Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 21

We were a motley looking crew of boys as we shuffled through the door to our house. All of us were filthy, grimy, smelly, and plum wore out even though it was still early in the evening as we slowly made our way up the stairs. Zachary was holding my hand literally dragging behind me, and half asleep as I smiled down at him. He was just too sweet, and reminded me so much of Marco in many ways.

"You boys be sure to hop in the shower and get cleaned up." My mom yelled up the stairs after us.

"Yes, mooooommmmm," we all replied as we rolled our eyes at her as if to say we were already planning on doing just that.

Looking back down the stairs I noticed my dad was trying not to laugh because of the look on my mom's face. She was still trying to get used to the Kostalini boys calling her mom. I smiled down knowing how she felt because I was trying to get used to having brothers of my own. I couldn't be more happier as I ruffled little Zachary's short cropped gleaming dark hair and hugged him to me briefly before leading him onwards towards the bedrooms.

"Ezra, why don't you take Tyler and hop into the shower in our room, I'll take Zachary, and use the other bathroom so that I can go ahead and take care of putting cream on him afterwards." I suggested with Ezra and Tyler nodding their agreement while half asleep Zachary just followed me into the hallway bathroom without any complaints.

Looking down at the small boy I realized he was just completely wiped out so I tugged on his shirt pulling it over his head. He didn't seem to mind so after putting down the lid to the toilet I sat him down on top of it, and pulled off his dirt caked socks. I couldn't help myself as I tickled the bottom of his feet getting him to perk up while he giggled trying to squirm away. With him a bit more alert I got him to stand up and unbuttoned his jeans noticing a small little bulge in front. It wasn't an erection or anything, but looked kind of cute as his jeans hugged his physique snuggly giving him a nice shapely look.

Smiling up at him I snatched at his little bulge playfully while he once more giggled and wiggled around before I wrapped my arms around him giving him a big hug. It felt good to be able to play around with the boy like this without feeling any guilt. Getting him settled down a bit I finally managed to tug on his tight jeans, and smiled lovingly at my little brother as he held on to my shoulders for some balance while he stepped out of his pants. He was wearing those cute little cartooned boy's briefs that fit him a bit too tightly showing off his small little boy bulge. The briefs were white with navy blue trim and multicolored little cars plastered all over them. I filtered the information in the back of my mind so I could tell my folks that we probably need to take the boys shopping for some better fitting clothes. I know they got some new clothes at Christmas, but they also needed new underwear and stuff, along with some more outfits for school.

Tugging on his briefs I pulled them down, and grabbed on to him when he almost tripped trying to step out of them. His little boy pouch hugged his body while his little snake jiggled around between his legs. For some reason I noticed it looked a bit bigger than usual and it wasn't because of an erection or anything. He regained his balance as he continued to hold on to my shoulder for support and giggled from the incident while I just shook my head.

"Careful my little doodle bug so you don't fall." I teased him smacking the boy's naked little globes lightly watching his penis jiggling around as he continued to laugh cheerfully before stepping into the tub.

My eyes followed his lithe petite naked body as he lifted his right leg over the ledge noticing how enticingly cute his long foreskin covered penis looked jiggling around between his legs. His little brown colored boy pouch hugged his body tightly as he glanced over towards me smiling innocently and waiting for me inside the tub. I couldn't help but look at his cute darker toned body while I adjusted the water temperature and turned on the shower for him. While he stepped under the warm water I stripped out of my own clothes before scooting in behind him closing off the curtain.

Zachary was rinsing off some of the dirt and grime from his body and hair, so I picked up the shampoo bottle and started to lather up his straight dark locks. I enjoyed the feel of his short hair along my fingers, and I slowly massaged his head working in the suds. I rinsed out the soap from his hair before stepping under the water myself washing off most of the dirty grime from the day. Turning my body so that the water was spraying on my back I lathered up my light colored brown hair and started to scrub out the dirt.

My body flinched reflexively when I felt small fingers close around my small flaccid boy penis, and looked down noticing Zachary scrutinizing my little boy penis and soft pouch. It wasn't anything sexual, and I knew it was only curiosity on Zachary's part because this was the first time since our doctor's visit that he's really seen me this close and naked again. Even though there wasn't anything sexual in nature to what Zachary was doing it was still stimulating, and my flaccid penis immediately inflated in the smaller soft hands of my littlest brother. Zachary giggled when my penis finally expanded to its full length and girth glancing up at me with his twinkling eyes, but I didn't want to make a big issue of it so just smiled and continued to lather up my hair. In the past I probably would have exploded right there and then, even if it wasn't sexual in nature, but it seems that I've finally managed to gain a little control with my over reactive boy penis.

The boy made me giggle a little when his fingers shifted over to my small sagging fleshy pouch as his exploration continued. I guess it was only fair considering how I had been almost molesting him over the last week I thought to myself as I giggled at the thought. Rinsing off my hair Zachary once more had shifted his fingers over my rigid erection as he slowly ran them lithely over the length of my stiff shaft before lightly rubbing my small little bulbous tip. With my hair now completely rinsed out I looked down at him, and allowed him to finish up with his scrutiny while I desperately tried to hold back an impending orgasm.

"I wish mine was like yours." He whispered softly looking up at me while I breathed rapidly in and out trying to get myself back under control.

Bending down on to my knee in front of him I just shook my head and sighed as I started to calm back down. "Why would you say that Zachary?" I asked him as he just looked back at me shyly not saying anything. "Is it because of your diddle being smaller than mine?" I asked, but still no response. "Or maybe because of your skin?" I queried again this time eliciting a shrug from the smaller boy before he wrapped his arm around me giving me a tight hug while I returned it with all my heartfelt love.

"Oh my little doodle bug…you shouldn't feel like that. I like your diddle just the way it is, skin and all. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have my skin over my diddle so don't ever feel ashamed about yours." I sighed as we held on to one another

We stayed like that for a few moments before he pulled back a little. "You were really great and brave today at the naming ceremony and horse race." I whispered to Zachary as I stroked his cheeks with the back of my fingers. "I'm very proud of you Zachary for today, and you know I love you, Tyler, and Ezra so much and with all my heart." I smiled at him warmly as he just nodded his head.

"I love you too Jackson. I'm sad that grandpa died, but I'm glad we are living with you guys, and that we are now a family." He told me as he hugged me once more.

The moment was so sweet as I wrapped my arm around his small slicked up body before we pulled away. Staying on my knees I soaped up my hands and started to lather up his body so that we could clear away the remaining last bits of the dirt. I washed his adorably cute little toes and feet before working my way up his smooth lanky legs. I never noticed how strong his legs were before until my fingers started along the length of his smooth tightly honed muscles. As my soaped up fingers slithered upwards along the length of his legs I continued to admire his sleek physique. I paused a moment to gather up some more suds on to my hands, and then reached around his body to soap up his adorably firm little globes. He giggled a little as my fingers slipped between his orbs before coming back around to the front of his stomach. I pumped some more soap on to my hands from the small bottle on the ledge of the tub before slipping them between his legs and sliding my fingers over his brown toned boy pouch and penis watching as it immediately got hard. This didn't surprise either one of us since he always popped an erection when I put cream on him, and he didn't seem to mind as my fingers slowly and gingerly slithered along the length of his shaft soaping it clean before I softly cupped his tight boy pouch soaping it up as well.

Pausing for a moment so that I could get a closer look at his penis I noticed it seemed a bit different somehow. Almost as if it had grown. In the past his taught foreskin always seemed a bit on the long side covering the head of his penis about half an inch. For some reason it seemed as if his penis had gotten longer, and a bit thicker today as I noticed his foreskin only covered the tip now by about a quarter of an inch. In the past I always figured he had an erection of about one and three quarters of an inch long with about a half an inch of foreskin. Now I estimated it looked to be about two inches long with only a quarter of an inch long foreskin.

Rinsing off the soap from his penis I looked up at Zachary and smiled as he looked down seemingly noticing something a bit different as well. "I'm going to pull your skin back a little Zachary." I told the boy who just nodded his head.

Since I've been putting cream on his penis he knew that he could trust me not to hurt him so didn't mind my pulling on his foreskin a bit. Slowly I reached out with my thumb and finger on the tip of his penis head and slowly slid his foreskin downwards. It was tight along his glans, but there was no real resistance as it slowly slid over the head of his penis revealing a bright pink looking small acorn. I reversed direction letting it slide back over before pulling it back revealing the pink glans once more allowing it to breathe fresh air for the first time.

"That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my entire life." I gasped as I leaned down and slipped my warm lips over the hypersensitive two inch rigid little boy penis.

Zachary gasped and his knees buckled as his supersensitive tool was lost to sight inside of my mouth. His fingers wrapped tenderly around my hair while my right hand reached around behind him, and slipped between his smooth orbs eliciting another gasp from the boy as my fingers brushed up against his grommet. I felt him tightening up a moment before he relaxed as my warm lips took in the entire length of his two inch erection.

As soon as he relaxed I plunged my soaped up finger past his slicked up grommet deep down inside of his warm little hole surprised at how easily he took the small digit inside of him. It was almost as if he had wanted something like this for a while now. I suppose me putting some cream on his penis twice a day had gotten him a bit worked up over a period of time. It felt a bit odd giving Zachary a blow job, but for some reason I really didn't feel bad about it as I slowly worked my lips back up along the length of his thin short shaft.

He was very sensitive at the moment and I knew he wouldn't last long as I wiggled around my finger inside of him bumping up against something while at the same time twisting my tongue around his hypersensitive glans. That was all it took as I felt Zachary's body tense up while he made a few small squeaking sounds. His body seemed to jerk around intensely in my arms as I felt several forceful pulses from his penis trying to shoot non-existent ammunition that his body won't be able to produce for several more years. Despite his two small little egg shaped factories being closed for business until around the year two thousand eighteen, it still felt wild feeling his small rigid two inch shaft pulsing wildly in my mouth as it quivered vibrantly time and time again until his convulsions finally subsided giving the poor boy some relief as he collapsing completely spent on top of me. His now flaccid penis slipped from my lips as I slowly lowered him down on to his knees in front of me and held him to my chest.

We remained like that for a few moments while he recuperated from his first ever orgasm. "That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my entire life." I heard my voice say as I shook my head snapping out of my powerful daydream of having given him a blowjob that never happened other than in my imagination.

Zachary was still standing up as I pulled back his foreskin uncovering his bright pinkish red glans to the world for the first time ever. The recent daydream came flooding back into my mind as I forced myself not to engulf Zachary's penis into my mouth giving him his first ever blowjob. I knew he wouldn't mind and knew that for some reason I wouldn't feel guilty about it either, but still I paused for a moment realizing this was something that should wait until he was a little older. I didn't want to spoil this type of special moment for him; instead, feeling he should enjoy the carefree moments in his life without some of the baggage that seemed to come along with having sex.

"So, how do you like your little diddle now?" I asked him smiling as he reached down to inspect himself closer.

The boy looked back over towards me with a huge grin, and gave me a big hug. "I like it a lot now." He whispered in my ears.

"See, I told you." I whispered back chuckling as we separated and he once more took a look at his penis experimenting how his skin slid back and forth over his glans.

"Be careful for now Zachary. I don't know how sore it will get if you do that too much right now. Just work on it a little every day to make sure your skin continues to slide smoothly back and forth. Now, do you remember how to clean yourself like the doctor told you?" I asked him as he nodded his head and cleaned his exposed glans with just plain warm water before sliding the skin back over the tip. "Good job…I'm so proud of you Zachary. From now on you will have to be sure to keep it clean all the time just like the doctor showed you." I told him as he nodded his understanding.

We finished getting washed up as I turned off the water and grabbed a towel drying off Zachary with it. He looked happy and sad at the same time as he just continued to glance down at his now flaccid penis wriggling around between his legs. His foreskin didn't look as long anymore over the tip of his penis, and I thought that it might be because his penis was no longer attached and could stretch out more safely now. I was no expert so this was pure speculation on my part.

"What's wrong?" I asked him as I rubbed his hair dry with the towel watching him shrug his shoulder.

Not wanting to push him on the matter I dropped it and let him think about what he wanted to say. "Jackson?" He finally managed to speak up.

"Yeah, what's up?" I replied as I stopped what I was doing so he could tell that I was giving him my undivided attention.

"Does this mean you aren't going to tuck me in anymore and cuddle with me when I go to bed at night?" He asked me shyly.

Shrugging my shoulders I just looked down fondly at him. "I don't know? I guess that would depend on you…that is if you still want me to." I replied as I saw him glancing back at me, and once more hugging me.

"Yeah, I'd like that." He stated unabashedly as he laughed happily getting wet again since I hadn't dried myself off yet.

Getting dried off and tossing our dirty clothes in the hamper, we both walked across the hall into his room completely naked. With Tyler already beneath his bed covers and watching us closely I snuggled up a little with Zachary until he nodded off to sleep. Tyler was starting to nod off a bit too, but he managed to smile at me as I crawled under the covers with him so I could cuddle with the older brother a bit before going to bed myself.

"So my little Boo Bear, how are you doing?" I asked him as I settled in next to him allowing the boy to cuddle up with me as well.

I could tell he was naked under the covers as his erection rubbed against my side, but I didn't say anything since neither one of us really cared. We were getting used to being naked around one another, so it just didn't seem such a big deal anymore. He smiled up at me before settling his head on my shoulders.

"I'm alright." He responded as he yawned. "You forgot to put the cream on Zachary's diddle." He pointed out to me.

"Nah, he doesn't need it anymore." I replied as he furrowed his eyebrows questioningly so I explained it to him. "His foreskin pulls back now, and I have to admit it looks kind of cute." I chuckled as he giggled at my admission. "Just try not to get too curious about it, and mess around with it too much because I don't know if it is going to hurt or maybe even be a bit sensitive for the next several days, alright?" I told him as he nodded his head.

"Yeah sure, but why would it be sensitive?" He asked as he pulled down the covers, and peeled back his own foreskin over his banana shaped rigid penis revealing his glistening little cherry colored lollipop while looking at my exposed erection as well. "See, when I peel mine back it doesn't hurt." He added to prove his point

"I understand that Tyler, but his just now detached from his skin so it could be a bit sensitive since it is all new. If you are curious, and it is alright with him, of course you can take a look at it, but I just wanted you to know is all." I told him as he nodded his head.

"Oh, cool. But it doesn't hurt when you pull back his skin?" He asked wanting to be sure.

"No, it's perfectly fine." I assured him. "So are you looking forward to having Marco come over for the party tomorrow?" I asked him as he perked up and nodded his head.

"Yeah, we've really become good friends. I'm glad he is finally going to get to meet Tommy too. I'm sure they are going to get along great. Oh, and thanks for inviting him by the way. I know he will have a lot of fun, and it will give me another friend to play with closer to my age." Tyler replied as he hesitantly reached out to touch my exposed penis.

He looked up at me to make sure it was alright and I just smiled at him as I stroked his cheek tenderly. I felt the familiar tingling sensation inside my groin as he wrapped his fingers from his left hand around my just under three inch cut rigid penis, while with his right hand he played around with my fleshy boy pouch. He was just curious and after a few moments released my hardness and pulled the blanket over our bodies while settling back in next to me with his arm draped over my chest.

We stayed like that for a few moments just enjoying the warmth from each other's body before I spoke up. "I love you very much Tyler, you know that right?" I asked him hugging him to me for emphasis knowing saying something like that was a bit quirky, but not able to resist myself as the feelings of brotherly love seemed to overwhelm me.

"Yeah, I know and I love you too Jackson. I had a nice time today with you and your parents…I mean…mom and dad." He amended as he shifted and looked up at me. "I like how that sounds." He admitted to me as he giggled and settled back in closer towards me.

"Me too my little Boo Bear…my little brother." I sighed contentedly. "I like how that sounds too." I told him sincerely.

"What…when I say mom and dad, or when you call me your little brother or Boo Bear?" He asked teasingly.

"Don't be such a silly goose you little ninny. You know very well I love all of those things." I responded giving him a quick tickle as he just wriggled around and laughed at me.

"Yeah, I know but little brothers are supposed to be a bother sometimes. I've got a lot of catching up to do with being a little brother to you." He teased me.

"I guess." I responded back to him as I hugged him and chuckled good naturedly. "Tyler I need to ask you a favor?" I posed to him getting a little more serious.

"Um…sure…what is it?" He quieted down and looked up at me sincerely.

"Well, I know that you and Marco fool around a little…you know with each other…um…naked and stuff. I just want you to be careful around Zachary is all; I'm not sure he is ready for that kind of stuff. So if you and Marco…and…um…Tommy do stuff together just keep Zachary out of it, alright?" I asked him as Tyler looked at me and then nodded his head in agreement. "I know Marco can be a bit…um…well, a bit too open about such things, so I'll try to talk to him ahead of time, but if I don't then just tell him to keep Zachary out of that kind of fooling around. I don't want your little brother to get hurt." I finished off as we both got quiet again.

"What…you mean because of his skin and all?" He asked me a bit worried that maybe he could actually hurt his little brother because of his foreskin.

"Yes…I mean no…um…well maybe a little. I don't know how sensitive his diddle is going to be for a while…and also because he is still pretty young to be messing around like that. Hell, both you and Marco are too I guess, but still it's out of the bag for you guys now so I guess it's all cool. Still, just be careful with Zachary, and try to control Marco." I chuckled realizing that was a feat in and of itself, while Tyler just nodded giggling knowingly as well about his friend Marco.

We both fell silent again for a few moments. "Jackson?"

"Hmmm, my little Boo Bear." I teased him good naturedly.

"I'm horny." Tyler responded catching me off guard as I looked down at him.

"I…um…oh, alright." I whispered back not knowing how to respond to such a blunt statement.

"Well…?" He whispered back to me quietly when I didn't say anything more once again catching me by surprise and not knowing how to respond back.

"Well…what?" I asked a bit confused.

"Nothing…just…I was hoping maybe you could…you know?" He giggled now as he looked up at me almost pleadingly.

"Geeze Tyler you are getting just as bad as Marco. I don't know if this is such a good idea, and I don't want us to get into the habit of doing this sort of stuff together. I mean…it's different now between us." I told him seriously.

"Why…don't you and Ezra do stuff together too?" He asked me once more catching me by surprise.

"I…um…how did you…I mean…?" I stuttered in shock.

"It's cool with me and I'm glad Ezra's finally found someone. He's been kind of lonely now for a very long time, and I know sometimes he felt really bad because he likes boys and all." Tyler told me seriously as I just looked at him a bit baffled. "I mean, I don't know why people make a big fuss over two boys liking one another instead of liking a girl and all." He finished up as if this really wasn't such a big thing after all.

"It doesn't bother you that me and Ezra like each other like that?" I asked Tyler still a bit in shock.

"No of course not. I'm just glad he found someone like you. The two of you are perfect for each other." He replied not in the least bit worried over what this meant as we both fell silent again.

After a bit he spoke up again. "So?" He asked me as I looked down and sighed knowing he was still wondering if I could help him out.

Giving him a quick smile I just pulled down the covers revealing his curved stiff pulsating erection swaying around as the blood from his pumping heart pulsed through his two and three quarter inch erection. I could see the tip of his acorn peeking out just beneath its covering as my fingers slowly wrapped around his rigidness and gently skinned him.

Tyler tensed up as the electricity coursed through his tiny body in anticipation of what was to come. My fingers gently stroked the length of his penis while Tyler looked down at himself being jacked off before setting back and allowing nature to take its course. I could see goose bumps forming all up and down his tight smooth skinned body as the tingling sensations within his groin triggered this automatic response from him.

It wouldn't take him long to peak so I figured since I was doing him anyway I might as well give him something he hasn't experienced before. Leaning down I slid my lips over the length of his penis as Tyler's hips jerked upwards and he gasped in surprise. It felt strange having his curved penis inside my mouth, but somehow it felt really nice too as his warped shape slipped naturally over my tongue and down towards the back of my throat.

Slowly and methodically I worked my lips and tongue back and forth over the length of his penis enjoying the sensation of how it felt inside my mouth. It was as if his penis was a perfect fit for my mouth, and it seemed as if the curve felt more natural sliding deep down past my lips and down towards the entryway to my gullet. My mind reeled with this new sensation and his heady boy scent as it wafted up to my nose. We both shifted a little getting more into our sexual play as I settled my body between his legs allowing him to put them over my shoulders giving me even better access to him. He really was a very beautiful boy and what we were doing together was thrilling as my own body seemed to tingle all over with excitement.

While I continued to masturbate him with my mouth bobbing my head up and down along his sleek curvature, Tyler started to find his own rhythm as his hips started to slowly rock and he began to face fuck me in earnest. With my left hand I started to play with his fleshy brown colored boy pouch and small olive sized testicles while my right fingers started to flirt with the entryway of his tight little virginal boy grommet.

Tyler started to moan as my slicked up fingers started to play around with him at his back door. I tapped it a couple of times feeling him tense up before slipping my pointing finger inside of him when I felt him relax. He immediately grunted at the intrusion and once more tensed up closing up tightly all around my finger before once more relaxing as I continued to suckle on his rigid penis. He was moaning and writhing around enthusiastically now as my lips continued to make love to his unique little boy penis. I was intent on working him properly this time so attacked him in earnest on all fronts.

My left fingers started to massage his olive sized testicles teasing them a bit and making him jerk when I tugged on them a bit too harshly while my right fingers started to slowly work around deep inside of him. Tyler's fingers wrapped around my hair as he kept pumping his hips into my face, and started to grunt like an animal gone wild. My lips and tongue slithered along the entire length of his thin rod before stopping every once in a while to twirl around his bulbous round glans. He was working his way into a frenzy now because he was being pummeled with so many unique and new feelings attacking him from many different fronts. I knew it wouldn't take much more to push him past his limits as I twisted my finger around deep inside of his tight virginal canal, and started to flicker up against his little love button.

Tyler squeaked in surprise as a huge surge exploded within the depths of his cavernous being compelling his hips to spasm upwards and plunging his curved boy hardness deep inside of my mouth as his body went wild shuddering and bucking as his orgasm took hold of his firm petite silky like body. His tight little love chute clamped down firmly around my fingers while his little testicles pulled out of my fingers contracting vigorously upwards. His curved penis seemed to straighten and stretch out inside of my mouth thrumming around wildly against my tongue while his bulbous glans expanded immensely forcing my cheeks to puff outwards. Wave after wave or orgasmic blissfulness coursed through his tiny body before he collapsed back on to his mattress with one final heave and exhalation of his breath.

I continued to suckle on his semi-hard piece of curvature before Tyler moaned pleadingly for me to stop. I stopped sucking on him but kept his twitching penis in my mouth until it stopped moving around. It finally went completely limp, and I allowed it to slip from between my lips as I snuggled up next to my little Boo Bear watching him closely while he recovered from his high.

"Wow," he whispered to me smiling at me appreciatively. "Can we do that again?" He asked giggling as I looked down at him in shock.

"What…now?" I asked as he just shook his head.

"No, some other time." He giggled as he stroked my chest appreciatively.

Shaking my head I just looked at him and sighed. "Tyler, we really shouldn't be doing this sort of thing together anymore. I mean I like doing that with you and all, but still we should think about it before doing something like this again."

"Yeah I suppose, but maybe we can do it like on special occasions or something." He stated being completely serious as he yawned trying to stave off the wave of exhaustion that was now threatening to overwhelm him.

"Maybe…but for now let's just think on it some more, and then we can talk about it. I don't want us to feel bad later on about doing this kind of stuff together. I care too much for you to have this get between us later on. Can we maybe talk about this in private one time because I'm not so sure this is a good idea to continue doing something like this?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess, but do you really feel bad about what we just did?" He asked me seriously as I shook my head.

"No, I love making you feel good like that, but still…um…what happens in a few years if things change with how you feel about things. Maybe you will hate me for having done this sort of thing with you. I mean, you are still pretty young and things can change a lot in a few years." I told him seriously as he just shook his head.

"I'd never feel bad about this Jackson. I'm the one who wanted this so it isn't your fault or anything." Tyler stated as he snuggled up closer to me.

"I know Tyler, but still just because you want this now doesn't mean you will like what we did together later on. Don't worry I liked it too Tyler, and I don't really feel all that bad about it, but I do think we need to talk some more later on after we both have had some time to think things through, alright?" I asked him as he just shrugged his shoulder.

"Sure, I guess so, but it still won't change how I feel about it." He yawned and became silent just enjoying having me close to him.

We both fell silent again while he seemed to slowly fade off to sleep. Untangling myself from his small body, I tucked his blanket around him, and ambled over into my room. Just as I ducked inside my room I could hear my parents working their way up the stairs. Ezra was sort of nodding off in my bed so I slipped under the covers just in time before I heard a light tapping on my door.

"Yeah?" I responded giving my parents permission to enter my room while Ezra seemed to become more alert now.

My mom smiled warmly at us shaking her head as she entered the room. "I don't know why we bothered getting Ezra his own bed if he is just going to sleep in yours." My mom teased as she sat down on the edge of my bed leaning in to give both of us a goodnight kiss before heading out the door leaving us alone.

After closing the door Ezra giggled as he snuggled up closer to me. "Well, I guess she doesn't mind so much us sleeping in the same bed." He chuckled while I just rolled my eyes at him, but leaned in for a warm heartfelt kiss.

Damn, those soft lips of Ezra always seemed to make me woozy as our mouths separated, and he settled his head on my chest while I sighed sleepily. "So, did you get Zachary all squared away?" He asked conversationally as I heard my mom walking past our doorway going back down the hallway having finished checking up on the boys.

Damn, I really need to be more careful I thought to myself realizing my parents could have walked in on me and Tyler while I was sexing him up. I made a mental note of this realizing it was just one more thing the two of us would have to discuss. I mean it was bad enough if my parents ever walked in on me and Ezra, but if they caught me doing stuff with Tyler, I don't know how they would handle that situation. I could only imagine how disappointed they would be with me saying how I was taking advantage of a much younger boy who isn't ready for such things.

"Jackson, did you hear me?" I heard Ezra ask me bringing me back to the moment.

"Huh…oh…no need." I responded as I felt Ezra lift his head up off of my chest so he could look up at me questioningly. "No need to anymore." I explained to him. "His foreskin finally disconnected from the head of his penis."

"Wow, cool." He replied as he chuckled.

"Yeah, it really is pretty cool. Damn, I swear his pecker is bigger now." I told him as I laughed while Ezra just looked at me quirkily. "I swear it really is. I'm thinking maybe it's because it isn't held back anymore…you know?" I yawned and settled in closer to Ezra as we both got quiet once more for a few moments before I started to giggle.

"What?" Ezra asked chuckling for no apparent reason other than because I was laughing.

"No…it's nothing. I was just thinking how adorably cute his penis was when the tip of it slithered past his foreskin. He really does have a beautiful penis for a little guy." I chuckled as he looked at me and slugged me in the arm.

"Hey!" I yelped. "What was that for?" I asked seriously while he just shook his head and sniggered with a huff.

"Isn't it bad enough that you've already perved on Marco and Tyler without doing the same thing with Zachary?" He continued to chuckle as he settled his head back on to my chest.

"I can't help it Ezra." I giggled. "I mean that little slicked up acorn of his really was cute, but don't worry I didn't do anything. I feel bad enough about Marco and Tyler as it is…well sort of bad about it." I had to admit as I felt him quivering while he tried to hold back his laughing because he knew me so well.

"Damn, you really are a pervert." He quipped no longer able to hold back as he saw the shocked look on my face. "Well you really are you know, but don't worry, you're my pervert and I still love you." Ezra continued to laugh while it was my turn to slug him.

"Yeah, well things just keep getting worse you know. It's almost as if it is contagious or something." I chuckled at him while he just looked at me a bit confused. "Shit Ezra, after I tucked in Zachary and cuddled up a little with Tyler it got strange. I mean out of the blue Tyler just up and says 'I'm horny.' Damn, I didn't know what to say." I admitted to Ezra who just smiled and laughed at me.

"Why do you think I don't tuck them in?" He teased me.

"Yeah, like you really needed to sleeping in the same bed and all." I quipped back at him before we both fell silent again.

After a few moments I felt Ezra lift up his head and look at me. "Well?" He asked me making me laugh realizing it was almost the same conversation I had gone through only moments earlier.

"Well what?" I responded.

"Did you help him out or not?" He asked me as he shoved me teasingly.

"What do you think?" I asked cryptically.

"Yeah, just what I thought. Does it bother you?" He asked me as I looked down at him.

Shrugging my shoulders I didn't know how to really answer his question. "Yeah I guess a little. I mean I really do like making him feel good and all so don't feel bad about that, but I just hope he doesn't feel bad about it later on, you know when he gets older. By the way he knows about us and that you are gay." I told Ezra as he just shrugged his shoulders and laid his head back down on my chest.

"Doesn't really surprise me. I've sort of figured he knew, and I guess my grandfather knew too although he never said anything. So how does Tyler feel about us two being together?" Ezra asked me.

"Actually he says we belong together and he's happy for us. He says that you've been lonely for a long time now and that you deserve someone, and he doesn't know what the big deal is anyway if two boys like one another instead of a girl." I told him as Ezra sort of chuckled.

"Well I guess it really doesn't surprise me because he's always been pretty cool about things like that with others. I think he just takes people for who they are, and is pretty straight forward with certain issues." Ezra nodded his head knowing his little cousin so well.

We settled down once more when I heard Ezra speak up again. "Jackson, I'm sorry I really don't have anything for your birthday tomorrow." He griped as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm not worried Ezra. I have you, and that is more than enough. Besides, believe me you will have something for my birthday tomorrow, and I plan on collecting so you better rest up." I suggested to him as he looked at me a bit shocked before smiling knowingly at me.

"So…that's how it's going to be." He teased. "And if I refuse?" He continued taunting me.

"Believe me…you won't have a choice." I responded as we both giggled before calming back down. It had been a very long day so we both just finally ended up cuddling closely together, and slowly faded off to sleep.

It was cozy and warm under the covers as I slowly stirred awake while it was still dark. I wasn't sure what exactly woke me up, but then I saw the door swiveling open, and a small shadowy figure step inside before crawling under the covers trying to slip in between me and Ezra. The older boy shifted in his sleep allowing Tyler to snuggle up between us as I wrapped my arm around him.

"What's wrong?" I asked him as he just cuddled up to me.

"Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep." He replied as he closed his eyes and smiled when I stroked his back lightly.

He was completely naked, and the stimulation gave him an erection that pressed up against me, but it wasn't anything sexual in nature this time around. It was just one of those types of things that happens as I heard his breathing even out while he faded back to sleep. Now that Tyler was asleep I untangled myself from him thinking I should check up on Zachary to make sure he was alright. As I entered the smaller boys room he must have heard me, and turned over looking towards me as I ambled on over to his bed sitting next to him. His face was a little damp as if he had been crying.

"Hey my little doodle bug what's wrong?" I whispered as he just looked up at me shrugging his shoulders.

I didn't push him just letting him try to work it out on his own when he finally whispered softly to me. "I woke up and no one was here. I thought maybe something bad had happened." He admitted as I held on to him and rocked him gently.

"No, everything is perfectly fine Zachary. It's just your brother woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Since he is snuggled up with me and Ezra how about you joining us tonight?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

A few moments later all of us were jumbled up together under the covers of my large King sized bed. Zachary was curled up in my arms facing his older brother Tyler, while the older boy was snuggled up in Ezra's arms. I smiled feeling a sense of brotherly love among all four of us, and knew this is how it was supposed to feel. It gave me a sense of comfort to know that together there was nothing that could rip apart our bonds of brotherhood. The love for my new family swelled within my chest as Zachary's breathing evened out and he finally succumbed to sleep. One by one I reached out my hand and stroked all of my new brother's cheeks affectionately cementing them even more into my heart.

When morning dawned it promised to be a nice one as warm sunlight filtered through the bedroom balcony window. Zachary was still curled up in my arms with our two faces snuggled up together, and I had to chuckle realizing that I was cupping his fleshy pouch and little boy rigidness in the palm of my hand. I breathed in deeply shivering delightfully as the smaller boy's essence wafted up to my nose. He smelled a lot like Ezra in so many ways, yet it was so much sweeter with lighter undertones; definitely, more innocent in its youthfulness, and I guess you could say the smaller boy's essence was a much more younger vintage of wine.

It never ceased to amaze me how similar all three boys' essence was to one another. I guess since they were all related and lived together it sort of made sense. When I thought about it I wondered if at some point the four of us would also end up having a similar kind of underlying scent since we now lived together. It was an intriguing thought, and something I would like to talk to Ezra about at some point.

Tyler and Ezra were curled up and facing us still sound asleep as I slowly massaged Zachary's erection slowly peeling his foreskin back over his little knob. It was tight, but slipped over the ridge of his corona without much resistance. Easing his foreskin back into place I released Zachary's erection from my fingers, and shifted my body into a more comfortable position enjoying the warmth of all my brothers' bodies under the lightweight fabric of the blanket. Their scent now wafted all around me, and it was strange how I was able to distinguish what scent belonged to which boy. Even though they were very similar, each of them still had their own unique overlying aroma about them.

Nuzzling my face up against the smooth silky skin of the smaller boy in my arms I detected some movement over by the bedroom doorway. I shifted my gaze noticing my folks looking in on us as they smiled warmly with my father's arms wrapped around my mom. They looked so cheerful, so complete, and I knew that they were just so happy with a full household now. They finally had the large family they've always dreamed of having as they stepped into the room. While I watched them approach I sort of wondered if maybe they would have liked a daughter or two as well instead of all boys, but I didn't have time to ponder over it much more as they stopped next to me.

"Hey, Jackson sweetie." My mom whispered into my ear as she stroked my hair. "Happy birthday."

"Hey mom…thanks." I whispered back so as not to wake the other boys.

"We love you so much Jackson and are so proud of you." My dad whispered as he leaned over kissing the top of my head. "I know that you told us not to get you anything, but I just wanted to give you this." He smiled at me as he handed over a long rectangular wooden box.

Opening it up tears welled up into my eyes as I recognized the antique knife. The Joseph Rodgers & Sons Bowie Knife with original Sheath and blade measuring nine inches long had once belonged to my great grandfather who in turn had given it to my father, his grandson, when he was about my age. It was beautifully crafted and still very functional with a genuine stage handle, Nickel silver guard and name plate that had our Elborn surname inscribed in it. The knife also came with the original leather sheath that had silver mounts. I knew how much it meant to my dad, but felt proud he would trust me with the family heirloom.

"It's beautiful dad…thanks." I told him sincerely as I placed it back inside the wooden case, and set the box on my nightstand so I could hug him tightly to me.

"I'm glad you like it, maybe you boys should slowly get up. There's lots to do before this afternoon when everyone arrives. Remember, you still need to go with your mother over to the Acoya's house and check up on the horses while I stay home and get things set up over here." My dad stated as the other boys slowly woke up as well.

"Yeah, sure dad, but can we just have a little longer. I think yesterday took a lot out of us, and I'm a bit sore too." I chuckled realizing I was a bit stiff from the horse race.

"Sure, but don't dilly dally around too much Jackson. That goes for all you boys, and why on earth are you all piled up into Jackson's bed." He chuckled getting up and shaking his head not really expecting an answer as my parents just left us alone closing the door behind them.

"Is it time to get up already?" Zachary moaned as he rolled on top of me trying to snuggle up some more while Tyler and Ezra yawned but just remained where they were tucked up tightly against one another.

Zachary's body heat felt wonderful up against me as I wrapped my arm around his silky smooth skin, and caressed his back affectionately. His erection rubbed up against mine, and he slowly rocked his hips subconsciously. It felt very stimulating feeling his foreskin rubbing up against my sleek erection as his little knob slithered in and out of its sheath. He kept rubbing his groin up against me, and I could feel our breathing getting heavier as my blood began to roil with the electric current flowing through my body. If we kept this up I would blow my wad for sure so I allowed my hands to wander down to Zachary's cute little orbs and cupped them in my hands holding him up tightly against my body stopping him from rocking and grinding in to me.

"You've got to stop wiggling around like that." I whispered into a confused Zachary's ear, but he did as I requested without any protest and settled down.

It was still early as we made our way down the gravel road to the small adobe style home of the Acoya family. It hadn't taken us all that long to get ourselves cleaned up and then grab a bite to eat before slipping out the house so we could head out to the Acoya's ranch. Tommy greeted us outside as he herded us inside the small barn letting us look around. There were several stalls each of them housing a horse inside one of them as we walked through the building.

"My dad said now that we can afford it we will build a proper horse barn this summer. Sorry Jackson, but right now we don't have a proper stall for Surefoot, but we will build a temporary one for him until this summer." Tommy assured me as I nodded my head and looked towards Surefoot who seemed a bit miffed about his situation.

"Geeze, give it a rest already. You heard Tommy. They will have a temporary stall for you soon, and then a real proper one later this summer, so don't get bent all out of shape." I told the horse as he seemed to calm down and greet me by nudging my pocket. "Yeah, I brought you an apple." I chuckled as I sliced it up and fed it to him watching how it seemed to put him in a better mood.

Tommy just smiled at me shaking his head. "I still can't believe how horses just respond like this to you." He chuckled as we walked back outside to meet up with our folks, and I looked at him closer.

"Damn Tommy, you look like crap." I told him a bit worried for him.

"What…oh, yeah. My bed finally broke last night." He laughed shaking his head. "It's literally been on its last leg for a while now, but we just couldn't afford a new one so made do. My dad said that while I am at your party he will go out and round up a new one for me. Well…not new, but a used one at the thrift store." He stated as we walked up to my mom who overheard the conversation.

"What…you guys need a new bed?" She asked Mr. Acoya and his wife who laughed at their boy's expense by explaining to her how in the middle of the night Tommy ended up sprawled all over the floor butt naked as his bed finally collapsed. Evidently Tommy wasn't only shocked because of the bed breaking on him, but also when his parent's had burst into his room while he sat there stark naked.

After having a good laugh with the description of Tommy trying to cover himself up in the middle of the night when his parents came bursting into the room, my mom mentioned the situation with our used bed. "Well, this is perfect…well not you getting dumped out of your bed Tommy…but we just replaced the guest bedroom with a new bedroom set for both of the younger boys. So we now have a whole bedroom just sitting there as we speak. It's not new, but it was hardly ever used since it was always in our guest bedroom. We also have the nightstands and dresser drawers to go with it. Right now it is stored in the garage waiting to be donated, but I'd rather give it to someone we know." My mom pointed out.

Mr. Acoya offered to pay, but my mom assured him they were just going to donate it anyway, and if he came to pick it up then it would save us from having to haul it away. In a way, he was doing us a favor too, so when all was said and done it all worked out. My mom called up my dad, and explained the situation to him telling him to have it all ready to go for when we got home after a bit. My father was more than happy to accommodate the Acoya's and promised that everything would be ready for them to pick up when we got back.

Tyler asked my mom with puppy dog kind of eyes if it was alright for us to take the horses out for a ride, and when she looked over towards Mr. Acoya and his wife they nodded their agreement. "Fine, but only for about an hour or so." She told us as we made our way back into the barn getting the horses ready.

Within moments we had the horses saddled up and were making our way slowly down a back trail of the ranch. Since we had the big race yesterday we just took it easy allowing the horses to walk leisurely along the winding hard packed sandy pathway that paralleled a small bubbling little creek off on our right side. Every once in a while Tommy would point out something to us as we ambled along and enjoyed the flat sprawling landscape in front of us. It seemed a bit strange how green and lush it looked all along the small creek, and within several yards how dry everything else appeared to be.

About fifteen minutes into our tour we reined in our horses as another boy on a chestnut colored quarter horse made his way straight towards us. I eyed the other horse critically something tickling the back of my mind, but I shook it off for the moment as I watched them approach. The boy looked to be around twelve or thirteen years old wearing a pair of worn and faded jeans, long sleeved blue denim shirt, and one of those airy straw cowboy shaped hats.

"What are you guys doing out here on my grandfather's land." The boy sort of looked at us a bit aloof.

"Back off Jeff, we're just using the open trail like we always do and you know it." Tommy replied as another older rider made his way towards us.

This rider looked kind of familiar, and I figured maybe he was at the gathering yesterday. I'd say he was in his late teens or early twenties wearing blue jeans, multi colored and patterned long sleeve shirt, and a similar kind of straw cowboy style of hat.

"Hey Thomas," he greeted us pleasantly using the more formal name as he pulled up smiling friendly. "So you guys heading out for a little ride?" He asked conversationally as the first boy just sort of looked at him with daggers.

"Hey Martin, and yeah, that is if Jeff gets off his high horse and all. He says we are trespassing." Tommy pointed out as the older guy just shook his head at the other younger boy.

"Yeah, well you've got to excuse my nephew. He comes out here once or twice a year, and thinks he owns the place." The guy chuckled. "Come-on Jeff you know that this trail wanders in and out between Thomas' property and ours. It's always been open to all of us." He quipped as the younger boy seemed to seethe. Shaking his head he just looked over towards me. "So, I see you've brought Surefoot along?" The young man stated as he shrugged his shoulders at his nephew who was still seething, and made his way over towards me shaking my hand in greeting. "That was a very nice race you two ran yesterday Waapesk Pauau Niikotikasea." He complimented me using my full new name.

"You can just call me Jackson, and thanks." I chuckled shaking my head as I returned his handshake.

"So, this is the one everyone is jabbering about?" Jeff retorted as he sized me and Surefoot up. "He doesn't look anything special to me, and I could have beaten him for sure." He quipped challengingly.

"Sure if you say so Jeff." The younger man replied calmly as he rolled his eyes.

"I saw that, and if my father were here you'd never get away with treating me like this. I don't think this Jackson kid is all that special, and I think you all were making things up. I say maybe I should prove it too, and challenge him to a race. How about it Jackson?" The boy looked intently at me as I shook my head.

"No, that's alright." I patted Surefoot's neck. "Not today, besides Surefoot's had a long race yesterday so we are just going to take it easy…right boy?" I told Surefoot as the horse just sort of turned his head, and looked at me as if to say whatever.

"Ha, I knew it, the guy's a fraud." The boy retorted as Tyler urged his horse forward bristling at the other boy's attitude.

"I'll race you." Tyler interjected as I shook my head at him forcefully making him back off as well; although, he looked a bit disappointed.

"No, no one is going to race that horse." I insisted as Ezra just sort of looked at me as well wondering what had gotten in to me.

"Why not?" Zachary asked quietly.

"Because I won't be responsible for that horse's injury." I replied calmly not understanding myself why I even said it as the image of the boy on the chestnut quarter horse popped into my mind when they had initially approached us.

Jeff just looked at me and shook his head. "Looser." He snorted while his uncle just looked at me a bit stymied as well.

"What's wrong with the horse Jackson?" The younger man, Martin, asked as he now looked at the Chestnut more closely.

Shrugging my shoulders I just replied the best I could. "His gate is off, and I think he is favoring his left front leg." I replied as I thought back on the horse's gate as it had approached a few minutes ago, and finally realized that the tingling sensation in the back of my mind had been a warning that something wasn't right.

"He's full of crap." Jeff spat as he turned the horse getting ready to launch himself back down the trail.

Before I could warn the boy to take it easy his uncle had reached out and yanked him out of the saddle dumping the boy on the ground. I literally heard the boy yelp out once before the air whooshed out of his lungs as he landed on his back sprawled out on the sandy trail. The boy's young uncle climbed down off his horse just as Jeff managed to suck air back into his lungs.

"You stupid jerk. Just wait until I tell grandfather about how you treated me. He'll tan your hide for sure you stupid oaf." The boy stated angrily as he brushed himself off while his uncle went over to the Chestnut horse running his hands down the left leg and fetlock joint.

"Shit, Jeff didn't you check on the horse before you took him out? You know we ran him at the race yesterday." The man asked as he rounded on the boy.

"Of course I did." The boy replied taken aback by the anger in his uncle's eyes as the man just shook his head.

"One of these days your lies are going to land you in a heap of hurt. We're heading back to take care of the horse's leg as soon as we cool it down in the creek. It is burning hot, but thanks to Jackson I think he'll be alright." Martin scorned the boy as he got back up on his own horse.

Jeff stepped into the Chestnut colored horse's stirrups to climb back on when his uncle noticed and yanked him off again throwing him down into the dirt. "Stupid idiot. You'll walk the horse back." The man rebuked his nephew as he looked back towards us. "Good to see you again Thomas, and you guys too." He nodded his head appreciatively at us. "You're welcome to ride along our lands anytime you wish." He told us as he turned his horse, and picked up the Chestnut's reins leading him away while a rebuked Jeff looked back at us scornfully.

The rest of the leisurely ride was uneventful, and we made it back about an hour later. We got our horses squared away and taken care of, so made our way back towards the house. As we ambled towards the small adobe structure a truck made its way down the gravel driveway and sputtered to a stop in front of the house. Mr. Acoya came out and greeted the man cheerily, and then frowned looking over towards Tommy. I looked inside the truck and noticed Jeff and his uncle still sitting inside the cab area. The boy looked pretty smug while his young uncle looked a bit miffed.

Motioning towards Tommy, Mr. Acoya beckoned his son as a heated discussion ensued. Poor Tommy wasn't able to get a word in edge wise as he was scolded so Ezra decided to intervene while the rest of us stayed in place. He stepped up and greeted the other man as he converted to his own Kickapoo language. His presence seemed to calm everyone down as he seemed to explain what had happened along the trail. Every once in a while the other man would look towards me and nod his head before glancing over towards his truck. I could see Jeff start to loose his smug look on his face as time seemed to pass by slowly. After a while Ezra motioned for me to approach. He introduced me to the man explaining the elderly man owned the property next to the Acoya's ranch.

"Tell him in your own words what happened." Ezra told me as he nodded at me encouragingly while my mom and the boys stepped forward as well.

Looking over towards the truck and nodding my head I explained how Jeff had come up to challenge me to a race and about his attitude. I explained that I tried to get out of the race not wanting to take the chance with Surefoot since he had a big race yesterday, and how also I didn't want to be responsible for the possibility of the other horse's injury. I told the man about what happened between Martin and Jeff, and felt that Martin hadn't done anything wrong. If anything the man had tried to diffuse the issue.

The older man's features became very stern as he beckoned to his son and grandson. "Apologize to both Waapesk Pauau Niikotikasea and Achak Niananwi Mahkwa." The grandfather told his grandson.

"No, I won't do it. I didn't do anything wrong." Jeff whined and protested as he received a cuff to the back of the head. It wasn't hard or anything, but you could tell his grandfather wasn't messing around.

"Apologize now for behaving like a spoiled little brat. If it weren't for them we could have had a lame horse or worse. I should never have believed you and known better that Waapesk Pauau Niikotikasea would do something foolish as challenge you to a race taking the chance of harming a horse. It is not in his nature, but I've been blinded because you are my grandson. I should also have believed Martin because he no longer is the person he once was a few years ago. So apologize to everyone, and be a man instead of a little spoiled child." The man insisted as he gazed at his grandson sternly.

The boy sort of stood there defiantly for a moment until he saw the firm look his grandfather shot him so relented. "I'm sorry for everything." The boy apologized to us meekly.

"Now, your uncle." The man insisted as the boy started to protest, but when he saw the look on his grandfather's face he just gazed down at his feet with shame and apologized to the younger man.

The elderly man whispered something to his son, and Martin nodded his head as he led Jeff back to the truck before returning holding something in his hand. The older man nodded his head as Martin stepped up and handed me a large beaded leather pouch.

"This pouch has been in our family for many generations. It holds our sacred tobacco that we use when thanking the Creator for what he has given us. We would be honored if you were to take this as a gift of appreciation for what you have done for our honor and our horse." He told me sincerely as Jeff jumped out of the truck and ran towards us.

"No, the pouch belongs to me. You told me since my father was the first born that it would be mine someday." The boy whined as he snatched at the leather pouch.

"Enough." The older man admonished the younger boy. "You are a spoiled young brat who doesn't appreciate our ways. You have lied about your uncle…and about other respected people in our community. You do not deserve the pouch, and you disgrace us once more by acting like a little child. It is done." The man stated as he reached out and yanked the younger boy backwards literally making the kid yelp in surprise.

This somehow didn't feel right to me as I just shook my head wondering how I could get out of this without dishonoring anyone in the process. "This is a very kind offer, but I cannot accept this gift." I started out before lifting up my hand forestalling the older man's protest of how I must accept this offer or dishonor everyone. "Yes, of course I spoke up regarding the horse, but it was your own son who protected my reputation, and took care of the injured horse. When your grandson tried to humiliate me, it was your son who stood up for me, and allowed me to keep my honor. So it is only fitting that he hold on to the pouch, and pass it on to the next generation that deserves it." I explained as I handed the pouch over to Martin who looked over to his father. The older man smiled proudly at his second born son, and nodded his head approvingly.

"Thank you." Martin replied as he smiled at me appreciatively. "Please wait here for a moment." He asked as he ran back to the truck and returned a few moments later with another large beaded leather pouch.

Reaching inside the older beaded pouch, he transferred over to the new pouch half of the tobacco before handing it over to me. "This tobacco pouch is for you. It isn't as old as this one, but it is one I made as a child with my grandfather. It took me a long time to make and I still remember how patient and proud my grandfather was as I stitched each bead into place. I would be honored if you took it for yourself as a reminder of the service you have done for our family." He told me as I smiled and nodded my head.

"I will be sure to use this gift appropriately Martin. I am glad your honor has been restored in your father's eyes." I told him sincerely as he stepped up and gave me a brief hug before walking back to the truck with a seething Jeff in tow.

"Thank you for being an honorable person." Martin's father nodded his head as he shook my hands. "And thank you for helping us resolve this issue." He told Ezra shaking his hand as well.

Later I found out from Ezra that there had been a big rift between Martin and his father several years back when the young man had been only a teenager. Evidently the boy had been rebellious costing his father and brother several prized horses and a lot of money. He had eventually come around as most teenagers do, but the damage was done, and his father had never really truly trusted him.

Soon afterwards his eldest son, who is ten years older than Martin, had moved away, and never really came around or seemed all that interested with the ranch anymore. He sent his son, Jeff, over to the place during Christmas and summer vacation, but other than that really didn't want anything more to do with the rest of the community, and even frowned upon the traditional way of life and culture. This attitude has now transferred over to his own son Jeff despite his grandfather's attempts to bring him closer to their old ways. Martin on the other hand had stuck around and had become a hard worker on the ranch, even though he knew that it would be his older brother who inherited the property since he was the favored son. However, Ezra believed that maybe this would slowly change now as Martin's father can finally come to terms that his youngest son was no longer the same person from years ago.

It made me wonder if this was how things were going to be for Ezra from now on with having to deal with some of these issues from within the community. I got the feeling that his responsibilities would start to grow as more of the community would start to seek him out for advice regarding tribal issues as well as spiritual matters. It made me proud to know how important Ezra was within the community, but also a bit sad as I knew he would be doing a lot of growing up in such a short period of time.

It was a little after eleven in the morning by the time we got home. As we pulled into the driveway, followed closely by Mr. and Mrs. Acoya in their truck and trailer, I saw Braxton, Coop, Brendan, and Marco waiting for us along with my dad. As soon as I hopped out of the SUV Marco ran towards me and gave me a big hug.

"Hey, what are all of you guys doing here already?" I asked the small group as I squeezed my little snuggle bug tightly to me. "I've been missing you." I whispered as I quickly kissed his cheek before we pulled apart.

"Well, we just came over to help out your dad get all set up with everything." Brandon shrugged his shoulders as way of answer while my father said hello to the Acoya's.

"Alright, let's all go inside for a moment and grab something to drink before getting started with loading the Acoya's truck with the furniture." My dad suggested as we followed him inside the house. "I've got some drinks set up in the small formal living room area." He told everyone as he motioned me to show everyone the way.

Making my way around the hallway I stepped down into our sunken living room that was hardly ever used and stopped in my tracks. There off to the side towards the back of the room was a miniature diorama depicting the battle of Gettysburg. I just about flipped as I ran over to the small table sized diorama complete with soldiers, canons, infantry, camps, supplies, and anything else you can imagine. It was a masterfully crafted piece of work complete with landscape, hills, houses, trenches, trees, and bushes. It was a complete miniature scene of what things looked like at the battle of Gettysburg.

"Oh whoa, this is like way cool Braxton!" I exclaimed as everyone gathered around taking a closer look.

"Well, I couldn't have finished it in time for your birthday if Coop wouldn't have helped. We've been working on it non-stop now for weeks." Braxton admitted to me as I hugged both of them thanking them for all of their hard work.

We visited for a bit listening intently to both Coop and Braxton as they explained the entire battle scene to us. I had to smile at how much those two knew about the battle, and their passion over anything having to do with history. My dad also showed me the set-up outside for my party.

"Whoa, what's all of this?" I asked amazed as I stepped out into our back yard and just looked all around me in utter amazement.

He had really outdone himself as he showed me the huge military DRASH (deployable rapidly assembly shelter) tent that he had some of his buddies on post bring over and put up for us. They had set it up at the back end of the yard beyond the pool. From left to right it was about thirty four feet long and about twenty feet deep.

As we stepped inside the huge military style emergency shelter through a doorway in the middle of the tent, I could feel the warmth from the heaters that were situated in strategic points inside. The temperature forecast was slated be in the mid sixty degree Fahrenheit range later on this afternoon, which isn't too cold all things considered, but still a bit chilly outside if we were going to do any swimming. This would provide us with a large enough space where we could all go and get warmed up. Along the left side wall of the shelter they had erected two changing rooms, one each for the boys and girls, side by side about eight feet by nine feet. This still left a length of empty space from left to right of about twenty six feet and a depth of about twenty feet. As I looked off towards the right I saw that my dad had set up an entertainment section. Brendan and Marco had brought their video console, and alongside of mine there were two separate stations that people could use to stay entertained. This left the middle part of the shelter as an open area with tables and chairs set up for food and just chilling around. A few large tubs filled with ice and drinks were also spread out around the interior for everyone if they got thirsty.

"This is like way cool dad." I told him as we walked back outside where a large BBQ grill had been set up, which had also been borrowed from the base.

It was a large barrel type of set-up that the military used out in the field, and would allow him to grill a ton of food at the same time. I couldn't believe he had gone through this much trouble to make my party a hit. I guess once I told him there would be about twenty five or so kids, including girls since I had decided to invite some as well to my party, he had decided it was just best to have a place where we could gather together warming up after swimming without having to possibly trash the inside of the house. Anyone needing to use the restroom could use the guest bathroom just inside the house on the main floor. It was a perfect set-up for my party.

People started showing up a little before one in the afternoon, and by one thirty everyone had arrived. We had my entire diving team, and then all of my friends from my lunch table as well. Braxton brought his girlfriend who was drop dead gorgeous, and if I weren't gay I knew I'd have popped a boner right there on the spot, but those days seemed to have gone by now as I finally accepted the fact I didn't feel that way for girls anymore. As it was, I had to smile at Braxton who seemed to be fighting an ongoing erection problem as he constantly hung on to his girlfriend affectionately.

Coop introduced me to his two little sisters, so I directed them towards Zachary, Tyler, Tommy, and Marco so they could play with others closer to their own age. Suzanne showed up with some of the other girls, and I introduced her to Braxton's girlfriend. Even though Suzanne was younger, the two girls seemed to hit it off right away. Matthew who was my competitor and got silver at the diving venue a few weeks ago also turned up with his father in tow. I had invited them to stay overnight, but they had a family party to go to tomorrow since it was New Year's Eve so would leave early this evening. This still gave Matthew plenty of time though to enjoy the party and have fun with everyone. He immediately spotted some of the guys on my dive team, and before long they were all chatting up a storm making plans for the next venue since Matthew's dive team would be hosting us. The final person to make an appearance was Charley who just looked around in awe.

"Wow Jackson, this is like way cool." He exclaimed to me.

"Yeah, I've never had a party like this before. I didn't want my parents to spend a lot of money on gifts and stuff for my birthday this year so I told them I just wanted a small party. It looks like my parents went all out though." I chuckled as I shook my head. "It seems like they spent a lot of money on this party, but other than the food they didn't really spend any additional money. The tent and stuff is borrowed from base, and the entertainment center inside the canopy is borrowed from Brendan and Marco along with my own system from my room. Even the food didn't cost all that much since we bought everything in bulk through Costco." I told him as I waved Johnnie over from my diving team, and introduced the two boys since they were about the same age.

After Charley shook hands with Johnnie he looked back over to me. "Why didn't you tell me that it was your birthday? I would have brought you something." He told me seriously as I just shook my head.

"Do you see any packages around?" I asked him as he scanned the scene shaking his head. "The only present I wanted was to have a party with some of my friends, family, and new members of my tribe." I laughed sincerely as I indicated Ezra, Tyler, and Zachary as said newest members of my small and humble tribe. "This means more to me than any present." I told him seriously as he nodded his head in agreement. "So let's go have some fun. I hope you brought your bathing suit." I stated as I ran down to the pool, hopped onto the diving board, and promptly conducted a reverse two-and-a-half somersaults tuck effectively kicking off a free for all as some scrambled into the tent to get changed into their bathing suits while others who had already changed jumped into the pool with me.

Before long my diving team members had their own competition going as they each carefully rotated the wheel on the springboard adjusting it for their particular weight and type of dive they were performing to obtain maximum effect. While they played around on the springboard others just swam around the pool enjoying the warm water. We were in and out of the pool all afternoon as music blared and my dad cooked with Matthew's father helping out and enjoying themselves as well.

At one point I decided to get warmed up and stepped inside the tent. Even though there was plenty of lighting it was darker in the tent and it took me a moment or two for my eyes to adjust properly. The music was blaring loudly and once my eyes adjusted I saw several kids milling about all around inside either enjoying some food, drinks, or the entertainment center. As I looked around I spotted Braxton stepping out from one of the changing rooms looking a bit flushed, which kind of confused me for a moment until I saw the curtains move and his girlfriend stepping out to join him.

Braxton's eyes were darting around making sure no one had noticed when our eyes connected and I chuckled at him shaking my head. Even in from this distance and in the dim lighting of the tent I could still tell he was blushing profusely as both him and his girlfriend tried to adjust their bathing suit which where all rumpled up and skewed. I watched him leaning in towards his girlfriend, and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before he made his way towards me sidling up next to me.

I looked over at him and just shook my head knowingly. "What." He laughed nervously while I just shrugged my shoulders mockingly.

"Damn Braxton, you've really got it hard for her don't you?" I giggled as he just looked at me, and busted up laughing at my usage of words.

"Yeah, I suppose so. Sometimes I just can't seem to get enough of her. I'm always horny around her, and she is constantly on my mind." He told me seriously.

"Which mind? I mean the mind sitting inside that head on top of your shoulders, or the head on top of that big long thick…well you know?" I teased him as he slugged me in the arm. "Shit Braxton, next time just find a more…um…private spot or something to take care of your…um…needs. Hell, for that matter just sneak inside the house. I'm sure you guys can find a quiet place in there. Besides, if you get caught out here with all these people around you will never hear the end of it." I told him jokingly.

"I suppose so, but it is just difficult for me to find any private time with her. My dad won't allow her over at the house while he is working, and her parents has her coming home right after school or any other activity. It's like our parents have gotten together and know exactly when someone will be home all the time to keep an eye on us. It's been a while since the two of us have been able to…um…well…you know." He whispered in my ear while looking around, and blushing having admitted to me that they actually had done it together just now.

Gazing at my friend seriously while his eyes looked around making sure no one was listening to our conversation I just couldn't help myself as I busted up at my poor friend. "What?" He asked me seriously.

"Geeze Braxton…I just assumed that the two of you were…well you know…like doing it all the time." I told him seriously.

"What…of course not. Shit if I could I would…but it's not that simple. It's been…like ages since we've…, shit Jackson, I really don't want to talk about this…you know. It's not right to my girlfriend." He told me seriously as I held up my hands.

"No worries I understand, but damn Braxton, I see how much you care for her and how she affects you…um…you know down below. I mean you're like a walking hard-on all the time, and there's only one other person who I know that constantly walks around with an erection, but he's way younger than you." I told him chuckling as he just sort of shot daggers at me.

"So…what's you point?" He hissed at me a bit miffed.

"Nothing, I was just wondering…doesn't it hurt…you know…blue balls?" I tried not to laugh hysterically, but couldn't help it.

"Geeze Jackson…you're such a dork at times." Braxton quipped, but couldn't help and laugh too because he knew I was right, and it really was kind of funny. "Well, let's just say my right forearm is getting pretty muscular…if you know what I mean." He told me as he made a jacking off motion.

Not able to help myself I reached out and squeezed his right forearm. "Yup, you aren't lying." I quipped as he looked at me and slugged me in the arm again.

"Prick." He retorted jokingly as we both just laughed our asses off while some of the other kids looked our way but didn't say anything.

"Well, at least your girlfriend managed to take care of that whole situation inside your shorts." I commented eliciting a puzzled look from him. "Well for a moment there I was confused which tent was which in our yard because you had a pretty good sized tent of your own happening inside of your shorts. You were looking pretty desperate, and there for a while I thought you were going to invite people inside to a party of your very own." I teased him as he just shook his head and laughed at my joke. We both continued to send jabs back and forth, and laugh at one talking some more before making our way around to some of our other friends.

Time just seemed to pass us by as I made my way into the house so I could take a leak. I was still wearing my damp bathing suit as I rounded the corner and noticed a small line waiting for the bathroom. Without wanting to wait I headed upstairs to use my own since I was bursting at the seams. I opened up my door, and just froze in place as my eyes bulged out of my head. Sitting on my bed was Coop with Larry standing up in front of him shoveling his four inch erection in and out of the Coop's mouth.

The older boy's orange colored Champion C9 Board swim trunks with navy blue colored trim and a swooshing like logo was wrapped around his ankles, the white mesh lining hanging out loosely as if he had hurriedly shoved them down off of his hips. Coop was wearing a pair of light blue multi shaded colored Cherokee boy's swim trunks that had a photo like print image of swimming sharks along his right legs. The shorts were a lighter shade of blue that turned to a darker shade of blue towards the bottom of the trunks legs. The swim suit was made of thicker fabric, but it still couldn't hide the boy's extremely large erection that pressed up against the material as he slurped on Larry's rigid four inch hardened piece of boyhood.

My eyes refocused on Larry's uncanny large erection noticing the blue veins of his shaft stand out against the lighter toned skin coloration of his rigidness. The two boys were so focused on what they were doing they hadn't even heard me enter the door as I watched Larry tense up, and gasp as his first wave of orgasmic explosion gripped his body. I could see his small cherry sized testicles contract upwards as he grunted, and shoved his entire length into Coop's mouth while the boy continued to slurp on the large erection. Several waves seemed to contract all up and down the older boy's body before he finally grunted one last time his knees almost buckling up beneath his spent weighty body.

"Oh shit, did I just squirt?" Larry moaned as he tried to recuperate noticing Coop nod his head in the affirmative. "Fuck, I knew it. That was my first time and I can't fucking believe you swallowed it." He managed to stand back up as I saw Larry's penis still standing at attention despite his recent orgasm.

"Holy crap," I whispered as Larry jerked in Coop's arms, and then yelped in surprise.

"I…um…it's not what it looks like." Larry whined his rigid penis having completely deflated, and looking extremely small and shriveled up now at only two inches long compared to his obscenely huge erection which had swayed around proudly only a few moments earlier. It still made me wonder how something so small could get so big as I continued to watch while he tried to pull up his orange colored wet bathing suit, but getting all tangled up because of his exposed white inner meshing was hanging out messing things up.

"Um…I…um…don't worry about it Larry, and I'm glad you finally found someone to have…you know…um…some fun with. Besides, I think you've needed a proper blowjob for a while now." I responded chuckling as I stepped back out into the hallway and closed the door.

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