Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 1

I had to restrain myself from reaching down and clamping my hand firmly around my twitching cock inside my form fitting jeans. I was literally bouncing back and forth on the balls of my two feet as I paid for my ticket and headed straight inside the movie theater, past the concession stands, and directly into the boy's bathroom. My ass was clenched so tightly that I could feel the sweat inside my butt cheeks as they slithered back and forth while I walked, or rather nearly ran.

My sister had asked if I had gone to the bathroom before we left the house, but of course at the time I didn't have to go, so no I hadn't. She sighed shaking her head knowing me so well, and that about an hour later I would probably be bursting at the seams. Oh well, I really didn't have to go at the time. She had done some grocery shopping for mom, and then dropped me off at my favorite Saturday hangout, the Lowe's movie theater here in Lakemount, Washington.

The first showing before noon was always the cheapest, and it gave me plenty of time to spend outside afterwards. I loved going to the movie theater just to get away from it all for a little while; you know life in general. Not that I had any major problems at home or anything; actually, quite the opposite since I had dotting loving parents and an overprotective older sister. I loved my sister to death, and when I really thought about my life over the past several years, I had to admit she was probably my best friend in the whole world. Don't get me wrong I was a pretty popular kid in school, and had a lot of friends, but in the end it was my sister who I turned to during those difficult times in life, and believe me when I tell you there's been plenty of drama in my life. At least the past few years have plugged along without too much of an incident creating a hiccup in my otherwise normal life.

Bursting through the swinging door I headed to the first urinal, unzipped my fly, fished my semi hard damp erection out, and sighed as a blast of yellow stream splattered against the white porcelain receptacle. I stepped back a little not wanting any to splash on my sharp looking duds. I worked hard at maintaining good fashionable attire, and it just wouldn't do at all to splatter piss all over my threads.

Although we don't spend a fortune on clothes I do keep a sharp eye out and do my own clothes shopping. I enjoy looking for outfits that make me look sharp so I had put on a pair of fitted jeans, with a purple colored short sleeved button up shirt with a black tee beneath and matching purple Vans on my feet. On my wrist I wore a Timex Weekender Watch with interchangeable nylon bands. Of course I had put on the purple colored band to match my shirt and shoes. I loved this watch because of the interchangeable colors of bands, and it was simple yet elegant. It was perfect for my styling sensibilities without breaking the pocket book. Some of my friends teased me sometimes about how sharply I dress for school, but then they started noticing the attention I was getting from the female persuasion so started to dress a little flashier themselves.

Of course at the moment being sharply dressed looked a bit silly with the plaid lap blanket draped over my shoulder. It was really warm outside, but I had learned that this air conditioned movie theater could be a bit cool inside; especially since we are sitting sedentary for such a long period of time.

"Oh shit yeah," I muttered in relief with an almost euphoric type of feeling as I drained my lizard.

You know how it is when you've been holding it in for so long. When you finally open the flood gates your whole insides quivers in relief. I was panting heavily as a wave of relief came over me now that I was rapidly emptying out my bladder. It had been a close call there for a moment. I actually thought I might have dribbled a little inside my boxer shorts getting to the bathroom, and when I had fished out my pecker it had felt damp.

Looking around I was relieved to see the bathroom had been empty at the time. I'm sure had someone been there they may have gotten the idea that I had just jacked off or something because I had moaned so loudly. Shit I'm not a little kid anymore I berated to myself knowing I needed to be more careful about these types of things.

Giving my dick a few shakes to dislodge the last few drops I looked down longingly at the smooth sleek accessory, and sighed as I tucked it away zipping my jeans back up. It had felt so good to empty out my bladder, and with nobody inside the bathroom I had actually contemplated for a brief moment about having a quick wank, despite me just berating myself for sounding like I had done just that a moment ago. I chuckled to myself as I washed my hands and entered the lobby. Oh well, so it goes for a horny pubescent hormonal prone teenager.

A few more people were arriving, and I noticed Jenna off to the side with her other two drama queens. She was a pain in the ass in school, and had been trying to get inside of my pants all school year, at least that's the impression I got and most of my friends tended to agree with that assessment. For the life of me I had no idea why because she was supposedly the prettiest girl in our class, and although a snazzy dresser, I felt more on the average side in the looks department.

Don't get me wrong she was pretty and all, but I didn't want anything to do with her. Let's just say I knew she was way too much maintenance, and she had a very mean side to her. If you got on her bad side there would most definitely be trouble. She was the top dog so to speak on the girl's side of things in school.

As if on cue I saw her laying into her little brother. Well at least I think it was her little brother. The boy, about ten or eleven years old, really looked more girlish than a boy. However, I had heard her refer to the boy as Garrett, which is pretty much a boy's name, so I just assumed whether right or wrong that the little guy was a boy. Now don't get me wrong, even though the boy looked like a girl, he was kind of cute in a way. Hmm, maybe saying it this way didn't really come out the right way.

The kid had really long curly light brown hair, and when I say curly I really mean curly, and a lot of it being almost wild and sticking out in all directions. The feminine facial features with an effeminate looking body sort of gave him that girly kind of look. He was wearing blue jeans that looked to fit him pretty well, old cowboy boots that were a bit scuffed up, and a white long sleeve button up shirt. It wasn't tucked in and hung around his slight form loosely with the sleeves folded up along his arms. The top three buttons were undone revealing a white tee underneath. On top of his head trying to hold his unruly hair in place he had on a brown hat, not a baseball cap, but sort of like a wool fedora type of hat, and the same shade as his hair. Even the way he looked in his clothes you couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl. Hell, you couldn't even check to see if he had a little boy bulge or not because his shirt hung over his pants.

All in all he looked for all practical purposes like a girl. He had really soft facial features with a small thin petite button like nose with a hint of upturn at the very tip. His round hazel eyes with light brown thin eyebrows looked soft and appealing on his long thin oval shaped face. Even his small soft ruby red lips looked almost feminine like in quality. I just don't know how to describe his face other than he just looked more effeminate and soft.

As I was looking at him more closely something seemed to stir inside of my pants. I sighed not knowing what to make of that, but then again the last couple of years my dick didn't need an excuse to just get all stiff like on its own. I made a quick unobtrusive adjustment, and continued to wait in the snack line while I watched Jenna lay in to her brother. The smaller boy winced, and so did I. For the life of me I didn't know why she was such a bitch all the time, even to her own little brother. Sure my sister and I got into our little spats every once in a while, but she never berated me in front of others or her friends. Most of the times our arguments were just the usual brother and sister types of things that weren't a big deal. We would argue for all of a minute, and then it was over.

It seems as if every time I came to the movie theater and she was there with her brother she would just go off on him. I could tell he was trying to stifle his tears as he looked down. I winced again as she smacked him upside the head for no apparent reason, and just called him a sissy boy while her two drama queens just giggled all silly like. Well I guess that kind of confirmed the whole boy thing. I don't know why up until now I hadn't thought one way or the other if he really was a boy or girl. I never took an interest before other than to curse under my breath at the boy's treatment by his sister.

"Hey Hunter, what's up dude?" I heard someone calling out to me.

It was Brad, one of my sister's friends, and a boy who lived down the street. He was a big guy, a star football player, and would be a senior in high school this coming up school year. We slapped hands and bumped knuckles before he unabashedly took me into a huge bear hug. I was literally swallowed up inside of his big six foot tall and three hundred pound frame. I looked puny compared to him, and well I actually was really small next to him.

At five foot one inch and only a buck five, that's one hundred five pounds to those of you not in the know, I really was small compared to him. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not small or anything for my age. At thirteen years old, soon to be fourteen, I probably am actually pretty average in height and weight. I will be entering my freshman year in high school this year and I was both excited and leery all mixed up in one about the prospect.

We chatted for a moment before Brad followed my gaze over towards Jenna, "Whoa dude looks like you've got the hot's for someone. Are you looking to get inside her panties?" He smiled at me conspiratorially.

"Oh hell no," I retorted back as he looked at me sort of confused. I sighed knowing I would have to explain my reaction to him now.

"Don't get me wrong she's pretty and all, but way too high maintenance wise. She's got one hell of a mean streak, and she goes through boy friends like there's no tomorrow always discarding them in a heap of trash. She's been trying to get inside my pants all school year, and I've got enough sense to stay away from her." I explained, and as if on cue she once again laid into her brother not caring who was around.

"What the hell Garrett. It's bad enough I have to be with you in the same theater without you constantly pestering me." She spat, smirking at her doting friends who just purred trying to please her, as once again the poor boy received a hard smack along the back side of his head.

The poor kid just looked down not knowing what to do. I'm sure their mom told him to stay by his sister's side, and here she was telling him to get lost. At his age it could be a bit of a dilemma, and I think she just relished it even more knowing this herself.

"Damn, I see what you mean Hunter." Brad stated as he involuntarily cringed. "Stay away from that bitch for sure. If she gives you any trouble just tell your sister. I'm sure Susan would beat the shit out of her if she messes with you." He stated quite seriously.

When we moved here a little over three years ago from Memphis, Tennessee, Brad was one of the first people who befriended us. Needless to say he got a little frisky one day with Susan, my older sister and same age as him, and she had a few curt words to say about it. When I say a few curt words I really mean she flipped him on his ass. The poor guy really wasn't doing anything wrong just flirting a little, but she made sure he realized she was no pushover no matter how big the boy was compared to her. Already a black belt in Taekwondo, she wasn't a pushover to no one.

We had moved here to Washington from Tennessee out of necessity a little over three years ago. I still feel guilty about the move, and it hurts to talk about it, but I guess it all worked out. Even my sister had never blamed me for the move or anything, and it was probably the most difficult for her than any of us. At first my sister was a little upset about it because she competed heavily in her martial arts and thought the move would interrupt her training. Hell she was more worried about the training than starting a new school. However, in the end it worked out just fine because she found a fantastic dojo to train in only fifteen minutes away. The new dojo was just as good as the one she trained at in Tennessee.

As for my parents, it didn't affect them all that much work wise because my dad just took a transfer to the sister company here in Washington which actually gave him a better chance at a promotion. My mom had her friends and family back home, but with video conferencing and several visits back home it never really affected her either. She was able to find a good steady job as well, and made a lot of great new friends. If there's one thing I can say about Washington, the people are pretty laid back, very friendly, and liberal about many things. The state, well at least Western Washington, truly was a melting pot of people just like our country.

Me, I guess I am a people kind of person and make friends very easily. I'm popular in school, and do well in both academics and sports. I'm not even in high school officially yet, but I already know most of the kids participating in the sports program over there. Some of it is due to my sister introducing me to her friends, and the other reason is because I attend a lot of their meets and games being sort of a mascot and good luck charm for them. I love attending various sports events, and of course the High School has a lot to offer in that department.

"Hey, anyway I was just wondering if you are going to join the JV wrestling team this year. You're going to be a freshman this year right? I heard you did pretty well at your Junior High school and went to state so I was just wondering is all." Brad queried.

I sighed, thinking for a moment. "I'm not sure. It kind of took it out of me this past year. I was thinking about maybe taking a break from it, and trying something else out. I'm still thinking on it, and will see how my body is feeling about it all." I told him seriously.

The training had been brutal because there was some stiff competition. My poor body felt battered all season. Then after wrestling I had joined up with the water polo team which meant more training. I just felt exhausted by it all. Sure it was great keeping my body fit and trim, but to tell you the truth it was starting to wear on me, and I really shouldn't have been training as hard as I did last year. It had my sister and parents a little concerned about it all.

"Well, tryouts are next month so just think about it alright?" He asked.

"Sure no problems bro," I stated as we slapped hands and bumped knuckles.

Before he left Brad scooped me up in his arms and gave me a huge bear hug making farting sounds on the bare skin along my neck with his wet lips. I couldn't help but giggle as I tried to get him to put me down. He used to do the same thing when he babysat for me when I couldn't go to one of my sister's tournaments and was home alone. He set me down and ruffled my hair.

"Ewe, yuck, you got me all wet and sticky," I complained good naturedly as I wiped away the wetness from my neck.

"Still tasty as ever," he teased as I punched him on the arm.

There never was anything sexual between us, just more like teasing between an older and younger brother. He did tell me about a lot of things, you know sexual stuff, but we never did anything together. Back then it was all I could do to stay in any kind of physical shape or have any energy to do anything, so sex really wasn't on my mind at that time. Hell, I was only ten back then. Sure there are boys already interested in that sort of stuff at that age, but I wasn't into that sort of thing when I was ten. As for now, hell yes I am. I'd whack off at a drop of a hat, and if it were a sport I'd be the world champion for sure. My pecker got really good and proper attention from me all the time and I couldn't wait for the day it got some real attention from someone else as well; whoever that may be when the time comes.

Brad waved goodbye as I moved forward through the line. There weren't a lot of people in line, but this early in the morning there was only one person attending to the people's order. I smiled at my friend as he disappeared into one of the movie theaters and hadn't noticed Jenna sidling up next to me. When I turned around I just about crapped my pants in surprise.

"Hey Hunter," She breathed. "Who was the guy that just left?" She asked me scrunching up her face disapprovingly.

"Oh that was Brad; he lives down the road from me." I responded not comfortable with her being so close to me so I took a step sideways to allow for some more space. I glanced over to her little brother who was standing with a bowed head about five feet away.

"I see," she responded, and I knew the wheels were turning in that little sadistic head of hers. "He seems kind of…well odd…if you know what I mean."

"No," I responded seriously not comfortable where she was heading.

"You know all the hugging and stuff. Seems kind of gayish…you know?"

My mouth gaped open for a moment as I was totally stunned before I just roared in laughter holding on to my sides. "You've got to be kidding me?" I laughed at her absurdity.

She seemed to get a bit miffed at me for laughing at her. "No I'm serious," she tried to convince me and her friends.

"Why would you even think that about him? I mean you don't even know the guy." I questioned in between uncontrollable giggles.

"Well I know when an older guy is perving on a younger one," she stated crossing her arms which sent me off on another fit of laughter.

Some of the adults were now looking on in interest, and I knew I had to nip this in the bud before things got out of hand. Jenna had a way of spreading rumors in a heart beat. She excelled and relished in this sort of activity. To her it was like a die hard sport addict who can't get enough of the sport they love.

"If you are trying to spread one of your unfounded rumors again Jenna I would caution you to choose your battles better." I told her seriously as I hardened my look towards her direction.

Most of the kids in our school were afraid to confront her openly for fear of the repercussions of her wrath. Although I tried to just avoid her it was simply due to not wanting to get entangled in one of her games. I wasn't afraid of her rumor mongering or her idle threats; it was just a hassle to have to deal with it.

At first she was taken aback at my firm stance, and then she folded her arms smugly getting her game face on while looking at her friends and the adults looking on interestedly, "well I'm just saying the proof is in the pudding. I saw how he picked you up and kissed you."

"Of course he did, he's more like a brother to me than anything else. He became like our family when we first moved here. The guy was here for us during some tough times that you wouldn't understand." I told her but she didn't seem convinced.

I just sighed as I continued, "listen Jenna he's not gay, and if you want to throw it around that's fine, but his girlfriend wouldn't be too appreciative of you doing that when you're going to be only a freshman and all this upcoming school year."

"Yeah right, the way he acted the only girlfriend he's got is in his fantasies," she giggled as her little ring of friends followed suit folding their arms smugly as well.

I shrugged my shoulder. "You can't say I didn't warn you. His girlfriend happens to be the most popular girl at the high school, and if she doesn't bury you my sister will." I stated truthfully.

This seemed to get Jenna's attention. "W…what do you mean?" She asked a bit out of sorts. She genuinely seemed concerned now, the first time I've seen her like this, and I imagine a first for her friends as well because their eyes had gotten as big as saucers.

"Well first of all he's got a really sweet girlfriend, and she's very popular in school. Her friends would probably bury you so deep in shit that you'd never get the stench off of you for the four years you reside in high school. However, that would be the more lenient thing for you compared to the other choice."

Jenna's eyes got big, "W…what could be worse than that?" She asked really concerned now.

"My sister, because not only will she bury you in so much shit, but she'd probably break every bone in your body before dumping you in the muck. She's not a second degree black belt in Taekwondo for nothing. Brad is like family to us, and she cares deeply for him and wouldn't be as kind like the others. Don't get me wrong my sister is very sweet until you mess with her family."

Leaving Jenna to stew over the matter I turned my attention to Garrett who was still just looking at the floor trying not to draw attention to him. I really felt bad for the kid. He seemed totally lost as to what he should do.

"Hey, my name's Hunter," I stated extending my hand to the boy trying to change the subject about Brad.

At first he didn't seem to notice I had spoken to him, and then all of a sudden he flinched, not to mention several people who were standing around, when his sister yelled at him. I guess she just wanted to deflect the situation off of her, and it came in the form of torturing her little brother.

"Hey dweeb, someone's speaking to you." She stated harshly as she reached over and shoved him towards me.

The boy looked up with the start of some tears forming in his eyes as he extended his hand to me. "H…hi, my name's Garrett," he said softly in barely a whisper.

His hands felt soft in mine as I looked at him and smiled gently. We shook hands and he started to smile back when his sister stepped up and motioned for him to go stand away now that the introductions were done.

Feeling my anger start to boil over I leaned in to Jenna and stated in a low but calm and stern voice so the boy couldn't hear me, "you can be such a bitch Jenna. He's your brother for Pete's sake at least treat him with some decency."

She seemed to gasp at my harshness as some of the closest adults who heard me nodded approvingly. Jenna blushed as she looked around, and then turned away abruptly dragging her brother with her. She stopped a little bit away from us thinking no one could hear or see her anymore, and then started scolding her little brother and shoved him towards the other end of the theater. I could tell he was crying as he slowly headed down the long hallway towards the other side of the large complex where the older movies were playing.

There were several theaters in this complex. Six in the main one where we stood in line for our snacks. This end of the building were for the new releases. Then there was a long hallway passed a gaming room to the other end of the building that had eight more theaters for older releases. There were concession stands there as well, but they were open only on the busy nights so you had to get your stuff on this end. In a way it might as well be two separate theater complexes. Each side had their own concession stands and bathrooms.

Finally reaching the counter, I sighed coming to a decision, placed my order, and paid my money. The prices of course were outrageous, but that's how it goes I guess. Putting the stuff in a carry tray I headed down the hallway following Garrett. He hadn't gotten all that far as he slowly made his way down the corridor. The boy looked totally sad and forlorn even from behind.

He entered theater number seven just past the concession stand, and I followed not far behind. I managed to open the door and stepped into the dimly lit theater room. I rounded the corner and nearly bumped into the boy as he stared down the rows of seats. I loved this theater complex ever since they converted all of the rooms. Gone were all the old style theater seats replaced with those large cool reclining leather chairs.

The recliners were really comfortable and very large. Two people could fit in one seat without any problems. Sure they took up a lot of space, but on the big release night they would show the same movie in two or three theater rooms to accommodate everyone. The chairs were all hooked up electrically so you can press a button which took you into whatever comfortable reclining position you wanted. As the chair leaned backwards the footrest came up. You could literally watch the movie lying completely down.

"So, where should we sit," I stated to the boy as I stopped next to him.

The poor guy yelped and jumped. He was so wound up that he hadn't heard me, and I unintentionally frightened him. The boy looked sideways at me and shrugged his shoulders.

"W…what are you doing here?" He asked me in his soft voice. Again even his voice sounded feminine. "I…I mean this is just some lame movie with only a "PG" rating and not really popular." He stated.

"Hmmm…really? Well I haven't seen it so why not, besides it looks as if you need a friend at the moment. I know what that feels like so just thought maybe the two of us could hang out for a bit. Would that be alright with you?" I asked him.

The boy sort of looked back at me startled. I didn't know if it was because I had asked him for permission leaving it up to him, or if it was because I offered to sit with him in the first place.

"I…I don't…I mean…if you want…I guess it would be alright."

"Good," I responded. "So, let's see what seats are left to us?" I commented as I looked around as if the place were completely full.

There was a sweet tentative laughing sound coming from right next to me. It was so angelic that my knees almost buckled. How can someone try to stifle something as pure and innocent like the boy's laughter I thought to myself. I looked at Garrett who just shook his head and giggled again, this time not so timidly.

"You're strange," he chuckled.

"Yeah I know. My friends tell me that all the time. It must be my most endearing quality," I teased as I fluttered my eyelashes at him.

Garrett just laughed as he looked at me for real this time. He was looking me over for the first time as he slowly crawled out of his shell. I smiled warmly at him getting a better look as well. He had a very cute face and his hair, well it was something that was hard to describe, but for some reason I liked it on him. Height wise he only topped out about chest level so I figured four feet four inches and maybe about fifty or fifty five pounds.

Something started to stir in my pants again so I motioned towards the back row and we walked between the seats until we were centered in front of the screen. Don't ask me why, but I just like being in the back. Maybe it is the idea of not having to worry about people who might be behind you, and the back row always seems to be a little higher. Although, now that they put in these recliner seats the rows are further apart and people in front of you don't block the view.

Garrett sat down in one of the oversized lounge chairs and looked so damn small sitting there as he started fiddling with the control on the inside arm rest. The chair slowly eased backwards and he sat back. I chuckled at the sight while I settled into my own seat.

"Coke or seven up?" I asked him.

"Huh?" He responded.

"What do you like better, coke or seven up?" I asked again.

"Oh, seven up, why?" He asked as I handed him a large cup of seven up.

"Here, this one is seven up, and here is a bag of popcorn for you. I didn't put any salt or butter on it, is that alright?" I asked him.

"Sure, perfect but why?"

"Why what?" I asked as I looked over to him while he adjusted his seat to a more upright position so he could place the large cup into the cup holder on his arm rest.

"Um…why would you even buy me some popcorn and a soda?" He asked me.

"I figured your mom probably gave the money to your sister to pay for some snacks, and she probably pocketed it for herself. No doubt she does that a lot." I responded putting away my own soda pop.

He looked down a little and I could see him blush. I looked over at him and shook my head not understanding how anyone can treat their little brother like this. I mean even if you aren't crazy about your sibling he is still flesh and blood, and you don't treat them like some dirty rag or something.

"So?" He asked.

"Huh…what?" I asked being caught up in my own thoughts.

"Why would you buy me some snacks? I mean you weren't even sure if we were going to be watching the same movie or even if we were going to sit together." He stated looking over at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Well actually whichever movie you were going to watch I was going to watch as well. If you had said no to sitting together I still would have given you the snacks or they'd just go to waste."

"Oh…why would you want to sit with me?" He asked in almost a whisper.

"I already told you that. Because you looked like you could use a friend." I told him as I looked up at the screen while the music played and a sort of pre-show type of thing told us of upcoming movies or behind the scenes episodes. The lights were still completely on, and the actual movie wouldn't start for another fifteen minutes or so.

"Oh," was all he said as he leaned back and looked me over as if he were studying me.

Playing with the buttons on the chair I adjusted it so that I was leaning back comfortably. I was starting to get a little chilled so draped the small square lap blanket over me and felt much better. I was always getting cold; I guess it was the thin blood running through my body. The small boy continued to watch me intently as I got comfortable and started to munch on my popcorn.

"I hate butter on my popcorn because they get kind of mushy and all oily. How about you?" I asked him just to have a conversation.

"Geeze, my sister says I'm weird because I don't like the butter on mine. She dumps a lot of butter on it, and a lot of salt. I can't even eat it when she does that." He admitted.

"Maybe that's why she does it." I told him.


"Well, she seems to be constantly picking on you for who knows why, and knowing her the way I do she probably does it because she knows you can't stand it that way. She's kind of mean like that. Sorry, I know she's your sister and all, but she can be pretty mean and vindictive." I told him.

"Yeah I guess," he stated and paused for a moment to mull something over in his mind. "What does vindictive mean?" He asked me sincerely. "Sorry, I guess it doesn't matter…stupid question." He commented.

"Stupid, why would you say that? Asking questions is always a good thing and vindictive is really not an average every day word. So no, it's not a stupid question and Garrett?"

"Yeah," he looked over to me.

"I don't care how stupid you think a question might be. You can always ask me anything, and if I know the answer I'll tell you. Don't ever think asking a question is stupid. After all how else are we supposed to learn?"

"Alright," he said smiling again.

"Disposed to revenge." I said out loud.

"Huh," he looked at me questioningly.

"Vindictive…it sort of means your sister is disposed to revenge for any slight she feels someone has done to her. I think she takes it upon herself to seek revenge out of anything she feels warrants it…and to tell you the truth Garrett that means just about anything in your sister's mind."

"Oh, she's really not…," he started but stopped looking for the right words.

"Don't worry about it Garrett. I understand, she's your sister so you have to sort of stick up for her, but at some point you are going to have to stick up for yourself too." I told him.

He didn't say anything more, and I let him stew over it in his own mind. He kept looking over at me kind of strangely as if he wanted to say something, but then would look down into his popcorn and grab some to nibble on deep in thought. He seemed thirsty, and by the time the movie began it looked about half empty. Must be the popcorn I surmised as I too had gulped down quite a bit by this time.

We both sat next to each other in silence as we watched the screen. It really was some lame movie. I can't even recall what it was other than it being sort of on the girly mushy side with a lot of crying and touchy feely family type of thing. Don't get me wrong I watch those kinds of movies sometimes, but action is way better, and I do mean any kind of action whether it's blowing up things or in the bedroom type of heated passionate action.

After about ten minutes into the movie I was bored out of my mind and looked over to Garrett who had pulled up his legs to his body with his arms wrapped around them. I noticed him shivering, and I leaned over to him.

"Are you cold?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I forgot my jacket and my sister wouldn't let her friend's mother turn around to get it at my house."

Typical of Jenna I thought to myself as I motioned for him to join me. I would have spread out the blanket to cover both of us, but it just wasn't that big. He looked over at me for a moment as I pulled my blanket off of me and adjusted my seat into a more seated position. He thought about it for a moment, and climbed off of his seat sitting down next to me.

"It's a small blanket so it might work better if you just scoot up between my legs and lay back on my chest. This way our bodies can warm each other up as well." I told him.

He didn't hesitate this time as he scooted his butt between my legs and leaned up against my chest. The unruly haired boy felt wonderful up against me, his body radiating heat as I wrapped my arms and blanket around his body. He shivered and felt small in my arms. With my arms wrapped around him I rubbed his limbs trying to get blood pumping into them and finally get him warmed up a bit.

The boy craned his neck and smiled at me. "Thanks this feels good," he whispered as he leaned back even further while I adjusted the seat a little bit further into a reclining position.

I felt a part of his butt snuggling up against my crotch which sent tingles up my spine making me pop a semi-erection. I didn't know if he could feel my semi-hardness, and he didn't say anything or scoot away so I just let the matter drop without moving. His scent wafted up into my nose sending another thrill coursing through my body. He smelled of lavender and soap, with a mixture of something else difficult to describe. I guess you would have to say a boy type of muskiness. Not sharp or strong, just a hint of the musky scent, an aroma that was distinctly him.

'Fuck, where the hell was all of this coming from?' I asked myself. Was this kid really having this kind of pull on me? These were similar feelings I've felt in the past when I walked close to a sexy female with those large lumpy fleshy boobs bobbing around or those nice round globes jiggling around, but never from a guy before. It made me a bit tense at first with him sitting there so close, but as the minutes ticked away the tension left my body replaced with a contentment kind of feeling.

My breathing started to even out as his aroma filled my nostrils. My hands were getting cold so I slipped them under the blanket, and clasped them together on his stomach. He placed his hands on top of mine caressing the back of my hand gently before settling on top of them. He sighed as all the tension in his tiny frame finally left him, and he leaned his head back against my chest.

His wild crazy hair tickled along the bottom of my chin and along my neck, but it sort of felt good to me so I just let them dance around a bit enjoying the feathery sensation. He had removed his hat so they spread out wildly now that they were no longer confined. His breathing had evened out as well, and we both just basked in each other's closeness not needing to say or do anything else.

My eyes popped opened, and I was a little disoriented at first, then realized I must have dozed off during the movie. I looked down and Garrett had fallen asleep as well. The boy must have shifted a little while he slept because his right leg was draped over my right leg, and he was sort of leaning to my left side snuggled up in the crook of my arm. Looking down at his adorably sweet sleeping carefree face I didn't want to move or wake him up.

My mouth sort of twitched at the corners as I slowly formed a smile. I couldn't help it as I watched him, but then I noticed something else. Oh shit, I thought to myself realizing that at some point my right hand had slipped in between his crotch, and was cupped around his privates. My teenage hormones were raging inside of me wanting to squeeze his package in my hand, but I resisted. Still, it didn't stop the fact that at the moment my hand was cupped around his pant covered endowment, and I could feel a rather good sized lump beneath my palm. I also understood that the sensation of my hand must have made him pop a boner. I shivered at this realization as my own dick twitched wildly in my pants. Fuck…that was all I needed, to get caught with my hand on his privates and my own little soldier standing at attention.

Willing myself to calm down I managed somehow to stave off my own erection, and then gently eased my hand away from his rather large protrusion. I mean for a little ten or eleven year old boy he seemed to have a pretty good sized erection between his legs. Hell if I were to take an educated guess the tubular indentation had felt to be about three and a half inches or so long, his erection somewhere between a little bigger than my own flaccid penis, and a little smaller than my own four inch sized erection I get. Not bad for a little tyke and I couldn't even be sure he was completely hard. At least by my harried and unintentional grope it hadn't felt like it was completely hard or anything so I wasn't all that sure exactly what I had felt in those brief panicked moments.

It was difficult to move my hand delicately out away from him because his right hand was lying right on top of mine. I didn't want it to accidentally dislodge from mine and plop down on to his crotch. I had just about reached his stomach area when I saw him move a little and open his eyes. He looked up into my eyes and smiled happily.

"Did I fall asleep?" He asked me as he yawned.

"Yeah, I did too. I just woke up myself. It looks like we caught a half hour cat nap." I whispered to him.

He didn't bother to change his position and continued to stare up into my face. He reached up and stroked the side of my cheek gently as he studied me.

"What?" I asked getting a little self conscious.

"Nothing, just getting a better look at your face." He stated smiling at me a little mischievously.

"You're such a dork," I said noting him scrunch up his face a little as I continued, "and I mean that in a cute kind of way not in a bad sense."

He perked right up at the comment. "So?" I asked him as he looked questioningly at me. "What do I look like?" I giggled.

"I don't know?" He responded as he thought for a moment.

"Well," I stated thinking this is kind of fun, at least a lot better than watching this stupid movie. "If you described me to someone how would you do that?"

The boy's eyes just sort of roamed around my face, and I could tell he was thinking. "Hmm…I would have to say you have big deep brown eyes with dark brown medium length hair. You sort of part it on your right side in almost that Justin Bieber style that he sort of made famous a few years back, but different. Not as long in the front, but sort of swept over the same way."

"So you're saying I'm cute like Justin Bieber?" I teased him.

"Noooo…I mean yes…I mean…you know." He giggled.

I smiled at him, "go on."

"Hmm, you have a nice nose, not too big or too small, it sort of fits your face, oh…and there is just a small smattering of little freckles that you can barely see on the bridge of your nose because you sort of have that darker skin coloration…you know really nice and tan looking." He stated as he watched my smile get bigger at his description. He was starting to make me sound like a cutie pie.

"Then there is that great smile of yours with those nice bright purley white's," he slurred the word making it sound more southern as he giggled reaching up to stroke my face as he thought some more. "Finally you have a nice chin, not really a dimple, but sort of a little indentation oh…and really smooth soft skin." He added as he brushed his soft fingers along my face.

"Wow, you kind of make me sound sexy," I said giggling a little.

"Noooo," he whined, "just nice." He ended in finality as he agreed with himself nodding his head.

"Well, that's the finest description anyone's ever given me," I chuckled as he smiled at me.

"Oh, one more thing," he wanted to add, "you dress pretty cool too." He smiled at me as he placed his hand on my purple shirt feeling it's silkiness between his fingers.

We both just sort of sat together in silence like that not moving when my bladder started to protest a little from all the soda pop. I sighed as I looked down at him and whispered, "I've gotta go pee, do you need to go?" I asked him knowing full well he probably had to go too if his swollen up member had given any indication earlier. Sure he probably had been boned up a bit because of my hand, but a part of the explanation could be because of his burgeoning bladder.

"I didn't until you said something," he sighed as he sat up while I adjusted the seat.

There were only two other people in the theater room as we got up heading for the restroom. I noticed that Garrett's shirt had slipped back over the front of his jeans so I couldn't tell if he was still sporting a boner in his jeans. Mine was sort of just a little hard from the need to expel the excess fluid. It left a little bulge between my legs, but nothing all that noticeable. Besides Garrett wasn't looking anyway, and the lobby in the back part of the theater was completely empty.

We entered the boy's room, and there were three urinals next to each other. The one to the furthest left was for kids, and that is the one Garrett stepped up to so I slipped in next to him at the middle one. There really wasn't any thought behind the placement it just sort of happened that way. Unlike the bathroom in the main lobby area on the other side of the complex, this one didn't have any dividers separating the urinals. Don't ask me why, but for the first time I noticed this fact. As I thought about it the other side had just been redone, the entire restroom having been updated. This side had been left untouched, and I figured it probably would be done at some point as well.

Reaching in front of me I unzipped my pants and reached inside my fly pulling aside my boxer briefs along one leg and fishing out my dick. Next to me I heard the jingling sounds of a belt being unbuckled and Garrett fumbling around with the snaps on his jeans before unzipping himself. I didn't look over, but could tell he pulled down the front of his briefs to fish out his own cock.

I focused on the urinal in front of me, and looked down as the yellow stream came pouring out from the tip of my penis. At some point I sensed more than saw Garrett looking directly at my dick. He seemed curious as he continued to relieve himself. It really didn't bother me that he was looking; after all he is still fairly young and probably curious. If anything he probably was just comparing himself to me. At his age I had done the same thing a time or two, still do sort of glance at some of my friends in school. Hell, what horny teenage boy doesn't?

It was difficult not to look at his when he was blatantly staring at me, but I didn't feel it was wrong since he was still so young. I shook my dick a couple of times sensing him do the same thing a time or two before he shoved his away still looking at my exposed dick. Now that he put his away I blatantly turned towards his direction so he could get a good look.

"Better?" I asked as he stared at my penis.

"H…huh?" He stuttered as he continued to stare and button himself up.

I could detect a good size bulge in his jeans figuring he must have sprung a boner. Mine was completely deflated now, extending a mere three inches of tubular softness past the cottony fabric material, since I had drained my bladder. Not all that big, but respectable enough for a boy my age.

"Did you get a good enough look before I zip it back up?" I asked him chuckling at him jokingly.

"Oh yeah…just…"

"Just what?" I replied as I shoved my dick back inside my pants wondering what he was up to.

"Oh, nothing really, except for it doesn't look anything like the way my sister described it to her friends?" He stated.

His statement caught me completely by surprise. "She did what?" I exclaimed.

"She told her friends that you two had been sort of together…you know…kind of sexy like. Anyway when they asked her to describe your….your…you know um…dick, she told them that you have a fat knob at the end, but you really don't." He noted as he looked away blushing.

He continued his description. "You have that skin covering your knob, and it also looks longer than she described it. She sort of made it sound like yours is kind of really thick and short; especially your knob and not as long as it really is from what I could tell. I think the way she described yours was totally lame. I mean it looks a lot longer than what she says too. Yours looks way cooler and sort of…I don't know kind of like it fits with the rest of you…I mean your body." He stated as he looked up at me shyly.

The look on my face must have confused him because to him this little peep show really wasn't at all about sex or anything just something innocent. He wasn't trying to compare me or anything he was just curious because of how his sister had described me. I knew she wanted to get into my pants, but I didn't know she was so desperate that she would lie about it to people. I began to wonder if it was just her circle of girls she had talked to or another one of her rumors she likes to spread.

The feeling I got was that she had just told her friends because I was sure it would have made it's way back to me if she had done it in general. I have a lot of friends, and they would have said something for sure. I didn't like it one way or the other so I knew it was another one of those pains in the ass issues I was going to have to deal with. A plan was already forming in my mind as how to nip this in the bud immediately once I saw her and her gang of princesses.

"I'm sorry, did I say or do something wrong?" Garrett asked me innocently, but with a little worry in his eyes.

"No Garrett it just surprised me that your sister was talking about my privates like that to others; especially, since nothing ever happened between the two of us. In fact I avoided her like the plague all school year." I answered more to myself than to him, but he heard and giggled at the thought of me avoiding his sister like that.

"Geeze, just wait until I tell her you don't look anything like that at all." He smiled mischievously at me.

"No you can't do that Garrett. For one thing she'll be mad at you, and secondly it isn't something that is appropriate to talk about…with others…you know."

Garrett hadn't thought about his sister getting mad, but he didn't know what was wrong about telling people what I really looked like if someone was lying about it. I could see the conflicting emotions going through his mind so I just sighed.

"Listen Garrett it isn't appropriate to go around telling someone what their private parts look like. Something like that is…well exactly that…private, that's why they call it private parts." I tried to clarify but it didn't even make sense to me how I explained it.

"Yeah, but you showed yours to me." He replied.

"Sure because you seemed interested in seeing it, and I felt comfortable enough to show you. I mean you're only what…ten-eleven years old so I didn't see anything wrong with showing someone like you because I was curious about those kinds of things when I was your age too. I mean…at that age, and still even at my age, we sort of become curious about these types of things and sometimes just sort of peek or take glances, but going around bragging to people what you saw could be hurtful and damaging." Do you understand?

He nodded his head yes, and then shook it in the negative. "I guess, sort of, but then again not really. Are you talking about sex?" He asked me seriously.

Now I was thrown into confusion as I tried to answer honestly. "Well…sort of…in a way, but not totally," I tried to answer him as I thought. "You see your sister is talking about this in terms of sex, but when you looked at me it wasn't about sex just curiosity that you had about how I looked down there. Your sister is trying to say we had sex together which is not true and could be a bit embarrassing for someone like me or even hurtful. She is lying because I won't have sex with her so she is being 'vindictive' to get back at me." I tried to clarify it to him while also emphasizing the word vindictive.

His eyes got real big, "Oh, she didn't get her way so now she is lying and spreading rumors about you. Good for her, but bad for you." He stated satisfied.

"Exactly," I responded smiling back.



"I'm glad that you have skin on your penis. It looks really nice." He stated indicating my foreskin in his innocent boyish way.

"Um…thanks I guess." I told him as I laughed.

The boy just told me I was sexy in his own way, and he did it so damn innocently. I felt my pecker twitch inside my pants as it sort of made me a little horny knowing the kid thought I was sexy. I looked over at him and smiled as I looked him over.

"You know I didn't even see your pecker, but you look sexy too just the way you are," I teased him as I smacked his ass.

"Hey," He yelped but laughed.

"You really think I look sexy? My sister says I look more like a girl than a boy?"

"Hmm, maybe a little, but you still look like a sexy boy once a person gets to know you. Does that make you happier?" I asked.

He smiled back at me, "I guess…sort of."

"Well believe me when the time comes for all of that stuff you will be getting plenty of attention from others with how sexy fine you look. For now I wouldn't worry about it so much. Come on let's wash our hands and finish the movie." I whispered in his ear as I headed towards the sink.

We headed back into the movie and snuggled back up under the blanket. This time there was no hesitation as we cuddled together. I was finding it delightful to be close to him. In a way it reminded me when I was his age and my sister used to snuggle with me like this. I felt totally safe and warm in her arms, and I imagine so does Garrett with my arms wrapped around him.

When the movie ended we got up and once again relieved ourselves with him of course making sure to get an eyeful, and me letting him without ogling back to see what was dangling between his cute legs. A part of me wanted to look over, but at the moment I just didn't feel right about it.

"Hey Garrett, do you have a cell phone," I asked him.

"Yeah sure, nothing fancy," He stated reaching into his pocket and fishing it out handing it over to me.

"Good, here's my cell number. You can call me whenever you want. You know…just to talk or if you need anything at all, or maybe even if you want to hang out together." I told him.

His eyes got really big, "Really, you mean it?" He asked in shock.

"Of course, why else would I give you my number? Oh and Garrett?"

"Yeah," he responded as he looked at the number I programmed on his cell phone. "Hunter Alan," he whispered reading the programmed name and looking up at me with a big smile.

"You know at some point I'm going to have to confront your sister about the rumor. When I do just go along with it. I'll make sure she doesn't know it was you who said anything, but I am going to have to do something about it, alright?"

He looked a little worried but smiled at me knowing I would keep my promise. He had only known me for a short time, but I made him feel happy, and he felt confident around me. His smile looked so damn cute on him, and I felt myself shivering again.

"Sure, I trust you Hunter." He said as he shoved his phone into his pocket.


"Yeah bro?" I stated automatically using the term I use loosely with my friends, but I noticed the impact the term 'bro' had on Garrett.

"Thanks for today. You've been a friend when I needed one really bad…thanks." The little tyke said to me as he hesitated a moment and then wrapped his arms around me.

"Your welcome Garrett. I promise to be there anytime you need me." I responded as I held him tightly in my arms lifting him up off his feet.

On impulse I set him back on his feet, grabbed his cute adorable face in my hands and kissed the tip of his delectably charming nose. I heard him giggle as he stepped back and waved goodbye heading down the hallway to see if his sister was done with her movie. I sighed watching him leave and headed out the doors. I spotted my sister's red 2003 Subaru Outback and hopped inside.

"So how was the movie?" She asked.

"Lame," I responded.

"Oh sorry you didn't have a good time."

"No actually, I had a great time and made a great new friend."

She smiled back at me as we headed around the corner to find a parking spot at the mall.

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