Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 30

In the back of my mind I could hear an urgent voice calling out to me in a young sounding tone. My eyes fluttered open into a sort of hazy light as my eyes began to focus and everything seemed to clear up some more. Looking over towards the Swiss boy things seemed to move in slow motion all around me as I watched the young ten year old boy slide off the edge of the bed his gown still pulled off to the side. I wanted to giggle because somehow his little two inch skin covered softness flopping around lazily between his legs seemed funny. In my hazy state I just watched that little pecker of his wriggling back and forth in front of his pale pubic mound in slow motion and for a second I wondered why I wasn't laughing my ass off. My eyes fluttered closed for a moment trying to get rid of the hazy whiteness in from of my vision, and when I opened them back up Luca's face was swimming in front of me looking worried so I smiled back reassuringly as I nodded my head in response to his query.

"Kyle…are you alright?" He asked me while I bobbed my head up and down.

"Kiss me," I whispered catching him by surprise.


"Kiss me," I asked him reaching out for him.

The sweet blond blue eyed boy hesitated for a split second, and then smirked as he licked his lips, leaned in, and pressed his moist ruby red colored rose petals up against mine. They felt warm and passionate as I began to suck on his mouth greedily. I hadn't noticed the first time I kissed him, but his lips felt soft and tasted sweet as we swapped our juices. He was moaning pleasantly enjoying it, and I couldn't help myself as I reach down and cupped his soft fleshy penis in my hands and silky smooth tight boy pouch. I could feel his small shaft twitch a little from the stimulation, but remain soft having been completely satisfied with its recent sexual excursion. I released the fleshy sponge from my fingers, and slowly pulled back from our obsessive kiss.

"Thanks," I whispered softly smiling at him and stroking his soft cheeks gently with the back of my hand amazing myself at how greedy I was for sex so soon after getting hurt.

"A…are you alright?" He whispered back looking me over and noticing the damp reddened wetness along my bandages. "Kyle you're bleeding should I call the nurse for you?" He suggested as I looked down and winced, but shook my head no.

"Not yet, I need to clean up my mess, can you hand me a damp towel?" I asked him as he hesitated still concerned. "Really Luca, it isn't that bad." I assured him as he nodded his head and staggered over to my tray grabbing a small cloth putting some water from the jug on it before shuffling back towards me while hanging on to his I.V. stand.

It was clear he was hurting a little, and I sort of felt bad about it. Smiling at him encouragingly I thanked him and looked down at myself giggling. Luca followed my gaze gawking at my soupy mess on the front side of my body, and began to laugh as well forgetting all about his own aches. His eyes glittered excitedly studying me closely as I reached down with my finger and scooped some of the goop up licking my fingers clean while Luca just gawked. The flavor kind of surprised me because it was much thicker than usual with a heavy tang to it at the beginning, but then sort of smoothed out as my taste buds seemed to adjust to the intensity of the flavor. At first I didn't much like it, but then it surprised me as there seemed to be a smoothness and richness of texture along with the taste to my thick jam. I've heard that a man's thick custard tends to be too bold and nasty, but mine seemed to start out that way before bursting full of flavor that was pleasing to the palate.

"Wow…for real Kyle…that was so beautiful to watch when you squirted like that. I've never seen that before." He told me excitedly bringing me out of my musings as I smiled at his exuberance.

Reaching out I took his hand in mind and pulled his finger towards a large puddle of my creamy pudding. He hesitated a moment resisting holding his hand back as I relaxed my grip not wanting to force him to do something he wasn't ready for. Then he seemed to change his mind finally letting me dip them into the gooey substance. I heard his cute little giggle as he rubbed his fingers together feeling a boy's spunk for the very first time.

"Cool," he whispered before looking up at me and smiling.

"Go ahead and try it." I encouraged him as he scrunched up his nose.

He had seen me take some just now, but he wasn't so sure about it. "W…what does it taste like?" He asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Some people think it is disgusting while some kind of like it. When you are younger it tastes lighter, sweeter, and salty all mixed together, but it sort of gets stronger as you get older. Normally mine is kind of salty and sweet mixed together, but this time it is a little different…a lot stronger. Damn, it almost hurt like a mother fucker when I exploded like that. It was as if everything came out all at once instead of in several small blasts." I sighed as I watched him debating to himself if he wanted to have a go at it.

The boy looked at his fingers and coming to a decision stuck it in his mouth as he ran his tongue around them. At first he sort of wrinkled his nose, but then the taste of my salty tadpoles seemed to smooth out for him, and he smiled reaching back down to actually scoop up a larger batch of my sticky batter before shoving it in his mouth nodding approvingly.

"At first it was too strong," he admitted to me, "but now it isn't so bad. I wonder what it will taste like when I begin to squirt." He giggled looking playfully at me as he monitored my actions closely while I began to wipe myself clean.

"Probably really sweet, like chocolate," I chuckled shaking my head. "You're the sweetest boy I've ever tasted Luca…for real. Even sweeter than Mattie, and he tastes like S'mores" I teased him and noticed Luca screwing up his eyes at me.

"What's that…um…S…S'mores?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, that's when you take a graham cracker and break it in half. You then put on a chunk of Hershey bar on one half. Then you roast a marshmallow over a fire with a stick and while it's still hot place it on the graham cracker and Hershey bar putting the other half on top. Then while squeezing the two halves together you pull out your stick from the marshmallow leaving a sandwiched gooey mess together…Walla…a S'more that is a delectably delicious campfire treat…the best ever. Anyway, Mattie's kisses taste just like S'mores where yours tastes like pure Swiss Chocolate." I explained to him realizing just how much I loved Swiss chocolate as we both giggled like two little five year olds. "Damn that was a lot of fun Luca, but I'm aching all over now." I admitted to the sexy boy who smiled knowingly.

"Ja, me too, but it just felt too good…you know…to stop." He tittered excitedly as he recalled the feeling of having someone sex up his little pocket rocket. "That was amazing Kyle and thanks. I can't wait to try it again and show my best friend when I get back home." He continued enthusiastically before frowning. "Well, maybe I better not. I mean my friend and I sort of touched ourselves and such, but we have never touched each other. I am not sure if he would want to do this with me. If people found out they might say something. We live in a small community outside of the city, and people do gossip." He admitted to me making me smile happily since the boy genuinely appeared to have appreciated the event, but also a bit sad if he felt he might not be able to do this with some of his other friends.

As I thought about what just happened a little sense of guilt started to settle in while I tried to figure out what had gotten into me. It was like my body was stuck in sexual overdrive as I once more began to get hard with just the simple act of washing myself down. It could also be because Luca was standing so close to me and watching my every move his eyes roaming greedily over my naked body. I heard the smaller boy giggle at my now more normal four and a half inch sized erection as it pulsed and swayed around with my beating heart. At least this time around it didn't hurt as much or stretch out to the point of feeling like my skin was going to rip apart.

"Well I think this is good enough." I told him as I handed the towel back to the boy so he could put it out of the way where it wouldn't be seen.

After Luca climbed back into bed I pushed the button for a nurse, and a few moments later the woman who was there earlier popped inside the room. "Is everything alright?" She asked me as I pointed to my bandage.

"Um…I think I might have torn myself open a little when I climbed back into bed." I told her as she came over nodding her head.

"Yes I see," she responded casually as she put on some protective gloves and pulled away my gauze having a look. "Well, it doesn't seem too bad, and besides it was time to change it anyway. I'll just get you cleaned up, and put another gauze on it. We will have you squared away in no time, and don't worry about it because it can happen from time to time. Once it starts to close more firmly you won't have to fret about it so much.

A little while after the nurse left Luca and I were talking and doing some plotting when my mom returned with Mrs. Page along with Evan and Jaden. "Where's Mattie?" I asked when I saw my two sweet angels approaching feeling an overwhelming sensation swelling up in my chest.

"Mom's bringing him over in a little while, but he wasn't happy about it. You know how he is Kyle, and the little guy is just head over heals all gaga over you." Evan replied chuckling and shaking his head as he came over giving me a hug followed by Jaden who leaned over cautiously.

"Hey…I'm not broken you know?" I teased the boy as I hugged him tighter feeling him respond in kind. "Yeah I'm sure Mattie is fit to be tied." I retorted finally releasing Jaden after holding on to him enjoying how he felt and smelled. My insides began to roil again with lustful urges, and my disco stick began to dance around a bit beneath the covers before settling down.

"I've been so worried about you." Jaden smiled tentatively as he released me standing back up and moving next to Evan wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulder in a casual manner making me smile at how close the two boys have become with one another.

"So…how'd school go?" I asked Evan who looked down and shrugged his shoulders.

"It was a long day," Jaden sighed answering for his friend. "Everyone kept asking what Don was after…and well…you know…it's not like we can really tell them what happened to Evan…for years now." He finished off looking towards the other boy who was talking quietly with his mom. "Well at least it sounds like you ended up with a cool roommate he told me changing the subject as if he didn't want it to become a downer for me."

"Yeah, the little guy is pretty cool." I responded as I introduced them to Luca.

We just were settling in with our conversation when Doc from my town showed up all smiles when he saw me. "Hey Doc," I reached out getting an arched eyebrow from the older man as he came over and allowed me to hug him. "Thanks for everything. It meant a lot that you were there for me, and let's face it doing the hundred yard dash at your age I'm surprised you even managed to make it in today. I hope it didn't strain you too much." I chuckled in a very good mood.

"Well I see that getting shot hasn't dampened your humor…that's a very good sign indeed." He told me laughing and shaking his head at me.

We chatted for a few minutes as we got the pleasantries out of the way before Doc turned towards my mom. "Mrs. Schonefeld if you don't mind I am going to check up on Kyle's wound." He stated as my mom nodded her head indicating it would be alright while Doc just looked at her meaningfully.

"What?" She asked a bit clueless.

"Well…um…I'm sure he would prefer a bit of privacy…if you know what I mean." He suggested as my mother rolled her eyes still not understanding what the whole fuss was these days with me, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

"Thanks mom…um…maybe you and Mrs. Page can go to the cafeteria and pick us up something decent to eat. I mean the food here sucks, and I'm getting a little hungry. What about you Luca?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

The two ladies looked at each other and started to laugh shaking their heads. "Boys…," I heard Mrs. Page chuckle to my mom. "I've changed little Luca's diapers and bathed him for years, but now he gets all embarrassed if I come into the bathroom when he is taking a shower or into his room when he is getting changed. Yet, when we go to the beach he will tear off all his clothes in front of everyone and go swimming naked not in the least concerned who sees his little ten year old…well you know." She laughed lightly teasing her son in a way that only mothers seemed to be able to do as he blushed embarrassed while she gave him a kiss leaving with my mom who was happy to have found someone with a kinship in attitude.

Doc looked over at Luca sympathetically shaking his head. "Sorry young man, but mothers just don't seem to understand."

"Yeah Luca, believe me, if it were up to my mom she'd want to be there in my honeymoon suite the day I get married." I chuckled making Luca giggle forgetting about the recent embarrassing incident.

"Well, if you boys can step aside while I bring the curtain around," Doc began while I just held up my hand shaking my head.

"Don't worry about it Doc. I'm sure Evan and Jaden are curious to see my wound, and Luca's already seen it too, so I'm not too worried about it."

"Are you sure…um…what about…your other wound?" He asked pointedly knowing it would expose me to the others.

"Nah, it's cool. Both Jaden and Evan have seen me plenty of times, and Luca saw me too when the nurse changed my dressing." I assured Doc who looked over at Evan.

"I see," he winked at the curly haired boy, "and since when have you come out of your shell. If I remember correctly you were somewhat the shy one." He laughed light heartedly as Evan just smirked back at him.

"Well if you really must know it was ever since you stripped me naked prodding me and sticking your finger up my backside." Evan giggled being rewarded with Doc's eyebrows rising upwards before shaking his head and laughing.

"Yup, can't forget that humor of yours, and if I recall can't forget that nice piece of equipment you have as well. I told you I wouldn't soon forget, and I am glad I was of service to you." He beamed and laughed teasingly.

"Yeah, it's all cool Doc. Most of my shyness went away at camp. It's kind of hard not to when there are so many guys in such close quarters. That and the whole shower thing after gym class at school…you know. It's still kind of awkward sometimes, but not so bad anymore." Evan told the elderly man who nodded.

"Well, let's take a look then shall we?" Doc stated more than asked as I pulled aside my blanket and gown shivering a little at the coolness in the room.

"Um…Luca…you might as well get up for a little bit and get a closer look too." I suggested when I noticed he couldn't see much with everyone else crowded around me.

Jaden went over and helped the younger boy out of bed while Doc began to peal away the tape on my bandages so he could put fresh ones on and take a closer look at my wound. Evan sidled over closer to me a bit nervous and biting his lower lip so I reached out and took his hand in mine to calm him down.

"It'll be just fine Evan." I assured my sweet angel.

I glanced over towards Luca just in time to see his gown slip off to the side exposing himself accidentally to Jaden who just gawked at the boy's covered jacket and tight baubles. Jaden remained frozen for a second before shaking his head from his trance, and moving forward to help steady the Swiss boy. Luca looked up and blushed, but Jaden just smiled and winked at him whispering something in the smaller boy's ear. Luca laughed and then punched Jaden playfully before both of them ambled towards my bedside leaving me wondering what Jaden had told the younger boy. I looked over at the sandy haired boy and winked at him while he just smiled shrugging his shoulders. I did notice him reaching down and adjusting his slight tenting in his blue jeans making me giggle for a second.

Just then Evan gasped, his sharp intake of breathe making me automatically look down at my side wincing as well. I've seen it several times now, but it still made me cringe a bit at the ugly sight. The bullet hole was stuffed with gauze as Doc pulled out the wad replacing it with a clean one that was swathed in some sort of antibacterial ointment. I heard my sweet angel sniffle and his eyes brimmed with tears so I squeezed his hand affectionately.

"Oh Kyle I'm sooooo sorry." He moaned softy. "Just look at you with that hole and all the bruising." He just shook his head apologetically.

"Stop it Evan…I told you it's nothing, and I'd do anything to protect you." I told him honestly. "I promised you…remember…rule number eight." I told him as he nodded his head.

"Always be truthful or don't say anything at all." He repeated.

"Good, and rule number six." I reminded him trying to get his mind off the bad and on to something more positive.

"Never promise anything you aren't one hundred percent sure you can keep." He sighed.

"Yes, and I've kept my promise to you, and I meant everything I said to you." I told him honestly. "You and Mattie mean the world to me Evan, and I'd ignore rule number nine in a heartbeat for you every time." I told him squeezing his hand.

"That's one rule I wish you'd never break Kyle." Evan told me seriously getting a questioning look from Jaden and then rolling his eye at his friend as he tried to explain. "It's the newest one he told me when he got shot. 'Never get in the way of a loaded gun'." He told Jaden who nodded his head as he winced looking at my bullet hole.

"That is a very good rule." Doc stated nodding his head while he put a covering gauze over my wound, and began taping it up.

"Um…Doc?" I asked the man as he paused and looked up at me. "Do you think maybe you could sort of leave an opening?" I asked him as he frowned at me not understanding. "Believe me once Mattie shows up he is going to want to see it, and there will be no stopping him." I explained as Doc thought about it for a second and nodded his head.

"Geeze…I'm not so sure that would be a good idea." Evan pointed out. "I mean the bruising from the bullet wounds alone is kind of nasty." He stated.

"Oh…that…um…well…to be honest most of the bruising isn't actually from the wound, but rather from the pressure we applied afterwards." Doc explained as he proceeded towards the gash along the inner part of my thigh.

"Really…wow that's weird." Evan stated as he looked down at me while I shrugged my shoulders indicating I hadn't known this either.

Doc finished up what he was doing and chatted with me some more saying it looked pretty good…all things considering. Shortly after that he left stating he would check up on me in a few days since the hospital here is taking good care of me. With Jaden's help Luca climbed back into bed, but not before I noticed the older boy taking another look at the younger boy as they both just giggled. Luca noticed the nice little lump in Jaden's jeans and winked at the older boy almost conspiratorially making me wonder if Jaden had somehow teased the other boy about his own erection he got by seeing him naked.

"Oh…hey Evan…you should ask Luca if he will show you his wound." I told my sweet curly haired boy as he looked over towards Luca and I winked at the younger Swiss boy knowingly.

"What…I mean…I'm not sure he really wants to be bothered." Evan pointed out looking over towards the younger boy who just shrugged his shoulders and waved him over.

"Sure…why not." Luca stated seriously as he motioned Evan over to his bed.

Lifting up the blanket he tossed it aside and then completely uncovered himself making sure to spread apart his legs a little giving Evan a good view of his small sleek body and fleshy boy bits. From my angle I could tell my curly haired boy was a bit stunned at the turn of events, and Jaden had to reach down adjusting his obvious erection while Evan's hard penis just pressed up against the front of his Dockers. Then it happened…slowly at first…and then all out as Evan just began to bust up as he doubled over wiping away the tears from his eyes.

"What?" Luca gasped in a hurt tone. "I can't help it if I have skin over mine. If you were in my country then it would be you who would be laughed at." Luca scolded Evan who immediately clamped his mouth shut and started to stutter.

"Um…no…really Luca…it…it's not that. I mean…I still have my skin too…um…see." He replied defensively as he quickly unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down the front of his underwear to show Luca his uncut two and a quarter inch soft bean lobber.

Luca reached out and took the fleshy tube in his hand, and it immediately inflated in his hands catching Evan by surprise his eyes bulging outwards in shock. "What the fuck Luca…shit." He hissed a bit too late as his pole stiffened to its full three inch hardened length.

"Hmmm…well alright, but why were you laughing at me then?" He asked as he released Evan to the curly haired boy's relief as he glanced over at me while I just scowled at him.

My poor little angel just didn't know what to think as he tried to explain to Luca the situation at the store the other day. Even Jaden started to bust up at the whole pepper and brussel sprout scenario while Evan just poked his friend in the side trying to get him to stop laughing thinking this was serious. He hadn't intended to embarrass the smaller boy so he way trying to explain himself, but Jaden laughing didn't help his cause.

"Dude…can't you see that Kyle and Luca set you up." Jaden finally told his friend letting him out of this sticky situation.

"What…no…really?" He asked and turned towards me while I giggled and shrugged my shoulders. "Fuck…I should have known you would have already found a way to get into Luca's pants…or rather his gown you horny bastard." Evan scolded me as he sauntered over giving me a gentle punch in the arm while I just continued busting up laughing.

It hurt…the laughing that is, so I had to stop and suck in some air. "Shit, that hurts like a mother fucker." I huffed with Evan looking at me with only a little sympathy, but not a whole lot, since I had just forced him to expose himself to another boy.

"Can I see yours too?" I heard Luca ask Jaden who was caught off guard by the request for a brief moment before just shrugging his shoulders agreeing.

"Sure…why not since everyone else is showing off I might as well too. Although I have to admit I never thought I'd see the day when Evan would be so willing to do that at a drop of a hat." He chuckled making Evan bristle even more as he sat down and sulked in the chair, but still taking a good look at both Luca, who was still sitting in his bed naked, and the stunningly beautiful Jaden as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his underwear shoving his hips towards the smaller boy.

"Spitze," Luca gasped as he reached out to run his hands through the older boy's slightly bushy landscape. "You've got hair too." He pointed out as the older boy just giggled letting Luca get a good look and feel of his sparse pubes and three inch hardened tube.

Both Jaden and Evan had changed very little below the belt over the months. It was as if time had sort of stopped for them a little while longer. Evan was just now getting a few wisps of hair around the base of his shaft, while Jaden still had those few little fluffy bushy light brown hairs on either side.

"Oh shit." Jaden hissed shivering as Luca ran his thumb across his sensitive knob.

"Do you squirt yet?" Luca asked curious about Jaden as he finally let go of the boy so he could zip back up before someone walked into the room unexpectedly.

Jaden nodded his head while he tucked himself away. "Yeah some, but not a lot yet. Evan does too, and he's got some pubes too, but it is just now starting to come in so kind of hard to tell yet." Jaden answered including Evan into the conversation, who was sitting in his chair and blushed now as his friend began blabbing about his privates to Luca.

"Hey…no fair," the curly haired boy protested, but not really all that strongly as he watched Luca slowly covering himself up straightening out his gown and blanket.

"That is so Geil," The pale blonde haired blue eyed Swiss boy whispered excitedly.

"Geeze, I can't believe all the fucking horn dogs in this room. I mean damn, you both have holes in you, and you still are hard as a rock." Evan giggled shaking his head. "And what exactly does that mean…you know spit and guy or whatever you said?" Evan asked.

"Ja," Luca agreed as he straightened himself out. "I thought all you Americans are…how do you say…um…prunes about such things." He stated as he scrunched his eyebrows not sure of the English terminology that he used.

"Um…you mean prudes." Jaden pointed out as he began laughing his ass off making us all giggle before he continued. "Yeah, I guess we are because this really doesn't happen a lot. It's just we are all really close friends and all…so…things sort of just happened I guess." He chuckled as Luca just looked at him and smiled understanding.

"Ja…I get it…cool." He smirked at us then remembered Evan's question. "Oh you mean Spitze and Geil…I guess it just really sort of means cool, sexy, and those sorts of things, but sometimes depending on how you use it then even…um…," he shrugged his shoulder scrunching his eyebrows together trying to explain. "I don't know how to describe it other than sometimes it is just better…you know like mind blowing or something, ja?" He explained to my curly haired boy who smiled practicing the odd words on his lips seemingly liking how it sounded as we all settled in and changed the subject since it was getting close to the time our parents would show up.

Sure enough my mom and Luca's showed up with several large bags filled with sandwiches and an assortment of chips. "Whoa, that's like a ton of food mom. I mean we're hungry and all, but still." I told her wondering what the deal was with all the food as she just smiled at me conspiratorially.

Just then Mattie came bursting through the door, looked around, spotted me, and smiled broadly as he headed straight for me. "Kyle…you're alive." He tittered excitedly as he rushed over towards me, shoved his brother aside, and climbed up on the bed throwing himself on top of me. He jostled me a bit too roughly, and I cringed in pain, but couldn't help myself hugging him tightly to me before carefully rolling him off on to my left side so I could kiss his sweet face all over. He was giggling loudly now when I felt another sharp stabbing pain in my side because I overdid it, and had to stop as I panted in pain.

"Mattie be careful," I heard Evan shouting at his brother making the smaller boy whimper apologetically.

"It's alright Evan; don't be so hard on Mattie." I cringed as my side seemed to spasm for a moment. "Besides, I'm so glad to see my little soldier too." I breathed out softly making the smaller boy smile at our inside joke as I eased myself on to my back, but still held him close to me. "It's alright Mattie I don't break that easily." I whispered to him as he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek tenderly while I closed my eyes for a second to recuperate.

When I opened them back up there was a small crowd surrounding my bed and I immediately smiled. "Wow…hey guys." I stated excitedly as I noticed who all had snuck into my room.

Aunt Liz had waited at the house for everyone so she could lead Tim who was driving the second car on to base, and get the proper passes so they could all visit. Tim and Chase had shown up standing there side by side of course. We've been in regular contact, and their relationship had gotten even stronger over the months giving me the impression they would remain together forever. They were head over heals in love with one another; that much was obvious to those of us who knew they were a couple.

Then there was Benji who had grown a couple of inches, and when I glanced down between his legs I noticed a slightly larger bulge down there as well making me think that perhaps it was time to find out how he's truly been maturing. The boy had just turned fourteen last month, was now a freshman in High School, and the last time I talked to him he had a girlfriend. At the time he had casually mentioned that the two of them were 'involved,' and I got the sense that what he really meant was that he was doing her. He still came over regularly to visit with us, and I knew that he also messed around a little with Mattie, which didn't bother me in the least because I knew he wouldn't hurt his smaller friend. The fooling around between the two of them was just that, a little messing around for mutual gratification. When I thought about it I was kind of surprised at how much action little Mattie really was getting for a nine year old boy.

My eyes flittered over towards Gabe, and my heart seemed to leap into my throat. He was my closest, longest, and best friend in the whole world, and I just couldn't help myself as I looked him over. He hadn't changed much at all over the last year as I continued to scrutinize him closely. He was still tall and lanky, a little taller than me, but not as heavy. He was still fifteen years old and would turn sixteen in a few months, but looked older. Not in a bad way, but with harder facial features and rugged looks. To be honest he looked a lot like his younger brother Jaden, but just more older and rugged. I could tell that Jaden would never outgrow his boyish features; whereas, Gabe had sort of made up for it, and just kind of matured more. I had to admit though that my friend really was ruggedly handsome, which made my little toy twitch between my legs catching me a bit by surprise since I've never felt that way about my him before, and really still didn't. It was confusing making me wonder why I was so sexually hyped up lately.

Mattie giggled knowing what was happening to my lower region since he was practically sprawled on top of me, and I noticed he was getting a bit excited as well. I ignored it for the moment as my eyes continued to wander over my friend stopping briefly at his crotch. He was wearing a long sleeved button up blue colored plaid shirt and light blue colored skinny jeans that seemed to accentuate his nice sized bulge. From all appearances he looked like he was packing a big one, but I knew the swelled up lump was mostly from his puffy oversized spunk tanks that practically hung down to his knees. He always bragged himself up, about how big he was, but I knew he was only about three inches soft and three and a half inches hard on a good day.

My light haired friend was smaller than me below the belt, but a bit thicker around the shaft and knob. My eyes lingered only for a moment before my gaze wandered back up to his face settling on the same sparkling blue colored eyes as his younger brother. Well at least that's what I thought, but now as I looked at him closer I realized his eyes really weren't blue, but rather a bit of a different shade, almost green in some ways. It was strange how I never noticed that about him before I thought to myself.

Tim and Chase stepped forward first giving me a warm hug followed quickly by Benji who lingered a little longer before stepping back and wiping away some moisture from around his eyes. "Hey…none of that now." I whispered softly to the sensitive boy who just nodded.

"I know…it's just…," he shrugged his shoulders leaving the words unspoken while I nodded understanding what he meant because I'd be a little choked up too if I saw one of my friends laid up in the hospital with a bullet wound.

Gabe sort of hung back a little shuffling around as I looked over towards him. "What…nothing from my bestest and longest friend in the whole world?" I asked him as he looked around and blushed before stepping up to me giving me a brief hug.

He began to step away, but for some reason I just couldn't help myself and I pulled him in closer to me. "Not this time…you big lug. If there's one time I can truly get a hug from my best friend, I'd say this sort of counts as one of them. So for once Gabe…just let me hold you for a bit longer." I whispered in his ear and felt him stiffening up for a second before he finally seemed to relent truly giving me a warm heartfelt hug instead of the typical guy friend tap on the back.

The older boy just seemed to melt in my arms forcing Mattie to sort of try shrinking down further into the mattress. To be honest I don't think we've ever hugged like this before as his heavier teenage musky smell intermingled with the clean scent of soap and a hint of cologne. The subtle fragrance of cologne sort of caught me by surprise because I don't ever recall him wearing any before, not even on dates. His fragrance swirled around my senses making me quiver and respond in a way that seemed to burn deep down inside of me. Feeling the closeness of his warm body, and genuine embrace made me quiver excitedly as my nether region began to roil with a yearning desire for my friend in a way I've never felt before. I was beginning to notice that this type of stirrings deep within the core of my being were happening more intensely and frequently over the last day or two. It's been such a roller coaster ride of emotions for me lately, and I was beginning to wonder if it had to do with this feeling I seemed to carry around lately of being vibrantly alive in a way I've never been before.

My friend was shivering now trying to battle away his own emotions, and I got the distinct feeling that my close call had truly affected him more than he was letting on. "Thanks Gabe…for this." I whispered in his ear, and then released him before we both ended up becoming a blubbering mess.

The lanky boy stepped away and smiled trying to be subtle with wiping away the small streak trickling down along the side of his face. I chuckled knowingly as I wiped away my own tears and sucked in some air heavily into my lungs noticing my chest rattling a bit out of nervousness. Gabe was my best friend in the whole world, but the emotions that seemed to bubble up inside of me for him was a bit overwhelming. I've never had any sexual feelings towards him throughout our friendship, but for some reason I was beginning to feel the familiar stirrings between my legs that indicated maybe there was more there than I had previously realized.

Jaden seemed to notice the hard time his older brother was having at the moment so he walked over and wrapped his arms around him. This time the older boy didn't seem to have any troubles with returning the hug. I've noticed over the course of the new school year that the two brothers had managed to finally connect on a deeper level, and that Gabe had opened up more with his younger sibling. It made me happy to see how this relationship between the two of them had finally evolved and blossomed bringing them closer as brothers.

Mattie was watching me closely and I leaned my head down gently placing my forehead on to his. "I've missed you so much Mattie boy." I whispered softly while he just smiled and nodded his head.

"Yeah, I've missed you too you big knucklehead. Don't ever scare me like that again." He sniffled as I pulled him in closer to me absorbing his body heat inside of me and content with holding him in my arms.

We stayed like that for several moments until I started to feel the tension of awkwardness with several pairs of eyes absorbing the tender moment between me and Mattie. "Um…," I began as I cleared my throat trying to diffuse the emotional apprehension. "Maybe we can all grab a bite to eat. My mom and Mrs. Page brought us all plenty of food to snack on from the cafeteria." I told everyone causing a flurry of movement as everyone shifted around trying to find a spot to sit or lounge so we could eat and visit.

After introducing every one to Luca and his mom we all settled in for a very pleasant visit. Mattie announced that Riley and Grant had called up on skype to wish me well, and then dropped the bombshell. Evidently the two brothers were able to make arrangements through our folks to come and visit during Christmas break. Their mom had to work on Christmas so they were going to celebrate early at their house, and then come and spend Christmas with us. I was really looking forward to the visit, and I had to admit I was missing our time together in Santa Cruz. A lot had come out during our stay there, and it had truly been a wonderful experience spending time with the two brothers.

We continued to have a good time, and before long the ladies decided to go do some more shopping at the BX, with the excuse of needing some new outfits. Personally I think it had more to do with Christmas coming up, and it was a good opportunity to get some shopping out of the way. As soon as they left Mattie immediately began to pester me about seeing my wound. Looking over towards Evan and Jaden we just busted up laughing because I had called that scenario correctly.

Pulling aside the blanket and gown I managed to peel away some more tape even though Doc had left one side open so that they could all get a good look. It was kind of disgusting looking, and they all seemed to cringe at it, but Gabe blanched and looked like he was going to throw up. For all his blustering of acting so rough and tumble, he seemed the most sensitive out of them all. It kind of made me wonder if he was more like Jaden than he wanted to let on.

Time just seemed to fly by quickly and before we knew it my dad showed up with Sage followed a few minutes later by the ladies who looked all giddy. I noticed they were looking more cleaned up than usual, and discovered they ended up getting a free makeover at the store. Leave it to women to always find time for a makeover. It was getting a bit crowded now in the room, and it was just about to get a little more crowded with Luca's stepfather showing up looking around and smiling at the happy vibe that was going on all around him.

"Hi sweetheart." Mrs. Page beamed as her husband came into the room giving her a kiss, and saying hello to everyone before walking over to Luca giving the boy a genuine heartfelt hug.

"Hey Luca…I see you are keeping entertained by your neighbor and his friends." The man told his stepson. "I'm sorry I haven't been around so much, but I wanted to get everything squared away so that I can take time off of work because I wanted all of us to have a proper Christmas." He stated as he gave the boy another hug.

"Really…you don't have to work this Christmas?" The boy asked looking happy.

"Nope…as a matter of fact I am officially on vacation until a week after New Year's. I cleared off my schedule so we can all have a lot of time together. I'm all yours, and once you get out of the hospital we will go somewhere on a real vacation." He promised the boy and his wife who smiled appreciatively at her husband knowing that it was difficult for him to get so much time off at one time.

"Oh that is wonderful news, ja Luca?" Mrs. Page asked with Luca beaming broadly.

"Yes mama but what about father?" He asked a bit hesitantly not wanting to hurt his stepfather's feelings.

"Ah…yes of course Luca. I understand that you want to spend time with your dad at Christmas, so I made arrangements for him to be with us as well. He can only get a week off from work though Luca…I hope that will be alright with you?" The man asked his stepson who smiled nodding his head.

"Yes, that will be perfect…thank you so much for thinking about me. I know this must be a bit…awkward…but it just wouldn't be the same without my father." The boy tried to explain as his stepfather just held up his hand.

"No…it is fine Luca, and when I married your mother I knew this sort of thing went hand in hand. There are no hard feelings between your father and us Luca," he told the boy as he looked towards his wife, "so there shouldn't be any reason why we all can't share special moments together as a blended family, alright?" He pointed out with his stepson nodding his head very happy about the entire situation. "Well then, now that this is settle I am eager to get to the hotel and cleaned up. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to freshen up." He pointed out as his wife began to giggle and he looked at her questioningly.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but we don't have a room at the hotel anymore." She told her husband as he just looked at her as if asking what now. "You see Kevin and Judy have invited us to stay with them for a while." She explained as her husband just looked over towards my mom and dad.

"Are you sure…I mean I wouldn't want to impose or anything. I know how crowded housing is on post so don't want to create problems for you two." He told my parents sincerely.

"Oh sweetie you should see their home. They live in a lovely little town in a wonderful area, and their home sits on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful lake. It is almost like a fairy tale." She told her husband reassuringly who seemed kind of surprised since most military personnel couldn't afford such a home.

"Well we sort of fell into the property many years ago, and I was very fortunate." My dad explained. "We will be putting you and your wife into our room since we have a patio that overlooks our lake and property. It's also private and away from all the hustle and bustle with the boys. We have an extra work room upstairs that has a foldout couch that is really pretty comfortable. Judy and I will stay in there while you guys are here, and don't worry we don't mind having guests in our home. Besides, you don't want to have to be stuck in a hotel room until Luca is out of the hospital, and if your wife is anything like mine they need some extra girly amenities…if you know what I mean." My dad chuckled and flinched when my mom whacked him in the arm for the last comment.

It was settled, as if Mr. Page had any choice in the matter since the luggage was already moved over to the house. We all visited for a while longer before my parents announced it was probably a good idea to head back home. This way Mr. Page could get cleaned up, and then they could head out to dinner. Of course Evan was going to spend the night again with me and had his small bag with him that had a change of clothes inside, and this is when all hell seemed to break out with Mattie.

"Why can't I stay too?" He begged his mom who just shook her head.

"Where are you going to stay Mattie? There's only so much room in Evan's bed." She pointed out as the smaller boy buried his head in my shoulders while everyone started to get ready to head out.

Leaning over I whispered into Mattie's ear as he sniffled dejectedly. He looked up into my eyes and nodded his head before he crawled down from the bed. One by one my friends leaned over to give me a hug goodbye. Just as they were finishing up I heard Luca speak up to Aunt Liz.

"Would it be alright if Mattie stayed with me?" He asked Aunt Liz as she looked towards Luca, then Mattie who was standing next to the Swiss boy's bed, before frowning at me.

"This was your idea wasn't it?" She looked at me a bit put out while I shrugged my shoulders.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not the one asking." I giggled as she just rolled her eyes looking back over towards Mattie.

"Really Mattie I don't think this is such a good idea. How is Luca going to get any rest with you wriggling around all night long like you always do? Besides, you don't have your pajamas." She told her son who piped up innocently.

"No…I'll behave honest…and I don't need pajamas…please mom." Mattie begged as his mom just shook her head sadly, and started to say no to him.

Just then it was Mr. Page who surprised me by coming to the rescue. "Well Mrs. Prescott it is perfectly fine with us since this is what Luca obviously wants. If you are worried about our son I wouldn't be too concerned. He seems to be having more fun in the hospital than he's had all year, so I think it would be fine as long as the nurses and doctors will allow it." He pointed out looking towards his wife making sure it was alright with her as well while my dad chuckled.

"Well at this point I just think they are happy enough there aren't any more issues creating problems for them in the middle of the night coming from us. I'll go talk to them and get everything set up. When Kathy swings by tomorrow first thing in the morning to pick up the boys she can drop you two off to visit with Luca. Then when she comes back you guys can make some plans for the day. I'm sure the boys appreciate the visit from us, but they most definitely don't want us to hang around all day, which reminds me, let's not forget to get the video console set up for the boys tomorrow so they can play video games. It will help keep them occupied." My father stated as he headed out of the room to make the arrangements with the medical staff.

After everyone left things settled down a little, and I winced feeling a bit achy. The nurse came in to check up on us and smiled in sympathy, but still forced me to get up and move around a little after giving me some medication before leaving the room again. I knew that the more I moved around the easier it would get so complied with the request. Even Luca got up as we walked around while Evan and Mattie laughed at us because both of our lily white asses stuck out the back. I couldn't blame them, and didn't even mind when my curly haired angel picked up my phone and started taking pictures. Even Luca didn't mind as we turned our backs to the boy and started to wriggle our pale asses at the two brothers.

It did surprise me however when Evan asked Luca to lift his gown so he could take a few pictures of the boy's spicy hot pepper and brussel sprouts, which sent all of us on another round of laughter while Mattie looked at us a bit confused until we explained it to him. Of course he had taken a close interest in Luca's nakedness as he overtly tweaked his own hard little erection making us all laugh again shaking our heads. I was laughing so much that I was beginning to feel the affects of the long day so ended up having to crawl back into bed.

"Damn, I'm wiped out." I admitted as Evan got a towel and put some water on it placing it across my brow. "Thanks I sighed as Mattie patted my arms affectionately before walking over towards the Swiss boy.

"Can I see your cut?" He asked the other boy making me giggle, and then wince as my side ached like a mother fucker.

"Ja, sure." Luca didn't seem to mind as he pulled aside his gown.

Mattie giggled at the boy's nudity for a second, and then took a good look at Luca's wound. "So they just slice you open and pull out the bad part?" He asked the blond boy curiously.

"Ja, sort of." Luca nodded his head.

"Did it hurt when they did that?" He asked a bit concerned for his new friend.

"No, I was asleep. They give you medicine that makes you sleep, and you do not feel anything."

"Oh…that's cool. What about you Kyle…what did it feel like getting shot?" He asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"It stung a lot." I admitted to him. "I mean at first it's like you don't feel anything then there was like this burning sensation, and then later it's like your whole insides cramp up on you."

"Oh…and how do you feel now?" He continued to ask in that boyish way…you know…where there is one question after the other.

"Um…sort of like I got run over by a car only to be hit by a bus." I told him giggling and then wincing when my side seemed to bind up again. "Damn…that hurts like a mother fucker every single time." I grimaced and wheezed forgetting about Mattie as he sort of giggled at my foul language, but also seemed a little worried.

"Are you alright?" He asked a bit concerned frowning while I nodded my head and waved him off letting him know I'll be alright.

He turned back around towards Luca noticing the boy was still naked. "Wow, you still have your skin on your dinky just like me and Evan." He stated the obvious making Luca smile at the younger boy.

"Ja, most people where I live still have their foreskin, but most people in America do not." He pointed out.

"Yeah…Kyle doesn't have his, but me and Evan still have ours…see." Mattie stated as he got up and pulled down his jeans that had an elastic band around the waist.

Lifting up his long sleeved t-shirt he pulled down the front of his avenger's boy's briefs tucking them below his small marbles. He scooted closer showing his new friend kind of proud of the fact he had a turtleneck sweater covering his little Johnnie as well. His stiff two inch little boy hardness protruded outwards from his bare desert landscape as he pulled back on his hoodie revealing his thick knob to the boy. I noticed Luca's eyes bulging outwards and his own thin collapsed fishing pole suddenly unwound extending with a nice little bowing as if he had a heavy fish on the end of it.

"Why is yours curved like that?" Mattie asked the boy curiously who just shrugged his shoulders.

"It's always been like that, and it is so cool that your skin pulls back." He told Mattie as he looked towards the boy seeking permission to touch him.

"Um…would you like to touch it?" Mattie asked seeming to notice the other boy's curiosity and scooted closer so Luca can get a feel of it.

The Swiss boy just giggled and moved Mattie's foreskin back and forth before releasing him and grabbing his own. "Mine still does not do this." He told the curly haired boy as he demonstrated how his skin was still attached and motioned that it was alright for Mattie to touch it.

"Wow…that's kind of cool, but does it hurt?" He asked Luca.

"What…my attached skin or because it is curved?" The blond Swiss boy inquired.

"Um…I guess both." Mattie replied.

"No…it doesn't hurt, and when I'm a little older the skin will also begin to slide like yours. Some boys have to wait longer for that to happen. It is just natural this way. For some boys it happens earlier, like you, and for others it happens later, like me." Luca explained to the smaller boy who seemed to accept the information as he slowly ran his fingers around the older boy's thin rod.

"Cool." Mattie stated finally releasing his friend and pulling his pants back over his small fleshy pouch and little hard boy penis.

Evan was trying not to bust a gut, but finally he just couldn't help it as he bent over and laughed his ass off. Mattie just looked at his older brother and shrugged his shoulders while rolling his eyes just like Evan always did making me start to laugh again. Before long we were all giggling with Luca and myself struggling for air and wincing in a bit of pain.

"Crap…I've been laughing so much all day long now that my whole insides ache." I panted trying to catch my breath.

"Ja, me too." Luca huffed as he held his side. "Maybe we should just all climb into bed and watch some television, but nothing funny. Hopefully the medication will ease some of the pain." He suggested as Mattie immediately agreed shucking off his shirt and jeans onto the chair next to Luca's bed and climbing in wearing nothing but his underwear and obvious hard two inch erection pressing the fabric of his avengers cartoon outwards.

Watching his brother Evan just shrugged his shoulders and started peeling off his clothes as well. He had brought a pair of shorts with him to wear to bed, but at the last moment decided against it as he climbed in next to me. I noticed he was wearing just a pair of white boy's briefs and smiled at him appreciatively.

"That's so sweet of you to remember," I whispered in his ear while he snuggled up closer to my body his heavenly boy scent swirling around under my nose. I inhaled deeply and all of my aches and pains seemed to disappear as I wrapped him in my arms and closed my eyes savoring this quiet moment.

When I opened up my eyes again it was quiet and dark in the room. I could feel the nurse checking up on my wound and realized I had a raging erection, which made me blush because there was no way she could miss it. I remained completely still and closed my eyes pretending to sleep and within moments she just simply covered me back up and moved silently over towards Luca to check up on him. First she checked his charts and then his I.V. lines before lifting up his blanket and gown taking a quick look at his side. From my angle I could just make out the younger boy's thin stiff fishhook that seemed to bob and twitch around. It reminded me once more of a fish on the end of the line bending down the pole as I watched the nurse finally covering him back up before quietly leaving the room. It was hilarious, and I wanted to bust a gut wondering how often she came across a kid presenting her with a little soldier standing at attention giving her a full salute during her rounds.

There was some movement over by Luca once the nurse left, and I could see Mattie lowering the Swiss boy's blanket and ease over his gown to slowly wrap his fingers around the sleek curved throbbing gristle. I heard Luca moan and sigh in his sleep while Mattie slowly ran his fingers up and down the thin pole.

"What are you doing?" I heard a soft moaning whisper as the older boy finally woke up and looked down at the curly haired boy who just smiled up pleasantly at him.

"It was hard and I figured I'd help you out." Mattie murmured back as the Swiss boy seemed to quiver excitedly.

"What if the others wake up or the nurse comes in to check up on us?" He asked nervously.

"The nurse just left, and my two brothers don't care." Mattie explained as he shifted downwards slipping his lips over the curved tip of the boy's thin bent spike making Luca gasp in surprise.

"Oh…oh…," the boy panted as his hands automatically reached out towards Mattie's head.

My breathing became ragged in my chest at the sexually charged scene unfolding only yards away. Mattie slowly opened his lips and ran his tongue around the underside of the blond boy's throbbing thin erection before swirling it around the tip end making Luca squirm in delight.

"Oh…wow," the Swiss kid hissed as he watched Mattie's lips once more wrapping around his curved tent pole to only witness it completely disappear into the cavernous warm damp grotto. "Oh…mmmm," Luca sighed contentedly while the younger boy's mouth slowly masturbated his throbbing turkey neck.

Mattie's prowess really surprised me even though it shouldn't have considering how much practice he's been getting since summer. Still it was kind of shocking to see a nine year old boy expertly giving head to another boy as his lips seemed to glide skillfully over the glossy slicked up two and a half inch slenderness.

"Mmmmm, faster…harder," I heard Luca moan as he spread apart his legs even more for Mattie as he younger boy began to kneed his large dough basket rolling around his two marbles in his fingers.

All of a sudden Luca's hips jerked upwards and his body seemed to spasm while his legs became stiff. "Uuumph, uuumph, umph, umph," the small blonde boy moaned out softly as his body arched upwards slightly when a wave of euphoria rippled across his skin before he slumped back down on to the mattress gasping for air.

Mattie let the boys stiff hook slip from his mouth as he hurriedly hitched up his hips and removed his tight boy's briefs leaving them lying on the mattress. He quickly straddled his friend carefully placing both of his knees higher up on the boy just below his arm pits. Luca's eyes were still closed while he continued to recover from his pleasant orgasm. Mattie leaned his groin towards the Swiss boy's face, his own hard two inch sleeve covered Fatty thumping around wildly sticking practically straight out from his pale white flat patio. His skin seemed stretched obscenely tightly against the hard wood like spike with the small quarter inch pinched piece of skin closed tightly over the bell end of his knob. His fleshy tonsil bag hung loosely between his legs swaying around bumping up lightly against the inner part of his thighs. There were two distinct outlines of his olive sized milk duds as they seemed to weigh heavily in the small sagging satchel. It seemed strangely odd to me at how heavy they looked since I knew Mattie didn't squirt yet, but maybe it was due to him being so horny at the moment.

Luca opened his eyes and instinctively flinched backwards when Mattie shoved his hips forward easily slipping his hooded spike into the boys gaping mouth. Mattie's skin seemed to ripple in pleasure as he moaned excitedly while the Swiss boy tried to mumble something, but was forced instead to slurp up the fleshy foreign object. I knew he had never done anything like this before so his shock was understandable as Mattie began to rock his hips back and forth slowly face humping his new friend.

"Ouch…watch your teeth," Mattie flinched and gently told the cute blond boy as he slowed his rocking motion and looked down into the sparkling blue eyes of the older boy. "Have you ever done this before?" Mattie whispered softly moaning a little and quivering at the damp warm sensation surrounding his hard slimy worm.

Luca just shook his head and Mattie paused a moment pulling himself out of the boy's mouth. He reached down and pulled his tight skin over his reddened acorn eliciting an excited response from Luca who eyed the slippery knob greedily now. Mattie giggled knowingly while the blond blue eyed boy beneath him just looked up and smiled.

"Just use your lips and tongue like I did with you, and be careful of your teeth. It's pretty easy really and you'll get the hang of it." Mattie instructed the boy who looked up not in the least offended that he was getting sexual instructions from the younger boy.

Luca opened his mouth and slipped his lips voluntarily over the plump end of the curly haired boy's sexy knob. Mattie quivered excitedly watching the Swiss boy swirl his tongue around the slicked up bulbous tip. I noticed Luca's own curved hardened wire quivering excitedly once more between his legs as he reached behind the smaller boy cupping his two pale dome shaped covers, and squeezed gently making Mattie shake excitedly.

"Oh…yesssss," Mattie hissed eagerly as he once more eased his hips forward, his short fat hard two inch penis slithering easily inside the cavernous grotto. "Mmmmm…that feels so damn sexy hot." My little soldier boy moaned softly enjoying the sensations that were now beginning to roil deep down in the core of his tiny frame. "Yes…that's it," He huffed as the sexy Swiss boy began to make love to Mattie's all time favorite toy.

The curly haired boy's body started to stiffen up, and I knew he was about to blow a gasket with his blanks, but all of a sudden Luca let the younger boy's torpedo slip from his mouth. I heard my poor little trooper whimper in protest, but then gasp delightedly as the blond boy flicked his tongue beneath his friend's fleshy leathery pouch. I had to smile because Luca seemed to be learning fast as he deployed a trick to keep Mattie aroused yet also extend the inevitable outcome.

"Oooh," Mattie crooned as he felt his soft pouch slipping inside Luca's mouth. "Yesssss, oh shit…you're so damn sexy hot." Mattie sighed contentedly making me shake my head in surprise at his more mature word usage; his high beginning to recede replaced by another pleasant sensation a little more subdued.

Mattie was enjoying the warm damp feeling around his two bell clappers, and settled his body downwards onto the other boy's face. The small frame of my little boy seemed to relax a little, and he arched his back while Luca's hands began to roam lightly over the front of his stomach. Mattie shivered excitedly at this new sensation, his hardened spike quivering animatedly in front of him. The boy from Switzerland seemed to notice and his fingers wrapped around the sleeve covered spike slowly skinning it back.

"Yessss…oh shit yes…that feels so damn good." Mattie tittered and whimpered allowing Luca to take control of things now as he just moaned in pleasure.

Slowly Luca began to masturbate the smaller boy as he continued to suckle on the baggy pouch. Once more Mattie started to breathe raggedly and his body began to stiffen. The blond boy was beginning to learn how to read the body language of his new bunk mate, and immediately eased up letting the knob knockers slip from his moist warm mouth. The smaller boy immediately whimpered once more now starting to become a bit frustrated at not being allowed to enjoy his release. It looked like he was about to protest, but hissed excitedly when he felt the sensation of warm dampness wrap around the tip of his exposed knob. He looked down just in time to see his entire length, all the way down to his root, disappear from sight as the older boy began to slurp on him in earnest. Mattie began to rock his hips again keeping in timing with Luca's bobbing motion.

He began to pump his hips intensely now, and a few more strokes later his body stiffened up as an explosive convulsion gripped his tiny body when he released all his pent up energy in one fiery moment. "Oooh, uuuuuummmmph," He moaned a little loudly as Evan now stirred in my arms before settling back down.

The whole time I was watching the scene unfold in front of me I was frozen in awe, but now as Evan shifted in his sleep a little I noticed how my own erection seemed to pulse animatedly between my legs. I could feel a slick wetness sliding along the length of my shaft with my own horny neglected needs pulsing angrily between my legs. Ignoring it I shifted my attention back to what was transpiring over in the other bed transfixed by the sexiness and naughtiness of it all.

Mattie's back arched obscenely, and he shoved his hips into the blond boys face forcing the boy to almost choke. His head rolled backwards, and he began to quiver and shiver, his orgasm blasting its way throughout his small body.

"Umph, umph, umph," the brown curly haired boy continued to moan while his orgasm ravaged and exploded its way through his tiny frame unrelentingly.

It never ceased to amaze me at how long Mattie's orgasms seemed to last as I watched Luca's face contort in surprise when he began to realize the smaller boy's orgasm was still in full on overdrive. He cupped the boy's small doughy croissants, and started to knead them like dough as he continued to slurp on the twitching rod in his mouth. Mattie continued to spasm in his arms, and in one last explosive moment moaned and then completely relaxed his body on top of the blond boys face while he gasped totally spent.

Poor Luca was too stiff and hurt to push the other boy off of him so just remained like that with the other boy's groin smashed up against his face and the thick soft stump inside his mouth. After a few moments Mattie seemed to recover noticing he was still on top of Luca so rolled off of him to lie on his back up against the warm body of his friend.

"That was so…so…Geil." Luca giggled as he wrapped his arm around the younger boy affectionately.

"Yeah, wickedly cool. You're a quick learner." Mattie laughed nervously getting a smirk from his older bunkmate.

"Ja, well I have a good teacher." Luca retorted as both boys looked at each other then giggle. "You better put your underwear back on just in case." He whispered watching his younger bunk mate squeeze into the tight fitting briefs a bit sad that the now soft one and a half inch toy was being tucked away from view.

With the excitement of the moment gone, he too had deflated and his thin two and a half inch soft cylindrical coated wire hung lazily over his fat pudgy leathery coin purse. Mattie was looking at it now as well and giggled while he watched his friend covering himself up with his gown. The smaller boy sighed contentedly in Luca's arms and reached over grabbing the blanket to cover them both back up.

"Do you think we can do that again…maybe tomorrow?" Mattie asked as he yawned barely able to keep his eyes open anymore.

"Ja," Luca whispered back also yawning. "I would love to do that again with you." He sighed completely spent and a bit sore now in the aftermath of the exhilarating event. "But we have to be careful because I feel a bit achy all of a sudden." He responded as Mattie looked up concerned. "Don't worry I'm alright, and I'm too tired to notice it too much. I'm sure it will go away once I fall asleep." He assured the smaller boy as they both cuddled up closer and closed their eyes.

It didn't take the two of them long to fall asleep leaving me aching between my legs, and yearning for some action of my own as I cuddled up with Evan breathing him in. The boy lay in my arms sleeping peacefully hardly having stirred during the entire event. I could tell he was worn out with everything that's been going on over the last several days. I was glad that he had Jaden there to help him through this mess, and I noticed that the two of them seemed to have become even closer to one another. Even though my little angel was going through some tough times I hoped that Jaden was helping him out in other areas as well. I knew that the two boys fooled around with each other at times, even I messed around with Jaden sometimes, but with everything going on I was hoping the sandy blond haired boy was helping out even more. For boys our age I knew that taking care of our sexual urges was a good way to relieve our tensions, and let's face it no matter what all else was going on in our lives we tended to always need to take care of some special needs at our age.

Reaching down between my legs I winced at the sensitivity of my knob as I wiped away some of the oozing slickness that seemed to refuse to go away. Watching Luca and Mattie go at it had been so damn sexy hot. I briefly contemplated about taking care of my aching throbber, but when I had paddled my pickle earlier in the day it had been so intense that it sort of scared me to do it at this moment. As sexually tightly wound up I was right now I'd more than likely end up exploding like I had earlier. Shivering at the thought I just sighed and closed my eyes trying to get some sleep.

The night seemed to slow down and became almost agonizing as I tried to get some sleep. I couldn't even shift around all that much because of my side. The only way I could move around was to lie on my back for a bit, and then shift on to my left side for a while. I hated not being able to lie on my stomach. After what seemed like hours I finally felt myself drifting away when a new nurse came in to check up on us waking me back up. My throbbing four and a half inch erection still hadn't gone away, and I had to endure the humiliation of being exposed to yet another nurse. This one was a guy and he just mumbled to himself as he checked my charts and vitals before lifting up my blanket and gown.

"Awe man dude, I hope you get to take care of that soon," The male nurse mumbled to himself as he checked my bandages real quick before covering me back up. "Man it must suck not being able to take care of things when you have to at your age." I heard the guy muttering to himself before he made his way towards a little locked cabinet, pulled out a set of keys, and unlocked it searching for something. A few moments later he was adding something to my I.V. line, and I knew it was probably a mixture of pain medication plus antibiotics or something. He cleaned everything away and jotted down some notes on my chart before making his way over towards Luca. "Damn, another little guy needing some special attention." The nurse just chuckled quickly checking up on Luca, covering him back up, and then giving him some medication as well before leaving us alone again.

That was it for me because I just couldn't take it anymore as I eased and shifted on to my left side uncovering Evan who was sleeping soundly on his back. My eyes meandered over the small curly haired boy's sleek physique before settling on the thick outline of his boom stick creating a nice little tent in his tight white boy's briefs. Chuckling, I was glad that I wasn't the only one in this bed having some issues as I slowly ran my fingers over Evan's stomach noticing how his one eyed underwear trout seemed to flop around beneath the snug fitting briefs like a fish out of water. I ran my finger along the inside rim of his belly button taking in the boy's beauty while he slept peacefully. His face looked so innocent and serene at the moment, and I couldn't resist so leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. He moaned in his sleep, and when I looked down I noticed a small little wet spot of pre-cum begin to form at the tip end of his bulge making me giggle knowing exactly what had happened.

Evan began to stir, and his eyes fluttered open sleepily as he gazed up into my eyes. Leaning down I pressed my lips up against his and he eagerly sucked the air out of my lungs. My hands slithered beneath the fabric of his underwear wrapping around his torrid sweltering slicked up tube that continued to dribble out its mostly lucent pearly ooze. The smaller boy shivered in my arms and moaned softly enjoying the attention he was getting before we both ran out of air and had to separate. I was panting heavily as I released him, and rolled on to my back licking my fingers clean enjoying the sweet tasting offering of Evan's slippery goose drippings.

"Fuck," I whispered my soft voice rattling in my chest. "I'm so fucking horny Evan, and all I want is to feel you up inside of me. I'm about ready to explode, but there is just no way we can do that together right now." I moaned as he rolled on to his side and gently stroked my chest scrutinizing my face. "I'm hurting too much, and I'm afraid I might tear myself open if I let you slip inside of me. You know how excited we both can get." I sighed a bit frustrated as I shivered excitedly enjoying his light touch on my body.

"I know…I miss you too." Evan smiled hesitantly making me feel all warm inside that he missed me as much as I did him.

An overpowering sense of love seemed to overwhelm me as I reached out my hand to softly stroke his cheeks with the back of my fingers. "You're so beautiful…you know that right?" I whispered softly to him noticing his cheeks flushing red even in the dim lighting of the room as he got embarrassed with my soft tender tone.

"You really think so?" He asked me as the emotions began to get the better of me.

Ever since I got shot my emotions have been bouncing off the walls as I looked deeply into my sweet angel's eyes. "Yes I do, and I…I love you so much Evan…more than you know. I…I just can't deny it anymore, and I just have to let you know. I don't know why it is so hard for me to say it…but I do love you very much. I…I guess that is why this is rule number one, because it is the most difficult for us to say to one another." I sighed shaking my head as the corners of Evan's mouth twitched upwards.

"So rule number one is saying you love me?" He asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sort of…I guess." I told him as he scrunched up his eyes cynically. "Rule number one," I began, "is to never be afraid to tell someone how much you love them." I explained to him as he began to get choked up, and his eyes began to water. "I'm so sorry I didn't say it sooner Evan…but it's true…I love you so much. You make me happy when you are around, and you make me whole when we are together." I told him softly while I continued to stroke his cheek affectionately. Evan blushed and reached his hand up placing it on top of mine turning his head to kiss my palm dotingly.

"I…I…," He stuttered wiping away the wetness from the corners of his eyes before looking at me and sighing finally giving in to his feelings. "I care about you Kyle…a lot. I…I just about died when I saw you…when Don…oh shit Kyle…please…I love you too. I…I just don't know why…but I do." His voice shook in his chest as he began to sniffle.

"I know Evan…I know." I whispered softly as I pulled him closer to me. "And Jaden?" I asked him as his body stiffened for a second and he looked up at me.

"W…what…I mean…J…Jaden…um…what about him?" He asked me his voice quivering.

"Don't you love him too?" I asked pointedly. "I mean you should really tell him if you do you know."

"I…I don't understand?" He asked me as I shook my head and exhaled heavily.

"Evan…I can see how much you care for him…even love him…and I know he feels the same way. You should tell him because you never know." I told him gingerly knowing how hard it was for him to open up and admit to certain feelings.

"B…but you…I mean…you and me…we…we're together…and…I love you." He whispered as he shook his head a bit overwhelmed by the conversation.

"Yes…and we both said we would be committed in every way exclusively, but that hasn't really stopped us…you know…with others has it now. I mean I know you and Jaden do things together," I explained seeing him start to get defensive so placed my finger on his lips. "I don't care about that Evan, and I'm happy for you. I told you that before, and that is why I wanted you to be open with others your own age. It's important for you to allow others in your life. I love Jaden…he's beautiful…and I don't just mean physically…but inside…you know. I also see it in his eyes…how much he truly adores you…not only as a friend…but much more." I clarified for him.

"Yes…but what about us?" He asked almost afraid of where this was going as I shrugged my shoulders.

"What about us? We both love each other, and for now that is good enough for me…but you need to be honest with Jaden because he knows we are together, and doesn't want to get in between us. I don't know how it will all work Evan…but we will figure it out when the time comes. I love you too much for it not to. In the meantime promise me you will talk to Jaden, and tell him that you love him." I smiled down encouragingly at my little boy as he just bit his lower lip nervously.

"I…I don't know Kyle. I…I'm afraid he might not like me…you know…that way and then it could…um…mess up our friendship." He shook his head worriedly.

"If he's really your friend that won't ever happen Evan…and if I know Jaden…he would move heaven and earth to remain in your life. With him he's your friend for life…don't ever kid yourself about that. Look at what all you've been through, and how he's been there for you every step of the way. If that isn't a friend…then I don't know." I sighed as I reflected back realizing Gabe's been there for me through thick and thin as well over the years. Real friends like that are hard to come by in one's life, and worth hanging on to.

We fell quiet as Evan digested all this new information and he slowly ran his fingers lightly over my chest making me moan. His hands felt so enticingly sexy, and I could feel the electricity course through my four and a half inch sleek conduit as I continued to leak fluids like an old broken down car. My body quivered excitedly and I could feel Evan slip his hands beneath my gown rubbing my slicked up knob making me whimper.

"Oh fuck Evan, if you keep this up I'm going to blow my cork." I hissed breathlessly.

"Should I…um…stop?" He asked me hesitantly. "I…I mean…what about your wound?"

"It's alright as long as I don't over do things. The doctor talked to me about it, and said I could take care of my…um…you know…needs if I have to, but I just need to be careful. Earlier today when Luca showed me his…um…you know…cut from the operation he sort of was afraid about…you know." I giggled while Evan just looked at me and smirked.

"No fucking way…did you like…well…you know?" He asked me making that jacking off motion. "Oh my gawd…you really did jack him off. Damn you really are worse than Mattie." He laughed teasingly as I shook my head.

"Yeah, well I more than jacked him off if you know what I mean…it was his first…you know…blowjob." I giggled and Evan just shook his head at me. "You're not mad are you?" I asked him as he looked at me for a second or two before shaking shook his head.

"No…it's cool I suppose. Besides, I kind of like Luca, and it's too bad he doesn't even live in the states or we could all have fun together…you know?" Evan snorted making me giggle knowing exactly what he meant.

"Well anyway after he blew his gasket I was so damn horny that I busted my own nut. It was so intense I passed out for real. I tore myself open a little, but it was all good in the end. I think I was just way too hyped up and excited, and just wasn't careful. I'm sure as long as I don't actually move around a lot I'll be just fine." I assured him as he looked up at me and seemed to smile mischievously at me.

"Well then I think it is time I showed you how much I really love you." He breathed out softly leaning in and brushing his lips up against mine.

A wave of heat seemed to engulf me as our mouths opened up, and I felt him slipping his tongue inside hungrily exploring my cavernous basin eagerly. In the meantime he again slipped his hand beneath my gown wrapping his fingers around my sweltering roiling blue vein custard chucking spunk trumpet making me wilt and allowing him to take the lead. Throughout our relationship I was the one who usually initiated our sexual play, but lately I've noticed he's become much more confident with himself. Even the day I got shot it was him who initiated our intimate pleasurable exchange literally out in the open, the danger of being exposed making it even sexier. It made me happy to see him thriving this way, and I was more than willing to let him take the lead. We swapped fluids, and he never tasted so good as we began to play tug of war with our air. He sucked on me greedily winning out easily since I wasn't in the best of shape at the moment, and in the process made me lightheaded before he eased off leaving me panting wanting more.

Evan slowly released my lips, and unwound his sticky fingers from my sharp bayonet while I shivered excitedly watching his every move wondering what he was up to now. I examined his sleek body closely taking note of how he's grown a little over the months. He was still sleek and fit, but his body had matured a little filling out and becoming a little more bulky in places. Not in a bad way, but actually in a sexy vigorous and trim kind of way. The boy slowly sat up and slipped off his underwear releasing his damp slippery sheathed dagger from confinement making me quiver impatiently at his nakedness while my eyes ravaged him hungrily now. 'Damn, he still turned me on to no end.' I sighed to myself

"Just relax and let me do all the work so it will be nice for both of us." Evan whispered as he gently straddled my body placing his knees on either side of my hips and adjusting the bed in a slightly upraised position so he could sit on my lap.

He breathed softly his breath tickling my nose as he leaned over to kiss me passionately. My slicked up electric eel slithered between his narrow warm fissure making me squirm as my insides began to roil and burn lustfully for the younger boy. He was driving me crazy, and I felt so alive in a way I've never felt before threatening to force me to do something I had promised I wouldn't. There was a huge urge inside of me to grab the boy and thrust my plunger deep down into his drainage pipes flushing it clear with my thick gooey pipe cleaner. It made me whimper and cry as I tried to burry my urge to deflower the love of my life in this fashion without permission.

Evan seemed to sense my struggle and he released my lips allowing me to breath in some air and regain my composure. "It…it's alright Kyle…I…I'm ready for this," he whispered in my ear catching me by surprise.

"N…no…not like this Evan…I…I don't want you to feel," I began to tell him before he placed his fingers on my lips.

"I want you inside of me Kyle. I'm asking…no…begging you for this. Please…no regrets…no nothing. I…I just need you right now…to feel you inside of me. You have to trust me on this," he panted as he slowly sat up rocking his hips on to me even more making me shiver excitedly as my own pre-cum began to copiously lube up his chasm.

"Oh fuck," I hissed as my fat flared knobby buzzer pressed up against his round steel trap door. "I…I'm not so sure about…," I began to caution my little sweet angel when I felt him pressing up against my rigid rod making it bend momentarily before all of a sudden something seemed to give. "Oh fuck," I hissed again when I felt a tight warm wet sensation engulf the tip of my acorn sending a tingling sensation throughout my entire body while I just moaned softly almost loosing consciousness.

The sudden move had caught me by surprise as my eyes bulged outwards and my legs stiffened up with my right large toe curling forward. I sucked in air trying to hold off my orgasm. The intensity was so strong that I could feel the pressure inside my two heavy large sized milk cartons. Looking up into Evan's face I could see the tension of pain etched on his features forcing me to reach out and hold on to his waist helping to steady him.

"Oh shit Evan that feels so fucking hot, but it's hurting you. Let me pull out." I panted with great effort while he just looked down and shook his head as he smiled.

"No, I want to take your cherry nut proper like making you all mine. You let me take your girly boy virginity, now I want you to take mine. It always belonged to you anyway, and I want this." He hissed as we both just held still for a moment until he got used to being stretched open like this. All those times I fingered him was now starting to pay off for him making this moment not so painful.

We were both sweating heavily now with little beads forming all up and down Evan's chest and stomach making things even more slicked up between our bodies. My eyes glanced over towards the other bed, and I saw Luca staring at us his big blue sparkling eyes as big as saucers. He had pulled aside the blanket and was stroking his pulsing curved fish hook slowly with his right hand while his left had slithered down to cup his large pouch as he rolled around his two little marbles. Just seeing the other boy getting off like that just about sent me over the edge.

Tearing away my gaze from the Swiss boy I refocused my attention back on to Evan who was breathing hard his stomach shivering in delight now which kind of surprised me. He wriggled his hips around sending another tsunami like wave rippling across my body making me moan as my hips sort of hitched upwards on their own forcing my tube to slip a little further inside the warm exotic Grotto. Evan gasped a little, but tried to relax once more accommodating me as we both panted excitedly. My side ached a little at the hard breathing, but it was just a dull ache not even worth noting compared to the other intense feelings I was experiencing.

Evan's slick lustrous torso dripped with perspiration and I ran my hand over his glistening pubic mound. My fingers flickered through his damp sparse strand or two of hairs before slipping around his moist spongy fatty. His two and a quarter inch soft penis felt fleshy in my fingers as I slowly rolled around his foreskin pulling it back over his slippery acorn before slipping it back into place.

The boy looked down and smiled as we watched his pride and joy slowly come awake giving me a full salute. I pulled back his turtle neck skin sweater over his glistening knob running my thumb lightly over the tip. Evan giggled at the tickling sensation before he once more eased himself down even further. This time it didn't seem to hurt so much as he slithered down some more on to my sleek four and a half inch length. Looking down I noticed he had managed to gobble up about half of my tower, and when I looked up he was now smiling as if he was beginning to enjoy this as well. I smiled back encouragingly, and then hissed in surprise as he just all at once shoved the rest of me inside of him.

"Oh…oh…oh…fuck," I grunted just about loosing my load as my hips shoved upwards instinctively, and a sharp pain shot through my side from the sudden move making me moan excitedly and wince from the pain at the same time.

Evan was sitting straight up and down at the moment panting as well with his head thrown back, and his body quivering almost as if I had impaled him only to bump up against his magic button. "Oh fuck…what the hell is that," he hissed excitedly as he began to rock his hips trying to find that sweet spot again that had almost sent him over the edge. "That…umph…," he moaned finding the switch once more inside of him, "that feels so fucking awesome," he trembled as he stopped for a moment allowing us to recuperate for a second. "What the hell was that?" He asked me contentedly panting with large droplets of perspiration dripping off of his face.

"That's your prostate," I wheezed heavily. "You know…your happy button." I giggled as he just looked down at me with a pleased and lustful look on his features.

"If I'd known it would feel this good I'd have let you do this to me long ago." He teased as he began to rock his hips. "How does that feel?" He asked looking to see how he could please me the best.

"Oh…shit yeah, but try to lift your hips up and down," I hissed as he began to change tactics following my suggestion.

Slowly he eased himself upward and I watched in amazement as bit by bit the length of my shaft came back into view. What really surprised me was the noticeable outline of thick blue veins that ran up and down the length of my steel spike. I've never seen my veins bulging and pulsing this much while I continued to watch in amazement as I once more began to impale the lustrous boyish figure making me moan excitedly. Almost immediately I once more I found myself buried deep inside the tight warm dark abyss of Evan's glory hole while an intense wave of exhilaration coursed through my insides. It was nothing I've ever experienced before, and I felt him picking up his tempo as he started to fuck my rod in earnest. The bed was beginning to groan in protest as he thrust himself on top of me while I automatically began to thrust upwards ignoring the fiery twinges in my side. At this point I was too far gone to care anymore about my injury as I began to deflower my angel's virginity in earnest. His little boy cherry felt wondrously tight wrapped around my shaft as the slurping sucking sound became more audible.

My hand settle back on to Evan's hips as both of us became rhythmically in tune with one another. His rock hard three inch trouser snake stood straight up with the collar pulled down around the ridge of his glans. It was so sexy hot seeing his leaning tower stretch obscenely upwards and swell each time my drill buried itself even deeper inside of him searching out that allusive ocean of black crude. I was drilling for oil in earnest now as I continued to plunge into him even more intensely with every pounding thrust.

Evan's head was thrown back, and he was breathing hard his blood engorged chubby stump quivering and jerking around intensely. Even his fleshy heavy leather satchel began to slap noisily against my mostly bare mound as his heavy bell clappers knocked around making his sack bounce in all different directions. Every once in a while his clammy leathery pouch would stick on my skin momentarily before pulling away when our rhythmic conjoining separated our two bodies heading in opposite directions.

All of a sudden Evan leaned forward placing his hands on my chest changing the angle of my entry without missing a beat while he continued to bounce up and down on me. He began to whimper and I knew we had found the right angle because I could feel the tip of my acorn pounding into a little nut sized spongy object inside of him.

"Oh fuck," He hissed as his body jerked upwards and his orgasm began to ripple through his petite frame.

My eyes flew wide transfixed on his thick pulsing snake when it expanded shooting a large blast of clear thick gooey goop from the tip end of his glistening exposed hard hat. His erection was pointing straight upwards angling off towards his body and I watched completely enthralled as Evan let loose the thickest rope of his life. The huge clear almost whitish colored goop arched upwards splattering noisily against his chest and neck. The slimy substance began oozing and dripping downwards to puddle all around his groin and my pubes.

There was a tight clamping sensation around the root end of my love thumper as I felt his tunnel begin to collapse all around my thin soldier sending me over the edge at the same time. In one last ditch attempt I shoved myself as hard as I could breaking through the last barrier, and striking black oily gold as my own white slippery substance began to explode outwards deep inside the dark cavernous walls. Everything seemed to slow down and my eyes shifted momentarily over towards Luca noticing that his body was quivering and shaking now with his head tossed upwards, and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. His thin long spike was quivering wildly in his fingers, and I noticed that his knob was glistening wetly completely exposed to the soft light in the room. For some reason it struck me as odd, and I couldn't figure out why, but then it dawned on me that his foreskin had finally released its adhesive grip from his glands. This indeed was a very special moment for Luca as well. What a glorious night this was turning out to be for all of us.

"Uuuuuuumph, umph, uuumph, oh, owe, uumph, uumph, uumph," I heard my moaning intermingled with another higher toned voice coming from Evan as we both grunted and moaned while our orgasm ravaged our bodies and we tried to remain as quiet as possible so we wouldn't be caught.

With the amount of noise we were making it almost surprised me that we weren't caught, but then I realized that the nurses were making their rounds to other patients at the moment. There was a twinge of pain in my side as my orgasmic spasm coursed through my body, but the overwhelming intensity of my rapture took precedence as Evan's love making rocked my world to the very core. It seemed like it had lasted forever, but I instinctively knew that this had been mere minutes if not seconds from start to finish.

We had held off as long as possible, but the intense feeling we felt towards one another seemed to only heighten our sensitivity to each other. For us it never took that long to pleasure one another, but it was always fantastic and new for us. Yet this experience was much more intense and special as I continued to spew my seed deep inside of Evan laying claim to this uncharted land for myself, while his own hard three inch penis continued to dribbled from the tip of his knob adding to the pooling of mess around us.

Finally it was over as we both convulsed on final time before the boy slowly settled on top of me. I could feel his gooey cream smoothie slithering around between our two sticky bodies while Evan tried to recuperate breathing and panting heavily sucking in air. He felt kind of heavy on top of me, and my side ached, but he had somehow managed to avoid bumping into me so it wasn't so bad. His face was right next to mine, and I could feel his hot breath tickling my ear and neck filling me with such intense love for the boy as I wrapped my arm around him and I began to cry tears of joy. I felt my salty stinging wetness slide along my cheek, and noticed I wasn't the only one crying because I could feel my little cherub begin to shiver and snivel as his salty wetness slid along my neck making me giggle because it tickled. We both stayed like that for several moments as I glanced over once more to Luca who was just staring down at himself in shock.

Slowly the Swiss boy peeled back his tight turtleneck sweater over his knob before pulling it back into place. He had such a serene smile on his face as he looked over and beamed proudly at me. I knew this was another big step in his development as he leaned a little sideways towards me, and showed off his exposed little glistening bullet. I giggled and gave him the thumbs up while he smiled happily at me before looking down at Mattie who had slept throughout the entire incident and chuckled. Luca pulled his gown back over himself, and then covered himself back up with his blanket before closing his eyes to get some rest before morning.

Evan finally seemed to stir awake from his stupor, and looked up into my eyes realizing he was lying on top of me. "Oh fuck, sorry Kyle." He whispered as he extricated himself from me. "Shit, we're a fucking mess," he commented as he eased off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

I could hear him cleaning himself up, and then the sound of the toilet flushing before he silently made his way back over towards me. He tenderly and lovingly cleaned me up glancing up every once in a while and smiling warmly. He took extra care in wiping down my soft fleshy tube and pubes before returning to the bathroom rinsing out the small towel. He padded back softly, slipped on his white briefs covering up his sexiness, and settled back down next to me his own little soft bulge rubbing up against my thigh.

"Damn, that's a first," I whispered as he looked at me questioningly for an explanation. "Well shit, normally you have two orgasms, but this time you did it all in one." I told him as he just nodded and giggle.

"Yeah, that was like way intense and I shot my entire load right from the get go. Damn, that was so…so…um…incredible." He sighed contentedly, and leaned his head on my shoulder. "I want to do that again real soon." He admitted to me making me smile.

"See, I told you that you would beg me to do you." I teased him as he punched me lightly in the arm making me wince.

"Shit, sorry Kyle. How's your side doing?" He asked me a bit concerned as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm aching all over, but it was worth it. The nurse came in just before we…um…you know…so I'm sure the medication he gave me is helping. Damn, you felt so fucking hot and tight on my cock." I told him honestly shivering in delight as I recalled how it felt sliding inside of him. "I always knew it would feel special…but this was…way better than I imagined." I told him honestly.

We continued to whisper together for a few minutes before I finally fell asleep not once waking up the rest of the night. The next morning when I woke up Mattie and Evan were already gone, and both of Luca's parents were chatting with him quietly. After saying hello to them I slowly climbed out of bed hunching over a little to keep my morning wood hidden as I hobbled to the restroom. Seeing my plight Luca kept his parents engaged so that I could make my way to the bathroom with some dignity intact. I ached all over so didn't spend too much time taking care of business before climbing back into bed completely exhausted.

About an hour later my mom showed up after dropping off Mattie and Evan at school, and we chatted for a while until a nurse came in to check up on us and to change our dressings. At this point my mom decided to show Luca's parents around the base, and then do some shopping. 'Poor Mr. Page,' I thought to myself knowing that looking around was fine and dandy, but the whole shopping thing probably boring for him. As soon as the nurse left Luca began to bombard me with questions about last night making me laugh. I told him what I could because it was obvious he was curious about everything, and then it was my turn as I slithered off the bed again and hobbled towards the other boy.

"Well?" I asked him as he blushed knowing what I meant, and then began to giggle nervously.

"Well what?" He mocked back as I clucked my tongue at him dismissively and laughed.

"Let's have a look." I replied as he looked over towards the door as I laughed knowing what he was worried about so closed the curtain around us just in case.

Tossing aside his blanket and pulling up his gown I looked down at his soft thin two inch fleshy boyhood lying lazily over his large pear shaped purse. It began to rise up a little excitedly before settling down again as I looked up into his eyes knowing he was trying to keep from chubbing up. He started to reach down to pull back his skin, but my hand wrapped around his wrist stopping him as he looked up at me questioningly.

"Do you think it would…um…can I…you know?" I asked him as he stared at me for a moment, and then smiled nodding his head that it would be alright.

My hands shook as I slowly reached down placing my pointing finger and thumb against the petite thin fleshy tube really surprised at how heavy it felt despite its sleekness. Slowly I eased his tight foreskin backwards excitedly watching the small thin closed off nib slowly expanding and pulling over his thin bullet shaped head. Millimeter by millimeter the extra skin over his bell end began to expand and shorten until all of a sudden his pee slit came into view. I paused for a moment looking up at him and he smiled at me. I could feel his soft fleshy meat roll get warmer as it slowly began to expand. I let his shaft get hard noticing how it stretched his sleeve even tighter making his skin appear more translucent as his light spidery blue veins pulsed just below the surface. Luca was moaning now with this new sensation of unattached skin.

Not able to help myself I reached out with my other hand and lightly ran it along the middle part of his chest all the way down to his belly button, avoiding his cut, before swirling it around the inside seeing him shiver in delight. Focusing back on to his now curved fish hook I tightened my finger and thumb even more slowly sliding the flange over the tip of his glossy slug. My body shivered excitedly at seeing a newly exposed knob as it breathed in fresh air and was exposed to daylight spilling in from the large windows of the room for the very first time ever. I continued to peel his skin backwards all the way smiling at the light pinkish red coloration of his exposed shaft and glans.

Luca looked down his big round eyes taking it all in since he really hadn't been able to inspect himself this closely yet. It had happened last night, and he had been too exhausted to really scrutinize it. Then this morning his parents had shown up helping him to the bathroom so he couldn't do anything about it at that time either. Now, all alone with me he looked down and smiled at what he was seeing.

I reversed directions sliding his skin over his sticky glans as Luca's hips all of a sudden jerked unexpectedly. "Shit…," He squeaked surprising himself as I immediately looked up allowing his hips to settle back on to the mattress.

"Are you alright?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

"Ja…it…it's just very sensitive," He hissed as his body shivered almost euphorically making me smile in a devious way as I once more skinned him and began to jack him off slowly. "Oooooh…oooh…aaaaiye," He hissed and began to squirm. "It…it's intense," He gasped as his fingers wrapped around his bed sheet and his legs tightened up. Even his toes curled backwards while his body shivered excitedly.

This was something special because he was still very sensitive at having his foreskin detach so recently. I knew at this moment he was probably the most sensitive he would ever be, so I made a quick decision. Briefly looking into his sweet tender soft features I focused back on his sensitive boyhood wrapping my warm lips around his exposed knob, and began to mouth fuck him. His thin pointed nail immediately began to writhe around in my damp fissure, and he actually squeaked like a little girl as his voice tittered several octaves higher. He began to squirm in earnest, and his light chocolaty Swiss boy scent swirled around my nose getting me all excited as I began to run my tongue all around his newly exposed skin. I could feel the familiar tingling and burning sensation between my legs as my own lust began to get the better of me.

"Oooh…fuck Kyle…oh Scheiße…um shit," He hissed at me as his fingers tugged on my hair because this had become a bit too intense for him.

This was so fucking sexy hot feeling his thin erection inside of my mouth along with just the idea that I was giving his exposed glans their very first sexual encounter. I ran my tongue along the underside of his sleek shaft while my left hand reached up to gently stroke his chest and his tight stomach feeling it contracting inwards as the sexual excitement and wondrous feeling began to roil itself outwards along his body. My right hand reached below my mouth as I began to tug on his tonsil bag and bell clappers. I gave them a firm squeeze making him yelp girlishly as his hips jolted upwards clumsily inadvertently shoving his bent dagger up against my tonsils. I forced myself not to gag, but Luca moaned intensely when he felt the tip of his knob bump against something fleshy.

Using my left hand I pressed my hand down on top of his deserted mound forcing his hips back on to the mattress. My tongue lashed out at his tasty lollipop licking and suckling on them eagerly, and I could tell he was close now as his candy stick began to swell. All of a sudden he gasped and grunted shoving his hips upwards again as his orgasm finally took over his senses and his world began to spin in sheer ecstasy. I could feel all of his energy being released along the thin length and breadth of his newly exposed top knot as it began to flare outwards releasing all of his tension in one explosive moment.

"Aaaaaaaaah, umph, umph, umph, umph," he squeaked loudly before clamping his hand over his mouth to stifle the noise while my nose was buried in the fat fleshy part of his pale ivory knoll.

Then as quickly as it began it was all over and he shuddered one last time, sighed, lowered his hips onto the mattress, and gently pushed my head off his extremely sensitive little soft sugar cane. I reluctantly let his floppy slip from my mouth because despite him not shooting anything it still had been the sweetest tasting penis I've ever had in my mouth. Leave it to the Swiss to not only have the sweetest chocolate, but also the sweetest tasting little cocklets.

After I let his limp noodle slip from between my lips the smaller boy twitched a few more times before settling down his breath rattling in his chest. I noticed his hood was still pushed back so reached down and gently tugged it back into place while Luca's eyes popped open, and he hissed at the sensitivity between his legs. I smiled warmly at him, and he smiled back before we both giggled like two little silly seven year old boys.

"Wow…that really was…Geil." He sighed contentedly.

"I'm glad you loved it because if you hurry up maybe I will let you…um…you know?" I giggled as I made my way towards my bed while he just lay there for a moment until it sunk in what I was suggesting.

"You mean…I can…um…wow?" He asked me not sure if he had heard correctly.

"Yeah sure, I saw how much me, and then later Evan, blowing our wads had turned you on. You can jack me off or give me a blow job if you want to." I told him teasingly as I saw him wince when he hurried a bit too fast to get up off the bed following me excitedly. "I do have to warn you though that if you give me a blow job I'm liable to um…explode like an atomic bomb as horny as I am right now." I continued to tease him as he just smiled at the prospect.

I was sore and my body ached, but this was just too much fun to allow this opportunity to pass me by. Besides, I just couldn't control my sexual urges any more, and just needed the relief from my mounting tension in my groin that sexual gratification seemed to bring. The intensity of what I was feeling between my legs far outweighed any aches and pains associated with my side from the ghastly wound. It's surprising how a horny sexually hyped up teenager's lust far outweighs just about any pain he was feeling.

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