fondly at the younger boy shaking his head. "God, how did I ever luck out with having you guys for friends?" He wondered yet again.

Colton shrugged his shoulders and instead of trying to answer the teen simply snuggled up to the boy making me smile because I could see Ricky embracing our little imp fondly. Then it happened, and I had to stifle myself from completely cracking up when Ricky's eyes suddenly widened in surprise. It didn't take a genius to know Colton had popped another boner; especially, the way the teen's face suddenly turned crimson. The older boy's eyes shifted over towards me while I discretely looked away not wanting it to become any more awkward for poor teen. From the corner of my eye I watched as Ricky relaxed and simply accepted the way things were allowing the younger boy to continue cuddling. It was nice to see the other teen truly becoming a part of our small group, but I also worried a little how he'd react if he found out about me and Carter being gay. He didn't come across as if he would have an issue with us being gay, but he was also going through enough of his own personal issues that I wouldn't want him to worry about any additional problems being heaped on his shoulders.

It was comfortable in the basement, almost like our very own little private area as we all relaxed and enjoyed being lazy for a little bit. About thirty minutes later I received a text message from Carter making me smile and get a little excited.

"Come-on guys, lets tell our folks Carter's about ten minutes away." I told the rest of them as we trudged upstairs letting our parents know the news.

Stepping over to the front door I opened it up and stood there gawking and looking around while everyone piled up behind me wondering why I had stopped. The entire street was lined up with people and I figured half the town must have shown up. There were cars on both sides of the road worrying me for a second about how Mr. Baylin was going to get here, but to my relief it looked as if the local sheriff was also on hand with some of his men directing traffic. At least it looked like the Chasson's driveway remained clear, but it would make for a tight squeeze for Mr. Baylin since he was also hauling a trailer with their supplies.

As we stepped out people started to crowd around us and it was actually getting kind of scary and I could feel Colton's arms wrapping around my waist as he huddled up closely to me while I draped my arm over his shoulder protectively. I could tell my dad began to realize this was getting a bit dangerous so he immediately took over stepping in front and motioning for people to back off. It didn't work with everyone continuing to press inwards, which made me begin to panic and I suddenly jumped when I heard a deep rumbling commanding tone. It was a no-nonsense type of tone and it made everyone else jump as well.

"EVERYONE STOP AND TAKE THREE STEPS BACKWARDS!!!" My dad commanded as he stepped up onto the raised barrier surrounding one of the Chasson's trees giving him a higher perspective and a commanding view forcing everyone to focus their attention on him.

Everyone froze because when my dad spoke like this it commanded respect. He was used to bellowing and shouting out orders to thousands of people at once, and he knew how to take charge when it was called for.

"But…," I heard someone begin to speak up and recognized it as the mayor since I had met him during the Fourth of July celebrations, but his voice was weak compared to my father's tone and he was cut off before he even began.

"I said…take three steps back." My dad commanded in a slightly lower tone, which had the intended effect because everyone still hesitated and a small smirk formed on my dad's lips just for a split second before his official grim hardened demeanor took over. "NOW!" He bellowed with everyone jumping again, but immediately stepping back with my dad's gaze remaining hard and steadfast as he looked over the crowd.

Even the Sheriff had taken a few involuntary steps backwards. "Now, I want everyone to listen closely because I am only going to say this once and before anyone even begins to think they can object I will let you know now the answer is NO." He bellowed the last word making everyone jump again while he made it clear no one was to speak right now and they were to listen because he meant business.

"Good, now that I've got your undivided attention, Carter and a few of the other members of the team will be arriving here shortly. I understand everyone wants to give them a proper welcome, but I want to make it very clear from the beginning there will be no crowding the kids or frightening them half to death. Everyone will keep a respectful distance and no one, and I mean no one, is allowed to lay a hand on any of them even for a nice pat on the back. I want to be very clear on this because I want everyone to behave civilized. Anyone breaking my rules will see just how UNCIVILIZED I can get and believe me it will involve a trip to the hospital." My dad's voice carried through to the crowd.

"Now wait just a minute." The Sheriff started to voice a complaint and stepped forward, but immediately stopped in his tracks when my dad's hard gaze settled on him forcing the man to swallow the lump in his throat.

"I meant what I said and mean business so don't test me. That means everyone…GET ME?" My dad bellowed, which was meant for everyone, but at the moment the Sheriff in particular, who suddenly nodded his head and stepped back not wanting any part of this.

"Now…," my dad continued, his voice becoming softer as he set a different tone. "I understand everyone is here to show their support, which is something we as parents definitely want and appreciate deeply, but I just didn't want this to develop into a mob. That's something I…er…we…can't tolerate, but what I…we…can accept is everyone still having a good time. Listen folks, we don't want to put a damper on the festivities here, but we also do not want anyone getting hurt. Remember, these are kids and as you can see you nearly scared the daylights out of our kids just now and we don't want that since this is supposed to be about having a good time and celebrating something special." My dad now began to soothe everyone's sense of pride and I could see how people began to relax a bit and nod their heads in agreement, completely understanding where my father was coming from because no one wanted to see kids getting hurt.

My dad focused his attention now to the mayor who he had cut off earlier and also the sheriff. "My apologies for being so abrupt earlier, but I just wanted to get things under control because they were fast deteriorating." My father apologized directly to the two men soothing any hurt feelings he may have caused them when he had focused on them specifically, before gazing back out to the crowd. "Again, my apologies everyone and let's be sure to make this a happy occasion for everyone so we can all enjoy it when the team shows up. Remember, this is a small community and I'm positive there will be plenty of opportunities in the future for you to speak individually with Carter and I'm sure he will be happy to talk to people personally when he isn't being mobbed." My father now apologized to everyone else, the effects making me smile because not only was he able to get everyone to do what he wanted with direct commanding efficiency, but managed to have a bit of diplomacy inserted as well.

The crowd seemed to be satisfied and it was obvious they now understood they could have their festivities, but in a way that wouldn't get anyone hurt as my dad continued. "They will be here shortly, but I'm assuming you have something in mind by way of greeting Mr. Mayor. So why don't you, the sheriff, and Principle Moore come forward and quickly let everyone know what the three of you have planned as a welcome for our young hero." My dad offered up getting an appreciative smile from the Mayor and Sheriff, along with Mr. Moore who had been standing off to the side trying desperately not to laugh his ass off by the way my dad had put everyone in their place.

When Carter and the others arrived I wasn't sure what to expect, but to my surprise it went rather well. Principle Moore had the band perform, greeting our heroes as Mr. Baylin drove down the road and parked in the driveway while everyone cheered on hoisting last minute made signs and banners. It was a festive mood and to my surprise everyone behaved as the mayor gave a short speech from a quickly placed podium.

When the Mayor explained what they had planned others had quickly come forward putting in place a podium with a couple of speakers. It all had come together quickly with Principle Moore also managing to get the band set up so they could greet our heroes in proper fashion. Even though this was all an impromptu event, it seemed to flow smoothly with the Mayor giving a congratulatory speech, followed by Principle Moore announcing they had already cleared out a spot in their school's Central Trophy Display Case located along the main hallway if Carter was willing to display his awards.

The Principle went on explaining he hoped it might spur interest for the students to form a new club at the school for Mountain Biking. Since there were plenty of trails around he figured it would provide the perfect opportunity to get other kids involved in a different kind of sport and he always supported the idea of diversity. Any opportunity to get kids out and active was a win situation for the Principle since he thought it was important for all students to have different means of activities available. He was always looking for ways of providing students who weren't interested in the traditional types of sports to still have ways of participating in sports more suited to their interests. This would just be another avenue and possibility for a student who would otherwise not have a sport to participate in. Since Carter seemed to be one of the top contenders in the country for his division in this particular sport he only felt the boy would make for the perfect chairman to head up the new club.

The impromptu event was enjoyable, but also overwhelming for Carter and the rest of the crew that joined the younger boy at the front of the gathered crowd of townspeople. It was a friendly and festive atmosphere, but I could tell the thirteen year old boy was happy when it finally wound down. After sticking around for a bit longer to chat with some folks in a one on one more personal manner out of due diligence and courtesy, Carter finally sighed in relief when we all went back inside shutting door and crowd behind us. People continued to mingle around for a little while longer simply having a good time catching up with friends and neighbors, but they too began to slowly disperse with everyone leaving having a sense of pride in their small town.

"Holy cow, that was intense." Carter groaned while the rest of us nodded in agreement.

"Well, it would have been much worse and I'm sure you guys would have been mauled by the crowd if Mr. Merckx hadn't gone out there to brow beat them before you guys showed up." Ricky noted while we all agreed, including our parents, as it got quiet for a second or two.

"Yeah, well after that I think I need to go out and loosen up with a nice bike ride. Are you guys going to at least stay for a while…please Mr. Baylin?" Carter pleaded because he wanted to have Mason and his sister join in for some fun and he also wanted to show them some of the back trails nearby.

"Please dad." Mason piped up as well. "Carter said there are some nice trails around here that he wanted to show us."

Mr. Baylin looked towards his son and daughter trying to decide what to do when Mrs. Chasson piped in. "Well, no one needs to decide right now because before I let you youngsters go out I want you to have some lunch first. Besides, if you go right away I'm sure you will more than likely have a knot of local kids following you. So how about we have pizzas for lunch first." She smiled noticing me, Julian, Colton, and Carter immediately lighting up since we just loved her hand made pizzas, which were always cooked up outdoors on their custom built wood fired oven.

"Oh man, you bet." I immediately blurted out. "I mean, everyone needs to stay because Mrs. Chasson's Pizza's are just to die for. I mean she makes everything from scratch and they've got this huge oven outside that they use with wood to cook them up. It's the best I've ever had and nobody here better say no or you will regret it." I pointed out smiling when my parents along with Julian's and even Ricky's parents agreed since I had so eloquently made my case.

"Oh…what the heck. Let me give my wife a quick call to let her know. She won't be upset because half the time we never make it home anyway because these two are thick as thieves and always managing to find an excuse to stop somewhere new where they can try out some trail they haven't been on." Mr. Baylin chuckled making it unanimous.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" My mom and the other two women offered with Mrs. Finley also adding. "Yes, and I would love to see how you make the pizzas and perhaps get the recipe since our boy has told us a number of times just how delicious they are." Julian's mom added with her thick accent while Mrs. Chasson smiled appreciatively.

"Well, I've already made the dough and put the toppings on, but there's still plenty enough for us all to work on. I'll give you the recipe though and maybe one time we can get together again and work on making pizzas together so I can show you how I put everything together. I'm afraid part of the reason the pizzas are so good though is because of our custom built oven. Still, the pizzas are delicious if cooked in a regular oven." Mrs. Chasson offered walking back with the ladies in tow while our dads stayed inside to chat and we kids made our way outside to the secluded back yard.

As always the pizza was nothing short of scrumptious and everyone seemed to agree as we sat around and had a very good time for a good two hours. It was just after one in the afternoon when we all climbed onto our bikes and made our way towards the forested trails. To my surprise we had somehow managed to talk Mason's dad into staying overnight. I suppose he must have figured we'd be out and about for hours and it would still be a two plus hour drive home. He definitely didn't want to drive home during rush hour through the larger towns and cities. After agreeing he rang his wife again and chuckled after hanging up saying she had already figured as much so had made plans to go out with some of her friends for the evening.

When Mr. Baylin asked if there was a local hotel room both my mom and Mrs. Chasson had put a squash on that notion. My mom offered up our place for us kids while Mrs. Chasson offered up the basement to Mason's dad since the couch downstairs unfolded into a queen sized bed. We all were a bunch of happy campers with the sleeping arrangements settled, including Mason's sister who would be sleeping in my room. That is everyone except for Ricky, who despite our efforts, wouldn't be allowed to spend the night. Our guests didn't say anything about that situation because they got the sense there was a very good reason for it and being sensible parents no one wanted to create a scene. I could tell Mason and his sister were curious about it, but a look from their dad made them keep their mouths shut on the matter.

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