Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 18

Leaving Two Dogs to take care of things over at their grandfather's place, the rest of us came home. We spent the rest of the day getting things put away for the boys, and passed the day doing some shopping. The two smaller boys needed a bedroom set so my folks had focused on that first. In the end they had decided on the Fireside Lodge Traditional Cedar Log Slat Bedroom collection. Each boy had their own full sized bed along with a cedar blanket chest that would go at the foot end of their bed, and perfect for storing all of their toys along with any odds and ends. In addition they each had their own cedar log nightstands with matching small lamps, their own personal tall cedar log five drawer dresser, and a wide cedar log six drawer dresser for them to share. My parents also bought the matching upright cedar log hutch for them to share that had an upper closing cabinet for a television set. Finally they also acquired a work station with chairs so the boys could have a place to do homework.

It really was a very nice looking bedroom set, and after careful measuring should fit perfectly in the room giving it a more rustic kind of look if everything was arranged in its proper place. I had no doubt everything would be perfect because if there was one area my mom really excelled at was how to properly fit items into a small confined space, yet still make it functional.

The beds and furniture really were made out of real cedar logs and planks that were smoothed out and sealed giving it that nice warm kind of glowing look. The earthy tones of the bedroom set would give the boy's room an inviting and homey kind of look. The boys were very excited about it by the time we got home, but were also a bit disappointed that they weren't able to bring it back with them; however, my father promised by the time they got home from school tomorrow, everything would be in place for them. They also promised that once their bedroom was fixed up they would be able to pick up the rest of their belongings sometime that week.

Ezra was more laid back about his choice of bed. Since I had a lot of space in my extremely large master bedroom…plus one, as I liked to call it because it had been a master bedroom, and then a wall knocked down adding another bedroom to it, we decided to get something that matched with my furniture. So for Ezra we picked out a queen sized contemporary style bed that had a lot of drawer space on the bottom and all around the bed. We also picked out end tables and a matching large dresser for his clothes. It was basically all he needed since there was plenty of shelf space to go around, not to mention an extremely large walk in closet that for the most part was pretty much half empty. At first he had stated it didn't matter to him what we picked out, but then he got actively involved, and had made the final choice himself so we knew he liked his new bedroom set as well. The style seemed to match him better with a more grownup kind of feel and look to it.

As we were finishing up with the order I remembered one more thing. So, while Ezra and the boys continued to browse around I had quietly talked with my parents, and they agreed with me that he needed a tall hutch, which closed up with two large swinging doors that locked securing the drawers and large open storage space. When Ezra heard us talking about it he looked at us questioningly. I told him it was for storing all of his and his grandfather's sacred items so that they would be out of the way, and in a secured location. Anything that needed to be hung up could be hung on the pegs inside the open space, with the rest of the items stored away in the drawers or shelves inside the tall cabinet. When I finished explaining it to him he got all teary eyed, walked over to me, and embraced me steadfastly.

We were tired by the time evening rolled around, but had managed to get a lot done for the day. Tyler and Zachary were currently taking a bath, and Ezra had gone to check on them. I was lying propped up on my back watching a little television when my door opened up, and Zachary came flying on to my bed wearing just his small little fruit of the looms cartooned boy briefs that snuggled up tightly against his small little bulging boy bits. He looked too adorably cute when he flung himself on me, and settled his pristinely clean body on top of me as he straddled his legs across my hips and hugged me robustly.

"Hey, how's my little doodle bug doing?" I asked him as I rolled on top of him, and started kissing him all over his face as he squealed delightedly trying to wrestle back. Then I felt another body pressing on top of me, and realized it was Tyler who had joined in with the fray. Reaching around my body I snatched the older brother up into my arms, and dumped him on top of his little brother as all three of us squirmed around and giggled happily.

"So my little boo bear figures he'd come to the rescue of his little doodle bug." I laughed teasingly as both boys giggled at my funny terms of endearment for them.

Stopping for a moment so that we could catch our breaths I noticed that both boys had popped a boner due to the excitement of wrestling around. Tyler just reached down inside his pajama bottoms and adjusted himself, while Zachary did the same thing with his underwear, but seemed to do it a bit more gently.

"Does your little diddle hurt when it gets hard Zachary?" I asked him as Ezra settled on the bed next to us having finished cleaning up the bathroom.

The smaller boy shrugged his shoulders as I motioned him over closer, and started to pull down the front of his underwear. "I just want to take a look alright Zachary." I told him as the smaller boy just laid back allowing me to slip his underwear down over his hips so that I could inspect his little hard erection. It had fattened up a bit, and elongated to what looked like just under two inches, but I could tell it was a bit uncomfortable for him. Not uncomfortable in the sense of me looking at him, but rather because he was hard, and it stretched his skin causing tension to where it was still attached to the head of his penis.

"I'm just going to touch your diddle Zachary, but I won't force your skin back or anything. I just want to see how tight it is." I told the little boy who nodded his head that it was alright.

Reaching out I held his thin rigid penis in my thumb and finger, and just sort of tugged a little. Not hard or anything, just a tad and noticed that his skin seemed to be stuck on the head of his penis. I sort of rolled the tip around with my thumb and finger with a very light touch so as not to make it hurt more just in case.

"Does that hurt when I do that?" I asked him as he shook his head no.

Releasing his erection, I grabbed his underwear and slipped it back over his hips noticing he was starting to go flaccid now that I wasn't touching him anymore. "Thanks for letting me take a closer look Zachary. I know your grandfather was going to take you to the hospital so a doctor could take a look at it." I told the younger boy whose eye's got really big before he sort of leaped into my arms a bit frightened by it.

"Please, I don't want anyone to see." He whispered in my ears.

"Hey, it really isn't all that bad, I promise. But I do have to tell my dad so that he can make an appointment at the hospital for you." I replied as he just shook his head no.

"Zachary, I have to so that we can help you get better." I told him.

"I don't want to." He shook his head. "It's going to hurt." The boy started to cry as I held him and soothed him.

"No Zachary it won't hurt, I promise. The doctor is just going to take a look at it, just like I did, and that didn't hurt right?" I asked him as he calmed down and agreed. "Then after he takes a look he will probably give you a type of medicine. It will be like a cream you put on your skin. This cream will go on your diddle, and it will be rubbed around. It won't hurt either. It didn't hurt when I rubbed your diddle around in my fingers, right?" I asked him as he thought about it for a moment and once again agreed with me. "Well the cream gets rubbed into the skin like that, and after a while, your skin just separates from your diddle and it will be the same like Tyler's. You know how the skin just sort of slides back and forth. When it does that it will no longer hurt, alright?" I asked him as the boy seemed to think for a few seconds trying to digest this new information.

Looking up at me and nodding his head he agreed. "Well, if you say it won't hurt, then fine. Um…does that mean my diddle is going to bend like Tyler's does now?" He asked as we all started to giggle including Tyler.

"No, Zachary, I'm sure yours will stay straight, but just the skin sliding back and forth will be like his does, alright?" I asked him as he nodded his head. "Good, then Ezra and I will talk to my dad about it, alright?" I asked once again as he scrunched up his eyes in thought, but agreed.

"Um…," he started to speak up in his quiet voice as a thought occurred to him, and I waited until he could formulate his question before he leaned in and whispered. "You won't say anything about it to…um…Mrs. Elborn, will you?" He asked me blushing red in the face.

"No, I promise it will only be between us guys." I told him.

"The doctor too?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I'll tell dad you want a guy doctor." I promised him.

With that, I picked up Zachary, while Ezra picked up Tyler, and we made our way into the extra bedroom. Zachary was out like a light in no time flat, but I could tell something was on Tyler's mind. Looking over at him while Ezra cuddled with the older boy I finally figured it out. Since the younger brother was asleep I thought it would be the right time for me and Ezra to talk to him about what had happened last night. I knew he was still curious about it, but had waited patiently for us to find the right time as I sat down on the bed next to him so we could begin the process of having a kind of awkward conversation. Sure it was just us guys, but still some things were a bit embarrassing to say the least.

A little while later, as we made our way back to our room, Ezra couldn't help but giggle making me chuckle as well. "What?" I asked him as we closed my bedroom door.

"Nothing, just wondering if I looked like that when I found out about sex and what all I could do with that little ten year old pecker of mine." He chuckled as he just shook his head.

"Yeah, well that wasn't me all that long ago so I feel for Tyler." I declared as Ezra pulled me into an embrace cupping my ass with his hands, and shoving our hips together so he could give me a passionate kiss.

Separating, I just looked at him and ran my fingers through his short straight dark hair. "Damn, I love your shorter hair." I had to admit to him as he winced for a moment before smiling. "Come-on and let's get cleaned up. I think I want to soak in the Jacuzzi for a bit to loosen up." I told him wanting to just relax with him for a bit. "Besides, I want to talk with my dad tonight about Zachary to get that out of the way. It's making me nervous and I won't be able to sleep tonight until I have that over and done with." I sighed to him as I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom with me.

Starting the water running into our three man sized Jacuzzi bath tub, I turned and noticed him starting to peel off his clothes. He looked so handsome with his new haircut, and I stood there for a moment so I could watch him. He just smiled at me not bothered in the least as he pulled down his pants stepping on them as he lifted his legs out of them. This left him standing there in his plain pair of pale white Fruit of the Loom boy's briefs that hugged his body snuggly showing off his cute little bulge. His snug white briefs showed off the outline of his cute little petite flaccid penis as it angled upwards towards his left shoulder.

My eyes roamed over his sleek body greedily as I took his dark Greek like statuesque body in as if I were slurping on a piece of sweet candy. The corner of his mouth twitched a little in a smirk as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his Fruit of the Looms, and in a smooth motion pulled them down stepping out of them lithely leaving him standing there a few feet in front of me completely naked now. His thin flaccid penis wiggled around a bit, and I had to admire that pinched off little piece of skin as it seemed to swish around in front of him. When he had stepped out of his underwear my eyes had immediately gravitated towards his slightly sagging little boy pouch as it was pressed up against the insides of his thighs prominently showing off his chestnut sized testicles. As I continued to gaze at him taking in his physique I noticed that his entire body was completely one shade of bronze without any tan lines. It seemed as if his skin tone was a bit lighter now since he wasn't sun bathing as much because it was too cold outside, but he had such smooth skin that made me get goose bumps.

Ezra smiled as he sat down in the partially filled tub and turned so that he could take a turn watching me undress now. I hesitated a moment, but then such a feeling of intense euphoria overcame me because I realized that it was just him and me together all the time now. I took my time as I slowly peeled off my shirt making sure he was able to get a good look at my physique before sitting down on the toilet seat to remove my socks. Standing back up I smiled wickedly at him as I slowly unsnapped my button on my jeans, and ever so gently eased my zipper downwards making sure he got a good look as it slithered over the curvature of my small underwear clad bulge. My dark featured lover boy's eyes were completely riveted on me now as I let my jeans drop around my ankles before kicking them off letting the jeans land next to Ezra's.

The older boy swallowed a lump in his throat, and I saw his hand dive beneath the water level as he seemed to slowly caress his hardened penis absentmindedly. Smiling seductively at the boy I hooked my thumb into the waistband of my bright white Haynes boy's briefs, and lowered them just enough so that Ezra could see my almost completely bare pubic mound. The waistband snuggle up tightly just above my little boy package still keeping that hidden from him. My father had bought me some boxer briefs, but I still seemed to prefer the normal boy's briefs, as I looked down at myself amazed that my penis had remained flaccid and wasn't tenting out my pair of white briefs. The older boy looked up into my eyes impatiently before settling them back down on to my little boyhood. Having teased him for more than long enough, I finally pulled my boy's briefs down over my penis and boy pouch allowing my sexy dark haired boy to get a full view of my little boyhood. The underwear dropped down to my ankles as I lifted my legs out of them knowing full well that I was now squashing up my small little boy pouch between my legs giving the older boy a nice show. It was at this point that my penis decided to slowly inflate as it rose up slowly to the beat of my heart.

Looking over towards Ezra he smiled at me appreciatively, and watched me intently as I stepped into the tub and sat down in front of him. Leaning back I was surprised to feel his hard penis, which seemed to rapidly deflate bump up against my back. I settled up next to him and after a few moments neither one of us was hard anymore, but I guess that was because this wasn't about sex. For me, I wanted this to be about some alone time with my handsome young dark Greek angel. We cuddled up together without saying a word just enjoying being this close to one another. It was a feeling that I've never had or felt before, and I wanted it to be like this between us all the time.

We took our time getting cleaned up, and feeling Ezra's soft hands slowly washing down my body was something that felt so exhilarating and fulfilling. It was such an indescribable feeling how the two of us felt as we both tended to one another without any hesitancy, embarrassment, or expectations. It was just two lovers' tender administrations that didn't involve any sex, rather just the heartfelt love and care that we deeply held for one another.

Time seemed to pass us by slowly, but we both felt refreshed once we were done. It had been a long day so soaking in the Jacuzzi while the jets streamed over our bodies had rejuvenated us both as we now trudged back downstairs. My father was still up and watching some news in the living room when we sat down with him a bit nervously. He could tell we had something on our minds, but waited patiently for us to let him know what was going on. It was a bit awkward at first, but we finally managed to tell him about Zachary. I was kind of surprised that my dad didn't wonder how I got all mixed up with it, but perhaps he just thought that Ezra had come to me about it first since it was kind of an awkward topic for the older boy to bring up to another man.

My father leaned forward and rubbed his temples. "I'm sorry Mr. Elborn, maybe we should have just let it go." Ezra commented after he finished explaining to my dad how his grandfather had planned on taking Zachary to the doctor, and looking over towards me a bit concerned that maybe it was all just too much too soon.

"What…oh no…I'm just tired Ezra is all. You did the right thing by telling me. My concern is Zachary with how he is going to handle this. I mean someone's going to have to talk to him before we go to the hospital…you know…considering how shy he is and all. What do you suggest?" He asked Ezra who just shrugged.

"We've already talked to him about it, and he's alright with it. Besides, like I said grandfather was going to take him anyway, and had talked to him about it too. Um…the only thing he's really concerned about is…well…Mrs. Elborn. I think he is a bit…well shy concerning motherly types of figures." He explained to my father.

"Oh…I see. I've noticed he's been a bit shy around Mrs. Elborn, and she's a little worried over it." My dad admitted.

"Please Mr. Elborn, tell her it isn't her, it's just…he's never really had a mother figure in his life, and he's shy with people in general. To tell you the truth he's kind of warmed up to her pretty fast, so that is saying something. I just think concerning this whole thing with his…um…you know…he's a bit shy is all. He asked specifically for us not to tell her, and also he wants a male doctor." Ezra told my dad who nodded his head in understanding.

Grunting, my dad stood up and motioned for us to get up as well. "Of course Ezra and I'll set up an appointment for Zachary to get this taken care of sometime in-between our hectic schedule." He chuckled good naturedly. "Hopefully it will be real soon here if we can get some other things all squared away. Come on boys, I think you two should get to bed. You've got school tomorrow, and I've got a long day both at work and with other things. We will have to get up earlier than usual Jackson to get ready for school and all since our family has doubled in size, so it will take some getting used to for everyone." He chuckled as he shooed us up the stairs.

Entering the bedroom I walked over to my bed, and sat down on the edge. It was then that I noticed a small three inch roughly carved wood figuring sitting on the small night stand in the shape of a bear. Picking it up I looked at it, and noticed how the various shades in the grains sort of added to the character of the piece.

"What's this?" I asked Ezra as he leaned over taking it up into his hands.

"Just a wood carving I've been working on. My family is connected closely to the bear so I tend to carve bears a lot. I like to work with wood because it relaxes me, and allows my mind to wander while also being more focused. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it does work." He replied as he ran his fingers over the carving getting a better feel of what more needs to be done to it.

"This is so cool. Do you think you could teach me how to carve?" I asked Ezra as he looked at me sort of funny as if he was thinking about something.

At first I thought he would just say no because he sort of gazed at me intensely, almost as if he had been transported somewhere to a different realm while he shifted his gaze now to the piece of carving in his hand.

"Sure I suppose Jackson, but if I teach you I would like for you to first carve an animal that you feel connected to. For me it was the bear; so what are you connected to…I mean in here?" Ezra asked me as he pointed to my heart.

It was kind of a strange question to ask, but then again it is almost as if it were a question his grandfather would ask. "I don't know." I shook my head. "Does it have to actually be some sort of wild animal?" I asked him as he smiled at me shaking his head.

"No, just something you seem to have a strong connection to, or even a gift for." He prompted making me smile in understanding.

"Horses…," I replied confidently. "For some reason I'm always drawn to them. You saw how it was with Two Dogs' horse. I can't explain it Ezra, it just seems to always be that way when I'm around horses." I replied getting excited while my friend nodded his head appreciatively.

"Good, then I will teach you how so that you can carve four horses, but they each have to be different." The boy replied, which made me sort of look at him and scrunch my eyebrows to him questioningly.

"Why four horses?" I asked him genuinely baffled.

"I have my reasons Jackson, but it does have to do with the sacred four directions. After you finish them I will tell you all about your four horses, alright?" He asked me as I nodded my head in agreement now curious what my four horses had to do with the four sacred directions. "Oh, this will also be a good time to teach you how to make some of our beaded necklaces. You will make four of those as well, each of them in the colors signifying the four directions." He nodded his head almost as if he were thinking out loud to himself.

"Oh, I didn't realize the four sacred directions had a color associated with them. So what are they?" I asked him wondering if he was willing to tell me.

Ezra nodded his head and smiled knowingly. "The four directions is representative of the Medicine Wheel, which is symbolic for many things in our culture. Some of these things include the stages of life, seasons of the year, sacred herbs, or significant animals just to name a few of the different correlations. For example with my people we consider the East signifying birth, spring, and the color red. When we think of the southerly direction we think of youth, summer, and the color of yellow. With West it signifies adulthood, fall, and the color of black. Finally north to us is representative of our Elderly and at times death, winter, and the color of white. When we view things we observe them as the Medicine Wheel of life and the four directions. Even our sacred herbs are four in number with tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar. Of course there are more sacred directions, hidden directions, but for now you need to only be concerned about the four sacred directions because these are the most common, simple to understand, and the easiest to come to terms with." Ezra finished off allowing me to digest this new information.

There was so much about his culture that I didn't understand, but I also knew he was using all of this as a teaching moment for me. When I finished with the carvings he would let me know more of the significance of the four horses, and how they tie in with the four directions. This was just his way, and I had a feeling the way of his culture and people, so if nothing else it would allow me to perfect my methods with each horse. Of course at least I also now knew what colors I was going to make each of the necklaces. They would be red, yellow, black, and white. In a way I was kind of looking forward to learning about these things.

While Ezra set aside the carving I stripped out of my clothes with him smiling appreciatively at me as he realized I was now completely naked before I climbed under the covers. He did the same thing, and scooted over closer to me as we both faced one another. With us being this close to each other I could smell his boy scent, which made me feel so at ease and comfortable like it was just meant to be this way all the time.

Ezra reached out and gently stroked my cheeks making my skin tremble delightedly. "What are we going to do once my bed arrives?" He whispered to me as he wrapped his arms and naked body around me, and then gently kissed me on the lips as if it were the most natural of things.

My entire body tingled, and I was overwhelmed with sensory overload as all five of my senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing seemed to explode at the same time. Having him so close to me like this was overwhelming at times as I opened up my heart and soul to this boy.

Coming up for air I just smiled at him affectionately. "Well, I guess we will have to take turns sleeping in the two beds because I don't want to sleep in a separate bed from you if you are staying in my room." I told him honestly as he agreed before leaning in once more to kiss me tenderly while his fingers ran along my side and back.

Ezra rolled on to his back pulling me on top of him. My body slid between his two legs as he spread them apart, and wrapped them around my hips. My hips pressed downwards as our groins pressed up against one another. My penis was hard as it rolled around on his slightly larger erection. The electricity of our grinding almost sent me over the edge as I held back forcing myself to hang on, and not shoot my load too soon.

My lips pressed up against his mouth as my tongue eagerly broke down his gates as I explored him more intimately. He tasted so delectably deliciously divine and uniquely Ezra-esque as our tongues continued to dart up against one another in a graceful like dance that has been going on between two people for countless of ages. I felt Ezra wrap his soft fingers around my two supple fleshy globes, and gently press downwards forcing my groin up against him even more firmly as his hips rose upwards slightly allowing our erections to grind and slither up against one another with more fervor. This was different for me, and I enjoyed the sensation as we both slowly started to hump and grind up against one another.

With his legs wrapped around me, and his hands on my small round orbs we continued to writhe around enjoying the sensation of our hardness against one another as our small bodies continued to slap against each other. Never in a million years would I have thought possible feeling someone's erection up against mine would be so seductively vampishly alluring. It was hot, sexy, and in a word exciting.

We were both sweating and breathing heavily as Ezra continued to force our bodies together in a meat grinder kind of fashion. I could feel his erection slithering around against mine as his foreskin slipped up and down creating a kind of slickness gliding sensation against our rigid hardness. It just felt overwhelming to know that our two little boyhoods were getting such pleasure over something so simple as rubbing up against one another. I took a moment to peak down between our bodies at one point when we separated slightly, and was amazed to see our two bright red hardness' gliding around between our two slicked up torsos. It looked so damn sexy hot as once more our bodies smashed up against one another while our passion heated up even more.

We were both getting close as we continued to mutually pleasure one another. Both of our mouths were once more connected as my taste buds exploded with various different flavors inside of Ezra's mouth. Our bodies started to grind now in a more rhythmic manner, and a new sensation crept up between my legs as my small sagging boy pouch started to bump up against Ezra's slightly larger testicles. It was one more added erotic sensation that finally managed to push me over the edge.

"Oh…oh shit Ezra," I groaned as I shoved all of my weight up against his erection.

My spine arched backwards as my hips shoved downwards. "Umph, umph, oh, umph, umph." I groaned as I felt something warm spread outwards between our two erections.

My body started to quiver with joyous blissfulness when I felt Ezra all of a sudden buck upwards against me as it was now his turn to arch his back pressing up against my erection while he too unloaded a warm fluid like substance up against my still rigid penis and bare pubic mound. I could feel the pulsating blast of cum shooting out the tip of his penis forcing its way between our smashed up bodies allowing for a more smooth gliding motions as both of us continued to grind up against one another not wanting this feeling to end.

A few moment later, no longer able to hang on to the orgasmic explosion, Ezra legs buckled, and he crashed on top of the mattress with my weight settling on top of him, and both of us gasping for air.

"Oh shit," I gasped sucking in air and trying to swallow. "What the fuck was that about?" I asked no one in particular.

"Yeah, what the fuck?" Ezra agreed as he continued to hold on to me, and leaned his head upwards giving me a kiss.

"Damn, you never cease to amaze me Ezra. Just humping your dick with mine is such a hot steamy turn on." I giggled. "This is never going to get old with you is it?" I asked him as he just shook his head no.

"My feelings for you are too intense for it to ever get old." He admitted to me as I finally rolled off so we could clean ourselves up.

Reaching behind me I got my box of tissues as we wiped ourselves down. It wasn't as if either one of us shoots a lot or anything, but with our bodies pressed up against one another it just coated up a large area on our skin making a mess of us. We finished up as best as possible before just cuddling up together, and holding on to one another for a little while longer. I lifted up the covers and peaked down between us noticing our pinkish red colored boyhoods had both gone soft. At the moment mine felt sort of raw as I settle back into Ezra's warm embrace.

"Damn, we are going to have to be a bit more careful so that we don't rub ourselves raw one of these times." I told him sincerely while he just shook his head and laughed.

"Well it would be well worth it." He teased me.

"Yeah, well maybe, but I don't want it to happen because it just means we wouldn't be able to have fun so soon afterwards, and to tell you the truth as horny as I am all the time for you I don't think I could take it." I stated rather seriously while he just laughed at me, and then seeing my sincerity stopped chortling.

"Your kidding right?" He asked me while I just leaned in and kissed his soft ruby red lips.

"Believe me Ezra, anything having to do with sex and you I don't joke about. I just care too much for you, and my feelings are just too deeply connected with what happens between the two of us." I grunted as I rolled on my back to think about the implications of what I had just admitted.

"Well, I love you too, but if at times we have to hold off on sex for whatever reason it would be worth the wait." He admitted as he scooted closer to me since I had rolled away when I rolled on my back.

"Yeah, you're right. Geeze, who would have thought that my petite little two and three quarter inch woody would fall so in love with your three and a quarter inch little boner?" I giggled.

"Well geeze, so now you are measuring our erections." He teased me as I nodded knowingly.

"Yup, when you've got a small pecker like mine you tend to notice these types of things." I giggled. "Damn, your little cousin is only nine years old and just as big as me." I quipped while he just laughed at me.

"Yeah, well I love yours, and think it is perfect on you. That reminds me I better go check up on the boys." He grunted as he unwrapped himself from me, and without bothering to get dressed walked out naked as a jaybird to go check up on his little cousins. I watched him climb out of bed, and couldn't help but admire his figure as his perky little globes jiggled around a bit when he moved around. I continued to scrutinize him until he disappeared into the hallway before I rolled over on to my side and closed my eyes.

The jostling of the bed woke me up from my slumbering state, and it also marked Ezra's return as I yawned still half asleep while turning towards him so that I could get closer to his warm body. "Sorry it took a while, but Tyler was sleeping restlessly, and had just woken up again when I came walking in to check on them." He told me honestly.

"Hmmm, was he alright?" I asked still kind of dozing, and wrapping myself around his body for comfort.

"Yeah, I think it is just going to take a bit of getting used to for him. He's excited about his new bedroom though. That was really nice of your folks to do all of that, but we could have just brought our own beds over." He told me a bit worried by how much money my parents were spending.

"I know you are worried Ezra, but it's important that your cousins feel like this is truly their home. By letting them be a part of putting together their new bedroom, it makes it theirs now too." I whispered in his ear still half asleep feeling the back of his fingers stroking my cheeks.

"That feels nice. I love it when you do that." I smiled and breathed him in feeling comforted by his close presence.

"You are something else Jackson. You've been so helpful with the boys…and me." He mumbled as he settled his head next to mine on the same pillow.

"Why wouldn't I be…after all you guys are going to be my new brothers." I murmured with my eyes still closed. "Which reminds me…um…does this mean we just committed incest?" I chuckled opening my eyes looking at him as his eyes at first snapped open in shock, but then softened once more realizing I was just teasing.

"Well…technically speaking…no, because we aren't related by blood." He tickled me real quick before settling back down. "We better get some sleep because I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a hectic day.

Little did I realize how true those words were going to be. By the time we all managed to get up and dressed it was like being in panic mode. My mom had wanted to help the younger boys get dressed, well they weren't used to that, and neither was my mom when she pulled back the covers only to discover Tyler's boner pointing at her, or rather curving stiffly at her. Of course it had all just happened so fast, and Tyler had been quick to snatch the blanket back so she really hadn't seen anything other than the fact the smaller boy was sleeping naked in bed.

To be honest I think my mom was more uncomfortable about the incident than Tyler had been. However, from that day forward the routine became with my mom entering their room to sit by their bed and waking them up with a kiss or hug. It took the boys a few days to get used to being woken up so gently, but before long even Zachary had warmed up to it.

After breakfast my mom dropped the boys off at their other house since Two Dogs was still there, and taking care of the place for now. In a few weeks after Christmas their horses would be taken over to their friend's home to be stabled. Dropping the boys off so they could ride their horses, my mom drove the rest of the way to school so she could check things out. She was really surprised at the quality of the education at the boys' school.

The teachers were top notch, and the school really focused on parent participation. At first my mother thought she would be like an outsider because she wasn't Native American, but she soon discovered that even though the school was on the reservation it was pretty much integrated and mainstream with not only Native American kids attending, but non-natives as well from the surrounding areas close to the reservation. In a way it surprised her because historically schools on reservations didn't fare all that well; however, for a few reservations things have slowly begun to change over the years through hard work from the community.

The school did emphasize extra curricular activities and education that focused on many of the Native American traditions, but their core curriculum was based on the state and federal guidelines. She liked what she saw at the school, and how it seemed to integrate both cultural and contemporary teachings, so she decided to be an active parent participant and take part in many of the school's activities from this point forward. It would also allow her to keep an eye on the boy's progress without intruding too much.

The boys had also asked my parents if they could spend an hour or two at their grandfather's house after school, just for the rest of the week. There were still things they needed to do so my folks had agreed. After school my mom picked up Ezra and took him over to meet up with his cousins at his grandfather's house. This gave her a chance to run some errands before coming back for them. It did create some scheduling issues the rest of the week, but somehow we seemed to manage and overcome any issues.

Lunch time rolled around at school, and already word had spread about Ezra's grandfather. It was a tough day for both of us answering questions For my friend it was all about his grandfather and what was going to happen to him now, and for me it became all about our team winning first place in the diving competition and me winning first place in my division. So when lunch rolled around we both had the look of being plum wore out. This day was just as bad like from a few months back when I literally had that fiasco concerning the diving coach. However, the rumor floating around school today was that I had punched coach Konnikov's son in the nose and broke it. Of course it fell to me to dispel that rumor, which wasn't all that easy despite some of the other kids on my dive team supporting my account of things.

"Damn, you look like crap." My friend Coop commented sounding all perky making me remember seeing him after the diving match at the pizza place hanging around our teammate Larry.

"Yeah, well it's been a pretty hectic day, but at least someone is in a chipper mood. This doesn't have anything to do with Larry does it?" I asked teasingly noticing his smug look become a bit defensive as his eyes darted around.

"I…um…shit." He blushed trying to get back his composure while I looked at him knowingly. "He…um…we sort of got along pretty good at the party, and he wants to get together sometime. Do you think he might…um…you know?" He asked me a bit shyly and embarrassed he was even asking.

"Well, I'm not sure if he is into…um…that kind of extra curricular activity, but he does look good down there…if you know what I mean?" I teased him as he blushed some more.

"Geeze, I don't need those kinds of details…although it does sound interesting." He managed to get out before giggling. "He seemed to kind of like me…you know…and I can't be sure but I sort of got the impression he might be interested in more." He told me softly as he looked around to make sure no one was listening.

"Well that's cool. Hey that reminds me; my parents said it is alright for me to have a birthday party on Sunday the thirtieth. I'm keeping it small with just my closest friends and diving team, which means Larry will be there making it a good time for you guys to hang out some more. Sound cool?" I asked him as he just looked at me.

"You…um…you're inviting me to your birthday party?" He asked me incredulously.

"Of course, why wouldn't I. The party is for my closest friends, so of course." I told him as I watched some odd emotions flicker across his face.

"Did I hear a party being mentioned?" Jim asked as he sat down at the table along with Frank and Brendan.

"Yeah, my birthday's on the thirtieth, and I'm going to have a BBQ." I told them as I looked up noticing a haggard looking Ezra joining us at the table.

Jim looked at Ezra and then towards me. "You both look like crap, what's going on?" He asked surprising the two of us since the whole damn school seemed to know about Ezra's situation.

"Geeze Jim, where have you been all day?" Brendan asked the boy.


"Um…Ezra's grandfather passed away the other day." Frank leaned in and whispered to his friend.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Ezra. I didn't know." Jim pointed out as the table got uncomfortably quiet.

"It's alright guys I'm fine." Ezra told everyone as he tried to smile reassuringly.

"So what does this mean for you…I mean, are you staying with relatives?" Jim asked without thinking, and then winced once more. "I…I'm sorry Ezra." He apologized again.

Shaking his head Ezra looked down at his sack lunch sitting on the table. "No…no relatives, but grandfather made arrangements for me to stay with Jackson's family." He told the older boy who looked a bit shocked at the news, not expecting that turn of events.

"Oh…I see." Is all he managed to say as we all tried to get through the awkwardness of lunch, and the rest of the day.

It was the last week of school before Christmas break, and every day seemed to be busier than the one before. After arriving home from school that first day we all found the new bedroom sets had arrived so went to work rearranging the new stuff in our rooms. Everything was replaced in the boys' bedroom with the old items taken out, and stored in the garage for now. Ezra's bedroom set had been placed in my room, and after some maneuvering around fit just perfect.

On Tuesday we went over to the boys' grandfather house with a rented U-Haul truck, and loaded the rest of the items the boys would need. With Two Dogs help we managed to get everything transported to our house in a relatively smooth fashion. Wednesday was the most important day of the week for our family. The lawyer that Mr. Kostalini had hired to take care of the adoption process had somehow managed to fast track a hearing. The Tribal Legal council was present, along with distant relatives of Ezra's. Since no one contested the wishes of Mr. Kostalini, and since my parents wanted the boys and the boys agreed they wanted it as well, the judge granted the adoption. The Kostalini boys were all now officially a part of our family. When asked what name they wanted to go by, the boys all agreed to have the last name of Kostalini-Elborn, honoring both their grandfather and their new family. Of course the two cousins had a different last name from Kostalini since they were from Mr. Kostalini's sister side of the family, but they wanted to honor their grandfather so had their names legally changed.

It was Thursday now, and somehow my father had managed to set up a doctor's appointment for Zachary on base. Right after school, we all piled into our SUV; except, for my mom, and made our way onto Randolph Air Force Base. Our first stop was to the military registration office so all three boys could get their new military dependent identification card. This entitled them to all the privileges of being able to shop on base, and also to use the hospital. The dependent's military I.D. is similar to a driver's license, and with adoption paperwork in hand the process went fairly smoothly.

Our next stop was the hospital where my dad had to fill out paperwork to set up a medical file for the boys. We waited in a little lobby area that was situated in a more quiet section of the hospital, and were the only ones seated there at the moment. In many ways we were lucky because we were actually assigned a family doctor. With my father being retired it sorts of moves him down the list of actually being allowed to have a family doctor that was assigned to us. However, considering his rank, and once again his military service and honors, it put him pretty much at the top of the point system for being assigned a specific family doctor. Not many retired military families actually are able to retain their family doctor, and were usually put on the generalized list meaning appointments were made through whatever doctor was on assignment at the moment.

Since I already had a physical before we left Ramstein, Germany, I still hadn't met our family doctor yet. In a way that was good because it meant I hadn't been hurt or sick. However, when he was assigned to us my parents had come in to meet with him so that he could go over our medical history with them briefly to familiarize himself with us. I don't recall why I hadn't gone in, but figured it must have been a school day, or I was at diving practice.

A young good looking man entered the room, and smiled warmly at us while my dad got up to shake his hand. "Well Mr. Elborn, it appears as if your family has grown since last we spoke." The man greeted my father cordially. "I guess congratulations are in order. Might I add, it would appear as if your wife gave birth to some mighty big healthy good looking boys and so quickly." He chuckled as he released my father's grip, and turned his attention to us.

All four of us boys stood up as the doctor approached us. Zachary was a bit nervous so stood between me and Ezra kind of hiding behind us for protection. The man seemed to look over the files in his hands, and then focused his attention on us.

"So, Jackson, I'm finally glad to meet you at long last. I think maybe I should have invited you in sooner if nothing else just to chat with you a bit, and to get to know you. Since you are here you might as well come into the office with Zachary. That goes for all of you boys so I can give everyone just a quick physical and look you guys over." He nodded his head as he stepped up to each of us one at a time to shake our hands, and find out our names.

"Mr. Elborn, if there are no objections I will take all the boys back with me and give them the once over. I know we are here for you young Zachary, but why should we let you have all the fun, right?" He asked the shy boy as he knelt in front of him and winked jovially. My father had explained to the doctor that Zachary was a bit shy, so the man felt it a good idea if his older brother and cousin were included to help him feel at ease. I guess me being there was just something he could get out of the way at the same time.

"No, not at all." My father smiled knowingly, which made me moan inwardly wondering if the doctor was planning on giving us one of those physicals where we had to drop our pants in front of him.

"You are welcome to come back with us Mr. Elborn so that the boys won't get nervous." The doctor told my father when I felt Zachary tugging on my arm and shaking his head all wide eyed.

My father caught the smaller boy's reaction, and knew he didn't want to be exposed to another adult if it could be helped, so just shook his head. "Um…I don't think that will be necessary. You know how it is for boys at that age. They don't want to have to expose themselves to any more adults than necessary; especially, one of their parents. It's a bit embarrassing." My father chuckled winking at Zachary who sort of giggled, and nodded his head.

"Yes of course I totally understand. Are you boys ready?" He asked us.

"No not really." I giggled nervously shaking my head. "But I guess we might as well get it over with." I told him rolling my eyes knowingly at him.

We walked around the corner, and into a small little examining room. It was the typical sterile types of medical rooms with one of those types of beds that adjusts your upper body up and down, and was covered with those sterile white strips of paper. The room had that medicine kind of smell to it, which made me wrinkle up my nose. It was also on the chilly side in the room, and I never did understand why these rooms always seemed cold. While we waited the doctor seemed to gather together some tools that were stashed away in various drawers and counters.

Nodding in satisfaction the doctor went to work on us in a no nonsense kind of fashion, while at the same time being very cordial to each one of us. He first took our height measurements and weight while he chatted with each one of us just asking questions in general as to what school was like, the kinds of sports we played, to what we did to keep our days occupied. I really liked our doctor because he was genuinely interested in what we had to say. We also found out that he recently was married, and had a baby on the way. He was excited to tell us all about it, and we liked how passionate he was at becoming a father. While we chatted he took our blood pressure, and listened to our hearts and lungs.

"Alright boys we might as well get the uncomfortable part out of the way. If you boys aren't shy in front of one another you might as well just line up, and I'll take a look at your penis and testicles. I want all you boys to know that I understand this can be uncomfortable, but it is important that we be honest with one another, agreed?" He told us as we all lined up, and nodded our heads that we understood. "Good, also I want you boys to feel free to ask any questions you might have concerning your body. I promise to be very honest and open about it with you." He added before he slipped on a pair of medical gloves, and sat on a stool that had wheels on it.

Using the rolling chair the doctor stopped in front of Tyler first smiling encouragingly as the boy blushed brightly, and dropped his pants and underwear. The doctor felt around Tyler's testicles first, and I could tell from the corner of my eye that the boy sort of got semi-hard as his penis started to get that curvature to it. "Tyler I'm just going to check your foreskin here real quick like. If you get an erection it is perfectly fine and natural. Besides I want to check out that curvature on your penis anyway." He told the boy softly as he slowly skinned back the boy's foreskin, his fingers and soft touch creating a predictable reaction from the boy as he turned several shades of red when his penis thickened and elongated into a very stiff erection.

"Do you have any pain when you get an erection or when I move your foreskin?" He asked Tyler who shook his head no while the doctor nodded, and motioned it was alright to pull up his pants. "So that wasn't so bad now was it?" The man asked Tyler out loud so that Zachary could hear while the younger brother had watched the entire incident closely.

"No sir, just a bit…um…embarrassing." He told the young doctor while the man peeled off his gloves and chuckled.

"Yeah, you're right, but as part of my training when I was becoming a doctor I had to expose myself to the entire class so that each one of them could examine me. It was the same for all of us so you can imagine how embarrassing that was for me. After about five inspections like that it didn't bother me anymore." He told Tyler who seemed to feel much better while we all laughed at the doctor's expense.

"Yeah, that would have been way more uncomfortable." Tyler stated as we all agreed not feeling so bad about the situation now.

"So Tyler I see you have a bit of a curvature to your penis. Is this a recent development or has it always been that way?" He asked opening up the boy's file, and perusing through them as he made some quick notes of his own.

Mr. Kostalini had provided my father with all of the boy's medical records as well in the stack of paperwork he had all organized. The doctor now looked through Tyler's thin file, and looked through some of the notations trying to find out more about the boy's condition.

Looking around and blushing since we were discussing his penis so openly Tyler just shrugged his shoulders. "It's been like that for as long as I can remember." He answered the doctor honestly who nodded his head.

"Yes, it would appear you've had a slight curvature since way back. This is good to know, and also it isn't such a pronounced curvature so I don't think it will be a health issue. A slight curve or bend of an erect penis can be normal, if the curve has existed since birth, which is what your medical records indicate." The doctor pointed out to Tyler who nodded his head.

"However, it could have been a sign of a potentially larger health concern. You see a slight curve or bend of a penis can be the initial stages leading to a more serious condition known as Peyronie's Disease, which is characterized by a pronounced, more extreme curvature of an erect penis, and can have rather severe complications including: loss of overall penis length, painful erections, and difficulty when you have adult like sexual interactions Tyler. I think you might understand what I am refering to with this last part, but this isn't an appropriate age discussion between us at this time." The doctor looked at Tyler who was nodding, and trying to digest some of this information.

"Um…so you don't think I have this Peyro…um…whatever thingy disease?" Tyler asked a bit concerned.

"No, I'm pretty confident about that, and it isn't something to be too concerned about for now because we both know you have a curved penis so we will just keep an eye out for possible problems in the future. It is something that can be treated if it is Peyronie's disease, and is why I just wanted you to know so that you can let me know later if your curvature becomes even more pronounced or starts to hurt. Believe me Tyler, you don't have anything to be concerned about and boys at times do have these types of curvatures, some even stranger than yours." The doctor chuckled giving Tyler a pat on the shoulder before moving on to Ezra.

I watched as my friend lowered his pants and underwear only to have the doctor inspect him like he had done to Tyler as well. What really surprised me was that Ezra managed not to pop a boner; although, a time or two it seemed almost as if he just might. "So, everything seems to be doing just fine down there." The doctor stated while he pulled off his gloves tossing them into the bin while Ezra pulled up his clothes, not as embarrassed as Tyler had been. "I see you are thirteen years old, and will be fourteen in about four or five months. Do you have any questions about anything…you know puberty?" He asked pointedly since Ezra hadn't developed any pubic hair yet or seemed to have started with his testicles dropping or his penis enlarging yet.

Ezra just shook his head no. "I've already had the whole puberty talk with grandfather. He told me in our family we tend to be late bloomers in that department so I'm not all that worried." He told the doctor who smiled encouragingly.

"Good, it sounds as if you are fairly comfortable about your body, and the stage you are at with it. You have no idea how happy that makes me because there are so many boys your age in a similar stage, and they think they are the only ones and so embarrassed by it." The doctor nodded at Ezra before moving over towards me.

Dropping my pants and underwear like the others had done I blushed while the doctor started to examine me. This was the first time Tyler and Zachary had truly seen me naked, and their eyes seemed to bug out a little as their faces sort of scrunched up questioningly.

"Why does his little diddle look different?" Tyler finally blurted out before he clamped his hand over his mouth embarrassed now that he had intruded in something kind of private.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about Tyler." The doctor stated as he finished examining my privates, and indicated it was alright for me to pull up my pants.

Since I didn't have any foreskin he didn't need to check that part on me, only quickly checking around my testicles. Of course I immediately sprouted an erection, but now it was quickly deflating as I tucked everything away. While I was busy pulling up my pants the doctor had calmly explained to the boys about foreskin, and mine having been surgically removed when I was a baby. This expanded into about a five minute discussion with the doctor in a no nonsense fashion explaining all about it.

"So you see boys, this is why it is important to make sure you also clean under your foreskin." He finished off having also taken the opportunity to explain the proper method of cleaning themselves since they have foreskin. "Jackson I see you are also starting puberty, and I just want to know if you have any questions?" He asked me as I looked at the other boys and blushed now that he had focused back on me.

"Um…no sir…I…um…well my dad and I recently had one of those talks." I told him hesitantly as he smiled and nodded.

"So, this just leaves you Zachary. Now Mr. Elborn told me about your situation, and there is nothing to be worried about, alright?" He asked the smaller boy who had sidled up to me, and held on to my arm.

Kneeling down next to Zachary I hugged him to me comfortingly as Ezra settled in next to us, and slowly rubbed his cousin's back. "We talked about this Zachary. You know how the doctor is just going to check your diddle. He did the same thing with us, and had something to say about all of us. What he told us wasn't so bad was it now?" I asked as Zachary agreed. "He just needs to take a look so that he can help it out making it not hurt anymore. That's what you want, right?" I asked Zachary who just looked at me, then the doctor, before looking back at me and nodding his head. "Good, how about if I pull down your pants and underwear so the doctor can take a quick look, and know exactly how to help you? Is that alright?" I asked him again as he nodded his head in agreement.

Winking at him and smiling I unsnapped his pant button, and pulled them down along with his white pair of cartooned briefs that had a bright red trim. His small little boy pouch was squished between his legs forcing his small pistachio sized testicled to bulge out while his small flaccid but long foreskin covered penis pointed outwards.

"Good boy." I whispered to him as I got up out of the way so that the doctor could scoot in and take a look.

The doctor rolled his chair in front of Zachary putting on a fresh pair of gloves, and then smiled warmly at the boy. "Alright Zachary I am going to check your foreskin. I know it is tight on you, and that it does hurt sometimes. I won't pull on it a lot, but do need to tug a little bit. It might seem to pinch or something, but I'll be very careful, alright?" He explained to the smaller boy who just nodded his head.

With professional practiced hands the doctor went to work spending much more time on the smaller boy than he had with the rest of us. Every once in a while Zachary would wince a bit, and the doctor would stop briefly making sure the boy was alright before continuing. He never forced the foreskin back, and the only time Zachary seemed in discomfort was when he got an erection.

The doctor finished up and smiled at the boy. Zachary started to pull up his clothing but the doctor stopped him as he got up and went over to a side cabinet opening up the door. Looking around for a moment he seemed to find what he was looking for, and returned to his seat in front of the boy.

"Alright Zachary, and boys." The doctor emphasized looking at us. "I just wanted to assure you Zachary that there is nothing wrong with your penis…um diddle, as you like to call it." The doctor winked making Zachary giggle by using the little boy's way of reference. "It is perfectly natural still at your age that your foreskin doesn't pull back yet. It various for boys at different ages, alright?" He asked Zachary who was listening intently now not so much embarrassed anymore about his pants and underwear still being pulled down around his ankles.

"Now, just so you know that by age ten half of the boy's foreskin still does not pull back, so as you see it is perfectly fine that yours still doesn't do that Zachary. However, I am concerned that at times it does hurt when it gets hard. Normally I would just recommend you leave things alone, and in time it will happen naturally. For some boys it doesn't happen until they are even older. Do you understand so far?" He asked Zachary and the rest of us.

Zachary nodded along with the rest of us boys. "Um…so you said normally, but Zachary's hurts sometimes. So now what?" Ezra asked the doctor smiling at his little cousin indicating all would be fine.

"Yes, as I've mentioned normally I wouldn't do anything, but since he does have discomfort at times I think we have options that may help without having to resort to surgery. This is a topical steroidal cream that will help out. It has a very high success rate, and in my opinion the best way to proceed without doing any damage, or creating any pain." The doctor stated holding up the cream. "There are other methods as well that can help without surgery, but in over ninety percent of the cases this method here works so we will do this one for two to three weeks alright Zachary?" He asked the smaller boy who looked at the cream dubiously.

"Will it hurt?" Tyler asked knowing what his little brother was thinking.

"Of course not as long as it is applied properly. The cream itself doesn't hurt, but pulling the foreskin can so it is important that everything is done properly so he isn't accidentally hurt."

"Alright, so how does it work?" Ezra asked the doctor.

"Well I think it is important for Mr. Elborn to be here so that he can be the one to apply it on Zachary's penis." The doctor stated seriously.

Zachary just shook his head no to the doctor who smiled understandingly. "It really should be an adult who does this Zachary." The doctor remained emphatic, but the boy just shook his head absolutely no. "Alright, then maybe your older cousin Ezra?" The doctor asked with Zachary nodding his head, but now Ezra shaking his head no.

"Uh-uh…no way. That's just too creepy. I mean isn't that like…well incest or something?" Ezra complained shaking his head emphatically. "I mean that is just too weird Doc. I could never do something like that…it's too…um sexual touching his penis like that. I'm really sorry Zachary…I don't think I could do something like that to you." Ezra whined apologetically.

"Ezra, this is something that is for a medical purpose, and nothing sexual in nature." The doctor assured the older boy.

"Um…I'm sorry Doc, but let's face it we both know he is going to get a…um…well you know…an erection…not that there is anything wrong with that, but still…it's just too creepy to me to be…um…like touching a blood relative…um…that way. I know he's not my brother by blood and all, but he might as well be for all practical purposes. It would be like me kissing a sister full on the lips, or touching her…well you know. I…I just can't do it." Ezra apologized again as just the thought made him quiver with disgust at doing anything sexual like that.

Zachary looked up at me, and tugged on my arm before looking at the doctor and pointing towards me. "What…Zachary…no way. I mean even though we aren't related I'm kind of afraid of hurting you and all if I mess up." I told him honestly.

"Jackson, don't worry I will teach you both how to do this. Also, Ezra you will need to learn too just in case Jackson can't do it for whatever reason. Is that agreeable with everyone? Remember, we are trying to help out Zachary." He pointed out sternly, which made me winced all ashamed at not wanting to help out the little boy.

"Alright, what do we need to do?" I asked apprehensively.

The doctor showed us all the process, which really was pretty straightforward. Twice a day the cream would be applied to the foreskin. Zachary was instructed that he was to pull back his foreskin as far as possible without hurting. No one else was to do this for him because only he knew at which point he could stop. At that point the steroidal type of cream would be applied on the skin all around, and then worked in a bit. That was all there was to it.

In about two to three weeks the skin will detach from the head of his penis. After the doctor applied the cream to Zachary he had me do the same thing to the boy while he watched. It really wasn't all that much to it, and I kind of enjoyed touching the smaller boy's penis like that even though there was nothing sexual to it. For me it was more of a brotherly kind of feeling I had towards the boy, and realizing I was helping him out medically.

In short order the lesson was completed, and Zachary pulled up his pants as he smiled at me. He gave me a quick hug and thanked me before turning to the doctor and giving him a hug too since the procedure didn't hurt. The doctor then wrote out a prescription, talked to my father in private, before we all headed home. It was quiet for most of the ride home until my father finally broke the silence.


"Yeah dad." I sighed kind of knowing where this was heading.

"Um…are you…I mean…will you be able to…um…do this for Zachary, and Zachary are you alright with this?" My dad asked looking in the rear view mirror as we both just looked at one another, and nodded our heads.

"Yeah, it's only for a couple of weeks. Since Ezra is all wigged out over it, and Zachary is too shy to let you or mom do it, I guess I have to." I told him honestly as he nodded his head, and didn't say anything more all the way home.

The only sound was both Ezra and Tyler giggling knowingly. "Shut up." I had admonished them before even Zachary started to giggle making me roll my eyes as I gave them a friendly shove before joining them with all of us roaring in laughter. Even my dad shook his head and laughed before making a snide remark.

"Brothers!" He exclaimed. "I have a feeling Mrs. Elborn is in for the ride of her life now that she has four ornery brothers to contend with." He started laughing as he thought about something else. "Well I have a feeling she is going to have to get over this whole prude thing concerning naked boys." He laughed as I joined him while the other three looked at him questioningly forcing him to reveal my mom's aversion of boys running around half naked.

"Oh boy, that's going to be a tough one for her." Ezra agreed.

"Why's that?" My dad asked noticing how serious Ezra had gotten.

"Well with you guys having a pool and all." Ezra pointed out still not making sense. "We tend to do a lot of skinny dipping during the summer months because we hate bathing suits. It'll probably be the only time Tyler and Zachary won't be shy about running around naked." He chuckled as we all busted up just thinking about skinny dipping this upcoming summer.

"That sounds like a lot of fun. Dad, would it be alright this summer if we can convince mom to just stay inside?" I asked my dad who just laughed and nodded his head.

"Yeah sure I guess. I'll talk with her, but maybe when we get closer to summer, and believe me she's likely to have a heart attack." He teased us as we pulled into the driveway.

Super was waiting for us as we got cleaned up and sat down to chow down on some mighty fine cooking. It was just spaghetti and garlic toast, but the way she spiced up the sauce was just too divine. My mom never ceases to amaze me with her meals, and it also seemed to sit well with our newest members as well. Mom asked us how our school day went while we chatted and had a good time. Of course we left out the details of our doctor's visit, but I was pretty sure she already knew, and that dad would tell her about it later. Even though Zachary didn't want my mom to know about his problem, this wasn't something my dad would keep from her. They worked well as a team, and kept each other apprised of everything.

My mom dished out some dessert for us, and sat back down smiling enjoying how we all seemed to like it. "Boy's, I've got some news." My mom started out getting our attention. "Brendan and Marco will be staying with us tomorrow overnight, since their father has a business trip. With Christmas Eve on Monday he needed to get some things taken care of so has asked if the boys could stay with us." She finished off with me and Ezra nodding our heads smiling. "I am hoping you two will be able to come home right away tomorrow since it is only a half school day." She addressed Tyler and Zachary who looked a bit concerned.

"Please Mrs. Elborn can we stay over at grandfather's place for a couple of hours with Two Dogs. We still have some things we need to finish off at the house since we won't be there the rest of the week." Tyler begged my mom.

"What about Brendan and Marco?" My mom asked. "They will be coming over right after school." She pointed out.

"Yes, I understand Mrs. Elborn, but we won't be able to see our horses for a while after tomorrow because of Christmas and all. We just have a few final errands to get done so that the ranch will be squared away. Brendan and Marco will understand, and we will be home by dinner. Tomorrow is the only time we will have to get everything done. Remember, you said you wanted to finish off the Christmas decorations this weekend. We still have to get a tree, decorate it, and then finish off anything else this weekend." Ezra piped up agreeing with his cousins.

All week the boys had spent an hour or two after school at their grandfather's house, and my parents had accommodated them knowing it was important to them. They knew it was only a temporary thing so when my mom looked over towards my father they both reluctantly agreed.

"Alright, I suppose that would be just fine." My mother smiled at them fondly. "Just remember that next week is Christmas so we can't make any promises about getting over to your place. We've invited Two Dogs to join us for Christmas though, and I plan on having a feast so you all better promise to bring your appetites with you." My mom teased the boys.

"You can count on that." Tyler chuckled as he finished off the last of his cake and ice cream making my mom laugh happily.

"Oh Mrs. Elborn, we have one more thing we need to talk to you guys about." Ezra declared a bit nervously.

"Sure, what is it?" My mom wondered out loud.

"We…um…that is to say there are some boxes in grandfather's room we need to bring home with us tomorrow." He told her looking at his cousins who started to fidget.

"Oh, did we miss some things when we brought home your things the other day?" She asked the boys curiously.

"Well…sort of. We…um…we didn't know what to do about them at the time." He started out looking a bit worried, and not knowing how to proceed.

"Ezra…just spit it out son. We won't be upset." My father interjected sensing something a bit serious.

"It's just that grandfather had been planning on having our naming ceremony here soon, and had helped my cousins and I gather everything together for it. We have worked hard for over a year to put together our give away gifts in honor of our naming. As part of our tradition, we give away gifts to those who honor us as a witness for us when we are named by one of our elders. Grandfather had to stand up for us in front of the council, and ask permission for us to be named. It is an honor to finally receive our Indian name. The elders fast for four days at some point before the ceremony, and pray so that a proper name can be given. It is a sacrifice on their part and for the community, so we honor them by giving them gifts." Ezra explained, and now looked down at his plate fiddling around with what was left of his cake.

My parents sat back in their chairs trying to digest this new information. "So, is there a date when the ceremony was supposed to be performed?" My father asked finally understanding why Ezra seemed a bit nervous.

"No nothing firm, but Two Dogs was going to speak with you about it. The ceremony was going to take place some time after Christmas, and the tribal council elders have asked if we were still planning on the ceremony. They need to know so that they can make preparations, and we were thinking maybe next Saturday. Please don't be mad at Two Dogs because he just wanted to know what to say when he asked us the other day. We told him to tell the elders we still are going to have the ceremony, and will tell them when for sure here real soon." Ezra replied.

"Then I suppose we will have to bring everything over here, and make plans." My father smiled reassuringly at the boys. "You do know that Jackson is planning on having his birthday party on the following day so it kind of makes things a bit hectic for that entire weekend. Yet, it also makes some sense so we understand because you boys will still be out on break from school, and it might be easier for everyone in your community to make it for the ceremony. With it being on Saturday though, will the elders have time to fast and pray? I mean, it's Christmas and all so not fair to ask them to do that during the holidays." My father was thinking out loud as he stroked his temple trying to figure out the days.

"Oh, the elders have already performed this part of the process. My grandfather had arranged that already with them. I guess it is why they were wondering about it." Ezra stated while my father nodded his head thinking it made sense.

"Then all that is left I guess is to just tell Two Dogs it is fine, and we can discuss it further so you can let us know what you need from us. I guess the next week or so is going to be just as hectic as this past one. Maybe after the new year things will settle down a little; although, I have a feeling with all four of you boys, life is just going to continue to be interesting" My father chuckled while my mom just smiled fondly at him and us while she wiped the corners of her eyes with her napkin.

Tyler and Zachary got up and ran over to my parents giving them a big hug. "Thank you so much." They stated while Ezra seemed to sigh in relief. "Please don't cry Mrs. Elborn. I promise we won't ask anything else after this." Tyler spoke up concerned they had upset my mom.

"Oh no sweetie I'm not crying really. It's just you boys make me so happy, and I love all of you so much. Jeff and I have always wanted a large family. Having Jackson in our life was such a blessing, but with all of you our family is now complete." She told the boys as she kissed them both.

"Thanks for understanding." Ezra replied as he perked back up watching how my mom lavished the two younger boys with her affection and love.

I watched Ezra's reaction towards what was happening with his cousins. He seemed genuinely happy that the boys were settling in comfortably into our family. There was a glow about Ezra, and the only way I could describe it was almost like a parent being proud of their child. As the oldest my friend had shouldered a lot of the burden concerning his cousins, but while he watched them some of it seemed to dissipate from his shoulders as he realized my parents truly were there for them all.

"Listen Ezra, don't ever feel afraid to come to us for these types of things. We do not completely understand everything about your culture, but we want to be a part of it with you boys. We are learning, and will support your decisions in these matters, alright?" My father looked at all three of them seriously while the boys nodded and thanked them again.

With that we all finished up, and helped clear off the tables. While Ezra and I did the dishes the two smaller boys headed upstairs to get cleaned up. It was still early in the evening, but they had homework to do. They wanted to finish it up so they could watch some television or maybe play video games with us.

It was another evening spent goofing around, and having some fun for all of us. When it got to be bed time for the boys my folks went upstairs to kiss Tyler and Zachary good night, and then dropped in on me and Ezra. My mom gave Ezra a big hug as they chatted a bit, before heading back down stairs with my dad.

"Well I suppose I better take care of Zachary." I stated as I grunted getting up off the chair. "Are you coming?" I asked Ezra who just looked at me giving me a face.

"No way…I just can't get over the image at the doctor's office. I mean of course I've seen both of my cousins naked lots of times, but um…well that whole rubbing Zachary's pecker is just too much. I just can't even bear to think about doing something like that with my cousins." He told me sincerely.

"Yet, you had no problems with me jacking off Tyler?" I asked him incredulously.

"Of course not. In a way you saved me from having to show him or talk to him alone about it. I mean that would have been awkward for me to say the least."

"Coward," I teased him.

"Hey, I'm no coward it's just creepy is all. I mean I don't have a problem with someone like Brendan. Remember, I am the one who taught him about that stuff. I probably wouldn't even have a problem if it was like Marco, but with Zachary and Tyler…well it is just too close if you know what I mean?" He just shook his head while I nodded letting him know I understood.

As I entered the boys' room I was a bit nervous. I looked around and liked how they had set up their bedroom. It had such a rustic look to it that fit their personality. I sat down next to Tyler first and tucked him in giving him a hug and kiss. Next I walked over to Zachary's bed, and sat down while he pulled down the covers knowing why I had come in. I opened up his nightstand, and got out the tube of ointment.

While I unscrewed the cap Zachary just pulled down his cartooned underwear briefs, his little boy penis sticking straight up into the air. Just like the doctor had told him he gently pulled back his foreskin as far as it would go without hurting while I carefully rubbed the ointment around the tip of his skin and glans area. He immediately got an erection, and when I looked at him he blushed a bit.

My cheeks burned red and I knew I was blushing as well. Neither one of us said anything to the other person while I concentrated back on to what I was doing. I could tell Tyler was watching us intently from his bed because when I glanced over towards him he had popped an erection that was creating a nice little tent beneath his blanket. I figured it wasn't from seeing his cousin get an erection, but rather because of how I was rubbing the little boy's penis reminding him of the other night when I had jacked him off.

It felt strange to me feeling the little boy up in this way. His fleshy foreskin slithered around in my fingers, and his small rigid penis had that hard yet yielding kind of feel to it. I wondered what he would look like when his foreskin finally did retract. Getting those thoughts out of my head I finished up with him, and had him pull his underwear up.

"Well, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" I asked him as he just shook his head and giggled.

"No," he told me in a quiet voice. "It kind of felt good." He finished up as I blushed knowing what he meant before giving him a quick goodnight kiss.

Putting away the ointment I got up, and wished the boys pleasant dreams before heading out the door and into my own room. I immediately went to my bathroom, and washed my hands really good to get rid of any ointment on my fingers before rejoining Ezra.

"Well, how'd it go?" He asked me smiling quirkily.

"Just fine." I answered in a non committal way.

"So, did he have an orgasm." Ezra giggled at me while I just stared at him coldly for being such a dork.

"Stop that, it isn't funny you know." I responded as Ezra just rolled his eyes.

"Why do you have to be so serious about that with boys when they are younger than you. Just because they are younger doesn't mean they can't enjoy it too." He told me.

"Yeah, well you wouldn't be talking like that if you had to do that to Zachary for yourself." I quipped.

"You know that's different. If it were Marco I think it would be fun." He teased me as I looked at him baffled for a second while I thought about it, and then just busted up laughing knowing he was absolutely right.

"Damn, you're such a dork at times, and I hate it when you're right." I chuckled punching him in the arm.

"I know." He laughed as we just decided to cuddle up together in front of the video console for a bit forgetting all about the games.

After a while longer we just figured we might as well go to bed too. Getting up we made our way to Ezra's bed tonight. It sort of had become routine now for us to just switch up which bed we slept in. When our door was closed my parents never intruded on our privacy. Only when it was open did they know it was alright to come in. It was just another sign that I was getting older and that they knew I needed privacy. With Ezra now in the mix, it made it even more so where they made sure we had our privacy.

While I slipped into bed I continued to watch Ezra get undressed. Any more the two of us just went to bed naked. Even after all this time now I still never got tired of looking at his nubile sexy body. The way his body moved was so damn sultry and seductive making me instantly hard. He caught me staring at him, and just smiled as he pulled back the covers to slip in beside me. I had to chuckle though because as soon as he snuggled up against me I noticed that he too had popped an erection.

Without saying a word we both entwined our bodies together and slowly caressed one another. I never got tired of how he felt up against me, and I knew we would once again have sex together bringing one another to climax. Our passion was very intense, but he was always gentle with me. Early on we had both discovered that we weren't into the wild stuff, but rather how we could gently bring one another to the ultimate high with our loving administrations. Tonight would be no different, and as always it would be something tender and wonderful in nature.

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