Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 22: Love Is In The Air

Jamie was already dressed and relieved to see us so early in the morning giving me a hug first and sniffling saying he missed me before kneeling down and giving Boxey the biggest hug ever almost crushing the poor animal. "You are just the best." He sniffled, thanking Boxey for being such a big help and comforted by the idea with the dog around he'd have more of a warning about a potential seizure despite the doctor's skepticism. After all the man didn't know the dog like we did.

When he stood up he noticed the new boy holding hands with Zak, and smiled warmly giving Zak a hug and the new kid one as well, but more briefly since they were now just meeting. Then he greeted Andi's parents before giving Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt the biggest of hugs. We all gathered around telling Jamie how we met the Costas with his eyes bulging outwards when he found out about Andi. The Costas also explained to Jamie about Andi and how he had epilepsy so if he needed to know anything about seizures in general they'd be there to help. Shortly afterwards the doctor joined us looking around the room wondering if the Weilers wanted to go and talk about this in private. It was Jamie who spoke up saying it would be alright to talk with everyone in the room.

The doctor got right down to it assuring us how in his opinion Jamie didn't have much to worry about, but we all would need to keep an eye out on things for a bit just to be sure. He explained while any seizure is cause for concern, having a seizure does not by itself mean a person has epilepsy. For example many people have a single seizure at some point in their lives. Often these seizures occur in reaction to anesthesia or a strong drug, but they also may be unprovoked, meaning they occur without any obvious triggering factor. Unless the person has suffered brain damage or there is a family history of epilepsy or other neurological abnormalities, these single seizures usually are not followed by additional seizures. He pointed out how one recent study which had followed patients for an average of eight years found only thirty three percent of people have a second seizure within four years after an initial seizure. People who did not have a second seizure within this time frame remained seizure-free for the rest of the study. For people who did have a second seizure, the risk of a third seizure was about seventy percent on average by the end of four years. In the big scheme of things this meant they didn't have seizures on a regular basis like many people who have different forms of epilepsy.

The man explained when someone has experienced a first seizure; the doctor will usually order an EEG or electroencephalogram. This is so they can determine what type of seizure the person may have had, and if there are any detectable abnormalities in the person's brain waves just like what they did with Jamie yesterday. A doctor may also order brain scans to identify abnormalities that might be visible in the brain. These tests could help a doctor decide whether or not to treat the person with antiepileptic drugs. In some cases, drug treatment after the first seizure may help prevent future seizures and epilepsy. However, the drugs also can cause detrimental side effects, so doctors prescribed them only when they felt the benefits outweighed the risks. Evidence suggested it may be beneficial to begin anticonvulsant medication once a person has had a second seizure. That's only because the chance of future seizures increases significantly afterwards the doctor explained.

"So Jamie with what I'm seeing on your test results it looks like you don't have a form of epilepsy even though a third of the kids who have autism do experience seizures. We aren't sure what caused your seizure, but often we can prevent one from happening again through medication if we have a way to detect the onset of one coming. I don't see a need to put you on a full regimen of anti seizure medication which could have disastrous affects on you due to your autism. I don't want to take the chance of creating something which may have you reverting backwards since you are on such a restrictive diet which supposedly is keeping your system in balance, but I am going to prescribe a very-very-very mild anti seizure medication for you to have on hand and take only if you know a seizure is coming. If we know in advance that you may have a seizure then simply by finding a nice quiet darkened room and relaxing can help prevent it along with some medication. If what you say is true about your dog, then I feel comfortable with trying it this way to start out. You need to take things easy at first, and track your progress, but I don't see why you can't return back to normal activities once you leave here." The doctor smiled to the relief of everyone in the room.

Jamie looked down at the dog and smiled. "Well boy…it looks like you and me are stuck in this together. It's a good thing Sammy here is willing to share you with me." He chuckled at the dog scratching him behind the ears before reaching out to me with his eyes welling up giving me a big squeeze. "What would have ever happened to me if you never showed up in my life? I love you so much Sammy." He sniffled while my eyes watered up as well.

"No Jamie…it's you who I should be thanking. Before I came to live with you guys I was always so mad and angry at everything. You taught me so much…way more than you think." I hugged him back not caring who heard or saw us when I felt two sets of smaller arms wrapping around us with both Andi and Zak having joined us.

While Uncle Walt went out to take care of the proper paperwork we managed to compose ourselves wiping away the dampness from our eyes while Andi beamed saying he was so happy for Jamie not having to deal with the uncertainty of his seizures. He knelt next to Boxey giving the dog a big hug and whispering in his ear how proud he was to know such a fine dog. His parents looked on wiping away their own tears while conferring together. I could hear them discussing how maybe it was time to look into getting a dog for Andi; especially, if they could find a seizure service dog.

Aunt Harriet fussed over Jamie hugging the boy to her chest and sighing. "You have got to stop making me worry so much about you." She teased ruffling his hair while looking down at the dog. "And here I was going to up and toss you in the barn when you first showed up." She clucked her tongue when the dog simply sniffed and huffed as if to say 'I told you so.' "Now don't be getting all huffy with me. I already apologized, but you don't have to get all snooty like." She got all gruff before turning towards me with her eyes welling up. "Oh Sam…my sweet-sweet boy. Jamie's right you know. You've been such a blessing to us." She got all choked up wrapping me in her warm embrace holding on tightly before regaining her composure and looking around at the guests.

"Oh my…um…let me see how we are going to do this. Jamie…uh…Sam invited Andi to his birthday party so he will be staying overnight with us." She began looking over at the Costas. "I suppose I better give you our address, phone number, and directions to the house if you don't mind dropping Andi off on your way home. I'm not comfortable having all the kids crammed into our truck like that, so maybe Zak can keep Andi company on the way over to the house since the two of them are getting along so well." She suggested with the Costas nodding their agreement.

The smaller curly haired boy seemed a bit conflicted about the situation. On the one hand he desperately wanted to be with Andi, but I could tell he was still worried about Jamie and didn't want to leave the boy's side much less mine. These days he always seemed to gravitate and cling on to me for some reason. I suppose anymore we were simply attached to one another in such a deep kind of brotherly way.

Kneeling down in front of Zak I smiled warmly at him wiping away the tears which were beginning to well up in the corners of his eyes. "Hey buddy I know you are worried about Jamie, and I know you also want to stay with Andi because you two have become good pals and all. Its only a short drive home, and I'm sure Jamie will have to relax once we get there so will be looking for someone to cuddle with and keep him company. So maybe you can keep Andi company on the way home, and let the Costas know where the house is." I offer up with him nodding his head.

"Yeah…I guess, but I really don't know how to get there from here so I won't be a big help." He countered trying to be brave.

"Well, you do know once you get to our area. Besides, the hardest part is knowing which gravel roadway to take which gets you to the house. That's the hardest thing for Aunt Harriet to explain, so if you are with them you will be able to point out the exact driveway." I offered up getting a big smile out of him and a warm hug. "Oh Zak, you have no idea how happy you make me. I'm so glad you decided to adopt me." I whispered in his ear giving him a kiss on the cheek feeling the boy squeeze me even tighter.

"I love you too Sam. You're the bestest big brother in the whole world and that's no lie." He sniffled releasing his hold on me and gazing into my eyes with the biggest smile on his face beaming happily at me just when Uncle Walt entered the room announcing we all could leave.

The smaller curly haired boy untangled himself from me insisting on helping Jamie into the wheelchair an attendant had produced per hospital regulations. Sighing I stood up watching everyone pile out of the room noticing at the last moment Mrs. Casto watching me intently.

"You really do love the little guy don't you?" She smiled warmly at me while I nodded my head.

"Yeah and the funny thing about it is I've always wanted a little brother or sister, and now it looks like I'll be getting two here in short order, well actually three. First, my dad's fiancée is pregnant so I'll be getting a half brother or sister here soon. Secondly, Zak simply adopted me which was the best thing that's ever happened for me. Finally there's Andi." I sighed glancing towards Mrs. Costa who looked at me a bit confused.

"Andi?" She asked while I grinned nodding my head.

"Yeah…well it looks like Zak's adopted him as a twin brother, and well Andi asked me last night if I'd be his big brother. I explained it looks that way since Zak adopted him and all. I hope you don't mind." I chuckled explaining it to her while she smiled warmly at me.

"Well…I guess I had better welcome you to the family all official like." She teased wrapping her arm around me, kissing me on the cheek, and giving me a hug the light scent of her flowery perfume smelling nice on her reminding me of my own mom.

When we finally got home Austin, Jake, and Paavo were all waiting on the porch for us. I had called them up letting everyone know the good news and how we were on the way home. The Weilers gave strict orders we stick around the place, and let Jamie relax a little. Everyone moaned in protest, but they pointed out he needed to take it easy today since tomorrow would be a long day because of the birthday party. If Jamie didn't recuperate with us today then he wouldn't be able to go to the lake in the morning and the barbeque birthday party in the afternoon. We all knew they were right, besides there was still plenty we could do around the place or upstairs in the room. Of course Andi was a little disappointed because he was looking forward to the lake, but we promised to show him a good time in the morning. Besides, at this time of the day the hot sun would burn his ass for sure we teased with Zak whispering in the boy's ear how he most definitely didn't want to burn his little pecker either making the other boy wince and nod his head in agreement.

Even though my balls were aching I held off from having a little tryst with Paavo who seemed content to wait until things got settled. After Austin and Jake left later in the afternoon, and while Jamie took a nap with Zak and Andi, we did manage to pilfer some alone time, our passionate kisses becoming hot and heavy having been separated now for a whole week. The boy's smoldering deep blue sparkling eyes danced around lively on his bright features making me hungry for his company. I lusted for him sexually as well, but it was simply having him near me which left me feeling content and complete. Between him and Jamie they managed to keep me sane in this harsh cruel world sometimes. It was their love which kept me centered in life feeling complete and whole. Without them I'd be completely lost.

Then it was Paavo's turn to call it a day with his dad picking his son up. They seemed happy in their new home, and I promised to come visit to see what they had done to the place. Mr. Kirsipuu looked so happy and at ease having moved here with a good job and future for him and his son.

After dinner I grabbed Zak by the hand and hopped in the shower with him. At first he was disappointed because Andi wasn't with us, but when I pointed out the other boy would be with Jamie for the first time the curly haired miscreant got a roguish smile on his face.

"Just wait until he sees just how big Jamie is down there." He chuckled knowingly making me grin because he wasn't jealous or anything, merely happy for his friend.

After our shower I noticed Andi hesitating for a moment when Jamie took him by the hand. Zak urged his friend saying it was alright because Jamie knew how to give a good shower. When the two of them returned all squeaky clean I heard Zak giggling when he saw Andi blushing. The two of them immediately huddled off to the side whispering conspiratorially glancing towards Jamie every so often before giggling again. Jamie sidled up next to me where I was sitting on the bed watching some television leaning into to me.

"Wow…Andi's the cutest thing ever. I kind of like his big knob." He chuckled shaking his head. "It reminds me of a mushroom." He giggled like a little girl glancing towards me while I smiled knowingly.

"Yeah, and he's got such a sweet personality and sense of humor. I'm glad Zak's got a new friend like that because Andi's a really nice kid." I exhale softly wrapping my arm around Jamie and giving him a kiss on the cheek hearing the two smaller boys sniggering.

"See…I told you." I heard Zak tell Andi who gazed towards us and blushed when he saw us looking back.

"What are you up to now Zak?" I admonished him teasingly, but it was Andi who spoke up.

"Is it true…I mean…you and Jamie?" He asked making me purse my lips questioningly. "You know…the two of you being boyfriends and all?" He asked while I gave Zak a firm look.

"I'm sorry Sam…it just sort of slipped. I mean I can't keep a secret from Andi, and he can't keep one from me. I can't explain it." He whined really worried now that I'd be mad at him with both boys walking over to cuddle up with us for a few moments while I sighed.

Looking down at Andi I smiled giving him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. "Yeah…it's true Andi, but Jamie and I don't want just anyone to know about that sort of thing. It's important you keep it to yourself…alright?" I asked with him nodding.

"Yeah sure…I know how other kids can be mean about this sort of thing. I'm glad you two are boyfriends. You guys deserve to be happy." He replied in his simplistic little boy world making me smile with all four of us cuddling together.

It was actually kind of nice all of us lying around on our bed chatting about the silliest of things. Our thoughts and conversations flowed from one topic to another in a whimsical kind of way with them asking me about the area where I lived in Des Moines, along with the neighborhood. I told them about my friends while I was growing up along with some other personal stuff concerning my folks. The others did the same thing with only Jamie remaining quiet for a long time regarding what it was like for him growing up. I suppose we sort of all understood, so when he started to tell us about how different it was for him it caught us by surprise. I would never have thought the boy actually had a life considering his autism, but even though it was different for the boy because he had been locked up behind secured walls like Fort Knox it finally sunk in how he also had feelings during those darker lonely days.

It wasn't like he hadn't understood what was going on around him, but simply he saw it in a different way than most of us could imagine. Everything in his awareness had been almost in a hypersensitive state with sights, sounds, smell, and touch assaulting him from all directions. Our minds tended to filter out a lot of the noise and static in life, but with Jamie it was like things had come at him a hundred miles an hour. At times his thoughts were all jumbled up because they simply ran amuck bouncing around in a thousand different directions. It was one reason why he tended to focus on things like twirling fingers or swirling patterns because it seemed to help slow everything down all around him.

After the explanation it had gotten a bit somber with us falling silent until Zak in his usual perky way changed the topic to none other than boys and our various shapes and sizes. He giggled telling Andi that if he thought our Twiddley Dinks were cool just wait until he saw Jake's and Paavo's. Of course this got me and Jamie to bust a gut while Andi simply stared at Zak wondering what he meant asking the curly haired boy to describe them to him. The little tease smiled coyly at his friend saying he had to wait and see. Jamie and I looked at each other rolling our eyes because the way Zak had brought it out was simply too adorable, but Andi's request for him to describe Paavo's and Jake's penis got us all into the joking mood and a new game was invented. We each had to pick one person and describe their penis comparing it to regular everyday objects while the others tried to guess who was being described. Of course Andi's ended up being the easiest when someone mentioned mushroom, so after that it got pretty inventive with our description. We even had things come out like the size of a chap stick, lipstick, a lighter, and pickle along with things like the shape of an asparagus or jalapeno peppers. Not to mention even the size and shape of a person's balls became fair game with tennis ball, handball, tangerine, and hacky sack worming its way into the descriptions among many others. Anything and everything was fair game when describing not only shape but size as it became an all out giggle fest.

The time quickly slipped away from us with the two younger boys beginning to yawn and nod off at times. It was a little after nine in the evening when I smiled at my two little munchkins urging them to go climb into bed. Zak yawned getting up and stripping out of his clothes crawling under the covers naked while Andi looked towards the stairs a little nervously wondering about the Weilers. I chuckled while I tugged off his shirt promising him that when we were up here in our room they wouldn't bother us. He was still a little nervous about it, but allowed me to pull down his shorts and underwear. He really was a stunningly beautiful boy, and I couldn't help myself when I leaned forward kissing his tight little tummy feeling the heat of his erection which immediately inflated rubbing up under my chin. We both giggled because it was kind of funny how it had poked into me. Tucking in the two boys I whispered a soft goodnight in their ears before giving each of them a kiss. They immediately cuddled up together, and within moments were fast asleep.

Jamie was lying on the bed and had been watching me with a huge smile on his face. "You'll make a great dad someday." He stated seriously getting up and making his way over to the two slumbering boys and stroking his fingers through Zak's hair like he had seen me doing on numerous occasions.

His remark caught me a bit by surprise as I scrunched up my eyebrows wondering how that was going to work out since I was gay. While Jamie continued to run his fingers through the younger boy's curly hair, smiling at me because he now knew why I liked doing that so much, he watched me get on to my computer firing it up. Zak seemed to stir in his sleep opening up his eyes for a moment and smiling happily at the other boy who now leaned over giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Jamie." I heard Zak sigh peacefully. "I love you." The small boy yawned making me feel good inside because these days boys simply didn't say that to another boy.

Somehow with Zak it simply seemed to roll off his tongue. His easy going manner and such loving personality made it difficult not to love him back. The smaller boy truly made me a better person. As I thought about it my eyes welled up because I couldn't ask for better in the group of friends I had here now in Blue Meadows. They were my friends and much more. Sure there was Steve and some of my other friends back in Des Moines, but the people here, right now in Blue Meadows, they were family. They were the ones I felt closest to, and I got the feeling they all felt the same way. Even Andi, the newest member of our group had immediately been welcomed by everyone. They treated him just like they did with Zak, giving him hugs and kisses not in the least bit embarrassed by displaying such an affectionate emotion. It was interesting to see how Andi handled it because at first he seemed reserved, but then he noticed how Zak lapped it up enjoying the friendship and love which was lavished on him. After that Andi opened up accepting the unconditional affection offered his way. It was then I noticed his eyes really come alive like he finally realized he truly had a circle of friends.

Staring down onto the pages of my journal I continued to pour out my heart, soul, and most intimate thoughts. It had become routine anymore, and in a way it was very liberating. I didn't keep anything hidden jotting down the way I felt about all of my friends. I had included not only my first sexual experience with Jamie but also those of Paavo's. Even my little trysts with Austin, Jake, and Roger where in these pages. I wrote these things down in intimate details describing how I felt towards the boys; especially, my deep connection and love for both Jamie and Paavo. Love in many respects was a difficult thing to describe, but in the pages I conveyed what I felt the differences were because the way I felt about Jamie and Paavo was different than the way I felt about Zak, Austin, and Jake. Even my affectionate feelings towards Roger were different, but I nevertheless loved him too. It was just different is all. Now there was Andi and the way I felt about him. I loved him in many ways like I did Zak, but there was also the sexual attraction towards him which I conveyed in no uncertain terms inside of my journal.

Every once in a while I would glance up catching Jamie studying the two younger boys stroking their hair, and even leaning over kissing their cheeks. He simply seemed enamored with them this evening almost like he was taking in their innocence. At one point I had to chuckle because he had the blanket tossed aside scrutinizing Andi's slumbering form. He had confided in me how he thought the younger boy was so exquisitely adorable when they had hopped into the shower together. Now I watched him running his fingers over Andi's mushroom shaped knob. The smaller boy moaned in his sleep, but didn't move, his penis and testicles twitching around at the stimulation the long haired boy was providing. I suppose it was a unique sensation for the boy to have in his sleep. Then to my surprise Jamie shoved his face into the boy's crotch taking a deep breath making me giggle.

Jamie heard me and looked up smiling knowingly because I've done the same to him on numerous occasions. "He's so sweet and I love how he smells." My little sexy angel admitted to me covering the boy back up and walking over towards me with his large erection tenting out his little white boy's briefs.

Stopping just in front of me Jamie smiled noticing me drooling over his covered hard tool. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband he slowly eased his underwear downwards my face contorting in all sorts of gleeful expressions. Jamie turned me on so much and it only reminded me of my aching balls which haven't been relieved for several days now. My penis twitched in my underwear and when Jamie giggled I looked up before following his gaze between my legs. There was a nice little nickel sized damp spot right at the tip of my knob where it was pressed up against my boxer briefs leaking pre-cum, and it kept getting bigger until it was about the size of a silver dollar.

Looking up I flinched backwards a little because Jamie swung his legs over my lap facing me and leaned in giving me a passionate kiss which seemed to go on forever. His soft silky skin felt warm and soft snuggled up against my bare chest and stomach. I could feel his hard erection rubbing up against my abdomen each time his chest heaved for air. We were both gasping for air excited by the mutual stimulation we were receiving. The boy made me feel so damn hot beads of perspiration began to form on my brow and all over my body. I knew Jamie was sweating as well, our two bodies now slicked up with perspiration.

Lifting up my hips I managed to tug down my underwear feeling my hard erection sliding between the boy's warm damp crease making me moan excitedly. My body trembled with my thoughts wandering towards his hot virginal ring which hasn't been tapped yet making me moan excitedly. It wasn't the first time I wondered what it would feel like to slip myself inside of him. We had talked about it often, but never felt the time was right. I knew he'd never say no to me, but I never felt right about taking something so precious away from the boy as his true virginity. Sometimes I got the impression he wanted to slide his up inside of me as well. In a way I didn't mind the idea, and actually would enjoy the experience because I wanted him to have that sort of pleasure. In the end I suppose one day when the time was right we would give that up to one another.

My hands ran up and down his silky smooth skin feeling Jamie's body quiver and respond to the familiar touch. We knew the other person so intimately anymore that our hands automatically touched one another in such pleasurable ways bringing out the fullest capacity of blissfulness and contentment in one another. Despite this personal knowledge, or perhaps because of it, each time we made love was like the very first time.

My erection was sliding around inside of his butt crease now making me moan feeling the heat rise inside of my body while I tried to hold back the tide. Jamie shifted his weight slightly, and I gasped just about blowing my nut right there between his butt cheeks. He must have noticed so held still for a moment until I could gather my poise.

"Damn, that was close," I breathed out heavily my chest still heaving from the near climactic premature explosion.

That was one thing I didn't want to happen because I felt it was important not only I be pleasured, but Jamie as well. Of course if I had an orgasm I would recover and give him his turn, but I loved it when we were both able to hold off long enough to get plenty of foreplay in before one of us finally succumbed. We've gotten very good lately at being able to pleasure one another to the point of having shared orgasms. Those moments tended to be the most intense, precious, and best ones of all.

Jamie's eyes twinkled playfully like he was up to something because he stopped what he was doing to my disappointment since I was so ready for some pent up release. "So what are you always writing on the computer?" He asked swiveling his body around and leaning his back up against my chest while glancing at the screen before moaning softly because I had wrapped my arm around the front of him allowing my fingers to softly stroke his swollen hose along with nibbling on his ear. "That's not fair." He breathed out his body shivering. "You know how I like it when you nuzzle up to me like that." He continued to moan while my fingers wrap around his two dangling swollen truffles feeling them jerk upwards before settling down heavily in the palm of my hand.

"Damn…and I love how your balls and hard pecker squirm around in my hands or mouth." I teased back noticing him craning his neck towards me and gazing into my eyes. "You have no idea how worried I was about you." I admitted slowing down our sex play for a moment with tears bubbling up in my eyes.

"I know Sammy and I'm sorry." He sighed with me shaking my head and sniffling.

"For what…it's not your fault. I felt so helpless, and I know it must have been the same way for you. I'm just so mad at myself for not listening to Boxey. After all this time I should trust him when he tries to tell me something." I pointed out with Jamie running his hands over mine.

"Sammy, don't do this. You've already done so much for me, for Zak, for everyone. You are the most unselfish person I know…and I love you for it…but you have to stop beating yourself up for things which aren't your fault." He tells me affectionately falling silent.

"Sammy?" I heard him whisper after a few moments of me fiddling around with his hard tube enjoying how it felt in my fingers.


"Would it be alright if I read your journal? I know it's private." He asked hesitantly.

Without thinking or hesitating I responded back. "Of course you can read it. If anyone deserves to read it I have to say it is you, but yeah, there are a lot of private things in there so promise me you won't get mad at anything you read." I prompted.

"Why would I get mad?" He wondered out loud.

"Because…um…well it has a lot of my private and intimate thoughts. Things like how I felt about you when we first met…um…how I have felt about you at different times…both good and bad. Then of course there are other things in there as well…you know…private thoughts about Paavo, Austin, Jake, Zak, Roger, and now even Andi. I just don't want you to be hurt by what I write and think." I tried to explain.

"Sammy…I'm pretty sure I know how you feel about a lot of things, and I don't mind if you've done anything sexual with others or if you even love them. I know how you feel about me and that's the important thing." He sighed with me nodding my head while he stood up.

Shrugging my shoulders I went to check up on the boys. It was still too early to take Zak for his pee, so I went into the bathroom taking care of my bladder issue, but not my erection which wouldn't go down before slipping under the covers. If Jamie decided to read my entire journal from start to finish he'd be at it for a few hours. I watched him for a while noticing his expression change while he read. At times he'd be smiling and chuckling at something funny while at other times he'd sniffle when he read something sad, but he never got mad at anything he read. At some point I succumbed to my exhaustion because I hardly got any sleep the night before with me finally fading off to sleep. One moment I was watching Jamie, enjoying how he looked from my current position, and the next I had simply closed my eyes and was gone.

There was some weight accompanying a warm body settling on top of me which slowly stirred me awake. Even before opening my eyes the familiar scent of Jamie's slightly sweaty musky boy scent tickled my nose. Smiling, my eyes slowly fluttered open gazing up into the twinkling grey blue eyes of the younger boy. The warmth of his body wrapped itself around me while I sucked it away for myself enjoying the heat.

His firm heavy five inch erection ground into my four inch stiffness just below my waist, our two rigid snakes sliding around creating tingling sensations all along the length of my erection. We were both leaking profusely with our pre-cum intermingling creating a lubricant which in turn made our embrace even more stimulating. My eyes hungrily watched Jamie lean down, his warm breath tickling my upper lip before his mouth wrapped around it while his tongue tickled the spot just above my lip where I had that little mole fleck. My mouth ended up lapping up his lower lip with the two of us suckling on one another before we adjusted allowing our lips to come together in a passionate kiss. It lasted for several long moments with my hands slowly gliding up and down his smooth golden brown naked skin all along his spine and back.

My hands slithered downwards floating along his skin and gently running over his smooth orbs cupping them for a moment before pulling him tighter into my groin forcing his hips to grind downwards smashing his erection forcefully against my already over stimulated erection. The extra pressure made me quiver in delight forcing another small amount of my pre-cum to ooze out the tip of my smooth slicked up knob to join with Jamie's creating a decent amount of gooey goop between the two of us. I could feel the smaller boy responding as he began to gasp for air when our lips parted.

My own breath hissed out of my mouth while I whimpered with delight. "Oh shit, you are so fucking hot." I gasped out in a ragged rasp wriggling my body downwards all the while running my lips along his chest pausing for several long moments on his right nipple. Lately I've been fascinated with this part of the body and I nibbled on it gently making Jamie twitch and moan in delight while my fingers continued to slowly run along his supple skin. Flicking my tongue across his teat several times I once more continued my journey downwards to his stomach and finally his smooth pubic mound.

Jamie lifted just enough weight off of me supported by his elbows to allow me to wriggle down even further enjoying the tender lapping on the way until I was staring at his elegant slicked up throbbing spike. It pointed stiffly horizontal in the direction of Jamie's gaze while he simply watched what I was doing. His heart was beating so powerfully in his chest the tip of his slightly curved erection kept bumping upwards into his pubic mound. Even his testicles hung down heavily in their extremely sagging satchel. I've never seen Jamie's pouch hang so loosely before indicating he was feeling just as horny like me.

It was Jamie who initiated the next stage with him adjusting his hips and directing his warm heavy erection towards my smile bumping his shapely knob up against my mouth and slipping it between my lips. His heavy ball sack brushed up against my face the soft smoothness of his membrane sliding along the bottom part of my chin. A loud moan escaped his mouth and his body shook with his hips slowly shoving back and forth several times gently fucking my face while I began to suck on the length of his shaft.

The taste of our intermingled pre-cum exploded on my palate with a unique kind of sweetness from two boys who were only at the cusp of pre-pubescent maturity. Our ejaculates were still miniscule, runny, and very immature at this stage of our development so it had a sort of underlying sweetness to it. Even though our ejaculate smoothies were mingled together I could still distinguish the different taste between the two of us.

The smaller boy was breathing heavily in small ragged gasps, and I could tell he was ready to explode. I didn't think he'd want to climax this soon so I began to slow down, but he once more took the initiative lifting his hips off of me while the entire length of his shaft and bulbous knob slithered from between my wet lips making me whimper with lustful desire. Jamie slid his body over to the side while I sighed in disappointment shuffling back upwards scooting in next to him so we could embrace and kiss, with him once more settling his body on top of me. I loved feeling him so close to me because everything about him made my heart thunder with joy in my chest.

Slowly my lips released Jamie's mouth with us both pausing to catch our breath trying to slow down. "Oh shit Jamie, I'm about to explode I'm so worked up. It's been like days since I've…uh…you know." I giggled hearing the smaller boy chuckle and nod his head.

My long haired sexy vixen's eyes twinkled as he gazed into mine. "Yeah…me too." He sighed while I glanced towards the two smaller boys all cuddled up in their own bed.

"Man…what time is it? I better get up first and go pee Zak because he'd just die if he accidentally hosed down Andi." I moaned not wanting to get up out of bed now that I was holding on to one of the sexiest boys on the planet. "Besides, if I don't I'm liable to fall asleep right after we…um…make love." I giggled nervously because saying it that way was still a bit awkward despite the two of us feeling the same way about it anymore.

"That's alright Sammy, I already peed Zak. I even did the same with Andi." He smiled his eyes dancing giddily in his features. "You are right though…Andi's got one sexy hot knob." He giggled referring to my description of Andi in my journal prompting me to blush because I had also admitted the smaller nine year old boy turned me on sexually.

Looking at the long haired boy, with his locks just at shoulder length, I got a little nervous. "You…um…you aren't mad about some of the things…you know?" I asked him hesitantly while he gazed back into my eyes giving me a passionate kiss before answering.

"No…if anything…some of the stuff in there turns me on." He moaned feeling my lips nibbling along his neck and earlobe making his body tremble.

Jamie leaned away from me gazing into my eyes his grey blue orbs in his features twinkling mischievously. "By the way it's just after midnight so happy birthday." He whispered leaning down giving me a passionate kiss while I felt his smooth butt cheeks envelop my four inch stiffness within the folds of their damp warmness.

My whole body quivered lustfully with me wondering not for the first time what it would feel like to simply slip deep inside of the smaller boy. Sometimes I wanted all of him in the worst way while also wanting him to have all of me as well. Deep down I knew this would complete us, making the two of us into one, but I just couldn't bring myself to do this final act of love because I knew it was something precious. Not only this, but I've heard that even though it can be the most wonderful experience it could also be painful for Jamie if I did go through with it. Even though my penis wasn't big all things considered, Jamie was still kind of small, not his penis, but rather his body, and squeezing my erection inside of the smaller boy could do a lot of damage if I wasn't careful about it.

The cute sexy boy was looking into my eyes his voice finally bringing me out of my thoughts. "Where'd you go just now?" He whispered running his finger over my lips making them twitch upwards at the corners into a grin with me shrugging off his query.

We both paused for a moment with his own mouth twitching into a smile. "Anyway Sammy, I wanted to give you a birthday gift."

Gazing into his eyes I shook my head. "Remember…I said no gifts."

"I know…but I thought it was only fair since you gave me the greatest gift ever on my birthday." He paused with me frowning trying to remember what he was talking about.

There were a few small simple things I gave him for his birthday other than the party at the General Store, but other than that I wasn't sure what he was talking about. "I don't understand." I admitted.

"You gave me my very first orgasm…remember?" He smiled wickedly with me recalling the first night he finally became Jamie in every sense of the word with our bodies squirming around passionately until he had his very first orgasm of his entire life, not to mention the first time he ejaculated.

"Well if I recall you returned the favor and gave me my very first orgasm where I squirted, so I'd sort of call that even." I giggled with him shaking his head.

"No Sammy…I…um…I think it's time…you know." He blushed making me scrunch my face and bite my lips confused for a moment before it suddenly became clear what he was talking about.

Shaking my head with a few tears trickling down my cheeks at what he was offering my mouth opened with nothing coming out for a few seconds. "N…no…Jamie. I…I couldn't do that…not something so special. You deserve to give that up to someone who…who…deserves it…who deserves you." I whispered softly knowing now he wanted to give up his most precious gift of all to me as my birthday gift...his virginity.

Shaking his head Jamie looked at me confused. "We've talked about this Sammy. I know you want this and so do I. We love each other so who else is more worth it than you. I want you Sammy and need you. It's time…I want all of you. I need to feel all of you inside of me. It's time." He insisted.

"I…I'm afraid, and what if I…I hurt you." I whispered not daring to admit how something I wanted so badly made me feel very afraid at the same time.

The smaller boy shook his head. "I'm afraid too Sammy, but you won't hurt me…not really. Sometimes love hurts…but not really…never with you." He smiled nervously.

"Are…are you sure?" I asked just as apprehensively biting my lower lip watching while he squirmed over to the small end table opening it up and reaching for the bottle of lotion with aloe vera I had applied to his raw penis a while back making me smile at the memory while he turned towards me flashing a quirky smile.

With his voice quivering in his chest the smaller boy turned serious as he crawled back on top of me straddling his legs on either side of my hips. "Please Sammy…I want to give you something special for your birthday just like you did for me. It wasn't only the sex that night…but much more. At the time I didn't understand what you really did for me that night…but now I realize you showed me what love really was meant to be. I didn't understand it back then, but later over time when we talked about things you taught me it is love not sex which makes this special, and I love you with all of my heart. Sammy…do you love me too?" The boy asked, my eyes blinking rapidly in surprise.

"What…of course I do…you know I do. I love you…all of you. I've always loved you even when I didn't know it, but it doesn't mean we have to…um…you know…do that in order for me to prove it." I replied shaking my head. "I don't need to have sex with you in order to prove it." I added.

"No you don't, but it doesn't mean we can't share that with each other either. I know the only reason why we haven't done…um…that yet is because you think it isn't fair to me and you are worried I will get hurt. But Sammy, it isn't fair you holding it back from me too. I want all of you because I love you, and I want us to share everything there is between us. Yes, love is more than just sex, but it is also about the two of us sharing ourselves with one another. I want to give this to you Sammy because it is not only a gift for you, but me too. You don't understand what it is like to not have control…not able to allow others to touch you or you them. I don't ever want to have regrets because I wasn't willing to share myself with others. I don't ever want to live like that again. I love you Sammy, and that's the only thing what matters." The smaller boy stated so seriously in such an adult like manner I almost laughed, but I loved him too much, and what he said made me fall in love with him even more.

"Jamie…I…I love you so much…but…I'm scared." I whispered softly to him tears rolling down my cheeks because I ached and yearned for him in such a deep kind of loving way, but the emotions inside of me were also very confusing.

"Me too…a little…but let me take the lead." He whispered softly squirting some lotion into his hands and slowly rubbing it on the skin of my hard spike making me moan because it felt exquisitely intense feeling the slickness of his fist gliding over my blood engorged stiffness. "This is my gift to you for your birthday and I'll take it nice and slow so you don't have to worry about hurting me. Just enjoy the ride and don't be afraid because I'll be in control. I need to do this because I no longer want to feel that things are out of my control. Please Sammy…let me do this…for both of us." He whispered as he leaned down pressing his lips against my mouth sucking the air out of my lungs my resolve finally fading away.

"Y…yes…I mean…alright…but you have to promise to stop if it is going to hurt you…and…and Jamie?" I whispered softly gazing into his lively grey blue eyes which danced around giddily.

"Yes." The smaller long haired sexy boy responded smiling back affectionately.

"You have to promise that afterwards I get to…um…I mean…you know…that afterwards I get to feel you inside of me. If we do this I want both of us to be…um…I mean…I want both of us to give up our…uh…you know…virginity to each other…agreed?" I whispered with Jamie nodding.

My gaze settled on his beautiful body noticing his hard erection twitch around up against his bare pubic mound excitedly. Jamie was still holding my rigid pole in his fingers guiding it into place while he slowly lowered his hips. I was lying on my back with him straddled over me the excitement of the moment catching in my chest with each rattling intake of breath. My eyes widened expectantly as I watched my four inch erection slowly disappear between Jamie's damp cushiony pillows. I felt the familiar warmth as he slowly eased downwards his right hand still holding on to my hardness from behind his back. It looked kind of awkward to me, but I understood he needed to guide my steel nail if this was going to work. I felt the tip of my knob brushing up against his tightly shut boy ring while I gazed between our two bodies with only a portion of my shaft visible now since the rest was sandwiched between his butt cheeks. Even the sexiness of this view almost sent me over to the edge because his legs were straddled on either side of my hips in a kneeling position his low hanging sagging boy pouch dangling between his legs just above my stomach. I've never seen his soft leathery satchel hanging this low before indicating he was probably carrying a full load in his two oval shaped milk containers.

Shifting around a little to help lubricate his brown eyed shuttered iris I moaned excitedly because the stimulating motion was exciting me and I was already close to the edge. Slowly he tried to insert the tip of my knob into his opening but I could feel my glands being deflected off to the side as my shaft bent obscenely hurting a little. This wasn't anything like you hear in stories or see in porn. A boy's penis doesn't simply breach into another boy's tight virginal fissure. It was taking a lot of work and the two of us were sweating profusely now after several attempts at trying to shove at least a portion of my erection inside of him.

It was even painful for me a time or two when he applied pressure forcing my erection to bend at an odd angle. He saw me wince and let up trying a different angle. Everything was very slippery, and he was having a hard time guiding my erection even when I tried to reach around and guide it in myself. It was awkward, but we both understood our first adventure into the realm of sexual intercourse wouldn't necessarily go like a story book fantasy. This was real life and it would take a bit of effort to make this happen.

In a way the attempt itself was exciting and I could feel myself leaking all over my erection and fingers, which in turn created additional lubrication between his warm sweaty butt cheeks. We continued to try making this work, but since Jamie was on top he was the one in control. I got the sense that if I was mounted on top of him doing it doggie style I'd probably have more control and it might have made things a little easier. It would still have taken effort, that much was clear to me, but it would have given me easier access to control my initial entry. Doing it this way for our first time had the disadvantage of making it more work, but it did give Jamie more control in how much pain was dolled out as well because I could tell even attempting to slip past the tight opening was a little painful for the boy.

All of this passed through my thoughts in a blink of an eye when suddenly an overwhelming sense of euphoria engulfed my hard tube. "Oh shit…," I gasped out hoarsely when I felt the tightness of his sphincter muscles suddenly give momentarily, swallowing the tip of my knob before it once more clamped down tightly around my shaft just on the other side of my corona ridge.

Both of Jamie's hands were now pressing up against my shoulders pushing me downwards up against the mattress keeping us both firmly in place without either one of us moving a muscle. My sweet long haired boy's features were skewed up in pain with tears trickling down the sides of his cheeks. This most definitely was extremely painful for him as I gasped trying to prevent myself from prematurely exploding because of the intense euphoria engulfing my dick, balls, and entire insides. There was a tight damp wet warmth that enveloped the tip of my glans radiating downwards through the length of my shaft all the way inwards somewhere deep down inside of me. This was an intensity I've never experienced before, and it surprised me how I hadn't simply exploded all over inside of Jamie already; especially, considering I haven't been satiated for several days now in a sexual way.

Jamie's eyes continued to water up as the pain seemed to sear its way throughout his insides. "Pull off…Jamie…this is too painful for you…pull me out." I gasped in a whimpering voice not wanting to ever leave this euphoric sensation, but also understanding this was extremely painful for the love of my life.

Beads of sweat tumbled from the long haired boy's brows on to my chest along with several droplets of his tears when he shook his head emphatically indicating he wasn't about to do any such thing. "Please Jamie…I…I'm hurting you." I gasped when I suddenly felt him settling more weight downwards my erection sliding deeper inside of him about another quarter of an inch. "Oh…oh…oh…fucking…sh…shit." I moaned my mind starting to splinter into a million pieces with everything around me beginning to be drowned out and muted because of the intensity I was feeling all inside of me.

My eyes were locked on to Jamie's fierce determination, and I could see his lips moving as I tried to decipher what he was saying because my mind was so muddled at the moment because of the rousing sensations assaulting me in a way I've never experienced before. "…hurts…but…I want this so bad." I finally managed to hear a part of his original sentence. "The worst is over with and it doesn't hurt so bad now. Just breath Sammy…don't climax too soon. I want to feel all of you inside of me." The boy seemed to beg as I concentrated on not allowing my orgasm to overtake me too soon to the point where I blew my nut prematurely.

Jamie's penis was completely flaccid now, his boy satchel lightly brushing up against my lower stomach as I felt the hot wetness slowly engulf the rest of my shaft. It was agonizingly slow with me threatening to simply go over the edge and spill the contents of my tepid sticky seed deep inside of his warm incubator, but suddenly I felt Jamie's entire weight resting up against my groin, my shaft completely engulfed by the most intense tight warmth I've ever experienced in my life. Looking down I could see and feel Jamie's warm heavy boy baubles now spread out across my lower stomach his penis completely soft. Unable to resist I reached out with my right hand and slowly wrapped his three and a half inch softness in my fingers gently rolling it around enjoying the spongy like feel of it.

My sweet little Jamie was so very seldom soft like this, and in the past as soon as I touched him he'd simply inflate. Now though it remained wrinkled and squashy, and I enjoyed how it felt as I continued to play with it feeling the warm sponginess of it. Surprisingly even in his flaccid state it had a feel of weightiness to it as I now concentrated on his sagging boy purse which I had cupped in my left hand. His two oval shaped testicles have also become bigger as of late no longer the size of cherries but rather now more like the size of chestnuts. They felt rather weighty as well with me now taking note of how I could feel my own weighty walnut sized testicles bumping up against my lower butt cheeks between my legs. I guess Jamie wasn't the only one with an extremely low hanging leathery purse at the moment.

Glancing up into Jamie's face he was smiling triumphantly with pain still etched on his features, but not as intense. Suddenly there was a gleam of naughtiness behind his eyes confusing me for a brief moment until I felt him rotate his hips around sending another wave of unexpected exhilaration rippling through my entire insides. Once more I almost peaked, but somehow managed to stave it off for now. I wanted to have the experience of actually fucking him, of making love to him, and not simply climaxing without so much as by your leave. I wanted this to be singularly unique because it truly was special in every sense of the word. Jamie must have read my mind because he gradually lifted up his hips slightly with me almost slipping out of him before he realized it and slowly settled back down on to my tempered short sword. I only had a total of four inches to work with, a little more than three and a half inches if you discounted my glans, and in this position it wouldn't take much for me to slip out of him; especially, since he was the one in control. It would be difficult for him to completely gauge how much action to take. He could feel me inside of him, but it was still different from me knowing just how much thrusting maneuvering would be required. Even if I were in control I could tell if things got too out of hand it would be easy to slide out from inside of him. Three and a half or four inches of stiffness in this sense really wasn't much to work with when fucking another boy's ass, and in our current position it would be even more difficult.

Slowly Jamie began trying to fuck my rigid pole. I felt his tight ass slide up and down the length of my spike. The intensity of the sensations were overwhelming with me barely able to remain intact. My body began to respond automatically trying to participate as I slowly began to thrust my own hips in a fucking motion. This was way intense, but suddenly I felt myself slip out from inside of him as his tight ring slid past the ridge of my glans making us both groan in disappointment. Even though me being inside of Jamie was painful for him, once I slipped out it left him with a feeling of emptiness.

Jamie immediately began to guide my penis back to his opening but I held on to his hips and shook my head. "S…stop Jamie. T…this isn't working." I gasped with him looking down into my eyes disappointment spreading over his features.

"Don't you like it?" He asked looking crestfallen and with a bit of hurt feelings that I'd call for a stop.

"What…no…I mean…shit Jamie you have no idea." I whimpered. "Feeling myself inside of you is the most…oh god…intense thing I've ever felt. I love you so much, but doing it like this…it isn't going to work for either one of us. We have to try something different." I panted allowing his body to collapse on top of my chest as we both continued to suck in air trying to recuperate from our first attempt at making intimate love in the purest of fashions.

His body felt warm and soft in my embrace despite both of us being slicked up in perspiration. There was a sweaty heady sexy scent swirling around him which made my head spin and my body react as I continued to leak more pre-cum making me wonder if I'd have anything left to actually pump inside of the boy's warm ass when I finally did orgasm. I knew this was a silly thought, but somehow it wouldn't feel right if I actually didn't have anything to squirt inside of the boy. Our two damp bodies were plastered together and I could feel Jamie's heavy boy bag snuggled up against mine as his soft penis slowly began to inflate when our boy spikes began to slither around together.

Technically speaking Jamie was no longer a virgin, but in my eyes he still was until we could actually make love in every sense of the word. "Alright." Jamie finally managed to get out crawling off from on top of me his now erect penis rubbing up against his bare pubic mound as he got on all fours so we could do it doggie style.

Getting up behind him I mounted the smaller boy pushing my four inch erection between his spread out butt cheeks. I leaned back a little grabbing my own spike leading it up against his tight pucker hole. Once in place I released it keeping slight pressure against his boy opening and wrapped my arms around his hips with my right hand slowly stroking the boy's penis which had suddenly become flaccid again in anticipation of what was to follow. In this position I would get the most depth for my four inch piece of steel drill bit when I plunged inside of him as I paused for a moment trying to gather my thoughts together.

Jamie had now dipped down lower on to his elbows his ass sticking straight up into the air giving me optimal access to his virginal glory hole in a submissive position. He was offering himself up completely to me, trusting in me implicitly, but for some reason I simply couldn't do it, not like this. Instinctively I knew this would be one of many positions we would take up in the future when making love to one another, but tonight, on this most special of occasions, it didn't feel right to do it this way. I didn't want to do Jamie like he was some bitch dog in heat. I wasn't going to make him feel like some worthless slut, not on our first time. For our first time doing it in this position simply felt like I was going to take him instead of it feeling like we were making love together. This was too demeaning to him no matter what our pure intentions, not on our first time. This is not what I had envisioned for it to be like when we offered up our precious gifts to one another. Of course having sex like this isn't anything like I've read in stories or seen in porn movies. Fucking another boy I was in love with wasn't an easy thing to do; not as young, small and inexperienced as the two of us were, but I could still make it a beautiful occasion for both of us.

Lifting myself off of him I rolled him over on to his back settling between his legs and looking down into his beautiful eyes. "What's wrong?" Jamie asked still confused getting worried now while I shook my head.

"Nothing Jamie…it's just I love you too much to have our first time you being so submissive like some bitch of a dog. You are too important to me to take you this way. I want to look into your eyes when we are making love together." I whispered softly leaning down and kissing him passionately feeling the heat rise inside of me.

The smaller boy responded hungrily tears welling up because of my soft kind words. He seemed to understand now the importance of where he fit with me. We've both known we loved one another, but the simple fact I didn't want to treat him like some submissive animal or whore finally came home for both of us. Without a doubt our relationship didn't revolve around sex, but rather the loving caring way we felt about one another.

Reaching down I slowly lifted up Jamie's legs draping them over my shoulders rolling him upwards. Pressing my hips forward I allowed my instincts to take over as the tip of my hard penis somehow managed to find the tight ring of Jamie's virginal love tunnel.

"Ready?" I whispered softly with a slow smile spreading on my true love's features as he nodded his sweat plastered long haired head.

I've already penetrated him earlier so had managed to loosen him up a bit, but it still took a bit of force behind my gentle nudge to slip past his tight opening once more. Jamie's eyes bulged outwards with tears forming at the corners trickling down along his ears because of the intense pain. He knew what to expect though this time around so it wasn't as intense, and I'm sure having been loosened up with me inside of him already once also helped. Allowing him a few moments to gather some composure I slowly began to slide the entire length of my four inches inside of Jamie all the while our eyes locked onto one another. The intense feeling was overwhelming with both of us sweating and grunting along the way. The damp warmth slowly engulfed my entire length until I felt my slightly hairy pubic mound brush up against his buttocks. Once more I was completely inside of him as I slowly began to ease my hard shaft backwards about three and a half inches until Jamie's tight ring was just on the bottom side of my knob ridge. Any further and his tight iris would slip over my corona ridge with my hard spike automatically slipping free. Slowly I rocked my hips forward both of us gasping for various reasons. For me it was the intense feeling of rapture beginning to take hold of my insides, for Jamie it was a combination of pain and a feeling of being fulfilled.

Suddenly I couldn't take it anymore as I began to thrust more deeply with them coming in rapid successions. My hands curled upwards and I wrapped them beneath Jamie's arm pits grabbing on to his shoulders so I could have more leverage as I began to pound into him. There was a familiar slapping kind of noise as my pelvis and heavy balls began to smack up against the boy's bottom. Leaning my head down our lips connected in a brief passionate kiss before we were forced to release so we could gasp and pant for air. Ten seconds later my entire body suddenly seized as my testicles contracted upwards and I thrust myself as deeply as possible into Jamie's virginal boy grotto. I don't know why I did it, but just then I looked down between our tensed up bodies noticing Jamie was still soft, but two quick rapid last plunges forward his penis suddenly seemed to inflate making me realize I must have bumped up against his magic love button deep inside of him. My only regret was I hadn't found it earlier for him providing the boy with more pleasure instead of pain.

"Aaaaarph, uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaaaah, ummph, uuumph, ummph," I grunted with my mind exploding into a million shards of bright bewildering lights when the ecstasy of rapture slammed into my very soul as the familiar burning sensation scorched the entire length of my four inch erection beginning with the smoldering furnace at the base of my shaft until it suddenly exploded out the tip end of my glans.

I could literally feel the slimy slickness of cum drawing closer until it came screaming out the tip end of my rigid penis buried deep inside of Jamie's warm sacred grotto filling him up in a satisfying kind of way. The warm oozing sensation all around my hard spike suddenly spurred me in an animalistic way as I now began to pound away once more not satisfied and wanting more. My orgasm ripped through my body as I continued to buck and fuck Jamie like there was no tomorrow feeling my testicles leap up time and time again bumping up against the bottom part of the sexy boy's teardrop shaped buttocks. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, in many ways mirroring those intense orgasms of Jake's, but I kept it alive only because I continued to thrust my sensitive spike over and over inside of the small tight virginal opening forcing it to mold around my pounding nail. I knew it had probably lasted only a mere few moments, but this was the most intense and longest orgasm of my entire life as I emptied myself out in a way that I've never done before. Having gone several days without any sexual relief I now did it all in one fell swoop literally feeling my two oval shaped milk tanks spilling out until they were completely dry.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuumph, uuumph," With two final intense forceful thrusts, which literally made Jamie yelp, I collapsed on top of him completely spent and dazed, and in total shock at how I had continued to pound away at him during my orgasm.

Never before in my life had I felt something so powerfully intense as I literally cried with my face buried in the nape of the boy's neck. Both of our bodies were heaving and gasping for air, the smaller boy's sex scent invading my senses making me even more delirious as I tried to claw my way out from my high and recuperate. The episode had been so intense it literally made me ache all over as my now soft wet shriveled up three and a quarter inch penis slipped from Jamie's warm divinely sacred damp holy ground.

Jamie was moaning beneath my body as I wrapped my mouth against his lips and began kissing him passionately. I finally released him, the boy whimpering and gasping for air as I slowly ran my mouth all along his chest pausing a moment to nibble on his sensitive teat being rewarded with another little whimper from the little tweak before I climbed all the way down eyeing his nice soft fleshy three and a half inch tube. I loved it when he was soft as I slurped him up and began running my tongue all along his spongy tube. I felt Jamie's fingers curling around my hair as his soft boy nail slowly inflating in my mouth. I loved how it felt in my mouth going from soft to hard as he suddenly began to fuck my face enjoying the stimulation. He was so worked up now I could feel and taste his pre-cum oozing from the tip of his slit. He was close to bursting so I released his boyhood from my mouth opening up my lips wider forcing his unusually large testicles inside and rolling them around briefly hearing the whimpering protest coming from the smaller boy as he began to writhe around.

I continued to suck on his large fleshy pouch slipping a finger inside of his warm virginal boy tunnel feeling my own cum inside of him as it coated my offending digit. All around the area where I had fucked Jamie it was damp and sticky making me realize what a mess we had created. None of the stories or even the videos ever showed how messy fucking another boy could get. My mind came back to what I was doing when I realized Jamie was beginning to crest again, and I was so into this moment I had almost allowed him to go over the edge. He had made a promise to me though, and I intended to hold him to it. So with great effort I let his ball sack slide from between my lips hearing him moan in protest as I sat up feeling a bit shaky and disoriented. Glancing over to the other bed I sighed in relief because neither Zak nor Andi had stirred from their slumber while Jamie and I had done the nasty making a lot of noise in the process.

Standing up on wobbly legs I began to head towards the bathroom. "Where are you going?" Jamie moaned pleadingly.

"I'll be right back." I promised.

Grabbing a towel I got one end wet and made my way to my precious little lover boy realizing he was no longer a virgin, well at least in one respect. Jamie's legs were sprawled outwards his eyes still glazed over as the intensity of the pain I had inflicted on him, followed by the euphoria of my blowjob, began to dissipate. Slowly I began to clean him up while he recuperated amazed by the amount of cum I had unloaded inside of him as it slowly oozed out of his now angry red puckered iris. There was also a little blood where I had torn him a little from my uncontrollable animalistic thrusting, but it was very minor and no real damage done to his cute little ass. Jamie winced a little because he was still a bit tender, but he smiled at me despite my worried look as I now began to apply some aloe vera lotion on his puckered bottom noticing how it seemed to ease the pain. Once I finished there I began to coat his still sensitive and throbbing hard five inch erection noticing him wince due to the intensity of the sensations it created.

"That…that was amazing." Jamie managed to get out as I gently coated his erection before I stopped, and looked at him sadly.

"Really, how can you say that? I mean…yes it was fucking amazing, but I'm the only one who got my nut off, but it had hurt you." I countered feeling a bit upset because I hadn't been able to make this a better experience for him.

"What…are you kidding? Yeah Sammy…it hurt…at first…but there was also a good feeling…one that…that…uh…made me feel complete…whole. Then at the end when you found that special spot…Oh my god…I almost busted a nut, but it was too late because you already went over the top. Next time will be even better. Now I know why they always say it gets better. This was totally awesome…but if it gets better then…oh my god Sammy…I…I just love you so much." He whispered holding out his arms so he could hold me.

We lay there for several moments until I rolled on to my back bringing him with me. I was ready now as well and actually needed to feel him inside of me. Now that we sort of knew a little more what we were doing it didn't take long for Jamie to get into position over on top of me as I draped my legs over his shoulders. He had a hungry look on his face as he lined up gently pressing up against my own back door. He paused for a moment rubbing the tip of his penis around my tight hole lubing it up with a combination of his leaking pre-cum and aloe vera lotion. I had put on plenty so it would help with the penetration, but for some reason I hadn't even thought about putting some between my own butt crease. It was too late now, and it didn't really matter because there was plenty of lubrication on the boy's hard five inch spike. Still, the severe pain of his stubby bullet shaped knob slipping past my iris while I tried to relax was almost unbearable. I suppose with Jamie being so much bigger down there than me it kind of evened things out in the pain department. Yet again as I thought about it I was also a little thicker down there so I'm sure there had been a lot more pain involved for him than what I was currently experiencing.

For a split second I thought about telling him to pull out. They always tell you there is a lot of pain, but there is also a good kind of feeling that happens which muffles the sting of being fucked by another boy. If that were true I didn't feel it at the moment as Jamie paused allowing me to recuperate and get used to the pain. He was gazing down into my eyes the happiness and euphoria of the moment burning passionately in his features. Seeing the satisfied contented look on his face made all the pain worthwhile as it slowly ebbed into a sort of throbbing ache. Nodding my head indicating he could continue Jamie took his time and slowly impaled me all the way to his hilt. The sensation of pain slowly gave way to a unique different kind of sensation. One of feeling fulfilled and connected with Jamie on a completely different level just like he had described to me. Maybe this is what everyone was talking about because suddenly I didn't ever want his hardness to leave from inside of me as he slowly began to pull back. As he did so a sort of emptiness crept over me making me whimper with desire. Now all I wanted was for him to shove his boyhood back deep inside of me. I wanted him to pound me like there was no tomorrow.

"Fuck me Jamie…fuck me hard." I gasped. "Make love to me Jamie. I need to feel your love muscle deep inside of me. Oh…oh shit." I gasped feeling him thrust his body forward the intensity of pain intermingled with that sense of becoming one with the love of my life.

It was a feeling I never wanted to go away and knew I'd want over and over again. Now I understood what the difference was between us fucking and making sweet love to one another. The pain was a given, but also the feeling of becoming one was immeasurable and far outweighed any of the pain. I could feel his penis vibrating deep inside of me each and every time he pounded himself into my body. We were both sweating and breathing hard now and I knew he wouldn't last long as I prepared myself to receive his precious seed. I wanted to be filled up with it and promised myself I was going to milk him for every drop as I felt his glans begin to inflate. Then suddenly something else happened when he shifted slightly and I felt the tip of his penis rubbing up against something deep inside of me.

My penis immediately lurched inflating once more surprising me because I had felt completely satiated after making love to the boy only moments earlier. At the same time my virginal boy ring constricted around Jamie's large shaft making the boy quiver lustfully. Jamie's eyes instantly flared open recognizing what just happened, and having felt it on the receiving end he suddenly slowed down trying to stave off his own impending orgasm so he could pleasure me. It made me feel guilty because I hadn't done it for him, but perhaps it had been too late and I promised myself I'd do just that for him next time around as my mind suddenly exploded into a million different bright shards for the second time this evening as he continued to slam his large erection into the spongy nut deep inside of me which triggered the button setting me off. My ass immediately clamped down around Jamie's stiff erection as my testicles contracted upwards and my hard erection recoiled forcing a small dollop of cum to blast out the tip of my penis catching air for about six inches before slamming into my chest since I was literally rolled up while the sexy boy was making sweet love to me.

"Aaaaarph, uuuumph," I grunted in surprise when my second orgasmic eclipse slammed into me not in the least bit having expected it.

My explosion immediately set off Jamie as well with him literally thrusting his entire weight and force behind his last plunge burying his hard five inch spike deep inside of me brushing up against the love button in the process as he began to buck and squirm around in a spastic fit as his own rapture took hold of his small petite yet powerful body. Our two bodies seemed to meld into one as we both squirmed around in euphoric blissfulness enjoying our mutual orgasm. It was an intense high I've never experienced before as I felt the warm wetness of his seed spreading outwards deep inside my fissure of love. At this moment I couldn't have felt more deeply for Jamie as our passionate love continued to ripple through our bodies with the smaller boy collapsing on top of me his hard spike still quivering deep inside of my body. Feeling his most intimate of intimates inside of me is an experience so indescribable. At that moment we became one body and soul, and I wanted this feeling to last forever. No matter what else happened I'd always know I had Jamie's innocent pure love at least once in my life. To share something so pure at least once in a lifetime is enough, but I instinctively knew the two of us would be experiencing this many more times to come with one another.

Jamie's penis continued to ripple and squirm inside of me as we slowly calmed down. It took a long time for his hard spike to finally deflate with it simply slipping out from its warm protective walls. With it came a sense of emptiness for a few moments as we both cuddled up in one another's arms until the disheveled boy got up on his knees looking down into my eyes flashing his cute adorable sweet grin at me before he reached for the towel taking his turn at cleaning me up.

Again it kind of surprised me at the amount of cum leaking out of the back door making me realize Jamie must have unloaded a huge amount as well. That is to say as much as any twelve year old boy is capable of achieving. It seemed like a lot, but all things considered it really wasn't much at all. Still between the two of us we managed to create a fairly decent mess making me chuckle.

"What?" He asked looking up at me and smiling.

"Nothing, I was just thinking we've created a pretty big mess of things. No one ever talks about that part of things." I giggled feeling the boy curl up into my arms and chuckling as well.

I held the smaller boy in my arms breathing in his scent. We both smelled a bit funky, but it was a kind of nice unique smell. I loved how he smelled after sex so I took another deep breath enjoying the heady aroma. The long haired boy squirmed around in my arms facing me as we both looked at one another and smiled.

"Wow!" Jamie exclaimed giggling knowingly while I began to chuckle as well.

"Yeah…Wow!" I giggled back as we both settle down and looked at each other before giggling again like a bunch of three year olds. "Oh god Jamie for real. If I'd have known just how special this was…," I sighed with him nodding in agreement.

"Yeah…but still…it's special because it is with you." He admitted with me agreeing it can only be this special with the perfect person.

"I can't believe we both aren't virgins anymore." I giggled again getting a smile and nod from my little sexy boy as he wrapped his arm around me settling his head on my chest.

"Jamie?" I sighed looking down at the boy in my arms.

"Yeah." He whispered back.

"How do you feel about Paavo?" I wondered even though I knew they got along I felt kind of guilty about me having special feelings towards the other boy as well.

"I love him." Jamie replied openly yawning as his eyes drooped a little making me scrunch my eyes with him noticing my look and yawning once more. "I mean…not just like in a friend kind of way Sammy…but I've fallen in love with him like the way I feel about you. Please don't be mad Sammy. I mean…I know the two of you are…you know…intimate. I won't get in the way with that…I promise." The boy stated sleepily as his eyes seemed to droop closed, but his admission catching me by surprise for a second.

"I…um…I mean of course not Jamie, but why didn't you say something earlier?"

Jamie shrugged his shoulders slightly as if this weren't such a big deal as he sighed kissing my chest and yawning once more. "I don't know. It's not a big deal though. I'm real tired Sammy…can we talk about it later." He sighed shifting around a little trying to find a comfy position before settling down and taking in a deep breath and exhaling while I lay there gawking at him for a moment my mind in a tizzy not able to settle down.

Looking down at Jamie laying so snuggly and contented in my arms I sighed shaking my head not understanding how I could have missed all the signs. They were all there, the little sly looks both boys tended to shine towards one another. Even in their brief encounter and time spent with one another it now sort of made perfect sense. They each seemed to have an eye towards one another, but didn't want to say anything because of me. I could kick myself now because it wasn't fair to them.

Sighing I nodded my head even though Jamie was already half asleep. "Yeah sure buddy…just go to sleep. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow…and I love you so much. Thanks for such a thoughtful gift Jamie." I chuckled, feeling the boy's warm breath tickling my chest.

"You're welcome Sammy…I can't wait to do that again. It was so nice." He breathed out softly before fading off to sleep completely wiped out.

Even though my mind was filled with what this could mean for our relationship my body was completely worn out and soon enough I also faded slowly off to sleep. It was a comfortable type of slumber, one that drew me in deeply feeling totally at ease with life's worries in general. Over the months I've had so much to worry about, but somehow my life seemed to have finally found a kind of balance. There were still things I worried about, but these days now that Jamie's health issues was kind of put to rest, I felt more at ease and happy with my life overall. There was a sort of realization my life was finally settling into a sort of normalcy.

When I finally woke up I was kind of surprised to find myself and Jamie still in the same position indicating just how deeply we had both fallen asleep. Our little tryst last night had completely exhausted us, but in such a healthy satiated kind of fashion. So much so, I felt completely refreshed this early in the morning despite the hour. It was quiet in the stillness of the cool early dawn's light. Looking over towards the clock it was not even six in the morning yet as I untangled myself from the slumbering cute form lying snuggled up with me. I paused long enough to look at his exquisite body my juices once more lusting for him as my gaze settled on his flaccid three and a half inch boyness.

It's a rare sight to catch him in this kind of state, and I couldn't resist reaching down to gently take his soft fleshy tube into my fingers. It automatically twitched at my touch making me smile as it slowly expanded in my fingers before I sighed releasing the exquisite sexiness of it. Scooting from beneath the covers I quietly made my way into the restroom closing the door behind me. I barely turned on the faucet so it wouldn't make any noise and quickly washed my body down with a damp towel trying to wipe away the stickiness of the evening's love making between me and Jamie before brushing my teeth. Even though I had to take a piss in the worst way I was surprised to notice my penis wasn't even all that hard, only slightly perhaps due to the need of emptying out my bladder.

Sighing I entered into the bedroom and quietly got dressed in my favorite outfit I've been wearing a lot lately; the blue epic threads cargo shorts and my blue puma short sleeved polo style shirt. Taking a moment, I smiled fondly at the slumbering forms in the room before making my way down the stairs with Boxey in tow. The dog sensed my need for being quiet so padded down the stairs without making any fuss. Slipping out the back door I only paused long enough to empty out my bladder by one of the tree. One good thing about being a boy is we could simply pull out our peckers and empty out our bladders without much ado and just about anywhere. I had to chuckle because Boxey didn't waste any time marking his territory in his usual fashion. After tucking myself away I headed out to the barn and got my bike.

I enjoyed taking early morning bike rides when I decided to get up that early, and there was a nice cool little breeze at the moment making for a perfect time to head out. The bike rides always allowed me to clear my head, but today I also wanted to make a little side excursion. Roger's been on my mind a lot lately, and I wanted to head over towards his place to invite him personally to my birthday party. I should have already done it formally, but for some reason with me wanting to keep it small having only a few of my friends in attendance I hadn't considered inviting him. I felt bad about it now because the guy really has been having a tough go of things this year.

As it was my party would be kind of small anyway since my friends in Des Moines wouldn't be attending. I couldn't blame them with me living so far away now. We were slowly drifting apart from one another as it was, but I suppose such things were expected as we all move on with our lives. I intended to make Blue Meadows my home, and my mom was already leaning towards moving here, so in my mind it was already a foregone conclusion. As the summer wore on I still remained in contact with my old friends, but it was obvious we were all already moving on with our own lives heading in different directions. My life was here now in Blue Meadows with new friends and Roger in my opinion was going to be a part of it despite him being a few years older. He was a nice guy who deserved more than what he was having to go through. I knew once school started up again things would change for him settling down, but he needed friends now, and I knew my current friends didn't think of him badly at all and actually liked him.

With this in mind I slowly made my way towards his small farm with Boxey in tow. About twenty minutes later we were in that same gully I had stumbled into not all that long ago making my way up the steep incline where the river was just on the other side. I had to smile at the memory of me giving the older boy his first blowjob on the boulders right by the river. He really was a handsome sexy teenager making me wonder how his love life was going to come along in the upcoming school year. When we had spoken together that day he had indicated he wanted to become more involved in an intimate kind of way with someone special. In the past his relationship with Damian had sort of put a damper on things, but hopefully he would be able to have a more normal kind of teenager's life now since he could put those times behind him. Of course it might be a bumpy ride at first until the kids at our school could get over the stigma of how he had been forced to do Damian's bidding and being a part of the bullying that occurred, but I was sure most everyone sort of understood and would soon be treating him in a more typical teenager kind of way.

Cresting the hill I stopped and gazed down into the little gully by the river smiling at the fond memory of my last visit here. I could still recall the taste of Roger's personal flavor in my mouth, the more mature earthiness of it at first being a bit nasty before it becoming a bit more palatable as my taste buds had adjusted to the maturity of his essence. In the end I had kind of enjoyed it, even though Roger had suddenly become shy about it and also a bit worried because of the whole age issue. It was then I had really gotten a better understanding of the older boy as we sat down together and connected forming a real friendship.

Looking around now I suddenly froze with a smile curling up at the edges of my lips. My heart leaped into my throat for a moment with excitement, because once more Roger was down by the river his torso glistening in the early morning light with him having tossed his shirt off to the side. He had such a sexy hot looking body, and my penis began to twitch inside my shorts at the sexiness of what I was witnessing. At first I simply froze in sheer surprise because Roger wasn't alone, but rather had his arms wrapped around a smaller figure in a tight passionate embrace his lips firmly planted up against the mouth of his partner.

The older boy's erection was creating a large tent inside the front of his blue colored Zinger shorts he had been wearing the other day with his hands shoved down the back of Austin's shorts as he groped the smaller boy's fleshy tanned orbs which was currently partially exposed because the waistband of his shorts were tucked beneath the bottom part of his rounded apples. Roger's erection wasn't the only one straining against flimsy material because Austin's was just as hard and showed just as prominently up against his broad sky blue and navy blue striped board shorts as the two boys continued to kiss passionately. It made me gulp for air at the intensity of the moment as it unfolded for me down below. Suddenly Austin's board shorts were pulled downwards revealing his extremely bulky four inch erection as the two boys pulled apart with Roger glancing down and exclaiming at the thickness of Austin's fat penis.

"Sh…shit…that's way thicker than I thought it would be." I heard Roger commenting with Austin glancing down as well shoving his hand down the front of the older boy's shorts making him yelp in surprise. "Oh…oh shit Austin…I…I…oh shit…s…stop." Roger moaned slowly pulling Austin's hands out from beneath his shorts with the younger boy looking at him a bit disappointedly.

"I thought…you know?" Austin asked hesitantly while Roger slowly reached out and pulled the smaller boy's shorts back into place.

"I do Austin…it's just…I…shit Austin." Roger stammered raising a shaky hand to his brow wiping away some sweat that had collected because of their heated enthusiasm of the moment. "God…you have no idea how much I want to do this with you. I mean you've been in my thoughts…you know…for a while now." He seemed to groan shaking his head.

"Really…I mean…is that why you called me up the other day to hang out with you and all. I mean…I kind of like you too…you know…like…uh…you know…in the like-like kind of way." Austin seemed to admit to the older boy putting himself out on a limb. "I mean…um…I…I'm gay Roger…and I like you…um…you know…in that way…but I understand if you don't want to mess around because I'm gay." Austin admitted looking a bit frightened now about having come out to someone else besides me.

"What?" Roger asked suddenly realizing what Austin had divulged to him.

"I…um…shit Roger…this is hard for me you know. I mean other than you…I've only told Sam; although, I'm pretty sure my brother Jake knows too. I'm positive Sam won't out me or anything…but I like you Roger…in more than just a friend kind of way. I don't know how you feel about it, but I want us to be more than just friends. I do understand it might not be what you are into, but I have to take a chance because I like you too much." Austin seemed to get quieter and quieter as he continued to talk because this was kind of dangerous ground here.

The older boy gawked at Austin shaking his head and taking a step back. "Fuck!" He yelled his hands tugging on his hair as he continued to shake his head with Austin now beginning to panic.

"Please Roger…I mean…I'm sorry…Please don't tell anyone…please." Austin begged catching Roger by surprise.

"What…I mean…shit Austin…no…I mean of course I won't say anything. That's not what's got me so worked up." The older boy admitted with Austin now looking questioningly at the older boy at a complete loss. "You don't get it Austin…I like you too…you know like in that way. It's just recently though I've finally had to admit to myself I'm gay too. It's just the two of us." He sighed shaking his head with Austin's eyes getting bigger and bigger once he began to realize what the older boy was telling him.

"Really…you're gay too…and you like me?" Austin asked a bit dumbfounded with a slow smile spreading across his features as he took a step forward before stopping when Roger held up his hand. "I don't get it Roger. I mean if you are gay and you like me…then what's the problem?" Austin asked desperately because he could tell something was now bothering the older boy.

"Don't you get it Austin? I'm going to be like seventeen here in a few weeks and you just turned thirteen. I mean…if we did anything it's like me molesting you…or worse if things went further between us. I…I…fuck…this is just so damn fucked up. Please Austin…I…I just need to think. I don't want anyone getting hurt." The older boy stammered and whimpered with tears starting to tumble down the sides of his cheeks while Austin took another step forward. "No…don't Austin…I…I can't. I…I have to go." The older boy added hurriedly his shoulders now shuddering as he cried openly.

Roger quickly bent over picking up his shirt as he gingerly made his way across the large boulders and onto the trail leading to his house. Austin looked on with tears flowing down his own cheeks now. He continued to watch the older boy retreating until he was completely out of sight before making his way to the river's edge and taking a seat as if to think.

Sighing from my own perch up above the hill I shook my head. I desperately wanted to go down and console Austin, but it didn't feel right at the moment. Finally motioning towards Boxey I retreated back down the opposite side making my way back home with Austin and Roger in my thoughts. I felt so bad for both of them. In some ways I could understand what Roger was hinting at regarding the whole age thing. Even I had to struggle with it in the way I felt sexually attracted towards Andi, but the more I thought about it the more I began to realize my concern in regards to how the age thing got between me and the nine year old was more justified. Andi was simply too young to understand the whole sexual situation between someone my age and someone so young as him.

Somehow the age situation was different in my opinion between Roger and Austin. In a way I thought it shouldn't be an issue at all because Austin understood the difference between just having sex and having true feeling for someone. Roger may be older than Austin, but both understood what an intimate relationship was all about. In this regard I began to understand in this instance age shouldn't be an issue because both boys' relationship was beginning at an adolescent stage. It isn't like Roger was an adult already. In another year or so then yes Roger would be an adult, but Austin would be older as well. Still, he'd be a young teenager of course, but by that time both will have been able to come to terms with how they view their relationship. Four years is a big difference at their young age, but in my opinion nothing they couldn't deal with if they really fell in love with one another.

It didn't take long for me to arrive back at the farm as I put away my bike in the barn and entered the house. It was quiet inside indicating everyone was still in bed. I suppose it was still relatively early as I glanced at the clock noticing it was just right around seven in the morning. Smiling I made my way quietly back upstairs pausing by the two smaller boys' bed gazing down at them fondly. Those two little guys made my heart swell inside my chest filling me with such love and joy. It made me realize I truly was blessed with all of my friends that I had, along with the two loves of my life. Slowly things began to tumble into place for me. A plan was starting to form in my mind; one I intended to implement today at my birthday party which would set my future from here on out. It was finally time for me to take the journey life had meant for me, and today would be a big day and the first step in doing just that.

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