Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 9

The warmth radiating from the smooth skinned little boy tucked safely in my arms was somehow comforting as I lay there in that sort of in-between state of sleep and wakefulness. Without thinking my right hand had cupped around Mattie's little bulging crotch, and I was slowly rubbing my thumb against the fabric of his pajamas and rigid penis. Through the haze of my half asleep state I could hear him breathing rhythmically in his sleep as my own four inch erection was firmly snuggled up against the crack of his temperate globes. The sensation I felt with my penis nestled in the warmth of Mattie's crease was wonderful. I knew the sensation was making me leak with pre-cum, but I was too relaxed and felt too good to even care about it.

I was almost in dreamland when I sensed a little rocking motion on the mattress, and then something warm snuggling up against my back. It too felt wonderful, and I wanted to ignore it, but something in the back of my mind thought it odd. Slowly the haze faded away from my mind as an arm wrapped around my waist and tried to cuddle up closer to me. I looked over my shoulder and noticed the faint features of Evan looking back at me. Untangling myself from Mattie's little body I slowly turned around so I was facing the twelve year old boy.

Both of us lay facing each other on our side with our faces only inches away from one another on the shared pillow. Evan wrapped his arm over my waist and stroked my back affectionately slowly scooting up closer to me until his crotch was nestled up against my pubic mound, and my rigid penis was rubbing up against the bottom of his soft fleshy pouch. He giggled a little, the nervous kind of laughter, at our intimate closeness and scooted away just enough to break the contact of our firm tools pressing up against each other. He blushed, a little embarrassed about the incident, but I just ignored it as I leaned in to give him a quick kiss on the tip of his adorably cute little nose.

"Why aren't you sleeping over by Jaden," I whispered softly as I brushed my fingers through the locks of his hair.

Evan just smiled and shrugged his shoulders in that mannerism of his. "I'll tell you tomorrow." He whispered.

I sort of got the impression that his friend might have gotten a little frisky. Shit, that's the sort of thing you do when you are a twelve year old curious boy. I nodded my head in understanding and ran my hand down his naked back. He shivered from the sensation of the tender touch.

"Well, maybe we should get some sleep. We need to get up early, besides I'm pretty tired." I said yawning as I started to turn back around to cuddle back up with Mattie.

"Yeah, me too," Evan agreed as he started yawning himself.

"Oh, are you sure you don't have to go to the bathroom," I whispered looking over my shoulder.

Evan just shook his head indicating no.

"Just figured you might want to take a leak, you know because of what happened last night." I reminded him.

"Shit, I almost forgot. Thanks, maybe it's a good idea just in case." He responded as he crawled back out of bed, and headed for the bathroom in the main house so he wouldn't wake anyone up.

I burrowed myself up against Mattie and started to doze. A short while later I felt the bed moving around again as Evan crawled back up next to me. I thought he would just move himself up against me, but instead he started to crawl up on top of me, and force himself between myself and his little brother.

"What are you doing," I whispered.

"Nothing, I just thought it would be nice if I snuggled with my little brother. We haven't done that in ages. Besides, I'd rather have you holding me, it's...well it feels nice having someone cuddling up with me."

"Whatever," I whispered dismissing the situation, but smiling at it despite myself. I let Evan get into position next to his little brother as he scooted close, and held the little body to him. I heard Mattie muttering in his sleep and sigh deeply as if he were happy and contented. Once the boys were settled in I moved close to Evan and pulled myself up against his back putting my arm around his midsection. His skin felt soft and silky next to my body, and I inhaled deeply his musky boy scent that he had accumulated throughout the days activities. The last thought I had before I faded off to sleep is wondering what his crotch must smell and taste like. I smiled to myself knowing that of course it must be wonderful. Maybe someday soon I will find out for myself.

It seemed as if I had only just gotten asleep when my eyes popped open. It was still dark in the room, but I could see some light filtering through the shuttered dark colored drapes. I am one of those people who tend to wake up when I know it is time to do so and when I know I have to be somewhere. I was still lying in the same position as when I had fallen asleep with Evan tucked up next to me, and my arm draped over his naked waist. I lifted up my hand from Evan's torso and looked at the time. It was five thirty in the morning. Still early, but I wanted to have time to get cleaned up, and have some breakfast before mom got up.

"What time is it?" I heard Evan whisper. My movement must have woken him up when I looked at my watch.

"It's still really early, but I figured we should get up before everyone and get cleaned up."

"Hmmm, alright, I do feel like a bath. I don't think lake water counts as a clean bath." He admitted.

"Come on let's get up quietly so we don't wake anyone else." I stated as I slowly moved towards the edge of the bed.

"What about Mattie? I don't think we should leave him alone. I mean, I like Gabe and Jaden, but…you know?" He whispered to me.

Yeah I knew what he meant. I didn't think that Gabe or his little brother would really do anything kinky to Mattie, given our discussion last night, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of us horny young boys; hell just look at what I had done to the poor little guy just the other day. Of course Mattie hadn't cared because he liked it, but also more so because it was me who did it, and he knew and trusted me. With Gabe and Jaden it could be a complete different story if he woke up to them hovering over him, and didn't see me or his brother.

I nodded my head and motioned for Evan to get Mattie's small thin rimmed glasses while I picked him up off of the bed and held him to my body. His small frame felt warm up against my torso and sort of comforting. There is just something so unique about holding a little boy in your arms. I breathed in his scent and noticed a subtle difference to that of his older brother. The scent was very much the same with just a hint of something else that I just couldn't put my finger on.

A few moments later we were in my room, and I put Mattie into my bed covering him up. Evan looked at Mattie then back up to me, and couldn't help but giggle as he noticed my morning wood creating a huge tent in my baggy shorts.

"You're one to laugh," I stated pointing towards his own erection creating a nice sized bulge in his own shorts.

His cheeks reddened a little as he became self conscious of the fact that he was pretty much naked except for his shorts. I watched him as he turned his back to me and tried to adjust himself, which really made me laugh at how comical it was. Evan turned his head towards me looking questioningly.

"Shit dude, it's not as if I haven't already seen it making a huge tent in your shorts."

"Oh, I guess it's just sort of a habit," He sighed as he turned back around.

"So what's with the sleeping arrangements last night?" I asked him about why he had crawled into bed with me.

Evan looked a little shy about it and started to tell me what happened. It was like I had thought. Jaden had gotten a little frisky and Evan didn't want to hurt his feeling so when the other boy fell asleep he came over to us. He was afraid that if he fell asleep and Jaden woke up the other boy might try to sneak a peak like he had done with Mattie.

"Geeze Evan, I hope you don't think anything bad of Jaden. He's not a bad guy or anything, he's just…you know…curious is all. Shit he's got all the skirts in school chasing him not to mention tons of guy friends hanging around him so I don't think he really means anything by it."

Evan just shook his head, "Nah, I didn't think anything like that. I see how he is with his brother and stuff, it's just me. You know…I'm just sort of nervous about that sort of stuff. I really didn't think he would do anything, I was just sort of nervous is all. Besides, I think he's nice and pretty cool…not to mention hilarious. You have to admit that whole pantsing thing was just too much. I like him a lot."

The boy smiled at me with his latest admission about liking Jaden not to mention his admission about the whole pantsing thing. I smiled really glad that the two boys had hit it off so well. I watched as he grabbed his crotch to adjust his erection and smiled to myself.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower and take care of my boner, I suggest you do the same."

"W…What," He stammered out his cheeks flushing even brighter.

"I'm just saying…you know…we're heading to camp today, and there isn't that much privacy around. It might be a while before you can jack off, so you better do a good job today while you have the chance. My suggestion is to do it at least twice, more if you can bring yourself back up."

"What…I've never…I mean," he stammered before just clamping his mouth shut realizing no matter what he said it just wouldn't come out right anyway.

"What…you've never spanked your monkey twice in a row before?" I asked looking at Evan.

I watched him for a moment as the shock just sort of kept him tongue tied. The poor guy tried to speak up a couple of times before he finally swallowed the big lump down in his throat that was creating so many problems. Evan just shook his head looking down towards the ground. This was a bit embarrassing for him.

"Oh…um…well just give it a few minutes after your first go and then try it again. Fantasizing helps a lot, at least it does me. Just try to fantasize about that movie you saw the other day or maybe something more real like seeing me naked or even Jaden. I know it kind of got you all horned up."

Evan just snapped his head up sharply giving me a panicked look, and was trying to say something in his defense, but I just held up my hand.

"Listen, we all do it so don't get all bent out of shape over it. Shit, I might even think about Jaden in the shower today. He's a hot looking little guy, and damn, him all boned up like that last night was something else." I laughed remembering the sight.

Evan couldn't help himself either as he giggled recalling the sight. The boy really was hot all naked like that with his erection pointing up in the air. He had to admit he really had wanted to reach out and touch his new friend. Then he also remembered Kyle and how he looked before he hopped into the shower.

I noticed Evan glancing over towards me with a funny look on his face as if he were remembering something. I smiled to myself realizing he must be remembering me from the shower the other night. A thought occurred to me as I reached down and took off my shorts exposing my nakedness to Evan. This time he saw me all boned up with my soft boy pouch hanging down a bit between my legs. I could see the affect my teenage horned up nakedness had on him, and I hoped the imagery would add to his fantasy here in a little while.

Evan's eyes bulged out as he saw my penis spring up in the air once it was released from the confines of the shorts I wore. He licked his lips and I could see him reach down and grab his crotch as his own penis twitched inside those loose gray shorts. He had been hard before, but it somehow seemed to inflate even bigger.

"Uh…I think I should maybe take a…uh bath. D…do you think it would be alright?" He asked while openly staring at my thin but hard four inch erection, and my still hairless loose hanging pouch with a bit of curly downy hair around either side of my shaft.

I wrapped my fingers around my penis and gave it a couple of strokes. I watched fascinated as Evan seemed to shiver a moment when he saw me stroke myself. His cute mouth hung slightly open and his hazel eyes glittered a deep shade of blue. Without knowing it he too was stroking on his own erection that was pushing up against the fabric of his shorts. Damn, it was so hot watching the twelve year old fondling himself.

"Uh…yeah sure Evan." I pointed my thumb towards the door in my room that led out into the hallway and the other bathroom a few doors down. The boy started to turn towards the door when I spoke up again.

"Oh, Evan you should just take your time. Soak a little first and then jack off. After that rest for a few minutes and enjoy the water before trying again. Remember, it might be a few days before you get another chance." I stated giving him a wicked smile.

Evan just looked at me and rolled his eyes. "You're such a pervert," He stated but couldn't help himself as he grinned giving me a sly look then glanced down again at my hard erection before heading down the hallway. I couldn't help myself as I chuckled realizing he had just perved on me making sure he had a good image for when he jacked off.

I walked into the bathroom taking a quick piss before I hopped in the shower and adjusted the water temperature. I leaned up against the shower stall and enjoyed the feel of the warm water on my back. Ignoring my suggestion to Evan I began to slowly jerk my rigid boy toy in a leisurely and deliberate tempo. I knew my first orgasm wouldn't take long. There were too many wonderful images of Evan, Jaden, and Mattie bouncing around in my mind. I could already feel the tingling sensation begin to boil starting in the center of my testicles and deep down inside the core of my body. I started to pick up the tempo when I heard a thump and groan.

I jumped and yelped at the unexpected intrusion as I quickly turned around and tried to look out through the fogged up and hazy glass shower stall door. At first I didn't see anything, and then thought I detected some movement on the floor. I opened the glass door and peaked around the corner of it trying to hide my body. Sure it was one of those hazy kind of glass doors which you sort of could see through, but still it was the only cover I had for this embarrassing position I was in.

I looked at the small pile on the floor by the doorway entry to my bedroom and yelped with concern. Disregarding the state of my wet nakedness and hardness I ran over to the little figure on the ground and lifted him up. It was Mattie who had fallen down while trying to take off his pajama shorts. He was standing on his own now just a little wobbly as I tried to tug up his shorts again over his obvious erection.

"No, stop, I want to take a shower with you." Mattie complained as he tried to shove his shorts down again. He really was unstable from the medication and almost fell again.

"What, uh, maybe a little later Mattie when I'm done." I told him struggling to get him back into his shorts

Mattie continued to complain, and I finally just sighed knowing he was adamant about it. With a shrug I helped him out of his pajamas and carried him with me into the shower. So much for taking care of some much needed business at the moment. 'Oh well just a minor set back,' I thought to myself knowing that as soon as I was done with Mattie I could hop back in and finish the job.

I stepped up under the shower head and soaked down both of our bodies with the warm water. I set Mattie down facing away from me and squeezed some shampoo into his hair. I started to rub it into his scalp when he turned around to face me and placed his hands on my hips to keep himself balanced. He seemed to rock a little with unsteadiness, and he held on to my waist tighter. I resumed my shampooing when all of a sudden I felt his fingers wrap around my shaft.

"Shit," I yelped at not only the shock of what had just happened, but also because of the electricity that seemed to shoot through my body.

I was already in a heightened state of sexual tension, but someone grabbing a hold of my penis almost made me shoot my load. I reached down and snatched away Mattie's hand taking a step back gasping for breath while my penis just twitched around wildly in its heightened state of sensitivity.

"Wow!" Mattie exclaimed a little drowsily. "It's big and you have hair down there too."

"Uh, yeah." I stated still trying to get over my shock. "Yours will get bigger too, and you will get hair when you are older." I tried to explain simply without going into a lot of detail about the reproductive system. I knew the eight year old already knew some of the stuff, but didn't think it an appropriate subject at the moment.

"Why did it jerk like that," He asked me still gazing intently at my erection, which seemed to be so close to his face at the moment.

"Oh, you just caught me by surprise."

"Can I touch it again, Pleeeeease?" He pleaded.

"I don't think that's such…"

"Just real quick Kyle?"

"Alright, just for a moment then you have to let go and we have to finish the shower so you can get back to bed for another hour or two. It's really early Mattie, and you are still a little wobbly because of your meds."

"Ok, just real quick," He stated as he once again reached out to take my penis into his hand.

This time I managed to stay a little in control of myself. His touch was light, but felt so damn good on me. He looked closely at my hard shaft as he twisted it all around getting a good look before inspecting my sagging teenage pouch weighing them in his hands before finally relinquishing me.

"All done?" I asked him a little relieved that he had obeyed me and just looked briefly.

I figured it was more curiosity than anything else as I watched him scrutinizing his own boner that he was closely inspecting at the moment. I watched him look from his to mine, and then back again. I started back in on his hair scrubbing it trying to get done. I knew he was curious and waited for the inevitable next question.

"Why is your hard 'dinky' so different" he asked noticing his erect penis looked different from mine.

"Well, it's because when I was born my parents decided to have the skin removed. Remember when you pulled the skin back at the doctor's office. Well when you do that it looks like mine." I stated as I put his head back so I could rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

I pumped a few shots of body soap into the palms of my hand, and started to soap up his body. His skin felt so smooth and slick, and to tell you the truth it was really erotic how his skin felt as my hands slid effortlessly across the smooth tight unblemished surface. Mattie was focusing on his own little erection as he skinned himself, and then compared his little two inch erection to mine which was twice as long yet only about the same thickness as his.

"So, why didn't they take my skin away?" He asked.

"It's just a personal choice Mattie. Some parents don't want their sons to have a foreskin…um…their extra skin. Some parents do. By us here in the states a lot of boys are circumcised, I mean their skin is taken away when they are born. Over in Europe more boys are uncircumcised and still have their skin like you do. So even though there are more boys around here that look like me you don't have to worry. There will still be boys who look like you too, just not as many. If you go to Europe many more will look like you and fewer like me."

"Oh, alright…but why would they even bother to take the skin away if a boy is born that way?" He asked me trying to stifle a yawn. I could tell he would be asleep before too long. The strong medication was starting to win out on the battle between wills at the moment.

My hands continued to soap up his body, and I started to rub the slick substance over his penis and little ball sack that swayed freely between his legs. I felt him shudder at the sensation he was feeling as I thoroughly cleaned him up in this area. Even though it wasn't sexual on my part it still made me quiver in delight as my fingers slowly worked around the short thickness of his rigidness before moving down to the soft fleshiness of his boy pouch and small little testicles. My hands continued in his butt crack as he leaned over a bit so I could slide my soaped up hands between his cheeks. I heard him giggle a little as I washed him up good noticing how my penis kept twitching around excitedly between my legs.

"Well, some parents just think it is cleaner for boys when they get older." I responded to his question just a moment ago.

"Oh, is that why the doctor showed me how to clean myself."

"Yeah, so you see it really isn't that much of a big deal. You just have to make sure to pull the skin back at least once a week or if you get sand or something else in there, and just clean it with plain warm water. In old days they didn't have showers like we do so it was more difficult to keep your dinky clean so they started to circumcise boys for health reasons. These days it is easier to keep yourself clean." Of course it also had to do with religious reasons, but I didn't even want to get into that sort of discussion with the younger boy so kept the answer simple.

The little boy looked so damn cute all wet and soaped up with his little two inch erection pointing straight up into the air. My explanation seemed to satisfy him as I put him under the running water and made sure to rinse him off good. I started to open the glass door figuring we were done, but Mattie just looked over his shoulder as he remained under the warm water.

"You need to wash my exposed dinky with clean water." Mattie reminded me as he looked towards me expectantly.

Shit I had almost forgotten about the doctor incident. Mattie expected me to wash his skinned penis head when I was around. Not wanting to have an argument at the moment, and whispering a reminder to have a talk with him about this later when I got back from camp, I shrugged my shoulders and leaned over behind him. I reached around his torso, and looked over his shoulders as I lightly rubbed his penis head between my thumb and finger.

As soon as I touched Mattie the little boy's body convulsed into the air as his hips shoved forwards. I heard a gasp and then a moan escape from the boy as his whole body started to shiver.

"What the fuck," I yelped in shock.

At first I was alarmed not realizing what was going on. I held Mattie in my arms still holding on to his rigid penis as his hips bucked into the air. 'Fuck me,' I thought to myself. 'The kid's having an orgasm'.

At first I couldn't understand how it happened, I mean it wasn't as if I had jacked him off or anything. Then it dawned on me that just touching him all over his body had been enough of a stimulating affect on the poor boy's body. I had even soaped up his penis and testicles gently stroking my hands all over them. Finally, when I rubbed his penis head between my thumb and finger it had just put him over the edge.

Mattie was still moaning and grunting in my arms as his body twitched and writhed in orgasmic release. I couldn't do anything except for to just hold him tightly in my arms. The closeness of my own naked body to him contributed to his euphoric state, but that couldn't be helped. I had to hold him close so he wouldn't bang into the walls or fall over. I could feel his knees buckling under him as he just leaned into me for support.

His small body convulsed a couple of more times, but then ceased as he breathed heavily while we sat there on the floor of the shower stall. I had him cradled in my arms when his eyes slowly fluttered open, and he looked at me with a little smile. He was worn out, but he reached up his hand and stroked my face.

"That felt wonderful Kyle," he whispered softly.

"I bet it did," I whispered back and couldn't help but laugh a little at the situation. At least one of us was getting off today in the shower.

"Come on, I think this is enough for you this morning. Let's get you dried off and tucked into bed." I stated as I picked us both off the shower stall floor.

"Alright," He replied.

"Mattie, when I get back from camp we need to have a little talk about this, alright?"

He looked a little worried that he was in trouble. I could see the confusion in his face as he tried to figure out what he had done so wrong so I tried to ease his mind.

"Don't worry little man. You're not in trouble or anything, but we just have to talk about what happened. I know it felt good and everything, but what happened is something private and we have to talk about it between just the two of us. So don't do or say anything about this to anyone, agreed."

He nodded his head as I wrapped a towel around my mid-section before grabbing another one drying him off. I managed to get his shorts on before he fell asleep in my arms, and then carried him over to the bed. I tucked him under the covers, and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment to collect my thoughts.

Damn, that was the second time I gave Mattie an orgasm. The first time had been my fault and I told myself I wouldn't do that to him again because it wasn't right. I had just broken that promise, but this time it wasn't intentional, it just sort of happened by accident. So much for my golden rules or maybe it doesn't apply when you make that promise to yourself. At any rate I knew this had been an accident so really didn't feel all that guilty about what had just happened, but still it really was time for me to sit down with the eight year old to discuss the situation.

I unwrapped my towel from around my waist and wiped away some of the moisture from my body. I had been focused on Mattie so hadn't dried myself off when we got out of the shower. I started to get up when I saw movement by my doorway. At first I thought it might be Evan, but figured it was too soon for that. My shower with Mattie had really only been a couple of minutes, and I knew with his older brother taking a bath that by the time he filled up the tub and got in he was probably just enjoying the soaking right now.

I looked up as Jaden peaked around the doorway into my room. He saw me sitting there completely naked, and his eyes bulged out for a second. I know he's seen me naked before and stuff, but I don't ever think he's seen me naked with an erection.

"Uh, sorry Kyle, I was just wondering where everyone was, but I'll…uh…come back." He stated and started to pull his head back.

"Nah, that's alright dude, don't worry about…you know," I pointed at my erection as I stood up and motioned for him to come in. "Besides, I got a pretty good look at yours last night, so I guess it's only fair you get to see me."

Jaden laughed a little as he stepped into my room with his own erection creating a good sized tent in his blue jersey style shorts. He saw Mattie asleep on the bed and smiled cutely at the little boy. I pretty much knew what he was smiling about. His gaze left the little eight year old boy as he looked around my room. I don't think he's ever really been in my room before. Usually he only sees me when I come over to visit with his brother or when we are out and about somewhere.

"Wow, I didn't think your room would look like this, you know all clean and grown up like. What's with the painting?" He asked getting a closer look.

"I thought it just looks nice. I like it."

"Yeah, I do too," he admitted.

We sort of stood there for a moment, and I could tell he wanted to ask me about something.


"Yeah," I responded still admiring the painting.

"Did Evan…did he say anything to you about last night?"

"Yeah sort of."

"Oh." Jaden whispered looking down a little worried.

"I wouldn't worry about it Jaden. I talked to him about it, and he thinks the world of you. He knows a lot of it has to do with you being curious and all about him being uncut. He's just a little private about his body you know.

I sat down on the bed and he settled in next to me placing his left hand on the bed sort of behind me and leaned on it so that he was leaning towards me a little more. Jaden seemed relieved about the situation with Evan, and he looked down at my crotch while his right hand tugged on his own three inch erection. The boy had never seen me with an erection, and never had been that close to me before so he wanted to have a good look.

"Shit dude, doesn't that thing ever go down?" I asked him pointing to his erection.

"What?" He asked looking up at me.

"Your boner…shit…it seems like you've always got an erection. Doesn't it ever go down?"

"Fuck dude you have no idea. Lately it seems like I've always got a boner." He laughed as he leaned back and pulled out his waistband so he could take a look inside.

When he pulled back his waistband I could clearly see his nice three inch erection sticking up in the air and his testicles hanging between his legs. His silky fleshy like boy pouch seemed to be hanging a little this morning, and not so pulled up tightly against his body like they were last night. Evidently the warmth of his bed had let them drop and hang a little. He really was a very good looking boy.

"So you know there is this thing called jacking off that you could try." I smiled teasingly.

My reward was a firm punch in the arm. I protested about it, but only managed to get another punch followed by a glare this time.

"Shit dude, I'm always jacking off. I've been jacking off so much lately that my dick is raw, and my palms are getting calluses. I'm wearing out my arm and don't think I would make much of a baseball pitcher these days." He stated seriously.

"Is it really that bad?"

He rolled his eyes. "I can't even look at a girl without me popping one. Hell it can be just about anything these days. You saw what happened last night when I peaked at Mattie's cute uncut penis. Then just thinking about Evan's got me so damn horned up I'm lucky I didn't have a wet dream last night."

"Geeze, that bad huh? I mean even after all the jacking off you still have wet dreams to boot?" I asked him a bit shocked at this revelation.

Jaden looked down a little uncomfortable about the revelation of the wet dreams, and it had just sort of come out, but after a moment he just shrugged his shoulders knowing Kyle wouldn't say anything about it to anyone. "Yeah, you have no idea. I mean it isn't as if I squirt a whole bunch or anything and it is still that clear kind of stuff so I just don't get it. Hell, it happens about two or three times a week, and I'm afraid as I start…you know…," he paused before continuing. "Um…well…I'm afraid if I develop even further regarding this whole puberty thing and producing more semen, then I'll probably be having a wet dream every night." He admitted looking a bit worried about it. "I try to take care of it by jacking off all the time…to the point where I'm wearing out my throwing arm…but still…well you know…," He finished off getting quiet.

"Well if your arm is wearing out just get one of your girlfriends or something to help you with your problems. Even though you are out of school now there are still plenty of them around that can help you out just like when you where in school."

"What…you think…I mean." He stammered and it just dawned on me that even though he's got a lot of girls looking at him doesn't mean he's had any experience with any of them.

"Oh…sorry Jaden. That was out of line on my part, and I shouldn't have assumed…you know." I stated apologetically. "I mean, now that school's out I just assumed that's why you are having problems with…well you know…the whole erection thing and wet dreams and all. I just thought maybe it was because you weren't getting any in a regular kind of way. Sorry…um…my bad." I apologized to him sincerely

We sort of fell silent with the awkwardness of the situation. I've known Jaden a long time, and I don't even know why I had assumed he had done anything with girls yet. Sure he's popular and good looking, but hell thinking back on it I didn't have any experience either at his age.

"Kyle, can I ask you something?"

"I guess?" I responded.

"So, what's it feel like…you know?"

"What…you mean intercourse?" I asked.

"No…yes, I mean, have you had intercourse yet with a girl? Never mind, what I really wanted to know is what it feels like to be touched down there?"

"Oh," I replied. "Umm," I thought for a moment, but couldn't think because something else was nagging me. "I know you've said you haven't been touched by any girls, but you mean you've never even fooled around with any of your guy friends either?" I asked him a little curiously.

I mean I've sort of fooled around a little with my friends having mutual jack off sessions, but I never really felt the need for them to jack me. My friends have messed around with each other so I just thought it was natural for them to do so, but now it seems like Jaden was sort of like me in that way.

"Geeze Kyle…um…well I know it might be weird and stuff, but I just wouldn't want to do it with any of my friends at school. I know guys our age sort of mess around with each other, and I hear things with my friends doing those sorts of things between each other. But I just never wanted to do those things with them, and believe me some of them are really good looking guys and seem interested in doing that sort of stuff with me. I've even popped a boner a few times here and there when I see them…but…," He paused just shrugging his shoulders. "So?" He asked bringing us back to the original question.

"Yeah, it feels really good Jaden, a whole lot better than jacking off by yourself."

He looked at me wanting more details about the whole sex stuff. I've never felt comfortable talking to people about my sexual exploits. To tell you the truth I always made it a point to let my friends know that I didn't like hearing them talk about theirs either. I didn't think it was anyone else's business; especially, if it involves girls because I've always felt that this type of gossip only benefits guys and could really ruin a girl's reputation.

"Listen Jaden, I don't ever discuss my sexual exploits with other people. You should really think about this Jaden because I think it is an important to learn. If you brag about what you do with someone, and especially if it involves girls, the only one who benefits is the boy. For a girl you can really destroy her reputation, understand?"

Jaden had been listening to me intently and nodded his head. I could tell he was really taking this to heart.

"Yeah, I think you're right. Now, let's talk about your own problem. What's with your boner? Shit didn't you just take care of it in the shower?" He asked laughing at my own leaking erection.

I hadn't noticed, but since I hadn't jacked off and spewed my sperm yet, my penis was leaking. I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed before, but I took the towel and wiped myself.

"Damn, yeah I was working on it in the shower and was just about there when I was interrupted." I sighed making sure I had cleaned myself up really good.

"Hell no, what happened?" He asked me really feeling bad about it for me and understanding what it was like to get interrupted.

I pointed my thumb at Mattie, and Jaden just turned to look at the eight year old boy scrunching his eyes a little confused. He turned back to me questioningly and I just shrugged my shoulders. I told him what happened with Mattie keeling over on his face, and wanting to take a bath with me.

"Shit dude, you're so lucky about taking a bath with him all the time. Just thinking about washing that uncut penis makes me want to cum in my shorts right now."

"No…you've got the wrong idea Jaden. This is the first time I've ever taken a bath or shower with him."

"Really, I would have thought it happened a lot." He looked at me sort of quirky. "So, you still haven't taken care of your own little problem?" He asked me sincerely.

"No and that reminds me, maybe I better hop in the shower to do just that." I started to say when I received the second shock of the morning.

I yelped in shock, "What the fuck Jaden!" I exclaimed grabbing his hand and shoving it away.

I immediately felt bad about how harshly it had come out, but what he had done just sort of shocked me. For the second time this morning someone had just reached over and grabbed my naked erect penis in their hand, and for the second time that morning I almost popped my cork right there and then. My penis was so damn sensitive at the moment it wouldn't take much for me to go over the edge.

"Oh shit Kyle, please…I mean…I'm sorry. I…I just thought you know…"

"What?" I asked him more calmly now, and also because he looked really on the verge of crying.

"I thought that since you and Evan…that it would be alright if I…you know. Believe me I just really wanted to help you out and all, and figured since you and Evan…that it wouldn't be a big deal if I sort of…helped you."

"You think that…what? I mean, no…Evan and I never…what ever made you think that?"

The contorted facial expression that Jaden made clearly indicated he was so conflicted at the moment. I think the whole sexual overload in the little guy was coming to a boil, and he just didn't know what to do with himself.

"Fuck Kyle, please forgive me. It's just that….I'm so fucking horny I don't know what to do with myself. Then you've got my stupid brother who just keeps grabbing me and pantsing me in front of everyone. It used to be funny, and last night that was alright because it really was funny and all being just you guys, but he's always doing it in front of other people too. Now with me being boned up all the time it ain't funny anymore." He stated.

This was the first time I ever heard him complain about his older brother. He was right that both of his older brothers used to always tease him, and pull down his shorts and stuff, but I can see how it could become an issue now that he's getting older. At the moment he just looked so miserable and it sort of broke my heart. I reached out and pulled him into an embrace and just rocked him a little. He held on to me and started to calm down.

"Kyle, I'm really sorry. I didn't know that you and Evan weren't…you know."

I released him for a moment and held him out a little to get a better look at him. Even in this state he was still boned up. Damn the poor kid really was having a shitty time with this whole puberty thing. I reached out and stroked his cheeks that had just a hint of blondish peach fuzz, more like fine baby hairs. I looked into his baby blue eyes leaned in and gently kissed that cute little light brown pinhead sized freckle just above his upper lip. This time Jaden was the one who was surprised, but he didn't move away. He really was a very handsome boy, and my body trembled at what I was contemplating.

"Are you sure this is what you really want Jaden?" I asked him and watched as his eyes got big and round. He couldn't speak, but he just nodded his head. With permission given I leaned in again, and gently kissed his full blood red lips.

Both of our lips came together and at first Jaden was a little nervous about it, but then just gave in to the sensations he was feeling. Our lips parted a little and I stuck my tongue inside his mouth tasting him for the first time. It was exhilarating, and my body trembled as I leaned into him forcing him on his back. We scooted onto the bed, and my hands traced along the side of his chest and stomach finally diving up under the waistband of his shorts. I felt Jaden tremble under me as my fingers wrapped around his three inch pole. I felt him jerk at the contact as my lips parted from his.

"Oh fuck," he moaned as he felt me groping him. This was the first time someone other than him had ever held his penis in a sexual kind of way. Well his brothers had touched him there, but that was more horsing around and most definitely not in a tender way.

I started to kiss his neck and slowly worked my lips down towards his dime sized nipples as I twirled my tongue around the sensitive area. My right hand continued to massage his firm unyielding penis, and I could feel it twitch in response. He was breathing hard and I could tell that I would need to back off a little or he would cum too soon. I gently released his tool and heard him whimper.

"Please, don't stop." He whined as my hand came back upwards across his sides and stomach.

I looked up and noticed him watching me just pleading for me to touch him back down below again. I gave him a warm smile and slowly used my tongue to lick my way down to his belly button. He shivered at this newest sensation.

"Oh shit, that feels so hot," he gasped lifting his torso up into the air.

He settled back down on the bed and looked up towards the headboard. He reached up and snatched one of the pillows noticing Mattie sleeping only a few feet away. He looked back down at me a little concerned now realizing that we were sort of exposed. The door was open, Mattie was only a few feet away, and Evan was around somewhere. I wasn't too concerned though because I knew that Evan took long baths, and today maybe even longer because he was going to try and jack off twice. I was sure Mattie wasn't going to wake up any time soon because of the medication and the exhaustion of his own orgasm. As for anyone else, I'm sure mom was going to sleep in for as long as she could, and Gabe never gets up early during summer vacation.

I lifted up my head while Jaden tucked the pillow under himself, and smiled at the concerned boy. "Don't worry no one is coming to interrupt us. Besides, the risk makes it more interesting. Just lay back and enjoy because I am about to rock your world. You wanted it, and I'm going to give it to you." I whispered wickedly as I reached down and yanked off his shorts.

Jaden whimpered a little at the roughness, but settled back down as I planted my face onto his stomach using my tongue to wrap circles around his belly button while I once again grabbed onto his rigid three inch penis. I felt him jerk a little at my touch, and noticed his hips start to lift into the air as if he was trying to fuck my hand.

"Oh Gawd, I never knew it could feel so good." He grunted with clenched teeth as a clear liquid substance oozed out a bit from the tip of his pee slit slicking up the entire length of his rigid shaft.

Once again I had to release him because he was so hyped up and sensitive that it wasn't going to take much to bring him over the edge. I heard him complain again, but he stopped in mid-sentence as my hand found their way towards his crease. I rotated a little towards the side of him and placed his left leg over my shoulder as I buried my face into his pubic mound, and licked my way towards his shaft. I could hear him gasp at the closeness of my lips to his most private of areas.

With his left leg over my right shoulder I had complete access to his grommet and my fingers started to work their magic. I slowly pressed my finger up against his tightly closed pucker, and slowly made circles around the opening feeling how it contracted instinctively on its own. He immediately clamped down from the foreign sensation, but his body trembled with the contact. I could tell Jaden was focused on what I was doing between his two pale orbs so I raised the stakes on him as my mouth wrapped around his pre-cum leaking sweltering rigidness, and slathered my tongue in a swirling motion around the corona ridge of his penis head before flicking it up against his pee slit. The sweet like taste of his pre-cum kind of surprised me, but I didn't have time to reflect on it now has his body seemed to become alive with electricity.

"Oh fuck me," he grunted loudly as his hips shoved upwards at the unexpected turn of events.

I knew he thought I was only going to jack him off, and never thought in a million years that he would be getting a blow job today. Electricity coursed through his tiny frame sending a rippling sensation coursing through his torso. He grunted with surprise, and sucked in air as his body went rigid for a few moments.

I felt his body tense up at the contact of my lips on his penis, and I popped his rigid penis out of my mouth. A moment later I felt his body collapse back onto the mattress when his body relaxed. As soon as he relaxed I shoved my finger through the tight opening of his virginal rose bud all the way up to the first knuckle. Damn, he was so fucking tight back there, and it felt so damn hot up inside of him. The tautness around my finger made me pause for a moment as I reflected how it would feel having my sweltering rigid penis shoved up deep within that tight hot sexy virginal ass of his.

I heard him gasp and tense up at the intrusion so began to lick on his slightly hanging hairless boy pouch. He hissed in response, and he squirmed in my arms. I was sending shock waves of new sensations coursing through his tiny frame, and he just didn't know what to make of it all. I removed my finger from his grommet, and let my tongue glide down his perineum line before licking his love ring sending a wave of shivers up and down his body. He clamped down a moment, and then relaxed with a sigh as my tongue rimmed him, and then slowly pushed inside of him.

"Oh shit, Kyle, what the fuck are you doing to me?" Jaden whimpered and moaned in both agony and excitement. He didn't know if he should push, pull, shove, buck, or do all of the above.

His light but heady boy musk wafted up to my nose as I quivered enjoying his boy scent. I removed my tongue and made my way back up the perineum until I reached his testicles. I sucked them inside my mouth and used my tongue to flick at them. My finger found his now thoroughly slicked up grommet opening again, and I shoved it firmly inside of him up to the first knuckle enjoying the tightness of the warm dampness continually contracting around my finger. He whimpered at the intrusion, but I continued to push until it was all the way up deep inside of his body.

I released his testicles letting them bounce around and contract on their own, and wrapped my lips around his stiff three inch pride and joy as I slowly started to bob my head up and down while letting my tongue lash out along the length of his raphe, that distinct line on the underside of his penis. I felt him jerk at the new sensation, and I could feel his penis start to twitch. I knew he didn't have far to go. He had been so close several times now, but I had tried to hold him off for as long as possible so he could really get the best feelings possible. Now it was time to take him all the way to the home stretch.

I pulled back my finger slightly and I could feel him relax a little at the sensation of my fingers starting to exit. I had no intention of pulling out my finger as I forced in a second one next to the first one, and shoved both of them forcefully all the way inside of him. This caught him off guard, and deflected his attention from the wonderful sensations coming from his penis to the invasion happening down beneath him on his backside.

I heard him grunt in pain momentarily, but then started to wriggle my fingers against the nut sized pleasure center deep up inside of him. At the same time my tongue became a swirling frenzy as I twirled it around his flared ridge flicking it up against pee slit, and then continued to bob on his sleek slicked up rigid shaft. It was too much for him, and I felt his entire body tense up as he shoved his three inch erect penis as far up into my mouth as possible. His grommet clamped down tightly onto my fingers as he grunted and groaned in rapture.

"Oh fuck, fuck, I'm cum…," is all he managed to get out as his body seized on him when a huge wave took a hold of him. I felt his legs clamping down firmly around my head just as the first shockwave washed over his entire being.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuuumph, uuuuumph," I heard him grunt in rapid succession.

I felt a forceful first blast of cum splatter against the roof of my mouth followed by two more tiny dribbling ones. The first one of course had produced the most, but it wasn't really a lot because he was still in his youthful early stages of sowing his precious priceless seed. I let him spew forth all he had to offer, and enjoyed the feeling and taste of the slippery slightly viscous substance as I rolled it around on my tongue.

For me this was the first time I've ever given anyone a blow job, well a proper one anyway. I guess Mattie would be the first one I've ever given one to, but he was asleep at the time; whereas, Jaden was awake enjoying it for real. It wasn't bad thing or anything, regarding Jaden, and actually I felt kind of good about giving this kind of pleasure to someone like Jaden. He was a very beautiful boy, and didn't do too bad of a job his first time getting blown.

His body was still trembling, and he was breathing raggedly gasping for air as I scooted up beside him after I released his deflated soft wrinkled pinkish colored two inch penis from my mouth. I waited a few moments for him to recover. His body was totally drenched in perspiration, yet his face had that peaceful look of complete pleasure and gratification. His beautiful blue eyes finally focused on me as I leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. His eyes bulged out a little as he realized what I had just passed back on to him.

He swirled his tongue around the slightly glutinous substance in his mouth before swallowing. I swallowed the rest that was in my mouth and smiled at him. We had both shared his cum, and it hadn't taste that bad. It had a sort of sweet taste to it, and along with the fact he wasn't ejecting so much of it at this time, indicated he was still in the early stages of seminal production as his two chestnut sized twin little factories were ramping up for a lifetime of business.

He was still lying on his back recovering from his orgasm so I lifted up my leg over his mid-section, and sat on top of his now deflated two inch wrinkled up wet penis. He watched in fascination as I grabbed my own four inch erection, and started to slowly masturbate myself. I was leaking quiet a bit by this time surprising even myself, and my pre-cum made my shaft all slicked up. Jaden lifted his knees so that I could lean back, and shoved away my hand so that he could pleasure me himself. After what I had just given him, this was the least he could do for me.

I've been jacked off before by girls, but never another boy. I looked down on Jaden admiring his wonderful physique. He was a very beautiful handsome boy, and I enjoyed the sensations he was giving me as his hand slowly worked their magic on my sleek rigid erectness. He started out slowly sliding his hand up and down my shaft lubricating his fingers and my shaft with the copious amount of pre-cum leaking out from the tip of my flared mushroom shaped glans. I looked down into his beautiful powdery deep blue eyes, and fell in love with the exquisiteness of what we were sharing together.

I could feel him picking up the tempo, and I moaned at how his fingers felt along my shaft. I was keeping tempo with his fingers as I rocked my hips on his torso, and felt his soft penis come back alive between the creases of my pale soft pillowy orbs. 'Damn, the poor little guy really was a horny little vixen,' I thought to myself. His fingers were soft, almost feminine like, yet with a firm grip making this the best jacking I've had from someone else to date, It was all I could do to hold on for any length of time, and then I felt his other hand stroking my strong abs, which finally sent me over the edge making me exploded without warning.

"Uuuuumph, uuuumph, arggh, ummph, ummph." My body bucked and rocked as I shot five times, the most I've ever been able to shoot out of my little teenaged boy penis.

The first spunk flew out of the tip of my penis in an upward arch. I watched fascinated as it seemed to happen in slow motion. From the corner of my eye I could see Jaden watching intently almost in a trance as my white viscous glob took flight. We both watched it arch upward above my head, and then come crashing down on his nose, mouth, and chin to dribble on the little hollow area in the middle of his neck. It was thicker than anything I've spewed out before, but still a little clear as well. The other four shots landed in various areas on his chest and torso in just little tiny like droplets having expelled most of my tiny reserve in the first explosive release.

"Oh fuck Jaden," I cried out collapsing on top of him as he wrapped his arms around my back, and I wrapped mine around his neck.

The poor guy didn't know what to do about all the cum pooling around his face. His mouth was clamped down tightly as I leaned in and started to slurp up the thick sticky substance from his chin, nose and lips. As I finished up the last of it I slowly pressed my lips against his in a passionate kiss. He resisted at first, but then got caught up in the moment as he parted his lips and accepted my tongue and cum. He swirled his tongue around my seed and decided that although it was stronger and saltier than his had been, it still wasn't bad. He swallowed the liquid substance, and shoved his tongue inside my mouth searching for more.

"Damn, you're a greedy little fuck aren't you?" I whispered at him teasingly as we pulled apart for air.

He just looked back at me with a trickle of tears on the corners of his eyes as his two round blue orbs sparkled with delight. I could tell he didn't regret one moment of what had occurred between the two of us, and his body felt soft and wonderful up against mine as we once more cuddled up closer. The intimate like embrace sent shivers up my spine as I felt his erection pressing up against my stomach making me wonder for a brief moment if I should try milking that sweet little morsel of his one more time while my own little soldier started to stir awake at the prospect of being plunged back into action.

Clearing the lustful thoughts from my mind, I moaned with effort, and regrettably rolled off of him sitting up while grabbing my damp towel. He reached out and stroked my back tenderly. I looked back down at him and smiled at his beauty. He was so angelic lying there on his back with his ruffled honey blonde hair, smooth unblemished face, and silkily lithe youthful but firm body.

I wiped down my body, and then wiped him down as well making sure to give his nice little stiff package a pleasant squeeze. I then stood up on my wobbly feet, and wrapped the towel around my waist. It seemed like we had made love for hours, but only minutes had passed us by.

"I wish Gabe was more like you," I heard Jaden whisper.

"What do you mean?" I asked a little confused.

"I see how you treat Mattie and Evan. You cuddle with them, hold them, caress them, and just show them how much you care about them. I know my brothers love me and all, but sometimes they are too rough…know what I mean?" He asked me looking soft and all so sexy hot lying there on the bed.

I nodded my head. I did know what he meant. I've always felt there was a time and place to be all rough and tumble, but there also has to be a place for love and affection.

"I'll talk to Gabe for you, and make sure he stops pulling down your pants in front of other people. Hell, I'll just get him to stop period because you're just too fucking old for that kind of shit anymore. The other stuff you'll have to try to make that work on your own, but I will try to talk to him in a more general way about it. I don't want him to think you are talking about him behind his back, so maybe I'll just do that in a kind of general way so that when you say something it might hit home with him. If you want to cuddle with him you'll just have to go and cuddle with him. He might be rough with you at first but keep at it, he'll come around."

"You think so?" He asked.

"Yeah, now why don't you hop in the shower while I check up on Evan?"

"Awe, can't I go and check up on him too?" He asked me teasingly as I shook my head at him and chuckled realizing the little shit still wanted a chance at Evan.

With the towel wrapped around my waist I headed down the hallway and stopped outside of the bathroom where Evan was taking a bath. I could hear the water running in the tub so figured he must be refilling it with more warm water. At first I was a little bit surprised, but then again it really hasn't been all that long. I knocked on the door and asked if it was alright to peak inside. With permission given I slowly opened the door, and stuck my head inside.

"How are you doing?" I asked him noting the flushed look on his face as if he had just run the marathon.

"Um…good I guess. The water was getting a little cold so I figured I'd add some more hot to it. Is it alright or should I just stop and get out now?" He asked.

"Nah, we still have a lot of time. As a matter of fact I figured I'd hop in the shower again, and give it another go before anyone else wakes up. How about you? Are you going to make a second go of things?" I asked a little curious.

"I'm going to try." He stated blushing a little. "I just don't know if…if…ah…if it will come back awake or not." He finally blurted out.

I laughed at his analogy. "Oh well, think about this," I stated as I unwrapped my towel, and slowly stroked myself in front of him. The expression on his face was priceless as he watched my own three inch flaccid penis slowly expand and inflate until it maxed out at four inches long. In a way it kind of surprised me that it came awake so easily and so soon after my intense orgasm with Jaden, but I guess there was plenty of motivation with my adorably cute little Evan looking on.

"See, It only takes a little motivation," I said to him as I pointed towards his crotch that was hidden behind the bathtub. While I was stroking myself back into an erection Evan had without knowing it reached down and started to stroke himself as well.

"I bet you're as hard as a rock now." I teased him.

"You're a dickhead. You're right, but still a dickhead," he teased as he picked up the wet hand towel, and threw it at me.

I shut the door and left him to his vises while I wandered back into my room as my penis slowly deflated hearing the shower in the bathroom. I grinned wickedly and tip toed into the other room. I could see the outline of Jaden, and it looked like he was at it again. His back was turned to me so I slowly opened the sliding door and slipped in behind him.

He was starting to grunt a little as his fingers started to pick up pace on his three inch hardness. I slowly reached around him, and wrapped my hands around his pumping fist getting rewarded with a resounding yelp of surprise.

"Miss me," I whispered in Jaden's ear as I shoved away his hand, wrapped my fingers around his stifling hot and sweltering stiff erection, and started to stroke him furiously while I slipped my own torrid hardness between his soft cushiony orbs feeling the sexiness of it as they slithered around within the folds of warmth.

"Oh fuck," he gasped his soft globes constricting around my erection at the suddenness of my rapid pumping fist on his own source of stiff blissfulness.

The naughtiness and wickedness of what we were doing quickly sent him over the edge about five seconds later. It had happened so quickly and unexpectedly that his whole body thrust outward as his orgasm took a hold of his small athletic body for the second time within ten minutes. From the little mirror I had hanging on the shower wall I watched in fascination as his face contorted and shifted in varying degrees of blissful rapture. It was so damn sexy hot seeing him like this…so much so that when his soft supple pillowy folds clamped down around my sensitively heightened sleek hard pleasure instrument it in turn sent me over the top at the same time as my own body was wracked with an intense wave of orgasmic eroticism.

"Shit, shit, shit," he groaned as his body was sent into a spiraling sensation of spastic contortionism while my own seemed to slam up against him expelling what little reserves I had between the furrow of his silky cushiony warmth making me quiver in delightful release.

His first orgasm had been really extreme, but he had been prepared for it. This one was not as acute, but still very intense and had caught him completely by surprise. His knees buckled under him, and I had to hold on to him despite my own weakened state so that he wouldn't slump down on the floor. I continued to work on his stiff mechanism with my right hand, but very lightly and slowly now, while my left hand cupped his tight smooth boy purse and chestnut sized testicles giving them a firm squeeze to juice them until his entire body had expelled and given up not only the last assets of his seed, but also its need for any more orgasms. I didn't stop there though as I continued to gently and methodically take every last ounce of his incessant state of necessitated perpetual hardness away from him.

He was moaning and groaned complainingly in a bit of pain gasping for air as he continued to shudder and quiver while little tiny mini micro orgasmic ecliptic explosions continued to thrum throughout his body. Looking down I could see the source of his sleek hard youthful pride and joy masculinity had turned an almost bright pinkish reddish color of rawness. It almost frightened me making me wonder if this was the right thing to do, but I somehow sensed he needed this so continued to milk him of every last shred of hardness. With one final heave and shuddering gasp Jaden collapsed in my arms almost pulling me down off my feet it had happened so suddenly.

Slowly I felt his penis deflate in my hands, and I could actually hear a sigh of relief coming from Jaden. It was almost as if his entire body was finally feeling a sense of peace and relief it hadn't felt in a long time. I held Jaden in my arms for a while longer releasing his now completely deflated pale white shriveled two inch penis from my fingers. The sexy boy was still unsteady, but able to stand on his own as I slowly washed away the perspiration and boy scum from his body. We both cleaned ourselves up with shampoo and soap, helping each other along the way as our slicked up hands wandered over each other's smooth bodies exploring the richness of our Greek statuesque sexiness.

Jaden looked adorably handsome as we made our way back into my room, and I couldn't help but notice his nice firm smooth round globes swaying around as he walked a couple of steps in front of me. I put on a pair of clean shorts and picked up my phone to see if there were any new messages. I glanced up at the sexy nimble twelve year old studying him closely as he stooped over to pick up his blue pair of jersey style shorts before settling down on the bed. He sighed and scooted further up on the bed next to Mattie, and lay down on the pillow not bothering with the shorts. I watched him intently savoring the sight of his naked torso as he placed his right arm across his flat stomach. His left leg was curled up under his right leg, which was bent up at the knee, and his now deflated two inch penis draped lazily over his now slightly hanging loose boy pouch, and chestnut sized testicles. It was too good to pass up so I flipped on the camera feature of my smart phone, and snapped a couple of pictures while he looked over towards me and smiled. He didn't seem bothered by it so I continued to take a few more pictures. Some of them were full length shots of him just lying there with those sparkling beautiful eyes, some of them zoomed in to just his naked upper torso and face so I could capture his lively bright eyes, and some of them zoomed in to just his cute flaccid penis and adorably sweet boy pouch.

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