Micah's Precious Christmas Gift

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

A Christmas Kiss

"It's alright Micah…you're safe and I'm not leaving you…I promise." I tried to soothe him rocking the boy back and forth feeling him begin to relax again. I'm sorry I woke you up like that, but I have something very important to discuss with you." I began feeling his arms and legs tighten around me again as he once more began to panic.

"Shhhh…sshh…it's alright Micah…I promise…really…it's nothing bad, well at least I don't think it is, but it's important. It does include you though and we need to talk about it so I know what you think…alright?" I asked trying to get him to calm down leaving my explanation at that for a bit to let it sink in.

It seemed to work with his grip loosening up from around my body. "Are you alright now?" I asked feeling the boy nodding his head. "Good boy." I whispered softly easing him back a little so I could see his face using my thumbs to wipe away the dampness from around his eyes creating more smudging on his dirty face.

Smiling encouragingly at the boy I gazed into his eyes which no longer looked dull but rather livelier. "I want to introduce you to some people." I began, scooting the boy off to the side and sliding him off my lap feeling his body flinch a little as he turned around realizing for the first time the two of us weren't alone.

"It's alright Micah, they are here to help." I assured him as the petite boy scooted closer hanging on to my arm almost as if he were a bit shy and trying to hide.

"This is Sergeant Bill who helped me find you." I introduced him to my friend who held out his hand leaving it there for a moment until Micah got enough courage and reached out so they could shake in greeting.

"Nice to meet you." Bill smiled warmly before stepping back.

"This is Officer Torres." I introduced as she knelt down on one knee reaching up to Micah brushing away a strand of blond hair which had slide over his left eye.

"It's so nice to see you doing much better Micah. You had me really worried, and I'm really sorry this happened to you. It shouldn't have, but everything will be fine now." She promised stepping back while I introduced Maddie.

"Maddie is from Family Services." I felt Micah begin to panic with a small whimper escaping his lips when I mentioned Family Services. "It's alright Micah…you can trust her. She's a really close friend of my family. When I used to live in the city her family was just in the other building next to ours. Her son used to watch over my boys when we went out. I wouldn't trust my son's to just anyone you know." I assured him as he glanced up into my face scrunching up his eyes biting his lower lip before nodding his head and relaxing because it made sense to him.

Maddie knelt down in front of the blond haired boy just like Officer Torres had done smiling warmly at him. "I guess you may have heard some bad things about Family Services, but we are only here to help people out. We only want to protect you and do what's best so you are safe. In a way if you think about it I actually work for you. Does that sort of make sense?" She asked letting Micah think on it for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders making her chuckle. "Well…I suppose that will do for now. Hopefully as we work together you will sort of see it the same way. In the meantime, let's both agree to try and work together…fair enough?" She asked with Micah pausing for a moment because it was strange for an adult to sort of ask permission from him since he was only a kid before glancing up towards me as I shrugged my shoulders and nodded indicating it sounded fair to me.

"Alright." He whispered back a bit shyly with Maddie smiling in return before getting up and stepping back so I could introduce the most important person that held his future in her hands at the moment.

"Micah, this lovely lady is Judge Bennett." I introduced with the stately woman's features softening up as she smiled down tenderly at the boy trying to put him at ease.

The boy once more stiffened up trying to hold on to my arm, but I shifted placing it around his shoulder dragging him closer into my body so it would comfort him. "Do you understand who a Judge is?" I asked with Micah's face turning sullen like he was tying not to cry as he nodded his head.

"She's the law and punishes bad people." He whispered. "Did I do something bad Mr. M?" He asked getting really serious and worried, which literally broke my heart with how he could think he had done something wrong.

"Oh Micah…no…no…of course not. You didn't do anything wrong…I swear. You're totally wrong about Judge Bennett though. I mean…well yeah…a judge punishes bad people, but that isn't all they do. You are sort of right about them being the law, but her job is to make sure the law is followed. This does mean sometimes she has to punish bad people, probably more often than she wants." I chuckled glancing up at the Judge who smiled and encouraged me to continue. "It also means sometimes she has to protect innocent people…just like she's here to do with you…alright?" I asked as he looked at me intensely before glancing at the Judge and nodding his head.

"So…I'm not in trouble with the law then?" He asked just to be sure he understood with the Judge suddenly barking out in a huge heartfelt laugh and shaking her head.

"No sweetie you aren't in trouble with the law, but I'm going to make it my personal goal to see that someone in this big mess is held accountable." She winked holding out her arms in front of her stomach indicating the fat cop getting a smile out of Micah who understood what she was driving at.

The blond boy looked up sweetly into my eyes with a big grin on his face because that was the best news he's had in days now making me smile back affectionately. "I'm glad you are enjoying the news so far, but we still have to talk about something very important." I began with the boy getting a more serious look on his face but didn't appear frightened anymore as he sighed and looked at me expectantly.

"Anyway," I started glancing towards the Judge who nodded her head for me to continue. "You see Micah the four of us," I indicated myself and the others, "well…we sort of decided it would be best if you came and stayed with me and my family for now. I know my wife and boys would love for you to come and stay with us, but only if it is something you want too. So, that's why I woke you up. We need to know if you'd like to come home with me." I finished up looking at him expectantly with Micah scrunching up his face looking first at me and then the Judge sort of understanding she would have the final say in it.

"You mean like forever?" He asked with the Judge's features softening up once more as she shook her head almost apologetically.

"Oh no sweetie, that's not how it works. It would only be a short while for now until we see how things go. First, we need to make sure you are safe." She pointed out seeing the crestfallen look on the boy as she glanced my way for a moment before focusing back on Micah.

"Listen sweetie, the law simply doesn't work that way, but it doesn't mean you won't be able to stay with him longer. With these sorts of things we have to do first things first before we can move on to the second step. After all you will want to sort of see how things go too before we take any big drastic steps…right?" She asked allowing Micah to think on it.

"I suppose," he replied softly looking up into my eyes, "but does this mean I might be able to stay with Mr. M for good if things do work out?" He asked hopefully with me wincing because what he was asking couldn't really be answered, not now.

"Micah…listen…none of us can promise anything right now; except, you can come home with me for a while." I began once more seeing the crestfallen look creep over his features as I took a deep breath because this boy continued to break my heart. "This isn't such a bad thing you know, but I promise you Micah no matter what happens from this day forward I will always be looking out for you. So for right now let's do what the Judge suggests and sort of take it one step at a time…alright?" I asked him seeing the boy's face light up because at least he'd have a safe place to stay for a little while, something he's gotten used to in his life; hoping for the best, but not expecting much of anything.

"Alright Mr. M," the boy smiled as everyone took a seat and we got down to business.

The first order of business was to bring Maddie up to speed regarding Micah's situation. The Judge and Maddie kept asking the smaller boy questions which began to wear on him because most of them he didn't have answers to. He didn't know Uncle Jay's or Aunt Dee's last names, and when asked he couldn't even tell them his own. His mom died when he was only about four years old so it had never come up.

"I'm not sure how Family Services is going to handle this situation since we don't have any real information on Micah. I mean I don't even know where to begin to look for any records. There aren't any last names to go by, he doesn't know where he was born, not even which state since his so called Aunt and Uncle moved around so much. There's nothing for Family Services to go on." Maddie stated exasperated when Micah suddenly piped up.

"Family Services," He squeaked excitedly before his elation quickly dissipated and he began to panic looking all around him like something important had just dawned on him.

Suddenly huge tears began to bubble out of his eyes. "My jacket…where's my jacket…I lost it…what happened to it?" He screeched in his high pitched voice jumping up catching us all by surprise at his abrupt outburst while he began to frantically look around like he had just lost the most valuable thing in the world.

In a way I guess it was understandable since all he had in the world were his clothes, but his panicked state alarmed me as I reached out to calm him down. "Micah…it's alright…really…look Sergeant Bill is getting it for you right now." I soothed with Bill handing it over to the boy who immediately grabbed it sitting down on the floor clutching it to his chest rocking back and forth.

It was a heart wrenching thing to watch, but it reminded us how for some, such a simple thing could mean life or death. It's not that the jacket was valuable in money terms, but looking at Micah in his ragged worn clothes, I realized it was the only thing he owned of value and which would keep him warm; especially, now at winter time.

Sitting down next to the boy I wrapped my arm around him. "It's alright Micah; I would have gotten you a new jacket if yours had been lost." I stressed with the boy looking up into my eyes shaking his head.

"No…you don't understand. You see I found this in my jacket the other day when I was in the store and got bored. I never noticed it before so Uncle Jay or Aunt Dee must have put it there. I didn't think much of it until Ms. Maddie mentioned Family Services. Then I remembered that's what was written on the envelope someone had put in my jacket. I thought it was from one of those places we've been to with brochures and stuff." Micah shrugged handing over a sealed envelope to me with the words Family Services written on it.

Glancing at it briefly I handed it over to Maddie who promptly opened it up smiling triumphantly. "His Uncle or Aunt must have figured we'd get involved at some point so put the envelope with his birth certificate in his pocket. This will help out a lot." She sighed in relief.

By the time I finally managed to pull up into the driveway of my house it was late once more. I was getting too old for these long nights I thought to myself chuckling as I climbed out of the driver side seat making sure to close my door softly so I wouldn't wake up Micah. At least all the snow had been shoveled away by my oldest son Chase. It was a reminder I needed to talk to my wife to see if he's been paid for the extra work he's been doing. My oldest was one of those kids who did what was needed without saying a word or complaining. It was something I've always kept an eye on because even though we gave him an allowance he often did other projects never asking for anything in return.

My muscles were aching so I stretched a little wincing when a twinge of pain created a little spasm along my lower back. It was a friendly reminder of how late it had been before I left Altoona. Back at the police station once Micah's birth certificate was found the Judge got to work issuing the proper release paperwork from the police station and also temporary custody over Micah for me and my wife. There were other issues we had to take care of as well while other things Judge Bennett indicated would be addressed in the near future.

At some point I managed to call up my wife explaining the situation. To my surprise she wasn't bothered by it saying she thought it was the right thing to do. I told her not to wait up because we would be getting back late. She objected wanting to meet Micah, but when I said he was struggling to stay awake she understood and agreed all the introductions could wait until morning.

Micah kept dozing trying to stay awake, but he was obviously tired so I tried to get him to go to sleep. Once we were finally allowed to leave I strapped him into the back seat of my car hearing his stomach rumbling making him blush with embarrassment and me chuckle with understanding. From all indications Micah hadn't eaten since I fed him last night. Of course I had plenty of food in my bag so fished it out for him. Grabbing my travel mug with the secure lid I dumped the cold coffee from it. I rinsed it out with water from one of the bottles before filling it up with hot chocolate from my thermos. The boy looked at me smiling appreciatively taking a sip of the hot cocoa and closing his eyes enjoying the flavor as it exploded on his tongue.

"You're right Mr. M…your wife makes excellent hot cocoa." He sighed opening his eyes and giggling remembering my comments from last night.

Ruffling his hair I closed the door and climbed into my seat starting up the engine. Ten minutes later Micah had finished eating and was fast asleep in the back seat as I slowly made my way down the freeway. It had snowed on and off all day making the roads a tad icy and slippery.

Now as I eased Micah out of his seat, careful not to wake him, I held him tightly to my body hoping to keep him warm enough until I got into the house. Once inside I hesitated realizing we hadn't discussed where we were going to put Micah down for the evening. Of course he would probably end up with Tim in his room, but I didn't want to wake my youngest because he'd never get back to sleep. Not with this kind of major event as I gazed into the living room.

I've fallen asleep on our sofa many times finding it very comfy so figured it would do. Sitting down on the couch I sat Micah down next to me and peeled off his warm jacket setting it off to the side. Now that the boy's belly was full he felt completely safe and had fallen into a deeper kind of sleep so my fumbling around with his jacket hadn't woken him up. He was still wearing the multi red colored flannel shirt from yesterday so I unbuttoned his shirt removing it as well before easing him back on to the couch holding his head so it wouldn't flop backwards on him. Without his shirt on I could see just how skinny the boy was, but it wasn't in a starving kind of way. From what Micah told us, yes at times he had been hungry, but his so called Aunt and Uncle always made sure he had food to eat.

Pausing, I picked up one of his small hands studying them for a moment noticing how petite and elegant his fingers were on his long thin wiry arms. He had soft skin with a flat stomach and chest that looked creamy smooth and pale just beneath the dirty smudge like smearing. Shifting slightly I eased the boy's legs on to the sofa the smell of dried stale urine assaulting my nose momentarily from the movement making me feel bad for the poor guy.

I undid the laces from his tattered shoes taking them off his feet. Even his dingy socks were threadbare having seen better days as I took them off noticing Micah really had nice looking feet with thin long straight toes. I rubbed them with my warm hands trying to get the blood circulating so they'd heat up because they felt a bit cold. Glancing up I saw two round orbs of animated blue eyes staring down at me looking as if he were content with how I was caring for him.

Evidently my administrations had woken him up. Sighing, I set his feet on to the cushions and bent over grabbing his dirty clothes. He was half naked now wearing only his jeans, but he didn't seem too concerned about his state of undress. It didn't appear like he was cold either, which didn't surprise me since it was nice and toasty warm in the house. He looked a bit worried about what I had planned for his clothes so I tried to reassure him.

"Don't worry Micah…I'm just going to toss your clothes into the washer so you have something clean to wear tomorrow. I'll come right back with a blanket and we will get you cleaned up a little bit too before we both get some sleep. I hope you don't mind the sofa tonight, but I didn't want to chance waking up Tim because he'd never get back to sleep. I've fallen asleep on the sofa a time or two as well so know it's comfy. Tomorrow we will figure something out a bit more proper." I offered up seeing the boy bite his lower lip glancing down at his jeans for a second before turning his head away like he was ashamed.

"Mr. M?" He spoke up in that soft kind of way he had about him.

"Yeah buddy." I smiled trying to set him at ease with whatever was bothering him.

"I…um…I wet myself…you know…last night…at the…um…later after you left and the mean man put me inside the…the…," Micah's voice caught in his throat as he sniffled with a small little teardrop trickling out from the corner of his eye meandering down his cheek and the side of his neck.

Leaning over to the side I dumped his clothes into the large leather reclining chair next to us and leaned over closer to him looking into his soft boyish features running my fingers through his long blond hair. "It's alright Micah. Things like that sort of happen sometimes. There's nothing to be ashamed about. I've never ever seen a braver nine year old boy like you, and I'm very proud of you. Don't worry I'll bring back a rag and water along with a blanket and we will get you all cleaned up. Tomorrow you can take a proper bath." I assured him as the boy looked back at me nodding his head before wriggling around forcing me to back away.

At first I thought he was trying to get more comfortable, but then I saw his fingers unsnapping the clasp on his jeans and pulling down the zipper. He lifted up his hips and tugged down his jeans exposing his petite foreskin covered two and a half inch long penis and soft dangling boy bits that jiggled around freely between his thin lanky legs. It was then I realized he wasn't wearing any underwear, another indication of his destituteness.

He was most definitely bigger down there than my ten year old with a thin long smooth looking like tube curving slightly over his little soft sagging knap sack. He was also intact unlike my own two boys who were circumcised. I was so shocked with how he had stripped naked in front of me that it took a moment to realize I was literally staring at the boy's privates. Tearing my gaze away from his little nine year old boy baubles, and embarrassed I would even stare like that at a little kid, I breathed a sigh of relief because Micah had been so preoccupied with getting his jeans off of his feet he hadn't noticed my overt gawking. Giving the jeans a final tug he held them out to me not in the least bit concerned about his nakedness.

Taking them from him I scooped up his other clothes making my way over to the utility room. I could feel Micah's eyes watching my every move as I disappeared into the small room where the washer and dryer were located.

The small boy watched Mr. Miner taking his jeans from him along with his other clothes to the wash room. For some reason he felt comfortable around the man even if the two of them had just met last night. After all, the guy had come back to check up on him like he had promised. Mr. M had been really upset too with what happened. Most people wouldn't have even bothered with him, but Mr. M was different. Micah could tell the man had a kind and gentle heart because who would take a kid like him into their own home.

He was even going to wash his clothes for him so they wouldn't stink anymore. Micah had been really embarrassed about having wet himself, Mr. M didn't even yell at him or anything only saying those sorts of things can happen to anyone. He always knew the right thing to say making Micah feel better about himself like he mattered too.

Since he had wet his pants and it stank it only made sense those get washed too. His Uncle was always warning him not to get naked or take a shower with others around unless he was close by just in case someone tried something. Micah didn't think Mr. M was like those people his Uncle always warned him about. Besides, the man was married and had two boys of his own.

While the man was busy Micah looked around. It was a nice home. Right now there were plenty of Christmas decorations up and even though it was festive with a homey feel to it there was also a sense of neatness about it. The place looked like it was lived in, but at the same time also looked well kept and clean. There was a nice stove along the back wall and it was sitting on a platform area made of brick from the floor to the ceiling. It had a pipe leading into the wall which he figured led to the chimney. Next to it in the corner was their Christmas tree. It had all these sparkling little white lights giving off a nice warm glow showing off the ornaments which hung on the branches. It wasn't the kind you see in stores or in the shelters all colorful and gaudy looking. Theirs looked elegant, almost like how Judge Bennett was dressed, all nice and pretty like.

Stepping into the utility room out of sight from the boy for a few moments I tried to gather my wits about me. Micah getting undressed like that while I was there had me a bit rattled. It's one thing having my own boys running around naked in the house, something a bit different with the other boy. Of course I've had other kids over who were friends with my boys and they had taken baths together, but I knew their parents and they knew us so it didn't seem so awkward. With Micah things were a bit different because the state was involved now and I was a Foster parent so wasn't sure what was permissible and not.

Yet, I also didn't want Micah to feel out of place in our home making a big issue over it, but I was also a little worried with how the state and others might view it. If this gets out with Micah being completely undressed and naked in front of me while I got him cleaned up it could come off the wrong way. Of course I hadn't intended for him to pull off his jeans like that getting naked in front of me, but I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it either. He was only nine years old after all.

Getting him washed up and cleaned had to be dealt with because leaving him all stinky from when he wet himself would be wrong. He had sat in it all night already and I wasn't going to let him go through another night feeling all filthy and dirty. Micah felt bad about it so getting him washed up would make him feel better. It was too late in the evening to have him hop in the bathtub, so a quick sponge bath would have to do.

Shoving Micah's clothes into the wash machine I came to a decision. If I wanted him to feel like a part of the family then I'd treat him the same way I would my own boys. If Tim ever wet himself I'd clean him up and get him back to bed. Of course my little boy is a natural nudist and I've seen him naked all his life so it wasn't such a big deal. I've bathed him when he was a baby and throughout most of his young life until he got a little older. Sometimes I still sat with him when he took a bath because he likes to chat with me while he bathes. At ten years old he's getting too old for that sort of thing, but until he comes to that conclusion on his own I wasn't making a big deal of it.

This brought me to another matter regarding having all three boys together. If Micah stayed with us it wouldn't be a stretch the boys would at some point be exposed to one another in various manners of undress; especially in regards to Tim. After all I don't think my ten year old would be stopping any time soon with walking around the house naked. Its one thing when he had a friend over for a night or two remaining clothed, but Micah will be with us for a while. Knowing my little nudist the way I did it wouldn't be a stretch for him to be right back to his old habits relatively soon. In addition, Tim will probably end up sharing his room with the boy. At that point the boys will be getting to know one another relatively well, and unless an adult makes a big issue of it there's no getting around the fact they will be getting changed in front of one another getting curious about the differences.

Adjusting the settings on the washer for a small load I started it up so it could cycle through figuring I'd toss it in the dryer in the morning. Looking around for the small bucket I noticed one of Tim's clean red colored gym shorts. The last couple of weeks we've been having the kids go through their old clothes boxing them up so we could donate them. Picking up the pair of shorts in my hand I could tell they were one of Tim's older ones and still in good shape, but I suppose my wife must have set them aside for donation. They were perfect for Micah to sleep in since he didn't have anything else to wear.

Finding the bucket I grabbed a hand rag tossing it in before adding some nice warm water and a small amount of soap just enough for cleaning purposes keeping it more on the watery side. Grabbing a towel and the shorts I stepped out the small room. I paused watching Micah looking around the living room as if taking in all the Christmas decorations and had to smile as he lay there completely naked seemingly unconcerned about his state of undress. I had to admit he was a very beautiful nine year old boy. Deep down the smaller boy had already wormed his way into my heart, and I could just tell he would be well received by the rest of the family too. The kid was a bit on the shy side and quiet, but had the same kind of gentle heart and soul I saw in my own two boys. I had a very loving wife so knew Micah would be a good fit in our lives. I wasn't sure how long he would be with us, but no matter what happened he would be forever a part of us. That much I was certain of.

Clearing my mind from my musings I made my way over to the smaller boy. Sitting down next to Micah I smiled gazing into his smudged face figuring this was a good place as any to begin. Dipping my hand into the warm water and grabbing the rag I wrung it out before gently running it over his smooth ivory colored narrow heart shaped face wiping away the dirty smudges from the last couple of days. I've always found this part of being a parent very calming and pleasant. In a way it allowed me to connect in that special kind of way with my boys. It also allowed me to study their cute little features. It was no different with Micah as I noted his prominent chin and ruddy colored cheeks once the dirt slowly dissolved away.

The boy's expressive almond shaped eyes seemed to study me in return bringing a pleasant smile across my features. "There they are…those pretty Carolina Blues." I whispered softly eliciting a smile and a questioning look from the boy as his eyes seemed to dance around animatedly and lively.

"Your eyes," I chuckled softly shaking my head. "They remind me of the colors from my Alma Mater, the University of North Carolina." I added seeing the boy frown at what I was saying as I chuckled.

"It's where I went to college and the school colors were what we refer to as Carolina blue. It's a shade of blue somewhere between sky blue and baby blue. It's one of my all time favorite colors. I've always thought that shade of blue was really pretty, and I sooooo love your eyes." I admitted to the boy noticing him blush while I continued to run the rag over his small adorable button like nose and cute thin pink lips which was currently slightly curved upwards revealing a row of white teeth.

He had a slight gap between the upper front two main incisors making his smile even more adorable. Brushing aside his long straight surfer like blonde hair which hung over his forehead and eyes I ran the rag over his brow. His hair hung down in long layers over his ears and the back of his neck well on to his shoulders with an edgy deconstructive look as if it had been cut with a razor. Once more the fair color of his smooth straight locks sort of reminded me of the light pale tones of honey butter. Even his small narrow arching eyebrows had the same pale coloration of his long locks.

Finishing up with his face I dropped the rag into the bucket of warm soapy water and grabbed the dry towel gently patting him dry. Setting the towel aside I once more reached inside the bucket wringing out the rag and continued all the while talking to the boy as I worked. Before the two of us realized it I had reached his privates with him suddenly popping a little boy stiffie resembling the size and shape of a Serrano chili pepper with its shiny thin smooth long shape that tapered to a close at the tip end. It had just the slightest curve to it which looked natural and fairly typical for many boys.

What I did find odd though was the smooth skin of his foreskin was so sleek I couldn't even make out any telltale signs of his glans as his thin tubular penis elongated to about three and a quarter inches long bobbing around and sticking up and away from his pale blank pubic mound. Even his soft sagging tangerine sized boy sack caught my attention as it convulsed with his two tiny almond shaped testicles jerking upwards momentarily, all of which swayed around loosely between his wiry well-defined shapely legs.

Glancing up I saw Micah blushing, turning his face away from me embarrassed by this unforeseen development. I felt bad for him and felt ashamed at how I had kind of stared at him like that, but again it had been a bit unexpected. I set the damp towel over his erection covering it up, and leaned in closer to him. Reaching out I placed my fingers along his chin turning his face so I could look into his eyes.

The boy had been looking around at all the decorations when he saw Mr. Miner approaching and sit down next to him. Mr. M began washing his face and Micah enjoyed it as the man talked to him feeling good when the man told him he had pretty eyes. Somehow it made him feel special. The man always seemed to make Micah feel like he mattered. He liked that about Mr. M because he seemed to understand what really mattered.

Micah continued to listen as the man talked about his wife and sons, and how they would be so excited about him staying with them for a bit. He assured the boy he will like his kids too and that he was sure before long all three would be best of buddies. Micah was enjoying the sponge bath and listening to the nice man appreciating how it felt to be clean, but it also sent tingling feelings all up and down his body becoming more intense as the man worked his way downwards along his dirty body.

Then suddenly it happened, and his little thingy got all hard. It did that sometimes and he knew some of it had to do with sex even though he didn't understand how. Of course he had heard things about it from other boys, but never really understood what they were talking about. It never bothered him when he got hard, but right now it had happened while Mr. M was getting ready to clean off the stinky mess down there from when he had wet himself. He didn't know how the man would feel about his thingy getting stiff like that down there and he blushed totally embarrassed that the man could now see how hard it had gotten. All he could do was turn away.

He felt the warm rag settling over his now really stiff thingy, and closed his eyes swallowing hard waiting for the man to get upset. It didn't happen though as he felt warm fingers along his chin and face prompting him to turn towards Mr. Miner. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw the man gazing into his eyes. Micah couldn't hold himself back thinking maybe if he explained and pleaded it would be alright.

I could see the conflicted emotions in the boy's face, and if it hadn't been so serious I would have probably been teasing him about it like I usually did with my own boys. It was an awkward moment though so I tried to be more formal about it as Micah gazed into my eyes.

"I…I'm sorry Mr. M." Micah winced blushing and noticeably upset while I tried not to chuckle because in a way it was kind of funny and silly. "It…um…sort of happens sometimes." He added with me no longer able to contain myself as I let out a short giggle clamping my hand over my mouth and shaking my head trying unsuccessfully to hide my laughter.

The boy looked at me wondering what was so funny while I gained my composure. "I'm not laughing at you Micah…really…its just…," I began and chuckled again seeing him begin to smile as well. "Oh my sweet little ragamuffin. What am I going to do about you?" I sighed seeing the boy grinning at me shrugging his shoulders. "Anyway…yes those sorts of things happen to all boys. It's been my experience though it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Listen Micah I won't pay attention to your penis getting hard and just get you cleaned up really good down there and move on…alright?" I asked him as the boy nodded indicating he thought it a good idea.

Lifting the rag off his still rock solid long thin tube it twitched once it was freed making both of us chuckle as I dunked the rag back into the bucket of warm water wringing it out. Without messing around I focused on getting him really cleaned up good down there including his hard penis and testicles. I even lifted his legs towards his chest wiping down his butt because I was sure he had sat in the wet urine for several hours before it had dried up. Lowering his legs back down I glanced at him and winked letting him know I was done as I dipped the rag back into the water. I was going to start in on his legs when Micah stopped me.

"Um…hold on a minute Mr. M," He ordered softly as he reached down and pulled back his foreskin making me blush when he exposed his small wet and slick plum colored bullet shaped knob.

Suddenly it dawned on me why I hadn't seen an outline of his glans beneath his foreskin. It's because the ridge was about the same width as his shaft creating that sleek smooth and flawless appearance. "Um…wh…what are you doing?" I asked nervously because this was a bit…well…private.

"It needs to be cleaned; especially…you know…since it kind of got nasty with pee." He stated in a matter of fact kind of way cocking his head and looking at me quirkily. "Don't you ever clean yours? Uncle Jay taught me a long time ago how it's important." He added while blushing.

"Well…um…sure Micah…but…ah…it's a little different for me and my boys." I tried to explain with the smaller boy scrunching up his eyes for a moment before suddenly lighting up.

"Oh…yeah…I get it. You don't have skin like I do. Most boys don't." He added.

Dipping the rag back into the bucket and wringing it out only a little so it wasn't so dry I handed it over to Micah. "Um…maybe it's best of you take care of this part." I offered up with him shrugging his shoulders, sitting up, and bending over focusing on the task.

I sat there and watched him as he first felt around his plum colored sleek little bullet with his fingers before running the rag over the sticky areas trying to wipe it clean. After working it for a few moments Micah rolled his skinned knob around in his thumb and finger inspecting it closely dabbing it from time to time with the wet cloth. A few moments later he seemed satisfied slipping his foreskin back in place, handed the rag back to me, and lay back down.

Without another word I plunged the rag back into the bucket and in short order finished up with his legs and feet. Tossing the rag back into the bucket I dried him off and sat back looking him over. He was all squeaky clean now as my gaze ran over his pale sleek body. He was just a little kid, but had a natural type of beauty. I could tell he would grow into a good looking teenager and a very handsome man. In a few years he would have all sorts of skirts chasing after him I thought to myself as I chuckled and reaching over grabbed Tim's old pair of red shorts.

"I grabbed these for you. I'm sure they will fit perfectly fine." I offered up with the boy thanking me and slipping them over his slim hips. "Is it alright if I tuck you in?" I asked with Micah grinning and nodding.

Getting up I hauled the bucket into the laundry room dumping it out before walking over to the closet pulling out a blanket. Returning to the boy I tossed the blanket over him tucking it all around him. Hesitating a moment I leaned down giving him a kiss on his cheeks.

"Sweet dreams Micah. I'm going to leave the Christmas lights on and light the gas stove to keep you warm down here. It looks just like a fireplace through the glass panes. You will like it." I told him pointing out where the downstairs bathroom was located and also which bedroom upstairs was mine.

The small boy reached out to me and I smiled leaning back in so he could hug me. To my surprise he kissed my cheek too. "Goodnight Mr. M and thanks for bringing me to your nice home." He sniffled with me trying not to cry too.

"You're welcome and sleep tight." I whispered in his ear giving him another good night kiss before standing up and after turning down the thermostat, the other lights, and turning on the gas buck stove made my way upstairs.

The boy had listened as the man climbed up the stairs and walk around. He figured Mr. Miner must have been checking up on his boys because the movement was on the opposite side from where he indicated his room was. A short while later he heard the man go into the room he had pointed out and it got quiet.

Getting up the boy went to the bathroom sighing in relief as he emptied out his bladder. He hadn't gone since he wet himself last night, and he had a lot of hot chocolate after he had gotten into the car. Crawling back under the covers the boy lay there for a moment looking towards the Christmas tree. It seemed to draw him, so leaving the blanket draped over his shoulders he walked over to it and sat down in front of it crossing his legs Indian style. The tree was beautiful as he reached out realizing it was a fake one, but appeared real. He looked at a couple of the angel ornaments hanging on the branches realizing they were pretty fancy ones and probably expensive because they were porcelain.

There were also a whole bunch of packages under the tree making him smile knowing that Mr. Miner's boys would be happy come morning. He sat there looking around, the warm glow from the fireplace and the small tree lights creating a calming effect. Before he knew it his eyes had closed all on their own as he drooped sideways falling fast asleep on the floor beneath the branches of the tree. The blanket had fallen away from his shoulders as he curled up holding on to it instead of leaving it draped over his body. He didn't seem to mind though; especially, with the stove kicking out plenty of heat.

It was still dark and there was a sense of tranquility inside the house when Tim woke up rubbing the sleep from his eyes and reaching beneath the covers to squeeze his small stiff two inch long pecker. He knew it was little because in the past he and some of his friends had compared sizes, but it never really bothered him that his always seemed smaller than theirs. He had asked his brother about it and Chase had admitted it was a bit on the small side, but said there were plenty of other boys out there with smaller ones.

His older brother had a huge one though, but he really hadn't seen the whole thing for a while now, not ever since he had walked in on his brother doing something really strange with his fat stiffie. It had ballooned even thicker than normal when it was stiff as he watched his brother running his hand up and down the length of it not even able to get his fingers completely around it. His knob had also turned completely purple with it suddenly squirting something out from the tip. At first Tim thought his brother was peeing all over himself, but then he noticed it was thicker and sticky, almost milky like. He didn't know what to make of it and was going to ask his brother about it, but then all hell broke loose. He had never seen his brother so furious about something. Of course dad had talked to him and explained how when older boys' bodies change they start doing some private things. He even told him about that sticky stuff which squirts out. Not all of it made sense, but dad had promised to explain it some more when he got a little older.

Ever since then Tim had made sure to always knock on Chase's door; except for a few weeks back. His brother's girlfriend was over and the ten year old knew they weren't allowed to be alone in his room when mom and dad were gone, but at some point the two had ended up in the room together. Tim had been playing quietly in his own room when he heard strange noises. When he crept into the bathroom it was louder, but he still didn't know what it was so he opened up his brother's door a crack and stared in shock.

His brother was completely naked lying on top of an equally naked girl with their bodies doing weird things like they were wrestling or something, but different. He could see the muscles in his brothers back rippling along with his butt cheeks clamping kind of weird like as he kept pressing up against the girl who had her legs wrapped around his brother's hips. Tim knew what boobs were and he could see the girls rounded ones jiggling around each time his brother pressed his hips up against her. He had never seen a girl's naked boobs before, and even though he thought Chase's girlfriend was pretty seeing her naked was kind of yucky.

They were both breathing really hard and grunting, almost like they had been wrestling around for a while when Tim noticed something odd. He could see Chase's big penis was shoved inside the girl's privates. He knew that boys had a penis and girls a hole down there. He also knew enough about sex and how a boy does it with another girl, but really hadn't thought about it much until he saw his brother's thick hard dickey sliding in and out of the girl's hole.

Suddenly he understood; his brother was having sex for real and knew he shouldn't be watching, but he couldn't help himself as he watched his brother's back suddenly arching while the teen shoved the entire length of his hard dickey deep inside the girl. Both his brother and the girl began to moan and quiver just like he had seen his brother do when that stuff came squirting out of him. It was obvious his brother liked it as the teen continued to grunt and moan before collapsing on top of his girlfriend as if he was completely exhausted. Tim didn't want to take the chance of getting caught watching so he closed the door and left.

That was a few weeks back and at the moment Tim had to take a pee as he pinched the tip of his pecker so nothing would leak out. Tossing aside the covers he ducked into the bathroom pushing down his little stiffie so it would point into the toilet bowl. It slipped from his fingers swinging upwards like a catapult to slap against his skin making him giggle. He grabbed it again with his thumb and finger pointing the tip at the toilet bowl. A second later a huge yellow stream came blasting out the tip of his small knob with a sensation of relief crawling all up and down his skin making him tremble blissfully.

Finishing up he flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and crept towards the door leading to the teen's room. He used to sneak into his brother's room all the time to snuggle up with him in bed, but not since the big incident. He missed being able to snuggle up with Chase. Maybe it would be alright to crawl into bed with him today since it was Christmas. All his life he had always woken up really early Christmas morning crawling into bed with Chase bugging his older brother until both of them snuck downstairs to stare at the packages. They only looked before going back upstairs and snuggling up together again for a few hours until their dad got up.

They always tried to let their dad sleep in because he worked late on Christmas Eve. Then they all walked down together to open up the packages. Afterwards mom would cook everyone breakfast before they were allowed to play with their stuff until it was time for church later on in the afternoon. They never went to the early mass because it was too long with all the ceremonies and stuff. This year Tim was singing in the choir, but his mom told the church it was alright for him to sing on Christmas Eve and then at the later mass in the afternoon, but she wouldn't bring him in for the morning ones because that was family time.

Stepping into Chase's room the ten year old padded over to the bed lifting up the covers. He paused a moment noticing his brother had popped a stiffie and it looked a lot bigger than he remembered. He also noticed his brother had a bit more hair down there along the flat area below his tummy and just above his thick dickey. About a year ago there was a tiny patch of straggly hairs along either side, but now it had spread and gotten bushier. He thought it looked kind of nice as he crawled in next to his brother snuggling up his own dickey having gotten stiff again.

Chase stirred in his sleep, yawned, and opened up his eyes. Tim held his breath expecting to get kicked out, but his older brother curled his arms around him like he used to and cuddled up. It felt really nice to the ten year old boy.

"I've missed this…you know snuggling up together." Tim whispered softly.

"Me too I guess." Chase responded still half asleep.

"Are you still mad at me?" Tim asked as his brother stirred looking at him questioningly. "You know…when I walked in on you."

"What?" Chase asked staring at his little brother for a moment not able to think yet since he was still half asleep.

"It's just we used to snuggle up together all the time, but ever since I walked in on you we don't snuggle anymore." Tim insisted.

"What are you talking about? You are always squirming into my lap when we sit on the couch and watch television, not to mention any number of other times. I don't mind you know, even if you are a little stinker at times." Chase chuckled teasingly giving his little brother a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah…I guess, but I don't get to snuggle up with you in bed anymore." Tim whispered sadly hearing his brother sigh.

"I'm not mad at you Tim…maybe at first, but not in a long time. You can still cuddle with me if you want, but let's not do it all the time, oh and if my door and the bathroom door is shut don't come in to cuddle alright?" He sighed ruffling his brother's hair.

"Is that because of sex?" Tim asked getting a hard stare from his older brother before Chase began to chuckle.

"Geeze Tim that stuff is kind of private you know, but yeah, I guess you could say it is because of sex stuff." He told the smaller boy not so embarrassed by it any more.

Of course he still wanted to have his privacy, but he no longer felt embarrassed by what his brother had seen him doing several months back. Sure he didn't want Tim walking in on him when he was in the middle of pleasuring himself, but he understood messing with himself was a natural type of thing for boy to be doing.

"What does it feel like…you know sex?" Tim asked with Chase coughing at the unexpected question and looking at his brother to see if the boy was sort of fooling with him.

Tim seemed genuinely interested in an answer though, but Chase wasn't sure what to say or do. He knew his brother was only curious about some things, but that sort of question was kind of odd. He tried to think back to when he was only ten years old and it sort of made sense now why his brother would be interested in knowing what happens and how it felt. He supposed it wouldn't hurt to talk to his brother honestly about his own experience, so brushing the hair out of Tim's eyes he started to talk to him about it.

"Um…well…it's kind of difficult to explain Tim. I know the first time it happened for me…you know…the special kind of feeling was when I did what you saw me doing a while back. That's called jacking off. Anyway, I was rubbing myself and I got hard. After a while it started to feel good. It's like that feeling you get inside when you have to go pee. The first time I felt like going pee I stopped rubbing myself. I did the same thing several other times and one day I was getting ready to stop but it was too late. My whole body felt alive as the most intense feeling ever spread throughout my body. At first I thought I was peeing on myself but I didn't. So after that I didn't stop when I got the tingles and each time it felt really nice and I didn't pee on myself. Then my body began to change and now when I get that good feeling stuff squirts out. It isn't pee just something else and kind of sticky. It's worth it though because I just wipe it away with some Kleenex, rag, or whatever. You're too young right now to squirt, but it will start to happen when you are twelve or thirteen. That's when it happened for me." Chase explained to his brother falling silent for a while.

Tim asked some other questions with Chase taking it all in stride figuring it was better coming from him than other boys. Of course dad talked to him about stuff too, but since Tim was curious he didn't mind answering his brother's questions. He knew his little brother wouldn't squeal on him about some of this private stuff. Tim had never been like that tattling or anything.

"Chase can we sneak downstairs now and look at the packages?" He asked with the older boy smiling and nodded his head.

By not making a whole big deal out of this whole sex thing it allowed Tim to move on without it becoming a big issue. Chase knew from time to time his little brother would have more questions about stuff. It wouldn't be long when he started messing around with other boys his age figuring things out. He had done the same thing with his friends before moving on to girls. He got the impression though his younger brother would always be more into guys than girls. It really wasn't anything specific, but he got the impression his little brother was gay. It didn't matter to Chase, but he knew it could be an issue for his little brother later on in school. He didn't think there would be any real big problems because his little brother was pretty smart and could take care of himself.

"Let's go" Chase sighed tossing aside the covers not surprised his little brother was completely naked with a boner to boot.

Both boys crept down the stairs quietly when they stopped halfway down standing in stunned silence for several moments before Tim whispered to his brother. "Santa brought us a beautiful Angel for Christmas." The ten year old boy whispered in complete awe with Chase looking down into the living room at a loss for words because there was a small boy curled up under the tree.

"What…no…that's not an Angel silly goose. It's just a boy." He responded with Tim looking back up at his older brother shrugging his shoulder.

"What's he doing here then?"

Chase shook his head. "Um…I'm not sure."

"Let's go ask mom and dad." Tim whispered turning and bolting for their parent's room before Chase could stop him.

Within moments Tim was crawling into bed with his mom and dad who began to stir awake. Chase paused for a moment but realized it was too late so ambled over to the bed just as his dad opened up his eyes.

Feeling the bed moving around I grudgingly stirred awake. "What's this?" I asked looking at the clock realizing I had been asleep only a couple of hours with Maria also stirring awake.

"Santa brought us an Angel." Tim firmly announced while I noticed Chase rolling his eyes.

Our little ten year old boy was old enough to know Santa didn't really exist. We had explained to him the history of Saint Nick and all, along with what the true meaning of Christmas was all about in regards to the birth of Jesus. So Tim understood all of it, but for some reason in his heart he still believed in Santa.

Chuckling I held up the blanket prompting Chase to climb in as well. I lifted Tim over my body on to the other side so he was lying between me and his mom giving my oldest some room to climb in as well. We had a King size bed so there was plenty of room as Chase settled in snuggling up next to me.

"So what's up with the boy?" Chase asked getting straight to the point.

My wife and I spent the better part of the next thirty minutes talking to the boys about Micah. I explained what had happened noticing Tim wiping away the wetness from the corners of his eyes several times feeling really sad for the smaller boy.

"So do we get to keep him?" Tim asked at some point with me chuckling at the innocence of my little ten year old boy.

"He's not some little puppy kiddo. For right now he's staying with us for a short while. After that we will see because the state is involved too." I replied as Maria and I discussed with our two boys what we expected of them to help Micah have a smooth transition.

At one point Tim brought up the subject of adoption. A few years back Maria and I had seriously considered adopting a baby, maybe a girl, and had even started the process in regards to providing all the appropriate private information and filling out all the proper paperwork. That's as far as we had taken it though because as is typical life moves forward. Of course we had discussed it generally with the boys just to know how they would react to this kind of decision. Neither one of them really objected with Tim saying he'd prefer a baby brother, but a baby sister would be alright too. So now with a boy mysteriously appearing under the tree Tim's mind immediately jump back to the whole adoption thing. I had to remind my youngest this was temporary so Micah would have somewhere safe to stay for now.

My youngest was a bit bummed for a moment until his mind shifted once more, the way it tended to do a lot. He wanted to go downstairs and meet the boy with Chase agreeing eager to meet our guest, but I reminded them of Micah's ordeal and ordered them not to bother the boy until we got up later in the morning. I wanted the smaller boy to get more sleep I asserted finally shushing them out of our room so I could get some additional sleep too. It was only four in the morning for Pete's sake I pointed out.

After leaving their parent's room Tim was going to go with Chase back into his room to cuddle up in bed with him, but then at the last moment he decided to go back to his own room. After shutting the hallway door and the one leading into the bathroom the younger boy walked over to his closet and opened it up. He was too excited to sleep and knew he would have only tossed and turned in his brother's bed possibly getting kicked out anyway. So he put together one of the large boxes his parents had given him for his old clothes. He had already put some of his old clothes in a box the other day placing it with Chase's box of old clothes in the teen's walk in closet.

After taping together the bottom of the box Tim began rummaging around inside of his closet. Thirty minutes later he silently walked down the set of stairs and into the living room. Stepping over the sleeping boy he messed around under the tree careful not to wake up the slumbering boy. He took his time, and with silent covertness looked around at some of the presents noticing his name on several items making his imagination run wild with what may be inside. He always enjoyed sneaking a peek at the packages in the morning so he could think on them until it was time to open them. There were always a few packages under the tree leading up to Christmas, but it wasn't until actual Christmas day where the rest of the packages would magically appear filling up the area all around the tree.

Satisfied, he scooted his naked butt out from under the branches only to pause studying the younger boy who was curled up half naked under the tree. He felt his little pecker get hard, which happened often these days, as he reached down giving it a bit of a tug. When he ran his fingers over his little nub it sort of felt good, another thing that happened a lot. He hadn't understood what it was about before, but now having talked with Chase a short while ago he began to wonder if it had to do with those tingling sensations he was told about.

Pushing those thoughts aside Tim focused his attention on the cute slumbering boy. Micah seemed to be sleeping soundly his steady breathing forcing the boy's chest to rise and fall in even increments while his eyes moved around under his closed eyelids. There was something really pretty about the boy Tim thought to himself. He had creamy smooth and pale looking skin, but not in an unhealthy kind of way, with long blond hair hanging along the side of his face and the nape of his neck. Unable to resist Tim leaned in and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek smiling to himself as a warm sort of feeling spread throughout the inside of his tiny body.

It was a strange feeling, but also sort of familiar. He kind of felt this way with his parents and even his older brother. It was the same kind of feeling he had now with the boy, but it was also different. He couldn't explain it, but looking at the smaller boy gave him such a nice warm kind of feeling. Deep down he knew they were going to be the best of friends and he felt like maybe Santa really did send Micah to them. Of course his dad said the boy wasn't sent by Santa, but still his dad wasn't really sure exactly where Micah came from so maybe he really was from Santa. After all the white bearded one could be very sneaky about things and the way he handed out gifts.

Tim settled down next to the boy studying him for a while longer. He enjoyed looking at the boy and watching him sleep. Sighing, he knew he better not get caught down here; especially, not naked, so closing his eyes he once more leaned in and ever so gently kissed the boy for the second time, but this time right on the lips. He's never done that before and felt the other boy respond in his sleep actually returning the kiss. The experience made him tingle all up and down his spine as he trembled. This was Tim's very first real kiss, a Christmas kiss he thought to himself. Tim opened his eyes noticing a cute little smile on the slumbering boy's features while he slept and dreamt of pleasant things. Tim slowly released his breath feeling his head still spinning from the experience. He had taken a big risk and could have woken up the boy by mistake. He'd hate to have done that; especially, after his father had explained how the boy needed his sleep.

Quickly now, Tim got up silently from the floor, climbed up the stairs, crept into his room, and finally crawled into his bed feeling extremely happy as he tucked his hands under his head staring up at the ceiling with a silly grin on his face.

It was still early in the morning when my eyes opened and I woke up. Maria was snuggled up next to my warm body with my arms draped around her petite figure. I suppose my kids inherited her slight figure, which I didn't mind because both of them were beautiful boys. Chase took more after me while Tim his mother, but both boys seemed to have inherited all the best parts of my wife's features. Maria was a very strikingly beautiful woman with a stunningly beautiful heart to go with it and I loved her deeply. She stirred in my arms and woke up her blue eyes sparkling to life. She had the same yonder blue eyes like my oldest son.

"Good morning Hun," she whispered giving me a kiss scooting her body closer to me as we snuggled under the warm covers.

Feeling her close to me always got my blood going as I ran my hands along her back moving them downwards cupping her smooth tight little shapely apples. I leaned in giving her a passionate kiss feeling the usual stirrings down in my nether regions as I eased off from where this was leading. There would be plenty of time for such things with her later on tonight, but I didn't want to start something now because I wanted to actually take things slow and really make love with my wife. There's never been an issue between the two of us when it came to intimacy, and of course with two kids, not to mention a hectic work schedule, we sometimes had to find those quick short moments to show our affection towards one another. Those were fine, but I always made sure to have those long intimate moments with my wife as we shared our love in that deepest sense.

I could tell she was ready for more making me smile inside how we both still had that close intimate relationship with one another with the flames of love burning hotly deep inside both of us making our love making very passionate. "I suppose we better get up sweetie before Tim comes bursting through our doors again." I chuckled seeing her eyes twinkling mischievously as she reached down giving my swollen member a friendly reminder of what I was missing out on making me moan softly.

"Later tonight Sweetie…I promise. Then we will both take our time together." I whispered in her ear as we both seemed to sigh.

"I know Hun, and you never disappoint." She chuckled giving my certain something between my legs another squeeze before rolling out of bed.

Sticking my head into Tim's room my youngest was curled up under the covers as I crept over, leaned in, and kissed him softly on the brow. "Merry Christmas my little snuggle bug." I whispered softly as my youngest boy woke up, tossed aside the covers, and sat up his little boy boner stiff as usual.

"Merry Christmas dad." Tim replied rubbing the sleep from his eyes kind of surprised he had actually fallen back asleep.

"Tim, I need you to at least put on your pajama bottoms or a pair of shorts this morning because of Micah." I suggested with Tim understanding. "I'm going to wake your brother, but don't go downstairs waking up Micah. I need to do that first because everything is still strange for him." I instructed seeing my son's long dark blond mop of a head nodding acknowledgement as I made my way into Chase's room through the connected bathroom.

Like I had done with Tim, I woke up my oldest as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up with his legs dangling over the side of the bed and still in his red checkered boxers. "Um…Chase…maybe you should put on a pair of shorts before we go down." I suggested as he looked down at himself shrugging his shoulders.

"It's not like I'm naked…not like Tim dad. Besides, the boxers look a lot like shorts anyway." He responded wondering why it was such a big deal even with Micah downstairs.

After all, the other boy downstairs was only wearing a pair of shorts too and no shirt. It's not like the kid was a girl or anything, and even then he was only nine he thought to himself. Chase shifted on the bed getting into a more comfortable position bending his left leg tucking it under his right one letting it dangle freely.

When Chase shifted I noticed something flop out as usual making me want to bust a gut because of my oldest comments. "Yeah…um…I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Well…um…you see…we both know you've got…well…a lot going on down there." I started out seeing Chase get a big grin on his face and nodding knowing exactly what I meant.

He didn't seem bothered by the comment or the conversation so I continued. "Well son…there's really no other way to say this. You see since the boxers you wear tend to be a bit baggy and kind of short on the legs…well let's just say things on you tend to flop out and say hello to everyone else in the room." I chuckled, seeing Chase blush for a moment before looking down noticing that his balls and semi-hard pecker had flopped out just like I had said.

"Oh crap." He chuckled nervously trying to shove his huge teen bits back into place feeling his pecker swell even more since he was handling it and also because he had pee. "Yeah…I see what you mean." He shook his head getting up adjusting himself quickly as he walked over to his dresser drawer pulling out a pair of shorts.

Everyone followed me down the stairs with my wife holding my hand. I heard her gasp when she saw the small slumbering boy as she squeezed my hand.

"He's beautiful." She whispered in my ear with me nodding my head.

"Yeah, and a sweet kid too honey." I looked at her noticing how she had already fallen for the little guy.

Chuckling, I shook my head realizing my whole family was now under the boy's spell. I had a feeling this newest addition, even if it was temporary, was going to make things interesting for our little family.

We were all standing around now staring at the beautiful boy while he slept. I did that often with my own boys after I came home from work, not so much Chase anymore. Sighing, I motioned for everyone to wait by the stairs as I crept my way over to the blond boy sitting down on the floor in front of him.

Brushing the boy's long locks out of his eyes I urged him to wake up. "I need you to wake up my little ragamuffin." I encouraged seeing his eyes fluttering open as the intense lively blue orbs danced around momentarily before they focused on my face.

In a flurry of movement Micah immediately sat up the blanket getting tangled up around one of his legs as he latched on to me. "It wasn't a dream." He gasped pressing his small body up against me as if trying to crawl into my skin squeezing me tightly and sniffling.

"No it wasn't a dream. You are safe and sound. Would you like to meet the rest of the family? They are ready to meet you." I added with him releasing me and craning his neck noticing the others for the first time as he blushed a bit embarrassed he had ignored them.

"Oh…um…yes please…I'm sorry." His soft voice was barely audible as he got a bit shy before slipping off of my lap.

Standing up and glancing at the others who had gathered around his gaze shifted down to his feet shuffling them around nervously. One by one I introduced my family to him seeing the boy become a bit more at ease; especially, after I introduced him to Tim. In my younger son's usual bold fashion, he had stepped right up to Micah and promptly gave him a big hug holding him tightly for several long moments.

When Mr. Miner had woken up Micah, the younger boy felt such a relief wash over his body. It hadn't been a dream after all, but then the man began introducing him to the rest of his family. He was worried wondering how the rest of them would react to him. He wondered if the other boys would hate him thinking he was stealing their dad away from them. One by one Mr. Miner introduced the others to him and like he had promised they all genuinely seemed to accept him; especially, the younger boy, Tim, who had immediately stepped up giving him such a nice hug.

At first the nine year old boy didn't know what to do when he felt the warm body of the other boy pressing up tightly against his naked skin. It sent tingling sensations all up and down his body and he felt something begin to stir down below. It didn't help he had to go pee. He always had to pee first thing in the morning.

Micah found himself returning the other boy's hug as they both clung to one another. It was a long hug too, but the smaller boy didn't mind enjoying the feeling it sent inside of him. There was so much love here with this other boy and the rest of the family. He could feel it inside this home and it choked him up as he finally released the boy.

Reaching down he clamped his fingers over his shorts covered little stiffie bouncing around on the toes of his feet. "I…um…I'm happy to meet you all." He squeaked squirming around. "I…um…excuse me…I…I…I'll be right back." He squeaked for a second time bolting towards the bathroom door hearing a few chuckles behind him as he closed the door and immediately pulled out his sleek hard thingy and released the dam.

Micah sighed in relief as his bladder emptied out his body quivering from the intense release. It hadn't been so bad until the other boy had hugged him with his little thingy waking up realizing it had to go pee really bad. Of course he always had to go pee in the morning, but this time was more intense.

A few moments later he exited the bathroom pausing gazing at the family who had gathered around the tree. Mr. Miner was sitting in the reclining chair, with Chase and his mom sitting on the couch. Tim had settled on the floor by the tree. They were happy and he could hear them talking about their lives in general. He had figured they would probably be talking about him and whispering things, but that wasn't what was going on and it set him at ease.

He watched them for a moment longer until Tim notice him standing there and smiled broadly motioning him over patting the floor next to him. Micah grinned at the other boy because the kid seemed really…well…pretty lively, not quiet and shy like him. It felt nice though to see how the other boy seemed to genuinely like him.

"Hey Micah…sit with me." Tim motioned prompting the smaller boy to make his way over to the tree listening as the ten year old chatted away. "It's tradition for the youngest member of the family to help out with the packages so why don't you start over there." Micah heard the other boy suggest as he looked around a bit confused.

"Wouldn't that mean you?" Micah asked.

"Of course not you silly goose. You're the youngest now, besides I've been doing it for years. You can start it and I'll help since you are new to it." Tim suggested pointing towards a large box. "Grab that one and read the label."

Shrugging his shoulders Micah grabbed the large box pulling it out from under the tree as he read the label to see who it belonged to. Flipping open the tag he paused for a moment and scrunched up his eyes in bewilderment.

"What's wrong Micah?" Chase asked noticing the strange look on the younger boy's features.

The boy's small fingers trembled as he looked up towards Chase feeling his eyes beginning to well up. "I…um…it's got my name on it." He tried not to cry.

The boy couldn't explain it and was baffled how there would be a package for him under the tree. He looked around noticing the surprised and puzzled look on the others as well. After all no one had known he'd be spending Christmas here.

"Well what do you know…Santa found you after all?" Tim piped up bouncing around all giddy like. "Well don't just sit there open it up. Let's see what Santa got you. I bet it is something nice because you were probably a good boy this year." The ten year old boy sounded confident about it.

Sitting in my lounge chair I was surprised when Micah announced there was a package for him under the tree. Him coming to stay with us had been a last minute thing. I had planned on sitting down with the boy afterwards assuring him there would be something for him too, only it might arrive a bit later. From Tim's reaction I had a sneaky suspicion the large box had been his idea. He must have snuck down after our talk placing it under the tree. I was curious to see what my son had managed to put together on such short notice.

I watched as Micah hesitantly ran his hand over the colorful wrapped up package looking for a spot to open it. Tim was such a bundle of nerves that he prompted the boy to rip it open. Of course the younger boy hesitated, but Chase spoke up saying it was part of the fun to rip it open. The blond boy grinned at the two other boys and ripped away the paper like they suggested. Opening up the lid and looking inside he gasped in surprise.

"Wow…way cool. I've never had one of these." He announced pulling out a spanking brand new skateboard.

My wife, Chase, and I looked over towards Tim who blushed shrugging his shoulders. It was the skateboard he had gotten for his birthday this past October. His old one had become all beat up and he was ready for a new one so I had bought it for his birthday along with all new gear. He was a fantastic skateboarder always heading down to the park and shredding it. There was also an indoor skate park close by, but that cost money. The board was still new and never used because the last couple of months had been hectic. Of course Tim had found some time to skate using his old board, but wanted to wait and use the new one when I had the time to take him to the big indoor skate park. I had promised I'd take him down after Christmas and film him with the digital video camera. He wanted his board to look snazzy so had refrained from using it until I could film him.

"Whoa, there's even a helmet and pads." The boy announced pulling everything out of the box looking it over.

"Of course you silly ninny. You need that stuff if you go skateboarding. You do skateboard?" Tim asked curiously noticing the boy shrug his shoulder. "Well don't worry, I'll teach you." He offered with Chase speaking up.

"Yeah, the little twerp is pretty good so I'm sure he will have you shredding in no time." He interjected with Micah suddenly reaching over to give Tim a hug.

"Thanks." He whispered.

"No biggie, teaching you will be easy." Tim replied getting another squeeze from the younger boy making his insides tingle.

"No," Micah replied giving his new friend a heartfelt hug. "I mean for the skateboard and all the other stuff." He sniffled realizing Tim must have given up his new skateboard, helmet, and pads for him.

He was only nine years old but Micah knew Santa didn't exist. He had to learn these sorts of things at a young age. Uncle Jay and Aunt Dee always made sure to have something for him, but he's never had anything this nice before so knew these things had belonged to Tim. It's what made this gift even more special. Tim shrugged it off and helped Micah put the stuff on. It took several minutes, the smaller boy showing him how to adjust the fit on the helmet and pads. At one point Chase had disappeared for a few moments. By the time he had all the pads and helmet situated with everyone clapping their approval Chase had made it back grinning broadly and joining in.

After that there was a flurry of activity as the gifts were handed out with Tim and Micah taking turns. At one point Micah got up and handed a small package to my wife Maria who smiled fondly at the smaller boy.

Taking the package from the smaller boy Maria reached up stroking his cheek whispering softly so it was only him who heard, but I could just make out what she was saying. "Thank you sweetie…I'm so glad you have come to join us for Christmas. I want you to know we all love you very much." She spoke in her soft voice with a genuine heartfelt smile spreading across her features.

Micah's eyes got really big for a moment before leaning in embracing her whispering back thanking her. My wife wrapped her arms around him affectionately running her hands up and down his smooth back. Today was so unexpected for the nine year old boy, and I was so proud how my family made him happy. They had opened up their hearts to this sweet gentle and loving boy. The two of them separated with Micah grinning fondly at my wife as she patted his arm tenderly before he went back to the tree taking a seat waiting for his turn to hand out the next package.

When it was Micah's turn again he reached under the tree for a flat box he had spotted. "Oh here Tim, this one says it is from Chase." He announced handing over the extremely light weight box over to his friend who shook it scrunching his face at his brother wondering what could be so light.

Ripping open the paper and looking inside a piercing squeal escaped Tim's lips as he leaped up giving Chase the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek. "This is like so way wicked cool. It's a season pass to the skate park." He announced proudly holding up the plastic tag giving his older brother another squeeze for good measure because he knew a season pass was a bit pricey because the place was like a kid play land heaven with not only the skate area but other activities like the arcade room, laser tag, stores, and much more.

The older boy chuckled returning his little brother's hug. "Well you deserve it bro. Santa himself told me you've been a very good boy." He chuckled leaning in and whispering in his brother's ear. "Besides, that was a nice thing you did for Micah." He added rewarding him another big hug.

The smaller boy released his older brother and smiled. "Thanks."

The teen ruffled Tim's hair and handed him an envelope. "Here, why don't you give this to Micah for me?"

Jumping off his brother's lap, Tim bounced over to Micah who had been sitting and watching the exchange. "Hey, guess what, you've got another gift Micah. I bet you didn't think Santa would find you…huh?" He giggled handing the envelope over to the younger boy who looked over to Chase and grinned nodding his head.

Opening it up the boy looked at the pretty card with the most beautiful angel on the front. "Wow…that's strange." Tim announced scrunching up his face. "The angel looks just like Micah." He added sure of it with Micah craning his neck towards the younger boy.


"Oh yeah…it's a beautiful Angel…just like you." Tim blushed looking over at his older brother. "See…I told you Micah is an Angel." He announced stubbornly sticking his tongue out getting a chuckle from everyone as Micah opened it up and began to cry which immediately upset Tim.

"Please don't cry Micah." He whispered hugging the smaller boy who sniffled before smiling sweetly.

"It's alright Tim…it's just the note is all." He got misty eyed brushing away the tears while Tim looked down at the card and the message written in Chase's handwriting reading it aloud.

"Welcome to the family Micah…we all love you." It stated.

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