Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 10

"So what's with the pictures?" The sexy little twelve year old boy asked me. "You aren't planning on posting them or anything?" He asked me getting a bit concerned now after the fact.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked through the pictures I just took of the naked boy. I looked up at him noticing he was looking towards Mattie who had slept through the entire sex episode. I watched the two boys on the bed, and thought how adorably cute both of them were. All these years I've never ever touched another boy and here within the last forty eight hours I've given two little guys a blow job, and they were both lying on the bed in front of me. Jaden looked back at me as if to say 'well.'

"I've never seen you before without a hard-on, and I don't know…I guess I just wanted some pictures because you really are hot Jaden, and no…I won't be posting these on the net. That would be just too sick spreading something private around like that. Besides, I've never had sex with another boy before." I fudged a little with the truth.

Sure I gave Mattie a blowjob, but that was a one way street, and I didn't really consider it as having sex with another boy. Technically speaking it probably was, but what happened between me and Jaden was…well…a lot more. I really liked Jaden, and wouldn't mind having sex with him again if he were a willing participant. Sure Jaden is younger, but old enough to at least understand what's going on and what sex is really all about. Mattie is different; he is way too young, and it feels more like me taking advantage of him.

"Can I take a few pictures of you?" He asked me shyly.

I tossed him my phone and he pointed it at me then asked if he could take some of me being naked. I shrugged figuring what the hell and peeled off my clothes. I posed for him and we both giggled. I then got another idea as I opened up one of my drawers, and fished out a regular digital camera. Nothing fancy, just one of those simple ones, but it did take better pictures than the one on my phone. I placed it on the table, set the timer on it, and then climbed next to Jaden. We took a couple of pictures like this together, and even a couple of us kissing and holding each other packages in our hands. We just had a bit of fun with it just as a sort of keepsake.

I got up and dressed again as I flipped through the pictures. I thought it best if I download them on my computer, and encrypted the files so that no one could get into them by mistake. A few moments later all of the pictures were safely locked into encrypted files, and all the pictures on the camera and phone deleted. I opened up my email account and started to look through them.

"So, how do you feel," I asked Jaden.

"Man I feel totally awesome. I don't know the last time I was just able to sit around without popping a boner."

"Really, it was that bad?"

I heard Jaden sigh, and when I glanced over towards him he was nodding his head. "I hope it stays that way for a while. I mean it wasn't as if I were always popping a boner, but it just seemed like it always got hard at the drop of a hat. I would say about two thirds of the day I walked around with a woody in my underwear. It gets a little tiring if you know what I mean."

Man I couldn't believe what he was saying. That is pretty bad, and in a way sounds kind of painful.

"Kyle…?" I heard the younger boy sort of sigh as he shifted around a bit getting my attention as I looked back over towards him.

"Yeah Jaden." I responded looking at him letting the boy know he had my attention even as I turned back towards the computer screen.

"Thanks for…you know. That was the best thing ever. I mean the blow job was fantastic and really helped out, but coming up behind me in the shower really finished me off. I don't think my hard-on would have gone away by just jacking off myself in the shower. I think the surprise and quickness of it all did something about my problem along with you taking it even further. Man those tiny little orgasms were almost too much, and I hope it took care of my problem permanently…I mean…you know…with it constantly being hard and all." He amended not wanting to completely get rid of the ability to pop one, but just not all the time.

"Wow, I didn't know it was that bad Jaden. I mean…I really can't complain either. You have no idea how really damn sexy hot you look, and to be honest I'm surprised you haven't done it with anyone else. I do understand what you mean about doing things with someone else, and I think you're right. You really have to make sure when you do something like this it's with someone you can trust." I told him looking up from my computer.

I noticed he was taking a good look at his floppy little boy penis, and even holding it in his fingers as he continued to inspect himself. I wondered when the last time he was able to do that without boning up. He had shifted his focus to his testicles, stretching the skin in what I believed to be looking for any signs of hair. The boy looked up, and flushed a little when he noticed me watching him.

"So, when was the last time you were able to do that without boning up?" I asked him seriously with just a hint of teasing.

"Shit, forever and a day." He replied. "And yeah, I know what you mean about the whole sex thing. But maybe you would be willing…I mean…if I ever need help would you be willing to…" He trailed off looking at me intently with a hopeful look on his features.

I smiled at him, and nodded my head. "Yeah, sure Jaden, anytime, and I do mean anytime." I chuckled letting him know I wouldn't mind doing more stuff like that with him. "Well, I mean anytime unless I'm committed to someone, fair enough?"

He smiled and agreed to the terms. He released his boyhood, and relaxed relishing his newfound freedom away from a constant state of erection. We talked a little more about Evan and Mattie. I could tell he was really fond of the Prescott boys, and I decided to confide in him with what was going on not only with the stepfather and Mattie's medication, but also with the whole shower thing coming up this year in school for Evan. Jaden was really upset by what he heard concerning the step father, and he looked like he wanted to cry for Evan. He promised not to say anything, and agreed to look out for his new friend when school started back up. I told him that I would keep him informed about Evan and Mattie, and asked him for a second time not to say anything to anyone, not even his brother.

He was kind of surprised that I had kept his brother out of the loop and had confided in him instead. I explained that it was better this way because he was Evan's age, and could be a lot more helpful that way. We continued to talk for another couple of minutes about just average everyday teenager crap before Evan finally entered the room with his towel wrapped around his waist. He saw Jaden lying there naked without an erection, and stared a moment before looking over to me and cocking an eyebrow.

"He just got out of the shower." I stated bluntly not giving any more details.

"Oh ok, but why is he still naked?" He asked me as he looked at the nice sleek figure of the boy lying on top of the bed a bit too closely to his little brother for comfort.

"He's just enjoying not having a boner, and is celebrating by letting it air out a bit." I stated truthfully, but couldn't help myself as I busted out laughing.

Even Jaden laughed about the comment leaving Evan to just stare at us like we were nuts or something. The sandy blonde haired boy looked down at himself to make sure he was still boner-less, and then laughed again when Evan just stared at him with his mouth hanging open. Jaden was just happy he hadn't popped an erection with that cute adorably handsome Evan standing in front of him with nothing on but a towel wrapped around his mid-section. There was something very sexy about the whole thing.

Evan rolled his eyes, and then grabbed the clothes he had set out to wear today before walking into the bathroom and closing the door. While he was in there I took a peak at Jaden's still deflated two inch penis and smiled nodding my head encouragingly when the other boy looked at me.

"So seeing him like that didn't get you all boned up I see." I teased him.

"Thank goodness. He's so sexy hot like that, but I'm still doing alright for now. The biggest test will come if I pop a boner and it goes away on its own like it should, instead of hanging around forever," he sighed sadly.

Evan came back into the room looking sharp in his outfit. He was wearing a blue pair of Shaun White Cargo shorts that had a sort of print and flower type of design with a zipper and snap front closure. He had on a dark colored belt with his shorts and was wearing a matching blue colored short sleeved compression type of shirt. He looked totally hot in his gear, and the compression shirt clung closely to his torso showing off his boyishly delectable features.

"Damn, you look hot dude." Jaden complimented him, and I could see Evan's cheeks flush red from the compliment.

He was smiling and staring at Jaden's two inch flaccidness noting it was a little smaller than his when he was soft. Strange how they could be the same length when they got hard, but not when they got soft. He noticed a few roll like wrinkles of skin along the boy's shaft just below his cut knob, and wondered if that was the reason why the other boy's penis was able to enlarge as long as his even though it started out a quarter of an inch or so shorter then his own. When he thought about it this sort of made sense because his skin along his soft penis was smooth all along the length of it.

The blonde haired boy motioned for the other boy to come closer so he could get a better look. The curly haired boy complied, but was just a little embarrassed by being so close to the naked godlike looking statue all sprawled out on the bed so casually displaying so openly what should be very private. He stood next to the bed, and spread out his arms twirling around slowly as if posing. He completed his circuit then yelped in surprise when he felt Jaden tugging his arm.

The larger boy pulled Evan onto the bed, and rolled the poor boy on his back while he rotated his naked body on top of him. Evan didn't know what to do because here was a naked boy lying on top of him, and even though he liked his new friend it was still a bit strange. He sort of enjoyed having the popular boy this close to him, but it was still a little awkward as he felt the beginning stirrings of an erection between his own legs.

I just watched in fascination as to what was unfolding in front of me because Jaden's boldness had sort of caught me by surprise as well. I didn't think anything bad of the situation, so just decided to let things happen naturally. I knew Jaden was really lonely even though he had a lot of friends at school and stuff, but he really didn't have a very close friend, and I think he hoped to find that sort of connection with Evan.

"Uh, what are you doing," Evan stated finally putting his hands on the other boy's hips so he could have some sort of leverage while he also desperately tried to stave of the blood pumping into his nether regions.

"Just wanted to get a closer look at you. I like your eyes and how they sort of change colors. How does that work?" He asked as Evan just shrugged his shoulders indicating he really didn't know.

"So are you a good kisser?" Jaden asked even surprising me with that type of boldness.

"Uh, I don't know, maybe, I guess, no ones' ever said anything?"

"Aha, so you have at least kissed someone before, other than your mom." Jaden quipped.

"What…hey what are you getting at?" Evan asked sincerely.

"Can I kiss you and find out?" Jaden asked earnestly, which even made me jerk up in surprise.

"Don't you think that's kind of…I don't know…gay?" Evan swallowed hard not understanding where this was going. He looked over to me and I really didn't know what to say so just merely shrugged my shoulders letting him know I didn't have a clue where this was going either.

"I don't know. I've kissed girls before, but never thought any of them good kissers per se. I was just wondering if maybe boys where better at it. So can I kiss you and find out?" Jaden asked again a bit bolder since Evan hadn't discounted it entirely with disgust.

Evan looked at me a bit baffled wondering what he should do, so I just shrugged my shoulders and motioned my head to go ahead. What the hell, why not I nodded to Evan. He seemed to understand what I was conveying.

"I…I guess that would be alright, but…"

"But what?" Jaden inquired.

"Let's not say anything to anyone. Alright Kyle?" He asked me, and I nodded in agreement while Jaden concurred as well.

I watched as Jaden slowly leaned in and tentatively gave Evan a short kiss on the lips before pulling back. Both boys blinked wildly at one another, and Jaden leaned down again with Evan lifting up his head to meet him halfway this time. Their kiss lingered longer this time around, and I watched as it started to turn more passionate as each boy probed the other's mouth with their tongues. Jaden started to grind himself into Evan, and I could hear both of them start to moan until they slowly pulled back.


"Yeah Wow," Evan agreed.

"Where'd you learn how to kiss like that," Jaden asked Evan. The other boy just shrugged his shoulders, but not before glancing over to me. I could tell Jaden had noticed, but he didn't say anything.

"I guess it doesn't matter." He sighed. But damn, your one hot kisser. I'd like to try that again sometime with you, maybe when you get back from camp.

"Uh…I guess." Evan stated as he giggled a bit nervously.

"What's so funny?"

"I think you've got a boner." Evan giggled again.

Jaden laughed and thrust his hips into Evan and stated, "Yeah, so do you and damn, it feels so fucking thick. I'd swear it feels like twice as fat as mine. Are you sure I just can't take a little peak?" He pleaded with the smaller boy.

"No," Evan laughed as he finally shoved Jaden off of him so he could climb out of bed. "I don't know who the bigger perv is, you or Kyle, but I still…um…you know…lo…" He stumbled over the words for a moment. "Um…I mean…like you guys and if you tell anyone I said that I'll deny it." He stated seriously.

Both Jaden and myself just laughed at Evan's comment. What an enigma that boy really was turning out to be. He's so damn shy about himself in one way, yet so damn open minded about things as well. He even almost managed to spit out those difficult of words. Sure, he caught himself at the last moment, but I knew what he really wanted to say. In addition, although there are problems concerning his own personal nudity he doesn't seem to mind others being naked around him. He's so damn aloof one moment yet will allow himself to be kissed and cuddled. In the end though, I had to admit that it seemed like he was slowly coming out of his shell.

Just then my mom called out to us from the hallway. Jaden scrambled to his feet trying to get into his shorts, and fell over with them halfway up his legs. He looked so damn funny with his now deflated penis flopping around between his legs and little testicles being squished around that we all laughed as he finally managed to pull his shorts over his little boy treasure chest just in time before my mom peaked around the corner.

"What's going on in here?" My mom asked us.

We just looked at each other and started laughing our asses off. Well, at least we now knew one sure fire way to get Jaden back into clothes and rid of his erection. I guess I'm not the only one mom can deflate at a moment's notice. We were still laughing hysterically, of course to my mom's total consternation.

"Boys!" She declared not able to figure us out and rolling her eyes at us as we marched passed her towards the kitchen and hopefully some breakfast.

The rest of the early morning flew by extremely fast as we ate and packed up the SUV. Even Gabe managed to get up and join us for the short while before we had to leave. I think Jaden and Mattie took our parting the hardest. Mattie disappeared while Jaden and Evan bumped knuckles, and then gave each other a quick hug.

Evan looked around for his little brother and then towards me a bit baffled before heading inside to look for the younger boy. A few moments later he came back out looking a bit disappointed.

"He's locked himself in the bathroom and won't come out." Evan stated a bit concerned.

My mom started to head inside when I told her to hold up a moment that I would go talk to him. I approached the main bathroom in the hallway and noticed it was empty so made my way towards my room. My bathroom door was locked so I knocked on it softly.

"Mattie…it's me. Please open the door." I asked him softly.

There was a short pause before I heard some fiddling at the door and then silence. Reaching down I turned the knob and entered. Mattie was sitting on the edge of the tub with tears running down his cheeks.

"I…I don't want you to go Kyle." The smaller boy blurted out as he got up and leaped into my arms.

"Oh Mattie boy, please don't cry. Evan will be back before you know it." I reassured the smaller boy who just sort of held on to me tighter.

"I know, but it isn't Evan who I'll miss…I mean yeah I'll miss him, but I want you to stay with me." He whispered as I held him out from my arms looking at him a bit confused. "Please Kyle, I can't help it. I want to do more stuff with you." He pleaded as it finally started to sink in what he was talking about.

Sighing, I just shook my head. "Hey little man…I told you what happened between us shouldn't have, and that we'd talk more about it when I got back."

The little boy just nodded his head. "I know that's what you think, but I just like how it feels to be with you." The smaller boy shrugged his shoulders. "Besides I just can't wait that long." He admitted as I scrunched up my eyes knowing I had to get going and that I really didn't have all that much time to discuss this properly with him.

"Mattie…we just can't right now. I promise when we get back we really will talk about this…just the two of us…but right now I have to get ready to go. Besides you should be doing that sort of thing with other kids your own age, or better yet just wait until you are a little older. Can you do that for me little man?" I asked him sincerely hoping he would understand.

The smaller boy just exhaled loudly, and nodded his head knowing that it just couldn't be helped for now, which made me sigh in relief. "Yeah, I guess so." He stated as he allowed me to lift him up into my arms and carry him out to the others.

Evan looked concerned for his little brother as he hugged the smaller boy. "Please be brave Mattie and do what Aunt Judy tells you." The older boy asked of his little brother who just nodded his head smiling bravely at the older boy while glancing over towards me with longing in his eyes.

The older curly haired boy looked towards me as well with concern in his eyes about leaving his little brother behind with Gabe and Jaden for a few hours. The way the two older boys had acted towards Mattie last night had Evan a bit unsettled, but I had assured him that Gabe and Jaden weren't like that and had promised to behave. Besides, Mattie was awake now anyway so it wouldn't be all that easy to do that with him. I was also sure for another reason. Since I had told Jaden what was going on with Evan and Mattie concerning Don, I was pretty sure he wouldn't want to stir up the pot with more problems. This alone would make him keep Gabe in line as well if the other boy tried something with Mattie which in my opinion was very doubtful. In the end I wasn't all too worried about it because I'd been friends with Gabe long enough to know he would behave since he was put in charge of Mattie. My friend was easy going, a prankster, and a goof ball most of the time, but he took responsibilities seriously when it was thrust upon him. It was just the way his parents had brought up all their kids.

It was breaking my heart what I had done to the younger boy. He didn't deserve what we had done together, but for now I couldn't do anything about it. Before we hopped in the car Jaden handed Evan a piece of paper with his cell phone number on it. Evan laughed letting his new friend know he didn't own a cell phone, but I assured the blond haired boy that his friend could use mine anytime.

Before mom started the car she handed me a gift bag, and I looked at her a little surprised. Evan scooted closer to me, and watched as I pulled out the item inside the bag. I exclaimed in surprise as I pulled out a brand new digital SLR camera. It was a nice one at that, not one of those cheap ones, with a whole lot of features on it and a fabulous 28mm to 300mm zoom lens, not to mention a very large memory card which could hold about a 1,000 pictures under its highest jpeg image size and resolution setting. This was like a way cool gift.

"I…I don't know what to say mom, thanks…I mean…really…thanks a lot." I told her as I leaned forward and gave her a hug.

"Well, your father and I decided it would be nice for you to have so you can have some memories from camp and everything, and also because we've been noticing how much more mature you've become over the last year or so. We know you've been working hard to pay for some of your own activities at camp. We really love you sweetie, and wanted to give you something special since you've been working so hard. It's supposed to be your birthday gift, but we figured you could have it now." She stated as she turned back around so she could pull out the car heading down the road while Evan and I looked through the instructions, and got the camera all set up the way we wanted.

We arrived at the camp around ten in the morning, and orientation was given in the main building where the meals were provided. Those who hadn't already filled out their activity choices were handed paperwork that they would need to fill out and get handed in before dinner time that evening. The camp director made various announcements, one of them being that two activities had already been filled; therefore, were no longer available as a choice. The first one, which was no surprise to anyone because it always filled up first every year, was the CCMT (Cross Country Motorcycle Training). The second one caught everyone by surprise, which was the art class.

Evidently, this year's artist was a worldwide renowned master at his craft from Ukraine, and had requested only a minimal number of applicants be allowed to attend since he would personally spend time with each young budding artist on a one on one basis. Also, the fee involved was extraordinarily high because the artist only wanted students who were serious about learning from him.

I looked over to Evan, and he sincerely seemed bummed about the closure of the art class. He sighed as he looked down at the art class brochure, and read up on the artist. He sadly shook his head and muttered, "this was a once in a lifetime opportunity." One bright point though was that cabin assignments were handed out along with sack lunches, and we discovered we were assigned to the same living quarters.

Basically, each living quarter or cabin consisted of a canvas covered frame measuring eight feet by ten feet, and about seven feet high in the middle, sitting on top of a wooden platform. Each cabin held two campers each with their own small bed along opposite sides of the wall allowing for a clear middle walkway of about two or three feet at the most. At the foot of one bed, and positioned side by side, were two upright locker room style cabinets for your clothes and other items measuring about fifteen inches by fifteen inches by seventy two inches high. There was a small desk and chair at the foot of the other bed. The doors at either end of the cabin were secured with ties that you attached to the central pole at either end. When all was said and done the cabins were relatively cozy and comfy, with just enough room to move around if you had to.

We found the rest of our unit mates which consisted of fourteen campers in all, and everyone gathered together in one area finding some seats. Each unit also has a unit counselor who stays in his own cabin at the unit campground area. Each unit campground area therefore had eight cabins. I recognized our unit counselor, Greg, from previous years, and knew he was a pretty cool guy. I just hoped we had a great unit campground, not to mention a nice cabin area. I also recognized a few of the other campers as well, and liked how our unit camper group was shaping up. From the looks of things we were pretty lucky with everyone in our group.

Greg introduced himself to the entire group, and then we took a turn each to introduce ourselves with a little bit of a background history. Evan seemed a little shy when it was his turn, but he muddled through it just like the rest of us. Our unit councilor pointed out Evan's age making it understood he would not tolerate any teasing of any kind, and that it was all of our responsibility to take him under our wings. He didn't think there would be any issues from our group, and I tended to agree with him since I knew most of the other guys. Poor Evan though was a bit put out over all the fuss, but got over it quickly as Greg took us for a quick tour of the grounds.

A short while later we all sat around the large table in the center of our unit campsite that had a canvas tarp over it to help protect against inclement weather. Greg had doled out our sack lunches to us, and we settled in to start munching on bologna and cheese sandwiches with a bag of chips, can of juice, some cookies, and an apple or orange. We were all chatting with each other while we ate with some of us getting acquainted with new people, and some of us chatting with some old comrades. Tim who was a year older than me, and someone I knew from last year looked a little down so I asked him what was up.

"Oh dude, my dad is getting transferred oversees next month, and we will be following him over." He stated as he picked up a potato chip and tossed it into his mouth.

"Shit, that kind of sucks. I didn't realize your dad was stationed over at Fort Campbell."

"Yeah, I'm used to moving around all the time, but still it sort of sucks this time because I just missed out on the CCMT. I didn't get the money in time, and barely missed the cut off. I think the last person snuck in just ahead of me. I brought the money with me just in case because I'm on the waitlist, but no-one ever backs out of it so I'm not too hopeful about it."

"Oh hell dude, that sucks. I've been saving since last year, and managed to save enough in time. It seems like it is getting more expensive every year. Well at least most of the activities here at camp don't cost anything extra." I said wincing at the fact that I was probably the one who got my money in just before he did.

"So what's his story?" Tim asked nodding to Evan.

"Who, this guy, he's my best little friend…my little brother…well sort of." I replied giving Evan a teasing nudge. He was eating quietly while he listened in on our conversation, and looked up nodding to the other boy in a way of greeting.

"Yeah, alright, but why's he so bummed? It's not like he is old enough for the motorcycles."

"Man, he's missing out on the whole art thing? Evan here was a last minute decision, and he would have loved to join up in the art class, but of all the years for them to have this big shot artist come in." I grunted shaking my head as I looked towards Evan feeling a bit bad for him. Shit, the poor guy can't ever seem to get a break.

"Ouch man, I feel you dude. You're sort of in the same shoes as me because they never get anyone like this hot shot art guy. I heard it was sort of a fluke, and they really lucked out with this famous foreign dude from somewhere in one of those Eastern European Countries."

"Ukraine," Evan spoke up quietly as he fiddled around with some of his chips.

"Yeah, sounds about right. Sorry dude. Well don't fret it because there is still a shit load of stuff to do here, and most of them are a total blast."

We all continued to chat for a bit longer while we finished our lunches, and then Greg got up to give us our cabin numbers. He looked at his clipboard and started calling our names and giving us our assignments. The last ones on the list to be called were me and Evan, and I nearly jumped for joy because we were slated for the best cabin assignment in the entire camp. I couldn't believe our luck. Our unit was referred to as the Buffalo camp or unit "B," and each cabin had an assigned numbered from one through eight. So of course our unit councilor's cabin number was B-1 situated at the very front by the main trail so he could keep an eye on all the comings and goings, with all the others following suit, and ours being B-8 since we were last to be called on the list.

Our campsite was sort of set off in a little natural sort of cul-de-sac like canyon surrounded by forestland and rock outcropping. The main grouping of cabins were towards the entryway of this little cul-de-sac with ours being sort of crammed in-between some shrubbery and little outcropping which gave us a kind of natural barrier from all of the others in our unit. Another great feature was that past the back end of our cabin was sort of a little oasis with a small clearing and gurgling stream running through it. This area was completely surrounded by tall round boulders and sealed off from the general view. Perfect if you needed to take a piss in the middle of the night or just wanted a little privacy away from everyone else.

I grabbed Evan and we started towards our little home away from home. It was a cozy little space, and I was really happy as I set my larger bag of stuff down on the left bunk, followed by my little daypack containing little odds and ends kinds of things including water bottles that I had strapped over my back which I always carried around with me just in case. I had been taking pictures throughout the day, and snapped one of my little friend as he sat down on his bunk. Evan sort of looked around and seemed a little concerned.

"What's the matter? We really did luck out dude, check this out." I stated opening up the flaps at the back end of the cabin so we could see out to a little private clearing, and hear the sounds of the running stream at the end of the clearing. The boulders seemed to accentuate the gurgling sounds of the running water.

"Oh, that's pretty cool actually, but I…" Evan hesitated as he sat back down on his bunk looking out towards the back and enjoying the view.

"What…you're worried about something, spill it Evan. You know you can tell me anything."

"I know," he mumbled. "I'm just sort of wondering where I am supposed to get changed and stuff." He asked shyly, and a little embarrassed at still being ashamed of undressing in front of others.

"Oh, no problem, that's why I chose this bunk over here." I stated as I motioned for him to come over to my side and sit on my bunk. He complied, and I got up walking towards the upright locker cabinet. I ducked around the corner, and opened up each locker door. One opened to the right, and the other to the left, effectively blocking off any view to the person standing on the other side.

Evan heard some movement going on behind the cabinet, but couldn't see anything, and was starting to get curious. He leaned over the edge of the cot, but the upright locker door continued to block his view even when he leaned out even more.

"So can you see anything behind the locker?" I asked Evan.

"Uh, no nothing." Evan responded.

"Good." I said as I closed the locker door, and stepped out from behind it.

I laughed so hard that I could feel my balls jiggling around at the younger boy's expression. What I had failed to mention is that while I was behind the locker I had gotten completely undressed, and now stood totally naked only two feet away from the gawking boy. I wriggled my hips with my low hanging balls bouncing off my thighs, and laughed as I pounced on the shocked boy.

The wide sturdy cot had no problem withstanding the jostling of our young bodies as we wrestled around a bit before I got up and sat down across from the ogling boy who just couldn't seem to take his eyes off of my naked teenage boy bits. It's not like it's been the first time in these last several days that he's seen me naked, but he still seemed enamored by the whole experience.

"So what's the verdict?" I asked him.

"Very beautiful." He responded as he picked up my camera and snapped a picture.

"What…no, not me you silly dork, I mean about the lockers and getting changed? I mean you still have to trust that I won't take a peak around the locker doors, but if you think you can trust me then it should work, what do you think?" I asked and waited for a response as I snatched the camera from him and looked at my nude picture.

The corners of my mouth twitched upwards and I smiled because it was a nice one of me as I admired my own nakedness in the picture. It's strange how different it is seeing your naked body in a picture, and I had to admit that I did look pretty sexy. I hit some buttons, and used the hide image feature so no one would accidentally stumble upon it.

"Oh shit, sorry Kyle that sort of slipped." He stated genuinely mortified. "Yeah, of course I trust you. It's not like you wouldn't have been able to sneak a peak at me or anything over the last couple of days, and I appreciate you understanding about my…you know."

"Yeah I know bro. Don't worry it will get easier for you. Besides I've already corrupted you quiet a bit over the last couple of days." I stated as I leaned into him a little before getting up and slipping back into my shorts and shirt.


"Yeah bro."

"Um…what about…you know…the showers?"

I stopped and looked at Evan as I just shook my head. 'Damn, he really is very shy about his body.' I thought to myself. With everything going on I just wondered at his complete innocence about the whole sex thing. I mean, it's not like he didn't know about certain things, and over the last couple of days he's sort of seen some things as well, but he still had that youthful naivety quality about him. It is a quality so endearing on him, and seems to be drawing me to him even more. If he only knew how much I just wanted to rip off his clothes and hold him to me tightly so that I could make love to him, yes, I said love, not just lustful sex. I was falling head over heels for the beautiful boy sitting in front of me.

Evan sat there patiently waiting for my reply. I had to literally pull myself out of my musings. "Uh…oh…the showers. Well you saw the big long common use shower building. It's like the school gym showers that have the open area with a lot of shower heads. However, there is also a separate area that has several little small stalls with showers as well that you can close up with a curtain for privacy. Most of us older kids just jump into the open area because it's quicker and easier. Just leave on your bathing suit, and hop into one of the small shower stalls."

"Oh, that's cool. I was starting to get a little nervous about that."

Evan moved back over to his bunk as he looked through the paperwork of different activities the camp offered. He still needed to get it all filled out and handed in. The rest of the afternoon was slated as free time so that all the campers could sort of do some scouting around. It was just a little after the noon hour so we still had several hours before dinner. The only one's who were committed this afternoon were the people for the art activity. Evidently, the master artist had some assignments for his new students.

I suggested several cool activities to Evan, and explained what each one was all about while I put away my clothes and stuff in one of the lockers. I mean most are self explanatory like archery, soccer, swimming lessons, Equestrian riding, and canoeing. However some of these activities were also a bit vague, like the fact that the canoeing also includes an evening trip along the lake with a hidden cove and falls, or the horseback riding having a similar trip along some of the higher trails. Also a bit confusing was the swimming lesson. You don't have to sign up for swimming lessons to be able to go swimming. The lake was open all week long to free swim time with a lifeguard on duty and everything. If you had some spare time, and wanted to go swimming just head on down to the lake. There were also several other open free time activities depending on someone's mood or tastes in activities that would keep everyone occupied throughout the week.

I finished up with my stuff rummaging through my little day pack making sure I had taken out any unnecessary items from it before taking a peak over Evan's shoulder. He was lying face down on his bunk filling out his card. I liked some of his choices, and had selected several of the same ones. This didn't guarantee we would be in the same classes because each class was held several times a day throughout the entire week. This allowed for greater flexibility with getting more people rotated around.

"Looks good," I said as I snagged the list from his hand and shoving it into my daypack before slinging it over my shoulder. "I'll hand this in for you so they can get you scheduled while you go ahead and start putting your things away. Afterwards just go have some fun and look around." I said as I ducked through our doorway.

"Hey, what about you? Where will you be?" He asked me a bit nervous about being alone with nothing to do.

I turned around and smiled at my young friend. "Come-on Evan…just go and have some fun…make some new friends. I'll be around, and if we don't see each other let's meet back up by our cabin at let's say around two thirty. This will give us a couple of hours." I responded as I turned back around, and seeing Tim start to come out of his own cabin gave him a shout and waved for him to hold on a minute.

"Hey Tim, you got a minute?" I asked the tall lanky boy.

The neatly combed and clean cut dirty blonde haired boy was about six or seven inches taller than me with a thin long lanky figure. Not a bad looking guy, but most definitely more mature looking with his chiseled facial features and expressive gazing green eyes. His nose was just as lanky looking as his figure, but was offset with nice pouty lips and a strong chin.

"Sure Kyle, what's on your mind?" He questioned as he looked at his watch.

There was still plenty of time to get around a little, and he wanted to hit the snack shack and general store to see what they had for sale over there, but he hesitated noticing I had something serious I wanted to talk about. He waited for me to join him, and then paused to see what I wanted to do.

"I need your help with something." I told him as we stepped into his living abode. His bunk mate looked up and Tim introduced us while we chatted cordially for a moment or two. Seeing that we kind of needed to talk, he quickly put away the last of his stuff, and excused himself. I thought that was pretty cool of the guy, and thanked him as he walked out while he assured us it was no biggie.

Fifteen minutes later both Tim and I were sitting across from Mr. Johnson, the Camp Counselor trying to explain our situation. The gray haired sixty year old man sat behind his desk listening to us patiently. When I was finished he leaned forward, and looked at us with a gentle but firm gaze.

"Are you sure you want to do this Kyle? I mean it's the most popular activity, and I seem to recall you worked very hard to save your money in time to get your slot."

"Yeah I know, but Tim won't get another chance at this, and I can always do it next year." I said looking towards Mr. Johnson knowing I would be coming back next year anyway so I could just hold off until then.

"Besides, Evan's been having a rough time at home and you should see his drawings. I never knew he could do that until just the other day, and I've known him…well…like forever. Please," I begged him. "At least think about it."

"Well Kyle, of course I'll think about it, but the bottom line is that Dmytri has the final say on the matter, and then there is also the cost of the art class. It's not cheap you know." He responded looking at me a little sadly thinking I couldn't afford it.

"Oh, how much is it. I mean I had to pay for the CCMT, wouldn't that cover it?"

"Well that's just it, the fees for the gear and maintenance and everything for the CCMT is two hundred fifty dollars, and the cost of the art class is six hundred dollars so there is a big difference?"

"Why is the art class so much?" I asked a little shocked at the additional cost.

"It does seem like a lot, but believe me it really isn't because of the artist not to mention that all the oils, paints, brushes, canvas, stands, and everything is included in the rate. Once the lessons are over, the students get to keep all the supplies. I assure you if Evan was to go out and purchase all these supplies it would be at least that much if not more. Dmytri of course has resources available to him, and is able to pick up these supplies at cost. You really can't even begin to pay for his expert instruction for this price."

I sighed and pulled out my wallet. It was going to pretty much leave me with hardly anything at all the rest of the week, but this was important for Evan, and I wanted to give him every opportunity. I counted out the cash minus the money that would be transferred from the CCMT, and then handed it over to Mr. Johnson. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head sighing.

"This pretty much breaks you doesn't it?" The gentle elderly man stated more than asked.

I nodded my head and leaned back wishing I had brought more money with me, but not regretting the decision at all. It's only money, besides I have the rest of the summer to earn some more. Then a thought struck me as I chuckled. Both Tim and Mr. Johnson looked at me questioningly.

"Hell, the money came from Evan anyway."

"I don't understand?" Tim asked.

"Babysitting money…watching both him and his brother. Hell, I wouldn't even charge for watching them because they really are about the best behaved kids, and it doesn't even feel like work. To tell you the truth it's actually a lot of fun." I stated as the others just sort of chuckled understanding, but still, in the end it was a lot of money.

Tim and I left the office, and I really didn't feel bad about my decision. Besides, I could tell Tim seemed to be happy that there would be a good chance of him getting into the CCMT program now.

"Can I ask you something?" I heard the other boy ask.

"Yeah, sure."

"The money, it was for both you and Evan huh…I mean I know it was your money, but you planned on sharing it with him…and now how much do you have left?"

"Yeah, it was last minute for Evan so of course he didn't come with any extra money. I'd be surprised if his mom gave him like twenty bucks. I've got about fifty bucks left."

"Thought so," He stated as he stopped me, and handed me a hundred fifty dollars.

"What's this?" I asked him.

"Just take it, you can pay me back when you get home. It's extra money I received from my Grandmother at the last minute. I wasn't counting on it anyway, and I still have plenty to get me through the week." He stated as he started to walk again while I paused for a moment, and then hurried to catch up to him.

"Dude, I don't know. This is a lot of money." I stated as I caught up to Tim. This was way cool for him to do this; especially, since he was going to be moving here soon. No way would I stiff the guy, but it took a lot of faith on his part.

"No worries, besides I think it's pretty cool what you are doing for me, not to mention Evan." He responded as we continued to walk.

We both sort of wandered around a little just enjoying the freedom of the camp, and we both caught up with a lot of friends we had met from previous years. I looked at my watch and almost yelped because I had to get back to our campsite.

"Hey Tim, we should head back. If there are any changes to the schedule we should hear about it real soon. Evan will need to show up at the art studio around three if he is accepted, and you will have to show up to the safety class before supper tonight." I stated and started to head back with Tim close on my heel.

On the way to our campsite we ran into one of the counselors carrying several envelopes in a satchel. We greeted him before he got to our camp, and asked if there were any schedules for our unit. He gladly handed over several envelopes, and both Tim and I quickly looked through them. Tim saw his name and snatched it up tearing it open and started reading.

"I don't understand, it says to show up at the CCMT pavilion, and that my status is pending. What do you think that means?" He asked and I just shrugged my shoulder not sure myself.

I opened up mine and it stated pretty much the same reading that I was removed from the CCMT, but the status is pending. I looked at Tim and shrugged, but figured it probably depended on Dmytri and what he decided. Hopefully Evan at least has an invitation to show up to the art session.

We got back to camp just a little after two thirty, and I found Evan waiting for me a bit anxiously. I could tell he thought I had forgotten and abandoned him, but those thoughts seemed to disappear once he saw me and leaped up to meet me.

"Here you go bro." I said tossing him his schedule. I had tucked mine away so that he wouldn't wonder why I got one too. After all, mine had been done months ago. "Sorry I am a little late, but I got a little side tracked, and then I had to deliver some of the schedule changes to some of the guys in our unit. So what ya been up to?" I asked him curiously, wondering if he at least got out looking around the camp grounds. The place was really huge, and there were a lot of things to see.

"Oh…not much…but I did hang out with one of the other kids, Chase, he's in that art class, and we went down to the lake. I can't wait until I get a chance to do some swimming this week. It's totally awesome with fountains and waterslides almost like a water park." He said excitedly.

I was glad that he not only got out, but also met someone else. I just wanted him to have fun this week, along with making new friends. I thought it was important for him to realize he really is a cool kid to hang around with.

"Chase sounds pretty cool. I look forward to meeting him. Aren't you going to open your schedule?" I asked as we headed back to our cabin.

"Oh, yeah sure."

We walked inside our cabin, and I opened up the back flaps to let in some air. Being this close to the stream a cool breeze immediately wafted through the hot air inside our small confined space. At least we will be able to laze around in comfort instead of sweltering inside this canvas covered cabin. I pealed off my shirt, and lay back with a thin sheen of perspiration all over my torso. I reached down and adjusted myself, and saw Evan smirk a little at the movement.

"What…Geeze dude it's not like I'm boned up or anything…it's just the fabric was sort of pinching my balls." I told him smiling. He just looked down and nodded knowing full well these sorts of things happen. I really didn't have an erection, but if he keeps staring at me like that looking all hot in that blue outfit of his I will be sporting one here soon. Damn, even though I promised not to do anything with him unless he was eager and willing, it took a lot of will power not to strip him naked right there and then.

Evan interrupted my musings, "Um…I don't understand. It states here on my schedule that my art class is pending, and then I have this note from that painter…um…Dmytri." He stated reading the letter to himself.

"So, what's it say?" I asked curious now as well.

"Just that I am to bring my sketches to the art class at two thirty. Shit, it's already after two thirty. Do you think I should still go?" He asked me seriously.

"Shit dude…yeah sure, but if he asks about being late just tell him the truth that you just received the notice. Hurry up, grab your sketch book and go." I urged him.

Evan scrambled around a bit gathering up his stuff, and started to leave when he turned back around looking at me with a bewildered look on his features. "Shit I don't know where it's at?" He stated looking frantic.

"The small building next to the dining hall, now scoot."

The small building next to the dining room appeared unobtrusive as Evan slowly turned the handle, and stuck his head in the door. There were six other kids in the small space, and one giant hulking of a man who had looked up from some sketches to stare at him standing there in the doorway.

"Yes, what is it young man?" The large man inquired in a heavily accented voice.

"Um…I…I…uh…" Evan stammered embarrassed by his tied up tongue.

"This is being the serious class young man, and as you are to be seeing I am full so if you do not be having business here you must be then leaving, yes?"

"Oh sorry, but yes I just received this note a few moments ago, and it states for me to come and present you with my sketches." Evan finally managed to get out.

"Yes…yes, now I be the remembering. Come…come…show me what you are having in sketch, yes." The odd man beckoned him inside.

Evan entered a little hesitantly, and walked toward Dmytri. He trembled a little at the stares he was receiving from several of the youngsters sitting around casually at what appeared their assigned stations. Only one boy seemed to look on with kindness, it was Chase who he had met earlier. With trepidation he held out his sketch book, and handed it over to the art instructor.

The man started to thumb through the pages, and motioned for Evan to follow him over to the back of the room where there appeared to be all sorts of supplies. They were now out of earshot from the other students as Dmytri asked in a quiet voice.

"So, I hear you wish to learn to draw and paint, yes."

"Yes," Evan whispered. "Very much but…" The other man held up his hand to silence the boy.

"So tell me, how be you the drawing now?"

"What, I don't…uh…understand." Evan responded a little confused.

"Draw…" the older man pointed t the sketch pad a bit perplexed as he looked for more words. "Um…how long you draw now. Many years, two or three, how many?"

"Oh, no. I just started about four or five months ago. I get sort of bored at home so a few months back began to doodle a little, and then it sort of snowballed from there."

"I see, come to front of class. Good lesson to follow." The big man stated as he walked back to address the class.

"So class I want you to be looking at this drawing from this boy. How do you rate such a drawing, anyone, yes please speak up anyone." The large man addressed the rest of the students while Evan sort of bit his lip nervously while he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

One of the older boys, a huge kid, raised his hand, and smirked at Evan who seemed to cave in on himself. His drawings were being critiqued right in front of everyone…'how humiliating,' he thought to himself. He didn't like were this was heading, and just wanted to leave as unobtrusively as possible.

"Yes, you boy with the hand being up. Tell me the name, and then tell me about this drawing, yes."

"Yes, I'm Brad, and the drawing is very amateurish." He stated smugly.

Evan sort of cringed. He didn't like being ridiculed, but at the moment he couldn't do anything about it, and if truth be told the older boy was probably right. He looked over towards Chase who seemed to be glaring at the older boy, then looked over to him and tried to smile encouragingly.

"So…amateurish…I see." The older man replied glancing at the sketch for a moment. "So how long you be doing the drawing Brad, and what being the formal training?" Dmytri asked as he picked up Brad's sketch book and started to thumb through it.

"I started drawing when I was eight and I'm fifteen now. I have private tutors that I school under. Do you want me to list names?" He asked a little smugly grinning wickedly at the younger boy.

"No not to be necessary." The big man stated as he held up one of Brad's sketches placing it next to Evan's for comparison.

"So, who wishes to make comment on comparison between two drawings, yes anyone?"

The kids sort of looked at one another, and Brad started to say something, but it was Chase who spoke up.

"Uh, nothin for nothin, but how long has Evan been drawing?" He asked pointedly.

"Yes, you being good boy with good brain to be asking such worthy question. Evan be the drawing maybe four or five…" Dmytri stopped and looked for the right word.

"Years, months, weeks, or days, sir?" Chase pointed out picking up on Dmytri's dilemma with wording.

"Ah, yes young man. I think I am being liking you more and more, yes. Evan be the drawing now for four or five months. So my young friend Chase, now you know how long for both boys, what are you to be saying?"

"Well, yes, in a way Evan's drawing is amateurish, but given he has only been drawing for a few months without any training at all…well damn, it's totally awesome. As for Brad's drawing. He's had many years of training, not to mention professional help, and for that training his artwork sucks." Chase stated looking straight at Brad in a defiant manner. The older boy was by far way bigger than Chase, but the smaller boy didn't back down from the confrontational glare that was shot his way.

Dmytri smiled and handed the sketch pad back to Evan, and then looked towards Brad. "So, in art truths always come to the light. Brad, yes I will still teach you and be helping you be better. Evan, you can stay in class I teach you as well…yes?" Dmytri dismissed the younger boy, but Evan just stood there in a state of shock, and the large man just looked back down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I…I don't understand?" Evan stammered totally confused.

"I teach, what is to understand."

"N…no you don't understand, I didn't pay for the class. I can't afford something like this, and I don't have the proper tools, I'm sorry to have caused any problems," Evan stated as he started to head for the door.

Evan heard the art instructor cluck his tongue at him, and he turned around to see what the man wanted. "Young man, your class is being paid in full already, so be sitting with the smart boy Chase, he is to be having good influence on you. No needing for supplies…fee is to be including all necessary tools and supplies, so go be sitting, shoo…shoo." The painter gestured Evan over towards Chase. The curly haired boy was dumbfounded as he plopped down next to his new camp friend.

"What just happened?" He asked the other boy as he scrunched his face in contemplation.

"Looks like someone saw your talent, and made a contribution so you can participate. Then you made one hell of an impression on the art instructor, and he accepted you despite the class being closed to other students." He stated smiling at the shocked boy. Chase looked over at the shy boy, and was really starting to like him a lot. The kid was really sweet and honest to a fault, and there was nothing pretentious about him.

They both fell silent as they listened to Dmytri. The older boy, Brad, had scooted down in his chair and no longer looked so smug. You could tell he was one of those rich spoiled kids who was always used to getting what he wanted, and Evan hoped he didn't just make an enemy or it could make for a very long week.

It was about three thirty in the afternoon, and I was just laying back on my cot enjoying the cool breeze when the tent flaps opened up with an excited curly haired twelve year old boy entering weighed down with an armload full of supplies. I had to scoot out of the way as he twirled around setting various items on top of his bunk and the small desk at the end of his cot.

"Holy crap Kyle you won't believe this, but I got in, I actually got in." Evan exclaimed excitedly. "He looked at my drawings, and then showed it to the class asking for opinions. One jerk started to tear it down, but Dmytri sort of got other opinions and Chase was brilliant. He actually stuck up for my drawings noting how I had only just started a few months ago and Dmytri agreed tearing apart this prissy ass Brad guy. It was brilliant." Evan clamored on excitedly hardly taking time to breathe.

I couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm, and I had to admit I was a bit relieved to hear he had been accepted. I've been sitting here waiting for Evan to return just brimming with eagerness to see if he would actually be accepted into the class. Evan had stopped talking, and I looked up just in time to brace myself for the onslaught as the younger boy smothered me in a bear hug. His weight sent me crashing on my back, and almost knocked me out of bed along the side wall of the tent before I caught myself.

"Thank you so much Kyle. I know it was you, but how. Please don't tell me you gave up your spot on the CCMT?" He questioned as he continued to hold me tight.

I sighed as I breathed in deeply his sweet excited boy aroma, and held him close to me for a moment before he slowly scooted off of me. He was looking at me, and biting his lower lip. It looked as if he wanted to cry, and he slowly started to shake his head. I knew what he was thinking, and I reached out to grab his hand holding it gently in my own.

"No Evan, don't…it's alright, besides you remember Tim. Well you heard him, he's getting ready to move so won't get a chance to do it next year. I gave up my slot for him too you know. I can always come back next year, but for Tim it wasn't possible, and for you this was a once in a lifetime chance. A 'no brainer' as they say." I told him reassuringly.

I was smothered once again as Evan leaped towards me, and held me tight before letting go just shaking his head not knowing what to say. The boy reached out, and touched my face tracing the outlines of my features. It was a strange feeling having him touch me like this, and I felt something strange coursing through my body. It was almost euphoric and exhilarating, and it felt like time had stopped just for the two of us.

The younger boy was looking at me critically, and I couldn't really place my finger on it, then it hit me, yes it is how an artist looks at someone or something before they start to create their masterpiece. Then the moment was gone as he pulled his hand back.

"I don't know how Kyle, but I'll pay you back, every penny of it, I promise."

"Ah, no problem bro, you can pay me back by painting something for me maybe like at Christmas or something. It can be my Christmas gift and payment all in one, alright."

The smaller boy just nodded and sighed as he started to think on the other matter which he had on his mind. I could tell he was weighed down with some sort of conflict.

"So, what's on your mind?" I asked him casually hoping he would share.

"Oh I'm just thinking about what I am going to submit to Dmytri for my sketch. All the other kids started as soon as they got here this afternoon, and are already presenting their drawings one at a time to Dmytri for approval to start on their oil painting." Evan stated to me as he continued to think.

I was a little confused about the assignment. "I don't understand, what about the drawings you have in your sketchbook, won't one of them be alright to convert?"

Evan just shook his head. "No it has to be done here at camp. Since the other kids knew ahead of time about the assignment they all got started, and are now presenting him with their idea. Dmytri put me last on the list, and gave me until eight tonight to get something done."

"Oh alright, so what kind of artist is Dmytri, I mean what does he paint? If we know that then maybe we can come up with an idea together." I stated.

Evan smiled warmly at my offer to help out. He had asked his friend Chase the same thing since he only had the brochure to go by, and the other boy had more time to research the artist.

"Well according to Chase he has done all sorts of things like murals, landscapes, and even people. With landscape things he likes to do impressionism which is sort of um… well it's using the influence of light on nature filtered through an artistic eye. Kind of like the painting you have hanging in your room." Evan tried to explain. He may only be a beginning artist, but it sounded like he had been interested in art for years with how much he knew.

"Oh, alright, I like that kind of style." I admitted.

"He also likes to paint people, sort of like posed, but in a natural kind of way. He's even done nudes like that. I guess over in Ukraine there are a lot of places for Naturists, you know people who like to go swimming, camping, and such in the buff." I heard him explain and saw him blush as he giggled in a boyish kind of way.

"So he does nudes then?" I asked him.

"Well yeah…but not just nudes, rather regular portraits in general. He uses mostly the realism style for those. From a distance the painting looks like in real life, but when you get close you see it's an illusion created by the skillful use of paint, color and tone. The artist uses perspective to create an illusion of reality, setting the composition and lighting to make the most of the subject. If you think Mona Lisa, then you get the idea."

"Geeze dude, did you like absorb all of that information through your skin or something. It almost sounds like you are reciting from some sort of commentary or something." I chuckled at him as we both got quiet for a moment lost in our own thoughts.

It all sort of sounded complicated to me. I mean I sort of understood what Evan was saying about all that art stuff, but it was still way beyond me. While I digested this information I suddenly got an idea. I smiled as I got up, and motioned for Evan to grab his things.

"Let's go, I've got an idea that I think you will like. It is sort of a hike, but if you think you will be able to drag your stuff there I think I have the perfect place. You can get started, and then we can come down for dinner, and then go back if you haven't finished." I told him as I grabbed his hand pausing long enough to grab my little day pack shoving my camera inside the larger compartment along with a couple bottles of water in the smaller netting portion on the sides before heading out the door with him in tow trying not to trip over himself and his armload of items.

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