Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 22

"Shit, do you think he will tell anyone?" I heard Larry's voice through the door asking his friend Coop.

"No, Jackson's pretty cool about those sorts of things." I heard Coop respond.

"Oh, that's cool then. So how about you…can I return the favor?" I heard Larry asking through the door as Coop just giggled and what I assumed must have been a yes. I didn't hear anything for a few moments, and figured they were probably pulling down Coop's blue multi shaded swim trunks, when I heard Larry speak up again. "Holy crap, you're hung like a walrus." He hissed at the other boy.

"I…I know." I heard Coop's worried voice. "Um…if you'd rather not…you know…I would um…" The boy stated not able to finish the last part of his sentence as he squeaked in surprise with what I figured was him getting a reciprocal blowjob from Larry.

Not able to contain my curiosity I slowly opened the door, and saw Coop lying on his back his legs dangling over the edge of the bed with his bathing suit wrapped around his right ankle. Larry's face was hovering over Coop's four and a half inch circumcised erection as he slowly took the entire length into his mouth. The twelve year old boy squirmed around beneath Larry as the older boy reached between his legs and slowly squeezed Coop's large tight boy pouch that hugged up against his body closely, and chestnut sized testicles. I saw the hard long pale shaft belonging to Coop slowly slithering outwards before he abruptly shoved the entire length back into Larry's mouth surprising the older boy as all of a sudden his entire body seemed to jolt and spasm.

It was all Larry could do to hold on as I slowly shut the door, and made my way to the hallway bathroom. I hoped that Coop's orgasm wouldn't scare the crap out of Larry like it had with me as I recalled how the boy tried to suck in air while his body had contorted in the throes of his orgasm. I thought he was going to suffocate, but Coop had assured me afterwards it only happens when it catches him by surprise or is new. This definitely qualified as new, so I hoped it wouldn't freak out the other boy.

Closing the bathroom door behind me I walked over to the toilet and lifted the lid. I cursed because I had to take a piss really bad, but having seen Larry and Coop giving each other blowjobs had given me a really stiff erection. Placing my left hand against the back wall, I leaned over the toilet getting a better angle so that I could relieve myself. Just when I felt ready to let go of my fluids the bathroom door opened and shut quickly as Marco stumbled inside fumbling around inside of his bathing suit pulling out his own little boy erection.

"Hurry up and move over." Marco commanded as a huge stream gushed out of him effectively setting me off as well.

I swear it sounded like a huge double waterfall cascading down the side of a mountain into a shallow pool as we both emptied out our bladders. Marco sighed and shivered in relief as he just looked up at me and busted up laughing. I noticed his now flaccid penis still emptying out his bladder as we both continued to spill like Niagara Falls.

"Damn, how much did you drink?" I asked Marco as we both continued to piss.

"Probably as much as you." He giggled as he glanced over greedily at my slowly deflating erection.

Shaking my head at my little tiger I just chuckled with him staring overtly at my ever shrinking smaller retracting penis while I couldn't help myself but sneak a peak at his too. It's not as if I hadn't seen him before, or even touched him, but he still excited me as he shoved his hips out more urging the last of his pee to dribble out from the tip of his short stubby penis. I shook off the remnants of my yellowy fluid as well before I tucked myself away, and went to the sink to wash my hands. Marco joined me and smiled up at me, but I seemed to detect something in his eyes as we finished up.

"Alright my little snuggle bug…spill it." I told him as I lifted him up and sat him down onto the counter. Marco just looked into my eyes intently before reaching over and brushing my cheeks as he smiled. "So, what's wrong?" I asked him again.

"Nothing it's just…you're so happy and not lonely anymore." He responded looking down into his lap catching me by surprise as I screwed my eyebrows questioningly. "I mean a few months back you were so lonely and all…but now…it's just you are happy with your new family." He whispered softly.

"Hey Marco…," I sighed as I reached out and cupped my hand under his chin making him look into my eyes. "You'll always be my little snuggle bug. That will never change. Are you worried that I'll ignore you now just because I have some new brothers?" I asked him seriously as he sort of shrugged his shoulders while I nodded my head finally understanding. "Listen Marco, just because I have brothers doesn't mean that I don't love you anymore. You're still like a little brother to me, and I'll always be there for you just like I know you will always be there for me, understand?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess." He replied not sounding very convincing as I tried a different approach.

"Well, you and Brendan were brothers before I ever had any of my own. You still shared him with me, and he shared you with me, so what makes you think it isn't possible for you to be a part of my life now?" I asked him seriously as he thought about it some more and seemed to agree.

"Yeah, I suppose so." He stated as he reached out to give me a hug. "I just wish we could be closer together. I don't understand why we can't do special things together." He whispered in my ears as I realized what he was asking.

"Marco, I thought we had talked about this already. It's just I don't feel it is right to do something like that with you again because you're still so young." I told him seriously as he just shook his head.

"I know we talked about it Jackson, but I just can't help it. I know you and Ezra are boyfriends and that you love him, but I love you too and I know you love me. I see it inside of you, and don't tell me I'm wrong. Is what you feel for me different than what you feel for Ezra?" He posed the question to me that I've been fighting not to ask of myself as I felt him wrapping his arms around my neck giving me a heartfelt hug.

"I…I can't answer that." I responded shaking my head afraid of the answer.

"Please Jackson…I can't take it anymore." Marco whispered in my ear as he leaned in giving me a soft tender but passionate kiss on the lips, which took my breath away.

His lips tasted so sweet, unlike anything I've ever experienced before other than when I did this with Ezra. How could I be in love with two different boys, and with one of them being a couple of years older while the other one a couple of years younger? I didn't want to believe it, but I just couldn't deny it either anymore as our lips separated and I looked down at him and smiled. Lifting him down from the counter I took him by the hand and led him out of the bathroom. My bedroom door was open as I peaked inside noticing that Coop and Larry had left. Closing the door behind us I led Marco over to my bed and sat him down while I kneeled down between his knees.

He was looking at me expectantly as I leaned in and tenderly kissed him on the lips once more slipping my tongue inside of his mouth. He quivered as our tongues bumped against one another, and I slowly sucked the breath out of him. Releasing his lips leaving him gasping for air I nibbled on his right nipple making him gasp as he wrapped his arms around me. I pushed forward forcing him on to his back leaving his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. My lips suckled on his other dime sized perky nipple as I nibbled on that one as well, perhaps a bit too hard as he yelped and flinched reflexively. I could feel his small erection pressing up against my chest as I slowly worked my way past his belly button while my hands caressed his sides making him get goose bumps all along the surface of his skin.

He was breathing heavily now as I hooked my fingers into his waistband and tugged down his damp red, orange, and yellow warm toned scenic board shorts depicting a beach sunset with a silhouette of palm trees and a surf board. The damp cottony fabric slipped over his soft pillowy globes revealing his cut rigid two inch long fat stubby little sausage link. It bounced around expectantly as I looked up into his eyes. He smiled at me hopefully knowing that I had always backed off before, but this time I had no intention because deep down in my heart I knew this is what he really wanted. However, I still had to be positive about what I was going to do.

"Are you sure about this Marco?" I asked him seriously as he nodded his head. "You know once we go there we can't take it back?" I whispered at him as a single teardrop slipped from the corner of my eye.

At first the small salty droplet kind of surprised me, and I didn't know what to make of it, but then realized it was because I knew I was about to take away something precious from Marco. What we were about to do would plunge him into the world of no longer playing with sex in an innocent childlike manner, but rather into the realm of real adult like emotions of love. Once we crossed over this threshold a bit of his childhood would remain behind forever. In a sense I was both giving and taking something precious from him. I was giving him a special kind of love, but at the price of a piece of his childhood.

"Yes…I understand Jackson. I think I've always understood." He whispered back to me as he looked deeply into my eyes. "I don't care about anything else except being with you." He insisted as he smiled sweetly at me catching me by surprise once more at how mature he could be for someone who was still so young.

Nodding my head I leaned down and kissed his bare pubic mound as the smell of chlorine assaulted my nose before something else seemed to slowly overpower that aroma. His own unique scent made its way to the foreground, and was intoxicatingly heady, overwhelming me in a similar fashion as Ezra's own powerful fragrance always did for me. Marco's small little soft boy pouch hung down a bit loosely now between his legs as I slowly cupped it in the palm of my hand and massaged his olive sized testicles as he gasped and bucked upwards at my touch. He was so sexually charged, and I knew it wouldn't take much to send him over the edge.

Releasing his testicles I wanted to calm him down a little as I rubbed my finger over his grommet and slowly inserted it inside of him. He gasped again and shivered for a moment while I stopped allowing him to get his breath back before slowly inserting it all the way to the last knuckle surprisingly without any resistance. I could feel the heat all around my finger as I lowered my mouth over his rigid quivering penis, which also felt swelteringly warm against my lips as I gently eased them over his short thick little length.

"Oooh, what's that?" He hissed as he lifted his head looking down between his legs so he could watch himself getting his first blowjob ever, and his first finger impalement as I wiggled it around deep inside of him. "Oooh-oooh," he gasped dropping back down on to the mattress. "That feels so good….uuuuumph." He hissed and grunted squirming around as this new sensation assaulted his sensibilities from both sides.

Slowly my lips worked his small thick penis as my tongue swirled around his corona ridge while my finger slowly worked his back side. I felt him relaxing allowing my finger to work even more. He seemed extremely tight yet yielding at the same time as I now started to work his penis with my lips and tongue. It felt so damn small inside my mouth, yet so wonderfully thick at the same time. He was close now and all of a sudden I felt him tensing up as his orgasm washed over his tiny frame with him making little squeaking sounds. I looked up and saw his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he panted gasping for air.

His penis seemed to writhe around wildly inside of my mouth as it expanded even more with his body quivering in delight and him wriggling around beneath me. Then just as fast as it had begun, it was over as he breathed heavily in a state of complete exhaustion. I stood up and quickly shoved down my white and light blue plaid Hurley Boys Puerto Rico Board shorts as I bent his legs up to his chest exposing his cute lily white orbs. Lowering my hips on top of him I slowly pushed my penis against his little opening and rocked my hips forward.

My eyes puffed out as I gasped when the tip of my penis slipped past his tight opening without too much resistance. I heard Marco grunt softly as he looked into my eyes. I couldn't believe we were doing this, and that I was now actually inside of him.

"I'm going to make you mine forever more." I whispered to him softly as I slowly inserted more of my rigidness inside of him.

The sensation was so special, just like it had felt with Ezra as Marco and I became one. He seemed to relax and allowed himself to take me all the way inside of him while I slowly wept as a deep love and connection washed over me. I looked into his deep brown eyes as the intensity of his gaze seemed to bore down deep into the very core of my essence. There was no anger, no hatred, just complete love that he shared with me giving over all of his heart and soul entirely and freely. It was at this moment that I knew I would be connected with him forever more just as I was connected to Ezra. I knew I would have some explaining to do, but for now I didn't worry about it as I slowly started to fuck Marco's young tight little virginal boy pussy.

Looking down I couldn't believe my thin rod was piercing this boy's precious virginal love canal. My eyes focused on my own thin pale shaft slipping outwards before completely disappearing from sight as I plunged myself ever deeper, which made me quiver with excitement. He was extremely tight, but there was no resistance or pain as I made love to him gently taking care not to give in to my animalistic instincts by ramming myself into him too hard. I loved him too much to hurt him like that so I slowly made love to my little snuggle bug who at the moment became my little love bug. It was almost as if his little tunnel of love was specifically made for my thin small boy like penis because it seemed to completely wrap around my stiffness like the feel of a custom fit soft lambskin pair of gloves. My mind reeled with the realization of how Marco seemed to swallow up my penis as if it had waited patiently for eight long years for just this one moment. I was thankful that I didn't have a fat erection like I've seen on other boys because it just seemed to slip in and out of him without much effort despite how taut he felt wrapped around my stiff rigidness. Just realizing this made me want him even more as my hips continued to rock into him with enough forcefulness to make it enjoyable for both of us.

My eyes were mostly glued on to my hard thin pale erection noticing those small little web like blue veins starting to pop out even more as I continued to work myself into a state of complete blissfulness. Every once in a while I would glance up into Marco's eyes noticing the sheer love of contentment gazing back at me. We were both breathing hard at this point, and our bodies were slicked up with sweat as I continued to rock into him while my finger and thumb gently stroked his once more small fat hard erection. His little mushroom like knob glistened wetly looking a bit purplish blue as if it wasn't getting enough oxygen. I couldn't believe he was hard again so soon after his initial orgasm, not to mention with me impaling him with my stiff little boy spike.

I felt my insides start to boil when all of a sudden I peaked and shoved myself all the way inside of him bumping up against something that made him once more explode in his own little dry orgasmic euphoria. As I felt his pulsating jolts of lightning course through his tiny body, with my own electrical shocks keeping perfect timing with his my, mind went completely blank for a moment. When reality finally came crashing back into my thoughts the first thing I realized was the powerful electrical currents shooting outwards from me as I deposited my life giving seed deep inside of my little precious love bug. With one final jolt of spastic convulsion I gave up one more final small gift of my sweet nectar to the boy before collapsing on top of him feeling my soft penis slip out from inside of his tight no longer virginal opening.

We both gasped for air as I rolled off of him noticing my soft little boy penis and ball sack flopping around joyfully between my legs. I glanced over at Marco who was openly crying, but smiling happily at me as he rolled on top of me resting his head on my chest.

"That was so…awesome." He giggled in between gasps of air as he looked up at me. "Can we do that again?" He asked excitedly.

"What…now?" I asked him as he shook his head while I realized that I just recently had a similar conversation with Tyler not all that long ago.

It made me wonder if a person who has a dry orgasm tends to recover quicker from those of us who actually squirt our precious seed. It also reminded me that I now had two younger boys that I had to consider regarding this whole sex issue. I no longer felt guilty about having sex with them because I cared about them, but I did know it could create problems in the future. Both Tyler and Marco had to be considered differently in regards to our sexual play, but I still knew that having sex together was something that could complicate things in the future. Sighing, I just let it go for now knowing I couldn't help the types of feelings I was having for the two younger boys. What I felt for Marco was truly different to that of what I felt for Tyler, but it was still about sex that I needed to consider.

"No, I mean whenever we want." Marco replied bringing me out of my musings and looking at me seriously now as I nodded my head.

"I guess so Marco." I gulped in resignation finally coming to terms with the fact I had fallen head over heals for the boy. "But I will have some explaining to do with Ezra because this is something I can't keep from him." I replied as he nodded his head.

"I know and I don't care because I'm in love with him too." He whispered to me earnestly as I looked down at him just shaking my head as he continually made me wonder how at times he just seemed to know these types of things. "I also know he's in love with me." He persisted truthfully as now I looked at him incredulously.

"How do you know that?" I asked him curiously as he shrugged his shoulders.

"How did I know about you?" He replied catching me off guard as I got up and pulled up my damp swim trunks over my slim and trim body.

"Come-on, we better get you cleaned up and head downstairs before people start to wonder where we are." I told him pulling him inside my bathroom.

There was so much going on at my party that no one seemed to have missed us as we rejoined the celebration. At one point I managed to pull aside Ezra into the large canopied shelter and off to the corner where I talked with him about what happened between me and Marco. He was wearing a simple pair of white board shorts that did little to hide that cute little bulge of his as I continually glanced down at the nice little outline of his sleek flaccid penis. I was a little afraid how he would react, but once I told him he just looked at me and smiled shaking his head.

"I guess we will have to see how this is all going to work out." He told me as he laughed at my reaction.

"You're not mad at me?" I asked him seriously.

"No…not really. I guess I've always known how you felt about him, and to tell you the truth I guess I've always known I felt the same way about him too, but just couldn't bring myself to believing it. He's really special, and I do love him Jackson. I'm just worried about the age difference between me and Marco. If you think it is bad between you and him, just imagine how it is for me." He stated shaking his head. "I guess we will just have to work things out slowly." He responded as he smiled at me encouragingly.

"Yeah, I know…but I'm just tired of fighting against my feelings and always worrying over it. I can't help the fact that I'm in love with two different boys, and I'm glad you have feelings for Marco too because I'm determined to make this work between the three of us. I guess this means you are also willing to try making things work." I observed as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah sure, but we will have to be careful since he's still pretty young and all. I also don't know what we are going to say to Brendan about it. I mean, it is his little brother you know." Ezra acknowledged the small dilemma as I had to agree with him.

"Tell me about it. I have no idea on how to deal with Brendan, but speaking of him we have one more thing we need to do today at my party." I stated as Ezra's right eyebrow rose, which reminded me of that Spock character on Star Trek, and just looked at me.

"What's that?" He asked me curiously.

"Brendan of course you silly little ninny. We've got to get him a girlfriend so he can get laid." I told him sincerely. "I'm getting tired of taking care of his urges. He's straight after all so he needs a girlfriend to help him out, and not constantly relying on us to do it for him." I crossed my arms looking at Ezra critically. "Don't get me wrong I love Brendan, and don't mind helping him, but it's about time he finally gets to experience things in a heterosexual way." I quipped as Ezra nodded his head assuring me he agreed wholeheartedly.

"Alright, sounds good, but how are we going to do that?" He asked me critically as I pointed towards Suzanne. "Really…and how do you propose to do that?" He asked me gravely.

"Well, I've already talked to Suzanne about Brendan. Of course she likes him, and I told her that Brendan has feelings for her, but is kind of shy about asking her out and stuff. I told her that I would bring Brendan around, and that she has to be ready to help on her end. I told her I didn't know how, but I will drop the hint to Brendan that she likes him too, and then if she gets a chance she will have to make a move on him." I told Ezra who just smiled at me and shook his head.

"So what happens if Brendan doesn't have feelings for her?" He laughed as his eyes seemed to twinkle mischievously.

"As horny as he's been lately I think he'll make a move if given the chance. It's not as if he doesn't know her, and he's made comments a time or two about how he thought she was kind of cute. So I think if we give him a little nudge in the right direction he'll take it, and give it a try." I assured Ezra.

"Geeze, when I told you to make up with her despite what happened between the two of you, I didn't mean for you to get her another guy who can take care of her…um…unique needs." He chuckled at me while I just looked at him sternly.

"Yeah…um…thanks for reminding me about that." I retorted shuddering at the memory while trying to shake it off for the sake of my friend Brendan. I mean when all was said and done it wasn't all bad that it had happened since it was what made me finally realize I loved Ezra; however, it was still a reminder of how awful I felt about that sexual act.

Ezra's features softened at my reaction. "I'm sorry Jackson…I should know better, but I'm glad you've at least forgiven her and still are friends. I know it was tough for you, but she really is a nice person you know. Despite what happened between the two of you I don't think she had intended things in a bad way." He reminded me as I just nodded my head understanding what he was saying, but still having mixed feelings over the entire incident.

"Yeah, I know, that is why I talked to her about Brendan. To be honest since she's so willing to have sex, and since Brendan is so horny, I think it could work." I replied as Ezra started to protest about something, but I held up my hand knowing what he was anxious about. "Don't worry Ezra, I talked to Suzanne about our…um…mishap, and also asked her if she was willing to commit to one person and not to…um…you know…do stuff with other guys." I told him.

"Well, how'd that go?" He asked me seriously looking a bit shocked that I would have approached Suzanne about something like that.

"Damn, you have no idea. It was…like…well really weird to talk to her about something like that, but she did understand my nervousness because of what happened between the two of us. I do remember when it happened that she had told me it was her first time, but because of how we got to that point I was still a bit worried. She told me that her feelings for me had been real, but she does like Brendan too, and isn't the kind of girl to just run around with anyone." I smiled and explained to him, while I also began to clarify my grand scheme to him on how I planned on accomplishing this bold idea.

He heard me out, and then paused gathering together his thoughts. "Alright, but the real question is do you think it will work?" He finally asked me seeming genuinely surprised at my simple plan as I laughed and shrugged my shoulders.

"Who knows, but let's find out." I chuckled as he just belted out a loud laugh with his whole body shaking.

"Holy crap, I don't think anyone stands a chance against you once you get something in that mind of yours." He managed to say in-between chuckles.

With our plan in place we made our way over towards Brendan, and finally found the opportunity to talk with him alone. At first Brendan was a bit shocked at our suggestion, but when I waved to Suzanne she smiled back and beamed at Brendan. That was all it took as he made his way over towards her. Before long both of them seemed to hit it off as they chatted away for a long time before Braxton and his girlfriend joined them as well. While I continued to make my way around to some of my other friends to see how everyone was doing, I kept glancing over towards the two pairs of couples. Ezra saw me looking over at the foursome, and just winked at me shaking his head in amazement.

"You mean to tell me that's all there is to it…that's all it takes to get two people together." He laughed as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and gave me a quick squeeze. "Geeze, I wish I would have known that a long time ago."

Just as I was about to respond Marco came running up, and leaped into Ezra's arm wrapping himself around the older boy and catching him by surprise. "Whoa, what's with all of this, and what did I do to deserve such a nice hug from my favorite little sprite?" Ezra chuckled as he hugged the smaller boy who had attached himself to him.

Marco kissed him on the cheek before whispering in his ear. "Because you're my new boyfriend," the smaller boy winked at Ezra as he just smiled knowingly while Ezra coughed being caught off guard.

"How…I mean…crap Marco you need to be more careful." Ezra whispered back to the boy reprimanding him a little as he looked around making sure no one heard the exchange.

"I know Ezra, sorry about that, but don't worry I didn't say anything to anyone. You guys already talked to me about that sort of thing, but I'm just so happy and excited is all." He replied as he hugged Ezra tightly again before the older boy put him back down on his feet.

"That's alright, and all three of us will get together soon and talk about this." He promised Marco as he ruffled the boy's damp hair. "Now scoot and find your friends."

Instead of leaving Marco came over to me and gave me a big hug as well. "This is such a great party, thanks for inviting me. It's nice that you invited a few other kids my age too so that we can hang out together."

"You're very welcome Marco, and I'm glad everyone is having fun. That's one of the best birthday gifts ever." I smiled at him. "Like Ezra said the three of us will need to sit down here soon to talk about how this is going to work, but go have fun with your friends." I shooed him away as he paused long enough to wink at me, and giggle knowingly while I just rolled my eyes at him realizing he was going to be a handful for me and Ezra here in the near future.

Ezra excused himself while I continued to make my rounds. I came across Larry and Coop as both of them just blushed when I walked up to them from behind and wrapped my arm around them.

"So, how are my two little love birds doing?" I asked them softly as I glanced around making sure no one could hear us.

"Shit!" Larry flinched in surprise when I wrapped my arm around him. "Damn, you've got to stop sneaking up on people." He griped looking at me seriously, but still a bit nervous.

"If I did that I'd miss out on all the good juicy stuff." I teased Larry who looked around uneasily.

"You…um…you're not going to say anything to anyone about…um…you know?" He whispered nervously as he continued to blush being a bit embarrassed having been caught literally with his pants down doing the nasty with Coop who just watched us trying not to laugh.

"Well that depends? How do you two really feel about each other?" I asked him teasingly, but he must have thought I was serious.

"We…um…well I can't speak for Coop, but I…um…I like him a lot, and I…um…like what happened between the two of us. I don't know what it really means…you know regarding girls and all…so…," he shrugged his shoulders not knowing what else to say.

"Geeze Larry, I was just joking around with you and wasn't serious, but I'm glad you like Coop. I know he likes you too, and I don't care if you two fool around together or not. It's really none of my business, so don't worry I won't say anything to anyone alright?" I smiled at him reassuringly as he seemed to relax a lot more.

"Thanks Jackson, that means a lot." He smiled at me as he looked around and leaned in so he could whisper in my ear. "I hope this will take care of me constantly popping a boner in the showers." He laughed as I just shook my head and waggled my finger at him.

"Well, if nothing else at least you can tell everyone you now shoot so they can back off from constantly teasing you about it." I whispered back as he hiccupped realizing I had heard what he had said to Coop right after his orgasm.

"Shit Jackson." He laughed. "I don't know if you spying on us like that makes me mad or just plain ole turns me on." He managed to get out between laughter as he just winked at me.

"Well, from the sounds of things it would appear as if you really love big sausages." I laughed at him good naturedly as he blushed and punched me in the arm.

"Damn, you're a fucking dick-wad." He griped as he just looked at Coop who shrugged his shoulders.

"What can I say? I mean it did seem to me that you really did like my large sausage offering. I also seemed to recall that you were still…um…a little hungry for more afterwards." Coop teased his friend as he flinched when Larry punched him in the arm as well.

"Well, you didn't seem to complain all that much about my slightly smaller offering, but I did also include a little bit of liquid refreshment to go along with it though, so I guess you can say it evened out." Larry teased back as now it was Coop's turn to blush. "As a matter of fact, if I recall correctly you seemed to enjoy the liquid tonic making sure to slurp up every little droplet of it." He laughed as Coop's eyes just bugged out of his head with it being his turn now to look around making sure no one heard.

"Shit, maybe we should…um…you know be a little more quiet about this with all these people around. Better yet, maybe we shouldn't talk about this at all." Coop managed to say as he looked around nervously making sure no one was listening in on our private conversation.

He was right so we changed the topic and chatted for a while longer before I continued to make my rounds. The rest of the afternoon seemed to fly by as everyone continued to enjoy themselves. There was plenty of food and snacks to go around even for a whole bunch of hungry teenagers. While some of us swam in the heated pool and played some games together, others would hop on to the video games goofing around and having fun that way. When we needed a break some of us would just gather around in the canopied shelter to joke with one another while we lounged around. Little groups would form up with people having fun before it broke up and they went different ways wandering over to another crowd of people enjoying their company as well. Everyone seemed to get along no matter what the age difference, but as is true with all things it slowly started to get late as one by one people got dressed and had to go home.

Brendan and Marco were going to spend the night, but Braxton and his girlfriend invited the two new love birds to go to a late night movie with them. So it was decided that Brendan would stay with Braxton and Suzanne with the Braxton's girlfriend. Brendan got permission from his dad who seemed delighted by the news that his eldest son had his first real girlfriend. Suzanne talked to her mom who talked it out with the older girl's mom that it would be alright. Tomorrow morning Mr. Cuconato would pick up Brendan, and also Suzanne, bringing both of them home with him. Marco would spend the night with Tyler and Zachary, and after a quick phone call Thomas got permission to spend the night as well.

When Charley's grandfather came to pick him up my folks greeted the elderly man and invited him inside. They had packed up several bins full of leftover cooked hamburger, hotdogs, and chicken, along with potato salad, bags of chips, fruit, and even a cake that hadn't even been touched. They asked the elderly man if he would take the food off their hands because it would be a shame to see it all go to waste. The man refused at first so my dad told him that we had kept as much as we felt wouldn't go to waste for ourselves, but there was still so much leftover. It would be a shame to have it go bad because there was too much to eat so he would be doing us a favor. My mom told Charley Horse that she knows he has a pretty big family so it would make sense that he took the extra food so it wouldn't spoil. The man nodded his head graciously at our offer, and thanked our family for inviting Charley over for the party, and for the leftover food. It would be a very nice treat for the entire family when they got back home.

We were in the living room now gathered around the diorama of Gettysburg waiting for Coop's mom to pick him and his sisters up when the boy noticed the girls had forgotten their gym bag. I told him not to worry as I headed out to go find it in the changing area. The music was still blasting away in the shelter as I headed towards the changing room and stepped inside. For the second time today I stopped dead in my tracks as I lifted aside the curtained off section.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting I began to notice a heap of towels sprawled all around on the ground haphazardly. However, this wasn't what really had gotten my attention as my eyes focused on two sweaty bodies writhing around on top of the pile of towels. Brendan was all tensed up as his hips rotated and gyrated making Suzanne moan with pleasure. His sky blue Cherokee Swim trunks with two navy blue broad stripes on the right leg and three navy blue palm tree prints on the left leg was tossed over haphazardly off to the side. From my angle I could see Brendan slowly squeezing Suzanne's perky little breasts with her fuchsia colored bikini top shoved upwards over her chest giving him complete access to her soft white fleshy skin. He was methodically thrusting his hips forwards and backwards making his hard rigid thick erection slide up and down inside of the girl's slicked up slit. She in turn had her legs wrapped around his small waist, and seemed to be pulling them towards her forcing his hips to plunge forward with more powerful thrusts. I noticed her bikini bottom wrapped around her right ankle as the two of them continued to work themselves into a frenzy seemingly having created a rhythm as I stood there in stunned silence.

The scene was surreal as I watched in amazement Brendan's walnut sized testicles swaying between the girl's legs before slapping up against her lily white globes every time he thrust his hips forward. He was making animalistic kinds of grunts as he sped up his thrusting motions pounding up against her even harder. I didn't know how long they had been going at it, but both of their bodies were completely drenched in sweat. Suzanne's moans seemed to intensify as well before she suddenly trembled and shook wildly when her orgasm slammed through her petite girlish figure making her small breasts quiver and ripple with each pulsating jolt of spastic convulsion. Her orgasm kind of stunned me because I've always heard it was difficult for a guy to actually get a girl to orgasm since we tended to peak first. My attention snapped back to Brendan when I heard him rasping gutturally as he responded to her orgasm with his entire body going rigid. With one final forceful thrust, Brendan shoved his torrid piece of steel all the way to the hilt while he let out a snarling brutish kind of growl before his own orgasm shook him to his core. His two small porcelain like globes clenched tightly creating two cute little dimples while his walnut sized testicles seemed to leap upwards forcing his little boy pouch to bounce around erratically between Suzanne's legs. The sheer force of the older boy's testicles contracting upwards made me quiver excitedly as I realized at this very moment his precious viscous seminal life giving seed was being copiously emptied out into the warm welcoming depths of Suzanne's motherly embrace.

There were two bodies connected at the groin now writhing around on the ground in pure blissful orgasmic harmony as sheer grunts of pleasure escaped their lips. Brendan's body was literally plastered up tightly against Suzanne with both of their arms constricting together as if they were trying to meld into one person. With one final cataclysmic spastic ripple that slammed through both of their small bodies the two lovers finally collapsed into a heap on the ground remaining perfectly still, the only sign of life their chests heaving up and down as they gasped for air. Brendan's face was snuggled up alongside Suzanne's neck as he just whispered to her.

"Oh shit…oh shit…that was…oh shit I can't believe how incredible you are." He told her as he tried to recuperate.

At that moment he seemed to sense somebody nearby as all of a sudden he flinched in a panic lifting his head up and looked right at me. Suzanne must have detected it as well since she tilted her head backwards noticing me standing at the entrance to the change room. I don't think she recognized who I was at first because she was seeing me upside down from her perspective, but after a second seemed to calm down as she realized it was just me.

"I…um…I…," I managed to stutter as Brendan just looked at me for a second with an upset and hurt look on his face. "I…I…shit, I'm…um…really sorry. I…I…um…didn't realize you guys were in here." I stuttered my cheeks flushing beat red as Brendan rolled off from on top of Suzanne with his now completely wet looking shriveled up flaccid three inch penis slipping out from between her fleshy girly bits.

My eyes were just frozen on Brendan's damp looking flaccidness as it flopped around on top of his small patch of pubes. He looked so damn sexy as I tore my gaze away blushing because I was staring at one of my best friends, right after he had real sex for the first time loosing his virginity in the process. I was happy for him, but also a bit mortified as I had stumbled in on this very private moment for him. Suzanne covered herself up with some towels bringing me back to the moment.

"I…I'm sorry." I repeated as I spotted Coop's sisters' gym bag and snatched it up. "Brendan…," I started to speak when I noticed him shooting me a warning look that changed to hatred for busting in on him.

As he covered up his nakedness with a towel I lowered my head looking down as tears threatened to overwhelm me. I was confused by his reaction, but I guess I sort of understood. This was such a private and intimate act, and I had just stood there in stunned amazement unable to move witnessing it all. Hurrying back to the house I handed over the bag to one of the girls just in time as Coop's mom showed up.

As soon as they left I made my way up into my bedroom without saying a word, and closed the door. Making my way over to my bed I just sat down and pulled up my legs to my chest while placing my chin on my knees wondering how I could fix this with Brendan. I was hurt by his reaction and the look of shear hatred from my first ever friend tore into me as I bit into my lower lip while the memory of it assaulted my sensibilities. I was so deep in thought that I hadn't heard anyone entering my room so flinched when I felt a soothing hand on my shoulder.

It was Brendan who looked sad at the moment as he wrapped his arm around me and held me tight. "Jackson please forgive me. I'm so sorry, and I had no right to be that upset with you. It's just you caught me by surprise. I know you hadn't intended to walk in on us, but still, it sort of surprised me is all." He whispered in my ear as he tried to sooth me.

"Brendan I'm so sorry. Really, with the music and all, I didn't know anyone was in the change room. I was just getting Coop's sisters' gym bag that they had forgotten. I'd just die if I messed up our friendship." I hiccupped apologetically.

"I know Jackson, and I'm sorry too because I don't want to get you upset; especially, not on your birthday. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did; after all I sort of did the same thing with you and Ezra the other night, so I had no right to get mad at you. Besides, I'm glad it was you, and not one of Coop's sisters who busted in on us. That would have been…well disastrous." He laughed as I just leaned into him and wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

"So, how was it?" I asked him giggling knowing the answer already.

"How was what?" He bumped into me teasingly.

"You know very well what?" I countered as he just chuckled shaking his head.

"It was…magical." He laughed freely letting his emotions bubble out of him. "Geeze Jackson let's just leave it at that because I don't think I want to go into any details about it." He whispered honestly as I nodded my head in understanding.

"That's alright; I think I saw enough of the details anyway." I chuckled as he looked at me reproachfully. "Not only that, but from the obvious boner in your shorts at the moment I'd say it must have been pretty hot and heavy." I taunted him as he looked down and adjusted his noticeable bulge so soon after loosing his virginity.

"Yeah, and what makes you think it is because of her. After all you are the one in my arms at the moment, and let's face it I love that hot body of yours." He mocked me as he threw me back on to the bed and shoved his hand down the front of my bathing suit as he grabbed my boy pouch and small thin erection.

The move caught me by surprise as I grabbed at his arm and squirmed around the bed trying desperately to dislodge his hand without any success. "I give…I give already." I screeched and twisted around trying to force him off of me while he leaned down and surprised me again with a passionate kiss on the lips.

My resolve melted at that moment as he removed his hand from my small boyish sex toy, and shifted his weight on top of my slight form. It made me feel sad for a moment that he had removed his warm fingers from around my shaft, until I felt the heat and hardness of his erection pressing up against me. I moaned softly as electricity seemed to course through my tiny frame.

"Oh shit Brendan that feels so fucking awesome." I managed to croak out as he thrust his hips against mine forcing our clothed erections together. "I…um…Brendan…I don't think this is such a good idea…," my voice trailed off before his soft lips pressed down against my mouth.

He sucked the air out of my lungs making me a bit lightheaded in the process as I felt his hands all over my body making me quiver in delight. Slowly he ran his lips along my chest and stomach before pausing a moment to look up at me almost asking for permission before pulling down my bathing suit. I instinctively lifted my hips, effectively giving him consent, and allowing him to pull them off my legs before once more pressing his lips up against me. My mind was reeling with pleasure as I felt his lips brushing up against my pubic mound. He's never had his face this close to my erection as I felt his soft warm breath fluttering around my rigid sexiness. Looking down just in time, I watched his ruby red lips softly slip over my firm thin shaft. The light blue webbed like veins were all puffed out as my blood engorged shaft pulsed in timing to my heartbeat making my penis quiver in delight inside Brendan's warm damp mouth.

Gasping and shuddering, I felt his lips slowly sliding down the length of my rigidness making love to it before retreating back upwards towards my twitching flared out knob. This was unbelievable having just seen him having sex with Suzanne, and now him giving me a first rate blowjob. My body tingled all over, and I knew I wouldn't last very long, not ever with him. I felt his tongue flicking up against the tip of my penis making it thrum with vibration like one of those tuning forks. The sensation that his tongue was giving me in combination with the image of his hard thick penis pumping in and out of Suzanne as he fucked her earnestly only moments earlier was all it took as my hips bucked upwards, and for the second time tonight, I deposited my seed inside of a Cuconato.

"Uuuuumph, uuuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuuuumph, umph, umph." I moaned as he continued to milk my extremely inflexible erection while my body writhed around in sheer blissfulness.

Just as my body started to calm down I felt Brendan's fingers squeeze my little grape sized testicles a bit compellingly sending an electrical current jolting through me as my entire body arched upwards in one final heaving gasp forcing out one small dollop of boy juice from deep down inside the recesses of my two little twin factories before I completely collapsed back on to my mattress utterly spent. It amazed me that I had anything more to give since Marco's beautiful virginal love canal had squeezed me dry not all that long ago. My mind reeled with all the sex going on at my party today, and it made me wonder how I would be able to top this next year, while I tried to recuperate from what had just happened.

With my sleek sweaty body completely spent now I looked down at myself and watched my flaccid penis slipping from Brendan's lips which made me quiver with delight. He's always had this weird affect on me, and I suppose it was because he was the first one who had pleasured me in a sexual way. "Fuck, you didn't give me all that much but it still tasted so damn good." Brendan whispered as he slipped his body next to me. "I've wanted to sample that sweet penis of yours since the first time I saw you naked. Damn, I still can't believe how hard you get." He admitted to me as he reached over to stroke my softness in his hands noticing how it started to come alive again making my body twitch involuntarily since I was still sensitive and just in the afterglow effect of my orgasm.

I gulped down some much needed air and forced my body to calm down. "Yeah, well you aren't the only one who's been getting some action today so just be glad there was anything at all left for you." I told him teasingly as he looked at me questioningly waiting to see if I would say more while he continued to gently massage my now rapidly softening erection before releasing me when I didn't reveal more.

"Shit, you still turn me on Jackson despite the fact I love girls." He whispered into my ear as we both sat back up. "Come-on, we better head back downstairs. Braxton's dad will be here in a few minutes. Are we cool?" He asked me as I just stared at him for a moment a bit dazed and dizzy from sitting up too quickly before I nodded my head.

"Yeah, we're cool…but Brendan?" I queried.

"What's up?" He sighed looking over at me as he adjusted his erection into a more comfortable position.

"You know that you are like…my best friend ever?" I asked him as he sort of looked at me quizzically.

"What about Ezra?" He responded a bit surprised.

"That's different. Of course he is my friend, but he is much more than that, so I guess that leaves you as my best friend while Ezra is the love of my life." I replied as he nodded his head digesting this bit of information.

"Yeah, I know and I'm happy for you two."

"Good because what happened just now can't happen again…not as long as I'm with Ezra." I told him gently but honestly. "I mean it was really nice and all Brendan, but I'm with Ezra and you're with Suzanne. Besides, what happened with us had more to do with…um…I don't know…lust I guess, and I don't want it to be about that anymore." I finished as he nodded his head.

"Yeah, I know, but I just wanted one last time with you, and I just had to at least know what it is like having you in my mouth." He replied as he looked at me softly and understanding what I meant.

"Geeze Brendan, this is like way too confusing with all this sex and stuff. You have no idea what's all been going on lately with all of this." I sighed not believing it myself. "Please, I can't do it on my own. I can't say no to you…ever…maybe because you were my first…so promise me you won't do that to me again?" I asked him pleadingly as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Alright, I promise I won't just do that again, but no promises with asking you first." He tried to compromise as I tried to ignore it.

"Brendan, we really have to try because there's more." I cringed not knowing how he would take what I had to say to him.

"More? Geeze Jackson what more can there be?" He asked me smiling at me jokingly but soon scrunched up his eyebrows when he saw the serious look on my face. "What's wrong Jackson?" He asked me softly.

"I…I don't know how to say this?" I responded starting to chicken out.

"Geeze Jackson, just spit it out already."

"Um…about Marco…I…um…we…," I sighed looking away not knowing what to say when I felt Brendan reaching his hand towards me cupping them under my chin and forcing me to look at him.

"So…you two finally managed to get together?" He asked me as I saw a small smile spread across his features while I nodded my head. "I'm not mad Jackson and have been sort of expecting it sooner or later. Have you told Ezra yet?" He asked me as I nodded my head. "How does he feel about it?" He asked me looking a bit concerned.

Brendan's reaction about Marco and me sort of confused me, but that was only half the information. "Ezra was alright with it, but Brendan there's more." I whispered noticing a confused look on his features. "Marco admitted to being in love with me, and he knows I love him too." I whispered softly looking away from Brendan waiting for him to explode at my words and implication.

A sort of silence fell over the room, and after a while I couldn't take it anymore so I turned towards Brendan and looked at him. His features were soft and caring as he wrapped his arm around me.

"Well?" I prompted him.

"Well what?" He replied. "I mean it doesn't really surprise me, but how…I mean…what does this all mean for you and Ezra?" He asked me seriously.

Shrugging my shoulders I decided to just let him in on everything. Brendan sat there quietly while I told him how Ezra, Marco, and I felt for one another, and that we were going to try to make things work since we all felt so much love between us.

"A three way…I mean…shit Jackson." Brendan shook his head after I finished telling him what happened, well everything except the sex part. He already knew Marco and I had sex, but I wasn't about to tell him that I took his little brother's virginal boy pussy.

"I know how it sounds and looks Brendan, but Ezra and I already told Marco all three of us would have to sit down and talk seriously about this. Damn, that little brother of yours has a way of seeing right through us to our very core, but no matter what we are going to be careful with him Brendan. That's all I can really promise you." I told my best friend.

"Jackson, you and Ezra are my best friends and I do trust you guys, but this is going to take some getting used to. I mean…Marco's my little brother and all. I'd just die if he got hurt. Just take things slow for now and see how it goes." He finally managed to concede since he really did trust us and knew how stubborn his little brother could be about certain things.

"What about Suzanne, is she upset with…you know." I wanted to know as I tried to change the subject for now.

"Nah, if anything I think she is sort of infatuated with you." He managed to chuckle letting me know the other matter was settled for now as he shook his head trying to figure that one out.

"Oh…I see. I hope it doesn't affect your relationship with each other." I told him honestly.

"No, she told me about the two of you." He responded turning the tables this time around catching me by surprise. "Don't worry I know that she is the one who took advantage of you Jackson. She feels really bad about it too, but she wanted me to know because she understands we are friends, and also because she still has some feelings for you. She told me that she really likes me a lot, and what she feels for you is different. You will always have a place in her heart, but it is me who she really cares about with having a relationship. So no, it won't affect our relationship together. Besides, I can't be mad at her since the two of us have done things together too. Of course she doesn't know that, and I won't betray our trust that way because it isn't something she needs to know. I think the only reason she told me about the two of you was because in a way it wasn't a consensual kind of thing." He tried to explain it to me as I nodded my head understanding the circumstances, and also knowing he would never betray our trust.

Of course I had just told him about Marco, but that too was a different situation and he really did need to know if Ezra, Marco, and I stood a chance of succeeding together. Focusing my attention back to the matter at hand, in a way I was glad Suzanne told Brendan about what had happened. This way the two of them could have an honest relationship together, and also it wouldn't be so awkward for her when I was around. We both became lost in our own thoughts for a few moments before we got up and made our way downstairs after I changed into a pair of dry shorts and shirt.

Once everyone was gone the rest of us pitched in and got everything cleaned up and put away. There really wasn't all that much to do because everyone had been very good about tossing away all their own garbage and everything. Mom and dad, along with Matthew's dad who had remained at the party, helped out with getting most everything put away. We only had to clean up the dressing room area picking up the extra towels and tossing them into the laundry room. Then we had to disconnect the entertainment section putting my stuff back into my room hooking it up properly. After finishing that we cleaned out all the tables and chairs leaving an empty DRASH shelter for the guys on post to tear down and haul away first thing tomorrow morning.

By the time we finished up we were a bit tired, but it was still early so us boys decided to just chill out and play some video games. A little while later Matthew's dad finally yelled up into our room from downstairs saying it was time for them to head home since they had a long drive ahead of them. I thanked Matthew for coming by and having fun with us as we said our goodbyes. He told me that he had so much fun he hoped we could get together like this from time to time again, which I thought was a great idea. After he left the rest of us sat down for a few more minutes, and although it was fun just to chill around together I was feeling the affects of the chlorine on my skin and wanted to get cleaned up. It was also starting to get late for Zachary as I excused myself taking the younger boy with me so we could both wash up before I put him to bed. He didn't protest as he took my hand, and followed me into the bathroom.

Adjusting the water temperature so that it wouldn't be too hot for Zachary, I turned on the shower before turning my attention to him. I lifted off his shirt for him then unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts sliding them off of his sleek legs. He was wearing those tight cartooned boy's brief, and I smiled at his cute little boy lump that had formed in the front. He giggled knowing exactly what I was looking at as I slipped off his underwear as well. He looked adorably sweet with his fleshy boy pouch and soft penis wriggling around between his legs as he stepped into the shower. Peeling off my own clothes I stepped in behind him as I wrapped my arms around his body and gave him a hug.

"Mmmmm, that feels good Jackson." My little Diddle Bear whispered enjoying the bit of cuddling under the warm water.

"Yeah, I like it too." I responded honestly as I released him so that I could shampoo his hair.

As I lathered up his short cropped straight dark locks, I couldn't help but enjoy the sensation of this simple act. There was something pleasing with being able to accomplish such a basic need for a loved one. Just taking care of someone else that I cared about made me swell with pride as I slowly rinsed out his hair, and then began soaping up his sleek little body. My soaped up hands roamed all over his smooth skin including his little tight brownish boy pouch and erect penis. He didn't flinch or mind that I was touching him in his most intimate of places as I rinsed off the soap from his erection.

Turning him away from the shower head I kneeled down in front of him as I looked down at his erection. "Should I check your foreskin?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

Taking the tip of his erection in my finger and thumb I slowly skinned him watching closely as his wet pinkish colored acorn slithered from beneath its blanketed hooded warmth. His foreskin was still very tight, but there was no resistance as it slipped over the ridge of his glans. Sliding it back into place I looked up smiling at him happy that it appeared as if everything was alright.

"Does it hurt, burn, or bother you in any way?" I asked him as he shook his head no. "Good, I'm glad. I think it is safe to say that you don't have to worry anymore about it. So maybe you should go ahead and wash it like the doctor showed you." I told him as I watched him clean his penis and foreskin satisfied he would be able to do it for himself from now on.

After getting him completely rinsed off, I washed myself down quickly noticing how he kept staring at my circumcised penis. "Are you still wishing yours was like mine?" I asked him curiously as he sort of thought about it for a moment.

Smiling at me he just shook his head. "No, I guess not. I like how yours looks, but I like mine now too." He answered truthfully.

"Good boy." I smiled at him as we got out and started to dry off with me sitting naked on the toilet lid, and him standing between my legs.

We both looked up when the bathroom door opened up and Ezra stepped inside. "Hey guys, all done?" He asked as we nodded and watched him start to strip out of his clothes. "Good, the other guys are heading off to take a shower in the other bathroom." He commented as I nodded my head rubbing Zachary's hair dry. "Hey squirt I hear your little diddle is working all proper like now." He chuckled at Zachary as the smaller boy beamed proudly, and just nodded his head giggling.

"Why don't you show him?" I suggested as Zachary turned towards his older cousin, and skinned back his foreskin from his semi-hard erection.

Ezra knelt down in front of Zachary looking critically at the smaller boy's foreskin as his cousin slowly peeled it back and forth a couple of times stimulating himself into a stiff erection. Once his two inch erection was totally hard he pulled his tight foreskin completely over the ridge of his glans exposing his slicked up knob as Ezra inspected the boy without touching him.

"Did it hurt?" Ezra asked his little cousin curiously, and a bit concerned.

"No, Jackson was very careful. It actually feels kind of good now." He replied as he slipped his foreskin over the top of his slicked up knob and back into place where it belongs.

"I'm happy for that." Ezra responded giving the smaller boy a hug as he got up and stepped into the shower.

Wrapping a towel around my waist I took Zachary by the hand and walked him to his room. He slid under the covers as I settled in next to him and cuddled with the boy while we just chatted for a few moments. I could hear the other boys across the hall as they screeched, yelped, yelled, giggled, and in general horsed around with whatever they were up to. I kissed Zachary good night, and got up walking over to the other bed so that I could pull back the covers for the other boys.

Just as I bent over I felt something leaping on to my back knocking me over as I fell face down on the mattress. I heard Tyler giggling as I rolled over throwing the boy off of me as he launched himself back on to me. He was damp and completely naked as his curved banana shaped erection swayed around in front of me. I glanced over noticing Marco and Thomas standing in the doorway. Both of them were naked as well, but Thomas was just looking wide eyed at me with his hands covering his little boy penis while Marco launched his naked body on top of me joining Tyler. By this time my towel had completely unwrapped from my body as all three of us now rolled around the bed completely naked.

"Why you little ragamuffins," I yelped in surprise when Marco snatched at my crotch trying to latch on to my now semi-hard erection.

Tossing him down on to the bed I was now assaulted by Tyler as I grabbed him as well tossing him on top of Marco. Tyler's curved erection waved around stiffly between his legs as I threw my weight on to the two naked boys holding them in place. Lowering my head I buried my face into Tyler's bare pubic mound as my lips puckered up blowing out air and making farting sounds along his sensitive skin. The boy just squealed excitedly as his warm erection rubbed up against my cheeks.

He just giggled and squirmed around while Marco tried to extricate himself from the pile. "Stop," Tyler laughed as I continued to blow on his skin sending a tickling sensation all along his bare pubic mound. "Oh crap, I think I'm gonna pee." He laughed and wiggled around.

Just as I was about to release the boys I felt another body jump on top of me, this one a little heavier as he forced me on top of the other two boys. I yelped in surprise and I wriggled around knocking Thomas on top of his two poor compatriots. This time he yelped in surprise as I held him in place seeing him naked for the first time. He was also sporting an erection due to the excitement of all the naked bodies rubbing together. His circumcised erection was about three inches long, and had a tight brown boy pouch that hugged his body tightly with cherry sized testicles.

Now it was his turn as I planted my face next to his warm erection blowing farts along his sensitive skin catching him by surprise at my boldness, and making him squeal as well while the other two boys grunted from all of the weight. It was actually pretty funny having us all piled up and completely naked while we all wriggled around on the bed. Thomas tried to cover himself up, but wasn't too successful because he was laughing too hard from all the tickling sensation I was giving him all along his bare pubic mound.

"Alright we all give." He shouted as I released him, which allowed him to roll off of his friends no longer bothering to cover himself up as he glanced over at my little boy erection which was actually shorter and thinner than his.

He didn't comment on my size as he tugged on his own erection while the other two boys untangled themselves from one another. This time instead of throwing his weight on to me Tyler simply pressed his naked body up against me giving me a hug, and kissing me lightly on the lips before slipping under the covers. Marco smiled at me giving me a quick kiss on the lips as well with a big hug before settling in next to Tyler. This left Tommy sitting there not knowing what to do. He started to crawl under the covers before he leaned over giving me a hug. He paused for a moment a bit unsure of himself then gave me a quick kiss as well before ducking under the covers with the other two boys.

"Alright, now that I got all that loving from you boys I think it's time to settle down a bit. That was very sweet of you Tommy and thanks. You didn't have to do that if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Tyler and Marco always hug and kiss me because they are more like my little brothers." I told him as I brushed my fingers through his hair in a way that showed I cared about him too.

"Um…no it's cool. Well…um…as long as we don't tell anyone." He amended as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, that would be a bit…awkward, so no worries about that alright?" I nodded my head agreeing with him as he smiled back at me.

Leaning over towards Marco I gave him another kiss, and then shifted over towards Tyler giving him another kiss as well as I sat back up noticing Tommy looking at me expectantly. "Alright, one for you too." I chuckled, leaning over kissing the older boy lightly on the lips.

"The party was really nice Jackson." Tyler commented as he yawned.

"I'm glad you boys had a great time." I told them sincerely.

"Do you think mom and dad will do the same thing for our birthday too?" Tyler asked making me smile at how easily those words came to the boy now.

"If that is what you want I don't see why not." I stroked his cheek affectionately as he kissed the palm of my hand making me smile appreciatively.

"Yeah, I think that is way better than getting gifts." He nodded his head as he thought about it. "Having the pool, games, music, food and stuff is way cool. Dad really can cook up a storm on that grill. It was all pretty tasty, and having all our friends around made it a total blast today. Do you think mom and dad would let me invite my friends from school if I decided on a party?" He wondered as he looked at me.

"Of course they would. I mean why would you think that they wouldn't?" I asked him wondering if he was still testing the waters so to speak as to what is and isn't permissible. "Listen Tyler, we understand that you boys are connected to your community and tribe. We accept you into our lives, which means we accept all of you and who you are. This means your friends on the reservation as well. They didn't have any problems with me inviting Tommy and Charley to the party, so of course they wouldn't have a problem with your friends." I smiled at him reassuringly as he nodded his head.

"Cool, my birthday is coming up at the end of March so maybe I better talk to them about it here soon." He nodded his head.

"Good, now before I leave I need to talk to you boys about…you know." I looked at Marco and Tyler who glanced at each other.

"Don't worry we told Tommy and he's cool with it." Marco spoke up as I nodded my head while I glanced over towards Zachary who was already fast asleep not even stirring during our little wrestling match.

"Alright, but remember, if you guys play around keep Zachary out of it…agreed?" I looked at all three of them gravely making sure they understood.

"Yeah, we know Jackson and we promise. Is it because you think he is too young?" Marco asked me.

"That and I have other reasons as well." I told him holding up my hand staving off Marco's inquiry. "Listen Marco, I think you guys are kind of young too, but since you guys are already messing around it is kind of late to tell you to stop. All I'm asking is to leave Zachary out of it for a few years, alright?" I requested as the boys nodded their heads in agreement. "Tommy, if you feel uncomfortable with anything just tell the boys to stop. I'm thinking this is your first time getting naked like this with someone else?" I chuckled as the boy just blushed, but nodded his head admitting it was his first time. "So, like I said just don't feel like you have to do anything if you don't want to." I looked at him intently.

"I promise, but it sounds like it could be fun." He admitted as he giggled making me shake my head and laugh.

"Yeah, I suppose. Anyway, you boys cool your jets because mom and dad may come up to tuck you in." I reminded them hoping maybe they will fall asleep first while they waited. "Oh, and Marco?" I looked towards the boy as he glanced back at me. "Tonight stay in here with Tyler and Thomas. It's been a long day, and I don't want to have to worry about you walking in on me tonight." I told him meaningfully as he nodded his head letting me know he understood. "You can snuggle up with us tomorrow morning if you want." I compromised with him as he smiled and agreed.

Wrapping the towel around my waist I headed out of the room closing the door behind me. As soon as the door closed I heard all three of them giggling and goofing around. I knew they wouldn't try anything for a while making sure to give my parents a chance to tuck them in first.

Slipping inside my room I walked over to my dresser and slipped into a pair of plain gray cottony gym shorts and blue t-shirt. Just as my shirt settled over my shoulders Ezra came walking out of the bathroom. I watched him walking towards me his beautiful naked body glistening damply as his soft penis swayed around between his legs.

He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a tender kiss before getting out some clothes himself. I sat down and watching him get dressed as he lifted his left leg into a pair of yellow soccer shorts. I never got tired of just sitting and surveying my lanky lovely boy slip in and out of his clothes. He glanced over in my direction noticing how I was scrutinizing him, and just giggled at me knowingly.

"See anything you like?" He teased me as I just shrugged my shoulders in a non committal kind of way before laughing.

"Yeah, just about everything." I admitted to him as he sauntered sexily towards me, and sat on my lap grinding his warm orbs against my stiff erection that was stretching up against the material of my shorts.

Leaning down he kissed me passionately as he sucked the air out of my lungs before releasing me. "Oh man, you have no idea how much I love it when you do that to me." I gasped as I inhailed air into my lungs, and pressed my head up against his chest.

"Yeah I do because I love it too." He whispered as he got up adjusting his erection while I did the same thing. "Damn, I think the two of us have become some sort of horn dogs." He chuckled as he reached out and slowly took my fabric covered erection into his hands. "I do love that little pleasure giving tool of yours Jackson, but that isn't the real reason why I love you so much." He admitted to me taking me in his arms. "It's your heart Jackson. You show kindness to everyone who comes into your life. I love that about you, and the love that you give me." He sighed as he released me so we could go downstairs for a while.

My parents were in the kitchen drinking some coffee as I sat down on the counter area with Ezra settling in next to me. "Thanks for everything mom and dad." I told them sincerely as they just smiled at me.

"You're very welcome sweetie." My mom replied as she kissed me on my forehead.

"Yes Jackson you are more than welcome. Actually your mother and I were talking saying we thought this was a very nice thing you did today. You had a nice mix of kids over, and I know they all had a good time." He smiled proudly at me.

"I'm glad you guys feel like that because Tyler's birthday is at the end of March, and he hinted at wanting to do the same thing. He was a bit cautious though because he wasn't sure if you'd let him invite his friends from school." I told them as my mom just looked at me.

"Why would he think that?" She asked me as I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I think he is still figuring things out…you know. How things work around here with our new family. I assured him that we support who and what he is so of course you wouldn't have any issues. I just wanted to give you heads up for when he brings it up." I smiled at my parents as they thought about what I said to them.

"Of course Jackson and thanks for the heads up. We will be sure to let him know all is well, and encourage him to speak up." My dad chuckled as he just shook his head. "Well, I have a feeling we are going to have four parties a year now." He laughed as he looked over at Ezra. "Well, that is if you and Zachary are going to want parties as well." He chuckled at the older boy.

"Yeah, it really was pretty cool today, but actually you probably only need to do three a year since Zachary's birthday is only two days after mine. We could just do it all together on the same weekend." He informed my folks who thought it a good idea as long as he didn't mind having younger kids around at the party.

"Oh…Mom, if you want to tuck in the boys you may want to do it now. I think Zachary is already asleep." I told her watching her get up and hurry on upstairs.

While my mom was upstairs with the boys we chatted some more with my dad. He wanted to know how the boys were adjusting. A short while later my mom rejoined us as we discussed the boys, and the upcoming return back to school. My parents were relieved to know that the boys were adjusting well. My mom also told Ezra that she really loved how all of them now referred to her as mom. She got a bit choked up at this point, and Ezra hugged her affectionately reminding her that it was them who appreciated having such wonderful parents who were understanding and supportive.

A short while later we said goodnight to our parents giving both of them a hug, and slowly made our way back up the stairs to our room. Ezra smiled at me when I told him I was going to check up on the boys. It had sort of become routine for me to check on them, and Ezra knew that it was something I loved doing so allowed me to go ahead without interference from him. I walked down the hallway and cracked open the door intruding for the third time today on others in the throes of their blissful orgasmic activities.

Of course I knew that the three boys were going to fool around a bit tonight, but thought they would be done by now. What I stumbled on made me take pause, and wonder if I might have to talk with the boys at some other time. Tommy was lying with his back propped up on some pillows leaning backwards against the headboard as Marco slurped on his circumcised three inch fat lollipop bobbing his head up and down while the ten year old boy squirmed beneath him. While Marco slurped on the older boy's good sized erection he was masturbating himself at the same time with his cute little lily white orbs sticking upwards and kneeling between the other boy's legs, his face buried in the ten year olds' crotch. Tyler was sitting on top of Tommy his knees straddled on either side of the older boy's chest. His back was arched forward, and his small fingers were curled tightly around the cedar logs of the headboard while his curved foreskin covered two and three quarter inch erection slipping in and out of the older boy's lips as he slowly face fucked his older friend who looked to be happy in his current situation.

It didn't appear as if the older boy minded what the other two were doing to him as I watched his body quivering excitedly beneath the two younger boys. Tommy's arms were wrapped around Tyler's slim waist with his fingers cupping the smaller boy's cute little orbs as he slowly pulled the boy's body forward slurping up that curved banana shaped little boy penis so it could slip easily into his mouth before allowing the younger boy to ease backwards.

All three boys had a steady rhythm going when all of a sudden I saw Tyler's body start to tense up as his dimpled globes clenched tightly, and he shoved his hips forward forcing Tommy's head backwards against the soft pillows. Tyler's small little brown boy pouch swayed around intensely between his legs while his little olive sized testicles contracted upwards jerking around several times as the smaller boy's orgasm seemed to course through his smooth petite body.

Tyler's orgasm was enough stimulation to send Tommy over the top as well moments later when his own body seemed to jerk upwards forcing his three inch long thick stiffness upwards deep into Marco's warm mouth. Without missing a beat the smaller boy adjusted his angle, and continued to bob his head up and down the length of Tommy's pale rigid shaft. The older boy's body tensed and seized up with the overloaded stimulation. His body quivered uncontrollably with his back arched upwards and his toes curling backwards for several moments before he collapsed on to the bed completely exhausted while Marco held on and continued to slurp on his juicy sausage before allowing it to slip from between his lips when the older boy moaned in complaint.

Both Tyler and Tommy slowly calmed down enough to notice Marco now focusing on his own short fat stiff little penis as he took it in his small fist and started to masturbate himself furiously. Not wanting the younger boy to feel left out both boys knocked away his hand, and started to slurp on the small stubby appendage. Tyler's lips slathered all up and down the short stubby length before swallowing it up giving him a proper blowjob while Tommy slurped up the small little testicles into his mouth rolling them around his tongue. It was enough to send Marco's body into overdrive as the smaller boy's voice squeaked happily in his orgasmic spastic contortions. With a couple of final jerking motions Marco's body finally managed to twitch one last time before all three boys started to giggle uncontrollably as they crawled back under the covers to snuggle up against one another and talk conspiratorially amongst themselves quietly.

Even from my position by the room's entryway I could smell the heady odor of boy sex as it wafted through the small opening of the doorway. Watching them was like candy to my eyes as three little boy penis' seemed to quiver around in rigid delightfulness. It never ceased to amaze me how beautiful a boy's penis looked in each of their various shapes and sizes.

Glancing over towards Zachary's bed I noticed the younger boy watching what was going on in the other bed with a bit of interest before he rolled on to his side closing his eyes trying to go back to sleep after the other boys seemed to finish up with their activity. I smiled glad that he wasn't that interested in his brother's games with the other boys, but still sighed knowing I would have some explaining to do. Closing the door I walked back into my bedroom, got undressed, and slipped under the covers next to Ezra.

"So how are the boys doing?" He asked as he snuggled up next to me.

"Well, Marco is jacking himself off and giving Tommy a blowjob at the same time while Tommy is giving Tyler a blowjob. Both Tyler and Tommy had a grand orgasm leaving only Marco. Not wanting Marco to feel left out, both Tommy and Tyler took it upon themselves to make sure Marco got off as well. Tyler ended up giving Marco a blowjob while Tommy sucked up his little boy pouch, which finally did the trick for Marco." I told him truthfully as he laughed thinking I was joking before looking at me seriously.

"Your kidding?" He asked me as I shook my head.

"Shit, those damn little rascals are going to get caught one of these times." He told me seriously as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yeah, you're right so we are going to have to talk to them again. There's one more thing though." I told him as he just looked at me questioningly. "We are going to have to explain things to Zachary because he saw everything. He didn't seem too interested and rolled over going back to sleep, but we need to talk to him before he accidentally says something to mom and dad." I suggested to him as he just groaned at the prospect.

Rolling on to my side I curled up allowing my boyfriend to get closer and hold on to me from behind as he tucked his left arm under my neck and his right arm over the top of my torso. His body felt so warm and made me feel so safe as it snuggled up against me while I felt his chest rubbing up against my back. This had been the best birthday ever with all of my friends and loved ones in attendance, not to mention all the amped up hormonal sex. A lot had happened at this party as I almost laughed recalling all the people I had seemed to walk in on today. Just thinking about it sent a thrilling sensation through my body, and I could feel Ezra's erection bumping up against my pale soft fleshy orbs so I shifted a little allowing his small hardness to slip between the soft pillowed warmth of my ivory colored globes.

"Mmmmm, that feels so deliciously inviting." Ezra giggled in my ear. "Did you have a nice birthday and get everything you wanted." He teased me.

"Well, yes and no." I giggled back at him.

"Hmmm, so what is yes and what is no?" My little lover boy continued to tease me.

"Well I had a wonderful birthday, but didn't get everything I wanted…yet that is." I teased him back.

"Whoa now…I wonder what it is that you want?" He taunted me thinking he knew exactly what I wanted as he reached between my legs, and softy stroked my sweltering hot tubular rigid boyhood.

Giggling I shifted on to my back as I pulled him on top of me while his body shifted around between my legs. "Hmmm, close my little lover boy, but not exactly what I had in mind." I goaded him as I reached around his body, and squeezed his sexy fleshy tanned colored orbs while pulling them towards me forcing a little grunt out of him.

"It sure seems like we are both thinking the same thing." He whispered in my ear as his erection rubbed against my little boy sized rigidness.

"I'm not so sure. I was thinking I want to loose my virginity tonight." I whispered in his ear as I nibbled on them knowing how much he loved it.

"Oh damn, that tickles." He giggled before pulling back, and looking at me kind of funny. "I…um…well didn't you tell me you already lost your virginity to Suzanne?" He asked me seriously.

Nodding my head I had to agree with him on that point. "Yeah, but that's not the virginity I was referring to. I want to loose my most precious virginity of all to the one I love the most in the entire world." I whispered softly to him as I spread apart my legs, and pulled them up revealing my tight little rose bud to him.

Ezra's eyes got really big as he settled in between my legs rubbing his now pre-cum leaking hardness up against my tightly sealed opening. "Are you sure about this," He moaned softly as he continued to rub up against me.

"Yes…fuck yes…as long as you want this too?" I responded questioningly.

"Geeze, of course I want this, but only if you think you are ready, and I'm only going to do this as long as you promise to do me tonight too. I love feeling you up inside of me and it feels better and better each time." He told me seriously continuing to rub against my opening to make sure I was getting lubed up enough for the most insanely intimate act two boy lovers can ever do with one another.

"Yes I promise. Tonight we truly become lovers in every sense of the word." I hissed pleasurably at him enjoying how his penis felt against my cherry hole.

Both of us were breathing hard now as we looked down between our bodies. Slowly Ezra pushed his body forward as our eyes finally locked on to one another. He had the most welcoming warm eyes I've ever seen on anyone. While he was pushing forward my fingers were wrapped around my own rigid torrid piece of sausage as I slowly masturbated myself being careful not to bring myself over the edge. Despite all the sex from earlier today I was surprisingly hard once more, and actually started to leak some pre-cum, which in all honesty really surprised me. It made me wonder if my two little oval shaped twin factories were putting in a lot of overtime today. I stroked on my hot straight little rod just enough to give me those tingling sensations deep inside of me without going too far.

"Oh shit, I can feel the heat of your virginal boy pussy already." I heard Ezra moan as he slowly slipped the tip of his hard acorn like tip a bit further inside of me.

As the tip of his bullet shaped hardness pierced through the last wall of my virginal protectiveness, my mind fractured and splintered in an explosion of dancing light forcing open a part of my subconscious thoughts. Just before he crossed the threshold of the last bastion of my own being, everything leading up to this one point in time can be attributed to that one fateful day that had inexplicably bonded both Ezra and myself to one another ever more. With our eyes locked on to one another, and as the most euphoric blissful moment overwhelmed my one true love, his mind seemed to open up to me for the briefest fractional moments of time. In that one split micro moment all was laid bare to me in a revelation of truthfulness.

Both of our minds melded together as one while it flittered to that fateful day several months back on sacred grounds. Ezra had drawn a circle in the ground placing his right hand in the soft sand while having me do the same with my left hand. With the Eagle bone firmly in the center, our bonding had been sealed for all time. I recalled how something seemed to have happened deep inside of my very being as my heart contracted and stood still for a fraction of a second in that one moment of time before continuing to pound away in my chest. The connecting circle enclosed our hands, and indicated an endless cycle which would last throughout our lifetime.

As pain engulfed my tiny frame when his fleshy mushroom shaped glans pierced the last frontier of my virginity his words began to echo in our two melded minds. Our thoughts exploded into a myriad of dancing glittering lights as my pain was replaced with sheer and utter euphoric joy the likes I've never experienced before. As the most monumental moment of my entire life gripped my physical and mental being, both inside and out all at once, Ezra's voice from the past echoed throughout our two conjoined thoughts. The most intimate act of two boys giving themselves over to one another finally became clear to us as we both understood the true depth and breadth of the meaning behind the ceremony that the older boy had performed that fateful day on his sacred mountain. As clear as day as if we were both in that same moment of time, Ezra's voice spoke in a solemn and clear tone: "We are forever more sealed together in a way that can never again tear us apart. Just as a marriage seals two couples together, so too does this one special act seal two together in the deepest ways as brothers. With this sacred act and ceremony we are now and forever more bound together through the Bonds of Brotherhood."


So my friends this concludes our fine little journey of brotherhood as we now leave our young characters to grow on their own and in their own right. This brief glimpse into the lives of our young boys was a true gift, and we wish them all the best that the future can bestow upon them. They've been bonded in a way that nothing can tear apart in this lifetime.

As we must leave behind these characters so too must we all move on to the next stage in our reading enjoyment. We now work on a new story, and hopefully soon it too will reveal its deepest secrets to us all. I hope I have managed to give a proper gift to one and all of my readers. I have appreciated our journey together with this story, and know many of you have become very fond of these characters.

It is difficult for us to leave our little loved ones behind so they can find their own way, but leave them alone we must so that they can follow the path laid out before them in the minds of all us readers. As is true in life so too will these characters live on in many different ways as each reader visualizes them at some point of time in the future. As with all stories we as readers get only a glimpse into the lives of our beloved characters with the rest of them left to our own imaginations. In this regard I wish you all the best as you send my characters along one of the many paths you choose for them.

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