Micah's Precious Christmas Gift

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

The Best Christmas Ever

It got really quiet in the room for several moments with my wife looking towards me as she reached out and grabbed my hand giving it a squeeze knowing Chase had written what we all felt. My oldest was growing into a fine young man who seemed to understand. So many teenagers these days didn't get it, but Chase did, and Tim was getting there as well making both me and my wife very proud of them.

"Oh…this is like…totally wicked Micah." Tim added excitedly jolting us out our musings as he reached down flipping the inner page over noticing something hidden behind it and handing it to Micah. "It's a season pass just like mine. That's like sooooo sweet because now both of us can go to the skate park together." He crooned.

Micah looked over towards the teen. "That's so cool Chase…thank you." He told the boy as I watched him looking down at the Christmas card running his fingers over it almost longingly before carefully tucking the card into the envelope looking around for a safe place as if it were a prized possession.

Looking over towards my oldest boy I realized he had purchased a season pass not only for his little brother but himself as well knowing he'd be the one taking him over most of the time. There was no way we would allow Tim to go there all alone, not at his age. My oldest had been working hard this summer doing odd jobs like yard work around the neighborhood and recently shoveling snow. He must have been saving up for months now to purchase the passes which took effect the first of the year.

The older boy returned my gaze shrugging his shoulders leaning towards me and whispering. "Don't worry dad, I'll still go with them. I've got enough money for another season pass." He prompted with me shaking my head.

"No don't worry, I'll get online and order one for you. I'll have it ready for you to pick up at the skate park." I whispered back getting a thank you look from my oldest boy which wasn't necessary because he deserved it.

Raising my voice I made an announcement. "Well, it looks like I know what we all will be doing tomorrow." I chuckled with Tim and Micah looking at me questioningly. "I'm taking everyone to the skate park…on me of course since the season passes don't take effect until after the New Year."

"Yippee," Tim shouted giving Micah a hug who no longer seemed shy about it.

My wife smiled and looked towards me both of us thinking the same thing about how those two had hit it off. Of course Tim, just like his older brother, had a ton of friends and was well liked by everyone. He had one of those endearing bubbly personalities. He was a handful at times, and his teachers even said so, but it wasn't in a way that upset most people, instead it had the opposite effect with everyone usually chuckling at his antics.

"So who is hungry?" My wife announced with my oldest boy standing up nodding his head at my mom heading into the kitchen so he could set the table.

Micah hesitated for a moment and in a soft voice asked, "Um…Mrs. M is it alright if I had some hot cocoa. Yours is the best ever." He added blushing when my wife looked at him before glancing my way.

"Let's just say we had a good discussion about it at his humble abode." I chuckled recalling the whole cardboard box incident winking at my wife letting her know I'd explain later.

"Sure Micah, how about we make it together then…would you like that?" She asked with the nine year old boy nodding his head as the two of them headed for the kitchen.

My youngest was right behind them, but I reached out grabbing his wrist wanting to chat. "That was a very sweet thing you did for Micah." I told my little guy as he climbed up into my lap snuggling up and shrugging his shoulder.

"Well…it wouldn't have been nice for us to all get Christmas gifts while he had nothing. Besides, my old board still works perfectly fine. I know you would have taken him out shopping dad…but…I don't know…it just wouldn't have been the same…you know." He added with me agreeing.

"Yeah…you're right. Anyway…we are still going to have to do some shopping for Micah because he literally owns only what he was wearing. So when I take him out shopping tomorrow before we go to the skate park how about you come along so we can pick up a new skateboard for you." I whispered in his ear giving him a kiss to boot.

My little guy shrugged his shoulders giving me a squeeze in return. "Sure…that's fine but we really don't need to. Like I said, my old board is still good enough." He added wriggling out of my lap heading into the kitchen to see what was up leaving me behind with my heart swelling in pride because both of my kids really did get it.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was a really pleasant and peaceful one for us. The boys played nicely together getting to know one another. Tim was bent set on showing Micah some moves on the skateboard so I pulled out Maria's car from the garage cranking up the overhead heaters for a while before letting them in since neither one of them had deemed it fit to get completely dressed seemingly being comfortable shirtless and wearing only shorts. Well, at least not on a day where everyone was supposed to be laid back.

To my relief Micah's feet were the same size as Tim's, so wearing one of my youngest son's shoes they ventured boldly into the garage. With the overhead heaters blasting away it was actually downright hot in the garage with the boys building up a good sheen of sweat as Micah learned some of the basic tricks on the skateboard. From time to time Chase would interact with the boys before working his way up into his bedroom chatting on the phone with his girlfriend and many of his other friends from school. He also spent time hooking up his new Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console I had gotten him for Christmas. The two younger boys were too preoccupied with skateboarding, but I was sure they'd be on it too before long.

My wife and I were relaxing in the living room watching a Christmas program when Micah came in from the garage crawling on to my lap. The boy had a healthy sheen of sweat on his body, but it didn't stop him from cuddling up with me as I ruffled his long blond locks. It looked a bit oily making me wonder if it was about time for him to take a bath. No sooner had he gotten settled in when Tim came inside too sitting next to his mom who wrapped her arm around our youngest son affectionately giving him a big hug rocking the boy back and forth.

"Looks like you built up a good sweat there young man." I chuckled running my fingers through Micah's hair wiping away the sweat off of his brow. "Even your hair is a bit damp and grimy. I suppose the sponge bath last night was alright, but maybe you are ready for a good soaking in the tub?" I asked with no protest from Micah who nodded his head.

"That sounds really nice. I don't even remember the last time I've had one of those. I always had to take a shower in those big rooms and sometimes they were cold." He shivered involuntarily with Tim leaning away from his mom scrunching up his face curiously looking towards Micah as if he had a question, but then decided against it.

We all fell silent even Tim who didn't squirm around and allowed his mom to cuddle with him. He loved to cuddle, but when he was wide awake and active it was hard getting him to sit still. Normally cuddle time was confined later in the evenings when he was winding down or if he decided to crawl into bed with you. I knew he loved cuddling up with Chase in bed climbing in with his older brother sometimes in the middle of the night. With the incident of Tim walking in on his older brother a while back doing something a bit naughty their cuddle time in bed had sort of evaporated.

It was Tim who broke the silence. "Come-on Micah…I'll show you where our bathroom is and get the hot water going for you." Tim offered giving his mom a hug and quick kiss.

The nine year old boy paused for a few moments as if he didn't want to get up off my lap enjoying the cuddle time. With Tim waiting patiently the boy gave me a warm hug and kiss on the cheek like he had seen Tim doing to Maria before squirming off my lap. He turned to follow Tim, but paused a moment turning towards the Christmas tree running up to it. He bent over scooping up the envelope Chase had given him hugging it to his chest before chasing after his brother in arms.

Maria turned towards me and smiled shaking her head. "Hun, I'm not sure we are ever going to be able to separate those two from one another." She sighed getting a worried expression on her face.

Watching the two boys bounding up the stairs I inhaled deeply letting it out slowly turning towards my wife. "I know sweetie." I acknowledge. "Maybe we shouldn't even try." I added mumbling it more to myself than for her to hear, but she had, giving me an intent stare

I tried to deflect my last comment. "It's almost like those two have been connected to each other all their lives." I sighed shaking my head in thought. "For now sweetie let's not worry about it and enjoy having him around, alright?" I asked with her smiling and nodding her head, but giving me that 'we will talk about it later' type of look which made me chuckle as I got up joining her on the couch to snuggle enjoying some alone time with my loving wife.

A short while later it was too quiet in the house so I made my way upstairs to check up on the boys. Since his door was open I stuck my head in Chase's room. He was relaxing on his bed with a set of headphones over his ears listening to music, absentmindedly groping his crotch. He was still shirtless only wearing regular gym shorts leaving very little to the imagination. His large bulge pushed up against the soft material exposing the outline of his thick penis as he absent mindedly fingered his semi-soft fleshy hose through the fabric of his shorts. It made me chuckle and shake my head as I left him alone wondering if it mattered in his case whether he wore clothes or not.

Basically, there just wasn't hiding his ample endowment, and when he wore silky soft material the outline of everything down there was completely evident. Between his handsome good looks and well defined assets it's no wonder he's got all sorts of skirts chasing after him. This thought was another reminder I needed to have a chat with him if my hunch of him being sexually active with girls was correct.

Leaving Chase alone to his music and, well, other things, I swung his door back to the position I had found it walking the short few steps towards the alcove area leading into Tim's room. It was empty so I stepped inside hearing the two smaller boys' voices and splashing water coming through the slightly open bathroom door. Rolling my eyes it was obvious Tim must have joined Micah with his bath.

"Well, that didn't take long." I laughed quietly to myself shaking my head figuring maybe it was best the two of them got the whole naked thing out of the way; especially, if they shared the same room.

Stepping through the bathroom door I paused for a moment taking in the scene in front of me realizing maybe I should have knocked first. Currently, a squeaky clean Micah was standing inside the tub his damp blond hair plastered around his head soapy bubbles slowly running down the length of his body. Droplets of water dripped off the bottom part of the blond boy's pliable tangerine sized sagging avocado shaped fruit basket while Tim, who was kneeling in front of the younger boy, had his fingers all over the nine year old boy's thin tubular three and a quarter inch slightly curved erection. He had Micah's foreskin pulled back running his finger around the plum covered spigot looking at it closely and giggling. He slipped the skin back over the purplish knob squishing around on the boy's little soft pliable pouch before once more peeling back the skin exposing the slicked up little bullet shaped nub. It was kind of shocking to see my own ten year old boy messing around with another boy's privates and I wasn't sure what to do.

Tim must have seen me because he turned with a big grin on his features. "Hey dad, did you know Micah's dickey is different from mine and Chase's? He's got skin over his tip." Tim proudly announced proving his point by sliding the foreskin back and forth along the length of Micah's sleek tubular erection making the nine year old boy gasp.

My ten year old son's inadvertent masturbatory like actions must have been providing Micah with some sensations he hadn't experienced before because the poor kid's eyes had sort of bugged out as he gasped for air. My gut reaction was to yell out for Tim to stop what he was doing, but I also didn't want to make this into a big issue. Doing that would create more questions and curiosity, so I tried to be calm addressing it in a different way.

"Yes Tim I knew about it, and it's different because he still has his skin. When you and Chase were born I had them circumcise you." I explained seeing his confused expression. "Um…what I mean is when you boys were born I had them remove the extra skin from you, and before you ask I'll explain more later, but for now maybe you should let Micah sit back down so he can rinse off while I get you dried." I suggested with Tim automatically doing what he was told without much thought.

That's the advantage of being a parent because after a while your kids react to a normal suggestion without much thought to it. Micah immediately sat down seeming to know I had stepped in at an awkward moment and glad I hadn't gotten mad. Grabbing one of the large towels Tim stood up from the tub with his own little two plus inch cut erection sticking up in the air straight as an arrow letting me drape the soft cottony material around his body. Lifting him out of the water I shook him vigorously pretending to shake the water off his body hearing him giggle in the process like he always did enjoying our little game before I set him in front of me running the towel over his entire body roughly to get most of the dripping mess mopped up.

Pulling him towards me I set the toilet lid down and took a seat. Starting at the top of his head I rubbed the towel around drying off his dark blonde damp locks getting them mostly dry before working my way downwards.

"I'm looking forward to hearing you sing in a little bit Tim." I chatted with him while I ran the towel over his body lightly getting his torso, arms, and legs in our usual ritual as he lifted up one foot letting me dry it off including his toes before lifting up his other one.

"Really?" Tim asked looking at me with a serious face while I paused focusing on him letting my gaze settle on his hazel eyes as they seemed to sparkle like crystallized copper.

"Tim of course I'm looking forward to it. You do know I would have loved to come last night on Christmas Eve…right?" I asked seeing him blush nodding his head.

Placing my hand along his cheek affectionately the overwhelming feeling of love and affection for my child swelled inside my chest. "You've got a beautiful voice son, so of course I want to hear you perform. Each and every day you and Chase make me very proud that you are my sons. I love both of you, and I will always support what you guys enjoy doing, whether it be skateboarding, playing sports, or even being silly." I chuckled grabbing the corner of the towel wriggling it in his face getting a big giggle out of him before he lunged towards me embracing his arms around my neck and pressing his naked body up against mine before releasing me so I could finish up.

Taking a part of the towel in my hand Tim bent his knees slightly separating his legs somewhat outwards as I ran it over his little boy joy twig not making an issue of his erection and small tightly wrapped ping pong sized ball sack which despite the warm water still hugged his body compactly. Even his two hazelnut sized testicles hadn't dropped despite the hot water making me wonder if he was going to be one of those late bloomers.

"Alright all done my little nuddie boy, now get into your room and changed for church. After you get dressed go downstairs so your mother can drive you over. The rest of us will come later and watch you perform." I instructed giving him a firm smack on his naked ass making him wince and yelp out in protest followed by a quick giggle as he tugged on his little stiff 'dickey' bolting for the door leading into his room closing it behind him.

Turning my attention to Micah I saw him grinning at what just happened and couldn't help but smile at the cute little guy. "So, shall I dry you off or do you want to do that on your own?" I asked getting up and grabbing a dry towel for the boy who shrugged standing up unconcernedly, exposing his nakedness and also sporting an erection.

Holding out his arms towards me I chuckled draping the towel around his small body and lifted him up shaking the little guy around like I had done with my own little tiger hearing him giggling enjoying the little game. Setting him down I ran the towel over his head quickly drying it off and going through the same kind of ritual with him as I had done with Tim. The smaller boy enjoyed the affectionate attention appreciating how I was treating him the same way I had done with my ten year old.

"So…," I began pausing what I was doing so I could look at Micah who stared back cocking his head off to the side and looking back at me with those penetrating Carolina blue eyes. "Um…I think maybe we need to chat a bit about what just happened…you know with Tim." I began seeing the blond boy flush looking away like he had done something wrong making me rethink my approach because it was the last thing I had intended.

The younger boy looked away from Mr. Miner because he knew the man had caught him doing something naughty with Tim. He liked the other boy and it hadn't bothered him when Tim suggested they take a bath together. His Uncle had always warned him how he needed to be careful with getting all naked around other boys because his thingy was a little different. Some boys might be curious about it; especially, older boys which could lead to other bad things.

For some reason though, when Tim got curious it hadn't bothered Micah, even when the other boy touched him down there. The other boy even allowed him to touch his too. Tim's was really small though, but Micah liked how the other boy looked naked and loved how the boy's small thingy looked on him; especially, when it got hard. At first they only looked before touching each other, and he could tell Tim was confused how his thingy looked different, but hadn't said anything. Micah thought that was kind of cool as they then left things alone playing around in the bathtub and getting cleaned up.

Taking a hot bath felt really nice too, and Tim even added soap making a bubble bath which Micah thought was awesome. Then when Micah had gotten on his knees pulling back his skin to clean his thingy Tim got curious again asking about it. Of course the blond boy didn't mind showing Tim how it worked letting the other boy even pull the skin back and forth. That felt really good and of course it got hard. That's when Mr. Miner came in with Tim rubbing it back and forth making it feel really good in a way he's never felt before. Now as he stood in front of Mr. M he felt bad about it because the nice man probably thought he got Tim to do something naughty. Micah knew in a way it was his fault so was ready to take whatever punishment the man decided to give him as he braced himself listening. To his surprise though, it suddenly sounded like the man wasn't even mad at him.

"Listen Micah," I began, trying to set the smaller boy at ease, "I know you boys are curious about things, it's only natural you know, but I hope Tim didn't make you feel uncomfortable or force you into anything." I sighed knowing just how my youngest had a way of getting others to follow his antics as I let my words settle into Micah's thoughts for a few moments.

My ten year old actually never set out to do anything naughty, in many ways being a naive type of kid, but his outgoing personality and natural curiosity tended to land him into some sticky situations. I'm sure the whole incident between him and Micah was totally innocent, but I also knew I'd need to have a serious conversation with my own little guy too. First though I had to make sure Micah didn't feel trapped either.

Running the towel down Micah's legs I focused on drying his feet while the boy placed his hands on my shoulders for support. "Mr. M I like Tim…a lot. My Uncle Jay always warned me about getting naked in front of other boys and stuff because things can happen that's bad. It's not like that with Tim…you…or even Chase. I like both Tim and Chase. I don't know…it just sort of feels different…and not dangerous like what my Uncle Jay kept warning me about Mr. M. Please don't be mad at Tim…I mean…did he…um…did we do something wrong?" He asked as I paused looking at the smaller boy tenderly before shaking my head.

"The question Micah is do you think Tim did something wrong?" I asked the boy who stared back at me a bit stunned I'd be asking him instead of saying what was right and wrong.

The smaller boy scrunched up his face running what had happened during the bath through his mind before sighing shaking his head. "No Mr. M I don't think so. We were just curious. I guess it was something he's never seen before. Besides, I didn't mind…really. What we did wasn't bad…was it?" Micah asked looking at me intently still worried.

"No…I suppose not Micah, but I am going to talk to Tim about it to make sure he doesn't do something you aren't comfortable doing. As for you, I need you to promise if you don't like something you need to speak up. Both you and Tim are going to be sharing a room together so I guess you two seeing each other naked was just going to happen. So, if it doesn't bother you, and it doesn't bother Tim, then it's all good…alright?" I asked seeing the boy light up grinning as he nodded his head.

"O-key dough-key," He giggled bending his knees spreading apart his legs waiting expectantly for me to dry off his smooth long Serrano chili pepper looking thingy and tangerine size tenders as I barked out a belly laugh at his overt suggestion.

"Geeze for real Micah…I think my little nudist boy is beginning to rub off on you." I continued hearing the blond boy giggle from my comment as I ran the towel over his privates quickly noting just how much bigger the nine year old boy was down there than my own ten year old.

"All done." I announced wrapping the towel around Micah's waist as he leaned in and embraced me warmly.

"Thanks Mr. M…you're just the best…you, Tim, Chase, and your wife…all of you are just the best anyone can ever hope for, even if it's only for a little while." He whispered in my ear before releasing me.

"Oh Micah you have no idea how much joy you've brought to us all. We do love you and enjoy having you here with us for as long as needed." I patted him gently wiping away some of his tears as he stood there his eyes sparkling with us both getting a bit silent in our own thoughts for a brief moment.

Breaking the mood I sighed ruffling his hair. "Now…I know I promised to have your clothes all cleaned and ready for you, but I'm thinking we need to find something else for you since we will all be going to church here in a bit to hear Tim sing. So if you go into Chase's room there will be a box or two in there with some of Tim's old clothes that are now too small for him and should fit you. I know there are plenty of barely worn nice clothes in there and some even brand spanking new ones he's never had a chance to wear."

That caught the boy by surprise. "Really, I can pick out whatever I want?" He asked completely shocked, once more managing to break my heart realizing how such little things seemed to mean so much to the boy.

"Of course Micah…you can have anything you pick out and tomorrow we are going shopping. My wife and I agree…we are going to get you all the brand new clothes you need just like we do with our own boys. There's many other things we need to pick up for you at the same time. Then afterwards I'm still taking you guys to the skate park. How's that sound?" I asked with the boy getting misty eyed not understanding how anyone would do something like that for a kid like him.

"Why would you do something like that?" He actually asked me.

"Because you matter." I replied frankly giving him a firm smack on the butt like I had done to Tim, but with Micah having the advantage of a towel wrapped around his waist.

He still yelped in surprise before giggling like his counterpart had done. "So go on now." I ordered. "Be sure to ask Chase for a brush to comb your hair while it is still damp and manageable." I suggested with Micah walking towards the teen's room while I exited into Tim's room to make sure my youngest had done what he was told.

The boy opened the door leading into the older boy's room his eyes glancing around quickly noticing everything including how it was bigger than Tim's room and cleaner. Well, Micah couldn't say Tim's room was dirty or anything, just a tad messy and not as organized. The teen had his room set up where everything had its place. The boy had a lot of things, but not really. Again, it was kind of hard for Micah to explain. For him it was like the older boy had a lot of stuff, but compared to Tim's room didn't seem like as much. The younger brother had a lot of toys and small things scattered throughout his room all of which were put away, but not in any way that made sense. With Chase, he had more big electrical and technical things like a computer, stereo system, and a television with something hooked up to it; all in its proper place.

Standing in the doorway Micah's eyes settled on the older boy noticing he was lying on the bed with headphones on, oblivious to the smaller boy. The resemblance of the older boy and his little brother was kind of uncanny, but there were also many differences in their facial features. Something else that seemed to be different, which Micah noticed for the first time, was the big bulge between the older boy's legs he was currently squeezing without seeming to realize he was doing it making stuff even more noticeable.

The small blue eyed boy detected the strange feeling churning around between his legs as his thingy got hard again for some reason. It always did that sort of thing all on its own. He continued to stare at the teen's crotch picking up on the outline of Chase's fat thingy. Micah's seen other boys naked before in showers and stuff, including other older boys, but none of them had such a thick thingy like Chase seemed to have.

He felt a bit awkward intruding like this, but Mr. M had insisted, so the boy stepped a little further into the room calling out to Chase. When the teen didn't respond he bit his lower lip walking over to the bed giving it a good jiggling. He saw the older boy opening his eyes and smile removing his headphones.

"Um…sorry Chase but I called out to you. Um…your dad insisted I go through Tim's box of old clothes to find something to wear for church. I guess we are all going to listen to Tim sing." He pointed out a bit dubiously about the whole singing thing as he yawned with the day and the warm bath seemingly starting to catch up to him.

Between the last few days he really hadn't gotten much sleep. He had slept really well last night, but it hadn't been long enough. He was still tired from all the worry and lack of sleep. He held his hand in front of his mouth apologizing to Chase who shrugged his shoulders.

"No worries Micah." The older boy chuckled. "Even I was a tad tired and was snoozing a bit while listening to some tunes. I think you will like the choir music. Tim does have a good voice and can really sing, but don't tell him I said so or I'll never hear the end of it." Chase chuckled.

"I won't." Micah promised grinning in return. "Oh…and your dad also said I needed to ask you for a brush to comb my hair while it's still wet because it was easier then." He added seeing Chase sit up on his bed reaching into the drawer on the end table next to his bed pulling out a brush.

"Would you like me to brush it for you?" Chase offered with the smaller boy hesitating surprised the older boy would want to do something like that for him. "I do it all the time for Tim too because he has longer hair and it gets a bit tangled sometimes. I really don't mind." He suggested scooting back a little patting the bed between his legs indicating Micah should take a seat.

The blond boy shrugged his shoulders taking a seat where he was instructed feeling the teen leaning towards him as he began brushing his long blond locks. "You've got really nice hair Micah. I wished mine was like yours. It used to be a little lighter when I was younger, but not like yours, and it got a little darker now that I'm older. Don't ask me why that happens sometimes because I don't know." Chase offered up making conversation with the boy just like his dad while he brushed out all the tangles.

A couple of minutes later Chase finished up draping his arms over the front of Micah's pale smooth body pulling the blond boy towards him. The teen embraced the younger boy tenderly enjoying how it felt to have the kid's warm back snuggled up against his chest. It felt familiar and not awkward at all.

Settling his chin on the boy's shoulder with his face plastered next to the boy's cheek Chase sighed. "There all finished." He announced turning his head kissing the boy on the cheek.

It felt right holding the younger kid in his arms, sort of similar to how he felt when he did the same with his little brother. Some of his friends teased him about that sort of thing, but he didn't care always shrugging it off. Most of them didn't have a close relationship with their families always arguing about some lame thing or other. It was different with his family. Sure they had arguments too sometimes, but he noticed there was a type of bond in his own family which was missing in his friends' homes.

"I like it when you guys do that." Micah sighed melting back into Chase's arms.

"What's that?" The older boy asked rocking the little guy back and forth in his arms.

"You know hugging and stuff. All of you guys do it…your mom, dad, Tim, and even you. It's really nice."

Chase chuckled nodding his head enjoying the feel of Micah's soft cheek against his face. "Yeah we're sort of like that I guess. My friends tease me about it sometimes, but I don't care. Anyway, the box with Tim's stuff is in the closet on the left hand side." The older boy pointed out letting Micah hop off the bed and pull out the box.

To his surprise Micah tugged on his towel letting it drop to the floor exposing all his nakedness while he rummaged through the box. The smaller boy didn't even take notice of what he had done. It didn't really bother Chase since he's seen his brother running around naked all the time and has also seen plenty of other boys in his school naked too since they were required to take showers after P.E. classes. Most schools didn't require showers anymore, but his did. He's been taking showers after gym class now for a couple of years having started in Junior High School. It never really bothered Chase even though he's gotten his fair share of ribbing over his fat noodle. He took it all in good stride knowing it was simply par the course of growing up. Besides, he gave back just as much as he received and in the end it was just easy going bantering between friends and peers.

He studied the naked boy rummaging through the box and smirked. The little tyke was a good looking kid with cute round butt cheeks that had a healthy glow about them. He was kind of skinny, but not in a starving kind of way. No it was rather more in a natural kind of way like other lanky kids Chase knew. He could tell in a few years the cute blond boy would have all sorts of girls chasing after him because of his looks.

His eyes settled on something else now as he smiled and chuckled. The kid was bigger than his ten year old brother between his legs and he was a year younger. It didn't surprise him though because he knew his brother was a bit on the small side in that regard. He also noticed the boy wasn't circumcised. There were a few kids in his school who weren't cut either. Chase wondered sometimes what it would be like to have foreskin, but it wasn't something he obsessed about. Micah had popped a boner and Chase thought the boy's uncut erection looked really sexy on him, sort of like one of those long smooth peppers. He figured it was another thing the girls were going to like about him in a few years grinning from ear to ear as he watched the smaller boy seemingly come to a decision about some clothes.

"Um…don't forget about underwear." He suggested seeing the boy pause looking up at him as he continued. "I thought I noticed a package of new underwear Tim never got around to wearing. They are just the typical tightie whities, but they've never been worn." He suggested with Micah scrunching up his face questioningly.

Chase got up rooting through the box finding a package and handing them over to Micah who ripped open the plastic holding up a pair of Hanes underwear. The older boy crawled back on to the bed putting his headphones back on letting the tyke get dressed approving of the final results.

Micah had chosen a solid cobalt blue colored long sleeved button up wool shirt. It had two front buttoned chest pockets with the sleeves rolled up and held in place by a button strap keeping it stylish. Tucking in his shirt the boy closed the clasp on his dark slacks and zipped them up.

A few moments later a completely dressed Micah crawled on the bed snuggling up with Chase draping his arms over the older boy holding him close. Chase looked down at the little bugger and smiled thinking the kid looked really snazzy in his clothes. Reaching up he lowered the volume before unhooking the headphones from his stereo so they both could listen to it getting an appreciative smile out of the boy.

My wife had left with Tim a while back and I hadn't heard anything from upstairs so looking at my watch figured it was time to get Chase and Micah so we could head down to the church. Sticking my head in the door I smiled seeing the two boys curled up together on the bed. Chase was running his fingers gently up and down the completely dressed boy's back while Micah slept in his arms. The boy had gotten dressed in a pair of slacks and shirt looking so adorably sweet, but he must have been totally exhausted.

Chase began to get up so he could dress, but I waved him off. "Listen…I'm going to have you stay home with Micah. It's not fair to wake him up. He's way too exhausted and we have another big day ahead of us tomorrow. Let him nap for a couple of hours and we'll wake him up for dinner when we get home." I suggested with Chase indicating he was fine with looking after Micah.

The teen remained cuddled with Micah for a bit after his dad left enjoying the warmth and soapy clean smell from his young charge reminding Chase he needed a shower because he was getting a bit funky. Now that he's older his body got a bit ripe at times if he didn't get cleaned up on a regular basis. Easing himself off the bed he made his way into the bathroom hesitating a moment before deciding he better leave the door open. He was more concerned about the smaller boy waking up all alone in a strange place than getting caught stark naked.

Jumping in the shower the older boy stood under the spray nozzle enjoying the warm water as it cascaded over his skin washing away his teenage stink. Leaving the curtain open slightly, he could watch the slumbering boy through the mirror on the wall from the tub. Soaping up his body and running his fingers downwards he began chubbing up as his penis bloated and elongated eagerly. Sliding his fingers over his swollen member he slowly ran it up and down the length of his now completely stiff fat cucumber. It felt bulky in his hands with his fingers not even able to fully surround it as his body quivered expectantly.

Glancing out through the parted curtains at the slumbering boy he groaned because normally he would take care of his teenaged needs at this point. Even though he wasn't concerned about the boy seeing him naked he most definitely didn't want to get caught in the act of pleasuring himself. It was bad enough when his little brother had walked in on him several months back, but even though he liked Micah it wasn't something he wanted the smaller boy to see him doing since it was a very private matter.

Coming to a decision he quickly rinsed himself off before shampooing his hair. By the time he had it all rinsed out his little fatty had managed to deflate. Chase was still a bit horny so his now flaccid thick shaft was just at the cusp of becoming full blown with the slightest provocation. Climbing out of the tub Chase glanced towards the boy nodding his head because the kid was still fast asleep. Drying himself off he wrapped the towel around his waist walking back into his room towards his dresser for a fresh set of clothes.

Pausing by the bed the teen watched the other boy sleep for a few seconds when Micah unexpectedly shifted in his sleep rolling towards the far end of the bed. It caught Chase by surprise as he suddenly scrambled on to the bed managing to grab the boy by the shoulders before he tumbled right over the edge. The blond boy stirred awake momentarily moaning in his drowsy state slowly rolling back towards Chase prompted by the teen's urging. The little guy's eyes were slightly open, but didn't seem completely all there as he draped his arm and leg over the older boy snuggling in closer his eyes drooping shut. Chase held still allowing the boy to settle in a little more and sighed looking around as he lay on his back with half of Micah's body draped over his torso. Not wanting to wake the nine year old up the teen relaxed figuring he'd give it a few minutes before extracting himself from the little bugger.

At the church Tim had been a bit disappointed when his dad told him Micah and Chase stayed home because the nine year old boy had fallen asleep. Earlier that morning his dad told both him and Chase a little about what had happened to the nine year old, but he hadn't known the entire story. So when Tim wined saying it wasn't fair they had stayed home his dad sat him down taking the time to lay it out for him. He explained how Micah had been tossed in jail for nothing at all, and had been so frightened stayed up all night long, all of the following day, and well into the evening. By the time his dad had gotten Micah home it had been very late with the boy having stayed awake for close to two whole days. Then this morning we woke him up early with him getting only a few hours' sleep. Tim began to sympathize glad now his new friend was getting a few hours of extra sleep.

After his performance Tim's dad had beamed proudly at him and he could tell his dad had enjoyed the choir and his solos. His parents always stayed afterwards to help the church at the reception, but the ten year old wasn't in the mood so they allowed a family friend to drive him home.

Walking through the front door it was serene in the house with Tim climbing the stairs looking in his room noticing it was empty. Crossing over to Chase's door, which was open, he snuck a peek inside giggling. Micah was curled up on his side facing away from Chase who was sleeping on his back. His older brother must have taken a shower because he had a towel around his waist, which at the moment wasn't covering much of anything on him as Tim silently crept inside.

Making his way over towards the bed the ten year old paused looking down at his older brother gazing at his crotch completely captivated noting how much bigger he had gotten down there from when he remembered. His brother's dickey and marbles were always pretty huge, but now they had grown even bigger in only a few months. The boy gaped at Chase's dickey figuring it looked pretty doggone heavy thinking the same about his marbles. He began wondering what was heavier; Chase's dickey or his large steel sized ball-bearings.

Without thinking he reached out cupping his older brother's bagged up marbles in his hand amazed at how the warm spongy feeling wrinkly skin hung over the sides of his hand. It felt pretty hefty, a lot heavier than he had expected.

Tim's eyes bulged in amazement as he watched his brother's dickey inflate, thickening up rapidly while also getting a bit longer. He wondered if his brother ever got curious about his dickey and measured it. When it had been soft just now he figured it was probably about the same length as one of those toilet paper cardboard cores. The tube was also kind of fat, but his brother's sausage looked way thicker, even when it wasn't stiff. Now that Chase was hard Tim figured his brother's dickey was at least an inch longer if not more, and of course way thicker than the toilet paper tube.

Unable to resist the urge now that it was just out there in the open Tim let go of his brother's marbles wrapping his fingers around the hard smooth dickey which was surprisingly warm. It twitched in his fingers with his brother's marbles jolting upwards making him giggle. It felt kind of weird feeling Chase's dickey wriggling around like that in his hands. Studying his brother's hard dickey he wasn't expecting it to be that heavy. It was chunkier than he thought too with him unable to wrap his fist around it.

Glancing up to make sure his brother was still asleep he took the time to really study his brother's privates because who knew when he'd ever get another chance. He didn't get those butterfly kind of feelings inside of him like he did when he saw Micah naked, but he was still curious to get a closer look of a boy whose body has changed. Leaning in he studied Chase's thick bloated shaft and pinkish brown tip which resembled a doorknob. His brother's nub was curved all the way from the bottom to the top including a smooth rounded tip. It almost looked like one of those helmets soldiers wore and had a wide ridge that flared outwards. Micah's tip had been sleek and smooth no wider than the rest of his tube just like the tip of a bullet that fit smoothly on the rest of the cartridge without a ridge. Shifting his focus now, he took a closer look at Chase's very large fleshy bulging skin sack about the size of a tennis ball. It hung down heavily between his legs with marbles about the size of those Medjool Dates his mother had brought home the other day. His brother also had a nice tight patch of dark brown curly hair around the base of his dickey matching the shade of color on his eyebrows.

His older brother's dickey was like his without skin over the tip. Micah's smooth tube had skin over his little bullet, something Tim decided to call it since it had the same kind of shape to it without a ridge, which slid back and forth. The ten year old did that now to Chase's thick dickey disappointed it didn't feel so smooth when his brother's body abruptly seized momentarily before convulsing. It caught the ten year old boy by complete surprise as the engorged dickey in his hand suddenly inflated even thicker and rippled with a thick rope of sticky milky like stuff squirting out the tip end. Even his brother's big boulders jolted upwards slamming against his tight fist. There was a rasping guttural noise coming from his brother as the teen abruptly bolted upright smacking Tim's hand away.

When Micah rolled on top of Chase he figured he'd kick back until the boy settled down before extricating himself from the little guy, but had promptly fallen asleep instead. As he dozed his dreams inexplicably shifted into a more sexual one. Suddenly he was jolted awake by an intense feeling as his body was gripped in a colossal orgasm. He's never had a wet dream before always having taken care of his teenaged needs in one way or another, but when he bolted awake he immediately knew it had just happened to him for the first time ever. His entire body seized up intensely for a brief moment before he spewed out his precious life giving jizz crashing back down on to the mattress in complete shock and totally drained of energy.

It wasn't the only thing shocking because hovering over him and actually grasping his now spent penis was his little brother. He immediately smacked the offending hand away staggering spastically out of the bed making his way into the bathroom totally disoriented with his emotions all over the place. There was the sensation of euphoria and sexual release from his orgasm, confusion, anger and rage, a sense of loss and emptiness, and even disgust as he turned on the water in the sink immediately cleaning up the mess all over the front of his body, towel, and privates. His cum was literally all over the place including his face and not to mention even in the hair on his head. It had been an intensive orgasm lasting only mere seconds, but in those few moments he must have emptied out everything his spunk tanks had in them including any reserves because they now began to ache as well.

It took Tim a few seconds to realize what had just happened, but when his brother had slapped away his hand literally shoving passed him while jumping off the bed to duck inside the bathroom the younger boy understood. Then it was only because both he and his brother had just gotten done talking about it that morning. Running after his older brother, Tim was totally freaked out now worried sick as he watched his brother getting cleaned up washing the sticky stuff away.

It was then Tim realized a lot of it had oozed on to his hand too. It felt kind of slimy, sticky, and gooey also smelling a bit odd when he held it up to his nose curiously. His older brother must have noticed because he grabbed his wrist plunging it under the water washing the stuff away. When the younger boy looked up he couldn't read his brother. He's never seen that sort of expression on Chase's features before so didn't know what to think.

"I…please…I didn't know." The ten year old began with his older brother shoving Tim's hand away a bit forcefully before jerking his own hand up angrily signaling for silence.

Tim watched his brother who looked sort of lost rocking back and forth before the teen finally took a seat on the toilet seat with Tim trying again. "Please Chase I…," He began with his brother jerking his hand up waving forcefully for silence looking like he was going to throw up.

Chase shuddered and placed his head in his hands which shook violently and remained like that for several long moments before finally sighing and running his fingers through his hair. It seemed to take forever, but the teen finally looked up at his little brother's stricken face. Tim's eyes began to well up because he knew he had done something so horribly naughty and wrong.

The older teen's emotions were all over the place so he could barely think straight. When his little brother tried to speak up he couldn't take it and had shut him up right away. He needed to think so took a seat on the toilet lid trying to gather his thoughts and wits about him when he finally looked up into a small boy's crushed features. It was then he realized this whole thing had been an innocent accident with his brother not understanding what had happened.

Reaching out Chase grabbed his little brother's wrist pulling the smaller boy towards him feeling Tim collapse into his body as his head settled in the crook of his neck. "Please don't hate me Chase. I didn't know. I'm sorry." He hiccupped with Chase sighing running his hand up and down his little brother's back in a soothing kind of manner allowing the boy to crawl up on his lap.

Tim's legs were draped over the side of his older brother's hips as he cried softly on Chase's shoulder. "I'm so sorry." He whispered again.

"I know Tim, but we can never let something like that happen again…ever." Chase whispered back trying to explain. "We are brothers and it's wrong to do something like that with each other. I know it was an accident and you really don't understand everything, but let's not do that again." Chase whispered soothingly with Tim nodding his head leaning back letting his older brother wipe away the tears.

"Tim, I know you are curious about some things and it's cool. It's only natural little guys get curious about other boys at your age. If you get curious wanting to try things you need to do that sort of thing with other boys your own age though. I was nosy too when I was younger and I did things with other boys my own age, but we are brothers and I'm way older so we can't do that sort of thing together no matter how curious you are about it…alright?" Chase asked noticing Tim nodding his head.

"So you aren't mad?" The ten year old boy asked with Chase shaking his head.

"No, because it was an accident, but you've got to promise not to say anything to anybody, not even mom and dad." Chase insisted with Tim agreeing.

Sighing in relief and feeling a little better despite what had happened Chase once more gave his little brother a hug before getting him to hop off his lap. "Why don't you wait in your room while I get dressed?" He urged getting no argument from his little brother.

The teen entered his room walking towards the dresser drawer noticing Micah stirring awake slowly opening up his pretty blue eyes stretching and rubbing away the sleep. The younger boy's eyes bulged for a split second when he saw Chase standing there butt naked with his huge thingy and danglies swinging between his legs. The older teen couldn't help but chuckle understanding Micah's reaction since it's been happening all his life.

"Wow, you're really big down there. Way bigger than any of the other older boys I've seen." Micah commented without much thought as he propped himself on his elbow to get a better look while Chase pulled on a pair of shorts.

"Yeah…I get that a lot." Chase shrugged pulling on a shirt too. "It's kind of strange though that you'd have seen a lot of other boys naked at your age." He finished up cocking his head to the side looking at Micah curiously.

"Yeah I suppose, but it's not like here where I can take a bath in private. I always had to take one at a shelter whenever we could afford it. Usually it's in a big open room with lots of other showers." Micah responded shrugging his shoulders getting up off the bed just as we heard mom and dad yelling for all of us to come down.

Entering through the front door I yelled for the boys to come downstairs smiling as Tim squealed running up giving Maddie a big hug. To my surprise Maddie had come down to the church so she could listen to Tim sing and also to talk. After we had left the station Maddie had done some more work on Micah's case so wanted to talk to us about what she found out. Of course there was a lot more to do, but in short order she found out some basic information. Of course the blond boy had been a bit hesitant when he saw Maddie, but when my boys treated the woman like a close family member he began to relax.

With all of us gathered around in the living room Maddie focused on the little boy. "Alright Micah the first thing I want you to know is I found out your first name means 'A gift from God,' which I think all of us can agree suits you." She smiled warmly at the smaller boy getting a giggle out of Tim.

"See I told you he was a gift from Santa. Maddie I told everyone Santa sent Micah to us." He stated seriously getting a chuckle from everyone.

After that we got down to business discussing what we needed to do with Micah. According to Maddie it didn't appear he had any relatives. His father was never listed on the birth certificate and his mother was here in the country illegally from Russia. Since Micah was born in the U.S. he was automatically a citizen of our country. As for his mother she had been raised in an orphanage so had no known relative either. This meant there were no valid claims to the boy.

That's when my wife and I reached over comfortingly towards the nine year old who was misty eyed since he was just told there was no one in his life. "Micah it'll be alright. We've talked with Maddie telling her we would be willing to keep you with us." I assured the boy his lips quivering as he looked at us a bit bewildered.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"Well it means we want you to stay with us…if possible…permanently." I added with Micah looking at us incredulously.

"Really?" He asked with me and my wife nodding glancing towards our two other boys who seemed over the moon with the news.

"Well…let's not get ahead of things." Maddie reigned things in a bit. "Right now Micah we need to take things one step at a time before that happens. First we need to get everything situated here meaning we need to satisfy state requirements for your living arrangements. So Harry and Maria do you have a place for Micah yet? You know a room and bed?" She asked with me sort of wincing looking at my wife.

"Well not exactly Maddie. I mean it is Christmas and it isn't like I can go out and buy a bed. We plan on doing a bit of shopping tomorrow with the boys. Micah needs new clothes and of course a bed. We plan on putting him with Tim. We might have to get bunk beds though because it is a bit tight in his room." I explained with my wife not too happy by the whole bunk bed scenario afraid one of the boys might fall out. "At least as a regional manager I get a pretty good discount." I chuckled knowing our pocket books were about to take a big hit.

Maddie asked more questions grimacing with some of our answers thinking with only three bedrooms it might be tough to convince the state; especially, since Tim's room is so small. When it comes to family you can cram twenty kids into a small room not to mention the same bed if they are all your kids, but when they aren't your own there are all these stupid requirements. Alright, maybe they weren't stupid because they were there to protect kids and all, but still there should at least be some common sense involved.

That's when Chase spoke up. "Well, if the room being too small is the biggest issue, why not just swap rooms?" He suggested getting a confused look from all of us. "Oh geeze everyone…it's really simple you know. My bedroom is way bigger than Tim's so if they are going to share then put them in mine. We can put another bed right there by the walk-in closet for Micah. It will give him his own sort of private space. If we have to we can even put something up like a curtain where he can open and close it for more privacy. Besides, there's the walk-in closet too. I mean its half empty as it is since I don't even need that much space. It should make things easier for both Micah and Tim to have room for their stuff. This way the bedroom itself won't feel so cramped with both of them in it." He suggested with me now stroking my chin looking at my wife knowing Chase as a teenager was giving up a lot to accommodate this situation.

"Well actually your mom and I have been talking about getting you a bigger bed, so if we go shopping tomorrow then instead of a bed for Micah we will pick up a queen sized one for you. Tim can move his bed over into your room. Then we will put the queen size bed into Tim's room for you. That'll work…the two smaller beds in the bigger room and the queen sized bed in the smaller one. That is if you really are willing to give up your room son? I know it's a big sacrifice for a teenager." I suggested noticing Micah get up and head upstairs probably to take a bathroom break while we continued to hash some things out.

Chase watched Micah getting up thinking the boy looked somehow off, but didn't say anything glancing back towards his parents shrugging his shoulders. "Yeah sure…I mean they're only bedrooms you know. Besides, unlike Tim I keep my room pretty clean so it should work." He chuckled getting a protest from Tim.

I shook my head at the friendly banter as my youngest piped up. "Hey…my room's not that bad, it's just I've got a lot of stuff." He harrumphed getting a chuckle out of us before Maddie shifted our thoughts on other things without me even realizing Chase had gotten up and snuck off as well.

The older teen made his way upstairs poking his head into Tim's room seeing it empty figuring the other boy maybe had gone to the bathroom after all. Sighing he walked over to his room and entering it saw the small boy sitting on the edge of his bed. Micah looked up noticing the older teen before looking back down at the card in his hand making Chase scrunch up his face.

Walking over, the teen sat down next to Tim wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asked with the kid looking up shaking his head as some tears trickled down the side of his cheeks worrying the older boy. "Please don't cry Micah. You've been doing way too much of that lately." He added holding the boy tighter looking down recognizing the card Micah was holding as the one he had given to him earlier.

They both fell silent for a few moments before Chase spoke up again. "Is that the card I gave you?" He asked with the boy nodding looking up at the teen with his cheeks still damp from his tears.

"Yeah…it's special. I loved all my gifts…but the card is special." He responded with Chase looking at the Angel on the front which really did look like Micah before he flipped it open seeing the words he had written finally understanding why the boy felt the way he did.

Micah sighed looking around the room. "Why would you give up this nice room?" He asked making Chase scrunch up his eyes in thought before looking down at the card.

"What makes the card so special?" He asked in turn with the boy shrugging his shoulders taking a big breath his chest rattling. "Because of what you wrote inside." He paused before reading it out loud. "Welcome to the family Micah…we all love you." He sniffled setting it down in his lap looking up into the teen's gentle eyes.

"You have no idea how much that means to me because I've never really felt that before, well not in a long while at least, but when Tim read it out loud earlier I could see all of you really meant it." He replied falling silent for a moment.

Shifting on the bed the petite blond boy once more addressed his original question, but in a different way. "I feel kind of awful about you giving up your room Chase…it's not fair. I…I don't want you to hate me because you have to give up this nice room for me. Why would you even do that?" He asked biting his lower lip while I sighed shaking my head.

"I thought I already did when you read what I wrote." Chase responded getting a bewildered look from the smaller boy. "I really meant what I wrote Micah…we all do. You are a part of the family now no matter what. It doesn't matter what some stupid judge says or does…it doesn't matter what we have to do to allow you to stay with us…that's what families do. Besides, it's only a stupid room Micah. What do you think matters more to me, some stupid room or you? What would you do if you had to choose Micah? This bedroom doesn't matter to me…you matter, Tim, matters, and my mom and dad matters…it's my family that matters Micah. This means you too now." He explained leaning in and wrapping his arms around the younger boy holding him tight for several long moments letting the boy silently cry, his own heart breaking for this sweet adorable kid who had mysteriously entered all of their lives.

Once I noticed the two boys missing I moved our discussion upstairs finding Micah and Chase in the teen's room. Clearing my throat I got the two boy's attention as they looked up at the rest of us watching them. "Is everything alright?" I asked arching my eyebrow at Chase who nodded his head.

"Yeah dad, Micah was just upset about the room so I had to of set him straight on things. In this family we all share and share alike…huh Tim?" Chase winked at his little brother who bounced into the room and pounced on his older brother and Micah.

"Yup…you betcha." He replied giving the newest family member a big hug. "With you here now Micah it makes us the Three Musketeers…you know 'all for one and one for all' type of thing." He giggled getting a chuckle out of the younger boy.

Maddie looked around seeming to approve of the bedroom situation; especially, with its large size, the alcove area for the other bed, the separate bathroom for the boys, and the walk-in closet as she agreed with Chase's assessment how it would allow the two boys to have more space inside the bedroom. By the end of the visit she assured us at the very least Micah wouldn't be going anywhere. She'd recommend the court make us permanent foster parents to Micah and then later adoptive parents if it was something we decided to do.

It was late at night with Tim squirming around in bed next to Micah who finally sighed and looked over at the other boy. "What's wrong?" the nine year old boy whispered softly.

Since there wasn't another bed it was decided the two younger boys would share a bed until they could get one tomorrow when they went to the store. Micah didn't mind, but Tim seemed to get all fidgety.

"I can't take it." Tim whispered hitching up his hips and tugging off his shorts tossing it aside getting a questioning look from Micah. "I always sleep naked and I can't sleep with shorts on." He quipped as the nine year old hesitated a moment before tugging off his borrowed pajama bottoms tossing it over the side on top of Tim's shorts.

The nine year old boy was used to sleeping with his clothes on; especially, when it was cold outside in the car, but since Tim was going to sleep naked he was too. It sort of felt kind of strange to be naked next to another boy, but it also felt kind of naughty in a nice way as he felt his little thingy getting stiff all on its own rubbing against the soft blanket. He felt Tim shifting in bed turning towards him staring so Micah turned his head towards his new friend.

"Micah, do you think it would be alright if I look at your…um…you know…dickey?" He asked adding. "I like how it looks with that skin over your bullet."

The nine year old boy giggled at the way Tim was referring to his thingy and the purple tip under it as he lowered the blanket letting the other boy get a good look at his stiffie. He could feel the boy's fingers all over his thingy and tenders closing his eyes enjoying how it felt. Suddenly it got kind of ticklish and Micah giggled rolling away as he clamped his fist over his boy parts protectively. That prompted Tim to pounce on him as a quick wrestling match ensued with both boys giggling ending with the ten year old boy lying on top of the younger blond kid as their groins ground into one another. Both boys could feel their little stiffies rubbing up against one another making them giggle.

Tim looked down into Micah sparkling blue eyes. "You've got really pretty eyes." He told the boy who smiled in return.

"Your dad said the same thing. He called them Carolina blues…you know the colors of his college." Micah smiled with Tim grinning and nodding knowingly.

"Yeah I suppose." He agreed pausing for a moment and blushing before asking something he hoped the boy wouldn't think weird. "Um…Micah?" He began with the smaller boy beneath his body looking back at him waiting. "Can I kiss you?" He asked his cheeks burning and waiting expectantly.

He had kissed the boy earlier when he was asleep, but he wanted a real one now when the other boy was awake. Micah scrunched up his eyebrows shrugging his shoulders.

"I suppose. I mean your entire family has been giving me kisses all day. I don't think I've ever had so many before, but I kind of like it." He added smiling.

"No, not like that," Tim paused, "I mean…you know…a real kiss…like on the lips…pleeeeease." He asked with Micah giggling thinking that was just silly, but in a way it sounded kind of tempting.

For some reason he felt himself actually liking the idea of kissing so nodded his head. The ten year old boy couldn't believe the other boy would let him kiss him right on the lips. He could feel his insides getting all fluttery as his hard little dickey twitched around excitedly. Slowly he leaned down and gently pressed his lips against Micah's mouth. He could feel the other boy actually kissing him back, but that wasn't the only thing that seemed to respond on the younger boy with Tim feeling Micah's stiff thingy twitching beneath his own hard dickey as he ground his hips even further into the boy.

The two boys continued to kiss and grind their dickeys together a tingling sensation beginning to bubble up deep inside of Tim's body. He could feel the other boy shifting below him as Micah spread his legs outwards wrapping them around Tim's waist providing more access for both boys to rub against each other's dickey. Tim spread his knees slightly outwards as well giving him more leverage as he continued to grind against the cutest boy ever.

To the ten year old boy it felt like he had to go pee when suddenly his entire body got all tingly, like it was on fire as he suddenly stiffened up and his brains sparkled inside his head. The most intense feeling ever washed over his body, his little dickey lurching around as if it had a mind of its own. To his surprise he thought Micah's thin long tube was doing the same thing with the other boy's almond sized marbles bumping up against his smaller tighter bag. Tim felt his own little hazelnut sized marbles lurching slithering further up inside of his body. The entire episode felt absolutely wonderful, but it was over almost as soon as it began with him grunting and squeaking before collapsing on top of Micah gasping for air.

The nine year old boy couldn't believe he was letting the other boy kiss him as a tingling sensation began to thrum along his thin tube. He instinctively wrapped his legs around Tim's waist feeling the other boy's small erection sliding around against his own. The feeling intensified and he thought he was going to wet himself. He was about to tell the other boy to stop when he was suddenly overwhelmed with the most intense feeling ever as his thingy began twitching around. He could feel his two round little tenders jolting upwards bouncing against Tim's tight bag while the other boy's dickey squirmed around up against him making things feel even more intense. He heard Tim squeak his own throat constricting doing the same when he felt the ten year old boy suddenly collapse on top of his chest. A few moments later his own body seemed to crumple inwards leaving him gasping for air as they both began to calm down.

"Wh…what happened." Micah managed to get out in-between gasps. Moaning he shoved Tim off from on top of him. "I…it…um…that was…intense…but nice." He wheezed and began giggling hearing Tim joining in.

"Yeah…now I know why Chase likes it so much." He tittered giddily getting a quirky look from Micah but not explaining further as he slowly exhaled enjoying the aftermath of what the two boys had just experienced together.



"Was that sex?" Micah asked turning towards the other boy who swiveled his head pausing for a moment before cracking a big grin.

"Yeah…Chase explained it to me." He sighed tossing off his covers quickly running into the bathroom pinching the tip of his now softie with Micah right behind him as they both lined up next to each other needing to pee.

Finishing up Tim looked towards the open door leading into his brother's room. "Come on lets snuggle up with Chase." The brown eyed boy suggested seeing Micah pausing gazing at their naked state. "Don't worry, he won't mind, but I feel like snuggling up with him.

The teen had been almost asleep a short while ago when he heard familiar noises forcing its way into his room through the bathroom. He had left the bathroom door wide open in case the boys needed him on their first official night together. It didn't take much of an imagination to figure out what the boys were up to as Chase chuckled realizing his little brother had just experienced his first official orgasm. The teen had been almost twelve when he experienced his first orgasm making him wonder if the two boys might be a bit young still for that kind of activity. Sighing, he shrugged his shoulders knowing once the genie was out of the bottle it was too late to get it back in.

He watched as the two boys crawled into bed with him making room for them without any comment. Tim had almost immediately fallen asleep, the aftermath of his first sexual experience sending him off on to wonderful dreams. Micah on the other hand remained wide awake, maybe because of his earlier nap. Chase knew though that soon enough the effects of his experience with Tim would catch up with him as well. Sex tended to do that to guys.

Rolling over and facing Micah he ran his fingers through the kid's long blond locks enjoying how it felt in his fingers with the boy suddenly squirming on top of him. He could feel the boy's soft penis rubbing against his own warm fleshy tube noticing it was way small compared to him. Chase's baubles had once again flopped out of his boxers convincing him his dad was totally correct as he felt Micah grinding his hips against him noticing the boy's thin sleek tube was getting harder. What was mortifying though is that his own was rapidly chubbing up as well getting a gasp of surprise from the nine year old boy at it's size.

Chase could feel the heat rising up inside of him as Micah continued to grind up against him. The teen ran his fingers down the boy's naked body squeezing those cute sexy fleshy plump melons he had seen earlier as his mind suddenly snapped out of it and he clamped the boy tightly to him stopping any further grinding motions.

"Micah…we need to stop." Chase swallowed hard feeling ashamed things had gone this far.

The cute blond boy's cheeks looked all flushed as he gazed back at the teen. "Why…don't you like how it feels?" He asked curiously.

"Of course Micah…but we can't do this. I wouldn't do this with Tim and I'm definitely not doing this with you. I'm way too old to be doing that sort of thing with a nine year old boy Micah. Besides, haven't you enjoyed enough of this with Tim for now?" I asked seeing the blond boy's surprised look as his eyes got big and round.

"How did you…," He began his cute cheeks flushing about ten shades of red looking totally mortified someone would know what happened between him and Tim as he gazed into my eyes a slow grin spreading over my features.

At first he was a bit frightened, but then when he saw my grin he relaxed a bit and began to giggle. "How'd you know?" He asked laying his head on my chest inhaling deeply.

"Well…um…you two were pretty noisy about it…and it's not like I don't know what that sort of thing sounds like." I chuckled trying to set him at ease our erections still plastered against one another and sort of twitching. "Besides both bathroom doors were open. I usually keep mine closed and Tim knows it means he can't come in, but I left it open tonight in case you guys needed me. So it didn't leave much to the imagination what you two were up to." I chuckled.

"Oh." Micah replied enjoying having our two naked bodies plastered together as I absentmindedly began running my hand up and down his smooth skin.

"You really have soft skin Micah and you smell really good, even after sex." I chuckled getting a giggle out of the boy as we both fell silent.


"Hmmm?" I responded enjoying the feel of his warm body up against mine and no longer bothered by the fact we were both sporting erections.

"Can I see your thingy? I mean I've never seen another boy with a big one like that. I've seen grown men, but not another teen. I've seen some older boys with hair and stuff…but never…um…you know…real close. Would it be alright? You can see mine too." He rattled on a bit nervously making me scrunch up my face a bit freaked out by the request.

"I'm not sure it's such a good idea Micah. Things are a little different for older boys you know. Things sort of happen that are…well…trust me…it's different for older boys." I tried to explain with Micah lifting his head and gazing at me.

"Please…it's not like we are having sex or anything. I'm just kind of curious is all. Tim has a really cute one too and I kind of like how it looks on him. He likes mine too. I know it is different with Tim and me, but I promise, I just want to take a look is all." He asked both of us falling silent again as the boy settled his head on my chest.

My mind was such a jumble as I inhaled deeply my chest rising up with Micah's head pressed up against it. I could tell the smaller boy was curious because I was big down there. It kind of surprised me he'd even ask such a thing because he came off as being a bit shy. I suppose with what just happened between him and Tim it had him behaving a bit bolder about things. He was settled in on top of me now and seemed content. I had the feeling he wouldn't ask again not wanting to be pushy about it.

Everything inside of me was yelling for me not to give in, but the more I thought about it the more sense it seemed to make. If I made a big issue over this now he'd be nosy about it all the time. If I let him satisfy his curiosity it will simply be another normal thing and no big deal anymore. Coming to a decision I slid him off from on top of me and pulled aside the covers exposing both of our naked bodies.

Micah's mouth twitched up into the most cutest grin ever as he scooted downwards so he could get a closer look. Glancing up for permission I nodded feeling him pull the fabric of my boxers over to the side before his fingers slowly wrap around my bloated erection. My penis twitched excitedly from the contact before settling down, but not after getting a giggle from the blond haired boy.

"That felt way cool in my fingers. I like how your big tenders jumped too." He giggled again as he studiously ran his fingers all over my privates very carefully, every once in a while glancing up to make sure it was still alright.

He seemed totally enamored by it all taking his time as he oohed and awed about my privates. It was strange because even though I was extremely hard I didn't get those tingly kinds of feeling associated with sex like I did when my friends and I experimented around when we were younger, and lately when I messed around with my girlfriend. Of course it still felt good, but Micah fooling around with my privates wasn't sexually charging in that kind of way for me and it was kind of a relief to know this. He took his time running his fingers across my bloated erection, cupping and squishing my testicles, and even running his fingers through my pubes fascinated by the feel of it. Several minutes later the smaller boy finally finished climbing back on top of me in a sitting position with both of his legs draped over my hips.

His sleek thin erection pointed straight as an arrow in an upwards position with a slight curve while his tangerine soft boy bag settled on my stomach spreading outwards. I had to admit the smaller boy really had a sexy hot body as I watched him reach down and grab my hand. Before I knew it he pressed it up against his own privates forcing my fingers to wrap around his thin three and a quarter inch long tube. Begrudgingly, I had to admit I was a bit fascinated noting his tight foreskin looked totally smooth without any tell tale signs of his glans. Looking up into Micah's eyes the boy looked back down expectantly. I got the impression he felt a deal was a deal and actually wanted me to take a closer look at his boy bits.

Caving in I exhaled and slowly ran his erection around in my thumb and finger pretending I was taking a closer look feeling the looseness of his foreskin sliding around. It did start to make me curious about it now that I was actually studying him. I've seen boys in school who were uncut, but never really looked at one before as I slowly eased back Micah's foreskin my breath catching in my throat at the natural beauty of it. His skin was tight, but still slid easily over his plum colored knob making me quiver excitedly at exposing something so sensitive. With him skinned back like this it sort of made sense why his penis looked so smooth and sleek. He had a bullet shaped knob with a ridge the same thickness as the rest of his shaft. It was kind of cool seeing a damp smooth looking glans. It looked and felt different from mine as I ran a finger gingerly over his slicked up purplish colored sensitive tip. Micah's penis twitched at the light contact with his almond sized testicles jolting upwards.

Easing his foreskin back into place I cupped his fleshy tangerine sized purse rolling around his two oval shaped almond sized testicles. I've messed around with my friends when I was younger in a sexual way, but this felt way different. I enjoyed what we were doing, but it wasn't a sexual thing for me.

Glancing up into his pretty blue eyes I was now glad the two of us had taken the time to explore each other in a more intimate manner. He was a very beautiful boy and I could understand why Tim was smitten with him. Micah didn't come across to me as being gay, but I could tell he enjoyed doing sexual things with Tim for now. Somehow it didn't seem wrong that the two of them would be doing things together as I finally released Micah's privates and slid him off to the side covering us both back up so we could snuggle together.

Pulling the boy into my body we spooned together with my right arm draped over his body lightly running my fingers over his chest and stomach. We both fell silent not saying anything for the longest time as I began to let my mind digest what we had just done together. After a while I began to realize it didn't make me feel uncomfortable in the slightest, and I was actually happy we had done it. I guess deep down I had been curious about his uncut penis too. The way the boy purred contentedly next to me as I ran my fingers over his naked body I could tell he wasn't bothered by it either. In the end I imagine it had also satiated his curiosity about my ample sized endowment.

"This was the best Christmas ever." The boy sighed breaking the silence.

"Yeah it was…the best ever." I agreed. "Me and Tim got the best gift ever."

"Really?" The boy wondered out loud. "You guys got so many nice things. Which one was the best?" He asked wondering what present we liked the most.

"You really don't know?" The teen responded with the blond boy shaking his head not having a clue. "It's you of course…you silly goose." Chase chuckled reaching down and giving the other boy a tickle on his ribs with the boy squeaking and squirming around giggling before the teen released him allowing the boy to snuggle back up with him as he sniffled, now facing the older teen and holding him affectionately.

"You know what I think?" Chase asked looking deep into Micah's sparkling blue eyes.

The smaller boy craned his neck staring into the teen's eyes shaking his head. "No…what?" He yawned which surprised him as he realized maybe he was more tired than he thought.

"I think Maddie was right…and Tim too." Chase smiled down at the boy who looked back with a confused expression that was just too cute.

"I don't understand." Micah finally admitted.

"Well Maddie says you are a gift and Tim says you are an angel." I paused watching the boy digest the information before continuing. "Well I think they were both right…you are the cutest sweetest Angel ever, but also for our family a very special and precious gift on Christmas."

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