Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 15

Our days at camp seemed to float by us tranquilly as if on calm steady waters. It almost made me wonder if it was the calm before the storm. A peaceful relaxed routine infused our lazy fun filled sunny days. I woke up every morning to gaze down tenderly at the love of my life. My fingers would then work their magic tracing along his sleek torso as I enjoyed the succulent scene unfolding before my very eyes. In the soft gray filtered morning light his supple and lithe tubular appendage would slowly come awake pushing up against his bright cottony briefs seeking release.

Evan would slowly open his eyes asking what I was doing with a little knowing smirk on his face, and I would always reply 'enjoying the wonderful view.' Slowly we would entwine ourselves together and hold on to one another passionately. His kisses never ceased to amaze me, and they most definitely never got old, if anything they seemed to electrify my heart and soul even more with each passing day.

My hands couldn't seem to get enough of the lithe luscious statuesque like boy as they sought out every inch of him. Every once in a while my hands would dart under the cottony fabric material of his tight boy briefs, and tease him a little before they flittered away. He never complained about the overt contact, but I never went further than just momentary caressing of his most intimate of intimates. A part of me knew he would give himself completely over to me if I pushed the issue, but it wouldn't be fair to him so I just waited for when he felt it would be the right time. At least I hoped it would happen for us. If not, then it just wasn't meant to be, in the meantime our love for one another continued to blossom.

Every morning I would leave him leaking pre-cum, and he would make short work of it and orgasm almost immediately after I departed for my run. The last couple of days he started jacking himself off twice before getting up to meet me for our morning hours painting sessions. It continued to amaze him how swiftly he would cum as soon as I left, and then how he could make himself cum a second time so quickly after his first orgasm. It was almost as if his balls held back a reserve tank of his precious seed.

I knew all about it because I started to pause a few yards away from our cabin after I left, and listened to him go at it. He knew I was there, and he teased me about it from time to time, so in the end I knew he didn't mind about me hearing him getting off like that. It was so damn hot and sexy for me to listen in on him, but I never tried to take advantage of the situation by looking in on him once he began because that would destroy the trust we had built up together. In a way, I guess it was kind of a turn on for him too just knowing I was sort of snooping on him. It was so sexy hot listening to him go at it with his youthful exuberance that I had thought a time or two of joining him getting off just outside of the cabin, but then I would remember what waited for me at the top of our secret spot. In the end it was always worth the wait since he gave me such pleasure only one mere hour later.

We would meet up on the trail and walk up to our secret spot where he would undress me, play with me lovingly, before sponging me off once he made me release all of my pent up energy. Every time he wrapped his soft warm hand around my rigid shaft it felt as if I was being touched for the very first time. My batches of boy batter continued to spew the thick ropes of mature like gooey substance, no longer the immature clear substance of pubescence, and my orgasms continued to rock my world as if for the very first time. It was as if his hands had been made for my four inch hardened piece of iron rod and fleshy ball sack. The feeling his hands sent coursing through my nether regions were so intensely erotic that it left me completely disoriented for a few moments after he made me erupt.

Never in my life had I felt so good, so wonderful, so content and tranquil with anyone as I felt with Evan, my one and only true love. For the first time in my life I felt whole. It was a strange feeling knowing that up until now my life had been so incomplete, and I had never even known it up until now. I never knew how empty my life really had been, but now with my love always so close and near to me I knew what people meant when they said their partner completed them…made them whole.

Not long after Evan brought me such pleasure and release, Dmytri would arrive to offer up his morning instructions and experience along with some advice on the various aspects of oil painting. Evan seemed to blossom under his tutelage, and I could see in Dmytri's eyes the wonderment and joy of a pupil coming alive and becoming a Master Painter in his own right.

We had also managed to talk the painter into giving Evan some pointers on the nude painting of me. I never posed naked or anything while he was around, and only stripped down to my underwear in his presence. The only nudity was in the painting, and Dmytri would give Evan advice on certain aspects of perceptions. I did notice the painter gazing every once in a while trying to compare the painting to me, and then finally look fondly at the work of art. He seemed satisfied with the accurate depiction of my body that he could see so trusted the accuracy of what he couldn't see as his lips curled upwards in a smirk.

One day Dmytri showed up with a small camera and tripod. He said we needed pictures to prove that this location was here since the competition required the painting be done on the campgrounds. Normally it wouldn't be a big issue, but since there was big prize money involved, and also since the winning painting would remain on the walls here in camp, it was necessary to have proof.

Evan didn't like the idea of his painting not going home with him, but Dmytri pointed out the prize money was a large amount, the same amount he would receive for a similar painting if one were commissioned from him. In a way this was good because the winner could add this to their resume as a commissioned piece of work with the prize money counting for its value.

Besides, he had two paintings anyway, so if he did win one would still be returning with him. All the other artists had received help from the artist with only one painting, and Evan had received help on two of them and took more time from Dmytri than the other students. Dmytri also pointed out that the boy's painting may not even be selected in not only this camp age bracket, but in the overall selection process when they chose the final winner from the first place winners in each encampment age set.

We didn't know this, but evidently Dmytri was here throughout the entire summer for all the boys and girls age camp groups. So a first place winner was already selected for the ten through twelve year old boy campers. Now we were here with the thirteen through fifteen year olds, and a winner would be selected from this group by the campers this week. The last group, sixteen to eighteen year olds, would be selected at the end of the following week, and then there would be the girls' groups coming in the following weeks. Once the first place winners were all selected from the campers, it would be up to all the staff members to select the final winner from the six first place winners. There was also a large prize for the second and third place finishers in this final group, then just a small amount for the remaining ones.

Evan thought this was a pretty fair system overall; although, it would seem the older students had a better chance of winning, but Dmytri just shrugged his shoulders saying sometimes someone of extraordinary talents comes along, and it doesn't matter how old they are because when an artist bares his heart and soul into a painting it will always shines through and wins the day.

The curly haired boy smiled at Dmytri and really enjoyed the larger man's company and willingness to share his knowledge, but he was still concerned. What about his age, he didn't belong here this week, and it was just coincidence that he was here at all. Dmytri assured the boy this too had been addressed. The official rules, which each parent or guardian had signed off on, indicated they would abide by any decisions the camp director and Dmytri ruled on concerning anything pertaining to the policy of the competition. Problem solved, besides what made Evan even think he had a chance Dmytri teased the younger boy. I knew from the look in the instructor's eyes that Dmytri thought the world of the paintings he was seeing come alive under the careful administrations he directed towards the young boy.

After a while Evan really didn't need me to pose for him anymore, but I continued because I found it very enjoyable and relaxing, not to mention I took pleasure in his attention to certain details on my body. I had gotten used to our morning ritual, and I noticed Evan cherished it as well. Every once in a while I would catch him leaning in really close as if he wanted to take me into his mouth. Just thinking about his lips wrapped around my stiffness was so sexy hot that one time I almost didn't have enough time to warn him before my mushroom shaped glans flared and spit out my boy batter almost hitting him full force in the face.

The rest of our waking hours were also fun spent with our new found friends. Our relationship with them also flourished as the days passed by, and we all became close to one another. I had noticed something else early on and had decided to confront Tim about the situation. He came clean admitting to me that he was gay and was falling for Chase. I listened to him as a friend should, and let him vent his frustrations about not having anyone he could talk to or be close to. I really felt for him, but wasn't sure if I should do anything about it since he would be moving very soon.

In the end I decided to get Chase and Tim together and sat both of them down. Chase too had been giving the older boy some overt scrutiny so I figured maybe they could sort of work some things out. All three of us sat for a long time as the two of them talked and got to know each other better. After that things sort of took off for them, and I noticed on more than one occasion that they would join us all flushed and glowing. It didn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what they were up to.

I warned Tim about his impending move overseas, and he said that both he and Chase had talked about it as well before things got heated for them. In the end they decided to enjoy what they had at the moment, and worry about the other things later. I didn't know if this was a good thing or not, but figured I should support them no matter what because that is what friends do for one another.

It was Friday morning, second to the last day of camp. Tomorrow would be the last day with the art judging contest in late afternoon, and all the camp awards presented at the evening bonfire event in the fire bowl with parents and family invited. After the fire bowl ceremony everyone would be saying their goodbye's to one another. So only today was left, and most of tomorrow to have our last blast of fun.

The gray early morning light filtered through our cabin as I slowly opened up my eyes. I sighed with a mixture of blissful contentment, and a hint of worry wondering about the days to come. The sleeping little bundle lying next to me is what would be missed the most when we got back home. Sure we would still see each other, but I began to wonder how our relationship would work once we got back home.

The small brown curly haired boy lying next to me looked so peaceful, and the scene made me pause a moment before continuing forward with our daily ritual. Normally I started on his chest, but today I started right in on the prize. I've never felt his soft penis before in my hands so careful as not to cheat and peak; I wriggled my hands under his waist band and slowly wrapped my fingers around his softness. It felt wonderfully warm in my hand as I slowly peeled back his foreskin.

My body shivered at how erotic he felt in my hand as his pride and joy slowly inflated into fullness, and I watched his eyes fluttering open as he smiled wickedly at me knowing exactly where my hand was this early in the morning. The little tool was still skinned when I slowly slipped it back up and over his glans before sliding my hand back out from beneath his underwear.

The little boy shivered a little at my administrations, and I noticed a small drop of pre-cum on my finger and thumb. I smiled at him as I licked my digits clean savoring the taste of his young pubescent boy juice. The flavor was exquisite on my tongue, and it was the first time I had tasted him since our initial night so many days ago. "Mmmm delicious," I moaned to myself.

"What are you doing?" He whispered his normal morning greeting as he stretched. I loved watching him stretch; especially, when he was practically naked. It set my blood to boiling seeing his inflated bulge press up even tighter against the cottony fabric and his bare pubic mound being exposed even more, along with his tight skin rippling along his torso.

I returned my normal greeting with just a slight twist to it. "I'm just enjoying the view and feel of you, not to mention your scent and taste."

"Huh," he yawned stretching some more making me shiver again. "I get the view and feel," he smiled wickedly recalling how I had been looking at him and touching his rigid tool. "But what about the whole smell and taste of me," he whispered wickedly and almost daringly.

"Well then let's get to it," I replied. "And of course I shall do it all proper like, so listen closely and learn my little pup because I expect the same from you one of these times."

He giggled with anticipation as I began. "Good morning my sweetness…" I said kissing his chest above his beating heart…"My light…" I continued as I kissed both of his hazel colored eyes…"My inspiration in life," I finally whispered as I brushed my mouth across his own ruby red colored lips taking in his scent and taste into my mouth. How I loved his kisses. Everything about him seemed to make me tremble and quake with desire; a craving so deep it made me week in the knees.

I rolled on top of him kissing him passionately grinding my hip into him forcing my bare shaft to rub against his covered one. Without thinking I reached down and lifted up the band of his underwear along his right leg and shoved my quivering tool up underneath.

Electricity shot through my body as my naked shaft made contact for the first time ever with his unprotected sweltering boyhood. I felt the small boy beneath me jolt at the unexpected contact, and he started to shudder uncontrollably when I mashed my four inch hardness against his three inch rigidity and slowly thrust upwards sliding them together.

"Oh shit," he whimpered trying to control his body as he held on tightly and bit on his lower lip.

I stopped knowing if I didn't it would send him over the edge. I felt something sticky and wet slide along the length of my shaft, and didn't know if it was from me or my little curly haired love, or maybe a little of both. We both just lay there in that position for a few moments before I slid out my slicked up rigid boy pole. He shuddered a moment from the incidental contact as I rolled off of him and lay next to him on my back. We barely fit on the cot side by side, but it was just big enough as we lay there breathing hard.

"Oh shit Kyle that was too close. Fuck, you are such a turn on and so hot." He gasped.

I reached down and scooped along my slimy shaft tying to get as much gooey stuff as I could. I placed it in my mouth and tasted both our pre-cum in the mixed batch of boy batter.

"Mmmm, so fucking tasty the two of us together." I stated enjoying the flavor on my tongue.

Evan looked at me and smiled as he reached over wrapping his fingers around my pulsing penis squeezing it while scooting his hand upwards to get the last remnants of our boy batter mixture. In my hyper sensitive state my body shuddered and I almost shot my load at the manhandling I had just received. I watched him shove his fingers in his mouth and smile at me in approval.

"You're such a fucking bad influence on me," he whispered.

We just stayed like that for a while longer just talking in quiet whispered tones about nothing and everything. It was just a sweet moment between the two of us as we each wondered the same thing. What was to happen when we finally went home?

When I got up I noticed a nice big wet spot on his semi-inflated white cottony briefs. I smiled and grabbed my camera taking a picture of his blissful look. He looked absolutely gorgeous and I was starting to really like being able to take pictures of him at various times. I also noticed he was starting to become fond of getting his picture taken while also enjoying taking pictures of me.

Over the week we had taken several pictures of things in general, but also some very private ones between the two of us. Of course we used the hidden image feature to hide the pictures from unsuspecting prying eyes or for when one of our friends scrolled through the pictures. At this point I had accumulated quite a few rather naughty types of images not only from the two of us but also from my close knit friends here at camp.

It was warmer this morning, but still pleasant enough as I rounded the final leg of the trail and saw Evan waiting for me as usual. This would probably be our last stroll up to our little oasis and the younger boy seemed so quiet and reserved this time around. He was deep in thought and I didn't want to bother him as we crested the hill and made our way on top of our overlook. Evan looked up for a moment and I saw his worries melt away at the breathtaking panorama unfolding below us.

I had already slipped out of my clothes when Evan turned back around to me and smiled wickedly at me. He walked over and just snuggled up against me and held me tight. I could tell he was ready for some action, yet he still seemed to have something on his mind which now made me curious as to what he was worrying about.

"What's on your mind baby," I whispered to him as I buried my nose in his curly locks and breathed him in. How I loved his scent.

"Nothing really, just I called up Mom because I wanted to talk to her and Mattie, but he wasn't home. Mom said she sent him over to your parents for a little while so she could talk with Don. He's supposed to be home around nine thirty or so because he is returning from some sort of trip." He stated as he released me and I sat down on the boulder.

"So," I shrugged my shoulders knowing full well that Mattie was with my folks since they wouldn't allow him back home until the issue concerning Don was resolved.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering why she needs to talk to Don?" He asked me looking a little worried. I knew what he was thinking, that it was about him, but I wasn't sure myself so didn't want to read anything into it.

"Well, whatever it is I'm sure it will all be just fine Evan. You'll see." I promised him.

We talked a little more as he gently caressed me and my body slowly came alive for him. Before long Evan was smiling his quirky little smile with the tip of his tongue sticking out at the corner of his mouth. It didn't take long after that for me to once again spray my long juicy ropes of cum all over the ground. His hands never ceased to amaze me and I just wanted to cry for joy.

Evan took great care and gently cleaned me up almost as if he enjoyed this part as much as I did. My body shivered as he gently swathed my body with the soft damp rag in his hand. Every once in a while he would look up at me and smile in a knowing way. For some reason I hadn't noticed until today why he took so much pleasure in this stage of our morning ritual. It was his way of paying me back for how I had cleaned him up when he had wet the bed. The realization was an eye opener, and it was a tender moment for me. I couldn't believe the sweetness and caring nature of my little love.

"You know, the paintings are pretty much done. Just a few final touches here and there." He mentioned to me as he walked over to his work.

"When can I see them?" I asked him. A few days ago I made a similar inquiry, but he just looked at me and said not yet. I was itching to see his paintings; especially, the nude one he was working on.

"Do you think you can wait…please?" He pleaded. "I want you to see the competition one for the first time tomorrow along with everyone else, and the other one…" He paused as he looked over at me and bit his lower lip. I was starting to recognize that in him as nervousness.

"I…I would like you to wait until we are really alone together for that one. I just want it to be a moment for just the two of us. Is…is that alright, please, it's important to me." He asked a little nervously. I knew he would show it to me if I pressed him, and even though I was dying to see it, I agreed with him to wait.

"But don't make me wait too long Evan, please?" I whined good-naturedly.

"I won't, I promise, only a few days at the most." He promised me.

"Wha…what are you planning to do with it?" I asked him a little worried he might sell it or something. I mean if he wanted to for the money that was alright with me. I knew he would put the money to good use. He wasn't one of those kids that would fritter away that kind of cash. Hopefully, Don wouldn't find it and destroy it or sell it or do something weird with it.

He looked over to me seriously. "I'm going to keep it of course. I don't think I will ever be able to create something so wonderful like this ever again. Truly, you have to trust me, it is so beautiful Kyle," He whispered with a small teardrop running down his cheeks as he took a step back looking at the painting critically comparing it to me before he sighed.

I could tell he was heading towards a somber mood so tried to lighten it up a bit. Dmytri should be arriving here shortly as a wicked thought popped into my mind.

"Hey Evan, how about we give Dmytri the shock of his life," I teased.

The boy looked over towards me and couldn't contain himself as he smiled impishly. "What do you have in mind?" He asked although he had a sneaking suspicion.

When Dmytri crested the hill he nearly choked on the bottle of water he was drinking. After coughing up what had gotten stuck in his throat he looked at us admonishingly then just gave a big lecture how all of this was very inappropriate. Instead of getting dressed I remained naked posing for Evan as he started to finish up the final details of the oil painting. It wasn't as if the big Master Painter hadn't seen a nude teenager before, but he never expected this to happen here in the states as Americans are such prudes he noted.

"You two to being naughty boys today I am to be seeing. So let us be finishing so boy can be putting away his little play toy as all good little boys to be doing, yes?" He inquired looking at the two of us admonishingly pointing towards my goods when he referenced my little play toy.

"Yes," we both giggled in agreement as we looked at one another, and just busted up in laughter. Brothers indeed I noted to myself.

Dmytri just rolled his eyes at us, and started in on his lecture providing some helpful hints to Evan regarding both paintings. After a while the curly haired boy just stood back and looked at his creation. Both Dmytri and Evan were just staring at both pieces of work not taking away their eyes when the large man just sighed with a single tear drop rolling down his cheek.

"It is to being every painter's wish to having student surpass him in craft. In all my years this is to never happen…until today." The large man sighed happily.

"Evan, this truly to being masterpieces, better than any I have come to paint. You are to being a prodigy, and it has truly to being an honor for me to have you as student. My life's work is to being complete." The big man stated as he warmly put his hands around Evan's shoulders.

"No," the younger boy whispered shaking his head," not a prodigy, just a fluke." He told the man enjoying the warm embrace he received from his mentor.

"No…no…no this not to being a fluke. It being a fluke if only one Masterpiece, but you are to be having two, and I know many more to follow. You have gift my child, it would to being wrong if not to be sharing gift. It must being held tightly and shared, yes, promise this to poor Dmytri so I can to being having peace, yes?" The man turned to the boy and kneeled in front of him so they could look each other in the eye.

Evan couldn't believe what he was hearing and just nodded in stunned silence. The man then reached up and gently turned the younger boy's head in my direction where I was still sitting in my posed position listening to the exchange intently.

"Look at brother…your friend. He is being boy who unlocked key in your heart." The man stated tapping Evan's chest just above his heart.

"In times of unrest, remember him as he is today, vulnerable yet trusting in you, giving his innocence to you and only you. He is to being your key…to the lock of the gift being inside of you…your soul." The man continued holding the boy to him and placing the palm of his hand on the boy's chest.

"You must to be in trusting to him as he is to being with you. Only to be remembering brother…friend and he will to being reach inside and unlock the vault in your heart." Dmytri promised as he emphasized this by tapping the boy's head, and then his heart once again.

"Boy to be the understanding of what I to be saying, yes?"

Evan looked towards me and then to his mentor before nodding his acknowledgement. "Good, then this is to being my final lesson to you as my student, it is to being my only gift I can truly be leaving with you." The master painter stated as he grunted to get up. Evan surprised him by wrapping his arms around the large man and holding him tight before he ran over to me.

I braced myself as he jumped into my arms and started to cry. I held him close as Dmytri slowly walked out of sight leaving us to our own tender moment. Just before he disappeared I notice him looking back, and wiping away a tear from the corner of his eye.

We finished our session and I helped Evan cart everything back down into our camp. Once back, my curly haired little succulent boy headed off to Dmytri's cabin to turn in his paintings for storage. It would still take several weeks maybe even a few months before they were completely dry. Then he would have to decide if he wanted to put a varnish over it as the final stage.

While Evan was storing his paintings and supplies I headed over to the recreation building to make a phone call of my own. The younger boy had appeared a little worried about his mother so I just wanted to give my parents a call to see how things were going. Normally I don't even bother calling my folks while I'm at camp, but with my nagging worries and also wanting to say hi to my father, I decided it would probably be nice to make some contact before they came over tomorrow to pick us up on parent's day.

"Hello?" I heard a strong voice respond on the other end of the phone. It was my dad and I felt butterflies in my stomach hearing his voice. It's been a while since I've talked with him, and I felt a little nervous now.

"Hey dad, it's me. I just wanted to give you a call to see how things are going." I answered all excitedly as we started our conversation slowly and a little awkwardly at first, but then getting back into it being more casual as if he had never been gone. Of course we had used skype to contact him when time and opportunity permitted, but still this moment was a bit awkward. We settled in and chatted for a while before he had to go.

I was still feeling a bit out of sorts from some of the information I received from my father as I entered the dining hall. Once my father got home they had confronted Don about Evan. There was one hell of a blowup with the man storming out leaving Aunt Liz in tears, and totally bewildered not knowing what to do. My mom and dad were supportive towards Liz, but were glad that things were finally out in the open about Don.

This information set off alarm bells in the back of my mind. I told my dad the conversation Evan had with his mom, and I heard my dad swear on the other end.

"No wonder she dropped off Mattie back to us. Once Don was gone we felt it safe for him to stay with her as long as he wasn't around. She told us she needed some time, and was going to head over to the army base to do some shopping for the boys." My dad told me.

After that we wrapped things up quickly and he told me not to worry because he felt there was still plenty of time before Don showed up. I quickly spoke to my mom who said she was looking forward to coming over for parent's day. I told her about Evan's painting and the praise he had received from Dmytri. She was beside herself at how the younger boy was blossoming, and told me she was very proud of the sacrifices I had made on behalf of her best friend's son and my 'adopted' little brother.

She then told me not to worry about Liz because dad was going to head over to the house right now while she kept Mattie occupied. Thank goodness that at least the younger boy was completely in the dark for the moment with everything that was going on. She promised that they would call me if there was any news so for me just to have fun this last full day and before the festivities tomorrow.

It was difficult at first, but soon my worries were left behind as our little group decided to skip most of our activities and hang out with one another. It really was a lot of fun being able to just goof around with my friends for most of the day. Of course we spent most of it down by the lake. I had to admit that there was a lot of nice eye candy around not only from my fellow friends, but a lot of the other boys playing around in the water. 'Damn, I really was turning into a horny little shit,' I thought to myself while I scoped out all the half naked tanned boys playing around in the water.

I noticed Chase and Tim hanging closely to one another making me a bit sad for them since their week together was coming to an end, but yet each time they got close their love for one another deepened and they couldn't help but enjoy each other's company. By this time everyone in our close knit group knew about them and that they were gay. It didn't matter to any of us, and we would all just smile knowingly as they continued to flirt with each other. I felt a little sad at the impending separation, and hoped that somehow they would be able to figure things out for themselves. Even Benji seemed to be bummed out for the two boys.

At times I could tell the young thirteen year old Benji felt himself out of place around us. To him it appeared as if everyone else seemed so sure about themselves and where they stood with their sexuality. If he only knew the truth he would realize we were all still wading our way through the muddy waters of puberty and teenage sexuality.

It was late when I crawled into my bunk naked and Evan snuggled up next to me. He smelled so intoxicating a mixture of soap and wilderness with just the hint of his oil painting, and of course all boy. I brushed away some of his hair from the back of his ear and nuzzled him a little getting rewarded with a little giggling.

"I love it when you do those strange things to me; especially, when your mouth and tongue are involved," he whispered as he turned towards me and wrapped his arm around my neck.

"Hmmm, you do huh, well then maybe I need to give you a little mouth and tongue action," I stated seriously as I pulled him closer to me and leaned in for my succulent kiss. We both moaned at the intimacy between us and the feel of our hardening erections.

I pulled away momentarily and stroked my fingers lovingly through his hair. I smiled mischievously at him and he looked back questioningly.

"What?" He asked as he reached his hand under the covers to give my rigid tube a little tug. I felt myself instantly quiver with lust as my pole recognized the soft familiar grope.

"Nothing just thinking about what you just said…about loving it when I do strange things with my tongue and mouth. Just wait until you feel my expertise lapping up around that nice little package of yours." I teased him.

"Geezus, that's all you ever think about," he stated sheepishly. "I don't act like that towards you all the time." He whispered back tauntingly.

"Yeah, well maybe that's because you already have full access to my endowment." I giggled as I reached down and gave his not so flaccid boy-ness a squeeze.

"Right, your endowment," He grunted then giggled giving my own balls a firm squeeze in his hands.

We both giggled like little kids as we continued to flirt with one another. My hands continued to grope him as I grunted and moaned not able to get enough of him. It was starting to get passionate, perhaps a bit too passionate. Slowly we backed off not wanting to cross the line we had set a few days back, which at the moment felt so long ago.

I sighed contentedly as the younger boy positioned his head on my chest. My fingers automatically stroked through his curls, how I loved those curls, allowing him to drift off to sleep. While the boy slept cuddled in my arms my mind wandered to earlier in the day. My sweet little love was a Master painter, Dmytri had said so. Of course just because he had said it doesn't mean it is actually true, but it was nonetheless a great compliment towards Evan's skills. I hoped the little boy stayed in contact with his mentor, and I hoped he continued to work on his skills. The boy had only started a few months back, but I could tell it made him happiest when he was absorbed with his art.

My thoughts also flittered to the other memories, sad ones at that, as I shuddered with the abuse my little love had experienced at the hands of that fucking prick, Don. If I ever got my hands on him I would throttle him within an inch of his life. I caught myself and remembered how close I had actually come to that same conclusion with that Brad character. If it hadn't been for Evan's timely intervention who knows what might have happened to the other boy. Yes, he did deserve a beat down, but I had almost gone too far.

Never before had I been so outraged, and never before had I allowed my emotions to get in the way. I think it was time I had a little talk with my father about my anger issues. My guess, which is a pretty solid one, is it happens because of how deeply I feel for Evan. Anyone who tries to harm my sweetness, my light and love would have to deal with my fury.

It was difficult to fall asleep with all my thoughts twirling around inside of my mind, but soon the sweet caress of slumber overcame my alertness, and I slowly drifted off with the gurgling sounds of the stream in the background. My mind immediately wrapped around the image of the boy lying next to me and I started to dream…such wonderful dreams as always when it involved my love, my light, and the reason for my every waking moment and of late also my dreams.

It was a very pleasant morning as always, but when I woke up Evan wasn't by my side. Strange I thought as I stretched and rubbed the grit from my sleepy eyes. I looked around in the early morning grayness and frowned wondering what may have happened to the young boy. I was still naked when I opened up the flap doors of our little cabin and stepped out into the little clearing by the gurgling brook. I walked up to the stream and squatted down next to the running water and dipped my fingers into the coolness of its depths.

It was a peaceful and tranquil moment, and I closed my eyes to savor it when I heard an odd noise. I opened my eyes and couldn't seem to place where it was coming from as I looked around. The noise seemed to become a little urgent now and I started to panic. It was actually starting to get a little dark outside as a big thundercloud with dark gray roiling tendrils seemed to snuff out the sunlight. From out of nowhere a bank of fog started to roll towards our little clearing, and I started to panic as I turned for our little cabin. By the time I reached the flaps it was already starting to get cold with the wind gusting up rustling the canvas of our cabin noisily.

I was worried because Evan wasn't here, and the odd noise I had heard earlier started to become a little more intense. I prayed my little brown curly haired vixen didn't get caught in this sudden thunderstorm as the wind seemed to pick up with a moaning sound. It was oddly familiar, and I tried to place it when I recognized it as the same noise from earlier. It continued to get louder and now the canvas lining seemed to shudder with greater force. The whole place shook, and then all of a sudden…

My eyes snapped open as something lying on top of me seemed to thrash for a moment and a whimper seemed to flitter around in the air. It was Evan lying next to me in the same position as when we had fallen asleep. His damp sweaty head was lying on my chest with his arm stretched across my chest. His left leg was slung over both of mine, and I could feel his stiff erection snuggled on top of my left hip.

It sounded like he was in the beginning stages of another nightmare so I reached down just as the small boy stuttered for someone or something to stop it. I shook his shoulders and at the same time felt something a little damp spread across my hips. My precious little love had just wet himself again. It wasn't really bad because I had awakened him just in time. but still a little managed to leak out just before I shook him awake.

I heard him sniffle a bit as he started to get up, but I just held him close to me and leaned down giving the top of his head a little kiss. He shuddered and I could feel the tears on my chest as he cried. I let him get it out of his system before I whispered.

"It's alright Evan," I soothed him softly. "It's only a little this time, and I don't even think the bedding got wet or anything." I told him as we lay there for a moment.

"Another bad dream?" I asked kind of stupidly as Evan nodded in the affirmative. Of course it had been a bad dream.

"You want to talk about it?" I inquired. A shaking of the head indicating no.

"Maybe it would help." I whispered encouragingly.

"No, it's alright. Nothing will help." He whispered as he slowly extricated himself from me and got up.

He saw the hurt look on my face, and tried to smile at me encouragingly as I too started to get up. He placed his hand on me and pushed me back under the covers as he leaned in closer giving me a little peck on the mouth. His face was so close to me that I could see him clearly in the darkness of our little cabin.

"It's alright Kyle, really. I can get myself cleaned up, and then I'll come back to sponge you off as well. I mean, if that's alright with you?" He smiled as he blushed.

"Sure, that's fine with me," I assured him a little puzzled at why he would be blushing like he was, but then figured maybe he was a little embarrassed about wetting the bed again.

I watched him as he turned his back towards me and shuffled out of his shorts with his cute little orbs jiggling around. Now, that was a new development just undressing in front of me like that, even if it was with his back towards me. Sure he had done the same thing the first night, but I hadn't actually watched him while he did it. As I thought about it I figured he felt comfortable enough doing that because it was dark and his back was turned to me. I watched fascinated as he picked up his towel that hung over the small chair in the corner and wrapped it around his petite torso. He flashed me a smile as he stepped out of the cabin.

I started to doze a little before he came back into the small hut, and tossed aside my coverings. I felt a cool damp rag wiping along my hips and thigh getting me all cleaned up. It felt wonderful as I continued to doze a little, but I didn't even bone up or anything while he slowly wiped me off. He did this a few more times and then I felt nothing more. Evidently he finished what he was doing because I stopped feeling the damp rag along my torso.

The covers were still tossed off to the side of me, and I figured he must have forgotten about them while he went to toss the water. I thought about covering myself back up, but then let it slide from my mind figuring he would do that when he cuddled back up with me. I heard some shuffling noise next to me, which sort of confused me because if Evan was tossing the water who was standing there next to the bunk.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw my curly haired boy standing there with the towel still wrapped around his torso. This was strange and it sort of alarmed me so I sat up on the edge of the bed and placed my hands on his hips forcing him to step closer to me as I leaned my head against his stomach.

"Are you alright, is there something wrong baby?" I asked Evan as I felt his hands on top of my head gently stroking me.

"Yes, everything is just fine," he whispered to me. "I…I just wanted you to hold me."

"Ok baby," I replied as I wrapped my arms around his hips and pulled him in a little more as I turned my head sideways along his stomach. He was still between my legs with the towel wrapped tightly around his middle.


"Yes my little sweetness."

"C…could you touch me. I need…I want you to touch me. Please…I need you so badly," he almost croaked out.

I swiveled my head and looked up at him. "I'm already holding you." I told him a little confused.

"No, I mean I want you to…touch me," he whispered as a tear drop rolled down his cheek.

"I…I don't know Evan," I told him as understanding finally dawned on me. I truly wanted to touch him intimately, but not like this, when he was so vulnerable.

"Please Kyle, it's alright. I need you right now, and there won't be any regrets…I promise." He whispered as he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was passionate, and my resolve melted away as our lips parted and I slowly reached up under his towel placing my right hand along his inner right thigh. I felt him quiver under my soft touch, and watched his face intently as my hand slowly slid upwards along his thigh. He had a look of contentment and determination as he looked back down into my eyes.

My hand brushed up against his smooth low hanging pouch and kept its upward ascent. I was right where I should be and his prize was in reach, but I just placed my hand on top of his pubic mound and slowly rubbed on his bare patch of skin. Evan sighed and bit his lower lip as he shivered with anticipation. I could feel his rigid shaft pointing upwards and rubbing softly against the back of my hand.

The moment had arrived. No longer would this just be a little bit of touching and teasing, rather this would be more intimate and a more permanent step in our relationship. I looked up questioningly and received a look of pleading want in his expression. My fingers wrapped around his three inch long and extremely thick torrid penis, and gently squeezed.

I felt his entire body jolt upwards as his small frame trembled from the heightened state of expectation. It was an intense moment for him, and he had to place his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I slowly skinned him and felt his smooth naked glans sliding across my fingers as it was pulled from its concealing jacket. I slid his foreskin back in place and slowly released him for a moment so I could play with his little boy pouch for a bit.

His balls felt heavy in my hands, and I constricted my fingers around them gently hearing him squeal with excitement. Boy, what a turn on this little vixen had become as of late. My hand loosened their grip and my fingers trace his perineum line towards his rose bud. I could feel Evan's hot breath as I gently pushed my fingers between his butt crease and gently pressed up against his little boy cherry entrance. This was a new sensation for him, and his knees buckled for a moment as he barely caught himself.

"Oh shit, what the fuck was that?" he groaned as I slowly retreated before he blew a gasket.

I made my way back to his shaft and noticed a little wetness at the tip of his slit which was jutting out just a little from his foreskin. I couldn't see it, but this was one curiosity of mine that had just in a way been confirmed for me. I've seen him naked in his flaccid state and noticed the tip of his penis just peeking out from beneath his foreskin, but had always wondered how far his foreskin retracted when he had an erection. Just the thought of what it would look like made me shiver as I lovingly stroked his shaft in my fist a few times.

I let go of his rigid pole and wrapped my arm around his naked buttocks as my left hand also darted under his towel and wrapped around his backside. His towel spread apart a little where they came together along his right leg and had also hitched up a little, but he still remained concealed. I kneaded his nice round firm orbs as I looked up into his face. There was a look of blissful contentment across his features as he gazed back down into my eyes and smiled playfully.

He reached up with his right hand and in one fluid motion unhitched his towel. My eyes flew wide open as I watched the white towel dropping in slow motion away from his hips to finally expose his most intimate of intimates to me openly and freely without any worries of getting caught. He had done this of his own free will, just for me, so that I could look upon all his glory uninhibited.

He was exquisite, and I couldn't help myself as a single bead of teardrop ran down the side of my cheek. It was dark in the cabin, but I could still see what he had hidden away all these years. His penis stuck upward with a slight curvature and leaned slightly to his right (my left) side. I gulped at the heft and girth of his torrid sweltering throbbing penis. It was much thinker than I could have imagined. I knew it would be thick because I had seen him naked when he was flaccid, but truly he had a lot of breadth and I guess it was about twice the girth of my own erection.

I just gawked at him for a moment savoring the moment. From what I could see in this lighting he was completely devoid of any hairs along his pubic mound or anywhere along his sex organs. For some reason this really turned me on. I don't know why it did, but maybe because for me it was like getting someone innocent and totally new as if from the beginning. I savored the idea of being able to see him progress through his various stages from pre-pubescence through to pubescence and then beyond. Yes that had to be it; the possibility of seeing him grow through his various stages of development is what the real turn on was for me.

My eyes couldn't get enough of him as I looked at his nice sized testicles swaying between his legs and then at his nice thick shaft. My eyes started at the base of his penis and then intently gazed upwards. Then there it was, the one thing I had been dying to see, how his foreskin looked at the top of his opening. For the first time I could see the tip of his hardened penis. His skin was stretched tightly at the top allowing only the tip of his glans to peek out from under his hood.

The crown of his penis appeared to be a little slicked up, and I knew he was leaking pre-cum. It amazed me that he could leak so much when he was still so hairless not to mention ejaculate so much. Even though it was the clear stuff I still knew he shot quiet a bit having felt it splatter across my stomach the first night here at camp.

My hands tremble as I reached out and gently took his blood engorged protuberance into my fingers and slowly skinned him. His skin was pulled so taught over the head of his penis that I was almost afraid it would hurt to pull it down over his glans. Even in this lighting I could see the veins straining against his skin. His purple colored glans seemed to suddenly pop out from beneath the hood, and I involuntarily gasped as I slowly reversed direction sliding his skin back over the ridge and back in place.

"Beautiful," I whispered as I looked back up towards Evan who was smiling contently at me. He was shaking at the intimacy of the situation, and at the hunger in my eyes.

"Oh fuck Evan, you are…," I sighed and shivered as I looked back down at his nakedness. "I…I can't describe it with words alone," I whimpered. "You are just so stunning Evan. Oh Gawd, I can't believe I've waited so long to realize how special you are…how beautiful." I sniffled as he reached down and ran his fingers through my hair.

I looked back up at him as tears ran down his cheeks. I was caught by surprise for a moment, but then realized my words had made him feel happy. Don had berated him about his nakedness making him feel inadequate, and in just moments my words had shattered the cold grip Don had around the small boy.

"Please Kyle, make me feel good. Touch me, hold me in your arms, love me," he whispered desperately.

"I…are you sure about this Evan? I…I thought we were going to take things slow. I don't…you know…want you to feel bad about it later." I said to him wanting this more than anything, but caring for Evan's well being even more.

"Don't…want to…you know…?" He asked.

"Oh geezus Evan, more than anything, but I care about you too much to hurt you in a way that will make us all sad about it later. I'll touch you lovingly and with tenderness, but you have to be sure, and then I am only going to jack you off or something, nothing more until you have thought about it some more. Believe me it will still rock your world, but I don't want to take things too far and fast, alright my sweetness?" I asked him.

"Yes, anything, I just want to give myself over to you. For once in my life I want to be the person making the decision over my body. I want you Kyle more than anything. No regrets, just passionate intimacy…freely giving myself over to you. It is you who I want and trust." He cried gently as he stepped forward and sat on my lap wrapping his arm around my neck.

"Kyle, trust me. I won't regret this because for the first time in my life I will shake Don's hold over me. I hate being tied to him. From now on I am taking back control over my body, mind, and soul. I have the willpower now thanks to you, and I'm hungry to have you and give a part of myself over to you." He growled cutely as he locked his lips on my mouth kissing me hungrily like a famished wolf.

'Oh…My…Gawd,' I could feel the passionate heat rise up inside of him and outwards in a blistering sweltering like heat that made me perspire profusely. It was almost as if he was burning away the ugly taint that Don had smeared filthily all over his little body. I knew that by night's end the only thing left lying by my side would be a new unpolluted and sterilized boy making a clean slate and start in his journey through life. No matter what obstacles life threw at him from now on, he would face them on his own terms and muddle through them with his dignity intact.

I grabbed him to me and returned his kiss as I hungrily sought out his tongue. We slowly leaned sideways onto our cot as my hands ran all along his completely naked torso. His heat felt blistering hot on my hands, but I was hungry for him and wanted more. I was lying on my left side and my right hand slowly cupped his round firm orbs and slowly darted between his warm sweaty crease. My fingers slid downwards and slowly found his little boy grommet. I gently pressed up against it with a little force and was rewarded with a slight quiver of pleasure from my little love. I didn't push my finger inside of him, not yet, not tonight. That would come later, but for now I just wanted to tease him there, to give him a taste of possibilities in the future. He now belonged to me and I to him, and I didn't want to push things too far too fast. There would be plenty of time for that with both of us. Tonight was just the tip of the iceberg for things to follow in a way that would be comfortable and beneficial to my little love's growth.

I removed my hand while we continued to kiss and I started to get lightheaded from lack of air. I broke our lip contact and muzzled my mouth along his neck and chest. He moaned as my lips suckled along his nipples and he jerked and squeaked when I bit down gently on them. I heard him giggle at my little nip as his own hands roamed freely over my taught firm body. We both were moaning and groaning with pleasure and delight at this new stage of our relationship.

I rolled on top of him and he spread apart his legs as I pressed our firm dicks together and slid them around. His shaft felt so appealing to me as it twitched and jerked against mine. Both of us were leaking profusely, and the slimy mess only managed to stimulate us more.

I slid off of him as my right hand gently and softly manipulated its way down across his bare pubic mound and wrapped around his shaft. My left arm was underneath the boy's body and they cupped his left butt cheek as I slid downwards further so I could get a better view and angle of what was snuggled up between his legs.

I knew Evan was close, and if I continued with our foreplay knew he would cum before I could jack him off. His hips bucked a moment when my fingers wrapped around his sweltering bulging protuberant knob, and I took the opportunity to slide my left fingers between his butt cheek. Evan spread apart his legs and angled his left knee outwards to give me better access to his rose bud from behind. I just remained like that for a moment while he calmed down, and then slowly pealed back his foreskin exposing his deep bluish purplish slippery glans.

"Oh, shit, that's so fucking hot looking Evan," I whispered as I slowly pumped my fist up and down.

If he heard me or not I couldn't be sure because he was breathing so hard and moaning. I sped up the rhythm on my right pumping fist as I continued to massage his little cherry hole. He was starting to jerk a little and his hands had grasped tightly around the fabric material of the sleeping bag. His hips started shoving upwards in timing with my strokes. He was close and then I stopped not wanting him to blow so soon.

I heard him whimper as he slumped back onto the cot. His penis was leaking profusely now and I squeezed his tube noting how much deeper his purple glans had turned. He groaned in frustration as he locked his eyes on to me pleadingly.

"Not yet, my little sweetness, hold on just a bit longer," I said as he slowly calmed down and started to catch up on his breathing. Just as suddenly as I stopped I began to stroke him again. I felt him jerk in surprise, and could feel his rigidness flare up in my fist in anger and protest at this teasing.

"Oh shit Kyle," Evan whined as the emotional rollercoaster of sensations continued to battle inside his young body. This whole week he had brought himself to orgasm almost immediately and had gotten used to immediate release, but now he was being teased and brought to the brink before being manipulated backwards.

He couldn't believe he had actually stripped in front of the older boy exposing himself like that, but had felt a huge weight lifting off his shoulders once he dropped the covering towel. Then everything had spiraled from there as he finally came to terms with himself, and took back control of his life.

He wanted and needed Kyle so opened himself up to the older boy. The final major dam had finally burst, and it felt cleansing as a tidal wave coursed through his tiny body sweeping away the filth. In its place was the hot passionate volcanic furnace burning deeply inside of his core and being seeking release. A few dams were still in place, but those were personal choices, not ones erected through other's abusive behaviors. The last few dams would come crumbling down on his own terms, and when he was ready. For now he felt comfortable offering up this much to the love of his life. The rest he knew would follow soon enough, and he felt even more bolstered since his love had even indicated they should wait for some of those other things until they were absolutely sure.

Evan turned his attention to the older boy's features noticing the hungry and eager look in Kyle's gentle features. He had fallen for the older boy who had patiently stood by his side throughout this maddening time in his horrible life. The older boy was responsible for him to finally be himself and he would forever love the boy for this. His insides were boiling now with passionate heat, but he focused on Kyle noticing the boy's eyes slowly looking towards him their eyes locking.

Something was tugging at me forcing my gaze upwards as I finally gazed into Evan's smoldering hazel colored eyes. We remained that way for a brief moment before I tore my eyes away focusing back on the task at hand. My slippery cum covered fist was flying now along Evan's thick torrid three inch shaft, and my eyes bulged watching his purplish glans glide in and out of sight. Even in the darkened cabin it was amazing to observe. It was so sexy hot, and I was the first person to bring him such pleasure. Sure, he's masturbated on his own before, but this was completely different and so much more intense as I felt his body responding to me.

Then it happened and almost without warning. "Uh, shii…I…,"was all the curly brown haired boy managed to gasp out as his toes curled up obscenely, his butt cheek clamped down around my left finger that was massaging his little pucker hole, and his balls contracted upwards into his body cavity as his testicles quivered and jumped around in that smooth boy pouch of his.

"Uuungh, uuuungh, uh, uh, uh, aaaaargh, uh, uh, umph," he grunted several times.

I watched in sheer fascination when his hip thrust upward forcing his foreskin downwards along his shaft clearly exposing his now massively large blood engorged purple flared head making way for the large globular substance which shot outwards in an explosive volley, quickly followed by several more machine gun like smaller projectiles.

He writhed and rolled uncontrollably on the cot and I thought he would knock both of us out of bed it was so rough. He was experiencing something so intense and insane with his entire body feeling like it was on fire. He was in the throes of an immensely blissful rapture that hurt and felt so fantastically brilliant at the same time that he wished it would never end. His body burned hotly almost as if burning away all the filth Don had committed against him as it tried to once more make him pure and cleansed.

My hands continued to pump him, wanting all of his boy juice. I knew from the first night at camp that he could cum again, and this time I was determined to get him to release it immediately to me, so I didn't stop as I continued to pump his red hard hotness.

"Oh shit, stop Kyle, oh fuck I'm cum…in again," he grunted as another load spit out from his little pee slit as I squeezed his sweltering pole and milked it dry.

He moaned and gasped as I pumped him a few more times for good measure until he literally whimpered before I stopped. He collapsed onto the cot completely spent as perspiration dripped from his face and glistened all along his body.

Evan couldn't believe the sensation coursing through his tiny body. It was so intense and strong he was amazed that he hadn't exploded with the strain of release. It had started deep down inside of him, and once it boiled over it was like it couldn't exit his body soon enough. He had felt a fire explode from inside his testicles and course rapidly through the inside of his shaft as it exploded outwards from the tiny opening at the tip of his penis. It was as if that tiny opening wasn't big enough and threatened to explode outwards. He could feel the pressure of it tingling all along his skin like tiny little pin pricks.

Explosion after explosion had gripped his tiny frame and when he was done Kyle hadn't stopped trying to milk out some more. It actually hurt, and he had cried out to Kyle, but then his next round of seizures had gripped his body, and he finally managed to expel the last of his seed until he was completely spent.

It had been immensely blissful, and he had felt both euphorically drained and deeply cleansed wrapped up all in one. There was a sensation of deep love and passion for Kyle at that moment, and he wanted to cry out to the boy and proclaim his love to the world, but he just couldn't. He was drained, and it actually hurt to move so he just remained there trying to gain his composure while the other boy's tongue lapped at his exhausted body.

My hand was covered with Evan's boy juice, and I quickly sucked them clean before I started lapping up his body. Damn, his spunk tasted so sweet like nectar to a humming bird. He had ejaculated quiet a bit actually for a twelve year old who still didn't have any pubes yet. His body twitched when my tongue greedily slavered up his precious expelled cargo, and his breathing rattled raggedly in his chest as he tried to regain his senses.

I licked him clean, and ate it all, that is except for the slimy gooey material all along his now flaccid two inch shaft and balls. I had looked greedily at it wanting my tongue, lips, and mouth to gather it all up, but that would have to wait for another glorious pleasurable time. He wasn't prepared for that stage in our relationship, and I could hardly wait for the day when he was ready. My patience had paid off already reaping a reward that was immensely more pleasurable and sweet than I ever imagined.

Instead I gently and slowly wrapped my fingers around his sensitive tool to squeegee it clean. I held it up to Evan's mouth and he greedily licked it off my fingers. I did this several more times until I couldn't get any more, and then lay down next to him and watched him.

After a while the boy finally managed to sigh as he slowly turned his head to look at me. He smiled warmly at me, and with a shaking hand caressed the side of my face. Evan was tired and drained, and I could see it in his face along with such a blissful countenance. I never believed it possible, but at that moment my feelings for him deepened even further. For the first time in a long time I saw such a peaceful glow around my love. He had been cleansed of Don's filth, and never again would he allow that to happen to him.

"Thank you so much Kyle. I wanted to shout out how much I lo…um…I care for you to the world, and I didn't care who knew. I've never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. Thank you so much."

"I know Evan, but it only gets better from here. When you are ready I plan on giving you your first blowjob," I stated smiling at him.

He giggled at the prospect. "If it is as good as they say I'm almost afraid," he whispered. "This was almost too much for me to handle," he admitted as he giggled like a little five year old.

I rolled on top of him and he wrapped his legs around my waist as my hands reached down behind him and cupped his two smooth round globes. "Then after that I will be taking your virginal boy pussy," I grunted as I shoved my shaft between his butt cheeks.

Evan's eyes bulged and he shook his head no. "I…I don't know Kyle," he whispered.

I scooted up and sat down on top of him straddling my legs on either side of his hips. His eyes widened as he looked down at my stiff four inch shaft, which was standing straight up and leaking. I could see his mind trying to wrap around the image of me shoving that up his love chute. My penis was a lot thinner than his, but he didn't want any part of that going up his back side.

"I…please don't ask me to do that?" Evan whimpered knowing he would if I did ask him. He saw my hurt expression and thought he had offended me by refusing. "I will if you want," he amended which made me scowl even more.

I shook my head as a tear drop ran down the side of my cheek. "I'd never ask you to do anything you don't want Evan. I…I thought you knew that by now," I whispered.

Evan sensed my hurt and reached up stroking my stomach, "I know," He sighed shaking his head. "I just wanted you to know that I would do anything for you…I mean anything Kyle." He whispered feeling bad for hurting my feeling. I couldn't stay mad at him because I loved him too much.

"No, I won't fu…I mean make true love to you unless you want it. This will be the last time I mention it to you my sweetness. One day when you are ready…and only when you are ready…you will ask me to do that all on your own. That my sweetness is my promise to you, acceptable?" I asked him.

He giggled and nodded that yes indeed it was acceptable. "I think you will be waiting a very long time for that to happen." He teased me.

"I've waited for everything else, I can wait for that too, and believe me I will have your virginity in the end. That belongs to me and me alone." I told him as I slowly started to stroke myself.

Evan watched me closely before reaching out and gently pushing my hand away. Having jacked off my little sweet angel, and finally seeing all of him for the first time, it had me already close to the edge and it only took a few pumping squeezes from my hot little vixen to send me over the top. We had forgotten about my extreme orgasms lately, and I ended up spraying my seed all over the place. Sure it wasn't all that much in the grand scheme of things, but I still managed to make a pretty good mess inside our little space. To be honest it doesn't take much anyway to create a fair amount of mess in such a confined area.

Of course Evan cleaned up as much as he could, but we ended up having to go to the creek and wash ourselves up. Afterwards we cleaned up as much gooey substance that I had managed to spew all over the inside walls of the canvas cabin including the lockers, bedding, not to mention even the chair and table off in the corner. It was mostly just small little splatters that had sort of shot outwards in a spread like pattern as if fired from a shotgun, but damn, who would have thought that a late bloomer like me would end up with such a canon? Again, it wasn't that I shot all that much, just that it sort of went out far and in different directions splattering up against everything within the cabin walls. With both of us being exhausted from such a workout, we finally managed to crawl in bed together, snuggle up, and fade off to sleep with blissful dreams flittering through our thoughts.

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