Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 26: How Things Have Changed

After Zak and Andi had their bath they joined the rest of us at the little clearing a short distance away from the house. We spread around the sleeping bags and blankets, getting undressed and crawling into our makeshift beds since it was still warm outside. We had turned on the radio and simply enjoyed the mellow evening chatting away lazily around the small fire. We even roasted marshmallows making S'mores from our beds using those long metal prongs and drinking way too much pop and juice. It had been a long day, and before long both Andi and Zak had faded off to sleep. It seemed only natural we all ended up pairing together with me snuggled up with Paavo, while Roger and Austin huddled together pawing at each other for most of the night, and Jamie curled up with Jake who kept flirting with the long haired boy who finally chuckled and told the other boy to knock it off already. Of course Jake merely giggled getting a last minute grope in making Jamie yelp and jerk in their shared sleeping bag managing to smash Jake's nards in the process while the rest of us laughed at the flirty boy's expense. A few moments later we watched Jake crawl out of his sleeping bag and head into the trees where we then began hearing the familiar slapping noises accompanied by some grunts of pleasure making us all snigger knowingly.

When Jake came back we were all looking at him as he glanced back at us. "What?" He asked innocently with all of us busting up as he crawled back into the sleeping bag next to Jamie completely satiated. "Bunch of perverts." He tossed in making us once more bust up in a fit of giggles because he was the one who had just gone at it with himself so him calling us 'perverts' was a bit ironic.

We didn't say anything though because we all knew how horny he was all the time. I suppose even getting laid managed to satiate the boy's appetite only for so long. Still though, we were happy knowing he would at least be able to get to sleep now that he's taken care of his horny needs.

After that we all continued to chat about everything and nothing in particular while things slowly wound down for everyone, and before I knew it even I had dozed off to the comforting droning deeper voice of Roger rattling on about perhaps joining the wrestling team once school started up again. It was actually early, I figured not even ten in the evening when I had dozed off, so when I suddenly jerked awake I panicked a bit wondering about the time. Reaching out I pulled my shorts over digging into my pocket and getting out my phone to look at the time. I had snoozed for about thirty minutes and sighed in relief when I noticed Jamie stirring as well and glancing over towards me before he crawled out of his sleeping bag. I chuckled and shook my head when he wrapped his fist around his hard pecker which was tenting out his shorts doing a little jig as he slipped into his shoes before quickly making his way through some of the trees. It was a friendly reminder how I had better pee Zak or he'd be sure to wet the bed with as much he's had to drink this evening. I crawled out of the sleeping bag I was sharing with Paavo sliding into my shorts and shoes as well, not even bothering with my socks, and made my way towards the two small slumbering boys.

They both looked so cute together it melted my heart. I watched them in their sleep for a minute or two enjoying their innocence before unzipping their sleeping bag and gently hoisting Zak up in my arms. He was small, but still a heavy load for a newly turned thirteen year old boy to carry. The curly haired boy was already used to being peed by me so wrapped his legs around my waist his warm body pressing up against mine. He smelled so nice and sweet as his head settled in the crook of my neck. Even his stiff erection felt warm up against my body. I had to chuckle because Zak had simply stripped naked before climbing into bed once more reminding me just how much of a nudist he had become in the last couple of months. Boy, how quickly things change. When we first met he was pretty shy about his little boy pecker and now it was all we could do to keep him dressed around us.

Walking over to a stand of trees just out of sight from where we were sleeping I gently set his feet on the ground being careful so he wouldn't step on anything sharp. I turned him so he was facing away from me and tugged on his little hard boy pecker getting it pointed in a decent direction before whispering in his ear.

"Hey buddy…I need you to pee for me." I breathed softy into his ear feeling the familiar sensations in my fingers as his two inch erection thickened up slightly with a sort of vibration running up the length of his shaft before a strong stream of urine began to flow from the tip of his knob.

The smaller boy was so adorably cute and I never got tired of being able to hold his little pecker while he peed in his sleep. I even began to gently run my fingers up and down his stiff shaft in a sort of jacking motion while he continued to pee. I felt the boy respond and quiver excitedly at the sensation coursing through his small boy pecker not only at the relief of emptying out his bladder, but also because of the stimulation he was receiving from my fingers stroking his little boy stiffie. Squeezing out the last drops the boy finished and I shook his hard shaft a few times before releasing it and watching it slowly deflate. I couldn't help myself as I reached down a little lower running my fingers over his smooth slightly bulged ball sack. It was really only a little brown mound, but it never ceased to amaze me how smooth it felt as I ran my fingers over it. I knew it wouldn't always be like that and at some point his testicles would finally drop and so too the fleshy membrane surrounding them. Once more Zak began to quiver and moan so I sighed and stopped what I was doing as I leaned over kissing his cheek lightly.

"I love you my little munchkin." I breathed out softly before picking him up into my arms and making my way back to the sleeping bags.

The curly haired boy shifted and adjusted his head on my shoulder before whispering in my ear. "I love you too bro. I'm glad we are now brothers for real." He yawned before falling back asleep with his head lolling about while I sniffled because of how wonderful his words made me feel as I realized I'd never get tired of the brotherly love I felt towards the little ragamuffin with his unruly curls.

Another thing I'd never get tired of is his heavy sleeping weight in my arms as his warm breath tickled the nape of my neck. There was something nice about the way his legs wrapped around my waist keeping our warm bodies pressed up against one another. I suppose it was that hard pecker of his poking me in the side, I chuckled to myself. Holding him tightly to me I kneeled down and tucked him back into his sleeping bag before turning my attention to the other boy.

Picking up Andi into my arms I took him close to the same spot as I had taken Zak. He was slightly heavier, but not by much. I knew I really didn't have to pee him since he didn't have an immature bladder like Zak, but I had been doing the same thing to him since he's been spending the night and he hadn't complained about it. Setting the boy on the ground I tugged down the front of his underwear and reached around the smaller boy. As usual his small boy penis was soft and practically buried inside of him. Tugging on his plump knob I managed to get enough of his meat so I could pee the little guy.

"Hey buddy…I need you to pee for me." I whispered the same words I used with Zak feeling the same stirring sensation along Andi's now semi hard pecker as the urine made its way through his small shaft before blasting out the tip end of his mushroom shaped knob.

Damn, for a little nine year old boy he had such a sexy hot body and pecker. He also had a very delightful smell about him with a mixture of soap and earthiness. His body was soft, but not in an unfit kind of way, just in a young boyish kind of way. Then there was the sexiness of what swung between his legs with his small little boy shaft and mushroom shaped knob. Even his ball sack hung loosely between his legs as I know began to stimulate him in the same way I had done with Zak. I felt Andi's penis grow and enlarge in my fingers getting firm as I slowly stroked his now stiff two inch little mini sausage. Andi began to moan in his half awake state as I reached down further cupping his soft fleshy satchel in my hand rolling around his oval shaped almond sized testicles.

The smaller boy was leaning back against me with my left arm wrapped around his waist supporting his weight. Leaning in I brushed my lips up against his earlobe and along the nape of his neck breathing in his essence once more. I never got tired of his unique earthy flowery scent.

"You are so beautiful and I love you so much." I breathed out softy.

Andi moaned in my arms and breathed out softy as well. "Thanks Sam…I love you too bro." He replied making my whole chest swell with love as I finally pulled his underwear back up into place around his hips before picking him up and tucking the boy back into bed next to Zak as I watched him snuggling up closer coiling his body around the curly haired boy.

Making my way back to my own sleeping bag I glanced around making sure everyone was fast asleep. Kneeling down next to Paavo I leaned over gently brushing my mouth up against his ruby red colored soft lips. He tasted so delicious with my mouth slowly making love to Paavo's warm lips until I felt the exquisite boy begin to respond back passionately as he slowly woke up. After another few moments our lips parted with him sighing while I held my finger up to my mouth letting him know to be quiet. Motioning for him to follow me, he crawled out of the sleeping bag slipping into his shorts and shoes not even bothering with socks either. Like me he had discarded his shorts and shirt when crawling into bed earlier so was now only wearing his tight form fitting skinny shorts which did little to hide that twitching stiff bulge between his legs.

Grabbing Paavo's hand we quickly made our way down the path. It was nighttime, but we had a clear sky with the sliver of a moon and stars lighting our way. My heart was pounding with anticipation of what was coming and I wondered if Paavo was just as excited like me.

"What are we doing?" I heard the sexy Estonian boy whisper as I paused on the pathway so I could lean in and kiss him hungrily feeling him respond back passionately as our half naked bodies pressed up against one another.

The sexy blond haired boy felt soft and warm in my arms as his soapy sweaty scent assaulted my senses making my head spin for a moment until we separated slightly. "Oh god Paavo you just turn me on so much." I sighed hearing the boy giggling nervously as he reached down trying to adjust his boner which must be aching since it hasn't been serviced in over a week. "I'm taking you to the loft so we can have some privacy." I whispered softly pulling him into my arms and holding him up against my body so I could feel his soft warm skin up against mine.

The boy's pale blond hair seemed to shine like polished sterling silver in the pale cold light from the quarter moon and stars making me swoon a bit because he truly was so strikingly attractive. My hands wandered up and down his smooth back and I felt him doing the same thing to me as I shivered because it felt so sensually provocative. It never ceased to amaze me how fortunate I was to have such beautiful boys in my life.

Leaning my forehead up against his the corners of my lips twitched upwards a bit impishly. "You know it's still my birthday and I haven't given you my present yet. It's waiting for you at the loft." I smiled releasing him slightly so I could look into his deep blue eyes which sparkled uniquely different in the moon and starlit night making my blood begin to burn in my veins as I gulped trying to steady my equilibrium.

There was just something about this boy which always made me a bit giddy in a different way from Jamie. I loved both boys deeply, but they each touched me in differing yet similar ways. It was difficult to describe as Paavo's giggling brought me back from my daydreaming.

"Well…I wonder what that could be." He teased making me smile knowingly; although, I suspected he didn't know everything I was about to offer up to him as I got a bit more serious and nervous now.

Hesitating I looked deeply into his churning oceanic blue eyes which glittered now in silvery tones like two swirling stars forcing me to lose myself in them for a brief moment before I once more breathed in his boyish essence deeply. "Paavo…you know I love you very much…right?" I asked with the boy giving me one of those 'of course you dolt' kinds of looks as he nodded his head getting nervous now as well. "Um…it's just I have something I need to tell you." I whispered softly as he waited expectantly. "Well…you see…uh…Jamie and I exchanged gifts last night…um…actually earlier this morning when it was basically my birthday while everyone was asleep." I added with Paavo nodding his head thinking he knew where this was leading as he smiled sheepishly. "Um…I…uh…that is me and Jamie…um…Paavo I'm no longer a virgin…I mean both me and Jamie are no longer virgins." I amended to include Jamie so the boy could understand exactly what I meant as I saw him frowning for a moment before a slow grin spread over his features and his whole face lit up brilliantly.

Pulling me into his body the Estonian boy hugged me tightly genuinely pleased for me and Jamie. "Oh Sam…I'm so happy for you…for both of you." He got out excitedly as he squeezed me tightly for a few moments. "How was it?" He blurted out catching me a bit by surprise at his question because I wasn't actually expecting that sort of excited and genuine happy response to the news.

"What?" I asked a bit baffled.

"You know…how was it? Is it like we hear about?" He asked curiously still holding on to me tightly.

"Um…I…well…honestly…not really." I admitted feeling him release his grip as he looked at me scrunching his face curiously which made me laugh because he really did have the cutest little face at the moment. "Um…I mean…it was really nice…beautiful actually." I tried to explain seeing the look of confusion deepen even more on the boy's face as he stared into my eyes motioning for me to continue. "Paavo it's kind of hard to explain…I mean…um…well…I guess you could say it was awkward, messy, and a little painful…but in a good way…you know." I tried to explain.

We both fell silent for a moment with Paavo allowing me to gather my thoughts before I finally pressed forward. "It was also magical, wonderful, and exhilaratingly beautiful the intensity of it propelling both me and Jamie to a time and place beyond description where all senses exploded and fractured into a million pieces because our bodies simply could not cope with such an act of pure love." I exhaled softly surprising myself with how I described the intimate moment hearing the other boy sigh too having once more pulled me into his warm embrace for a few moments.

"Wow…it sounds…well…it sounds so wonderful and beautiful." He quivered excitedly in my arms.

"Yes it was Paavo…and it wasn't just about the sex…even though that really was fantastic…no…it really was about the love between me and Jamie. I know I can't give the same thing to you…um…you know…my virginity. I can only do that once…but I still love you…more than you can imagine…and if you'll have me, I want to give you something of myself too…you know…in that intimate special kind of way…um…if you will have me after Jamie…you know…after me and Jamie's already been together in…uh…you know…in that special kind of way. I know it won't be the same for you Paavo, but I want to give a part of me to you in that special kind of way. That I can still do…you know…make it about the love between the two of us and not simply sex." I whispered softly biting my lower lip nervously because I could only give up my virginity once, and I felt it only right Jamie and I did that together for the first time, but Paavo was still a very special part of my life and I loved him so much that my heart ached at times.

The boy held me tightly for a few moments his body shaking in my arms until I realized he was crying. "Oh Paavo…really…I…I'm so sorry. I mean…it just happened that way…please Paavo…I really do love you too…bunches you know." I began to get chocked up because I didn't want to lose him, but understood if I had crossed the line with what Jamie and I did together. It was one thing for the boy to accept me and Jamie doing things sexually together, but something completely different to exchange the most precious acts of all where we both offered up our most cherished gift to one another.

"What?" Paavo sniveled looking up into my eyes. "I mean…do you really think I still wouldn't love you because of what you and Jamie did Sam? I think it was beautiful and the right thing to do." He pointed out while I got chocked up with relief as my breath caught in my chest, my throat constricted, and a small sob escaped my lips. "Oh Sam…don't you see…we can still share something special together. I've been thinking about this and wanting this for a while now. I want to feel you inside of me too. Yes I want to make love to you and feel myself inside of you, but if you make love to me then feeling you inside of me will be special too. After all you will be the first one to do that to me and it will be your penis inside of me, and when I slip inside of you with my penis it will be the first for me in that way too. It will be just as special for me if I can give that to you…if we can both share this together." He whispered stunning me with what he was offering up to me.

"Are you sure about this Paavo?" I asked with tears blurring my vision while I watched some tears trickling down his cheeks too as our emotions caught up with us.

"Yes Sam…I love you so much. I want this…for you…for your birthday…for me…because I love you so much it hurts." He breathed softly with a small sob escaping his lips when his throat constricted with emotion and the air got stuck in his chest making me smile knowing exactly how he felt.

We both held each other for several long minutes with me getting lost in his soft loving embrace. Paavo never ceased to amaze me. He was so beautiful and had such a tender loving heart. How could one person be so lucky to find two people he truly loved and cared for with them returning that love in the same way. Everything about Paavo turned me on, and it wasn't just the sex even though this was something beautiful and unique in and of itself, but rather the intimate connection of deep love between two people. I felt it with Jamie just as much as I felt it with Paavo. Even though there was something different about each boy, I loved them equally the same. They both occupied my heart equally reminding me of what Uncle Walt had told me a while back with how a person's heart can be big enough for many people. My love for both boys was something I could no longer deny or ignore. It was something I had to accept, and I was glad the two boys who I loved most in the world were able to accept me having both of them in my life in that special kind of way.

Releasing the boy I grabbed him by the hand as we made the rest of the way to the barn. The large doors were slightly open so we slipped inside soundlessly making our way to the ladder and climbing up with a soft glow from the lights upstairs guiding our way. Reaching the loft first I turned in anticipation waiting for the younger Estonian boy and as soon as he stepped on the landing I couldn't hold back any longer as I assaulted him with my lips kissing him passionately feeling his tongue sliding inside my mouth hungrily. His hips ground into my crotch and I could feel his hard bulge brushing up against my own hardened bulge. There was something excitingly sexy feeling another boy's hard erection up against mine as our kiss lingered with both of us lost in each other's embrace.

Slowly I pulled back as we both tried to catch out breaths. "Close your eyes." I whispered softly with Paavo closing them without question. "Keep them closed until I tell you to open them…alright?" I asked with the Estonian boy nodding his head.

He looked so sexy hot in the soft glow from the small lights inside the loft area. His body had that nice golden buttery sheen to it from our many excursions to the lake. It stood in dark contrast to his shocking whitish blond hair and his fair features. Slowly I guided Paavo further into the loft area slipping up behind him.

"Are your eyes still closed?" I asked to reassure myself with the boy nodding and giggling at this little game as I kicked off my shoes.

With my hands shaking excitedly I reached for the belt on my shorts and quickly got them untied from around the metal D-ring serving as a buckle before unsnapping the clasp on my shorts and tugging them down along with my underwear and kicking them off to the side. I was completely naked now standing behind Paavo. I knew the boy had heard me getting undressed as I reached out touching his shoulders and feeling him flinch momentarily from the unexpected touch before he began shivering excitedly.

Stepping up to him I wrapped my arms over his chest allowing my hands to wander downwards. Paavo quivered eagerly feeling my warm breath on the nape of his neck as I brushed my lips tenderly along his soft skin. My right hand ran over his hard bulge with the boy whimpering excitedly as I felt his swollen erection beneath the surface of the stiff fabric twitch around expectantly. Unsnapping the button on his shorts and slowly unzipping them I felt his bulge suddenly pressing outwards in release from its first line of defensive confinement. His sweet endowment was still snuggled up inside of his cottony European style boy's bikini briefs, but the fabric was much more flexible allowing the boy's bulge to have a bit of breathing room as it adjusted into a more comfortable position.

Kissing the back of Paavo's neck I allowed my lips to slowly wander over his spine until I was kneeling down behind him noticing how the boy visibly quivered at the sensual touch of my lips along his back. Slowly I began easing his snug form fitting shorts downwards pausing long enough so the boy could kick off his shoes. With those out of the way I tugged his shorts down to his ankles, and as he lifted first one leg and then the other, pulled them free tossing them on top of my discarded underwear and shorts. Reaching out I wrapped my arms around his small waist this time allowing my hands to travel along his smooth stomach, which rose and fell in quick rapid gasping motions, before dipping down between his legs. The soft flimsy cottony material covering up his boy endowment did little to hide the stiffness of the boy's erection which felt oddly harder than I've ever felt them before. Even his balls seemed somehow different even though they didn't feel bigger in my fingers. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of his underwear I repeated the process of taking pulling them off before tossing his briefs on to the pile of clothes.

Paavo's sexy scent wrapped me up in its whiff like embrace as I gazed at the boy's adorably cute butt cheeks. They were sexy cute and looked delectably tasty with me having recently become a bit infatuated with this part of a boy's anatomy. Like the rest of his body they were tanned into a golden bronze tone similar in color, shape, and size I've noticed on Jamie. Studying the sexy boy closely now from behind, I realized Paavo's cute adorable little apples were a bit firmer, fuller, and rounder with a dimple on either side while Jamie's seemed to have a softer look and feel along with a kind of teardrop or pear shape to them.

Reaching out my hands I ran them along the firm softness of his warm buns the heat of them feeling like they had just come out of a balmy oven as I slowly eased them apart and buried my nose inside the crevice taking a deep breath. A musky earthy sort of fragrance assaulted my senses, but surprisingly it wasn't dirty, nasty, or unpleasant. He had taken a shower earlier so intermingled with the earthiness of his scent was a hint of underlying clean soapy flowery bouquet with the overtures of heavy musky perspiration. Releasing his butt cheeks I kept my nose buried inside taking another deep breath as I reached around him and slowly began to play with his foreskin covered three inch spike and soft spongy boy sack rolling around his oval shaped testicles in my fingers.

His rigid tube felt scorching hot in my hands almost like a steaming hot sausage just out of the frying pan, and extremely hard like tempered steel. I've never felt him this stiff before emphasizing just how worked up he was having gone an entire week without taking care of his special boyish needs. If I wasn't careful he'd explode way too soon as I ran my tongue along his perky pucker hole feeling him jerk and tense up yelping in surprise and moaning excitedly. Even his erection pulsed and flared outwards in my right hand while his testicled jerked out of my left fingers when they leaped upwards.

Paavo was already breathing hard and I knew he had almost blown his cork when I had pressed my tongue against the typically ignored erogenous zone between his butt cheeks, so I backed off standing back up behind him. "Are your eyes still closed?" I breathed softly in his ears with the boy whimpering and nodding his head as my own thick four inch erection slid between his sweaty slicked up globes effectively slightly spreading apart his butt cheeks. "Good," I whispered reaching my arms around in front of him and once more running my hands along his extremely stiff rail spike slowly easing his foreskin over his blood engorged knob which had taken on a very deep reddish purplish hue as I gazed down at it over his shoulder.

The damn thing in my fingers looked like it was about to pop like a zit it was so crimson and swollen with engorged blood. "If you are ready for the first part of my birthday gift now then you can open up your eyes." I instructed him feeling the boy jerk in surprise with his erection pulsing in my fingers twitching around excitedly while his butt cheeks clamped down around my own pulsating spike making me gasp because not only did his penis feel extremely hard in my grasp, but his warm slicked up ass was massaging my own pecker stimulatingly.

"Wh…what's this." The sexy Estonian boy hissed in surprise as Jamie stepped forward completely naked with his large stiff five inch erection jerking around excitedly as blood pumped through it keeping his shaft hard.

Paavo's whole body twitched excitedly at seeing the other boy this close in such a sexual kind of state. The blue eyed boy sucked air into his lungs, his chest heaving in rapid succession with excitement as he took in Jamie's sexy body in this soft lighting. It was one thing to see Jamie naked while we were swimming at the lake. Even when the boy got boned up, but it was totally different for Paavo to see Jamie in this sort of sexy kind of way and moment as the expectations began to run rampant in everyone's minds.

Even I was enamored with the moment because my sweet lovely long haired boy looked so sexy hot in this lighting as his slightly sagging pouch swayed around between his legs. Not only had Jamie's penis gotten bigger as of late, but his satchel was no longer balled up tightly against his body. The boy was now in the transitional state of maturity where his ball sack was beginning to hang loosely between his legs with his testicles dropping down due to the weight of them constantly filling up with semen. It still surprised me just how big Jamie was between his legs, and I suppose it kind of surprised Paavo as well because the younger boy was now drooling at his sexy counterpart.

The Estonian boy moaned and literally tore his eyes off the naked sexy long haired boy craning his neck around and glancing towards me with questions flooding his features. "Wh…what are you guys doing?" He moaned nervously. "I…I don't understand Sam."

Leaning in I gave him a soft tender kiss trying to calm him down a little before I released him and sighed. "It's time Paavo." I began with him still confused. "Don't you see I don't want to have to sneak time with you two. I love you both and I know you two love each other too. I want all of us to be happy…together." I whispered softly as the blond boy looked over towards Jamie shaking his head.

"But Sam…what about Jamie…I mean…I don't want this to get between the two of you." He tried to reason with the long haired boy speaking up.

"That's just it Paavo. I mean Sammy explained it earlier to me this morning just before he went to go get Roger. He knows I love you the same why I love him, and he told me you feel the same way. It never bothered me that he loved you Paavo. I was happy for him, but he doesn't feel right about it because he knows I care a lot about you too…you know…in that special kind of way." He tried to explain stepping up to Paavo as he ran his hand up and down the boy's smooth hairless arm.

Paavo whimpered and began melting in my arm when the other boy stepped up to him continuing to tenderly running his hands up and down his arms affectionately. "I…I don't know. I mean how is this going to work?" The Estonian boy moaned with a little whimper as he felt himself slowly giving way to the sexual advances of the other boy while also feeling my hands all over him at the same time.

Jamie leaned in giving the Estonian boy a tentative yet tender brief kiss before sighing. "I want to be with you Paavo…in the same kind of way I'm with Sammy. I understand if you don't care about me the way I do about you. If you don't then we will keep things the way they are, but if you love me too then maybe we should try to make this work…the three of us together. I agree with Sammy…I don't want to stand back anymore because I really do care about you. He wants all of us to be together and I want the same thing. Do you love me Paavo?" Jamie asked nervously now looking intently at the other boy while Paavo's features warred with itself and tears began to flow down the side of his cheeks until a small moan escaped his lips.

"Yes," his soft voice was barely heard by either one of us before he became a little firmer. "Yes Jamie…I love you too. I've always loved you just like I've always loved Sam. I'm scared though." He admitted with me running my lips along his earlobe.

"There's nothing to be afraid of Paavo. All three of us love each other and that is all what matters." I moaned softly noticing Jamie stepping into the other boy's arms as they began passionately kissing.

Wrapping my arms around the long haired boy now I pulled him in tighter effectively sandwiching Paavo between the two of us. My hips ground into the Estonian boy from behind my pre-cum erection sliding easily up and down between the boy's warm crevice while Jamie ground his erection up against the other boy's smaller one. It was the first time the two boys' bodies were pressed up against one another in such a sexually stimulating kind of way as they now began moaning excitedly while they sucked the breath away from one another lungs.

All three of us slowly lowered ourselves onto the blanket which Jamie had spread out ahead of time. The long haired boy settled down on his right side with Paavo facing him on lying on his left side. I remained behind the Estonian boy as I began to run my right hand between the two boys' bodies feeling the heat radiating outwards from their heated passionate embrace. Slowly my fingers found their way between their groins as I wrapped up both of their erections in my fist smashing them together tightly and slowly jacking them off at the same time. I could feel the slickness of Jamie's pre-cum coating both of their erections getting a gasp out of both boys as the stimulating current began to course through their bodies.

They were both close now so I had to back off not wanting either one of them to climax too soon spoiling things for them. Glancing off to the side I noticed the bottle of lotion Jamie had dug out of my daypack for me to use. Reaching over and grabbing it, I slowly licked my way down between Paavo's butt cheeks the heavy scent of sex once more battering my senses making me reel with excitement. Setting aside the bottle of lotion I played with those cute little ruby red cheeked firm apples running my hands over them noting how there was something stimulatingly sexy about Paavo's ass.

My hands were all over the boy's body now as he moaned with excitement in Jamie's arms his body pressed up tightly against his friend as they slowly humped their groins together in a sexual kind of way. I eased Paavo's right leg over Jamie's hips noticing how the blond boy's legs bent at the knees in a natural kind of manner to accommodate the new position as his body leaned slightly forward into the other boy. Both boys were still on their sides, but Jamie was also slightly slanted on his back. This allowed Paavo to lean his weight forward slightly effectively creating a more open position for me to take things to the next level.

My balls began to ache with anticipation now as I began to apply some of the lotion on to my hard erection before sliding my fingers between Paavo's rift. The boy quivered excitedly gasping for air now because both boys had been sucking the air out of one another's lungs. A small moan escaped from his lips getting cut off in mid-stream because Jamie once more pressed his lips up against Paavo's mouth greedily wanting more of the boy now that they had decided to become intimate. My oily covered finger began to run over Paavo's tightly clenched ring which started to twitch a bit at the stimulating sensation it felt from my digit. I saw it clench tight for a second before relaxing and this is when I applied pressure feeling my finger slide inside the warmth of Paavo's body.

Just like with Jamie, I've been finger fucking Paavo for a while so he easily gobbled it up with only a slight gasp as I began to twirl it around trying to loosen him up a bit. Unlike Jamie though Paavo's ass felt way tighter, yet at the same time seemed to accept the intrusion allowing my finger to slide all the way inside of him without much resistance. It was strange feeling how the boy was much tighter back there yet also more accepting of an offending digit.

Watching the two boys grinding their bodies together was becoming too much for me so I slowly eased myself into position pressing my body up against Paavo until my erection was lined up properly. "Paavo my sweet love…are you ready for us to start sharing the rest of my birthday gift with one another." I whispered softly hearing my blond virginal angel whimper excitedly and nod his head as he craned his neck glancing back at me with the look of lustful sexual desire burning hotly in his swirling cobalt blue eyes.

Jamie reached out and gently placed his hand along the Paavo's cheek slowly drawing his attention back to him as he leaned up and once more began kissing the sexy Estonian boy passionately. They immediately became immersed in one another as I began to focus on what I was about to do. We were both lying on our left side as I leaned into him slowly pressing my hips forward while holding my erection trying to keep it lined up. Both of us grunted from my effort with Paavo rejecting entry of my offending snake. It reminded me once more things weren't as easy like other people made this sort of thing out to be. I had to line myself back up several times only to have my erection getting bent in a painful kind of way before shifting away from Paavo's opening and sliding along his crease.

We were both sweating heavily from the effort of having gone at it for several minutes now, and I noticed both Jamie and Paavo had stopped kissing looking deep into one another's eyes. The long haired boy was running his hand up and down the Estonian boy's hips trying to keep him calm and relaxed while I lined up again angling more of my body weight into him. Placing my hand on Paavo's hips with Jamie placing his hand on top of mine I once more applied pressure while also leaning forward feeling my penis begin to bend from the effort.

"Relax Paavo," I heard Jamie whispering. "Try to press air outwards from back there." He encouraged while I felt something different down below as if there wasn't so much resistance anymore.

Suddenly I felt something give and to my surprise my four inch erection was immediately swallowed up burying itself deep inside of the Estonian boy's warm confining lair. It was a total shock to have it happen this way as I heard Paavo yelp out in pain with me completely freezing in place while a warm tight feeling engulfed my steel spike. I had been applying a lot of pressure so when his tight iris finally gave way there was too much force and weight behind the effort with my rigid nail simply plowing right into him all the way to the root in one fell swoop as I felt my sparse pubes brushing up against his now burning hot orbs.

Paavo was crying and whimpering in pain now while a rush of euphoria washed over me with heat rising throughout my body like a furnace ramping up while my sweaty face dripped like condensation on glass in a steam bath. The intense feeling almost overwhelmed me to the point I was about to explode as I gasped for air. I could feel Paavo gasping as well, but his was due to the stinging pain which threatened to rip him apart.

"I'm sorry…uuuumph…I'm so sorry Paavo…I didn't mean…oh shit." I gasped my body shuddering from the intense euphoric feeling engulfing my entire insides.

Then I heard Jamie's reassuring soft voice talking to Paavo…reassuring the boy. "It's alright Paavo…it'll go away…I promise…just give it a couple of seconds. Sammy won't do anything more until it goes away." The long haired boy promised kissing Paavo tenderly wiping away the boy's tears with his lips while the Estonian boy continued to sob for a few seconds slowly calming down as the sudden excruciating pain began to ebb and fade away into the background slowly filling up with a different kind of sensation.

My breath quivered in my chest as my mind shattered and splintered while I tried to keep control of myself. It was difficult because even though I had recently made love to Jamie in the same intimate manner, this was totally different on so many levels. Paavo was exquisitely gorgeous and I was beginning to find out it wasn't just in his physical appearance, but on so many other levels as well. His ass was so tight it fit around my hard tubing almost like the plastic coating on electrical wiring. It was so snug yet also very forgiving as it seemed to yield to my intrusion while embracing it in tender loving arms. Making love to Jamie in this way for my very first time was no less significant, but with Paavo this act seemed even more powerful and satisfying.

"Oh…oh shit Paavo. You're…umph…so…aaaaah…so tight…but…but also…oh…oh…uh…shit…it…it's so beautiful." I exhaled softly allowing my hand to drift between the Estonian boy and my long haired lover's body dipping down between the blond boy's legs.

Wrapping my fingers around Paavo's spongy two and a half inch worm I noted he had become soft down there because of the intense pain from when I had abruptly entered inside of him, but even in his flaccid state there was something different about it from other times. It was as if he wasn't hard, yet there was the sense of him still being aroused despite his limp state. In a way it was sexy hot to have him in this kind of situation as I felt Jamie's erection rubbing up against the back of my hand when he once more began kissing Paavo in a tender kind caring way their lips interlocking in the dance of love.

Adjusting my fingers I now wrapped them around Jamie's erection feeling the slickness of his pre-cum leaking down the length of his shaft coating my hand and Paavo's shaft at the same time. Jamie moaned softly feeling the familiar sensation of my fingers as I slowly squeezed both the hard and soft fleshy tubes in my fist.

"Alright Paavo if you are ready I am going to slowly try making love to that sweet tight ass of yours." I talked naughtily hearing a giggle escape Jamie's mouth while their lips separated so they could catch their breath.

Slowly I pulled back feeling the tightness around my shaft yielding while still gripping my tube firmly in its warm embrace. The sensation was something I've never experienced before, even different from when I was making love to Jamie. It was as if Paavo's love tunnel was specifically formed for my very own erection. Even though his holy grotto griped my firm sacred relic tightly there was a sense of easiness to it as several inches worth of my erection slowly slipped out from inside of the smaller boy. Paavo's body quivered sending a shock wave of electricity through my insides as we both gasped at the unique sensation our coupling was providing for the other person. Even though I knew he was enjoying the pleasurable sensations this was giving him I could also tell there was still a small amount of pain because his penis flared up before once more becoming flaccid.

Slowly I reversed direction this time easing my length and girth inside the heated sloppy damp sauna of the boy's oven in a deliberate progression. Once more it amazed me how Paavo's hot chute simply gobbled up my length and thickness despite the tightness of it. There was very little friction as if the fit were perfectly matched for me. It encouraged me as I began to increase my tempo noticing how the Estonian boy's penis would at times inflate slightly before shrinking once more even though I could tell the sensation of me inside of him was pleasing to the boy.

"Oh shit Sam…your dick is so fucking sexy hot inside of me." The boy moaned getting me even more excited while Jamie continued to run his hands over the boy's body as he thrust his hips into the boy's groin enjoying the sensation of his hard shaft sliding along the softness of Paavo's penis while being firmly gripped in my fist.

Our breathing was coming in rapid succession now as I felt myself beginning to build inside. I was creating a tempo with my steel piston gliding back and forth inside its tight form fitting casing working like a perfectly timed engine with me thrusting my hips back and forth as I started to get caught up in the moment. I began to think I had finally figured things out when naturally my stiff four inch sloppy pickle slipped out of Paavo's warm damp cavern with a little popping noise disappointing both of us as I hurriedly reached down lining myself back up. Once more it took a couple of tries before I slipped back inside, this time not hurting him in the process because we were both a bit more careful having figured some of it out from our first try.

"Oh god Paavo…I can't believe how fucking damn sexy hot your ass is…for real." I moaned as I once more began to thrust my hips beginning slowly before picking up the pace hearing the squishy slapping noise of my sweaty pubic mound bumping up against his damp rounded butt cheeks becoming stuck momentarily due to our copious amounts of perspiration all along our bodies before they peeled apart while my balls smacked up against the back of his thighs.

My sack was hanging down lower than ever before as I now began to thrust in earnest shifting slightly hitting something inside of Paavo which made him bark out and his penis immediately inflate before I steered myself away from the magic love button not wanting the boy to shoot his load.

Paavo protested because it had made him feel so wonderful for a split second. "Oh shit…don't stop…go back." He protested as I slowed down calming us both down for a moment so I could gather my composure a little.

"I…I'm sorry Paavo, but that is something I want Jamie to have. I want this to be special for him too so both of you can have something just between the two of you. Since I get to have your virginity, I want Jamie to share your first orgasm in this way with you." I whispered softly in his ear as he whimpered.

"But…I…um…I've been waiting to share my…you know…uh…orgasm with you Sam. I want to share that with you." He pleaded as he looked apologetically towards Jamie who understood how the other boy felt and wasn't in the least bit mad about it.

"I know Paavo…but you will have to trust me on this. You will still share it with me, but not with me inside of you. I promise you Paavo…we will still share it together, but so will Jamie. Do you trust me?" I asked him with the boy nodding his head his damp blond hair plastered against his forehead as beads of sweat continued to form on his brow.

We were both coated in perspiration now, our two bodies having become all damp, wet, and slippery. I could even feel the heat from Jamie's body and noticed he was sweating just as much as us. Slowly I once more began to make love to the seductively nubile Estonian boy feeling the sultry sexy tightness of his holy temple wrapping its tender loving arms around my four inch essence. I let myself go, knowing this was it, as I continued to thrust myself in and out of his tightness. I shifted slightly, once more bumping into his rapture button feeling his body jolt electrifyingly just to keep things interesting.

Suddenly my entire body seized up as my four inch canon lurched forward while my leather bag with its heavily filled containers of ammo leaped upwards slapping against the bottom of Paavo's butt cheeks. I could literally feel a pleasurable burning sensation ripping its way inside of my hollow hose before the warm liquid lava came blasting out the tip end of my nozzle.

"Aaaaarph, uuuuumph, uuumph, uuumph," I rumbled deeply in my chest feeling everything around me shaking.

The intense orgasm ripped through my body as the furnace deep inside of me exploded in a fiery storm razing my entire insides in a way I never thought possible. Even my mind exploded and fractured like glass falling on a cement floor. Splinters of my thoughts scattered in all direction as the animalistic side of me took over completely.

"Mmmph, mmmmmmph, mmmph, mmmmmph," I continued to grunt slamming my body into my sweet lovely angel hearing the smaller boy grunting and growling now too like some hungry released wild beast as I continued to pound myself deep inside of him no longer having anything left to give him shooting nothing but blanks at the moment since my sloppy goopy boy essence had already been emptied deep inside of the boy in one large ballistic explosion.

As my orgasm ripped its way through my body I couldn't stop myself from continuing to thrust in and out of Paavo's warm tightly clamped shut virginal holy grotto as I made love in a way I never thought possible. In the past my body would climax, basically seizing up until I emptied out my meager contents, but this was somehow different as I kept thrusting my love muscle in and out of Paavo virginal boy temple. It was such an amazingly unique feeling and experience as my climax refused to go down making me wonder briefly if this is what it felt like for Jake when he had his orgasms before my mind once more splintered off while I allowed myself to be carried away in the most blissfully fulfilling kind of way I've ever known.

I'm not sure how long it all lasted, but as I thrust forward one last time my penis suddenly and without warning shriveled up inside of the smaller boy and slipped out with a little popping sound signaling defeat catching me by complete surprise. In the process some of my precious custard treat dribbled out as well creating a little bit of a mess along the girth of my withered tube, the walls of the boy's creamy pillowy crevice, and all along his soft silky thighs. Some of it even managed to dribble along the line leading from his rose bud to the bottom of his ball sack slathering it in a sticky oozing mess. It's the first time something like this has ever happened while I was in the middle of my climax. One moment I was hard as a rock in the midst of my climactic orgasm, and the next moment my penis deflated cutting off the flow of jubilating rapture from my senses. It was almost painful in a way with my shattered thoughts suddenly caving in on itself as if suddenly snapped back into place inside of my head.

Even my body gave way to the sudden collapse of me standing at the pinnacle of Mount Everest before slipping over the edge into oblivion. My rapid fall back to reality left me gasping for air as both Paavo and I tried to recuperate from such a wonderful moment. The smaller boy was whimpering with tears flowing down his cheeks because he lost the fulfilling sensation of me being inside of him while I wiped away tears from my euphoric high which seemed to have gone on forever giving me a bit of insight into just how lucky Jake was to be able to experience something like this on a consistent basis. No wonder he was always horny.

"Oh Sam…that…that was just incredible." The younger boy whimpered while I ran my hand along the length of his sweaty body.

"Oh god Paavo…you have no idea what you just did to me." I sighed kissing the nape of his neck while Jamie smiled happily for us. "I just wish I could have been the one to bring pleasure to you as well…but I promise next time the two of us make love like this I will make it happen. With there being three of us now it's important we share each other. I love both of you too much, and it's the right thing to do." I sighed with Paavo shifting around in my arms until he was facing me reaching out to stroke my cheek tenderly with such a sweet tender look on his features.

"I love you so much Sam and what you did to me just now was…um…feeling you inside of me was just incredible. I never knew it would make me feel so happy and…you know…fulfilled. Did I please you too…you know…just now?" He asked blushing because it was such an intense, awkward, and unusual conversation between two boys as I looked deep into his beautiful blue striking eyes.

"Yes Paavo…everything about you makes me happy…more than you can ever know. Jamie may have been my first…you know…and it was such an incredible moment, but doing this with you was also very precious and unbelievably amazing. You have pleased me in a way I can't explain. It was different from how Jamie made me feel, but both were equally a priceless gift in their own unique way." I smiled warmly leaning in and kissing Paavo while Jamie positioned himself so he could get ready to finish where I had left off as he settled into place behind the sexy nubile Estonian boy.

While Jamie whispered into Paavo's ear to reassure him I slowly eased my way down towards his crotch feeling his left leg drape over my right shoulder as I slurped up his soft tube which immediately inflated in my mouth. The Estonian boy immediately jolted at the familiar sensation of my tongue as it slowly worked along the length of his foreskin covered erection. I could taste Jamie's cum intermingled with Paavo's familiar fleshy taste as he now began to moan enjoying the sensation.

"Oh god yes Sam…please finish me off now…I'm so damn horny." The boy begged but I eased off not wanting him to blow his cork because I wanted to leave that for Jamie knowing what the long haired boy was about to do to him would be forever more etched into his memories as one of his finest experiences.

Once again I began to realize the actual performance of a sexual act could be awkward as I felt Paavo's hips shoving towards my face while Jamie tried to insert himself into the other boy. Jamie's penis was longer than mine so he had a bit more to work with, but it still took a few tries before he finally managed to slip the tip of his knob past Paavo's natural defenses. The Estonian boy immediately relaxed knowing what to do now and allowing the other boy to slip all the way inside of him.

"Oh god Paavo…Sammy was right. Your ass is so fucking tight and it feels…oh fuck…it feels so damn sexy hot." Jamie hissed making me chuckle as my teeth raked across Paavo's sensitive wand.

Paavo winced and yelped reminding me to watch what I was doing as I began to suckle on his soft tube trying to bring it back to life. With Jamie securely inserted inside the boy I could feel the familiar rocking motion as the long haired boy slowly made tender love to the beautiful blue eyed blond haired Estonian boy. Paavo's erection had deflated inside of my mouth when the other boy had inserted his hard spike inside of him so I began to bring it back to life using my lips to slowly skin his foreskin over his smooth bullet shaped knob. Running my tongue around the ridge of his glans I felt it slowly responding increasing in length and thickness while Jamie slowly began to increase his tempo.

Being this close to the source of the actual act of love I began to detect something different about Paavo. It was his scent as it seemed to leach from his pores and his sweaty body. There was something uniquely different about it as my head began to spin from the potency of its fragrance. There was a hint of Jamie and how he smelled when he was having sex, but this was somehow uniquely different making me wonder if a person's essence could change while they were actually having sex. It didn't make sense because I've been intimate with Paavo on many occasions, and it never happened before. Then it dawned on me…the boy was being fucked and was now totally immersed in the experience. It made me realize Paavo's body chemistry on the inside was changing as it oozed from his pores because we were making real love to him in an intensely exciting way as his penis began to jerk around with each outward thrust of Jamie's hips forcing his stiff three inch skin flute ever deeper into my warm damp mouth.

The smaller boy was beginning to moan and grunt because Jamie was actually ramming his five inch pole right into his pleasure lever driving the other boy insane. Like me, Jamie got a bit too wild slipping out momentarily, but since I was right there I reached up lining the long haired boy's rigid twitching snake right up guiding him back inside of Paavo to the delight of both boys. Everyone was breathing hard and sweating buckets including me as I worked Paavo from the front while Jamie worked him from the back. Suddenly it became too much for the Estonian boy with him growling out gutturally as his orgasm slammed into him in a way he's never experienced. I felt his small canon inflating inside my mouth as it recoiled and fired.

"Oh…oh…uuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph, aaaarph, uuuuumph." The smaller boy moaned as he began squirming around but couldn't because he was impaled on Jamie's large tent pole while his small spike was buried deep inside my mouth.

To my surprise I felt a small spattering of boy juice come screaming out the tip end of Paavo's knob. It wasn't a lot, only a few droplets, but there was no mistaking the unique sweet and salty kind of taste from a boy's first ejaculate. I savored the moment feeling his testicles contracting several times up against my chin as a little more trickled out from the tip end of his slit which I eagerly slurped up while I felt Jamie suddenly go wild as well.

The long haired boy began to writhe around behind Paavo when the boy's glory hole began to constrict around tightly milking the large penis for all it was worth. "Aaaarph, uuuuumph, uuuumph, uuumph, oooh, uuumph, uumph." I heard my sweet special boy squeal in delight reminding me how only a few months back none of us ever felt he'd be able to experience something so uniquely special. How things have changed in such a short period of time.

Like me Jamie's orgasm seemed to roll on a lot longer than usual making me wonder if it had something to do with Paavo himself. The Estonian boy's orgasm had come and gone with me letting his now soft penis slip from my mouth while I held on to him as Jamie's climax continued to run its course. Both boys were grunting and moaning, Paavo at the sensation of feeling fulfilled, and Jamie because of the intense orgasm running its course like an electrical current gone rogue through his small frame. Suddenly Jamie squeaked one last time with an almost inaudible popping noise following before he collapsed into a heap behind the sexy Estonian boy his shriveled up spent penis looking just as sad as mine had when Paavo's ass had sucked the life out of it in one fell swoop.

Both boys were breathing hard as I slowly climbed my way up and pressed my lips against Paavo's mouth. I had a tiny amount of Paavo's cum left in my mouth as I forced it past his lips.

"Mmmmmph," I heard the boy's muffled response as I began to giggle.

"Oh shit…oh shit…that was so…oh… was so damn intense. I mean…Sam with you sucking me off and then Jamie…you know…um…fucking me." He panted gulping in air and using the more vulgar term of 'fucking' but in a sensuous kind of way. "Oh shit…that was so…so wonderful. I never knew it could feel so…so nice." He continued to gasp running his tongue along his lips suddenly frowning and looking at me questioningly.

"Oh yeah…you squirted for the first time." I giggled while he looked back at me in stunned puzzlement.

"What…how's that possible?" He asked in disbelief. "I…I…um…I'm only twelve years old…are you sure?" He asked me as I gave him a funny look.

"What do you mean 'am I sure'?" I smirked shaking my head. "Of course I'm sure unless there's someone else in this room that had his hard sexy hot pecker in my mouth." I teased back with the boy still looking at me in shocked amazement.

"But I'm only twelve." He repeated while I shrugged my shoulder.

"So I've heard…but still." I chuckled. "Besides, even though it may be uncommon for boys your age in Estonia to actually cum at your age, it doesn't mean some aren't squirting at twelve years old." I pointed out with him scrunching up his face in thought reaching down to tug on his soft spent penis. "Also, don't forget you haven't jacked off or anything in over a week, not to mention between me and Jamie we've done a pretty good job of giving you the best orgasm of your life to date, if I'm not mistaken."

The smaller boy looked at me for a second and began to giggle naughtily. "That's no lie there. I never knew it could feel so wonderful." He admitted with Jamie finally stirring a little.

"Did someone just say Paavo squirted?" He asked rolling on to his back his legs slightly bent with his glistening cum soaked shriveled soft penis and goopy boy satchel sagging between his limbs.

"Yeah." I sighed leaning in kissing Paavo tenderly once more so he could finish sucking off the taste of his cum from my lips.

"Damn, I'd love to get a taste of some of that. Maybe next time." Jamie hinted hopefully with Paavo shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah…I suppose…if I've got any left to give. The two of you managed to suck me dry." He teased with Jamie smirking.

"Yeah…well I'm beginning to think that ass of yours is like some sort of leach or something because one moment I was hard as a rock with the biggest and intense orgasm of my life then suddenly without warning it simply shriveled up as if sucked completely dry." He grunted with me nodding my head.

"Tell me about it. For real Paavo…that's one fucking intense ass you've got." I giggled leaning back with both Jamie and Paavo laughing along at this weird conversation as they also relaxed while all three of us tried to recuperate from the intense love making, our sweaty bodies glistening in the warm summery night.

After a few moments of silence Jamie spoke up again continuing our thread of conversation. "Well, if not maybe Sammy can share some of his. Damn, I swear my hard pecker was swimming in the stuff while I was inside of you Paavo. It's kind of a weird feeling you know." He pointed out when he rolled back on to his side looking between Paavo's butt cheeks. "Shit Sammy…he's leaking like a broken pipe and oozing our combined cum all over the place." He giggled lifting his arm and pointing towards my bag I had put inside the loft earlier in the day when Jake was snoozing after his sexual escapade with Emma. "Toss me the rag and bottle of water so we can get cleaned up." He instructed while I reached over grabbing the items for Jamie crawling back over so I could help him clean up the Estonian boy while also inspecting his backside to make sure we hadn't done any real damage to him.

This was part of the messy side of things no one ever talks about as we finished up. I really didn't mind though, and even enjoyed this part of it because it made me feel good inside to be able to take care of the younger boy as I smiled down into Paavo's serene face brushing some stray hairs from the boy's beautiful intense blue eyes. Leaning down I kissed him tenderly feeling him respond as I slowly ran my hand up and down his body before once more reaching between his legs stimulating his shriveled spent piston feeling it come awake. We were young so it didn't take much for us to get going and hard again; especially, Paavo since he's been holding off for an entire week and was horny as hell despite recently being satiated.

Settling my body up next to his I noticed Jamie doing the same thing, but in the opposite direction with his head towards Paavo's legs. Jamie's face was now only inches away from Paavo's hard three inch skin flute as the Estonian boy shifted around so he could get a closer look at Jamie's wrinkled up soft three and a half inch floppy which simply refused to get hard again.

"Shit Jamie…this is like the first time I've seen you stay soft for this long." I teased with the long haired boy chuckling and nudging his chin in my directions.

"Yeah…well speak for yourself. I've noticed yours hasn't recuperated yet either and is still all shriveled up." He teased back sighing and shaking his head. "Damn Paavo for real though…it's like your tight ass really did suck us dry." He giggled making me laugh as well while I watched the Estonian boy blush at the so called compliment yet leaned in for a closer look at Jamie's nice soft tube as he reached out taking it in his fingers.

Jamie looked down and smiled turning his attention to the Estonian boy's beautiful boyhood. Even though the two boys knew what the other had neither one of them had ever truly scrutinized it this intensely as I watched Jamie's softie sort of come awake a little as it chubbed up slightly. Leaning in Jamie slurped up Paavo's erection into his mouth while the Estonian boy did the same with each boy slowly working the other one. I could hear Paavo's chest rattling as he began to gasp for air threatening to climax once more as I slowly ran my hand up and down his silky smooth skin enjoying watching the two boys slurping each other's pride and joy. They looked so damn sexy hot and even my own spent tube twitched around threatening to balloon up, but it was basically too exhausted to stir about all that much at the moment.

Paavo whimpered when Jamie let his hard three inch skin covered erection slip out from his mouth. Sighing, the Estonian boy let Jamie's half hard tube slip from his lips as well looking at it greedily. I could tell both of them enjoyed what they were doing to one another, but I suppose Jamie didn't want to risk bringing the younger boy over the edge for a second time knowing there was more for us here in short order.

Reaching over I turned Paavo's face towards me giving him a slow gentle kiss. I could taste Jamie's penis still lingering on the boy's lips making me hungry for more as my juices slowly began to get me worked up once more. Slowly our lips separated as gazed deeply into the boy's lively swirling blue orbs.

The love for the boy swelled inside my heart making me yearn for him in that extreme intimate way once more. "It's your turn now. I want to feel that sexy hot tool of yours buried deep inside of me drilling for black oil." I chuckled teasingly giving his drill bit a small tug feeling his body jerk at my playful tweak.

The boy's eyes bulged out for a moment as he looked down at himself. "I…I'm not sure." He moaned looking at his penis before gazing up into my eyes. "I mean…I'm not sure if I'm even big enough down there…you know." He bit his lower lips nervously while I leaned in giving him another long gentle kiss before allowing our lips to part.

"You're perfect down there Paavo and plenty big enough. I need to feel you inside of me…I want you to make love to me…it's important Paavo. I love you so much and I want to please you too. I know you can do this and I promise it will be something special for both of us. Jamie will help." I stated looking over towards the long haired boy who got up on his knees grabbing the bottle of lotion.

Getting up on my knees I bent over allowing Jamie to slather up the lotion between my butt cheeks shivering at the wonderful sensation of his fingers working it inside my tight ring. Craning my neck I watched him slowly applying plenty of the creamy oily substance all around the blond haired boy's sleek shaft. Glancing over at me nervously the Estonian boy got up on his knees and lined up behind me. To my surprise I watched as Jamie wriggled his body underneath me until his face was right beneath my crotch and low hanging ball sack while I was staring straight down on his sweet adorably sexy soft boyhood and large fleshy purse.

I noticed something else as well and that was some soft fluffy silky fur around the base of his penis. He's always had those fine strands of downy hairs which weren't really pubes per-se, but these thicker filaments I was looking at now most definitely were even though they were very light in color. Smiling happily at this latest development for my little sexy love muffin I slowly leaned down slurping up his soft tube into my mouth rolling it around as his light earthy sex scent assaulting my nose when I breathed him in deeply. There was something so damn sexy hot about his soft three and a half inch tube as I ran my tongue around it. It made me realize this is really the first time I've really ever had my mouth over his penis when it was totally soft. It still felt warm and very spongy like as I ran my tongue up and down the length of his soft shaft and springy like knob.

Beneath me I felt Jamie doing the same thing to my own spent tube as we both explored each other in a way we haven't experienced before. Jamie's lips released my softie, but slurped up my testicles past his lips rolling them around so I did the same thing to him enjoying how full they felt in my mouth. Then I felt something different as Paavo slowly applied pressure against my puckered up ring. I could feel his hips shoving forward up against me trying to push past my protective barrier as my tight ring irrefutably rejected the offending barb.

Grunting Paavo lined up once more when I heard Jamie giggling getting me to look down at him. "Oh shit…that is so fucking sexy hot watching you guys from this angle. I mean…it's like I can see everything right up close and personal." He stated with a hungry look on his features as I felt Paavo once more try to shove past my defenses his attempt failing once more.

Squirming around behind me to get a better angle I could feel his hands trying to hold his three inch shaft in place as he pressed forward once more while I tried to relax. Suddenly I felt myself give as he slipped past and all the way down to the base of his shaft with both of us gasping for different reasons.

I grunted out in pain as Paavo moaned in ecstasy. "Oh shit…oh shit…oh my god…oh shit…fuck…fuck…fuck." I heard the boy moan as the weight of his entire body settled on top of my back with him afraid to even move while I continued to gasp trying to recover from the unexpected entirety of his erection slipping inside of me.

While the extreme pain slowly subsided I could feel Paavo's warm body pressed up against the length of my back and hear his rasping ragged breath as he gasped for air his body quivering with the intense feeling of being inside of someone. "Oh shit Sam…this is…oh shit…it's so fucking amazing." He managed to pant out.

The sensation of the boy's sleek stiff erection inside of me was wonderful. It was totally different from when Jamie inserted himself into me, yet also similar. It was difficult to describe because I loved both boys so much yet I was beginning to discover each boy was unique in their own special way with the love they provided me. Of course all three of us loved each other in that unique kind of special manner, but how each boy made me feel when making love to me was totally different and wonderfully special in their own way.

"Oh shit Paavo you feel so awesome inside of me." I moaned slowly rotating my hips feeling his erection roll around inside of me making Paavo gasp in surprise because he hadn't expected me to do that almost sending the boy over the edge.

"Oh…uuumph…oh…oh…oh…fucking shit." The boy gasped in one big gulp his body quivering uncontrollably as he tried to calm himself down.

I almost giggled giddily when I felt the Estonian's boy erection twitch around inside of me, but I knew I needed to stop or risk sending him over the edge too soon. As it was I realized it wouldn't take much for the boy to blow his nut for the second time tonight.

"Fuck me Paavo…I want to feel you fucking me until you cum." I hissed naughtily at him feeling the boy slowly straighten up and gently ease his erection backwards giving me that sort of empty feeling until he eased his way forward once more.

The Estonian boy gasped at the intensity of feeling himself sliding inside the warm confines of my body as my ring applied a tight exhilarating pressure along the length and girth of his shaft. The boy quivered excitedly as he slowly picked up his tempo. I could feel him bumping into me the familiar slapping noise of someone getting fucked echoing loudly in the stillness of the night as my body was rocked forward with each one of his plunging thrusts. It was the only sound heard other than the small grunts of pleasure from me and Paavo as we both became immersed into the moment. My penis had stiffened up now as well because the size of Paavo three inch erection seemed to be the ideal fit inside of me providing the perfect mixture of ache and gratification. It was strange how pain could make your penis inflate, but the intensity of both sting and pleasure made me horny as hell. It was a very unique experience as I felt Paavo finally succumb to the ecstasy of the moment his hips shoving forward forcefully one last time effectively burying his drill bit deep inside of me his giggle stick doing the familiar happy dance in the process.

The Estonian boy let out a loud moan of elation and I could feel his twitching erection inflate inside of me as his glans swelled. Paavo's orgasm ripped through his body as his penis began to lurch around inside of my body making me quiver excitedly. I could even feel the boy's testicles lurching around between my butt cheeks. Then there was another sensation as I felt a sort of warm wetness percolate inside of me. It wasn't a lot, but I knew I had managed to eek out some more of Paavo's sweet tasting soothing goat's milk indicating just how horny he had been waiting for an entire week to be satiated by me.

"Uuuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph, uuumph, uuuuuuuuuuuumph," I heard Paavo exclaim and grunt loudly in the throes of his ecliptic rapture his body bucking and thrusting while his stiff penis thrashed around inside my ass creating a sort of unique sensation for me as I gasped and enjoyed the pleasure he was providing even though it wasn't one which sent me into my own orgasmic explosion.

Still for me it was a wonderful kind of sensation feeling the boy inside of me like this and knowing I was the cause of his climactic explosion. It wasn't the kind of pleasure which makes you have that explosive experience, but it was still special giving me the type of pleasure where I felt fulfilled and complete. In a way I was glad he hadn't found my magic pleasure button because this was one more thing we could discover and share together at another time. Even though I had experienced this aspect already with Jamie, I knew it would be different with Paavo just like everything else. It made me realize just how truly blessed we were because each of us had a unique kind of love that was something special and different we could share with the others.

During Paavo's climactic explosion I felt him begin to rock his hips forward again thrusting himself into me several more times trying to hang on to the experience of a lifetime as he put everything he had into this one moment of time until with one final heave he thrust forward and collapsed the entire weight of his body on to my back. I could feel his sweaty stomach and chest pressed up to me as his body heaved for air. The rattling of his chest was so intense I could feel it vibrating along my back as his soft penis popped out from between the tightness of my ring no matter how much I clamped it down trying to keep it in place. With it came the feeling of emptiness as I whimpered in both joy and sadness.

Settling my body off to the side Jamie scooted away while I stretched out and Paavo rolled off of me on to his back heaving for air. Twisting my body around I cradled the boy in my arms while he tried to recuperate and I felt Jamie inspecting me while cleaning me off. I thought it was so sweet of my long haired angel to take care of me like this while both Paavo and I recuperated. The Estonian boy had such a serene look on his features and his now shriveled up two and a half inch flaccid penis angled off to the side while it continued to pulse and twitch in the aftermath of its euphoria. Reaching out I couldn't help myself as I ran my fingers along its slicked up length slowly sliding the boy's foreskin over his wet looking pinkish knob. Damn he looked so fucking sexy hot as I watched him wince and whimper because he was extremely sensitive at the moment.

"Oh fuck Sam…no more…please…I…I…oh fuck…I can't…no more." He moaned as his eyes gazed into me with such an intense serene look. "Oh god Sam that was so wonderful. I never knew it could be so special." He sighed glancing over at the other boy as well. "I want to be with you like that too Jamie…just…not now. I can't…I'm totally exhausted and I don't think I'd be able to get it up again…not after that." He managed to giggle his body shivering in a mixture of the euphoric sexual aftermath and because he was cold.

The boy's body was bathed in perspiration as it glistened seductively sultry in this soft lighting. Jamie noticed and smiled before tossing a lightweight blanket over us and crawling next to the smaller boy sandwiching him between the two of us so our bodies could help warm him up.

The long haired boy also looked down into the smaller boy's features smiling tenderly at him as he leaned down and kissed Paavo affectionately. "It's alright Paavo…I can wait. Now that all three of us are together we will be able to make love whenever we want. I love both of you so much and feel lucky to have you guys in my life." He whispered softly making my heart swell with love as I watched the two boys doting on one another not in the least bit jealous of them now being lovers as well.

It was a little after midnight when we finally made our way back pausing for a moment just on the edge of the small clearing where our little group of friends were slumbering. I couldn't help but giggle a little because I noticed we weren't the only ones who must have had a bit of fun. I heard Paavo and Jamie sniggering as well having noticed the same thing as me.

On the other side of the clearing Roger's nude body was draped over Austin's naked torso in a sort of spooning fashion. The younger boy was on his left side slightly forward with his right knee bent preventing him from completely rolling on to his stomach. From our angle we could see his thick three and a half inch soft penis and large fleshy pouch lying along his left thigh. Roger's body was draped over his young lover with his own soft four inch tube and sagging bag nestled along Austin's left butt cheek and inner thigh. As we approached there was the telltale signs of dried up cum all over the crease of Austin's butt cheeks, thighs, and blanket leaving little doubt Roger had fucked the younger boy, and by the look of things had fucked him good and hard making me giggle imaging the scene.

Ever since the two of them had gotten together this morning they had been pawing at one another incessantly. I already knew they had done each other at the lake, and then I witnessed Austin doing Roger in the shower, and now here again Roger having plowed Austin once more. So I knew they had done each other at least twice today, but it could even be more if they had managed to find other opportunities. Not to mention some of the other sexual things like what me and Jake had caught them doing in the living room after our shower. It kind of surprised me how I wasn't shocked by the idea until I realized it only made sense because the two of them were new lovers so would find every opportunity to satiate each other's hormonal desires. A few months back I would have been shocked at such blatant sexual activity between the older and younger boy, but now it didn't even seem to faze me. Boy, how things sure have changed.

"Holy fuck…I can't believe the two of them would risk doing something like that in front of the others." Jamie giggled while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well they just fell in love today so I suppose it really shouldn't surprise us with them getting their nut off whenever possible. Besides, the way I feel about the two of you it wouldn't take much for me to do the same thing." I giggled teasingly as Paavo and Jamie joined in and chuckled as well with me realizing they felt the same way.

This was yet another thing which seemed to surprise me. I would never have thought of doing such activities so openly with other boys a few months back, but here I was admitting I'd fuck Jamie and Paavo at the drop of a hat. It amazed me how much everyone in our tight knit group has changed in just a short few months.

I watched as my two lovers quietly crawled under the covers snuggling up together before looking over at me questioningly. "I'll be right there guys. I just want to check up on the boys, and then cover up Roger and Austin." I whispered softly with the two boys nodding and cuddling up together under the blanket already drifting off to sleep kind of surprising me, but then again understanding because all three of us were pretty well worn out.

Kneeling down next to my two lovers, I gently gave each one a kiss before standing up and walking over to my two little ragamuffins. Smiling at them fondly, I had to chuckle because Jake had joined them and was snuggled up spooning behind Zak while Andi was snuggled up in the arms of the curly haired boy. At some point Jake must have woken up just long enough to find me missing so snuggled up with the two younger boys. More than likely he had gotten up to relieve himself. I've noticed he seemed to always wake up just enough to stumble into the bathroom half asleep and relieve himself before crawling back into bed and drifting right back to sleep.

Not able to resist I lifted up the corner of the blanket noticing Zak's naked body sporting his cute little boner which pressed up against Andi's hips. Jake was wearing his typical white boy's briefs, but I could see the hard outline of his penis sandwiched up against the curly haired boy's butt cheeks while Andi's didn't show much of anything other than his typical little bulge in his boxer briefs with me figuring he was probably soft. I've been noticing for the most part Andi's little pecker remained soft all the time unless stimulated or when he really got excited; unlike Zak, whose little eight year old boy pecker seemed to be stiff almost all the time.

Lowering the blanket back into place I smiled giving the boys a soft kiss on the lips, including Jake, before moving on over to Roger and Austin covering up their naked body. I could smell the sex surrounding the two boys making me smile warmly at them. I was happy for them and hoped things would work out despite the age difference. Pausing for a moment to look at their soft features I sighed and leaned down giving them a soft kiss as well before making my way over to the fire pit tossing on a few logs to keep the flames going.

For some reason I didn't feel all that tired so grabbing up a blanket I spread it out by one of the logs and sat down on the ground leaning back staring into the flames of the nearby fire. It wasn't cold or anything, but not hot either, just comfortable in my shirtless state. I shifted around a little finding a comfortable spot which didn't dig into my exposed back and looked around at all my friends sleeping peacefully without any worries prompting me to smile because it made me so happy. There was a hush-ness in the stillness of the starry lit sky, and peaceful with Boxey padding over to me from where he had been lying by the smaller boys and Apollo. Once he got settled down by my side I reached out and petted him yawning in the process comforted by his presence. He was a steady fixture in my life, and I couldn't imagine him never having been a part of it.

I suppose I must have been tired after all because one moment I was scratching Boxey behind the ears and the next moment I had dozed off until I heard a soft shuffling sound close by prompting me to slowly open up my eyes. It was Jamie smiling down at me as I looked around noticing the fire was still going pretty good letting me know I hadn't dozed off for long.

The long haired boy looked so damn sexy hot shirtless and only wearing his blue Epic Threads plaid shorts. He had a nice sized bulge going on letting me know he was turned on by me and also indicating he had recuperated from the orgasmic explosion the sexy Estonian boy had sucked out of him a little while earlier. Reaching out I ran my hand up his leg watching the boy quivering at my sensual touch and moan when I ran my fingers over his bulge. He was enjoying my attention, but then suddenly became a bit shy craning his neck and looking over his shoulders.

"Oh fuck Sammy…maybe we better take it easy." He sighed in a whispered hushed voice. "I mean…what if someone wakes up." He added turning back around while I put my finger through one of his belt loops and tugged on him slightly forcing him to step closer actually straddling his legs on either side of me now.

"What are you so worried about?" I whispered back. "Roger and Austin are exhausted and out for the rest of the night having satisfied one another in a very sexy and pleasing way practically all day long and even not all that long ago." I teased giggling hearing the boy chuckling as well recalling what he saw when we returned from the loft. "Zak never wakes up once he goes to sleep, and with Andi's concert performance he's totally exhausted and out for the night as well. Jake usually doesn't wake up once he takes his bathroom trip and he managed to jack off earlier so I'm sure he's good to go. As for Paavo…well…it doesn't matter one way or the other if he wakes up and joins us or not, but still though I'm sure between you and me he's been pretty much drained and won't be waking up any time soon." I chuckled teasingly knowing we had put the Estonian boy through the sexual paces.

The plain truth of the matter is that Jamie looked sexy hot straddling across me like this while I sat there leaning up against the log. I felt my own penis twitch and stiffening up inside my shorts now feeling a bit confined as it inflated and pressed up against the tight fabric. My hands were all over the boy now as they wandered around his backside cupping his nice firm butt cheeks making both of us quiver excitedly while also making me giggle because I could actually see the outline of Jamie's penis squirming around on the inside of his shorts.

"Yeah…but still Sammy…what if we get caught." The younger boy sighed as I pulled him closer leaning my forehead up against his stomach.

Shrugging my shoulders I breathed him in enjoying his sexed up scent. "I really don't care, besides I really want to feel myself inside of you Jamie. I…um…I promise to be better this time around…now that I know what to do. It's not fair that you haven't been…you know…pleasured properly." I giggled naughtily giving the outline of his large tube a little nibble hearing him gasp and quiver excitedly as I let him stand up a bit straighter once more.

I've always enjoyed looking at Jamie and running my hands all over his body. He basically turned me on all the time as I ran my hand over his large lump unsnapping the clasp in front and slowly unzipping his shorts. His large bulge immediately pressed outwards, his soft underwear allowing some breathing room for the boy's sexy organs. My right hand immediately wrapped around his large tube, underwear and all, slowly rotating my fist around creating a bit of friction with Jamie whimpering while my left hand squeezed his cottony material covered boy purse.

"Damn, you are so fucking sexy hot." I hissed releasing him and watching the boy as he let his shorts drop and kicked them off to the side before straddling me once more in nothing but his underwear his large boyhood creating a nice sized bulge leaving little to the imagination.

It was as if he was reading my mind knowing I wanted to be teased a little. With my hands shaking excitedly I unhitched my belt, unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled on my zipper just enough so I could wriggle out of it. Lifting up my hips I quickly shoved my underwear and shorts down tossing them to the side allowing my erection to pulse wildly in an upwards kind of angle pointing towards my chest. Even my balls were beginning to ache in anticipation as I reached out and slowly peeled Jamie out of his underwear smiling as the fabric caught on the tip end of his pecker forcing it downwards. Giving it a little tug I watched his erection pull free slapping back up against his smooth mound once more noticing those small wispy pubic hairs.

As the boy lifted his legs out of his underwear standing completely naked in front of me, I tossed his underwear on top of my clothes and reached out running my fingers through his sparse pale colored strands of hairs.

"You've got some pubes now." I told the boy as he looked down noticing them for the first time before glancing back at me and smiling proudly.

"Wow…when did that happen?" He wondered while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well…now that you are squirting it was only a matter of time. Besides, things just change for all of us." I offered up running my hands around the back of his hips and pulling him forwards guiding his large erection into my mouth.

His penis had a nice taste to it and I always enjoyed sucking on it as I now ran my lips over his short sleek bullet shaped nozzle and down the length of his long shaft. The taste of Paavo still lingered on his sexy tool and I shivered because it made me even hornier. The boy was now panting, and I could tell he was getting close already so I let his stiff hose slip from my mouth and slurped up his testicles having to give them a bit of a good sucking because his knapsack had tightened up into a tight ball up against his body. I could feel it begin to loosen up though allowing a bit of freedom to his heavily weighted testicles as the boy moaned in pleasure.

I almost began to laugh because I was also moaning softly enjoying being able to pleasure the boy in such a pleasing kind of way. I released his pouch and pulled him downwards allowing him to settle on top of me as we now began to kiss passionately. Rolling us on to the blanket we kissed for a while longer while our naked bodies pressed up against each other. I always enjoyed how his mouth felt pressed up against my lips, and I never got tired of it as I felt his body temperature rise with his lustful desires.

Slowly our lips parted and I gently eased Jamie into a kneeling position with him using the log for support. Our first time I had wanted to look him in the eyes so we could both see one another, but now I wanted to make sure I gave him my full length and girth so I could pleasure him properly. I didn't have anything to lube him up with, but I was already leaking pre-cum so I mounted the boy from behind doggy style and slowly ran the tip of my knob all around his opening feeling him getting pretty slicked up.

When I knew he was ready I lined up and slowly applied pressure. I took my time gently pressing forward feeling beads of sweat forming on my brow and body. I could feel the heat of Jamie in front of me as he too began to sweat. To my surprise I managed to slip past his shuttered opening on our first try, recognizing the familiar pressure around the tip of my knob as it slid into place. I could literally hear a slurping noise as if Jamie's ass was sucking up my glans greedily. The usual sexually charged euphoric sensation immediately began to assault my senses as I struggled to stay in control. Jamie whimpered for a moment from the brief pain, but seemed to settle down quickly as he panted for air. It was as if we both were now familiar enough with the process it didn't hurt or catch us by surprise. Still, the intensity of the moment wasn't diminished in the least, if anything it felt even better as if having a bit more control let us experience some of the other nuances created by this pure act of love between two individuals.

Slowly I eased myself forward feeling Jamie try to relax so the experience would be nice for both of us. It didn't take long at all for me to bottom out as I reversed course sensing Jamie was ready. In an almost leisurely manner I began to rock my hips back and forth allowing me to enjoy the moment as I reached in front of the boy feeling his half hard tube respond to my touch and inflate completely. I could feel myself getting closer as I increased my tempo hearing the familiar slapping noise of my pubic mound bumping up against his sweaty ass while my loose pouch smacked up against the bottom part of his butt cheeks and thighs.

We were both totally immersed in the moment as our bodies became drenched in sweat. I knew it wouldn't be long now so I began to adjust my thrust trying to locate Jamie's prostrate, the magic button, which would set him off as well. It was all a matter of timing now trying to gauge both of our needs as I found what I was looking for feeling the long haired boy jolt in surprise as he gasped and his erection literally lurched in my hands. Even the taut ring muscle around my boy vein momentarily constricted tightly forcing me to gasp in joyful ecstasy while I continued to grind myself inside of him. To my surprise my hips seemed to know exactly what to do this time around as I continued to rock into him like one of those oil rigs you see along the roads of Texas. I could actually see those long arms on those rigs rotating and rocking in the same kind of rolling swaying motion like my hips was currently doing to Jamie as my little four inch drill bit continued to bore for oil deep inside of the long haired boy's cavernous and expansive oil fields.

Even though I seemed to be pounding into him in quick rapid successions I somehow managed to stay inserted inside of him as I focused on plunging my spike against that little spongy area deep inside of the angelic long haired boy. I could tell I was doing something right because Jamie began to writhe around and squirm because it was starting to send him into overload each and every time the tip of my nozzle brushed up against his spongy toggle. It seemed to drag on forever, but I knew it had only been a mere few seconds when I heard Jamie yelp in joyous ecstasy as his butt muscles clamped around my piston trying to muck up the well oiled machinery as if tossing a wrench into the gears. His body was immediately propelled into the throes of his orgasmic explosions sending me over the edge at the same time, the two of us hurled into the blissful state of joyous rapture.

The experience was indescribable, with both of us cresting and climaxing at the same time, our orgasms propelling the other even further as we both grunted, moaned, and let out little puppy dog like yapping squeaking sounds. My penis flared and lurched around inside of Jamie as I began to pump and sow my precious boy oats deep inside my sweet little long haired angel's earthy boy womb. There wasn't much, but enough to feel it oozing inside of the boy and slathering around my pulsating erection. At the same time I felt Jamie's own erection flaring outwards becoming obscenely large in my fingers before suddenly retract backwards momentarily. In that brief moment it felt kind of odd since it seemed counter intuitive to what should happen, but then it suddenly lurched like the recoil on a pistol when the trigger is pulled discharging the bullet from it's chamber and down the barrel. I could literally feel the boy's ammo filled contents come screaming through the length of his long barrel before spitting out the end of his nozzle as his body lurched and bucked in the throes of ecstasy. His testicles also contracted upwards pounding against the back of my fist. I could feel Jamie's penis contracting and twitching around in an epileptic like fit in my fingers as his orgasms ripped through his body.

My own orgasm left me completely disoriented as well with it rippling through my body like a rip tide sucking the precious life giving juice from my testicles as it emptied out inside of Jamie's warm earthy incubator. Our orgasms seemed to feed on one another as we continued to buck and whimper in euphoric blissful ignorance with everything fading away momentarily into the background. It seemed to last for an extremely long time, but I knew it was only ten seconds at the most when with one final thrust I felt my body quiver excitedly before everything simply gave way and I collapsed on top of Jamie's back completely spent.

The long haired boy shuddered on last time as he continued to heave and gasp for air supporting my entire weight our perspiring body plastered together in a wickedly sexy kind of way. We were both panting loudly as I finally came to my senses and eased my weight off the boy feeling my now spent flaccid tube slip out from the boy's back door making a sort of slurping popping noise which made me giggle and shake my head in-between gasps of air because we seemed to be hearing that familiar noise a lot lately. Even Jamie craned his neck and giggled as we both panted for air.

The long haired boy was still on all fours when I leaned over placing my left hand on the log for support and kissed him as he craned his neck. Our lips separated and I saw a small little puddle of his cum by the log. It had splattered up against the wood and was now slowly dripping downwards making me smile triumphantly knowing I had done that to him. Jamie was looking at it as well a bit dumbfounded how someone could cum without their pecker being physically stimulated. Even though my fist had been around his large erection I had been too busy to jack him off leaving it to me grinding into his prostrate to set him off.

"Holy fuck." He whispered in shock while I giggled.

"So I take it my cock pleased you?" I asked sarcastically with the boy rolling his eyes at me shaking his head.

"Well…duh!" He shot back just as sarcastically sending us into a fit of laughter as I sat back down leaning my back up against the log enjoying the warm air as it tickled my skin.

We were both completely naked outdoors and it felt kind of naughty, even more so than when we went skinny dipping. Jamie sat down next to me as he leaned into my body while I draped my arm over his shoulder pulling him tightly into my arms.

"Fuck Jamie…it just seems to get better and better. I don't think this will ever get old with you…or Paavo." I sighed admittedly feeling the long haired boy nodding his head.

"Yeah…that was so…so…sexy hot…and earlier with Paavo…shit…seeing him fuck you with me beneath you…that was so fucking sexy. Shit I was so turned on that I would have blown a nut for sure if he hadn't fucking drained me like some vampire leach. Shit for real Sammy…his ass has a way of sucking a guy dry. I mean when I did it with you it was fantastic, but in a different way." He tried to explain worried I'd be hurt by his admission.

"Yeah…I know what you mean. It's different making love with you than with Paavo, but still sort of the same. Both of you are incredible in a different way. I'm sure it will be the same for him after he does you. I know you will enjoy feeling him inside of you too, but I'm sure Paavo will think making love to you will be different than when he did it with me. Maybe it is supposed to be that way…you know…the same yet also different." I sighed shaking my head and smiling.

"Yeah…maybe…still…it really is incredible…huh?" He asked a small grin spreading over his features while I nodded my head and pulled him closer feeling him twist slightly and drape his arm across the front of my waist as he settled his head on my chest. "And…you know…I did alright too? I mean…what we did together…it pleased you too?" He asked making me scrunch my face and frown wondering why he would even ask such a thing.

"Of course Jamie…I mean shit…you were incredible. Fuck Jamie…what we've been doing together all along has been incredible. It's all been fantastic; especially, what we did together just now…it was amazing…you were amazing. ." I crooned noticing the smaller boy frowning as if not so sure.

"Yeah I guess for a basket case and spastic." He countered making me gape at him and shake my head.

"Stop it Jamie. I don't care about how you were before. I loved you then and I love you now. Having autism isn't who you are, but we can't ignore it has help make you the person you are now. I love you for it and you were never a basket case to me. Well…maybe at first when I was stupid and angry at everything, but after that…," I countered shaking my head seeing the serious look on Jamie's face before he sighed and his features softened.

"Thanks Sammy." He replied the dark cloud over him sort of dissipating as he cuddled up against me once more our two sweaty bodies sliding up against one another in that funky nasty dirty kind of way which neither one of us seemed to mind.

It doesn't happen often, but I have noticed lately that the whole issue of his past and being an autistic sort of creates a dark cloud over him at times. It never lasts long, and I think it is because he has people surrounding him who truly care and love him for who he is as a person. Looking down into his serene features I couldn't help myself as I slowly gave him a tender squeeze before getting in a little dig.

"As for the whole spastic thing…well that's an entire different story." I stated smugly feeling him stiffening up and looking at me boring holes into me with his steady gaze.

"Hey!" He grumped noticing my serious look as I shrugged my shoulders.

"What can I say…I enjoy getting you all worked up until you flop around like a fish out of water. I can't help it if I know which buttons to push sending you into a fit, but you have to admit it's a nice kind of convulsive fit I send you into ." I teased as he gave me a friendly shove and huffed.

"Well, I'm not the only one who gets all spastic like." He teased back. "If I recall I did a pretty good job of getting you to flop around like a fish dangling at the end of my hard five inch pole earlier on your birthday when I fucked you all proper like. Damn…and if I'm not mistaking you sure put my pole's tensile strength to the test when I hit that little magic button of yours sending you into a fit of spasms making me think I had hooked the king of all spastics." He teased back with both of us chuckling.

"Yeah…well I still love you despite everything Jamie, or maybe because of everything. You are my little 'spaz,' plain and simple. No and's if's or but's about it…both you and Andi. It doesn't matter to me if you both have seizures because it isn't who you are as a person. I still love you both, but Jamie, you are my first…um…you know…real love and that will always be special to me. You are my little 'spaz,' and don't ever forget it. Not because you have seizures, but because you are too corny." I teased while also being a bit on the serious side as I reached over and pushed his damp matted hair off to the side so they weren't in his eyes. "Besides, we don't know if you will have more seizures or not, but either way it won't affect the way I feel about you or Andi." I sighed leaning down and kissing him tenderly enjoying the warm sensation which spread over my body each and every time I kissed him.

We both fell silent in our own thoughts. Pulling up my left leg to my chest without disturbing Jamie, I placed my head on my knee and smiled as I looked around once more. It was amazing how just this past Christmas I had been so shy about my body and felt so alone and frustrated with the world. Now I found myself surrounded by the closest of friends and two boys who I loved with all of my heart in the way most people never find, and the ones who do usually once in their lifetime. As my gaze settled on Andi and Zak I instinctively knew Jamie had been right earlier yesterday morning when we both gave up our virginity to one another and we had talked about having a family. Some day I would make a great father despite being gay because I knew we'd find a way.

Even though I was only thirteen years old, I already knew I'd be marrying Jamie one day. If I could, I'd marry Paavo too, but since that wouldn't be legal I would simply have to settle with our first baby coming from Paavo. Yes, I knew this is how it would happen as I planned everything out for our future. I would marry Jamie, and Paavo would be a part of our happy family. We would have our first baby coming from Paavo's seed because any baby from him would be the most beautiful creation of all. Our second baby would be Jamie's with mine following after him. We would have three children together and we would all find a legal way to have each other's children as part of our shared responsibility. I never wanted to take the chance of one of our children being left in the hands of the state if something should happen to one of us by mistake. One day I would sit down and confide in Mr. Joe my feelings towards boys, and find out what legal recourse I would have in the future if children ever come into play. I wasn't sure how the Judge would react to my admission, but knowing the man as well as I did, I got the distinct feeling he wouldn't care one way or the other.

Of course I'd have to discuss all of this with Jamie and Paavo when we were older. Right now we were still really too young to be thinking about these things, but something deep down inside of me just intuitively knew this is how things would be for us later on as we got older. I instinctively knew that I had found the loves of my life with the same holding true for the other two boys as well. Some things were simply meant to be, and with a little help we would find ourselves being a happy little family.

As I looked towards the slumbering form of Paavo, and then shifted my gaze down at Jamie, I could feel the corners of my lips twitching upwards. I was totally in love with two boys who in turn loved each other and me. How much more could I be blessed. For the first time in a long while I felt like I was finally home, totally content, and at peace with the rest of the world.

Sighing, I finally broke the silence as a thought occurred to me. "I feel all funky and sticky. Let's wake up the others and go skinny dipping." I stated getting up and slipping into my shoes without bothering with my clothes as Jamie stared at me his eyes blinking.

"Aren't you going to even put on your shorts?" He asked with a wicked grin spreading over his lips as if he already knew the answer.

"Why should I. It'll be more fun and naughty to go running around naked in the middle of the night, even more so than going skinny dipping." I offered up.

"Alright, but you know there might be others at the lake." He offered up while I scrunched my eyes at him questioningly as he giggled knowingly before offering up an explanation. "I mean…I've heard how sometimes the workers sneak out of their barracks and head to the lake for a midnight dip." He taunted.

His answer made me stop dead in my tracks for a moment with me getting that shy like feeling again before I shrugged my shoulders. "Well then…it will give them all something to gawk at. After all you've got a very sexy body with a pretty big pecker and balls for a twelve year old boy." I teased while he rolled his eyes at me. "Let's wake up the others and dare them to go to the lake completely naked." I giggled playfully with Jamie getting that impish look and agreeing.

Boy, how things have changed over the last several months. It was a side of me and the others I began to appreciate. I no longer wanted to be that angry kid who was mad at the world. I wanted to be this happy go lucky kid, and with Roger, Austin, Jamie, Paavo, Jake, Andi, and Zak, I was able to be just that, a happy kid enjoying the best time of my life. Who knew how many more years we would be able to remain so carefree, and I intended to enjoy every moment of it. Yes, how true it really is with how much things have changed.


Well I hope you all have enjoyed this story. Many of you have requested some links to things like the songs and my research I've used in this story. Below you will find many of the links I used in order to get some facts for some of the issues like autism, seizures, service dogs, programs and tools for autism, along with some basic research such as locations, weather patterns, schools, and other types of general information, and of course the songs and performers. There's a lot of information here along with youtube videos but it is worth perusing through them. These categories here are broad so if you are looking for things like seizure dogs you will have to sort of look for it in the category under Autism. Have fun with it since I did most of the hard work of actually looking them up and weeding out literally thousands of other types of information keeping the most pertinent.



Ethan Bortnick (

Ben E. King – Stand By Me (

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti (

Bill Haley – Rock around the Clock (

Chuck Berry – Johnny B Good (

Bill Haley – Shake, Rattle and Roll (

Bobby Day – Rockin Robin (

The Beatles – Twist and Shout (

The Beatles – Hey Jude (

Chubby Checker – Let's do the twist (

Little Richard – Good Golly Miss Molly (

Jerry Lee Lewis – Bogie Woogie (

Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire (


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