Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 25: Sam's Birthday

The afternoon seemed to trickle and whittle away slowly as everyone settled into a nice relaxed kind of lazy afternoon despite it being a birthday party. The adults congregated in little groups chatting amongst themselves making their rounds and getting to know one another better. I even heard my mom and Sylvia chatting with Judge Joe who was wondering when my mom would be ready to start work. He then focused on Sylvia wondering what her plans were now that it looked like they would be moving here and she was going to get married to my dad.

When Sylvia pointed out she would have to quit her job at the school she was teaching at, the judge got that sort of look about him like he had the solution. After rubbing his chin for a bit in thought he pointed out perhaps she could transfer to the school over here since there was always a need for qualified teachers. He seemed to pause for a moment as another thought occurred to him before asking about her qualifications and credentials. He seemed impressed by her resume and so was I noting just how much education she had along with experience she's racked up over the years. When he suggested she'd be more than qualified to not only teach some subjects, but also take over the Vice Principal's position at the school Sylvia seemed genuinely surprised pointing out there were probably plenty of other competent teachers there now who were definitely more than qualified. The judge then explained the school district was trying to bring in a younger generation who would be around for several more years. Most teachers currently at the school he explained were already getting up in age so it only made sense to start replacing those positions with a younger qualified group of people as they began to open up. He did warn though how the position might not be the same pay as a comparable one at her bigger school in Des Moines, but there were good trade offs in regards to it being a smaller community so more family friendly.

When the judge offered to look into it for Sylvia she immediately thanked him, but admitted she would have to think about it because of the baby. At this point the judge clucked his tongue pointing out how once again there were other benefits to teaching in such a small community. He said the school had a daycare program right there on the premises so there shouldn't be an issue in regards to her pregnancy. When the baby came she would be able to take a short leave of absence, and when it came time to return back to work she would be able to take the baby with her. This way she could spend plenty of time in between classes, during recess, and even lunch, to be with the newborn baby. This seemed to make Sylvia extremely happy because she had been wondering what she was going to do about work once the baby was born. This solution seemed to take into account all of her concerns.

So, not only had Mr. Joe provided my mom with a great opportunity at the courthouse, but he had also offered to help Sylvia secure a position at the local school. It seemed as if things were finally falling into place for our dysfunctional family. He even managed to address some of the concerns regarding taking care of the divorce papers for my parents so it would clear the way for my dad to marry Sylvia as soon as possible. My mom and dad set up an appointment with the judge so they could finalize everything. Most divorces were messy, but I could tell my parents had been working on this for a while so everything was pretty much settled already. It came down to only having to make it legal and official which the Judge said he'd take care of as well.

When I had heard them talking about it there was a bit of pang inside of me for a brief moment, but then I realized this really was for the best. It was finally time to move on because even my mom seemed happy about it. Just because my mom and dad were getting a divorce didn't mean they weren't my parents anymore. The thought sort of surprised me because there was a time I had wanted my dad out of my life. Looking over at how Mr. Casto, Mr. Kirsipuu, and Mr. Rawlings were interacting with their sons made me realize just how important my own dad was to me in my own life. I wanted him to be a part of my life and even though we had our issues I was finally beginning to realize no matter what, he would always be there for me in the end. We both had come a long way together in our relationship, but I instinctively knew from here on out it would get better. Maybe this was because both my mom and dad were much happier now with the way things were coming together in their own lives being able to move on.

The judge finally got around to Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet sitting them down and handing them some paperwork as they called Jamie over to them as well. Everyone seemed to instinctively give the small group some space as I watched and listened from close by. The judge informed them he pushed through the paperwork and it was finally official. Jamie now belonged to them for good. Glancing over towards the smaller boy I saw the stunned expression on his face as he glanced towards the Weilers who stared back at him a little nervously because of the look on the boy's face.

"Is…um…is this for real Judge…and not like one of those fake certificates…you know like with Zak." He whispered softly looking around making sure the other boy hadn't heard him with the judge getting a serious expression on his face shaking his head.

"No Jamie…this is for real in the legal sense…that is unless you don't want this. I understood this is what you wanted…but if it isn't you need to tell me now son." The Judge told Jamie getting a very official look about him despite being away from the court setting.

"N…no…I mean yes…I mean," Jamie paused taking a deep breath and looking over towards the Weilers. "What I mean Judge Williamson is I want Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet to become 'mom and dad' for real. I want a real mom and dad, and that's who they've been ever since I was little. They are the ones who loved me no matter what…they've always been mom and dad to me, but now it is official." He whispered sincerely as tears began to tumble down his cheeks. "That is if they want me…not just to care for me…but to have me as their son." He hiccupped as the emotions took over and he began to sob with everyone now noticing.

"Oh sweetie…of course we want you not only to care for you…but as our son too. We would be proud to have you call us mom and dad." Aunt Harriet began to sniffle too opening up her arms to her new son as he immediately collapsed in them.

She wrapped the boy up in her warm embrace as the two of them cried uncontrollably with Uncle Walt wrapping both of them up in his big strong arms.

The judge nodded his head and stood up puffing up with pride. "Ladies and gentlemen…I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Weiler household. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Weiler would like you all to welcome their new son Jamie Dietrik Weiler into their loving care and introduce him to all those friends and family members who mean the most to them. Jamie Weiler meet your mom and dad…Walt and Harriet Weiler, and may you honor and respect them as parents while they honor and respect you as their son." The elderly man formerly announced with everyone gathering around congratulating the Weilers and the official adoption. This wasn't some fancy courtroom, but somehow it seemed right it happened in this way for them as I wrapped my arms around my friend, my lover, the light of my life while he hugged me back with both of us crying for joy. Even Paavo joined us as we embraced and accepted him as part of our intimate partner…the three of us like the three musketeers through thick and thin.

After that things seemed to settle down as we all broke off into little groups with the adults once more chatting amongst themselves. It was kind of fun seeing how they all seemed to bond together, and it made me happy to see even the adults having a good time at my birthday party. It wasn't anything fancy, but everyone simply seemed to enjoy the company.

The adults weren't the only ones having a good time. Uncle Walt had brought out the television set on to the patio hooking up the video console so some of us sort of rotated in and out with playing some of the games. When asked, he even managed to get his computer set up outside so some of us could pop on there as well. We even managed to get together a game of soccer putting up some quick boundaries and goals. Even some of the dad's got involved as we all having a good time of it as we split into fairly equal teams. I think there was more cheating going on with our dads as they tended to tease some of us kids. They'd get in there shoving some of us around teasingly, or suddenly snatching us up into their arms jostling someone around until we collapsed into a fit of giggles. It wasn't about the points, but simply everyone having a good time.

At one point I noticed Eli's little sister, Emma, sitting off to the side mooning over Jake making me chuckle. I felt kind of bad for her because I'm sure it was probably boring since there weren't really any other girls around except for Roger's little sister who was currently snuggled up in her mom's arms by the table with the other women. Walking over I sat down next to Emma apologizing about there not being more girls over while explaining it had initially just been intended to be with only Zak, Paavo, Jamie, Austin, and Jake, but then some things came up and I ended up inviting a few others. She smiled at me shaking her head saying she was glad her brother had brought her over. There was nothing else to do at home, and it was nice of me to allow her to come. She seemed to understand what was going on with Roger, and said she was happy I had called her brother up because she felt bad about how things went for the other teen. Hesitating a moment I broached another sensitive topic with her. It was awkward since I didn't know how to talk to girls about some things, but by the time we finished I was happy we had our little chat because it most definitely confirmed Eli's suspicions about his sister.

After my chat with the girl I looked around spotting Jake sitting and relaxing in the shade under one of the large canopied trees on the edges of the lawn trying to recuperate a little while gulping down a bottle of water. It looked like he had been kicking around the soccer ball with the older kids, Roger, Eli, and Austin. Glancing around it was no surprise to see Andi and Zak playing with the new puppy while Boxey sat close by keeping an eye on their antics. The older dog seemed to roll his eyes at times as if to say 'whatever' when the boys tried to get him involved as well. Jamie and Paavo were currently on the computer dickering around with some video game totally oblivious to everything around them. A small smile spread over my features as I watched my two guys for a few moments noticing how they were getting along so well together.

Taking a seat next to Jake I looked over at him as he grinned back. "Hey…looks like you are having fun." I chuckled with him rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, I suppose…that is if you call constantly getting plowed over by a bunch of brutes…then yeah." He quipped back and chuckled as I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and he automatically leaned in towards me. "By the way…happy birthday Sam…geeze for real…I don't think any of us wished you a happy birthday." He sighed apologetically. "Oh…and that was real cool of you…," he paused taking another sip of water. "You know…with Andi and the puppy. I know how much you probably miss Boxey…and now with Apollo too. I don't know how you can do it." He stated seriously shaking his head.

"It's easy Jake." I smiled back somberly. "Jamie needed Boxey more than me, and Andi needs Apollo. I care about Jamie and Andi, and to keep something so important away from them is only selfish. Besides, it's not like I don't have him around all the time…you know Boxey." I chuckled, noticing the dog's ears twitching as he swiveled his head looking towards me. "See what I mean." I giggled with Jake laughing as well.

"I'd do the same for you Jake." I sighed with the cute boy nodding his head and leaning back up against the tree closing his eyes enjoying the little breeze which suddenly gusted through cooling things down for a few moments as the corners of his lips twitched upwards into a mischievous grin.

Reaching over he ran his hand between my crotch making me jump in surprise even as my penis twitched awake and immediately got hard. "So you'd do anything for me then?" His eyes opened glinting fiercely at me while his fingers wrapped around the fabric of my shorts and hard erection leaving no doubt in my mind what he meant.

Shoving away his hand off my twitching stick shift, I chuckled at his playfulness. "Shit, that's not what I meant and you know it." I continued to giggle and blush looking around to make sure no one saw what just happened.

"Awe, that's no fair. I mean just about everyone else got a present and I didn't. Even Roger and Austin got theirs earlier." He chuckled knowingly making me shake my head figuring him and his brother had already found the time to talk about the situation between Austin and Roger. "If you need to know what I really want…," he left it hanging out there making me roll my eyes at him.

"Oh…so that's all you are after…your present." I teased with him shrugging his shoulders suggestively. "Well then, what if I told you I left yours up in the loft just waiting for you to unwrap it." I retorted as he looked at me trying to figure out if I was serious or not.

His eyes flickered towards the barn before settling back on to me still trying to figure me out. "Um…really…you're not joshing me or anything…are you?" He asked with me looking away and shrugging my shoulders coyly.

"I guess there's only one way to find out." I replied with him hesitating a moment before getting up, brushing himself off, and then starting for the barn pausing for a moment glancing over his shoulders at me while I chuckled and motioned for him to go on.

Getting up as well and brushing myself off, I wandered over to Jamie and Paavo glancing around real quick before leaning up against the Estonian boy and reaching over his shoulder dipping my hand downward between his legs and giving his soft fleshy tube a nice firm squeeze. Despite the thickness of the fabric on his shorts I felt his boyish disco stick twitch and immediately inflate with the cute boy slumping in the chair moaning before suddenly getting killed in the video game bringing him back to the moment.

"Hey!" He gripped. "No fair…you just made me lose." He sighed while I chuckled.

"Hmmm, well maybe in the future I'll just focus on pleasuring Jamie instead." I retorted getting Paavo's attention as he flashed me a quick fiery look.

"No!" He almost shouted looking around with his cheeks turning red as he blushed making sure no one heard. "I mean…," he glanced towards Jamie before continuing. "You know…I'm so damn horny…and when you touched me down there just now I…," He paused leaving the rest hanging there while I noticed Jamie adjusting his own boner reacting to Paavo's obvious hard outline in his tight fitting skinny shorts.

Giving his ear a little nibble the boy once more melted in my arms quivering like a bowlful of jelly. "Well, I'll be sure to have that taken care of for you all proper like later…I promise." I whispered into his ear while also reaching over giving Jamie's hard tube a nice grope as well with both boys now moaning in delight before I suddenly released them leaving the boys all hot and bothered.

Chuckling at their state of frustration I pulled up a chair for a moment so I could watch them finish up with their game as they once more picked up where they left off. It was fun to just sit there and watch the two of them go at it their faces lighting up and contorting as their bodies swayed around totally immersed in the game. I sat there between the two of them and enjoyed the simplicity of just being near them.

A good fifteen or twenty minutes seemed to fly by as I now began to look at them even closer taking in their sexy features making me want to haul them off somewhere private so we could be alone together. My two little sexy guys were now making me all hot and bothered as my eyes roamed over their lusciously seductive sultry smoky hot bodies. My two lovers were so involved with their video game they didn't even take notice of me as they continued to battle it out. The heat began to rise inside of me and my eyes got a little hazy because the two of them were beginning to turn me on like there was no tomorrow. Sighing I got up before I lost control knowing I'd have some time later on tonight where I'd be able to satiate my lustful appetite.

It wasn't just the idea of the sex I knew was waiting for me, but also knowing I'd be able to have some alone time to cuddle up. Even though Jamie and I had been together earlier this morning just after midnight giving each other something very precious, I was still looking forward to spending some alone time with my Paavo as well. Being separated from him for over a week had been a bit rough on me and I was beginning to realize just how important these two boys were in my life. We were now intertwined together in a special unique way which was difficult to explain much less understand. Anymore, I didn't even need to understand, I only had to accept things for the way they were. Smiling, I realized for me this was good enough because the world wasn't black or white, but rather shades of gray with plenty of color to boot so we made of it what we felt was right for us.

Making my way to the house I saw Eli with his arm around his little sister as they walked off to a quiet little corner chatting with one another. His little sister had a big smile on her features as she ran her hands over the front of her dress as if straightening it out a bit before brushing her fingers through her hair. Eli was looking at his little sister intently as she talked confiding in him, and suddenly he burst out laughing making me smile because I got the sense of what they may be talking about as Jake popped into my mind. Eli gave his little sister a quick hug, and as I watched him interact with Ella it reminded me of how Austin and Jake tended to be the same way together. It made me happy to see how Eli got along so well with his little sister; especially, in light of what he had indicated regarding how his little sister was smitten with Jake and how the smaller boy might be in for it at the party if his little sister had her way. It made me chuckle thinking of Jake being on the defensive in regards to any kind of sexual activity considering how he was so damn horny all the time always game for any action.

Stepping inside the house I glanced at the clock noticing it was already getting close to five in the afternoon. The time had simply gotten away from us all, but I didn't mind because everyone seemed to be having a good time. Closing the screen door behind me I heard Uncle Walt clear his throat and announce how maybe some of the guys who were going to be spending the night might want to consider getting cleaned up here soon. With so many staying over, and there only being the one bathroom with a shower, everyone would be hard pressed if they waited too long; especially, since there was only so much hot water to go around.

As I made my way upstairs I thought about it and realized Uncle Walt was right. There were eight of us boys, and now with my folks and Sylvia there would be five adults, so in total there would be thirteen people wanting time to take a shower and get cleaned up. If we staggered it starting now with all of us boys taking a quick shower there might be enough hot water to go around instead of everyone trying to take care of it later on tonight. Being boys I knew we could manage with only taking a short shower getting us through until the next day. Adults tended to need a bit more time; especially, the women.

Right now though I had something else I wanted to take care of as I stepped on the upstairs landing looking around in my room. Grabbing a little daypack I started getting some things together so I could have later on tonight when we got together after going to bed. There were only a few items I needed to gather up and it only took me a minute or two. Setting the small daypack down on the bed I stepped into the bathroom realizing I needed to go pee. I had been drinking so much liquids to keep hydrated I had simply neglected my bladder. Stepping up to the toilet bowl I unzipped my shorts, reached inside my fly, and slipped out my semi-hard spout and opened up the spigot. A sense of relief flushed through my body with me literally shivering at having held it in for so long. I couldn't help but giggle because it reminded me of when Andi and I had met with the other boy literally running me over to get to the toilet. Finishing up, I tucked myself away, washed my hands, and stepped back into my room.

My laptop was sitting on the desk and I noticed I hadn't shut it down. Walking over I checked my emails quickly and replied to some of them thanking Steve for wishing me a happy birthday and letting him know I was having a good time at my party even though I missed him being here. I didn't spend long at the computer, just long enough to let my friends back in Des Moines know I was doing alright before shutting down my laptop, and grabbing the daypack making my way downstairs.

As I was walking past the downstairs bathroom I heard some noise on the other side of the closed door and paused for a moment. Someone must have taken up my Uncle's suggestion regarding the shower because I could hear the water running. Shrugging my shoulders I began to step away when I heard some familiar noises which made me smile as I leaned my weight down towards the hallway taking a quick look to make sure no one else was around. Satisfied I slowly turned the handle and opened up the door a tiny crack and snuck a peep inside. My eyes flew wide and I gasped because the shower curtain had been pulled slightly open giving me an unobstructed view of what was transpiring between Roger and Austin. The thirteen year old boy must have grabbed on to the curtain during the excitement of what was unfolding in front of my eyes pulling it halfway open.

Austin's body was bent over slightly with both his hands supporting his weight against the tiled wall. His left hand still had a part of the curtain wrapped around his fingers as he began to moan and whimper at the same time.

"Oh fuck Austin…I can't believe how tight your hot little ass still is considering we've already done this at the lake. Shit…its like wrapped around my cock so tight I'm afraid to do anything." He hissed with Austin moaning as the long thick tube slowly slid inside of him before slowly retracting.

"Oh shit…that feels so fucking good Roger…don't stop." The thirteen year old groaned in both pleasure and pain. "Hurry up though…we don't have a lot of time." He gasped when Roger complied and began to plow his large heavy spike in and out in a more rapid clip gritting his teeth because of the sensations rippling through his body.

"Try to relax Austin…you're too tight." The older teenager grunted as I watched his hips shoving forward and up his hard shaft yielding a bit and bending to the pressure.

Suddenly the thirteen year old boy yelped his body jerking upwards as he leaned back against Roger's chest now giving me an unobstructed view of Austin's fat erection which had jolted when the older teen must have struck that elusive magic button. The older teen wrapped his left arm around the Austin's chest and his right arm around his waist and stomach. Roger was pumping his hard spike rapidly now in an upward thrusting motion forcing himself deep inside of the smaller boy his heavy shaft bending slightly in the process with each upward lunge. Each time he shoved upwards it forced the smaller boy up on to his toes. With each upward plunge Roger must have also been bumping into Austin's trigger box because I noticed how each time my friend's erection simply flared out and jolted wildly as if an electric shock had been set off. Both boys were now totally immersed in the moment as they moaned and panted in their heated passion both enjoying the sensation the other was providing their partner.

When Austin suddenly yelped in ecstasy it made me jump in surprise with my eyes bulging out as I watched the thirteen year old boy's thick four inch erection pulse like one of those laser canons you see in a movie. I watched in stunned amazement as a white rope of globular substance came screaming out the tip end of Austin's glans. Everything now seemed to slow down as I watched the thick ropy string arc its way toward the tiled wall of the bath tub splattering its goopy mess all along the smooth surface as it began to trickle downwards. Austin's body seized up again with his muscles rippling and his erection pulsing once more, but this time hardly anything came out; instead only small amount of splooge oozed out as several more contractions followed.

At the same time I saw Roger's butt cheeks clamping down as he shoved his body upwards as far as he could burying himself deep inside of Austin heavenly grotto. The older teen growled in his heightened state of euphoria and his body began to twitch with his large heavy steel ball bearing sized testicles leaping upwards pumping his precious seed deep inside of Austin's bowels. Roger's muscles surged along his sleek hardened body because the older boy was fit and trim from the many hours he worked on the farm with large muscles rippling along his torso now as he continued to empty his prized cargo deep inside of Austin. To my surprise he once more began to thrust his hips in a fucking motion as cum began to spill out of Austin's grommet trickling along the lustrous bulging firmness of the older teenager's hard five and a half inch nail before finally dribbling down into the tub. A few thrusts later and the older teen's orgasm had run its course with both boys now gasping for air.

My own stiff four inch tube twitched between my legs as I quickly and quietly shut the door feeling ashamed at having intruded into such a private moment. It had been an absolutely amazing thing to watch because both boys were very beautiful and sexy, not to mention very well endowed. For me it made the moment even more memorable and pleasing because I had known both of them on an intimate basis as well so knew what each had to offer up making the event an even more sexier and unforgettable moment for me. It also made me happy to know the two of them had found that sort of intimate love with one another.

Trying to recuperate as well from the intimacy of the moment, I had to take a few seconds to control my own breathing because I was gasping and panting at the sexiness of what I had just witnessed. Then I heard the two boys being intimate on a different level as they began to croon sweet nothings to one another murmuring their undying love towards the other. This was another one of those moments which was meant to be private between two individual's as I heard them declaring their love for each other in such a sweet tender way reminding me of how I felt towards Paavo and Jamie. It was becoming too much for me with my cheeks beginning to flush hotly so I quickly stepped away from the door adjusting my erection along the way. Pausing for a moment I composed myself and stepped back outside making my way to the barn so I could put my things away in the loft for later on tonight.

The image of Roger and Austin continued to invade my thoughts as I tried to shake it away feeling embarrassed by how I had perved on their most private moment, but I had to admit there was something uniquely beautiful about the event. In a way it was such a hot turn-on watching two people going at it in such an intimate fashion. It's the first time that I've actually seen two people having sex together in real life, and it was simply amazing making me wonder if this is how it looked when I make love to Jamie or even have sex with Paavo. Seeing someone actually going through the different stages leading to climax was very exhilarating and stimulating.

Climbing up the ladder I was finally beginning to calm down as I looked around inside the loft noticing a small naked figure sprawled out on a spread out blanket. There was a shaft of light coming through the large opening of the wood paneled window spilling across the naked body of Jake bathing him in a glow of golden softness. The breath caught in my chest as I approached his slumbering form realizing just how beautiful he was at the moment.

The boy was fast asleep with such a tranquil look on his features as I sat down next to him setting my daypack off to the side and taking it all in. His thin sleek two inch fleshy hose lay sprawled across his void tanned pubic mound, angling off towards the side, with his normally tangerine sized tightly balled pink boy pouch and cherry sized testicles now hanging loosely between his slightly spread apart legs. It's the first time I've seen them hanging down so low, and it was as if his balls had sort of finally dropped on him. Even his oval shaped testicles looked slightly larger than usual hanging heavily inside the loose membrane of his now teardrop shaped sack.

There was something beautiful about him at the moment which I couldn't quite place my finger on as I continued to scrutinize his features closely. My gaze settled on his flaccid penis with that long sleek foreskin extending way past the tip of his knob. It appeared a bit thicker as of late, almost like he was beginning the transformation from a little boy into a full fledged pubescent. Something continued to elude me when it finally clicked with my last thought. I was witnessing Jake's early transition into teen-hood.

Ever so gently, I eased my body next to his reaching out to shift a few strands of hair off to the side of his forehead. There was an aura of rawness about him as I noticed how his body and features were beginning to fill out more; even his face had the beginning stages of a healthier kind of mature look to it. He still had that boyish quality to his facial countenance, but just beneath the surface there were the initial signs of a more rugged look beginning to show off in little ways. His soft oval shaped face and strong square chin had become a bit more chiseled. Even the small dimples on his cheeks weren't as prominent anymore; although, I could tell those would never completely go away which would continue to provide him that childlike youthful quality as he got older. At this moment in time he looked more like his brother than ever before.

My fingers gently wandered downwards running a small circle along his perky little nipple as goose bumps began to form around the areas I was tracing. He smelled of sex and it made me smile wondering if the little present I had left for him up here had pleased him. I allowed my hand to leisurely dip down between his legs easing his long foreskin over his wet glistening knob noticing the boy's penis respond to my gentle touch. Slowly it elongated and fattened up until it was completely firm with a soft heat radiating from its length. The fleshy digit still seemed small for a boy his age, but I did notice somehow it felt thicker than usual, maybe even a tad longer than it had been confirming my suspicion of him finally transitioning into pubescence. If Jake followed in his older brother's footsteps it wouldn't be long now before it finally began to mature elongating and thickening up into a fat sausage just like Austin's.

Releasing his rigid boy twig seeing it twitch momentarily as blood pulsed through its sleek core, I cupped his sagging pouch noticing the spongy soft like warm fleshy feel of it. There was a sense of weightiness about it, making me wonder if he wouldn't be squirting soon. If Jake truly were at this transformational stage, then I was fairly sure it wouldn't be long before this changed for him as well. Even his brother had mentioned how not long after he began to mature down there he started to cum.

"Hey sleepyhead," I whispered softly into his ear nuzzling his cheek and neck enjoying the scent of his sexiness as the boy slowly shifted and opened up his eyes.

Reaching down he gave his stiff erection a tug and smiled broadly leaning in to give me a big hug. "That was the best birthday gift ever, and it wasn't even my birthday." He giggled happily as he hung on continuing to whisper in my ear. "I never knew it could feel so wonderful. It wasn't like anything I expected…so soft…silky like…and warm." He sighed shivering as he recalled the magnificent event before releasing me and shifting onto his back tucking his hands under his head and looking up at the rafters falling silent for a few moment not even concerned about his nakedness or the twitching stiffness between his legs.

After a minute or so the boy shifted his head towards me gazing into my eyes intently. "Sam?" I heard him finally speaking out as he stretched his body making me shiver because he really was beautiful with his penis jolting around angling stiffly backwards towards his body with a slight bend in it.

"Yeah?" I replied enjoying watching the boy's body stretching tautly.

"Is it supposed to be like that…you know with girls? I never knew actually fuc…um…I mean…you know…doing it with a girl could be so…so wonderful. I mean…it was like really wonderful…," he repeated getting stuck on the word, "…but kind of awkward too. You know…with it being kind of clumsy at times because I would slip out." He blushed after having admitted something so unusual. "It's kind of weird…but it's nothing like how you hear it is supposed to be like. Maybe because I'm kind of small down there, and I sort of had to really work at getting it in, not to mention even trying to keep it inside of her once it happened." He sighed. "Ella's so sexy hot…don't you think?" He giggled seeing me shrug my shoulders.

"I suppose Jake…I mean…you know Ella being sexy hot. As for…you know…fucking a girl…um…I suppose…but I can't be sure since I've never…you know…with another girl. I mean…I think having that kind of intimate sex isn't like how we tend to hear things are supposed to be. You know…things like banging a girl's brains out and all. I suppose having that sort of intimate relationship can be awkward at times. I don't think it has anything to do with size…simply that at our age it is like anything else…we sort of have to figure out how things work." I offered up seeing Jake frowning questioningly.

"Really?" He asked a bit surprised with me frowning back wondering why it would be a surprise for him to find out how like with anything else we sort of have to figure the whole sex thing out. "You've never…with another girl?" He asked clarifying his initial response, but still making me frown.

"Geeze Jake…why would that surprise you? I mean…you've known me for a while now and, until recently I haven't been…you know…sexually intimate before. You've known that about me ever since that first time…you know…when we spent the night together…you, me, and Austin." I pointed out with the boy remembering how it had been the first time I've ever done anything remotely sexual with someone else.

"Oh shit…I'm sorry Sam…I forgot…but today…with me and Ella…it was so beautiful. I hope I get to do that again with her. I mean…at first she thought I was really puny…you know down there. But then when I was…um…you know inside of her it felt so wonderful, that is when I managed to get it in and keep it there." He giggled impishly with his cheeks turning red a bit embarrassed about having to admit to his so called "shortcomings" as he pressed forward.

"Um…it didn't seem the same way for her though…but for me it felt so good it didn't take long before I…uh…you know…got those wonderful feelings inside of me. Then suddenly it happened…you know…um…sort of exploding inside of her, but it was different this time than all the other times. I don't know how to explain it…maybe more intense." He offered up nodding his head. "Yeah…way more intense. It seemed to last a very long time and then I noticed something weird." He grimaced in thought looking at me falling silent as his mind seemed to wander while I was totally wrapped into what he was saying.

"What was it?" I asked.

"Huh?" He responded looking at me.

"You said you noticed something weird?"

"Oh…yeah…well…you know how you've told me I have long…uh…orgasms…," he giggled blushing because of the topic of discussion while I nodded my head urging him to go on. "Well…all of a sudden Ella had one too. I never knew girls could get an orgasm." He admitted as he fell silent for a moment while I had to admit I never thought much about the idea of girls having an orgasm either. "Anyway…afterwards she said I fucked like a little rabbit with my puny pecker." He stated while I furled up my eyebrows feeling it had been kind of a rude comment.

"I'm so sorry Ella teased you like that." I told him sincerely feeling bad as I snuggled up with him. "I think you've got a very nice penis, and it really does look like it's grown a bit bigger. I've also noticed it seems like your body is about to change her soon…as if you are about to mature like Austin said happened to him. I'm sure before too much longer it will be like a huge fat monster." I chuckled hearing Jake giggling as well.

"You really think so?" He asked sitting up and spreading apart his legs noticing how his ball sack was sagging between his legs. "Whoa…I've never seen it hanging down so low." He chuckled as he tugged on his erection apparently noticing how it too seemed a bit larger. "Maybe it's because I finally got laid?" He giggled because of the sort of naughty word glancing up at me puckishly with a glint in his sprightly grey blue eyes while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe, but at least next time around Ella or another girl won't tease you about it." I offered up with him looking at me and shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah…well by the way she reacted to my orgasm I doubt she will complain to any other girls about my size." He giggled naughtily referring to how his huge orgasm set her off as he once more focused on his stiff pecker pulling his foreskin over his wet purplish knob giving it a good inspection while I watched completely mesmerized.

His voice brought me back to the moment. "Anyway, it really wasn't like that Sam. Ella's really sweet you know…and what we did together was very nice. She wanted it to happen just as much as me. I just think she thought it would be bigger is all. Besides, even though she said I fucked like a little bunny rabbit with my tiny pecker she admitted she never thought she'd have an orgasm as well. All her girlfriends told her boys tend to get off too soon so girls usually don't orgasm while us guys do. Anyway, I guess my long climax paid off because while I was having my orgasm with my little stiffie jerking around inside of her it seemed to set her off too. She told me it was the most fantastic feeling she's ever had and wants to do it again with me." He giggled tugging his long foreskin back into place while I beamed proudly at him.

"So does that mean she's your girlfriend now?" I asked chuckling while he shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know…maybe. I wonder if doing that with another guy feels the same way. Paavo's really cute and I wonder if he'd let me…you know…fuck that sweet ass of his." Jake blurted out blushing in the process while I simply gaped at his comment.

"I…um…what? I mean…I don't understand. I thought you were into girls now." I sat up now while Jake sort of got a look on his face which made him look a bit puzzled about it all as well.

"Girls? I…um…geeze…I've never really thought about it…but yeah…I suppose I do like girls now…you know…the sex and all. I mean…I guess even how they make me feel when I look at them." He admitted scrunching up his eyebrows. "I guess they turn me on Sam…," he paused looking at me. "But…boys still turn me on too. Is that supposed to happen?" He asked while I mulled it over before shrugging my shoulders a bit baffled as well.

"You really want both…I mean…you know…girls and boys…in a kind of sexual way?" I asked him as he thought about it for a moment looking me up and down and blushing.

"Yeah…I'm still into guys Sam…I mean…I'd even want to fuck you too if you'd let me. I've always wanted to do things with you…but it isn't only you or Paavo…its boys in general." He sighed shaking his head. "Before now…um…girls didn't matter so much…but now…well it's the same way for them too." He admitted looking back towards me a bit worried. "Is there something wrong with me?" He asked while I shook my head.

Wrapping the smaller boy into my arms as he leaned his naked body into me I ran my hands up and down his smooth arms. "No Jake…I think you might be bi-sexual…you know…someone who likes both boys and girls." I sighed chuckling as the realization set in. "Oh hell Jake…there's a lot of kids around here in for it now." I told him with the younger boy shifting and looking up at me furling his eyes questioningly.

"Well hell," I began to explain. "You're such a little horny shit and now it isn't only boys who have to worry about you molesting them but girls too." I chuckled, hearing him giggling as well at my good natured humor regarding him "molesting" his friends with him understanding it was only done in a joking kind of way.

"Yeah…well it just means my playing field has just doubled." He teased while I rolled my eyes at him.

Grunting I stood up and adjusted my stiff erection while he watched me intently taking in my sexiness as if he were calculating what it would take for me to allow him to plow my backside or slurp up my hard tube. "Um…anyway…," I began distracting the smaller boy from his lustful thoughts. "We better get you cleaned up because you stink of girl sex and then dressed." I crinkled my nose pinching it in an exaggerated display before chuckling and reaching down helping the boy up to his feet so he could search around for his clothes which were strewn all over the place making me wonder just how wild Ella and Jake had gotten during their little tryst.

Watching the younger Lorenz boy as he got dressed there was a sort of swelling pride which ballooned up inside of my chest as I realized the boy was no longer a virgin. He was growing up, and I even noticed how there was an air of confidence about him which hadn't been there before. He had always been secure with himself, but now as I watched him slipping into his shirt I realized he had changed in just the last half hour or so, the innocent insecurities of boyhood gone, replaced with the onset of pubescent poise which leads to manhood. He wasn't by any means all grown up yet, but like his older brother he was well on his way. The boy now slid his leg into his underwear and seemed to pause a bit as if taking note of his own changes happening between his legs before he finally tucked himself away. It was a friendly reminder to me that Austin would need to be chatting with his little brother about protection in regards to intercourse and pregnancies. If he was about to undergo some rapid changes in maturity, then there would be dire consequences if he wasn't careful. Now that he had become sexually active with girls this would become a whole different ball game, and I for one didn't want him to get into that sort of trouble too soon in his young life. I would need to talk with Austin letting him know it looked like his little brother was not only engaged sexually with girls, but was now right at the stage of maturing between his legs which could create issues.

As we crossed the space between the barn and house Jake caught Eli glancing over towards him. "Oh shit Sam…I think he knows." Jake whispered nervously while I chuckled.

"Yeah…I'm sure he does. I saw his sister chatting with him earlier while you decided to take a nap after your little romp." I teased hearing Jake groan.

"Oh man…I'm totally fucked. He'll kick my ass for sure." Jake whined looking up at me really worried.

Sighing I wrapped my arm around his shoulder shaking my head. "Don't worry about it he knew what Ella wanted to do with you." I began as I hesitantly started to explain what I meant with Jake stopping in mid-stride forcing me to take a step back and nudge him forward again.

"Listen Jake, your brother told me about the other day when he caught you staring at Ella jonesin for her." I chuckled noticing the smaller boy look at me and blush knowing what I was talking about. "Anyway, when he told me about it I figured if you were mooning over her then maybe I can get the two of you together. I never actually thought it would go as far as it did, but that's beside the point. At the time I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. Roger was having those problems with everyone sort of ignoring him…you know…because of Damian and all, and you were smitten with Ella. Well her older brother, Eli, is going to be a senior in school this year so I asked if he could come to my birthday party. He was watching his sister which worked out great as far as I was concerned, and I told him to bring her along. When he agreed I also asked him if he could talk to Roger and maybe support him. After some nudging he agreed and asked me who else was going to be here. When I told him who all was going to be here he immediately perked up when I mentioned your name saying his sister was smitten with you and he even hinted at what she wanted to do to you." I chuckled seeing the horrified look on Jake's face.

"You set me up." He protested while I shrugged my shoulders.

"What…and you never try to do that with me? Besides, didn't you like your present?" I asked teasingly as I watched Jake opening and then closing his mouth in defeat.

"I didn't say that." He admitted while I chuckled.

"Anyway…for some reason Eli wasn't opposed to the idea of what his sister wanted to do with you. Don't ask me why Jake, because let's face it…I suppose most brothers would be a bit more concerned about that sort of thing in regards to their little sister, but he isn't one of those. At any rate, he knows, and if it doesn't bother him then you shouldn't worry about it either." I finished as we walked past Uncle Walt who nodded towards us just before we entered the house and made our way towards the bathroom.

Just then Paavo and Jamie stepped out looking all squeaky clean. "Oh…hey guys," I greeted. "Is there any hot water left?" I asked with Paavo shrugging looking towards Jamie.

The long haired boy also shrugged. "Yeah a little I suppose, but I wouldn't take too long. Roger and Austin took one just before us. They were quick about it and so were we, but I think if you guys hurry there'll be just enough left."

The two of them were correct because Jake and I just had enough hot water to get a decent enough shower in where we could get soaped up, shampooed, and enjoy the warm soaking as the water managed to wash away our stench of the day and loosen us up a bit in the process. Of course we goofed around a little while under the water as well with me finally breaking down needing to know what it felt like to have foreskin.

With both me and Jake hard as nails, I shoved his foreskin backwards over his knob pressing both of our rigid poles downwards until they were pointing straight out from our bodies. Butting the tip of my glans up against his, I slowly eased his long thin foreskin over his exposed knob allowing it to slide over mine as well surprised at how easily it seemed to slip into place. My body quivered at the wonderful sensation of something so warm and soft, yet also very tight formfitting and snug gliding over my glans and part of my shaft. I was amazed at how smooth it seemed to glide over my stiff penis fitting like a very snug glove making me wonder if this is what it felt like to slip a condom on to a penis. For some reason I got the sense it wasn't no where's near as sensuous.

Tugging on Jake's foreskin I managed to stretch it even further over my shaft without it becoming too uncomfortable for the other boy, and when I looked down I was shocked to see it covering up a little over half of my penis. Slowly I began to move it back and forth in a jacking motion almost immediately climaxing at the wonderful sensation it was sending through that part of my body. With me leaking it made things even more exciting, and before long I had to stop or risk exploding all over the place. Of course Jake wanted me to do just that, but even though I felt bad about sort of stopping like this on the other boy I simply had to because I knew Paavo was waiting for something special later on from me and I wanted to be at full capacity. The other boy had waited all week so the least I could do was wait for one day.

"Oh shit Sam…please…oh god…please don't stop now." Jake gasped as I slipped his foreskin over my knob separating myself from him before looking at him and giggling.

"Geeze for real Jake…I mean you just lost your virginity and busted a girl's cherry in the process, and you want more…from me?" I chuckled shaking my head.

"Duh…of course I want more from you. I mean you are sexy hot you know, and damn…for real Sam…this isn't fair anymore. You keep getting me all worked up and all." He sighed but accepted the fact I wasn't going to allow myself to go that far.

"I'm sorry Jake, but the water's starting to get cold anyway." I pointed out getting a disappointed sigh and nod from him as he looked down at himself a bit bummed out before looking back up at me and silently mouthing the word "Please."

Rolling my eyes because the boy was simply too adorably cute to refuse giving him some relief, I stepped up to Jake giving him a warm hug and turned him around in my arms. The boy craned his neck looking at me questioningly while the water cascaded along my back the look of puzzlement quickly dissipating when he felt my fingers slowly fondling his hard tool as I began to gently masturbate him. His body responded and I could feel him leaning back into my arms enjoying the sensation of getting pleasured. The water was now only lukewarm so I knew we needed to hurry things along. I also knew exactly what turned him on and would set him off as I began to manipulate my fingers along his shaft and knob with my right hand while reaching down between his legs and gently massaging his sagging nut sack with my left hand. It did the trick kind of surprising me how quickly he climaxed considering he had just fucked a girl recently.

I felt his body stiffening up as his penis jerked around in my fingers while his testicles suddenly leaped upwards. "Oh, oh, oh, shiiiii, umph, uuuuuuumph, uuuumph, uuumph," I heard Jake moan as his body jolted and something damp suddenly oozed over my fist once more catching me by surprise with the boy suddenly slumping in my arms as the shortest orgasm I have ever noticed him having came and went within a few beats of his heart.

He moaned in my arms with his breath coming in raged heaves as he slowly recovered. "Holy shit…what just happened?" He asked curiously looking down while I removed my hand.

"Shit…you just spewed on my hand Jake." I replied.

"I did?" He asked with me getting a little worried now wondering if he had also done that with Ella. "Shit no wonder why it felt different…more intense. It makes me wonder how it would have felt if I had squirted while fucking Ella. I bet it would have been mind-blowing." He responded making me sigh in relief.

"You mean…this was your first time…you know squirting? Are you sure Jake?" I asked with him standing on his own now and looking at me all funny like as he quickly rinsed off because the water was almost cold now.

"Of course I'm sure. It's never felt anything like that before…you know…almost like taking a pee…but much more intense. It's like you can actually feel it roaring through your pecker. It was awesome." He giggled with me smiling truly happy for the boy.

Still it was curious it happened now and not when he was actually getting his nut off a little while ago. How can something like that happen? With a guy ejaculating for the first time after just having sex thirty minutes earlier. Way too weird, but then again, it was Jake we were talking about I chuckled to myself licking off Jake's cum from my fist and hand enjoying that unique taste of a boy's first ejaculate before washing it clean. Jake watched me with a curious smirk on his face before we both climbed out to get dried off with the water finally turning cold.

Even watching him dry off was kind of fun as I continued to notice some of the minor changes his body seemed to be undergoing. Once more my eyes were drawn towards his now sagging avocado shaped boy bag swinging loosely between his legs weighed down by his oval shaped testicles. Even those seemed to have gotten a bit bigger looking to be about the size of chestnuts now versus the smaller cherries. His sack used to hug his body in a tightly tangerine shaped ball, but now it was like they had suddenly loosened up on him dropping down into a large teardrop shaped bag swaying around between his legs and even bouncing off his thighs. I did notice how his left testicle seemed to hang slightly lower than the right one. I've heard of this happening in some boys so knew there wasn't anything wrong, but it still looked odd in a sexy kind of way.

This wasn't the only change though because even his body was filling out some with his chest having become much broader along with some muscle tone on his stomach from working so hard out in his family's orchard. He no longer had that soft muscle tone kind of look about him, but rather more of the strong buff look teenagers get who are fit. He most definitely was beginning to fill out with the same features and stature of his older brother making me smile at just how beautiful he looked at the moment slipping into his boy's briefs. The boy bowed his legs outwards a little so he could tuck away his boy baubles with me noting how even his penis seemed to have matured more as his fingers shifted it around into a better position while it immediately expanded into an erection because he was messing with it. Damn walking hard-on I chuckled to myself because he was hard already so soon after just blowing his first ever true nut. Glancing down at the decent size bulge it reminded me how I had noted it had gotten bigger in the loft of the barn, but now that he was standing up and just before he had tucked it away this fact was even more noticeable.

Sighing, I finished getting dressed as well smiling at Jake who had been glancing my way several times and scrutinizing my body intently as well after we had hopped out of the shower. It was like anymore we've become so accustomed to seeing one another nude at the lake we've taken subtle changes in one another's nakedness for granted. I was beginning to see Jake in a new light because he was transforming into a very beautiful looking pre-teen making me realize here in the near future more and more skirts would be chasing after what he's got hidden in his pants. I'm sure there would be even several boys in his class who would be hard pressed from now on to resist Jake's charms and beauty here in the near future. The boy had a way of wearing down a person's walls and resistance. He had such an easy going personality, and even when he got frisky with you sexually it was done in such a charming way it was difficult to resist his advances.

Now as I watched Jake slide into his shorts I reflected on how both boys and girls would end up falling victim to his charms here in the future, but I also realized it would be done in a caring and loving kind of way. I've known some kids at my school back in Des Moines who simply went through girls like they were trash getting what they wanted before discarding them for a new girl. Jake wasn't like that at all. Sure he was horny and wanted sex, but he wouldn't simply toss anyone away because he tended to care about people. Where I was the type to be more committed to my partners, Jake was simply the type of person who wanted to share this sort of experience with many partners. I wasn't stupid though and knew for Jake it was more about the sex and not commitment to one person in particular, but in his defense I also knew that anyone he had sex with would know he cared about them. It would also be clear though that for him this was also bout having a bit of good time and fun. I'm sure as he got older things would change and he'd settle down finding the right person, whether it be a boy or girl, but at the moment he was simply too young, wild, and horny to bind himself with a commitment to any one individual at this stage in his life.

Chuckling to myself I had to admit, the boys and girls of Blue Meadows were in for quite a sex filled ride with Jake coming into his own. The boy was horny all the time and like a walking hard-on anymore if the nice bulge in his underwear was any indication along with the outline of his hard tube angling off to his left side. Tugging on the hem of his shorts Jake snapped closed his short effectively concealing for the most part his maturing boyhood bringing me back to the moment as I gave him one last good look shaking my head as another thought and worry wormed its way into my brain.

I realized up until now his sexual experiencing were confined to a small group and within the confines of a safe environment. Now though it was clearly evident his sexual activity would be increasing in an ever widening circle making this worrisome because this sort of behavior could become very dangerous for him. All I could do right now was to try teaching him to be more responsible about choosing his partners, and to take precautions. I'm sure Austin would be there for his little brother too reinforcing the same things as me by trying to instill in him how important it was to have an actual relationship with a partner and not simply having sex for sex sake.

All of these thoughts faded away into the background when we stepped out of the bathroom and into the hallway. There was a sort of stillness in the house which seemed odd considering how many people were about today because of my birthday. I didn't even hear any music and noise coming from outside the house either which also seemed kind of odd. The only sound Jake and I could hear seemed to be coming from the living room area as we slowly walked down the hallway only to suddenly stop dead in our tracks with our jaws dropping to our chests.

My eyes settled on Roger who was slumped down low on the couch his lanky form and legs draped over the edge of the sofa. Austin was on his knees his bare legs straddled on either side of the older boy's hips while his underwear and shorts were twisted around his left ankle. Both of them were moaning excitedly as Austin continued to thrust his hips forward his wet thick hard penis disappearing from view before once more coming back into view. His heavy ball sack kept jiggling and bouncing around in no particular kind of rhyme or reason. They were simply knocking around on anything which got in the way whether it was his own thighs or Roger's chin, mouth, or cheeks. I could hear the familiar gulping and gurgling sound we've all become accustomed to when a boy's penis was getting a proper blowjob. I watched in stunned amazement while Rogers's mouth filled up with his cheeks puffing outwards simply trying to accommodate such a fat sausage as he greedily slurped up Austin's rigid thick tree stump like it were nothing more than a tasty pickle.

Austin had his arms extended against the upper back portion of the couch supporting his weight as he continued to thrust his hips up against Roger's face. Beads of perspiration had spread over Austin's body while sweat dripped from Roger's brow. It was such a beautiful and sexy hot sight I couldn't move riveted in place as I continued to watch my friend's muscles contort along his naked body. Roger's hands were on his lover's hips helping guide the younger boy's pace as he continued to slurp along the thickness and length of the rigid spike slipping in and out of his mouth. Suddenly Austin's body seized and his muscles began to ripple like several waves on the shoreline as he belted out a guttural noise making me realize he was climaxing. My eyes bulged outwards noticing how Roger's cheeks puffed outwards and the older boy began to swallow rapidly as if a fairly large load had been dumped into his mouth.

It kind of surprised me considering I had just seen Austin spewing his hot lava all over the place not all that long ago in the shower when Roger had fucked him earlier. I also thought it kind of odd the two of them would be at it so soon considering they've done it at the lake, in the shower, and now again here on the couch all on the same day, and these were the times I knew about. In all likelihood they may have found some privacy I wasn't aware of doing it who knows how many more times. I suppose it really shouldn't surprise me considering the two of them had just officially become lovers today.

Austin slowly slumped forward gasping for air as the last of his orgasm dissipated with his body shivering one last time as Roger finally let the boy's soft hose slip from between his lips. The younger boy's testicles contracted upwards one last time with a bead of cum forming on the tip of his penis which was immediately greedily swiped away by Roger's tongue. The older boy reached down to adjust his own erection which was currently creating a huge carnival sized tent in his shorts looking like it kind of hurt because of how constricted and entangled it had become in the fabric material. I also noticed a little damp spot right at the tip of where his penis pressed up against his shorts making me realize the boy had become so turned on by the moment he was leaking pre-cum.

"Holy fuck Austin." I heard Jake finally speak up catching the two older boys by surprise as Austin scrambled to pull his underwear and shorts back up. "Get a room already." Jake began busting a gut as he bent over belting out a pure heartfelt laughter.

Austin was struggling to pull on his underwear over his big sagging nut sack and flaccid wet shriveled tube, but also began to laugh seeing the futility of trying to tuck his boyhood away, now that he had been caught right in the middle of the act. Instead, he stood up and straightened out his boxers which had become twisted around his legs awkwardly before finally managing to pull them up. Next he bent over picking up his shorts which had been kicked off during the urgency of trying to cover himself up, and pulled those on as well.

"Um…anyway…," Roger began blushing because he had been caught doing the nasty to Austin by me and Jake.

The older teenager paused when he noticed the erection Jake was sporting in his own shorts kind of smiling knowing the sexual act between him and Austin sort of turned on the younger boy. He even glanced my way smirking at my erection as well creating a fairly decent tent in my shorts. I suppose seeing both me and Jake boned up like this set him at ease a bit.

It was Austin who spoke up again a bit more composed now that he was dressed breaking the awkwardness of the situation. "Yeah…you're one to talk Jake. I mean that damn pecker of yours is always trying to poke a hole in something." The older brother teased noticing his little brother blushing now a bit uncharacteristically while I busted a gut laughing hardly able to control myself.

Austin glanced at me and then his brother knowing something was up by the look on his little brother's face as he crossed his arms and got a mischievous look on his face. "Alright already spill…what's going on?" He asked looking at his little brother who seemed to squirm around a little before settling his gaze on to me.

I glanced over towards Jake who merely sighed nodding his head for me to go ahead and spill the beans while I too got an impish look on my face. "Well…let's just say Jake isn't a virgin anymore either." I chuckled getting a stunned look out of Austin as his jaw dropped looking towards me, then his little brother, and then back at me.

Then his face sort of contorted looking at me suspiciously at first confusing me until I realized what he was thinking. "No…not me idiot." I snapped giving Austin a goofy look while he scrunched up his eyebrows taking in this tidbit of information, but still a bit confused.

Austin glanced over towards his brother his eyes dipping down between Jake's legs for a moment noticing the boy was still boned up before gazing back into my eyes. "How…I mean…," he paused glancing back and forth between me and his brother. "How's that possible?" He asked with me shrugging my shoulders.

"Well you see a guy loses his virginity when he…," I began sarcastically with Austin interjecting.

"I know how a guy loses his virginity you twat." He chuckled shaking his head. "What I mean is when the hell did this happen?" He wondered while I rolled my eyes.

"When do you think, not thirty or forty minutes ago with…you know who." I chuckled while he simply gaped at his little brother for a second before his mouth spread open into a huge grin when he finally realized who I was referring to.

"My little brother's cherry finally popped by a girl's cherry. I knew it…I told Sam you aren't gay and into girls now. I knew you fancied Ella. Why you little shit." He blurted out stepping up to his little brother giving the little guy a big congratulatory hug.

"Um…well not exactly." Jake spoke up now his brother stepping back and frowning as he realized there was more.

"Oh shit Jake…you discovered you don't like girls after all…just like I did after I dated Kathy Lee." He stated looking at his brother compassionately and without any judgments.

"What…no…that's not what I meant. Uh…well…not exactly. I mean…yeah I still like girls…but…um…I'm into boys too…you know…like…uh…I know I'd enjoy fucking them too." He blushed at the vulgar type of language, but it was a vulgar kind of conversation while his older brother simply stared at him a bit stunned and confused.

"But…how…I mean…," he stammered not getting it yet.

Stepping up to the older brother I placed a hand on his shoulder as his gaze settled on to my eyes. "Dude…your brother is like…you know…bi-sexual. I mean…he kind of likes both boys and girls." I chuckled with Austin mouthing 'Oh' without a sound escaping his lips.

Austin stood there for a few more moments so I figured I might as well drop the other bomb shell. "Oh…by the way he's now squirting too." I chuckled getting a dumbfounded look from the older brother.

"What…I mean…shit Jake." He finally snapped out of it and chuckled. "I mean it's like everything is beginning to happen to you all at once. This means before long your pecker's going to fatten up because mine suddenly ballooned right after I squirted for the first time." He laughed while Jake blushed but seemed happy by the news.

"Yeah…that's great news Austin…but it sort of does create other issues. I mean your little brother is such a horny little shit…and now with girls being in the picture and him also squirting you are going to have to sit down with him and have a serious chat…you know." I suggested with Jake punching me in the arm.

"Hey…I'm standing right here you know…and if you are talking about rubbers I know all about that." He insisted while I looked at him critically.

"Yeah…sure…whatever…but seriously Jake. I've seen you when you get horny and you need to start being more careful now. I know you understand about rubbers and stuff, but like I've said I also know how you get when you are horny. You can't stop yourself until you get what you want. Look at what just happened in the shower." I chuckled, noticing Austin looking at me questioningly while I sort of waved his curious look off indicating I would explain later as I continued with the topic at hand not wanting to get distracted. "This is a dangerous thing for you now if girls are going to be involved." I pointed out.

"Sam's right Jake and I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to set some rules for you." He stated seriously while Jake gave me a dirty look and crossed his arms defiantly.

"Well fuck you both. I don't see the two of you controlling yourselves and setting rules. Besides, you can't tell me what to do…you're not my dad." He got a bit steamed while to my surprise Austin remained calm.

"Fine, we'll let mom set them for you instead. I'm sure once she finds out you are sexually active with girls she'll be having a serious chat with you." The older boy pointed out with Jake immediately gawking at his older brother as he tried a last defensive move.

"Alright, then we'll tell her about you and Roger." He countered with Austin shrugging his shoulders.

"That's not a problem because I've already talked to mom about me having feeling for boys and probably being gay. I already planned on talking with her here soon about Roger now that he's my boyfriend." He stated confidently with me at first thinking he was bluffing, but then realized he really must have actually talked to his mom about it.

I could tell the younger boy was getting frustrated about this so I put my arm around him. "Jake…it's not a big deal, but I know you have to realize how much more complicated this makes things for you. I mean sex is so confusing as it is, but there are now big consequences when you have sex with girls. Austin isn't saying you won't be able to do that sort of thing, only there will be certain rules in place to help prevent any accidents which you don't want to have to deal with at the age of twelve. Hell for that matter many years to come."

The younger boy flashed an angry look my way before sighing and nodding his head. "I know your right Sam…it's just before I've always been able to…you know…get my nut off whenever I wanted." He moaned while I simply chuckled punching him in the arm.

"Geeze you're a fucking goofball and idiot. You can still get your rocks off whenever you want. After all there's still your hand and other boys, not to mention girls sucking you off and stuff. We are only talking about being more careful when you actually fuck girls and all. I mean…that's the only thing Austin wants to set rules for and it won't mean you can't…you know…fuck a girl…just you won't be able to unless you follow certain rules. So you will still have plenty of other times where you can simply be free to do whatever you want like you've been doing." I chuckled seeing his face light up.

"Hey…I never thought of it that way before. Yeah…I suppose it won't be so bad after all." He giggled with Roger rolling his eyes having stayed out of the conversation.

"Damn for real…Sam's right. You really are a little horny shit." He teased with Jake looking at the boy hungrily.

"So…um…when do you think we might be able to…you know…fool around a little. I mean I love that huge cock of yours. I give great blowjobs…ask Austin." The smaller boy teased while Austin blushed giving his little brother a meaningful look at the little slip while Jake didn't see the big deal about it.

Glancing towards Roger I noticed the boy laughing at it thinking Jake was only joking playing the role of 'horny little shit' so I switched subjects. "Um…where is everyone?" I asked still puzzled because no one was around.

My eyes had wandered over to one of the windows noting how it was like everyone had taken off as my gaze settled back on to Roger looking expectantly at him for answers. "Oh…um…yeah…well you see Henry and Earl from the general store called up your Uncle and told him they wanted to treat everyone to some ice cream because of your birthday so everyone sort of headed into town. Since you and Jake were taking a shower my dad gave me the truck keys so me and Austin can bring you into town when you were done." He explained which sort of made sense but still seemed odd how everyone would simply take off without waiting.

Then again I suppose they figured by the time everyone piled into the cars and took off we'd be finishing up anyway. "Oh…alright…so…if you and Austin…um…are finished…you know." I glanced down meaningfully towards Roger's obvious bulge chuckled getting an impish look from the older boy while Austin and Jake simply began busting a gut again not in the least bit embarrassed by the situation.

"Yeah…um…," Roger blushed because the whole sex thing really was new for him, much less having others see him engaging in an intimate manner. "Let's go already before I die of embarrassment." He added getting another giggle out of Austin who leaned in and gave his boyfriend a very sexy hot kiss right on the mouth prompting Jake to roll his eyes at his brother.

"Oh for Pete's sake Austin…hurry up already before our ice cream melts." He belted out as he turned walking towards the front door letting his brother and Roger finish up their heated kiss looking back for a moment and pausing to watch giving Austin a supportive smile. "By the way…did you really talk to mom about…you know…being gay? I mean…how did she handle it?" He asked nervously wondering if he was going to have to talk with his mom at some point too.

Austin winced for a moment before sighing. "Honestly Jake…at first I think it hit her kind of hard. Maybe because of the whole…you know…her realizing I was actually growing up and becoming sexually active, but also I think because of the being gay thing too. It wasn't bad or anything…just it seemed like she was a bit disappointed about the whole growing up and getting married in the traditional way I suppose. Afterwards she seemed to accept it and was actually happy for me…you know…that I knew who I was as a person and that I felt I could trust her enough to talk to her about it. I know she won't be disappointed when she finds out about Roger now, because she's sort of gotten used to the idea that I'll be bringing someone home at some point." He tried to explain with Jake nodding his head and having something to think about.

"So…do you think maybe I should tell mom…you know…about me loosing my virginity and liking both boys and girls?" Jake asked with his brother now scrunching his face in thought and finally shaking his head.

"It's your call Jake, but the way I see it you're still pretty young so have some time yet before making any real big decisions. Besides, I'm not so sure you should really talk about your private sex life outright. Some things are still private in my opinion, but I am serious about telling her if you lose total control and don't use precautions when you are with girls. That would be irresponsible of me not to let her know then, but for now I think it is something for you to think about. There's still plenty of time until you feel comfortable enough to discuss certain things with her when you think you are ready…alright?" He stated with his little brother seemingly agreeing.

On the drive into town you could tell both Austin and Roger were new lovers because their hands were all over one another. With his left hand on the wheel the older teen had his right hand between Austin's legs slowly massaging the large bulge to the delight of the thirteen year old boy who was doing the same thing to Roger's large bulge as he leaned in next to the boy driving. Jake didn't comment, and neither did I as the smaller boy simply leaned his body into mine while I ran my hand along his smooth leg with his obvious erection pressing against his shorts which was snuggled up tightly against his crotch. I didn't want to get him all worked up again so soon by actually stimulating his maturing boyhood so simply showed my affection by running my hand along his strong wiry sleek legs. He seemed content enough at the moment since he had at least recently been serviced in the most delightful kinds of way by Ella, followed closely by me with him squirting for the first time. It most definitely was the highlight of his short life up to this point having lost his virginity to the girl, but I was sure his appetite for sex would only be satiated for so long before he once more had to take care of his increasingly burgeoning sexual needs.

As we approached the town on the main road I began to notice cars parked on either side of the road with it also being blocked off a bit further up ahead of us. It looked like the town sheriff was at the road block turning cars around and directing them to park along the side of the street. The last time I saw so many cars in Blue Meadows was for the Fourth of July Festival at the main park in front of the Town Hall and Municipal Building. There had been a small fair of sorts with vendors and a small band playing at the large Gazebo perfect for such an event. I hadn't heard of anything special going on in town; especially, not on a work day. Of course it was just a little past five in the afternoon now so most people were home from their jobs or finished in the fields. As we rolled the car forward discussing what we should do Sheriff Jeff stopped our truck and Roger rolled down his window.

"Geeze sheriff…," I began leaning forward towards the front seat and looking out the window at the man who smiled at us. "What the heck's going on in town?" I asked with Sheriff Jeff shrugging his shoulders.

"I'm kind of surprised as you Sam about all the people showing up considering a special performance was scheduled at the last minute, but then again it is a small community so word kind of spreads like wildfire in these parts. Anyway, parking is really tight today, but your folks came through earlier and said you guys were not too far behind. Henry saved you guys some parking spots behind his store in the alleyway where the deliveries are made saying something about treating you and your guests to some birthday ice cream. I don't think he realized so many people would be showing up into town today, but he had Dispatch at the office radio me so I could tell you guys your folks are waiting for you at the ice cream parlor in the general store, and he's blocked off a parking spot for you guys in back as well." He explained walking over to the barrier and pulling it aside for us to slip through.

Climbing out of the truck after we parked it in the back of the store someone I recognized from school greeted us. "Hey David." I smiled slamming shut the door behind me.

The farm boy smiled back giving me a curt nod before replying in that deep drawl I've become used to ever since I first met him that day I got in a fight in front of the store with Damian, Roger, Austin, and Jake. "Hey." He replied simply making me chuckle because he never was a winded one for words. "Jus lettin ya know yur folks are waitin fer you all at the gazebo." He told us motioning for us to follow him as we all looked at each other shrugging our shoulders following the boy around the building and through the crowd.

David had been one of those guys I've gotten to know only casually but respected because he was one of those few kids in school who managed to stand up to Damian. I considered him a friend, but I really didn't know him all that well since he tended to keep to himself for the most part. As we made our way towards the park at the end of the town where the gazebo was located I looked around in awe. There had to be a good thousand or so people milling around with a lot of kids I recognized from school. I suppose most people living in the area had come out today for whatever last minute event was going on in town.

Weaving our way through the crowd I heard a type of rustling noise coming through the loudspeaker as if it were being adjusted or something before suddenly a voice began speaking through the system talking over the crowd making me stop in my tracks. "Alright everyone…I think we are about ready to start because our guest of honor has arrived. Sam where are you?" I heard the now familiar young voice coming through the system.

"Andi?" I shouted out to no one in particular a bit stunned as people around me gave way until I had an unobstructed view of the raised Gazebo with the younger boy standing on the stage with the microphone in his hand.

My jaw dropped to my chest as I took it all in noticing a huge banner with the words 'Happy Birthday Sam' plastered over it and the typical party hats, ribbons, and balloon images all around it. Zak saw me and immediately ran towards me jumping into my arms while I gazed on in stunned amazement.

"What the heck is going on…did you guys know about this?" I asked blushing because a lot of people were staring at me as I hugged Zak before setting him back down on his feet.

The curly haired boy wrapped his arm around my waist and shrugged his shoulders. "Um…sort of…I mean…it was all Andi's idea, but he only just put it together earlier this morning while you were gone." He giggled tugging on my arm and leading me towards the front and a little off to the side where some lawn chairs were located with the rest of my group.

Catching Eli's attention, his reaction earlier with our phone conversation now sort of clicked for me as my mom and others gathered around for a moment all smiles. "Is this why you were acting kind of weird when I talked to you earlier about my birthday party?" I asked the older teen.

"Well…I suppose…sort of I guess." He smiled puckishly trying not to laugh at my expense. "I mean everything was so sudden with the concert spreading by word of mouth and why it was being held, so I simply wasn't sure about anything so had to be careful not to spill the beans." Eli chuckled with me nodding and understanding.

Looking up at Andi I mouthed the words 'What are you doing?' He merely smiled and looked out over the crowd. "Now that the birthday boy is here and settled in we can get this thing going, but before we do, I want us all to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Sam here." He shouted out with the crowd joining in with the typical birthday song making me blush and get playful shoves by the rest of the guys around me.

"Wow, that was really nice everyone. I know all of this was last minute, but I wanted it to be a fantastic day for a very special person. I met Sam by mistake…a fluke really…right before Christmas. As a matter of fact I was coming and he was going." The younger boy chuckled at our inside joke. "What I mean is…I was coming from one of my typical shows, and he was going to Blue Meadows to stay with his Uncle and Aunt. It was during this time many of you also came to know Sam and his dog Boxey." The boy pointed out with many in the audience nodding their heads.

"What no one knows though is I was having a really bad day when we first met. I mean nothing really bad as in bad…but just one of those off kind of days. I think we all know what I mean because I'm sure everyone's had them from time to time…a day that just…well…sucks." He explained with people chuckling as he continued.

"On the day I met Sam and Boxey I was feeling kind of lonely. You see I really don't have a lot of close friends because I'm always on the road doing shows and I'm also home schooled. This isn't really a bad thing, but it does mean I don't get to spend time with other kids as much so really never had any friends. The day I met Sam he was on his way to his Aunt and Uncle's place just ten or fifteen minutes from here with what we all now know was for being exiled from his other school." He chuckled with everyone around here pretty much having heard the story.

"So…we both happened to stop at the same rest stop and this is where I met Boxey who we all know is the most fabulous dog of all…am I right?" He yelled out clapping his hand with others in the audience feeling the same way so clapping too. "Well, Sam let me play with Boxey and just this little simple gesture made my whole day. We've all had those kinds of moments too…haven't we…where someone does something and it makes our day. Sam and Boxey made me feel special, and I no longer felt alone even though we only spent about ten minutes together. What I thought was really cool is that he paid attention to me despite me being younger. He didn't treat me like some lame little kid and was a really nice guy. This is something I know many of you here have found out about him as well. We've all come to know Sam as a very caring and kind person. It was also Sam, through the help of Boxey, who managed to help save Jamie too. That was some miracle with Jamie now being about as normal a kid as any of us; although, I've also been told we're not exactly sure what a normal kid is really supposed to be like." He teased as people chuckled knowingly at the little dig.

"Because of Boxey's skills in connecting to kids like Jamie with special needs, Judge Williamson was able to get him certified as a service dog." Andi pointed out waving for Boxey to join his side watching as the dog trotted up next to him on the stage sitting down. "Boxey wears this special vest letting people know he's a service dog, but what many people do not realize is how these special dogs are allowed inside all public places, and it is against the law to deny any service dog access to these areas. It's essential they have these rights because they are there to help the person in their care. I know just about all the kids here who go to school with Jamie and Sam knows this because they've seen Boxey with Jamie while in school and were told why it was so important." Andi explained with people in the crowd and their children nodding their heads whispering to each other about it.

Andi took a moment and paused as he kneeled next to Boxey and hugged the dog. "What many don't know though is there came a day when Sam had to go back home to Des Moines and make a very difficult choice. It was then people really saw a side to Sam that would stick in our minds forever. Boxey belonged to Sam and he loved his dog a lot, but he also knew without Boxey Jamie's progress would probably stall. So out of love and friendship for Jamie, and showing great character and unselfishness, Sam actually gave Boxey to his friend, a boy he had come to care deeply about. As the months went by a miracle happened and Jamie was cured. Well at least to those of us who know him because what do those silly doctors know?" Andi pointed out with the crowd chuckling nodding their heads and one old codger actually shouting out 'bunch of no good blood sucking idiots,' to the amusement of many around here who agreed with the old man's assessment.

"Anyway, there's something else many of you aren't aware of yet. When Sam left Boxey behind our very own Judge Williamson bred Boxey with one of his best dogs because he wanted to train other dogs to be service animals as well. He understands how there are so many people out there who need this type of extra support to help them function and get around. There's a big need for these types of trained dogs in all kinds of various ways with people on wait lists for several years. With Boxey's natural instincts and temperament for this type of work the Judge felt he could get puppies with Boxey's genes and characteristics because the dog has the right disposition for being a service dog. Mr. Joe is doing this all for free and will be donating all trained dogs for free to people who are in need and would normally never be able to afford it. So far he has already tested all of the puppies and has assigned them to a potential match. It takes a good year or two to train a dog properly so in the meantime he's assigned all the puppies to foster families because part of their training is to get them socialized with people of all ages." He smiled as he walked over taking the leash from his mom and bringing Apollo forward for people to meet while I was simply amazed with how adult like the smaller boy came across on stage.

It made me wonder if this was due to all his years of performing for adult crowds as I watched the puppy getting a little rambunctious trying to gnaw on Boxey who merely huffed getting Apollo to settle down right away to the oooh and awes of the people in the crowd. "This is one of the puppies from Boxey and as you can see he's not only the spitting image of his dad, but is also wearing a vest because he's a service dog in training. Looking around in the crowd I've noticed other puppies who are also wearing a similar vest. These puppies are all in training so it is important we accept them when we see them in stores, restaurants, or any other public place." Andi explained to people as he kneeled down scratching Apollo playfully.

After a brief pause the boy got back up and pointed to his puppy. "I want to introduce everyone to Apollo. His name means god of truth and light. In Greek mythology Apollo was the great Olympian god of truth for prophecy and oracles…he was a god of healing for plague and affliction…he was a god of music for song and poetry…he was a god of archery using it for the protection of the young. When the judge named Apollo he seemed to know what he was doing because I believe this puppy is very special for many reasons." The boy smiled kneeling down once more giving Apollo a hug with the puppy tolerating it as Andi looked directly at me tears trickling down his cheeks.

"To understand why I have to explain how it all started a couple of days ago when Sam, Boxey, and I met up again after all these months. It was then Sam invited me to his birthday party because he has such a gentle and kind heart. He personally invited me…a boy who is way younger and who he hardly even knew simply because he found out how lonely I was, and because I didn't have any friends. He introduced me to Zak, who's become my very first real friend…best friend…my own age, all because of Sam accepting me and allowing me to spend time with Zak and get to know him. It didn't stop there because Sam introduced me to all of his friends and let me stay over at the farm for a few days until his birthday today. All of his family and friends have been so kind to me. Thanks guys for accepting me, taking me with you to the lake, and letting me have fun with you all. I really mean it Sam, Zak, Austin, Jake, Paavo, Jamie, and Roger. It really means the world to me guys." The boy smiled warmly at our little group making us all blush because he took the time to introduce us personally.

"You see it is this that got me thinking earlier today when I woke up. I've been doing concerts for a couple of years now, but for some reason I've never held a concert for my own community…for all of you. This morning when I woke up I wanted to do something amazing for Sam because I always see him doing special things for everyone else. It was then I realized holding a concert not only for Sam, but for my community as well, is what would make this a special day for everyone. Little did I know how special it would truly become? This is because true to form Sam continued to do what he always does, give of himself to others. It's become tradition for him to host a birthday party where he doesn't allow his friends to bring gifts. Most kids receive gifts for their birthday, but Sam's not like that; instead, he gave all of his friends today a gift at his birthday party." He explained with parents now looking at their own kids whispering how they could learn something from this as well.

Smiling Andi chuckled apologetically to all the youngsters in the audience. "I'm sorry guys…I didn't want this to become something you need to do. Everyone has their custom, and this is what makes Sam happy. Anyway, every one of us got something special and personal; something, he knew we either wanted or needed, and this was especially true for me in my opinion. By the way Sam…if I haven't said it often enough…thank you, thank you, thank you…sooooo much." Andi smiled down at me blowing a kiss my way making me blush wondering how people would view something like this before I shrugged it off because I realized I didn't care what others thought about it.

"I know this isn't making a lot of sense people, but I'm trying to explain how special today has become for many of us who are Sam's friends. For me it is special because of Apollo. You see when someone breeds a dog there's usually a stud fee involved and Mr. Joe told Sam he wanted to pay him for being able to use Boxey to produce a batch of puppies. Well, Sam being who he is said he didn't want anything since Judge Williamson wasn't doing it to make money. Mr. Joe insisted though, constantly asking him about it, so Sam finally caved in saying he didn't want money, but will take one of the puppies, a special one in particular. When the Judge explained all the puppies were already spoken for except for Apollo because he shows the most promise, Sam said this was the puppy he wanted. The judge knew just how much Sam missed Boxey, and of course Apollo looks and behaves exactly like his father, so Mr. Joe agreed under the condition he could still train Apollo to become a seizure service dog and breed him when he gets old enough. Of course Sam agreed." Andi smiled giving Apollo a good scratching behind the ears with the puppy huffing just like Boxey always does while pausing long enough to see how he had people hooked as they listened to his every word waiting expectantly.

Standing up the boy continued. "The other day we discovered another talent of Boxey's. Jamie, as many of you know by now, had to be rushed to the hospital because he had a couple of seizures. There are some dogs who can detect when a person is going to have one and will warn them ahead of time. Knowing in advance can help prevent a seizure from happening by letting the person either find a quiet place to rest, take some medication, or both. If nothing else at the very least be prepared for it. We now know Boxey has that sort of talent for detecting seizures ahead of time." Andi explained when he was interrupted by one of the kids in the crowd.

"Well if that's true how come Jamie still had his seizure?" The small boy around ten years old asked out loud and blushed when he realized his outburst.

Andi chuckled and smiled at the boy nodding his head encouragingly trying to put the kid at ease. "That's a very good question, and you see Jamie's never had a seizure before so when Boxey tried to warn everyone no one knew what he was trying to tell us. Boxey did know though, and so when it happened, even helped by breaking Jamie's fall probably preventing him from getting hurt. Since we now know what to look for we can be prepared in the future." Andi explained with people nodding their heads because it made sense.

"So, when Judge Williamson found out about Jamie's seizure, and what Boxey had done, he tested all the puppies and it appears Apollo has the same talents, but now Apollo belongs to Sam. Once again though Sam showed me just how kind and gentle he is as a person. I've wanted a dog for a long time now, but my parents always said no because we travel and it would be too difficult to have a dog along. Well when they found out about Jamie's seizures, and how Boxey could detect them, they started to think maybe a dog would be good for me too. What they didn't realize is getting a service dog can take several years because there is a long wait list for these types of specialized pets." Andi paused noticing the confused looks on people's faces before continuing.

"The reason why my parents thought getting a dog for me now was a good idea is because I have epilepsy. I have severe seizures two or three times a month. Often, it's the stress which triggers these events for me, and since I'm always performing concerts it can trigger at any of those times. If I had one of these special dogs then I would be able to detect and prepare for it ahead of time. It can be scary for others to see someone having a seizure; especially kids, and I'm always worried I might have one on stage. Sam knows this so today he gave me my very own seizure dog…instead of keeping Apollo for himself…he gave him to me as a present just like he gave Boxey to Jamie. To me this shows just how special Sam is, and giving him a concert doesn't even come close to ever telling him how much he means to me." Andi explained as tears began to trickle down his cheeks with people murmuring in the crowd before some began to clap with others rapidly joining in until the entire place erupted in a huge applause as people began shouting to me how wonderful such a gesture was on my part.

The applause lasted for a good five minutes with Andi finally asking people to settle down. "So like I said, for me Apollo is the perfect name for my dog because he is the god of music for song and poetry, and let's face it this is what I do." He chuckled with others laughing as well. "Not only this, but he is also a god of healing afflictions, which to me means my seizures, he's a protector of children, I for one can use his protection since I'm on the road all the time, and he is also a god of truth and light. Through Apollo I plan on spreading the word about epilepsy and service dogs of all kinds. So you see Judge Williamson…you picked out the perfect name for my dog." He explained nodding his head with people finally beginning to understand just how perfectly everything seemed to come together as if it was meant to be.

"So Sam, I can never thank you enough for your kindness. Apollo is such a small treasure, but you…well…you mean the world to me." He sniffled meaning every word of what he said to me. "I thought about writing a song for you, but in such a short time I felt I couldn't do it justice. So…I'm promising everyone right now I will return back here next year again on Sam's birthday to give him his very own special song that I will personally write and perform." He announced with everyone erupting in applause while Andi pressed forward. "So until then I have a song I want to sing for you, which I love and falls right in with the era of music I want to perform for all of you tonight. Sam…I want you to come up and sit with me at the piano so I can sing for you." He motioned me up while I blushed a bit embarrassed by the attention, but still sitting down next to the boy who continued to amaze me.

"I'm sure many of you will recognize the song. It's called 'Stand by Me' by 'Ben E. King.' I've changed the words slightly inserting Sam's name in the appropriate places along with replacing the word 'you're' to 'I'm,' in one place at the end. I only hope I don't get choked up Sam because of how special you are to me …like a big brother…and because you are sitting right next to me. So if I cry please don't hold it against me folks." He giggled nervously running his fingers over the piano keys lightly getting them into position with people in the crowd chuckling as well.

Sitting next to the boy, I watched as his fingers traced over the keys tickling the ivories for a bit without starting yet before he paused and grabbed my arm impulsively placing it around his shoulders making me smile at him warmly for the tender and sweet gesture. The boy glanced over towards me impishly and I couldn't help but noticed he had popped a boner. He knew I saw it because he was still wearing his casual clothes as we both giggled at the naughtiness of it. Taking in a deep breath to calm his nerves, Andi nodded to the band that had joined him on stage, and suddenly began playing a catchy but sweet soft melody which was beautiful and I immediately recognized. His voice joined in singing the lyrics making me smile because it was simply adorably cute seeing how his features change through the emotions of the song as he immersed himself into the music.

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No I won't be afraid
Oh, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
So 'Sammy', 'Sammy'
Stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand, stand by me
Stand by me
If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
All the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
And 'Sammy', 'Sammy'
Stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand now, stand by me
Stand by me
So 'Sammy', 'Sammy'
Stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand now, stand by me, stand by me
Whenever I'm in trouble won't you stand by me
Oh stand by me, oh won't you stand now, stand
Stand by me

By the time he finished there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. Andi's small body was visibly shaking so I held him in my arms allowing him to cry as he leaned over and hugged me while I kissed the top of his head. I didn't even care who saw me showing this kind of affection towards the smaller boy because what Andi did by singing this song just for me was so sweet and touching. To me, it was the boy who was the treasure with such a big kind heart. We remained like that for several moments before I finally held him out at arm's length, cupped his face with my hands looking at him critically to make sure he was alright, and wiped away the wetness along his cheeks with my thumbs.

"Are you ok?" I asked with him nodding.

"Yeah…I'm fine Sam." He sighed nodding his head indicating I can go ahead and sit down with the rest of our group.

While Andi took a sip of water getting composed I sat down in one of the lawn chairs with Zak immediately climbing on to my lap and snuggling up against me. "That was really sweet." The curly haired boy sighed giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah it was, and so was you little kiss just now." I replied giving him one as well with the tone and atmosphere around us suddenly changing when Andi got back on the microphone.

"Alright…is everyone ready to rock a little and have some fun?" He shouted out with everyone yelling and clapping their hands. "That's good because I think for all of you I want to bring us back to a time where we can simply have a blast to some oldies but goodies. After such a sentimental song I want us all to start off with a bit of a toe tapping foot stomping pick-me-up type of song. Since we are going back into some good old Rocking Roll times I've got to get prepared by putting on a nice flashy jacket." He teased as he put on an outrageously colorful jacket and slicking his hair back. "Now I better not be the only one getting into the mood so I hope to see all of you out there having a bit of fun with it too. This is an informal concert so get up and dance." He shouted out suddenly doing a few smooth James Brown moves of his own getting several giggles out of the crowd.

With one final shuffle he paused and then twirled around and while standing up started banging on the ivory keys with such flair reminiscent of Little Richard as he began dancing and swaying around singing "Tutti-Frutti." His voice belted out the lyrics with such force it made people all giddy as they suddenly began dancing around immersing themselves into the moment singing right along, everyone's voice carrying along the wind.

A whop bopa-a-lu a whop bam bam
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam bam
Got a girl named Sue, she knows just what to do
Got a girl named Sue, she knows just what to do
She rock to the East, she rocks to the West
But she's the girl that I know best
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam bam
Got a girl named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy
Got a girl named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy
She knows how to love me, yes indeed
Boy, you don't know what you're doin' to me
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam bam
Got a girl named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy
Got a girl named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy
She knows how to love me, yes indeed
Boy I don't know what you're doin' to me
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy, tutti frutti, oh Rudy
Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boom

The Little Richard performance set the tempo for the rest of the hour as Andi played and sang song after song to the delight of the crowd changing in and out of various outrageous costumes making people roar in laughter. There were so many good oldies to choose from, but he didn't leave the crowd disappointed with the songs he had selected belting out one after the other. He performed great songs we take for granted all the times such as: Bill Haley's 'Rock around the Clock,' Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B Good,' Bill Haley's 'Shake, Rattle and Roll,' Bobby Day's 'Rockin Robin,' The Beatles' 'Twist and Shout,' The Beatles' 'Hey Jude,' Chubby Checker's 'Let's do the twist,' Little Richard's 'Good Golly Miss Molly,' Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Bogie Woogie,' and last but not least Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Great Balls of Fire.

You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain
Too much love drives a man insane
You broke my will, oh what a thrill
Goodness gracious great balls of fire
I learned to love all of Hollywood money
You came along and you moved me honey
I changed my mind, looking fine
Goodness gracious great balls of fire
You kissed me baby, woo, it feels good
Hold me baby, I wanna love you like a lover should
You're fine, so kind I'm gonna tell this world that your mine mine mine mine
I chew my nails and I twiddle my thumbs
I'm really nervous but it sure is fun
Come on baby, you drive me crazy
Goodness gracious great balls of fire
Well kiss me baby, woo-oooooo, it feels good,
Hold me baby
I want to love you like a lover should
You're fine, so kind
I gonna tell this world that your mine mine mine mine
I chew my nails and I twiddle my thumbs
I'm real nervous but it sure is fun
Come on baby, you drive me crazy
Goodness gracious great balls of fire

At this point while the band continued to play in the background Andi paused like we've all seen in the Jerry Lee Lewis movie where he sets the piano on fire. Of course, Andi doesn't set his piano on fire, but walks over to the side of the stage grabbing a few sparklers from his mom which are sputtering wildly in his hands as he waves them around while dancing like some wild maniac on the stage. Suddenly he stops, holds the sparklers straight up into the air, and then pulls his arms to his chest before thrusting them outwards pointing towards either side of the stage. Suddenly two barrels on either side of the stage where he is pointing erupts into flames with fireworks and everything shooting off into the air as he twirls dramatically strutting towards the piano and once more starts banging on the keys letting the music and crowd go wild as he sang the lyrics one last time with the fireworks shooting off into the air. Of course it was still light outside because we were at the height of summer, but the fireworks were no less dramatic.

It was the perfect way to finish off the concert with everyone erupting and going wild not letting Andi get away for several long minutes afterwards as they shouted out his name and applauded. I was fairly certain that this concert was the best one this small community ever had, and with Andi having promised to come next year the people were all abuzz about what he would have in store for them considering this had all been put together at the last moment. It was something this community would never forget and hold dear in their hearts for many years to come, and they let the smaller boy know when they got a chance to speak with him for a few moments. Andi was even gracious enough to let people mill around and sign some autographs for them and take pictures. I had to smile because it was so adorably cute especially with all the girls going all goofy eyed at him while he tried to tolerate the extra attention; especially, the interests coming from the female persuasions. It most definitely didn't go unnoticed by me how some of these girls were also eyeing him sizing up the boy with a bit of lust in their eyes as they began to realize he really was a little cutie pie. It made me realize how things may change for him at a much younger age. I only hoped it wouldn't happen too soon for the smaller boy.

After the concert we really did manage to get some ice cream and cake at the little soda parlor inside the general store. It was only our small group with the crowd in the park mingling around some more enjoying the weather and festivities. It was a small community so the small town had opened up their cafeteria area providing some simple snacks and drinks for everyone. This little event Andi and his parents set up was a big success in which the community would talk about for months to come. Everyone was already making plans for next year making me chuckle while the smaller boy sighed knowing he had made the commitment so planed on following through with it. We only stayed for a short while at the general store thanking both Henry and Earl for treating us.

By the time we got home it was well past seven in the evening with everyone still chatting away about the impromptu concert Andi had performed. Even he was excited about it because his performances were usually scripted over months of preparations. This was all pulled off at the last moment, even the small fireworks show, with Andi's parents doing a great job in pulling it all off since the boy had only asked them to do it earlier that morning. The smaller boy had asked his parents for a simple show, and they had called in some favors getting a band that had worked with their son before and was familiar with his style of shows. They really did a great job of it too complimenting the boy's performance perfectly; especially, since it was more of a free for all style. In addition, Andi's parents had put together a crew who took care of the sound system, lighting, and pyrotechnics. For Andi, it was a time where he could simply have fun with it all without worrying about performing in a certain way. He could simply be himself and do what came naturally, play and have fun. If things weren't perfectly timed it didn't matter because he made sure to tell the band and entire crew to simply go with the flow and don't worry if something doesn't go off just right. In all actuality it really did go off very smoothly without any major glitches, and the important thing was everyone including the crew had a blast promising Andi and his parents that they would be more than willing to participate again next year.

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