Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 29

Sleeping in the hospital is a difficult thing to do no matter how much they dope you up. I was in and out of consciousness all night long, and sometimes when I woke up I noticed Luca staring at me before he closed his eyes once more attempting to go back to sleep. At times I would wake up and look over towards him watching the other boy dozing until he seemed to wake up and catch me watching him as well. It really wasn't a game or anything, just one of those things that couldn't be helped as we both tried to get some sleep.

It was still really quiet throughout the hospital ward when I opened up my eyes once more noticing a warm body lying next to me in the bed on my left side where I wasn't hurt. I knew immediately that it was Evan as I looked down and ran my fingers through his hair before looking over towards the haggard look on my mom's face.

"Hey sweetie," she whispered softly so as not to wake up Evan who was fast asleep by my side.

"Hey mom," I croaked out my throat completely dry.

My mom leaned over and poured me a cup of water and held a straw up to my mouth so I could get something to drink. It was cold catching me by surprise and I knew my mom must have filled up the jug with water and ice for me.

"Thanks," I whispered feeling much better.

"What time is it?" I asked her as she looked at her watch.

"It's a little after three in the morning." My mom whispered back making me scrunch my eyebrows questioningly. "Evan couldn't sleep…and," my mom sighed shaking her head. "Thank goodness that they allowed us to come in." She finished off as I watched her.

"He had a nightmare?" I stated more than asked, my mom nodding her head. "D…did he wet the bed?" I inquired as she nodded her head again knowing how mortified he must have felt. "I had hoped he was over it by now." I told my mom truthfully as she smiled sympathetically.

"Well, I'm pretty sure he was Kyle…but with you getting…," my mom chocked back surprising me as I looked towards her noticing a stream of tears running down the side of her face. "Oh Kyle…you had me so worried. I…I would be lost if something dreadful had happened to you." She continued as she sucked in some air and regained her composure wiping away the dampness from the corners of her eyes with a napkin before leaning in giving me a kiss on the lips. "I love you so much Kyle." She whispered brushing her fingers through my sticky hair leaning her forehead up against mine as we both fell silent for a few moments before she finally leaned back.

"I feel so bad for Evan mom. He's had to go through so much, and even after all he's accomplished he still has the nightmares." I sighed sadly while my mom shook her head.

"No Kyle, these nightmares are different. He was over the other stuff sweetie, it's just…he saw it Kyle." She whispered looking away making me bite my lower lip nervously.

"I…I don't understand." I told her honestly.

"He saw you getting shot Kyle. He wanted to run out and help you, but one of the coaches on your polo team grabbed him and held on to him. He was powerless and couldn't come out to help you. He feels so guilty about it Kyle. He watched as Don pulled the gun and shot you, and then while he struggled to get to you he was helpless as he watched Don raise the gun a second time pointing it straight at you. I think something inside of him died in that one moment." My mom shivered as she saw everything through Evan's eyes.

"He told you all of this?" I asked her as she just looked at me nodding her head.

"He was still disoriented after his nightmare and told us everything." My mom sniffled wiping away the tears with the small tissue she continued to hold in her hand.

Looking over to the other side of the room I noticed that Luca was watching us, and must have heard the exchange. The boy smiled at me encouragingly, and I got the feeling he was letting me know it was alright and that he wouldn't say anything about Evan. It was something I'd have to talk to him about asking him not to say anything if some of my other friends came over to visit while we were in the hospital.

My mom and I chatted for a little while longer before she got up and gave me a kiss. "I've got to go sweetie, so get some rest and don't worry about Evan. I asked the nurses if it would be alright for him to stay here with you. They didn't seem to mind, even though it is against hospital policy. I guess since there are plenty of guys from your father's unit hanging around in the lobby and outside your room I suppose they don't mind a little boy crashing in here with you." My mom smiled affectionately at Evan's peaceful sleeping form before she ran her fingers gently along his cheek, and then lightly kissed his forehead. "Pleasant dreams my sweet little Evan. You are safe now with Kyle, so get some sleep." I heard her whisper softly to my adorable little angel as the boy seemed to sigh in his sleep.

"Thanks mom, I guess I'll sleep better too. We've been cuddling up together now for months, and anymore it is hard for me to sleep without him close by." I admitted to her as she nodded her head understandingly.

"Well, I suppose it brought you two even closer together, and maybe that is why he is having a hard time right now dealing with what all he saw the other day." My mom shook her head.

"Yeah, maybe, but I promised him at the beginning that I'd protect him and I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost him mom. I feel so close to both Mattie and Evan, and it breaks my heart that someone like Don would want to hurt them." I sniffled hugging the small sleeping form closer to me forgetting about my wounds as a stabbing pain from the movement shot through my side making me wince for a second.

My mom noticed and paused for a moment allowing me to recover before she smiled at me once more leaning down and giving me a kiss on the forehead. "I'll be back first thing in the morning to pick up Evan for school." She told me as I jerked my head around a bit surprised meeting her gaze. "It will be good for him to get back into the swing of things instead of waiting until after Christmas break. It's only another couple of weeks, and by that time everything will be back to normal for him in school. The kids are going to hound him for information, and there will be all sorts of rumors. If he takes care of it now, then he will be able to enjoy Christmas break and not be so worried about going back to school afterwards. It's for the best." My mom suggested as I nodded my head agreeing with her because it made sense.

"Yeah, you're right. Besides, with Jaden by his side I'm sure he will get through it well enough. Maybe it will help take his mind off of things, but what about…you know?" I asked her as it was her time to look at me questioningly. "Um…what if someone comes after him…you know…because of Don?" I asked her as she smiled.

"Don't worry sweetie. Your father called just before we left the house. I know it was late, but I guess he wanted to take care of things right away. He should be at the temporary quarters on base by the time I get back there. He phoned and said he got everything squared away. Evidently, the people in question weren't thrilled with Don's behavior so as far as they are concerned the issue is closed." My mom smiled noticing the relief on my face.

"Thank goodness." I told her honestly. "Maybe Evan can finally get this all behind him. Um…what about the guys…you know watching over me?"

"They will stay for the night, and your father will talk to them in the morning. I'm sure they won't be needed anymore, but it was such a relief to know they were there watching over you and us at the temporary quarters here on base. I imagine we will be heading back home tomorrow." She suggested as I nodded my head

Slowly I drifted back to sleep somehow able to stay that way this time around. I guess having Evan sleeping next to me for months now sort of made it more comforting to have him slumbering by my side again. He was like a natural drug to me, as his rhythmic breathing, the feel of his soft skin, and warmth lulled me to sleep.

It was several hours later when I heard Evan moaning in his sleep stirring me awake. He was having a nightmare again when he gasped out. "No…please…stop." I heard him shout in his sleep forcing me to reach over and gently shake him awake.

There was movement in the doorway as one of my dad's buddies peaked inside a moment before leaving us alone. Even Luca had stirred awake, but closed his eyes again since it was still early in the morning. I heard some whispered conversation, evidently a nurse who was concerned, but I guess my friendly guard had told her it was alright. She still took a quick look inside before leaving me alone with Evan.

"Hey Evan…," I whispered softly to him as his eyes fluttered open waking him up from his nightmare and glance around for a moment in a panic before realizing everything was alright.

"Oh…hey Kyle…d…did I wake you? I'm sorry," He breathed out as he placed his head on my left shoulder. "I'm so sorry for lots of things." He moaned softly and sniffling making me look down at him.

"Why…I mean there's nothing to be sorry about." I replied as he looked up into my eyes with tears brimming along the edges. "Please Evan don't…I mean it…there's nothing to be sorry about." I whispered softly as he began to cry.

"It's all my fault Kyle. Everyone who I care about ends up getting hurt." He wept softly in my arms as I pulled him towards me wincing because a dull pain started to ache in my side. It never seemed to go away and it only intensified every time I moved

His body shuddered as he just let it all out, and I held on to him gently rubbing his back with my hand. He sobbed until he had nothing left to cry, and then just lay there with his head on my chest and not moving for the longest time. No matter what I said it wouldn't ease his pain because he just wasn't ready to know the truth…that it wasn't his fault. We stayed like that for a long time our two warm bodies huddled together. His skin was soft next to mine like a silky warm blanket. Having him close to me made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I realized just how lucky I was to have him in my life.

"I never get tired of listening to your heartbeat," He breathed out softly breaking the silence and making my left nipple perk up as warm air from his lungs danced across my skin.

"I know, and I never get tired of holding you in my arms. I didn't sleep well at all until I felt you next to me. I guess we are doomed to sleep in the same bed forever," I chuckled once more wincing with the increased stabbing ache in my side. "Ouch…damn I can't even laugh I hurt so much." I told him as he immediately shifted his body away from me a bit alarmed.

"Oh crap Kyle…I…I'm such an idiot." He hissed looking at me with genuine concern in his eyes. "A…are you alright?" He asked me as I smiled at him trying to calm him down.

"I'm alright Evan and you don't have to worry about breaking me or something. Just be careful is all so as not to shake me around a lot. I'm just aching is all." I assured him as I reached out for him and he hesitantly settled back down next to me. His boyish scent tickled my nose, and I closed my eyes savoring his fragrance. "I love how you smell…you know. It's like you are a drug to me and I can't ever get enough of you. How did I ever luck out with having you in my life?" I told him honestly as I leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"I don't know how you can't hate me Kyle? I've brought nothing but grief and pain into your life. I mean look at what it got you? Even my mom and Mattie had to suffer because of me. No…having me in your life isn't lucky Kyle…just a curse." Evan sniffled looking up into my eyes genuinely convinced he wasn't any good.

"You're wrong about that Evan. You and Mattie mean the world to me, and you touch me in a way that I don't think anyone will ever be able to do again." I sighed as I tried to shift around getting into a more comfortable position and winced at the attempt.

Evan saw the pain etched in my face and winced with his own agonizing struggle having to see me hurt because of him. "C…can I…um…you know…take a look?" He asked me as I smiled at him nodding my head.

"Yeah sure…besides, even I haven't taken a close look yet. I hope my little toys are still intact and doc wasn't lying about that?" I teased him as I chuckled forgetting that laughing hurt so much. "Owe…owe…owe…shit…I hate not being able to laugh." I gasped as a small spasm on my insides seemed to rattle around causing some painful contractions until it settled down with me breathing in sharp short breathes.

"Better?" Evan asked me as my face seemed to relax and he wiped away the beads of sweat from my brow.

"Yeah…better." I told him as I lifted up the blanket, and then pulled aside my hospital gown, taking a look at my battered body.

Evan gasped at my large yellow, green, blue, and purple large bruise along my right side that wasn't covered by a bandage. Then whimpered when he saw the same coloration of bruising along my inner thigh very close to my baubles and jolly rancher that had seemed to shrink up close to my body as if hiding and waiting until the all clear signal was given to come back out and play.

"Oh Kyle…this is just awful." I heard Evan gasp as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yeah, you're telling me. I mean I don't think my pecker and balls have been that small since I was like five years old. Damn, its bad enough I don't have much to begin with, but now I look like a little toddler down there." I told my sexy little boy who I noticed was wearing nothing but a pair of his white boy's briefs making me smile. "I'm glad you've switched back to regular underwear." I told him as I reached out and ran my hand along his nice little bulge noticing he was soft at the moment making me just shake my head. "I guess I just don't turn you on anymore now that I've gotten a piercing or two in my body." I teased him as Evan just gawked at me.

"What…no…I mean…shit Kyle. You're all fucked up and all you can think about is…is…sex." He gasped as I chuckled not able to help it, but suffering the consequences because once more pain split through my side making Evan wince as well with concern etched on his features.

After my internal spasm loosened up a bit I just looked at the boy seriously. "Geeze Evan, lighten up already. I can't help it because when I look at you like this you turn me on to no end, and it is you who I care about and want. My body will heal Evan, but I can't live without you and something like that would never heal. The ache in my heart if I lost you because of some jackass would never go away…don't you understand that?" I asked him as I reached out and lifted his chin so he was looking at me. "If you allow him to control how you feel Evan, then he wins. I refuse to let that happen to you."

His eyes brimmed with wetness as he just nodded. "I…I know Kyle…but…," he began, while I just shook my head vigorously at him forestalling the boy from making excuses.

"You have no idea of how alive I feel right now because of what happened, and you fill my heart with joy Evan…so yes…when I see you like this I can't help but want you…lust for you…hold you in my arms and heart never letting you go. It is you who makes me whole…nothing else matters." I told him sincerely as I ran my fingers across his naked torso dipping them down between his legs delighting in how it was making him react between his legs.

Evan just looked down at himself and bit his lower lip nervously before looking into my eyes with wetness streaming down his cheeks. Despite this, a soft moan still escaped his lips as my fingers reached inside his white briefs wrapping around his stiffening piccolo before removing my hand making the boy quiver while he tried to take back control of his emotions.

He had closed his eyes and he now sucked in air into his lungs, his chest rattling with the effort as he slowly opened his eyes seeing the smirk on my face. "Fuck you," He shot at me rolling his eyes as he gingerly settled back down next to me.

"Well maybe we should wait a while for that because I don't think I could handle the pain right now if you fucked me…and I don't mean having you inside of me…just you know…the wound and all." I teased him trying to stifle a chuckle and the inevitable pain that came with that as he just looked at me shaking his head.

"Damn, you are such a pervert…and I mean more than usual." He giggled as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, if I wasn't hurting so much right now I'd even fuck a hole in the ground." I told him seriously as his jaw just dropped down to his chest while I rolled my shoulders at him. "I told you that surviving getting shot has made me feel more alive, but we will have to wait a bit until I am in better shape to handle you." I smiled at him as we cuddled back up together.

"Geeze for real Kyle…you're getting worse than Mattie." He sighed but snuggled up gently next to my unhurt side as we just tried to get some more rest before he had to get up for school while I had to do who knows what all once I was awake.

Before I fell asleep I noticed that Luca had been watching and listening again as he gave me a warm smile. This must have all been a bit odd to him, but to be honest I didn't care at the moment what other people thought about me and Evan. There was a movement by the doorway as a nurse entered through the doorway looking at my charts.

"How are you feeling?" She asked me softly as I began to notice the quietness throughout the entire ward making me realize that it was still very early in the morning.

"I'm starting to ache all over." I told her honestly as she nodded her head giving me more pain medication.

"Here, this will help you get some sleep. What you are feeling is normal and you will ache for a while, but it will ease up. We will also slowly back off on the medication so I'm afraid there will be times when you might just feel a bit more achy than usual. This is normal though, but for now it is important you get plenty of rest. By tomorrow we will try having you start getting up a little and move around. Again, at first it will be painful, but the more you get up the quicker that will go away." She informed me as I nodded my head understanding how important it was to a recovery to get moving around as soon as possible.

The medication the nurse gave me began to kick in and before I knew it I was once more nodding off to sleep. At some point I felt some shifting around and then sensed a smaller form lying next to me. I heard a soft whisper in my ear and instinctively knew it had come from Mattie. A few moments later I felt his soft kiss on my lips as it once more got quiet in the room. I had barely even stirred as the medication seemed to keep its grip on my senses allowing me to sleep.

A short while later there was some movement around my bed and I heard the curtains being drawn closed. Then I felt someone working on my wound waking me up briefly as I watched a nurse pull away the old bandages, clean my wound with soap and water, and then replace the old bandages with dry gauze covered in antibiotic ointment. The nurse worked swiftly and smiled at me warmly before finishing and covering up my nakedness once more.

It must have been late morning by the time I woke up again noticing that Luca was being helped out of his bed by a nurse and his mom so he could try standing up. I watched as his mom and a nurse eased him off the bed. At one point his hospital gown slid upwards along his pale slim body giving me a brief glimpse of him from the side and back. He shifted some more and I giggled noticing that the back of his gown was open giving me a perfect view of his twin pale small dimpled muffins as they contracted a little when he tried to support his own weight.

He was really cute with smooth creamy soft looking skin and appeared to be kind of lanky from this angle, but it was difficult to tell at the moment. His thin long legs hinted at a sort of wiry kind of boy as he finally released his grip from his mom and stood up on his own holding his side sucking in air with quick small breathes. He slowly turned around and smiled at me his short blonde hair all disheveled on top where it was a bit longer when he saw me looking at him. His bright white teeth flashed at me in a genuine smirk as he winked making me chuckle at his spunkiness. I continued to watch him thinking he was about Grant's height maybe an inch or so taller. I figured he was probably around four feet four inches, but was most definitely thinner and lankier than Riley's little brother weighing in at around sixty five pounds or so.

Despite the obvious pain, Luca's eyes sparkled mirthfully at me as he took a few steps before taking a seat in the chair by his bed. The nurse made him do some breathing and coughing exercises telling him it was important to help keep his lungs clear so that he doesn't catch pneumonia. She leaned down in front of him hiding him from view as she quickly drew aside his hospital gown so she could inspect his wound. She nodded and stood up covering the small Swiss boy back up with his gown.

"We need to keep a close eye on your stitches young man. Normally the doctor does a laparoscopic appendectomy with three or four small incisions. He then uses a camera and tools through the small incisions to remove the appendix. It is less invasive and you recover more quickly, but I'm afraid your appendix burst first which made it very dangerous for you. He had to use an open appendectomy with a larger incision to remove the appendix and make sure to clean you up properly so you don't get septicemia. That is where bacteria spreads in the bloodstream which is life threatening if not treated right away. You were very lucky Luca." The nurse explained to him in great detail so he understood how important it was for his recovery process to be diligent with his wound.

The nurse got up and left him and his mom alone to visit for a while longer. The Swiss boy looked so small and frail at the moment in that chair. He chatted with his mom some more in a language I didn't understand when I noticed a food tray sitting close by. I reached over and pulled it towards me lifting up the lid. There was some juice and oatmeal that had become too thick and cold already. Also on the tray was a fruit cocktail. I drank the juice slowly and continued to look over towards the boy and his mother as they spoke in their own language.

Luca really did look cute sitting over there much more relaxed now, and I began to look at him closer taking in more of his facial features from what I had seen last night. It was kind of late when I first saw him yesterday and dark, but I had noticed his triangular shaped face with wide forehead and cheekbones that narrowed down to a pointed like chin along with nice round slate blue eyes.

As I studied him now in better lighting I realized his head seemed a bit large, but that was because he had a slender long neck on a very small thin wiry frame. His triangular face was pale, almost ivory creamy looking with a thin straight upper lip and thick sort of pouty lower lip. When he smiled his upper lip remained straight across while his lower lip sagged downwards in a perfect u-shape looking like one of the smiley faces you draw. He had a small nose typical of most boys his age with a broad sort of base that rounded at the tip.

His eyebrows are what really caught my attention. They had the same shading as his hair, but sort of arched upwards and out in either direction towards the outer part of his face just above his cute round slanted eyes. His eyebrows almost reminded me of Spok's on Star Trek when the Vulcan would arch them upwards. They were unique drawing a person's gaze directly to his big round eyes that seemed to slant slightly and was somehow brighter now in this lighting with an almost ice blue kind of shading.

A short while later both my mom and dad came walking into the room with Sage padding along softly behind both of them. At some point someone must have taken the Malinois dog with them to take care of his needs. Sage sauntered up to me and I lowered my hand so he could nuzzle my fingers with his nose as if asking me to rub his ears. I naturally complied and it seemed to make the dog happy. My mom came over to me and kissed me softly on my forehead while my dad ruffled my hair before they took a seat next to my bed. Sage noticed Luca sitting in a chair next to his mom so walked over to say hello. Luca of course naturally praised the Malinois and began to scratch him behind the ears which seemed to suit the dog just fine.

Another man in a white doctor's jacket came into the room, looked at my chart and smiled pleasantly at me. He was a young man, maybe in his thirties with a pleasant smile. He came over to my bed and lifted away the bed sheet and pulled aside my gown making sure to keep my boy bits covered since my folks were there. I thought it was kind of a cool gesture on his part even though I wasn't all that particular about being naked in front of my parents. It made me realize though that he must deal with a lot of kids my age who are a bit embarrassed by their nudity around their folks. It's only natural for most kids my age, and even I have become a bit shyer about it these days around my folks since I've been getting a bit more sexual with others.

"Well Mr. Schonefeld," the doctor addressed me formally as he finished inspecting my wounds nodding in satisfaction, "I'd say you are one lucky young man." He stated smiling at me as he made notations on my chart. "Let's talk a bit shall we?" He asked as I nodded my head.

"So when do I get out of here?" I asked him as he quirked up his eyebrows and smiled.

"Well that is a promising sign. Once someone starts asking to leave it means they are on the mend and have a positive attitude. I'd say in a few days Kyle. We want to keep an eye on you here for several days and monitor you. We didn't remove the bullet and we want to make sure there won't be any issues with getting infected."

"Oh," I replied. "Um…why didn't you take the bullet out?" I asked him as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, it isn't doing any harm where it's at to be honest, and sometimes digging a bullet out can be more harmful than just leaving it inside of you. All things considered you are lucky it was a small caliber and also that it didn't hit any major organs. As it is you will be sore for a while. Since it is a relatively small wound we left it open instead of stitching it up, and will let it heal on its own. We have to switch out the bandages twice a day for a while though until it closes and heals some more." He informed me as I nodded my head.

"So no stitches to worry about?" I asked him as he shook his head.

"Nope, it was a clean wound and it will heal just fine. Although you might set off metal detectors the doctor chuckled making me giggle as well before I stopped because of the pain. "Well…um…sorry about that Kyle…I just couldn't resist." The doctor told me and smiled.

"Yeah, I'm discovering I hate not being able to laugh properly." I told him as he chuckled.

"Well, soon enough you will be back to normal."

"How long?" I asked a bit curiously.

The doctor shrugged his shoulders. "Hard to give a definite figure because it just depends on the person. We will start having you get up and move around beginning a little later today. In a few days you should be able to move around fairly well. I'd say within two to three weeks you will be up and about for the most part, but it still might take a month or so after that to be completely healed with the ability to be truly physically active in sports and things. I mean you will be able to do little things physically before then, but something as rigorous as sports and things it might be a month or little longer." He let me know.

"Really?" My mom asked a bit shocked. "That quickly."

The doctor nodded his head. "Of course…don't worry Mrs. Schonefeld. He's young and will heal fast. He will recover one hundred percent without any disabilities affecting him. Like I said no major activities for a month or so, but lighter typical things for a boy his age relatively quickly." The doctor replied as my mom sighed looking at my dad with relief while the doctor winked at me when he made the last statement knowing what I was thinking.

The doctor looked over towards my dad in a sort of can I have a minute with your son look. My dad picked up on it right away and looked over towards me. "Did you get anything to eat?" He asked me noticing the tray off to the side with cold food on it.

"No not really. By the time I woke up everything was ice cold already." I told him honestly.

"Well sweetheart why don't we get Kyle something from the cafeteria real quick and then we can visit while he eats. We might as well pick up a sandwich for ourselves." He told my mom who thought it a good idea.

Once my parents were gone the doctor turned back towards me to chat some more. "Alright Kyle later today we will be getting you up so you can start to move around. It might be a bit painful at first, but we won't have you up too long. Just enough to begin the process of getting you mobile. Also I am going to give instructions for the nurses to give you breathing lessons and also you will need to cough to keep you lungs from filling up with fluids." He told me as I nodded my head recalling similar instructions Luca received as well.

"Yeah, sounds cool doc." I told him as he looked over his shoulder and talked a bit lower, just loud enough for me to hear.

"Um…also I wanted to talk to you about…other things…you know…um…sexual activity." He told me as I sort of looked over the doctor's shoulder at Luca and his mom making sure they couldn't hear anything. They weren't paying attention to us and were once more focused on Sage as they patted him and talked in their own language.

"Um…yeah sure…what…um…what about it?" I asked him not feeling all that uncomfortable talking about sex with him since he was a doctor.

"Well…I don't know how sexually active you are…but it will be a bit before you can do anything physical…um…with someone else. If you masturbate…," he looked at me and smiled knowingly, "well it won't be long before you can take care of those…you know…urges." He chuckled shaking his head. "You will know what you will be able to do and when. I suspect it will happen sooner versus later knowing how you teenagers tend to be." He chuckled again looking at me. "I do have to warn you though there might be a sharp stabbing pain if you decide to do that in the next day or two…that is when you…um…release your tension in that manner. It's fine if you feel an urge to do something like that, but just keep an eye on your wound so you don't break it open. I just felt you should be aware of what you can and can't do, and what to watch out for. I know boys your age are having a bit of a rough go of things regarding…um…you know…urges…and it's only natural…but try to take things easy for now. If you have a sexual partner…well then try to wait for a while longer and maybe oral stimulation to begin with. If you want to do more than just that…well…just try to be careful and not to overexert yourself. Let your partner do most of the work if you feel the need to do more. I'm sure you will know when you are physically ready for that sort of activity again." He told me as he got up and made some more notations on my chart. "Any questions?" He asked me.

Shaking my head I said, "no doctor and thanks for filling me in on everything…um…especially about the…um…you know…other stuff." I told him as we both smiled nodding our heads with the important discussion out of the way.

From what I gathered it seemed as if jacking off and stuff wouldn't be an issue here if I needed to take care of things. Well…at least if I was careful…but damn…how careful can a guy be when he's doing the five finger knuckle chuckle with his four and a half inch hard custard chucker I thought to myself recalling one of Gabe's ingenious phrases.

The first time I ever heard that phrase came out of my friend's mouth when we were like twelve. We laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. As it was we must have busted a got for a whole week not able to control ourselves. Even now I had to giggle at the whole knuckle chuckle idea making me wince a bit in pain.

Back then Gabe continually came up with all of these hilarious phrases that he'd get from his older brother. We were twelve after all, so it was only natural that we'd use them with our friends getting more vulgar as we went along. My friend had been so hilarious that year keeping me laughing in stitches for an entire year.

"Well I just wanted you to know that it's alright, but to just take things slow at first." The doctor told me as I smiled nodding my head while he put my chart back before leaving the room.

At the moment I didn't have an urge for anything like that, but I knew it wouldn't be too long before my teenaged juices would be pumping in my system again. Even last night with Evan, I already had begun to feel the stirrings between my legs at having the boy so near me. It was only natural, and let's face it not much could keep us horny teenagers down for long regarding our little athlete tucked away safely below the belt. Just thinking about sex made something begin to stir between my legs. I could feel myself getting hard despite the throbbing ache along my insides, and I had to reach beneath my blanket to adjust myself. While I straightened myself out I noticed that my soft leather pear shaped pouch had once more dropped down and my tube steak had begun to thicken and elongate to it's natural sized hardened length as my mind shifted towards Lucas with his two plump doughy muffins floating in front of my vision just enticing me to have a little nibble.

Glancing over towards the Swiss boy I saw him looking at me his eyes glittering knowingly as I blushed and removed my hands from beneath my blanket. The boy seemed to smirk at me before looking back down at Sage, but I caught him glancing at me with his lips curling up in cute kind of way. He quickly shifted his gaze towards his mother noticing she was occupied, and then shifted a little in his chair as he spread apart his legs. His gown seemed to hitch up a little in the process exposing his crotch for the briefest of moments to me.

The subtle move caught me by surprise, and it was so brief I really wasn't able to see all that much, but still long enough for me to make out just enough to give me an idea of what he had beneath his gown. I couldn't help myself as I just gawked shaking my head and giggling which sent another pain rippling along my insides. Luca glanced up at me again while his mother was talking and gave me a little smile. I wasn't sure if him exposing himself to me like that had been intentional or not, but it didn't matter because in that brief moment I was able to make out what appeared to be a nice sized tight fruit basket. From the angle he was in I couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if he had a thin tubular shaped sausage that stuck out from his body and curled slightly over the top part of his basket.

It sent shivers of excitement through my body, and I noticed my blanket moving around on its own just above my groin section. When I glanced over towards the other side of the room I was sure the Swiss boy had noticed as well. All of a sudden he started to giggle and his mother sort of looked at him before looking over towards me as I quickly drew my left leg up so the obvious tenting couldn't be seen.

"I'm sorry Mrs.…um…geeze I'm sorry but I don't even know your name." I admitted as Luca's mom smiled and walked over towards me.

"Yes, I suppose we haven't been formally introduced." She stated in her thick accent as she held out her hand. "I'm Luca's mother…Mrs. Page."

I scrunched up my eyebrows at her. "Your name doesn't sound Swiss to me." I told her honestly as she nodded her head.

"Yes, that is because I remarried and took my husband's name, but Luca has chosen to keep his father's last name of Pfeffer, which means pepper."

"Oh cool, but anyway I was just poking fun at Luca, and it sort of made him giggle." I explained to her about why Luca had laughed.

Just then my parents came walking in so I introduced her to them. "Hey mom and dad, this is Mrs. Page, and Mrs. Page these are my parents Kevin and Judy Schonefeld." I introduced them as Mrs. Page held out her hand in greeting.

"Just call me Léna." She told my parents. "And this over here is my son Luca Pfeffer." She introduced the smaller boy who smiled and waved from his seat.

"Oh he is just so adorably sweet." My mom crooned making me roll my eyes at Luca apologetically as he just giggled knowingly.

"Thank you so much and I must apologize to you Mr. Schonefeld for my husband's rude behavior last night while you were gone. It is just…he is trying so hard to make things work with Luca that sometimes he gets carried away. I hope he didn't cause too much trouble for your men." She apologized to my father.

"Well truth be told Léna that was my boss last night. He told me about it and your husband already contacted me and we both smoothed things over so you don't have to worry. He wanted to apologize to me, but I told him I understood where he was coming from and his apprehension for his new family. As far as we are concerned it is all over and done with, and no harm done. Besides, Sage has taken a liking to your son, and he is a good judge of character." He finished off as he pointed to the boy and Sage who had his head on the boy's lap with his tongue hanging out enjoying the ear scratching he was receiving from Luca.

We all laughed at the sight as Luca looked up and Sage craned his neck looking at us as if saying 'what?' to us. "So is it true that your dog is a military service dog?" Luca's mom asked us as my father nodded his head.

"Yes…but not for long because I finally got permission to retire him here soon if the paperwork ever gets done in some semblance of order…you know how it is?" He chuckled shaking his head. "He's been in the field for many years now, and it is time for him to be just a dog. We will take him in as our pet now." My dad sighed as he looked over towards me and smiled. "I wanted to make it a Christmas present for you, but I guess now is a good a time as any. He will be your dog from now on since he listens more to you than me anyway." My dad chuckled as he came over and gave me a hug.

"Thanks dad, but what about you. I mean you will be going out in the field again…without Sage." I stated a little worried.

"Well that is another thing. I'm getting promoted to Command Sergeant Major, which means different responsibilities and more than likely I won't be deployed out in the field anymore. I think I put in enough time in the line of fire, and it is time. I might still be deployed, but it won't be out on missions which is a big difference." He told me as I nodded my head allowing it to finally sink in.

Then all of a sudden it was like a dam bursting as water seemed to gush out of the corner of my eyes and my body began to quiver. My dad was surprised for a moment, and then reached out reflexively taking me in his arms as I cried softly in his warm embrace. I don't know what had come over me, but I guess all these years of fear gripping me finally was released in this one moment as I just held on to him. It was such a relief to know he wasn't going to be in harms way anymore, but at the same time the emotional outburst left me gasping in pain as I started to whimper as a spasm wracked my insides.

"Shhh-shhh Kyle…easy son or you will hurt yourself." My dad whispered softly as he released me and stroked my face gently. It's alright son just breathe and relax. There we go." He spoke softly as the pain slowly eased up, and I was finally able to wipe away the wetness from my cheeks.

"I…I'm sorry. It…it's just I didn't realize how worried I've been all these years, and never knowing if you would come home." I told him honestly as he nodded his head. "You know I still remember that day…you know." I hiccupped and gasped from the sharp pain as he looked at me questioningly.

"I don't understand." He told me sincerely.

"At Aunt Liz's house. I was there dad…you know…the day they the soldiers came and told her about her husband. You know…that Mattie's and Evan's dad had died in Afghanistan." I told him as he just looked at me and shook his head.

"I didn't know Kyle…I mean…did you know this Judy?" He asked my mom who just shook her head.

Her eyes watered up as she just looked at me sadly. "To be honest I don't even remember. I mean…I guess, but the news had been so shocking, and it was all I could do to comfort Liz. Besides, I thought the boys were back in the bedrooms." She stated as she tried to think.

"We were, but we heard everything and I tried to comfort Evan. I mean Mattie was still a baby and Evan didn't understand what was going on, but that day I realized the same thing could happen to dad…you know…that he might never come home again." I whispered softly as I inhaled deeply and then winced again because I had sucked in too much air. "Crap, my insides ache now…um…sorry." I apologized to my parents and Mrs. Page who was watching sympathetically.

"No need to apologize Kyle." Mrs. Page stated as she walked over and stroked my cheeks. "I am so happy for your news, and for many of us we do not realize the sacrifices families such as yours make. We live our lives, and forget that there are military families every day who loose their husbands or wives so far away from home." She spoke softly and with sincerity.

"Anyway, I've had enough of being such a downer. Let's all grab a bite to eat. Are you guys hungry?" I asked them continuing before they had a chance to answer. "If I know my parents they probably brought way too much food anyway. So why don't you two join us?" I asked them as Mrs. Page sort of looked over towards her son.

"I'm not so sure he can sit like this much longer. I think we better get him back into bed." She stated apologetically as my father nodded.

"Well no worries there. Let me get a nurse and we can move his bed over here next to Kyle's. Before they expanded they had three beds to a room, so I'm sure we can get him in his bed and the nurses can then move him over to the spot next to Kyle's. No sense in them being so far apart if they are going to keep one another company." My dad suggested as Mrs. Page smiled and accepted our offer of joining us for lunch.

In short order Luca's bed was moved over to the space next to mine and we all sat down to enjoy our meal since I was correct in the fact that my parents had brought with them a variety of items because they weren't sure what I felt like eating. To me it didn't much matter, and in the end we sort of just basically cut up the sandwiches and shared all of it with each other. It was a lot of fun and the morning hours sort of flew by. A couple of hours later it was lunch time, and I was glad we had eaten the sandwiches because what sat in front of us looked pretty bad. Luca and I looked at each other as we picked at our food and giggled knowingly.

My dad had to get back to work and my mom invited Luca's mom over to our house to freshen up. When Mrs. Page had gotten the call regarding her son's emergency she didn't have much time to pack. My mom invited to take her over to the BX (Base Exchange) as her guest so she could pick up anything she needed that she couldn't bring with her. The BX was like a huge shopping center on post that had everything from clothes to electronics, and as long as she was with a military dependent she could shop there as well. Afterwards my mom said they could go to the house and have a ladies makeover session. It was difficult for Léna since she had to leave a lot of stuff behind, but at least she could get everything all in one place without having to spend a lot of time running around looking for what she needed.

Of course Luca and I didn't mind because who wants to have their moms hanging around with them all day in the hospital where you couldn't go hide in your room from them. When you are stuck in a hospital room it is almost like a prison cell when your mom comes and visits because there is no escape. We ended up watching some television together and just talking about things in general. Of course him being European it wasn't much of a stretch to figure out he was into soccer, or rather football, as they call it over there and in the rest of the world. Only us stupid Americans called it soccer, I had told him making both of us giggle.

Nurses checked up on us periodically to take vitals and monitor us, but for the most part they left us alone closing the door behind them when they left because it was so busy and noisy out there in the hallway. We were watching a stupid lame talk show when a nurse opened up the door and walked over towards Luca.

"I think maybe you should try getting up again and walk around." She suggested as she adjusted the bed into a more upright position before helping the boy crawl out of the bed.

His loose gown seemed to slip around his small petite frame exposing a lot of his pale smooth silky body, but somehow managed to keep his privates covered up making me feel a little sad about it as my little merry maker began to twitch between my legs. Luca gasped a bit out of breath once his feet touched ground, and he trembled until he got used to standing upright again. Grabbing on to his I.V. hanger that was on rollers the nurse led him towards the door slowly. I couldn't help myself and giggled when his two pale ivory toned muttons rubbed against one another. It was the only part of his body that seemed to have any meat on him, which was another reason for me to laugh.

Luca stopped and slowly turned towards me sticking his tongue out. "Just wait until it is your turn and I get to watch." He teased knowing exactly what I was able to see since he hadn't even bothered to tie his hospital gown, not that it would have mattered. Let's face it they were designed to let your ass hang out as you mooned everyone when you walked by them.

"Yeah…whatever…but for real Luca, it's like your ass is the only thing on you with any fat on it. Damn, you're as skinny as a rail you know." I teased him as he once more stuck his tongue out at me before turning back towards the door. He took a couple of steps stopped and stuck his butt out wriggling it around at me making me laugh so hard my side ached. "Ha…ha…ha," I giggled followed by "owe…owe…owe…crap." I gasped as I heard him chuckling before having to stop and hold his side as it was his turn to groan in pain from laughing.

The nurse just looked at us and shook her head. "What is it with boys and their butts," She taunted us as she encouraged Luca to keep walking while all three of us giggled at the nurse's comment.

I continued to watch the small Swiss boy noticing his long wiry gangly legs that looked surprisingly strong. My eyes traveled upwards taking in his petite waistline and smooth muscular back with small shoulders and a very thin long neck. He had the silkiest and creamiest looking skin I've ever seen on another boy, like fragile white bone chinaware. I guess it really was true how pale and ivory the skin coloration was on many of the people from Switzerland. Luca sure fit the bill for the stereotypical look of people from this country where most of the region is located in the mountains. With his pale skin, big blue eyes, and blond hair it all bespoke of a European heritage.

There was a familiar stirring between my legs and an uncontrollable desire to shove myself between those two fleshy marshmallows. My mind swirled around as I visualized inserting my four and a half inch plunger deep inside the boy as my body surged forward drilling for oil. Luca disappeared into the hallway for about five minutes effectively quenching my teenaged hormonal desire, but it left me a bit confused and disoriented. I just seemed to blink in a daze until I saw him making his way back into the room by himself. He beamed proudly at me when I clapped my hand for him, and walked over towards my bed with beads of sweat on his brow from the exertion.

"That was way harder than I expected," he smiled in an upbeat manner, but sucking in air with short breathes as he leaned up against my bed and looked up at me only a foot away now.

Smiling back at him I reached out and ran my fingers along his sweaty brow before ruffling his hair affectionately. He didn't seem to mind and actually appeared to appreciate the gesture. Up close I could see several small blue veins along his forehead just below his pale colored skin. I see this all the time in babies with very sensitive skin, and this feature also seemed normal on kids who had very pale skin. Somehow it made Luca seem younger than he was and maybe a bit more innocent.

"What's that?" I heard the boy asking me as he pointed to my necklace and the challenge coin.

"Oh…it's something my dad gave me. It's a special coin for the Special Forces group, but mine is unique compared to the other ones." I explained to him as he furled his eyebrows looking at me for more clarification.

Smiling at him I undid the clasp on the holder and removed the coin from its bezel. He thought that was way cool as I showed it to him so he could see the design on both sides while I explained to him about the history of the coin, and why it was called a challenge coin. He just stood there with his big blue eyes soaking up all the information as if he were filing it away so he could tell all his friends when he got back. I also explained to him why this coin was different as his gaze now shifted towards the Medal of Honor hanging from my bed where my father had put it before he left to take care of the issues regarding Don.

"Is that the real medal that the President of the United States presented to your father?" He asked in awe as I nodded my head reaching over for it and then handing it to the boy so he could get a closer look.

"I think so, but I wasn't there when he got it in person. I was really young still and he had gotten hurt really bad. Sometimes I see his scars, but he doesn't normally show them to anyone keeping his wounds covered. For the longest time I didn't even know he had earned it because when he got back from that mission he was in the hospital for over a month recuperating. I guess it was a miracle that he even survived much less recovered completely. As young as I was my parents didn't want me to worry. It was bad enough every time he had to leave for deployment not knowing when he will be back or if he would be back." I explained to Luca who nodded returning the medal so I could hang it back on the bedpost.

"I'm lucky my father isn't in a war and I can see him when I want." He told me sincerely.

"Oh…so your real father is still alive?" I asked him as he looked back over towards me.

"Ja…sure." He replied not offended in the least by my inquiry.

"So your parents got a divorce then?" I asked him as he shook his head.

"No, my mother got pregnant with me when they were still together, but they didn't love each other in that way so they never married. They are still close though and although I live with my mother my father helps with raising me. He helps with the finances to support me, and even though they aren't married both of them still consult one another with what is best for me. If my father wants to come see me and visit, or if he wants me to come over to him it is never a problem. My home is with my mother, but he lives close by so I see him all the time." He explained as I listened impressed with how stable things seemed for him.

"Oh…that's cool then, but what about now with your stepfather?" I asked him as he looked at me questioningly. "I mean your stepfather is American, and if he gets reassigned back to the states, what then?" I asked him as he shrugged his shoulders.

"He's been working in Switzerland at his job for many years now and plans on retiring there. He has a house and everything, and my mother told him she would not move away from Switzerland taking me away from my home and father. He understands this and has no problem with the arrangement." He clarified to me about the agreements that were made before his mom got married.

We both fell silent for a few moments and I noticed him leaning his thighs up against the side of my bed pulling his hospital gown up tight against his body. It left a very visible outline of his little ten year old boy bulge as my eyes flicked downwards briefly taking it in. I glanced up relieved that he hadn't seen me perving on him as he seemed to focus on my necklace. I lifted up my hand and replaced my challenge coin back into the bezel manipulating the clasp so it secured it back into place.

"Kyle…um…do you think it would be alright if I saw your bullet wound?" The smaller boy almost whispered the question to me a bit nervously.

"Um…yeah sure…I guess…but it's kind of nasty looking?" I warned him as he smiled nodding his head that he understood, and waited as I adjusted my bed into a more upright sitting position.

I reached down and pulled aside my blanket, and then shifted my gown over to the side enough for him to see, but still keeping most of my privates covered. It wouldn't have bothered me in the least to expose myself to him, but I didn't know if he was shy about those things or not. As it was it still left little to the imagination with the flimsy material outlining pretty much everything I had down there anyway. Not to mention a good portion of my hair covered pubic mound was exposed.

The boy gasped at my bruising and reached over lifting the edges of my bandaging taking a peak at the small bullet hole. "Ouch," I heard him giggle as he looked up at me his eyes sparkling playfully. "That looks like it really hurt." He stated more than asked as I nodded my head recalling the incident.

"Yeah…like a mother fucker." I replied without thinking and blushing when I heard him giggling at my expletive. "Um…sorry." I told him as he just waved it off indicating he didn't care about it.

"Um…do you think…," He paused as I smiled and nodded my head knowing he wanted to see my other scar along my inner thigh.

Pulling aside my gown I was now completely exposed and naked to the boy as he peered down looking at the bandaging along my inner thigh. He reached down lifting the edge of the gauze taking a peak and wincing in pain at the ugly crease created by the bullet. I sat completely still because his hand was really close to my sagging leathery boy tonsil. The smaller boy seemed totally engrossed with my wound, but when I glanced over towards his groin I noticed that it had gotten stiffer as the outline of an extremely hard very thin bent nail pressed up against the fabric of his gown. It made me smirk realizing my wound wasn't the only thing he was looking at which sort of began to affect me as well with my own thin rod twitching a bit between my legs.

Trying my best not to completely loose it I focused on his sweet facial features noticing a small smile forming on his face. The Swiss boy tore his gaze away from my crotch and looked up into my eyes before blushing knowing he had been caught sneaking a peak at my most intimate of intimates.

"It's cool." I told him as he hesitated and then glanced back down at my nakedness.

"Um…you've got hair…nice." He stated as I looked down and nodded at my small little patch of downy light brown colored bush surrounding the base of my shaft.

"Yeah some…I'm a bit of a late bloomer down there, but I don't mind." I told him as he looked up and giggled at my comment.

"Um…can I…you know?" He asked hesitantly.

"My hair?" I asked him as he nodded. "Um…yeah sure I guess you can feel it, but be careful I'm a bit sensitive…um…you know…I might um…," I paused getting embarrassed now for some reason.

"Get hard?" He finished off for me as I nodded. "Oh…um…that's alright if it happens…I understand about those things." He told me looking up into my eyes before giggling making me chuckle as well feeling that familiar twinge now in my side, but not so bad anymore.

My eyes watched the smaller boy intently as he slowly reached out and ran his fingers through his first ever patch of pubic hair. "Geil," I heard him whisper excitedly.

"Huh?" I responded as Luca glanced up quickly at me before once more looking down at my downy hair lustfully.

"Um…it sort of means nice, wow, fantastic, cool, great…um…sexy. It depends because it has different meanings, but here I mean it is…you know…cool…um…sort of sexy." He explained blushing as he ran his fingers lightly through my hair, pubic mound, and the base of my shift before actually wrapping his fingers around my thickness. I felt him rubbing his thumb around my flaring bluish colored knob getting an immediate reaction as my tube thickened and elongated to its towering height of four and a half inches. "Spitze." I heard him giggle using another term, but it was pretty obvious he meant cool, as he looked up at me before pulling his hand back a bit embarrassed that he had gone a little further than what he had asked permission for.

"Um…I…um…sorry Kyle," He blushed and looked away for a second. "It…it's just I have never seen someone without…um…you know…foreskin." His cute pale cheeks flushed red as he continued. "That was…um…fantastic." He finished using another English term as he smiled cutely at me and tittered in a girlish kind of way.

"Yeah…really…Geil…that's for sure," I giggled using his word to describe such an event while pointedly referring to his own sleek thin needle like bent spike that was pressing so obviously up against the fabric of his hospital robe leaving very little to the imagination of exactly what he had swinging between his legs.

The smaller boy noticed what I was looking at and blushed. Evidently he hadn't realized that he had popped one of his own, and that it was showing so openly. He pushed himself away from leaning up against the bed and the gown flowed a little more freely now effectively hiding his sleek hard pole. I wanted to reach out towards him so I could grab onto it and play around a little, but I could see the fatigue on his face knowing it was time for him to get back into bed. He had been on his feet probably longer than he should have.

"Geeze, maybe you should get back to bed Luca. I think you probably have been up a bit too long now." I told him as he smiled appreciatively at me for not mentioning his little obvious bulge any further.

The boy started to turn, but not before he took one last look at my hard lance and giggling. As he turned I noticed his gown flowing outwards giving me a side view of his naked body and a brief glimpse of a portion of his hard erection. I only saw the tip of his thin foreskin covered nail as it stuck outwards rubbing lightly against the fabric of his gown. It wasn't much of a view, but it made me quiver in a sexual kind of way with the familiar tingling sensations welling up inside my groin. 'Damn,' I thought to myself. 'I've just been shot recently, but my mind is already fixated on sex. I guess the doctor sort of knew what he was talking about.' I chuckled getting Luca's attention as he looked over his shoulders and smiled at me making sure to wriggle his cherub colored apple pies at me. He was just too damn cute as I overtly ogled those tasty treats.

Luca got settled back into his bed and leaned back sighing in relief. We were chatting about his home country when our door opened up and the nurse came over to my bedside and checked on my chart. Smiling she walked over towards me checking my I.V. line and making some notations on the chart as she checked my blood pressure and my bandages.

"Well young man do you think you'd like to try getting up for a few minutes and walking around?" She suggested more than asked, but I still nodded my head indicating that I was ready.

The nurse helped ease my legs over the edge and supported me as I slipped off the mattress settling my feet on to the floor. I gasped a bit as a sharp twinge radiated outwards from my side, but things quickly settled down and I nodded to the nurse that I was alright. Just then our door opened up again as another medical staff member asked if my nurse could help him out.

"Will you be alright alone?" My nurse asked me as I nodded my head. "Alright then, go ahead and move around a little, but just around your bed here and only for a few moments then either sit down in the chair or lay back down on the bed, alright?" She asked satisfied when I nodded my head that I understood.

Grabbing my I.V. stand I held on to it as I wheeled it around taking a couple of steps around my bed without realizing I had turned with my back facing Luca. "You've got a cute butt." I heard the smaller boy blurt out and laugh catching me by surprise for a moment.

"You really think so…and here I thought it was something else you believed was cute on me." I teased back turning towards him as he just looked at me all serious like.

"No…before…um…you know…that was Geil…a lot better than cute…very sexy." He told me teasingly with a straight face before busting up laughing and holding on to his side. "Owe…owe…owe." He moaned and continued to laugh at the same time while I took a few steps making my way towards his bedside.

Breathing hard I leaned up against his bed and looked at the Swiss boy lounging on the bed. "That was way harder than I expected." I sucked in air as I smirked at the ten year old boy as he started to giggle because I had just repeated what he had only a little while earlier. "So, would it be alright if I saw your scar?" I asked him as he nodded his head and then glanced towards the door.

"Sure, but what if someone walks in?" He asked a bit hesitantly as I realized his bed was right in the line of sight of the door.

"Oh…um…yeah I hear you. Um…here let's close the curtain a little." I suggested as I slowly made my way to the curtain and closed it around the bed enough so it would conceal him just in case.

Luca shoved his blanket off to the side and then his gown leaving him completely naked in front of me. To be honest I had expected him to just push his robe off to the side leaving his intimate body parts covered, and just exposing enough of his right side to give me a view of his wound. It really shouldn't have surprised me though because most Europeans don't tend to be so shy about their nudity in these types of situations. My eyes now eagerly drifted over his thin sleek body taking note of how pale and unusually creamy smooth his skin coloration appeared. He had that porcelain like quality to his skin and I noticed the same light blue coloration of veins visible just under his skin in certain spots making him appear so much younger. Slowly I absorbed his beauty filing it away in my thoughts as my gaze cautiously wandered down to what was snuggled up between his legs.

There was a familiar stirring between my legs as a powerful lustful yearning started to well up deep down inside of me. It was more forceful than usual as I realized that this type of feeling had begun to boil over ever since I had been shot. Now that the initial shock of the shooting has worn off, my natural teenage sexual urges seem to have intensified making me quiver with dissolute desires as I gazed shamelessly upon the ten year old naked boy's beauty greedily. My eyes paused gawking at his really thin foreskin covered two inch long slightly curved flaccid penis, and large puffy boy pouch snuggled up tightly beneath it closely hugging his body. It was exciting to see him naked like that in front of me, and I could feel my erection twitching between my legs as blood surged through its length while my eyes continued to ravage him for a few more moments. With great effort I finally managed to swallow down the lump in my throat, and tear my gaze away from his sexy parts focusing on his wound instead. The sudden shift of my attention made me lightheaded as I tried to steady myself from the overpowering woozy sensation that was left behind as I also tried to quail my overshadowing desires.

Lifting up the edge of the gauze I peaked underneath and noticed a long straight like cut held together with thin stitches. From what the nurse had said to him earlier I had expected a bigger cut, but I was surprised to see that all things considered it was relatively small.

"Not too bad really," I told Luca as I looked up into his eyes once more feeling the stirrings between my legs as I forcefully set aside my teenaged hormonal yearnings. "All things considered it should heal relatively well and I don't think you will have that much scarring along your side."

"Really…you don't think it's all that bad?" He asked for reassurance.

"Nope, not at all." I reiterated as I allowed my eyes once more wander over his thin pale body. "You really have very nice skin." I told him as I scrutinized his chest noting his two darker dime sized nipples before allowing my gaze to drift downwards gasping when I noticed what lay between his legs.

My eyes sort of bulged outwards as I gawked at his hardened curved two and a half inch corkscrew, and then couldn't help myself as I started to bust up laughing uncontrollably feeling a huge twinge of stabbing pain along my side. When I looked up at Luca there seemed to be a hurt expression along his features that made me stop chuckling immediately as he reached for his gown.

"I know it is different from yours Kyle, but most boys in Europe still have their skin…you know…down there and there is no shame to it." He protested as I reached out taking his hand in my own.

"I know that Luca and it's not what I was laughing at." I tried to explain as he now became embarrassed thinking it was maybe his size I was laughing at.

"I'm not that small…am I? I mean…I know it is kind of thin…but still…am I really that small…you know down there?" He asked looking down at himself a bit concerned as my eyes shot open and I really felt bad about how I had hurt his feelings.

"No…it's not that either Luca." I tried to explain as I gazed back down, swallowing hard as a surge of blood seemed to rip through my body, at the two and a half inch long and a half inch diameter curved cylindrical tube with tapered rounded end. Please…I'm so sorry…I…I wasn't laughing at your…um…you know…size or…um…or even your stiff Willy…it…it's just that when I saw…um…when I saw your hard-on it reminded me of something that happened at the grocery store the other day…just before I got shot. Please I'm sorry Luca…please let me explain." I told him as he just looked at me seeing how bad I felt so nodded his head.

I quickly told him about my trip to the grocery store with Evan and how we came across those Serrano hot peppers and then what he did with the brussel sprouts. I mean it really was unbelievable, but here was Luca sitting there completely naked in front of me with an honest to goodness real life stiff hot Serrano pepper sticking outwards from his smooth creamy hairless pubic mound. It was curving slightly downwards over a large avocado shaped pouch holding two brussel sprout sized cabbages.

Looking down at himself the Swiss boy started to giggle at my description of his boy bits. His stiff bowed penis began to wiggle around in front of him making me laugh too now because it really was kind of funny looking. We both calmed down enough as I continued to gaze down at it shaking my head noticing the familiar surging sensation between my legs making me wonder if this intensity would ever go away now.

"You've got to admit there's something else that's funny about this whole thing too." I told him as he just looked at me while I continued. "You know…your name." I laughed as he just looked at me still a bit confused. "Geeze…your name…it's well…you know Pfeffer and it meaning pepper." I continued to chuckle as Luca finally understood and just giggled shaking his head at me.

"That's not what my last name means…you silly goose." He retorted this time with me frowning at him questioningly. "Pfeffer means pepper as in salt and pepper." He roared laughing so hard that he immediately stopped and gasped holding on to his side. "Oiy, that stings." He sucked in air, but still smiled brilliantly at me thinking the whole situation hilarious as I continued to gaze at his thin curved rod and his thin porcelain like body.

I still can't get over how nice and smooth your skin looks on you." I told him seriously as he looked at me before looking down at himself.

"You really think so?" He asked as he ran his hand along his chest.

"Yeah, it looks so soft and silky. Can I touch it?" I asked as he hesitated a moment and shrugged his shoulders.

Reaching out I ran my hand along his creamy chest shivering at how velvety it felt under my fingers. It was so soft and smooth with those wispy streaks of pale blue spider like webbing just beneath the surface of his stretchy membrane. Although he was pale there was a very healthy glow to his skin that made me shiver and delighted my senses as a warm heat surged inside of me. My fingers paused by his left nipple and swirled lightly around the darker dime sized patch. I could feel his skin tighten and his boy nipple perk up making the boy giggle a little at the sensation as I slowly ran my fingers down the middle part of his stomach to slowly encircle his little innie belly button. All along the way I couldn't help but notice the same creamy like sensation of his skin along with those wispy blue meandering veins. I looked up into his eyes and noticed he was watching what I was doing attentively as I looked back down pausing for a moment taking a closer look as his full blown erection.

I've never seen another boy whose pecker curved that way and it made me curious. "Um…do you think it would be alright if I…you know?" I asked him as he looked at me with a smile on his face.

"You've never seen another boy before with foreskin have you?" He asked me convinced I hadn't as I just shook my head continuing to swirl my fingers around his belly button making him quiver excitedly.

"No…I mean…yes I have. My two little brothers, Evan and Mattie have their foreskin still, and I've seen them before. Well they aren't my real brothers you know, but our two families are so close we consider ourselves brothers." I explained to him as he remembered me telling my parents about the day when news came of their father's death.

"Oh…um…I see." He replied while I looked at him still wondering if it was alright to touch him. "Oh…um…sure I guess that is alright." He stated realizing I was still waiting for an answer. "After all you let me feel your hair and…um…well…you know." He giggled as I allowed my hand to dip down on to his bare pubic mound taking a moment to run my fingers along it lightly. His pole twitched a little as if a fish was on the end of the line bending it down making me giggle at the imagery.

Slowly I dipped my hand between his legs cupping his large soft leathery school bag giving it a slight squeeze noticing him quiver a little. He was starting to breath heavier now as I looked closer at his curved thin conduit. Along the pale length I could see those thin wispy veins of faint light blue colored streaks just beneath his translucent skin making me quiver excitedly. Releasing his baubles from my hand I tentatively wrapped my fingers along his thin curved cylinder. It truly was wire thin as it fit easily in my fingers, but it felt scorching hot like a burning furnace. My fingers constricted around his sleek tube and I slowly pulled downwards on his foreskin. It descended slowly sliding easily, and I could see the small pinched tip end of his skin begin to stretch before it sort of stopped the skin tugging on the tip end of his knob, and leaving only a very small part of his pee slit exposed to the elements.

Looking up at Luca questioningly he managed to shrug his shoulders as he continued to quiver slightly at my intimate touch. "It doesn't pull back all the way yet. The foreskins on about half the boys my age at school are still attached and don't pull back yet." He explained to me. "It might be another few years before I can pull it back completely, or sooner, it just sort of happens on its own." He finished as I nodded my head understanding and releasing him from my grip as my own body quivered excitedly wanting more from him.

"Does it hurt?" I asked him as he just looked at me like I was foolish.

"Why would it hurt…I mean it is normal for a lot of boys my age to have attached foreskins so why should it hurt?" He asked a bit confused.

"No, not that, but…um…why does it curve like that. I mean is it because your foreskin doesn't stretch? It sort of looks like it hurts or something. I know when I bend mine down like that it hurts." I explained to him as he shook his head.

"Ja…I know what you mean, but this is different and it's always been like that for as long as I can remember. Besides, it will probably still remain curved even after my foreskin loosens up." He responded as he now grabbed himself pulling down his foreskin as far as it would go and straightening out his rod for me to demonstrate what he meant.

"Oh…alright…but if your foreskin doesn't slide up and down how do you…um…well…you know?" I began to ask him making that jacking motion, and then tried to backpedal realizing that he was still a kid and might not do that sort of thing yet. "I mean…crap…I'm sorry Luca…I shouldn't have asked since you are still kind of young and all. I mean…you probably don't even…um…do that kind of stuff yet." I apologized to him as he giggled.

"That's alright. My best friend and I have been sort of doing some things together over the last several months. We both sort of got curious…you know, and it's a lot of fun too." He giggled letting me in on the fact that he's begun that stage of exploration. "As for hurting…um…no…it doesn't hurt, and I just sort of slide my hand over it like this. You probably have to do it the same way." He told me demonstrating it to me making my own spike twitch between my legs at how sexy it was for him to be doing that.

My mind began to swirl around again as I watched him pulling his taffy and an overwhelming urge surged inside of me trying to force me to jump on the boy and slurp up that tasty salty sweet treat. I bit my lower lip regaining control of myself as I continued to watch realizing he was starting to get into it because his breathing became shallow and his feet began to twitch. For a second I thought he was going to climax, but all of a sudden he stopped as he remained motionless for a moment trying to calm down.

"That was close." He sighed as he released himself watching it pulse wildly with his thumping heartbeat making me wonder what happened.

"Why did you stop? I mean you know that the tingling feeling you get as if you have to pee is just the beginning. If you go further it feels really good." I tried to explain to him and then blushed realizing at some point we had sort of crossed a sexual threshold.

"Of course I know…it's just that…," he stopped what he was about to say and blushed as he seemed to realize we were getting way more personal than what things had started out.

"Just what?" I pressed him.

"Nothing really…just…um…I'm a little…afraid…you know because of…," he pointed towards his recent surgery.

"Oh…yeah…that…um…well I talked to the doctor earlier and he said that sort of thing is alright, but we just need to take it easy." I told him as he looked at me.

"Really, you actually talked to the doctor about something like this? I mean…why?" He asked me making me smile.

"Yeah really, and it was the doctor who mentioned it to me. I guess at my age most teenagers tend to do the yank your doodle dandy, if you know what I mean." I responded using another one of Gabe's famous sayings as I reached out not able to resist anymore and ran my fingers over his chest.

He giggled at my touch and looked into my eyes making me melt. I didn't even realize it until I was doing it, but I leaned in and lightly brushed my lips up against his mouth. He flinched at first, but then seemed to invite me even further as he opened his lips and kissed me back. My mind exploded and I felt a sexual surge inside of my body as my own rod and reel began to jerk around. I pressed forward more passionately feeling his panic rise inside of him forcing me to back down a little. That seemed to help as he once more responded and he settled down eagerly accepting my advances on him.

We continued to kiss and I felt my hand running down along the left side of his body, the opposite side of his wound. He seemed to react, and I could feel him trembling excitedly as my hand continued downwards diving between his legs. Luca moaned softly and instinctively spread apart his legs giving me free access to whatever I wanted. It was like he was craving this as much as me, so I slowly wrapped my fingers around his twitching erection and slowly began to masturbate him. He moaned again, but continued to suck the air out of my lungs as it was now his turn to become a little aggressive all the while his small thin skin flute continued to vibrate in my fingers. It felt kind of strange having such a thin cylindrical shaped twig in my fingers, but it was also exciting as I slid my hand up and down over his sleek shaft. It was difficult for me to tell exactly where the head of his penis was located because it was so silky smooth, and his skin was attached allowing it to blend in with the rest of his wiry cable.

Our lips finally parted as we gasped for air while I continued the sexual advances running my mouth along his neck before sliding down further along his chest. I could smell the hospital antiseptic odor as I slithered down around his belly button, but it was intermingled with his chocolaty kind of sweet scent. I've heard of how the Swiss were known for their chocolates, and it made me giggle realizing Luca smelled like a sweet tasting chocolate bar to me. The smaller boy now seemed to melt in my arms as he gently immersed himself into the emotional sexual sensations. I felt him place his hands on my head as he slowly pushed me downwards towards his sweltering candy bar and two sweet bauble treats. It kind of surprised me for a moment, but I let him guide me downwards as I paused for a few moments savoring the barren like landscape of his silky smooth cushiony pubic mound.

Luca shivered ecstatically and moaned appreciatively running his fingers through my hair and gasping for air. His chocolaty boy scent was much stronger now intermingled with the familiar youthful muskiness, which made me shiver delightedly as I felt myself getting a little damp when my pre-cum began to dribble between my legs onto the hard linoleum floor. Moving downwards skipping over his little spike, I slurped up his bag of marbles sucking on them like a vacuum before bouncing them around. The Swiss boy giggled and squirmed a little until I let them bounce back into place snuggled safely up against his body just below his quivering arched tent pole.

Pausing a moment to get a close look at his trembling needle I couldn't help myself as I reached out and ran my tongue along the underside of his curvature. The Swiss boy immediately gasped at the intense sensation his thorn jumping around in a spastic dance trying to impale anything in its way, and sending my mind swirling around dizzily as my own sexual arousal started to stir uncontrollably. My body twitched as if I was about to explode with my own orgasm. I whimpered loudly trying to stave off my impending climax while at the same time I felt Luca twitch as he too tried to hold back for a little while longer.

Slowly I eased my warm damp glove over his spiky thorn allowing it to slip between my lips. "Oh…my…gawd," I heard Luca gasp wildly as his hips twitched upwards slightly as he fought the urge to just shove himself completely into my warm pleasure cave due to his aching side. It was a strange feeling having something so thin and curved inside of my mouth, but somehow it seemed to fit really nicely as it curled naturally along my tongue and towards the back of my mouth. I found giving him a blow job seemed smooth and effortless in comparison to my other conquests as his bent divining rod seemed to slide smoothly in my mouth gliding readily between my lips and along the top of my tongue. He was moaning now in earnest completely lost in the roller coaster moments of rapture, and I knew it wouldn't take him long now to boil over; especially, since he had just about blown his gasket only moments earlier.

Sensing that he was very close now, I began to swirl my tongue around his cylindrical tapered end trying to flick it up against his tight opening while my fingers began to knead his two doughy cream puffs. Using my lips I constricted them down around his thin shaft and slowly peeled his skin back as far as it would go exposing the tip end of his glans allowing me to flicker my tongue against his little meaty tip. This seemed to do the trick as all of a sudden I felt his sleek rod expand slightly and begin to vibrate inside of my mouth as it began to pulse in short explosive blasts. His little toy pistol began to shoot its blanks as Luca gasped and grunted in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oooh, umph, uuumph, uuumph, ah shit ouch, owe, owe," He gasped and whimpered as his fingers constricted around my hair while he tried to not writhe around so much, but it was just too difficult with his body convulsing a couple of times until he finally settled down gasping for air in short intake breathes of air.

His spastic tremors eased up, and his little stiffie wilted and softened inside my mouth so I let it slide out contentedly as I slowly lifted myself back into an upright position. There was a twinge of pain in my side for having been stooped over so long, but it began to ease up as I looked down at the damp spot in front of my gown. I was dribbling like a leaky faucet and my body trembled with desire as I looked over towards the cute blonde haired boy.

Lucas eyes settled on me dreamily as he whispered. "What the hell was that?" He asked still gasping for air but completely satisfied.

"What…I thought you said you've…um…you know jacked off and stuff with your friend. Haven't you ever had an orgasm doing that before?" I asked him a bit baffled now as the boy just nodded his head.

"Yes…I mean I thought I had…but this…was way more…um…awesome," He giggled unable to describe it satisfactorily in our slang as I laughed as well realizing that this was his very first experience involving someone else actually touching him while I quickly made my way over to my bed.

"Shit, I'm horny as all fuck Luca. I mean I've been horny before, but this is way more intense." I gasped easing back on to my bed in urgent need of taking care of business as I adjusted my bed back a little into a more level position, but still slightly angled upwards.

Luca just looked over at me still a bit dreamily wondering what I was so hyped up about as I reached over and grimaced in pain grabbing the box of tissues and ripping several of them out of the box. Shucking aside my gown I gasped noticing my deep purplish crimson colored knob already slicked up with a copious amount of pre-cum. It was obscenely puffy already, more so than I've ever seen it before, and even my balls were aching as they seemed to hang down low between my legs. My penis was throbbing with my excited heart beat, and my eyes bulged out noticing how long and thick it looked at the moment. I've never seen it so fat before and I could swear it looked close to five inches at the moment stretching my skin so thin I thought it would peal right off. No longer able to hold off and wonder about it, I began to do the five fisted happy dance over my rocket propelled grenade launcher." Another one of Gabe's fantastic tongue twisters. "I immediately began to feel my rocket boosters begin to fire up inside of my extremely aching and throbbing fuel receptacles as I began to pound away furiously looking for a quick release because it had now become too unbearable for me to hold inside of myself.

Looking over at the Swiss ten year old boy who was still completely uncovered and gawking at me, I let my eyes roam ravenously over his pale sleek form before settling them on his cute little wilting two inch bean sprout hanging over his large tightly formed fleshy bag. That was all it took as my entire insides seemed to explode in one convulsive moment. I whimpered in both pain and extreme pleasure as I somehow managed to hold up some napkins in front of the exploding cum chucker trying to catch most of my thick gooey yogurt milk so I wouldn't make a mess of things. My entire insides seemed to contract intensely as my body tried to expel the entire contents in both of my silos in one large explosive moment. I watched in amazement as a thick coagulated bulky globular blast exploded against the flimsy napkins tearing through the fabric as it splattered noisily against my chest and ooze like thick white maple syrup down around my stomach and into my thatched fuzzy curly fries on my flat pubic mound.

The intensity of the moment caught me by surprise and my mind began to swirl around wildly while my eyes rolled backwards into my head. I gasped out in pain and sheer euphoria while my body continued to contort and seize up on me stiffly. There was another wet stickiness that I felt along my right side and I knew that I had opened up my wound.

"No way…that is so…so…wickedly Geil," I heard someone say as my mind seemed to fade into darkness and I passed out for the first time ever from an orgasm.

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