Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 19

Friday morning seemed to come and go in a flurry of activity. It was only a half day at school today, mainly just a pep rally and stuff. My mom picked all of us up, and then we drove to Ezra's grandfather's house dropping him off over there. My mom drove the rest of us home, and told us to let ourselves in the house. At the last moment Brendan asked if he could go with my mom, and at first she was going to say no, but then saw him giving her the sign that he needed to do some shopping for Christmas. She was going to suggest that we all go, but when he whispered in her ear she seemed to understand and told Marco and me to let ourselves in.

"What was that about?" Marco asked as he trudged upstairs to drop off his things in the boys' room with me following close behind.

Shrugging my shoulders I had to admit I didn't know. "Who knows squirt. I guess it is just the two of us for the next couple of hours." I told him as he opened up Tyler's and Zachary's room looking around in awe.

It was the first time he's seen it since it's been redone. "Oh whoa, this is like…way cool." He smiled looking around. "This is like the coolest room ever." He admitted as he enjoyed the rustic kind of bedroom set. "Um…so which bed belongs to Tyler?" He asked noticing me pointing towards the nearest one and then walking over to drop his bag on top of the cedar chest.

He followed me out and into my room. "Here, why don't you go ahead and play some games. Since everyone's gone I'm going to get cleaned up." I told him. "It's probably going to get a bit hectic later so I might as well take care of it right now." I chuckled jokingly as Marco headed over towards the entertainment portion of my room while taking a look around at how my room's been redone as well.

With Ezra now in my room we had switched things around a bit. We took all of the posters and things down from his side of the room and entertainment section, and replaced them with a lot of his Native American types of items. It really was nice how it all turned out with each one of us having our own unique style. At first I thought it would clash, but the room sort of transitioned in a nice way, and now seemed to impress Marco.

Leaving the boy to his own devices, I headed off to my bathroom. I didn't want to take up too much time and leave Marco all by himself, so I quickly stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower. A few minutes later I was done and making my way back into the bedroom wearing just a pair of my deep red loose fitting soccer style shorts opting to forego any underwear. Marco stopped what he was doing, and sat down on the bed next to me.

My heart fluttered a moment at how cute he looked in his pair of regular jeans with a blue plaid like unbuttoned shirt and white t-shirt underneath. The boy lay down on his back his body stretching outwards with his legs dangle over the edge as he looked up at the ceiling. With his body sort of stretched out like that I could easily detect a small little bulge in his jeans. He wasn't sporting a boner or anything, which was kind of unusual, but nevertheless I shuddered at the sight of that cute little lump begging for my attention. Resisting the temptation of reaching over to tickle him and grab that nice little boy bulge of his, I took Marco's cue settling down next to him as we both just stayed like that looking up at nothing in particular.

"How are things going with Tyler, Zachary, and Ezra?" Marco asked me making idle conversation.

"Oh not too bad I guess. It's been a bit hectic, but I like them and all, so it is slowly starting to work out." I told him honestly as I watched him roll on to his side, and did the same so that we could look at one another.

It seemed like he wanted to talk. With it being so hectic around here lately I've really hadn't had a chance to be with him all that much. I could tell he was missing me, and I was kind of missing him too, so in a way I was sort of glad we had some time alone together at the moment.

"So is Ezra your boyfriend now?" He asked me kind of catching me off guard.

"What…um…why would you even ask me that?" I wondered out loud.

"Because of the way you two act together. I really like Ezra, and I think you two are perfect together." He told me laughing giddily. "So…um…have you two been naughty together?" He continued to giggle holding his hand in front of his mouth.

"Why you little twerp." I snapped at him as I pounced on his smaller body knowing he had provoked me on purpose, but still couldn't resist the urge now to just roll around and have some fun with him.

The poor boy squealed and squirmed as I tickled him all over and kissed his face unrelentingly. Lifting up his shirt I started to make those farting sounds on his stomach making him squeal even more just like a stuck pig. He was laughing so hard that he could hardly breathe when I finally let him go.

"It was just an innocent question." He stated once he had calmed down enough, and then rolled over towards me so he could cuddle some with me.

"Yeah, Ezra and I are boyfriends now, but we haven't told anyone. Well that is except for Brendan. You don't mind?" I asked him as he looked at me thinking for a moment before shaking his head.

"No I guess not. I like Ezra a lot, but I do miss you though." He told me seriously.

"I know my little snuggle bug, and I miss you too. It's just with everything going on it's been a bit hectic, you know." I told him.

"Yeah, I know, but I still miss you." He repeated to me sadly.

Nodding my head I looked down at the boy, and stroked his arms gently. "Me too, but I promise here after Christmas we will spend some more time together. Besides, I know Tyler and Zachary would love it too. They don't have many friends around here, and they really thought it was so nice of you to help them out last week." I told Marco as I snuggled my face up against him enjoying how his soft silky skin felt up against my cheeks.

"Really…I mean…it's not like I did all that much." He shrugged his shoulders not so convinced.

"Of course you did…just being there helped out." I whispered in his ear as we just lay there for several moments enjoying one another's unmoving company.

"Come-on, how about I give you a bath." I told him as he looked at me impishly before jumping up off the bed, and slowly started to peal off his clothes in front of me.

Shaking my head I just couldn't help how cute he looked as he slipped off his blue plaid shirt, and started to peel his white boy's Haynes shirt over his head. His cute little stomach rippled with his little muscles just beneath some of his leftover baby fat, which made me a bit jealous at how fit he really was for his age. Dropping his white tee next to his blue plaid shirt on the ground he quickly sat down and removed his ankle socks dropping those on the floor as well before standing back up to face me. Slowly he unsnapped the button on his jeans, and pulled down his zipper revealing his underwear clad little boy bulge before letting his pants fall around his ankles. He was wearing a cute light powdery blue boy's briefs with bright red trim along the edge of the leg openings, and a yellow trim around his fly opening.

There weren't any cartoon figures on his petite boy's briefs that seemed to fit his body perfectly, but the bright colors sort of made him look vampishly provocative as his now rock hard erection pressed outwards against the cottony fabric. Kicking off his jeans, Marco hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and tugged downward. The elastic band tugged briefly against his little erection before he forced them down past it, and I watched captivated how that short plump boy sausage slapped up against his bare porcelain white pubic mound. He was just too precious as I watched him kick off his underwear allowing his small little boy rigidness and slightly hanging boy pouch with those two little pistachio sized testicles to sway around between his legs. Before I knew it he jumped on top of me trying to wrestle me back on to the bed. I let him pin me with his body pressing up against me as we both just laughed giddily. I really did miss him a lot as he hovered above me before leaning down and kissing me on the lips.

The kiss itself really didn't surprise me since we've done that before, but all of a sudden I felt his tongue slip inside of my mouth, which did catch me a bit off guard. In some ways it was so familiar with how it made me feel; almost, like how it felt when I kissed Ezra. He pressed his warm lips up against mine, and continued to suck the air out of me making me lightheaded before he pulled away.

"Damn, Marco, where'd you learn how to kiss like that." I gasped as my head sort of swam around.

"You're the first one I've kissed like that." He whispered to me as he leaned down again pressing his rosy colored lips up against me, but this time more gingerly.

"Marco, I'm not so sure this is a very good idea." I breathed heavily when we separated for a second time, and while he ran his fingers over my chest and stomach.

"Please Jackson…I…I really like you a lot, and I miss you." He told me as his mouth pressed up against my chest making me quiver excitedly.

How could such a little boy affect me in this way? My mind seemed to go into overdrive as he continued to run his hands over my stomach before they dove under my loose fitting shorts. I wanted to scream at him to stop, but it was too late as his fingers wrapped around my now rigid erection.

My torso jolted immediately as I gasped, and almost shot my load with the unexpected move as my body seemed to crackle with electricity. I immediately grabbed Marco's hand, and removed it from my stiff quivering penis as I literally whimpered. He just looked at me a bit disappointed as I tried to gulp air into my lungs, and get back under control.

"Shit Marco…I…shit Marco." I gasped as I pulled him over towards me and held him in my arms. "Oh my sweet little snuggle bug. I…I'm so sorry." I whispered in his ear as he just looked up at me, and gently pushed me on my back again.

"I'm not taking no for an answer this time." He whispered back as he settled his body on top of me and kissed me gently.

His mouth tasted so sweet and I just couldn't resist as I gently kissed him back while my hands softly slithered downwards. I was falling heavy for the little guy as my fingers brushed between his pale pillowy like globes before we pulled apart once more. We were both breathless once more sucking up air to recuperate before he tried to lean in again. Getting myself back under control I just rolled both of us onto our side, and shook my head.

"Marco, please…I…I can't." I whispered to him as the look in his eyes seemed to shift from eagerness towards sadness. "You have no idea how much I really care for you Marco, but I am so in love with Ezra." I breathed him in softly as I kissed his flushed cheek gently.

We both just lay there looking at one another as my hands gently slithered across his bare skin enjoying the feel of his silky smoothness. "You are so beautiful." I whispered as my hands skimmed across his stomach, and over the porcelain like skin of his bare pubic mound. I even gently cupped his penis and boy pouch in my hands loving the feel of them. I felt him jerk a little when I held his treasure chest in my hands, and then quiver as I stroked his hardness between my finger and thumb for a moment before releasing him allowing my hands to retreat back up towards his chest. He had let out one simple whimper when I released his penis, and now just looked at me with those pretty round puppy dog eyes.

"If you like me so much why can't we just do stuff together?" He asked me pleadingly.

"Because, I think you should maybe play like that with someone closer to your age. I don't know how to explain it Marco, but something so special should be done with someone closer to your own age. If I were a little younger or you a little older, then it might not be such a big deal. I care for you too much to do anything we might both regret later." I tried to explain.

"Yeah, but Ezra is older than you, so what's the difference?" He asked me sincerely.

The little tyke was persistent if nothing else, I had to admit to myself, as I just smiled and shook my head in wonderment at how this boy at times seemed so wise beyond his years. "I tell you what, when you are as old as I am now, and I am as old as Ezra, then maybe we can think about trying some stuff together if you still want to." I told him sincerely because for me I just felt with him being only eight years old it was just too young to be doing these things with an older boy.

"Promise?" He asked making sure.

"I promise that I will think about it." I told him giving the boy a quick peck on the cheek. "In the meantime if you want to have some fun with boys your own age I don't think that would be so bad. Just promise me you will be discreet." I told him as he smiled and nodded his head recalling how I had taught him what that fancy 'discreet' word meant.

"Come-on my little snuggle bug, let's get you a bath and all spiffed up before everyone gets home. With so many of us in the house now we have to get our baths in when we can." I told him as I tickled his ribs getting him to move.

Marco followed me into the bathroom and stepped lithely into the tub settling his sleek firm body into the warm water while I watched him. He was just too damn cute as I gently eased his head backwards into the water getting it wet. His small little testicles and flaccid penis gently slipped above the surface of the water floating around for a moment before dipping back beneath its depths. I worked quickly so that neither one of us would end up getting too aroused. As it was while I was soaping up his body he couldn't help himself as he watched his fat little one and a half inch flaccid penis expand and elongate to its full hardened length of two inches.

He just looked at me, and we both couldn't help ourselves as we busted up laughing. "I can't help it." He stated in-between his giggles as he pushed his rigid little sausage downwards forcing it to bend obscenely before releasing it and allowing it to slap up against his bare skin.

Small little droplets of water splattered from his little boy penis when it smacked up against his body making us giggle again. It was just too funny how unconcerned and open he seemed to be around me. He smiled back at me knowingly, understanding that it hadn't been all that long ago where I would have been totally embarrassed by the situation.

"Damn, you're such a dork." I teased him as I continued to wash him down while he played some more with his little dinky.

"I know, but I can't help that either." He replied as he smiled at me playfully before giggling making me laugh at him.

"You're just too damn naughty for your own good." I scolded him playfully as I smacked his ass for good measure being none too soft about it; yet not too hard to really hurt him.

"Ouch…hey that's not fair." He griped craning his neck so he could get a good look at his butt cheek noticing the small hand print my little punishment had left on his pale orbs.

"Serves you right, now behave before I have to do the same on the other side for good measure." I teased him as he giggled, and then made a snide remark to me.

"Oooooh, that sounds kind of naughty and fun." He retorted as he giggled, and sat back down into the water quickly before I could smack his other rump for good measure. Shaking my head at him he just smiled, and allowed me to finish rinsing him off.

After his bath we both sort of pocked around in the kitchen for a bit grabbing a bite to eat. It was really nice having the place to ourselves for a while, and we cuddled up together on my bed watching some television. He was so bubbly and animated when he talked, and then would completely change getting quiet for a while just wanting to cozy up with me. He had changed into his pair of plaid blue shorts with a fresh white t-shirt before slipping back on his matching blue plaid unbuttoned shirt. I guess he figured since he had worn a t-shirt beneath it that this meant it was still clean. I didn't argue the point with him allowing him to put on whatever he wanted; although, I had to admit he did look pretty snazzy in his blue plaid outfit. I in turn slipped on a polo style navy blue shirt with collar and red logo that seemed to match nicely with my red soccer shorts I was still wearing.

A short while later I heard my mom's car pull up into the garage so we got up to greet her, and received a pleasant surprise when we saw a Christmas tree tied up on to the roof of her SUV. She had finally picked up our tree. It was a bit late in the season for us, and we had planned on doing it last Sunday, but with everything going on those plans had sort of fallen through the cracks. Throughout the week my parents had been decorating the house when they had time, mostly after we had gone to bed, so we had at least some decorations up indicating it was Christmas time. My father had also put up the lights around the house. My mom loved just plain white lights, and I had to admit it sort of made it elegant.

With Brendan's help, we got the twelve foot Colorado blue spruce tree into the formal living room. It was a tall tree, but our living room had a high vaulted ceiling with wooden beams so it looked perfect sitting in the corner once we stood it up. This particular blue spruce was a magnificent looking tree with a really nice shape to it, and it was going to be fun setting it up with lights and ornaments. Just like the outside we would be hanging up white lights with white ornaments. Some people might say having just plain white is so boring, but I had to admit from years past I had grown fond of the plain white theme, and in truth it truly was very elegant and breathtaking when everything was done. Of course there were plenty of other colorful Christmas decorations around the house, but the lights around the house and on our Christmas tree always remained white adding a bit of sophistication and a splash of class in my opinion. We even opted out of having tinsel on the tree keeping the look clean and fresh looking.

By the time everyone else got home, Brendan, Marco, and I had the tree sitting in its place, and standing upright. I had to admit it looked perfect in the high vaulted wood beamed room. After dinner we all pitched in to start hanging up all the ornaments, and finishing up with setting up the rest of the Christmas decorations. We all had a blast as Christmas music blared over the stereo with us eating snacks and just goofing around in general. At one point Zachary and I snuck upstairs so that he could get his little issue squared away regarding the ointment.

Giving the smaller boy a quick bath, and actually enjoying spending time with him like this as well, I managed to get him dried off as we headed into his room with a towel wrapped around his waste. Once inside the room I shut the door as he shed his towel crawling on top of his bed and lying on his back with his legs sort of spread apart. I climbed on the bed next to him, and just wrapped my arm around him for a few moments nuzzling up to him a bit. He smelled all clean and fresh, yet that familiar boy scent still surrounded him in a sort of subtle way.

He just smiled at me and placed his head on my chest. "I like the sound of your strong heartbeat." He commented while I giggled at his innocence.

"Yeah, and I love your new haircut." I told him appreciatively as I ran my fingers through his mostly dry straight dark locks. "Have you always had it long?" I asked him just sort of curious.

"No, not always." He rolled his shoulders shrugging as we just lay there cuddled up together.

His skin felt soft as I stroked his arms and sides. I never really just looked at him, so I took the opportunity now to gaze deeper into his eyes. They had a warm tender kind of look about them, and his smile shone brightly as he just stared back at me intently. He reached out and stroked my cheeks before running he finger along the length of my nose.

"I like your eyes." He whispered. "They look like the powdery blue sky in the early morning light." He finished off making me smile as his words and mannerism concerning the early morning light sort of reminded me of how his grandfather would speak.

"Thanks," I whispered back while we both spent time looking one another over.

He really was a handsome young boy with very nice soft features. Just like his older cousin he didn't have any tan lines anywhere on his body; his smooth golden brown skin feeling soft and silky as I ran my fingers lithely over his torso. He got little goose bumps all along his skin from the sensation and he giggled. Leaning down I kissed him lightly on the lips tasting the sweetness from the apple pie dessert my mom had made. It was just an innocent kind of kiss and nothing sexual about it. At the moment I just felt such an overwhelming feeling of brotherly love, and wanted to hold him tightly in my arms. Most brothers never do something like that, giving their little brothers a kiss and hug, but I saw how Brendan treated his little brother, and wanted the same thing with Tyler and Zachary.

"Was that alright?" I asked him watching him play around with his stiff little diddle while he thought about it a moment and nodded his head.

"I guess as long as we don't do that in front of anyone else." He stated quietly, and I could understand how he would be embarrassed by it. "Alright I promise my little doodle bug." I whispered in his ear as he giggled, but let me kiss him lightly on the lips again.

"Why do you call me that anyway?" He asked innocently still fiddling around with his petite semi-erect diddle.

"Because you like to doodle around with your little diddle." I teased him ruffling his hair while he laughed finally understanding, and letting me take a closer look now at his penis.

He didn't seem to mind as I inspected his semi-rigid penis rolling it around in my fingers. It seemed like it was getting looser, but I couldn't be sure since I had only applied the cream last night and then again this morning making it was difficult to tell so early on. It sort of made me curious what he would look like once it finally loosened up. I got the distinct feeling his penis was actually a lot longer like his older brother's, but it was so difficult to tell because he couldn't get a full blown erection.

Motioning for him to go ahead and pull back his foreskin as far as possible, I slowly applied the ointment like the doctor had shown me. Zachary giggled at the tickling sensation it was giving him, and I could even see his toes curling up while his legs quivered. Hopefully I wasn't giving him an orgasm because that would be just too weird for a kid his age, I thought to myself. It was bad enough I had accidentally given one to Marco a while back. After I finished, Zachary seemed to calm down a bit as his penis finally started to soften up.

To be honest I don't think he had an orgasm, but he did seem to enjoy what we were doing together now, and in many ways it really made us much closer to one another in a unique kind of manner. From this point forward we would be doing this twice a day until his foreskin finally loosened up so that he could pull it back over his glans. The doctor had said it could take up to two or three weeks, sometimes even sooner. So now it was just a waiting game to see how long it took, that is if it was going to work at all.

While he got dressed into his pajamas, I went into the bathroom and washed my hands clean. By the time we got downstairs everything was pretty much done so I motioned for Tyler to go take a bath, and he unobtrusively disappeared upstairs with Ezra closely on his heels. Brendan hesitated a moment, and then disappeared upstairs as well to get cleaned up. While Ezra helped his cousin with his bath, Brendan washed off by hopping into the shower in my room. By the time Tyler was done, so too was Brendan, so Ezra took his turn as he closed my bathroom door behind him while his friend got dressed.

The rest of the evening was quiet as we all sat downstairs around the television set with my folks watching some Christmas shows with us. My mom made some popcorn for everyone, and it ended up being a very cozy evening. At one point Zachary curled up with my mom, while Tyler sat next to my dad leaning up against him. Marco sat between me and Ezra, shifting from one lap to the other relishing having the two of us pampering him a bit. Brendan from time to time would just look at his little brother, and smirked at him as he just shook his head knowingly. He was happy to have a little break from the little guy who seemed to suck the energy away from everyone around him. I mean it wasn't in a bad way, but he was so lively and energetic that it was just difficult to keep up with him at times.

After the movie my mom motioned to the younger boys that it was time to hit the sack. None of them complained because it had been a busy and full day with half a day at school, and then all the Christmas decorating that we did this evening. While the younger ones trudged upstairs, the rest of us cleaned up the final bit of Christmas decoration mess putting everything away in the garage. It didn't take long with all of us pitching in to help, and in short order Brendan, Ezra, and I also kissed my folks goodnight before making our way upstairs. While Brendan and Ezra headed towards my room, I headed over to Tyler and Zachary's room like I always did to make sure they got tucked in.

Lately our routine had been Ezra and me heading into the boys' room so we both could say goodnight to them, but with Brendan staying with us tonight he just let me go on my own. He knew how much I loved doing this, and for him it wasn't a big deal because he had never really done it before with the boys, but then again they had all slept in the same room anyway. His cousins still knew that he loved them, so for them it wasn't a big issue either if Ezra tucked them in or not. Yet, they seemed to have gotten used to me slipping into their room saying goodnight to them, and actually seemed to look forward to it.

As I approached the bedroom door I could distinctly hear an argument going on. It didn't sound like a heated one, rather more like some sort of disagreement. Reaching out I slowly opened the door only to see a completely naked Tyler with his pajama bottoms in his hand standing in front of a completely naked Marco sitting on the edge of the bed. Tyler was standing with a slightly curved bobbing up and down semi-erection that was sort of jiggling around in front of his new friend. Both boys were staring at Tyler's erection as he stood in front of his bed, while Zachary just sort of looked on a bit bemused and befuddled by the commotion as he sat up from beneath his cover in his own bed.

"What's with all the fuss?" I asked noticing them both jump, and Tyler starting to cover himself up until he noticed it was only me.

"Oh, hey Jackson." Marco replied looking towards me and pointing at Tyler's now completely flaccid penis. "His dinky is really weird, and I think it's busted." Marco pointed out seriously while I almost burst out laughing.

"It's not a dinky, it's called a diddle." Tyler interjected.

Not wanting to upset Tyler by laughing, I somehow managed to gulp it down and hide my smile behind my hand as I pretended to contemplate instead. "Um…why would you say that…I mean that it's busted?" I asked Marco as a snigger escaped my lips for a moment before I got back under control.

"Well for one thing he has some sort of weird skin over it, and when it gets hard it's all bent out of shape." Marco pointed out.

"I'm not bent all out of shape." Tyler barked out creating another round of debate as I noticed Brendan and Ezra now making their way towards us.

"Yes you are." Marco hollered back.

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

The boys hollered back and forth a couple times making Brendan and Ezra scratch their head wondering what all the fuss was over not in the least bit surprised that the two younger boys were completely naked. "Yes you are." Zachary spoke up in a clear voice, and louder than I've ever heard him speak before making everyone stop what they were doing to look over towards the smaller boy who was sitting up in his bed and looking back at his older brother.

"Whose side are you on?" Tyler asked his little brother a bit agitated.

"Well admit it Tyler. You really are a bit bent out of shape over your bent diddle." Zachary started to giggle, which caught everyone by surprise for a moment.

Tyler looked towards Marco then back to his little brother before he started to bust up laughing as well. Before long all six of us were laughing hysterically until we heard another voice coming down the hall.

"What's with all the racket?" My mom shouted out as all of a sudden Tyler's eyes popped out of his head when he realized he was still standing there naked.

He literally squeaked and jumped under his bed covers. It took a moment for Marco to catch on why his friend was so jumpy as he too gave out the same kind of squeaky sound, and barely managed to get under the covers before my mom shoved her way inside the room and looked around.

Shaking her head she started to pick up the boy's clothes folding them up and placing them on one of the chairs. "You boys should really clean up after yourselves better, and what's with all the commotion in here?" She asked looking around at the younger boys before gazing at us older ones.

"Oh nothing much Mrs. Elborn. Tyler here was just a bit bent out of shape?" Ezra snorted trying not to laugh outright, but really having difficulty as the rest of us started to giggle as well.

My mom looked at us older boys reproachfully letting us know we shouldn't be encouraging the younger ones to quarrel like that. "Well, you boys should stop bickering over whatever it is and make up. I hope it isn't anything big?" My mom queried.

Marco just started laughing his ass off as he tried to get back under control while the rest of us just looked at him trying to get him to calm down. "Oh no Mrs. Elborn," Marco managed to calm down enough to speak. "Believe me it really wasn't big at all, in fact it was pretty small." He told her before busting up once again, this time none of us able to hold back anymore as we all literally had tears in our eyes because it was just too funny.

The only one not laughing was my mom and Tyler. While my mom just shook her head and rolled her eyes mumbling "Boys! I just don't get them," Tyler just looked coldly at his friend lying next to him under the covers.

"Alright, you boys calm down and get some sleep." My mom finally stated as she went over towards Zachary giving him a kiss goodnight first before making it over to Marco and Tyler doing the same thing.

As she retreated out of the room and down the hall, Tyler finally punched Marco in the arm and none too gently. "Ouch, what was that for?" Marco yelped knowing very well why his friend had belted him in the arm.

"It's not small." Tyler growled at Marco a bit upset.

"It is too." The boy responded as he giggled realizing they were arguing again.

"Well it's way bigger than yours." Tyler retorted.

"Geeze, lighten up already. No need to get all bent out of shape over every little thing." Marco responded giggling hysterically at how he had managed to twist his words around on several points. First the whole bent thing along with tossing in the whole small issue.

Tyler looked over towards his friend and scowled while the rest of us just busted up laughing. He seemed truly upset, but after a few moments he started to giggle as well as he realized it truly was way too funny.

"Geeze, you're such a dork." Tyler finally gave in as he pounced on his friend.

Marco yelped and squealed in surprise, and at first I couldn't figure out why until he managed to yell out. "Let go…let go of my little dinky."

"Not until you call it a diddle, and admit it is smaller than mine." Tyler teased Marco who looked back and shook his head refusing the boy's taunting.

"Never," he giggled before yelping again this time in a bit of pain as Tyler must have squeezed him a bit too roughly. "Alright…I give. My dinky…I mean my diddle is smaller than yours." Marco literally screeched out loud.

Tyler smirked and released his friend's little diddle from his vice like grip with Marco immediately tossing aside the covers and inspecting himself while Brendan, Ezra, Zachary, and I all busted up laughing.

"Hey, it's not funny." Marco grumped. "He could have broken my dinky just like his." He continued to complain while Tyler just rolled his eyes.

"I told you my diddle isn't broken…and remember it's a 'diddle' and not a 'dinky' like you keep saying." Tyler corrected Marco and leaned in for a closer look at the poor boys throbbing erection. "Besides, if it was really hurt you wouldn't be all hard like that." He pointed out for emphasis.

Marco just looked over at his friend slyly, and punched the older boy in the arm. "Hey, what was that for?" Tyler asked just like Marco had done earlier as now it was his turn to rub his arm.

"No reason, just thought it was time to pay you back for when you punched me." Marco smiled wickedly at his new friend.

"Alright boys, enough already." I tried to scold them, but it was just too hard because their antics really were too funny. "Now first of all either way is fine whether it be dinky or diddle. Secondly Marco, Tyler's penis isn't broken." I retorted holding up my hand to forestall Marco's interruption as I continued to explain why to him. "Sometimes a penis bends like that. With some people it is a health issue, but for Tyler it is perfectly fine. As for the whole skin thing, maybe Tyler can explain it to you after the two of you calm down a bit." I told Marco as I went over to their bed and tucked them in followed by Brendan and Ezra.

"You better behave Marco. I can't believe you are getting everyone naked already." Brendan admonished his little brother.

"Well not everyone. For some reason Zachary won't get undressed." Marco grumped.

"Promise me you will leave Zachary alone Marco." I looked sternly at the younger boy not wanting him to accidentally hurt the other boy because of his condition. "No messing around with Zachary's diddly-dink." I admonished him in a teasingly way by combing the two terms together making a totally new one for the boys to consider. "I'm really serious about this Marco." I told him firmly making the boy promise me that he would leave Zachary out of his fooling around.

"Alright I promise. I don't know why you are making such a fuss over it." He grumped, but I knew he would leave the other boy alone.

Leaning in to him one more time and kissing his cheek I whispered in his ear. "I'll explain why to you later, but just leave Zachary alone for now." I told him as he hugged me back nodding his head.

"Alright." He whispered back as he smiled and leaned in to me before I got up. "Besides, I think Tyler will be fun enough to play with." He giggled making me roll my eyes at him and shake my head.

That boy was just something else. Even Brendan just shook his head at his little brother admonishingly having heard what the boy had whispered in my ear. Finishing up in the boys' room, Brendan, Ezra, and I made our way back to our own room.

"Damn, sometimes I wonder if Marco really is gay." Brendan moaned as he sat down on the edge of my bed.

"Would that really upset you?" Ezra asked his friend who just looked at him as if he were off his rocker.

"Of course it wouldn't upset me if he were gay. I'm just more concerned about how it would affect him. You know how it is out there in school and all, and you know how Marco is about just putting everything out there. I'm afraid he might just say something candidly, and then opening a whole can of worms with all the kids at school and stuff." Brendan moaned a bit concerned.

Ezra nodded his head, and put his arm around his friend while I sat down on the other side of him. "Then maybe it is time we have a talk with him about it. The three of us can sit down, and let him know he has to be more careful and discreet." I smiled at Brendan teasingly who looked up, and remembered my conversation with his brother a few months back about running around naked all the time.

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea because he listens to you Jackson, and you seem to be able to make him understand stuff." Brendan nodded his head thinking it a good idea.

"I sort of already mentioned it a bit to him earlier. He knows about me and Ezra figuring it out on his own, and asked about it. I had to admit to him that we are boyfriends, but for him not to say anything to anyone. Maybe it is time we talked to him about how he seems to like boys…um…you know sexually." I finished off as I looked at the clock noticing it really was getting late. "Come-on let's get to bed. I'm just going to check up on the boys real quick again since they were a bit rowdy just a few moments ago, and hopefully they've calmed down by now." I grunted getting up off my bed.

"Yeah, what was all that about anyway." Brendan asked still not completely sure other than the fact that it had something to do with Tyler's supposedly broken penis.

Chuckling I just shook my head. "Ezra will tell you about Tyler, and then also about Zachary. I came down a little hard on Marco about it, but I had my reasons." I told Brendan who nodded his head listening to what Ezra had to say over the matter.

Making my way over to Tyler's and Zachary's room I snuck a peak inside the open door, and just about keeled over in shock. Zachary was snuggled up under his covers already asleep, but the other two boys had the covers pulled down and sitting up next to one another with their pillows propped up behind them. Each of them had a little cocklet in their hands pumping away on it with their legs twitching already as if they were both close to the edge of their orgasm. It wasn't really all that surprising, but what was is the fact that they were each jacking off the other person, and seemingly enjoying it as little squeaky sounds emanated from their tiny mouths.

Their small hands were gliding rapidly up and down the respective other boy's small rigid shaft. Marco's gaze was fixated on Tyler's longer but thinner shaft mesmerized by the small wet glistening little acorn slithering in and out from beneath its cover, while Tyler was intently paying attention to how he was gliding his fist over his friend's mushroom like nozzle head. Marco's glans was a dark purplish color while Tyler's seemed to glisten with a wet bright pinkish coloration. All of a sudden Marco's hips bucked upwards as he yelped in surprise, followed a moment later with Tyler having a spasm attack as well. Both boys writhed around now as they seemed to buck and shove their penis up into the air before coming back down on the mattress. It lasted only moments before both lay heavily on their backs gasping for air.

"Wow that was like…wickedly awesome." Tyler gasped giggling his ass off.

"Yeah, that really was like way cool. I kind of like how yours felt in my hands. Not just because it is kind of curved, but also because of how your skin glides over your diddly-dink." Marco had to admit chuckling on the newest terminology I had provided them. "It almost makes me wonder what it would be like to have skin on mine." He continued as he now looked down at himself.

"Well, I kind of like yours better too. It is kind of thick. I bet you don't have to worry so much about getting that goopy stuff like I do beneath my skin. I have to always make sure I wash it clean, be kind of careful when I go pee so that my skin doesn't balloon because of the piss, and also have to be cautious about infections. I mean I've never had any problems or anything, but it is something I have to watch out for." Tyler admitted as both boys seemed to have recovered, and were now examining each other closely.

"Hey, maybe there is a way that you can know how it feels…I mean with having skin over your diddle…um I mean diddly-dink." Tyler pointed out giggling as he straddled his friend's lap.

"What are you doing?" Marco asked watching intently as the older boy leaned in and put the end of his penis up against his own, and then slipped his foreskin over the tip of Marco's as he once more began to jack off both of their penis'.

"Oh crap, that feels awesome." Marco squeaked out as Tyler started to pant heavily as well.

"Wow that does feel good having both of them scrunched up together." Tyler groaned as he increased his masturbating hand over the two small little boy penis', and I knew it wouldn't be too long before both boys were having their second orgasm of the night.

Watching for a moment longer mesmerized by how Tyler's tight foreskin was stretched over his friend's shorter but thicker rigid little boy penis, I stood there rubbing my own little erection absentmindedly getting aroused at the sight of the two boys getting each other off like this so intimately. It was amazing to watch how Tyler's small hand slipped easily over first his erection before gliding effortlessly over Marco's. At first he stroked the entire length of each one of their shafts, but now he worked his hand swiftly over the tip end of their erections in the middle of the connection seemingly getting a better feeling this way. All of a sudden both boys yelped in unison as they gasped with their second orgasm of the evening forcing their hips forward shoving their stiff erections up against one another. I watched fascinated as Marco's penis bent in that same banana shape now as Tyler's as he shoved himself up against his friend before collapsing back onto the bed. The older boy's body twitched around before he slumped down next to the smaller boy effectively disconnecting his foreskin from Marco's as both boys now panted heavily enjoying the euphoric after affects of their orgasm.

Softly closing the door so that they wouldn't be disturbed, I made my way back to my room shaking my head in disbelief. We most definitely would need to have a talk with those two tomorrow about being careful when they are together. Also, I needed to talk with them about making sure their door was closed when they messed around like that, and not to do anything until after my mom and dad had said good night to them.

"Well, I don't think we will have to worry about Tyler getting any sleep tonight." I told Ezra as I just busted up laughing with both boys looking at me curiously.

After explaining the situation to my friends Brendan just looked awe struck. "Wow, we never even thought of doing something like that. We could have had a lot of fun now that I think about it." He teased while Ezra reflected on it too, and just chuckled shaking his head in amazement.

"Shit, I guess that means we will need to talk with Tyler too now." He pointed out as all three of us stripped naked, and crawled into bed together.

A few months back I would have been completely embarrassed with doing something like that with my friends. Anymore it just felt natural, but it still made me tingle all over when I saw them naked. I couldn't help but notice that Brendan had popped a boner when he had looked at me while I undressed. I didn't really mind anymore, besides there wasn't much he hadn't seen already before anyway.

Ezra was in the middle so I snuggled up to him from behind. My little boy penis slipped between his soft corpulent globes as I rubbed it along his butt crease. Lately I've been enjoying the sensation of how it felt to sort of rub myself between him like that. The friction felt stimulating, and when I leaked out my pre-cum it sort of added to the stimulation as my penis slid around between soft warm fleshiness. Every once in a while I would bump up against his love chute the resistance adding to the titillation of my arousal.

"Damn, I love how your ass feels." I whispered to my sweet dark haired angel as I moaned softly while I rocked up against him in a sort of fucking motion.

"Fuck guys get a room already." Brendan admonished us. "It's making me horny and shit I'm leaking already." He moaned as he lifted up the covers to take a look, and sure enough the tip of his penis was glistening wetly.

"Well, maybe we just need to take care of that problem." I told Brendan and without waiting for a reply both Ezra and I jumped on top of our friend catching him by surprise.

Before he knew it Ezra had slipped his lips over the boy's voluptuous erection making the boy yelp in surprise while I dove between his legs sucking up his hefty testicles between my lips. They weighed heavily in my mouth as I swished them around between my tongue as if they hadn't been juiced in a while. Brendan squirmed and thrashed around as the two of us continued to make him reel with an overload of senses.

From the heaviness of his testicles in my mouth I knew it would only be a matter of moments before he spewed; especially, considering the fact we had surprised him like this making his body go into an immediate climactic state. I could feel his testicles start to contract upwards so I shoved my finger deep inside his tight opening making him shout out in pain forcing him to come crashing down on to the mattress with his legs spread apart as wide as possible so as not to force my finger up inside of him any further.

"Ouch, oh shit guys," he hissed at us as both Ezra and I continued to work on him.

Looking from the corner of my eyes I could see Ezra's head bobbing his head up and down expertly on the long thick length of Brendan's stiff rigid shaft. The bright blue veins pulsed with his pumping blood as he gasped and literally whimpered while I slowly started to finger fuck him. Over the last several days I've been learning a lot from Ezra concerning this area of catalytic incitement. Brendan was once more coming to the brink so I shoved another finger deep inside of him making him tear up, and I noticed his penis deflate and become limp slipping from Ezra's warm lips for a moment before the boy made a slurping sound sucking him up once more while I pounded on his back side.

"Oh shit," Brendan yelped as Ezra vacuumed his flaccidness back up into his mouth, and made his soldier stand back at attention.

The boy was beside himself never having been worked on before by two lovers who knew what he needed and wanted. In a way it wasn't fair to him because Ezra and I knew him so well. The poor boy was drenched in sweat now, and almost completely spent with us literally making him come up into a high before tossing him back down in such rapid successions. Slipping out one of my fingers from Brendan's tight virginal boy pussy, he seemed to quiver with relief, but not for long as Ezra continued to slather his tongue all along the underside of his hard thick shaft while his lips continued to slide up and down its length.

My lips clamped down around his entire soft fleshy boy pouch, which completely filled up the inside of my mouth, while my finger sort of did a come hither motion inside of Brendan's love chute brushing up against that little nut like button inside of him. As soon as my fingers lightly feathered up against his sweet spot his hips immediately shot upwards trying to buck us off of him like a wild bronco ride. Both Ezra and I held on for dear life not letting him go as he squeaked out in a husky voice.

"Oooh, ouch, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, oooohhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh, shiiiiiiiii," He exploded out loud as his testicles started to contract upwards trying to disappear inside of him.

My mouth was clamped around his fleshy boy pouch so tightly that his testicles constricted up against my lips so hard before dropping back down to once more try to contract upwards. There was such a wild movement inside of his voluptuously sagging pouch as his two walnut sized viscous fluid producing twin factories forced out the copious amounts of baby making liquid inside of Ezra's mouth. I saw my dark haired angel's mouth puffing outwards as Brendan's penis expanded obscenely within the warm confines of its pleasure cave.

Ezra was forced to swallow repeatedly as some of it seemed to drizzle out the sides of his lips when his mouth started to overflow for a brief moment from the initial blast, before he got back under control consuming the white liquid nectar with greed. My lips continued to contract against Brendan's manly like boy pouch forcing his testicles to contract several more time before he literally begged us to release him.

Sensing his two life giving producing receptacles had emptied out completely I allowed his testicles to slip from my mouth, while I also watched his now limp, extremely small, shriveled up, whitish-pink colored noodle slither out of Ezra's mouth looking very pale and spitting mad. Slowly and tenderly Brendan reached down cupping his sensitive boyhood as he rolled on to his side moaning and groaning getting into a fetal position.

"Oh shit, it hurts so much," he managed to croak out in a husky voice. "Fuck-fuck-fuck, what did you guys do to me? It hurts, but also feels so good at the same time." He whimpered as his high came crashing back down on him, and he continued to gasp for air. "Shit, I won't be able to have any sex for a month." He complained as he finally rolled over on to his back releasing himself so he could take a closer look. "Geeze, how much did I shoot?" He asked looking up over towards Ezra who just shrugged his shoulders licking his lips.

"Who knows," Ezra replied. "A whole hell of a lot though, and damn it caught me by surprise for real." He admitted. "I didn't know you could shoot that much."

"Neither did I, but it wasn't me. Shit Jackson what the hell did you hit inside of me? If that wasn't bad enough I think you squeezed the hell out of my balls. I don't think there is anything left inside of me." He moaned as he gingerly felt for his testicles. Shit, where the hell are they?" He asked a bit concerned as we all took a look at him.

"Don't be such a baby you little ninny, they're still there, just sort of trying to hide." I told him giggling and shaking my head teasingly as his eyes got all big.

"Fuck no way…is…um…is that like normal?" He asked me a bit frightened as he looked down noticing how his sagging boy pouch had sort of shriveled up, and was hugging his body now forcing his testicles up closer to him almost as if trying to shove themselves up inside of him.

"I…I guess they are just resting." I told him shrugging my shoulders answering him honestly and trying not to laugh at his expense since he was a bit wigged out over it. "Maybe it is like when you jump in a cold lake and it sucks up inside of you for protection." I told him as I noticed they looked as if they were starting to drop back down now that the intensity of the situation had subsided. "Oh, I think they are starting to drop again." I told him as he moaned being thankful while I looked at Ezra, and we both tried to hide our smiles behind our hands.

"Shit, that's a relief." He answered honestly. "Damn, that was the most intense thing I've ever felt in my life." He continued as he yawned and pulled up the covers. "You two are too insane." He chuckled now allowing the afterglow of euphoria to overcome him again. "Man, now that I'm not scared shitless I hope we can do that again sometime." He laughed now totally spent yet excited at the same time while Ezra and I just busted up laughing at our best friend glad we were able to help him out.

"Yeah, well we need to get you a girlfriend here real soon. You can't expect us to always bail you out like that." Ezra laughed lightly making me smile at how beautiful his laughter was to my ears.

In my opinion I didn't hear his easy going laughter often enough. "I wish you would laugh more often." I whispered to him tenderly as we settled back down.

"I guess you will now because you make me so happy." He whispered back as Brendan fell right to sleep ignoring us as his spent body tried to recuperate. "I'm hoping that we can finally give ourselves to each other like we've talked about." He stated reminding me of some of our late night conversations lately after we've both pleasured one another, and just cuddled up enjoying each other's tender loving warmth.

"I'm kind of afraid about it Ezra, and what happens if we hurt each other? Also, what if we don't like it, I'd hate for us to feel bad about this if one of us don't like it." I answered him honestly.

"Jackson you make me so happy and I want to give you the one thing that can only be given to someone once. You don't have to give yourself over to me if you don't want to because I completely understand. I can wait until you are ready for this, and if you never are I'm cool with that too. But, I'm ready to give myself over to you, and in a way I'm happy it will be you who does this to me first because you are smaller…you know down there, and I'm sure with it being so hard and thin it will slip right inside of me without being too painful. I've taken two of your fingers, and your penis can't be fatter than that. Please Jackson; I want to feel you inside of me…it's important to me." He pleaded with me not for the first time.

"But why…I mean…why is it so important to you?" I asked him curiously not so sure about this whole thing even though my heart ached for him almost every waking hour.

"Because you are the only one whose ever made me feel like this for another person, and I want to give you something special. It is a special gift for someone just as special. It is important that I do this with you, and it just feels right is all." He responded not knowing how to explain it as I looked over towards Brendan.

"What about Brendan…I mean what if he wakes up?" I asked still a bit hesitant because if the truth be told, I wanted to know what it would be like feeling myself up inside of Ezra, but I was also a bit concerned about getting caught by someone doing such an intimate act.

"Don't worry about him. As much as we've drained him like the little greedy vampires we are," he giggled out loud before continuing, "I don't think he is waking up anytime soon. I'm afraid he is going to be a bit tender tomorrow." Ezra giggled as I spooned up behind him allowing my sweltering hot rigid penis to slip up inside the boy's pillowy softness once more.

"I love you so much." I whispered softly in his ear as I started to rock behind him gently feeling the warm sensation of his globes slithering around my little firm boy penis making me shiver with excitement and expectation.

We were both lying on our left side with me spooned up behind him. I grabbed a pillow putting it in front of him so that his right leg could rest on top of it while he kept his left leg straight. This gave me a better angle, and also allowed me access to his beautiful penis as I pressed my body up against him even more while my left arm acted like a pillow for his head, and my right arm draped around his torso from behind so that my fingers could wrap around his pulsating penis. Ezra was quivering with anticipation as I spooned up behind him allowing my wet pre-cum slicked penis to bump up against his virginal boy pussy. Slowly I rocked up against the forbidden entrance trying to loosen it up a bit, and also trying to get it lubricated with my slippery like boy juice.

"Are you really sure about this?" I asked him breathing excitedly as he just nodded his head.

This was a big step in our relationship, and I was leery about it, but also loved every part of him knowing this was meant to be for us. Slowly I pressed up against his opening, and was surprised at how easily my thin bullet shaped glans slipped inside of him as I felt warmth engulf the tip of my penis. The sensations were overwhelming, filling me up with a sense of completeness. I've never felt anything its equal, not even while I was fucking Suzanne. This felt somehow different as if the two of us were melding into one.

Ezra shivered and moaned excitedly, but also gasped momentarily as pain shot through his insides. "Are you alright?" I asked him gasping trying to hold off my impending orgasm.

It was all I could do to stop my body from over reacting like it tends to do in new situations. Slowly my overpowering urge to orgasm at that moment started to subside as I heard Ezra moan with pleasure, and nod his head that all was just fine.

"Oh Jackson, it is the best feeling ever. I never knew having you inside of me would make me feel this way. Please I want more of you." He quivered excitedly sending a jolt of electricity not only inside of himself, but also coursing through me as I almost expelled my seed for the second time.

"Shit, your ass feels so tight around me, and so fucking hot." My voice rattled in my throat as I breathed raggedly, and slowly eased myself deeper inside of him.

It wasn't as if I had a lot to offer up to him regarding length and girth, but it just seemed to take a long time before my pubic mound bumped up against his spread open pale orbs. I would have thought it difficult to penetrate him deeply in this position, but when I looked down seeing him completely impaled on my thin sleek rod I realized this angle gave me the best opportunity to slip inside of him the most. My mind started to get dizzy as I felt my body quivering uncontrollably while feelings I never thought possible assaulted me from every direction. It was almost too unbearable, but also left me yearning for more as I slowly started to retreat backwards feeling the heat from the tight skin around my shaft contract even tighter. It was like a million lips pressing all around my hard sweltering little two and three quarters of an inch boy penis. The ridge of my penis head bumped up against the opening of Ezra's love chute on the inside making us both quiver excitedly as I once more eased my way forward burying my thin slicked up rigid sleekness inside of him. My heart thundered in my chest making my ears rumble with a booming kind of noise, which seemed to throw off my sense of balance and orientation as I squeezed closed my eyes trying to breathe through the intensity of my emotions.

Slowly I forced my hand to start pumping on Ezra's limp noodle bringing it back to life as the initial pain had made it deflate. With the new stimulating sensations coursing through Ezra's sweaty body it once more stood at attention exciting me even more as it fattened up in my fingers. His foreskin continually slid over his glans as I methodically masturbated him to the timing of my slow thrusting hips. Looking down over his shoulders I could see his slicked up red knob slipping clear of its sheet before disappearing once more from sight as his blue veins along his sleek pale shaft seemed to pulse wildly with his beating heart. I always loved watching his penis like this when I was pleasuring him as it seemed to stimulate me as well. We were both breathing heavily now as our rocking motion continued to escalate. No longer was I worried about hurting him as his body seemed to relax and yield to the invasion. While he relaxed and loosened up even more, the tempo of my thrusting hips increased. Before I knew it I was pounding up my hips against him forcefully in earnest now my pubic mound thumping up against his pale globes making that distinct slapping sound while my own penis seemed to pulsate wildly deep inside of his warm safe refuge.

My senses were elevated now to new heights as his musky sexy boy odor intensified my lustful desires, and the heat of his body burned me while my own insides roiled with an intense boiling kind of heat. Glancing over towards Brendan I was surprised we hadn't woken him up yet because I was literally pounding against Ezra as hard as possible trying to get as much of myself inside of him as possible. Even I could feel how much the mattress and bed seemed to be moving around beneath us as I lustfully pounded my meager offering up to Ezra. My lovely bronze toned angel started to gasp and quiver wildly in my arms, and I had to hold him up against me tightly so that I wouldn't slip out of him by mistake disturbing the symbiotic rhythm we were currently engaged in.

We both instinctively knew it would be easy at this stage to slip out in this situation throwing off all our timing and making a mess of the sensual erotically exciting moment. I made a slight adjustment holding him in place while I thrust myself ever deeper inside of him feeling the tip of my penis start to bump against a small nut like shape inside of Ezra. As soon as I bumped up against this little like button deep inside of him the first time his whole body jolted, and he started to spasm before I pulled back to once again start the process. It was making him mad with passion as his penis jerked around violently and uncontrollably in the firm grip of my right hand.

The entire situation was extremely erotically intense, and it surprised me how long I was holding on and not spewing myself all inside of Ezra, when all of a sudden he jolted as his body had a huge seizure with his virginal boy pussy clamping down firmly around my extremely unyielding swelteringly hot penis. With one final thrust I shoved myself forcefully deep down inside of him as I exploded like I've never done before.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, oooohhhhh, shiiiii, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, uuuuumph," I gasped out loud not knowing who was grunting and moaning what between the two of us, only knowing we were both in the grips of our orgasmic eclipse.

Wave after wave of convulsions griped my insides as I spewed forth my life giving seed deep inside of Ezra while at the same time feeling his spasmodic penis spew out an explosively hot white lava like substance all over the palm of my hand. His heated gooey white like baby batter splattered up against my hand making it flinch reflexively, while I could feel my own hot volcanic emission gushing outwards deep inside of him.

Both of our bodies slithered around together wetly as our sweat drenched skin acted like a lubricant. I yelled out in pain when Ezra's body jolted forcing my penis to bend in an awkward angle as his clamped down rose bud led me around like a bitch in heat. For whatever reason my mind chose that brief moment to recall an article I had once read that said a male dog was powerless once the bitch clamped down around his penis. This is exactly what it felt like as Ezra's virginal boy pussy lips clamped firmly around my penis refusing to let go.

To protect myself I ended up wrapping my arms around his slicked up writhing body shoving him backwards up against me. I felt immediate relief from pain as my orgasm continued to run its course. I thrust myself up against him several more times as one last orgasmic pulse shattered any leftover protective walls blasting through them like a bullet through glass making my senses burn and tingle throughout my body with a tingling sensation like a bunch of little pin pricks.

Ever so slowly we both started to come down from our high as I opened up my eyes. It was dark in the room, but I could clearly see Ezra's outline in front of me. Brendan had rolled over and was watching us intently now, but I didn't care as I nuzzled up against the most important person in my life other than my parents. We were both drenched in sweat, and Ezra's entire body up front was coated with his slicked up cum that had splattered all over the palm of my hand and then slathered around his stomach because I was forced to hold on to him when he became too wild.

"Holy crap guys." Brendan gasped as he sat up to turn on the nightstand lamp, and pulled back the covers looking us over.

There was a sticky mess all in front of Ezra as we both just lay there motionless for a few more moments. I could still feel my soft penis up inside of Ezra, and for some reason it felt even more so wondrous. There was a sort of wet warmth surrounding my softness, and it pleased me to know that it was still up inside of my sweet angel.

"Are…um…Jackson…did you just…um…fuck Ezra?" Brendan asked in complete shock as he saw my penis still impaled inside of Ezra.

With a soft pleasurable moan Ezra finally shifted some allowing my penis to slip easily from his cum hole. Brendan's eyes flew open wide as he saw my warm seed trickling out the back end of his friend. I couldn't help but smile warmly at Ezra as I reached out and gently rub his back.

"Shit, that was intense," I whispered to him as I leaned in getting a good whiff of his sexed up boy scent before nibbling on his neck.

"Yeah, intense." Ezra agreed as he rolled over facing me, and gently kissed me while Brendan just continued to look at us.

"Holy…crap…guys." You actually did it?" He whispered as he smiled at us wickedly.

"Man, that looked so damn sexy hot, and if I wasn't limp as a wet noodle I would have spewed all over the place watching you guys like this. Shit, how did it feel?" He asked in awe.

Both Ezra and I looked at one another and giggled happily. "You have no idea." I croaked out still a bit hoarse from our activity.

"Yeah, I figured it would be great for you since you…um…well you know, care so much for each other, but shit it looks like Ezra sprayed all over the place too. Did it feel that good for you too and how is that possible?" He asked Ezra curiously.

"Shit, Jackson bumped up against something inside of me, and the next minute all I knew is that my entire insides felt like they were on fire making me explode like crazy." Ezra moaned as he sat up and looked down at himself. "Let's get cleaned up." He suggested as all three of us crawled out of bed.

"Shit, what a mess," I groaned as we all looked down at the cum spattered white sheets. "We can't leave it like this or it will stain." I shook my head feeling a bit lightheaded and exhausted from our intense love session.

Making my way over to our walk in closet I pulled out clean sheets while Ezra and Brendan stripped off my wet ones. In short order with all three of us working on it the new sheets were put in place, and we were making our way into the bathroom to get ourselves cleaned up. While Ezra and Brendan hopped in the shower, I filled up my bathtub about a quarter of the way up with some water and a small amount of bleach that was stored beneath the sink. Tossing in my sheet into the mixture I got it all wet, and left it to soak in the tub until I could toss them into the washer tomorrow. It wouldn't be an issue because I always stripped my own bed, and then tossed the dirty sheets into the washer getting it started for my mom. Making my way over to the shower, I opened up the door, and slipped in behind Brendan. I wrapped my arm around him and gently stroked his soft penis. The poor boy yelped when his penis momentarily flared up, and then complained he was still a bit raw as Ezra and I laughed at his expense.

"That'll teach you to ask for some action from us." I teased him a bit.

"We really do need to find you a girlfriend." Ezra reiterated as he looked down at his friend's poor shriveled up penis. "Damn, Brendan we really did suck the life out of it…didn't we? I think that damn thing is about the same size as your little brother's is now." Ezra laughed while his friend just glared at him.

"Fucking dickhead." Brendan quipped back punching his friend in the arm while he tried to change the topic to someone else. "I can't believe a few months ago how shy you were about being naked and all, and here you are fucking my best friend up his ass, and not minding me watching one bit." Brendan teased me while I blushed.

"Well, that just sort of happened, and don't expect it again." I told him honestly really not comfortable about having done this with Brendan around even though he was our best friend, while at the same time giving Ezra that 'I told you look.'

By the time we got to bed I was completely exhausted, and fell right to sleep in Ezra's arms. When morning rolled around I finally managed to wake up, and noticed Marco had slipped in between me and Ezra, and was dozing contentedly curled up in my arms while Ezra's arm was wrapped around both of us. Looking over towards Brendan I noticed Tyler was curled up in his arms with the covers pulled down below their waist exposing their nakedness. I almost busted up laughing when I saw the small boy's penis and boy pouch being held in the older boy's hand.

It was completely innocent, and I'm not even sure Brendan knew the smaller boy had curled up with him sometime after we fell asleep as I watched the younger boy shift in his sleep. As Tyler tried to settle back down I noticed that when he shifted his foreskin had slithered over the head of his soft penis exposing the soft fleshy acorn out into the open briefly before it slithered away from view back to the warm confines of its hooded sheath.

The boy's movement finally stirred Brendan slowly awake as his eyes fluttered open, and he yawned trying to wake back up. He was looking straight at me while I just smiled knowingly. He frowned at me a bit confused with what I was smiling about. It took him a second or two before he realized it wasn't Marco he was holding because his brother was curled up in my arm. Looking down he noticed it was Tyler who was all snuggled up with him. Looking back at me he just rolled his eyes, but when I giggled he just looked at me confused again so I nodded my head towards Tyler's crotch area. Brendan furrowed his eyebrows and then looked down. The expression on his face was priceless as it shifted from confusion, to surprise, to finally mortification as he jerked his hand away from around Tyler's flaccid penis, and cursed under his breath.

The smaller boy seemed to wake up briefly and shiver slightly as he turned towards Brendan forcing the boy more on to his back while he put his head on the older boy's chest, and draped his arm and leg over him getting more comfortable. Brendan just looked at me while I just shrugged my shoulders. It was still really early in the morning so the older boy just pulled the covers over both of them, wrapped his arm around the smaller boy comfortingly, and closed his eyes to get some more sleep.

A few hours later we got up, and all three of us older boys decided it was the perfect time to have a chat with our two little ragamuffins. Both boys already knew most of what we were telling them, but we still reminded them how important it was to be very discreet with what they were doing sexually. I also explained to Marco about Zachary, while he asked me more specific questions regarding the whole foreskin thing. Tyler had talked to him about it last night, but I guess he just wanted to make sure for himself. He looked at Tyler a few times who looked back at Marco, and rolled his eyes as if saying 'I told you.' They had some additional questions as well concerning some sex acts, which we answered honestly and truthfully. Some things they just weren't ready for, and we told them this promising we would be having many more conversations about these issues. Both of the boys seemed satisfied for now so they headed off to the other room and got dressed. After they left their room to head downstairs, I made my way into the room for some alone time with Zachary so we could take care of his medical needs.

The younger boy smiled at me as I made my way over to him and crawled under the covers to snuggle up with him for a bit. "How'd you sleep?" I asked him as he seemed to breathe me in contentedly.

"Pretty good I guess." He shrugged his shoulders as we both just lay there enjoying the warmth of each other's body. We just cuddled for a little while longer talking some more before I put the cream on him, and then helped dress him getting him ready for the day.

The rest of the days before Christmas just seemed to fly by, but I noticed how through my parent's careful administrations and attention to the Kostalini boys that they seemed to get happier with each passing day. Of course there were moments of sadness as fond memories of times with their grandfather came back to them from time to time. Even during those moments my parents seemed to handle the situation with a delicate sort of touch converting it into something special. They embraced those memories with the boys, and encouraged them not to feel bad about having them. Instead they instructed the boys that they should always remember those times because it is through those memories they truly honor their grandfather.

On Christmas Eve we all got dressed up and went to midnight mass at church, which was actually held at ten in the evening. We used to go to the actual midnight mass, but it was just too long and too late in the evening, so several years back we started going to the earlier mass. My parents weren't sure about taking the boys to church with us at first, but had figured that if the boys were going to be a part of the family then they would also have to join in with our family traditions just like we were opening up ourselves to theirs. In the end it hadn't been a big issue because the boys didn't seem to mind.

Another part of our tradition was that after we got home from church my mom always made a huge late night breakfast. We had all sat around the table and enjoyed each other's company while soft Christmas music played in the background. Before sending the boys off to bed my parents handed each one of us a single Christmas gift to open up. It was another one of our traditions, and the boys' eyes lit up as they tore into their present. Tyler and Zachary were beside themselves as they each gazed down at their Nintendo 3DS XL with several game cartridges. Tyler's game was blue while Zachary's was red matching the boy's favorite colors. We all smiled as the boys opened up their box, and immediately started to play with some of the games.

Ezra's eyes welled up with tears as he watched his cousins start playing with abandon on their Nintendo's. "Aren't you going to open your gift?" My mom asked the older boy who just looked at her and smiled.

"Just seeing how happy my cousins are is gift enough for me." Ezra commented wiping away the wetness from his eyes as he focused on his beautifully wrapped box.

Taking his time he slowly unwrapped the small box, and just stared at his gift shaking his head. "This is too much. I…I don't know what to say." He whispered softly as he looked up at my parents. "Really, you don't have to get us such fancy gifts." He told my parents who just shook their heads.

"You are old enough Ezra, and it is important for both you and Jackson to be able to communicate with your friends and us." They told Ezra and me as we both opened up the boxes to our brand new iPhones. "We've already added some pertinent phone numbers, and also added some apps. Just let us know if there are any other ones you need that aren't free. We will add any that we think are alright to have. Of course you can add any free ones you want." They told us as we both smiled, and gave my parents a hug before heading off to bed.

They allowed us to goof around with our stuff for about an hour before coming up to tuck us in, and making us put them away. Of course I took care of Zachary by putting on his cream before heading to my own room so I could goof around with my new iPhone. We were both getting used to it now, and to me it seemed as if the cream was working. Just as I lay my head down on my pillow, closed my eyes, and faded off to sleep I was immediately woken back up with both Tyler and Zachary bouncing around excitedly.

"Mmmmm, didn't we just put you guys to bed?" I heard Ezra groan as I opened up my eyes looking at the clock, which indicated it was now seven thirty in the morning.

"Hurry up already." Tyler bounced between us on the mattress while both Ezra and myself moaned softly asking for just ten more minutes. "But its Christmas," The boys both yelled out at the same time looking at each other before giggling and laughing.

I couldn't help myself as I grabbed Zachary, and started to tickle him while Ezra grabbed Tyler and did the same thing.

"Stop…please stop before I pee myself." Zachary giggled as I stopped for a moment, lifted up his shirt, and started making farting sounds on his tummy.

The smaller boy squealed and squirmed in my arms, and I noticed Ezra had taken a cue from me as he did the same thing with Tyler. The nine year old boy immediately went into a frenzy as he flailed around, and I had to laugh when he also immediately popped a very obvious boner. Not able to help myself I reached out and tweaked his erection making him yelp in surprise.

"Hey, stop that," he giggled as he tried to adjust himself when we released the boys. "So are you two coming?" Tyler asked as he briefly pulled down the front his pajamas exposing his erection before covering himself back up having adjusted himself into a better position. It sort of amazed me how we all had sort of become used to being naked in front of one another. It reminded me of how Brendan and Marco were together when I first went over to their house with what seemed like ages ago.

"Yeah we're coming just give us a second," I told them as I climbed out of bed completely naked, and sporting my own erection.

Both Zachary and Tyler watched my erection sort of swaying around. "What?" I asked them looking down. "I can't help it because I need to take a piss." I told them not in the least bit concerned anymore about them seeing me naked.

"I know." Tyler replied. "Mine is hard all the time too first thing in the morning until I go pee." He admitted. "Still, I like how yours looks…even better than Marco's." He commented as he reached out, and touched my erection for the first time not in the least bit hesitant about it. "Wow, it is really hard. Is it like that all the time when your diddly-dink gets hard like that…I mean…you know…really hard and warm?" He asked me as he stroked it allowing Zachary to feel me as well when he removed his fingers.

At first I was going to tell them not to touch me like that, but this really wasn't sexual or anything, but rather the boys being more curious about it is all. "Yeah, I suppose." I told them shrugging my shoulders as Zachary smiled up at me, and then released me allowing me to go to the bathroom.

That was all there was to it for the moment as I took my morning pee, brushed my teeth, and slipped into a pair of regular red colored gym shorts with a plain red t-shirt all in honor of Christmas. The boys giggled at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders telling them it was tradition for me to get all dressed up in red when I went to open up my presents. Ezra smiled at me fondly while he pulled on a pair of slightly faded cargo shorts with a white t-shirt, and earth toned plaid colored button up dress shirt. No matter what he wore he always managed to make my heart go pitter patter.

Tyler rolled his eyes at us, and motioned for us to hurry up. He was still in his red plaid colored pajama bottoms without a shirt on while Zachary had his red and yellow colored transformers pajama top and bottoms on. Leading the way, the smaller boys made a huge racket as they literally pulled us down the stairs. They stopped in front of the tree, and looked at all of the presents my parents had piled up after we had gone to bed. Their eyes got as big as saucers as they looked around in amazement and gawked. A few moments later my parents joined us in the large room with the vaulted ceiling.

"Well, what are you boys waiting for?" My dad asked as Tyler and Zachary looked towards Ezra who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled nodding his head to them that it was alright.

That was all it took as the boys started to dive under the tree while my dad took some videos of the event. The boys were beside themselves with everything including just the simple items such as clothing. They loved all their toys and stuff, but they paid close attention to their clothes loving the styles my parents had selected for them. When I looked at Ezra questioningly he just shrugged his shoulders.

"We rarely got new clothes because we were on a very tight budget at home." He explained to me.

While they rummaged under the tree they also made sure to hand out everyone else's gifts as well. I was perfectly happy with my phone that I got last night and so was Ezra, but we still ended up getting some clothes and stuff. I had to be honest, when it came to styles and clothes fashions my parents were dead on all the time; especially, my mom. She knew exactly what to get, and both Ezra and I really loved our new threads.

"Who's the big box for?" Zachary asked as both him and Tyler tried to pull it out into the middle of the room.

"Oh sweetie, that is for both you and Tyler." My mom told the younger boy who smiled, and looking at Tyler started to rip apart the wrapping.

"It's a new desktop computer." The smaller boy quipped.

"Yes, and we will get it hooked up in your room so you boys will have a computer to do any homework on and things. We do need to talk to you boys about what you can and cannot do on it though, and we will be monitoring the sites you boys get on so don't abuse this privilege. As you get older you will have more privacy concerning this and other things, but in the meantime we will keep a close eye on things because we love you boys so much." My mom cautioned them as they nodded their heads understanding about the dangers out there regarding the internet.

Both Tyler and Zachary gave my parents a big hug. "Thank you so much we just love everything." They told my parents who smiled at the boys appreciatively.

"Yes, really this was way more than you should have done." Ezra replied appreciatively as he got up and grabbed his cousin's hands. "Now if you three wait here we have something for all three of you as well." Ezra told us as they left the room making me and my parents look at one another a bit surprised since we weren't expecting anything from them.

A few moments later the boys came walking back into the room, each one of them carrying a beautiful small cedar box that measured about twenty four inches long by five inches high and five inches wide. The boxes were just plainly done, but beautifully fashioned without any nails or anything. You could tell they were hand crafted with loving care. Tyler stepped in front of my father handing him the box he carried, while Zachary handed his to my mom, and Ezra his to me. My parents and I just looked down at the boxes and ran our hands along the smooth surface of the wood. You could see the fine grains and knots in the cedar wood giving each one their own unique look with the different shades of red and yellow along the varying wood grain.

"We all made these boxes for you with Two Dog's help." Ezra softly told us. "It is why we were spending so much time at grandfather's house. We don't have much to give you, but you have done so much for us that we wanted to do something for our new family." Ezra explained to us as my mom dabbed away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

"These are just beautiful boys." My mom looked up and smiled, while my dad and I agreed.

"You boys didn't have to worry about us though. We know that things are a bit tough for all of you, and just having you with us is a blessing." My father pointed out.

"We know and really appreciate this, but we still wanted to do something so open it up." He told us as we slid the lid off the top.

Once again I noted the craftsmanship in the work as the lid slid off with just a bit of resistance, just enough to create a seal. Looking inside the first thing I noticed was the scent of cedar mixed with the aroma of white sage I had smelled up on the mountain during Ezra's ceremony. It was a pleasant odor as I peaked inside noting the contents.

"Inside you will find items sacred to our people. As a member of our family you are now entitled to these items. The Eagle feather is very significant in our culture, and has a very high purpose to be able to just explain it to you all at once. It is something you will learn more about as time goes on. For now just know the feathers are highly revered and considered sacred within our culture and religion. They are honored with great care and shown the deepest respect. They represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. Since Eagles soar up high in the sky, they are believed to have a special connection to the Creator." Ezra explained the Eagle feather to us as we held them up in our hands inspecting them.

"These are beautiful Ezra, but aren't they illegal to own?" My dad asked a bit worried as he held his up in front of him admiring the bead work along the quill end so that a person could hold them in their hands along with a cord so that it could be looped around the wrist limiting the danger of accidentally dropping them. The bead work had been meticulously stitched all along the quill end of the feather in a geometric kind of pattern, and was gorgeously done in its own right.

"Yes, but these feathers are legally registered to us, and we legally own them so gift them to our new family members. You do not have to worry about them being illegally owned." Ezra assured us. "Inside you will also find tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweet grass. All things we use during our prayers and for specific purposes, which we will teach you along the way. Finally, we have made for each of you a beaded medicine bag. You can place whatever items you wish inside of them, but we have put in two items for you to start things out." He told us as we opened up our beautifully beaded medicine bag shaking out the two items inside of it into our palms.

As we inspected them Ezra explained the significance of these two items to us. "Inside the bag you will find a piece of turquoise. To my people, turquoise is life. Turquoise is known for its positive healing energy, an aid in mental functions, communications and expression, and as a protector. It is a stone of sky, stone of water, stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health, and long life. It is believed that turquoise tends to bring good fortune, strength, and helps overcome illness. Our people have prized turquoise since the time of the Aztecs. We have also included a piece of red coral which is associated with its comforting quality, and calming affect in one's life. It is considered very soothing and protective."

We continued to inspect our items as Ezra finished off with his explanation. "These items are now sacred items for you, and must be protected and cared for. It is not permitted for others to touch these items so you must take care. If these items are not properly handled or wisely used we must come together as a family and once more cleanse these items through prayers and a ceremony. If someone other than you handles these items, they must be cleansed and purified again as well. A stranger's touch can take away the good energy of these items so it is important you take care of them. It is just our way of showing respect."

"We understand." My father nodded his head as he replaced all of the items into the box, set it down of to the side, and hugged the boys followed by my mom, and finally me.

This was a very special gift, and we knew it was a way for the boys to accept us into the family. "Um…there's one more thing?" Tyler stated looking towards Ezra who nodded his head. "We…um…we were wondering what we should call you. I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Elborn just doesn't…um…sound right anymore?" He asked my parents as they just looked at him and the other boys.

"Well, we really haven't thought about it boys…so…um…what did you have in mind because we will respect whatever your wishes are." My dad told them honestly with my mom nodding her agreement.

"We…um…thought if it was alright we would love to call you mom and dad…I mean if that is alright?" He finished off looking down nervously while my mom's eyes welled up once more.

"We would love that." My mom whispered as she hugged first Tyler, then Zachary, before stopping in front of Ezra. "I know you are much older Ezra, but we truly would be honored to have you call us mom and dad." My mom told him as she hugged him tightly to her.

"So would I mom." Ezra whispered in her ear as he giggled timidly making my mom laugh nervously as well.

"Good, it's about time guys." I interjected trying to lighten up the mood. "Besides, you guys haven't gotten my Christmas gift yet." I told them smugly as Tyler and Zachary looked around a bit confused since there wasn't anything else under the tree. "Well, if you go into the garage, you will find it in there." I told them as the two boys screeched in delight fighting to get into the garage. "You too silly goose." I told Ezra as he looked at me a bit surprised.

"You got me something too?" He asked seriously.

"Of course I did. You don't think I'd ever forget any of my brothers." I told him seriously wrapping my arms around his shoulder as we made our way into the garage.

Tyler and Zachary were already chatting away excitedly when we stepped inside the garage as they were gushing over their new BMX bicycles and trying on their helmets, while Ezra's eyes popped out at his new Schwinn bike.

"Jackson this really is too much. This must have cost you a lot of money to buy us all bikes." He gasped as he admired his new bike.

"Well, I figure you guys won't be able to ride your horses around here, and we have to be able to get around, so it only made sense." I told him honestly and was glad the boys enjoyed their present from me.

"Oh…mom and dad can we please ride our bikes? Maybe take them over to Brendan's and Marco's house to show them" Tyler and Zachary begged my parents using the parental term for the first time ever making both my mom and dad smile lovingly at their new children.

"Of course you can, but you boys need to get dressed first, and I want you to go with Ezra and Jackson the first time around until you boys get used to the neighborhood. Also, I want you to grab a quick bite to eat. I'll have something done by the time you boys come back down." My mom told them as they scrambled upstairs.

Following the boys at a more leisurely pace, I went straight into Tyler's and Zachary's room because I still hadn't taken care of putting the cream on the younger boy. He didn't mind the extra wait as I rubbed the cool creamy substance on his semi-hard erection, and he even hugged me tightly thanking me for doing this for him, and also for the bike. Getting dressed myself into a pair of Dockers and blue polo style shirt, I headed downstairs carrying my parent's gifts in my hands.

My parents smiled at me saying I've already spent so much money. "No not really mom. I mean you know how I am. I bought these a long time ago already for Christmas. You know how I hate to do last minute shopping at the mall during Christmas." I told them honestly. "I picked these up while we were still in Germany." I explained to them.

My dad opened up his box and pulled out an authentic vintage WWII Bomber Jacket. It still had the patches and everything on it. He slipped it on and it fit him perfectly, and I immediately knew he loved it.

My mom opened up her package, and it was a Large Flower Madonna Hummel figurine from the nineteen fifties measuring about twelve or thirteen inches tall. I had noticed her eyeing the colorful porcelain piece several months before we left Germany. She had fallen in love with it, but when she saw the price tag told my father no. Of course he had told her we could afford it, but she just smiled and had said maybe later, which I knew meant it would never happen. I had made several trips back to the small shop talking with the owners, and got to know the elderly couple really well, and volunteered to help out. I did odd tasks for them for months before we left, and when they asked what I would like in return for helping out I asked them about the Madonna piece. I told them I was willing to pay for it, but I just couldn't afford the entire cost. They had smiled and offered me such a fantastic deal that I bought it immediately. I still email them regularly, and now I will be able to contact them on the computer to let them know I finally gave it to my mom.

"Jackson…this is…how did you…oh sweetie this is so beautiful." She told me smiling as she immediately went to her china cabinet, and put it inside with her other Hummel Figurines displaying it in the center and admiring it with the rest of her collection.

We all sat down for a quick breakfast with the boys chatting away all excited and having a wonderful Christmas morning. Afterwards we helped clean up before heading out. My mom reminded us that Two Dogs would be coming over in a few hours so be ready to come home when she called. We put on our helmets, and headed out on our little adventure towards the Cuconato household. The boys had their small backpacks draped on their backs with some of the toys inside so that they could play with Marco. Ezra and I couldn't help but smile at how happy the boys were.

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