Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 21: Babysitting Zak & Andi

After dinner I let them goof around a bit before announcing to Zak it was time for a bath. He didn't even object; instead, grabbing Andi by the hand and pulling him into the bathroom. The other boy seemed a bit hesitant as he watched his friend strip out of his clothes while I went over to the large Jacuzzi tub and started to fill it up with hot water. When I glanced over Andi's eyes had gotten big and round because Zak was just finishing tugging off the last of his clothes straightening up completely naked making his way towards me while I tested out the water and leaning up against me. I couldn't resist wrapping him up in my arms and kissing his face all over with him squealing and giggling the entire time until I released him noticing he had popped a stiffie, which of course prompted me to reach down and give it a good tug hearing him yelp in surprise before he tossed himself back into my arm wrapping his arm around my neck and kissing me on the cheek.

Lifting him up and over the edge of the Jacuzzi tub I set him on his feet giggling at his pecker which still stuck up straight into the air. "Stop it." He chuckled giving his little boy stiffie a good pull making me laugh.

"What…I can't help it; especially, when you do things like that." I reached out giving it a good yank for him while he stared down and watched me before looking up and grinning. "Just in case you missed something." I teased ruffling his hair while he giggled again.

"You are such a silly goose." He laughed sitting down not in the least bit upset at being touched like that which I suppose shouldn't surprise me since it's become nothing more than playful teasing between the two of us.

There wasn't one single inch on him I didn't know intimately, and this wasn't in a sexual way, but nevertheless I was fairly certain many people wouldn't approve. I suppose it was the same for Zak with him knowing pretty much all there was about my body having become deeply interested in my changes ever since he had noticed my pubes coming in. Sometimes he'd take a closer look reaching out and touching me down there in the curious kind of way while I sat around naked or when we snuggled up in bed. He knew he was safe doing those sorts of things around me without having to worry about being yelled at. He was always careful to do it when we were alone or around some of the others who he knew wouldn't object. I loved the little guy very much so I didn't care if he was interested with me in that sort of way because I knew it wasn't anything sexual on his part.

Just then Zak seemed to notice something as he looked over towards Andi. "Hey…what's taking you so long?" He asked scrunching up his face and furling his eyebrows noticing his friend still standing there completely dressed and gawking at us with his hands trying to cover up his obvious bulging erection. "Hurry up already the water's great." He noted with me giving him a look he recognized so clammed up and didn't say anything while I got up and walked over towards Andi.

Placing my hand on the smaller boy's shoulder I gazed down into his big brown eyes detecting a bit of hesitancy there so I tried to reassure him I wasn't going to force him to do something he wasn't comfortable with. "Andi, you don't have to hop in the bath with Zak if you don't want to. I know it can be a little embarrassing so you can get in when he's finished and get washed up in private. Zak was shy the first time too, but now sometimes I wonder if he's a nudist at heart." I chuckled teasingly noticing my curly haired boy sticking his tongue out at me, but not saying anything as he began to splash around in the water which was bubbling and frothing up all around him from the jets I had turned on for him.

Blushing, Andi glanced over towards Zak who was already engaged in the large Jacuzzi tub splashing around and not paying us much mind at the moment. "It's just…um…it's just I have…uh…you know…a small twiddley dink is all." He admitted leaning closer and whispering it to me looking embarrassed while I smiled trying to encourage him like I had done a while back with Zak when he was shy about himself.

I didn't get a chance though because Zak suddenly became alert with him squeaking out. "Really? It can't be smaller than mine." The eight year old boasted climbing out of the Jacuzzi completely soaked leaving a wet trail behind him as he literally slipped around running towards us.

"Whoa, take it easy Zak before you fall on your wet ass." I chuckled catching the boy in my arms with him wriggling around looking at his new friend.

"See." He stated tugging on his small two inch hard little boy pecker and blushing. "Sorry about that, but I can't help it sometimes. It simply gets hard, but Sam says it happens all the time to boys; especially, when we get to be about his age then it happens a lot more often." He explained giggling. "So let's have a look." He offered up reaching out and tugging on the boy's shirt without waiting for a reply.

I was about to say something, but the other boy didn't seem to complain and before long he was pulling his clothes off by himself until he stood in front of us in his orange colored Batman boxer briefs making Zak smile brilliantly. "I love your underwear." Zak admitted as always not one at being shy about these sorts of things. "I like how Batman's muscles ripple on his chest because of your thingy and danglies." He giggled reaching out and putting his hand right up against the hard bulge making Andi jerk in surprise. "Oh…I'm sorry." Zak apologized snapping back his hand with Andi blushing, but shrugging his shoulders while still gawking at Zak's nakedness.

"Um…that's alright…I mean…I don't mind. It just sort of surprised me is all." Andi smiled back at his new friend reaching out hesitantly and running his fingers up and down Zak's stiffie and giggling. "Wow it feels totally different than when I touch my own." He admitted releasing Zak's hard little nail.

With a little urging from Zak, the boy hooked his thumb in his underwear sliding the briefs down his leg and kicking them off while holding his hands over his little boy baubles. "Hey no fair Andi…we wont laugh or anything. Besides you look really pretty naked." Zak offered up encouragingly with the other boy finally sighing revealing his small little boy erection which stood straight up against the lower part of his pubic mound.

"Wow," Zak squealed excitedly stepping right up to the other boy shoving his groin outwards while taking the other boy's hard erection in his hand and smashing it up against his so he could compare the sizes while I tried to swallow.

Seeing Andi naked for the first time affected me more than I had thought possible. It was strange because in a way I felt a little sexually attracted to the smaller boy. It confused me as I furled my eyebrows trying to figure it out because I knew he was way too young for me to have those feelings. Then it sort of hit me. Other than Paavo, he was like one of the first boys I had lusted about. Not being able to see what he had between his legs when we stood side by side in the bathroom at the rest stop had been the fantasy of many of my jacking off sessions, but here he now stood in all his naked glory, and he was absolutely gorgeous making my whoopee stick and giggle berries dance around excitedly having their own party inside my shorts while I made sure to burn this image into my mind completely.

"Hmmm, I guess my twiddley dink is a tad bigger; except your tip is like way fatter." Zak giggled before adding. "I think the way you say 'twiddley dink' is funny, but I kind of like it instead of just saying pecker, dick, or penis." He admitted continuing to compare sizes. "But your danglies are way bigger than mine. What do you call them…I say danglies and sometimes balls because that is what Sam and the other guys call it." He pointed out while he tugged on the other boy's purse making the other kid giggle.

At the moment Andi's circumcised penis was hard like Zak's with it only slightly shorter than his friend's so just under two inches. He had a small satchel which hung loosely between his legs with almond sized testicles, so way bigger than the small curly haired boy. From how it looked to me his shaft was about the same thickness as a roll of dimes so kind of on the thin side, but not that much more than Zak's. He had a standard shaped penis head with it being both curved and a bit pointed. The head was larger at the base than at the tip, and the underside of the head was also curved smoothly. Even though he had a standard shaped penis head on his thin pole, the size of it was a different matter, and exactly like Zak pointed much larger than his own knob. From my research I've been learning most people thought of a penis head being small, normal, or large, but there was also a fourth one, which was considered a mushroom sized knob. I guess that's what I would say Andi had, a mushroom sized knob, because the head of his glans extended way beyond the width of the shaft resembling the shape of a mushroom on a thin stalk.

"That tickles." Andi chuckled watching closely to what his friend was doing with his soft satchel and sensitive marbles responding to Zak question. "I call them nards."

"Way cool I like that too, and yeah it does kind of tickle huh? Come-on, let's hop in the Jacuzzi, the water's great." Zak stated releasing his friend's nards satisfied for the moment as he once more without waiting for a reply took the other boy's hand in his and pulled him along while I watched their cute little rosy cheeked apples bouncing around before the two of them slid their bodies into the warm water. Just before they sat down I couldn't help but notice Zak's butt cheeks were much darker than Andi's having gotten really darkly tanned since we've been going swimming at the lake completely naked every day.

"You should see Sam's. His is way bigger than ours, but that's because he's older. He said ours will grow bigger too. He also has some hairs now just above his twiddley dink." He offered up giggling at the new term with Andi smiling and listening to everything his friend was saying glancing towards me every once in a while and blushing.

"Sam says we will get that too when we are older. Jamie's is bigger though even though he's a year younger, and Austin's is about the same length as Sam's but really fat. You wouldn't believe how fat it is for real. Jake has a really thin one though, but he's got skin that covers up his knob and so does Paavo, but his isn't thin like Jakes. Their skins pull back though and you can see their knobs which look like ours. I wouldn't have believed it until they showed me, and it's kind of fun pulling their skins up and down over their knobs. I kind of wish I had skin. Paavo's really pretty though, and I think he's got the nicest twiddley dink and nards out of all of us. I don't know why, maybe because he's so beautiful. You will see what I mean when he comes for Sam's birthday party." He told his new friend not in the least bit concerned he was confiding something kind of private.

"Oh…but we aren't supposed to go around telling people those sorts of things, but I guess it doesn't mean you because when you come to the lake and go swimming with us you will see them too. I'm sure they won't mind if you take a closer look. You will freak when you mess around with Jake's and Paavo's skin thingy." He finished off once more realizing something and looking over towards me.

"Hey…aren't you going to hop in too? I like it when you wash my hair and stuff." Zak asked looking over towards me before glancing at Andi. "I hope you don't mind if he hops in with us. He's really good at washing us off and it's kind of nice." He added with Andi glancing towards me and shrugging his shoulders while I rolled my eyes stripping out of my own clothes setting them aside.

Like them I had an erection, but mine looked huge compared to theirs getting a stunned gasping reaction from Andi. The smaller boy couldn't help himself gawking at my fairly thick four inch long erection bobbing around excitedly as my heart eagerly pumped blood into the soft tissues engorging my thunder thumper. Even my satchel hung down a bit between my legs the weighty walnut sized testicles snuggled heavily inside the soft leathery membrane contributing to the sagginess of my fleshy purse.

"You can touch it." Zak offered up without much thought as he shifted making room for me while looking around inside the Jacuzzi focused on the jets which seemed to have captured his attention once more.

Andi seemed to perk up at the idea looking towards me eagerly. "Um…I'm not sure that's such a good idea." I responded seeing the crestfallen look on Andi's face.

"Why not?" Both boys responded at the same time with them glancing at each other and giggling before gazing back at me questioningly.

"It's just…well…I don't think Andi's folks would approve us doing something like that. I mean sure it's one thing with you two being curious and all with each other, but if Andi's parents found out I let him touch me down there they'd probably be upset." I tried to explain.

"Oh…," Andi blushed now as he realized something. "Is it naughty…you know…us being all naked and stuff?" Andi asked looking a little confused, and also a tad concerned because I could tell his parents had talked about the whole touching thing and stuff.

Shrugging my shoulder I exhaled noisily while I sat down next to Zak who immediately snuggled up between my legs leaning back into me unconcerned about the whole touching and nudity thing. "That's kind of a difficult question to answer Andi. I guess it could be. I know you are curious and everything. Zak was too about that sort of thing. I suppose we are all curious when we grow up, but many adults think kids doing this sort of thing is naughty." I tried to explain.

"Yeah, but Zak says he's touched you before…even all of your friends. I don't understand." He countered and I knew he had a point.

"I know Andi, but Zak understands this isn't about sex or anything. He was curious is all, and promised not to say anything to his mom about it. I love Zak a whole bunch and he loves me, but it isn't that kind of love…you know…sex and all. Of course he enjoys it when we cuddle up together and it feels good, but it is a different kind of good." I tried to explain leaning down kissing my curly haired boy on the cheek giving him a hug.

"Oh…um…I promise I won't say anything either. I really do like how you look. I've never…you know…until you and Zak…I've never seen anyone…um…naked before." He blushed while I smiled pursing my lips in thought.

These days I really didn't have an issue with it, unlike about six months ago when the thought of exposing myself was so mortifying even if it was to another little boy who didn't think in terms of sex and stuff. Yet, looking at Andi I knew my feeling were a bit different towards him than they were with Zak. Of course I loved the curly haired boy, and he was sexy in his own way, but I wasn't attracted to him in a sexual way. With Andi it was a bit different. I instinctively knew I was actually attracted to him in a sexual way. Not in the same way I was with Jamie and Paavo. It was more like the way I was sexually attracted to Austin, Jake, and even in some ways Roger. It was a sexual kind of attraction purely for sex sake.

"Pleeeeease Sam. I promise…I really won't tell." The petite sexy little boy begged me melting my heart and resolve.

"Alright Andi, but you also have to promise to be careful. I'm really sensitive down there right now and I could sort of…um…well have an accident…you know in the way big kids have." I replied getting a confused look from Andi for a few moments before he grinned as if something sort of clicked.

"Oh…you mean like in the movies when two people have sex with all the grunting and stuff." The smaller boy giggled stating it in an innocent kind of way, but also looking as if he understood there was way more to it than the simple grunting.

Even Zak giggled knowingly with me moving him aside so I could get up on my knees and move closer to Andi allowing the boy to get a closer look at my most sensitive of intimates. Biting his lower lip nervously he tentatively reached out wrapping his fingers around my blood engorged sausage panting excitedly. His delicate fingers felt like nothing I've ever experienced before reminding me that his were much more nimble than the average person's since he was a masterful pianist. The thought of him jacking someone off popped into my mind along with me thinking whoever he ended up doing that to would be the luckiest guy alive. The smaller boy took his time while I gasped at the sensuous touch trying not to explode all over his cute face because he was so close to my hardened tube. As a matter of fact he was so close I could even feel his warm breath as he scrutinized me intimately.

"Wow it feels so soft and hard at the same time. It's even hot." Andi noted with his fingers shifting towards my weighty bag cupping my walnut sized testicles in the palm of his hand. "They are a lot heavier than mine or Zak's." He noted blushing and glancing towards his friend because he knew the other boy really didn't even have danglies to weigh since they were so tight on him. Zak didn't even appear to be bothered by the comment having come to terms with his little boy package.

His fingers lingered on my bag sending tingling sensations coursing through my body before he let them go and ran them along my mostly blank pubic mound. "Way cool you've got a few hairs down there just like Zak said. I wonder what Austin looks likes down there since Zak said your friend is really hairy down there now." He pondered with me smiling knowingly because with that fat sausage of Austin's his pubic hair made him look sexy hot.

I allowed the smaller boy to have a good look not interrupting him, and after a while he seemed satisfied gazing up at me and blushing. He apologized for being a bit more intimate than he had intended, but I shrugged my shoulders letting him know it was alright since I knew he was only curious. After that I sat back down in the large oversized tub with the waters roiling around us grabbing the small shampoo bottle the hotel provided their clients.

Beginning with Zak, I shampooed his hair with us all giggling when I shaped it into a spiky Mohawk before rinsing it out. Next I quickly soaped him up including running my hands between his two tanned dimpled melons along with lingering a while on his nice hard boy tube and smooth small rounded brown colored lump of a knap sack making the boy giggle excitedly because it tickled a little. Finishing up the curly haired boy wriggled himself next to Andi shoving the other boy towards me.

"Um…would you like me to wash you off like I did with Zak?" I asked him with Andi looking towards Zak and then me blushing for a moment because it would mean me touching him in a place he's never been touched before.

"I…I…uh…is it alright? I mean…no one's ever…except for earlier with Zak…you know…no one's ever touched me down there." He admitted blushing as he quickly added. "You don't mind…you know…touching me down there?" He asked hesitantly.

Shrugging my shoulders I pulled him towards me turning him around so his back was to me and he was sitting between my legs. "No…I guess not as long as you are alright with it too. It can tickle a little, but I'll try to be careful…alright?" I asked him with the boy craning his neck flashing his big grin at me nodding his head.

Starting with the shampoo I began scrubbing his head. Andi was disappointed because we couldn't do much with his hair since it was so short. The two boys began to chat with my curly haired little guy asking his new friend what it was like doing all those concerts. While they chatted I urged the boy on to his knees with me soaping up his smooth pale back running my hands across his cute perky little rounded butt cheeks. Unlike Zak his were much fuller and rounder, and very cute even if he didn't have those dimples like the curly haired boy. I felt him shivering a little and gasping when I ran my fingers between his crevice, but Zak distracted him with another question while I rinsed him off.

Getting up on my knees and scooting up closer behind him I ran the soap around in my hand and began to soap up his chest and stomach. The slipperiness of the suds allowed my fingers to glide over his firm sleek body making me shiver because I really was sexually attracted to him. Running the soap around in my hands once more getting them all sudsy I swallowed the lump in my throat, looked over his shoulders, and hesitantly ran my hand between the boy's legs.

Andi immediately jolted and gasped in surprise at the intensity of being touched in his most intimate of private areas. His body leaned back up against my chest and he moaned excitedly while I ran my fingers lithely over his two inch erection. I couldn't resist myself allowing my thumb and finger to run around his sexy mushroom shaped knob feeling it pulse excitedly in my fingers at the electrical current I was triggering sending them coursing through his small body. Even Zak giggled at his friend's reaction with my hands dipping down further my slicked up soapy fingers cupping his warm fleshy sagging pouch. It was small, but got me excited because the skin was loose and very supple. The size of his testicles kind of surprised me for a little nine year old. They felt oddly large for a boy of nine, almost like a good sized almond or small grape.

This was starting to become sexually stimulating for both of us with Andi beginning to breathe heavily in my arms. His body even began to twitch a little making me wonder if he was starting to have an orgasm. The idea seemed almost impossible since I knew how much it took for a little boy to actually orgasm. For most boys at that age it took a lot to get them to climax. I was now completely supporting his weight so I released his little boy erection and quickly rinsed him off feeling his body begin to relax and settle down. I held on wrapping my arms around him until he finally calmed down moaning softly when I kissed his cheek. Zak was watching the two of us closely, but he most definitely wasn't jealous. He had a warm soft smile on his features, and the look he shot towards us was one of such tenderness and love. It was like he accepted the other boy being a part of my life now too, and actually wanted me and Andi to have the same kind of closeness the two of us had for one another.

Finally, Andi seemed to come back to the real world gazing into his friend's eyes who was smiling back playfully at his friend. "Kind of cool…huh?" My curly haired boy giggled reaching out and touching the other boy's now spongy one and a half inch softie which had deflated once it was released from my fingers and he calmed down.

Now the only thing visible was the mushroom shaped knob sticking straight out in front of him just above his sagging nut sack. When Andi felt Zak's fingers groping him he shuddered again feeling those familiar tingling sensations. The two boys giggled watching Andi's soft penis come alive once more before deflating slowly when Zak released him.

"Geeze…that's kind of cool. Mine seems to stay hard all the time when I'm naked around Sam or the other guys. It does go down though when I'm not thinking about it so much like when we are at the lake and just goofing around." He noted with me now focusing on washing myself up letting the boys chat together for a little longer after I had finished while I enjoyed the soothing massage of the jets.

Stepping out of the tub I dried myself off before lifting Zak out of the Jacuzzi first toweling him dry and smiling at him. When I finished the smaller boy gave me a big hug and kiss. I couldn't resist as I began blowing air farts all over his chest and stomach with him giggling wildly before planting a last one right on his flat little boy mound. He squealed like a stuck pig and squirmed, but I held him tightly getting a good long air fart sending shock waves through his tiny body before releasing him. Who would have thought I'd be doing something like this in such a casual way. Only six months earlier I would have been horrified doing these sorts of thing to another boy, much less one who is going to be only nine years old next month. The curly haired boy continued to giggle as he wrapped the towel around his waist and ran for the door.

"Zak wait!" I shouted with him ignoring me. "At least put on your underwear." I admonished, but knew it was useless as I focused on Andi and sighed shaking my head.

"I swear he's simply becoming a nudist anymore." I stated getting up off my knees to lift up the other boy who held out his arms expectantly.

Kneeling back down in front of him I began drying him off. I couldn't help but linger a little longer with him, dragging out the process enjoying the sexiness of his pale ivory smooth skin. His penis had deflated again, nothing but his wide rounded mushroom looking knob showing as it jutted out from his pale flat hairless mound like a little pebble just above his small yet baggy satchel which swayed freely between his legs. He didn't even bone up when I ran the towel quickly between his legs. Finishing up I smiled and looked up into his golden colored brown eyes with him smiling expectantly.

Suddenly the boy wrapped his arm around my neck pressing his warm naked body up against my chest. I could feel the softness of the nakedness between his legs sliding along my chest making me shiver. My arms automatically wrapped around the small of his back with my hands slowly running up his back before going back down gliding effortlessly over his smooth rounded soft doughy knolls. My face was buried in his neck as I breathed him in imprinting the boy into my senses like I've done with my other friends. Any more it was like a natural process for me to take their essence into my soul making them a part of me forever. Loosening my grip, Andi kissed me on the cheek and stepped back shyly looking at me expectantly.

"Aren't you going to…you know…like you did with Zak?" He asked blushing with his penis beginning to twitch and slowly inflate as he got excited about the prospect of me manhandling him a bit like I had done with the other boy.

He was simply too cute so I quickly snatched him up into my arms kissing him all over his face before I began blowing air farts over his chest and stomach. The boy squealed just as loudly like his counterpart had a few moments earlier. Hesitating for a moment not knowing if I should proceed, all inhibitions suddenly evaporated with me burying my nose in his crotch inhaling his clean boy essence. It's amazing how all little boys smelled so similar between their legs, yet also had a little hint of uniqueness which belonged only to them. His sexy boy scent assaulted my senses making me quiver excitedly as I pressed my lips against his soft fleshy bag blowing a huge air fart. His testicles immediately leaped around against my lips while his penis jerked around hotly against the side of my mouth and cheeks. Just like his friend before him Andi squealed and laughed in such a cute little boy's voice his body squirming around like a writhing snake.

After several long moments I finally released him with the boy sagging down into my lap while I wrapped my arm around him affectionately and kissed his cheeks. The smaller boy craned his neck glancing at me and grinned.

"That was wickedly way cool." He admitted. "Zak's right, you are like the way coolest ever. He's lucky." Andi sighed getting up and reaching for his cute orange colored Batman underwear with what I felt was more to simply appease me than anything else since he had heard me admonishing Zak about not putting something on.

I was fairly certain he wouldn't have been bothered, hanging around with Zak completely naked seemingly no longer concerned with his nakedness around us. It made me smile how he was comfortable with his nudity now, well at least around friends. Handing the underwear to me he placed his hands on my shoulders allowing me to slip them over his thin legs. Once more his penis had deflated, but I had to admit he looked sexy hot even in this state with my own soft penis sort of twitching for a moment before I tried to calm myself down. I really was going to have to watch myself around Andi since I did have that sexual attraction towards him.

Sighing I got up and reached for my own underwear noticing the smaller boy watching me closely his eyes now focused on my softie his smile coming easily on his cute little face. Glancing up at me he hesitantly reached out wanting to see how my flaccid penis felt. His fingers had such a supple lithe quality to them it was difficult not to bone up with his touch. Somehow I managed to stay flaccid long enough for him to get a good feel before he released my penis allowing me to slip into my underwear.

Lifting the smaller boy into my arms I carried the guy out into the other room with him draping his arm around my neck cuddling up while his legs wrapped around my waist. Even though he was small, the boy was still a fairly heavy load for me since I was only twelve years old myself, well thirteen in a couple of days. Zak was sitting in the large easy chair with the towel barely wrapped around his waist and legs curled up towards his right side. Walking over to the easy chair I plunked down Andi next to his friend smiling noting how Zak shifted to accommodate the other boy. The two of them cuddled together their heads pressed up against each other chatting away amiably like they've been best of friends forever.

Sighing I plunked myself down on the sofa and relaxed. A little while later the curly haired boy crawled up on my lap leaning back into my chest while I draped my arms across his chest. He sighed happily closing his eyes enjoying the feel of my fingers slowly and tenderly running across his chest and stomach. Reaching down he undid the towel tossing both ends over to the side exposing his hard nakedness with his two inch rigid nail twitching around excitedly. Brushing my lips against his earlobe giving them a gentle nibble my hands dropped between his legs gently rubbing his sensitive parts, with my fingers and thumb twirling around his shapely knob feeling Zak shiver in my warm embrace.

From the corner of my eye I saw Andi convincing Boxey to join him in the empty spot on the chair. The Lab hopped up shifting around finding a comfortable spot curling next to the boy. He set his head on Andi's lap and I smiled because the boy seemed content as he hugged the dog giving him a good scratching around the collar. It must have felt good because Boxey began to huff with his left leg twitching in response making the other boy giggle as he glanced over towards us pulling on his own pecker excitedly at seeing what I was doing to the curly haired boy.

"I love it when you do that." Zak whispered softly already half asleep.

"What?" I whispered back. "When I nibble on your ear?" I breathed softly feeling him respond to my gentle nip moaning softly.

"That too, but also when you hold me and touch me softly; especially, between my legs." He sighed contentedly slowly fading off to sleep while I ran my fingers lithely back up over his stomach and chest.

Holding him and simply being with the smaller boy I waited until he had drifted away completely before gently sliding him off to the side of the couch draping the towel back over his naked body. Glancing over towards Andi I noticed he had been scrutinizing my cuddling session with Zak closely while keeping Boxey company. Hesitating a moment he stood up patting the dog affectionately on the head and shuffled up closer to me standing between my legs.

"Um…Sam?" He asked hesitantly climbing up onto my lap making me chuckle as I wrapped my arm around him and cuddled giving him a kiss on the cheek being rewarded with that straight smooth smile which was so infectious.

"Yeah buddy." I sighed allowing my body to settle into the soft cushions bringing the boy with me feeling his warm back pressing softly into my chest.

"Why does Zak call you his brother? From what he says you two aren't like real brothers are you?" He asked with me shrugging my shoulders.

"Well technically no…but I suppose we are just as close, maybe even closer." I admitted with him craning his neck to gaze at me.

Pausing for a moment I took a deep breath leaning forward once more kissing his cheek feeling the boy respond by turning sideways in my lap so he could cozy up closer with me running my hand up and down his back and through his short cropped hair. After a few moments I began to speak trying to explain how Zak and I sort of adopted one another as brothers. When I was finished I looked down into Andi's eyes noticing they had watered up.

"Zak is right." He whispered. "You're the bestest big brother ever. I wish I had a brother." He sniffled glancing over towards the slumbering boy next to us.

"Oh Andi," I sighed softly. "I know how you feel. I've always wanted a brother too, and so I sort of lucked out I suppose with Zak. I wouldn't feel too bad though because I think he's already adopted you too." I chuckled getting a smile out of the smaller boy.

"Really? You think so?" He asked beaming happily.

"Yeah…really. He's kind of like that you know. He's sort of adopted all of my friends, but not in the same way he's adopted me. With you though I can see he is already so attached to you. It's like you are his long lost twin, and believe me you are now stuck with him for better or worse." I tell him feeling the boy giggle in my arms.

"That's like way cool." He smiled happily falling silent for a few moments before speaking up again. "Hey…if Zak and I are brothers now…that means you and me are brothers too by default…huh?" He asked hopefully making me smile because he had managed to figure out my little purposeful nudge into making him another one of my little brothers.

My little family was growing rapidly, but it was the best kind of family one could ask for as I gave him a gentle hug. "Yeah…I suppose that's true. I hadn't counted on getting another little brother so soon, but since you are the sweetest little knucklehead just like Zak I suppose we might as well make it official like." I teased holding my hand out and placing it on top of his head while clearing my throat and speaking in a formal tone. "Henceforth from this day forward, I Samuel "Sam" Burke, do hereby bequeath a Sir Andrew "Andi" Casto all the rights, privileges, and honors hereto with from this day forward ascribed to all brotherly deeds and duties." I announced officially making Andi laugh giddily as he gave me a big hug.

"You really are a silly goose." He stated seriously.

"Hmmm, maybe I need to revoke those rights." I countered with him immediately sitting up in my lap.

"Don't you dare. It took me like nine years to get an older brother. That's almost as hard like begging my parents for a dog." He teased sticking his tongue out at me before settling in my arms again and getting quiet for several long moments. "Thanks Sam…I love you." He whispered with me leaning down and giving him a quick peck on the lips making him smile in return.

"I love you too buddy." I responded with him wriggling out of my arms tugging his underwear down and kicking them off to the side before climbing back up into my lap draping his legs over mine exposing his nakedness to me.

Rolling my eyes I knew exactly what he was wanting. He had watched me with Zak, and so far tonight every time I did something with my curly haired boy he wanted the same. Craning his neck to gaze at me he grabbed my hand and placed it on his tummy.

"You know…I think you really are Zak's twin because you are rapidly becoming a little nudist as well, not to mention falling into some of his habits." I chuckled shaking my head with him grinning at me. "Are you sure about this Andi? I mean I really care about you, and I don't want you to feel bad later on because we cuddled up together like this with me touching you down there. It's a little different than me actually bathing you because it is…um…well…a little more intimate I suppose."

"I know Sam, but I really want this because…because…well…just because I like being close to you and all. I care about you a lot…and…and…I love you and Zak. I know it isn't like the sex kind of love, but I like how it feels when you hold and touch me. Watching you and Sam made me realize I wanted to be that close to you guys too. I won't feel bad about it later…I promise…and don't worry I won't say anything to anyone because this is something kind of private. Besides, I think it would be too embarrassing to tell anyone." He smiled longingly once more breaking down my resolve.

Allowing him to settle down I slowly began to rub his stomach and chest feeling him literally melt in my arms with his entire body relaxing. He had been soft down there, but that slowly changed with me dipping my hand between his legs gently rubbing his soft one and a half inch twiddley dink between my thumb and finger until it inflated into a rigid two inch respectable sized nine year old boy's erection. Andi moaned softly enjoying the sensation my soft gentle touch sent through his small body. This time he was more prepared for me so I could tell my gentle fondling wasn't getting him worked up like in the tub, but it still provided him with the pleasurable sensations. My fingers dipped down further rolling his grape sized testicles around before my hands wandered upwards. It took a little longer than with Zak, but before long he was soundly asleep in my arms.

Waiting for a little while longer I hoisted him up, carried him into the bathroom, stood him in front of the toilet, and peed him without the boy waking up since he was exhausted from his concert performance. Lifting him back up I carried him into the room placing him in bed. Going back out into the other room I scooped up Zak doing the same thing making sure to pee him so he wouldn't wet the bed. I placed him next to the other boy watching the two of them intuitively wrap themselves up around one another.

Now with the two of them fast asleep I quickly picked up their clothes folding them up and set them down next to the bed. Boxey looked up from his spot next to the couch. The hotel had a no animal policy, but of course it didn't apply to service animals. Looking at my watch I noticed it was not quiet ten in the evening so decided I better get some phone calls out of the way.

Finding my smart phone I sent off a couple of text messages to a few people letting them know I was now making phone calls, and for them to stay up for a little while. I also noticed there were a couple of voice messages left from my dad which sort of surprised me as Boxey placed his head in my lap reminding me no one's paid much attention to him for a while now. Chuckling I scratched him behind the ear crooning to him softly. It also reminded me of an important phone call I needed to make so scrolling through my numbers I started with that one first smiling at the dog and thanking him for reminding me.

By the time I finished up with my phone calls it was getting close to eleven in the evening. Austin and Jake sounded relieved with the news, and Paavo had been beside himself having waited on pins and needles for me to call. Of course Austin and Jake had kept him informed with my text messages I had sent out right after we left the hospital, but I really did owe him an apology for waiting so long to call personally after getting his phone number. After explaining what all happened at the hospital and then the concert he felt much better; especially, once he heard my voice and how Jamie seemed to be doing just fine.

He was curious about the new boy laughing with me at my description of how he was like Zak's long lost twin even though they didn't look alike. I told Paavo everything about the boy and the concert along with his epilepsy. It really had been a very sweet thing with what Andi had done at the performance, and Paavo admitted he wished he had been there too. I promised him the next chance we got all of us would go together including Jamie. I loved the show, and couldn't wait to go again. Now with Andi sort of being officially family we'd have to make sure to support him every chance we got because it seemed like he really needed some friends around, which I knew my other buddies would welcome him with open arms just like Zak had.

Since it wasn't eleven yet I decided to make one more phone call. I hadn't bothered listening to the messages yet, but with my dad leaving me several of them I figured it had to be something important. Sighing I hit the call button and held my breath.

"Sam…is that you?" I heard my dad grunt as if he were just waking up.

"Yeah…I'm sorry if I woke you up dad…it's just…um…well…things have been a bit hectic today." I started out, kind of feeling bad now because I hadn't returned his call earlier.

"I know Sam…I heard. You're mother told me what happened with Jamie and I just wanted to see…I mean…I know how much Jamie means to you so I wanted to see how you are holding out. I realize how tough this must be Sam…but I'm sure everything will be just fine. I…um…wanted you to know I'm here for you…if you want…I mean…if you need me." He replied catching me by surprise with his kind and sincere offer.

"Oh…um…I didn't realize mom had called you about Jamie and thanks." I sighed, feeling the weight of the day pressing in on me despite the doctor assuring us things would be alright in the end.

"I hope you don't mind me calling." I heard my dad asking.

"What…oh…no…of course not." I replied once again feeling bad about not having called earlier because my dad really did sound like he was trying.

"Anyway Sam, I thought about driving over to the hospital earlier bringing your mom with me for support, but I wasn't sure what all was going on, or if Jamie would still be there."

"Yeah they did some tests dad and are keeping him overnight just to be sure. We plan on picking him up first thing in the morning though so maybe it was a good thing you guys didn't come. I mean it's such a long drive just to get to the Weilers, but then to drive further to Council Bluffs." I explained hearing a pause on his end.

"Listen Sam…I know it's tough for you so if you want I can come over tomorrow. I really want to be there if you need some support. I'd have to make arrangements for other things though. I mean it was something for Zackary…a surprise I guess you could say, but I'm sure I'd be able to work things out." He chuckled, waiting for my reply while I rolled my eyes on my end, which I knew he couldn't see, but still because of him using Zackary instead of Zak. At least he was getting better with me though.

"Wow…um…well if it is for Zak then maybe its better if you get it squared away, but I really do appreciate you offering to drive up tomorrow. I mean it dad…just knowing you would be willing to take the long drive to be there to support me means the world to me. Like I said though…it's a long trip so maybe it's better this way. Can I ask what the surprise is for Zak?"

"Um…do you mind if I tell you later? I don't want to take the chance of spoiling it because I'm not sure how everything is going to fall into place yet." He pointed out.

"Fair enough." I replied figuring I'd just have to wait. "Um…dad…about my birthday…," I paused for a moment. "I know you guys won't be able to make it because of work and all, and it would have been easier for you and mom if I did it at home…but it's just…I don't know…I kind of wanted to have it over here. Besides, I'm not sure what is going to happen with my birthday now considering everything that's going on with Jamie. I hope you and mom don't mind." I bit my lower lip nervously feeling kind of bad; especially, for my mom since she wouldn't be able to make it.

"No Sam we understand. Besides, we will celebrate when we get together with you…alright?" He asserted with me giving in and agreeing since it was the right thing to do.

We talked some more and surprisingly enough I felt really good about our short conversation, so when I finally hung up the phone my ears were burning and feeling hot. The phone had been pressed up against my ears for a long time because of all the calls so when I finally stood up a small groan escaped my lips. My ears weren't the only thing bothering me because my foot had fallen asleep. I suppose it hadn't helped with it being curled up under me while I sat on the sofa. Limping towards the other room where the beds were located I tried to shake out the tingling sensation from my foot. By the time I got to the door it had pretty much gone away as I hobbled towards my bed.

Glancing over towards the boys I noticed their foreheads were pressed up against each other making me smile until I heard the whispering noises. At first I thought one of them was talking in their sleep, but then I realized they were both awake and chatting away making me roll my eyes.

"Geeze guys, why are the two of you still awake?" I asked with Zak yawning, followed right afterwards by Andi doing the same since those things tended to be contagious.

It even managed to get me to yawn with the other two noticing and giggling. "We can't sleep." Zak moaned. "Is it alright if we snuggle up with you?" He asked while he watched me shucking off my underwear before slipping under the covers with Boxey settling down on the floor next to the foot end of my bed.

I enjoyed how it felt to sleep under the covers naked; especially, when I was cuddled up next to someone. Anymore, I enjoyed feeling a nice warm body next to me as I shivered like I always did when I first climbed into bed. Right now having two toasty warm bodies next to me sounded kind of cozy.

Glancing towards the other bed I noticed Zak looking towards me expectantly. "Alright if you guys want to cuddle up with me it's fine, but you have to go right to sleep. I'm totally wiped out." I yawned with the boys tossing aside their covers hustling over towards me with one climbing on my left side and the other on my right effectively making a sandwich out of me.

"By the way Zak, both Austin and Jake wanted me to give you a kiss goodnight." I told the boy giving him two quick pecks on the lips. "And this one is from Paavo." I promptly announced giving him a third one. "And this one is from me." I teased giving him a fourth one for good measure before turning over towards Andi. "As for you everyone is looking forward to meeting you, and even though they didn't say it I know they would want you to have a goodnight kiss as well." I tickled Andi real quick feeling him jerk for a moment before I leaned down giving him four quick pecks as well before settling on my back both boys cuddling up to me while I wrapped one in my right arm and the other in my left before yawning again and closing my eyes. "Now let's get some sleep." I sighed with all of us falling silent letting the night carry us away.

It was still late at night with me having fallen asleep on my back when I felt some jerking movement on my left side waking me up. The small body of Andi was squirming around in his sleep with his hands and fingers moving like he was playing the piano. Turning on my side I looked down into his features the ever present smile on his face bringing such a tender emotion bubbling up inside of me. This was such a sweet loving boy who brought so much happiness into other people's lives, yet he was so lonely for friendship. How could someone so precious and innocent be so lonesome?

The boy moaned in his sleep his fingers wriggling around and his arms and legs jerking bumping into me. It made me giggle because there was no doubt in my mind he was indeed playing the piano in his sleep. That is until it became a little wild and he began nudging me a bit forcefully.

Reaching out I gently wrapped him in my arms leaning my lips into his ear and whispering softly. "Shhhh…it's alright. Settle down and go to sleep." I breathed out before inhaling deeply my body shivering because of his soft scent.

The boy immediately settled down with me brushing my thumb across his forehead. "I love you." I heard the boy whispering with me wondering if he was still asleep.

When I looked down into his face it looked peaceful with a soft grin on his features. His chest was slowly rising and lowering indicating he was still asleep. The blanket had settled over his body and I could make out that cute little lump between his legs. Unable to resist I pulled the covers off of him and gazed at his beautiful body. His small knapsack appeared to hang even lower which really didn't surprise me because we had been toasty warm cuddled up under the covers. His soft little mushroom shaped nub jutted outwards from his pubic mound basically pointing straight up to the ceiling. There really wasn't much of a shaft at this stage of his development so his flaccid penis didn't lean over or anything. With him lying on his back it was basically nothing but his glans so it merely jutted out from his pale smooth pubic mound all smooth like a little polished pebble.

Reaching out I rolled his glans in my finger and thumb feeling it begin to twitch so I released it watching it settle back down. Scooting downwards so I could get a closer look I leaned over taking a good look at his fleshy little bag. Even though they were small the skin on it was loose with wrinkles looking very soft. Reaching out once more I ran my finger over the surface pulling the skin tight noticing those tell tale signs of blue spidery like webbing I've seen on others. His distinctive scent wafted up between his legs drawing me in so I didn't resist burying my nose right in his crotch inhaling deeply. I loved how boys smelled down there. He had a kind of light airiness very similar to how Zak smelled between his legs with a slight little difference. Being this close to the source of the boy's orgasmic trigger box was very tempting, but I simply knew taking it to that point would be wrong on so many levels. He was simply too young to understand the importance of this sort of activity, and I didn't want to ruin something which was meant to be very special.

It was difficult to resist the temptation of literally satiating my sexual attraction towards this sexy boy who had been a part of my lustful yearnings for so long, but I backed off reaching out instead to once more roll his soft mushroom in my finger and thumb. This time I allowed him to get hard noticing how his shaft began to elongate seemingly from nowhere. It was like watching one of those time lapse films where a mushroom stalk grows up out of the ground with the stem getting longer and stronger, while the mushroom shaped top got bigger and thicker.

It astonished me how something like that could simply disappear because when his penis became rigid he had about a one and a half inch long shaft with his glans adding a little less than a half of an inch. I stopped stimulating him and watched his penis once more become soft totally amazed with how his shaft simply shrunk into small little folds until nothing but his little pebble was visible sitting on top of his mound. I did this several more times watching his stem elongate and his mushroom shaped top inflate outwards before everything reversed course collapsing inside of itself once more until finally Andi moaned beginning to become over stimulated in a sexual way. Sighing I covered his nakedness back up, and pulled him into my arms spooning up behind him.

The small boy moaned and sighed in his sleep. "I love you Sam." He whispered again making me smile.

Pressing my cheek up next to his I whispered back to him just as softly. "I love you too buddy."

Morning couldn't come quick enough because all night long I'd wake up with Andi squirming around in his sleep. His arms and legs would jerk around like he was performing at a concert bumping into me until I'd hold him tightly in my arms whispering softly in his ear. The smaller boy would then sigh and fade back to sleep.

It was still a bit early, but I slowly crawled out of bed grabbing my clothes making my way into the bathroom to take care of my morning needs. I was hard as a rock, horny as hell, and with aching balls from being sexed up last night by the two younger boys; especially, Andi who for some reason I felt a sexual attraction towards despite him being way too young for me. Add to this the fact I hadn't taken care of my sexual needs now for a couple of days, and I felt like I was about to explode. So in essence just a typical crazed and horny, soon to be official in a couple of days, teenager.

While brushing my teeth I briefly thought about giving myself a quick hand job to ease the tension in my aching balls, but in the end I sort of chickened out because the two younger boys were just on the other side of the bathroom wall. Besides, I had gotten used to Jamie or Paavo taking care of my special requirements. With Jamie coming home today I wanted to wait until the two of us could be alone. I was sure he needed some relief too, well I hoped so because it would indicate he was back to normal.

So groaning I fished out a clean pair of white briefs I had stuffed into our bag before we left for the hospital yesterday. Holding them up in front of me I shifted them around into the correct position before slipping my legs into them tugging on the waist band. Doing the typical dippy do that's typical with boys getting into their tight underwear, I managed to tuck away my sagging boy satchel and extremely rigid four inch erection which had a little damp spot at the tip of my pee slit. I could tell it was a small dollop of pre-cum emphasizing the worked up state I was currently in. Since I hadn't packed any other clothes, other than a clean pair of underwear, I simply slid into my moonbeam beige colored Levi Huntington cargo shorts, and my biking red colored Sean John short sleeved button up shirt.

Feeling a bit more refreshed with my erection slowly going down I slipped into the other room and gently woke up the other boys. Andi looked a little worn out, but seemed in much better shape than I had been when I first work up, but it didn't seem to affect his outgoing personality with his quick smile brightening up the morning. Of course after groaning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Zak immediately became very chipper chatting away with his newfound friend while I watched them holding hands and making their way into the bathroom their little two inch long boy boners pointing the way. Andi didn't even seem to take notice anymore of his naked state having gotten over the shy stage with me and Zak last night.

Taking a seat in the easy chair I noticed how the two boys were simply adorably cute, and almost complete opposites with their looks. Neither one of them had any tan lines along their mid-section with Zak having darker features beginning with his black curly locks on his head and easing into his darker brown toned tan from his head all the way down to his toes now that he's been going to the lake on a regular basis. Andi on the other hand had a much fairer complexion and even looked pale compared to Zak even though I could tell he seemed to have a more natural kind of pinkish brown tone so not completely pale in that sense. With his light brown hair and smooth even pale toned body without any tan lines along his midriff I could tell he hadn't seen much sunlight yet this summer. I planed on changing that here real soon with a few trips out to the lake. I'd have to make sure to bring sunscreen now for him since the rest of us had already stopped slathering the stuff on ourselves. We were all already brown from the sun so didn't have to worry about getting sunburned anymore.

Both boys were about the same height and weight with perky little rounded muffins that currently jiggled around as they made their way into the bathroom. Andi's bread buns looked more rounded and perky while Zak's appeared more teardrop in shape, yet both boys' butts were nice and firm and about the same size. Even their hard peckers were about the same length with Zak's being slightly longer while Andi's knob was thicker. Then of course there was Andi's little nards which hung down slackly between his legs weighted down by his small almond sized testicles while Zak's was simply a small little smooth brown colored mound without his testicles even being visible. They continued to hold hands the entire time all the way into the bathroom closing the door behind them.

It made me happy to know the two boys had hit it off so well. There were a few kids around the area Zak's age, and we introduced him to some of them even setting up play dates. He seemed to have enjoyed himself, but never really connected with any of them in that close kind of friendship. I could tell Zak and Andi had simply hit it off becoming fast friends with me chuckling now because I heard one of the boys yelping in surprise. It was Andi who barked out in shock because Zak's voice was telling him to hold still because he wanted to check out his cool looking knob. After that there was a lot of giggling going on with what I knew were two boys checking each other out. I could tell it wasn't anything sexual in nature, but rather simply two boys being curious about each other's body parts.

A few minutes later my two little adopted twins burst out of the door with Zak making a straight line right for me. His lithe body sashayed easily along the way with his little one and a half inch softie wriggling around comically in front of his body. Andi was a few paces behind his new friend, his movements almost cat like, but his little nub didn't wriggle around as much because it was snuggled up against his pubic mound his shaft having disappeared from sight so all that was visible at the moment was his mushroom shaped knob. It didn't matter though because his soft pouch and two testicles bouncing around between his thighs like a couple of steel ball bearings in a pinball machine more than made up for it.

The dark curly haired boy launched himself into my arms, the weight and momentum of his body rocking me backwards a little in the easy chair. Andi slowed down stopping a couple of feet in front of us watching us closely with his easy going grin spreading across his features, and his small petite hands folding over his little boy baubles before giving his mushroom a little tug. I could tell he wasn't trying to hide his nakedness or anything, but rather it simply being something most of us boys naturally do when we stand around. Zak gave me a quick peck on the lips before hugging me tightly. He was simply too adorably cute, and I couldn't resist running my hands along his silky smooth back, and over his soft fleshy twin mounds just below his waist. Breathing him in I could feel his flaccid tube come awake and once more get hard. Giving him another nibble on his earlobe hearing him giggle I gave him a nice little smack on the rump before lifting him out of the chair so I could give Andi some attention as well.

The other boy giggled when I lifted him into my lap giving him a quick peck on the lips. His hands were on my shoulders, and when I went to hug him he held firm; instead, gazing down into my face and smiling while he seemed to study my features. Reaching out he ran his finger over a spot just above my lip and next to the left line of my philtrum, the crease that ran between my nose and mouth. It was the little pinhead sized mole which seemed to capture his attention for a few moments before he leaned down gently kissing it with his soft lips before wrapping his thin arms around my neck and giving me such a warm tender hug.

"Thanks for such a wonderful time last night Sam. Both you and Zak have been the best, and I love you guys so much." He sighed shivering from the gentle caress my fingers were providing him.

"I love you too buddy…both of you." I added glancing towards Zak who gushed warmly at my declaration having heard it many times before, but somehow never getting tired of hearing it again from me.

Running my hand gently up and down Andi's pale smooth back I could feel the young boy responding just like Zak had with his small little mushroom growing like a weed between his legs rubbing against my stomach. I held him for several moments noticing how Zak had taken a seat on the couch next to us. He didn't seem jealous about me taking a bit more time with his friend than I had with him, and he even smiled encouragingly leaning over so he could pat his friend affectionately somehow realizing the other boy needed this extra attention for now.

We stayed like that for a bit longer with me breathing in his sweet and light earthy kind of scent my lips suckling a little on the nape of his neck before I gave his earlobe a gentle nibble feeling him giggle in my arms. My hands wandered downwards cupping his two smooth rounded little muffins before dipping down even further curling my hand over and then under him so I could roll around and play with his two heavy marbles that hung heavily in his sack between his legs. Instead of giving the smaller boy a firm smack on his rump like I had done with Zak, I gave his little nards a good squeeze hearing him yelp in surprise before he giggled and slipped off of the chair.

"Alright guys you better get dressed." I smiled at them sweetly noticing how their boners had deflated once more, a good sign to me indicating our cuddling and such wasn't a sexual thing in their young minds, but simply a response to being hugged and loved.

"Aaaawe do we have to?" Zak complained as usual having become a nudist while Andi looked just as sad making me realize how my little curly haired boy had somehow managed to convert his friend into his nudist club.

Shrugging my shoulders and looking at them roguishly I left it up to them, but nevertheless sort of prompted them. "It's up to you guys, but I'm sure Aunt Harriet and Andi's mom will be knocking on our door here real soon for breakfast." I reminded the boys with Zak's eyes getting all big and blushing because it was one thing to be a nudist in front of other boys, but something entirely different where girls were concerned.

Even Andi's face blanched a little, and I wasn't sure if it was the idea of Aunt Harriet seeing him naked, his mom, or perhaps even both. "Um…maybe we better get dressed." Andi offered up. "I'm not sure how I'd explain this to my mom."

He seemed to confirm my suspicions. I'm sure over the last year or two he had become shy around his mother like most boys tended to get once they realized the whole gender and private body parts issue. The two boys squeaked at the thought glancing at each other with their eyes bugging out a bit frightened at the prospect of getting caught all starkers. Andi reached out grabbing his new best friend's hand before the two of them scurried into the bedroom their heads leaning towards one another while they whispered their little boy secrets to one another and giggled.

Turning on the television set and flipping through the channels I could hear the boys giggling and carrying on like there was some big secret. A few minutes later I detected some movement so looked up and belted out a loud laughter with Andi and Zak giggling impishly. The two boys were dressed in the outfits they had on last night, but with one major difference; they each had swapped out their orange outfits making me laugh because it was now official. The boys were brothers, well more like fraternal twins wearing the same orange colored clothing.

"You two guys are too funny." I chuckled shaking my head.

"Yeah, we thought it would be kind of cool to switch outfits. We are even wearing each other's underwear." Zak giggled showing me by unbuttoning and unzipping his Fendi Boy's shorts and revealing the orange Batman boxer briefs. "Although, I think the underwear looks better on Andi because his nards makes Batman's muscles look big." He sighed sadly.

"Yeah, he really doesn't have the balls to carry that off." Andi quickly quipped belting out laughing being rewarded with a scathing look from Zak who punched him in the arm. "Hey!" Andi retorted rubbing his arm.

"That wasn't funny." Zak complained looking down at the flatness of batman's rippling muscles because he couldn't fill out that part of the underwear the way Andi was able to.

"Oh…um…I…I'm sorry Zak. Really…I didn't mean anything by it." The boy apologized, feeling bad now with how he had hurt Zak's feelings when suddenly his friend simply burst out into a fit of giggles.

"Geeze Andi, don't be so serious all the time." He continued to laugh noticing Andi smiling and in turn punching him in the arm for having scared him like that. "For real though, that was a good one…sadly too true…but still good." Zak complimented his friend on the joke as he continued to giggle, not in the least upset about being teased in the way boys tend to tease one another about their sexy parts or lack thereof.

Reaching out I adjusted Zak's briefs shoving my fingers beneath the fabric so I could manipulate his soft little tube. "There, now his chest is all puffy again." I giggled while Zak looked down and smiled because I had shifted his pecker so the tip of his knob was pressed up against Batman's muscular chest.

"Way cool." He giggled looking towards his friends. "I may not have the balls to pull it off, but my twiddley dink more than makes up for it." He giggled with Andi stepping forward now revealing Zak's orange colored Calvin Klein briefs with the outline of his nice shapely nards and mushroom knobbed soft penis visible beneath the silky fabric.

Not able to resist I ran my fingers along the contours of Andi's soft penis feeling it begin to inflate straight outwards tenting the fabric of his underwear. I manipulated his hard penis so it was lying flat against his pubic mound, the stem of his shaft finally visible beneath his underwear. Just then there was a knocking on the door with both Andi and Zak jumping in surprise glancing at one another and quickly buttoning up their shorts before my curly haired boy dashed to the door. It was then I noticed the two boys had even switched their socks and shoes.

Andi's parents barely managed to step inside along with Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet close on their heels before they were mobbed by the two younger boys. I could tell the adults must have had a good time together last night because they were all smiles and in a very good mood. They looked a little tired, but I wasn't sure if it was because of staying out late and chatting with each other, or if maybe the adults had a bit of alone time action with their respective spouses last night making me blush at such thoughts. More than likely it was a bit of both I thought to myself getting over the awkwardness of it and chuckling because it was only a natural type of thing couples did together; especially, if given a chance. I'm sure Andi's parents were relieved to have a bit of adult time without having to worry about their son.

When Mrs. Casto saw me still slumped in the couch looking a bit tired she chuckled shaking her head. "I take it Andi must have cuddled up with you last night."

Her comment caught me a bit off guard with me blushing at getting caught since it was one thing for Zak and Andi to cuddle together in bed, but something a bit different with me cuddling up to the boy. "Um…I hope you don't mind. I guess Zak's gotten used to snuggling up with me, Jamie, and Paavo so when he asked me I told him it was alright so long as Andi wanted to as well since it wouldn't be fair to him. Of course Andi didn't mind." I chuckled shaking my head with both of the Casto's laughing as well.

"Yeah, and he must have kept you awake all night long too I bet?" Mr. Casto offered up.

"Tell me about it. He was wriggling around all night like he was composing a great symphony or something. Is he always like that?" I asked a bit worried because if him and Zak spent the night together Andi would keep him awake all night.

"Really?" Zak piped up interrupting and looking at me. "I didn't feel a thing." He came to poor Andi's defense, who was sitting on the floor next to Boxey giving the dog some love and affection because he had been neglected this morning, while looking like he didn't even need to be defended taking it all in stride knowing he wriggled around like that at times

"Yeah, well that was because my body was cushioning you from all the abuse." I teased my little curly haired boy while winking at Andi indicating I really hadn't minded.

Mrs. Casto ran her fingers through Zak's curls affectionately getting back to my original question. "No Sam…only sometimes, and it's usually when he gets excited about something. Between the concert, Boxey, and you two, it made him really happy yesterday, and if it is as bad as you say then he must have had a really good time with you guys." She chuckled good naturedly. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll sleep peacefully tonight, and won't keep anyone awake since it is out of his system now." Mrs. Casto offered up as we continued to chat for a few minutes until I realized Boxey hadn't gone out yet.

Even though he hadn't complained about it, and would have let me know if it got too bad for him, I still felt really bad for neglecting the dog like this by making him wait so long. Excusing myself, I took Boxey outside so he could take care of his business while the others headed downstairs for breakfast. After the dog finished I met back up with everyone else in the casino's buffet bar to grab a bite to eat for myself. Since it was buffet style I managed to find plenty of food to satisfy my special dietary needs. Sitting down at a large table we made short work of breakfast, and even got the staff to bring out something for Boxey to eat. After inhaling our breakfast we all piled into our cars and made our way over to the hospital.

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