Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 16

My body ached and I was still exhausted when my eyes flittered open a few hours after our hot and sexy love making. At first I just thought it must have been a wonderful dream, but when I pulled back the sleeping bag covers a slow smile spread over my features. I tore away my gaze from the lumpy eye candy, and looked up into the sweetest looking face of the boy snuggled up next to me. His countenance was so blissful and adorably sweet as his eyes moved under his eyelids while he dreamt peacefully. The small little upward turn at the edges of his mouth hinted at the sweet possibility of the beautiful dream he was having.

I looked back down and quivered at the sight nestled along the boy's thigh. Evan was lying on his back sort of angled a little on his right side leaning towards my warm body. His left leg was stretched downwards straight and his right leg was slightly bent below his left leg at the knees towards me. His soft fat tubular delectable sausage lay delicately up against his right thigh pointing towards me while his smooth little boy pouch dangled heavily between his legs.

In the daylight hours I could see all of his naked form clearly for the first time as his little pee slit remained barely visible under the mostly closed off hooded sleeve of his tightly wrapped jacket. His bluish veins crisscrossing along the length of his two inch flaccid shaft made a nice contrast to his pale colored flesh as it pulsed slowly causing it to move around slightly with each pump of his beating heart. I looked closer at his soft flaccid hose shaped nozzle, and in the clear day light hours I had to reassess my initial mental measurement. The thickness of his tool belied his true length as I had to admit he had to be slightly longer than two inches, definitely not two and a half or maybe not even two and a quarter inches, but perhaps somewhere in-between. It really didn't matter, but I definitely was curious about such things for some reason.

My scrutiny of the luscious vision in front of my eyes continued as I noted he was most definitely completely devoid of any hair along his bare pubic mound just as I had thought, and just off to the right, his left, at the base of his shaft was a small little birthmark. It was just a little beauty mark actually, and unless you were looking closely not even detectable except for a little speck of different coloration on his otherwise perfectly porcelain like features of his silky smooth boy-mound. I also detected the same kinds of bluish veins all along his pale whitish colored midriff starting just above his shaft and ending just below his cute little inney belly button. His chest rose and fell in deep rhythmic breathes, and I could tell he was fast asleep and worn out from our first real sexual encounter. Even though we've messed around a little, this truly had been our first real sexual interplay with one another in an open and totally exposed manner.

He looked too adorably cute and innocently sweet for me to pass up this moment so I gently extricated myself from him and managed to climb over his body without waking him up. I retrieved my camera and snapped off a few pictures of him all spread out comfortably and peaceful in the land of dreams. Even in his non-aroused state my small little lover boy was extremely titillating and sensuously pleasing. I made sure to take several close shots of his flaccid tubular appendage and silky smooth little knap sack between his legs before zooming in to get his cute little beauty mark as well so I could remember every detail of this succulent rakishly prurient boy. Then I focused on his sweet appealing countenance making sure I captured his blissful and alluring soft tender facial features.

Another thought crossed through my mind and I silently retrieved an attachment my mom had purchased as well for my fancy camera and hooked it up fiddling around with the buttons. I grabbed the chair from the corner of the room and placed it on top of the other bunk, and leaned over scooping up the spunk soiled towel lying on the floor. I put that on the chair before placing my camera on top and adjusted the angle by shifting it around on the small mound of filthy fabric. Satisfied, I hit the button on the camera attachment and slowly climbed back over the sleeping form of my desirably sultry little sexy love. I heard the shutter on the camera snap, but wasn't worried as I snuggled down next to the sculptured Greek statuesque porcelain like figure lying next to me. The camera snapped another picture as I settled into place and got my body posed cuddling up to my sexy little boy.

I was lying on my left side next to my little sculptured effigy looking down at his beautiful features. I slowly slipped my left leg just under his right bent leg and snuggled up closer so that my own thin tubular three inch appendage nestled on Evan's right hip only millimeters away from his thick voluptuous juicy sausage. My loose peach sized sack laid spread across his hips and thigh as I nuzzled up even closer to his body running my right hand fingers through his brown wavy locks while I looked down lovingly into my sultry sexy boy's face. He was breathing steadily, but I could tell he was starting to wake up gradually with the sensation of his body being stimulated.

The young twelve year old boy's sparkling hazel green colored eyes slowly fluttered open and locked onto my soft inviting brown colored eyes eliciting a small little smile which formed on his soft deep ruby red colored lips. My right finger traced along the line of his jaw as he in turn reached up with his left hand gently placing the tips of his fingers along the lower part of my face. It was a sweet tender moment as I heard the camera ticking off another picture of us together while the little boy remained oblivious to the small sound of the clicking shutter. I had set up the attachment feature to snap a picture every five seconds until one hundred had been taken in total.

"What are you doing baby?" I heard Evan whispering faintly as he used one of my terms of endearment I have been using on him lately, which in turn made me smile appreciatively at how intimately closer it seemed to draw us together.

"I'm enjoying the best sunrise in my entire life," I whispered back as my hand slowly reached downwards and I shifted my body so I could get a closer look at him.

My right pointing finger and thumb lightly took hold of Evan's soft fat pliable love muscle, and slowly pealed back his hooded jacket exposing his slippery purplish glans. It felt odd feeling his soft penis in my fingers like that, and I was surprised at how thick and heavy it felt in my hand. The small little Greek sculpture hadn't boned up yet, and I could tell he was struggling to keep himself from not inflating wanting me to have this little moment of his innocence. I could hear the camera snapping pictures in the background, but didn't pay much attention anymore as I became focused on the sweet eye candy in front of my eyes; especially his candy coated glistening wet lollipop. Peeling back his skin was like exposing the soft center after licking away the hardened coating of the outer layer on a Jolly Rancher candy.

Slowly Evan's penis inflated in my hands as I leisurely pumped my fist in a jacking motion. I stopped for a moment releasing his warm rigid shaft so that I could get a better look at how his glans was currently exposed about a quarter of an inch beyond his tightly stretched sausage wrapper. My throat became dry and I tried to swallow as my hands once more wrapped back around his stiffness, and I started to stroke him again while sexily squeezing his fatness. Evans breathing became erratic as his fists clutched at the bedding. I could tell he was close and briefly thought about teasing him like I had done in the dark evening hours of the night, but he was already sore and spent so decided to bring him straight to his climax. My hand flew along his thick rigid stifling hot love muscle, and all of a sudden his hips bucked upwards as my fist went downwards and he exploded in another forceful quaking orgasm as a thick globular like liquid substance spat out the tip of his pee slit while at the same time I heard the distinctive sound of the camera shudder snapping a picture.

"Uuungh, fuck," He grunted.

He continued to spew forth several additional smaller samples and droplets of cum grunting heavily in the process. "Uuumph, umph, oooooh, sshh…sshh…shiii, uuuuumph, aaargh." He groaned and moaned as he ejaculated his clear liquid boy juice all over his torso and my fist before collapsing backwards onto the cot.

I continued to pump him wanting him to expel everything, and was rewarded a few moments later with another volley as the camera snapped another picture. I couldn't believe the timing of it all, and hoped that the camera had actually captured the precious ejaculate moments for real. I released his little boyhood, and reached my hand up to the succulent little vixen allowing him to lick my fingers clean between his shuddering breathes. Then I went to work on him as I slathered up his succulent boy sauce into my mouth before settling back down next to him.

"Oh sweet goddesses," my Greek godlike statue sighed, "I never knew it could feel so wonderful Kyle. I…I…lu…um…you know…care about you so much with no regrets for last night." He whispered and stuttered not quiet getting out the precious words we both yearned for while trying to assure me he was content with how things have grown between the two of us.

He leaned over and gently kissed my lips as another picture captured the moment. This time he heard the distinctive sound, and looked over to the camera positioned towards us from the other cot. He looked dumbfounded for a moment, and then looked back at me with a playful little grin on his face.

"Why you little pervert," He teased as I shrugged my shoulders giggling.

"Well, I only thought it fair since you have a nude painting of me that I at least have a nude picture of you…um…being intimate like this with me for real." I chuckled as he punched me in the arm.

"Ouch, that hurt," I yelped mockingly.

"Yeah, but that is only one painting and you've got like thousands of pictures of me…um naked and all." He teased before leaning in and smothering me with another round of passionate kissing. We continued to snuggle and cuddle for several more minutes until the camera had finished its programming, and no longer took any more pictures.

"I need to get up and take a run," I whispered. "For some reason we sort of slept in a little longer this morning," I commented giving him a knowing quirky smile.

Evan giggled but held on to me shaking his head. "No run this morning, please. Just stay here with me it's our last morning here at camp, besides I want to…" He stated as he reached down between my legs and slowly wrapped his soft fingers around me.

"Oh fuck Evan, your hands were made for my thin little teenage cum gun," I whimpered sarcastically and quivered before he paused for a moment and smirking at me for my sly comment before quickly getting up moving towards my camera. I watched him excitedly my now lonely little boy cannon thumping and pulsing as he hit the button on the cable remote and climbed back into bed working me in earnest as he went to town on my own throbbing needs. I heard the shuttering click of the camera begin to snap pictures and then everything seemed to fade into the background as the intensity of what was happening to my body seemed to take in all my focus and attention.

He worked his hands expertly along my sleek shaft without pausing, but making sure to squeeze at the appropriate moments or to shift the rhythm a bit sending a charge tingling up my spine. In his skilled proficient fingers it didn't take him long to bring me to another resounding orgasm as my body reacted instinctively to the stimulation it was receiving.

"I…I…oh shit," I managed to blurt out just in time as my own hips rose off the cot and I ejected my precious life giving seed hearing the distinct clicking sound of the camera shudder snapping a picture at the precise moment I spewed forth my white hot lava. "Uumph, uuumph, uuumph, shiii, umph." I grunted out huskily my throat completely dry as I rasped for air and watched the last of my spunk slowly ooze out of the tip of my penis towards the end of my climax.

It was strange, I thought to myself, how it was only the first initial moments where there was any real force behind our ejaculations. After the initial buildup and release all that was left were the trickling amounts that seemed to eek out of our good little soldiers I continued to reflect letting my mind wander a bit as I came down from my ecliptic high. As I lay there gasping for air I gazed down lovingly at my sexy little lover tenderly licking, slurping, and wiping away the muck off of my naked torso. This time he had placed the palm of his hand in front my smooth thin little canon, and managed to divert most of it onto the two of us instead of it spraying all over our cabin in the initial stages of my orgasmic detonation. Lately my spunk has been a bit thicker, and I've been shooting more forcefully extending its range of carnage. It wasn't as if I was actually producing more stuff, just that it was thicker and more forceful. As always after the initial blasts I only produced a few dribbles as my orgasms ran their course.

Evan snuggled up to me and we just lay there naked in each other's arms. It felt as if we were meant to be together like this with no shame in our nudity or sexuality, and I could tell he was totally content laying there next to me and completely exposed. It was as if he was leaving behind all the shame and guilt built up over the years and replacing it with a new person as he slowly emerged from his protective shell. Most of his sweetness still remained intact from prior, even before the era of Don's intervention, but now he was also beginning to grow and come into his own in a more natural way as he slipped off the mantle of darkness that had smothered him like a cloak of obscurity and gloom. I enjoyed what he was becoming and knew that there was much more brightness and happiness to follow as he continued to bloom and blossom in the springtime of his young life.

"Come on and let's get cleaned up. We have the morning left to get our stuff packed up, and spend some time with everyone before parents start to show up around one o'clock this afternoon. Everyone has to be gone by seven tonight so they can get ready for tomorrow's new group." I sighed as I rolled over Evan and got up off the cot realizing that the camera had run its course. My little hot sexy boy just lay there for a moment all succulent sultry looking before he sighed and also got up.

My little vixen squeezed into his bright white cottony briefs and I watched starting to get excited by his beauty, but climbed into my own clothes before grabbing up my little bag and tossing my stuff inside of it. Evan looked around for a moment, and I knew he was looking for his towel so I walked over to the chair on the cot, and retrieved my camera tossing it into my pack with my other things while chucking the sullied up towel to the small boy. He crinkled up his face, but just shrugged figuring it would do since it was the last day anyway.

We made our way into the shower building, and it was completely empty this early in the morning. Evan headed off to the area with the small closed off shower stalls, and I went into the main section not wanting to be hemmed in so closely in those small cubicles. The warm hot cascading clean water felt wonderful on my naked torso as I soaped myself clean and shampooed my hair quickly so that I could just relax a little and unwind from my sexual workout while enjoying the pebble like spray on my body from the shower head. The small beaded droplets pounded against my sleek body making me shiver and get goose-bumps all along my tight skin in the process.

I was leaning up against the wall when I thought I detected a movement from the corner of my eye. I glanced over in the general direction of the movement and didn't see anything so just closed my eyes for a few moments to enjoy the sensation of pinpricks along my skin from the blasting droplets of water being forced out the tiny openings of the shower head.

My eyes popped opened when I heard another shower being turned on a couple of paces to my right. My eyes focused and I noticed a small figure with his back turned slightly to me stepping up under the warm cascading water, and it took me a moment before I realized it was Benji.

"Oh hey Benji, good morning, I didn't realize you got up so early?"

"Oh yeah, farm life you know. Well, not exactly a farm. We sort of have some animals and stuff, but mainly horses. Still, I'm always up pretty early in the morning because of chores and stuff." He responded in a relaxed way as he turned towards me a little allowing the water to run down his back. "I've never seen anyone else here in the showers at this time…where's Evan?" The small boy inquired as he glanced my way taking a quick peak at my soft three inch teen meat sticking slightly outwards from my body and low hanging balls swinging between my thin sleek muscular thighs.

My eyes automatically glanced down at the younger boy as well taking in his firm body and the small two and a half inch soft penis which also stuck outwards from his body and was now noticeably starting to throb and raise in a more upwards angle a bit as he sort of gaped at my naked torso. I had to admit that he really was pretty cute; especially, now that I was seeing him completely naked without any clothes on at all. He was a bit on the small side for his age looking to be about four feet nine inches tall and around eighty to eighty five pounds. His smooth tanned sleek like body at first glanced made you think he was a sort of wimpy kid, but when you looked closer you could tell he was kind of wiry strong, which I thought must come from working horses and taking care of the animals on his farm or whatever he had. His long narrow oval shaped face seemed to fit perfectly with his sleek style of body. All-in-all he was actually adorably cute with a very smooth light brown tan, and brown hair that hung over the ears and the nape of his neck. His hair had sort of a layered and feathered look to it, and he had the same matching brown colored eyebrows. His sparkling blue eyes glittered and offset some of his natural darker tanned and hair features, while his long narrow celestial type nose with a slight upturned tip seemed to add a bit of balance. I could see his long narrow lips turning up at the corners in a cute kind of fashion finishing off his boyish like features. As I took in his features it kind of made me wonder why I hadn't really taken notice of them before now.

Benji continued to gawk at my nakedness and must have realized he was starting to bone up because the small farm boy immediately turned slightly away from me so I couldn't see him getting hard. With his back turned towards me I began to realize he truly did have a nice sleek fit kind of wiry body as my eyes continued to take him in noticing that at this angle his adorably ivory white and dimpled butt cheeks were also kind of sleek balancing well with the rest of his features. Working with animals sort of did that to a person, you know build up muscles in different ways. He was naturally small and thin, so working with live stock the way he did made him physically wiry strong, which to me added to his adorable boyish cuteness.

"Yeah…um…Evan is in the other section getting cleaned up, and normally we are up at our site with his painting project." I began explaining to him tearing away my gawking gaze from the luscious little sultry boy not wanting to appear to overzealous about it. "I've been posing for him, but he finished yesterday so we slept in a little and then decided to get cleaned up before gathering the rest of our things together." I responded to his inquiry not able to resist as once more my eyes settled on the boy's fantastically adorable tanned body with the white patch around his mid-section that showed off his tan line.

"Oh, why's he over there?" he asked sounding a little disappointed that Evan was on the other side.

"He's still a little shy…um…you know…about his body. Don't forget he's still a year younger than you, and his body is starting to change so…you know how it is with being naked in front of others."

"Yeah, it's still kind of embarrassing at times for me too," Benji admitted with his back turned towards me and covering up what I surmised was now a full blown erection.

I sidled over next to him and he looked over his shoulders at me questioningly and a little nervous at my closeness. I reached around and grabbed the soap bar from his hand and started to soap down his back.

"Wh…what are you doing?" He whispered swallowing nervously as he sighed and trembled involuntarily at the close contact.

"Just soaping up your back," I told him as I turned him sideways to me and placed my left hand on his chest while my right hand started soaping up his back.

The boy blushed knowing I could see his upwards pointing hardness even though his hands were covering them up. The small little tight boy pouch was snuggled up under the base of his shaft with almond sized testicles contracting at the sensation he was feeling as I rubbed his back.

I smiled at him warmly, "don't worry about it Benji, that's normal this early in the morning," I commented as my hand worked downwards soaping him up good.

"Yeah, but…but you don't have a woody," he pointed out to me.

"Well, that's because I've already taken care of it this morning," I whispered in his ear teasingly as I saw his eyes bulging out and then noticed him sighing as if he were wondering if he had just missed seeing me jack myself off making me smile and reflect just how truly horny us guys were at the onset of puberty.

My hands were now soaping up his nice little lily white firm dimpled melons as I ran my fingers between his crack making sure to get him really good and clean. He sucked in his breath and quivered when my finger ran across his little pink eye and pushed up against it a bit. I removed my hand from his crease and swiveled him around soaping up my hands again. By this time I was boned up as well and noticed Benji gawking at it before he glanced up at me realizing I had caught him staring. He blushed again embarrassed, but I just smiled down at him putting the little guy at ease about it. He smiled back appreciatively and looked back down at my erection enjoying what he was seeing without having to worry about getting caught anymore since I didn't seem to mind him looking at me.

When I spun him around I had placed my left hand along the center of his back and started soaping up his front side. He shuddered a little and his eyes popped open even wider when he realized I was slowly working my way downwards towards his private intimate nether regions starting along his chest and running my fingers over his stomach. My right hand continued downwards slipping under his three and a half inch erection throbbing against his mostly bare porcelain like pubic mound, and slowly washed his small strands of brown pubes. He gasped when the back of my hand bumped up against his rigid boyhood, and his body quivered as his knees sort of buckled for a second because of the unexpected jolt of intensity he received.

My hands dove down along his inner thigh, and he automatically spread apart his legs a little watching what I was doing intently while at the same time wrapping his right arm around my shoulder for stability. I bent down on my knee with his arm still on my shoulder, and cupped his tight balls in my slicked up palm. He immediately thrust out his hips from the intimate contact.

"Oh shit, umph," he grunted," Oh…my…Gawd," He gasped. "That…that just feels so…" he huffed but was cut off as my slippery fingers wrapped around his burning hot flesh. "Oh, shiiiiiit," he whimpered as I slowly started to pump his rigid cut three and a half inch smooth penis that glistened wetly with water and soap.

The boy's knees buckled for real this time as he tried to prop himself up, and my left arm, which was wrapped around his waist, held him up against my body. I continued to pump him rapidly now allowing my fingers to glide along the small length of his hardened thirteen year old boy shaft, and knew he wouldn't last long as his breathing started to get ragged. I felt his penis start to inflate a little bigger, and leaned my face in front of his body slipping my tongue outwards and flicking it up against his bulbous head.

The boy jerked upwards at the unexpected contact letting out a short squeak before discharging a nice shot of cum out of his deep red glans into my eagerly open mouth.

"Oh fuck, here it c…," the boy grunted, "Umph, uh, uh," he moaned as he held on to my shoulders.

The first blast of gooey substance blasted into my mouth followed by two or three weaker ones which landed in, around, and on my lips and face. His body jolted a few more times in a now dry orgasmic release before he finally leaned heavily into my body. I swallowed the sweet light musky flavored substance and smiled. I was starting to love the gooey milky youthful batter that guys where shooting out from their little boy canons. Who would have thought it possible I giggled to myself as I swallowed down his honey like nectar.

"Oh fuck Kyle. That was the best ever. No one's ever…" Benji blushed stopping in mid-sentence at his admission to still being inexperienced.

"You're first hand job by someone else, huh?" I asked as I got up. "Well, at least you won't have to worry about taking care of it this morning," I chuckled. "I'll let you finish getting cleaned up," I said as I rinsed my face off and headed for the outer changing room.

I snatched up my camera and took a couple of pictures of Benji's naked body as he leaned back and rinsed the shampoo out from his hair. Fuck, his silky body glistening with water looked so awesome with his now two and a half inch flaccid penis lying over his soft silky smooth youthful pouch. The warm water must have loosened up the skin on his boy sack because they now hung down slightly between his legs and swayed around freely as if they were content and happy.

He finished up rinsing out his hair and saw me taking pictures of him. At first he sort of blushed and got a little shy. I was going to leave when he just smiled at me motioning for me to take some more pictures as he started to pose. I guess all the attention must have gotten him excited because moments later he was boned up again as he started to slowly stroke himself for the camera. Nodding my head I finished up to a look of a bit of disappointment from the smaller boy. It just amazed me at how I managed to get so many of my friends to pose naked for some pictures without them caring too much about it.

I returned to my bench and dried off climbing into my clothes. Benji came from around the corner, and I snapped a few more pictures of his wet glistening body for good measure noticing he once more had deflated. He detected the camera again and sort of became shy for a moment once more before just giggling and shrugging his shoulders as he sat down next to me so he could finish drying off.

"I hope you don't mind about the pictures Benji, but you are just so sexy hot," I told him honestly.

"You think so?" He asked questioningly looking down at his body comparing it to mine.

"Yeah of course. You most definitely don't have anything to be embarrassed about downstairs that's for sure, and your body is fit and lean almost like you work out a lot, but is most likely from the hard work you do around your place. So yeah, you've got a sexy hot body." I reiterated getting an appreciative smile from the younger boy at the compliment.

"You…you won't show them or anything to anyone. I mean…just don't post them or anything. I'd die if you did that," he blushed.

"No…no way would I do that. People get in trouble for those sorts of things, and I'd never do anything to hurt one of my friends." I promised him.

"Oh…um…well I guess it's alright then, but why…I mean what are you planning to do with them?" He asked as he got up to dry his legs by first lifting one leg on to the bench before lifting up the other one toweling them off and making me smile appreciatively at his strong calf muscles along with his little almond sized testicles swaying around lazily between his legs.

My eyes continued to gaze at his free swinging testicles between his legs, and I smiled at Benji as I scooted over and snapped a few more pictures of him like that from a lower angle. He just laughed shaking his head at me then started to pose some more. After several more pictures I put away my camera and sat back down.

"Nothing, just something to remember you by I guess." I finally responded to his earlier inquiry. "I mean, I just gave you your first hand job so think it is a special moment to remember you by." I smiled at him and was rewarded when his cheeks flushed red.

Just then Evan joined us and smiled appreciatively at the naked boy standing there with his balls hanging between his legs and his penis snuggled up on top pointing outwards from his pale colored pubic mound with small little wispy tufts of light brownish hairs along the base of his shaft. My little vixen didn't hide his overt gaze as he appraisingly looked over his friend with the critical eye of an artist.

"Wow, Benji, you look…um…sweet." He stated flushing a little that he had even said anything like this openly and referring to sweet as being beautiful. "Um…maybe," Evan stuttered as he swallowed hard because he's never talked like this before; especially, not with a naked boy standing in front of him. "Um…maybe someday I will paint you from memory or something. You really are kind of sexy hot looking," He tried to gulp down another lump in his throat that had formed with his nervousness. "I…I mean…if that would be alright with you?" Evan asked the other boy shyly glancing down now so he wasn't just staring at the other boy so blatantly. I could tell it took a lot for Evan to look away and chuckled to myself at how he seemed to truly begin coming out of his shell.

"Um…yeah I guess that would be cool, but…um…what about you? I bet you have one hot juicy little boy package of your own. Damn, don't you realize just how hot and sexy you look? If I don't ever find a girlfriend maybe you and me can…," he left it there and smiled tauntingly at the other boy.

"Fuck, why does everyone always want to see me naked?" Evan whined playfully but starting to feel a bit self conscious now about the whole situation; especially, since Benji didn't seem bothered at all by standing there completely naked.

"Because you are just so damn sweet and juicy," I told him getting up and shoving Evan's stuff into my bag as I pinched his ass. He yelped punching me playfully.

"Yeah right…um…anyway," Evan sighed looking at me as he shifted topics. "I'm going to head up to the recreation center to call up my mom, Mattie, and Jaden." He stated looking towards me to see if it would be alright.

"Sure no problem Evan because I figured on getting the rest of the guys up and maybe take a little hike up to our hidden spot. I'd like to share that with all of our friends before we leave. Benji and I'll go get everyone, and we can all meet up at the junction by the main trail," I suggested.

"Yeah, that would be kind of cool," Evan admitted as he turned heading off to the recreation center and leaving me to wait for Benji to get dressed.

I looked at Benji and got an idea. I told him about it and at first he balked before asking if I was sure about it. I shrugged my shoulders and told him it seemed a fair way to get everyone up and started this early in the morning. He was still unsure, but shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

Benji headed towards his camp to grab his stuff. On the way he would stop by Chase's unit to get the other thirteen year old boy for our little morning excursion. I made my way over to Riley's camp to wake him up since it was on the way to mine, then I would get Tim since he was in my unit camp site.

Opening up the flaps to Riley's cabin I quietly snuck over to the sleeping boy's bunk. His cabin mate was breathing heavily snoring lightly still in a deep sleep. Riley mentioned to us that his cabin mate always slept in late, and short of dumping cold water on him never woke up.

With a little trepidation I slowly uncovered Riley's sleeping body from his covers, and with a glance over my shoulder to make sure his bunk mate was asleep, reached over and slowly put my hand between the gap along the thigh leg openings of Riley's multicolored boxers. Ever so gently I eased the fabric of his boxers over his small little bulge, and looked at my prize. The boy moaned a little as my fingers wrapped around his soft two and a half inch penis and started to stroke it so it would wake up. It took a while, but it finally started to respond getting hard and maxing out to around three inches long at the most maybe even less. I had to admit, he really was small for his age, almost like an eleven year old or something, as I started to stroke him some more. If it weren't for his bushy pubes you'd think he was a little kid between his legs.

The guy wasn't kidding about being small, but he was also telling the truth when he told us it took him a long time to cum. I was pumping furiously now along his short shaft, and all of a sudden his eyes flew open and his shoulder lifted upwards for a moment with intense feelings coursing through his body. He immediately gazed downwards first to see what was happening between his legs, and then over to me before crashing back down onto his cot as he began to grunt and grind his hips to the same timing as my pumping fist.

At first I thought he might get mad at me or something, but once he recognized it was me I guess he must have just given in to the intensity of the wonderful feelings I was giving his small underappreciated love muscle. I couldn't believe how long it was taking him to go over the edge as I worked on him furiously. My hand was starting to tire because I had been at it for a while now as he stretched out on his bunk and let me have at it. By this time the fabric of his boxers had slipped back over my pumping fist and I was debating on whether or not to slip them back when I felt his penis flare outwards in my hand and then jump around like some wild beast.

It was all I could do to hang on to that writhing slithering little snake of his as all of a sudden it spit out it's venom all over the inside of his shorts and my pumping fist. I heard Riley moaning softly as his hips bucked wildly on the cot. I was amazed at the amount of sauce which came shooting out of his little snub nosed pistol. It had to be about twice as much as I managed to shoot, and I'm talking about lately, not the small dribbling stuff I used to shoot only a week or so ago.

The entire front of his boxers were completely soaked as I finally pulled out my fist and looked at the creamy white coating all along my fingers. Riley's eyes were shut tightly as he gasped for air. I slathered up his cum into my mouth noting the different tang of sweet, salty, yet musky flavor of thicker cum. The flavor was deeper than any I had tasted so far, but not so bad. The subtle sweetness was more buried under a bolder musky salty like flavoring and scent.

"Are you alright?" I whispered in his ear.

His eyes opened and he nodded yes glancing over to his bunk mate who was still breathing heavily in his sleep and hadn't even moved.

"Whoa Fuck, thanks a whole bunch dude. I'm not into that sort of stuff, I mean I've never been jacked by a guy before, but it's been a while since I've gotten off. I've been kind of bummed out being so far away from the ocean and all the girls that I just haven't been in the mood for it…if you know what I mean." He stated making me shake my head as I realized I truly didn't know what he meant because a day didn't go by where I didn't at least get off a couple or more times a day.

"Shit, you mean it's been weeks since your last…um…you know" I asked a bit shocked. "No wonder you sprayed out so much spunk," I teased him.

"What, oh that, well to tell you the truth that's pretty typical," he shrugged.

"Shit dude, between that and your writhing snake no wonder the girls love getting fucked by you." I noted quiet seriously. We both sort of stayed like that for a moment before I filled him in on our get together. He agreed to meet us once he got cleaned up so I left him and headed for my camp.

Reaching my camp I noted it was still very quiet with no one about yet. Of course it was still relatively early with breakfast being another two hours away or so. I approached Tim's cabin and noted the flaps were undone. I stuck my head inside and smiled realizing Tim's cabin mate was already up and gone for some reason. I slithered inside and poking my head back out making sure no one was around settled down next to Tim's sleeping form. He was the only one left in our group who I hadn't seen naked, and I was sort of curious because sometimes I noticed a good sized bulge between his legs and I got the distinct impression he was pretty hung. He was also the only one left who I hadn't done anything sexual with. I was itching to see what he had between those lanky legs of his, and I knew he was gay so didn't think he would have any problems with what I was about to do.

The fifteen year old gangly boy was still fast asleep and I could tell he was dreaming as his eyes moved back and forth under his closed eyelids. I lifted back his bed covers and gasped at the extremely large bulge pulsating beneath his fingers which were wrapped around his large seven inch cut erection. I've heard guys bragging about having such huge cocks, but knew for the most part they were full of crap. Yet, here with two of my friends I've witnessed for myself how big some boys' tubular beasts can really get. I knew this wasn't normal for having even one friend with such a huge one, but to have two friends who were hung like a walrus just made me shake my head a bit baffled.

Tim most definitely had a mammoth one, and for me, next to Chase who was younger than Tim, it was the biggest one I've ever seen. It made me wonder just how big Chase would get in a couple of years. It might even get bigger than Tim's is now. For a moment the sheer size of my two friends' erections made me feel a bit inferior until I realized that this just wasn't the norm for most boys our age. Also, what were the odds of two boys like that hooking up as well in an intimate manner? In a way it made me realize the two of them was just meant to be.

Tim was wearing white briefs, and about three inches of his erection was plainly visible as it extended outwards from beneath his waist band. His right hand was shoved up under his briefs holding onto the base of his shaft, and a deep musky smell wafted up from his body as I noticed his large pocket rocket leaking a little pre-cum dribbling on his thick bushy dirty blond curly pubes. I reached over and gently lifted up the waistband of his underwear so that I could cup them under his large hairy baggy ball sack. He had large heavy plum sized testicles that jerked upwards a little when I shoved his underwear beneath his heavy sagging pouch.

The older boy moaned a little shifting in his sleep, and I took the opportunity at that moment to move his hand off of his monster Anaconda sized constricting snake. He resisted a moment, but then finally gave in letting me move his hand off to the side. I leaned over and blew some air on his large shafted hardened trunk and was rewarded with it jerking upwards in response. I looked up for a second and slowly opened up my mouth sliding his large seven inch tool into my mouth. A dank musky odor wafted up into my nose and I almost gagged at the intensity of it. I figured his sex scent might be a little more potent because Tim was a year older than me yet I also sensed he was a little more mature than most other boys his age. It wasn't bad or anything, just more powerful than what I've been detecting from the other boys I was getting sexed up with.

I heard Tim moan and he reflexively tried to remove his long thick piece of meat from my mouth when he felt the wetness around his shaft. I could still see his eyes moving under his eyelids, and had to smile at myself wondering what he was dreaming about at the moment. The older boy's monstrosity was a bit larger than Chase, and I wondered what went through both of the boys' minds when they had sex together. The image of both boys' entwined bodies with their extremely large hard endowments pressing up against one another was so sexy hot in my mind's eye. I took in more of his man sized meat into my mouth until my nose nudged up against his downy pubic hairs.

His scent was even stronger now, and I could taste his thick musky like pre-cum as it oozed into my mouth. There was a very strong taste to it, and I didn't know if I could take his actual cum when he finally exploded. I slowly withdrew and he just groaned as his hips tried to shove upwards now instead of trying to escape at the retreating sensation of blissfulness. I cupped his plum sized nuggets and squeezed them as I slowly started to bob my head up and down slathering my tongue along the length of his shaft.

"Oh fuck," the boy yelped bolting straight up as I felt the large Anaconda suddenly constrict before expanding and exploding in my mouth forcing a huge glob of his manlike baby making thick sticky seeded batter down the back of my throat.

I almost gagged at the deep bold musky odiferous smell and tasting substance, but I couldn't pull off of him as he clamped down on the back of my head and held me in place while his hips shoved himself even deeper into my mouth. I felt his shaft expand even further as another volley exploded outwards and down my throat. I held my breath instinctively trying to relax my throat muscles and just swallowed it down knowing this was the quickest way to get away from the heady heavy taste.

"Shiiiii, umph, umph," He grunted as two large blasts shot out forcefully followed by one small dribble, with the rest being just dry orgasmic twitches.

Placing my hand on his pubic mound and forcing my head up I finally managed to get off of his huge monster, and gasped for air while he continued to twitch. He noticed me struggling, and immediately released my head as he crashed back into his cot and gasped for air as well. Not wanting to leave him hanging in the middle of his orgasmic throes I wrapped my fist around his large twitching writhing monster of a snake, and pumped him hard allowing his hips to continue bucking upwards at the intimate contact while he whimpered in sheer ecstasy.

I had to finally release his almost raw like fireman's hose, and he just lay there panting and looking at me with a smile spreading along his lips. He looked down at his now deflated five and a half inch limp noodle as it draped over his large knap sack which hung low between his legs.

"Damn, I had no idea you were so hung," I whispered to Tim softly while wiping the back of my hand along my mouth so as not to wake up any of his neighbors on either side of his cabin.

"Yeah, but there are some drawbacks," he gasped catching his breath and noting my questioning look. "Ah, yeah, well…um…it's too big for Chase to…you know…," he indicated opening his mouth.

"Um…oh…you mean he hasn't…I mean I just thought the two of you have done…you know…more together." I stuttered thinking maybe it wasn't fair for me to prod him like this.

He shook his head and looked at me biting his lip in thought. "Um…actually this was the first time…you know?"

"What, you've never messed around sexually with anyone!" I exclaimed. "I mean other than with Chase?"

"No, not that…I mean you are the…this was my first…blow job," he blurted out, then clapped his hand over his mouth realizing it came out a little loudly.

We both froze and held our breath. We didn't hear any movement around, and looked at each other before cracking up under our breaths and trying to do it quietly.

"It's just that I'm pretty big down there and it is a bit…strong. I don't think Chase is ready for that yet, and I think that he is afraid he might…you know…mess up or something by accidentally biting me or scraping his teeth against it, but damn his hands more than make up for it." He looked at me and chuckled as we both sat there quietly as I looked up at him and couldn't help but giggle.

He looked over at me with a glint in his eye and still completely naked. "Sorry about prying like that Tim…it's none of my business bro. I have a rule not to discuss the details of my sexual intimacies with others because that is how rumors and bad reputations get out, and I should respect the privacy between you and Chase too." I stated as I got up and removed my camera from my bag.

"Um…would it be alright if I took a few pictures of you?" I asked him.

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Sure as long as you promise not to show them to anyone." I assured him I wouldn't and also told him at some point I would like to get a few with him and Chase together so they could each have some when he moved away.

The older boy smiled at me somberly and thought it a great idea as he leaned back while I snapped off a few pictures of him still amazed at how big he was down there. He didn't bone up like Benji had so I asked him if he thought he could get it back up for me. After looking at me a bit surprised he just smiled shrugging his shoulders and started to slowly jack off. It took a bit of coaxing, but after a while it slowly woke back up and came alive for a few nice pictures of his huge erection. Damn, the more I thought about it the more I knew Chase and Tim belonged together.

Tim and I met up with the others at the main trail where the smaller trail joined up. At one point Benji sidled up next to me and whispered, "holy shit dude, you didn't warn me about…fuck…he's like…um…well fucking hung like a horse dude" Benji managed to get out a bit mortified and his facing flushing a deep crimson color as he looked around to make sure no one was listening in on our conversation.

"Well did you enjoy it?" I winked while the others filed in behind Evan asking a million questions as to where we were all going.

"Well duh, and yes I did give him a blow job, well as much as I could." He giggled at me while flushing at the same time. "I…I liked it too. Do you think it makes me gay?" He asked seriously looking up making sure again that no one else was listening in on our conversation.

"No, I don't think anything except it is kind of fun for now. Wait for a little while and experiment a bit before making any decisions one way or the other. If you have to ask someone if you're gay, then I don't think you are ready to know one way or the other, so just enjoy having fun for now." I told the smaller boy as he looked at me and smiled thinking it was a good suggestion and making him feel better about himself in the process.

"Geezus, Evan and Kyle just where the hell are we going?" Tim and Chase spoke up at the same time making them look at each other and giggle when the stream we were following disappeared among some large boulders in a sheer rocky rise. It looked impassible with nowhere to go but back.

"Alright, alright just be patient," I said reassuringly. "Listen, a few years back the canoe trip used to have a different route and I noticed a nice spot through my binoculars at one of our break stops. After that it took several days for me to pinpoint the location and find a way up to it. I've never shown anyone else until this year when I showed Evan for his art project, and of course Dmytri. Both Evan and I love this place and you guys are the greatest ever so we wanted to share it with you too. So just follow me." I told them as I carefully wove my way through the boulders and onto a small hidden animal path a little ways up.

A few minutes later we crested the hidden overlook, and everyone stopped in their tracks gaping in awe. We stayed up there for quiet a while even skipping out on breakfast as we enjoyed the view. Of course we set up the camera and took a lot of pictures as a group, individually, and paired up with each other for plenty of memories. It made me realize that I was going to be busy when we got back setting up copies of image CD's for everyone.

After a while we just sat around with one another enjoying each others company and joking around. Chase and Tim were curled up with one another, and Evan leaned up against my chest as I wrapped my arms around him and gently twirled my fingers through his hair while Benji snuggled up with Riley. There was nothing sexual at all about the entire episode, just friends sitting around showing our affection for one another uninhibited and openly.

"So did you get a hold of Jaden and mom?" I asked Evan with him knowing I meant 'his' mom as he looked at me a little concerned and shook his head.

"Jaden said he planned on coming with your folks today to meet up with us. As for mom, she didn't answer her phone, and I thought about calling your folks so I could talk to Mattie if he was there, but then figured they would be here soon anyway," he sighed as a small wet droplets eked out of the corner of his right eye to trickle down his cheek. I could tell he was scared about going home so I held him tightly to me trying to comfort him.

Riley noticed the exchange and looked over towards us. "Whoa dude, why the long face and why so sad," he stated. "I mean I'm kind of bummed out about leaving too, but hey we are all like buds now so we will always stay in touch…right." He stated encouragingly. "Besides, I'm sure we all live close enough so maybe we could get together sometime. I mean…while I'm still over at my Aunt's place."

Tim looked away as he too now became a bit bummed out. "Yeah, sounds great for you guys, but I'm moving soon…so," He shrugged his shoulders as we got quiet once more.

Evan tried to put on a brave face, but couldn't hold it back anymore as he twisted around to straddle himself on top of my thighs, and then wrapping his arm around my neck while burying his face in my chest letting loose a large shuddering sob releasing the dam as he cried hard all the while just clinging on to me. I held him to me gently stroking his back with my own set of tears flowing from me unashamedly while the others at first looked on a bit stunned before getting up and sitting around us reaching out to their little friend not knowing what this was all about, but knowing they had to comfort the small boy.

After a few minutes Evan started to calm down his tiny body continuing to shudder now and again as he wiped away the tears from his eyes. "What's going on Kyle?" Chase pleaded with us looking at his friend with his own tears streaming down his cheeks. "Please Kyle…we're all friends here…um…maybe more like family to be honest." The boy pointed out everyone else agreeing with his assessment. "We want to help, and if nothing else at least be here for support." The others all nodded their agreement again at Chase's comment.

Benji wiggled himself up closer to us and hugged his friend giving the other boy a small peck on the cheek. It really was adorable and I felt it such a tender moment. I looked down at my sweet little boy, and raised my eyebrow questioningly seeing if he wanted to share his secret. He looked at me with a renewed set of tears showing up, but finally sighed nodding his head giving me permission.

I looked at the others with the stinging wetness brimming around the edges of my own eyes, and they looked back understanding this was something very serious. I didn't know how much Evan wanted me to share so I leaned in giving him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

"If I start to say something you don't want to share just squeeze my hand," I told him as I looked at him reassuringly. He shook his head and hiccupped, "it's alright, you can tell them everything even the stuff when I was eight," he hiccupped again as he looked away mortified and feeling shame for his weakness.

Looking back at the others, knowing they had heard the exchange, I just sighed deeply while I thought a moment. I didn't know where to actually begin so figured I would start with where things started to unfold between me and Evan. I began with the day I babysat both Evan and Mattie…or rather when I watched over the smaller brother. Of course I left anything out of the sexual nature between myself and both boys.

I told them all about Don's mistreatment of Evan through his beatings, sexual teasing, nightmares, bedwetting, and shame about being naked in front of the others. I told them everything, and Evan remained silent the entire time as he buried his face in my chest feeling completely ashamed at how he allowed himself to be so mistreated. I held him close to me encouragingly, and even Benji would lean in every once in a while giving the younger boy a comforting hug.

"Whoa little dude, that was so brave of you to let Kyle tell us about this. I know you feel embarrassed and humiliated, but we are your friends and your family. You can trust us. Besides, you did nothing wrong to feel so ashamed about what happened to you." He stated as he scooted over to the young curly haired boy and put his hand gingerly around his shoulder.

He scooped the smaller boy into his arms giving him a hug, and then gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek. I was amazed at the gentleness of my new friend, and became even more astonished as in turn each of my friends did the same thing as they hugged Evan giving him a caring kiss on the cheek. I watched the exchange, and when they had finished Evan looked back towards me and collapsed in my arms. We all sat around in silence huddled together, and just looking out over the expanse below us for the longest time.

Then we heard a rattling noise coming up the hidden trail bringing us out of our somber brooding, and everyone looked towards me questioningly. "Must be Dmytri," I commented as we all just relaxed and didn't move from our position.

Sure enough the large man finally crested the hill carrying a good sized cooler in his hands and it looked a bit heavy. Tim and Riley immediately bolted up and went over to the man helping him the rest of the way.

A huge grin was displayed over the man's face until he saw the state Evan was in and looked questioningly at me. "We just had some family issue that sort of came up. He'll be alright," I assured the big man who just nodded and glanced at me giving me the sense that he somehow knew probably through Mr. Johnson. I didn't say anything since Evan didn't know how my mom had set this entire thing up.

"Good…good, this is to being very good to the sharing upsetting of heart and soul with close family and friends…yes? Healing it will be for the boy…yes," He stated as he rubbed his hands together.

We all smiled at the infectious nature of the large man, and even Evan managed to crack a smile while the man opened up the cooler and displayed the contents. He had noted us all missing from the dining room this morning, and told us he figured me and Evan must have taken everyone to the hidden location. He figured we would opt to be together like this on the last day so had decided to gather up some food and drinks for us to enjoy. He stayed for a while longer chatting and enjoying the view with us before he left leaving behind the cooler and its contents for us to snack on bidding us to enjoy the rest of the morning together. We thanked him profusely and waved while he retreated back down the hillside.

We all grabbed some food and started to eat hungrily realizing how famished we really were as we chatted away. Evan and Chase walked a little away from us for a bit of privacy, and sat down together. I glanced over and watched as Chase wrapped his arm around the younger boy's shoulder, and they placed their heads together affectionately as friends and fellow artists.

Benji snuggle up between my legs, and I wrapped my arm around him while Tim and Riley sat down next to me and hugged me offering up support. It really was a tender moment for all of us, and I felt all warm inside at how they made me feel. They truly were such a wonderful group of friends making me wonder how I managed to luck out this summer.

"So, what happens when you guys get back?" Tim asked me.

Looking over towards Evan I sighed and told them about what I had told my mom and how she set this entire thing up to give us time until my dad got back from deployment. I asked Tim to tell Chase later because Evan doesn't know yet. I let them know I was afraid of what might be happening at home, and was also afraid of Evan's reaction when he finds out I told my mom.

"Hey Kyle, this is way too big for you to handle or any of us. You did the right thing. I'm sure your dad will handle things." Tim assured me.

"Yeah dude, I'd be surprise if your dad didn't kick the asshole to a pulp," Riley assured me.

I just held Benji close to me giving him a little peck on the cheek needing someone to just hold on to. He looked up and smiled at me so adorably. "I liked that," He giggled setting all of us to chuckling.

"Hell, I think we've got ourselves another little horn dog on our hands," Riley teased as he reached over and gave the little boy a quick tug on his little bulge. "Yup, definitely someone in need of a good jacking," he laughed at the little guy.

We looked at each other and shrugging we pounced on the smaller boy tugging down his shorts, and started in on him as he rolled and giggled while we just continued to tease his little three and a half inch pubescent woody. Evan and Chase looked over at us wondering what the hell was going on and seeing the ruckus came over to see what was up.

"What the fuck?" Both Evan and Chase stated looking at us as we pulled off the boy's shorts the rest of the way tossing them aside while he just giggled having a blast at the attention he was getting from us and his boner sticking up in the air.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I asked looking up at Chase who was just grinning and ogling the smaller boy's twitching boyhood. "I understand a little payback is in order for what he did to you this morning." I told the older farm boy who just looked at me with his jaw dropping down, and then smiled wickedly at the other smaller farm boy before looking over towards Tim a little hesitantly.

He knew that Tim really had wanted a blow job from him, but he had just been so hesitant because of how big the older boy's penis was when it got hard. He really wanted to give a blowjob to the older boy before they left camp, and with Benji laying there in front of him all boned up he realized he wanted to give a blowjob to anyone at all period. He was curious about it and really sort of turned on by the prospect of having someone's hard penis in his mouth. He realized he truly did want to do that for Tim too, but in the end his fear of that big monster inside his mouth was just too much. He wasn't afraid for himself; just afraid he might accidentally bite or scrape his teeth against such a monstrosity in his mouth.

Tim smiled at his young lover and nodded his head that of course it was alright. Chase smiled appreciatively at his boyfriend hesitating a moment looking around and blushing since this was a very naughty thing to do in front of everyone, but then shrugged his shoulders immediately dropping down to his knees wriggling himself between the smaller boy's legs. For Chase being brought up in a household that was so conservative this was most definitely going out of his comfort zone so he could experience something new. Benji had settled down watching the exchange between the other boys intently to see how thing were going to go. Chase looked up into Benji's oceanic blue colored sparkling eyes to make sure it was alright with the other boy who just looked back at him a bit mischievously before nodding his head giving permission.

Benji just giggled in anticipation not caring who saw what was about to happen as his friend lowered his head between the boy's crotch and took the three and a half inch erection sloppily in his mouth. Benji squealed in delight and squirmed under the boy's administrations while we just looked on in awe and amazement that this really was happening. I mean…fuck…who the hell gets a blow job in front of a whole group of other kids, no matter how close of friends they were. Both Tim and I got up off the ground to give Chase and Benji some space now that the two boys were going at it, and just gawked at the scene unfolding in front of us. I couldn't resist the urge so pulled out my camera to take some pictures of the action. It started out a bit awkwardly for Chase until he quickly began to figure out the little nuances of giving a blowjob, but soon enough his head was bobbing up and down along Benji's hardened little boy spike. This was the first time I've ever seen other people having sex for real and not in some sort of movie.

This was way better than those porn movies I've watched from time to time as I continued to take pictures and watch Chase's soft ruby red lips glide along Benji's pulsing three and a half inch rigid spike. I saw the deep purplish mushroom shaped head of Benji's penis accidentally slip from Chase's mouth before it was once more slurped up disappearing inside the boy's mouth. Being exposed in front of his friends like that sent Benji over the edge relatively quickly, and he shrieked as his orgasm wracked his body and he exploded in Chase's mouth. It happened too quick for a proper warning so Chase received the full force of the initial blast inside of his mouth before he wrapped his fingers tightly around Benji's erection and milked him for more.

"Whoa, that's like way cool," Riley stated as he now began tugging on his own little hardened spike. I looked around noticing everyone was sporting a nice sized erection in their shorts at what they had just witnessed.

"Yeah, way cool," I admitted nodding my head.

"Holy shit, Benji…are you for real. I mean out here in front of everyone?" Evan blushed a bit embarrassed by the whole thing but still not able to hold back as he roiled with laughter holding his gut while his own cute erection created a tent in his silky blue shorts that hung down to his knees.

"Damn, you taste so fucking good." Chase stated as he squeezed the boy's tube steak being rewarded with more of his cum squirting outwards onto the boy's stomach. The added excitement of everyone standing around watching made him explode a ton of boy batter despite having recently been milked in the shower by me.

"Really?" I asked already knowing how sweet he tasted as I knelt down beside Benji holding him in my arms before reaching over scooping some of his spunk off of his stomach to confirm he was still just as sweet as earlier. "Oh fuck yeah, totally awesome," I agreed as everyone in our group sort of looked around hesitating a moment before leaning down scooping some off for themselves getting a taste of the boy who was still twitching in my arms. Even Riley and Evan tried some. It was a bit weird all of us standing or sitting around tasting Benji's sweet boy sauce, but somehow it seemed to bring us even closer together.

Benji just smiled up at us as his body finally relaxed. "Glad all you guys like it. Anytime you want a taste…you know," he giggled at us as his now flaccid tube stuck outwards from his body jiggling around a little limply looking a bit all kind of shriveled up. "Damn, that was even better than being jacked off for the first time ever by Kyle in the shower this morning." Benji sighed contentedly while Evan just looked at me and rolled his eyes knowingly while I just shrugged my shoulders in a 'what can I say kind of manner.' Everyone else just sort of gaped at me before busting up as they realized I must be getting a lot of action from them all lately.

"Fuck dudes, we've unleashed a monster," Riley stated nodding his head towards Benji. "Damn, I've been blown by another guy for the first time ever today, and now have tasted another guy's cum for the first time. You guys are a bad influence, and if I don't get a girl real soon around here I might end up being a convert," He teased us as we all laughed at our totally straight surfer boy before he just sort of gasped when he looked down at Chase. "What the fuck dude. I mean damn that's like a huge monster you've got down there." Riley gasped noticing Chase's huge erection straining up against the boy's khaki shorts.

Chase was blushing at the attention when Riley hissed for a second time and started to laugh his ass off. "Whoa…Tim…dude…you're like even bigger than little Chase dude here. What the fuck guys…it's like I'm in the middle of a stud farm. Damn dudes…it's like you really do need to take care of those monsters you guys are packing inside those shorts taking up all the breathing space up here. It's not like there is a whole lot of room around here…you know." Riley continued to laugh while trying to adjust his own much smaller baby like erection compared to the other two boys.

Chase got up and smiled at Riley. "Well just put your eyeballs back into that skull of yours because that belongs to me." Chase huffed good naturedly as he grabbed Tim's arm and dragged him over towards a more quieter spot off to the side where they could be alone for a bit.

There really wasn't anywhere to go that was private up here as the rest of us just shrugged our shoulders and took a seat trying to give the other two boys some privacy without much success. Before long we could here Chase and Tim moaning in euphoric blissfulness as we tried not to look at their intimacy. For a boy who had just recently experienced his first sexual encounter, and who had been so shy about his large endowment, Chase didn't seem too concerned about being seen these days.

We tried not to watch but it was too difficult though not to look as we all just sort of glanced over from time to time in amazement. Before long I just couldn't resist and began to snap some pictures of the two boys together. No one seemed to notice anymore having gotten used to me just snapping pictures of them. Then as if on cue we all sort of gasped in shock as Chase slipped Tim's huge seven inch Anaconda into his mouth for the very first time. Tim's head snapped back as he grunted trying to stave off his orgasm before he forced himself to roll his head forward so he could watch the love of his life giving him the blowjob of his life.

We watched mesmerized as ever so slowly the length of Tim's long thick shaft disappeared inside of Chase's mouth. I somehow managed to come to my senses capturing the alluring moment on film, so to speak. It was something to behold as Chase's nose finally bumped up against Tim's hairy pubic mound while his cheeks puffed outwards completely filled up with the length and girth of the older boy's erection. Chase reversed direction and slowly began bobbing his head up and down feeling more confident now about giving the older boy a blowjob since he had gotten the sense of how it works properly when he had Benji's smaller sized garden snake in his mouth giving the other boy his first ever blowjob. The exchange with the smaller boy had made him more comfortable and confident to do the same for Tim without fearing accidentally biting the older boy.

It didn't take long, maybe ten seconds before Tim was exploding inside of Chase's mouth. The younger boy gagged for a moment at the initial strong blast and the more pungent tasting older boy batter sliding down his gullet before he began to slurp in earnest. My eyes must have been as big as saucers as I watched snapping off pictures as Chase's cheeks puff outwards trying to contain the viscous substance Tim was squirting into his mouth.

Tim's body finally stopped squirming around in the throes of his blissful orgasmic release as Chase slid up next to him and they held on to one another affectionately. It was a tender moment for them as I too now held on to my love noticing how his erection was pressing up against his silky sky blue fabric. My right hand automatically slipped beneath Evan's shorts and was stroking him affectionately because I had been turned on by the scene unfolding between Tim and Chase. I could tell my sweet boy was sitting on the edge now so had to back off before it went too far knowing the curly haired boy would be mortified with the situation if he had an orgasm in front of others.

Of course a lot was shared openly today with many of us, but Evan just wasn't ready for that, and was more private about the two of us now as well. Of course he didn't mind the sex we were having together, but he just couldn't expose himself to others like this. It was one thing that all his friends now knew about his history, but still another thing to expose his nakedness or his sexual activity to the others, no matter how close we all were to one another.

There was a moaning sound coming from just to my right and I looked over noticing Benji's mouth wrapped around Riley's small little erection. The smaller boy had slipped Riley's small sized hardness and boy pouch out the side of the leg opening, and was now bobbing his head up and down on it giving the older boy his second blowjob of the day, by none other than another boy to boot. Once more I began to take pictures capturing the moment for prosperity.

'Holy crap,' I thought to myself. 'For a guy who is supposed to be straight, Riley sure was getting a lot of male action for that little pecker of his.' I chuckled to myself noticing my sweet little angel in my arms was also laughing thinking the same thing.

"Whoa dude," Riley hissed as he grabbed the back of Benji's head wrapping his fingers in the boy's hair.

Riley had been turned on by all the sex around him, and for the first time it didn't take long for Benji to bring the boy over the edge as his hips bucked upwards and he also gasped in surprise at the sudden onset of his orgasm as he unloaded his seed into the younger boy's mouth. Benji's eyes popped open wide in shock for a moment, but immediately swallowed up the older boy's offering before allowing the small little pocket flute to slip from between his lips.

"Oh fuck little dude, that was like way intense." Riley sighed as he tried to sit back up. "I owe you one little man for that, and I'll find a way to repay you." Riley moaned leaning up against a boulder while Benji sat between his legs leaning back against Riley's chest.

"Well…maybe sometime you could…you know?" Benji asked hopefully while Riley just sort of chuckled.

"Damn dude, I don't know. I mean yeah that was like really nice like what you did…but maybe…um…what you want is…um…too much for me to deal with. I promise I'll pay you back proper like, but not like that." He promised the younger boy who just looked at him and giggled wondering what the older boy had in mind.

His musing was short lived as it appeared it was Chase's turn. Tim returned the favor to his love as he took the younger boy's erection in his mouth with all of us watching in sheer fascination as the second largest cock we've every seen slipped easily into Tim's expert mouth with me once more capturing the moment with my camera. Chase held on to the boy's head as he eagerly pumped his hips into the older boy's face forcing his large erection to glide effortlessly between Tim's lips.

Once more the sight of two young fit eager boys going at it sexually was almost too much for me, and I had to control myself from just ripping off Evan's clothes and taking him for myself. I could tell that Evan was having a difficult time as well as he sat snuggled between my legs watching one of his newest best friends getting off only yards away. I couldn't help myself as my hand snaked downwards and gently rubbed Evan's fabric covered erection while nibbling on his ear. I noticed both Benji and Riley watching us so released Evan's hardness from my fingers, and just snuggled up to him holding him in my arms tightly. They both understood having heard Evan's story so just looked away from us as they too just snuggled up together waiting for Chase and Tim to finish their little play time while I once more took some pictures.

A little while later a flushed Chase and Tim rejoined us looking a bit embarrassed by the situation. "Whoa, well I'm glad you dudes finally got that out of the way." Riley teased easing the tension as we all exploded into laughter.

"Yeah, Riley here got so turned on that Benji had to take care of him. For a guy who is supposed to be straight he's been getting a lot of boy action." I teased him as we all just shook our heads at what had happened today.

It most definitely had been a day that brought us all even closer together as I just looked around at our crazy little group. We all sat around for the rest of the morning with Benji remaining completely naked. Only a few days earlier he was totally embarrassed by his little noodle, but now all of a sudden he was becoming quiet the little nudist. Evan snuggled up close to me and whispered to me how much he truly appreciated everything I've done for him…and to him, adding that we both were going to have to take care of some things when we got back to our cabin. I just held him closer to me as my chest filled with the heartfelt warmth and love his words conveyed to me, and also a bit anxious now to get him alone for a few minutes. We sat around for a while longer and I even managed to keep my promise I had made to Tim as I got them together now in a non sexual way, and took some pictures of them completely naked so they could have it when they were apart. Of course everyone else wanted some pictures as well, that is everyone except for Evan as he blushed and apologized to everyone for not participating. No one said anything understanding the situation. It truly was an amazing morning and one we would not soon forget.

Finally it was time for us to head back, and Benji sighed disappointedly as he was forced to put his clothes back on. We just shook our heads at his attitude, and headed back down the hillside for some lunch. We stopped briefly at Dmytri's cabin returning the cooler and thanking the man for his thoughtfulness before making our way to get some lunch. We teased Benji in the dining hall, all in good fun as we all asked if he had any time slots available in his obviously busy schedule for some night time callers, and asked for him to make sure he saved up enough of that special sauce for us as we were all a little thirsty.

Benji got really quiet as a tear ran down his cheek. We all looked at him and Chase spoke up first. "You know we are only teasing you. We didn't mean anything by it," He stated reaching over to his friend and squeezing his arm gently.

"No, it's not that…it…it's just that you guys are the best friends ever," he whispered. "I'm going to miss you guys." He finished.

"He's right; you guys really are all some of the best friends anyone can ask for. I'm so lucky to have all of you guys as my friend, and…for the best big brother and friend a guy could hope for," Evan concurred with Benji as he looked at me giving me a tender hug.

We all got silent as we withdrew deep into our own thoughts. I would miss all of my new friends. Most of them would still be close enough to visit every once in a while, but Riley would be going back to California in another couple of weeks, and Tim was moving oversees in another month or so. It made me feel sad and I looked over to Chase noting how dismal he looked as he leaned in closer to his lover. Tim looked down at his boyfriend, and a small teardrop brimmed on the corner of his eye and before he could wipe it away the wetness escaped dripping down into his plate. We all became a little melancholy as we sat around with one another.

I sighed and told everyone we should probably get back to our unit camps so that we could get packed up. Our parents and guardians would start arriving soon, and we all needed to be ready to go, with our cabins already inspected before we could leave. We all made plans to meet up together so we could introduce our folks to one another.

Evan and I slowly made our way into our unit camp noticing how some campers were already getting their things together for inspection. As we made our way to our solitary cabin it seemed almost sad in a way. We entered the small space, our little home for the past week, and looked around. It had been a cozy and comforting abode over the course of our stay with some very special fond memories that I would never forget. Gazing around I realized most everything was already good to go since we had put a lot of it together yesterday and earlier this morning.

My little angelic boy had his back to me, and it seemed like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders as I slipped in behind him and wrapped my arms around his soft warm body. He smelled…well…like all boy with a pinch of Evan as I inhaled his scent taking a deep breath. My body quivered and I couldn't help myself as my right hand wandered beneath the fabric of Evan's light blue shorts to wrap around his already full blown erection eliciting a quiver of excitement from the both of us.

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