Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 14: Thunder and Lightning

Blinking my eyes open I looked around in the familiar surroundings and smiled with the toasty warm body lying curled up in my arms. I could feel the small stiffness in my cupped hands realizing I was holding on to Jake's small thin erection. It was already light outside, and glancing over towards Jamie's bed I realized he was already gone making me wonder if this was also a new development with him going down on his own, or if Uncle Walt had come upstairs to get him. I could smell breakfast cooking downstairs causing a little stir inside of my stomach the gurgling noise making me giggle. Releasing Jake's hard wand I heard him moan disapprovingly at the abrupt removal of my fingers. Smiling I nuzzle my mouth up against his earlobe kissing him gently along the crook of his neck while pealing back the blanket covering up his naked body.

"Come-on sleepy head wake up." I whispered softly in Jake's ear watching him closely while he slowly woke up stretching out his body his rigid tube wagging around stiffly in the air making me smile how cute it looked on the pale portion of his body.

The boy looked down noticing he was uncovered and smiled at me while leaning in wrapping his legs around my body and rubbing his hard erection up against my pajama covered one in a humping motion. "Geeze for real Jake." I chuckled rolling over on to my back dragging him on top of me while wrapping my arm around his slim waist and moving my hands downwards cupping his glorious little golden delicious apples.

Giving those little dimpled beauties a firm squeeze I heard him yelp and giggle trying to squirm now out of my grip. "Hmmm, nice and ripe apples ready for the picking…I'm thinking apple sauce for breakfast." I teased giving them another firm squeeze being rewarded with a squeaky little tittering noise that sounded so pure and golden to my ears.

Jake settled down a bit glancing over towards Jamie's bed and sighed. "Damn…we missed the show already." He pouted making me chuckle shaking my head.

"You're such a horn dog." I sighed shaking my head.

"What…I can't help it, besides it's been like forever since I've seen that huge monster of his. I wonder if it's gotten any bigger." He whimpered really upset about having missed his chance at seeing the other boy naked again.

"Well it'll have to wait for another time. Let's get up I smell breakfast." I chuckled giving Jake a quick tickle to get him moving.

We both got up out of bed heading into the bathroom. Anymore both Austin and Jake have their own toothbrushes here and everything. Stepping up to the toilet bowl I fish out my semi-hard tube getting ready to let loose when Jake stepped up next to me wriggling his hips around forcing me to move over and give him some room. Rolling my eyes at him he simply looked back at me shrugging his shoulder while grabbing on to his little needle and letting loose. With that long foreskin of his I was surprised he didn't spray all over the place, but he somehow managed a fairly decent aim while I release my own flood gates. Jake didn't even bother hiding the fact that he was checking me out, and anymore I didn't feel the need to be so shy around him allowing the smaller boy to get a good look.

"Sam is it alright if I touch it?" He asks me while I look at him wondering what his intent was, but noticed he only seemed curious at the moment nothing else.

"Yeah I suppose…just don't get frisky." I replied removing my hand and feeling his warm fingers wrapping around my softened tube now that I had emptied out my bladder.

Jake rolled my soft two and three quarter inch floppy around in his fingers watching it slowly inflate to its full capacity of three and a half inches. "Do you really think mine got a little fatter since you've been gone?" He asked looking down at his own hard tube which had inflated as soon as he wrapped his fingers around my soft piece of flesh.

"Yeah I do. I mean sure not that much, but it did get a little thicker. I'm sure your brother was right when he said yours would get bigger and fatter like his. It might take a little longer than when his happened, but I think it'll happen for you too." I offered up getting a sweet smile out of the boy.

"Way cool, and if it doesn't bother you being a late bloomer then I won't let it bother me. I can wait until it happens so long as I know it will. How long do you think it'll be before you get some pubes like Austin?" He offered up releasing my tube making me wince for a second because in many ways it still did hurt me for some reason that I hadn't matured yet between my legs, but then it dawned on me I should follow my own advice that I had just given to Jake.

"I'm not sure Jake, but just like at some point your thin pecker will fatten up, I'm sure mine will start getting bigger too and grow some hairs. Until then we should make the best of it." I offered up remembering something Paavo had mentioned to me noticing Jake look at me questioningly. "I mean, once we start getting pubes and squirting it could get a bit messy." I teased with Jake gawking at me in surprise before he started busting up laughing.

Our little chat seemed to have made both of us feel better. Finishing up I slipped on a pair of shorts not bothering with a shirt while Jake simply slipped into his white briefs also opting to go without a shirt before following me downstairs. I don't know why he didn't put on anything over his underwear, but I did notice it was a little warm in the house. I suppose during the summer months Jake probably didn't put much on when he was in his house.

Entering the dining room area I was surprised to see my mom and dad sitting at the table. "Mom!" I yelled running over giving her a big hug and kiss.

She looked radiant her hair having grown in a little with her sporting a short hair style. "Oh hey sweetie we were so worried about you. We should have come right over yesterday when this all happened, but your father…I mean we were told nothing would happen until Monday, and Walt and Harriet told us they would be sure to keep us informed until we got here today." Glancing over towards my dad my mom's little slip didn't go unnoticed by me, but I let it go not wanting to create a scene because in a way mom was right that initially it had looked like nothing would be done until Monday so them showing up today instead of trying to get over late yesterday would have made sense at the time.

"Well…yes…," my dad began scrutinizing Jake getting a funny look on his face with me getting the impression he was a bit taken back by the boy being in just his underwear.

I'm sure it was bad enough because we were both shirtless, but Jake being only in his underwear as well sort of made my dad a little uncomfortable. Not only that but the boy was also younger than me, and I could tell he was wondering if the two of us had slept together in the same bed. He always seemed to be looking for something to admonish me about, so I wasn't about to let that sort of thing slip out knowing he would probably go ballistic thinking it inappropriate.

"Oh…mom…dad, this is Jake. His older brother normally spends the night too, but he's at home with the flu. For that matter half the school is out with the flu." I introduced the boy to my folks with my mom getting up and giving the boy a big hug despite him being half naked.

"Oh aren't you the little cutie pie." She teased ruffling his hair while the boy blushed. "My…don't you have interesting eyes. I can't tell if they are blue or green." She noted while Jake continued to blush and smile shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah…my mom teases me all the time about it. She says I'm 'confounding' because it is hard to read me if my eyes are so shifty." He chuckled making my mom laugh as well.

With the tension broken we sat down while Mrs. Weiler set out the food. "Mmmm, this is delicious Mrs. Weiler." Jake commented digging in to his French toast while I ate some hash browns that Mrs. Weiler had shredded and fried with some onions and green, orange, and red colored peppers. In addition I had some gluten free bread that had been toasted with ghee, a spread that had the butter removed, and sprinkled with garlic salt.

It was a nice spread accommodating everyone's tastes. "I'm sure it isn't as nice as what your mom dishes out Jake." Aunt Harriet teased with the boy shaking his head.

"No really, it is fantastic, just as good as mom's." He replied making me smile at his gusto. "Besides I'm starving." He smiled giving me a mischievous smile. "I guess all the excitement from yesterday made me hungry." He giggled making me cringe and blush.

"Yes…I can imagine." My dad grumbled looking in my direction making me panic for a moment wondering what he may know about what happened between me and Jake. "Samuel, you're lucky that temper of yours didn't land you in a heap of trouble young man." My dad pointed out glaring at me and catching me by surprise while also touching a few of my buttons.

He simply never seemed to get me. This wasn't my fault, yet somehow he plainly assumed it was even though I'm sure the Weilers had told him what happened. I was tired of constantly fighting with my dad so I just ignored him letting it slide. Jake blushed giving me an apologetic sideways glance looking like he was going to say something so I reached under the table and squeezed his leg letting him know to drop it.

"Samuel, I still don't understand what on earth possessed you to do such a thing, not to mention go all ballistic at your old school threatening Mrs. Franklin. Sure your principal said Mrs. Franklin provoked you, but you have to learn to control yourself more." He began with my mom reaching out placing her hand on top of my dad's arm trying to get him to calm down with him shaking his head. "No Claire don't…he's got to learn that his anger is going to land him in some serious trouble one of these times." He pointed out with my mom about to say something when Jake spoke up.

"But it wasn't his fault Mr. Burke. I'm the one who called him. If he hadn't come who knows what Damian would have done, even the judge said so. We all know he would have hurt Jamie. He already broke Roger's arm. Besides Sam was the only one who could do something about it because he was the only one Damian was afraid of. He's also really the only one who understands Jamie. I mean we all do a little more now, but Sam is the one who understands him the most and has made Jamie so much better. Not only that, but from what I heard it was Mrs. Franklin who hit Sam with that stupid ruler. I don't understand what he did wrong." Jake protested trying to come to my defense, but I knew it was only making things worse.

"Well for starters young man," my dad began turning his attention towards Jake. "You shouldn't have gotten my son mixed up in this whole mess." He rebuked Jake making the younger boy's eyes begin to well up while my temper began to rise.

Suddenly it was Jamie who got everyone's attention when he suddenly stood up knocking his chair over patting Jake on the shoulder. "Jake good boy…good boy." He repeated before turning to me. "Sammy…good boy." He stated doing the same thing with me patting my shoulder pausing for a moment before repeating it. "Sammy good boy." Finally he turned to my father. "Bad man…very bad man." He stated simply kneeling down next to Boxey and giving him a hug before getting up and leaving the room heading upstairs with the dog following him.

It got really quiet in the room before my dad spoke up again trying to needle me even more. "Well interesting, but then again who knows what goes on in a kids mind like that." He chuckled nervously making me blush with embarrassment that he had even said something like that with the Weilers sitting right there. I could see the two elderly couple wince at the obvious snub which he didn't even notice as he once more directed his attention towards me. "What I don't understand Samuel…," He began when I suddenly slammed the eating utensils on the table standing up abruptly making my dad flinch and recoil.

"NO STOP!" I shouted before taking a deep breath seeing my dad's eyes bulge out in surprise at my outburst. "Dad…stop already." I added more calmly in barely a whisper forcing him to focus on me so he could hear my voice. "I tell you what I don't understand is how you don't know me…my own dad. What I don't understand is how you always assume I'm the one who is wrong then always finding out I was right afterwards when it is too late to take back your hurtful comments. What I don't understand is how you always expect me to apologize when you aren't even willing to do it after the fact. What I don't understand is how you don't believe the other people who know me and tell you it wasn't my fault. What I don't understand is why you always believe the ones who attack me; instead, of everyone else. Dad…what I don't understand is why you can't believe me…your own son." I sighed sadly shaking my head with the entire room having become eerily and uncomfortably silent.

Looking my father right in his eyes I stood firm not backing down. "I'm through with it dad…I don't care anymore because I'm done arguing with you all the time. So, 'What I Do Understand is this:' that I don't want to be your son anymore. Besides, it is obvious that I disappoint you all the time." I whispered the tears freely flowing down my cheeks with the entire room now in stunned silence at my declaration.

"I'm sorry mom…I really am…but I can't do this anymore. I can't come home right now…not like this. I want to stay here with the Weilers if they are willing to have me." I whispered softly looking at the two elderly couple who looked at each other their lips pursed tightly before looking towards my mom who nodded her head.

"Yes Sam, you can stay here with us for as long as you need." They offered up with me nodding my head appreciatively before looking back at my mom.

"I'm going to finish the last couple of weeks of school over here. All my exams are already done. I'm sorry mom…but this is dad's problem. He created this mess and I simply can't be at home when he is so close by. I need some time to figure things out." I sighed with her nodding her head tears rolling down her cheeks as well while I turned towards my dad who sat there in stunned disbelief at what had just happened.

"Dad…believe it or not I do love you…but I can't do this anymore, and for the record I hate Samuel, but I think you know that. It's another one of those things I don't understand why you insist on it when you know I hate it." I finished off looking down at Jake who was obviously uncomfortable about the whole thing.

"Jake I'm so sorry about this. Don't ever think I regret for one moment you calling me. I love Jamie with all my heart. You made the hard choice, and that's something I love about you and your brother. You guys are the best friends anyone could ever hope for." I told him leaning over giving him a big hug. "So wipe away those tears and let's go. It looks like we'll be hanging out together for a while…at least until after school." I chuckled getting a hesitant smile out of the smaller boy who glanced over towards my father briefly before standing up while I gave him a gentle prod towards the stairs leading up into the room.

"Dad…don't you ever lay into any of my friends again…and don't you dare ever say anything against Jamie again…EVER." I emphasized giving my mom a kiss and following Jake upstairs.

On the way up I heard my dad finally get his voice back. "I just don't understand…," He began when I heard someone slamming the table again and my mom's voice speaking up.

"Oh for Pete's sake already Jim…for once just shut the hell up. Everything isn't about you all the time. The world doesn't revolve around you. You still don't get it. You were wrong plain and simple, and for all as much I still care about you, for once I hope you admit your mistake…if nothing else at least to yourself. Don't you understand that you just pushed your own son out the door? I don't know how you are ever going to be able to fix this Jim, but that's something you are going to have to figure out on your own because today Sam became a man…today he was the bigger person taking the high road, and I'm proud of him for that, and deeply disappointed in his father for not being the man he should be." I heard her standing up to my father with me stumbling into my room falling on top of my bed sniffling while Jake curled up next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder soothingly without saying a word.

There were some chairs shifting around downstairs with me hearing my mom saying her goodbyes to the Weilers. "What…we are actually going to leave Samuel here…with them?" My dad asked incredulously.

"Yes…we are going to leave 'SAM' here. My mom replied emphasizing my preferred name. "When he's ready he will come home. We have a long drive home, and believe me it is going to be like a lifetime for you because for once in your life you are going to sit there and listen. We have a lot to discuss starting with the whole issue of Samuel versus Sam. Why you continue on with this silliness when you know he doesn't like it is beyond me." I heard her scolding him.

"But…," He began when she interrupted him.

"I said you are going to listen not talk. Now move we don't have all day." I heard her say with the door opening and closing behind them.

After my parents left the Weilers came up to talk with me. I felt really awful about putting them in this situation, and I also apologized to them for the way my dad had talked about Jamie. It was embarrassing because for an educated person he just seemed so out of touch sometimes. They told me that they understood, but also talked to me about my dad saying that I should still try to keep an open mind. It was difficult for me to understand how they could be so forgiving, but they pointed out that I also had learned a lot over the last several months. In the past I would have simply gotten into a yelling match with my father so if I could make changes so could he. They also reminded me that maybe there was also more going on that I didn't know about, and until I had all the facts I could never make an informed decision about the type of relationship I'll have with my father. They were understanding and kind; providing unconditional love toward me, so I promised when I got a chance I'd sit down and talk with my father trying to get to know him better, but made no further promises which they understood and sympathized with me.

Jake and I spent the rest of the morning together, but he had to get home to do his chores and I knew there were things to do around here as well. I loaned him my bike saying I'd ride it back home when the Weilers dropped me off because I wanted to come over and visit with Austin later in the day. The smaller boy gave me a big hug thanking me for such a wonderful night, and also for coming over to visit later with his brother. He confided in me that no one ever came over to the house because of Damian, and most definitely wouldn't come over to visit if either one of them were sick. He really appreciated me taking the time with his brother.

I watched him riding away down the gravel roadway and sighed thankful that the bike had been recovered after the incident this past winter. Damian had dumped it into the back of Roger's truck, and at some point when the boy had dropped off Damian he had taken off before the jerk could take it out. Afterwards, when Roger called the sheriff he had handed in the bike, and following the court hearing it was returned back to me.

It was late by the time I got back over to the Weilers' place after visiting with Jake and his brother. The three of us played some cards together, and I had to laugh while the two of them argued who would get Damian's room. Of course Jake knew his brother would get the room, but he put a good show of protesting even though I knew he really didn't mind one way or the other. I got the feeling that even Austin didn't mind, but they had to put up a good show since they were brothers, and that's what brothers did after all.

Putting away the bike I noticed a storm brewing with the winds coming in from the east and the clouds becoming thicker. I've heard of freakishly big thunderstorms rolling through this area during this time of the year. So when I made my way over to the house from the barn I noticed Mr. Weiler stepping out on to the porch looking over towards the clouds. I knew he had come out to get everything secured so I offered to help and thirty minutes later we were both making our way back into the house. Sure enough about an hour later the wind began picking up with the rain starting to pound on the roof.

By the time I got cleaned up and made my way into the bedroom it was coming down pretty heavily so after pulling out my laptop from my school pack I hooked it up and started writing in my journal. The only reason why I had it was because I was going to do some extra work on my research into autism on the day I had received the call from Jake regarding Jamie. I did miss my I-pad and other things, but at least I had some of my clothing I had left behind from the last time I was here. The Weilers had promised to take me into town and get some more clothes tomorrow since I had grown a little and also because I needed summer clothes for the warmer weather outside.

With my laptop up and running I typed in my encrypted password and began writing in my journal. There was a lot to write, not only with what happened regarding the court and everything, but also my recent forays with the Lorenz brothers. I always enjoyed writing about such intimate moments having written about my cherished times with Paavo already.

Jamie was already asleep by the time I shut down my laptop crawling under the covers. I really hadn't realized just how tired I was with the emotional rollercoaster of the last couple of days, not to mention I had worked hard in the orchard today for a couple of hours with Uncle Walt before going over to visit with Austin. The work in the orchard were simple things like pruning and stacking up the branches. Mr. Weiler had hired a small crew to come out and work with the trees, but I wanted to learn all about the orchards and somehow working with my hands seemed to settle my mood. My body ached in a good kind of way so it didn't take long for me to fade off to sleep.

My slumber was peaceful for the most part until they began to become invaded with a low rumbling type of noise. There was also a low kind of moaning sound almost like a bit of whimpering that somehow tugged at the edges of my consciousness forcing me to open up my bleary eyes. There was movement along the edge of my bed, and in my groggy dozing state I realized it was Jamie rocking on his heels in front of my bed obviously frightened. At first it only registered as odd, but I was so tired and only half awake that I simply couldn't put my finger on it until I heard the rumbling noise of thunder still a long ways off. I finally realize it's what I've been hearing now evidently in my sleep for the last several minutes.

A bright flash lit up the room momentarily followed several seconds later by the loud rumbling noise of thunder. Jamie flinched making a strange guttural kind of noise, and I realize he was frightened. I'm too tired to take him back to his bed so without thinking I hold up my blanket indicating he should climb into bed with me. Jamie didn't even hesitate crawling in next to me, and settled down on his left side with his back to my chest. Once more without thinking I wrapped my arm around him cuddling up closer noticing a new unique smell I've never experienced before. He immediately stiffened up, and I began to panic finally coming fully awake realizing what had just happened.

Knowing how he hated being touched I began to pull my arm away thinking he was about to have a fit. Just when I was going to pull it away I felt Jamie placing his arm on top of mine and holding it tightly around him snuggling up closer before promptly falling asleep. I'm afraid to move or disturb the situation because I could scarcely believe the smaller boy was curled up in my arms allowing himself to be hugged in this manner. I wasn't even sure when he had been held this way for the last time unless it was during one of his fits. Settling my head on the pillow behind his head I breathed him in, his pure innocent like scent lulling me back to sleep. I was beginning to nod off when another loud flash of light lit up the room followed closely by the thundering clap of the lightning striking somewhere close by. The smaller boy didn't even flinch this time making me wonder if it was because he was now all warm and snug safely curled up in my arms.

At the same time Boxey's shadowy figure appeared by the side of the bed as he crawled up underneath finding a safe spot to hide like dogs tend to do during a thunderstorm. As I started to nod off I heard Auntie Harriet's light footsteps climbing up the stairs. I've become used to detecting the difference between two Weilers when they came up those steeps step, so I didn't even bother to open up my eyes when I heard her stopping just shy of the top. I knew she was only checking up on me and Jamie making sure everything was alright so I didn't even react when I heard her gasp before she retreated back down.

It was early in the morning with the thunderstorm long gone by now when I heard Uncle Walt climbing the stairs hearing him mutter and sigh before retreating back downstairs. Opening up my eyes I saw that Jamie was awake with his eyes wandering around the room as if this was the first time he saw it. I suppose from this new perspective it really was like new for him. Just realizing this made me wonder why he wasn't all panicked about it, and why he still seemed so calm with my arm draped over his warm body.

Slowly I lifted up my arm off of him, and he immediately tossed off the covers and stood up turning towards my bed completely naked sporting his usual slightly upwards curved four inch rigid erection. I normally don't see it this close though, and the sexiness of it makes me shiver.

Jamie looks around and I can see the confusion on his face like something wasn't the way it should be. Despite it he seems to move forward completing his usual ritual of curling up on the floor and rocking back and forth. He isn't cold though since it has warmed up over the last several months with summer already knocking on the door, but he still ends up talking like he was walking himself through his surroundings. Standing up while I continue to watch him my body shivers eagerly because this time I get to see him from a different angle with his hard erection pointing outwards from his blank pubic mound. It is electrifying to watch him as the long haired boy runs his hands in front of him and actually wraps his fingers around his erection, the first time I actually see him doing it for real instead of knowing it from when I see him going through the motions from the back angle. His small hand only covers up about two thirds of his hardness leaving part of his shaft and little boy knob exposed as he begins to look around for his clothes.

It is then that he begins to panic because he is looking in the direction where his clothes would normally be, but he is on the opposite side of the room so where he looks now there aren't any clothes. He's visibly agitated now so I get up calling out to him softly getting his attention.

"Hey Jamie it's alright." I whisper to him softly crawling out of bed and standing up two or three feet in front of him.

He settles down gazing at my tented shorts while I, without realizing it, reach down pulling out my pajama shorts to adjust my erection. I hear him gasp and notice his fingers curling around even tighter on his own erection making my own boner twitch excitedly at this type of reaction from him. It doesn't dawn on me the significance of the reaction until a few moments later when I let my waistband settle over the tip of my hard knob keeping my penis in an upward position helping to keep my erection concealed. At this point the long haired boy emits a low moan of protest making me wonder for a split second if exposing my own erection to him had turned him on. It was only a brief thought and quickly forgotten when I got distracted because of Jamie's confusion.

With my own erection finally tucked away Jamie didn't have anything to focus on any more so once more began to look around his features screwing up like he was disoriented and lost. "It's alright Jamie." I whisper leading the smaller boy over to his clothes leaving him standing while I sit down on the bed grabbing his small white cottony Fruit of the Looms boy's briefs in my hands.

Glancing up at the boy standing in front of me I smile at the beautiful hard four inch erection swaying stiffly in front of me. Jamie was once more running his finger up and down the length of his hardened projectile and small bullet shaped knob with his face exhibiting the same tell tale signs we all got when we masturbated ourselves. It once more made me wonder what would happen if he ever climaxes. Would he even be able to understand what was happening to him?

My body trembled excitedly, a whisper automatically escaping my lips unintentionally. "You're so beautiful." My voice quivers slightly at seeing him naked this close getting an eyeful with him totally exposed only a mere foot away from me. Even his sex scent seems to wrap me up in its sexy warm embrace making me a bit lightheaded before I come to my senses.

Looking upwards I notice the boy blushing with his face turned away making me ashamed about what I had just said. "I'm sorry Jamie…I shouldn't be perving on you like this." I tell him pausing when I realize he probably didn't understand what I meant by 'perving' so tried to clarify it better. "What I mean is that I shouldn't be staring at your hard penis like this; especially, since you can't tell me how you feel about it or tell me no." I sigh shaking my head admonishing myself for being so stupid and treating the innocent boy in this manner.

I begin to straighten out Jamie's underwear so I could slip them on him when I feel a small gentle pat on my shoulders. "Jamie like Sammy." The boy states simply shocking me as I gaze upwards trying to decipher the expression on his face because it is the first time he really speaks referring to himself and me at the same time in the same kind of context like a regular person would do with others.

When I first met him he didn't hardly talk at all, then after a while just before I left to go back home he was talking a little in terms of only himself or me in separate ways, but never together. "Sammy good boy." Jamie states patting my head making me bark out in laughter because it is the same expression he uses for Boxey. It isn't the first time he used that phrase, but it is the first time he used it while patting me on top of the head like a dog.

"Geeze thanks for that Jamie. All I need now is a doggy treat." I chuckle teasingly.

Without missing a beat the grayish blue eyed long haired boy leans over picking up his little pouch containing Boxey's treats and removes one for me while I watch his hard tube swaying around enticingly a few inches in front of my nose. Even his sexy boy scent wafts up into my nose from between his legs creating an itch in my nostrils which makes my nose twitch excitedly. It wasn't the only thing that trembled excitedly with me realizing that my little worm between my legs was starting to wriggle around in earnest.

The sexy eleven year old boy holds out the doggy treat to me making me chuckle and look up at him before taking the little snack from his hand. "Jamie? Is this your first attempt at being funny?" I chuckle teasingly noticing a quick smile from him before it disappeared making me wonder if this truly had been an attempt on his part with a joke. At this point it wouldn't surprise me considering how he seems to be slowly coming out of his deep defensive hole he had dug for himself so long ago.

"Well, truthfully I think I'd prefer to nibble on a different kind of treat." I chuckle glancing back down staring at the tip of his smooth bullet shaped nozzle before I gaze back up into his sparkling eyes that seem somehow very lively this morning.

Jamie looks down scrunching his eyebrows before reflexively pinching the tip of his glans giving me a small smile almost like he was telling me that he had understood what I was referring to making me shake my head. "Well, we can't do anything one way or the other. I'd feel awful if I did something that you weren't ready for or didn't want but couldn't say anything one way or the other."

Shrugging my shoulders I focus back to getting Jamie dressed. "How about I help you get dressed today since this morning is a lot of firsts for both of us." I suggest holding up his white briefs before bending over spreading open the waist band so he could slip one of his legs inside.

It's the first time he's allowed anyone to dress him so I'm careful not to make him uncomfortable as I slide his underwear over his hips while he places his hands on my shoulders for balance. I was sad to see his luscious boyhood disappearing behind his underwear, but the way the fabric settled around his boy package was just as enticingly sexy making my body shudder once more. Shaking the lustful cobwebs out of my brain I get back to the task finishing up by getting him into a pair of jeans and a yellow Ralph Lauren Big Pony Crewneck Logo Tee with the blue colored pony and rider logo on the left chest and a big blue colored number three on his right sleeve. Jamie takes a seat next to me pulling on his own socks with me noticing how his jeans snuggles up tightly between his legs creating a large bulge making me smile appreciatively knowing exactly what was creating such a huge mound. Finishing up, we both sit on the edge of the bed the room falling silent neither one of us saying anything for several long moments.

Finally I get up walking over towards my own bed. I gather together my clothes and begin to head towards the restroom, but glance over towards Jamie who is actually watching me. Smiling I decide what the hell and strip out of my clothes revealing my rigid erection to the boy for the first time. Up until now I've always been careful about it not knowing how he'd react to something like this.

Knowing he was actually staring at me, my own erection twitches around excitedly for being so openly exposed to the younger boy. In a way it is such a thrilling and liberating experience being so uninhibited in front of the boy I've been perving on for all of these months. I suppose it was only fair that Jamie got to look at me as well since I've been watching him all this time now. Smiling at the boy who seemed to be gawking at me I noticed that his small long delicate fingers were running along the hard shaped tube pressing up against his jeans giving me the sense that perhaps he truly did have some sort of sexual feelings towards me.

The idea that he could possibly be lusting after me made my penis twitch and my testicles convulse upwards with excitement. If I wasn't careful I'd have an orgasm without even touching myself I chuckled shaking my head recalling the last time something like that happened to me while I continued to get dressed with Jamie staring at me. This was another change I've been noticing in him. He no longer averted his eyes the way he used to. Well he still did, but it seemed like he was also starting to actually look at people more often holding their gaze with his eyes before averting them away. This was great progress because he never did that before.

Tugging on a pair of jeans and tee shirt I finish up and sigh realizing it was already a little warm in the room. Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet had promised to take me clothes shopping today since I was going to be here for a while, and the heat in the room was a friendly reminder I needed to pick up at least a few pairs of summery clothes. Most definitely some shorts, and maybe even a bathing suit because ever since Jamie showed me that nice little lake I've been dying to give it a try.

Smiling I glance over towards Jamie figuring it was time to head downstairs for breakfast. The Weilers were already sitting at the table and smiled at us when we took a seat with Aunt Harriet getting up bringing over some more food. For me it was simply a bowl of gluten and sugar free cereal with coconut milk and sliced bananas. Jamie hesitated a moment before pouring some for himself as well and allowing me to slice up a banana for him too.

It's quiet as we eat, and I'm in my own world of thoughts playing over in my mind what happened this morning when I suddenly recognize what I had done earlier when I got up adjusting my boner. Now without me being distracted I began to realize that I had basically exposed my hard boyhood to Jamie and this is why he had reacted with gasping. It makes me blush realizing he had seen my erection even though I don't know why it should since I've walked around naked, granted without a boner though, being exposed to him on plenty of other occasions; especially when we took showers and all.

I'm not even sure why I still put on my pajama bottoms. At home I've stopped doing that sort of thing even when Paavo spent the night, no longer shy about being seen like that; although, I do still put them on when my friend Steve sleeps over. It's confusing because I've never really thought about it because somehow it had simply happened like that as I became comfortable being with Paavo.

Scrunching up my eyebrows in thought I began to wonder why I was still a little shy being naked around the eleven year old boy in certain situations while not so shy in other circumstances. Maybe it was the fact that in some situations like taking a shower it was more innocent without me popping a boner, while on the other hand actually walking around naked with an erection sent the wrong message because it was like he seemed to understand more what this sort of thing meant.

I've always been careful about my sexual activity around him not wanting to expose him to that sort of thing, but there's been plenty of times he's seen me naked getting changed in or out of my clothes because over time I didn't seem to mind it so much simply getting used to it. I've never had a boner during those times either, so maybe the whole issue of my slipping into my pajama bottoms stems from the whole idea of maybe him seeing me all boned up like this morning. It sort of made sense now to me because I also recalled how his fingers seemed to have tightened around his own stiffie when he had seen my erection making me wonder if the boy jacks off or even knows what it is to jack off.

There were just too many questions now regarding this whole sex issue. It was like every time I got answers to one thing a million more popped up concerning Jamie. There were just too many unknown things regarding the boy because it isn't like we could communicate with him in a normal way. The only way to really understand what he needs or wants was to study his behavior and the way he reacted to things. Sex was a whole different ball game though because it is such a private thing. Most boys naturally jack off and stuff, but Jamie was wired differently so it was difficult to know how to gauge such things. It was obvious he was capable of having such sexual feelings from what I've just witnessed this morning. Let's face it the look on his face when he was stroking his large eleven year old erection spoke volumes. For now though it was too difficult to tell if he actually did that sort of thing on a regular basis in a way that made him climax, or even if he's ever had an orgasm before. I've never seen any indication of this though, but let's face it all of us boys are pretty good at hiding those kinds of activities.

I was brought out of my reverie with Uncle Walt clearing his throat. "Um…Sam?" He began getting my attention as I look over at him. "So…um…last night…with Jamie?" He asks me while I blush realizing how it must have looked.

Even though Uncle Walt had told me the last time before I left that they knew about my attraction to Jamie and were comfortable with it, I also understood how hesitant they probably were about it as well. Let's face it most parents frown on such activities between boys. Then of course there was the whole issue regarding Jamie and how he interacted in this world. In many ways he was such an innocent, unable to protect himself against people who might try to take advantage of him regarding certain things. He was also a very beautiful boy and very sexually alluring with his large erection.

With my eyes getting big I look over at the Weilers my cheeks burning guiltily even though I knew nothing had happened between the two of us. "It's not what it looks like…really. I mean the thunderstorm…um…Jamie was scared and I wasn't even thinking…you know. I mean I was half asleep and he was standing by my bed and flinched when the lightning lit up the room and the thunder rumbled around. He was really frightened so I moved over holding up the blanket…and well…he just crawled in and snuggled up to me. It didn't even dawn on me about holding on to him until a few seconds later, and then I was afraid to move in case…you know…he had a fit." I tried to explain with the Weilers shaking their head.

Uncle Walt leaned over placing his hand on my arm. "No Sam we weren't thinking you did something…well…um…inappropriate or anything." He stated smiling at me while winking towards his wife making both me and his wife blush with the little innuendo.

"The reason why Harriet came up last night was because when a storm comes through it is very difficult on Jamie, but when she told me that he was sleeping comfortably snuggled up next to you despite the storm I was so happy." The man smiled genuinely at me reaching up patting my cheek softly in such a fatherly kind of way, something I began to realize was really missing in my life.

Nodding my head appreciating what he was doing the man continued. "No…Harriet and I are actually happy that Jamie seems to be coming more and more out of his protective shell. We've got you to thank for that. No one's been able to snuggle up and hold him like you did last night since he's been a little baby." He sighed noticing the hurt look on his wife's face knowing not being able to hold Jamie in her arms was a difficult thing day in and day out.

Aunt Harriet smiled at her husband also reaching out to me stroking my arm affectionately with her shaky voice adding to what her husband was talking about. "We think it is a wonderful thing and hope it isn't something that simply happened only one time. Sam, for whatever reason he trusts you, and we do too because no matter what happens we know you would never intentionally hurt Jamie. We understand that you love him and have feelings for him, and I know Walt already told you we don't mind it. For us that Jamie is willing to open up to someone else is great news, and it makes us hopeful that someday we will have more of him than simply a shell of a boy. Don't get me wrong, we love him no matter what, but we also want more for him.

The conversation was a bit awkward, and it didn't get much better, but the Weilers made sure they did it in a way that was kind and gentle. It was like they understood the sensitivity of certain issues so the dialogue between us had a lot of insinuation in it without actually coming right out with certain subject matters. Both of them wanted me to know how supportive they were of me, but also cautioned me about certain expectations, sexually, in regards to Jamie because of his ongoing issues.

The boy's made big strides, and all indications suggested he would make even bigger ones along the way, but they pointed out that even then Jamie having a complex relationship might simply be beyond him. The Weilers weren't really concerned about him in this regard, but rather about me. They didn't want me to get hurt if this were the case which inevitably it more than likely would be. The two of them were very gentle and fairly forthright stating it appeared to them that I also had feelings for Paavo, and maybe this is something I need to think about as well.

On several occasions I blushed, but when Paavo was brought into the conversation it had caught me off guard making Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet chuckle shaking their head. "Sam, like we said we understand your feelings about…um…certain matters…and we truly don't mind. You are still very young so like everyone will have to grow and learn through experience. I have a feeling Paavo is probably going to play a role in this if he already isn't. This sort of activity is a private matter of course and no one's business." Mr. Weiler stated once more making me blush at the implications while also letting me know he understood the importance of my privacy. "Harriet and I just want you to know that we support and love you no matter what…understand?" He asked as I nodded.

Our conversation really hadn't taken all that long, but in that small period of time volumes had been exchanged between myself and the Weilers. In many ways it had left me so disoriented, while in other ways it also left me feeling a bit better about a number of things. Why did love and sex have a way of making things so complicated? Life was difficult enough without making something which is supposed to be great so confusing.

It was Sunday, a day that was supposed to be a relaxing one, but for us it had been a busy day. The Weilers drove me over to Council Bluffs the bigger town about thirty minutes away buying me more clothes than I had expected or even felt necessary, but they had insisted. The said that even when I went back home they knew I'd be coming back to spend more time over here as well, so I might as well have some extra clothes around the place. They insisted on buying a few clothes a size or so too big just in case I left and came back having a growth spurt. I think they enjoyed watching me pose in various outfits since they couldn't do that sort of thing for Jamie.

When it finally dawned on me that this is what it really was about I surprised them by taking Jamie into the change room with me and actually getting him into a few sets of clothes as well. The boy didn't exactly pose for his Aunt and Uncle, but he was more than willing to allow me to get him dressed and undressed in a few different outfits before I brought him out to the Weilers. During that time both of their eyes welled up with the emotions bubbling over because this was another first for them. They've never actually been able to take the boy shopping for clothes. They simply went out and bought them for the boy laying them out for him until it was time for him to put them on in the morning when he got up to start the day. It was his routine, and this wasn't part of the routine. It was another reminder of how he was beginning to change.

While in town we also went and did our grocery shopping stocking up for the month with items the Weilers were becoming more familiar with for Jamie's diet. They no longer even hesitated knowing exactly what to get anymore and also seeing actual tangible results for their efforts. On the way home they dropped me off at Austin's and Jake's house with me wearing some of my new clothes.

I had on a pair of shorts with the tag indicating the color was Lazulite whatever that was, but to me it looked like a darker sky blue color somewhere in-between the light blue of midday and the darker color closer to twilight. I've seen a stone called lapis before and I thought it was a beautiful kind of blue color and this sort of reminded me of that. It was an Epic Thread's cargo shorts with a zip fly button closure, side slant pockets, back pockets, flap cargo pockets at the side legs, with a bright white wide double D-ring mesh belt. I had on a color matching competition blue Puma boy's polo jersey with a white spread collar, hidden button closures, contrasting white stripping down the short sleeves, an embroidered Puma cat at the right chest and a Puma patch at the left chest, and black mesh panels at the underarms and sides.

With the reactions I got from the Lorenz brothers I must have looked pretty snazzy sharp in the outfit because they both indicated they couldn't wait to get me out of them. In a way their comments were kind of counterintuitive to say the least, but I suppose an outfit turning someone on tended to make the other person want to get them out of it. Of course just them getting turned on like that had consequences with me immediately inflating between my legs furthering the lustful gazes I got from the two brothers. It was like a vicious circle. The more they got turned on the more I got turned on, which in turn got them worked up even more and so on.

At least Austin was looking much better today, and he figured on returning back to school the following day. It was getting close to the end of the school year, and he didn't want to have to make up any days. Most of his exams were over with as well, so it was pretty much smooth sailing from here on out anyway until the end.

It had been another long day today, but again satisfying when I kissed the Weilers good night giving them a hug before making my way up the stairs which led to mine and Jamie's room. I had talked with mom earlier in the evening while sitting comfortably in the living room, and then even got on skype using the Weilers' main computer chatting with Paavo for a while. I missed him a lot noting how I actually ached for him when I saw his adorably cute little face. It wasn't so pale anymore the sun giving his skin a certain kind of buttery tan coloration which actually seemed to make his penetrating blue eyes sparkle even more. We chatted for a long time with him telling me everyone had turned on Mrs. Franklin, and that she was in deep shit. He was sure the principal would be contacting me soon enough because he had already contacted my parents.

We talked about a lot of things with me telling him everything that's happened with Jamie. Since Paavo knew how I felt about certain things I had continually opened up to him more and more. If anything the Estonian boy was perhaps the closest to me than any of my other friends now with both of us realizing we truly loved each other and that the way we felt about one another continued to grow and deepen. A few minutes after hanging up with him my phone rang. To my surprise it was my dad. I could tell he was really trying to make an effort, but I was still feeling a bit stung from yesterday. I kept things pleasant enough not wanting to stir things up, but was actually a bit pleased that at least he was making an effort. Having Uncle Walt in my life made me realize just how much I needed to have a father. If my dad was willing to try I'd be willing as well. Maybe somehow we would be able to find common ground. I knew it wouldn't be easy, and that we still had a long way to go, but maybe, just maybe, we might be able to work things out.

Now as I climbed the stairs I paused on to the top landing looking over towards Jamie's bed noticing it was empty. I panicked for a moment until I saw him snuggled up under the covers on my side of the room. I was a bit surprised and a little worried about how he would react if I snuggled up to him in my bed, but figured maybe this is what he was wanting. Stripping out of my new clothes I folded them up on the chair hesitating a moment holding the pajama bottoms in my hand noticing that Jamie was still awake and watching me. To be exact he was focused on my soft little floppy and slightly sagging boy purse which began to squirm around at the overt scrutiny.

At this point I didn't feel so awkward anymore about showing my nakedness in front of Jamie feeling myself begin to chub up because of the close scrutiny from the other boy. I suppose I still felt awkward about it in some regards in general, but anymore I felt comfortable around my closest friends. Shrugging my shoulders I drop my pajama bottoms on top of my folded clothes before heading to the bathroom completely starkers. I took a leak flushing the toilet before washing my hands and brushing my teeth. Making my way back to bed I lift up the covers noticing how Jamie was completely naked, which didn't really surprise me, and of course sporting his usual erection. To this day I've never seen him in a flaccid state, and I for the umpteenth time wondered why he always seemed hard.

Hesitating for a moment taking in Jamie's smooth nakedness, I smiled at the boy who was looking at my own full blown erection making me blush because I realized that this was probably the first time he got a really good look at me in this state before I slid into the bed next to him. Once I'm in he rolled over on to his side with his back to me like he was inviting me to snuggle up the way I had last night. Biting my lower lip I reached out tentatively before ever so gently wrapping my right arm around him. He didn't flinch so I scoot closer cuddling up against his warm body feeling my erection rubbing up against his butt cheek making me giggle at the naughtiness of it before I settle my head on the pillow next to the crook of his elongated neck. I giggle again when some of the strands of his long hair tickle my nose.

Wriggling around my nose so that I wouldn't need to use my hand taking the chance of disturbing the situation I manage to get rid of the tickling sensation, but now I begin to notice something else. It's his boyish scent, the one that was uniquely his and had somehow managed to imprint itself into the fiber of my being. It was such an intoxicating and inviting fragrance smelling most definitely all boy with just an underlying hint of flowery undertones making me yearn and lust even more for the boy.

Without thinking my right hand began to slowly run along his chest and stomach. Jamie stiffened up for a moment so I stopped what I was doing feeling him settling back down. Just like I had witnessed Boxey doing all those many months earlier I tried his tactic seeing if it would work in this instance as well. Slowly I once more began to run my hand along his chest and stomach this time with the smaller boy accepting my affectionate embrace.

It was a soft tender moment for both of us with me sighing contentedly breathing him in, and closing my eyes enjoying the moment. "I can't believe you are going to be twelve in a couple of weeks with me turning thirteen a month later." I whispered softly in his ears not receiving or expecting a response while I simply began to think out loud. "I wonder what we should do for your birthday. Out of all the birthdays I've always thought twelve to be the most important. I mean it is the last year we will be considered little and not a teenager…you know the whole 'teen' thing behind the number thirteen. I mean I guess I'm ready to become a teenager, but it's also a little scary because from what I've seen, kids at that age seem to have all sorts of issues." I sighed scrunching up my eyes in thought while wriggling closer to Jamie who seemed to be listening to what I was saying making me wonder if he actually understood me or not.

I suppose it didn't much matter one way or the other because it was still nice being able to talk out my feeling with someone…anyone…that appeared willing to listen so I carried on. "There's the whole girl scene and all the sex stuff with love and all that is mixed in as well. It's just so complicated. I know you don't understand because you are only eleven, I didn't at your age…not really…and I still don't understand a lot of stuff, but I think when we turn twelve we begin to see a lot of that stuff going on around us. At twelve years old I still think we are sort of kept on the sidelines, but when it becomes official…you know the whole teenage crap it seems to mess with our minds somehow and all this other stuff sort of blows up all out of proportion. This last year's been bad enough as a twelve year old, and I'm kind of scared about what's going to happen when I'm thirteen. I guess that is why I think twelve is the most important birthday. I know…kind of silly…and I'm probably the only one who thinks it, but still I believe we should do something special for you. Don't worry I know how you feel about a whole bunch of people crowding you, but I thought maybe a party with just some of the closest people to you…maybe like Austin and Jake. I know you like them, and I'll think about a few others so it will simply be a little party so that it can be fun without you getting all freaked out about it."

Before long I could hear the steady rhythmic tug of him breathing in and out indicating he was fast asleep with me following right behind him being lulled there by the redundant kind of motions and noises reminding me of how I used to fall asleep in the car when I was real little.

It was a most restful and satisfying deep kind of sleep that I drifted off into leaving me completely refreshed in the morning when we both got up and he allowed me to get him dressed for school. For over a week we fall into this routine, the only change coming about when I returned from school one day noticing the queen sized bed on my side of the room. The Weilers had simply shrugged their shoulders saying if Jamie was going to sleep in my bed with me I needed a bigger one. Besides, with Austin and Jake constantly over as well we needed more room to sleep.

The next couple of weeks seemed to zip by as we settle into a sort of routine. To my surprise Jamie is now a constant fixture in my bed at night, which I didn't mind in the least enjoying being able to snuggle up to him. At times the urge of doing something inappropriate with him was overwhelming, but I cared too much for him to take the chance of doing any harm that sort of interaction might create. At this point he might be willing to accept my sexual advances, but I knew it still wasn't right because even though he seemed to open up more lately he still didn't understand what that sort of thing would mean. So I tamped down my urges making sure to satiate my needs in other ways; either, alone in the loft of the barn or in the shower, and acknowledged that at least he was willing to allow my innocent kind of contact.

I did notice though that lately with those close to him he's been willing to tolerate more incidental or light contact without flinching as much. For Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet this was a major step because they were finally able to give him brief little displays of affection like rubbing his shoulder or patting him on the face. They were only able to do this briefly because when their light touches of affection lingered he started becoming extremely agitated. He was the same way with me only allowing more contact with him when we were snuggled up together under the covers in bed.

So with the last school day now formally completed, and summer officially in full swing I crawled up under the covers excited about the following day. Tomorrow was Jamie's twelfth birthday, and my first official one with him. He's come such a long way since last year, and in some ways I got the distinct feeling he kind of understood the significance of tomorrow. I snuggled up to him allowing our two naked bodies to rub up gently next to one another enjoying the feel of him in my embrace. He seemed content and calm with us drifting off to sleep like we've been doing for the last couple of weeks.

My dreams were crammed with the images of the general store and the back room filled with a small group of our closest friends while we celebrate Jamie's big day. Some of us were playing on the pinball machines, and on the big marble counter was a big birthday cake and ice cream. Jamie was laughing and having fun like everyone else which now disturbed me for some reason because something didn't feel right about it. There's a nagging feeling inside of me tugging at the outer edges of my consciousness. Something seemed off and a little strange urging me to climb out of my slumbering state. I could actually sense myself slowly waking up, but I could also feel something else as my eyes slowly opened up gazing into the intense lively grayish blue eyes that somehow seemed to be dancing around animatedly. There was a tingling sensation along my chest which confused me until I realized it was Jamie's hand slowly running along my smooth slightly tanned skin. The wonderful sensation made me shiver excitedly while also puzzling me because I couldn't understand what was going on.

Jamie's sparkling eyes appeared to take in my features. "You're beautiful." He whispered shocking me speechless for several long moments with my mind immediately snapping awake while I wondered if this were some elaborate dream that felt so life like.

"Jamie…is that you?"

"Yes." Came the simple response with him running his fingers lightly over my chest, downwards towards my stomach, and making me moan softly.

"Oh shit Jamie…I…how is this possible?" I whispered feeling Jamie stop and look into my eyes with him scrunching up his eyebrows looking confused about my question before shrugging his shoulders and rolling his weight on top of mine making me gasp when his hard erection rubbed up against mine. "Oh shit," I whimpered softly my arms automatically wrapping around his small waist while I gently stroked his back.

Now it was Jamie's turn to quiver his body reacting for the first time to such stimulation. "Mmmmm, you smell…nice." The boy whispered softly his face lying in the crook of my neck while I felt him begin to rock his hips into me.

The sensations between my legs immediately sent shock waves coursing through my insides in a way I never thought possible nearly propelling me over the edge. Jamie was rocking his hips rubbing his stiff erection up against mine in earnest now with his hot breath tickling my neck. This was happening way too fast, and I knew if we didn't stop something would happen here that both of us might not be ready for or perhaps even regret later. He was already beginning to grunt with his breathing coming in uneven ragged gasps.

"Oh shit Jamie…we…we need to stop…before…oh shit." I gasped feeling myself beginning to climax when all of a sudden I felt something warm spreading between our two perspiring slicked up bodies.

"Uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaaaah, uuumph, umph," I heard the all too familiar guttural noises followed quickly with the uncontrollable twitches and spasms typical in a massive orgasm of epic proportions that ran rampant in a young boy's body.

"Oh shit…," I gasped feeling the wet warm dampness spreading between our two slicked up erections creating additional slipperiness as our two writhing snakes mated together making me realize something of importance had just occurred on more than just one level.

The climax came and went within seconds, and with a shaky hand I reached downwards while Jamie rolled off of my body settling down next to me. "What…what just happened?" I heard the boy whisper between both of our noisy wheezing intake of rasping breaths.

My right hand dipped down between my legs with my fingers wrapping around my still extremely hard erection while I frowned lifting up the covers with my other hand looking at myself. Somehow I felt a bit bigger down there almost as if my stiff wand had managed to grow overnight. Not only did it 'feel' bigger, but it also 'looked' a bit larger than just a few days ago when I had tried to see if I've managed to grow any. Running my fingers along the slickness of my shaft and bare pubic mound I lift it out holding it in front of my face smelling the unmistakable odor of spunk. It was fairly runny and there really wasn't much of the stuff, but there was no mistaking this was the early stages of a boy's semen.

"What…what just happened to me Sammy?" I heard the boy asking almost pleadingly like he was very confused looking at my damp fingers as well, while I noticed he was still using the same name he always referred to me, with it sounding kind of strange now. I'd never let anyone else call me 'Sammy,' but somehow with him it felt right. I suppose if he started calling me 'Sam,' it simply wouldn't sound right coming from him. "Did…did I just pee on you?" He asked catching my attention now while I turned towards him and hesitated a moment before shaking my head.

"No Jamie…you…um…you just had an orgasm…and…and you just squirted." I answered not believing that Jamie had just cum and from the sounds of things this was his very first time while I winced because my balls were beginning to ache because I hadn't been able to climax yet.

The boy gawked at me like he still didn't understand exactly what had happened while I looked back at my fingers before holding it up to my nose and inhaling the earthy kind of scent mixed in with the slight aroma of ammonia. Austin's had smelled a bit stronger, and I had been tempted back then to try it. He had said it didn't taste bad, but was difficult to describe. Without realizing it I had slipped my fingers into my mouth running my tongue all around them. A sort of mild taste exploded on my palette making me pause for a moment until I realized it truly wasn't all that bad. As a matter of fact I kind of enjoyed the taste. At first I didn't know what to make of the tang or texture because it was both a little gooey yet also a bit slimy as I swallowed it down. Glancing over towards Jamie the boy was watching me closely not saying anything or even showing any emotions about what I had done one way or the other.

"Jamie…um…are you really here…I mean…do you know what's going on?" I ask him starting to feel guilty now about what had happened.

"I…I…don't understand." He whispered back and seeing my look must have realized he hadn't explained himself all that well. "I mean…yes Sammy…I…I'm here. I mean…I guess. It's so dif…um…dif…." He paused scrunching up his eyes as if he were searching for the words before sighing. "It is hard to exp…exp…um…," he began and I could see he was getting frustrated.

It dawned on me that even though he seemed to be here and normal, he was still having difficulty with talking and using his vocabulary. I suppose it shouldn't really be surprising considering he's never really carried on regular conversations with people.

"Explain…," I offered up with him smiling and nodding his head.

"Yes…it is hard to explain. It's like a sort of fog or blanket has been lifted from my…um…my brain while at the same time some walls put around. There aren't so many loud noises, bright lights, or barbs shooting into my mind with so much information all at once. So…um…yes…I'm here Sammy, but I…I don't understand what just happened to me. It felt…it felt amazing. Is this what it feels like to be…um…like you?" He asked while I tried to process what was going on.

"No…I mean…sometimes. Shit Jamie, I don't know what to say exactly. I mean I wasn't expecting you to sort of wake up all normal like with your first experience being an orgasm." I admitted to him seeing the confusion and questions on his features that were ready to spill out of him a million miles an hour. "Just…just give me a second. I need to think." I told him seeing the boy clamp his mouth shut as if he had just about been ready to ask a question.

We both lay there in the stillness of the midnight hour for a few moments before I spoke up again. "Um…Jamie…do you…um…know what an orgasm is?" I asked him seeing the boy think about it with me assuming he probably didn't know much about sex and stuff, but I still wanted to know because I wasn't sure how much if anything he knew just due to the simple fact with some of his behaviors I've witnessed.

"Sure I think so…its sex…right?" He asks making me look at him not exactly sure how to respond back to that.

"Um…yeah sure…I guess in a way. It happens when you have sex. There's more to it I suppose, but for now I think we can leave it with how you see it, but how do you know something like this?" I asked curiously seeing Jamie biting his lower lip.

"I don't know…maybe I heard about it somewhere like school or something. Sammy…it's not like I didn't understand what was happening around me, but simply I was sort of locked up inside my own body constantly being bombarded from all sides with too much crazy…um…input. Sometimes it felt like there was too much going on and it made me feel all wild inside. Even simple things like light or being touched would make my skin crawl and burn like it was on fire. It isn't like how things feel now. Before it was like I could feel things a thousand times more intensely, and it hurt." He tried to explain.

Noticing me nod and having answered my question he figured he'd ask one of his own now. "But I don't understand what just happened to me Sammy. It felt so wonderful that it hurt, but not the same way like when I was locked away. This kind of hurt felt really…uh…really won…um…wonderful." He grinned triumphantly getting the word out that he was searching for.

It made me smile and reach out to him hesitantly running my fingers along his cheek. He didn't flinch or anything, and even placed his hand on top of mine leaning his face into my palm enjoying the tender gesture even sighing and closing his eyes for a moment.

"Oh Jamie you have no idea how I've so much wanted this for you. I never thought in a million years I'd have you for real in my life, but here you are." I told him pulling the boy into my arms allowing him to turn over on his side until we were spooning together.

Wrapping my arms around his waist running my fingers up and down his chest, I snuggled in close to him settling my face in the crook of his neck. "Jamie I'll try to explain it to you, but I'm not sure how much you will understand. I'll try to keep it a little simple for now, and we can talk about it some more later…I hope." I told him getting a reaction about the last part.

"What do you mean 'hope'?" He asked me.

"I…um…it's just…I…don't know how this works with your autism Jamie. I've never seen you like this before. I hope it will last and you don't go back, but I'm not a doctor or anything so don't know how this works." I told him honestly with the boy apparently thinking about it and shrugging his shoulders.

"I don't know either Sammy, but it feels like I'm not going back there, not now that I'm out." He tried to explain with us both falling silent for a few moments. "So?" He asked making me chuckle realizing he was still waiting for an explanation.

"Yeah, well like I said you had an orgasm. When we were rubbing up against each other your body got really excited, and it felt really good for you. It did things to you on the inside. Well since you are getting older now your body reacted with the intense feeling of goodness inside of you in a way that forced you to have some sort of release. All boys go through this at some point in their life. Normally it doesn't happen until we are a little older like you are now. I had my first orgasm right about when I turned eleven. Everyone is different Jamie so I had mine a little younger than you, but it doesn't matter because sooner or later we all have one. The difference was that I didn't squirt like you just did." I tried to explain seeing the confusion on his face.

"Why not?" He asked me while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well like I said boys are all different in many ways. Like we are different with how big we are from one another when our penis is soft, and when it is hard, also the shape and size of it. There are all sorts of ways we are different. I had an orgasm when I was younger than you are now, but I didn't squirt and you did. Most boys don't squirt the first time they have an orgasm, some do just like you. I'm kind of jealous you know." I chuckled getting a quirky look from him.

"Jealous…of me…why?" He asked while I shook my head.

"I'm not jealous Jamie…well…not really. It is sort of an expression. I think maybe a month or two ago I might have really been jealous, but now like I'm trying to explain to you I understand that everyone is different and our bodies with how they develop are unique. You see I still don't squirt yet even though I have orgasms. I've been waiting for a long time now for it to happen and I know it will, just I don't know exactly when. Most boys in our country start squirting around twelve years old and begin growing hair between their legs around thirteen years old. I still don't squirt and still don't have any pubes…um…hair around my penis." I told him while he stared at me.

"Oh…I see…but you do have orgasms and it feels good for you too?" He asked a bit sheepishly.

"Oh yeah…it feels totally awesome." I chuckled with him giggling as well a sound that was so unique and foreign to hear from him.

"So why didn't you have one…you know…when we had sex together?" He asked with me gawking at him stunned for a split second before I busted up laughing clamping my hand over my mouth while he smiled with a curious look on his face. "What's so funny?" He finally got in when I managed to calm down a bit.

"Oh shit Jamie…um…well…yeah I suppose we sort of had sex, but there's a lot more to it than what just happened, but I suppose for your first time it did the trick. At least you had another person involved. My first time was just me and my little buddy." I chuckled noticing his confused look so I pointed to my hand. He still didn't understand so I let it go for now figuring I'd explain some other time. "Anyway, it would have done the same for me too because I was just about to explode with my own orgasm because us rubbing together was something I've never experienced before, but you beat me to it is all." I chuckled with him trying to decipher exactly what I was saying.

Even though he seemed normal there were still gaps for how he processed information. This was something I would have to be mindful of here in the future. Jamie's cum had dried on my skin feeling a bit sticky now so I tossed aside my covers getting up.

Jamie's eyes got big with worry for a moment as he panicked. "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere, I'm just all sticky so I'm going to get a wet rag and clean up." I told him hurrying into the bathroom picking up the hand towel getting it all wet before returning back into the room noticing Jamie lying on his back running his fingers around his thick hard shaft as if seeing it for the very first time.

"What are you doing?" I wondered getting his attention with him looking up at me and then down gazing at my erection angling outwards from my body.

"You're very pretty." He whispered making me blush because of the way he was simply staring at my boyhood like it was no big deal before he gazed back up at me and smiled shrugging his shoulders. "I was just curious is all…I mean I've never really looked at myself. It's kind of strange." He admitted looking down at his hard four inch erection before glancing over towards mine. "They are both different but sort of the same I guess. Mine seems a little thinner than yours, but they look about the same length. My…um…," He hesitated cupping his tight boy pouch in his hands looking up at me questioningly.

"Oh…well…there's all sorts of ways we refer to that. Most of us just call them our balls, but you can use all sorts of things like sack, ball sack, pouch, purse…um…any number of things." I finished off for him.

"Well then my ball sack looks a lot tighter than yours and not as big." He finished off with me looking at his nice boy package that he was holding in his hands.

"Yeah, my sack hangs down a little more than yours, but your hard pecker is slightly longer than mine." I offer up with him glancing over at mine before looking down.

"Really…they look about the same length to me." He insists with me looking down at myself really seeing myself for the first time in a while before I look back towards his realizing he was right.

"Oh wow…your right. Man…I haven't really been checking myself out lately and it most definitely has grown." I remarked running the damp rag along my bare pubic mound and around my hard shaft wiping off the sticky mess before I kneeled down next to him taking a closer look at his hard shaft sighing and shaking my head.

"What?" He asks getting a little worried now.

"Nothing…it's just I've never seen your pecker soft is all. I mean…never. Does it ever go down?" I asked seeing the boy scrunch up his eyebrows looking down at himself. "I mean mine gets hard a lot too, but it usually goes away on its own or when I help it along by making myself have an orgasm. It's got to be painful always walking around with a hard-on." I chuckled while he looked at me.

"Hard-on?" He inquired making me chuckle and reach out pushing against his erection noticing the boy jerk and quiver excitedly.

"Oh shit…," He gasped with the sensation that seemed to course through his body from me touching his penis. "That…that felt good." He admitted with me laughing.

"Yeah, it tends to feel better when someone else touches you for some reason. Anyway…I'm talking about that…you know…hard-on." I pointed out with him mouthing an oh. "Anyway, does it ever get soft because as often that I've seen you naked you've never once been soft?" I explained to him noticing the boy blushing for the first time. "What?" I asked curiously because of his sudden shyness.

"Nothing…it's just…um…I can't help it…I mean of course it gets soft…it's just never…uh…well…never around you." He countered seeing my confusion. "I can't explain it Sammy…only that when you are around me I always get hard. I'm just so happy when you are around I guess. It happens sometimes too with Jake and Austin, but not always with them like it does with you. I'm sorry." He apologized thinking it was somehow wrong.

"What…no…I mean there's nothing to be sorry about…but for real Jamie, how long has this been going on?" I asked noticing him biting his lower lip in thought shrugging his shoulders.

"Since the first time we met on the porch." He admitted taking me aback a little not knowing how to respond to something like that.

"Really?" I finally managed to get out.

"Sure…I don't know how to explain it, but when I saw you my heart seemed to beat faster and it sort of ached a little while feeling wonderful at the same time, and then I…um…felt myself getting hard." He explained with me beginning to realize how difficult things must have been for him because it seemed to me he was aware of a lot of things, but was locked up in like a deep hole never able to express himself.

"Wow…I didn't know Jamie. I mean…were you really aware of everything going on around you?" I wondered shaking my head having all but forgotten the wet rag in my hand. "Oh…um…should I wipe you down…I mean…you know…your sticky stuff that got on your penis and other places?" I asked with him pausing for a second before shrugging his shoulders watching me reach out and begin to wipe him off.

He stiffened up when I touched his hard shaft, but I tried to be gentle so as not to create another accident. A thrill ran up and down my body knowing the object of my affections was now firmly wrapped up in my fingers as I rolled around his nice sized erection while using the damp rag to wipe it clean before doing the same to his nice tight satchel and bare pubic mound. At least he still didn't have any pubes yet, but I knew that may change here soon not to mention the size of his penis. He was right at that stage now where things would be maturing more for him in that regard.

Working swiftly I finished off noticing how he had clamped his fist around the bed sheets. His breathing had become ragged with his body remaining rigid like he had been trying to stave off another orgasm. Noticing his sweaty brow it dawned on me that's exactly what he had been doing, trying not to climax, because he now slowly began to relax.

"Wow…that was like…it was like…," He stumbled around with the correct wording.

"Intense?" I finished off with him smiling and nodding his head.


"Yeah." I responded folding up the damp rag and setting it on the small table nearby crawling into bed next to him and covering us back up.

Jamie smiled at me automatically rolling on his side so we could spoon together. Before wrapping my arm around his waist I straightened out his long hair so it wouldn't be in the way before nuzzling up against his neck. It's become a favorite position of mine feeling the warmth of his smooth long neck against my soft face along with it being a prime spot to inhale his soothing fragrance. We both shifted around getting comfortable with me hesitating a moment before smiling and dipping my hand between his legs.

Jamie twitched in reaction craning his neck and smiling at me before shifting his legs a little giving me access to his ample sized eleven year old…no actually twelve year old penis. I just remembered he was turning twelve and according to the clock on the table across from the bed it was like two o'clock in the morning, so officially the following day making Jamie twelve years old. Then it dawned on me that he just had his first orgasm and ejaculation on his twelfth birthday. If that wasn't a special birthday gift I don't know what was, and I was just about to congratulate him when he spoke up.

"About…um…about what you asked…you know…about me knowing things…for all these years…yes." He replied noticing my questioning look. "Sammy…I don't know really what to say. You can't really know what it is like to sort of get things…to know what is going on, but not being able to tell anyone in a way they understand, or even act in a way that made any sense. It was different though…I mean in the way I understood things. There were times I really didn't know or understand about things, and then sometimes I did, but it was like those things were coming at me a million miles an hour. I would try to say something but it was like I was in a deep tunnel or like with my feet stuck in the mud. It was horrible not being able to say anything. It was horrible being treated like a little five year old, but my body and mind always betrayed me. I couldn't control what it did." He sighed shaking his head before looking at me with such sincerity.

"Sammy, thank you." He stated with me lifting my head for a moment looking down at him a bit puzzled. "For everything of course, but especially, about the whole damn bath thing. You have no idea how embarrassing it was to sit in that tub with…with…um…you know." He blushed giggling again making me laugh shaking my head.

"Oh holy crap Jamie for real. Yeah…well…you can thank Jake for that."

"You have no idea how hard it was for my mind and body to learn how to stop doing it. I wanted so badly to hop in that shower with you…I even screamed in my head…but something was preventing me. Thank goodness you kept at it because one day it simply happened." He sighed with me trying to understand, but realizing no one could really understand why things were the way they are for kids with autism.

"Sammy?" I heard him asking making me chuckle while he looked at me. "What?" He asked curiously making me laugh even more.

"Nothing Jamie…it's just this reminds me of a little kid…you know always asking questions." I pointed out with him getting quiet now making me realize he had taken my comment the wrong way so I added after a short pause. "But I like that though and I don't mind talking with you. I mean after all I've been wanting that for a long time now." I giggled with him chuckling as well making me grin even more because it sounded so wonderful coming from him. "So what's up…other than that nice hard baseball bat of yours?" I giggled giving his boy baubles a gentle squeeze for emphasis making him gasp with excitement before he giggled too.

"Oh shit Sammy…I…I just wanted to know if we can have sex again?" He moaned softly because after the small squeeze I had begun to tease his hard erection by running my finger and thumb around the ridge and fleshy part of his glans which I now immediately stopped in light of his request.

The boy craned his neck looking into my eyes while I stared back a bit stunned. "What…now?" I asked him noticing the big smile on his face which spoke volumes. "I…um…are you sure…I mean…really…you know so soon after…I mean…you just had an orgasm." I pointed out which seemed to puzzle him.

"Does that make a difference?" He questioned making me take pause for a moment before shrugging my shoulders.

"No not really I suppose. I guess there are plenty of people who do it multiple times. I'm usually alright for a while after I have an orgasm, but there's been a time or two where I've done it back to back. It's just I've heard when guys begin to squirt it takes a while for them to…well…sort of recharge…you know." I pointed out.

"Oh…but we can do it now though…right…I mean I kind of feel all…I don't know…it's just a weird feeling inside." He tried to explain with me chuckling, and him realizing this meant I probably knew why he was feeling this way, so he gave me that look telling me to go on.

"Yeah…well that's because you are feeling all horny. That tends to happen to us boys when we begin puberty, and believe me yours seems to have suddenly kicked into overdrive for you all at once." I chuckled with him grinning and nodding his head.

"So…can we then?" He wondered making me realize something else.

Jamie didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with what we were doing. Not that there was, only that most boys seem a bit hesitant when first starting their sexual exploration. Even I was reserved about some activities only recently being receptive to trying on new things. With Jamie though I didn't feel those reservations, but I also worried now that he seemed to be able to communicate with others what he would be telling them or asking them; especially, in regards to what we were doing together in bed. I thought about talking to him regarding this, but he's already had a lot put on his plate. Besides it was his birthday, and for now he should be able to have a little fun if this is what he wanted. When we got up in the morning I'd talk to him more about it explaining how this sort of thing was private.

"Jamie…are you sure this is what you want? So much has already happened tonight, and I just don't want things to become too much for you. I mean I care a lot about you, but sex can be complicated…um…you know…confusing at times." I added remembering that some words were difficult for him to understand still. "I get these kinds of urges all the time too, and I know sometimes that I would feel guilty later on if I did something I wasn't ready for, so I just don't want you to feel bad about it afterwards, even though I know right now it would feel very good for you. Do you understand?" I asked raising some things for him to consider while he remained curled up in my arms seemingly thinking about it for a few moments.

He shifted in my arms on to his back with me looking down at him while his steady gaze looked back which left me feeling all tingly because he's never been able to hold anyone's gaze for any length of time. "Oh yes Sammy…I understand, but I…I'm in love with you." He replied making me flinch with him noticing. "I…I hope you feel the same way about me. I know what sex is Sammy…and I've wanted this with you for such a very long time. All this time not being able to be touched and wanting it so badly almost drove me mad Sammy. I'd watch you day in and day out needing you to touch me and hold me, but something inside prevented me from allowing you to do that, but now I'm finally here, and I want to feel your hands all over me. Please Sammy…I need this really bad. Earlier…the two of us…you know…it…it happened too fast. I need this…and only you can give it to me…please Sammy. I'll understand if you don't love me back…but…but I need this one thing because I've waited so long for this one moment. It is horrible loving someone, and not able to let them know exactly how you feel…I simply…," that was more than enough for me as the rest of it was muffled with me planting a firm but tender kiss on his lips which caught him by complete surprise.

His body reflexively stiffened up because this was something very new for him. He started to push me away before he suddenly went completely limp melting in my arms like butter because a new experience was beginning to make the heat rise inside of his body bringing out the passion that's been buried so deep for all of these years. My hands ran up and down along his sides and his thighs. His body felt so wonderfully warm and smooth as I pressed into him feeling his body react to my tender ministrations. I was sucking the air out of his lungs enjoying the taste of his mouth letting my tongue go wild feeling it press passed his lips. He eagerly returned my kiss his learning curve, or perhaps his natural instincts, kicking in with his arms wrapping around my waist pulling me towards him. He began to rock his hips upwards rubbing his groin into me like we had done earlier only he was on the bottom now, but I had other plans, something new for him to experience.

Slowly I released our passionate embrace with him whimpering at the way I had disengaged our mutual kiss. "What's wrong?" He moaned while I smiled down at him.

"Nothing…just that I wanted to give you something special for your birthday." I whispered back to him.

"My birthday?" He questioned.

"Yeah…it's way past midnight so your first sex act, orgasm, and squirt all happened today on your twelfth birthday making this a special event, but I want to make it even more exceptional. Jamie there are many different ways to have sex, and since you haven't been able to experience things over a period of time like most of us I thought I'd start your next lesson right now. Are you game? I mean it is your birthday after all and I hope you will like the gift I want to give you." I smiled impishly with Jamie getting such an adorably charming look on his face like he was eager to unwrap his gift.

"Well…so far all of your lessons have been good ones. I wouldn't be here right now with you if it weren't for all of your coaching you've been giving me for a while now, but I have a feeling this is going to be a very nice one." He giggled.

"Oh yeah…from here on out I know there are going to be a lot more fun types of lessons for you." I teased back leaning down once more slowly pressing our lips together letting my hands roam along the side of his body downwards towards his hips and thighs.

Our lips parted and I scooted down a little pulling aside the blanket exposing Jamie's beautiful naked body allowing my eyes to drift over his nudity freely and uninhibited. His long hair was tumbled around his pillow and shoulder in a haphazard way even curling around the upper part of his arms. The way it fell back from his forehead only accentuated his heart shaped face with his bluish gray eyes sparkling lively while the corners of his lips tugged upwards into a smooth flowing pleasant smile.

His flat chest and stomach slowly rose and fell in a calm kind of fashion the smoothness of his skin looking invitingly sultry. The paleness of his skin with no tan line along his hips blending in towards his smooth ivory toned pubic mound was a reminder to me that Jamie's never walked around outside without a shirt on. The four inch erection that grew out of his pale blank slate along the top side of his tight boy purse twitched and jerked spastically. It bobbed up and down with the blood pumping from his heart pulsing through the length of his shaft while turning his normally pinkish hued knob a bit more crimson and purplish in coloration. At the base of his shaft the brown toned coloration of his good egg sized rounded mound didn't move around at all, firmly snuggled up against his body. The thin membrane around his seductively alluring ball sack looked silky smooth unlike the wrinkled soft leathery skin on my own boy baubles.

The paleness of this area once more drew my attention with me noticing how his arms and legs were tanned a nice bronze golden tone with obvious tan lines from his shirt sleeves and the hem from his cargo shorts he's been wearing lately. It made me realize just how lusciously delicious his body would be if he ever allowed his torso to get that golden brown hue. My eyes wandered across his body, once more taking in his sleek legs, which made them look long, but in all actuality was about the right length for a boy of his build and stature. Allowing my eyes to wander down even further I was surprised to find out just how long and narrow his feet looked attached to his thin, but normal length legs. His feet size were about a half size smaller than mine, but he was a good five inches shorter and fifteen pounds lighter so his feet looked very long, and they most definitely were especially thin with long toes that were currently wriggling around waiting for me expectantly.

Glancing back up, Jamie smirked puckishly watching me closely not embarrassed about how I was scrutinizing his beautiful features. I've seen him at various times, but have never really been able to truly appreciate his beauty in this laid back kind of fashion. Reaching out I ran the tip of my fingers over his chest noticing his breathing immediately increase with the quick intake of breath as he held it for a moment before exhaling loudly his chest immediately heaving up and down while his body trembled at the light touch. Leaning over I ran my pointing finger around the pigmented darker sensitive edges of his nickel sized areola. A small whimper escaped Jamie's lips at this new sensitive discovery for the small twelve year old boy. The little nub of a nipple on the boy's left chest perked right up while I noticed his testicles contracting upwards forcing his four inch rigid tube to jerk while his purplish knob flared up.

"Ooooh," Jamie sighed enjoying the stimulation with his body slowly settling down again.

Slowly I let my fingers wander downwards wriggling them back and forth lightly over his pale skin noticing goose bumps forming along he way. Flattening out my hand I ran it across his shallow innie belly button hearing the boy gasping again with his stomach collapsing inwards exposing his ribs as he tried to contract inwards enjoying the stimulating touch I was providing him. I continued to arouse him this way for a few more moments wanting to prolong his experience. Then I moved my hand along even further while also settling my body further down as well so I could get a better angle and view of what I was doing to him. The closeness of his erotic zone allowed me to breathe in his sex fragrance which was distinctly tangy in nature making me quiver excitedly while I watched my fingers slowly wrapping around the extremely heated rigid shaft my finger and thumb encircling around the smooth stretched out fleshy tube just below the ridge of his small bullet shaped knob.

The boy immediately jolted surprised at the intensity of someone else's fingers around his overly sensitive penis. "Oh…oh…," he gasped while I continued to hold the warm large smooth fleshy digit in my fingers realizing he was on the edges of a climax allowing him to settle down before I slowly began to stroke his heated well toned elongated muscle feeling the rippling along its length from the excitement.

"This is called jacking off or masturbating along with a million other kinds of terms." I offered up knowing up until this point he was a bit naïve about sexual activities. "It feels a lot better when someone else does it to you, but when you are desperate you can do it to yourself as well until you orgasm. It's still very intense when you do it by yourself." I explained softy to him noticing the boy's half lidded eyes listening intently to me while he soaked up the passionate sensations flowing through his small body.

Lately I've had plenty of experience working with such a sensitive tool so I made good use of it expertly working my fist slowly up and down his smooth slightly curved shaft while gliding my fingers over the ridge of his sensitive bullet shaped glans. My eyes were fixated on the pale length of his shaft noticing how the skin was pulled around it tautly forcing his penis to bow even more. It wasn't a big bow, but rather a gradual upwards kind of bend that seemed to fit nicely in my stroking fist. His deep purplish knob had swelled and become much broader now flaring outwards in a way I knew indicated he was very close to the edge with him now beginning to squirm around. Even his long toes began to twitch and curl backwards.

It would have been so easy to merely allow him to drop over the edge, but I wanted this to be special so I eased back releasing his twitching member hearing him whimpering when his body was forced to climb back from its heightened state. "This is called edging" I whispered softly noticing Jamie's eyes fluttering in his face. "The trick is knowing how far to go before bringing your partner back from the brink. You try to do that as often as possible without driving him completely mad." I chuckled teasingly.

I now focused on his tightly packed egg sized boy baubles cupping them in my hand surprised at how heavy they felt and the way it completely filled up inside of my curled fingers. Once more Jamie began to moan while I manipulated his chestnut sized testicles rolling them around realizing they had enlarged since what I've noticed earlier on him over the last several months. Of course I've never had them literally in my hands, but I've seen him naked often enough to know they had originally been about the size of cherries making me wonder if his recent development of seminal fluid had finally allowed them to grow into chestnut sized testicles in order to accommodate his maturation.

Jamie's eyes were closed now his breathing coming in short gasps so I released his smooth tight boy satchel running my fingers down the ruddy colored line that ran between the base of his brown colored mound all the way down between his butt crease. Before I knew it my pointing finger was rubbing up against the little brown colored shuttered iris surprising me because I've never done this before to anyone. I noticed Jamie had actually spread apart his legs giving me more access to this new erogenous region. A heady kind of odor wafted up to my nose from between his sweaty butt cheeks. It was very potent, but not really in a bad way. Jamie was squirming again because this area was another new sensitive experience for him.

His penis began to twitch around excitedly with him gasping the new sensations making him squirm around again forcing the boy's fingers to clutch around the sheets he was laying on. Reaching out with my left hand I placed it along the top of his pubic mound surprised at how small this region was on the boy reminding me of just how petite he was compared to me. The top side of his warm heavy erection and glans rubbed up against the back of my wrist giving me a unique sensation on that part of my hand. Applying pressure downwards I noticed it wasn't like his stomach being much more firmer as I tried to hold him in place while I slowly inserted the tip of my finger past his shuttered gate hearing Jamie moan. The tightness of his iris ring clamped down around my finger.

I couldn't believe what I was doing, but feeling the tightness around my finger made my penis twitch excitedly making me wonder what it would feel like if I inserted my own hard erection inside the warmth of this sensual dampness. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd be inserting my finger inside the virginal cherry tunnel of another boy, but instead of it being revolting it was actually excitingly erotic. The heat of his insides felt wonderfully exotic around the tip of my finger making me want to experience more so I slowly inserted it even further inside of him. Jamie moaned and winced in a little pain, but it appeared to immediately dissipate when he began to relax allowing me to slip all the way inside of him. He was extremely tight, but the only thing lubricating him was just his sweaty perspiration so the thought of beginning to pound my finger in and out was immediately dismissed. Instead I began to wriggle around inside of him searching for that elusive button I've heard about.

Jamie sighed and quivered his body squirming around seemingly enjoying what I was doing, but my finger didn't seem long enough to find what I was searching for. I was a little disappointed, but my main focus was on seeing to Jamie's need so I gently eased my finger backwards before reversing direction giving him a very slow finger fuck to keep him stimulated without actually hurting him. Everything inside of me wanted to pound him raw with my finger, but I managed to keep myself in check once more reminding myself this was about pleasuring the smaller boy and not satiating my own urges.

He was extremely tight, but he easily swallowed up my finger, almost too eagerly, so I continued to fill him up with my digit inserting it as far as I could turning my hand so my wrist was pointing upwards giving me even more length to shove inside of him. Suddenly I felt the very tip part of my finger brushing up against something spongy. It immediately made Jamie's hips hitch upwards while his butt cheeks clamped around my fingers. The twelve year old boy's eyes suddenly snapped open with him letting out a sudden yelp, before settling back on the mattress sighing euphorically while I stopped allowing him to calm down. That was a close call, and I realized I had found that magic spot after all making me smiled very pleased about it. Slowly I removed my finger giggling when it simply slipped out with his brown colored anal lips puckering up in the process.

Holding up my finger to my nose I inhaled deeply noticing the unique fragrance that was most definitely all ass, but surprisingly not in an offensive kind of way. Sighing I knew it was finally time because Jamie was now primed and ready for this experience. Moving my body now I sat up on my knees between his legs pulling him up against me allowing his legs to wrap around my hips while my erection snuggle up between his butt cheeks noticing how the warmth of his crease enclosed my sensitive tool. Reaching down I wrapped my fingers around his twitching tube feeling his legs clamping down around my waist just above my dimpled melons his ankles locking his legs into place. I began to jerk him off slowly at first and speeding up rapidly until my fist was nothing but a blur. Jamie moaned and squirmed around while I rocked my hips into him feeling my erection sliding between his sweaty orbs. If I wasn't careful I'd explode too, but once more Jamie beat me to the punch when his body suddenly stiffened up and he groaned as the orgasm ripped through his body.

His smooth rosy apples clamped tightly around my now four inch long erection feeling wonderful, but not enough to bring me to my own orgasmic blissfulness making me moan while Jamie's guttural voice groaned out in his climactic explosion.

"Grrrrr, aaaaaaaah, uuuumph, uuuuumph, uumph, grrrrr." The smaller boy growled hoarsely his body writhing around while his penis inflated even more the pee slit on his bullet shaped glans expanding and expelling a small little droplet of his clear boy sauce.

It was no where as near what he had expelled the first time around even though that had been a miniscule amount as well, but this simply was a little clear droplet that ran over the edge of his fleshy slit before running down his purplish flared button. It was only a little droplet, but I wasn't about to let it get away so I ran the tip of my thumb across his flared out glans scooping it up.

"Uuuuhngh," Jamie jerked clamping his hand over his tender boy bits now with me having forgotten for a brief second just how sensitive he was at this juncture.

Sliding my thumb inside my mouth I smiled enjoying the flavor before I leaned down giving the smaller boy a tender kiss allowing him to get a little taste of himself. He was still breathing hard recovering, but he eagerly ran his tongue inside my mouth enjoying the flavor of his sweet clear nectar. His legs were still clamped around my waist and I could feel the tip of my knob pressing up against his shuttered back door, but suddenly it seemed to give somewhat with just the very tip of my penis feeling like it penetrated him slightly. It didn't infiltrate completely inside of him never breaking the barrier, but still the sensation of him giving a little like this made me shiver excitedly providing me a little insight of what it could feel like if we ever decided to enter that phase of our relationship.

It would be so easy to nudge myself a bit further sliding inside of him and literally satiating my desire, but I knew this would be a very painful experience for Jamie. This was something I knew shouldn't simply be done without some forethought and preparation. Something like this should be done in such a loving and tender manner making it the most precious experience ever. The smaller boy was so out of it at this moment it would be so easy to take advantage of the situation allowing myself the ultimate prize, snatching away his virginal boy cherry, but I knew I could never do that to him because it would most assuredly destroy the boy erasing all of what we've accomplish up to this point.

Reaching around my back I gently unhooked his ankles allowing them to plop down on to the bed next to my thighs with his knees pointing outwards exposing his nakedness to me openly when he finally released his sensitive baubles. Jamie was looking at me intently now with drowsing eyes completely satiated, but to my surprise he was still completely hard. It wasn't as stiff like it had been looking only about three and three quarters of an inch now, but it was still hard making me shake my head in disbelief. Even after his massive explosion the boy simply refused to go flaccid.

Climbing over his right leg I snuggled up next to him covering us back up with the blanket. "I didn't squirt as much this time." The boy sighed making me chuckle.

"Yeah, well it usually takes a while for a guy to replenish his supply. Besides, your two little yogurt factories are just now beginning to come on line." I teased noticing him running my words around in his mind before smiling understanding my meaning.

"So how long does it take…you know…before I…before it…um…fills back up?" He asks while I look at him because that really was a good question.

"Frankly I'm not sure. I mean…I've never thought about something like this." I told him honestly shrugging my shoulders. "I guess not long. I mean of course not like within seconds, but maybe several minutes or even hours I would think. I'm sure the longer you wait the more intense your orgasms would be as well." I pointed out with Jamie snuggling up to me beginning to drowse his breathing already beginning to slow down because the two orgasms had sapped his strength to stay awake.

We held on to one another for a while longer with me looking down into his soft features. "Jamie…you know I love you…right?" I ask him watching the boy stir in my arms his eyes fluttering open gazing up into mine with a small smile curling upwards on his features.

"I know…," he sighed closing his eyes. "I've always known." He repeated catching me by surprise.

"Really…always?" I asked frowning in thought because even I hadn't realized it until later on after I had gotten to know him. "How long have you known?" I asked him.

"Always." He whispered back softly.

"I don't understand." I shook my head saying it more to myself than anything.

"Yes…I knew it the first time we met on the porch. I saw it in your eyes, and I knew then that you loved me." He told me incredulously.

"How can that be…I mean even I didn't know it and when we first met I was so nasty to you. I even think I felt a little hatred for you." I admitted to him seeing the boy shake his head.

"No…you didn't hate me. You hated yourself. I can't explain it Sammy. All I know is I fell in love with you then, and you had also fallen in love with me…nothing else matters. Can we talk some more about this later? I'm really tired now." The boy whispered so softly I could barely hear him.

"Yes Jamie…but promise me when you wake up you will come back to me. I'd simply die if you went away again." I sniffled feeling the boy snuggle up closer to me stroking my arm comfortingly.

"I'm never going to leave you again Sammy…never…I promise. I won't let that ever happen. I love you too much." He managed to get out before finally slipping away as sleep finally overwhelmed him.

My balls ached for relief, but the overwhelming urge to keep Jamie close to me overrode any other need. With the intensity of how my emotional urges were making me feel I didn't think it would be possible to fall asleep, but the warm presence of the smaller boy in my arms along with the fragrance of his sweet innocence finally became too much as I slowly faded away to sleep. My final thoughts were of the smaller boy and the realization that perhaps…just perhaps I could find true happiness and love after all. Despite the odds against us, it now looked like maybe the two of us could find a little piece of our own happiness. I truly loved Jamie; there was no getting around this fact. Our relationship would be difficult to get through, not only because of the stigma regarding being gay, but also doubly so because of the issues surrounding his autism and the way people would react to such a relationship.

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