Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2

My sister and I browsed a bit in some of the shops. I was looking around at some clothing items keeping things in mind for when it was time to do some shopping for the new school year. We didn't pick anything up, other than some of her friends. It was getting to be around lunch time so Susan suggested we head over to the food court.

By this time there were seven of us so after pushing together some tables we were all sitting around having a good time munching on either Chinese food, or Hamburgers and fries. I looked up and spotted Jenna with her two girly friends sitting at one of the tables, and the adorably sweet Garrett all alone at another table. He didn't look as downcast as he had earlier in the theater but still he looked so alone by himself.

Leaning in towards my sister I whispered that I had to take care of some nasty business. She knew me so well that she understood this meant some sort of confrontation with something. Her expression turned a little worried, only for a brief moment, before she nodded her understanding. I could feel her looking after me as I made my way towards Jenna. Garrett spotted me and smiled, but very discreetly I motioned for him to calm down nodding my head in his sister's direction. He remembered our conversation and nodded his head in understanding as he focused back on his plate of food.

Jenna hadn't seen me approach so jumped a little in surprise when I sat down next to her. She was sitting on one side of the table facing her two friends who were sitting opposite to her. I noted this was a position of power over the other two for her because she would be able to keep an eye on both of them and project her dominion.

Wrapping my arm around her shoulder, surprising her even more, I leaned in conspiratorially towards her friends. "So I understand Jenna's let the cat out of the bag," I chuckled well naturedly as my right hand squeezed Jenna's right breast which made her almost choke on her food.

The move had caught her by surprise, but I needed to know something before I proceeded and just as I thought, my suspicions were confirmed. You see she's had boyfriends who she's discarded like a dirty old rag, but her first set of boyfriends had all whispered some things about her afterwards. Of course those rumors had been dispelled because Jenna was so good at her craft and had spun the first webs of deceit so their comments were only viewed as trying to save face. However, I always had my suspicions.

"What are you talking about?" one of the girls asked not having seen my hand squeezing quickly against Jenna's breast. The girls were so focused on me that my move had gone undetected.

"Oh, you know between her and me?" I chuckled as I winked.

Jenna smiled quite pleased at the turn of events thinking she was finally going to get her hands on me. "Oh that, well yes, but she told us not to tell anyone yet," the other girl piped in.

"I see," I smiled conspiratorially and continued. "You girls realize that Jenna has a flat chest, oh yeah, she stuffs her bras." I told them seriously getting a shocked glance from Jenna as things started to unravel for her.

Another thing I knew about Jenna is that her mother had a doctor write an excuse for her not to participate in school gym class. The doctor spouted off some sort of medical excuse, but Jenna had told her friends she didn't want her body to get all bruised up or break her nails. After all it takes a lot of work to bring out her natural beauty. At least that is what she told everyone, but I got the distinct feeling she didn't want any of the girls to see her naked body. Especially not her undeveloped breasts, and I had a feeling even when they developed finally for her that she will still end up with small breasts.

"What?" One of the girls literally spat out in surprise as juice came squirting out of her nose.

"Oh yeah, she's completely flat and also still hairless; either that or she shaves, I'm not completely sure because I didn't get a chance to take a close look. I mean she got so horny when I was finger fucking her that she squirted her yucky girly juice all over my fingers within seconds. It was so nasty and smelled that I had to go wash it up right away. I thought girls were supposed to take a long time to orgasm? She shook and came within seconds, and I didn't even get a chance to satisfy my own needs." I told them seriously getting up from the table to the looks of total shock from all the girls.

My plan was a bit risky, and it all depended on Jenna's next move. I slowly started to walk away and sighed when I heard her getting up from the table so she could talk to me. She reached out and grabbed my arm looking around her to make sure no one was listening.

"W…what the hell was that?" She hissed at me.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I hear you've been going around telling everyone what I've got between my legs so figured it was only fair." I told her.

"What…who told you…I mean I only told my two best friends, and they promised not to say anything to anyone," she hissed clearly confused as to how things had gotten out of control.

She looked towards her brother, and I knew he could feel her hatred being projected his way since he hunched down further in his seat. She was wondering if her brother had heard her conversations with her girlfriends and then had said something to me. She looked back over to me, and I just slowly gazed over to my sister and our groups of friends at the table. Brad was sitting there as well, and when he looked up he got a sort of frown on his face and waved to me hesitantly. It was the perfect move for me to deflect her thoughts towards the direction I wanted it to focus on.

"Well, evidently one of them said something because it got around to some of my friends," I stated as I waved back to Brad and the others.

The effect was what I had intended as Jenna's eyes flew wide thinking my friends over at the other table had said something to me about it. She knew if that were the case it had then been one of her so called friends, but which one she thought to herself. I could see the emotional play cross her features so knew it was time to close off the rumor mill on this one and in the process offer her and me a way out.

"Well you know we can nip this all in the bud and both of us can get out of this smelling like roses." I offered her which most definitely got her attention.

"How?" She inquired simply.

"Just follow my lead," I replied as I headed back to the table.

We both sat down and I looked over to the other two girls who just looked a bit confused by the entire situation. I started chuckling and shaking my head getting even more glares from the two girls.

"Wow, Jenna was right." I stated as I laughed getting their attention.

"W…what?" One of the girls responded cautiously not knowing how to react. They've never been in this situation before. Jenna had always been in control of a situation, and now things were uncertain.

"Well Jenna stated you two were a difficult nut to break." I commented as I took a fry from one of the girl's plate.

"Oh…yeah," the other girl responded still confused.

"Yeah, Jenna told me that if we were to play a practical joke on you two and get away with it, that it would have to very elaborate and take a lot of time and effort. She had doubts if it could work, but I agreed to help her with the plans and you two fell for it."

True to form Jenna picked up on the out and tied off the knot closing off the rumor in a tight neat fashion. She even unintentionally managed to give me a bigger edge with the out, and deep down inside I smiled smugly at how my plan had come together.

"Yes," Jenna smiled smoothly. "We worked on it all school year making you two think I was interested in Hunter. I had to make sure I spun the joke slowly over the course of the year. It was hard to not break our silence, but I think we got you two perfectly." She smiled contentedly as one of the girl's eyebrows shot up in understanding.

"Wow," one of the girls stated. "If the joke wasn't so brilliant I might just be mad at you."

The other girl piped in then, "You mean…you two aren't…I mean you don't like him, you know like that?" She asked Jenna.

Jenna true to form responded, and to my joy inadvertently broke the only string and hope of ever having control over me ever again in the future. "No of course not," she stated gently. "Don't get me wrong he's adorably cute, the best looking boy in school, but he's the only boy who had the balls to stand up to me so I knew if the joke were to be successful that he would have to be involved."

With that last statement her hold over me was completely gone. I knew she had said it only because at the moment she was focused on saving face and didn't want me to somehow make things backfire. So she tried to butter me up with her flattery so along with the admissions to her cohorts, and without realizing it to boot, set me free from her claws now and at any time in the future. I had a feeling that when she realized this later she would be furious about it, but hey…she'll just have to get over it.

You see I knew that the key to her success with all of her rumors and squashing people under her foot relied heavily on her two cohorts. Without them at her side she never would be able to accomplish the things she does to people. She just admitted to them that I was adorably cute and the best looking boy in school, and that I was also the only boy with balls big enough to stand up to her. From here on out I couldn't be touched by anything she might try to do to me. The seeds of doubt in her two friends would always be there from now on regarding me.

Satisfied I got up and started walking back towards my table. Garrett looked up at me, and with a quick glance towards me managed a quick smile and thumbs up. He had heard the entire exchange, and since his sister was so focused on gushing with her friends he was able to briefly give me the thumbs up without getting caught. I had kept my word to him, and he felt all giddy inside seeing how I had manipulated his sister. I gave the sweet boy a quick wink, and then made my way back to my sister.

"What was that all about?" She asked me.

Looking towards Brad I knew he must have told her about the incident at the movie theater. I sighed filling her in on the rest of it regarding what she was attempting to do with the rumor regarding Brad, and then later finding out from her brother the rumor she was starting to spread about me. Of course I left out the part of what all happened between Garrett and myself, and delicately omitted the part about how the entire conversation had come about in the first place after he had seen my pecker.

Somehow I had managed to keep all of those things out, and my sister looked a bit peeved about the whole thing. Then I told her how I had manipulated Jenna in her own game, and everyone roared in laughter wiping away the tears from their eyes.

"Damn dude, remind me never to get into a pissing contest with you. The way you handled that bitch makes me wonder just how brutal you can be." Brad teased me as he tousled my hair.

Don't ask me why, but I've always liked Brad's easy way around me. I really did feel like a little brother around him. My sister smiled as well as she leaned in giving me a hug, and kissing me on the cheek. The display of affection didn't even make me blush or anything; it was so common place and all of her friends over the years have witnessed this on many occasions so it was just natural.

Later on that evening I was feeling pretty tired so said goodnight to my folks and sister turning in for the night a little earlier than usual. My body felt so sluggish, and I guess the excitement of the day had taken their toll. Before going to bed I hopped into the shower and let the hot steamy water cascade over my torso. The tension slowly eased out of me as I thought back on the day.

It felt wonderful to finally have Jenna and her cohorts' monkey off my back. I never really felt threatened by them, but now with that worry out from the back of my mind I realized just how weighty the matter had been all school year. It was like the tension was finally gone, and having to constantly keep one eye out did take a toll on one's mind.

As I thought about these things my thoughts suddenly shifted over to Garrett and his sweet smile. His face kept popping into my mind and then I recalled how his crotch had felt in my hands. My dick immediately inflated between my legs to its full four inch length fattening up a bit as well, but still maintaining its longish thin sleek look. I couldn't help myself as I gently stroked my hard sleekness between my soap slicked fingers. I watched while my glistening purplish acorn tip slipped easily in and out of sight from beneath my foreskin as I imagined what Garrett must look like. The sensations tingling up my balls quickly intensified as I recalled feeling Garrett's package in my hand. Without warning my drooping testicles jerked upwards, and I exploded what little amount I do squirt all over the shower stall leaving me weak in the knees and out of breathe.

"Fuck," I moaned softly. What the hell was that, I thought to myself as I regained my composure and began cleaning myself and the shower stall from the sticky goop of cum that had splattered inside the booth.

The quickness and intensity of my orgasm had caught me by surprise. I looked down at myself as my penis twitched slightly at the thought of Garrett and sighed as I cleaned my sparse set of pubes around the base of my shaft. Whoa, I thought to myself realizing the little bugger had wormed his way into my fantasy. I knew guys my age fantasized about other boys sometimes so really wasn't too worried, but still it was a complete surprise for me. It was something I would have to think about some more.

Totally exhausted, I climbed into bed completely naked and faded off to sleep. At some point in the evening I felt my sister's presence next to my bed as she softly stroked my hair. I sighed rolling over on my back opening up my eyes still halfway asleep.

"What's up," I sighed drowsily.

"Oh nothing," she whispered as her lips brushed up against my forehead. "Just checking up on you."

"Oh, that's nice," I responded slipping back into slumber land with her still stroking my hair. It felt nice when she did that, and it always managed to put me to sleep.

A whole week passed us by in a blur, and I had hoped to see Garrett again at the movie theater but neither him nor his sister had shown up. I sort of wondered if Jenna was hiding from me now embarrassed by what had happened. In a way I had been looking forward to seeing the little guy, and was curious to see how he was coping with his sister so felt a little disappointed when I didn't see them. I had to pause a moment regarding my feeling this way about him because it was a strange emotion for me to have about another boy. Sighing, I shrugged it off as mere curiosity, and a feeling of friendship towards the younger boy.

It of course was Saturday and the day passed by slowly. Strange I thought to myself because the week just blew by, but Saturday just lazily hung on. There was supposed to be a party later on today over at one of Susan's friend's house, and I was invited as well. Her friend had a younger brother my age so several of his friends were invited as well. Evidently it had been a compromise that the older sibling's parents had insisted on in order to allow for the party.

My phone rang and it was my buddy Dylan wanting to know what time I was heading over to the party. I wasn't sure so we just chatted for a while until another call started beeping in for me. I told Dylan I'd catch him later and looked at my caller id. I didn't recognize the number, but it was local so I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I responded.

"Oh hello Hunter, this is Mrs. Davis and I was hoping you could help me out of a jamb," A woman's voice began on the other end.

"Who?" I asked not recognizing the voice or name, but she most definitely knew who I was because she called me by name.

"Oh, I'm sorry." The lady apologized on the other end. "I'm Garrett's mother and he gave me your number. I hope that is alright?" She said.

"Oh, yeah Garrett. How's he doing, and sure it's fine that he gave you my number. I told him if he needed anything it was alright for him to call me." I responded my insides getting all giddy with excitement. Strange I thought to myself.

"Well um…great. I mean Garrett is doing fine…well sort of…but I'm in a bit of a bind with him at the moment. You see I had made plans for this evening, and Jenna usually watches Garrett when I'm gone, but she made plans to spend the night at one of her friend's house so this kind of leaves me in a bit of a jamb. I don't want to wreck Jenna's plans, and to tell you the truth she's already gone."

"Oh," I responded when she paused a moment on the other end with me not knowing what I could do for her.

"Well, on such short notice I didn't know if I could get a sitter, and to tell you the truth Garrett's been kind of reluctant to have female sitters lately. I don't know what's gotten into him, but he mentioned you would probably be able to watch him."

My mind was in a whirlwind at the information. I had plans this evening, but it sounded like Garrett really needed a friend as well at the moment. I had a sneaky suspicion his reluctance for female sitters stemmed from his not too pleasant treatment from his sister.

She heard me pause at the other end so she piped up again. "I will pay of course, and I know its short notice and all…"

I sighed and then made up my mind. "It's not the money Mrs. Davis, it's just that I had made plans for this evening," I started.

"Oh, I understand but I just thought I'd give it a whirl. He was actually excited about having a sitter this time around…you know a guy instead of a girl." I heard her sigh on the other end.

"N…no, you don't understand Mrs. Davis. I'd be more than happy to watch over Garrett, it's just that…well I was wondering when I get there if we could have a chat about something."

This time she paused for a moment before responding. "Oh…well sure I guess so. Garrett didn't say…or…um…do anything wrong did he?" She asked a bit concerned.

"Oh no, nothing like that at all. He's actually a good kid. It just seems like he needs a friend, and I've been there myself so know what it's like. No…it's just some other stuff. I'll talk to you about it later." I told her.

She agreed and we set up a time for me to come over. I told my sister about baby sitting, and she sort of looked at me kind of funny. She didn't say anything though and just shrugged her shoulders. A short while later we left the house and found our way over to the Davis' house. I asked Susan to come in with me because I was going to talk to Mrs. Davis, and didn't know how she was going to feel afterwards so I might need a ride home.

Susan just shook her head, "You are just a glutton for punishment aren't you?" She laughed but didn't say anything more.

Mrs. Davis answered the door and let us in the modest three bedroom split level home. She was a very stunningly beautiful woman with a very warm smile. Jenna had similar features like her mother, but it was obvious that her mother really was a knockout with a very friendly and warm smile.

"Hey Hunter," I heard Garrett yell as he scrambles downstairs and flung himself into my arms.

"Geeze, you'd think we haven't seen each other in years," I exclaimed as I hugged him back and then ruffled his hair.

"I'm just glad you are sitting for me and not some lame girl," he giggled and then spotted my sister. "Sorry," he mumbled, "it's just…you know," he blushed as my sister laughed and ruffled his wild hair.

"Geeze kid, what's with all that hair," she teased laughing as Garrett blushed.

"Hey Garrett do you have any video games?"

"Yeah sure, you want to play?"

"Sure I do, but why don't you go upstairs and plug in a game and start while I talk with your mom. You know how it is, she's gotta give me all the boring instructions out of the way. Give me a couple of minutes, and I'll be right up, alright."

"Yippee," he yelled excitedly as he headed back up to his room while I smiled at his enthusiasm.

Mrs. Davis shook her head, "I haven't seen him this animated and happy in a long time she commented as she ushered us into the kitchen and asked if we were thirsty."

After handing us a drink I got right to the point with her. I didn't hold back any punches as I explained to her the treatment Garrett was getting from his older sister and some of my concerns. I told her how Jenna treated her classmates in school with a lot of the other kids afraid of her. Of course Mrs. Davis was stunned to say the least, but she did listen while I put all the cards on the table. I could literally see the blood drain out of her face when I gave her some specific examples of what her daughter had been up to during the school year. It took about ten minutes, but after I spilled my guts we all sat around the counter fiddling with our drinks.

"I understand if you don't want me to babysit Garrett now, but I just had to let you know that I like him, and it hurts me to see how Jenna is treating her little brother." I told her honestly.

"I…I don't know what to say," she answered honestly letting my words sink into her mind some more. "I knew there was some tension there, but just figured it was because they are half brother and sister. They each have a different father, and I think Jenna has bad feelings towards Garrett because she blames him for Garrett's father leaving. Before Garrett was born his father, Jenna's step father, had treated her like a princess, and then things changed between him and me and well, he ended up leaving. I think she blames Garrett for it."

Sighing I looked over to my sister and she reached out to me. "Listen, Susan is only my half sister too, but we both love each other."

Mrs. Davis smiled gently at us. "I just don't know what to do about her." She told us honestly.

Shrugging my shoulders I just simply answered, "Stop letting her get away with treating Garrett this way. Don't let her steal money the way she's been doing, and start giving Garrett more responsibility to do his own thing without her having a say in the matter. She's brutal Mrs. Davis, and when she is in charge of Garrett she bullies him to no end."

Mrs. Davis smiled and looked a bit worn out as she patted my hand. "Thank you Hunter. I appreciate you telling me these things. I can see why Garrett thinks so highly of you, and I see you care for him. It makes me feel a lot better that he has someone looking out for him. When his sister isn't around you are all he ever talks about. I have to mull things over, but I promise I'll do something about Jenna. What you've told me is a bit disturbing, and I don't like her being such a bully." She stated sitting there in thought.

My sister looked at her watch and got up. Noting that things seemed to be fine here she leaned in and gave me a hug. "You've got your medication with you?" She asked me as I nodded and tapped my pocket. "Good, don't forget to take them later," she said as she kissed me on the cheek and ruffled my hair before getting up and leaving. She said goodbye to Mrs. Davis and let herself out.

"Are you sick?" Mrs. Davis asked a little hesitantly worried her son might catch the flu or something from me.

"Nah, not really. I don't have anything contagious or anything." I told her easily.

"Oh, is this medication something you take all the time? Is it something I need to know about?" She asked again not out of being nosy, but rather just out of being a good concerned parent.

"Yeah, I have a sort of chemical imbalance and the med's keep me in check. Don't worry it isn't contagious or anything and I'm just fine," I smiled at her. I knew what her next question was going to be so I just chuckled and headed her off before she asked. "Please don't ask me to say out loud what it is because the doctors use all these fancy words and mumbo jumbo technical medical technology that it just makes my head spin all the time. I think just them talking about it makes me more dizzy than the medication themselves," I laughed teasingly.

She nodded her head, gave me last minute instructions, and headed out the door. By the time I got up to Garrett's room he was wondering what had taken me so long. I just rolled my eyes and stated, "Mothers," as we both giggled.

The weather was actually nice for the Northwest without any rain now for over a week. Looking at my watch I noticed it was slightly after six in the evening now with the sun still out, so I suggested we hold off on the video games and talked him into a friendly soccer match outside in his yard. The nice thing about the Northwest is that it cooled down in the evenings during the summer months, and right now the temperature was perfect for a friendly game of soccer as the two of us bumped against each other fighting for the ball. He really wasn't all that bad for a ten or eleven year old. By the time we got inside we were both breathing hard and out of breathe with a glistening sheen of sweat on our faces.

"That…was…a…blast," Garrett laughed uninhibitedly. It made me happy to see him enjoying himself so openly

"Do you play on a team?" I asked him.

He shook his head and looked down. "Naw, I'm sort of a klutz," he sighed.

"What, no way. You did really well, and you should try out for a team. I think you'd be surprised at yourself. I mean sure maybe at first you won't be as good as some of the kids who've played for a while, but I can tell you have a lot of natural talent, and before long you'd have some mad skills." I told him honestly.

"You think so?" He asked not so sure.

"Fuck yeah,"

Garrett looked at me and laughed at my potty mouth. "Mom wouldn't be so happy with your language." He stated as he giggled.

"Yeah, well she doesn't have to know. Besides I don't talk like that around adults, but when I'm with my friends I like the freedom of being able to say or do anything I want without having to worry…know what I mean?"

"Shit yeah," he responded which set us both on a laughing spree as I jumped on him and we wrestled around for a moment.

Feeling him that close to me sent shivers up my spine. I trapped him on the floor and just started tickling him all over the side of his neck and ribs. He squirmed and squealed before I released him helping him up off the floor. I noticed a healthy sized bulge in his pants, and just shook my head smiling at him. He didn't notice my fleeting look at his crotch as he stood up and leaned in to me giving me a quick hug.

"Thanks," he said releasing me before we headed upstairs to play some video games. I ordered a pizza for us to eat with the money his mom had left us, and we settled in playing some video games while we waited. The pizza finally arrived and we wolfed down our food like a bunch of ravenous beasts, and after we finished I took my medication. Garrett watched me intently and wondered why I took them. I kept it simple just saying I have a chemical imbalance and these medications help me out. He was still curious of course wanting more details, but he seemed to get the sense from me that I didn't want to talk about it anymore so he just dropped it.

We just played some more for a while and had a good time together. Garrett really seemed to be happy and so carefree around me. He even opened up a little talking about some of his classmates, and who he would like to be friends with. He seemed to get a little quiet about his friendship or lack thereof, so I told him he should just go for it. Besides what's the worst thing that could happen. All they could do is say no to being friends, and he would be in the same place he was before asking.

It was starting to get late so I finally made an announcement, "Alright Garrett, I think it's time for you to go get cleaned up and slowly ready for bed. Do you normally take a shower or a bath?" I asked him.

"Awe man, do I have to?" He asked.

I laughed at him as I leaned in and took a big whiff. "Yup you stink with all that running around we did earlier. A good dose of water would help with the funky odor," I chuckled.

"Yeah but you played as well," he grumped.

"You're right, and when I get home I'm going to take a shower as well. In the meantime at least one of can get all spiffy clean, so bath or shower?" I asked again.

He just shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "It really doesn't matter one way or the other."

"Hmm, what about a bubble bath then?" I asked him as I smiled.

Garrett laughed at me. "Geeze, I haven't had one of those since I've been like five years old, I'm no baby you know."

"I know but hey, what's the harm with having a little fun. I'll get your bath ready while you play some more video games. I'll come back and tell you when it's good to go," I told him as I got up and left his room.

Turning on the faucet I plugged up the drain and adjusted the temperature. I didn't know how hot he liked the water, but I liked it a bit on the warmer side so just put in what was comfortable for me. Looking around I added some liquid soap into the water watching it bubble up. Once I got the tub all filled up I turned off the water and walked across the hall into Garrett's room.

"Alright partner you're all good to go. Give me a holler if you need anything. I'll be right here playing some games," I stated watching him get up and head out the room.

Turning on the controller I started in on one of the games. My mind really wasn't on it at all as my thoughts wandered over to Garrett and what his body must look like without any clothes. I could feel my pecker start to twitch inside my pants when my daydreaming was interrupted.

"Hunter?" I heard Garrett shouting out so I got up and stuck my head inside the door that had been left partially open.

"Yeah…what's up?" I asked as I saw Garrett buried up to his neck in suds.

He looked hilarious, and I couldn't help laughing at the sight. I mean his hair was no longer flying all over the place, but was instead plastered up against his head giving him a completely different look. If that wasn't funny enough all I could see was just his head floating up above the white foamy frothing.

"What?" He asked smiling.

"Nothing it's just that you look hilarious with your hair all plastered down like that, not to mention it looks like your head is suspended in the air," I told him as he started to giggle at what I was describing. "So, what's up?" I asked again.

"Could you scrub my back?" He asked me seriously.

My heart skipped a beat as I imagined my hands running along his smooth skin. "Um…I don't know Garrett. What would your mom say about it?"

He genuinely looked confused by my question, but shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know but why would she even care?" He asked me seriously. "Please," he pleaded.

I sighed and approached him while he turned his back to me. I started to sit down, but then all of a sudden he just stood up with his back to me. Oh shit I whispered to myself as his pale skin glistened while water cascaded down his body. My eyes focused on a lone clump of white sudsy foam as it slowly slithered down his body and over his cute pale orbs. My body shivered uncontrollably at the sight of him totally naked in front me, even if it was only his backside.

Shaking my head to clear it I stepped closer bending over to pick up the bar of soap. Getting my hands wet, I rubbed the bar of soap around in my hands to get it all foamy then slowly started at his shoulder. My fingers shook a little as I methodically rubbed his soft skin with my fingers. I heard Garrett sigh as he placed his hand up against the wall. He seemed to be enjoying the little massaging motions.

My hands no longer shook as I continued to knead his skin with my fingers working slowly down his back. He moaned gently as my hands worked their magic. My eyes were peeled to his pale unblemished skin while my hands slithered along his side and back up. I put my hands on his shoulders, then slid a little outwards before pulling downward, and watched satisfied as he dropped his arms along his side allowing my hands to work up and down his arms. Finishing up with his arms I once again focused on the rest of his back.

Placing the flat of my left hand around on his chest, and the flat of my right hand on the middle of his back, I worked it downwards until I reached his nice pale globes. Hesitating for a moment with indecision I finally shrugged to myself and slowly rubbed his cute little bubble butt. He tensed up for a moment at the unexpected touching of his ass, but he immediately relaxed and shivered as I caressed his orbs. He moaned and quivered as my hands gently rubbed his fleshy softness. Then I heard the boy moan again, or was that me this time. At the moment I don't know who was quivering more the boy or me.

Garrett leaned up more against the wall shoving his cute little orbs further out towards me as the crack between his two cheeks opened up a bit. I couldn't resist as I ran my slicked up fingers inside the warm crevice. The small boy jolted a moment before settling down and bending over even more. Shit he was so fucking hot, I shivered as my fingers dove in further and brushed up against his opening. Garrett gasped and my head felt like it was in a fog. This was too much and not right as I struggled to get out of my stupor.

My own jeans felt tight around my crotch, and I realized that my dick was shoving up against the tight fitting fabric. My pecker felt rock solid inside my pants, and I even thought there was a sensation of wetness. It made me wonder if I was leaking a bit of pre-cum because that definitely wasn't normal for me. Hell even when I shot my cum it was like one good blast before things sort of petered out and maybe oozed a bit. Shit, this little guy was making me so damn horny.

Getting back some of my composure I removed my hand from between his orbs, and bent over unplugging the drain allowing the water to flow out of the tub. I turned on the faucet and adjusted the temperature. I grabbed a cup and filling it up with the running water slowly poured it over his skin. I did this several times until all the soap was removed from his body. I looked over his sleek lanky torso and shivered as I ogled his smooth orbs and his shapely legs. Damn, he was so fucking hot looking and he's only ten I thought to myself, maybe eleven. His skin was completely unblemished and so damn smooth that the sight of it was making my heart lurch in my chest forcing me to swallow down a hard lump in my throat.

"Um…alright I think you're done, I'll just leave you alone so you…" I started to say when he just turned around right in front of me. My eyes bugged out seeing him completely naked in all his beauty.

"H…holy shit," I exclaimed. "Oh fuck…holy shit," I repeated for a second time completely at a loss for words at what I was seeing and trying to swallow.

I mean it's not as if I haven't seen naked boys before, but what I saw threw me for a loop. If I say perfection personified, that would be an understatement, and that thing between his legs made me swoon and gulp in envy.

Garrett just looked at me while I ogled his package. "What?" He asked me.

"Oh fucking shit," was all I could say in response.

Garrett looked confused as he gazed down at his body. "Oh…that, sorry," he stated. "It just sort of happens, and what you did to my back felt really good." He blushed as he pushed down against his erection and skinned it slowly revealing a slicked up purplish acorn head before sliding his skin back into place. The skin looked really extremely tight around his thick glans, and I shivered not believing what my eyes were seeing as about a quarter inch of skin still extended past his erection closing at the tip.

His penis looked all slicked up and smooth, and I could see his blue veins along the pale stretched skin as he released his penis allowing it to smack up against his bare hairless pubic mound. I flinched as the slapping noise seemed to resonate loudly in the small room. Garrett looked back up at me apologetically about his erection, and I just shook my head.

"N…no, it's not that it's just that…" I swallowed hard as I looked back down at his erection.

"What…what's wrong with my…dinky?" He asked me getting a little concerned now that maybe something was wrong with his pecker or something. He didn't think it had anything to do with his extra skin because he had seen the same thing on me.

"No, there's nothing wrong Garrett it's just that shit…" I couldn't finish because my mouth had become dry.

"What," He insisted looking at me looking at his nakedness.

"Damn Garrett you're fucking hung like a horse. That thing is huge," I finally managed to get out.

He looked down at himself a little confused then back up at me still not understanding me. I mean the little guy's erection was at least four and a half inches long a good half inch longer than my erection of four inches. Not to mention it seemed about twice as fat as mine. When I had an erection my penis also had about a quarter of an inch piece of foreskin extending over my glans, but my erection looked long and sleek with my skin pulling back and forth easily whereas his penis was extremely thick with a very tight foreskin. Hell he hasn't even reached puberty where his penis starts to get bigger and his balls drop. Even his smooth pouch hung down slightly with walnut sized testicles making a clear outline in the silky skin. I mean sure a four and a half inch erection isn't considered big by any means, but it was huge on a boy his age and size.

"Really?" He gulped looking down at himself.

"Yeah, really dude. Hell you saw the size of my soft dick last week at the movie theater. I mean yours is bigger than mine when it is soft right?"

"I guess," he replied.

"Well mine is probably average for my age and yours will get much bigger by the time you are as old as me. As it is, you are already bigger than me." I told him.

He looked down at himself as it pulsed up and down against his bare pubic mound.

"Oh fuck Garrett, what the hell am I going to do with you," I giggled.

He shrugged, "what do guys normally do about it when they get hard?" He asked seriously.

I chuckled good naturedly and just shook my head not answering his question totally baffled by such innocence. Hell that was one conversation I didn't want to get involved in at that moment. I mean sure guys talk all the time, but what if he told his mother. Then another thought crossed my mind as I realized that what I had felt between his legs at the movie theater was not his erection, but his normal sized penis. Not to mention my thinking he was sporting an erection when we went to the restroom because of his large sized bulge he was sporting was also incorrect at the time. No, what I had figured was his erection last week really was just his normal size soft dick squished in the fabric of his clothing.

Garrett looked down at himself, his huge erection slowly deflating in bobbing motions, with a worried expression on his face. He bit his lower lip while I grabbed a towel to dry him off with. I wrapped it around him and enjoyed the sensation of running my hands over his body as I toweled him off. By the time I finished he still had a worried look on his face.

"What's the matter?" I finally asked him as I looked down at his pale naked torso noting his penis had gone completely soft. It was now hanging loosely over his ball sack and was about three and a half inches long, discounting that lovely pucker of now half inch skin hanging tightly closed past his fat juicy glans. It wasn't as fat now, but still way thicker than my own soft penis. I shivered again at how fucking fine he looked standing there in front of me.

Garrett shrugged his shoulders and looked down away from me. I cupped his chin and slowly eased his face upwards to look at me. He had tears in his eyes now as he gulped and looked at me.

"What's wrong Garrett?" I asked him again tenderly, and a bit frightened that maybe I had done something wrong and he was now afraid of being naked in front of me.

"It's too big," He stated.

"What?" I asked confused, but relieved it wasn't what I was thinking.

"My dick's too big," he whispered in shame.

My mouth gaped for a moment, and then I busted up laughing drawing him to me. I felt his arms wrap around me and his groin pushing against my stomach. My pecker twitched at the closeness of his boyhood as it brushed up against me. He started to sniffle now and I felt bad.

"Listen Garrett, there's nothing wrong with the size of your penis. Some boys have big ones some little ones. Some boys have skin and some don't. It really doesn't matter one way or the other except for a person's pride. Actually most boys would kill for a pecker as big as yours so you should actually be happy about that." I told him seriously.

"Really, no foolin?" He looked at me critically.

"Really…no foolin I swear." I replied back as I hugged away his concerns.

Damn, the poor kid really didn't have a clue about sex or anything. Shit at his age he should at least already know about some of the basics. He really must be a loner without many friends. Even kids at school talk about things. Of course some of it so totally not true while other things completely dead on. Garrett just seemed completely out of touch sex wise.

Sitting down on the toilet seat I wrapped the towel around his waist, moved him between my legs, and started attacking his wild hair. As it started to dry it began to fluff up and go wild. He handed me a brush and I started to brush it out as I chuckled. "Oh my sweet little boy, what are we to do about that hair of yours?"

He just giggled and shrugged his shoulders as he unwrapped the towel from his waist and hung it up to dry. Walking back to his room completely naked I had to adjust my own erection inside my pants as I watched those smooth orbs jiggling around as he walked. Damn, he was so lanky and sleek looking without his clothes on. His pale smooth unblemished skin just beckoned for attention, and I sighed as I reluctantly followed him into his room. I say reluctantly because he looked so delectably delicious, but I knew I couldn't eat any of it up. At least not without feeling a bit guilty about it.

Garrett sat back on his bed and fuck he looked so damn sexy to me. His large package spread out between his legs and with his feminine features he just looked so damn scrumptious at the moment all spread out and open like that. I sat down next to him all horned up and started to sweat.

"Hey kiddo, maybe it's not such a good idea to just sit around naked like that. How about putting on your sleep clothing. What do you normally wear?" I asked him.

The sexy wild curly haired boy leaned over reaching under his pillow, and started to slip on a pair of pajama shorts. I got flush in the face as I enjoyed watching him slithering into those pajama bottoms. He lifted up his hips, and slid them over the top of his large sized balls and dick. A sad feeling crept over me as his beauty was covered up.

"Come on," I told him as I pulled back his covers so he could stretch out on his bed.

He sighed as his body stretched out and he looked at me. "Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" He asked and I smiled.

"Sure, why don't you lie on your stomach and I'll rub your back for you. My sister used to do that when I couldn't sleep and it felt really good. I liked it a lot."

"That sounds cool," he sighed rolling on his stomach while I stroked his back. His skin felt silky smooth and clean under my finger, and I felt him shiver and sigh with pleasure. I continued for several minutes before he rolled on his back with a huge tenting in his shorts. I couldn't stifle a giggle as I started rubbing his tummy.

Starting in a tight circle around his inney belly button I slowly made ever bigger circles until my fingers ran just bellow his waistband all the way up past his dime sized nipples. He shivered in pleasure under my fingers, and I could see his dick twitching under his pajamas.

He sighed contentedly and looked over at me, "this feels so good," he whispered as he looked down at the big tent in his pajamas. He lowered the waistband, tucked it beneath his balls exposing himself, pulled downwards on his stiffness, and then released it. He giggled when it made that loud smacking sound as it slapped up against his bare pubic mound. The boy was just so adorably cute like this, and I couldn't resist myself as I reached out.

Garrett released his penis to me as I grabbed it in my fingers. He gasped at the sensation of someone else holding his most intimate of possessions, and then calmed down watching me and smiling. Damn the thing felt so huge in my fingers and heavy. I slowly skinned back his extremely tight skin over his glans, and gasped as his purplish large acorn slipped out from beneath its hood. As tight as the foreskin was on the boy's penis I took extra caution not to skin him too fast for fear of hurting him, and was glad when it slipped over the boy's thick corona or ridge and stayed in place.

Sliding the skin back over the top of his glans I shivered at how sexy it looked and tight it felt. I slid it up and down a few times now that I knew it didn't hurt him despite its tightness, and noticed Garrett's eyes rolling back in his head. Shit, I was jacking the boy and I knew I had to stop before something unintentional happened. Sighing, I slowly slid his skin back over his glans, and gently eased his shorts back over his nakedness.

Covering his small body with the blanket I started to get up so he could go to sleep. He grabbed my arm and looked at me pleadingly.

"Please stay a little while longer?" He asked me.

"Sure, sweetness," I whispered as I leaned over and kissed his cheek. I settled down next to him and stretched out alongside of his body. He was tucked under a lightweight blanket and I was stretched out on top as I wrapped my arm around his neck while he snuggled up next to me and sighed happily.

My shoulders were shaking, and I could hear a whispering noise as my eyes snapped open. I had fallen asleep next to Garrett and Mrs. Davis was smiling down at me as she held her finger up to her lips. I looked down and felt half of Garrett's body straddled over me. His right leg was hanging over my crotch and I could tell I was sporting an erection. Thank goodness his leg was covering up the large lump in my pants. His right arm was draped over my chest, and his head was lying on my chest. Half of his body was lying on top of me, and I could feel his erection digging into the side of my stomach.

Looking up at his mom she smiled and motioned me towards the door as she turned around and headed downstairs. Thank goodness she left me alone to extricate myself or it could have been a bit humiliating if she noticed my boner. Slowly so as not to wake up the sleeping boy I managed to slither out from beneath him. I felt his penis twitching against me before I made my escape. He whimpered for a moment before settling back down when I stroked his face.

Adjusting myself to a more respectable look, I sighed and headed downstairs a little drowsily. Mrs. Davis smiled at me as she handed me a cup of hot chocolate.

"So I take it you two had fun," she chuckled at me.

"Yeah, I really like him a lot Mrs. Davis. He's really a good kid and has a great personality when he can just be open and free."

"That's good sweetie. It's been so long since I've seen him this happy. Actually, I was starting to get a little worried, but now it all makes sense with what you've told me. I've been thinking about it, and I know there are going to have to be some changes around here. It's going to be difficult for a bit, but hopefully it will at least help with Garrett." She sighed to herself not looking forward to what was going to happen concerning Jenna.

We both sat there silently for a few moments. Garrett kept popping into my mind, not only what I saw in the bathtub, but also things that he was saying. Of course he was so adorably cute in his naivety, but still there were things he just needs to know about or he'd feel totally inadequate when making friends.

"Mrs. Davis, can I ask you something personal…I mean regarding Garrett?" I asked not really wanting to talk about certain things. Some things are just embarrassing to talk about with mothers.

"Sure sweetie…I guess." She stated looking at me as I tried to formulate how I was going to begin.

"Um…well," I started kind of squirming. "This is kind of hard to talk about, but Garrett sort of seems…a little…um…uninformed about his body." I finally stated looking at her and blushing.

She arched her eyebrows not really knowing what I meant so I continued, "Well, I…I…um…well you see Garrett took a bath and…well uh…he asked for some help, and I…uh…saw him…you know…um…well…I just saw him." I stuttered as I paused to look at her reaction.

She smiled at me and seemed to sense how uncomfortable this was for me. "Well Hunter this is a bit of a surprise." She stated noting my fear that I might have done something wrong. She held up her hand to ease my mind. "No, what I mean Hunter I'm surprised that he even allowed you to see him naked. He's kind of shy about his body."

"Really?" I stated in surprise. "I mean he didn't seem so shy to me. He didn't even try to hide himself or anything from me. Maybe it is because I'm another guy so he didn't feel awkward about it…you know what I mean?" I said and she nodded agreeing with me.

I continued since she was listening to me letting me lead the way in the conversation. "Well, you can imagine my surprise when I um…you know saw him…his...," I sighed and just decided to spit it out, "I was a bit surprised at how big he is down there." I rushed through it as quickly as possible and blushed with embarrassment. "Mrs. Davis this is kind of uncomfortable for me, but I just wanted to say he didn't even understand that he was um…like pretty big. I mean he saw my surprise, and I had to explain to him why I was so shocked because he thought something was wrong with him. Then when I told him he had a big penis, bigger than most kids his age, he sort of got scared that he was too big. I had to explain to him that there is nothing wrong, and how some boys are bigger and some smaller." I finally exhaled.

"Oh, I see." She said as it was her time to blush a bit at the sexual conversation going on with another boy she barely knew. "I don't know what to say Hunter. I'm not sure this is an appropriate conversation between us."

"I know, it is awkward Mrs. Davis, but I'm just trying to point out he is sort of a little behind about his own body. I mean I know he'd feel totally uncomfortable talking to his mother about this, hell I would too having this conversation about my body with my mom, but who do you have talking to him about some of the changes he will be going through very soon. You know…puberty?" I asked her.

She fiddled her fingers around her cup as she thought about what I was saying. "You know without a male influence in his life, and how uncomfortable he's gotten about his body in front of me and his sister, it's gotten more difficult. When he was younger I took him to the doctor, and they told him about how to keep himself clean since he isn't circumcised. I might have to do the same thing now that he is getting to that age. I just didn't realize he was so out of touch about his body."

We both got silent again because in a way this was a bit uncomfortable, but it also seemed to point out some things we were both concerned about as well. She got the feeling that I really truly cared about her son's well being.

"Hunter?" She broke the silence.

I looked up at her questioningly as she continued. "If Garrett has some questions about…his body and it comes up around you I'm fine with you talking to him. I mean it really seems you are concerned about him, and he does seem comfortable with you. I know it was a bit of shock for you; especially seeing him naked, but I'm glad you were able to overcome the surprise." She chuckled at me and could only imagine my astonishment.

I sniggered as well, "Mrs. Davis you have no idea. When that thing whipped out in the open I was speechless. I mean I've seen other boys obviously, but that was a bit of shock; especially coming from a sweet kid like Garrett. He looks more like a girl at this stage of his development so when that thing whipped around I almost fainted with surprise. I couldn't even talk I was so stunned. I mean it's funny now, but at the time I was flustered."

Mrs. Davis was laughing so hard that she was holding her sides as she played it over in her mind. "Oh Hunter, I've come to the determination that you are a blessing to our family. You're a fresh breath of air. Listen, I'm serious, I'd rather Garrett talk to you about what his going on with his body and with how puberty is going to affect him in a couple of years. I'll leave it to your discretion what is appropriate right now and what isn't. At least he appears to be more comfortable around you, and to tell you the truth he would probably be so embarrassed to no end if I talked to him about that sort of thing. I hope you will think about this and are willing to help me out."

Holy crap, she just gave me permission to talk with her son about sexual things. I mean she didn't say talk to him about sex, but let's face it puberty is about sex. This also opens up the doors for other issues and I started to flush a little.

"Um…I guess that would be alright but if I do…it has to be sort of between him and me. I mean it wouldn't be right to sort of talk about him like that. Telling you about Garrett this time was really hard for me because I feel I sort of betrayed a confidence with him, but on the other hand I don't really think what we discussed was questions he had regarding his body. So if I do this would you be comfortable if Garrett and I kept those conversations between just the two of us?"

She leaned back and looked at me thinking for a moment before sighing. "I guess I'll have to trust you with my baby then, but I suppose you are right about this being a private matter for Garrett. If I talked to him I wouldn't expect it right that the things we discussed together be shared with others."

"One more thing," I started. "Jenna can't know about Garrett and how he feels about himself regarding his privates. She's really mean, and I think she could really do a lot of harm to him. I'd also appreciate if she doesn't know I saw Garrett naked either. Also, I don't want my folks to know about having permission from you. Don't get me wrong I think they'd be alright with it, but they might want to talk to me, or rather my mom, and to tell you the truth it's a bit uncomfortable…you know…talking with her about that sort of thing?"

"Noooo…absolutely not Hunter. I won't discuss this with your folks or Jenna. This conversation is between the two of us. I won't even tell Garrett about it, but will encourage him to start talking to you about his body. Maybe it would be different if I had started when he was younger, but now it is just way too difficult for him, and to tell you the truth I feel a little out of sorts talking to him about the male body. It's kind of weird for me too." She laughed a little nervously.

This had been a good conversation. Hell, I couldn't believe how well things had turned out. For some reason I felt all giddy inside at the prospect of growing closer to the sexy little tyke. We talked a little more, and then she let me go upstairs so I could check up on Garrett. He was lying on his back with the covers pulled off of him. I walked over and chuckled as his boner was tenting his pajamas.

Leaning down to cover him up, I looked over my shoulders, and then slipped my hand under his shorts gently wrapping my hand around his huge torrid dick. The warmth between his legs seemed to wrap around my hand seductively, and as my fingers slowly encircled his hard stiffness the heat seemed to radiate within my fist enticingly making me shiver excitedly. I gently stroked it up and down, and heard Garrett moan in his sleep as his penis began to twitch wildly. Damn, he was so fucking hot I thought to myself as I released him and covered him up with the blanket. I leaned down and brushed my lips against his mouth giving him a soft kiss. He tasted so wonderful, and it was all I could do not to just jump in bed with him and ravage his body.

Sighing I left him alone and headed back downstairs. Mrs. Davis drove me home, and of course my folks asked how it went. I told them a little bit about Garrett, and how sweet he was also letting them know Mrs. Davis was hoping I could spend more time with her son. My parents thought it was nice of me to be so kind to the younger boy, and felt it would be just fine with them. We chatted for a little while before I excused myself and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

Slipping out of my clothes I hopped into the shower stall and under the warm water. Ever since I started fantasizing about Garrett my orgasms had been so intense and gratifying. My mind wandered over the day's events, and I couldn't help myself as I slowly stroked myself, the foreskin on my penis gliding easily over my long thin shaft and elongated bulbous head. I couldn't fucking believe how huge Garrett was, and I instinctively knew that his big dick most definitely was on the extremely large size for a boy his age. My body shivered recalling how I had touched his body when I scrubbed his back, and then later how my fingers had explored his penis when we were lying in bed.

I could still feel the sensation of the weight in my hands as I had manipulated his shaft in my fingers pulling his skin back. My mind shifted to just before I left as I slipped my hands beneath his pajama bottoms, and wrapped my fist around his hard erection slowly jacking him. My mind shifted again to when I was peeling back his extremely tight skin as it first resisted a little before completely exposing his deep purplish glans, and how he looked when I slid it back over it into place.

My body shivered and I could feel my balls roiling in my sack as my breath caught in my chest. I was moaning now as the sensations inside of me kept building. My mind wandered to Garrett's erection again as I closely watched his foreskin slip over his glans. The sight of his huge head slipping out from his taut blanket sent me over the edge as my ass clamped down tightly and my balls contracted upwards. I was looking down at myself as a huge rope of cum exploded out of the tip of my thin hard penis. Now I say a huge rope of cum but let's face it, how much cum shoots out of a thirteen year old boy. Nevertheless it was huge compared to what normally flies out of my pee slit.

"Fuck, umph, umph, shiiiii," I tried to keep myself quiet.

It would be a fucking embarrassment if my parents came barging in at this moment because they thought I was hurt. My knees buckled under me, and I almost blacked out for a moment. I had been tired today so this intense orgasm was just a reminder of how wiped out I was from today's exertion.

Breathing heavily I sluggishly climbed to my feet after my high subsided, and slowly cleaned myself up. I was exhausted as I stepped out of the tub and dried myself off. I thought I had heard my sister getting back home. I'm sure she would tell me all about the party as I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked down the hall a few steps before slipping into my room.

When I entered I was surprised to see my friend Dylan waiting for me. I smiled at him weakly and said hi to him as I sat on my bed. He looked at me critically for a moment with a little concern etched across his features.

"You alright, did you take your med's?" He asked sincerely.

"Yeah, you know how it is sometimes. The med's make me tired at times." I stated as he nodded his head.

Yawning I got up peeling off my towel and slipped under my bed covers. I could tell Dylan was checking out my body as he smiled enjoying the view. It's not as if he hasn't seen me naked before. Hell, we've even had jack off sessions together before so being naked in front of him was not a big deal. I watched his graceful movements as he got up off the chair and sat next to me on the bed.

"Dude, you missed a good party." He stated and I smiled telling him that was nice.

He told me all about the party and the people who were there. Thank goodness Jenna and her friends weren't present and everyone in our age group had a blast he had told me. We talked for a while and he asked if it would be alright to spend the night with me. He said he already got permission from his folks, and as soon as he arrived he had asked my parents too so it was alright with everyone.

"Yeah, sure it sounds cool," I stated as I shivered a little feeling a bit cold.

"Shit Hunter, are you sure you're alright?" He asked as he put his hand on my forehead.

"Yeah, just a little cold is all," I told him.

He sighed and got up. I watched him as he peeled off his clothes until he was completely naked. This was a surprise for me, but I guess he figured since I was naked he would get naked too. He looked really sexy in this lighting, and I watched him closely as his balls swayed between his legs. He turned off the light, and then slipped under the covers next to me.

This was the first time I had really looked at him like this, you know in terms of sex. The affect Garrett had on me must be influencing how I looked at other boys now. Dylan really was a sexy looking boy, and I felt my penis twitch a little. It was a damn good thing I had just taken care of my urges just moments before, or I was sure I'd have a raging boner by now with how sexy he looked to me.

"Damn Hunter, you really are cold," he stated as he snuggled up next to me not even embarrassed that we were both naked.

After seeing each other so often, and even jacking off around each other, I guess being naked next to each other was no big deal. His closeness to me along with the affects Garrett had on me earlier was making me horny, and I just needed to be close to another body. Dylan was lying on his back so I rolled up next to him and draped my right leg over him along with my right arm pulling him in towards me.

It must have been a bit of a shock for Dylan because I felt him tense up for a moment before he relaxed again. My leg rubbed up against his crotch, and I could feel him immediately get hard. I couldn't help myself as I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his dick. This was the first time I had ever touched him like this, and he jerked in surprise, but didn't pull away trusting me.

Releasing his dick I looked over at him and chuckled. "Seems like someone's got a boner," I teased.

"Yeah, well what the fuck was grabbing me all about," he teased back as I yawned.

"I couldn't resist, you're so damn sexy," I told him as I laid my head on his shoulder.

My comment must have caught him by surprise because he didn't say anything. I don't think he really minded that I said he was sexy, it was just my behavior was a bit odd. He sighed and wrapped his arm around me and stroked my hair. It felt nice and I drifted off to sleep in his warm embrace.

Sometime in the night I woke up for a moment still lying in the same position with the steady rise and lowering of Dylan's chest as he breathed easily in his sleep. His arm was draped behind my naked back, and I could feel his erection under my leg while my own hard tube poked him in the side. He felt so warm next to me, and I was glad he had decided to spend the night. I would probably have shivered with cold all night otherwise. At times my body would betray me like this, and it would take so long to warm up. My eyes closed, and I fell back into a deep uninterrupted sleep feeling comforted in the knowledge that he was so close to me.

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